Heidi Klum in Preen

Posted on April 26, 2013

Heidi Klum attends ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 8 Hollywood Premiere Party in a Preen dress paired with Saint Laurent sandals.

Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Ted Draped Stretch-crepe Dress

Saint Laurent Strappy Studded Leather Sandal



[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, net-a-porter.com, bergdorfgoodman.com]

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  • Real Housewives Reunion dress

    • Diego!

      hahahaa you totally hit it! hahaha xD

  • OrigamiRose

    Hate the visible zipper, but she looks great.

  • Tight, but not short and shiny. Way to moderate, Klumster!

  • Amanda Herriott Welliver

    I dunno, she looks a little covered up. Maybe shorten the hem and add a cutout for her navel?

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    Not a fan of her hair at all, but this dress is a huge improvement! Old Heidi must think this New Heidi looks like a nun.

    • Melanie

      I love her with longer hair, but this is a LOT of extensions. She overdid it here, I think.

  • DinaSews

    I think she deserves an ‘atta girl’. For once she isn’t showing all the goods and her hair looks soft and feminine, not greasy and pulled back.

    • random_poster

      This! Hair reminds me of Carrie Underwood, though.

      • SassieCassy

        spot on

      • drdarke

        Yeah, but “Carrie Underwood” is a look for Heidi, @random_poster:disqus .

        One Aryan Goddess looking pretty much like another Aryan Goddess, and all….

      • Renaissance_Man_ATL

        Carrie Underwood would pay for that hair!

        • MikeW_Vegas

          I think Heidi has already

    • ItsDicey

      For Fraulein Klum this is cause for angels to sing “hosanna” and sound the trumpets.

  • lucyloo222

    Lord save us from extensions…. no matter how much money you have to spend, they still look like you have extensions. Otherwise, she looks great… form fitting without being diaphragm squeezingly tight and not so short that we see her lady bits.

  • She looks great – the most covered-up we’ve seen her in a LONG time. Sure, the dress isn’t all that interesting, and her hair is pure beauty queen – turned country music star, but it’s not (too) short, tight and shiny!

  • hotpaprika

    I wish she’d darken her hair a bit.

  • lilibetp

    I think that’s the most covered-up I’ve ever seen her!

    • Funkykatt

      Maybe Gwenyth Paltrow’s outfit the other day scared her?

  • Deedles

    I almost didn’t recognize her without being able to see her breasts, lady bits and butt cheeks!

    • Funkykatt

      I know…what is going here, a twin perhaps?

    • patticake1601

      She tagged teamed with Gynie, it’s the Goop masters turn to show ass cheeks and who-ha’s.

  • Lovely look for her (except the hellacious hair!)

  • nannypoo

    This looks nice. Her boobs aren’t hanging out, the hem is an appropriate length for an adult, she has attractive makeup and hair, and I’m willing to overlook the dominatrix shoes. Is she going to be a judge on a talent show? Why?

    • l_c_ann

      Not only are her boobs not hanging out, they’re positively MIA.

      • True. And that’s most definitely ok. The girls don’t have to come out ALL of the time.

  • Not loving the extensions, but this is the nicest she’s looked in a long time. Much better than the pantsuit she wore on PR last night. Damn, that was hideous.

  • Imasewsure

    This is disco fabulous and tasteful… definitely a bit Real Housewives as noted elsewhere but a huge improvement over what she usually rocks…. great dress for lots of different body types too.

  • Stubenville

    Demure for Heidi. hate the black nail polish.

    • Pennymac

      This must be Alternate Universe Heidi; that’s the only explanation. Ditto on the nail polish, but if that’s our biggest complaint, something is definitely amiss in the world of the Bitter Kitten.

  • tonyg

    I thought it was Kristin Chenoweth at first glance.

  • Deb_Lynn

    I think this is gorgeous. It’s not too tight, not too revealing, great color, and it’s not excessively severe. The one-shoulder caveman look I can accept this time. I hope this indicates a corner turned.

  • Stubenville

    The Real Housewives of Cologne

  • It’s so restrained! I love it.

  • Indigo54

    Is that Heidi? Whoa, I must be dreaming. She looks fabulous. Should have an invisible zipper but otherwise, fantastic.

  • decormaven

    This looks good, especially for an outside shot. Thanks to the heavens for a modest hemline. Boo to the visible zipper, but that’s a minor niggle.

  • It’s pretty, and it isn’t ultratight and ultrashort. I have quibbles with the hair and the nails (did you have to paint them black to match the shoes, Heidi?). but this look is nicer to look at than most of her recent efforts.

  • Judy_S

    I like. Very pretty.

  • She looks so happy. Also, those are killer shoes.

  • gabbilevy

    I nearly didn’t recognize her without being able to see the upper real estate on her thighs.

  • CarolinLA

    Why are a Brit, a German, and a Canadian trying to judge whether America has talent or not?

    • TheAmericaness

      Because to do it for ourselves would be to show an awful lot of favoritism ;D

  • CarolinLA

    I really wish this post was titled “The German in Preen”.

  • For her, less skin=more sexy. Way better look than having cleavage down to her navel, or a skirt practically showing her goods. She looks hot.

  • Tatiana Luján

    Great dress, not short, not shiny.

    The hair, is a whole other matter. It belongs with Toddlers and Tiaras.

  • PastryGoddess

    Did she fall and bump her head? The Klumster is all covered up (for her) and she looks great!

    We need to talk about that Real Housewives hair though…really

    • TheAmericaness

      One thing at a time. Let’s allow some of the blood to actually get back to her head… some of those tight outfits have me worried.

  • crash1212

    Who is this and what has she done with the real Heidi Klum?

