Lucy Liu in Emmy Magazine

Posted on April 10, 2013

Miss Lucy practically punches her way through the camera lens for Emmy magazine:

Lucy Liu covers the second issue of Emmy Magazine photographed by Brian Bowen Smith in a vintage Gucci dress.

Vintage YSL Dress. Hervé Léger Belt.

Vintage Gucci Dress. Cuff Bracelet by Alexis Bittar.

Vintage Alexander McQueen Dress. Hervé Léger Belt. Necklace by Alexis Bittar.

Now that’s what we’re talking about. If you’re gonna slap a bunch of high-end pieces on an actress and take pictures, then serve us up some personality and charisma, dammit. Isn’t that what being an actor is about? Love these pics. The cover shot is gorgeous and loaded with personality. The McQueen shot is giving us life.


[Photo Credit: Brian Bowen Smith for Emmy Magazine]

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  • Stella Zawistowski

    *bowing down*

  • gabbilevy

    Damn. girl.

  • M_E_S

    Lucy Liu is totally having her moment, and this is such a fabulous editorial. Anytime I see her I always think of the “Lucy Liu is playing all the white men’s roles” meme and grin.

    • Rand Ortega

      Bust through that ceiling, Lady! All of ’em!

  • decormaven

    Work it, girl, work it! Fashionista snaps!

  • schadenfreudelicious

    Lucy wins the internet today, Gorgeous!

  • Sheneve Butler

    She is FLAWLESS! I don’t use that word on just anybody. I’ve never seen her have an off day.

  • CommenterFormerlyKnownAsR


  • marlie

    LOVE these. She looks fabulous!

  • charlotte

    The cover shot looks like she just ripped some obscure handcuffs apart. I’d be happy, too!
    I also like how the McQueen dress looks like splashing water. That’s what I call art.

  • foodycatAlicia

    She’s another one who doesn’t age. Gorgeous!

  • annabelle archer

    Love her! Always have, always will. Is anyone watching Elementary? It’s surprisingly good.

    • savicevic

      LOVE Elementary. Fantastic show, great cast.

    • Catiline

      Yes! Elementary rocks and she’s great in it. And this is coming from someone who’s never been particularly on fire for Sherlock Holmes.

    • korilian

      Elementary is like the best thing ever!

    • Nancer

      I totally agree. It’s well written and the acting is really good.

    • Sobaika

      It’s so great! I was a bit apprehensive but her and Johnny Lee Miller give me life every week.

      • RebeccaKW

        Same here. I wasn’t sure, but then I watched and it’s so great. Aidan Quinn is just as handsome as ever.

        • girliecue

          And his voice! I can never decide which I like most: looking at him or listening to him speak. When he and JLM are in the same scene my ovaries explode.

          • RebeccaKW

            Oh, and add in “Detective Bell.” Rrrowr.

          • girliecue

            Mmm mmm good!

          • fursa_saida


      • conniemd

        Same here, I thought the idea was crazy, but love the show. Oh and love the photospread in those vintage gowns. Gorgeous, gorgeous.

    • terpsichory

      It truly is. The cases of the week haven’t been overwhelming but the character/relationship development is a joy to watch. Joan is maybe my favourite portrayal of a strong capable woman currently on tv (at least in a modern setting).

      Also, Trainspotting has always been one of my favourite movies, so JLM can do no wrong. (Not that he would need any leeway; he’s fantastic!)

      • julnyes

        You should watch him in Danny Boyle’s production of Frankenstein (with the other Sherlock – Benedict Cumberbatch). They are both phenomenal in it.

    • Sara L.

      Elementary went from a show I watched just to prove I wouldn’t like it (how dare they rip off Sherlock??) to one I look forward to watching more than anything else. Such a fantastic show. She is awesome, of course, and this editorial is amazing.

      • julnyes

        I went into it with a little concern about some of the changes (I still wish Joan had some military history) but willing to watch since I am such a huge nerd for Sherlock Holmes in any iteration. I blame Jeremy Brett in the Granada series – he was my first Sherlock :)

        Elementary isn’t my favorite version, but I definitely enjoy it and look forward to new episodes.

    • prettybigkitty

      It is good. But her outfits are horrible. I imagine her cringing every day as she gets dressed.

    • Violina23

      I’ve been enjoying Elementary QUITE a bit. It isn’t the first thing I jump to watch on my DVR (I get behind from time to time), but the episodes are engaging, and I like the chemistry between the leads. It reminds me a lot of “House”, you know, back when it was GOOD

    • drdarke

      “WAT-SON! Stop horsing around with those…flow-ey dress-y things! Captain Gregson’s on our stoop, with a dozen bodies in the street which he kindly popped ’round with, and he wants our help to get it all sorted – !”

