Christina Hendricks for FLARE Magazine

Posted on April 04, 2013

FLARE Magazine does right by Miss Christina.


‘Mad Men’ star Christina Hendricks covers the May 2013 issue of FLARE magazine in a Stella McCartney dress photographed by Max Abadian and styled by Lawren Sample.

BAM. There’s your sexpot.

On Joan: “I feel like I know her so well now. In the beginning, a script would come out and I’d think, ‘Oh, Joan’s the kind of person that would do that. Interesting. I don’t know if I like Joan!’ In the first season you saw this bossy, gossipy, sassy girl who is now all of those things but is also more sensitive and has gotten knocked down and gotten back up again, has friends and lovers and has a child and has an ex-husband, and she’s just many more things so she’s even more fun to play.”

On Joan’s fans: “Joan has a major support system, which is awesome. I think the funniest thing is that a lot of times people will call out ‘Joanie’ in the grocery store. That’s not my name but I know you’re talking to me! I think it’s sweet because really only one person on the show calls me Joanie, and that’s Roger.”

Stella McCartney Lace-Appliqué Sheath Dress

L’Wren Scott Resort 2013 Collection

Dolce&Gabbana Rose Print Full Skirt Dress


What’s great about this editorial – aside from the fact that she looks positively luscious – is that they didn’t put her in lingerie or default to mid-Century styles. She looks modern, pretty – and very hot. You rock that big hair, girl.


[Photo Credit: Max Abadian for FLARE,,,]

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  • Sobaika

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her the rose print Dolce & Gabbana. Damn.

    • VicD

      I love that she is KILLING IT in the yellow – it’s not easy for a redhead to look great in those vibrant yellows, but OMG does she ever look great!

    • tereliz

      That D&G is gorgeous on her and WOW what a face!

    • P M

      Isn’t it just DIVINE?! I’ve always wanted to look like that in a dress like that. Okay, I’m brown, but I can dream ;D

  • Shannon Campe

    I want every single one of those dresses! I love this.

  • annabelle archer

    Holy shit. I am in love. I am in lust. I am in twitterpation. Amazing.

  • Richard Harper

    If you look up ‘va-va-voom!’ in the dictionary? This.

    • aeb1986

      Seriously!! She looks sexy and FABULOUS! That hair in the D&G dress….damn.

  • Joanna Carver

    She looks fantastic in that floral dress.

  • Virginia McMurdo

    Sweet Jesus…. I am dead. BEAUTIFUL.

    • annabelle archer


  • Alexandra Glorioso

    Christina makes me proud to be a red head.

  • hmariec19

    Christina: HIRE THAT STYLIST.

    • P M

      I actually tweeted the stylist – Lawren Sample and told her just that :)

      • Dd

        If you read through Lawren Sample’s twitter timeline, you’ll see that she’s worked with Christina before. Christina was also a guest at Lawren’s wedding (which was featured on Martha Stewart’s website which I spent an hour browsing through – verdict: the shorter the wedding dress, the more fun and whimsical the wedding! -but I digress) so they must know each other pretty well.

        She looks gorgeous here. Miss Sample did a heck of a job. The square neckline seems to be working.

        • P M

          ” verdict: the shorter the wedding dress, the more fun and whimsical the wedding!” HEH

    • TheDivineMissAnn

      Exceptionally good advice! She’s is putting those models to shame!

      • Kathleen Shicks

        Exactly my thought. Those dresses look bargain bin on the models and a million bucks on Christina.

    • sweet_potato

      I thought the same thing.

  • Kiltdntiltd

    Without question the absolute best she has ever been presented in print. WOW. Every shot is golden. Who knew she could wear yellow with such authority?

    • Introspective

      agree. personal best in print for sure. so stunned by the beauty of this shoot i couldnt come up with anything to say since tlo put this post up. was just mesmerized by the pics. and came back a good 4 times to gawk at them before responding.

      girl werq.

    • MissAmynae

      I adore a good redhead in yellows and golds. She looks amazing.

      My little sister, who is about as freckled ginger as you can get, wore a rose-gold prom dress, and it was the fabulosity. I was proud :-)

  • Kate Gorton

    Working the shit out of every single dress, way better than the models. YES.

    • AndresB

      She’s wiping the floor with the vacant models indeed – great attitude, good face, clever dress choices for her figure.
      Always a major risk for anyone to attempt an iconic Marilyn pose like she does in pic 2 – but she pulls it off here, one of the few who ever succeeded.

