Olivia Munn in Beverly Hills

Posted on April 05, 2013

You guys, Olivia Munn just got back from her time-travel trip to tape an episode of Laugh-In in 1971, and now she’s dazed and confused, wandering the streets of Beverly Hills! Someone help her!

Olivia Munn out and about in Beverly Hills in a Lovers + Friends crisscross back strap dress.

Lovers + Friends Kitty Cat Dress

This is outrageously cute, we have to say. Then again, we’re pretty much 100% likely to love something called a “Kitty Cat Dress.”

This is for the lady who gets up one morning and says, “I just want to be cool and comfortable today, but I’d also like it if everyone was looking at me at all times.” We love it. It’s the most interesting thing we’ve ever seen her wear, no lie.

We predict Megan Draper will wear something very similar to this in the coming season of Mad Men.


[Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews, loversandfriends.us]

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  • Sobaika

    I can not wait for warmer weather. All the brightly printed caftans, tunics, and maxi dresses shall be mine. ALL of them!!!

    I probably won’t look this cute, though. I developed a real soft spot for Olivia Munn after she debuted as the only good part of The Newsroom.

    • Judy_S

      I like her in The Newsroom, too. I forgive her for not being a fashion star–though I understand that is irrelevant when critiquing her fashionableness.

  • I have a special place in my heart for maxi dresses. This is adorbs.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Oh, good lord. How is it possible this looks so bad?

  • RMJ

    I like it, especially the back, but I wish it were a little better fitted around the waist. I don’t wish sweaty underboob on her or anything, but it’s losing her shape a bit.

    • Mistie Holler

      “I wish sweaty underboob on you”. Yep, I’m going to store that away as a curse I’ll utter when I’m an old lady and can get away with saying mad shit for almost no reason.

  • YAAS ma’am! I live in warm weather year-round. This is vibrancy and chic at its near finest, and I’m here for every inch of it.

    Kitty Cat Dress, meet my shopping cart. <3

  • clatie

    It’s a very cute dress. BUT she looks demented walking down the street in it. Poolside only, dear.

    • MilaXX

      maxi dresses like this are exactly what people are wearing everywhere, not just poolside.

      • clatie

        I, being an earthling too, see people wearing maxi dresses that don’t look demented. This particular one reads poolside to me – perhaps it’s the extra volume and/or the color scheme. I don’t know.

      • ^^Agreed.

  • MilaXX

    I like it but it looks like her boobs need a bit more support. A halter bra would have done wonders.

    • FrayedMachine

      She probably chose to not wear once since the back is so open. Unfortunately any form of strapless bra still has the band that can be seen in the back. I don’t mind the lack of support. My biggest complaint is that the waist seems a wee-bit too high in the front, but it’s still a cute look.

      • MilaXX

        Halter bra, not strapless. A halter bra goes around the waist and the strap is around the neck. If she had the proper bra the waist wouldn’t be a off like that.

        • BazoDee

          But this isn’t a halter dress – the part of the strap that goes around the neck would show.

          • MilaXX

            Just looked again. You’re right, a halter like that wouldn’t work. However she still needs a bra and there are bras that would work with this dress.

        • FrayedMachine

          The problem with bras that don’t have bands around the back is that they offer very little support unless you’re incredibly petite (which if I remember correctly, Munn is -not- petite) and don’t need much support to begin with. Things like “halter bras” or “bandless bras” are very rarely effective in providing you support if you’re above a C or D cup.

          • MilaXX

            I question that. I agree the bandless are not for us fuller cup sizes, but I have a halter bra that works pretty well. I have also seen something called a butterfly bra that I am thinking of purchasing for the summer. She could even have worn a long line backless bra although I doubt she would want to wear something like that with such a casual dress.

          • FrayedMachine

            As a rather busty girl, I’ve never had success in bandless bra that was actually effective in providing as much support as a bra with a band. But you must be pretty lucky since I don’t know any other busty girl that could ever say such a thing, and that includes my time of working as a bra fitter and working in various bra fitting stores.

