Pairs Division: DeGeneres and de Rossi

Posted on April 30, 2013

So? Who’s excited for the return of Arrested Development?



Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi attend the premiere of Netflix’s ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4 in Hollywood, California.

They’re so cute together. From the left:

SHE: Really put the effort in this time, we have to say. We wonder if wifey had a little something to do with that. We’ll never really like her tendency to wear boxy jackets unbuttoned like that. It gives her no shape at all and actually makes her look quite a bit larger than she is. On the other hand, the striped sweater is a nice touch, the pants fit correctly, and we really like the shoes. But that jacket’s got to go. Those big white buttons look so cheap. Score: 7.5/10, which is very, very good for her.

SHE: Is rocking the shit out of that hair, which we love. In fact, we love it so much that we don’t even mind the dress, which manages to be both boring and a little tacky at the same time. We’re afraid history is not going to be kind to this period of ladystars exposing random strips of skin under their arms, at the side of their boobs, or just above their hips. It’s such an unflattering place for a cutout. She’s got a rockin’ bod, but this does absolutely nothing for her. If we didn’t love the TinTin hair so much we’d be scoring her in the negative. Score: 4/10.

Combined Score: 5.75/10. It’s a sad, sad day for Miss Portia when her wife manages to score almost twice as high as her on the style scale.



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  • JasmineAM

    Can’t with that Something About Mary Hair.

    • Thank you. Perfect description. I cannot abide that hair.

      Ellen is so much cuter than the fit of that jacket and sweater. It makes her look matronly, which she is decidedly not.

    • capybara_cafe

      I was literally just about to make the exact same comment. It totally looks like spooge-gel hair.

      • I literally (real ‘literally’, not 15 year old girl ‘literally’) just choked on my beer after reading that. It terrified my cat.

        Is it possible to both like her hair and agree with you?

        • capybara_cafe

          Sorry kitty! And yes, I think so.

  • What is it with all these “not friendly for computer monitors” prints these days?

  • Janet B

    She is large busted, I don’t think that jacket buttoned up would do her any favors at all.

    • She’s really not, though. I think the stripes are giving her the illusion of being larger chested than she really is. Though, the right jacket should fit properly, no matter what the bust size.

      • Tatiana Luján

        Actually, against common belief, horizontal stripes make people look slimmer.

        • jasmine

          strongly disagree lol. just no

  • aeb1986

    Yeah, I can’t get on board with Portia’s hair. But I’ll let it slide because I am SOOO excited for the return of the Bluths and Funkes!

  • hughman

    I can’t tell if those are Portia’s ribs or a ripple in the fabric but yikes.

    • It’s the fabric. Looks a little cheap to me.

  • I kind of like Portia’s dress. She does cut a great figure. Maybe a smaller cut out, shorter skirt and sleeveless?

    • Carly Warnock

      I like the dress too!!

    • capybara_cafe

      You’re right, shorter and sleeveless would do wonders for it.

  • Portia’s face looks weird. Like too much Botox or something.
    Ellen looks fantastic, except for the jacket. I really like this look on her.

    • Minus the jacket and the shoes for me, and yeah, Portia’s face is looking a little strange there.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Those eyebrows, constantly surprised!

  • butterflysunita

    Portia: neither the hair nor the dress are working for me. Ellen looks great.

  • Yep, Ellen is doing the heavy lifting this time. I HATE Portia’s dress.

  • another_laura

    Oh boy, I do not like the cutouts on that dress. And without them it’s a total snooze. Miss Ellen likes her boxy comfortable clothes but she has got to go get some more tailoring. oy.

  • JimMcC

    See, I’d score Portia slightly higher–do love the hair, and that dress might not be bad if it didn’t have the sheer nonsense. But I’d take Ellen down a peg or two–I hate the shoes, flat out. And besides the boxiness of the suit, the sweater reads a shade too casual for me. I’d prefer either a button down or a non-collared, no button sweater.

    So I’d give them a collective 6 for clothes (both pretty meh). But they still rank a 10 on the general adorableness scale.

    Also, it would appear that Portia isn’t going the route of too many actresses her age and going Botox-crazy, and I think that’s wonderful. She’s a stunningly beautiful woman, and you can tell that age is happening. Like age does. I’m worried about this sounding snarky, which I don’t intend: what I’m saying is this: she looks like she hasn’t had work done, and sure she’s blessed with brilliant genes already, but I still find that wonderfully refreshing!

    • lizlemonglasses

      I was thinking the opposite. It looks like she’s had her brows tugged waaay up to me. Either way, you’re right, she is beautiful.

      • MilaXX

        I think the brows are a case of bad makeup, so I would give them a plus for minimal injectables

        • mountainFashionista

          Wow, perception is amazing. I think her face looks really, really stiff — more than injectable stiff. Almost unrecognizably stiff.

