Evan Rachel Wood at Vanity Fair Party

Posted on April 17, 2013

Wow. You put a baby in her and suddenly Evan Rachel Wood is serving up Fraulein Maria realness:


Evan Rachel Wood attends Vanity Fair Party in New York City in a belted black dress paired with Christian Louboutin pumps.

Christian Louboutin ‘Comtesse’ Pump

When did she become Julie Andrews?

Not that she looks bad. She actually looks quite sweet, in a classic chic sort of way. Love those shoes – and we normally hate shoes with little bows on them.

Pregnant ladystars really are afraid you might think they got fat, aren’t they? Why else do they do the “I AM WITH CHILD” pose? Or maybe it’s because, after a lifetime of starvation to fit into sample sizes and get the best roles, they’re just thrilled to not have to care for a little while. “CHECK OUT MY HUGE BELLY, FUCKERS. I HAD A POUND OF COLD SPAGHETTI FOR BREAKFAST BECAUSE I DON’T GIVE A SHIT.”


[Photo Credit: Getty, christianlouboutin.com]

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  • RussellH88

    Is it just me or does it seem like she’s been pregnant forever?

    • Mismarker

      She looks to be 6 or 7 months along to me. That seems about right when placed in timetable of when it was made public. I feel like Kate Middleton has been pregnant forever…and she still looks like she’s only 4 months along!

  • gabbilevy

    Lovely pregnancy choice.

    • Mismarker

      Yes. I only wish I’d looked this good while with child. I’ll even forgive her the tummy cupping.

  • jw_ny

    It’d be nice to see how the dress hangs without her holding her bump. Very pretty otherwise.

    and…nailed it on the Julie Andrews ref…XD

    • Celandine1

      I don’t see Julie Andrews, I see Grace Kelly. If that dress was a light color you could drop ERW into any of Grace’s movies.

  • I really like her style, so I was looking forward to more fashion moments from her during her pregnancy. How dare she stay low key and un-famewhorey!

    While I was proud of Fergie for NOT doing the cradle the belly pose, having been through it twice myself, I can say my hand felt like it was glued to my stomach (the other was glued to my lower back). I think it’s instinctual and real effort must be made to pull the hand away for photos. Especially if you’re loving how you look and feel, like I did.

    • Vickiefantastico

      I completely agree with you. I’ve also been through it twice, and I found myself constantly with my hands on my belly absentmindly. It is a time to love how you look and feel. I was so proud of my belly! So I can’t quite blame the pregnant ladystars for the cradle pose.

      • Pammer

        Had I not felt so crappy for 9 months, I would have been proud of my belly, too. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Vickiefantastico

          Sorry to hear that! Both of my first trimesters were pretty yucky, so I feel ya!

          • Pammer

            Actually, my first trimester was fairly normal…morning sickness, ya know. but the rest was hell, lol. could be the main reason I only had one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • alyce1213

      It’s also a shelf to rest your hands on. I don’t like the way everyone “poses” that way for the cameras, but it is a natural instinct.

      • Eclectic Mayhem

        It’s also a shelf to rest your drink (non-alcoholic naturally) on – or at least it was for me!

        • alyce1213

          Yup. Lots and lots of spring water.

        • Beardslee

          Yes, it could be quite convenient.

    • ConnieBV

      I have to day I did the belly cradle hands pose as well, but for me it was because I had this ginormous man-child giving me a hump that obeyed gravity and I was trying to minimize stretch marks and back pain. I wore pregnancy spanx just for the additional support. someone should invent a pregnancy bra.

  • Scimommy

    When I was pregnant, my hands sort of naturally either cradled my belly or rested on top of it. Don’t know what I would have done had I been photographed on the red carpet, though (ha-ha-ha, right?). Maybe would have tried to keep the hands off the belly, maybe not.

  • homespunner

    Do Rey Momma Mi-a! Who wears heels like that in their third trimester?!?

    • formerlyAnon

      I’ve known [a very few] non-celebs who’ve done it. Practice and luck of the which-body-parts-are-feeling-the-strain draw.