      • ConnieBV

        I didn’t see Marilyn, I saw Jayne Mansfield.

      • H2olovngrl

        I have always thought if you made her a blonde it would be startling how much she really resembles Marilyn Monroe.

      • MissAmynae

        Marilyn and Jane Russell in “The Outlaw.” Amazing. Sultry.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    yowsa, now that’s how to dress that bod!

  • Folk Devil

    She looks amazing!

  • Silly Grrl


  • decormaven

    There you go! Looking so fine, and snaps to the hairdresser for a fab job.

  • boldprint

    gorgeous. WANT that hair.

    • VicD

      Fight ya for it, ‘cos I want it too!

  • foodycatAlicia

    I still hate those sticky-out darts on the Stella McCartney, but she looks amazing! I disagree about not defaulting to the mid-Century styles though – the L’Wren Scott looks a lot like the rockabilly repro stuff you get, which is so wonderful for this sort of figure.

    • Dorothy & Michael n/a

      Reverse darts?! I hadn’t noticed them until I saw your comment. Ugh. But the dress is otherwise a real knockout and so is Christina. A woman who works where I do has red hair this same color (hers is natural) and uses a picture of Ms. Hendricks as her profile on Facebook occasionally. I wonder if she’s seen these shots?!

    • alyce1213

      Agree on the Stella darts, also dislike the pasted on things.
      The L’wren Scott is da bomb!

    • Camille Goble

      Oh I didn’t notice those either. As a sewist, that just makes me cringe. I take so much care to create beautiful darts … on the inside!

    • MK03

      Visible seams are the thing now. And it makes me twitch. Seams belong on the INSIDE of garments, end of discussion.

      • Aurumgirl

        Visible zippers, then visible seams. Let me guess: they’re supposed to show of the incredible tailoring skills of the designer. Ha ha ha.

  • VicD

    Why, oh why, can’t she dress this well for her red carpet appearances? Clearly, it’s not that hard to make her look good – she looks great here and looks great on the show. Why then does she so often look so awful?

  • MsALVA

    SNAPS IN A CIRCLE to whoever styled this shoot. The cover dress is amaaaaazing on her, and it doesn’t look like it was tailored all to hell to make it fit around her chest. All of the dresses are like that. Perfection.

  • marlie

    I think the Stella McCartney one might be my favorite (I KNOW!)! She looks positively gorgeous in all of these photos.

  • Pennymac

    HOLY SHIT!!! She look awesome!

  • Garcia Loca

    Why did they photoshop away those amazing, glorious hips? Other than that, the editorial is just about perfect.

    • P M

      I was wondering how her hips suddenly looked small in the yellow dress!

    • Marie Drucker

      I think they pad her hips for the show. I’m sure they do.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    She needs to hire whoever assembled this shoot as her stylist. Like, yesterday.

  • KSpence

    Oof. SO pretty!

  • AnneNotHathaway

    Whoever styled this thing: please call me. I don’t have much money, but I have a lot of leftover Easter candy and an ability to perform monologues, so please–please, please, please do whatever you did to her to me.

    She looks positively edible. SO GOOD.

  • Chickadeep

    THAT’S the way you feature the Baby Heads. And OMG the big hair. Stunning.

  • DinaSews

    She looks a lot like Ann Margaret in that last shot. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

    • StellaZafella

      I get that…I was also seeing Tina Louise…If they ever DID do a movie satire/remake of Gilligan’s Island…heeeeere’s yer Ginger!

  • Guest

    This should speak to everyone who says redheads can’t wear a certain color…..that drives me NUTS! Redheads are not the same in eye color and complexion….lots of variety. She looks divine in jewel tones!

    • filmcricket

      Most redheads look good in jewel tones, if by that you mean emerald, sapphire, turquoise, amethyst. Yellows are very different. And the thing about redheads is usually not actually about the hair, but the freckles and overall skin tone, although I agree those things aren’t uniform across the ginger spectrum.

      I think the success here has to do with 2 factors: 1) she’s not a natural redhead, and 2) the perfect lighting, make-up and photoshopping. If she showed up in yellow on the RC under the glare of a hundred photographer’s flashes, I doubt she’d look as good.

      • H2olovngrl

        I think it really depends on skin tone more than hair color. I am a redhead, but with a more olive tone, even though I am as white as my pink skinned pals. Yellow looks great on me, not so much on my other redheaded friends with the pink tone. Now fuscia on me is BAD. Like I look dead, bad.

