PR: I See London, I See France

Posted on April 12, 2013










Feh. We don’t even want to talk about it because it was such obvious bullshit designed to punish a frontrunner and inject some melodrama into the proceedings. It was blatantly, obviously unfair and it completely upended the format of the show for no good reason. Judges should either send a designer home for failing to complete a challenge to their satisfaction, or they should allow them to progress unimpeded to the next challenge. This whole “we’re punishing you for disappointing Nina” bit was just plain cruel – and even more bullshitty than it appears on the surface because she made a lovely garment last week, got yelled at for making a shirt and pants, and then watched Stanley win the challenge for making a shirt and pants. And let’s not spend too long lingering over the whole “We’re giving you a do-or-die moment.” No, you’re not. You’re letting her advance to the next round, but you’re adding a punishment to it. Go to your room, young lady, and think about what you’ve done.

Look, we get that reality TV absolutely requires some sweetening and manipulation in order to produce drama and storylines. This isn’t a cineme verite documentary, after all. But our problem with this – and with all of PR’s attempts at drama over the past few years – is that it’s so sloppy, so ill-thought out (Richard, Samantha, Amanda and Kate all get to go to Europe, even though they’ve all been eliminated), and so obviously unfair that it’s kind of insulting to the audience.

Feh. Let’s rip dresses.



Oh, WHATEVER, Stanley. Calvin Klein called. He sounded pissed.

This is fine, but it’s outrageously plain and simple. We wanted to kiss Zac Posen for repeatedly using the term “the chic banal” last night. Absolutely perfect way of putting it.




This is nothing but a set of cliches from top to bottom, but he deserves all the credit in the world for really breaking out of his own comfort zone – although we think Amanda had a LOT to do with that – and for making a look that, cliche or not, absolutely reminds one of the city that inspired it. The boots, though, really bothered us. A decent idea for the look, but a half-assed, Halloween-store presentation.

Also: we are MORE THAN OVER his tendency to cry every 10 minutes.



It seems pretty obvious that it’s coming down to Stanley and Michelle. And it also seems pretty obvious that the judges are fucking with her. As far as we’re concerned, this is the second outfit in a row that was gorgeously made, fashion-forward, interesting, and chic. And it’s the second outfit in a row that lost to a much less interesting Stanley outfit.

The smudging technique didn’t come off as well as it could, but we thought this was a gorgeous garment and one of the most interesting garments on PR in quite some time.



A frigging JOKE. To be fair, we absolutely love the textile she designed. It’s a great way to interpret graffiti in fabric. But Nina was right. THIS is what you saw when you went to Paris? Would anyone look at this and ever think of Paris? With all the other garments, you can see the argument as to why it represents the city that inspired it, but this is just Patricia, once again going off on her own. Which is fine if you can produce great work, but this is a ridiculous look and it absolutely answers the question of whether she’s a fashion designer or a textile designer. Stick with the latter, Patricia.

Kors would have argued to send her home last night. We’re sure of it.



And it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Layana, who may be annoying, but is clearly far more suited to this competition than Patricia or Daniel, who really shouldn’t be heading into the finals. We though the coat was interesting, but the stiffness of it, coupled with the structured shoulders and high collar just made it look odd and unflattering. The pants were an afterthought and those ridiculous sleeves were a terrible idea. We definitely think this was the worst garment on the runway, though. We don’t mind the auf; just the convoluted competition that got us to this point.



[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • Kathy_Marlow

    I loved Michelle’s look, Stanley’s was just ok, nothing too exciting going on there. They need to stop fucking with her.

    • RebeccaKW

      Stanley had a giant ass zipper and it wasn’t even straight.

    • 3boysful

      Seriously. Michelle’s look was really different and interesting. But I cringed at painting expensive cashmere, and on the runway, I got a little Cinderella vibe from the “dirty” skirt.

      • Kathy_Marlow

        I think had she achieved the same effect as on the side of the building, it would have been really interesting, but as it was on the runway, she should have left it plain. She is a really cool designer. I loved last week’s look a LOT.

      • I think what happened is that the majority of the paint she applied, when dry, soaked into the pile of the cashmere, and lessened its effect.

        • Sarah

          Yup, but she needed to put MORE. She knew it was fading. Once you’ve done the deed, you might as well try to make it look good. I like the look okay, but i’m slightly bothered by the prominent hem on the cashmere skirt. I think if it was obscured (inside and out) by the ombre effect, it would look better and call to the breastplate more.

          • Problem with the hem was, she clearly didn’t decide to do her painting till after she had hemmed. The paint showed the depth of the hem. If she had painted before she had hemmed the skirt, it would not have happened.

          • I agree with you exactly about what happened with this cashmere soaking up the dye Michelle said when it walked that she was disappointed that it didn’t show the way she had hoped it would. She has balls to try it, experimenting that way with a $100/yd fabric, awesome! Also, yes she should have done the dying before she hemmed it.

            And Stanley “showing sophistication” by almost completely hiding those amazing, expensive paillets? Dumb, it just annoyed me. Anyway who wants that against their skin? If anything the only thing they highlighted for me was the impossible hem of the garment.

          • All the Stanley’s reminds me of is the kids’ t-shirts that are reversible.

          • What an idiotic idea. Wasting such outrageously expensive material in a place where it not only will not be seen, but will be physically uncomfortable to the wearer. PLUS the length of the dress was ridiculous! WAY too long.

      • Danielle

        I know. I’d be afraid to breathe on that fabric, let alone paint it with no chance of fixing it if you mess up.

        • MikeW_Vegas

          But that’s what I like about Michelle as opposed to Stanley. Michelle’s not afraid to take a chance and try something like this. Stanley just keeps sending down a history lesson on the runway

          • Well, I do love me some Stanley, and I don’t have a problem with the praise he got for his dress, but I also love Michelle’s willingness to take a risk. She’s possibly more likely to make a mistake when she does something risky, but we learn more from our mistakes than we do from our successes. I think she knows that and goes for it anyway. That’s just one of the many reasons I think Michelle is so awesome.

          • Amen, Bro.

    • I did like the inner lining of sequins though. That was a nice touch.

  • OrigamiRose

    I repeat my reaction to Patricia’s from last night: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Stay-Puf Marshmellow Man.

    Though I still can’t say I hated it, ha ha.

    The “Do or Die” thing was truly another low in PR credibility.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      I kept thinking I could smuggle hams in those sleeves.

      • OrigamiRose

        Or in those oven mitts on Layana’s blouse 😉

      • OrigamiRose

        *falls over laughing* +all the hams your heart desires 🙂

    • YoungSally

      And here I am just seeing reworked Huggies Elmo diapers.

    • You just made me snort water out of my nose with that comment.

    • Violina23

      I thought Patricia’s was an improvement, in that it resembled actual clothes for once. But still, it’s clear to me that her future is as a textile designer, not a FASHION designer if that makes sense.

      • OrigamiRose

        I totally agree – I think she’d be an amazing addition to a design house, she has a great and unique eye for detail. She absolutely has a place in fashion and with a designer who can best tap into her strongest parts and enable her to flourish in an environment with editing/direction from above.

        • l_c_ann

          But design houses have to meet real world deadlines. Not knowing how to meet any deadlines is going to get most folks fired if they make it past their probationary months.

          • majipoor

            There’s a difference. On the show they often only have one day to create a design but in the real world they get much more time.

    • Sharon Metzger

      Remember S3 when they brought back previously eliminated Angela and Vincent to give them another chance, but they had to WIN that challenge in order to continue on? I was afraid that was what was meant by Do or Die — that they were asking Michelle to win or go home.

      • Exactly! I kept waiting for that — but no, it’s just “ok we’re not eliminating you after all because we don’t want to” … end of story. Layanna must be *bitter*.

      • OrigamiRose

        Holy shite. That was Season Three? That makes me feel very old.

        And Angela … Somewhere on another computer, I have a .gif of Kors giving vom-face with the copy “Fleurchons?” that I now have to find 🙂

  • I may be biased since I live here, but is being stuck in NYC really such a gawd awful punishment? No it’s not a fabulous trip to Europe and in Michelle’s place I’d be bummed out too. But it’s not like Manhattan is devoid of fashion inspiration!!! I was pretty taken aback by the way it was treated like a punishment. I would have been like, whatever bitches! I get to party in NYC on your dime? I’m going to the club and booking the VIP room. Let the plebes on the floor be my fashion inspiration.

    • DinaSews

      And I get a well needed night of sleep!

    • Frank_821

      when you think about 8 people got to go to europe and have fun! They framed it as a punishment. with it being so close to the end, all the stress came head on I would imagine. That whole do or die thing was BS

    • samlouvert

      Also she was the only one who didn’t struggle at the fabric stores in either finding exactly what she wanted, or having enough money to pay for it.

    • And she didn’t have to deal with jetlag…still, it wasn’t nice. TLo are completely correct in their critique imo.

    • TAGinMO

      “Michelle, you are going to Fort Smith, Arkansas and shall purchase your fabric at JoAnn’s.”

      Now that’s a punishment I could have gotten behind.

      • ha, ha, ha!! yes, that indeed is a true punishment.

      • UglyTalents

        That was a LOL.

      • thelovelydove

        I am convulsing with laughter right now. My father lives in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and I’ve actually been to the JoAnn’s there.

        • TAGinMO

          I’ve never been to Fort Smith, despite residing in either Missouri, Kansas, or Texas my entire life. But betting on the presence of a JoAnn’s there wasn’t exactly a long shot.

      • MoHub

        I was thinking somewhere in Montana. There’s definitely no there there.

    • guest2visits

      Except they served it up as punishment. It was clear, as TLo describes it; she was a bad girl and she was
      being sent to her room. I expected Nina to take a rolled up newspaper and smack her on the nose next.
      It could have psyched her out to the point where she second guessed herself into a wall.

      • And that’s the worse part — it’s not so much the practical advantages or disadvantages, as it is the psychological factor.

      • Yeah, it was total bullshit, and it was a bizarre reaction on the part of the producers, judges, and/or whoever else came up with the idea. It’s not like Michelle was the first designer in the history of Project Runway to not follow or take liberties with the parameters of the challenge.

        I hated that she took it to heart and let it get to her for a while, and was glad she managed to pulled herself together.

        • CozyCat

          Remember when what’s-his-name-who-was-disqualified refused to do the dog outfit? He got into an argument with Nina and Heidi about it, and it probably cost him the win, But the ladies also seemed to enjoy arguing with him.

        • guest2visits

          Yes; the show may be all kinds of fake – but Michelle’s dismay and hurt looked real enough to me.
          Much to her credit she didn’t stay down too long and came up with something good!

      • RroseSelavy

        I’m getting more than a little pissed-off at Nina this season. Clearly this was just a diva moment for her, to reinforce her power. That and and the “fashion is not art” comment have knocked her down in my estimation. I think Joanna Coles needs to show her who’s boss again. She is still boss, right?

        • Melanie

          Joanna jumped ship to Cosmopolitan a little while ago.

    • Sweetbetty

      I don’t see it as all that fabulous of a trip. I’ve never been to Europe and would love to go but think about their timeline. Do we know how much time there was from when they got on the plane until they got back off again in the US? I’d say no more than 48 hours; so there’s the travel time, the inspiration time, the fabric shopping time, hopefully time for a meal or two, did they even check into a hotel and sleep at all? Then travel back home, walking as a group, laughing and relaxed looking, into the workroom. Unless the producers did spring for at least another day I think that trip would have been exhausting, hectic, and frustrating. Except for the rushed sightseeing they did for their inspirations it doesn’t look like they had any time for fun or relaxation.

      • DeborahJozayt

        From the looks of it, they flew in the first evening and probably showed up early morning, did all their touring and shopping, saw the sun set, slept in a hotel, and left early in the morning. it would make sense for them to leave in the morning from Europe and show up around noon in the US. 48 hours all said and done, but they probably only got one night’s sleep in a hotel.

    • She was slapped. If all your friends got to go to Europe and you were left behind… yeah. You wouldn’t be taken aback as it being taken as punishment at all and if you were it’d be all bluff to cover up how shitty they had made you feel.

  • Danielle

    How can you send people to Europe’s “fashion capitals” but have nobody go to Milan?

    • I thought the same! I was sure Milan was going to be one of the capitals!

      • UglyTalents

        Milan isn’t super cute for walking around…. It would’ve been fun to see what they did with Rome or Florence, though.

        • Exactly. If Milan is too gritty then how about Rome?

        • Lisa_Co

          Florence is beautiful but there are no non stop flights from NYC. And if you go through Rome they ALWAYS lose your luggage:(

    • THANK you! or how about Tokyo?!!!!!

      • Sarah

        You can’t fly back to NYC from Tokyo in a day. It’s fourteen hours from Dallas to Tokyo, and whatever (4?) from Texas to NY. I think they had to keep it to Europe for that reason alone.

        • True enough. I hadn’t thought of that. Plus they resolutely refuse to acknowledge the growing importance of Tokyo on the fashion world.

          • ewes_urn_aim

            Speaking of Tokyo fashion- why don’t celebrities like Kristin Chenoweth, who are of a more petite frame, wear Asian designers pieces which would be better suited to their stature? It would be more eye-catching than seeing another Armani or Dior clumsily altered from a 6-foot-tall model’s size to fit a lady under 5’4″.
            I just had to get that off my chest. 🙂

          • And there is so much really cool stuff being done in that whole part of the world. Why ignore it?

          • Crow Winters

            They ignore it probably because a lot of Tokyo Fashion is so diametrically opposed to the ready-to-wear / NY socialite friendly world they live in.

          • MoHub

            Think Frokemon.

          • ewes_urn_aim

            Cheers to that!

          • j_anson

            It’s an interesting point, though I would note that merely being short doesn’t necessarily mean you have the kind of frame that Asian designers are designing for.

          • j_anson was right. Asian body frame is generally narrower and flatter than Caucasian body frame. Kristin Chenoweth is short but she still has curve. She may need even more alternation to fit into a garment that was designed for Asian body type.

          • ewes_urn_aim

            I’m so glad I voiced my thought! Thanks to you and j_anson for the feedback- I never thought about the actual “frame” of the body being different. Nevertheless, I love the fashion I see on Tokyo Fashion Express on NHK (plugplugplug) and wish I saw it on some red carpets!

          • MoHub

            Absolutely I’m short and small-framed but have generous Eastern European boobs and hips. I’ve done six Mikados and three Madama Butterflies, and they bound my breasts flat for every one of them.

          • Actually, that would be a great idea — I’ve got a lot of jewelry from Chinatown that fits my wrists much better than anywhere else, because they are very small.

        • H3ff

          It would have been interesting if they had sent them to 4 South American capitals. Paris and London have been done to death at this stage.

          • Sarah

            True that. Ignoring South America is like our national pastime.

      • I KNOW! I couldn’t believe that they totally dissed Italy.

      • Last I checked Tokyo wasn’t in Europe.

    • Stubenville

      It’s not photogenic. The Duomo is actually pretty ugly and the Galleria is ruined by that damn McDonald’s in the center.

