Lindsay Lohan in Suno on Letterman

Posted on April 10, 2013

Credit where it’s due, this is not too bad.

Lindsay Lohan makes an appearance on the “Late Show with David Letterman’ in a Suno floral-print dress.

Suno Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Marihenny Rivera Pasible

It’s not our favorite print in the world, but it’s cute and eye-catching. It fits her well, for the most part. The shoes are horrible, though. And she really needed better jewelry than that to finish off the look. We’re never usually this picayune, but she could’ve benefited from a manicure too. And better makeup.

Okay, fine. It’s not that good, all things considered. But the dress, at least, is an improvement.




[Photo Credit: CBS, – Video Credit: CBS]

    • Emily Smith

      she looks sober and recently bathed, so there’s that.

      • marlie

        I actually thought the opposite; though she looks more sober than usual, she could definitely use a bath.

        • Emily Smith

          She could use a scrubbing, that’s for sure. But it looks like water has touched her body recently. Whether or not soap was included might be debatable.

          • Candigirl1968

            But like my 5 year old, she missed her hands.

          •ía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

            Maybe we can agree that her synthetic wig looks somewhat shampooed.

      • Violina23

        Hahahaha, exactly, it’s like she gets graded her on a curve because she doesn’t look like she is COMPLETELY high on something. But hey, I had a positive reaction to it despite the flaws, so I guess that counts for something.

      • alyce1213

        If she bathed recently, she forgot to wash her hair. And hands.

    • Martha Deutsch

      She’s doing appearances for going to rehab now? Sheesh!

      • EditKitten

        Technically it’s for “Scary Movie 5,” but I prefer your version.

        • WhiteOprah

          Just the fact that she’s in “Scary Movie 5″ is depressing. I think I would rather refer to it as doing an appearance for going to rehab.

    • foodycatAlicia

      Given who it is? It’s like choirs of angels adorned her. Orange is having a bit of a moment, isn’t it?

      • MK03

        I don’t know who decided safety-orange was the hot color this season, but they need to be blacklisted from the industry.

        • kathrineb

          No! I love bright orange therefore I always think it should be in fashion. The only orange I don’t approve of is orange fake tan.

    • raininmai

      Bless her heart.

    • marlie

      The dress, by itself, I like. The shoes, the accessories, the hair and makeup… not so much.

      • Ginny Ellsworth

        the model….

    • Tadiana

      She looks a little bit more like her old self than she has for a few years. Baby steps.

      • Sarah

        Her old self did not have weird cheek implants and lip injections. This is all I can see, when I look at her now.

    • hughman

      Grandma’s couch cover.

    • Jessi03

      The dress is cute, but that hair gives me nightmares.

    • JasmineAM

      The best she’s looked in a while. Those shoes should be burned by Vulcan himself. Are those bruises of her arms? Jeez, I just get sad looking at her.

      • marlie

        I thought they were bruises too.

    • Tigrrl

      Sigh. Oh Lindsay. I think the dress is at least not horrible on her, it’s a cute dress. But she does look like she showed up with chipped nailpolish and greasy hair and the hair and makeup people just did their best in the time they had. Cuz you know she didn’t arrive on time or ready to go.

      • marlie

        Yeah, how much do you want to bet that she literally walked onto the stage after getting out of her car. That certainly doesn’t look like a professional, TV-ready makeup job.

        • Tigrrl

          You’re probably right. I just figured she showed up and they had so much to overcome that they settled on “somewhat presentable.”

          • Snailstsichr

            Actually David mentioned that she showed up on time. I think he might have even said it twice.

        • RMJ

          She had at least enough time to change – she arrived in a different, much worse outfit.

          I’m actually kind of shocked at how cute this dress is. Everything else isn’t great but also surprisingly not awful. And she looks like she knows where she is.

          Coming from Emma Stone, this would be a C+, but given that it’s Lindsay Lohan…well, it’s still a C+, but that’s a vast improvement over F–.

          • marlie

            That grade is spot on.

      • drdarke

        About that, @Tigrrl:disqus – dress is cute, heels might work if they complemented the dress at all, I don’t think her hair’s…bad but it’s it looks hastily and sloppily done, and her makeup looks like she got a once-over with a clown-sized compact.

        And – Great Merciful Goddess, she’s in her mid-Twenties and she looks like a reasonably-preserved fifty.