          Sad, since I love Portia so.

          • MilaXX

            I think her face looks off but it looks more like bad makeup to me. Of course Hollywood being what it is, anything is possible.

          • I was thinking she looks like she might have facelift face. As with all things internet, the extent to which I feel catty about that is directly proportional to how much I like her, and since I think she’s great (and love her on Arrested Development), I’m inclined to be forgiving. But even my love for her and her work does not allow me to forgive that dress.

    • Griffinqueen

      Really? Her eyes are different shapes and sizes.I think she’s had a little tinkering of some sort.

  • Many a man in Hollywood (or even the planet) could learn a thing or two about the hemming of pants from Ellen’s current outfit. Nicely done, Miss Lady.

    • RedRaven617

      I was thinking the exact same thing. Her suits/slacks always look perfectly tailored.

    • As could Stella McCartney.

  • flamingoNW

    I hate the cut-outs in that dress, but would still hate the dress even if it didn’t have them. Do not like.

  • librarygrrl64

    Ellen has such am amazing figure. She could get away with clothes that are a lot more body-conscious. But I understand that’s just not her style.

  • MilaXX

    I dunno, Portia’s been a bit of a fail on the RC for a minute now. This is the first time I have liked her new hair cut. I also don’t mind the white buttons on Ellen. It’s a summery suit so I think the buttons work.

  • jw_ny

    I think it’s best that Ellen does leave the boxy jacket open…it allows the eye to see inside and see that she does have more of a shape. I like the stripe of the shirt, but dislike the collar…looks too casual, like a polo shirt.

    Portia..rocking it! A bit more color on either the eyes or the lip, perhaps, would have been nice. I can’t help but think “something about mary” with that hair flip…although I really like it on her.

    • MilaXX

      I think Portia’s makeup is just plain bad.The brow color is off and the shape is a bit severe

      • jw_ny

        you’re right…those brows are odd…especially the shape. They look drawn on, and if you look at each pic, they don’t move. botox 😉

        • MilaXX

          most makeup artist fill in the brows. They look better when you are wearing a full face of makeup. The trick is to keep them natural looking as possible. These are poorly done both in shape and color.

  • formerlyAnon

    Overall, these are dull pictures of two very attractive women. It’s almost as if they went in and said “make it look like we’re dressed up, but we really don’t want anyone to keep looking at us for long.” Who cares, though? I don’t know much about Ms. de Rossi, and Ms. DeGeneres has so much likability cred in the bank with me, that I’ll get on board with that “we’re going to schlep through middle age together” vibe.

    ETA: I didn’t score them because I couldn’t bear to give them the snoozy scores I think they deserve.

  • MilaXX

    Forgot to add I am extremely excited about the return of Arrested Development.

    • Sarah


  • Not my favorite of Ellen’s suits, she’s done it better. I really am not loving what Portia has going on. The hair is not my bag and the dress should be burned. But really, I love them both, so let’s just move along.

  • Portia’s dress is Miley Cyrus-level tacky. Wait. Are they copying each other’s look?

    • ballerinawithagun

      I was just about to say that! I think Miley is Portia’s love child from way back.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    Re: Portia’s dress and to paraphrase from the incomparable Lucille:

    “…Sometimes good taste is the best defence.”

  • MoHub

    You do realize that Ellen wears men’s jackets.That’s why they fit like that.

    • She’d be much better off if she would wear androgynous clothes cut for a woman. At least she’s not wearing some schmatta around her neck like she usually does.

    • You really thought we needed that pointed out for us?

    • That’s a woman’s jacket she’s wearing. You can tell by the shape, length, and seaming. It’s just a woman’s jacket that doesn’t fit her very well and that she insists on leaving unbuttoned.

      • MoHub

        All Ellen’s shirts and jackets button left over right; women’s clothing buttons right over left.

        • Yes, but it’s cut like a woman’s jacket. The placement of the buttons doesn’t really matter.

          • Corsetmaker

            To be honest it reminds me of a school blazer. I wonder if she’s shopping in the boys department! It would explain the boxiness, shortness of the jacket and the fact the buttons are on the male side. It would give her the right sleeve length etc.

          • I don’t think it’s possible for a little boys suit jacket to fit on a woman in her 50s with boobs. I suspect she buys menswear and then has it fitted and cut to her liking (shoulders fitted, sleeves hemmed and narrowed, at-the-hip hem) with details like the white buttons added.

          • Corsetmaker

            Yeah, probably. But then I wasn’t thinking ‘little’ boys, so much as older boys. I’m not familiar with US teen sizing but I assume there’s high end smart clothing for reasonably well grown boys. I have female friends that can wear kids/teen clothes (mostly as they’re cheaper!) so not a huge leap. However just looked it up and she’s taller than I thought she was. Just an idea though.