      • I’m fairly sure they’ve gotten rid of the McDonald’s there now and replaced it with a Prada store now 🙂
        And the view from the top of the Duomo and clambering around the gargoyles there could inspire so much…

        As for PR, I only ‘watch’ it through the blog but if Michelle didn’t win this challenge then it’s not even worth wasting time commenting on…

      • They are plenty of places in Milan that are photogenic!

      • Jonnyf8

        Is it a MacDonalds are a Burger King? My recollection is that it was across the square from Prada.

    • Mb

      I thought the exact same thing. But all they do is look at buildings anyway…

    • i completely thought the same thing. they could have sent Michelle there.

      • In a way, staying in New York actually helped Michelle. At least Mood carries a wider variety of fabrics than the little corner shops the other designers had to go to. She was able to get leather, when the other designers who wanted leather couldn’t.

        • and she wouldn’t have been exhausted. Still, it was the biggest DICKISH move ever.

        • MissAmynae

          I don’t think the producers anticipated the viewers figuring that out.

        • patticake1601

          And don’t forget everything is more expensive in Europe. Her USD $1000 could buy much more than the others once they converted to Euros.

        • Isabel

          Why were the four designers sent to the neighborhood stores and not to the better fabric shops?

          • adnama79

            To eff with them. I halfway think that they had a list of fabric stores that didn’t carry some key thing and waited until the designers finished sketching to send them to the stores, knowing they’d have to switch gears.

          • Lisa_Co

            I think it might have to do whether the store wants them to film. Unlike Mood, they don’t get any valuable publicity. Also, they probably have to clear the store of customers-an expensive proposition.

      • I think Michelle might be too negative to be successful. Yes, she was punished but she didn’t have jet lag by spending nine hours on a plane. Did it occur to her that she could have been fresher than the others? I think Layana got burned. Michelle lost the previous round but got saved. Michelle (“don’t touch me”) was chastised for crossing Nina.

        • I would have been seriously negative last night too if I was there. and If I was manipulated to work with Patricia three days in a row – a person who drove me nuts. She was just honest about it. She seemed to get along with everyone just fine and smiled a lot and was upbeat about a lot of things 🙂

          • I think the pressure on all of them is outrageous. I think there was an up side to Michelle staying in NY. if I had my choice in that situation, I’d rather refrain from spending 18 hours on an airplane. She had more time to get herself together.

          • adnama79

            Ditto. The thought of flying to Europe and back in a day or so makes my eyes hurt.

        • adnama79

          I bet in 24+ hours, she said lots of positive things. But why would the editors leave it in?

          • Grant Feldman

            adnama79 you got it exactly right. I think she had a few moments of feeling down, then dusted herself off and got to work. But of course the editors had to crank up the drama.

    • I thought for sure that was where Michelle was going to be sent!

      As far as her “seeing NYC” for the 4 weeks they have been in town I would bet that the only areas of the city she has viewed have been the guided ones to parsons to 1407 broadway to mood and to the atlas apartment and the other “road trips” that were scheduled. I bet you a top shelf margarita from Ariba Ariba on 9th ave in NYC that until she did the double decker bus tour she did not “see” NYC at all. most likely she did not know where to go either for inspiration, or was this what the producers “arranged”?

      Why in god’s name did not one group go to a museum ie: the Victoria and Albert, the British Museum, the Louvre, walk through the Tuillieres, go to the Tate, go to Nottinghill, someone should have handed them a Foder’s guide book at the airport, Antonio Gaudi, brilliant architect that he was, should have been more of an inspiration to Layana… it would have been a seriously cool garment if she had just studied at his work as a whole concept then just the bits and pieces.
      Patricia, I have no words for, complete waste of a trip to a fab city.
      And Stanley, yes, Calvin Klein circa 1990 minus the ugly zipper and the paillette liner that could not have felt good next to ones skin. kinda like ants inside your clothing.

      I will be in NYC mid-August to collect on that margarita.

      • Sweetpea176

        I’m pretty sure there was a shot of Patricia outside the Louvre. The designers also might not have had enough time to spend going into a museum, but if they had, the museum would likely not have allowed the camera man to shoot it.

        • Lisa_Co

          There was-that glass pyramid is an entrance to the Louvre.

          • I used to live in Paris. The Tuileries? Meh. Not that interesting. There are much better gardens. The Tuileries is just huge, but there are few plantings and it’s mostly just dusty. I loved her inspiration, because that inspired me, too (I used to take a lot of photos of street graffiti.) But her execution was terrible.

            And frankly, the Louvre is exhausting. To see a fifth of it takes an entire day; they wouldn’t have had time to do much of anything. The Musée de Cluny (Medieval museum) is fantastic, inspiring, and takes 90 minutes max, plus it’s a short walk from the Louvre. But that’s not exactly on anyone’s top 10. 🙂 Well, except mine!

        • Yeah, museums probably wouldn’t have let a camera crew inside of them with the kind of schedule they were on. Whenever the designers have been to museums in the past (which has been rare) it’s probably pretty specific timing. The only two museum visits that come to mind are the Met (s4) which has a random break day at the beginning of the week, and the Getty (s6), which is appointment only.

      • spinachleaf

        I thought Michelle probably had a lucky break. Two eight-hour flights plus airport horror plus taxi ride-around against mooching about in New York, having a bagel, catching a movie and waking up fresh.

        • jjfg

          Totally agree. When they were showing her all “sad” in the hotel (what a crock), all I could think was, if I were her, I’d be THRILLED not to have to make some whirlwind trip to some place far away, deal two airports (joy!), a time change, (possibly) a language I didn’t speak, etc. Instead I could sleep in, collect myself in peace and quiet, and go about my business.

        • Yup, plus when you factor in the exchange rate between the euro and the dollar, she had more money to spend!

      • guest2visits

        Once again, PR’s European field trip looks an awful lot like handing the kid a camera and posting the
        results on youtube. Frantic and scattered was my impression. Michelle did have the small luxury of not
        running through the airport; but she wasn’t allowed to enjoy any freedoms while camping alone. As far as
        I know the designers aren’t allowed to watch tv or even flip through magazines, their outside contact is
        heavily restricted. So she was A-Lone except for any time with Tu. If it was any different – I’d like to know.
        I think you’d win your bet and your margarita, also.
        As a viewer it’s frustrating to go along with the designers to *exotic places* and not really see a flipping thing.
        And speaking of Patricia; eh-hem… that was such a belligerent, narrow minded way to look at another
        culture; but it served her purpose to craft something that she wanted to make anyway, without having to
        think about how the city or country shapes the art. Graffiti is anywhere, any place.

    • Celandine1

      That’s what I though, Berlin but not Milan?

      • Scoobydrew

        Berlin, until the communist take over – and now after reunification has always been an amazing city that has inspired and cultivated creative growth — all sectors of the arts – and while Nina does not think so , fashion included flourish in Berlin. It’s a huge part of the economy of the city. It makes perfect sense to go to Berlin, especially with the mix of the old city and what has been built since reunification…. Not that Milan isn’t equally as beautiful and important.. but Berlin is an amazing city — and Heidi is German.

    • It kinda stunk that Daniel went to Germany. Not a thing wrong with Germany but he’s the only one who had never been to Europe. How about sending him to Paris or Milan?

      • I found that quite appropriate. Fashion in Berlin is young and urban and Daniel has a tendency to design old, so it would help him to refresh his design. Paris or Milan would have made him make a couturesque gown with a jacket for a middel aged, wealthy woman.

        • I don’t know much about Berlin fashion; I stand corrected. Daniel’s trip seemed to work for him. I’ll be surprised if Daniel wins. I personally do not love much of what he has done. He pulls out surprises sometimes. This is anyone’s game if the past is any indication of what’s to come. In past seasons I’ve had a fairly consistent favorite. Not so this season.

    • I was thinking exactly the same thing. Barcelona over Milan????

      • Elaine Rodriguez

        Barcelona is far more beautiful than Milan.

  • Stubenville

    Tatoo Gilr’s “punishment” was actually a disguised advantage. An effectively larger budget since it wasn’t in Euros or Pounds and no jet lag from doing two eight hour flights in a two day period.

    • DinaSews

      I agree. I was thinking how nice that full night of sleep (alone) would be!

    • l_c_ann

      Two eight hour flights can equal two eight hour periods of sleep.

      • For my husband? Yes. Me? No. I can’t sleep on a plane even with 3 benadryls in my system. I would have been wiped out, but my dear one said last night, oh, you just sleep both ways.

        • Stubenville

          I’m the same as you; I need dark, horizontal and very quiet to sleep. Overnight flights are a nightmare for me.

        • Violina23

          Yeah, same here. The one time I took a red-eye flight was a special form of torture for me that I’d never wish upon anyone in my life. It was only from San Fran to NY (6 hours), but it felt like I was flying to China…

        • mskgb

          Did you let him live after that comment?

      • But switching time zones twice like that is going to mess with your system

      • Celandine1

        Not really, with the recycled dry air on the plane and the noise, even if you sleep most of the flight you really don’t feel refreshed.

    • samlouvert

      Also since she was shopping at Mood she already had an idea of what fabric they carry and could worth with that in mind, compared to Daniel who had to completely rethink his fabric choice when the store chosen for him had nothing like he envisioned.

    • Sarah

      Definitely. I saw the other folks getting the shaft and for instance, Daniel had to go with white vinyl, and Michelle got to go to Mood, where she knew the store, had all the fabrics in the world to choose from, and everything cost less. PLUS more sleep.

      • onetinkerbell

        And no language barrier. WTF was that? Let’s make it difficult for them by giving them jet lag AND no one to translate? Plus (and no disrespect) there are FAR better fabric stores in Berlin than the chain store they went into. Hell, when I lived in Germany the tiny local hole-in-the-wall shops stocked better quality fabrics than Daniel was able to get.

        • Sarah

          Oh, yeah, I was pretty sure that was some kind of nonsense. I mean, if we are to assume that New York has a store like Mood, how is it that Paris and Berlin don’t have a counterpart that is similar? I live in a much smaller city (Richmond, VA) and I know where to get leather, for chrissake. Oh, and let me take this moment to cry GIANT BABY on Layana when she said “all this and now we have to CUT OUR OWN FABRIC?!??!” C’mon, that was just the most insipid crap ever. Like you don’t know how to cut fabric. I’ve waited in line at a fabric store enough times that I would LOVE it if a store told me to cut it myself.

          • Layana’s poor little fingers were probably still hurting from the last challenge.

          • Sarah

            But it’s okay, because she can go home with the comforting knowledge that she’s the “youngest and least experienced and made it REALLY FAR!” A true narcissist’s self-placation.

          • Heh. “We won even though we lost!”

          • H3ff

            Amen. According to her formula, she’s still the best designer there.

          • MissAmynae

            Probably had Sam do it for her. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaate.

          • Sarah

            Agreeeeeeeee. 😉

        • You are right, onetinkerbell, on the matter of the fabric stores in Berlin. And I can’t figure out any rational reason why they didn’t go to the stores I know. The store they went to is in the east of Berlin, where they were visiting tourist places before, but afterwards they had their dinner at a place near Zoologischer Garten, which is in the west. One quite good and large store lies in the west (even on the way to the airport). And it even has a “exquisit department”. So why then go to Stoffhaus?

        • My thoughts exactly. I didn’t know about Berlin but in London & Paris & in Italy( had anyone gotten the chance to go), there are cool shops just for trimmings that we don’t see here (not even at Mood) & fabulous fabric shops, i am disappointed that they all went to europe and came home with BLACK fabric so so sad.

          • What??? There are fab trimming shops on 6th avenue near Bryant Park like M&J.

          • Lisa_Co

            They went to a different (and better) Paris fabric store on All Stars. I was surprised Patricia didn’t go there.

      • mskgb

        Cliche outfit aside, Daniel deserves credit for turning the crappy fabric choices at the Joann’s of Berlin into something decent. Stanley got the most drool-worthy fabric store (The fabrics! The organization! The customer service! I die!), he turned away from the beautiful wall of red solid and printed wool cashmere to dither over pailettes. I came thisclose to yelling at the television.

        • Sarah

          Yeah, that was tough. And when they said how much the paillettes would be, I was thinking “DUDE, there HAS to be something awesome in that store for less.” But picking the boring thing (in black…snooze…) is not a surprise for me with Stanley. I don’t give a crap about him. Give me a weirdo with personality and a point of view that is jarring any day over a keep yer nose to the grindstone type with no laughs whatsoever.

          • OmegaBlush

            Completely agree. I honestly don’t remember anything Stanley has made on this show. I remember it was all well made and ‘chic’, but chic banal as Zac said.

    • plus I think she probably could have started sooner because she didn’t have to worry about going through customs or getting caught getting her luggage.

      • I’m pretty sure the producers would make sure everyone had the same amount of time to work on their garments.

        • Either she got more time or she got more rest — either would look pretty good right then

          • She obviously didn’t think so. And even the other designers admitted how much it must have sucked for her. In an “inspiration” challenge, if you’re stuck in the same city you’ve been in for weeks while your competitors get to jet off to the capitals of Europe to get inspiration, that’s a blatant disadvantage, even if she did get extra sleep.

          • nosniveling

            Not to mention having to undergo ritualized humiliation for no reason. That kind of psychological manipulation can be more exhausting than jet lag.
            Yes, it worked out well for her in the end but it’s not by accident that she made an armored breastplate.

          • betorah

            Based on Michelle’s somewhat negative attitude, this was a disadvantage. I’m the kne of person who immediately thinks of the advantages of what looks like the worse choice. Michelle should hVe been thinking I get to sleep, sleep, sleep, chill out without everyone else bothering me and have mood to myself without worrying that someone else wanting the same fabric. That was have instantly turned their “punishment” into a reward.

          • Stubenville

            I’m sure Michelle saw it as totally unfair (and it was), but as someone who suffers mightily with jet lag and can’t sleep in coach, staying in New York would have been a big advantage for someone like me.

          • formerlyAnon

            For me it would have definitely overcome the emotional disadvantage. Plus it’s not as if they “see New York” during the show, unless a specific challenge requires it. I know it couldn’t have been at all the same as seeing one of the other cities, but it shouldn’t have been devoid of inspiration.

          • I didn’t think it was a blatant disadvantage since as you say she was asked to design an outfit based on a city that she’s been in for weeks which means she had more than just a day to draw inspiration from the city unlike the other designers. She had access to the place from the time she got there perhaps longer. I’d call that an awesome advantage.

          • I think Michelle had the advantage but she was too negative to see it. More money and more down time.

          • CozyCat

            She seemed to feel that way for a while, but then pulled herself out of her funk. That has to be hard when the show is trying to make you feel that you’re being punished for not listening to Nina.

            I think on the advantage/disadvantage was a tossup. When you’ve been enclosed in a hothouse environment for weeks, getting out–and getting to go to Europe!–can really energize you. On the other hand, the exchange rate and the fabric selection was worse in Europe.

            So I think Michelle helped herself. She could have collapsed in a pool of self pity, in which case her disadvantage would have outweighed her advantage. But she didn’t–which is something she deserves credit for.