  • Chartreusite

    Sadly the public does go there when it comes to pregnancy and weight gain. im not a fan of her, but the whole kim kardashian body shaming while pregnant thing is kind of gross.

    • Vickiefantastico

      I’m also not a fan of hers at all, but you’re right, is been terrible how the media (obviously, not this site) has been treating her. Pregnant women come in all shapes and sizes, and personally, I think they’re all beautiful!

      • Chartreusite

        Absolutely to all of this. The fact that it’s still a problem for popular culture to accept the human body in all it’s variety of forms is a pretty hard pill for me to swallow. And agreed; TLo are probably the most aware of the problems behind certain criticisms and statements out of all the sites regarding celebrities to any extent. As somehow who lives in a community that constantly has conversations regarding these kinds of things, I more than appreciate and recognize that TLo are the best.

        • Sarah

          I don’t know how you got a down-vote for saying what you did, but I think it was nice of you to pay homage to our hosts. And pregnant women should never be called fat, even if they were overweight before they got pregnant. Why? Because no one should ever be called “fat.” Should their loved ones have conversations with them about how they may be worried about their health and well-being? Absolutely. Should they offer to support them if they choose to try to weigh less? Of course. Should anybody tell someone “You’re fat!” Hell no. The “fat” one already knows this, and the one who says it is just being needlessly cruel. It’s just useless to talk that way. And useless to judge people for their size or appearance. As much as I like looking at fashion (from public figures whose job it is to parade it) on TLo, I would never presume to judge ANYONE who was a private citizen for their looks. We have to stop doing that, to each other and ourselves.

          • Chartreusite


        • lovelyivy

          Can’t believe someone downvoted you. I agree wholeheartedly with your sentiment- I kind of hate fashion as an industry, but I love beautiful things and appreciate craftsmanship. TLo is one of the very few places online where I feel like the writers haven’t drunk the industry kool-aid, and can be reasonable and critical and dare I say feminist in their outlook at beautiful clothes and the people who wear them.

          • Chartreusite

            Does a downvote mean I’m up for eviction or something??? Agreed, I really really have come to love the visual interest the fashion industry creates, but not all its outdated and problematic viewpoints regarding the human form.

          • Sarah

            No, just means someone didn’t agree with you, which we thought was crazy, because what you said was inoffensive to the community here.

          • Chartreusite

            It was probably a huge grammar stumble or something. I do have a tendency to ramble when I get really invested in a discussion, haha.

          • Sarah

            Oh, ramble on, my friend. I am long-winded myself, as above post will testify. And there ain’t no grammar police on TLo, as far as I know, so if you got downvoted for that, then somebody is a hell of a nitpicker. Regardless, it is really nothing to worry about. Screw ’em.

          • Wendi126

            Dare away. TLo are definitely feminists. Most real men are

    • The body shaming is cruel and unnecessary. The clothing shaming is us just trying to help.

      • Chartreusite

        Oh absolutely. That was more me being tangential and suggesting that TLo’s remark about the pose being like “see? I’m not fat you guys!” has a probable kernel of sad truth behind it.

        • Oh, I didn’t think you were speaking ill of us here or our hosts. I was just being a bit snarky, to be truthful. Loving your use of ‘tangential’.

    • alyce1213

      I think the major problem with Kim Kardashian’s pregnancy appearance has been her clothing choices, moreso than body criticism.
      I mean, have you seen the stupid, ugly, inappropriate shit she’s been wearing? Just what one might expect from her tastelessness.

      • Chartreusite

        Really? Cause what I’ve seen is criticism about her weight (A LOT OF IT) and her curves and how we must look and watch the trainwreck that is her pregnancy.

        • alyce1213

          I suppose I’m just not reading that stuff — I tend not to click on the articles. All I know is every time I see a picture of her she’s wearing some really garish, ridiculously inappropriate-for-pregnancy outfit.
          Shame on anybody who criticizes her body — she’s curvy to start with and she’s having a voluptuous pregnancy, like most women, actually.
          She does need to make better clothing choices, but has she ever?