  • I don’t know. To me, Ellen looks blah as always and Portia looks unstable as always. They are both lovely women with horrible styles.

    I am SUPER excited about Arrested coming back but also worried because it could so easily be a disaster!! *breathes into paper bag*

  • scrappy1

    Maybe Ellen prefers her jackets boxy — it’s certainly consistent with her boyish chic. I mean, are we saying that we want her to have a nipped-in waist that would make her figure more of an hourglass? If so, I’m worried we’ve strayed from fashion critique into gender policing.

    The white buttons are terrible, though.

    • We talk about fit and shape in practically every single red carpet post. Should we pretend not to notice that Ellen’s jacket doesn’t fit or flatter her because she’s a lesbian? Because you know what that is? Condescending.

    • Are we saying that a simple point about buttoning a jacket and wearing one that fits well suddenly becomes “gender policing” when it’s said about a lesbian? Because speaking as two gay people writing about two gay people (and I’m gonna go out on a limb and say you’re not gay), we would find that sentiment to be somewhat offensively condescending.

      • scrappy1

        Oh, chill out. I didn’t draft a manifesto; I posed a couple of questions. You said, “We’ll never really like her tendency to wear boxy jackets unbuttoned like that. It gives her no shape at all . . .” Well, it does give her a shape. It gives her a boxy shape, and it’s possible that’s by design. As far as I can tell, except for the fact that it’s not tailored at the waist, it DOES fit well — e.g., through the sleeves and the shoulders. I am asking: what does it mean for a woman to wear a jacket that “gives her a shape” if not to give her an hourglass shape? And by the way: I find your assumption that I’m not gay somewhat offensively condescending.

        • Honey, you don’t get to call a simple, standard red carpet critique “gender policing” and then tell someone else to chill out.

          And I figured out you weren’t gay by reading other comments you made.

          • scrappy1

            That’s the thing. I DIDN’T call out a standard red carpet critique for gender policing. I said, “If X, then I’m worried that Y.” It’s not exactly bomb-throwing.

            If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

          • Yes, it sure does sound like you’re just asking a simple question.

          • scrappy1

            I didn’t say I was just asking a simple question. It’s a pointed question, and somewhat critical, but genuine. It’s not some kind of wholesale indictment of your gender politics, and it certainly doesn’t warrant the kind of hostility and personal attack that it’s been met with.

            My point is that the relationship between fashion/beauty and gender is complicated and sometimes problematic. It struck me that this might be an instance of that. But it’s a far cry from that fairly prosaic observation to “saying that a simple point about buttoning a jacket and wearing one that fits well suddenly becomes ‘gender policing’ when it’s said about a lesbian.” I see how you made the leap, but that’s not what I was getting at.

            But if you’re determined to assume that I’m operating in bad faith, there’s nothing I can say that will make any difference. So it goes.

          • The fact that you think our response to you was an “attack,” the fact that you keep going on and on about “wholesale indictment of your philosophy” and “manifestos” and “gender policing;” the fact that you hear “fitted jacket” and think “hourglass figure” has told us that you jump to wild conclusions, use inflammatory language like “gender policing” and then get REALLY bent out of shape when someone questions you on it.

            Do you understand that all the anger and frustration your feeling with us right now for being flippant with you and not answering your question was done by DESIGN? Do you now understand what it feels like when a stranger is “just wondering” if you’re gender policing or “just wondering” if you’re a homophobe or “just wondering” if you hate women after having made fairly innocuous comments? When you throw a term like “gender policing” out at someone, it’s WAY too loaded for you to claim you’re just asking questions – and you know that.

            You can go through our posts for menswear and find us making the exact same recommendations to them: button your jacket and don’t wear such boxy suits.

    • Corsetmaker

      It has nothing to do with gender. You wouldn’t expect a man with a belly to look good in a slim cut suit, or a tall man to look good in too short a jacket. She could wear something that flattered her shape without emphasising it or it being feminine in style. A boxy, man’s jacket is doing her no favours.

      • scrappy1

        “She could wear something that flattered her shape without emphasising it.” What would that look like? I’m seriously asking. Are we just talking about a jacket with a slimmer cut but not a nipped-in waist?

        • It’s amazing how respectful and non-accusatory you become when having exactly the same conversation with someone who isn’t us.

          I wonder if it’s because you’re a homophobe? Just asking some pointed questions, is all!

        • Corsetmaker

          To answer briefly – some fit and shaping is miles away from a nipped in waist (trust me, I know nipped in waists!). A good tailor should be able to flatter and conceal. Should be able to cut a jacket that gives her some shape without overplaying her female attributes. They cut a coat to camouflage a belly or build up shoulders all the time, what’s the difference?

  • alyce1213

    Portia’s doing something to her face — injections, I don’t know. She looks awful and stiff.
    I like what Ellen’s wearing, not Portia,

  • e jerry powell

    I’m so blown away by Ellen’s shoes!

