RPDR: Scent of a Woman

Posted on March 19, 2013

Despite a first ten minutes comprising the following:

We were a little bored with the episode. No complaints about that first ten minutes, though. Except for maybe finding Andrew Christian a little precious, but that’s just us.


Big. Black.





Maybe this is why we were bored with the episode, because OH MY GOD COCO SHUT THE FUCK UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!


My GOD, how does someone get to be a drag queen with any kind of career (and she appears to have a damn good one) and still manage to remain so damn defensive and eternally wounded all the time? She claims personal offense at just about EVERYTHING, while being as deliberately offensive to the people around her as she pleases. We realize the rest of the queens are encouraged to interact with her – and maybe some of them actually want to – but we’re at the point where we know we’d blurt out “SHUTTHEFUCKUP!” at her if she asked us to pass the salt. We’re so annoyed at her that we had to get this all off our chest before we even condragulated the winner.

We hated this look. It was unflattering and her makeup is hideous. We don’t know why she’s not called out for it more often.


We didn’t think her commercial was as bad as the judges made it out to be. NOBODY made a polished, hilariously funny commercial, as far as we’re concerned. We don’t think she’s much of a performer, but her look made us laugh.

Enough. We can’t pay her any more attention.


So condragulations, Alaska! About time. She’s not without her issues in this competition, but it was silly that she was the only non-winner in a group that includes Alyssa, Ivy Winters and Roxxxy. Loved this look. It doesn’t go quite as far as it needs to, in our opinion, but it’s a firm step away from her repetitive looks.


Like this one. It’s a good thing her perfume and her commercial were the funniest by far.



We like Detox a lot, but she should have been READ for this look. The dress is hideous and the face is the stuff of nightmares.


But he made a semi-decent commercial. Not the best but far from the worst.


We like this look. It’s pure ’80s nighttime soap opera realness, flawlessly executed.


But it’s long past the point where it’s obvious that Alyssa has FACE – and that’s it. She has absolutely no performing skills (except lip synching) and no wit, humor or intelligence to her persona. Time to GO.


We’re going to admit something that may get us yelled at. We love Jinkx, but after this week, we’re starting to believe the other queens when they go off on her for “playing a game.” Hey, that’s her right and if she pulls it off, more power to her, but we finally hit the wall on her faux-naive “I AM pretty and I’m just trying to be the very best Jinkx ever!” We think the other bitches are mostly going after her out of jealousy, but we also think her protestations are overplayed. She knows damn well she’s a front-runner at this point and that the judges pretty much love her. The underdog schtick isn’t playing anymore.

We thought this look was adorable and full of character.


We also thought she was a close runner-up for best commercial.


Another one who’s all look and no talent. Over her.


The whole pancake-scented perfume thing was funny, but her looks are all way too similar. If Jinkx can get called out for lack of glamour, then Roxxxy needs to be called out more often for lack of originality.


Aaaaand yet another girl who’s resting on her looks with little else to back them up. Oh sure, she can sing, but that’s not going to win it for her, especially when she relies way too much on these sweet showgirl looks and has no presence on camera at all.

She’s cute as a boy or a girl, no doubt about it. And she’s sweet. And we would have loved to have seen the high melodrama of Jinkx revealing his true feelings and letting that whole thing play out in the workroom. But he’s (we’re just gonna say it) not too bright and he has no charisma.


So two great faces with little talent went up against each other in the lip synch. And bless that Alyssa, she’s still in the game because lip synching is her ONLY talent. It makes it really difficult to eliminate her, no matter how charmless or awkward her performances are.


But we can’t say we’re sorry to see her go. This contest is coming down to Jinkx, Alaska, Detox and Coco. The rest of the ladies can start going home now.




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  • Coco and Alyssa need so sashay the hell away RIGHT NOW. I think top three are Jinkx, Alaska, and Detox (at least that’s who I want). Your Coco rant was spot on. She sucks. I don’t get why she’s still there.

    • andcoh

      I don’t know who the winner is, but I feel like top 3 is set unless one of them truly fucks up. And that’s fine. Detox, Jinkx, and Alaska have been my pick for top three since before the season started and I think they’ve delivered well enough.

      • M312

        I actually think Alyssa will make top three. I love me some Jinx, Detox and Alaska, but they are all similar Queens in their comedy/drag-stylings. Seems Detox is losing a little steam of late and although Alyssa couldn’t get a clue from Colonel Mustard, she can bring it on that runway and in her lipsyncing (however the fuck you spell it). I don’t think she will win, but I can definitely see top 3. Now, if she gets cut next week, f-u bitches. I ain’t Nate Silver.

        • MichaelStrangeways

          Next week is an acting episode…Alyssa and Coco are both in big trouble with that.