          • Chartreusite

            To be truthful my viewpoint is probably coming from a lot of exposure to Kim solely through tabloid covers, which have been more scathing than ever, imo.

          • I think you’ve gone a bit too far. All of those things that you listed as a problem are not our place to judge.

      • MK03

        Well, she’s always had terrible taste, defaulting to too-tight, too-short, skanky looks. Pregnancy won’t change that.

      • TheAmericaness

        I think it’s just best to leave pregnant women alone. I mean, unless they have 20 cigs hanging out their mouths and are horseback riding at the same time, I personally don’t see the point in ragging on them at all about anything. There’s other stuff to rag on in the meantime. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s just me.

        • alyce1213

          Pregnancy is not a disease, it’s a blessing, and I would never rag on any pregnant woman for for her size or how she feels (BEEN THERE). But — pregnancy doesn’t make Kim immune to fashion criticism, especially in her situation where she puts herself, and manipulates the media to keep her, on high-alert public display at all times. ALMOST all’s fair. No one here is saying she’s a cow, just saying she dresses like a pig. Too harsh?

    • Pammer

      I don’t like what they are doing to KK and there is no excuse for it
      EVER, but she has been an attention whore for a long time. She can’t be
      very surprised by this.

      • AnaRoW

        That doesn’t excuse the tabloid behavior.

        • Pammer

          No,it doesn’t and I didn’t mean that it should. But I find the lot of them so annoying. The more attention we pay to this stuff, the longer they will be around.

    • Toto Maya

      I teach high school and in one of my classes some girls were all talking about how FAT Kim Kardashian was. I had to interrupt them and say “SHE’S PREGNANT.” Also she’s the same size as me.

      • Chartreusite

        High school students are awful. It’s a fact.

        • Guest

          I’m in high school and I’m not awful ๐Ÿ™ Please don’t generalize

          • Chartreusite

            Haha I’m sorry. I didn’t mean ALL high school students. As someone who is in high school just a short three years ago, I definitely don’t think we were all that bad. There’s just a tendency for…petulance in a large majority.

          • Guest

            Oh, believe me, I know! No worries, honey. Thank you for the nice reply.

    • Lisa_Co

      Your comment got me to look at 2 pics. Seems they are complaining about Kim’s fashion choices (way too tight outfit, sheer black top over belly) not body shaming per se. I have to agree she was not dressed “tastefully” (surprise,surprise).

  • oatmealpie

    I need your shoes!

    • Aren’t they the most ladylike thing ever? Love them!

      • tereliz

        Me too! They really grab me by the boo boo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Is it Ladylike Day in TInseltown? Why weren’t we told?

  • Moriginal

    I would love to see how this dress falls over the belly without the cupping hands of love messing up the drape.

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    I much prefer this look to Halle’s “Look at me! Momma’s still got it!” dress from the other day.

  • Little_Olive


    I think the hand placement, at least in this case, is because there is no other place to put the hands that looks as good. I should think arms relax on the side make the belly stick out more and the back to be bent; and a teacup pose may just look weird (after all, the waist now under the boobs) or throw the balance off.

  • Janet B

    She looks lovely.
    I wanted to be Julie Andrews when I was young.

  • I don’t love the belt, but even with it, she looks pretty fantastic. She looks so pretty and feminine, where she’s usually a little harder and edgier (which also suits her).

    • bellafigura1

      Yes, I think a narrower belt, subtle sparkles, would have been better here.

  • thecitysleeps

    I think she looks gorgeous. I don’t love the hair with the curls but otherwise she looks chic and pretty and the neckline is still subtly sexy.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    She looks really nice here, if very un-Evan Rachel Woodish. (And what’s wrong with a pound of cold spaghetti for breakfast, even if you are NOT pregnant … she said guiltily.)

  • She should have gone the full Von Trapp Realness route and made her dress out of drapes.