          • You have a point. She did pull herself together. I was hoping she could tell herself, “The joke’s on them. I’m going to pull everything out that I can.” Having the right to be depressed is one thing. Realizing that stewing is a waste, especially when time is is a gift, would be throwing the competition away. She was smart enough to let her creativity lift her up. Yes, I can see how she’d feel burnt among all the celebration. That setup was nasty—and probably embarrassing for Michelle. Most of these competitors were in their late 40s with much work to do. I’d truly hate traveling for nine hours, touring for a day (or so) and then back on the plane. What a drag for someone already under the gun. Much of this competition is all about attitude. We watch people give up right before we see them go home.

          • NO ONE saw it as an advantage. Heidi and Tim presented it as a disadvantage and a punishment. All the other designers saw it that way too. It wasn’t like Michelle was wallowing in negativity and everyone else was all, “What’s her problem?” No, everyone else basically said, “That really sucks for her.”

          • I totally get that. I’m saying that no matter what everyone thought, it would be helpful for Michelle to make delicious lemonade out of the lemons that Nina and everyone threw at her. The trips had little to do the BIG PRIZE. Do you think that because the judges rescued her that that had no time to get her a ticket? Or did they want to punish her? That was cruel if it were intentional. She still had the advantage if she could get past the hurt and humiliation of being left out. I don’t know what Heidi called Michelle’s situation “do or die” (or whatever they called it) after the fact when each contestant was in the same situation at the last judging. This season has been weird. A designer can win a challenge and get dumped the following week.

          • “I totally get that. I’m saying that no matter what everyone thought, it
            would be helpful for Michelle to make delicious lemonade out of the
            lemons that Nina and everyone threw at her.”

            Isn’t that exactly what she did?

          • She pulled herself together. I don’t know what’s in her head. I’m not sure she embraced her advantage. In spite of what I say, I’m pulling for Michelle. At this point I’d be happy if she wins. I actually liked Layana. I think she was consistently good–for my taste–and her work was never shabby. She always finished on time. She didn’t make friends; and that was a mistake, IMO. I’m not absolutely thrilled with anyone this season, at least as I’ve been with other seasons. Everyone blew the assignment to dress the men. But they did great with the Duck Tape.

          • Sorry. I’m beating my point to death. It was a humiliation.

          • RR May

            Possibly there was a technical snag such as Michelle not having a valid passport or some other last minute problem?

    • Frank_821

      I was about to say, if I were one of the ones goign to europe, I would be crashing on the plane the whole time. And the advantage to going to europe (in spite of the money issue and going to a new store) is their motivational probably went right through the roof. Even if they only spent 1 full day in europe, you could tell it totally re-energized each of them. It was like getting holiday break

    • Exactly. They set her up to be some sort of underdog in the hopes of an inspirational comeback. But obviously, she had the advantage with the more money, more rest and familiar terrain in Mood.

    • dickylarue

      Plus she got the services of Tu, the fabulous sweat shop elf!

    • SewingSiren

      That is it exactly.

    • Violina23

      Maybe in hindsight, but at the time it probably felt like she was missing out on the “special” factor of the challenge, and the idea of getting unique and exotic fabrics (I’m guessing on the last part). I’m sure it wore off fast enough, but it was probably more the “shame” factor than anything, I could understand how she was feeling. I mean, even the “assistants” go to go!

    • I said something similar in my comment. She’s too negative to know what is good for her. Has she ever said why she has dots on her fore arms? There is no beauty in those “tats?” whatsoever.

      • BeccaGo

        “‘Can you explain what your tattoos mean to you?’ Circle of life/balance” per her Twitter account.

        Tattoos aren’t fashion accessories, and beauty is subjective. Guess it’s a good thing they’re not on your arms.

        • Oh, thanks for the feedback on that question. Those things are UGLY. I have no tats but I like them on other people. (I have scars in places that we not my choice, so I hang onto the clear spots on my skin.) I can even appreciate some sleeves, so it isn’t tattoos in general. Kelly Osbourne has them on her forearms and regrets getting them. The forearms are distracting; that’s all.

      • Grant Feldman

        I don’t think of her as negative. She is brutally honest – and usually correct. She gets out her negative thoughts in the confessionals, but seems to quickly rebound to go out and get along with everyone. And she does make pretty cool stuff. 🙂

        • You’re probably be right. It would be strange to be interviewed at any given moment. If you’re basically an honest person, then you’ll express the full gamut of emotion.

      • A.Men

        horrible spots on her forearms that she shows off at every opportuntiy ! Yuk!

    • Candy Candy

      Yup yup yup. The minute they said, “You’ve been a bad girl Michelle. You stay here,” I turned to my sister and said, “Ha. The exchange rate sucks. They actually put her at an advantage. Stanley is boned.”

    • MoHub

      Plus shopping in a store with which she was already familiar.

  • If I were Michelle, I would be praising baby Jesus that I got to stay in New York. That doubled as a much needed break that the other designers didn’t get. It showed in the lovely execution of her gorgeous garment.

  • l_c_ann

    See Michelle’s very cute kitty pillow on her bed.

    Is Heidi anti-Michelle because she’s from the same part of the world as Gretchen?

  • Kyle Crawford

    Layana made the best looking burka ever!

    • onetinkerbell

      I wouldn’t go that far – I think she was trying to channel a little Isabel Toledo since she was in Spain, but ended up aspiring to Toledo rather than actually arriving somewhere in the vicinity.

      I found it ironic that the judges liked the peach-colored top better than the jacket. Clearly she didn’t want the top to show because Samantha was the one who had made it and she didn’t want to have to give credit to her, since she was so quick to try to grab credit for Daniel’s jacket the other day. And maybe they edited it out, but she didn’t say anything about Samantha making the entire top while she spent the entire time on that jacket. Did she even make the pants? Because it wasn’t clear. Karma’s a bitch.

      • VictoriaDiNardo

        Just an aside, but I had a chance to speak to Isabel Toledo last fall, after she and Reuben gave a presentation to students at the Freedom Tower in Miami; the show – which was great, especially the part showing the patterns next to the clothing – was at, I think FIT in New York and traveled here. Charming, thoughtful, really generous with the students, truly artists. What a lovely and talented person.

        • formerlyAnon

          I enjoy these anecdotes, thank-you.

  • Michelle is my pick for winning the whole thing, but dollars to donuts, Stanley will take it home. I was mighty impressed with Daniel’s leap forward. Patricia is what I’ve said all along, a talented textile designer who has no business in fashion design. that textile, properly handled would’ve banged it outta the park. Her top was so ill fitting and saggy it destroyed all the impact it should have presented.

    • onetinkerbell

      Agreed. If Patricia had gone full-on Issey Miyake, it could have worked. That and I think that Nina has a bias against the textile manipulation. I was just waiting for her to say “arts and crafts” and when she did I wanted to say “I KNEW it!”

      • MissAmynae

        Patricia’s not “commercial” or “editorial” enough for Nina. She’s an artisan. I still love me some Nina, but I think she’s become more closed-minded to innovative, multi-cultural looks. When Patricia manipulates leather, its craftsy, but when Layana does it, its brilliant. ??

        I’m also finding it a bit unsettling that it appears she’s becoming more biased towards younger designers. Michelle and Stanley are a mild exception.

        • Roxanne Rawls

          When has Patricia ever manipulated leather? She has ridden on the coattails of the other designers up until the last two challenges, where they made Richard look like an inept schoolgirl in a Rhodes scholarship… Her garment have been hideous, and that Indian teepee she designed last week vs Michelle’s really cool look, made Project Runway look ridiculous. Then to humiliate Michelle on national TV like that was more than wrong. I was embarrassed for her.

          • Theactualdiva

            I think her very first design was leather cut into diamond shapes.

            In defense of Michelle’s disciplining, Nina could not have been more clear about ‘no t-shirt and pants.’ They knew it would be bad business to ditch Michelle, but they weren’t in the mood to overlook it, either.

          • ha! stanley made pants and a shirt! that’s what those were. and so did michelle. they were being bitches to her and they knew it.

          • Theactualdiva

            Nina meant ‘not just t-shirt and pants.’ Stanley made a blouse, jacket, and pants, which is the idea behind being editorial. The photographer can shoot the look with the jacket off, on, over the shoulder, etc.

          • MissAmynae

            Wow, please tell me you didn’t mean that “Indian teepee” comment to sound as prejudiced as it does. Patricia has used leather, either cut and resewn, painted, or fringed in 8 of her designs on the show. She won the first challenge on her own- with manipulated leather. I’m not sure if you know the definition of an artisan, and its fairly apparent that you don’t like her aesthetic, which is fine- to each their own- but insulting Patricia and her culture is pretty low.

            I didn’t make any comparison at all between Patricia and Michelle. Michelle’s editorial look may have been “cool” but it wasn’t what the client asked for. It’s photography angles were limited, because the interest of the outfit was concentrated around the model’s waist and lower body. This is something magazine editors take into account, and Michelle didn’t give the client what they were looking for. Do I think it was better than Patricia’s? Yes. Do I think what they did with Michelle was manipulative bullshit? Bigger yes.

          • Roxanne Rawls

            Since I am part Indian, I am calling the teepee a teepee. She is the one that designed the hideous cutout of faux feathers and leather dangles on the wrist. Whatever the opioion, I hate whatever it is that she does w fabrics and paper mache.

          • MissAmynae

            I’m part Native American as well, which is one reason I took offense to what you said. Being “part Indian” doesn’t entail the right to be rude. I would think you would have more respect for the Native American culture and arts.

            I’ll respect your opinions on her work- like I said to each their own, one of the great things about fashion and art. Richard looked like an idiot because he didn’t know how to do a basic seam. The producers and runners of the show liked what they saw in Patricia’s portfolio, and she has an extensive background in design. I don’t think this show is a good indication of her talents, because everything has to be so rushed. If you look up her non-PR stuff, its quite beautiful.

          • Terry G.

            My father is half-German but I don’t call my self a Nazi for God’s sake. And, my mother is from the Caddo tribe. Shame on you; you should know better.

            I really enjoy Patricia’s point of view; however, I didn’t like that last outfit one bit. Michelle’s was divine. Relieved to see Layana and her whiny attitude go.

      • Celandine1

        And WTF was that fashion is not art comment. I wonder if Nina sent a sternly worded letter to the Met when it ran that amazing McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit. Fashion is not art. Maybe this is why the fashion editorials in American magazines are so boring and predictable and why Vogue Korea is so exquisite.


        • I second the WTF. Apparently Nina has grown so numb from her commercial role at MC that she no longer is able to recognize that the “innovation and forward thinking” she CLAIMS to seek are the heart of artistic expression? No wonder Stanley is winning….

          • MissAmynae

            Stanley’s stuff will sell. It could go into Lord and Taylor next week and be fine.

            Urgh, why do we still watch this show? I need PR rehab.

          • Stanley designs nothing but streamlined snooze-dom. Sure it’s wearable, but has zero fun or fantasy. I can’t stand Leyana, but at least her designs have a little spunk to them.

        • MissAmynae

          Pretty much. You notice that she’s not so much part of things like The Met Gala, or Cannes anymore….

          I was pleasantly surprised that Zac Posen stuck up for the more “out there” designs this season. He plays with shape and proportion, it was nice to see him acknowledge uniqueness as a valuable design tool. (even if it doesn’t always work)

        • BeccaGo

          A-freakin’-men. “Fashion is not art,” so let’s send Layana home for being “too commercial.” I don’t even like Layana, but c’mon now.

        • RroseSelavy

          I don’t think Nina believes for a minute that fashion is not art, even though she said it so many times I wanted to reach into the screen and slap her. After all, what is “editorial” other than something that expresses an idea above its commercial appeal, and if art is not an idea, married to execution, than what the hell is it? I want this talked about more.

    • MilaXX

      I think Michelle deserves the win, but this is the team that gave the win to Gretchen over Mondo. I would not be the least bit surprised if Stanley won.

      • Montavilla

        What I love about Michelle is that girl is pure Portland. I don’t hate Gretchen (as many here seem to do), but I couldn’t see the “Portland” in her Southwestern-inspired aesthetic. Except maybe in that jewelry she designed. But Michelle is very Portland, in her look, her humor, even her specific type of bitchiness.

        • Terrie_S

          And as someone living in the SW, Gretchen’s southwest “inspiration” was more “The southwest as done by JC Penny.”

      • Violina23

        This, exactly. I’m not much of a grungy/edgy dresser myself, but I really appreciate her point of view, and her style feels unique and fresh. Stanley is skilled, but nothing has really made me take notice, ya know?

        • Munchkn

          If I were thin enough to pull it off, I would totally wear Michelle’s dress and I’m 58. I think it’s just gorgeous and unique.

    • MissAmynae

      Wasn’t intending to hijack your thread, kiltd, sorry honey.

      and I agree- Patricia is a textile artist. This show is not the right place to show her talents.

      • No worries ever, M’dear. We all often have similar thoughts. I would never feel co-opted by someone here. Go on and express yourself!

        • You know, that’s true and kind of odd… TLo have managed to collect a bunch of very different people with very similar thought patterns sometimes 🙂

      • Grant Feldman

        It took ll season, but I finally came to appreciate Patricia. Looking at her pre-PR portfolio, I see what her talents are. And no, she should not win this season, but I am kind of glad she got exposure on the show. Her outfits can be whack but some of the fabric stuff she does is cool.

  • Sarah

    I said to the empty room last night “IT’S LAYANA?!??” after they went back to the green room. I could tell from the way they talked to them. I agree with TLo. I don’t like Layana, I don’t think she’s that great, and I thought those sleeves were laughably awful. BUT, Daniel’s overall body of work is not as good, and Patricia -whoowee. I cannot forgive the many iterations of Pocahontas she has produced. As for Michelle, I was so frustrated knowing her fabric paint technique was not going on dark enough in the workroom. I knew those lights would wash it out – I kept shouting DARKER! MORE!!! I think it would have looked better.

    • RinPauler

      I thought the lightning of the room did her cashmere skirt injustice. I remember when she applied the paint in the workroom, it looks much darker than that.

      • Sarah

        I think it dried lighter after it got wicked into the cashmere. She needed to build up a base and then put more on top of it. But yeah, the lighting was unfortunate to the look.

  • I was really annoyed that they sent the losing designers off to Europe — but Michelle at least had the advantage of actually getting some sleep. Jet lag would have definitely affected me, and I’m sure it hurt — at least slightly — the designers who traveled.

    • Also, I’d prefer the familiarity of Mood to some random fabric shop in a different country.

      • UglyTalents

        That’s true. Hey, Michelle: New York? A day in New York with Tu? Could be worse. … Also, they are kind of clearly setting you up for a dramatic win here, I’d say…. I didn’t get why the designers got so emotional about their eight-hour trips to Europe … if getting to Europe is a priority in your life, you find a way to get there. It’s not hard.

    • MoHub

      Ya know, if anyone was punished, I’d say it was Tu. After all, he’s not the one who violated Nina’s design brief, and his work on that jacket helped bring Stanley the win.