      I love ELEMENTARY, @annabelle_archer:disqus – and Lucy Liu’s Watson is a big part of why. Actually, it’s the entire cast – a fun mystery series full of smart people for a change….

    • fursa_saida

      My favorite show on TV right now. In addition to the fantastic leads, Elementary does an unusually great job of creating interesting, multidimensional side characters. (I am talking, of course, about Clyde.)

    • julnyes

      It has definitely grown on me. I still find the cases a bit underwhelming, but adore the development of Joan and Sherlock’s friendship / partnership.

      • annabelle archer

        Yea, the cases are secondary to the cast, the acting and the writing.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    THIS is what fashion photography is supposed to present. Fabulous clothes, clearly visible, on someone who looks happy to be in them.

    • Introspective

      This. all of this. wish I had more than one like for the comment. and for this spread which is so fucking fabulous.

    • lrober03

      Clearly visible. Exactly. Why bother pulling in these pieces and then photographing them half in the dark or in obscuring set pieces.

  • Lily

    She is exquisite. Whoever styled this is fantastic, and Ms. Liu plays it to a tee.

  • carolynmo

    This is absolutely fantastic. Man, she is kicking ass.

  • OrigamiRose

    She is the bomb. And I’d like the address of the fountain of youth she’s swimming in :)

  • heartbot

    Ahhh, love her!

  • Tom Shea

    She looks phenomenal. And I’m not even a fan. Give credit where it’s due.

  • Isadora Paiva

    Gorgeous, in every way. I love her wardrobe in Elementary as well.

    • Sara L.

      I drool over her wardrobe every episode.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    It’s Elementary-I Love Lucy!

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    Earth, Fire, Wind, Water. I love the evocative movement in these shots.

  • Frank_821

    Yes excellent shoot. Fun and vibrant and unpretentious. I also think this shoot really shows off what an established, confident and versatile TV star she’s become.

    I can recall when she was stuck playing the meek chinese immigrant roles back in her early days but still managing to elevate those parts

  • Judy_S

    Wonderful! I have never watched her in anything (oops) except the current Elementary, and I love her there, but it’s fun to see her turned loose with some splashy gowns.

    I was discussing Elementary with my daughter and realized that thanks to Liu’s character it’s probably the only Sherlock Holmes material ever that passes the Bechdel test, ever.

    • foodycatAlicia

      … and even that isn’t every episode. A chat with her mum, a chat with a former work colleague and that’s about it.

      • savicevic

        That’s true. The last episode was very good about it, though; aside from Lucy, there were four guest stars who are women, including one who is trans*.

      • Judy_S

        You are right–I meant the second “ever” to be “at least sometimes.” But still. I think Joan Watson asks “Miss Hudson” about herself, instead of or in addition to asking for information about Holmes. And there are female suspects/victims/witnesses with whom she sometimes talks. I guess what I mean is partly that the character of Joan is conceived as someone who would talk to other women in a friendly way.

        • foodycatAlicia

          I’d forgotten about her therapist. You are right, they don’t exclusively talk about a man.

    • korilian

      I think in the Disney version where they are mice, mouse!mrs. Hudson offers mouse!Olivia some cocoa or something.

  • Sara Leigh Merrey

    I’ve loved Lucy since her Ally McBeal days. This is great! (What is Emmy magazine? Never heard of it.)

  • Joanne Abrams


  • unbornfawn

    The cover shot is the only one I like. She seems stiff and overposed in the others.

  • butterflysunita

    That photo of her in the McQueen is amazing. Love her.

  • Kate Andrews

    Awesome! I love Lucy Liu too! (And Layana, THAT’S how you do an armored dress.)

  • zenobar


    This is one fierce bitch!

    • C. C. Winslow

      Incredible how the accessories – and the model :) – helped make these vintage gowns modern and fresh.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    Ah-mazing! Now I want to go watch Kill Bill, since she is my favorite part of those films.

    • Sobaika

      TEAR THE BITCH APART!!! *o-ren voice*

      She’s so great in those movies.

      • Violina23

        The best part is how she was able to go from raging-lunatic back to a calm/pleasant demeanor like it was NOTHING. She was nothing short of terrifying in that movie (in a rockin’ way)

  • filmcricket

    Holy crap, these are amazing. Great clothes, great photos, great model. Well done, everyone involved.