  • EEKstl

    The hair is a bit on the “meh” side but I am dying for that dress and don’t even get me started on the shoes. Obsessed.

    • tereliz

      Oh, yes, I love those shoes. They are so chic.

  • I think she has a Betty Draper quality going on.

  • I wish someone would get the pregnant look right. Evan Rachel Wood looks better than most other pregnant Hollywood women, but I’d think she’d do something a bit different. I’ve always admired her fashion taste. But I’m glad she is growing out her hair. I never noticed what a prominent chin she has until she cut her hair short.

    The pregnant pose. Thank you for commenting on the pregnant pose. Sometimes I think my reactions are that of an old fogey. I HATE the term “baby bump.” There is plenty of time at home to rest hands on a pregnant tummy.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Kind of retro. I like and it made me smile–and I live in Boston so I was really happy to smile at something today! Thanks, TLo!

    • tereliz


      • greyhoundgirl

        Received and felt–thanks!

    • poggi

      We’re thinking about all of you in the great city of Boston. While deeply saddened, I am also also inspired by the reactions of so many bystanders and medical personnel to protect people, provide medical assistance, and support.

      • greyhoundgirl

        Thank you.

    • greyhoundgirl

      You guys are great. People here are still in shock–I’m sure many of you have gone through it. I feel lucky that for me, as for most people in Boston/Cambridge, it’s a “six degrees of separation” kind of thing. Makes me think of all the people all over the world who go through this. And yes–the responders are incredible. Fashion may seem silly in the face of it, but at the same time–fun is a good thing!

  • CCAdams

    Please ask Brittany Snow and her stylists to take a look at those photos of Evan Rachel Wood, who is about the same age.

    Ms. Wood is wearing Christian Louboutin shoes that correctly fit her. She has also taken good care of her feet and legs so that she looks just fine without hose.

  • MikeW_Vegas

    How do you solve a problem called Maria?

  • tereliz

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with this look, it’s just a little staid compared to her normally vogue style. Funny, though, less makeup makes her look older, more mature, than when she trowels on the war paint. The hair is probably helping that image along. But she looks gorgeous, as usual.

  • poggi

    I don’t recall how I stood when pregnant, but that may be because I tried not to stand. I sat or I was walking (to get to a seat).

    She looks pretty and the “i am with child pose” (love that by the way) seems less artificial here when she is obviously pretty far along than when the lady stars have just tweeted their pregnancies and are cradling their not quite flat stomachs.

  • formerlyAnon

    Y’all are funny today.
    I, too love the shoes.

  • SassieCassy

    wow. if not for the belly i woudnt know she is preggo. the first picture you only notice it because of her belly holding pose

  • alyce1213

    I think this is a chic, lovely dress and a great choice for pregnancy: sexy shoulders, pregnancy visible but not under skin-tight jersey (or whatever), dress hangs elegantly. I like the wide belt.
    I could live without the hands-on-belly pose, but I think she looks absolutely great here.

  • Melizmatic

    Okay; this look totally makes makes me want to bust out singing;

    “Doe, a deer; a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden suuuuuunnnn….”

    You called it; she’s totally channeling the ‘Sound of Music’, but it still works for some reason.


  • Shannan Cunniffe

    Call me crazy, but I thought it was Adele from the thumbnail. No matter, she looks gorgeous, and I love that dress and need those shoes in my life.

  • yeah, methinks there ain’t no carb-loading for Ms.Wood, preggers or no. She’s still right tiny outside of her baby belly. Which is adorable, btw.

  • Those shoes are SO cute. She looks lovely and honestly, it’s incredibly tempting to rest your hands on your belly when it’s out there like that. I know I did and I wasn’t even aware of it half the time!

  • hillmad

    Wow! She looks beautiful: happy and relaxed!

  • Imasewsure

    The โ€œI AM WITH CHILDโ€ celebrity pose – rarely seen outside of the celebrity photo.. in real life it’s the “rubbing your bloated feet” or “arching your sore ass back” pose… never once felt the need to cup my pregger belly even when I wanted a seat on the train… that being said, also love the shoes.