  • alyce1213

    Is this Heidi’s modest twin?
    This dress is nothing to holler about, but on Heidi — it’s a miracle.
    The hair’s a slight improvement over the usual fried and straightened, but it’s dated and looks like an O.C. housewife.

    I don’t believe this is a harbinger of a new, more tasteful Heidi — this is an anomaly. Next time we see her, you can be sure that short, tight and shiny will be back. (Unless the AGT producers have asked her to tone it down so as not to steal attention or inadvertently flash the audience.)

  • Best she’s looked in a long while. I wonder if the NBC people dressed her?

  • barbarienne

    I’m starting to wonder if covered zippers are even available anymore. I can’t give the wearers any crap for the collective idiocy of every designer, everywhere.

    And anyway, this dress looks so fantastic on her, I would never say anything to her that might scare her back into the shiny, tight, and overly revealing crap she usually wears.

    • My manufacturer wants me to switch out an invisible zipper for a visible one in a key piece this season because it’ll be stronger and the dress is quite fitted and is partly patent leather so they foresee issues if someone is forcing themselves into a size too small. I don’t think I can do it from a design/ taste perspective though :/

      This dress is kind of too boring to comment on. She looks great but in a very standard way in the sort of look you could find a dozen other women wearing on a night out.

    • BookieBookie

      That metal zip pull digging into the flesh under her arm, ouch, ouch, ouch! I would be berserk within 10 minutes.

  • barbarienne

    The dress is fresh and youthful and bright. The fingernails and shoes say, “I am a Victoria’s Secret GLAMAZON, bitches. Don’t let this dress fool you.”

    IOW, I love the whole outfit. I don’t even mind the hair.

  • MoHub

    Impressive in that she didn’t make it shorter or tighter.

  • jennifervney

    There you go Klumster! Sexy but not tacky.

  • MilaXX

    other than the cocker spaniel hair, this is a good look for her.

  • Janet B

    More of this please. Not an exceptional dress, but Heidi shines in it.

  • BeeBeauNYC

    Beautiful dress and hair and makeup! I hope this means she has changed stylists! The lipstick she wore last night on Project Runway was SO distracting. It clashed with everything in that room!

  • tereliz

    Well, it was cute until the puckered zipper. What a weird place to have an exposed zip.

  • erinbinek

    Personal best, but I guess that’s not saying much.

  • drdarke

    I see what you did there, @facebook-1360913487:disqus .

  • PhillipWilde

    The Klumster actually wore a dress as-is, without chopping two feet off the hem? Well color me surprised.

  • E. D.

    Huge improvement over other recent outings, but the hair is a bit too 90s Texas.

    • 3boysful

      She looks a bit like Stacy Keibler here.

  • Maluca

    Wow, this is downright demure for her! She looks very feminine and soft. That is until you get to that damn exposed zipper.

  • jmorino08

    I love this! SE should always dress like this! So much better than the desperation she usually wears!

  • Valdri8

    By far the prettiest and least hookerish she has looked in ages. That is the farthest and above-knee hemline has been from her cooch in her life.

  • Love the dress – a step in the right direction. Hate the hair – a step in the wrong direction. I was really digging her hair on PR this season. What’s this mess?

  • SugarSnap108

    This is the best she’s looked in a dog’s age. Too bad about that exposed side zipper — It really cheapens the look of the dress.

  • Heidi, are you feeling okay? You look a little frumpy and subdued. Not at all your usual self, honey.

  • Heidi Klum ate Kristin Chenoweth.

  • jw_ny

    Now this is how Heidi should be doing it! fab.

  • Dam_Angel

    Is she trying out for a part in Charlie’s Angels?

  • this is almost demure. thank the gods she didn’t have it hemmed up to her heavenly gates. not wild about the hair, but everything else is great.

  • VictoriaDiNardo

    I think she’s smart enough to know she has to dial it down for a national network audience – this look is much more middle American than usual for her. I think she’s trying to be accessible.

  • lobsterlen

    Is Heidi entering the nunnery?

  • annrr

    Hate the weave. If it looks this bad in pics how does it look in person?

  • demidaemon

    This is so tasteful and appropriate for her. I am a little stunned.

  • formerlyAnon

    That dress is FABULOUS on her. Too bad that whoever did her hair hates her. It looks almost like they pulled it out of the dumpster behind a wig shop.

  • ccm800

    super cute

  • librarygrrl64

    Lovely, head to toe. No complaints, especially considering what she usually wears. 😉

  • Tamara Hogan

    That dress looks AWESOME on her! And great shoes. Don’t quite know what’s going on with the ‘do.

  • Trisha26

    No cleavage, no crotch, pretty hair…where’s Heidi?

  • macwell

    I think she looks like a Real Housewife of Orange County. It might be the hair….or the makeup….or the dress…and the heels….Oh Heidi 🙁

  • PeaceBang

    Honestly, she looks slimmer, more toned and younger than she’s looked in a long time. That’s what a dress that fits can do for a girl. The pose in the first photo cracked me right up.

  • Wow, this is so… toned down compared to her usual va va voom style. Nice.

  • Not too much boob, not too much leg…I like!! Love the sandals on her. Heidi, please…more of this, less of the other.

  • lulubella

    Gorgeous. Not a fan of fake blond ringlets, but I’m going to let that go because she does not look like a Vegas showgirl. The dress is: sexy AND tasteful; does not show extreme upper thigh; is in a color that is perfect for her skin and hair; is in a style that is body conscious but still leaves something to the imagination; fits her in a way that many others don’t and that leave her looking like she has saddle bags when we know that is not possible. Bravo, Heidi. Now please take PR back to Bravo.

  • guest2visits

    Nice, but that side zipper is so prominent that it takes away from the dress.