Emilia Clarke in Christian Dior

Posted on April 30, 2013

‘Game of Thrones’ star Emilia Clarke attends 2013 Actors Fund Gala Honoring Robert De Niro in a Christian Dior dress.

Christian Dior Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Vlada Roslyakova (WOMEN)



[Photo Credit: Marco Sagliocco/PR Photos, style.com]

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    • http://twitter.com/marghardin23 Margaret Hardin

      Now I’m desperate to see that dress light up.

      • moppet


      • Jessi03

        Lite brite, lite brite, turn on the magic of colored lights!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=639062430 Sara Padilla


      • http://www.facebook.com/jessica.oriee Jessica Oriee

        it lights up????

        • 3boysful

          Probably not, but that was everyone’s first thought! I could forgive the lack of accessories if the dress did indeed light up.

          • judybrowni

            Whether it lights or not, those stick up rhinestone bits must give a thrilling acupressure experience when she sits down.

            • Meg0GayGuys6

              My first thought was, her ass must look like hamburger meat!

      • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

        “LIte Brite, makin’ things with Li-i- ite! What a sight, makin’ things with Lite Brite!” Thank you for that music worm that has now bored a hole into my cranium.

      • DebbieLovesShoes

        made me laugh, after a really bad day. TY

      • http://onionjam.tumblr.com SkipperJane

        All I can hear is the theme from the Main Street Electrical Parade…

    • http://twitter.com/PhDKnitter marlie

      Total girl crush. Sure, the dress could have been shortened a skosh, and the top of her dress might slide down if she sneezes, but she still looks great.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ginny-Ellsworth/534496198 Ginny Ellsworth

        If she sneezes, the beading with blow out and take down the crowd around her.

        • DebbieLovesShoes

          Still laughing. You and Margaret Hardin are making my day improve substantially!

        • http://twitter.com/crush_onyou crush on you

          Read elsewhere, but fits right here too:
          “What’s Valyrian for ‘badass’?”

    • Introspective

      more support for the girls, a bit more jewelry and a hem length that hits at the knee would have improved this lots.

      but as it stands not bad. that stunning face of course does the heavy lifting.

    • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

      Loving it.

      • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

        BTW – for all the Bitter Kittens who answered me a while back…I elected to not start watching the show until I was at least several novels into the series. I’m making it through the first book but I’ve also been hitting up the GoT Imbd page to help get a visual on some of the characters. I know some were aged for TV story telling purposes, but it has helped me to not get all these characters mentally crossed. THANK you all for your input.

        • lobsterlen

          And another suggestion … I listened to them on audible. I really enjoyed them by listening. It was very entertaining.

        • Qitkat

          I have wondered about reading the books, do you think someone (female) in the *40 to death* demographic would enjoy them? I tried watching the show, in season 2, and of course was quite confused. Some fantasy/scifi I like, such as modern Doctor Who, Haven, Pan’s Labyrinth, Greek and other mythology, Isaac Asimov and other classic writers, Diana Gabaldon.

          • http://dontmakeitlikeimdumb.blogspot.com/ annabelle archer

            Very much.
            I am of the same demo, if not quite yet to 40 mark. But definitely a grown up.
            My favorite fantasy series were the Sword of Truth series (Goodkind) and The Dragonlance Chronicles (Weiss and Hickman). Love Diana Gabaldon, Outlander is one of my all time favorite books of that kind.
            I’m happy with my decision, though with my schedule it may take me forever to get them read. I love that each chapter is the POV of a character, keeps the story moving at a good pace. Like most everyone else, I will say there are SO MANY people mentioned and almost everyone seems to have more than one title or name they are called by, but trust that the reason you need to know that person is revealed in the chapter and you don’t have to keep a chart to keep up.