  • Sunraya

    I loved Michelle’s but I also thought Layana’s coat looks great here! I don’t watch, so I can’t speak to how it looked in option, but the colors and lines are pretty cool. That monstrosity by Patricia should have gotten her sent home!

  • Stubenville

    At this point Michelle deserves to win (as much as I personally dislike her) but I’m afraid we’re going to see another Anya moment and Patricia will actually win with a runway full of amateurishly sewn whickety-whack, for whatever demographic or publicity purposes the producers have decided.

    • Frank_821

      Actually in fairness to Patricia. I think she can sew. she’s just too caught up in her texstile work. Based on looking at what is probably her collection, it appears fairly well constructed and there were a decent variety of pieces. I don’t think she deserves to win but I’ll concede she didn’t embarrass herself

      • Stubenville

        I’m shocked that she didn’t even hem the jacket and there are threads and wisps of material hanging out of the bottom. In past seasons she would have been savaged (no pun) for an unfinished garment.

    • l_c_ann

      Do you think Lord and Taylor could sell what Patricia designs?

      • Stubenville

        It would have to be toned down. I can’t imagine a L&T customer buying Patricia’s! If that’s the final selection criteria, then Stanley is the clear winner.

      • meowing

        Or: can you see Nina putting together an article on Patricia’s designs for Marie Claire?

    • MilaXX

      I really can’t see it happening. Nina doesn’t care for her and I really get the feeling that if Michael had been there all season. she would have been gone. I bet Patricia is auf’d next week.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      I’ve just been relying on TLo and the BK’s this season, but I’ve noticed for some time that Patricia is kept week after week when she should have been gone weeks ago (when Project Runway was on Bravo she would have been). I’ve been getting an Anya and whatever his name was that won All Stars vibe for a few weeks now.

    • DeTrop

      I wouldn’t worry. If Michelle’s collection is #5, it’s more fully developed and dare I say ‘editorial’. I think she’ll be the winner. Having said that, I really like #8 which everyone thinks is Patricia’s. It’s light&dark with an airy feeling. I find it appeals to my aesthetic. I think Michelle is the clear winner.

  • Frank_821

    I will give kudos to Daniel for pushing himself. Without a doubt he benefited from Amanda’s input. But he was open to it and he knew it was important to do so. Despite all the crying and hysterics in the confessional, I think with the right mentoring Daniel could be an excellent designer. he just needs someone to believe in him and him to develop his creativity

  • I really, really like Michelles clothes. They look fresh and fun to wear.

    I loved that Daniel and Amanda had dinner at one of my favorite cafés in Berlin. Maybe it’s me somewhere there in the background! I liked Daniels look, because yes, I could see Berlin, although the color of the jacket was wrong. Maybe there was no other color in this little fabric store – I can’t understand why they took him THERE and not to one of our big stores (where I buy my stuff).

    • Deliberate manipulation is the only answer. Just like they sent Patricia to a store where everything was very pricey and they had no staff who spoke English.

      • Stubenville

        Ugh – I wonder if the teams and countries were chosen to make sure nobody (except Stanley and Richard of course) knew the language? That would be patently unfair.

        • I would’ve assumed Layana would be able to get around in Barcelona, though.

          • Kwei-lin Lum

            I think I heard her say that it reminded her of going back home. I agree, portuguese and spanish are close enough that she would have been able to make her way around far far better than Patricia in Paris. Not to mention that just living in the US, you get exposed to spanish a lot and pick some up with some knowledge of another romance language.

          • Sarah

            Portuguese and Spanish aren’t that close, really. But the thing is, EVERYONE speaks English. You didn’t see Layana and Samantha having trouble communicating in the Barcelona store. Probably because their clerk could speak to them. The French might not be as willing to speak another language, but there’s no way that you couldn’t find someone in shouting distance in Paris that couldn’t translate. It was all for the cameras.

          • H3ff

            Portuguese speakers actually can understand Spanish pretty well. It doesn’t work the other way though.

          • CPK1


        • MilaXX

          no more unfair than fabric mysteriously getting “lost”. It’s obvious the like to throw obstacles in there to see who can course correct and adjust.

      • Lisa_Co

        They all speak English in Paris. If you try speaking French they will launch into English. If you speak only English, however, they will give you a glassy eyed stare of incomprehension.

        • RroseSelavy

          I love that passive-aggression in Parisians. So true.

    • DeborahJozayt

      I wonder if these were the only places that would allow filming in their store, or if they got a contract with each place. Granted, that’s being optimistic and the producers really screwed certain people over to test their character. However, it truly could be logistics.

  • This had the highest crying factor of any episode. Jeez, enough with the tearful displays. It’s so OLD.

  • flamingoNW

    I do think Layana has been pretty lackluster and while Patricia has been “ARTS AND CRAFTS HORROR!!!” as Nina said (lol) I understand why they put her through and I think she’ll make a MUCH more interesting runway show than Layana. She is certainly more original than many previous PR contestants

    • UglyTalents

      I agree. Patricia is nothing if not interesting.

  • At 17 minutes into the episode they showed a commercial for next week’s episode that had a shot of Patricia, Stanley, Michele, and Daniel toasting. Way to give away the ending PR!!

  • Kyle Crawford

    Florals for spring Jack boots in Berlin ? Groundbreaking……

    • RinPauler

      Miranda needs to be there. Or better, Meryl as a guest judge!

      • CarolinLA

        Meryl Streep? The woman who gives dowdy its due?

  • TAGinMO

    Also, I want Heidi saying “dirty horse blankie” as my cell-phone ring.

  • Paula Pertile

    Very much looking forward to DANIEL’S HAIR next week!

    • Yes ! Daniel’s hair next week!

    • Frank_821

      Just so you know, that mess didn’t last long. He cut it and shaved last month. He’s got local shows coming up in Austin and he’s got to look presentable

    • His hair! I loved it because it made me laugh. He looked like one half of Hall & Oates.

    • spinachleaf

      Looks like his boyfriend gave him a youthful make-over. I hope it’s *too* youthful.

  • As I was watching, I thought Michele had a stealth advantage that no one realized (including her) – no currency exchange and no travel time. They all had $1000 but that doesn’t necessarily go as far against the pound or the euro, as Patricia discovered in particular. Add in the hassle of travel, and she’s much more rested than the rest.

    • MilaXX

      True, but it was less about that and more about the head game they were playing with her. Everything was set up to marginalize and make sure she knew she was being punished, that she was being given “one last chance to wow the judges”. She may have been more rested & had the more money, but she also had the added pressure of feeling like she had a bullseye on her back.

  • Stubenville

    And that episode was waaaaaay too long. There was no need for 120 minutes; 60 would have sufficed!

    • l_c_ann

      The 60 minute long repeat cut out the Europe visits almost totally.

      • OrigamiRose

        They’ve already shown the one-hour version? I caught the first-run, and then the replay and the latter was the full two-hours.

    • SugarSnap108

      I left the room several times to tend to more interesting events, like washing my dishes. And every time I returned I couldn’t believe it was Still. On.

    • Yup – that’s why I always DVR this show and then start watching a third of the way in. That way I finish the episode in “real time” but don’t have to sit the scmamillilion commercials. Just the rampant product placement throughout the show, ha ha!

      • Lisa_Co

        My strategy, too:)

  • nannypoo

    Stanley was apparently inspired by a Salvation Army worker. Patricia’s sleeves looked like wasp’s nests, Daniel made an outfit suitable for a young woman because a young woman told him what to do and he did it, and Layana finally got what she deserved. That leaves Michelle. Maybe Heidi will run over her with her limo before next week’s episode.

    • DeTrop

      If Daniel does go into business, he should take on a partner – a young ‘female’ partner. Amanda saved his butt.

  • Really? MIchelle’s dress did not serve me New York at all, except the dress reminded me of dirty material ny street vendors lay their stuff on to sell the sidewalk.

    • meowing

      Years back, my maxi coat hem, unbeknownst to me, got caught in the car door and dragged through the slushy street. Looked kinda like Michelle’s dress hem.

  • UglyTalents

    Poor Daniel is not ready for this. My message to Daniel (delivered in the voice of Piper Laurie as Carrie’s mom in “Carrie”): They’re all gonna laugh at you!

    • Indigo54

      awwww….poor Daniel

  • I agree about the auf but not the win. There is always something off about Layana’s looks. I think she is good designer, but I also think she will be better as she matures. Stanley winning…oy…or ‘feh’, to use TLo’s term. I just can’t. When it turned and I saw the zipper I rolled my eyes and screamed ‘for crying out loud!’

    • onetinkerbell

      Am I the only one who was underwhelmed by the paillettes on the interior? That seemed like a waste of expensive fabric and it can’t have been comfortable.

      • Exschmactly!

      • VictoriaDiNardo

        A waste of expensive fabric and I would think highly uncomfortable to wear! Think about walking with pallietes scraping against your legs – yikes!

        • 3boysful

          Evidently there are male designers who don’t let practicality get in the way of their (pretty pedestrian) vision.

  • Jasmaree

    So if we take a look back at the collections, #5 is obviously Michelle’s (and also my favorite). We saw her talking to Tim holding a look from it in the preview. #8 is most likely Patricia’s because that bright blue dress was in the preview and I can’t imagine Stanley or Daniel designing that.

    • Indigo54

      BINGO! #8 has to be Patricia’s and #5 must be Michelle’s. I love everything in Michelle’s collection. Which one is Stanley’s? Can’t figure it out.

      • annaplurabelle

        Stanley is #7 and Daniel is #2.

        • DeTrop

          Thanks for this. I went to look at the collections again. Too much black and blah with Stanley and Daniel.

    • DeTrop

      I think you’re right. #5 has to be Michelle’s. Some of it I really like. #8 definitely Patricia and I love most of it except that blue plaidish top – yuk! I wonder which is Stanley’s and which is Daniel’s. I don’t think either of them can come up with an exciting collection. And lord, too much black again. At least #5 and #8 have color. Yeah!

  • Indigo54

    Frankly, I wasn’t impressed with any of the designs last night. Still, I
    thought Patricia’s was the worst. PR has gone way overboard with the
    producer manipulation and it’s such a turn off. TLo is right, either
    let the designers continue to compete or eliminate them. Punishing
    Michelle like she’s a child was just WRONG.

  • holzfaellen

    Please tell me Michelle did NOT reference Lederhosen, did she?? Berlin? Lederhosen? Oh right, New York, that’s where they all wear Stetsons and say “morning y’all!”

  • Not seeing all the wonderful designs Michelle made this season and I’ve seen every episode.

  • MilaXX

    Based largely on Michelle’s talking heads I can’t say she is my favorite designer, but I felt bad for her last week and annoyed for her this week. It’s not even about her not getting to go to Europe that annoys me. It’s the mind game they are playing with her that bugs. I guess er should just be happy no one’s fabric mysteriously “got lost” this season.
    I hope they take a break after this season. I am really experiencing PR fatigue and could use the time apart before I give up on this show for good.

    • meowing

      I’m hoping for that break, too, plus I hope the next season corresponds better with Fashion Week, so that 99 decoys don’t show.

    • mjude

      hi my friend. yes i need a total break myself. 2 hours last night was 2 much. michelle’s indeed was the best. i wonder how many actually got to show at fashion week?

      • MilaXX

        8 collections were shown

    • I agree. I live in Portland and can’t wait for the season to be over so the Oregonian can interview her about all the behind the scenes stuff, which they will inevitably do.

      • Lisa_Co

        They can’t say much real stuff because of the strict confidentiality agreements they sign.

    • I want Tim’s take too. I could be wrong (I am about a lot of things after I talk… :D) – but I have a hard time thinking he was kosher with this whole thing. I was DONE with Heidi after: “BAD DESIGNERS!” What? Are you their Mommy? Anyway. My head hurts.

  • Kwei-lin Lum

    I’d love to see what an excellent designer could do with Patricia’s fabrics–a designer who liked “fancy” and another designer like Stanley who makes simple very elegant. She Patricia has little innate sense of proportion and style. Also, I liked Layana’s jacket. Probably because I’m in the grandmother zone, but it had an attractive look. The neck scarf obscured something either good or terrible, and had it been good, I’d want to know.

  • SugarSnap108

    I thought Michelle’s was easily the best. Stanley does well-constructedm polished looks — that have about as much personality as he does.

    Layana really blew it. If she’d done something decent, I think the judges would’ve dropped Daniel, even though his model, for once, does not look like a Dynasty cast member.

    I am mystified by Heidi’s love for Patricia. Is she trying to seem deep by fighting for the “artsy” one? I can’t imagine a time or place where Heidi would wear one of Patricia’s looks. I was confused by Nina’s proclamation that “fashion is not art,” but I was on her side in that argument. To me, Patricia put piles of sometimes interesting/sometimes ugly fabric on top of a model and calls it a day.

  • For one thing, I think they should have chosen partners based on the eliminated half’s choice — it would have shown the importance of working well with others, because if you’d been a dick, no one would want to work with you.

    Also, graffiti…? In Paris? I know there is graffiti, but that could be literally any city in the world. I mean, I could see it from Berlin, because there is actual history attached to graffiti in Berlin. But Paris?!? They should have saved her plane fare.

    To be fair to Patricia, however, she identifies very strongly with a Native American aesthetic and process, so maybe all cities are sorta the same to her — the exact opposite of what truly inspires her.

  • I guess we know now that Heidi gets 51% of the vote.

    • CarolinLA

      I think Zac was willing to side with Heidi about Patricia just to piss off Nina.

  • slowestloris

    God, Daniel… he should call his final collection Tears of a Designer

    I’m also of the opinion that Michelle having to stay in NY wasn’t really a punishment, even though it was being framed that way. You get to have that fabulous apartment all to yourself, and experience the city together with Thu, one of the nicer seeming contestants. I didn’t quite get how much time the others had in their cities, but I assume it was only a couple of days – that kind of travelling would only stress me out.

    Or maybe it’s just that I’m European and it would be a bigger deal for me to go to NY than to Berlin, Barcelona, etc. 😛

    I thought it was weird that they had to go to some random stores instead of something equivalent to Mood…

    • Based on what we know from past seasons, all the designers would have been given exactly the same amount of time to do “inspiration work,” i.e., walking around the city, and actual work on their garment. Which means that when Michelle wasn’t doing her alloted “inspiration” time; she was more than likely stuck in the apartment, not allowed to leave. That’s how they tend to do stuff like that.

      • Stubenville

        Which is actually kind of lip service, since the producers seem to manipulate any number of other things when it suits them.

      • I’d have been sleeping. The producers would have hated me because instead of looking wan and pensive, I would have stolen all the pillows off of everyone’s bed, styling my footie pajamas and been snoring up a storm. Recharging my batteries as it were for the upcoming fight to the death runway….sorry, I misspoke. The do or die moment.

        • formerlyAnon

          EXACTLY. Though the producers would no doubt have invented a reason to interrupt every 4 hours or so. A building-wide fire drill wouldn’t be beyond them, IMO.

  • I didn’t watch the show, and I can’t tell at all which cities these designers went to based on the designs. I guessed “Paris” for Patricia though, ironically.

