PR: Jump the Shark, Hit the Wall, Burst into Flames

Posted on April 05, 2013


Okay, they didn’t set the designers on fire, like we predicted. Maybe they should have, because this was kind of a dull episode. But of course you’re going to have a dull episode when the challenge is “Make a pretty dress for Nina’s magazine.”


And oddly, the addition of sewing partners brought the drama level way down. Everyone quietly sewed and got along, except for Patricia who had a totaly bug-eyed meltdown. Granted, Richard standing there slack-jawed and acting like he’d never seen a needle and thread before would have caused us to bug out too.




So congrats to Stanley! You were kind of a dick to Tu! Reality TV show, not “Stanley’s Personal Sweatshop!” He’s lucky Tu’s so nice.

We didn’t love this look at all. We think the jacket comes close to ruining it and the pants are a mass of white that won’t photograph well. But she can do this:

And that’s enough for a win, apparently.



How the judges managed to not say the word “Versace” a couple hundred times while discussing this dress (like they should have) eludes us. The bodice is a rip-off and the skirt looks like an afterthought. We thought this was a really odd dress and deserved more in the way of criticism.

But as we all know, “editorial” is a code word on Project Runway that means “Expect some major WTFery coming out of that judging session, designers!”

Because this:



Got praised. No, really. Nina loved the Peeps jacket.

And just to make sure the judging was extra cracktastic…



They trashed this look …



And defended this one.

We can’t. That is utterly fucking ridiculous. We keep trying to come up with analysis or jokes, but that’s it. This is stupid and “editorial” is just a pass for the producers to keep the drama at a high level. We don’t know what their love affair with Daniel and Patricia is all about, but they CLEARLY should have been in the bottom and one or both of them should have gone home for those joke garments.

Michelle was very stupid to not listen to Nina, but she thought she had a really chic look that would win her over. Well she did have a really chic look – and one that would photograph quite well – but there was apparently a script last night and she wasn’t following it. We have no idea what little twist they’re going to pull to try and keep her in the game, but the very fact that she’s on the chopping block while Daniel and Patricia are safe is, frankly, an indictment of how little the results on this show actually mean anything.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • Kathy_Marlow

    I was so So SO mad last night..Michelle’s look is super chic and would photograph well. I didn’t like Stanley’s at all, nor Layana’s. Let’s not speak of Patricia’s or Daniels’…ever…

    • siriuslover

      Wait, I missed last night’s show. I’ve only been watching spottily all season). They sent Michelle home?

      • Kathy_Marlow

        No, or not yet, they have some sort of “do or die” hoop they are going to make her jump through.

      • Nope. The ALMOST sent Michelle home. But ended up not auffing anyone.

        • Jangle57

          oh my god? really? I was so angry when they announced Patricia was safe, I turned off the tv. If I had had something to throw at it, I would have. How could they possibly throw Michelle under the bus for her look, which I thought was terrific, and not auf Daniel and/or Patricia, both of whose looks had me ROFL when they came down the runway.

          • I actually burst out laughing when i saw Daniel’s outfit hit the runway. And You could see Nina trying not to laugh, herself.

          • Me too, kilted.

          • MissAmynae

            Yeah I had to look away. The color was good though….

          • Sweetpea176

            Oh, I really missed the Duchess last night. “Where is this woman going? She looks like a disco Easter marshmallow in an Oompa Loompa costume!”

            On the other hand, the over-praise of him, and the way he responds, makes me sad for him and a little unnerved — like when the cute guy asked Carrie to the prom. There’s a bucket of pig’s blood up there in the rafters somewhere, just waiting….

          • nosniveling

            yeah, I hit the mute button. what they are doing to Michelle is psychological torture, which is really ugly.

          • dickylarue

            They definitely decided they wanted to make her cry last night & knock the chip off her shoulder. I wonder if word of her eviscerating other contestants in confessionals reached the Producers and they wanted to punish her and then try a redemption edit.

          • Grant Feldman

            Her confessionals are rough, but so true! And I have to say, if a man were saying those things we wouldn’t be nearly as shocked.

          • “Miiiichelle. What WOman would EVer want to WEAR such a SAD PR-int?”

          • Oh my god, yes. And I can’t come up with a reasonable explanation as to why they did that to her. It was horrible. It’s even more awful because, IMO, Michelle sent a really sharp, stylish look down the runway. The proportions were perfect, that shade of green is fantastic, and I love the structure of the top. And the pants! I’m dying for those pants. I’d commission a pair if I could.

            Hmm. I’ve come up with one explanation for their behavior. The judges were obviously on crack with an acid chaser.

        • Deb Oswald

          When they SHOULD have sent at least 2 home!!!

        • UglyTalents

          Or did they?! She’s not in the scenes from next week…. That was some BS right there.

          • BeccaGo

            They’re probably just trying to keep the outcome a surprise.

          • VictoriaDiNardo

            She’s in some preview commercials.

      • Do yourself a favor and don’t watch it. It will only disappoint you.

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      I only keep up with PR thru TLo but since you mentioned Michelle, do you (or anyone) know if her model is Lisa from one of the America’s Next Top Model? It’s been bugging me all season!

      • Yup, that’s Lisa, up there being fabulous. 🙂

        • Meg0GayGuys6

          Thanks! I can always count on the BKs!

      • It’s totally her. I haven’t been able to remember her name (so, thanks!), but my brain shouts out ‘Top Model!’ every time I see her. And she’s been GORGEOUS on PR. So tall!

        • Meg0GayGuys6

          No prob! I get sucked into those ANTM marathons like whoa. Yea, she looks really tall! Good for her, bringin’ home that bacon!

          • My motto is: Walk like it’s for sale and the rent is due tonight. -Miss J

    • pylgrym

      I think Stanley should have lined the jacke with the print to relieve the white and add a little pizzazz

    • I thought that Stanley’s look was very 80’s. Did not understand all the praise

  • But you could add a BELT and ACCESSORIES and then Patricia’s look would be EVERYTHING!!! As soon as they started with the taste issue/POV discussion between Michelle and Patricia, we all knew where this was heading. I actually started watching The Fashion Show because I just can’t with this one anymore, I wish they would just kill it so Bravo can reinvent the concept without being sued.

    • I laughed out loud at this defense. There is no set of accessories on earth that would save that hot mess of a craft project.

      • Stubenville

        Would a burqa be considered an “accessory”?

        • Remember, she actually looked Tim in the eye and said she was considering a cape. a CAPE!

          • Stubenville

            His recoil was priceless.

          • “No Capes!” Edna Mode would be a better judge on this show.

          • Joe J

            And the image of her jumping on the runway and smacking Layana repeatedly in the head with a rolled up newspaper while called her a “spoiled, stupid little stick figure with poofy lips” is warming the cockles of my heart.

    • Elci

      Ugh, that was laughable. Since when have the judges said – yes, that tent is a perfect palette on which to accessorize, and that makes the garment work! They have always panned outfits that needed heavy styling, or have said they are judging the garment as is, not what it could be with jewelry or hats or feather boas or whatever. I also knew right then what WTFery was at play in this judging. Grr.

    • MoHub

      A CONCHO belt!

  • Yep. Exactly. Patricia should have gotten booted back to Santa Fe for that ridiculous Pocahontas sack!

    • l_c_ann

      That so would not sell in Santa Fe.

  • After a long, long, long battle with crippling mediocrity, Project Runway finally succumbed last night. Rest in peace.

    • WhiteOprah

      I used to watch the show in real time every week, follow the TLounge and loved every minute of it. Now I watch the episodes on DVR as an afterthought while fast forwarding through most of the workroom BS. It makes me sad.

      • veriance

        OT, but I love your handle. Wonder if there is an Orange Oprah out there…

        • WhiteOprah

          Thanks- I figured if I was going to come up with a handle to comment on pop culture, I would pay homage to the human tragedy that is Dina Lohan. You can have Orange Oprah if you want. 😛

      • It is far too long at 90 minutes. Oh how i wish they were still on bravo.

      • Anathema_Device

        Me too! I even flew to LA to watch the season 2 finale with my sister! I wanted to visit her anyway, but we thought it would be fun to watch together. This show generates very little interest in me anymore.

  • Stubenville

    I predict that Michelle will be given some impossibly small bit of time to remake her look, then they’ll have a re-judging and possibly someone else will go home.

  • mjude

    i was so confused with the win & the “loser” seriously, patricia’s dress was BAD. i loved michelle’s (who is her model & why does she look so familiar?) daniels “peep coat” …LMFAO! stanley was indeed a dick last night.

    • BeccaGo

      Lisa from ANTM season 9.

    • MoHub

      Bad as Patricia’s was, I’d have given the auf to Daniel.

      And did anyone else notice how Stanley lied on the runway about the way he worked with and treated Tu? I would not turn my back on that man.

      • UglyTalents

        Oh yeah. The runway and the judging were so bad, I almost forgot about what a major DICK Stanley was. I had been sort of liking him (as relatively pleasant and no-nonsense in his approach to working), and I think he’s a good designer, overall. But that’s no way to treat anyone, especially sweet little Tu….. I agree: Keep him in your sights.

        • Joe J

          He’s been getting the side-eye from me ever since his pissy little snit-fit on Twitter during the avant garde challenge.

    • Indigo54

      Michelle’s model is Lisa from America’s Top Model. She stomped to the death on that runway last night. Tyra must have been proud.

    • mjude

      thank you indigo547 & beccago! i thought she had to be from antm, but its been so long since i watched that show!

    • Elci

      Lisa from America’s Next Top Model (forget the cycle number – the one in which Saleisha (sp?) won). Love her! She works Michelle’s clothes best, I think.

  • This episode was craptastic. I want some of whatever the judges were smoking – and I mean all season.

  • I suppose we should all have seen this coming. With the double auff a few eps back, they were going to have to make up the time somehow. How do we do this? By not auffing either Daniel or Patricia, and making a truly talented designer cry.

  • My new favorite thing is to come peak into the TLounge after the episode airs and read the BK’s comments. Usually of rage.
    Bless your hearts for sticking with this maddening show.

    • janneyb

      Big “ditto” to that. This is the only tolerable way to “watch” PR.

      • Stubenville

        (Real) alcohol also helps.

        • UglyTalents

          I made it through 2/3 of a bottle of wine and I was still pausing the judging session for “scream therapy” breaks.

  • Stubenville

    Patricia made me stabby last night. Instead of wringing her hands for the camera, how about just giving Richard busywork and making the damn dress herself? He could make a cape, which Patricia could then at the last minute decide not to include.

    • And since what time does hot gluing strips of suede ( with random splotches of paint on them) to an organza sack add up to a good representation of Spring, EVER?

      • Stubenville

        It’s her shtick. Can’t wait to see the Eiffel-Tower-tepee she will undoubtedly come up with next week.

        • Yep, somehow she will manage to be inspired by Paris, and reference it back to her heritage.

          • MoHub

            There’s a theory that the Clovis Indians actually came from France rather than across the Bering Strait. Similar arrowhead technology has been found on both sides of the Atlantic.

          • Interesting! Well, if Patricia can find a way, she will include it.

          • decormaven

            Shh! Don’t raise this fact, or it will be included for sure. And since facts, reason and logic are in such short supply this season, no use to right the Crazy Train now.

          • Indovina

            Indeed there is! The theory being that Clovis technology is ultimately derived from the Solutrean complex – and usually, but not always, that this is the origin of Mitochondrial haplogroup X2a in Native American populations (X being otherwise predominantly West Eurasian, unlike other Native American lineages which are East Asian/Siberian linked).

            It’s considered highly dubious, though, for many, many reasons.

            I’m only saying this because I’ve been meaning to work “Solutrean complex” and “Mitochondrial haplogroup” into a comment and haven’t had an excuse until now.

          • MoHub

            I agree that the theory is a stretch, but I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s heard of it. I think I watch too much nonfiction teevee.

          • Demeter

            Good one!!

          • formerlyAnon

            I love the breadth and depth of commentary that pops up on this site.

          • editrixie

            OK, I initially read that as Soultrean, and wondered if it was any relation to Soul Train.

        • Call me Bee

          I am heartily afraid of what Patricia will make with her Eiffel Tower inspiration. Scared to death, really…

    • BeccaGo

      She should have tasked him with making a bracelet.

    • judybrowni

      Patricia got bored at the beach, and embellished a shower curtain.

      That’s my theory and I’m sticking with it.