  • dickylarue

    Mrs. Roper! As I live & breathe!

  • Rand Ortega

    Very Joanne Worley. Love this look. The back is fantastic.

  • It looks like it came from Goodwill. Especially the gross, gathered back. Blech.

    • capybara_cafe

      YES! You’re right. I knew there was something bugging me about it. It totally looks like one of those dresses I run in to when I’m scavenging for fabric. The one that my hand hits, and I recoil like I just touched something slimy, and go “ew”, and shove it away.

  • I don’t find this cute. I think all the elements of the pattern are pointing in a chevron to her crotch when she walks and it is very embiggening.

  • This is for the lady who gets up one morning and says, “I just want to
    be cool and comfortable today, but I’d also like it if everyone was
    looking at me at all times.”

    That is brilliant, although I don’t agree (I think she looks ridiculous).

  • rloliveira

    I think it’s incredibly unflattering. The waist looks as if it doesn’t do her any favors. I’m a nay.

    • I agree, I think it’s ridiculously ugly and doesn’t do her any favours.

      • drdarke

        You know, my Mom dressed like that when she weighed 300 lbs…..

    • Meg0GayGuys6

      I agree but I think the fact that the person behind her is wearing all red makes her look wide. It’s hard to tell if it’s her or the woman behind her.

  • victoria rodeno

    I absolutely love this dress and was wondering, all day yesterday, who made it. May have to order it

  • Ok, so some lady stars need purses the size of a Volkswagon Beetle to tote around, but Olivia here can walk the streets with what appears to be only a phone.
    I like the idea of a bright, breezy dress, but I’m not in love with this particular attempt. Still, it’s better than she usually looks.

  • StellaZafella

    This whole look says: “[email protected] y’all, ah’m dressed for warm weather and ah’m not hidin’! Take pictures if ya wanna but stay over there.

  • AlexisPayne

    This is a great SoCal dress, as a Cali girl I love my maxi dresses and messy buns during the summer.

    Questions. Where is her purse? Did she step out of a store to do a quick walk and repeat for the paps in hopes of spending the rest of the afternoon peace? Seriously, where are her bags?

    • RebeccaKW

      That was my first thought. No keys, no wallet, just a phone and piece of paper?

  • Wellworn

    If I were still living in LA, this is one where I would look up to see if it was a celeb. Because it is attention getting. The shape is cute but the pattern placement and busyness distracts in a bad way.

  • Qitkat

    I absolutely love this! The back straps are especially cool.
    But *Kitty Cat Dress* ? I guess it’s a rule that all designer clothing has a catchy name.

    • conniemd

      Yeah. I kept looking for the kitties on the dress. The pattern is so psychadelic. It reminds me of maxi dress skirts I had in the early 70’s in college.

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      When I had a shop people expected every hat to have a name – especially magazines; when they used something they liked to be able to refer to it by name. I always hated it and would say “oh, you mean the boater hat?” until finally I turned the job over to my assistant, who could say , without blanching”oh, you’d like to see the “Spring Fling”. I don’t know why, but it always seemed somehow presumptuous to me.

      • Mistie Holler

        Hat Namer. That would be such a fun job! I’d give them stupid names just so that the magazines would have to print them.

        • VictoriaDiNardo

          Damn! Why didn’t I think of that at the time! “Yes, Vogue, that hat is the “Anna’s Crooked Bob”! Opportunity missed….

  • flamingoNW

    not sure I’d call those shoes comfortable but otherwise, very So Cal chic.

  • I love this. Cute, breezy and chic.

  • Indigo54

    Looks like she’s got a lot on her mind. I think the dress is ugly, especially from the front. She looks so thick in the middle.

    • MoHub

      Part of that is because she has yet to wear a proper bra, so everything tends to travel south. And even with the back on that dress, there are a number of bra styles that dress would accommodate.