  • marilyn

    I think that none of these should have won. And both Patricia and Layanna should have been out. Patricia made what can only be described as a tired bird costume. I don’t like the fabric, and once againn, she showed no talent for garment design. Layanna’s outfit reminded me of what a European cleaning lady would wear. Stanley’s dress was okay but very plain. It did not remind me of London. It reminded me of a 1980’s evening dress. I have a serious problem with Michelle putting a woman in a harness. Didn’t all of the feminists around the world feel a sharp, deep pain the moment it was shown on the runway? I am sorry, but what is wrong with her? Why didn’t she just go for a dog collar? How demeaning does this get? The harness stopped me. I am not a strong feminist, but that was horrible. What is wrong with her? Of course none of the judges got it: 2 guys and 2 bimbos. Of course they would not see the problem. I am shaking my head in pain and disgust. This show just became Project Idiot.

    • But she and Tim described it as a breastplate. It wasn’t bondage; it was armor.

    • It was definitely defined as a “breastplate,” which actually conveys to me the opposite sentiment which I suppose you’re feeling… It’s more like armor to me, signifying strength, and a warrior’s spirit. AND it’s a breastplate that doesn’t include cups for the breasts (unlike almost every single other fictionalized breastplate for female characters), which adds another point in my book for Michelle.

    • Calling Nina and Heidi bimbos doesn’t seem feminist either. I think maybe you don’t get it, that breast plate was like armor and did not seem like bondage at all. I am a firm feminist and I am not offended in the least.

      • Yes, thank you. I’m a strong feminist and “harness” never entered my mind. It’s not like the model’s movement was impaired. Plus, you know, it was repeatedly referred to as a breast plate. And, good grief, there are lots of ways, positive and negative, to describe Nina and Heidi, but “bimbo” doesn’t apply to either one.

        • Chartreusite

          My thoughts exactly. There was no bondage or restrictive element to it for me (as opposed to the examples given). That being said, isn’t it quite patronizing to put down certain fashion choices as not being feminist? I am not a female-bodied individual myself so perhaps I don’t have a strong perspective in this discussion, but it feels counter intuitive to associate feminism with a “this is what you should or should not wear, this is what you should or should not design” rhetoric. Again, and back to the main point, do not quite see the link between michelle’s breastplate and being demeaning.

          • You bring up an interesting point. The second wave of feminism, in the mid-60s into the 70s, was very much about equal pay for equal work, and having equal access to jobs. However, it was also about women not being treated as sex objects, and not being dictated to by the fashion industry and social norms, e.g. dressing like a proper lady. Thus the considerable shedding of bras and girdles, and the rejection of high heels, girly dresses and mini-skirts. There are still vestiges of that in feminism. I mean, we’re still fighting against judgment based on our sexual appeal, and there are still have strong negative opinions of girls and women who don’t dress like ladies. I’d say “whatever that means”, but I think we all know what that means. So there’s this push-pull between “women should be allowed to wear whatever they want to wear without being judged” and “my god, girl. Have some sense and some decency.Put on some underwear before you leave the house

            Also, my personal belief is there’s a lot of women-hating in fashion. That seems painfully obvious to me, seeing as how it’s really hard it is to find great clothes if you wear a size 14 or above. Women’s clothes aren’t always as practical as men’s, either. Jeans and khakis have pockets, but most dress pants don’t. That’s just a minor example.

            On a different level, if you watch fashion shows put on by more cerebral designers, there’s a good chance you’ll see the models dressed in rather disturbing ways – their heads are shrouded, their arms are restrained at their sides, their mouths are covered. I think I’ve seen a strait-jacket or two. Advertising can also be shocking, for want of a better word. And right here on this site we’ve seen a fair amount of fashion magazine layouts that have caused lots of controversy. (That’s no criticism of Tom and Lorenzo. I think it’s important to see as many different kinds of layouts as possible) So, while my original reaction to Marilyn’s comment was rather strong, I can understand her interpretation of Michelle’s dress, now that I’ve thought about it. Whether or not a woman calls herself a feminist, there’s comes a time when she feels she’s seen one too many straps around another woman’s body, all in the name of fashion.

            Ok, so that was something of a rant, I suppose, and a long way to answer your question. I’m not sure I even answered it. 🙂 But I think your question was an important one, and I hope I was able to give you some perspective.

          • Chartreusite

            Oh I definitely agree and that is a really important conversation to have. Some of McQueen’s styling has been really disturbing over the years (which I think has gone down since Sarah Burton became creative director? She still does the mask and net over face things though) as has Margiela and that sort of stuff definitely makes me wonder about fashion. There are definitely a lot issues regarding gender in the fashion world, considering how the modeling industry works on an international level and the ratio of big name men designers designing for women as opposed to women designing for women as well as the conflict regarding presentation and restriction of body as you mentioned. In retrospect, my comment wasn’t phrased correctly at all and obviously I’m not in a position to judge what’s patronizing or not regarding an issue that hardly affects me. I was just really curious about what it means to be a feminist judging other women, and I definitely think there’s no definite answer to that. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer and respond and I think that’s something I really need to spend some time with when looking at fashion from now on.

    • Anon

      Maybe the breastplate resembled the strength females get, that they are as equal as men and can fight in a battle?
      Femenists in history didn’t ask to get special treatment, they wanted to be equal, and one aspect is war, and how we used to not be able to fight, but now we get almost equal treatment on the battlefield.
      I thinks it’s a statement on female strength.

    • mightbewrong

      No, frankly I think that’s a pretty weird way to interpret it.

      And if you’re talking about feminism I suggest not calling women ‘bimbos.’

      • formerlyAnon

        I thought she was using ‘bimbos’ to consciously denigrate their feminist intelligence/sensitivities. So I was okay with it. (ETA: Even though I don’t agree with her interpretation of the look.) If you already considered that and still found the word choice inappropriate, sorry to stick my oar in.

        • mightbewrong

          That’s fair enough.
          (I’m getting pretty cranky over comments today, I think I need a cup of tea or something 😉

    • DeTrop

      I’ve read all the comments to your post and you’ve touched quite a nerve. Not a bad thing. I come away with Michelle’s use of a breastplate as personal to her. She needs to protect herself from whatever and adapts it to her fashion. I don’t think it’s a statement pro or con about feminism. For what it’s worth, I think it’s a defense mechanism.

    • I think you might need to clean your glasses, hun. & 2. Bimbos? Mmm hmmm? Yeah. Ok. Michelle’s the one with problems. Ohhhhkaaayyy…. 🙂

      p.s. Feminist here – absolutely NO PROBLEMS with what she did or said. I think she’s a feminist as well and an awesome one at that.

    • Way off topic you know there are a lot of kinky feminists out there right? ( That kink is a huge part of the queer community, so no even if it had been bondage designed this feminist isn’t about to start clutching pearls.

  • Eric Stott

    Michelle’s skirt looks like a lovely garment that has brushed up against something sooty.

    • That was kind of the point, although, IMO, it either should have been applied more heavily or not at all. She was going for the grime but didn’t take it far enough, so it just wound up looking kind of dusty.

      • Eric Stott

        It just looked as if it had been packed badly in a dirty box.

      • H3ff

        In fairness, she did note that it didn’t look as intentional under the harsh runway lights.

        • Theactualdiva

          It’s funny. In this case, I think it was better to stop painting the fabric rather than risk going on. It is so on the dividing line between working and not working, that it kind of works.

    • Lisa_Co

      Have to say that many NYC building’s sides had old advertisements that are now mostly gone. Michelle misinterpreted those remnants as “soot”.

  • Jane Jacobs

    Stanley’s looked like the nun in the Madeline children’s books. Layana’s coat was a bathrobe. Daniel had the Berlin vibe down in an ugly outfit. Michele’s was interesting, but let me apparently be the first to say that I loved Patricia’s jacket. I thought it was the most interesting thing on the runway.

    • janierainie

      I thought that Stanley’s was okay, but he put 850.00 worth of that beautiful fabric inside the dress! I don’t get it. Obviously he knew what he was doing, WTH do I know?
      I’m with you about Patricia, but the design wasn’t there for me. Her other successful pieces were so much better than this week. I’m glad she’s going to fashion week.

      • “he put 850.00 worth of that beautiful fabric inside the dress”

        My thought exactly — when confronted with the choice of going with the more expected route and using the sequins on the outside or being avante gard and hiding them, he picked the wrong way to go. The sequins would have made that dress less somber, and the caplet would have stood out more as a result.

        • CozyCat

          I still can’t get over the damn visible zipper.

          • Grant Feldman

            I have seen more visible back zippers on this show than I’ve ever seen in my whole life!!!

      • RroseSelavy

        I didn’t even see that fabric on the runway. What a waste. Also, Balenciaga called and wants his pattern book back, and was also offended about the damn zipper.

    • Sarah

      I didn’t hate it either. I wouldn’t say LOVE, but I thought it was cool. I wish she wouldn’t have trimmed it & paired it with black, though. I think it took away from the ethereal quality.

  • JoachimW

    I was so stressed out watching Stanley and Patricia abroad in the fabric shops. I don’t get why a.) Stanley OR Richard didn’t figure out ahead of time what the conversion rate was so they KNEW how much money they had (ditto for Patricia and Kate) b.) If Patricia knew there was going to be a language barrier, why didn’t she look up a few key phrases to memorize “How much for X meters?” “I need organza/silk.” “No, thank you.” But I was laughing about how no-nonsense the Parisian lady was when dealing with Patricia.

    • CarolinLA

      Surely there was an app for the HP touchpad to translate for them.

  • Pammer

    If it wouldn’t have been cutting off her nose to spite her face, Michelle should have told them to stuff it. It was an obvious ‘drama creator’ and if would have been high drama had she walked. That said, I loved her creation and was thrilled for her. And her model! Lisa was not the best on ANTM, but she has turned into a fabulous runway model.

    • Danielle

      I love seeing each week just how much Lisa’s enjoying getting to wear and model Michelle’s garments.

      • If any of them had a defined waist she’d probably die of joy! Or surprise.

  • Verascity

    I’m surprised, actually… I didn’t see the episode itself, but that auf’ed coat looks pretty fabulous in pictures except for the shit at the end of the sleeves. Way better than the Puff Paint coat.

  • SewingSiren

    I actually thought all the results were pretty good. considering.
    1. I liked Stanley’s the best. And I like Stanley the best. He is a worker bee who doesn’t suffer fools. As far as I can remember the only other worker bee who as won PR is Chloe.
    2. I thought Daniel did okay. I wonder why they didn’t send him to a better fabric shop. I also wonder if there wasn’t boiled wool at the one he was at. I wonder what he did with all the money he had left over. They should let him keep it. I hate the hairdo.
    3. I am not a fan of Michelle. Her dress is okay, though the silhouette seems influenced by Stanley’s Art Inspired winning garment. The breast plate was nice, but the dress was hideous with out it.
    4. I liked Patricia’s jacket, the collar and pants are throw away . I’m glad she was kept over Layana.
    5. Layana’s jacket has so much work and such expensive fabric, but it is ugly. The cuffs are terrible.

    • 3boysful

      I have to say (although it pains me greatly) I actually liked the body of La-whiner’s coat. It was the neck and sleeves that ruined it. It referred nicely to her inspiration, tho maybe that was the lace doing the heavy lifting. Anyway, can’t say I was sorry to see her go.

      Isn’t it amusing how we’ve gone from making origami strapless dresses to everyone making jackets?

      • SewingSiren

        The sleeves and the neckline are exactly what is wrong with it. Those along with the semi fitted silhouette give the impression of a “Maude vest” and the huge ruff at the sleeve opening does nothing to destroy the illusion.

        • Wellworn

          Yes, you are so right! I didn’t get why they hated Layana’s jacket so much until you mentioned Maude vest. Maybe if the sleeves were the same as the body of the jacket, or if the jacket was shorter, it would have worked better.

  • dickylarue

    I think the thing that no one really touched on was that as soon as Layana was out of the team part of the challenge, she struggled. When it was more on her and she couldn’t caucus (to use a Tim word) with the other designers her stuff just flopped. I was happy to see her get auf’d instead of Daniel because whether Amanda turned him into Cinderella or not, he put the best look on the runway last night. Daniel & Michelle both were the tops with what walked. Layana’s coat looked like something you’d punish someone into wearing. Stanley’s dress was a snooze. Patricia’s textile (I refuse to call it design) was God awful.

    What we learned last night & what we learn every season is this is Heidi’s show bitches. I love the editing last night showing Nina get all fired up like she actually had a say only to have Heidi say “I like Patricia” and boom she’s in. I actually think last night’s episode completely embarrassed Nina and shows she has zero power or voice on this show. Although Nina’s sly indication that even if Heidi wore Patricia’s outfit she wouldn’t put her on the cover of Marie Claire was as close to a catfight as we’ve seen in years between those two.

    Michelle didn’t get to go to Europe, but got the clear advantage in this challenge. I think I’d put her over Daniel if she didn’t fuck up the Cashmere and went more luxe/polished with it than distressed.

    As for her Do or Die moment, when they didn’t make her rip up her design on the runway and redo it in an hour I was pissed.

    I think this is more Heidi at work. Weeks ago she called out Layana with the judges saying she thinks she’s all that. I knew Layana was toast at that moment. I think Michelle’s snark & confidence put Heidi off and they wanted to kick the shit out of her a little before letting her into fashion week. It’s just interesting that this is done to the female contestants and the male one’s just seem to float through without scorn.

    • Bwin51

      I have to agree that I think this is Heidi’s show, and while I’m appalled sometimes by what she puts on her own body, I have to say that I was sold when she wanted to keep Patricia in because she brings something different to the show and for all of us. I frankly am bored to death with American fashion and would like to see more innovative looks accepted by Americans. Heidi’s willing to take risk and that’s what artists and artisans can provide. We need more of this not less.

  • Patricia’s jacket looks like it’s made of those cheap white garbage bags stuffed with….garbage. Awful.

  • Didn’t watch, glad I didn’t.
    Love Michelle’s – was it prison-inspired? I hope so, because that would be cheeky.
    Patricia’s a Blayne, and shouldn’t have lasted this long. I wish she’d made a caterpillar onesie.

  • rh33

    The WTF moment for me was Heidi arguing about taste. This from a woman who wears discotastic dresses for a morning show and is two stitches away from indecent exposure on the red carpet.

    • spititout

      Heidi supported Mondo over Gretchen; so even though her personal style is “s-t-&shiny,” I am happy that she favors fashion as art sometimes. I would rather see an interesting sewing or fabric technique or idea on the runway than another boring knock-off. I like Michelle and Patricia just purely because they are different.

  • janierainie

    I just kept thinking “that ass Richard gets to go to London, and Michelle has to stay home!”

    • Richard getting ‘rewarded’ for his horrible attitude and even more horrible lack of talent by a trip to Europe? With Stanley? To me, that was the worst thing PR did this whole season.

  • The two day trip to Europe was a bit quick but after weeks of sitting in an van back n forth from studio to apt…no sleep along with no inspiration…it had to inspire them…along with the chance to sleep uniterupted on the flights! HEAVEN!