    • You know, I try to put myself in the designers shoes and not get too judgy when they freak out/break down/get bitchy/etc, especially this late in the season when everyone is exhausted. And I did feel bad for her. But I kept thinking “Jesus, Patricia, stop whinging and crying aver getting stuck with Richard. Just suck it the hell up and make something.” Actually, I think I said it out loud to the TV at least once.

  • ellabob

    This may have been my final show – utterly ridiculous… Michelle is the only designer that has any chops…

    • I feel like there were others though. When they brought in Samantha and Amanda, I thought, ‘Here are the people who have a clue.’

      • ellabob

        You are right – I liked both of them…

  • rumcg66

    I literally screamed at my tv “I am DONE WITH YOU.” I know I’ll be back next week because apparently I can’t quit this show. But man. That was just a joke. A cruel, cruel joke. Poor Michelle should have given them the finger, packed up her things and gone home, held held high.

  • mommyca

    This is the first season I haven’t watched at all… and it feels weird to read the recaps and not even know the faces or the names of the contestants…. but it appears I’m not missing much?

  • I found myself wondering if they edited in Nina’s saying ‘no pants and t-shirts please’ after the fact, which is why Michelle seemed so puzzled.

    • SugarSnap108

      Maybe Michelle was confused because she did not, in fact, make a “t-shirt.”

      • CPK1

        although she did call it “my version of a muscle t”. I think she completely did not hear Nina. But what Nina should have done is to have said, you ignored me but luckily your outfit is chic so you don’t win, but you are in.

        • MilaXX

          yeah but if that was the case Mondo would have won his season. When Nina says don not do something and yo do it anyway. she gives you the stick.

    • Its clear in the first meeting with the designers that she says so. If they did do that, then its a cruel and nasty thing to have done.

      • formerlyAnon

        Cruel is demonstrably within their purview, but they’ve generally stopped short of nasty, at least as far as I remember. Though I suppose it all feels much more intense on the contestants’ side of the cameras.

        • It seemed as though they intentionally pushed Michelle until she cried. What the hell? Are the producers a bunch of middle-schoolers?

    • RebeccaKW

      This happens every season, though. They give them a parameter and at least one designer does something outside that parameter, then acts surprised when he gets called on it. Of course, it varies whether the judges will use that as a judging criterion or not, so I can also see why some don’t take that parameter seriously.

    • Lisa_Co

      No, because Stanley wondered why Michelle was making a t shirt and pants when Nina said not to.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Look at Patricia’s whickety whack!

    • Nina and Heidi ACTUALLY SAID that Patricia had made a lot of beautiful looks this season. OK I remember 1 look that I loved and 1 that was OK and THE REST WERE IN THE BOTTOM AND SHE AVOIDED GETTING CUT BECAUSE SHE WAS ON A FRICKEN TEAM.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I didn’t like any of last night’s looks except Layana’s, and I’ll gladly take your word that it’s a knock-off. Ignoring an explicit direction is stupid game play. Culottes are not cool. Patricia, knock off the fringe. (And Richard, French seams… really?) Tweety-bird needs to be set free.

  • I cannot believe that Patricia is still on this show. And Daniel. WTF with the jackets? Enough already.

    Ooooh, this show makes me stabby.

    • CPK1

      don’t forget his special shoulder treatment

      • BeccaGo

        “Special Shoulder Treatment” would make a great band name.

  • janierainie

    That was really weird. I think Patricia was even more shocked than Michelle. I think Daniel should have been sent home. I’m past threatening to never watch the show again. It’s been pretty entertaining this season with the team challenge, and the work in the workroom has been shown a little more. I guess I’ve given up on the dream that it will be as good as it used to be, and just don’t care as much. I thought for sure Daniel would fly away home on his little yellow wings for sure.

    • MilaXX

      All of the designers were. Did you see their reactions when Patricia came in and said she was in?

  • GorgeousThings

    Daniel’s looked like a “Dynasty” era Tinkerbelle. Patricia’s looked like a crappy craft project. Stanley’s was passable, except for the jacket, which is an abomination and should have gotten him in the bottom. I’ll probably watch the rest of this season, but I think that’s about it for me and PR. Your title sums it up perfectly.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      Tinkerbelle on Dynasty– perfection! Please wish hard enough that she sprinkles on the cat fights in the fountain.

    • Daniel’s looked like the Marvel Superhero “Yellowjacket” (Google it) But Yellowjacket is an Avenger…and the Avengers are in, so voila!

      • Kimmu

        But is Hank Pym taking up a second identity because he can’t handle being Ant Man actually in?

        I’m just really amused someone saw that and had the same thought I did.

        • It’s true that Hank Pym only became Yellowjacket after a psychotic episode!

          • Which is what would be required for anyone to want to wear Daniel’s ridiculous look — so it’s perfect!

  • SugarSnap108

    The judges’ love affair with Daniel and Patricia is, indeed, unfathomable. Another shapeless pile of fabric from Patricia, and more pointy shoulders from Daniel. My first thought on seeing Daniel’s was “Star Trek.” My second thought was “Tweety Bird.” Which is a really weird progression of thoughts.

    Yes, Michelle’s look is chic and wearable by many humans. I can see why the judges hated it.

    • MilaXX

      I really think it’s just Heidi who is in love with Patricia. She seems to be fighting for her every week and I’m not sure why.

      • Lisa_Co

        Last night it Heidi who was unsure about Patricia; Nina was defending her.

        • MilaXX

          maybe I was overly tired because I still got the impression that Heidi was defending her. I thought it was Zac who didn’t like her stuff and was ready to let her go. Either way Michelle certainly did not deserve to go before her.

  • spooki C

    Tu is a freakin saint, I would’ve stabbed Stanley in the eye with a needle after all that. Also Richard was a useless lump. IDK if he just can’t sew or just didn’t want to help Patricia.

    I kinda liked Daniel’s just because it was very eye catching. Sure, it’s not practical at all but it’s for a magazine cover. Also, I do love that color and he’s the only one that used something vibrant and springtime.

    Such a boring episode, there was really no point in trying to watch it. I know I’ll always watch as long as this show is on air but I don’t know why. I guess I just keep hoping they’ll recapture the magic.

    • l_c_ann

      Not a cover, probably inside half a page, next to an ad.

  • Frank_821

    I actually responded to Michelle’s reaction of the “do or die” moment judgement. The utter confusion and not allowing herself to be happy. And then telling everyone not to hug her because her emotions were way too screwed. it sums up the whole feel of the episode for me

    • MilaXX

      Agreed I could sympathize with her not wanting to fall apart on camera and of course having everyone hug you would have made her lose it. I didn’t find it cute that they drove her to that point at all.

      • Lisa_Co

        Sorry but I don’t have any sympathy for MEchelle. She has trash talked every other designer. Even last night she was making fun of Daniel and saying nasty things about Stanley. Apparently, she can dish it out but can’t take it.

        • MilaXX

          I agree she is nasty in her TH’s but I just feel like it was obvious that the producers wanted to see her fall apart on camera so badly that it felt like sharks circling in the water.

          • Grant Feldman

            Her confessionals would indeed sound nasty if . . . she wasn’t so spot on! She is certainly not PC, but is brutally honest which I appreciate. Loved tonight’s gem about “telling you how to get to Sesame Street”. . .

    • veriance

      I totally got her “I don’t want to be touched!” response last night. There is “reality TV” and “mind fucking” and the show has veered to the latter, I would have needed a cocktail, a xanax and a massage before moving from the stew room.

      Is this a Lifetime style cliffhanger? I noticed Michelle was absent from next week’s previews.

      • nannypoo

        I assume they decided that if they show her in the previews then we’ll know that she’s been saved and we won’t fret and pace the floor all week wondering what will happen. Or maybe she wisely decided to tell them to take their stupid show and shove it.

        • H3ff

          I’d just have told the judges to go fuck themselves. What’s even the point of having Michelle design something else, when they already decided she was the worst of the remaining five?

  • Yeah, it’s just a fucking shit show now and the last season I’ll be caught watching it. I said that after that spectacle that was PR all stars with the Target dressmaker giving that creep Anthony Ryan the win. As if…

  • John11581

    Patricia’s looked like she sewed her model into a curtain panel she bought at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and then just added some “Native American-lite” accoutrements it that she just grabbed off a clearance shelf at Michaels. I kind of wish last week’s judges were back this week to be the voices of reason. I couldn’t imagine Nina’s boss was very happy with her the morning after this challenge. If any of these, with the exception of Michelle’s appeared in the pages of any fashion magazine, I’d seriously be questioning its mission statement. Granted, Michelle did exactly what Nina said not to do, but the fact that she couldn’t even acknowledge that what Michelle did was tasteful, chic, and could photograph well speaks more to Nina’s ability as a fashion magazine’s editorial director than it does to Michelle’s ability as a designer. Last night was a shit show with a tediously dull challenge and WTF outcome. Hands down the least enjoyable episode of the season.

    • Laughingworld

      Nina did leave Elle for Marie Claire. I have wondered about the story behind that.

      • formerlyAnon

        At her level, in a field that is bursting at the seams with new talent trying to claw their way up, I always figure it has more to do with “vision” or with personalities euphemistically weasel-worded as “work style” or “approach” than with ability.

        • Laughingworld

          Yes, you are probably right. Still, “vision” would be a part of her qualifications as a judge. Perhaps she left Elle because she thought she could raise the quality of the fashion editorials at MC.

          • Maybe they just offered her more money to bring in not only herself, but the PR slot — it might be something as base and simple as that.

          • formerlyAnon

            You are probably right. And if we’re thinking practically, she switched jobs in between her first and second child – she might have made the change simply because Marie Claire gave her more control of her own schedule or a guarantee that she could take all of her vacation time every year. Even if you can hire all the nannies and household help on the face of the earth, children do shift one’s priorities a bit.

          • I read that she was forced out when Joe Zee came along. Evidently there was only room for one HBIC below editor and Zee was determined to be it.

      • Lisa_Co

        I heard she was fired from Elle.

    • l_c_ann

      Remember, Patricia pointed out that the ‘feathers’ pointed upwards and that’s a positive sign of spring, or some such nonsense.

      Nina, put that in your 5th Avenue hooka and smoke it.

    • DeTrop

      You say it was tediously dull yet this was the designers opportunity to shine. They had a chance at national exposure in Marie Claire. Tells us something about the quality of this group, YES? Stanley’s outfit was the lesser of the five evils so he won. Making a third piece was smart – very smart.

      Nina did comment on Michelle’s outfit during the judging. When Jordana Brewster said she would wear it, Nina said it wasn’t enough for a magazine spread. She did not say she didn’t like it but you could tell she was angry at Michelle for going against her criteria. They are giving Michelle another chance so I do think they appreciate her work.

  • So hate the format this year! I understand in the real world you have to work on teams and someone can drag you down, but it drives me nuts in this show. I have followed the show for years and am simply loosing interest as they are creating an environment where great work is hard to accomplish. Make me something fabulous in an hour and oh, by the way, we are going to put a ball and chain around your leg and tie your hands behind hands. I personally watch the show because I love fashion and have been inspired to get in the studio and design a new piece of jewelry many times. I do not watch because I like to see meltdowns and back stabbing. Grrrr. Even my hubby was yelling at the TV last night! Simply love you guys by the way.

    • MoHub

      Exactly. Real teams have hierarchies, not a bunch of alphas all jockeying for the top position. The team concept is the polar opposite of what happens in a competition.

  • I knew there was a reason I stopped watching this dreck 2 seasons ago.

  • stardust462

    I’m glad I stopped watching this show and just look at the final projects. I can’t with this show anymore, and I used to love it to death and never miss it. I can’t even remember the last time I was wowed by something.

    If they want to do the team thing, maybe they should pair up someone who is a great designer but not a great sewer, and someone who isn’t a great designer but is a great sewer. I feel like every contestant for the past few seasons has been either one or the other, not both.

  • BeccaGo

    I sent this text to my sister at the end of the show: “WHAT. THE. F*CK. WHAT THE F*CK??! Are you KIDDING me??!? WHAT THE F*CK???? WHAT THE F*********CK!!?!?” Her reply was: “Exactly.”

  • Indovina

    You know, I’m not really sure how much Michelle did refuse to listen, exactly. Nina said not to make a t-shirt and pants, but that isn’t a t-shirt and those are not typical pants. The prohibition wasn’t literal, obviously (what with the fact that they did complain about it extensively), but more a requirement for a certain register of fashion. The judges felt it didn’t meet that criterion – I’m not sure I agree.

    But given that “editorial” is to Nina as “I would wear it” is to Heidi and various celebrity guest judges, I’m not really in a position to disagree, am I?