        • filmcricket

          Agreed, it really is about the skin tone. I think Christina actually is fairly pink, judging by her RC pics, but in photos they tend to take the pink out, which is another reason why I’m not sure these shades would look as good on her in real life. I might be wrong, though, maybe she’s just flushed from excitement whenever she’s on the RC.

          • H2olovngrl

            I think you are right. She definitely looks to have that skin tone that gets pink cheeks, when she gets warm. Very peaches and cream. I know her hair is dyed, but was she a natural redhead before or do we know what her natural color is? Also, redheads like Nicole Kidman have a lot if freckles that are difficult to see in pics, is Christina freckly?

  • NurseEllen

    WANT that L’Wrenn Scott number. She looks AMAZING! Take note, stylists everywhere. You can help a large-breasted woman look sexy *and* classy without having boobs spilling out all over. Christina, HIRE the people who helped you achieve this nirvana of style.

  • alyce1213

    She looks good in the Stella — the shape is lovely for her but the external darts and stupid thingies pasted on the dress are awful. (That’s Stella!)
    The rest is much better – especially the L’Wren Scott. It’s the best I’ve ever seen her in any garment.
    The D&G is gorgeous sitting down, and I hope it’s as beautiful standing,
    I am not on board with her hair. She needs some de-faking.

  • foodycatAlicia

    I wonder what sort of cut I would need to get to have it styled like that? Does she just have a long bob with textured ends?

    • shirab

      Can that all really be her hair? It looks very wiggy to me. Or at least extension-y.

      • foodycatAlicia

        I suspect she has some volume added. But I actually have that much hair!

      • formerlyAnon

        She very definitely uses additional hair, even for less voluminous looks than this.

      • Ozski

        No, it is a wig. Please check out her pre-MM days: Still unbelievable gorgeous, but that aint the hair she was born with..

  • prettybigkitty

    She should hire Lawren Sample to be her personal stylist. Wow, she looks fantastic!

  • leftcoastpickle

    STANDING OVATION!!! Go Joanie~!

  • heatheradair

    If I didn’t already want to dye my hair Christina Hendricks red (which, I KNOW, is ever-changing depending on the wig they give her), I REALLY, really REALLY want red hair, now.

  • lobsterlen

    Christina hire this stylist STAT!!!!

    Is the world ending today? I love that Stella McCartney dress.

    • Dora K.

      I love it on Christina Hendricks, styled this way, and photoshopped for color saturation. On the model it looks both boring and silly (“How do I make this basic sheath dress look ‘designer’? Oh I’ll just put the darts in front and glue some stuff on”).

  • Jessi03

    Miss Christina. Dress like this ALL THE TIME! She looks FABULOUS!

  • Lola Channing

    The cover is just gorgeous (along with the entire editorial) Would never have thought lemon yellow could work that well. Lovely lovely lovely all around. Thank you messieurs for this.

  • teensmom99

    So happy to see her looking so good!

  • formerlyAnon

    I would never have dreamed she could look so good in yellow! And how her beauty shines, here.

    I wish we could see the original, unaltered photos because I really wonder how close to this fabulosity the beautiful Ms. Hendricks *can* achieve in her red carpet photos – sometimes I wonder if we expect too much and it takes a level of artifice that one can’t/shouldn’t have to maintain over an entire evening of walking, sitting, talking, etc. to achieve what we see when she’s in costume or in a good magazine photo shoot.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    She looks fabulous. The second shot reminds me of Tina Louise.

    • AmeliaEve

      Wow, I never thought of Ginger as a role model for Christina, but that is a great thought.

    • TieDye64

      My thoughts exactly.

  • Nancy Karpen

    She looks amazing. Hire that stylist! Hire that hairdresser! But, what I really want to know is how they got her bust into those dresses and had the rest fit so well. Is it clipper up the back?

    • sablehunter

      Buy the size needed for your biggest asset and tailor/clamp the rest. Whoever fitted these to her did a masterful job.

    • MilaXX

      It probably is clipped for the shot & enhanced a bit with some discreet photoshop. That said I cannot sing the praises of finding a decent tailor enough. I use either my dry cleaners or the my local Nordstrom’s (free for card holders). I often have to size up to get tops that fit and then get them tailored in the sleeves and shirt length. Worth every penny not to look like I am drowning in my clothes.

  • Roz

    So pretty–and what a brilliant collaboration between stylist and photographer–every dress so perfectly suited to the light in its respective environment!