    • formerlyAnon

      Thanks for a comment on the practical side of the trip from someone who knows what it’s like inside the show!

    • Violina23

      It’s hardly heaven if you can’t sleep on planes! I have a feeling the inspiration and adrenaline of being in Europe probably cancelled out the fatigue, not to mention the “punishment” factor for MIchelle

  • kittenwithaquip

    I was beyond pissed that 4 people who had been cut got to go to Europe. Forget whatever advantage it may have given Michelle to stay in NY– she was being chastised. Punished is right, It wreaked havoc on her emotions, and it was a shitty, manipulative thing to do.

    Stanley has the chops, and I’m sure he’ll put on a lovely show, but I will forget every garment 3.5 seconds after seeing it. Michelle’s I will remember. Patricia should set up a shop in Santa Fe, design textiles for the rich and faux-spiritual, and she’d make a killing. I have no idea why she’d want to get into mainstream fashion. Hopefully PR gives her the exposure to make her art as she sees fit, without having to deal with the sneering Little Lord Posen’s of the world.

    I think “Crybaby!” when I see Daniel mooning about something, then realize I’m the same way: I cry when I’m happy, grateful, sad, overwhelmed. Good thing I’m not being filmed for a “reality” show…His collection will be tear-stained and out of date, but I will cry along with him.

    And for shit’s sake, how many camera shots did we need up Layana’s ass?
    Welcome to Barceluppeachlacebootyshorts!” I know that’s typically where you will find her head, but I didn’t neeed a tour.

    • formerlyAnon

      “Good thing I’m not being filmed for a “reality” show…”
      My perennial take-away whenever I watch an episode!

    • Targettaste

      Would Layana even be allowed in that cathedral in those booty shorts and tank top?

      • Lisa_Co

        Certainly not in Italy but Spain might be less conservative. In Italy a priest once chastised me for wearing a long but sleeveless dress:( And it was like 100 degrees outside.

      • The shorts might fly, but she would definitely have to cover her shoulders.

  • formerlyAnon

    As has been pointed out, after “punishing” Michelle, it turns out the actual punishment is entirely emotional: everybody else has to shop at a disadvantageous exchange rate in a place with which they are not familiar, and then get all the sleep they are going to get sitting in a seat in coach on an airplane. So it’s a practical advantage – accompanied by a huge emotional barrier. “Feh” does indeed come to mind.

    I am terrible at seeing abstract concepts in clothing, unless there is a literal stereotype (with which I am familiar) to reference, and the only one of these cities with which I am even passingly familiar is the London of three decades ago. So. I must be content with saying that I find it refreshing that everyone left can turn out a garment that looks fairly good (at least on a model) and is more sophisticated than a pinned together bed sheet. For recent years of PR, that’s an improvement.

  • I kind of liked Layana’s idea, but the coat was pretty stiff. I don’t know if the fabric could have been worked into something with a bit more oomph to it, though.

    I really didn’t like Stanley’s dress. I thought it was boring and too long and I kept worrying that the model was going to trip over the hem.

    Patricia’s was a joke.

    I loved Michelle’s dress with the armor on it. Without, it was dull. She’s been my favourite all along, though.

  • Anon

    Personally, I think Stanley is more of a minimalist. I don’t get his interpretation of London here with so much history and culture, but, when you minimalise something you tear away the un-important stuff and go to the core structure.
    Michelle, I love. I’d wear most of the clothes she’s made! And this dress is quirky with the breastplate but chic altogether. I think she deserves to be in the finals.
    Patricia on the other hand? … What’s the final prize for this competition? To sell a collection online at Lord and Taylor, it has to be commercial! And she doesn’t do that! She does weird things that would cost a fortune to manufacture (all the textiles!)
    She should just make textiles and that’s it. Her clothes are hideous.

    I think Layana would’ve been a better choice than Patricia because she does commercial clothes. And hey, I didn’t think the coat was terrible, it could have done with a bit more editing and flair and it would’ve been fine. Some of her past designs have been stunning.

    • I’m glad some else thinks Layana should have stayed and Patricia should have been eliminated. I’ve been feeling like a lone voice in the wilderness. 🙂

      Layana annoys the hell out of me, and if I never again hear “I like to play with hard and soft”, I’ll be a happy woman. But I think she’s made some great stuff. I love the coat, and I really liked what she made last week (the blue top with gold chains, and a white skirt). I kind of thought she was robbed last week, and was surprised that almost everyone hated it.

      As for Patricia, she’s immensely talented; I have no doubt she can make beautiful textiles when she has the time. But she has absolutely no sense of fashion and style. She’s made a few cool things, and perhaps it’s not a terrible idea to give a Fashion Week spot to someone with a different approach to fashion and design. But Patricia hasn’t shown she understands proportion and line; nor does she know how to translate and incorporate her textiles into fashion. That’s a pretty big weakness, and I think she should have been eliminated because of it.

      • demidaemon

        If I had one more week of Layana, I might have thrown my TV out the window. Additionally, she just isn’t as creative as anyone else left. I think they made the right decision.

        • Point absolutely taken. I could barely stand to listen to her talk anymore. But given Patricia’s output in the latter half of the season (she did make a few things early that I liked), I just don’t think she should be going to Fashion Week. Layana was solidly in the middle; maybe even the upper-middle, IMO, considering the level of talent this season. And really, one of those FW should have gone to Samantha. Her elimination was a true BS moment.

      • Anon

        Definetly! She does go off on a tangent of texture, hard and soft, we’ve seen it a lot, but she makes it work. When she did the blue leather and skirt, that summarised her style! Romanticism with a punch.
        She can be annoying but she is a better *designer* than Patricia.
        Patricia is good at the art side of fashion, but not the commercial side. In context to the show, the end result, she isn’t a fit, and for that I think she shouldn’t be in. She’s an artist, not a designer. Do an exhibition! Hell! I’d go! But I’d never, ever wear anything she’s made, but I’d be intrigued by it.

        The runway is for them to show that they can sell their clothes, people can wear them down the street. The street isn’t a place for her clothes, in the sense of fashion, commercialism and being chic. It’s out there, wacky and hey! That’s fine, but she should show both sides. And she doesn’t comprehend commercialism.

    • CPK1

      Zac Posen explained Stanley’s inspiration for him Stanley did a cape therefore he was inspired by Sherlock Holmes. That was ridiculous.

      • RebeccaH902

        Ridiculous in context to my comment or Holmes?
        I did say it was my personal opinion.

        • CPK1

          zac posen comment=ridiculous

  • TSkot

    If only Patricia had made a short slim skirt out of the “graffiti” textile instead of black pants, she would have had a smart sexy suit.

  • artgirl9

    I think Nina should do a Kors and get off this sinking ship.

  • BobStPaul

    I managed to flip to the show at just the right moments – to see the runway show and then later to see a tiny bit of the judging. I would have ranked them in the following order: Michelle, Daniel, Stanley, Layana and finally and for the auf – the inimitable Patricia. I know some people find her work interesting and I’ll grant them that. Unfortunately, interesting can be defined as both a negative and a positive and I’m clearly on the negative side. Aside from the flowing sleeves extending from the jacket arms I didn’t think Layana’s was all that bad. I actually had a more negative reaction to Stanley’s. I don’t think of Layana as a particularly strong designer but then I don’t think of Patricia as a fashion designer at all – though she is very good at designing fabrics.

  • alyce1213

    A note about Patricia’s design:
    In the 1980 movie “Private Benjamin,” Goldie Hawn looks at a Parisian store window, goes in and emerges in a 1980 designer outfit — overblouse with puffy sleeves, slim pants — with her hair dyed strawberry and frizzed, all to please her French gynecologist fiancé, Armande Assante. The silhouette of the outfit she bought is, as best as I can remember, exactly the shape of Patricia’s top and pants. So odd.
    (Maybe Patricia saw the movie and took it as her Paris inspiration.)

  • Anglow

    I liked Michelle’s realization that when she started designing and creating in the workroom, her funk lifted. Words to remember for all.

    • Bwin51

      Yep, works for me.

  • Winter_White

    The worst moment for me was when Nina sputtered, “FASHION is NOT ART.”

    • formerlyAnon

      I felt strongly that she was putting that statement through the unexpressed filter of Fashion AS PRESENTED IN MARIE CLAIRE is not art. They have gotten more and more blatant about the focus on looks which have a retail mass market. Which is o.k., but they should explicitly redesign the show about that expressed concept and be done with it.

      • Winter_White

        That’s exactly what I said last night! “Perhaps someone who toils for Marie Claire magazine should pause before making sweeping declarations about Art and Fashion.”

        Just imagine all of the exquisite designs (ART!) that have sailed down runways over the years — with Nina sitting in the front row.

      • Lisa_Co

        I think Posen took on this topic a few weeks ago (I forgot with which designer) where he said something like it has to be a mix of art AND commerce.

      • Bwin51

        Well, if they did that, the show would be Fashion Star.

    • UglyTalents

      I know! That was a head-scratcher for me. Fashion is art. And it’s commerce, too — but so are most other art forms.

      • RroseSelavy

        I would have loved for John Legend to opine whether music is art or commerce in the wake of that ridiculous comment.

  • Beverly Kozma

    I sure didn’t see anything that said $1,000 worth of materials on that runway.

    • Laylalola

      That was what was most appalling of all last night.

  • Does Patricia make textiles or just sew the beginnings of unfilled quilts? I get the constraints of the show, but haphazardly sewing together scraps of fabric is making a crazy quilt, not designing fabric, to my eyes. If she weren’t the designated Native American designer (and therefore all her tacky embellishments somehow become “culture”), she’d have been out long ago.

  • mightbewrong

    The way you describe it, the producer manipulation is starting to feel vaguely creepy at this point.

    • formerlyAnon

      I think it’s been there for a while. It’s sporadic, but the things that seem to have no point except to push emotional buttons happen more and more often. At least, that is my impresssion.

      • mightbewrong

        Oh, it’s been there for ages, no question. But when you’re really working at people’s emotions and ‘punishing’ them for something they did on a TV show, there’s something especially nasty about it.

    • CarolinLA

      I agree. Like it’s a contingent of women haters or something pulling the strings behind the camera.

      • Theactualdiva

        It’s late in the season and all the drama is coming from the women. And has been IIRC.

        But I agree there’s probably a cultural bias, like when teachers favor male students, even when they are trying not to.

        As far as choosing winners in fashion week, I don’t know. They let Anya win because they knew she was the best designer. Not fair, even if she was the better designer she folded under pressure.

        And then there’s Uli. It felt like she was treated like a princess, only to be savaged at the last.

  • Qitkat

    I HATED Stanley’s. That damn zipper. My husband said it looked like a monk from Calcutta, which makes little sense, except it does. Trendy or historic, London, not so much, or AT ALL. And Richard gets to go to London! W. T. F.

    Did not like Daniel’s either, so of course it was also a judges’ favorite. At least he referenced Berlin, though ever-so-slightly. Marlene Dietrich takes a swing through the red light district before her show.

    Have I ever mentioned how very tired I am of the default to black + white (accidentally typed *shite* there) over and over and oooooovvveeeerrrrrrr by these designers. Credit where due, Patricia remembered we actually do live in a world with color.

    Michelle’s and Patricia’s were my favorites last evening, which shocked me. Michelle nailed the grittiness of the city with the skirt treatment. The armored vest thing was a bit too BDSM with the back straps for my taste, but she machine quilted the front element impeccably. I loved the flowey skirt and use of a fine fabric.

    And I finally got Patricia’s textile aesthetic last evening, after being annoyed by it no end all season. The raggedy finishing is dreadful, but the created textile concept worked, and called back to her inspiration, which, W. T. F. also, *I was sooooo inspired by Paris, the City of Light, the City of Art and Architecture, and uhhh Fashion, and Graffiti, yes it is world-renowned for its graffiti, dontcha know?* but anyhoo…she created an interesting, not seen, at least not recently here, shape for that blouse, and the draping of the scarf was eye-catching and flattering. The beaded bracelets served no purpose other than calling back to her heritage and could have been less haphazard. And that’s the word for her inability to once again finish her garments. Haphazard. The love of Heidi for her designs is baffling but consistent. Finally we heard Nina say *artsy-fartsy*. I wonder if that was in the judges’ script.

    But IDK if I would have kept Patricia over Layana this episode, since I personally would have sent Patricia home at least seven times this season. Poor Layana, poor weepy, whiny, mistreated, misunderstood, entitled Layana. I freaking LOVED your inspiration in Barcelona. But it all went so wrong, If you had put the black lace over a bit of color, if you had created something other than a Golden Girls tunic with a turtleneck, if, if, if, W! T! F! those idiotic sleeves that look like, sputter, hell I Don’t Know what they look like, except they were a dreadful design choice. But you did finish the garment, didn’t you? The judges got the influence, didn’t they?

    They ought to have sent both P and L home. Because we all know that there will be one more twist to agonize the designers and the audience, to bring the number to three for the finale. Eleven seasons has taken MustSeeTeeVee to a sixteen vehicle pileup with a train wreck thrown in for good measure.

    My Bitter Kitten heart needs a defibrillator. Clearly Michelle ought to win the season. So she probably won’t.

    • MoHub

      I actually loved that Patricia was inspired by the graffiti. Anyone more pedestrian would have gone straight for the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, or the Louvre—especially the I.M. Pei pyramid. She took an unconventional inspiration and made an unconventional garment, and I love her for that.

      • Qitkat

        It’s not so much that I wish she had been inspired by something banal or expected, I think it’s an interesting inspiration, and I too loved Andrae’s concept from back in the day. I’m just weary of Patricia’s schtick, and haven’t responded very well to her creations over the season; I’ve known people much more talented than I believe her to be, and it just struck me as an odd thing to come up with for a $1000 fabric challenge, and a trip to this particular city, as every place has graffiti.

  • Wellworn

    Wow, maybe my taste level is off or something, but my 2 favorite looks last night were the bottom 2. I loved Layana’s work on the lace, making it look like Spanish tiles. I didn’t understand why they hated the jacket covering the model up so much. I do understand the sleeve problems, but it was a pop of color and lightness to a black and white look. And yes, her pants were a throwaway. I loved Patricia’s textile, and for those that don’t understand how that can represent Paris; this is an artist’s interpretation, and she did have a real story there with the grafitti, not like she was making that up just to do what she wanted. And I love her use of color, especially with all those neutrals on the runway last night. The shape was unusual, but I think it worked with the textile, but the pants were a throwaway here also. I do love that Patricia gives us something interesting and new each week. Michelle wrapped a dirty cashmere towel around her model, and then buckled a breastplate over it to give it shape. The breastplate was cool, but the rest of the dress was dreary and sad. Daniel’s was like that Seinfeld episode where George did the opposite of everything he usually did, and was very successful. But I don’t think Daniel was that successful, it was “banal chic” like the other top garment last night. I think he sailed through because he so surprised the judges by going so far away from his point of view. And Stanley, although I really like Stanley, there was nothing special with his design. It was ok, but boring, “banal chic.” Let’s make that our phrase of the day.