        • Tigrrl

          “reasonably-preserved fifty.” I confess, I had the exact same thought. Actually, I thought, “Hm, I could pull that off, if I lost fifty pounds, and I’m fifty!”

          • drdarke

            I could pull that off, @Tigrrl:disqus – and I’m not only over fifty, I’m a guy!

            At least I don’t have badly-placed collagen in my cheeks and lips…..

    • Gerry Coleman

      Fits her well?! What about the too-long hem and the way-too-low boobs? Love the print, love the dress, hate the fit, can’t comprehend the shoes.

    • patticake1601

      She needs a bra and a nail brush to clean those icky fingers. The dress is ok, not a fan of the color though, especially with her orange hair and skin. The shoes are fugly!

    • muelonil

      When I was in college, someone gave us a free couch with that same print.

      • Introspective

        ooh this. *everyone* in college had a used couch with that print. not good linds. not good.

        • Lori

          In fairness, at least one of those not goods needs to go to the designer for making a dress out of used couch fabric in the first place.

        • JimMcC

          I had that couch too. But, you know…I loved it. And I love THIS. I actually…can’t compute…love for…how LiLo looks.

      • Vtg Fashion Library

        I have that same couch in my living room right now. It’s also the most uncomfortable couch on earth, plus it’s crushed velvet, so it’s slippery as hell. All around a horrible piece of furniture that I can’t wait to get rid of.

    • marlie

      Also, credit where its due… she doesn’t have her ratty extensions hanging down her back and over her shoulders. That’s progress.

    • PeggyOC

      The cheek implants. I can’t. She looks like Howdy Doodie.

      • urbanamish

        is that what’s going on? i know she looks radically different, and the lips are obvious, but i could not understand what else is happening. why does she have no eyes?

      • Qitkat

        I didn’t know that about her. It seems like such an odd thing to do to oneself, especially if the result gives such a young person the appearance of deep creases where there ought to not be any.

      • Little_Olive

        Hmm, I see her whole face kinda swollen, not just the cheeks. Is that what it is?

        • Sarah

          I think her whole face is swollen due to a perpetual level of unfortunate alcoholic bloat, because if you look at her from one week to the next, she has varying levels of puffy-face going on. (Not including the injections, I mean.)

          • teensmom99

            too sad. Her face has so coarsened. It is so sad.

            • Sarah

              Yes, very much so. Even if you weren’t touted as a talented actress, and merely a young woman with no fame-garnering talent, to make choices that lead you to such a state in the flower of youth is truly a tragedy. More so, perhaps, when the world is watching.

        • MK03

          Somehow she manages to look both bloated and emaciated at the same time.

      • murt

        I think it’s all fillers and botox…. if she stops injecting, her face should revert back to normal eventually.

    • jw_ny

      she looks better than the last pic I saw of her sitting under a table in a bar in Brazil…

      • kimiakay

        I saw that picture! It was too horrible to describe. Are those jailhouse tats on her right arm?

        • Sarah

          She was never in jail long enough to get a jailhouse tat – snap!

          • kimiakay

            Lol you are so right!

    • Kathleen

      She needs a nap and a shower. Then we can work on styling.

    • SublimatedRage

      She needs to stop with the random tattoos all over her arms…..

      • Tigrrl

        Seriously. It looks like what my seven year-old daughter used to do in kindergarten, “decorate” herself with markers.

    • Lilyana_F

      The dress is fine, especially having in mind the horrors she is usually prone to wearing. But these shoes… no words… kill them with fire!

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      I came in on the middle of this and had to change the station – just too sad. She is a very damaged person.

      • alyce1213

        It was sad. And Dave was not nice.

    • MintaHallWriter

      You know, I watched Letterman last night and she could barely walk in that dress. (Or possibly she was drunk as a skunk. Hard to tell.) I thought it looked HORRIBLE on her. Too tight, too long, too constraining. And she’s got a serious case of droopy boobs. A bra was definitely called for. It bunched and wrinkled in all the wrong places even when she was standing. In fact, my first impression was that she was a wrinkled mess as she was walking out. It’s at least one full size–maybe two–too small. The print is fugly. Her hair was a freaking mess. Her makeup was poorly done, and those shoes were awful. I honestly can’t think of one good thing to say about it other than it wasn’t indecent.