          • Indeed. Jinkx, Alaska, and Detox all proved in the first acting challenge that they’re alllll over that shit. Even Roxxxy wasn’t half bad. Coco and Alyssa, though… Looks like next week we’ll finally get to have their face off in the bottom two.

          • MichaelStrangeways

            Is it possible to have ANOTHER double elimination then? That would be lovely!

          • Here’s hoping!

          • M312

            Is there a preview up yet? I wanna see and cannot find.

          • SteelTown83

            Yep–and the lip synch faceoff will finally, finally happen. My money’s on Alyssa.

          • LittleKarnak

            Telenovellas!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!

        • kentiesgirl

          I like Alyssa…I thought she was fun as the cross-dressing uncle, and you have to have some acting to pull off great dancing, imo. I could see her top 4, if Coco stays over her, I will totally cry. Every week I expect the C/A lip sync and now the double save is gone i’m worried.

        • Airkisses

          Regarding Detox, she’s obviously talented, but I don’t think she’s ever lived up to her potential on the show. It just seems like she hasn’t had many real stand-out moments. Maybe it’s the editing.

          • M312

            I adore Detox but agreed and was thinking the same about the editing. Is it a post-show “well, she didn’t win” so they don’t seem to hone in on her or am I imagining things?

          • Airkisses

            Could be. Or maybe the other queens are Out-drama-ing her πŸ™‚

          • M312

            True. God, with COCO… she’s like TNT – she knows drama.

  • Coco, go go home home. Ugh. You are a fierce queen in lip synch but your attitude stinks like bad perfume.

    Jinkx had the only commercial that made me laugh out loud, but I agree that Alaska had to win. Her was the most fully-realized and put together of them all. She still needs to switch her look up some, though. Same old wig in the commercial…

  • Susan Collier

    I do believe that Santino complimented Coco’s runway look last night!?!?!

    • Maryanne525

      Yes, odd! He said she was too accessorized, but loved her look.

      • Frank_821

        actually he said he loved the dress

        • Maryanne525

          Yes, that’s exactly what I was referring to. Sorry it wasn’t specified to your liking.

  • jetpackdino

    I want Alaska’s wig. I want one in red, I want one in pink, I want one in blue.

  • MarTeaNi

    I cannot stop staring and the bizarre white outline all around Roxxxy’s eyebrows and wigline. It’s the like extra strip around a sticker or a fake tattoo. It’s Lee Press On Drag Features, now with more obvious makeup.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      I noticed it, too. It was like she forgot to blend or something. She can be pretty, but her makeup skills leave a LOT to be desired… she highlights too harshly, and ends up looking like she’s wearing a little white cat mask. Not a good look.

    • It’s the fact that Roxxxxxxy makes her eyes TOO CLOSE TOGETHER that always gets me. Cross-eyed β‰  giving face.

  • M312

    I loved this episode and so glad Alaska won as she was robbed at the Rupaul Roast, from what we did see of it at least. Her commercial was a riot. I was thinking it was going to be Coco Vs. Roxy for the final battle. Coco is just profoundly stupid and Roxy left good taste and wit back at a bus stop it seems. But so long Ivy. I was just starting to like you for being sweet and kind, too. Damn me and my feelings. Alaska for the win!

    • shanteUstay

      Omg YES. Coco was not nearly as funny as Alaska last week. She and roxxxy just need to leave

      • THIS was what I was yelling at the TV last night! Coco didn’t mind the judges grading on a curve last week.

  • Maryanne525

    Jinkx needs to calm down with the “poor me” schtick, and dial up the confidence. Coco is BEYOND obnoxious. Her makeup is ORANGE and it is CAKED on. She should’ve been gone weeks ago.

    • StellaZafella

      Coco is what you get if you suck all the sweet air out of Latrice: A bitter, shrunken orange shell of a drag queen with a persecution complex…everything Latrice and Bebe were, Coco is not. Coco is toxic.

      • Maryanne525

        Hahaha, “Coco is what you get if you suck all the sweet air out of Latrice”. Yes, this.

  • Is it just me, or was Cocopuff’s look nothing but a Party City Knockoff of BeBe from Season 1? Where’s the read for that hot tranny mess?

    • Joe J

      Dammit, you beat me to it. I was going to post the EXACT same thing, right down to the Party City reference, for reals.

      Goes without saying then that I agree with you 100% – and for everyone who may not have seen it, here’s Bebe, Lion Queen:


      Don’t pet that kitty, is all I’m sayin’.

    • That limp bow… smh. That jumpsuit was not Party City, it was Strawberry.

  • rkdgal

    Oh, the irony of a former Fug Madness winner calling a drag queen’s attire “tacky!” Girl, you better check your own ass out first! But Joan Van Ark was great.