  • Ozski

    I love Christina’s exquisite face, gorgeous physique and undeniable talents BUT WHY have they photo-shopped out her hips on the cover? Also, she looks stunning in all of these pics, especially the yellow numbers BUT the hair is looking esp. ‘wiggy’ in the L’Wren Scott. Why can’t she just go au naturale just once? She’d be a great role model for all us fine-haired chicks!

  • lobsterlen

    Other than on Mad Men I don’t think I have seen her looks this perfect.

  • bookish

    Yay! I’m just so pleased to see her looking gorgeous outside of Mad Men. What a nice post to see so early in the morning. :)

  • butternut

    she killed that stella mccartney dress on the cover. looks 10x better on her than the model. WERQ it, miss joanie!!

  • MilaXX

    She looks great! My fav is the L’Wren Scott dress even if it does remind me of something from Modcloth or eShakti

  • Agatha Guilluame

    Judging from the pictures of the models alone I would never have been able to see someone as buxom and as coca-cola-esque as Christina in those dresses. Uncles, does a good stylist just look at the cut and seaming? Is it instinctive? Or is it just a lot of trial and error?

  • Emily Smith

    Her boobs look like glorious soft pillows in dresses like that.

    • Julie Chase

      Can I fluff her pillows?

      (Sorry, I had a Roxanne flashback)

  • AmeliaEve

    Oh thank goodness. Finally!

  • gabbilevy

    Take notes, Christina. Perfect.

    (Also, Adele could learn a thing or two from a fellow big haired-big bosomed gal)

    • maretha2

      Besides the big hair and the big bosom, I think Christina and Adele have pretty different body types. Christina is more of an hourglass whereas Adele is more “apple.” I would love to see Adele dressed by Tadashi Shoji, the designer that Octavia Spencer wears. Octavia is also more “apple” and she looks spectacular in his clothes.

  • Tracy Walker

    A little miffed that they photoshopped her hips away for that cover. Loving the big hair, though, and luscious is definitely the word.

    • maretha2

      I agree — she is the classic hourglass shape with the big boobs and big hips and teeny tiny waist. Without the hips she looks more like the generic Hollywood type of big boobs on thin and narrow body. (Duly noting, of course, that she still looks 1000% more sensational here than just about any Hollywood starlet.)

  • stubbornthoughts

    The stylists at FLARE should be her full time crew. She looks fucking phenomenal.

  • jilly_d

    I don’t know why people say redheads can’t wear yellow – when I had Joanie red hair I had a cardigan in a similar color and strangers literally stopped me to tell me how good I looked in it (that did not happen with any other top – ever, lol). She is werqing the shit out of it. Though that D&G is anything but modern – I’m pretty sure my mother had that same dress in 1986 – same sleeves and everything.

    • Dora K.

      I think it’s mostly that pale people are afraid of looking washed out in yellow and redheads are pale? It really depends on your skin tone and the exact shade of yellow, though. Warm, saturated tones are more flattering than banana or pale mustard if you’re pale. In this case, it looks like they calibrated the colors carefully on the cover to bring out the yellow while making sure she looks her best.

      • H2olovngrl

        Yes. Olive tone: usually OK. Pink tone: meh, not so much.

  • julnyes

    She is literally breathtaking in this editorial.

  • MoHub

    Love the L’Wren Scott. Very Marilyn. Christina was born 30 years too late.

  • Janet B

    I don’t know which yellow dress I like more – Stella McCartney (!!!) or L’Wren Scott.
    Congrats to the stylist, Lawren Sample.

  • Denise Alcantara

    I DIE! i want all of these clothes!

  • luciaphile

    Be still my beating heart, a Stella McCartney dress i don’t hate on sight.

    • maretha2

      Mind: blown. Who knew that it would take Christina Hendricks to make a Stella dress look presentable? I didn’t even notice those dreadful darts until I was looking at the dress on the model. Christina really is capable of miracles.

  • Julie Chase

    Jesus, her face in the last picture-she is stunning. And DAMN, wear more yellow girl.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    She needs to get all of those dresses made in every flattering color and wear the shit out of them.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Full-on 21st century Monroe. WERQ.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Definitely 60’s sexpot, but I get more of a Mamie Van Doren vibe out of Miss Christina.

      • Pants_are_a_must

        Fair point, but that second photo is pure Marilyn.

  • BobStPaul

    Wow! She looks spectacular.

  • Anna_Cecilia

    Her and that L’Wren Scott dress are MFEO. Order one in every colour, both solids and prints. I know I would.

  • Hayley


    Also, I wish I could figure out how to tease my hair better so it looked like that.

