Liam McIntyre is DA MAN

Posted on April 10, 2013

Darlings, we can’t think of anything prettier for your Pretty of the Day: Spartacus star Liam McIntyre. He may look amazing half-naked on his TV show, but it turns out the boy looks pretty delicious in clothes, too.

‘Spartacus’ star Liam McIntyre covers the April/May 2013 issue of DA MAN magazine photographed by Mitchell Nguyen McCormack and styled by Juliet Vo.

On his workout regimen for the show: “I made a promise to myself and with my trainer on the show, Tyrone Bell, that we were going to train every week, without fail. In Vengeance [the show’s second season] that meant five times a week, plus cycling in the mornings. War of the Damned had an even more difficult schedule, so it was 3–4 times a week, after filming, as hard as we could go, plus cycling in the morning. It wasn’t easy, but when you make that promise and commitment, you have to do it. I’m glad I did. I’m definitely trying to keep it up – we worked too hard to get it to let it go now!”

Oh, and this is as good a place as any to tell you that we’ll be on Cosmo Radio’s “Wake Up! with Taylor” on Sirius XM 109 at 8:30 eastern tomorrow morning. Tune in and listen to our silly gay voices!


[Photo Credit: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack for DA MAN Magazine]

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  • werika

    Delicious shots made less delicious by the instagram effect. His baby blues are lost in the haze :(

    • drdarke

      Can’t say I’m in love with the photography – I was thinking, “Angel Camera Lite! Free via Google Play!”

      NOTE TO MODERATORS: Not an endorsement of Angel Camera or Google Play…. And certainly not given those pictures.

  • jetpackdino

    Wow. When I said, “Have him washed and brought to my tent,” THIS is what I meant. Thank you, TLo.

  • oldbobbydraper

    3rd shot down. yes, please.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    He is so meticulously groomed, and yet, neckbeard. Makes me sad.

    • JimMcC

      Makes me tingly! I love some good scruff. And that is grade-A.

  • Trisha26

    Lovely but I seriously detest all facial hair and that neck scruff is horrible. He really is lovely though!

  • conniemd

    Yummy. But unlike many others, I find a scruffy man with a bad boy look delectable.

  • ChelseaNH

    Check it out — multiple facial expressions!

  • MilaXX

    He’s always brooding as Spartacus, I wish we could have gotten at least one picture of him smiling.

  • Qitkat

    I have never seen him or the show; perhaps I’m missing out.

    I do get a slight young Richard Chamberlain vibe from the 2nd and 5th photos. Yes, I’m ancient. Doctor Kildare!

    • formerlyAnon

      I was thinking Chamberlain, maybe a hint of Michael York around the eyes in one or two of them?

    • gabbilevy

      I thought he was David Beckham in the thumbnail, but he compares favorably.

    • Rand Ortega

      There’s quite a bit of talk lately at Fox about remaking “Shogun”. He certainly fits the Anjin-san/John Blackthorne mold.

      • Qitkat

        I just came back after looking at some images of RC in that film; you are spot on about Liam McIntyre. Gorgeous bone structure, both of them.

  • anotherkate

    That is a MAN! So craggy, so sexy. Oh wait, clothes? Um, they look clothing-like.

  • Jennifer Bradshaw Schoen

    Oh how I love him. I’m so sad his show’s final ep is this Friday. Sob.

  • Anniebet

    Not so keen on the photos. He’s nice and beefy, but…. those upper eyelids are droopy? His eyes are kinda obscured in each pic.

  • formerlyAnon

    Hair is interesting in a retro way. It looks incongruous with the perma-scruff though, to me. I will say that depending on the angle and expression (not just here but in other photos) I think his look varies more than average, which must be a good thing for an actor, yes? Doesn’t grab me, though.

  • Kevin VanOrd

    Are the pictures obscured by steam, or is that just the vapor emanating from my body in reaction to this man’s fine form?

    Seriously, someone went a little crazy with the Instagram-esque filter here, but I am not complaining too much–except for maybe how my pants seem to be a little tighter for some reason.

    • Heron

      A little Valencia or Toaster action, if I’m not mistaken.

  • nannypoo

    Total head-to-toe hottie.

  • subwaycars

    I find him incredibly endearing. I do not know why.

    • sk8tfan

      In interviews he comes off as truly sweet and modest. He said he was a fat kid who was bullied a lot; maybe those memories help keep him humble

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    I don’t get regular TV so I have no idea who he is. But I like what I see, oh dearie me, yes!



  • Cold Fire

    I hate suits

  • jason


  • marlie

    I think I might have a new favorite boystar. Rowr!

  • Amelia Pitts


  • stephbellard

    This is a great opportunity to bring up that I WISH YOU GUYS DID SPARTACUS RECAPS! The show is SO catering to the gays!

    • sk8tfan

      I know! I’m astounded that our favorite pretend gay uncles aren’t extolling the Agron/Nasir romance, one of the best gay love stories on tv. Of course, if either of those characters die in tomorrow’s finale I may have to stop watching. Oh, wait….

      • H3ff

        I don’t bat an eyelid at Game of Thrones, but find the violence so gruesome in Spartacus. UGH

  • PastryGoddess

    I watch Spartacus on mute. No need for silly words to interrupt my viewing pleasure

  • Ash

    I was going to comment that the neckbeard is for Spartacus but then I remembered that it’s over tomorrow. :'(
    Also a variety of facial expressions! Not surprising considering he really is a very good actor.
    Thank you for this TLo because I didn’t think there’d be anything better than Mad Styles today, but this comes close.

  • kingderella

    woah. who knew.

  • jjfg

    I’ve never seen the show, and now all I can thing about is seeing him (at least) half naked….

  • foodycatAlicia

    I’m impressed that someone with that workout regime looks so good in a slim suit.

  • carnush

    what a lovely specimen. good photos too.

  • notterriblybitter

    Never watched the show but I might have to start.

  • MajorBedhead

    Oh, the one of him in the vest and trousers, looking slightly be-fuddled, sets my nerdy little heart all a flutter.

    • RebeccaKW

      Ovary explosion. I wish I had a locker so I could to tape that shot to the door.

  • Nancer

    Ah… so very, very nice. Don’t know the series, but If this is what it offers, count me in!

  • mozzer0906

    Woof. Andy Whitfield was such perfection, I have held off watching the Liam portions of the series, but I just may have to tune in to see that body under that suit.

  • Austen Jane

    There is a show where this man can be seen half clothed? I am there.

  • iheartbuffy

    3rd one down= sexed up Dr. Who? :: drool ::

  • Darva Sutra

    WHOA! Who is this divine man? Is he Scottish with a hot accent (based off name)? I want a shot of him with at least his shirt off. Too damn fine.

  • kathrineb

    Doesn’t do it for me…not sure why. He looks smug?

  • MandyJane

    Oh I love him so much… and the Spartacus series has become one of my favorite tv shows ever. The finale is tonight, and I have my box of tissue ready.

  • ccm800

    Instagram effects on editorials are like betty crocker box cakes for bakers – NO!