  • MilaXX

    Every time I see “Julie Andrews” in print, in my mind I hear it like it was said in that Peter Cook and Dudley Moore movie Bedazzled.

  • MoHub

    Isn’t that Stanley’s dress with the hem cut short and the cape discarded?

  • kmk05

    Oooooh, no. No no no: I love the dress and the makeup, but those shoes and that hair just take it into old SevereLand.


    Love you Tlo!

  • ballerinawithagun

    Love those shoes. She looks wonderful.

  • Pammer

    She looks very very happy.

  • Jon

    She could wear this, pregnant or not, and look great. She’s doing the “pregnant pose” so this picture won’t be used as a stock photo later when she’s not pregnant (at least until the inevitable “Losing the pregnancy weight” stories start. Ugh.)

  • ccm800

    pregnancy is offically a PR move. Better than a leaked sex tape though, so there’s that.

  • quiltrx

    She really is glowing, isn’t she? Although I’m pretty sure she glowed before. She’s just that kind of gal.
    And I have to say…those are the prettiest Louboutins I’ve seen in a long, LONG time. Not that I could ever afford the splurge, but if I did, those might be the pair.
    And I want some of those gorgeous glowing whatever-they-ares in the background for my yard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • “Put a baby in her”… LMFAO

  • beebee10

    Frauleine Maria Realness!! Perfect! I love her and how she works fashion.

  • stubbornthoughts

    It’s as if she merely shoved a pillow up her dress. Without her big ‘ol bump, you’d never know she was pregnant.


    She looks fab.

  • nannypoo

    I think she is so beautiful, and this is a great look for her. But it seems like she’s been pregnant forever.

  • Those shoes are my all time favorites.

  • Actually, I seen an elegant and well dressed (and pregnant) Chloe Savigny.

  • paintedfish

    as a formerly pregnant lady, i think a lot of the hand positioning is due to the fact that there’s not much else you can do with em. you now have a big belly and you can either rest em on top which looks schlumpy or try to gently cradle them underneath.

  • The pose with the hands UNDER the belly always makes it look like you’re trying to hold it up. Which is usually exactly what you’re doing. A baby puts a ton of pressure on your back. I’m pretty sure I walked around like I was trying to keep a beach ball from falling out from between my legs for the last 3 months I was pregnant.

  • I had no idea she was pregnant until this post. She looks beautiful. I love her style normally, so I’m excited to see more baby-bump outfits.

  • conniemd

    I’d like to see how the dress hangs without holding the baby bump. Looks like it might be a great maternity dress that is comfortable and drapes nicely.

  • Anniebet

    She’s rehearsing her “demure” look. Can’t be all cray cray anymore with a bambino in the wings. Anyhoo, I covet those shoes.

  • pulpytomato

    The pregnancy pose is demanded by the paparazzi/photographers on the red carpet. If you ever watch video of one of these deals, they scream at pregnant women to cup the belly. That is why they are so common.

    • pulpytomato

      And she looks beautiful.

  • MartyBellerMask

    She is FLAWLESS.

  • ankali

    The dress is fine. She is lovely as always. The shoes are AMAZING.

  • mhleta

    Timeless and beautiful.

  • Iroqhard

    God, her skin is porcelain. Don’t know if it was that pre-pregnancy, but pregnancy seems to suit her. She is frigging glowing. I am a pale lass like Evan Rachel Wood and my skin does NOT look as good. Of course, I don’t have a staff either. That probably helps.

  • HeatherMcIlrath

    how does she always look so perfect? did she sell her soul to the devil for some photoshop-spell that makes her look perfectly doctored at all times?

  • glennethph

    That’s a baby Billy Elliot growing in her belly…awww.

  • kathrineb

    I love the shoes! She looks nice.

  • librarygrrl64

    LOVE! THOSE! SHOES!!! She is a natural beauty, no matter what she is wearing. Lovely.