    So: “Elementary.” It is the internet’s new girlfriend, apparently, but I’ve tried to watch it a couple of times and fallen asleep. It appears to be “House” only they let the lead actor keep his own accent. People keep talking about how revolutionary it is to have Liu playing Watson, but I don’t get what’s so ground-breaking about a woman of colour being the sidekick to the white male lead. Have I got this all wrong? Is it anything beyond a procedural with a famous literary brand attached?

    • foodycatAlicia

      I wouldn’t say ground-breaking, but it does mix up the Sherlock Holmes brand a bit.

      • Violina23

        Yeah, exactly this. It’s also the first Sherlock adaptation I’ve known of to put the character in a modern urban environment. It feels more like “House” than “Sherlock Holmes”, but I’m OK with that.

        Stupid thing that kinda bugs me though — does Elementary take place in a world where the Sherlock Holmes novels/story/lore just doesn’t exist? I’d assume as much because I feel like if I met someone named Sherlock Holmes, with a partner named Watson, I’d giggle or raise an eyebrow or something 😉

        • foodycatAlicia

          Did Elementary hit TV before Sherlock, the BBC one? It’s also modern.

          This is also the first time where you can see why Sherlock wants Watson around aside from dog-like loyalty. She actually brings something to the table.

          • Coco Cornejo

            The BBC Sherlock precedes the US Sherlock.

          • Violina23

            Oh interesting, I didn’t realize it was modern too. I haven’t seen the BBC series, but I heard good things about it. I always assumed it was a period show for some reason!

        • fursa_saida

          I’m pretty sure all SH adaptations do. The closest thing to an exception would probably be the actual stories, since in the stories they repeatedly reference Holmes’s growing fame as a result of Watson’s writing. This was actually happening with the following of Doyle’s stories. Even then, though, it was a current phenomenon and not a reference to an existing literary legend. Sort of? My head hurts.

    • Coco Cornejo

      Watson in Elementary is evolving from Sherlock’s caretaker to his apprentice. Not sure where we’re going to end up with that. But I find it (mostly) interesting to watch.

      • savicevic

        and, eventually, from apprentice to partner. She’s not just a sidekick in this adaptation, a biographer or a blogger; she’s a consulting detective as well.

    • MilaXX

      Agree with @twitter-400563916:disqus . The show is a modern take on on Sherlock Holmes and people were up in arms about not only a woman playing Watson, but Lucy Lui playing Watson.

    • Sobaika

      I think ‘ground-breaking’ might be too heavy a word, but Elementery does a fantastic job on the representation front. An Asian-American female Watson, the casting of Candis Cayne, etc. I think it’s a fun show and Lucy is killing it in the role. I’m into procedurals though, it’s not the same for everyone.

    • TieDye64

      Like you, the show doesn’t draw me in or keep my interest. I DO, however, like the BBC’s “Sherlock” much better. It’s far from perfect, but I find it interesting and fun. I will say Miss Liu looks amazing here.

    • filmcricket

      Thank you for the replies, everyone! I guess I will try again to stay awake and watch some of it. I’m not a fan of procedurals – the only one I watch is ‘The Good Wife’ which stretches the definition quite a bit – but apparently I’m missing out on a good thing here.

      • Athena

        I think a lot of us went into the show with low expectations whether we are Sherlockians or those who love the leads (I was both), and have been pleasantly surprised. It’s my new favourite show. I can’t keep up with procedurals either, but the thing with Elementary: it’s a character show disguised as procedural. The character developments and slow burn of the relationship is what makes us love it. Stick with it for a few more episodes to see if you like it. I think the understated nature of how well it does with the ACD brand and consistently keeps casting women and minority characters makes it distinct from other network shows.

    • fursa_saida

      I just want to chime in and add that while the relationships are a slow burn and that’s one reason the show starts slow, very early on it’s obvious that Watson isn’t Holmes’s sidekick. Since she’s there to make sure he doesn’t relapse and continues in his recovery from drug addiction, there is a whole lot of tough love (well, early on you can’t call it tough LOVE so much as…salutory firmness?) and reining in going on. The show does a great job of showing her setting boundaries with him and treating that as an obviously good thing (instead of “anyone who doesn’t roll over for our special genius is a BAD MEAN CHARACTER!!!” which you get on a lot of these Magic Genius shows).

  • Jaeda Laurez

    I love it when actresses genuinely look expressive instead of looking like mediocre models. Not everybody is meant to be “model fierce.”

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Bless her heart, she looks like she’s cracking her back in the Gucci.