      • PeaceBang

        “Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the show?” I agree.

      • Ginny Ellsworth

        Was Letterman kind or cruel? He seems to have softened over the past few years.

        • Snailstsichr

          He was a little of both, and she cried a few times. He did say she was very courageous for coming on his show and wished her well. There were some uncomfortable parts in the middle of the interview, but I actually had some hope that she could pull herself together by the end.

        • alyce1213

          Cruel. I’m not saying he shouldn’t ask the questions everyone wants answers to, it’s that he did it somewhat aggressively. You don’t invite someone over to your house to insult them and make them feel bad. Not even Lindsay Lohan.

          • urbanamish

            you don’t go on letterman if you can’t handle it. you know exactly what’s coming.

        • MilaXX

          Even though she cried at one point, I thought he was actually nice to her.

          • Sweetbetty

            She cried *because* he was nice to her. She did her best to handle or ignore all his digs but when he very sincerely thanked her for coming on, knowing what she would likely be handed, and doing it with courage and grace the tears showed up in her eyes. I was waiting for all the headlines the next day, “Dave Made Lindsey Cry”, but not explaining why and the one bit I did watch on one of the entertainment news shows did edit it to seem that it was his snarkiness that made her cry and not his kindness.

            • MilaXX

              I got that. I think I was responding (in my head) to all the reports that he made her cry.

        • MK03

          She was a megabitch. He asked her the questions everyone expected him to ask and she was very rude about it. How she could have expected Letterman wouldn’t ask about her numerous stints in jail and rehab is beyond me. Has she ever watched the show? That’s his schtick; when he has a guest like her, who is known more for their idiotic behavior than their body of work, he needles them about it. Just look at the Bieber interview for a great example.

        • MintaHallWriter

          My sense was that (a) he was seriously pissed that she stood him up last time and wasn’t going to let her forget it, (b) he was asking questions that he HAD to ask–if he hadn’t, he’d have been accused of soft-pedaling the interview, and (c) he was nicer to her than she was to him. She actually thought she could go on the show and ONLY talk about the stupid movie–in fact, very little time was about the movie (though they showed a very tasteless clip with her and Charlie Sheen, neither of whom was either interesting or funny). Almost the entire interview was about her personal situation. And she kept saying how she “looked forward to” rehab and thought it was “a blessing” yada-yada-yada. All of which were memorized answers from her handlers. None of which she meant, given her other statements immediately before/after in which she bluntly said she had NO respect for the court system.

    • Sarah

      That print is FUG. I don’t like it, and it seriously looks like a carpetbag. Putting it with blue stripper heels – yeah, that’s our girl. As for her face and hair and nails, she looks combed and not filthy, but that’s not anything special. Neither do I, and I’m at work. So is she, in a way.

      • Sweetbetty

        Combed? Take another look, especially at the video of the interview if you can. I know artfully messy hair is the style but this was in no way artful. Paul Shaffer vouched for the fact that she arrived early so there was no excuse for that ratty mess of a hairdo.

        • Sarah

          Combed-ER, mayhap. More combed than a person who slept in a flophouse? I cede your point, though, it’s no great shakes.

    • decormaven

      An encouraging sign. May it be followed up with another baby step forward.

    • Little_Olive

      Yes to everything


      • Little_Olive

        And different lipstick, I forgot I’d noted her lips look like she had an orange popsicle.

    • PeaceBang

      Sincere question: can one have cheek implants removed? Because hers are tragic. Everything about her appearance made me sick with sorrow for this mess of a girl. And because no one else has said it, I will: she looks easily twice her age.

      • EditKitten

        And the lip collagen. Seriously, she should fire her plastic surgeon, because he sucks, and it makes me feel bad for her when I shouldn’t.

      • mhleta

        If they’re Juvederm injections, which I’m pretty sure they are, she can have them removed. They inject something in that melts the stuff. But then she’ll probably be left with jowls or hollow cheeks or whatever it was that inspired her to get them in the first place.

        • murt

          juvederm and restylane are both hyaluronic acid fillers, so eventually both get absorbed by the body (hyaluronic acid is something the body produces naturally too) – they’re both temporary.

    • H2olovngrl

      Her lipstick looks like it was applied while off-roadng.