    • editrixie

      Well said. I don’t watch anymore, and I didn’t realize that she had said no pants — but still. Everything you said. I love those trousers.

  • Michelle’s look was fantastic, and the judging was insane, and honestly, I’m so freaking DONE with this show now.

  • TropiCarla

    When I’m short on time (always), I just watch the runway show and the results. Who knows WTF kind of insanity would cause Michelle’s beautiful outfit to land on the bottom.

    At any rate Michelle, I would love to buy your top as it is gorgeous, unique, and has the bonus of being nursing-friendly! lol I would wear it every day, to every LLL meeting, and make sure to post pics of myself on “The Badass Breastfeeder” blog. We could make a fortune in post-partum wear. Call me!

    • Munchkn

      Michelle’s top would be lovely for nursing in public! I wish I’d had something that chic to wear when I was nursing my girls. Btw, the Badass Breastfeeder is very cool!

  • BeccaGo

    Nina said don’t make a t-shirt and pants. Michelle made a t-shirt and pants. Stanley made a t-shirt and pants and a jacket, so he won. Obviously.

    • It wasn’t a t-shirt–Stanley had the same shape under his jacket. For that matter, what ARE culottes, anyway, but an ambivalent pair of pants?

      • BeccaGo

        I don’t consider it a t-shirt either, but apparently the judges did. The difference, it seems, is that Stanley covered his up with a jacket which led to a BREATHTAKING RUNWAY REVEAL, while Michelle’s was good enough not to hide.

        • Yup. But Michelle will rise from the ashes of this abuse. I think she will win the whole enchilada.

  • MamaKath

    Lifetime is going to make P/R dump Mood because they’ve brought Joanne’s and/or Michael’s in as new sponsors. Patricia was cast to get us ready for Project Arts&Crafts next season…right? Speaking of Mood, if I was them I would demand that P/R pick a new source as what Patricia, Daniel and Layana (among others who have already left) have been doing with their inventory this season is a crime. And there is not a single really great designing stand-out left. This will be another season where no one will benefit from having been on the show much less the winner with the potential to be another Christian or Jeffrey. In the past we even had phenomenal runners-up. I don’t even remember the cast of last season and have already forgotten who when home this one. Poke it with a fork. P/R is done.

    • Kimbolina

      If I was Mood, I would be THRILLED if PR decided to dump me and go somewhere else.

  • So do a lot of Native Americans watch Lifetime? Just wondering.

    • I am from NM and an Native (both born and bred and by blood) and I just can’t get behind Patricia and what she does.

  • BeccaGo

    Daniel obviously confused Marie Clare with Haus of Gaga.

    • Stubenville

      Or Little Shop of Horrors

    • Indigo54

      Or Star Trek at the Easter Parade

    • CarolinLA

      Or just Haus of GAG.

  • I wanted to throw something and break my TV when they praised Patricia’s tent! WHAT THE F…??? I think I need to be on whatever those judges are when watching this… Patricia and Layanna make me stabby, Michelle had the best look, yet she is the one contender to go home?

  • l_c_ann

    I can’t imagine any of the four survivors making a line of clothes that could even pass for Lord and Taylor’s Basement (which doesn’t exist).

  • NDC_IPCentral

    No need to say more than that I agree in every respect with what Tom and Lorenzo have said.

    Well, a little more….. last night former designer-contestant Bert Keeler basically said the same thing, that Michelle’s minimalist and elegant outfit was the clear winner. The judges’ criticisms clearly telegraph that they are in Bunim-Murray’s pockets and their taste, as my sainted mother was wont to say, is all in their mouths. Which should be the flavor of “sell-out.”

    • Sarah

      Hear hear.

  • Veronica1022

    Please. ever since Anya the Anti-Sleeve won, I’ve just been coasting by on the generosity of Tom and Lorenzo’s recaps.

    Please show, take a year off, find some fresh challenges and try again, with 50% less cracktasticness.

  • Michelle got hosed. Patricia should have gone! Patricia’s dress looked like a high school class project. Awful.

  • Patricia seems to be this seasons’ Gretchen. The only reason she has made it this far is that her teams usually won, making her safe. This garment was atrocious and I saw no reason for her to blame Richard. She has time management issues every week while she tries to create her art/textile.

    • NoGovernmentName

      Except that Gretchen was a horrible person, and Patricia seems like she has some actual talent in textile design and creation.

      • veriance

        I thought Patricia showed incredible grace by not screeching “NO FUCKING WAY!” when once again working with Richard.

        • NoGovernmentName

          AMEN. Do you think Richard was doing an act with that slack jawed “What? How? Um…” routine, or does he really not know how to construct garments? I’m torn on that one.

          • Indigo54

            I’m torn too. That he is not used to working with silk, I can believe. That he doesn’t even KNOW what a french seam is let alone how to construct one is hard to believe. He mentioned that being brought back to work with Patricia so soon after elimination was like rubbing salt in the would. Did he not have a choice? If he really felt that way he should have opted out.

  • Indigo54

    I was watching the judges faces when Heidi made her “do or die” statement. They all looked a little sheepish to me. Shame, shame, shame PR. Why put Richard and Patricia together again? Why do that to her? Cruel.

    Stanley should use his $10K challenge winnings to finance a fabulous vacation for Tu after what he put him thru. Is that what PR calls good management skills. I think not. I was so surprised at everybody’s reaction to Stanley’s look when it came out. Such ooo-ing and aww-ing from the other designers. What was that about?

    Michele’s look was to die for and her model ROCKED it on the runway. I really felt bad for her but she took that “I’ll just do whatever I wanna do” attitude too far this time. Clearly, Nina does not like being ignored as indicated by that sizzling lecture she gave Michelle about what an editorial look means. Dayum Nina, was that really necessary?

  • Awful. You said it all about the garments.
    Also, “Congrats! You don’t have to work on teams, but here’s your new ‘helper’!”
    No way that Michelle should have gone home. It wasn’t editorial, but I loved the pants and the shirt was a new play on a nursing top (“think rocker during the day”).

    • BeccaGo

      I think her look was very editorial. Editorial basically means “photographs well,” which it seems to in the pics above, and it’s simple enough to accessorize but still has some interesting shapes. Also, it’s separates, which can be combined with other pieces to be more “editorial,” and it’s bold but doesn’t rely solely on color like Daniel’s, so it works in black and white, too. A white top is probably not good for a cover, but I was under the impression it was supposed to be part of an inside spread, where it would totally work. Nina deserves a demotion for not seeing any of that.

      • Yeah, still not seeing the editorial appeal of the relax-wear pants aside from the color.

  • SassyKansas

    Wow, it sure was a
    case of producer manipulation (remember how the Manolo used to say
    it in pig Latin: “oducer-pray anipulation-may”) last night in
    their cold-blooded goal to make the show “entertaining” and keep
    us guessing. Poor Michelle paid the price.

    I think they are going to send the other
    contestants off to Paris, Milan, etc., to inspire their next
    creations, but Michelle will have to sew in a basement somewhere
    in South Dakota. With no electricity. But she will come back and
    win it. Now THAT’S a plot– right, producers?

    On another topic: I am afraid that by now, if I were one of the
    contestants, I would simply have to steal into Daniel’s room at
    night and snip off the ends of that mustache. Or, light them like
    little birthday candles (but only when he was awake.)

    • Frank_821

      Daniel recently shaved his moustache off

      • SassyKansas

        Oh, I am so glad for him!

    • Therese Bohn

      My kids hate Daniel’s Snidely Whiplash ‘stache. I wish he’d snip off the ends or at least grow it longer!

  • jw_ny

    There was no way they were going to eliminate Michelle since she is the best designer this show has to offer this season. I can understand giving her a slap on the wrist for not following the challenge criteria, but to praise and save Daniel and Patricia in the process….so f’n ridiculous. Michelle’s outfit was clearly the best design…chic and modern. And, it photographs lovely! Look at the pics! I can understand not giving her the win since she didn’t follow one of Nina’s rules (although she deserved it), but to make her’s the loser? At least they made up a way to save her. In the past they’ve found ways to justify saving the favorites…giving her another chance this way screams of production creating drama tho.

    Those shoulder wings/rabbit ears on Daniel’s top looked stupid…especially paired with shorts. Proportions are so off. I dare Nina to allow that top to ever appear on the cover of her Magazine. It’d never happen.

    Michelle’s looked home sewn/crafty, and poorly finished. I didn’t dislike either Layana’s or Stanley’s, but neither were overly inspiring or original. The volume on Stanley’s skirt with those pockets…laughable…and the entire outfit did look rather 70s-ish.

    Judges really need to stop with the 3 martini dinners before judging. They should be embarrassed for making theses decisions….shows their own taste is highly questionable.

    • CozyCat

      I agree. And I’m worried about the impact of the crazy judging on the not-so-good designers. At this point Daniel thinks that he’s doing good work. When he leaves, will he take that message with him and do jackets with massive shoulder wings in all the peep colors–and then expect people to buy them?

      That’s one thing you can say in Patricia’s favor–she knew she turned out bad work this week, and that it was her fault for letting her partner get to her. For all her faults, she’s remarkably self aware for a reality show contestant.

  • They’re going to make Michelle compete on Real World/Road Rules Challenge. Jonathan Murray has now fully destroyed this show. Congratulations!

  • Frank_821

    Yes it’s annoying how they slammed Michelle for making a tshirt and pants. If it is a tshirt, it’s a pretty damn fashion forward tshirt. Now I do think the top should have had more color and the pants should have been a different shade of green

    Stanley’s was interesting and workable-without the jacket. The jacket was a complete waste of time and makes the look appear pedestrian

    I didn’t hate Daniel’s but it was a flawed design. The idea of doing a funky jacket was workable and the color was great but as they said it was off balanced and wings were star trek-ish. I will say I think Daniel has a lot of potential but he still need time to grow as a designer. He’s clearly got it in him to be a good designer but he’s spent years custom making a certain types of garments for a specific clientele. He needs to stretch out and develop his POV

    • Yes, like in something besides a strong shoulder to a jacket….

    • Well, when you’re working for individual clients, it can be hard to develop a point of view of your own. If you’re working on a collection, you make it to suit your preferences and assume it will be bought by people who like your POV and are well-suited to it. When you’re working for a specific person, it doesn’t matter if it’s “you”, if they don’t like it, you can’t sell it.

  • And now… it’s Project Uninformed!! I knew we were in trouble right from the off when Daniel clearly had no idea who Jordana Brewster is and was trying to hide it for more camera time. Then Stanley (channeling the Marquis de Sade this episode) sounded like he was reading off the press release.

    And for the capper: Richard does not know what a FRENCH SEAM is? Good grief! Two semesters in the costume shop and I know what that is and can still do them!

    As to the fashion: it’s pretty much a bleh, although I preferred Michelle’s look overall. She just committed one of the more egregious PR sins: Do. Not. Ignore. Nina. Period.

    Over several seasons that people are saying this is “the weakest crop of designers ever on PR”, this IS the weakest crop of designers I have ever seen on PR.

    Even Tim looks like he’s had it.

    • formerlyAnon

      Tim’s had it for a long time, I think. I think he’s made his personal, internal deal with the reality of what the show’s become and is salting his retirement fund. Not that I think he’s going to retire any time soon, he’s only 59 or 60 and I think loves [parts of] the work he does and the mostly work-based environment in which he moves. But I imagine that he’s planning for a secure old age, possibly some fun indulgences he never thought would be possible when he was an academic administrator, and the freedom to work on projects that engage him and are dear to his heart. And possibly the ability to take care of some less fortunate friends or family members.

  • MilaXX

    I knew the minute they pulled out the button bag this would be a mass of WTF’ery. In my mind button bag is code for producer manip we don’t want to own up to. I can’t decide if Richard was trying for payback to getting auf’d last week or if he really cannot sew anything but jersey knit.
    I thought Michelle’s should have been in the top. I think the pants would have worked great for a full body look and while color may be preferable in a head shot or close up pic, I’ve seen plenty of editorials with the lady celebs wearing white. The rest I only liked half of. Layana’s top has been done many times before and the skirt does not go AT ALL. Dan’s jacket was a joke. Heidi was right when she said the shoulders looked like Victoria Secret wings. I didn’t mind the color, but that shoulder was awful. Someone needs to tell Dan adding shorts to his Dynasty jackets does not make them youthful. I sort of like Patricia’s dress. I wish she had left off that cuff and of course it needed to be sewn better, but I didn’t hate it. Stanley’s top and jacket were okay, but I really disliked those pants. Stanley is the type of person you hate working for. He was just a nasty to Tu as he was to Patricia a while back. It made him look like a colossal jerk. I must say Jordana was a much better guest judge than I expected.
    I have no idea what insane hoop the judges plan to make Michelle jump through. I really dislike how much glee she seems to take in trashing others in her TH’s, but at this point I almost want her to win just because this is beyond mean even for PR.