            • Qitkat

              Thanks @annabelle_archer:disqus for all your detailed information, I may have to wait and begin in a vacation chunk of time though. Sounds like quite a commitment. I am the sort who finds it impossible to put a good read down, and stay up til all hours :)
              Thanks for your input also @Kathryn Tewson. My to-read book list only grows longer…sigh…not a bad thing at all

            • Qitkat


          • http://twitter.com/KathrynTewson Kathryn Tewson

            I’m 38 and I read all 5 straight through, then went right back to the beginning and read them again straight through. I’m a woman.

          • Toto Maya

            My mom and aunt are in their 50s and love it, we all watch it together.

            • Qitkat

              Thanks Toto, I need to find a buddy.

          • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1401197785 Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

            LOVED all the books and I’m in the 40’s, female and love all the things you’ve noted (as well as Anne McCaffrey, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek…my word, I’m a nerd.) The first book was hard for the first 150 pages, but once I was immersed, I couldn’t put them down.

            • Qitkat

              Thanks Jennifer, I like Battlestar too, my kids couldn’t believe it…fellow nerd.

          • http://completeflake.com/ LaVonne Ellis

            I’m in my 60’s and love the show, have read three of the books but didn’t have the attention span to go further. Fortunately, my son is reading them all and keeps me updated. :)

            • Qitkat

              Thanks LaVonne, I’ll have to have my sons, I think one of them was reading them too.

          • Sarah

            Hey Qitkat – I read them. I liked ’em okay, but I got only to the third book. I was in my early 30’s at the time, but I gave them to my MOM, and she read the heck out of ’em. Go figure. If you like epic fantasy, it’s good, but it does get a bit soapy with the machinations betwixt different factions. I think the main reason why it got picked up for TV is because of that, so if you’re turned off (as am I) by persons scheming, you might not care for that aspect. It sure LOOKS pretty, though. I dig costumery, so that is worth watching for. I am a pretty big Gabaldon fan, but those go schmaltzy to me with the romance sometimes, so you can see that I get turned off by too much human emotionalizing in my fantasy. I like questing, hardcore, straight up. Tolkien for the win, as it were. You should just give it a try and see if you like it. I am getting ready to delve into Battlestar Galactica on Netflix because if one more person tells me “You’ll really like it” I’ll have to knock ’em out. One good piece of advice Mom gave me, though, if you start a series of books (or shows) and everyone else likes it but you don’t, you don’t HAVE to like it. Just quit reading/watching. It’s your time.

            • Qitkat

              Good advice from your mom. I once heard that you should read at least the number of pages as your age before you give up on a book. Sounds strange doesn’t it? I have no problem with giving up on books, or TV shows. I certainly pay more attention to costuming after reading this blog for so long. But I’ve never read Tolkien. Or seen the films. I like great character development that doesn’t get too soapy. And the older I get, the more I appreciate writers who are more literate and pull me into a story that takes place in a world I’ve never imagined or been a part of. More often than not, it’s historical fiction, or a mystery in an foreign locale, rather than pure fantasy. I loved some of the books by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, who wrote The Club Dumas, The Flanders Panel, Seville Communion, The Fencing Master, among others.

            • Sarah

              Yes, literate is good. I have picked up Perez-Reverte’s books and not read them a few times – now I’ll give them a more serious consideration. I like historical fiction if it is really well researched, too – when an author takes the time to make a place and era real to me, I am so thankful.

    • http://twitter.com/MEGalasso Meg Galasso

      Her styling rarely lives up to that gorgeous face of hers.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julie-Chase/731391326 Julie Chase

      God, that face. She is so lovely.

      Needs a bracelet. /Fug girls

    • Sarah

      I have a pair of drawers with rhinestones on the butt. Sometimes, they make me feel like I’m sitting on gravel. This dress, while so pretty, I think would be a sitting disaster. Unless those beads are gummy somehow…

      • demidaemon

        What is the purpose of embellishment on your unmentionables? Just curious.

        • Sarah

          So your butt looks cute when walking away from someone sexily toward the bath, silly. One does wish to tantalize in the half-dressed state. More to the point, they were the right size and cost $2.99 at Marshall’s.

    • Eva_baby

      So I am thinking she can’t sit on a hard chair with that dress? Cushioned only?