    • Kate Pearce

      damp hair, lots of hair gel and backcomb the hell out of it. :) well that’s what I do. :)

      • Hayley

        Oooh, I haven’t been doing it with damp hair! Thanks for the tip!

    • Ozski

      Purchase a good wig. I swear, she wears wigs and hair pieces everywhere!

  • Bexxx

    She looks fantastic. I am not a big Stella fan, obviously, but I’m excited to see a model of color for once.

  • Maryanne525

    Holy COW. I think she looks stunning in all of them, but I stopped in my tracks when I scrolled to the Dolce. She looks drop dead gorgeous.

  • Anplica Fiore

    Modern, Hot, yet with a whiff of Marilyn Monroe!

  • Melanie Morgan

    She looks amah-zing! That’s why it’s so frustrating when she dresses herself.

  • victoria rodeno

    She looks awesome. I echo the last comment, whatever you have to do, hire that stylist.

  • SewingSiren

    Hair suckers make me puke in my mouth a little. But other than that she looks great. Especially in yellow.

  • Khristen Chapin Bendali

    She looks amazing – a modern interpretation of Joan’s style. And I have to say, the three dresses look WAY better on Ms. Hendricks than the runway models. It is like going from a luscious cake to the gluten- and fat-free version. No comparison.

  • filmcricket

    God, she’s so gorgeous.

    Saw the reverse darts and *knew* that was a Stella – gah. Hate. CH does looks amazing in it, although I’m annoyed by how much they’ve taken off her hips.

    I disagree that these aren’t mid-century styles; I mean, I know they’re not, technically, but shape-wise the first two aren’t far off what Joan wears and the last one is fairly Betty-esque. Looking at that 2nd photo, I don’t understand why she hasn’t been cast in a Marilyn biopic yet – she’s got the bod, the voice and the face. C’mon Hollywood, do we have to do everything for you?

  • Aimée Van Zile

    girl looks AMAHZing.

  • Darva Sutra

    Freaking LOVE IT ALL! Per T Lo’s credit, “styled by Lawren Sample”. Props to Cristina for working her banging bod, and for Lawren to know how to bring it out!

  • Anita Freiler Palmer

    Wow. She looks awesome. (I actually said that out loud & I’m at work!)

  • unbornfawn

    She needs to hire whoever styled her for this photo shoot NOW! She looks the best she has ever looked. The big hair works wonders for her proportions too.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    *Bowing down.

  • RebeccaKW

    My one complaint is the D&G b/c it seems to really squish her top/give no definition to her waist. No shape up there. But overall, DAMN. Damn.

  • P M

    Can we all just start a campaign on Twitter / Facebook? That might work. We could call it ‘Campaign for Lawren Sample to become Christina Hendricks’ stylist’

    • ConnieBV

      Lead on, I’ll jump.

    • PastryGoddess

      I’ll drive the bus

  • padma sallah

    I’m jumping that fence right now.

    Dear God, she looks flawless. FLAWLESS.

  • ConnieBV

    Finally, someone who can make a Stella McCartney look good.

    • PastryGoddess

      You have spoken…and it is the truth!

      I didn’t even realize it was Stella.

  • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome


  • OrigamiRose

    Wow. Just wow.

  • Danielle Lisle

    Stunning. I am not worthy.

  • Sunraya

    I just showed my husband this dress and her usual style, with the baby heads. Even he agrees she is so much sexier when she is not pushing her boobs up,to her chin! She looks matronly with the baby heads, like my great-grandmother nonna, because they shorten her waist. She looks awesome in that yellow – so much better than the model!

  • rh33

    We have a new Gilda. The DG dress is Rita Hayworth on the bed delicious!

  • MajorBedhead

    My girl-crush-o-meter just ratcheted up a whole heap o’ notches. Whooooomama!

  • EEKstl

    THAT is her hair, and those are her clothes. Well done.

  • Rhonda Shore

    aside from the killer bod — she has SUCH a pretty face. She’s looking radiant in all the recent footage. Love these pix.

  • HeatherMcIlrath

    absolutely stunning! i love the hair and covet all the clothes! i can’t get over how gorgeous she is!

  • maggiemaybe

    She is just out-of-control gorgeous. And she should wear yellow all the time.

  • marilyn

    With porcelain skin and red hair, she has picked the right colors

  • Eva_baby

    It looks like they saturated the color of the Stella McCartney dress more on CH than on the model. Is it the same color or photo manipulation? I like the fit of it better on CH, but I like the color pop against the model’s darker skin better. I think the color contrast looks better on the model. And if the real color of the dress is the color it is on the model, then I don’t think it would look as nice on CH as it does on the cover photo.