  • I loved the 10 point checklist from Nina. The most specific challenge description ever? 🙂

  • Laylalola

    But WHY was Michelle so set on giving Nina a big, deliberate, in-your-face FUCK YOU when Nina’s directions regarding a t-shirt and pants could not have been more explicit? Really, Michelle would have been fired in the work world. Or never given the assignment again. So I’m kind of not liking that they actually let her get away with it.

    • Elci

      I didn’t think it was a deliberate FUCK YOU, like she ignored Nina’s directions and said I will do this t-shirt and pants anyway, I don’t care what Nina requested. First, I don’t think the top was a t-shirt. But second, I think it’s more likely Michelle wasn’t paying attention. Which is still very bad – she needs to listen to her client, clearly. But that isn’t quite the same as a deliberate eschewing of requirements thinking one is above or exempt from such parameters. I thought Daniel’s and Patricia’s garments were glaring examples of how exactly to EMBARRASS Nina, which was also a requirement, and there was no bold color in Stanley’s. Very little about his garment said forward-looking or spring to me – also requirements for this challenge.

      • Scoobydrew

        It might not have been a deliberate F*U – but she wasn’t paying attention to one of the judges instructions – who also happens to be the client. Michelle does what Michelle wants to do, what she was asked to do doesn’t matter. My boss wouldn’t go for that. And other designers who have been true to their ” vision” – something that other designers have been dragged over the coals for. I can’t defend Daniel’s or Patricia’s dress … but I do get why Patricia is there.

        • Elci

          I said in my comment it was problematic that she wasn’t listening or paying close enough attention. What Michelle wants to do has worked for her thus far, and if she had had in her mind that Nina didn’t want a tshirt and pants, I don’t think she would have gone ahead and said, WHATEVER, Nina will have to deal with it. So I was pointing out that it wasn’t quite that deliberate, or THAT dismissive. Also, I will take Michelle’s vision any day of the week over Richard’s, Daniel’s or Patricia’s, but I don’t think her decision to make the not-t-shirt and pants was about staying true to her vision at all costs. And I disagree that Michelle does what she wants, others be damned. Some high school kids thought she could mitigate the collar detail on her prom dress, and she decided not to heed that comment, which was fine. Tim advised she remove the buttons from her vest for the Thunder from Down Under challenge, and she did. Tim advised that she rethink the rain vest idea for her Lord and Taylor challenge, and she did, deciding to just go with the dress. So it’s not that Michelle doesn’t listen ever. Didn’t Daniel and Patricia hear the directives about not embarrassing Nina, or Stanley the directive about using a bold color?

          I also, I agree with comments that I took Nina’s comment about the t-shirt and pants to be t-shirt and jeans, like a gap add or something. And Michelle certainly didn’t put that on the runway.

          Lastly, I have no idea why Patricia is there other than producer manipulation, maybe.

        • The person who won the challenge made a pair of pants and a simple top.

          • ellabob


          • Laylalola

            ? Shortly after Nina points at all of them saying she doesn’t want to see a t-shirt and pants they go to a Talking Head where Michelle says mustache-guy is going to make some sort of jacket and Stanley is going to make something from the 1950s but she’s going to make “a giant bitchin’ pair of pleated pants and the weirdest little t-shirt you’ve ever seen.” I think there’s no question Michelle was deliberately throwing this in Nina’s face.

          • Three of the five designers made pants last night, which would mean that Daniel and Stanley were “sending Nina a big F-you” and “throwing it in Nina’s face” too. Except Stanley won.

            And “shortly after” is achieved by editing.

          • BeccaGo

            I would like to up-vote your comment to infinity. I wouldn’t even mind if it was a deliberate “fuck-you” to the judges, considering the way judging has been going lately. They deserve it.

    • I actually have to wonder whether Nina actually said that while talking to the designers or if they filmed it and stuck it in later. That’s not the kind of cheap reality TV trick I would normally suspect of PR (they’ve stooped low, but not that low), but this season all bets are off.

    • Interesting how you don’t seem to note the other t-shirt and pants looks that night, especially Stanley’s the look that won. Why do you not want him “fired”?

  • NoGovernmentName

    So the comment from Nina about Michelle’s was that, if it were a cropped photo, all that would show is the white t-shirt top. All the specialness of that look was on the bottom. This is a totally valid comment, especially considering that Nina did specifically say no t-shirts, probably for this reason. I think Michelle made a very bad judgment call when she was designing. However, Patricia’s was clearly worse. I am going to defend Daniel’s crazy outfit by saying, I feel like I’ve seen stuff that weird/crazy/ugly in fashion editorials. The color + the shoulders did give an Easter Bunny vibe, but I thought it was better than Patricia’s.

  • Tried to watch this episode on Lifetime’s site this AM (let us not speak of last night’s wine consumption ever again) and because Lifetime sucks it blacked out mid judging. What’s the twist? Michelle was the loser (head desk) but she’s not out?

    From what I did see, Patricia’s was a hot ass mess and how they could have rated that above Michelle’s, which was the only thing on the runway I’d actually want to own, boggles the mind. Cracktastic judging, for sure.

    • She’s going to be given a “do or die” moment, to “prove herself,” ’cause she totally hasn’t been doing that all season already.

      • Oh, thank you. How absurd. Really, if it weren’t for T-Lo recaps and the BK comments I would so check out. This show has gone past jumping the shark and is now jumping the whale.

  • guest2visits

    The stills here are enough evidence for which designs show well and which do not. Michelle’s was really the only one
    that looked perfectly fit and constructed, sleek and NEW. Even the use of that textured, woody green was a new style
    element. Stanley should wish his designs are that fresh and professionally polished. The more I see his judge-wowing
    3-pieces; the more I see a 70s gaucho-skirt, done badly. How all that white table cloth shows better on the page is a
    mystery to me. He was way too manner-less and bitchy with Tu, also.
    I can’t believe Samantha, Amanda, and Kate are not in the finals, yet Patricia is still there.

    • “‘I can’t believe Samantha, Amanda, and Kate are not in the finals, yet Patricia is still there.'” and Daniel!

  • They will send Michelle to Berlin next week. At least it’s what I’m hoping for. She’s by far the best designer of this bunch. And she would LOVE Berlin.

    • Yes, and, last I checked, I think they still are into punk quite a bit over there.

  • nannypoo

    Well, that was a festival of mental instability and abuse. Tu is a pitiful little sad sack, loved only by that one designer whose name I’ve already forgotten (Pancoke?), so when the obsessive and overcontrolling Stanley chose him we were obviously headed for trouble. His jacket seemed to work, so either he really was able to do it or being bullied by Stanley was just the ticket to help him produce. Patricia has no emotional control and no leadership ability. She is unable to manage time as she works on her craft projects, and she seems to break down early in each episode until the impending deadline forces her to throw a few embellishments onto her fabric and call it done. If she could direct her energy earlier in the day she might be able to make something that looks finished. As for the french seam, it’s a simple technique that any home ec student can easily master so either Richard was being deliberately obtuse or she really can’t explain to an assistant the most straightforward procedure. The manipulation of Michelle by the judges was sadistic and served only to make them look even more unreliable than we already knew they could be. This was hardly the first time a designer didn’t follow the directions, and the outfit was beautifully made as well as editorial, so to just mess with her seemed unnecessarily cruel. And for the judges to praise Daniel’s craftsmanship, when he didn’t even press the facings on his preposterous yellow butterfly costume, was insulting to the viewers. He should have gone home. Layana behaved more like a normal person this week, setting aside her whining and lack of logic just long enough to make an ugly, unwearable outfit. All told, another trainwreck.

    • Qitkat

      PERFECT summary.

  • UglyTalents

    The runway and judging session were one long “Whaaaaaa?” I thought all the looks were pretty awful; Michelle’s was slightly less awful…. And I totally agree: As sorry as I was for Patricia (no one … NO ONE … deserves RicQarQd as a seamstress), how was her look not auf-able? HOW? And I was sure Daniel was going to be laughed on the stage for that “Star Trek Easter Parade” look. )Also, Jordana who? I love that they kept referring to her as a celebrity as if they were trying to convince themselves of the fact.)

    • conniemd

      I believe the issue featuring her as an “up and coming” actress. She is on the TNT “Dallas” update and will be in “Fast and Furious Six.” I really enjoy her on Dallas and like her looks.

      • Please — she was an up and coming actress when she did The Faculty 15 years ago.

        • And I believe she was in that unintentionally hilarious mini-series “The 60s”.

  • Daniel’s outfit looked like the Peep equivalent of the human skin suit from “Silence of the Lambs.” Seriously unattractive.

    I understand the critique that Michelle didn’t listen to Nina in the “no t-shirt and pants,” but to her defense, I think she read that as a request that it not look like the front of an American Apparel or Lucky Jeans catalogue (i.e., jeans and a t-shirt), and in her mind her look was much more chic and sophisticated than “pants and a t-shirt.” I mean really, did Nina’s statement mean that all pants were off the table? Only skirts, dresses, and apparently booty shorts are options?

    Maybe she should’ve made another vest…

    • BobStPaul

      Given that the judges suggested Daniel’s look would have been better with pants, I sense a certain inconsistency. And how anyone could describe the top she made as a t-shirt is beyond me.

      • Lisa_Co

        The white jersey she showed on the form was certainly a t shirt. Then she added a black square……still a t shirt albeit a more interesting one.

    • l_c_ann

      More likely, Nina decided she had said,” No pants made by Michelle”.

    • I heard the instructions too and did not think Michelle’s design was a violation. I loved that top! Definitely NOT a t-shirt.

      • I thought the same thing, but having said that I did not think that Michelle’s design (which I liked very much) was editorial simply because if it was photographed from the waist up, it would not look like much. Having said all that, there is still no way on God’s green earth that Patricia should have stayed after sending that mess down the runway. It is a shame that she got stuck with “jersey dress man” as a partner, but those were the cards she was dealt and she should have gone home.

    • How was that just a “t-shirt?” how?!

  • Chartreusite

    If there’s any consolation to be had, it’s that this sort of storytelling generally works as a huge fake-out that guarantees the individual under fire will come back roaring. At least, that’s what I hope as a self-avowed Michelle fan…

    • MoHub

      Michelle will be the Kristen Kish of Project Runway.

      • Chartreusite

        Exactly. Rule of reality tv #21: Chekhov’s Twist. Should a twist be introduced into a scenario, you know that it can and will be important and utilized by the key players before the end of the act.

  • Ohmygosh! I can’t believe they gave Michelle so much crap! Her look was the BEST! I had Stanley’s outfit back in the 70’s when I was 10! And the Peeps jacket?!? Puh-lease! Patricia sent freakin’ Pocahontas down the runway and Layana’s look was a total rip-off! The better keep Michelle in – she’s the only one that has current fashion taste! Oy!

  • lissonifan


  • Bottom line is that this was probably the scheduled “Oh everything is so wonderful that we can’t send anyone home” episode. This usually comes in the one of the last two episodes prior to the finale. By putting Michelle in the bottom rather than the two more obvious choices, the producer felt that they would get people to overlook the craptastic entries by Patricia and Daniel, by providing the viewer with reliief that Michelle has one more chance!

    • Coco Cornejo

      They sent two home in an earlier episode. This is the course correction.

  • Jamie Moon

    Tonight showed how little this show is actually about design. Hang in there, Michelle.

  • ….. and this is why the Duchess of Orange left the sinking ship Projecta Runawaya. Even someone with his talent for bon mots could not stomach the delusional excuses anymore.

  • Zorkness

    This episode was all about Sesame Street… Big Bird and Kermit the frog…

  • You nailed it. I interpreted Nina’s guidance as being no t-shirt and jean-like pants. Michelle’s shirt WASN’T a t-shirt! It was an adorable top, and pants were not standard. Patricia’s dress was hideous and Daniel’s was silly. The judges decision was nonsensical.

  • Bean Bunny

    I’ll be the voice of desent: I hated Michelle’s look and think Stanley deserved the win. BUT, sending Michelle home when Patricia and Daniel sent such crap down is cray cray.

    • Stanley won because he did two things intelligently: he designed a look that puts the focus on the face (especially one with Jordana’s strong jawline) and chose leather in a color that would flatter Jordana’s skin tone. His crap attitude with Tu (who he chose for his superior stitching skills) aside, the man put some thought into what he was doing.