    • Terrie_S

      Oh, good, I’m not the only one who was baffled by the praise for Michelle’s cashmere towel. Especially after last week’s “Patricia just made a tent” complaints.

    • Lisa_Co

      Haha. My husband saw Michelle’s and said “bath towel”.

  • Look. Last week I thought Michelle was going home for not following the “Client” instructions – and although I liked her outfit, I would have been fine with a decision to auf her. When you are working with a client you have to follow their wishes. Which she didn’t. So the producers didn’t want to see one of the most promising contenders go, and although Patricia SHOULD have gone for her train wreck, Heidi seems to be protecting her from elimination for some reason.
    So the producers were stuck. They hadn’t budgeted or arranged a 5th city in Europe. They did a Hail Mary with Michelle and said she could advance and just stay in NYC. It was BS all the way, and they made it WORSE by everyone rubbing her nose in it. Despite being bullied by the production, Michelle worked it and came out on top (ahead of Stanley IMO) with a real middle finger up attitude. Again this week Patricia SHOULD have gone home for another train wreck. Again Heidi to the rescue and this time Layana suffers.
    They are playing Calvinball on this show, changing the rules as they go. I wonder if I went back and focused on only Michelle and Patricia for the entire competition whether the manipulation that brought them to the final four would be obvious in retrospect. I would go look, but I don’t want to experience the season for a second time. I wager there is a bit on the cutting room floor where Tim slips up and says “Welcome to Project Runway season eleven and our winner: Michelle!”
    As is often said on this show it’s a taste issue, and Project Runway is leaving a bad one in my mouth.

    • Laylalola

      Yep, it’s clear they really did save Michelle and hadn’t planned for it, when had it been any other contestant she would have (and should have, IMO) been aufed last week. I’m not really loving how she turned this around and read it as a punishment of her instead of the favoritism it is but whatever. It’s a tv show.

      • Theactualdiva

        Yes! Michelle should have been thanking her lucky stars. But she is young and impetuous, which is understandable.

        • Wellworn

          She’s 34, so I find it hard to excuse her behavior by saying she’s young.

  • I assumed that Michelle could not go due to very legitimate production constraints. It appears as though the designers left New York maybe within 8 hours of her being spared on the previous week’s challenge. It would have been too short a time to arrange her travel, and most importantly, find a camera crew to go with her.

    • nannypoo

      If that was the case they should have said so and saved a lot of drama, misery and BK hatred. They had a camera crew ready to follow her around New York. Put them on a plane, off they go, they’ll be back in a jiffy.

    • SonOfSaradoc

      They should have called it what it was: a spell in the Project Runway Time-Out Chair (for disobeying Nina). Frankly, they should use the Project Runway Time-Out Chair with regularity earlier in the season with the bottom two who are not eliminated.

  • I just don’t get Michelle’s clothes at all, all I could think of was that beautiful cashmere looked like it had been worn for a walk through a subway tunnel-which of course was Michelle’s point but eh, she doesnt do it for me,

    Layana’s coat looked great on the dummy until she started adding to it and made it all stiff and frumpy. Even I would pause at wearing that and I’m an oldie.

    Stanley is my fav and his was okay, I liked the subtlety of it.
    Patricia always interests me but she can’t seem to manage to make more than one garment at a time, the pants just killed the whole effect. Her clothes are like Issey Miyakes in that I always want to go up and touch them. LOL
    Daniel’s was definitely Berlin and I liked the dress a lot, surprisingly.
    So I think they should’ve sent everyone home and just give it to Stanley and save us 4 more hours of this series, 🙂

  • Bwin51

    Layana’s coat looked very Spanish to me. Unfortunately, the silhouette was more appropriately worn on an old civil war widow. If she had shortened it, perhaps put a wide band on the bottom biker style that would have made a huge difference. It’s sad to see so much hard work go to waste. Same comment for Patricia’s efforts. A better silhouette was needed for that fabric although it fit beautifully in the torso. I think Michelle should have won, but she was too tentative with the fabric paint. Didn’t like Stanley’s at all. It was very Cruella DeVille.

    • H3ff

      I thought Layana’s look was actually pretty fabulous without the coat. It was so matador.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I’m thinking Stanley’s is a costume for Isabella (the nun) in Measure for Measure. That is not a compliment. And that play is set in Vienna, not London. Honestly, I don’t like anybody’s from last night. Patricia’s is a joke, Stanley’s is nunlike and dull, Layana’s is dull and old, like an outfit for somebody who used to be lovely but now doesn’t want her neck wrinkles to show, Michell’s looks like sweatshirt material attached to pleather with some S&M braces, and Daniel’s looks like something Dieter (Do you want to touch my monkey?) would’ve worn on SNL and none of the details on the jacket show (at least on TV) in white pleather.

    • Laylalola

      You nailed Michelle’s look perfectly.

  • DeTrop

    I did not hear anyone declared the ‘winner’ last night. They only said the designer was going to Fashion Week and Stanley’s name came up first. About Stanley – after spending all that money on the sequined material, why didn’t he use it on the capelet for some oomph? His outfit was chic but boring and it must be hell to sit on that lining. Patricia got bad advice from Tim (not for the first time) and she was turned around through her lack of self-confidence. I think that’s why she’s always weeping. In high-def her top was pretty without that dreadful black scarf. All the colors showed through – the pinks the blues the oranges etc. Why did she pair it with black? Layana had the best idea of all, imo. Barcelona with its beautiful grill work could have been reflected brilliantly if she didn’t overwork that jacket. She should have made a column gown or dress and slipped the lace over it without all the black banding. What a missed opportunity. Daniel can kiss Amanda for keeping him from going OTT and making a very good design. Michelle, of course, is the best of the lot. As I mentioned elsewhere, maybe you have to be dark and narcissistic to get ahead in fashion. She is well on her way.

    • H3ff

      Maybe Stanley’s plan changed, since he bought 4 yards of the sequined fabric.

  • “Calvin Klein called”….love that! Thanks guys!

  • TLJezebel

    I swear, if I hear the word “textile” one more time, I’m gonna vomit!

    • paginatrix

      … and it’s always “my textiles.”

  • Paris! London! Berlin! I’d like to revisit each of these cities. I’ve never been to Barcelona (its airport doesn’t count). While the parameters of this challenge were broad, the designers’ scope of sightseeing/visiting was narrow. No wonder Patricia gravitated toward graffiti. She couldn’t enter the Louvre. (I prefer the Georges Pompidou museum. It houses much subversive, kinetic, even kitsch art. I wanted to live in that museum. Patricia would have felt right at home there.) The producers, of course, injected some poorly contrived drama in the fabric stores of abroad. No leather! It’s a small, local fabric store! How do I convert the money! Merde, I can’t speak French! Michelle was punished… or was she? She didn’t have to return to sewing jet-lagged, and Mood seemed like heaven (or so the producers wanted it perceived).

    Stanley: I don’t get the love for his entry. It consists of a long, black dress and a small-scale cape. What’s so refreshing about these pieces (singularly or in concert)? The zipper couldn’t have been clunkier. Why did he line the dress in sequins??? That’s one of the worst– if not THE worst– fabrics for lining. Who wants to feel sequins (or paillettes, whatever the hell he used) itch her thighs and legs?

    Daniel: I KNEW he couldn’t insert a zipper properly. That’s why he selected hooks-and-eyes for the placket or else belted the jackets (or “crossed one side of the opening over to the other”). His model could barely unzip this jacket. The judges have lauded Daniel’s tailoring skills, but his clothes don’t evince that. His tailoring is barely passable. This jacket is poorly cut, poorly fitted, and poorly zippered. The fragmented/fractured infrastructure he wanted to achieve with seaming didn’t turn out as good because the jacket’s so damn wrinkled.

    Michelle: Love-love-love! Yes, the charcoal-like shading wasn’t as discernible as she intended it to be, but this look is beautifully designed and perfectly executed. The quilted, reversible breastplate/harness attests to her kick-ass technical skills, and if one designer can produce such polished work in the allotted time, then the task is doable (and the same level of craftsmanship and ambition should be expected of the other contestants).

    Patricia: I liked how she mimicked paintings/collages by cutting, artfully crinkling, and superimposing textiles.

    Layana: While I liked the tessellations of the jacket, I would have used some apt closures for the jacket so as to best showcase all the detailing (the jacket’s sloppy in the front but clean in the back). Nix those sleeves. I don’t mind her being eliminated because her behavior is so infantile, but Nitwit Nina stated with some conviction that Layana’s strength resides (solely) in commercial clothing. Nope, not true. Look at what she accomplished for the unconventional materials challenge: a stunningly engineered cage-dress with interspersing flowers. How is that commercial? It’s not meant to be worn (it’s not sustainable), it’s meant to BE LOOKED AT. Yes, Nina, fashion IS PART ART.

  • I wonder what the ratings are since the show has gone downhill in quality.

  • Violina23

    What did the Bitter Kittens think of Nina’s comments about Fashion not being an art — that you don’t go to museums to look at clothes, etc. I thought she had a pretty good point, although I’m far from a fashionista (what little I know about fashion is from blogs like this, and the insightful comments from all of you!). I think clothing can obviously be artistic and make a statement, but it essentially HAS to be rooted SOMEWHAT in wearability, unless you are designing purely for Lady Gaga or Katy Perry types…

    • DeTrop

      Nina got caught up in her own vitriol. She was incensed that Heidi was for Patricia and made a statement I bet she wishes she could take back. Somewhere Andrew McQueen is spinning in his grave. Gaultier, Galliano et al must want to slap her. Fashion is art at its best. We have a better chance of wearing a designer frock than owning a Van Gogh or Picasso. It’s very rarely wearable but for heaven sakes, it’s art and it can be interpreted.

      • Violina23

        I had a feeling some would disagree with Nina’s assessment! I think you have a good point too. I guess it’s important to remember that there’s a big difference between the high-end fashion we see on runways and the kind of things that we see in the stores.

        But, would someone like McQueen continue to be successful and relevant if ALL he made was wacky over-the-top things that nobody could realistically wear? Can a career be sustained on just fantasy & art-for-the-sake-of-art? I think that’s more where Nina was coming from.

    • Linderella

      What a batshit crazy remark. Do you know when I finally “got” fashion? It’s when someone said to me (in response to my “no one would wear that!” complaint) and I quote: “Fashion is art.” I still remember going, “Oh! I get it now.”

  • Stanley: produced a chic and well-made look that imho little referenced London’s energy, culture, or history (unless you count the cape as a ref to Sherlock Holmes in which case, ok). For me I still have no idea of what his aesthetic is, albeit it’s a tasteful one. Sorry but his work is quite boring to me.

    Daniel & Michelle: the only two whose garments referenced their cities, were actual fashion, and well made. Maybe Dan’s white jacket isn’t for everyone but I can see many Berliners rocking the hell out of that look. Same for Michelle’s which was conceptual, subtle, and elegant. If she loses the competition I’ll be quite surprised.

    Layana: her garment looked like something a woman from the countryside would wear peeling potatoes. There was none of Barcelona’s energy, attitude, or COLOR! My God, how can you go to such a colorful city (including SEVERAL colorful Gaudi works) with that great cathedral which has amazingly colorful windows (what you saw on tv doesn’t do it justice) and only come up with that? Or the Ramblas? Or the Sea nearby? See ya Princess!

    Patricia: WTF?! All I could think of was garbage looking at her creation. There was nothing in there that said Paris, including the fact that a Parisienne would never wear such sloppily executed trousers with that trash top. The fact that she went to one of the world’s most beautiful cities and produced that crap proves she is a (good) textile maker, not a designer. Thank you Senora Garcia for calling her out on her “arts and crafts.” She def should’ve been out with Layana. She’s been wildly overrated for me the entire season and her spot should’ve been Kate’s.

    I know this was a bit long of a review. IMHO, none of them left can match the best this show’s had in the past and I don’t think any of them deserve the prize. Better luck with Season 12.

  • Theactualdiva

    Before I read any comments I went back and looked at Daniel’s, Patricia’s, and Layana’s porfolios. Over all I think the decision was okay. I wanted to see what Patricia would come up with and I personally think Daniel is a sweetheart. Layana would not have won the final, so why not see something interesting?

    IIRC, I’ve seen Heidi voted down before as to who went to the final…maybe it was her turn to get her way…

    Stanley’s looked like a Seventies’ prom dress. Yes, why didn’t he use the textured side for the cape?

    During the actual taping, they must have asked for Patricia to take that ridiculous scarf off the model (or they already knew from their notes). I’ll bet it looked hideous and they couldn’t show it because they would have been completely outed on shaping the show’s outcome. Loved her fabric today. She totally blew a chance to be the day’s winner.

    As someone else said, Layana blew a chance to make a sheath dress…maybe a stunning shade of deep aqua…overlaid with the lace, an then maybe a bolero jacket with a modern twist. Oh well.

    Liked Michelle’s a lot, except the smudging didn’t work.

    Nina screwed up when she said fashion is not art. What a dip.

  • kat89

    I know it was tough for Michelle to see at the time, but they really did do her a favor & give her an advantage by keeping her in NY. She got the entire $1000 USD, plus access to Mood, which has more fabric than any of the other stores did. The designers who went to Europe only got $763.77 value in Euros. The really ironic thing is that virtually all fabric these days is made in Asian countries. The stores in Paris, London & Berlin & Barcelona most likely sell the same fabrics that you can get in the US. Seriously – going all the way to Berlin for pleather? I honestly didn’t see any fabrics on that runway that you couldn’t find here.
    As for the garments themselves, I didn’t think Stanley’s was so great & I didn’t think Layana’s was so bad. Certainly not bad enough to be sent home over. Daniel’s was a huge show of growth for him, and Michelle, as usual did impeccable work. Patricia is actually more of a fabric artist than a clothing designer. Her fabric manipulations are more meant for galleries than a runway. Once she realizes that, she will have a great career ahead of her. All in all, I really don’t care who wins this thing. I find them all kind of annoying, but what irritates me the most is the amateurish way the producers manipulate the story and the judging. The judges have no credibility as far as I’m concerned. I wouldn’t believe a single thing any of them say about fashion anymore.

  • renad

    As punishing as she is, Nina rightly nailed it when she bit back at Heidi’s defense of Patricia’s outfit by saying, “And we’re going to see what walking down the runway, arts and crafts?” Patricia should have been auf-ed a long time ago. Her work is consistently ugly, and that includes the textiles.

    • The collective opinion of commenters to TLo’s posts from a month or so ago showing the (4 real and 4 decoy) collections walk the NY fashion week runway was that Patricia’s collection was terrible. You can’t miss it, total Arts and Crafts Horror.

  • Saucysusan

    I don’t often comment on this forum because basically you guys cover everything. But I am truly outraged by the shocking meanness toward Michelle. I only just began to watch the episode & Heidi is handing out the plane tickets & “punishing” Michelle. This is not compelling TV. It makes them look ridiculous & petty. I hope in the real world Michelle will be reconized for her talent. Project Runway has become a joke. Too bad.