  • It’s cute. I need something like this for my wardrobe when the summer temps hit “WTF.”

  • OMG that dress is evenly reasonably priced, like I could buy it if I could wear red which I can’t because I’m a ginger and I just look like a giant lobster and it’s not fun for anyone involved.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    Love the dress on the model, but not on Ms. Munn. The girls need some support, lovely, they are kind of just wandering around out there on their own without any guidance.

  • disqus_EvFeZwy0Pg

    she needs a backless bra and waist taken in. looks very frumpy in the front. the back looks great though.

  • H2olovngrl

    I think this is a cute summer look for sure, but it is still a bit chilly in my neck of the woods (SoCal) for that kind of dressing. She and Gwyneth look a little nuts to my eyes.

  • It looks comfortable but it’s making her hips look wide and her waist disappear. It looks better from the back

    Don’t they make those stick-on bra things specifically to wear under dresses like this? She needs some.

  • raininmai

    Am I the only one who saw this dress from a distance and thought she was wearing chaps? I was glad to see on closer examination that wasn’t the case. 🙂

  • LauraWL

    Like this times a million. Only wish one could wear this with a bra or I’d be putting this in my shopping bag.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    The top of the dress is uber cute but there’s so. much. fabric on the bottom. A Maxi is not supposed to be a circus tent.

  • Her tits look low.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I think the dress is a size too big for her, so the waist lookd unflattering and the boobs look droopy.

  • formerlyAnon

    I like this on her, but even more so, I LOVE that this is now in the realm of fashion possibilities.

    I disagree with everyone talking about needing to take it in or go down a size in the waist and below – if she were a big girl worried about looking bigger, maybe so. But she’s thin and looks it and for me, at least, the billowy fullness is part of the look.

  • capybara_cafe

    I hate this dress, and still cannot understand how she is someone the paparazzi want pics of. Also, this dress is making me want a Twinkie.

  • BrightsideSusan

    We did wear this sort of thing back in the day and we didn’t worry about what kind of bra to wear – we just didn’t wear bras! Now my perky daughters won’t buy things without agonizing over whether they can wear a bra. Geez.

  • i dont love the colours here, but overall shes still looks very cute.

  • PeaceBang

    Scrolldown fug. WAY too much skirt.

  • nannypoo

    Layana’s entry for the Luau challenge.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    I love it. And I will stand alone in my thought that this would look pretty cute as a jumpsuit, as well.

    • Mistie Holler

      I will share that thought, however I have to qualify it by adding ‘…but not on me’.

  • I’d love it a lot more if it didn’t fit so awkwardly.

  • guest2visits

    This really is one of the best looks for her, ever… very pretty. A tiny bit long.
    A woman walking down the street without a bag or a purse is very disconcerting….. feels strange.

  • Sorry …this is anything but cute! It’s loud, unflattering, dumpy and just as common as can be!

  • Imasewsure

    I’m surprised so many kittens think this is unflattering. I think this is fantastic. Interesting, comfortable and beachy-chic. Oh well, I’m a SoCal lifer though so I guess this is totally in my wheethouse

  • ankali

    I think this is totally cute, but she could have gone down a size.

  • I love the criss-cross straps in the back but that’s about it. From the front, the bodice is making her look short-waisted and also thick; I’m sure she’s neither. Those sunglasses are pretty cool.

  • caftan = calf-tan = looks good & only barely, on someone as skinny as Olivia. Any normal size female body in that dress would look like a hammock or a horrifyingly upholstered patio chair.

  • disqus_sZRDWtvvVD

    Someone reviewed this style dress at the linked website and mentioned it did wonky things to the breasts because there are no darts. I think she looks cute.

  • Hate the dress (an elastic waist is never a good thing) — LOVE the sunglasses!


  • DesertDweller79

    I am pondering why it is called a Kitty Cat dress.

  • Sometimes you just want to wake up near the beach and not give a damn. Even if there are cameras. Hope she got a good drink.