      • mshesterp

        I thought the EXACT same thing–how do you sit down in that?? Other than that minor issue, she looks very pretty. Shorten the dress and change out the shoes and I’m good.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jessica-TallGirl-Freeman/1043623567 Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      Standing only dress. I agree with the other BKs, this also looks like a Lite Brite creation.

    • Imasewsure

      She is so pretty but what a boring dress…

    • MilaXX

      Like everything but the shoe.

    • Sobaika

      Not entirely thrilled with the makeup, needed some hemming.

    • another_laura

      Trying to imagine the discomfort of sitting in this.

      • l_c_ann

        Even if it’s not a sit down gala or whatever, how did she get to the occasion without sitting down at some time?

    • jilly_d

      How gorgeous is she, that she can have makeup that bad, and still look beautiful? *jealous face*

    • Catiline

      So pretty, but the dress does remind me a little bit of a blowfish.

    • nannypoo

      Once again, too damn long. And I don’t like the way the little bead clusters form tentacles that are clutching the dress in a spidery sort of way. Actually, on closer inspection, I hate this dress.

    • stubbornthoughts

      She looks gorgeous. Simple elegance. But so much ass stabbing when she sits down…

    • hmariec19

      She’s totally my fence jumper. She could wear a tea cozy and I would love it on her.

    • VicksieDo

      Khaleesi!! Love her, full stop, always.

      • kirkyo

        Holy crap. I thought this was a new character, perhaps. I’m a bit behind.

        Love, love this dress.

    • MrsAtaxxia

      Her shoes FIT. It’s a sad day when this is notable on a lady-star. Le sigh. She looks pretty great overall, though I agree with the hive-mind – the hem could have come up a skosh.

    • http://profiles.google.com/diana.ruskin Diana Ruskin

      Get it, Khaleesi. You WERQ that fierce face.

    • jtabz

      Jewel nipples, 4th shot down.

      Otherwise, lovely.

    • http://profiles.google.com/gillianholroyd gillian holroyd

      Yo. Flemington represent. Where the hell was this event?

    • Janet B

      Interesting dress, but boring on her.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      I wish Kelly O would take a page from this gal’s book. Classy. Note the absence of 6th grade marker tattoos on fingers. Love it. Even with the Lite Brite dress material. So pretty.

    • PinkySlinky

      she’s not sitting at this event, right? Yikes.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QFW22QV426LUOEPGASPZJWJMDE MishaFoomin

      That’s not a sitting dress, is it?

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Elaine-Lang/100000366510311 Elaine Lang

        That’s what I couldn’t stop thinking: “OUCH! MY ASS!”

    • http://profiles.google.com/anplica Anplica Fiore

      I keep wondering if her gems light up. Then it would be an AWESOME dress. As is, not so much!

    • jw_ny

      you’d think a dress loaded with rhinestones wouldn’t be so dull. Shoes, hair and makeup don’t help counteract that…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535548244 Kim Baker Vidas Davey-Irvin

      that hem needs to be taken up so it doesn’t hit her at the widest part of her calfs. … calves?

    • http://www.facebook.com/conysoledad Constanza Álvarez Espinoza

      Sadly, it makes her look chubby, which she isn’t.

    • http://twitter.com/susanpcollier Susan Collier

      Tasteful LED couture? YES!

    • Trisha26

      Another barely over 5′ actress trying to wear a dress for a 6′ model. Hair up (or at least styled) with some showier earrings would have been a great addition.

    • Qitkat

      Cute dress, I’m glad she didn’t copy the model’s soul destroying eyes; but, it needed to be shorter, and does indeed invoke Lite Brite.

    • decormaven

      Cute girl, but the dress doesn’t suit.

    • j_anson


    • http://twitter.com/starrika starrika

      When the dress makes even Vlada look bad, it’s probably not meant for mere mortals, even ones as lovely as Khaleesi.

    • carnush

      Why didn’t she just wear simple, single sole pumps like the model? The peep toe (and the platform) ruins the look, in my opinion. I’ve had it up to here with the ugly shoes. She’s not that short.