    • Imasewsure

      I like the dress on her a lot. Hate the shoes (don’t get the attempt either – where’s the blue?). Hair color and makeup need a lot of work but this is good overall

    • schadenfreudelicious

      those boobs could have benefited from some support…

    • mhleta

      I was all ready to give the old trout props for classing herself up a bit, until I saw the midriff slit and the tats that look like she drew them on during an especially boring Driver’s Ed class and the whole thing fell apart. I actually like the shoes with this a lot. It’s a great blue and it helps the print look Vintage rather than Old Lady.

    • surfergirl70

      No matter what she does or what she puts on, she always looks rode hard and put up wet.

    • Clydette Wantland

      I love the dress on her. Hate the shoes. For someone who was in Brazil she doesn’t look like she spent any time in the sun. Her legs are winter white.

      • Rika

        She’s a pale, freckled redhead. Spending time in the sun would just have meant a sunburn.

    • MilaXX

      I like the dress and she seemed a lot more coherent than usual. On the other hand, I realize she’s naturally freckled, but she looks dirty.

    • Synnae

      Cute dress – I actually love the print but jeez- PUT ON A BRA!!!!! Can’t believe T&L didn’t note that (very obvious) styling oversight…

    • Donna Tabor

      She had a manicure; the nail polish was just a nude color. What she needed was a different color.

      I know it’s semantics, but whatev.

      It’s just nice to see her not looking like a slut for a change.

      • alyce1213

        I don’t see much of a manicure, even a natural shade, but I do see somewhat dirty, very nicotine-stained fingers.

        • Donna Tabor

          It looks as though she has one on my enormous, 27″ monitor.

    • alyce1213

      Small credit for a barely-passable-but-better dress MINUS points for hair (nothing about the hair, guys?), saggy boobs, ugly shoes, makeup, jewelry, and DIRTY HANDS. Manicure? I’d settle for a good hand scrubbing.

    • jetpackdino

      Hard to look at this person and not be mad at her for what she’s done to Lindsay Lohan.

    • Nonmercisansfacon

      The interview wasn’t so bad. Moment of humanity when David commented on her ‘spine’ about coming on a show in which countless jokes were made about her. And I don’t get the whole thing about her sagging breasts. Her boobs are covered, no sideboobs showing and they are not that aesthetically unappealing nore are they ruining the line of the outfit (her hair, face,shoes and nails are the most problematic features of this look). And it’s not exclusively about Lohan’s breasts but saggy breasts in general. Breasts sag. They will all do eventually and some were never perky to begin with. As someone who started to have enormous non-gravity defying breasts since I hit 11 and who, at age of 26 basically have to wear painful (and what feels like armoured) bras whenever I leave the house lest I (visually and physically!) aggress someone with my ginormous sagging breasts, I don’t get the automatic disgust.

      • Snailstsichr

        They did bounce a lot when she walked out.

      • murt

        completely agree – it’s time that everyone stops expecting that a woman’s breasts should come up nearly to her collarbone and be immovable in order to be appropriate.

    • fnarf

      Why on earth was she on Letterman?

      • alyce1213

        To avoid appearing in court at a deposition.

      • Sweetbetty

        Humping her Scary Movie movie.

    • Bert Keeter

      I just can’t!

    • Laylalola

      I’m shocked there are designers who still lend her clothing (and not at all surprised no one lent her jewelry).

    • Insidiously

      My god, what happened to her? I miss her old self sigh

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      The dress looks cute on her, but the rubber face on a young girl is distracting.

    • Phyllis Craine

      Not gonna lie I think retro rose prints, especially in yellow, makes the ugliest fabric in the world. Hideous in the 1940’s and hideous now.

    • Synnamin

      From the neck down, she looks good. But it’s frightening to think that she’s looking positively geriatric and she’s at least 10 years my junior

    • Cousin_Rose

      Pretty much perfectly awful

    • conniemd

      Not in love with the print, but at least, the dress looks appropriate sitting down and she doesn’t have to tug at it to pull it down unlike some ladystars (using the term loosely).

    • Janet B

      It’s a great dress.

    • Trisha26

      Why do we care about her? (All those things mentioned plus the strip of skin.)

    • teensmom99

      Perhaps a minor point, but hair/dress color combo is not flattering.