      • Indigo54

        I gotta agree with you about Stanley. He clearly thought out his design and how it would be used. Michelle just made what she wanted to wear herself – forgot about the challenge. I do wonder tho if Stanley chose Tu because he knows he’s a pain in the ass to work for and he figured Tu could handle it.

  • DinaSews

    DISQUS – You suck.

    • guest2visits

      I don’t get this at all – how do you find anything or retrieve anything if you can’t locate it without
      scrolling endlessly?!? Now I can’t even go back on the scroll; it won’t let me see what’s past without starting
      from the beginning, every time. This isn’t do-able. I thought NEW was supposed to mean improved;
      not ass backwards. DISQUS – You do suck.

      • TLO is there something that can be done about the messed up comments?

  • Coco Cornejo

    This episode was all about Nina’s point of view. She has one, you know.

    Nina gave Patricia
    a pass because Richard was such an incompetent dud.

    Nina said she would have Daniel’s jacket on the rack “as an option.” What she didn’t say was as an option to threaten misbehaving starlets with. “Don’t make me have you wear the Peeps jacket!”

    Michelle didn’t listen to Nina. And Nina cut her down to size with criticism.

    Honestly, after all the mean girl crap Michelle has dished out this season I have no sympathy or outrage for her. Yes she produced something pleasing and stylish. But, no, she ain’t all that.

    • This: What she didn’t say was as an option to threaten misbehaving starlets with. “Don’t make me have you wear the Peeps jacket!” truly did make me LOL. thank you, Coco.

    • Indigo54

      “Don’t make me have you wear the Peeps jacket!”

      Too funny – LOL

    • I like Michelle. I don’t think she’s been mean — yes, she’s criticized other designers’ work, but it’s not like she walked up to them and tried to destroy their self-confidence over it. She was asked (I can promise you they ask) in the confessional and she answered. And when she’s been on a team, she’s tried to be helpful and not get overly negative. I think she seems really quite easy to work with.

      And even if I did hate her, it wouldn’t matter to me. I still don’t like to see someone get treated unfairly in judging. I mean, I really deeply dislike Layana. And I didn’t like her dress for the prom challenge. But I could see what the judges liked about it, so I was fine with her getting praised for it.

      • Coco Cornejo

        I remember Michelle talking behind Patricia’s back to other designers about how ridiculous and ill-conceived her designs are. If that’s not tearing someone down by undermining their talents with their peers, then I don’t know what is. It’s called bullying. And, no it wasn’t in the confessional afterward. It happened as they were all working together on a challenge.

        • What episode was that? Oh, and considering that they all thought Patricia’s work was nuts and that Patricia helped no one on the team, they were ALL talking about her. So, drop the MIchelle crazy talk. It’s getting old. She hasn’t said anything no one on here hasn’t said on this forum a million times with a thousand up-votes. “Can’t stand Patricia” – wow….. Nothing new there.

  • Janet B

    That’s a fancy t-shirt.
    I’d like to see the magazine editorial that includes Daniel’s and Patricia’s garments.

    • formerlyAnon

      That’s what I keep thinking. WTF kind of editorial are they going to do? How did Nina NOT have “Oh god, we’re gonna be a laughingstock” running through her mind?

      The only options are to entirely re-make the garments or to do an editorial featuring the models’ faces and glimpses of the fabric’s color. On the plus side, they will almost certainly be driven to use a model of color for Daniel’s if they have ANY brains.

    • Hah! Can you imagine Nina defending her choice of Daniel’s Banan-rama!

  • I’m going to be replicating Michelle’s top as soon as possible. That’s freaking awesome, and it’s not like I’d have the option of buying it from her anyway, since the show owns the design. But I WANT it! It’s inspiring very Veruca Salt feelings in me.

    • I’m officially jealous of your sewing skills. That’s such a great top. And the pants are so frigging cool. *sighs, then grumbles at self for never learning how to sew*

  • I decided to watch this episode and was sorry I did. Thank you boys for echoing my brain – all I could think of when Daniel’s garment came out was marshmallow peep, especially when Heidi mentioned bunny ears. Would have sent him home for sure, or Patricia. I rolled my eyes heavily when they rules-lawyered Michelle for making a good garment that didn’t fit the arbitrary rules.
    Michelle made the only type of pegged pants that I actually think look good. I love a fluffy Middle-Eastern style pegged pant. And her top was beautiful. I rolled my eyes so heavily during critique.
    I also liked Stanley’s pants, though they reminded me heavily of yoga pants.

    Also, was it just me or were they drawing out the critique like whoa? So many long pauses. I knew something was up when they refused to talk about Michelle for-fucking-ever after Patricia was in. Uggggh. I wonder if I can set my DVR to only record the 1 hour long reruns rather than these uber-padded 1.5 hour monstrosities.

  • RIP Project Runway. The only reason I’ll keep watching this season is because I live in Portland and am rooting for Michelle. That she made the best, most well-constructed look — regardless of what Nina said — and came within an inch of being sent home is utterly laughable. Even the other contestants were shocked when Patricia walked back into the room last night — you could see it on their faces. In all my years of watching PR, I’ve never seen such a mediocre group of designers still in the competition this close to the end of the season. Unless they can step it up, it’s time to say “Auf” for good.

    • DeTrop

      “I’ve never seen such a mediocre group of designers still in the competition this close to the end of the season”.

      You’ve said it. There have been too few moments of WOW this series. It appears the pool of talent is getting smaller and smaller each year.

  • dickylarue

    I honestly thought Stanley deserved the win. That outfit looked like what Jordana Brewster would wear in a magazine. While bullying poor Tu as his sweatshop elf came off bitchy, I also have a smidge of patience for someone who wants things done right. Michelle’s did not deserve to win, but it wasn’t the worst. Patricia’s was the worst. The only defense I can see for Daniel’s look was if Nina was thinking it’d be on the rack and Nicki Minaj or a Lady Gaga type saw it and had to wear it. You could put Grace Jones in that costume too maybe. Or John Cameron Mitchell as Hedwig could pull it off. How Daniel gets color so wrong almost every time is kind of spectacular at this point. I was very underwhelmed with Layana’s that didn’t look expensive to me but looked like a cheap vinyl seat cover she repurposed. I did love watching her pout as Stanley was awarded the win. If she only had a sugar Daddy on the panel! As for Flares With Her Eyes, I get it you don’t want Richard on your team. But you only made 1 look. You’ve been making 1 look most of the season and you’ve done far more creative stuff than the melting Pocahontas costume that walked last night. Poor Richard. I know he’s a mess but last night made him look like a delusional magpie who went into fashion without learning how to make clothes. He can’t be that clueless and make those color blocked dresses that are very well done, can he? WTF?

  • VicD

    Michelle’s is the only look I’d be likely to wear. And Stanley’s skirt appears to be modeled almost exactly on Andrea Katz’s design for Vogue patterns…. Google Vogue Patterns V1248 and see for yourself. Just sayin’!

    • VicD

      Wait, those are PANTS? Well that’s an entirely diff…. OH, well, really, no it’s not. Still looks just like Andrea’s skirt.

  • Pocahontas’ party dress.

    • CarolinLA

      I heard Pocahontas was the Lindsay Lohan of her day.

  • flamingoNW

    I agree with the TLo assessment here although I liked Stanley’s more than you did, but in spite of that, the worst looks on this season are better than some of the best looks in the last few seasons… I thought Patricia should go….

  • lobsterlen

    When I saw Patrica’s dress the first thing that popped into my head Apache the 70s rock/disco music video still available on youtube. That should have been the soundtrack when Patrica’s model walked the runway. google it if you haven’t heard. you will be entertained.

  • marilyn

    Since Nina was so offended by Michelle not following directions, she should have gone home. It was Michelle’s arrogance that caused the problem. I think she mistakenly thought she was invincible. Compared to the other offerings, hers was best. But, when you are arrogant and kick sand in the judge’s faces, bad things are supposed to happen. What did she think? That arrogant, control-freak Nina would not view her work as a personal insutlt? Nina is a boss in an extremely competitive business. I am sure she fires people for much less in real life. So, Michelle’s choice of fashion, no matter how well it was done, was an insult to Nina’s authority. I think the off-camera converation involved wondering what to do if they eliminate one of the 2 top designers. They they only have Stanley. Layanna is not as good as she thinks. The others, well, just look at those dresses. So, “One day you’re in and the next you’re out” doesn’t mean anything. So, they are probably trying to figure out a way to save face for Nina, and keep one of the best designers. That finale may be pretty mediocre, even if she stays. The talent level this season is low. The personality charisma level is low too. This is a stinky season.

    By the way, I thought Stanley’s dress was not as great as it was made to be. The culotte effect was totally lost because the skirt was so voluminous. It just looked like a big skirt on a white dress with an undersized jacket. A mass of white cannot be good for a cover shoot. By the way, Nina mentioned/ordered that color was important, since this might be a cover shoot. So, where is her drama about that?

    • Three of the five designers made pants and one of them won the challenge.

    • To be fair here, it’s not just a question of saving face for Nina. Ability to respond to instructions like that is important in assessing the career potential of a designer.

      Imagine this: Each of these designers has their own young label, and they get a call from Marie Claire asking them to send over some options for a shoot. They are asked for something editorial for a starlet, and not just “pants and a t-shirt.” If they send back pants and a tee, do you think it’s going to get used? Do you think they’d be getting a lot of calls from the magazine in the future? And how long can they hope to stay in business if they go around squandering those kinds of chances by not listening?

    • MissAmynae

      I for the most part concur re:Michelle’s attitude. The client (Nina) gave specific instructions and direction, and Michelle did exactly the client said she DID NOT want. Nina or not, she didn’t give the client what they asked for, so naturally the client is pissed. I was hoping the attitude was primarily editing, but I have doubts now. She still comes off as a “Mean Girl” but I do wonder how much of that was egged on by the likes of Layana and Amanda, because I very much did not get that impression early on.

      However well-made her outfit was, it was quite limited in the ways it could be photographed. There was no way it would work for a cover, or close-up, which virtually eliminates the “editorial” aspect. You have to think of a 360 degree look, with details from many different angles and zoom levels, which is why Stanley’s won.

  • lobsterlen

    Daniel’s design was goddess wear for Planet Peep

  • BrooklynBomber

    But she can do this:

    And don’t forget, it “makes” her waist look tiny. The fact that she’s 8 feet x 2 inches has nothing to do with it. Without the jacket and with the hands in the pocket, it looked cool. Otherwise, not.

    I do understand and appreciate their acknowledgement that as crashy-and-burny has Patricia has been since the 1st two episodes, she does have something unique going on that has potential.

    Daniel would have been my choice for the auf, with his Dynasty jacket with its poorly executed shoulder wings and a color for a 4 year old’s Easter dress.

    Michelle’s top was absolutely great, but the pants not so much. Too voluminous for “pegged” (which she thinks she’s bringing back — WTF??) and ugly color. Still, the pants could have been rationalized, given the great top.

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      I couldn’t help wondering if Michelle had made the top out of a color and not white it might not have been read as a “t-shirt”top. I love it in white, but it might have been more effective for this challenge with color. You’d lose the sheer overlap quality, but it might pass Nina’s t-shirt test. I think she’s a talented designer and find her critiques of the other designers pretty correct. ( and pretty funny ).

      • BrooklynBomber

        Maybe, though the fabric looks high end t-shirty. I do think her top (including the black bra) was the best thing on the runway. I find her generally hit-and-miss, just like in this one: great top, pants not quite. But she’s probably made more good stuff than anyone else.

        • VictoriaDiNardo

          I agree on all points – and I like it in the white. Just a thought that it might have been the lack of color that made Nina think of it as a t-shirt and not a top/blouse, which is what I see.

  • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

    Layana totally thought she was going to win and I think she could’ve, had she used her technique down to mid thigh rather than keeping it as a top.

    • CozyCat

      That, or put it over a black leather pencil skirt. The white chiffon skirt was totally wrong for that top

      • formerlyAnon

        You’re both right. And then chosen (or made) one bold, high impact accessory – either very sophisticated and sleek, or blatantly fantasy dragon rider. Michelle’s model’s earrings and bracelet up-scaled her look, and while it still read ticky-tacky, Patricia’s cuff with fringe visually balanced hers.

  • EverybodysStarling

    The only good thing last night was the fact that due to the sewing-helpers there were more confidentials, so Layana could’t whine (or talk at all) that much.

  • formerlyAnon

    “[T]he very fact that she’s on the chopping block while Daniel and Patricia are safe is, frankly, an indictment of how little the results on this show actually mean anything.”