    The other two dresses are stand outs, though. Great fit, great styling. And in both of those she looks heads and shoulders better than the models.

  • Tadiana

    That yellow dress is the first Stella McCartney dress that I’ve unreservedly loved, maybe because Christina makes it look so good. Love the first and last shots but she’s looking, I don’t know, a little plastic? in the 2nd shot.

  • warontara

    And this is why she is still my #1 lady celebrity crush.

  • butterflysunita

    Love this editorial. Christina is delivering a print WERQ and all those bright spring colors are like a breath of fresh air.

  • H2olovngrl

    These aren’t necessarily mid century styles, but you can still see the influence, without it being overwhelming She is making that Stella McCartny sing!

  • MarissaLG

    Gorgeous & perfect.

  • kmk05

    WOW. Those pictures are amazing, those dresses are amazing, and I cannot get over that hair. AMAZING!

    …my vocabulary needs expansion. Maybe when I’m not as slack-jawed.

  • Crystal

    HOLY SHIT. She needs to kidnap that stylist and marry him/her. NEVER LET THEM GO, CHRISTINA. In other news, she looks gorgeous and so so sexy.

  • thelovelydove

    She is fucking putting those models to same! Glad to see she found someone who can really dress those curves.

  • MissAmynae

    That is some Jane Russell Tarzan promo shoot sultriness.

  • KayEmWhy

    Elizabeth Taylor’s yellow, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Now that’s sexy, but not trashy. Show the other ladies how to do it!

  • Judy Julian

    Can’t believe that yellow dress is a Stella McCartney! I actually love it! Oh, and Miss Hendricks looks fabulous in these photos.

  • Tess Danesi

    Wowza. The best she’s ever looked. I can’t believe she’s in a L’Wren Scott dress and totally making it even more amazing. I always thought L’Wren Scott was only suited for the long, lean & tall girls, like L’Wren herself & Nicole Kidman. But hot damn, Christina looks fab in each and every shot. I echo the “hire that stylist, girl” chant!

  • mhlmh

    Similar to the Beyonce pics, in two out of three of these looks, she looks way better than the model.

  • kingderella


    see? see? I, stella defender, told you so.

    • NoGovernmentName

      Even a broken clock is right twice a day 😉

  • pugluv

    How can her hair and face look so incredibly beautiful here but yet her hair is always a flat looking disaster on the red carpet? Fix this problem girlfriend because you are one gorgeous woman!!!

  • PrunellaV

    I don’t know what it is about this girl, but every time she looks this great I want to stand up and cheer.

  • Ash

    Looooooove it!

  • Sara Leigh Merrey

    I want that yellow dress! She looks fantastic in these pics.

  • AutumnInNY

    Beautiful! You shine that shine Christina!

  • Contralto


  • allisankelly

    amazingly gorgeous.

  • cheekypinky

    I. DIE.

  • Anniebet


  • pookiesmom

    God, she is preternaturally gorgeous.

  • Louise Bryan

    Amazing. First time in a long time I have loved a Stella McCartney. Christina looks far better, mind, than the model.

  • LaSylphide

    100% fabulous, especially (God help me) the McCartney. She should hire Lawren Sample as her permanent, exclusive stylist.

  • gillian holroyd

    Absolute perfection.

  • Crystal Harnden

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the L’Wren dress!

  • Crystal Harnden

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the L’Wren dress! Christina looks amazing!

  • Fatima Siddique

    I love everything about all the photos, except the fact that she’s nibbling on her hair on the cover.

  • heartbot

    Who would have thought a redhead in yellow would look so amazing? SHE LOOKS AMAZING. I love how sexy everything looks even while being mostly covered up. One of the best editorials posted here in a long time. GORGEOUS!

  • elemspbee

    best she’s ever dressed.

  • samo_samo

    Very nicely done! She looks beautiful.

  • Qitkat

    Late entry (Sat, Apr 6) for Mad Men Bitter Kittens: check out this post about the show. The slide show is fun and the link “Early reports” within it goes to a wonderful essay about the show.

    Slide show is found on complex dot com. Search under Pop Culture. Then search for article titled Everything You Need to Know to Watch Season 6 of “Mad Men”. Dated Apr 5.

    The link within goes to grantland dot com, essay by Andy Greenwald, titled The End of Men. Dated Apr 3.