  • Imasewsure

    Our girl Ellen is much improved… wish she would show RDJr how to look youthful like this without looking foolish (him foolish; her fine)… he wouldn’t get it, but it would be a nice PSA if she tried

  • rainwood1

    Not with you on Portia’s hair, T Lo. The dress isn’t great, but it’s better than that wave cresting on her head.

  • You are right that Ellen looks really cute and like she put some effort in. But who uses white buttons on their jackets? Dress barn. It’s cute though. Portia, well, you guys are more tolerant than me. I hate the dress. It looks so cheap. The hair is cute and I will even accept the plastic surgery/botox od thing but why with the eyebrows? They aren’t supposed to start that far past the innner corner of your eye. Look at them. They are longer than her hair! They need to carry their own purse.

  • AmeliaEve

    The main thing to me is that they look so happy to be together. It’s something I also love about seeing Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt together. Looking like you are in love enhances any outfit.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Love them, hate everything they’re wearing.

  • frannyprof

    Agree with you boys about everything except the hair. I can’t.

  • Stubenville

    Not in love with Ellen’s look. Hey girl – give Tilda Swinton a call – ‘kay? Hate Portia’s dress and WTF has she done to her eyebrows?

  • MmmmmmmmK

    I adore Portia. She can wear anything she wants and it’s ok by me.

  • Anniebet

    I love that these two are so comfortable in the public eye and have done such great things for the LGBT community, especially Ellen, who looks tres cute here.

    But, goodness, Portia now doesn’t look much like the Portia of a few years ago. She’s supposed to be 15 years or so younger than Ellen but looks more like her contemporary. Anyway, I’m not minding the dress so much, but don’t care for the hair. Miley Cyrus comes to mind.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Their clothes look cheap and shiny. Why is this?

  • quiltrx

    I still don’t understand what happened with Portia’s face. She used to be so beautiful…and now, well, she looks like someone who had a bad accident. It’s baffling.
    And Ellen looks pretty cute.

  • pookiesmom


  • Damien W

    Did you leave your Preference on too long? Have you EVER given a 7.5 to someone wearing shoes like that? But the striped sweater does indeed save the look. Just don’t look down.

    I don’t mind the shape of the dress, but the cutout is odd. I wish we had a rear view to see where it all ends up. Plus, it’s for a comedy premiere, so maybe the rules should be relaxed a little in terms of dressing “offbeat”.

  • Thathoodwink

    I don’t think Ellen cares about outfits not giving her a shape…..or she wouldn’t be wearing suits all the time.

  • bellafigura1

    Hmn, respectfully, totally nope on Ellen. I usually love her clothes, she likes twisted menswear (Helmut Lang, Paul Smith, etc) but the striped polo under this sharkskin suit is too Casino for me. And yeah, her shoes are ridic, she knows better. Finally, she looks stressed out, which is rare for her.

  • I will have to say that I disagree about Portia’s hair. I hate it. It’s the nail in the coffin with this look. That and the odd angle her head is at in every shot.

  • Corsetmaker

    Ellen is never going to get a jacket that fits better when she persists in wearing menswear. She needs to find a tailor that will cut her something similarly styled but fitted to her shape. A man’s jacket is never going to fit her.

  • shelley514

    Portia di Rossi used to be quite pretty. IDK what has happened, but I think she intentionally tries to look as strange as possible. Ellen looks like a dude; I guess that’s what she was going for though.

  • Tuneful54

    Love the suit on Ellen, but the top is wrong. It makes her look like a 4th-grade boy having his school picture taken. Ditto for the shoes. Portia looks like his mommy sending him off before she heads to some black-tie event.
    Also do not like the matchy nude makeup and hair on both. Heck, they should just take it all the way and dress as twins.

  • Beardslee

    I don’t like that old man polo sweater Ellen is wearing.

  • Butch curse. A fitted jacket emphasizes a female shape (which a butch doesn’t want to do), and a boxy jacket makes you look bigger. My fiance has the same problem. It’s why a lot of butches skip the jacket entirely and wear a vest with slacks for their formal look.

  • julnyes

    Love Ellen, So happy to see Arrested Development coming back… but both their looks are problematic to me (Portia more so than Ellen)

  • rkdgal

    I’m guessing that my avatar makes it very clear how excited I am for the return of AD!!!

  • Trisha26

    Def not the best dress for Portia, and I can’t get on board with the “There’s Something About Mary” hair. Love Ellen, but not the golf shirt. Disappointing.

  • lobsterlen

    When did Portia morph into Bridgette Nielsen?

  • guest2visits

    As far as cutouts go; this was a tiny bit better than most – but the dress doesn’t need them.
    Boxy jackets don’t flatter anyone, but this is a nice material.

  • xmixiex

    a bit harsh on Portia!

  • ccm800