    BINGO! Based on initial visual impact, I’d have sent Daniel home (dated, costume, ugly) over Patricia. Hers just looked a very, very, very poorly made version of something that might have looked unoriginal but pretty. Too much difference in weight and visual “feel” between the sheer and the fringy trim.

    • and that white stuff on Patricia’s fringed leather looked exactly like a glob of white-out(you know, for when we used to use typewriters in the dark ages!) that someone tried to paint a flower with.

  • CozyCat

    What I want to know was: where was Tim during the MIchelle debacle. In his workroom critique, he never mentioned Nina’s “no pant and T shirt” rule. You know that if he had said anything to that effect they would have shown it to add to the Michelle smackdown.

    Then, when Michelle comes back to the stew room, he’s not there to commiserate or express his delight that she’s not completely “out.”

    In Michelle’s defense, I could see how she might have interpreted Nina’s rules as a general guideline, where “pants and a t-shirt” mean “really casual.” to go along with “no red carpet.” What she produced was not casual, and it was certainly fashionable in the sense that while it was beautiful, no one could wear that top on the street anywhere but NYC or Paris.

    • You raise a great point. Hope Tim’s diminishing presence isn’t a sign he’s on the way out the door….

      • Qitkat

        If Tim has any dignity left, and would like to leave with a modicum of credibility, I hope that he is on his way out the door. Nina too. Credit to the Duchess for jumping ship earlier, no matter what the reasons given. Heidi has become the Divine Empress Ruler for Life at Project Runway. She apparently doesn’t realize that the baby was thrown out with the bathwater several seasons ago.

        • Stubenville

          I believe Tim is now one of the producers. I don’t think he’s going anywhere, but to the bank.

          • Qitkat

            You are right. I forgot they bought him off to keep his mouth shut 🙁 Harsh, but has some truth to it, IMO.

        • adnama79

          Nina is the one spewing the craziest BS on the runway. Heidi is the one nudging toward reason. Perhaps Heidi and Tim are paying Nina to take the brunt of the publicly saying stupid shit for ratings???

          Funny, I would think the show would be good enough with sincere judging.

      • OrigamiRose

        True, yet he’s been giving interviews calling this the “best season ever” and is credited with the teams concept. I’m at a loss for what’s going on with him.

        • Stubenville

          $$$. I believe he was quietly made a producer a season or two ago.

          • formerlyAnon

            You are correct about that.

      • formerlyAnon

        I put a longer version of this opinion in an earlier comment (that no one will see since Disqus makes going back so time-consuming) but briefly, I think Tim’s made his peace with what the show’s become and is socking away money to allow him (and any friends or family he cares about) a more comfortable future than he ever dreamed would be possible when he was an academic administrator. He doesn’t strike me as someone who’s ever going to retire completely, too much of his life revolves around work, and he seems to love it, but he is almost 60 and I’m sure he’d love the freedom to work on projects which interest him, and possibly to mentor or invest in up and coming talent. He was a teacher for many years. (ETA: I just don’t do “briefly,” do I?)

    • I disagree with one point: I would absolutely wear that top regularly, dressed down. You put that top over a pair of dark skinny jeans and a boot, possibly with a jacket for weather, and it’s going to look great.

      • VictoriaDiNardo

        Yes, plus I’m no spring chicken and I’d wear it. I think it has a classic quality. I wish she could produce it – I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

        • You could even make it multi-size friendly by making it longer — a lot of larger (than twig models as seen above) women and/or older women wouldn’t be comfortable with the bit of skin showing at the midriff. But if you brought the hem down by a bit (I wouldn’t like it as much, but it’d still work) it would cover the full stomach. And because it’s sheer without being ridiculously sheer, it has some sex appeal, while still covering flaws.

          • VictoriaDiNardo

            Good points!

        • onetinkerbell

          I was thinking that along with the Lord and Taylor dress, it’s some of the best work that she’s shown during the whole season. I think it really showed her aesthetic more than most of her other stuff has, which makes me feel like the teams part of this season was stifling for her, creatively.

  • I think this episode might be the last straw for me. I’ve stayed with PR this long because there just wasn’t anything else on TV that I was interested in… now there is, and I don’t think I can be bothered to make the effort to watch PR. I don’t even care who wins this season.

  • formerlyAnon

    Amidst all the negativity – which I mostly share – I have to admit I’ve enjoyed having a slate of designers *most* of whom can put together something which looks approximately like a finished garment, rather than a hastily tacked together bed sheet, i the time they’re given. The outcome may be absolutely bat shit, but the process has been more fun to watch than several past seasons I can think of.

  • I was ready to delete the show from my queue but they did the stay of execution for Michelle but then she wasn’t in the previews at all. So much bullshit, and here I was thinking this season was redeeming the show for me after a long slog of awful. UGH. So tired of them pulling all this shit. It doesn’t add anything and gets in the way of the good designers making it to the end!

  • Super_Red

    I didn’t watch the episode, but looking at the recap here – just the pictures, and not the commentary, I love love love Stanley’s and Daniel’s, think that Michelle’s is a big old bag of sloppy WTF and, well, there are no words for Patricia’s. Layana isn’t even worthy of commentary.

    But seriously- I adore that yellow jacket that Daniel made. Sure, it’s basically the same thing he’s made all through the competition, but it would photograph amazingly well and look seriously fierce with the right starlet.

    I just don’t get Michelle’s. It’s not better to me than anything Gretchen made. I can kind of see a good idea in it, but just looking at the pictures it’s a mess. Potentially it’s just not my taste, but it just looks ugly.

    Stanley’s jacket is beautiful, though I dislike the color of it. and the outfit underneath looks lovely.

    *sigh* PR why can’t I quit you? None of this comes close to past season’s, and I frankly don’t give a crap who wins this season.

  • alyce1213

    The show was appalling — the auf outcome was absurd and really pissed me off. Hell, it pissed off my 20-year-old son and he doesn’t usually give a shit. (It was very kind of him to support his crazed mother.)

    I like Stanley’s a lot better that T-Lo did — I actually loved it. The “pants” were perfectly made in the right fabric and they looked editorial and phenomenal. His look will photograph well on Jordana Brewter. I defend his working Tu as hard as he did. He was a bit critical, but the pressure and frustration levels were high and he never really lost it. I recall Tu being needing to be pushed, and it’s Stanley’s ass on the line — thast fabric had better lay right. Plus, it was edited (Stanley’s coverage and others’ reaction shots) to make him look like a hard taskmaster.

    Daniel’s was a joke, that’s it. The shorts by Samantha were well made — the best thing. (She should still be in it.)

    Layana’s was completely derivative and the skirt had no connection to the top (and I like a well done hard/soft contrast). Kate was an enabler, not only in the sewing assistant sense.

    Patricia’s was a first grade school project with paste and scissors, but she was cursed. Richard is the most vile contestant PR has ever had, a saboteur, with no skills.

    Michelle’s was chic and beautifully made. But she disobeyed Nina, and SHE WHO DISOBEYS NINA MUST BE PUNISHED! She was robbed. Shame. It could be argued that she made a sleeveless blouse, and other made pants.

  • Perhaps Michelle’s look wasn’t “editorial” but it was def the coolest, most modern thing up there. I could easily see many hip women rocking that look (the celebrity herself said she’d wear it), so the fact that she was in the bottom over Daniel’s “Wasp Queen” and Patricia’s “Native American Costume” (I’m not hating on her heritage, mainly the fact that she’s giving a stereotyped version of it via her “garments”) is really outrageous. Layana is dead to me but her dress looked referential and unfinished with that afterthought of a skirt. At any rate, Michelle (maybe) out over any of them left is just absurd. The only winner of this episode imho was Senora Garcia who was killing me with her jacket.

    • formerlyAnon

      This sums up my opinions almost perfectly.

  • Bjorn Gudmundsson

    Michelle is guilty of not defending her look. It was fashion-forward and amounted to more than just “a t-shirt and pants”. Maybe if she would have been as ballsy and Powerpuff kick-ass as she thinks she is then she would have been able to sell this look as not a losing look. It is way more editorial than they gave her credit for, and would photograph great on someone who is more famous for having a “rockin’ body” than for being in any noteworthy movies (Fast and Furious 6, anybody?).

    • Well, based on what we saw. They don’t show us much of what actually goes on — just what they want to narrative to be.

  • DBetelmann

    T&L’s commentary is right on target. I can see tsk-tsking Michelle for not listening to directions, that did not compel the judges to praise the utter crap that came forth from Daniel and Patricia and Layana. If Michelle goes home early, this promises to be the least-talented PR finale of all time.

  • I liked Michelle’s look. Best thing on the runway last night, actually. I have no earthly idea why they picked Stanley for the win. I HATED those pants! And if Michelle gets criticized for not lostening to Nina – what about Stan? Pants is pants, folks. Wierd-ass wingy things that flap funny notwithstanding.

    As for Patricia….I like her, and I usually like her fabric designs. I know last nights offering was terrible…..but I’d have been willing to give her a go by. Mr. lemon-yellow shorts…not so much. Bottom line – Michelle didn’t deserve to be ‘auffed’. Boy do I miss PR that was. I found myself thinking of Mia’s collection, or Uli’s. They may not have won their season – but their work stood out (still stands out) as amongst Runway’s best. Now……..sad.

  • Call me Bee

    I am so acrimoniou I can’t even…

  • Mariah J

    Wow just checked out this post to see if PR was any good anymore. Nope. Really glad I checked out two seasons ago. This is all utter garbage.

  • 1. I thought Heidi looked really nice last night, especially her hair.

    2. I wish Zac would burn that brown/mustardy? suit.

    3. Daniel’s look: Barf. Gag. How could they not bust out laughing when he was smushing the ‘wings’ & saying it was great?

    I have not liked ONE thing Daniel has done. Fire him and his mustache!

    4. Layana’s dress: talking about the black one SHE wore: once again, I loved it. She looks great all the time. just sayin’

    5. Layana’s blue leather dress: great point, TLo, about Versace! But their skirt wouldn’t be so weird as hers. Still I agree on an “in” for her.

    6. Stanley’s: I would’ve liked that jacket w/riding jodphurs, a la Ralph Lauren. but it’s length or something seemed to take away from the pants. Stanley maybe needs to get back on his meds so he’ll treat people like humans.

    7. Patricia: kept her because she will eventually make some good & creative stuff.

  • Sarah

    Whoo. Nuts. My friend dvr’d it and started watching right around when the realtime version Heidi declared Patricia safe. It was all I had in me to send her a restrained text saying ‘consult me later’ as I swore, gnashed, and threw stuff. WHAT THE EVERLOVIN HELL. I get that Richard sucks, but had she approached it like she was on her own and he wasnt there, she couldve pulled out something better than that silk hanky-tent.

    • Stubenville

      You insult tents. Patricia made a sack.

      • Sarah

        Hehee. Far be it from me to insult tents. I like tents. Sack it is!

  • Indigo54

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Tim’s checked shirt and paisley tie combo. HATED IT! HATED IT! HATED IT! Still do.

    • Super_Red

      YES!! what was up with that??

      • Indigo54

        I have no idea. And that pocket square is so precious it brings tears to my eyes. Why Tim, Why?

      • OrigamiRose

        It was a silent cry to viewers for help.

  • Qitkat

    Doesn’t it speak volumes that Tom and Lorenzo have not interviewed anyone for years who have participated on or won this show? And that the Biter Bitter Kitties don’t ask or care for them to do so?

    (typo was accidental but I left it on purpose, don’t we all feel like biting or stabbing someone responsible for this mashugana?)

  • Am I the only one who disliked those shoes Stanley chose for his model?

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      I didn’t even notice the shoes because all I could see is wearing this with your Frye boots to a Hall and Oats concert…and I think maybe I id!

  • I think Stanley picked something that the celebrity would like to wear and I liked all three pieces.
    At least Daniel tried to do something out there.
    Layana’s looked cheap and badly made up close and the skirt just didn’t work with it at all.
    Patricia was a disaster, but I do think she is the most original one of the bunch and Richard certainly didn’t do a thing to help her did he?
    Michelle’s… the top was okay if you like everyone seeing your bra, but almost no one except a model could wear those pants. She also basically made the same shapes and used the same colors as she has done all season. I don’t like her arrogance and I think she deserved that slap down from the Nina.

    They all look totally exhausted.
    I didn’t like the way they left it hanging with Michelle either.

  • YoungSally

    The peeps shorts look a bit like the young lady is dressing left…yet the crotch seems skewed on the right…..