    • musicandmochi

      Yawn. Too much black. Flawless makeup. Though her natural beauty helps.

    • psykins

      Not a fan. The crystal group thingies make her look lumpy

    • VicD

      Bow down and worship your Khaleesi!

    • littlemissstrange

      I kind of love that she actually has hair on her arms like a normal person. I never see that with female celebrities but unless you have gorilla arms I don’t see why chicks have to have hairless arms. Her face is so beautiful. The hair, enh. I don’t know how she would sit down in this dress. But then I guess Khaleesi has no need of such things.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ginny-Ellsworth/534496198 Ginny Ellsworth

      I looked at the head shot and though “Mayim Bialik has lost her marbles and gone nekkid!”

      After looking at the full length shot, I think Khalessi is gonna need a cushion. That dress looks like it hurts to sit down.

      • demidaemon

        I would hope that the fabric is thick enough to not have that effect, but then it is probably a heat stroke dress instead. So which would be worse?

    • librarygrrl64

      Pretty, but a little long. I don’t mind the “no pop of color” here because the dress should be the focus.

    • Sally Brownson

      Normally I don’t criticize makeup, but man, her face looks so washed out. She could’ve used some blush or something.

    • http://twitter.com/cristycastillo cristycastillo

      This dress looks to me like one of Stanley’s dresses from his finale collection on Project Runway. The one that Nina wanted him to break up. Anyone else?

    • ballerinawithagun

      I usually don’t speak this way but… the first photo angle just looks like tit after tit after tit…..

    • capybara_cafe

      I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I don’t see how she could possibly sit down in it though. And it makes her look totally flat chested.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1401197785 Jennifer Peters-Ahnberg

      Khaleesi, a shorter hem would be more flattering. This is known.

    • formerlyAnon

      Good necklace or hem it. Aww, hem it a few inches no matter what.

    • bd73

      i think she looks darling.

    • Anniebet

      Loving the softer makeup on her. Lately those eyebrows have been so emphasized and harsh looking, glad they’re toned down here. The dress is too long, of course. Okay otherwise.

      Re the arm hair. I’m sorry, it just looks jarring and too manly for me.

      • http://thishotoldbroad.blogspot.com/ Sara Leigh Merrey

        We all have hair on our arms. It’s normal. What I find weird is no hair.

    • quiltrx

      Impossible to sit down in, right?
      And I spent a full two minutes figuring out that there was nothing blue sticking out of her behind…unfortunate placement of the Patriots bat on the background. :)

    • demidaemon

      I dig this in the zoom out pics. The zoom in pics make me think of a Lite Brite dress, and then the embellishments start to look plasticy and cheap.

    • http://thishotoldbroad.blogspot.com/ Sara Leigh Merrey

      The bodice is too tight. She’s bulging. If it fit better, I’d like it better.

    • guest2visits

      Maybe it shouldn’t work..but she looks fantastic in it.

    • Shoestore

      The khaleesi will have trouble sitting down. It is known.
      But yeah, she looks good.

    • Kirsten Kirsten

      So glad she eschewed the crazy eyeshadow of e the runway model, but this look could use a pop of bold colour *somewhere*. Bracelet? Earring? Different clutch?

    • kathrineb

      Everyone’s favorite pretty face…the woman with the epic lush brows :).

      She seems to favor straight strapless dresses. I would love to see her in something a bit more dramatic or something with a more interesting cut or neckline.

      I feel like this look needs something. It’s hard to know what that something is because the dress is covered in sequins.

    • ccm800

      Stanley, pay attention!

    • http://profiles.google.com/sauchih Sau-Chih Feng

      Has anyone else read the story of how one of her fans, after learning her real name (after referring to her as her character), tells her “‘Khaleesi’ is better!”

      Khaleesi IS better. It is known.

    • Joses Martin

      i know it was a picture of the bag, but all i saw was the arm hair…
      kidding though, she’s gorgeous, so screw it.