    • formerlyAnon

      For her, great. But wasn’t she supposed to be going into court-ordered rehab? Is that already over? Is her dubious lawyer managing to delay it? Why do I care?

      • Melanie

        She’s going on, like, May 2 or something. Know why she’s putting it off? So she can go to Coachella. Seriously.

      • Sweetbetty

        Her rehab stint starts May 2 is what she told Dave.

    • Anniebet

      I do feel sorry for this woman – she’s on a one way descent to Laughingstock Land.

      I do kinda like the dress. The rest is sad.

    • AnnaleighBelle

      LL is the primary example of why I would never put a child into show business. She looks about a decade older than she is in these pictures.

    • nannypoo

      For her I think it’s great. I have very low expectations for her, and here she exceeded them. I can’t think or anyone else I would accept this from, but I think she looks just fine.

    • Carly Warnock

      I liked the interview and she looks quite nice. I hope she’s on the right track.

    • kathrineb

      This is actually not terrible at all. Well done crazy one! Make up is not great and face is still plastic but we can’t undo that.

    • suzq

      Every time she leaned back, her tummy popped out. It was not a good look. She also needed a better bra. Otherwise, she is aging way to prematurely. I really hope she pulls herself together.

    • lrhoff

      Do they offer manicures in prison?

    • veronkimo

      That’s the best she has looked in MONTHS! Her hair isn’t as tragic as it normally is. Her face looks younger than usual. That dress is well fitted. I am in shock! Who is this gal?

    • Fatima Siddique

      I can think of a few reasons why nobody let her borrow jewelry…

    • Stubenville

      Dear God, her face. Apparently Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon is still in business.

    • larshine

      Everything about her is the same orange hue… except the shoes, which are just a big old NO. And I can’t even with her face.

    • CatherineRhodes

      She looks smelly, like she just woke up from a 3-day bender, remember she had Letterman, grabbed whatever from a nearby closet, dressed in the dark given that nothing matches, put on her dark shades and hailed a cab.

    • A Shiny O’Connor

      Kartrashian shoes are the work of the devil.

      Love that print though. ‘Reminds me of my grandmother’s couch (under protective plastic for most of the ’70s and ’80s).

    • lobsterlen

      If Lindsey pulls herself together her career would probably launch into the stratosphere. I am pulling for her. What else can you do at this point. I know there is a lot comments about plastic surgery sadly I think she has puffy alcoholic face.

    • marilyn

      I like the color of her hair. It works better for her than the blond color she usually favors. Her face looks pretty old for being so young. Sad.

    • tereliz

      Her extensions need to be burned. The dress is okay, though.

    • Adrianna Grężak

      My first thought was, “Well, it’s classy…” and then I scrolled and saw the shoes.

    • MarissaLG

      It’s unfortunate what she’s chosen to do to her face, but she really does look great here.

    • Jessica | Surely Sonsy

      all i can see is that the top of half of her body color is a different color than her bottom half. and that is enough to make me want/need to look away.

    • FloridaLlamaLover

      Damn. She looks old. But at least she isn’t orange anymore!

    • Janey

      Looking at her like this makes me so sad at what could have been for her. She was on the top of her game, one of the most popular young actresses of our generation with charm and at the very least comedic talent. Pretty, vibrant and a good range of movies in her young life. It’s just so sad to think the girl in The Parent Trap has fallen so much and so hard.

    • Mary Lauer

      Chiming in on “needs a bath.” She looks like I feel when I leave the barn after grooming my muddy boy …

    • Melizmatic

      Well, she actually looks human again, and relatively sober… and not 20 years older than she really is, so that’s a vast improvement.

      The dress is okay; the shoes aren’t.

    • amaranth16

      Sitting I thought she looked OK, but she needs a bath and a bra, and those shoes are a crime against humanity. Stand-up fug.

    • MaryAtRealityTea

      She could have really, really benefitted from injecting less shit into her face. Oh and less spray tan. The orange skin, orange hair, and orange dress are all toooo much! It’s giving me pumpkin realness.

    • ccm800

      she does NOT look bathed. The print is for a chair and its a mid-drift. Most people have better hair at the super market. This one has worn out all the good will afforded her though not really deserved. She does the same thing every addict ever does…ruins everything and still plays the victim. Why we enjoy watching someone just slowly destroy herself is something I cannot understand and a shame on us.

    • Sau-Chih Feng