    Complete mastery of skill, taste and WTF.

  • ZnSD

    I don’t love Michelle, but I loved her shirt. That was truly new-looking (at least to my eyes) and interesting, sexy, and carefree at the same time. I really loved it and the outfit’s nod to the 80’s (TRENDING!) so it’s odd to me that she didn’t win the damn challenge and white mass of skirt with ugly brown jacket won. Oh PEEP JACKET! Yeah, sick of him. And his stupid mustache.

  • MissAmynae

    I think Patricia’s about the best example of what constant one-day challenges create. There’s a HUGE difference between a designer and an artisan. Successful or not, look at what she did in the two-day challenge- it was creative, fully realized, and like nothing else on the runway.

    I’d love to see what she would do if she had a few days to work, her own room with a door, and some quiet. As an artist, I can’t imagine being able to focus surrounded by other people’s ideas and drama. I also want to see her stuff critiqued by someone like Naeem Khan, who brings his own culture into his designs. I just think he’d be able to relate more to her vision. Rachel Roy also “got it” in ways that Princess Pain-in-the-ass could never understand. To the current judges, its just weird and funny- and they’ve said things that are borderline offensive. Y’all chose her, don’t effing make fun of her.

  • dharmabum8

    I thought for sure Daniel was a goner when I saw that yellow mess come down the runway.

    • OrigamiRose

      Agreed, that was jaw-droppingly awful. That jacket… oh god.

  • I have loved this show since its beginning even though it definitely is “long in the tooth”. I don’t think they are quite attracting the talent that they may have in earlier seasons. That being said, I am interested to see what Patricia can design when she is given more time. Being saddled with Richard twice was really unlucky. How could he be so unfamiliar with dressmaking? Even though it is a train wreck I still watch faithfully every week… much like The Walking Dead.

  • Wellworn

    Michelle definitely made the coolest, most wearable outfit there, but her smugness took over. One thing I know after watching PR all these years, is you don’t ignore Nina. That outfit was pretty close to a T shirt and jeans, and she deserved to be scolded about it, but she didn’t deserve the bottom. For me, there was no top look there last night. Stanley’s was almost exactly what I wore while working at an office part time during college in the 1970s and boring as hell. Layana’s Versace skating dress was just sad. I love the color on Patricia’s but I think those embellishments were some of the worst fabric manipulation she has done all season. I think she was just worn out by the time limits, the drama, and that passive aggressive asshole who pretended he couldn’t help her. It wasn’t fair that others were getting real help and he was not only not helping, but wasting her time. I think Patricia has some special talent and is an artist who could do well, and has done well in this show, but shit like this would stifle any artist. That is the most cussing I have ever done on Disqus! And please, Daniel? There are taste issues here that would have made him a goner long ago in the Bravo days. He should have gone home for that 1980s Tweety bird goes to Studio 54 ensemble.

  • Damien W

    It’s true — Heidi and Nina are so out of control now, it literally doesn’t matter what the designers make anymore. They should just have them stand on the runway and talk out otheir asses about what they WOULD make if they were actually going to have a challenge, and then Nina and Heidi could analyze their personalities, and pick their bew BFFs. This way, the show would only waste 15 minutes of people’s time instead of 90. (Or soon, 120 — really?)

  • editrixie

    Oh wow, I actually find myself loving those pants, and wishing I could find a pair like that for my upcoming trip to London… I would feel so great with those big legs wafting around me!

  • BrightsideSusan

    Last night was it for us – husband and I took it off our DVR schedule and won’t be watching anymore (he will miss seeing Heidi, though.) I don’t need the aggravation. They took a wonderful show and made it unwatchable a long time ago – now it is pure crap.

  • kindwordsonly

    What went wrong with this episode is very simple:

    The producers expected the judges to smash Daniel’s idiotic ‘Air Hostess on Star Trek’ look and then, when they actually liked it, they scrambled to save Michelle who is actually a better designer.


    Michelles’ model used to be a contestant on americas next top model. Layans ‘ outfit is a complete versace rip off (COME TO THINK OF IT SHE RIPS OFF EITHER Galiano or VERSACE FOR ALL HER DESIGNS), and Daniel with the soooooooooooo tired and cliche and 3 years ago big shoulder thing………….yawwwwwwnnnnnnnn

  • How is it that Richard doesn’t know how to do French seams? It’s hard for me to fathom that because I CAN DO IT. If I can do it (no formal training in sewing; no ambition whatsoever in it– simply a hobby), then a seasoned designer certainly should. It’s really not hard: Have the right sides face out. Pin. Stitch seam allowance. Trim seam allowance. Unfold. Press. Have the wrong sides face out with the seam line on the fold. Press. Stitch seam allowance. Unfold. Press. The whole idea is to enclose the raw edges of the seam allowances within the seam itself, and these French seams are a must with sheer fabrics in which the seam allowances are visible.

    And, Tu, I’d use pins. Yes, Stanley has realized (starting at right about Challenge 9) that he needs to offer up a character in order to advance: a controlling, self-important, insufferable character. But he’s right about the pins, Tu. You may not want to use pins, but it’s highly recommended so as to stabilize the fabric. Stanley’s look was admittedly odd. I give him credit for attempting something interesting (culotte pants with… flange? Is that what those projecting pockets were called? Makes sense, actually. It squares with my understanding of the meaning of “flange”). The pants possess versatility.

    And Daniel doesn’t know how to insert a zipper, does he? First couple challenges, he was doing what he calls “crossing over”. Then he started using sashes. I’d use those for cardigans, Daniel. Not jackets. And hooks-and-eyes? I don’t see why not, but they’re better suited for fastening the tops of waistbands and necklines as opposed to the opening of the jacket (it’d be annoying–and not particularly flattering– to wear a jacket with that type of closure). Having said that, his look, in the aggregate wasn’t bad. That lemon-yellow color? Matter of taste, but it certainly fits the “bold” part of the brief. I kind of liked the whimsy of the sculptured shoulders. I recall that the garments in his portfolio had a cartoon-like element to them, and I’m glad he decided to revisit that for an editorial challenge. Not bad at all.

    Layana: She utilized leather & chain PASSABLY. The flowing, flared skirt’s all kinds of wrong for that fragmentary top. There’s also ZERO sense of proportion on display.

    Michelle’s look was pretty good, and she used the “hard-and-soft” the judges seem to expect every challenge much better than Layana. Patricia’s was a mess. Look at those droopy appliques. I’d keep someone who constructs well and has directionality over someone who’s spacey, floaty, pissy and has to constantly alter her design.

    • Wellworn

      Answer to your first question: because he is a lying liar who lies.

    • I can understand why Tu didn’t have the fabric pinned — there are certain fabrics I don’t pin, either, because I can sew them better without the stabilizing pins. I can’t explain why, as there’s no theory or method to it, just a personal “feel” issue.

  • myangelic1

    In what universe are CULOTTES fashion-forward? I can ignore more of the cracktastic judging but Nina PRAISING culottes? So disappointing.

    • OrigamiRose

      When Daniel said in a TH how much he loved culottes, my eyes rolled and I muttered to the cat, “Of course he does. Because they’re from thirty years ago.”

    • alyce1213

      Most culottes are not. These are an exception.

    • DeTrop

      There really wasn’t much choice was there? The instructions were very precise but three designers made pants anyway. Michelle’s were long, Stanley’s culottes, and Daniel’s shorts. That left Layana and Patricia – neither of whom deserved the win. So, she had to defend Stanley’s outfit. (She must have been one very unhappy lady).

    • Anybody remembers that episode of Golden Girls where Sophia’s transvestite son died? She couldn’t bring herself to look at him but asked what he was wearing: “A suit? A dress? Culottes? Please, not culottes”

  • marilyn

    The judges may have had their own reasons for letting her stay. Was it one or two previous episodes in which two contestants were sent home? I assume this show is obligated to make a certain number of episodes, generally to allow exactly the right number of shows to match with eliminating one contestant weekly, with 2 extra shows for the finale. This season, each time they sent an extra person home, they shortened the number of shows they needed for the season. The only way to give them enough episodes in this situation is to have one (or two) episodes where no one is eliminated.

    Maybe they will keep Michelle in the show and not let her win anything ever again. That is their style.

  • CarolinLA

    Mondo lost to Gretchen because Nina doesn’t like it when she’s not listened to. And she’s gonna punish whoever doesn’t listen to her. I’ll bet the hallways of M.C. are strewn with the bloody remains of people who didn’t listen to Nina.

  • CarolinLA

    While the other four designers go to foreign countries for inspiration, Michelle will be sent to Jersey. Or North Korea.

  • CarolinLA

    This was one of my fave episodes for ONE reason: Layana was featured so little that her voice didn’t make my dogs howl. So I’m taking this week as a win.

  • Sorry I disagree with you guys. Michelle deserved what she got. And that whole “Don’t touch me” thing at the end. What the hell is wrong with her? Even Stanley, who admits to being OCD on camera, will give Patricia a hug. There is some human quality Michelle is seriously lacking. She oozes hypocrisy from very pore.

    • pdquick

      I found the “I don’t feel like being touched right now” refreshing. It was an assertion of a moment of personal dignity and autonomy. In what universe does someone who has just been screwed over have an obligation to let people hug her?

    • Lisa_Co

      I think she is a mean girl who is probably a bully.

    • formerlyAnon

      This was debated in TLounge last night. I would react very much like Michelle – either because I was trying to maintain my composure and too much overt sympathizing would break my control, or simply because I didn’t feel close enough to some of the people in the room to want to touch them when I was upset. I wasn’t raised to be a hugger outside the family – and it took me years to realize that many people expect a half hug or hug in some situations. It’s not a problem for me with people I like, or even, briefly, with people I don’t like or don’t know. But it’s not natural to me at all.

      • Plus she was hugged by the one who the judges should have sent home instead of putting Michelle through whatever fresh hell is on the way. They say you never know how the judging will go but that was horseshit and Michelle knew it.

    • OrigamiRose

      I can’t stand Michelle, but I *can* relate to not wanting to be touched or hugged (and I don’t consider myself to be OCD). Your reaction is unfortunately typical of what I’ve encountered: “Something must be wrong with you to not want to hug someone else.”


    • And if Patricia had just been eliminated and was looking for some measure of comfort from Michelle and Michelle refused to give it, then you MIGHT have something. But that’s not what happened. What happened was that Michelle was the one who took the hit and was in needing of comfort. Her not wanting to be touched was her asking for comfort in the way she would find most comforting. Why should she have accepted a hug right then? To make other people feel better during her minute of pain? Screw that.

  • The only designer I have really rooted or this season is Michelle, and I don’t think that she deserved to be in the bottom, but while I really loved her look – it was a bit of a head scratcher for the cover shoot of a magazine. I think the designers didn’t think hard about a look that would look interesting on the two dimensional cover of a magazine – a magazine that has to attract the eye next to a bunch of other magazines with the torsos of beautiful women on them. And while the young lady that was a judge is lovely – she is not “known,” so you need something that catches your attention. So I understood why Nina said that Daniel’s outfit would be an option. But I also totally understood why she never said that they would take the option and put it on the model. Because yeah – it looks like a peep. Stanley’s had options – which no one else really provided, but the outfit was ho-hum unless the model puts her hands in the pockets. The blue outfit was interesting around the neck, but the skirt was random, and it looked a little off at the hips. And then their was Patricia’s outfit. I think the judges messed with things to add excitement, and they have done that before and I have gotten over it. But Patricia’s outfit sucked. The other contestants knew it sucked, she knew it sucked, and the judges knew it sucked. So what the suck?

  • pdquick

    T-shirt (n.): a shirt made of two pieces of fabric cut in the shape of the letter T and sewn together, with or without a separate simple collar.

    What Michelle made: Not that.

    • DeTrop

      Saw the show again. She herself called it a T-shirt and then on the runway a version of a muscle shirt.
      We love her outfit so we cut her some slack. Nina not so much.

    • pdquick

      To the extent it’s a T-shirt, it’s a very deconstructed T-shirt. Sheer. With a BRA that Nina could see, augmented with a black diagonal side-panel to create a visually interesting point-counterpoint. It was the only garment on the runway that talked back to Nina. You want to be able to wear a bra? Why, look! There it is. You don’t want a T-shirt? OK, I drew an X through a T-shirt, took it apart, and reconstructed it. You want editorial? Find a bad camera angle on this. And no fair cropping it above the chest; it’s a fashion shoot, not a head shot.