    • renad

      I agree. Heidi said to her, “As you can see, we have no ticket for you. We thought we’d be sending someone home.” But what television network couldn’t score a last-minute ticket? Come on. That came off as totally nasty.

      • Yes! I was totally expecting someone to go to Milan. Since when is Berlin a fashion capital? So, why couldn’t they have scored a ticket for Michelle? It’s not like they ran out of places to send her.

      • H3ff

        That was total fucking bullshit. They couldn’t book a ticket for Michelle, yet booked ones for the other four designers, before the outcome of the challenge was known? UGH.
        Also, Daniel must have had to get a passport before the show, as he hadn’t been outside the US before.

      • sundaynightaddict

        Even if we assume that they couldn’t add another city last minute because of the logistics (I suspect they cleared the filming at the fabric stores in advance, etc.), they could have sent Michelle and Tu to one of the other four cities, and maybe let Stanley pick which of the four cities he wanted to go to as a reward for winning the last challenge or something.

      • CPK1

        I really had the feeling Tim was not happy with the way they did that. Everything he said seemed designed to make Michelle feel better rather than rub salt into the wound a la Heidi. He seems to have such a strong streak of empathy as well as being such an ethical person I cannot see him thinking that was OK.

  • Tracy_Flick

    I’m not sure how to say this without sounding like a condescending bitch or a cranky old lady. But here goes. It’s embarrassing to listen to them talk about architecture as an influence (translation: I saw a cool-looking building), or historical perspective (translation: Olden Days! Yay!). What are they teaching in schools these days?

    • Bwin51

      I enjoy references to things like water. Remember seasons ago when Leann won? She was from Portland. Loved her esthetic.

  • livinginlondon

    And where is the colour! I know black is sterotypically ‘fashion’, and heavily associated with Spain, but seriously what about a deep ochre yellow, cardinals robe scarlet, those vivid blues used by Mondarian? Some greens even? It’s like they were all deliberately kept away from any other part of the fabric stores by the PR people. And Patricia’s model-” I’m on national television looking like the Michelen Man. Goodbye Chanel, Balenciaga, Vionnet, Westwood…”

    • Stubenville

      I agree, but…I think the contestants are scared to use a color when “chic” is called for. Remember how Emilio was called out on All Stars for using an amber yellow with maroon trim? I also remember how in a prior season someone was utterly trashed for using brown. PR talks about finding the “next great fashion designer” yet in practice the judges penalize most contestants who stray outside the current commercial color palette.

  • Is not going to Europe really that much disadvantage? I mean, she had to work with a city she already knew, she didn’t have all the hassle and tiredness of flying long hours to go there and come back, she didn’t have any language barriers on shopping, she got the store with the most variety of fabrics of all of them and didn’t loose any money on conversion. I think that wasn’t really bad for Michelle in the end…

    • It wasn’t.. it was the gesture of basically slapping her in the face like she was a naughty girl and they were the adults. Either let her go or keep her, but don’t humiliate her.

  • The first thing that popped into my head when I saw Stanley’s was “Morticia Addams.”

    • Theactualdiva

      Bingo! lol, I knew it reminded me of something.

  • AutumnInNY

    Agree all around with you Tlo. It’s ridiculous what they put Michelle through. And Frau Heidi with that nasty tone of hers when they were handling out the location assignments! President of the Mean Girls club right there. This show is so over for me. They’ve made exceptions in the past to people less talented than Michelle. There is no reason they couldn’t have booked her a flight somewhere. Clearly they wanted to teach her a lesson for not listening to Nina as you say. Stupid and senseless on the producers part for a change.

    • BrooklynBomber

      See, I don’t understand what they put her through. They did what they’ve done a million times before: needed to winnow it down to 4 (or 3). The person they want to keep makes what they consider the losing outfit. They find a way to keep them in. That’s all. They were ready to auf her. They didn’t. She got to stay.

  • Saucysusan

    OK..another thing..I call bull crap on the judges (not anything new). ZP praises Patricia for innovation & says they don’t want to reward “chic banal”. How then, do they explain their Stanley love? That could & should be the name of his clothing line. Not that I think he’s bad..just so already done. I’m underwhelmed by all the designers this season..but Michelle is clearly the best.

  • CarolinLA

    I love that Zac Posen is not letting Nina get away with her crap this season. “Fashion is not art” is the most bullshitty thing ever said on this show and that says a LOT.

  • mskgb

    Mondo’s punishment for not altering styling decisions and thus pissing off the Season 8 judges was losing the finale. While the heavy-handed production of a “story” sucked for Michelle and confused the hell out of me (how was her “do or die moment” different than any other week?), she got a better deal.

    • BrooklynBomber

      This is what I was asking, too: what was “do or die”? All that happened is that she got to stay in the competition. Okay, she didn’t get to go to Europe for one day; big deal. SHE didn’t get auf’ed, and that’s all that matters.

  • CarolinLA

    I’ve looked at the finale collections several times and I still can’t figure out who designed each one. This group is still so foreign to me.

    • l_c_ann

      Check fabrics used in the collection #8 with fabrics shows in the introduction episode photos.

      Check the skirt line used in this episode by Michelle with several of the skirts in one of the finale collections. Also the quilting reappears.

    • #5 is Michelle – the skirt shapes, the leather, plus one garment that shows up on the preview…

  • CarolinLA

    I kept thinking that the producers were going to manipulate someone being profiled at the airport or put on the no-fly list. I wouldn’t put it past them.

  • CarolinLA

    Maybe Layana got knocked up on the plane.

    • l_c_ann

      PR’s version of snakes on a plane?

  • You nailed in on the head! PR just insults its audience. They treat us like we’re blind and have never looked at Vogue (because, really, does anyone read Marie Claire?). Michelle’s designs have been the most modern and interesting and I don’t blame her for being pissed off for being punished while Patricia’s Home Ec Wrecks get pushed through.

  • GorgeousThings

    So glad I didn’t bother to watch last night. I think I’ll just stop recording PR and spend my hour for the next two weeks watching “The Great British Sewing Bee”. Then I can come here and read what I (didn’t) missed.

  • Did anyone else see Patricia’s and immediately think of the Derelicte collection from Zoolander? I’ve been rooting for Patricia since the beginning and I’ve been totally let down. I was really hoping a fresh perspective would be showcased given the fact that Native American themes have become so hackneyed and cliché (Gretchen, forgodsake!). It’s been so disappointing.

  • demidaemon

    What I loved about this episode was Daniel and Michelle’s models. They really WERQED it!

  • jorinde

    Layana has obviously been to a Desigual store in Barcelona. They have coats like hers all year round.

  • Linderella

    My problem with Patricia’s look isn’t the textile or the shape or the design…it’s that everything looks unfinished! I’m sure she could somehow justify the unhemmed bottom of the jacket or that fact that the seams on the pants look like they forgot to turn them right side out as intentional artistic statements, but honestly it looks like she simply ran out of time and sent out half-sewn garments. Hideous!

    • Stubenville


  • EveEve

    Would have been so much cooler to send each to a different US National Park/Forest/Seashore for inspiration. Imagine the possibilities!

    • CozyCat

      Patricia would have made a textile out of sand and rocks.

  • See? Zac Posen does make some good points (“banal chic”)! Anyway, Daniel’s was ridiculous! I live in the Netherlands and have been to Germany many times.. no young girl would wear that.. it looks like some tacky 90’s crap, and those hooker boots, aaagh! I had my jaw dropped when they were heaping praise on it!

    • BrooklynBomber

      I agree; I’ve been to Berlin several times, and don’t see his look as being representative of anything. The mullet skirt is the big stretch for him, and I don’t think it’s all that thrilling.

  • adnama79

    $500 lining, huh, Stanley?

  • spinachleaf

    Strange how different incarnations of fashion can divide people. I thought Patricia’s look was interesting and had real depth – though it was badly let down by its structural failures. I definitely think that she is more than an ‘arts and crafts home-sewer’ – her avant garde piece, some weeks ago, was a superb echo of 80s Issey Miyake and the colours came straight from Picasso’s ‘Harlequin’ paintings. That said, I’m getting sick of her Sasheen Littlefeather schtick.

    Stanley for the win – but only if he stops being so classic, lean and spare which, after all, come across as so simple that they seem simple-minded. That said, he’s the Best Dressed Man on TV right now.

    • l_c_ann

      Points for the Sasheen Littlefeather flashback.

  • spinachleaf

    Good to see The Iron Nina at work too. In the past it has only been flashing glares and contemptuous eye-rollings. This time she spoke; short, sharp, direct and correct little judgements that must have been like being stabbed through the face a couple of times with a stiletto.

    • Stubenville

      It could also be the @&**($% editing earlier this season…

  • Best part of the episode: when Zac Posen looked at John Legend like he was lunch.

    Worst part: the rest of it.

  • I’ve hated Michelle all season because of her attitude, but wow she didn’t deserve that

  • Why did Stanley get the win? His look was dullsville. Actually, that combined with Patricia’s avant garde look and we could have costumed a 2013 movie of the Handmaid’s Tale.

    • Chartreusite

      Love it!

  • Guest

    Worth noting that Patricia has gotten steadily worse since being on her own without a team to sort of edit her, or at least add a few more restrictions. All her interesting stuff was early on. After last week where that piece of crap was on and Michelle who did something that would sell in an instant was punished, I just can’t do it anymore. I’m auf

  • BrooklynBomber

    I dunno…..

    I don’t see Berlin in Daniel’s look at all. I could see Patricia’s as Berlin (the muddying of muted colors, the graffiti on the Berlin Wall), but I can also see Paris in the shape of her jacket (the cinched waist and exaggerated sleeves as referencing the New Look, the neck treatment–which I don’t like–referencing the many Parisian scarf looks). I guess Layana’s sleeves reference flamenco, but they look terrible. I don’t see how Stanley’s references London at all (oh, yeah: Sherlock Holmes’ cape; uh huh). Michelle’s isn’t perfect, but it was the most “fashion forward” thing on the runway. But the term “fashion forward” is no longer heard on PR, which over time has shifted to “fashion safe,” “fashion well-sewn and perfectly fitted,” “fashion non-threatening,””fashion looks expensive” — almost anything but “fashion forward.”

  • Mia

    Tom and Lorenzo – Re: your comment about Stanley’s design that “Calvin Klein called and he sounded pissed.” – Please note his designs must be pretty damn good if your referencing a designer like Calvin Klein in your comment in any way- did the art and crafts store call Patricia lol- and did the dry cleaners call Michelle to get her cashmere clean after the dirty painting lol – Sorry but Stanley is the best designer hands down..

    • Laylalola

      I’m not a fan of Stanley’s — I don’t understand how he went to London and turned out a dull black dress with all the big-money fabric hidden away as lining. If I didn’t know I’d guess the thing cost maybe $150 at a department store. (I also really didn’t like the outfit he made that won the week earlier — but I don’t recall it being a t-shirt and pants. I thought it was some very strange jacket with a skirt or pseudo-skirt/skirtdress or something, all of which also looked strangely cheap.)

      • Mia

        Your entitled to your opinion, but I agree with the judges..if it looked like a $150 dress Nina and the others would have shit canned it and that simply was far from the case..

      • zelavie

        I’m totally with you. His outfit didn’t represent that budget AT ALL. And just because we didn’t hear the judges mention it doesn’t mean anything. (A) They could have harped on that for half an hour and it got cut in editing or (B) That criticism wasn’t in the script that the producers wrote. He’s obviously one of their pets for the season, and we all know that they don’t give proper critiques for their pets (see: Anthony Ryan in All Stars, Anya, etc).

    • Chartreusite

      Their criticism is that it’s not original or exciting. With that logic, Layana’s design last week was exceptional because it was highly referential of Versace. In a design competition, with the endgame of building up a name for oneself as the next fashion designer, it doesn’t behoove a contestant to be associated with a designer that came before them.

      • Mia

        I think that may have been a contradiction- lol! You referenced a designer as they did- !

        • Chartreusite

          ? Versace is a fairly successful and widely-known fashion house on a similar level with Calvin Klein; how is that a contradiction?

          • Mia

            Ill plead the fifth- the fact u gave a reference to Versace and she got tanked- that’s awesome. Right there- I don’t think the judges know everything, but darling there ain’t no Versace there lol – most people would where simple versus that coat lol!

          • Chartreusite

            Did you read their last PR coverage for the Marie Clare challenge?? They were the ones who brought up Versace, not me. And there was no coat in her design last week, which was heavily praised by the judges.

        • In all your lolling, you seem to have misplaced your point.

  • GTrain

    If this were real life I would feel badly for Michelle but when you sign up for a ridiculously scripted reality show then you have to live with the ridiculous script.

  • Am i the only one whole loved Layana’s cuffs? I mean — I would wear that.

  • JJ

    I can’t help but wonder if Michelle has a passport. Maybe the producers decided to manipulate some drama since they knew Michelle would be unable to go to Europe.

    • zelavie

      She acknowledged in the intro that she’s been out of the country. I don’t remember what was said, but I assumed she’d been to Europe. Also, I doubt she’d have been that disappointed/pissed if she knew she was unable to travel.

  • ccm800

    I am with Klum one hundred percent on Patricia. I want to see her collection and Michelle and Layana – who is a throw in for me because I think she and Daniel have relied far to much on the people they work with for design and technical prowess. I want to see Patricia’s collection more than anyone – and Michelle will win (though I loather her constant negativity about everyone). Such a dull year. I do not miss the Josh’s of season’s past but this one has been a real yawn. Not since Irina and Althea’s season has there been one so dull. Also I don’t LIKE any of these people…maybe Patricia a little -she seems to have some authentic depth to her, the rest are just flatliners.

  • I enjoy it when a designer is a little creative when getting dressed. Some of the men wear colorful jackets. I love bow ties on men. I’m thinking about past seasons, too. I appreciate Michelle when she comes to the runway show with a hat or one of the accessories that she gave her model.

  • Jonnyf8

    When Nina said “fashion isn’t art it’s commerce” I gasped. Who is she!!! Shows how much Marie Claire is running the show here.

  • I actually thought Michelle was wildly overdramatic with her “boo hoo me – i’m only in New York” – you’re still in freakin New York you whiner!!!!

  • kikisayshi

    Michelle had the disadvantage (or did she really, because the others couldn’t find the fabrics they wanted in Europe) and still came out with the best garment hands down. Stanley’s was bo-RING, even with the sparkly lining. Layana’s coat looked so nice on the dress form, so I don’t know if it was the styling or what but I did not like it at all on the runway. I do see Patricia’s point of view from the “gritty” streets of Paris, I just think she could have elaborated on that a little more – if you’re gonna do it, go all the way. By the way, what’s the obsession Heidi has with Patricia? Seems like that’s the only reason she hasn’t been booted so far. I think Ms. Heidi always gets what she wants.

  • Grant Feldman

    Who agrees with me that Michelle has the best runway model by far?? That girl is the best of the season and, possibly, of the past several seasons.

  • Just a second guys, only Stanley got told he was going to fashion week, everyone else got told they were designing a collection and coming back. ITYF that only 3 are going to show as a ‘twist’.