    She still looks amazing doing so.

  • Rand Ortega

    LOVE. HUH!

  • MilaXX

    LOVE! That cover shot is great.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    I want her to be my alien overlord.

  • Nancer

    Love this!

  • Indigo54

    Love all of the shots, especially the one in the green gown! Amazing!

  • Julie Chase


  • poggi

    The only shot I don’t love is the Gucci. Everything else is amazing! Even against a beige wall, she is bringing the drama, the fun, and fabulous.

  • jw_ny

    the cover and the 3 b&w shots are fantastic! the dress in the b&w shot looks like liquid silver.

    the sore back shot ain’t so flattering tho…

  • kerryev

    She is the greatest.

  • another_laura

    Great photos, fierce and real fashionista. We’ve been served.

  • Sara Munoz Munoz

    Love her!!

  • PeggyOC

    What is she moisturizing with? The tears of virgins? Whatever it is, I want a bucket full.

  • padma sallah

    Oh my. She looks ABSOLUTELY amazing! Flawless editorial!

  • NurseEllen

    You could have posted this as the “pretty for the day” and I would not have been disappointed. Wonderful looks all around!

  • BazoDee

    Just stunning! I can’t find a single thing to quibble about.

  • Darva Sutra

    God, this woman is gorgeous and doesn’t age. She brings it every time! Have not heard of this magazine – guess that makes sense as T Lo have credited this as its second issue). Going to look into it based on this photoshoot!

  • Trisha26

    STUNNING! Love her!

  • Carly Warnock

    So fierce! She does not age I tells ya. The McQueen shot is breathtaking, on par with the Swinton.

  •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

    Damn, girl.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    One of the loveliest, most charismatic actresses of her (or any) generation. These shots are fantastic.

  • H3ff

    Elementary, my fabulous Watson!

  • JosephLamour

    She is just… the best.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    I have the biggest girl crush on her..this would be one of the many many reasons why..she looks amazing.

  • Shawn EH

    She’s finally got her hit show, too. Amazing chemistry with Johnny Lee Miller.

  • Beverly Kozma

    I love her AND her freckles. And she’s amazing in these dresses.

  • jilly_d

    LUV. HUH. She is fantastic, especially in Elementary, and I want that shot of her in the emerald McQueen in a poster size for my wall.

  • Kate Borbas

    Ladies and gentleman, LUCY FUCKING LUI!

  • jennifervney

    Jesus, what a FACE!! Luv huh!

  • jetpackdino

    St. McQueen is smiling down on us today. I think that photo would make him very, very happy.

  • Eovaai

    She is divine. DIVINE. These shots are great.

  • Peeve

    Love, love, LOVE Lucy Liu and her style! She looks beyond gorgeous and fresh in these pics. That jewel-tone green in the Alexander McQueen dress is absolutely perfect on her.

  • formerlyAnon

    Good job Ms. Liu and great job Brian Bowen Smith! She projects personality plus, rarer in an actress’ photo shoot than it should be. I am partial to the full length Gucci shot.

  • Anniebet

    Okay. I just got me a new goddess to worship. She’s real, she’s fun, she’s strikingly lovely, and oh my god, can she wear the hell out of those clothes! Those photos are up there with the best. To me Lucy is what a less prim Audrey Hepburn might be if she were young today. Perfect.

  • elemspbee


  • nannypoo

    She’s beautiful and wears these dramatic looks so well. I love these pictures.

  • Kate Gorton

    Ahhhh. I haven’t seen so much motion in a photo in years.

  • Nicole Little

    Same look, different angles on her face.

  • Michelle Wilson

    Brian Bowen-Smith is a fantastic photographer who always manages to get a little something extra out of his subject. Love his work. Lucy Liu is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Lethal combination. That shot in the green dress is arresting.

  • Amelia Pitts

    Wow!!!! Now I know why you guys do this! That aerial green dress shot is AMAZING! So many editorials make me wonder why the editors aren’t holding stop signs for road sign construction sites.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Holy crap she’s fabulous. These shots are awesome.

  • tereliz

    Just GORGEOUS!

  • cheekypinky

    Oh, this is one of the best shoots I’ve seen in ages!

    I love that she’s smiling and laughing instead of being Broody McActress.

    And that McQueen is amazing!

  • shanteUstay

    she starred that camera D O W N! I love it when people can look directly into the camera and make it work. Miss Liu pulled it off. and the only way to describe that mcqueen shot: one word-breathless

  • Ten Ten

    Long live the Queen. <3