  • Maybe the challenge was actually to design a superhero outfit for a fashion model? Like, Stanley designed for Pelvisa, with the inflatable hips of wrath? And Layana created an outfit for the spawn of Wonder Woman and Versace? And Daniel designed for Mothra’s cuter little sister, Butterflyra? And Patricia designed for the long lost descendent of the Corn Maiden, whose dress can magically provide shelter for a family of four? That must have been the actual challenge, which explains why Michele lost. Clearly there was some kind-of editing breakdown

  • Vagina jacket!
    Naugahyde and a stapler!
    Vulcan Easter!
    Pocahontas: Party City Edition!

    I would buy Michelle’s tomorrow. It was fucking awesome.

    They are smoking crack, you guys.

  • anneland

    I’m going to go against the grain here on 2 counts.

    1. Michelle’s outfit it absolutely a t-shirt and pants. It’s casual. Anywhere a t-shirt and pants would be appropriate, it would fit right in. Bar, bbq, casual dinner, walking the dog (in a very casual-chic way).

    2. Daniel’s outfit is super editorial. It exactly looks like 83% of the beautiful clothing that is unwearable by any normal person in every high fashion magazine. And it looks like something Rhiana would wear.

  • zingit

    Daniel’s outfit = superhero banana

  • adnama79

    Was the judging that crazy so they could include moments of the contestants in utter confusion over the decision? Layana and Stanley and even Daniel (who doesn’t know fashion from a hole in the ground) making shocked faces when Patricia came in was drama, but drama based on undermining any credibility the judges may have had. In the past.

    Michelle ignored Nina’s instructions, but she made, bar none, the best, most chic outfit on that runway.

  • adnama79

    Why is Daniel still on this show?

  • Pikachu and Pocahontas must go home!!!!

  • I yelled so loud when they said Patricia was in, I scared my poor cat. Total BS!

  • ccm800

    I DO get PAtricia and I would like tosee a collection from her…but for F sake that bigbird yellow jacket was dull and vulgar at the same time

  • Grant Feldman

    Bring back Rachel Roy as a judge! Had she been here this week, I feel the judging would make a lot more sense. . .

  • Did not like Stanley’s – the way the jacket was cut leaves a huge white triangle over the model’s abdomen – these pics really show it. That thin model looks pregnant, or like she has mile wide hips. Awful. Looked better without the jacket, but still not loving it. and wth with the way he treated Tu? Ick.

    Daniel’s – yes it IS a giant Easter peep. Who would wear that? Ever? Cheap cheep.

    Layana’s – the skirt was blah. and I think we all get the “I’m hard and soft” thing Layana does. Made me yawn.

    Michelle’s – Really liked it. Very chic. I also understand in close-ups it would look like a plain tee shirt. So I get why she wouldn’t win this one. I even get by disobeying La Nina she’d be in the bottom as a smack on the wrist. But sent home? Oh wait – a do or die moment is coming up… stay tuned. Sheesh.

    Patricia – not a good look. Pretty colors and that’s about it. However I was so empathetic to her situation I can’t help but cut her some slack. Richard was beyond useless, and Patricia was struggling on how to deal with that. Stanley would have just told him to “fetch me pins and otherwise get the hell out of my way.” Which is what Patricia should have done, but she’s not aggressive like Stanley. And we all know that button bag is NOT random.

    The auf that wasn’t: I agree with the judges comments that Patricia has shown them things all season that they haven’t seen before. So I get them giving her a pass. But why did Richard also get a pass for his big yellow bus? And why did Michelle only get a semi-pass for what was a chic outfit albeit wrong for the challenge?

  • Christine Beswick

    My dearest PR. Long gone are the evenings when my girlfriends and I would get together, wine in hand, invoke the no talk rule, and watch each episode with glee. Long gone are the days where the judging was sound, reasonable , of even accurate. I’m done. I’ve tried. I’ve taken season off. I’ve suffered through endless ”make a pretty….” challenges. RIP my beloved PR. Ill miss the old you.

  • thecitysleeps

    I guess I’m dumb because I thought Daniel’s look was very editorial. Get that jacket with black tailored cigarette pants and super high heels and some awesome styling and it could take a great picture.

    Michelle’s pants had a horrible colour for a woman’s fashion magazine I thought.

    I’m happy Stanley won, and I think one of the reasons he did is because it’s kind of slightly Dallas-y so appropriate for Jordana.

    Patricia should have gone home right away but apparently they see something in her which no one else in the world except art and craft shop owners do.

  • watchmeboogie

    Ah, TLo… I never said “I’m done watching” because that generally doesn’t result in not watching, but this season I really did not watch and have just been reading your recaps. (Well, I did make a couple of attempts to watch but fell asleep both times, so that probably says it.) You are basically heroes for pushing through and covering this crap at all. It’s remarkable how far down the show has gone since the days when we looked forward to it and discussed it all week. Sigh.

  • The only thing I don’t understand about Stanley is, if you’re going to make a robot, why would you make it so mean?

  • I’m so tired of being angry after every show. I feel like the designers and audience should all get free therapy after each season now. I’ve got Project Runway PTSD.

  • Citric

    Rule 1 of PR: Ignore Nina to your peril. Michelle could have made the greatest shirt and pants ever. It could have made the angels weep in the presence of its beauty. But Nina said don’t do that so she’s sort of going home. Remember that time when a talented young designer from Denver had a dress with sleeves, and Nina said to take the sleeves off? Then he didn’t, and he lost the show to a person who made a bunch of crocheted diapers? It’s sort of like that, but less interesting.

    • Stanley made a shirt and pair of pants. He won the challenge.

      • Citric

        And a jacket, which was a major focal point of the look.

        Nobody said the judges were consistent, but that is 100% why Michelle was quasi-aufed.

        • EveEve

          A loose boring brown jacket – not exactly the WOW editorial focal point Nina said she wanted. The producers are doing their usual manipulations. I’m just sorry that Michelle has to be the target. Even if she’d made a killer vest or jacket, she’d still be targeted. I think she’s the only designer left this season whose designs are the least bit interesting. Stanley is technically skilled, and has a good eye for clean, well-edited design. But his output, while not dated, is not innovative in the least.

          • Citric

            Calling it “producer manipulation” lets the judges off the hook. I’m sick of the shadowy cabal of producers getting blamed for the prodigious crack intake of the judging crew.

          • EveEve

            Having a life of experience in the production end, I assure you that the judges are constrained by the producers’ story arc. There should be a disclaimer running in your head that “the opinions of the judges are not necessarily their own.” That is how reality genre rolls. It happens to be more obvious in this episode (and many others since the B/M switch) – at least to those of us who know the game behind the game. The producers miscalculated once again — the illusion that all four judges thought Patricia’s dress was more suitable than Michelle’s for an editorial spread in Marie Claire magazine just didn’t hold. I’m waiting for the tell-all book.

          • Isn’t Heidi a producer? As well as Tim?

        • The judges hated the jacket and asked her to take it off.

      • Coco Cornejo

        Stanley gave Nina separates and options. Two things she loves in the Marie Claire spread challenges. I’d be curious to see what she actually publishes. I expect it to use one (maybe two) of his pieces, but certainly not the look as presented on the runway.

  • This episode was a disaster, but absolutely necessary! It will allow them to “auf” Michelle next week, setting up the next PR: All Stars: The show that blatantly hands the win to a designer that should have won previously, in a very obvious and pathetic attempt to appease the fans!!! The only thing more pathetic, is that I will still watch it:(

  • did anyone notice Heidi’s secret smile when she asked how Patricia found working with Richard, she beemed a malicious smile of glee.

  • DeTrop

    My sister wanted to catch the last episode of PR so I watched it with her again. For the record, Michelle stated at Mood that she was going to make the b***hingest pair of pants and the weirdest Teeshirt ever. On the runway she referred to her top as a riff on a muscle Tee. Her words not mine. For Nina, the outfit ‘was not enough’ for a spread in Marie Claire.

    I mentioned this point elsewhere. These designers were handed a great opportunity to be shown in a big-time fashion magazine. This is a highly competitive field with competition like Vogue, Elle, W, et al. Nina wanted boldness, color and no pants and teeshirts. She wanted WOW and she got meh. Nina deserved better imnsho.

  • Lilithcat

    Just watched this. Michelle deserved to go home. You’re supposed to listen to the client, not do exactly what the client told you not to do. But Michelle’s head is so far up her own ass that she thinks she can do whatever she wants and get away with it. And, apparently, she’s right, since she’s getting a second chance at staying.

    • I disagree. I think she deserved the slap on the wrist, absolutely. But I don’t see how you can send her home for making a great look that didn’t meet the brief while rewarding Stanley’s barely passable look that… ALSO DIDN’T MEET THE BRIEF.

      • guest2visits

        So agree… If the judges all thought Michelle’s design was chic and well made; she should have been safe at the very least. This made Nina look like everything balances on her ego instead of talent.

  • Jon

    Skorts! Culottes! Shoulder pads! It’s been a really innovative season.

  • DesertDweller79

    This was weird, yet dull episode. It wasn’t even an entertaining kind of crazy. And that is just bad for a reality tv show.

    I liked Michelle’s look, despite my hatred of sheer clothing.

    BTW, I really like Lisa as her model. I vaguely recall Lisa being a good model on ANTM. I also vaguely recall her being almost as crazy as Tyra.

  • I was a complete addict until about three seasons ago. Or was it four? Five? I now just catch up here with TLo, usually on a Sunday, and am flabbergasted by what passes for ‘fashion.’ They need to auf people who are just creating jokewear, no matter which episode it is– and separate the wheat from the chaff post haste.

    Wouldn’t it be better two or three talented designers battle it out for 4 episodes, instead of inflicting this dreck on the fashion-loving audience? From what I have seen here, most of them can’t design, can’t sew, or even style these nightmares. The hair on Patricia’s entry is…a comb over.

    How can Nina even bear to have to comment on any of it? And pauvre Tim. There are no words…except maybe ‘Dress Barn’.

  • Patricia’s Home Econ project was just gawd awful! And at this point I could care less who wins. PR and the judges can’t even manipulate us anymore. Have lost all credibility. PR has finally lost me.

  • So dull I didn’t even sit through it – stopped halfway through to come here, the first time I’ve done that.

    There hasn’t been a standout designer since Mondo for me. So over it.

  • Spot-on TLo critique, as usual. Just scrolling through the looks, the only look that isn’t a visual assault is Michelle’s.

  • My favorite moment was “I don’t want to be touched right now” after the extended Patricia hug for Michelle.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Stanley: It was OK. The pockets on the cullotes are the only thing about the look that isn’t department-store standard. Not sure why this is so “editorial” and Michelle’s isn’t. Yes, he was bossy, but I have a feeling he was getting an ugly-edit.

    Layana’s: What in the ever-loving F is that about? Boring, Pinterest-crafty, blah. The fake gold rings were cheesy, the skirt looks like dirty dishwater, the whole thing is just awful. It looks like something you could buy on eBay or at a flea-market for a couple bucks. Ugh. She is delusional. I could not believe that long monologue of self-praise. And I was disgusted by the judges’ fake praise. They must be making quite the princely salary to be willing to say something like that is original and attractive.

    Michelle’s: I loved it. I can see where in a close-up it would just be a t-shirt, though. I’m not surprised it didn’t win, but I think it was a good look in general.

    Daniel: I like him, so it hurts me to say this, but Sesame Street / Easter Bunny /Marshmallow Peep / Yikes.

    Patricia: She got herself wrapped around the axle and that dress was a disaster. Still, I sort of love her. Her stuff never looks like a half-asses re-warming of some previous trend, or like something I can order off Amazon.

  • Anathema_Device

    Finally got around to watching this episode, and your assessment is spot on. This is one of the first seasons in which I’m not pulling for any of the designers. Part of it is the team conceit, and part of it is that this is kind of a crappy group of contestants. Nothing personal, but their personalities are either grating or boring. None of their looks have particularly thrilled me either. Next season is a giant “maybe” in my book.

  • Scott Gould

    Look, I”m sure that the 1978 sophomore at University of Colorado Stanley stole his look from would like her clothes back, and Patricia really needs to return Julie McCoy’s dress for the Thanksgiving theme party on the “The Love Boat” that she “Borrowed”. I mean come on, a simple off the shoulder with some strips glued on?? This is ridiculous. Just tell us who the winner is after the first episode because obviously actual designs have nothing to do with it.


    I haven’t been able to see any recent episodes as I stay with friends without televisions and refuse to watch this show stream, but I couldn’t help noting that Daniel’s model appears to have a pair of deflated yellow footballs attached to her shoulders. The photographs lately have been generally hilarious. Thanks for keeping up with this from those of us no longer able.