    • JVA did her homework, I loved hearing her said “No T, no shade” and “Hunty”!

    • RMB

      Exactly! Aubrey O’day has a secret…she’s a bitch. Oh wait, that wasn’t a secret. Her website is full of pics sporting that eye look she called out in Alyssa. I loved JVA as well, but her makeup and especially her lips weren’t working for me. Seriously, those lips? They looked like an Anal Bleaching accident.

      • I had never heard or seen this Aubrey ODay character before last night but she damn near ruined the episode for me. She was hateful to all the queens, while looking busted herself. Was she there to make M Visage look kinder & less blunt? Meanness for its own sake will make me turn the channel very quickly. BGB, go back to wherever you crawled out of.

    • Zaftiguana

      Word, JVA was awesome.

  • I was really rooting for Jinkx- loved how the editing kept us guessing for her ad.
    As to CoCo, could we call her “OhNo” instead? the only thing that can save her is a roll of duct tape.Roxxy looked like she was wearing saran wrap, and that is not a compliment…

  • MilaXX

    Someone said Ronnie from Make me a Supermodel was one of the AC guys, but I can’t tell from the screencaps. Ivy was the one queen whenever anyone mentioned her in a pst, I had to go back and look at pictures to remember who she was, she’s that forgettable. I wish Alyssa & Coco would be up for elimination together and Ru would do a double sashay. I am tired of them both. Coco is a loud bag of wind & Alyssa is such an empty vessel. I’m bored with both of them. I am also bored to tears with Roxxy. However, this is why I think she makes final 3 or at least final 4; she looks busted in that pink catsuit. He face continues to be absolutely awful! She paints herself 20 years older, contours her nose to oblivion and no one calls her on it. I won’t even begin to talk about that breast plate that is a completely different shade than her body or her mediocre performances in challenges. Why is she still here, and why have the judges not called her on any of this?
    Alaska is cute, I’m glad she won a challenge, but I’m over her Amy Whinehouse wigs.

    • M312

      I thought I saw him, too. Then I thought I should be ashamed of myself for even having a memory of that awful show in my head at all. Lobotomy?

      • Honey, there’s no shame in you remembering Make Me a Supermodel. After all, we’re all on here passionately discussing a drag show, not molecular biology. πŸ™‚

        • M312

          Drag Race is the Nova of reality shows. God, I really gotta read a book.

          • Plenty enough reading on Drag Race for all of us, so no need for books until the season is over.

          • M312

            Yaay, Suck it, school!!!

            Wow, I just had a high school flashback. Sorry, folks.

          • StellaZafella

            Better that it’s the Nova of reality TV…

            …and not the Antiques Road Show.

      • MilaXX

        Now I gotta watch again and look for him.

        • Ronnie was on “Make Me A Supermodel” 5 years ago; I’d assume he’d look different now, and that he might be a bit older than the AC boys?

          • ZnSD

            It was him. I paused and rewound when I saw the brief flash of him and verified. Definitely. I saw him somewhere else recently and he looks great; lost some of that “baby fat” roundness of cheek is all. Still a very handsome sweet guy.

          • M312

            Thank you for verifying. Also, Brent Corrigan was in that lineup. I believe he is upfront on the Logotv Drag Race page, not that I noticed him with even a minuscule amount of clothes on. What? We adults here, right?

    • Well next week is an acting challenge and if past precedent has anything to show, Jinkx, Alaska, Detox, and even Roxxxy can all act. Coco and Alyssa cannot. Fingers crossed!

    • Addictedtowhitewater

      Yep, it was Ronnie (used to love me some Make Me a Supermodel, and still search for Jonathan every one in a while, heh). If you take a peak at the Andrew Christian website you’ll see Ronnie as one of the models in the ‘booty camp’ video on the home page. Or if you search for Ronnie Kroell you’ll spot him in some other AC adverts.

  • Introspective

    last nite was definitely boring. and did anyone else find it outrageous that Aubrey O’Day was involved in judging anyone on anything. and calling someone tacky??? ok RuRu, I love you but this was beyond the pale.

    meanwhile, as for where I stand with these queens, cause im sure youre dying to know:

    Detox feels like she’s hitting a wall but I think another trip to the bottom will put her back in overdrive, where we want her.

    Bless her heart, Alaska, though she finally won, still doesnt feel like a contender to me. Im not feeling like there’s a “there” there.

    Coco is an old stunt queen who falls back on drama to remain relevant, and does have the hiddiest shading on her face–for those two alone she could go home for me.

    Jinkx is the only other contender besides Detox to me. She’s genuinely hilarious and beautiful when made up. She could teach a few queens (read: Coco) about the art of shading one’s face cause her nose is painted to perfection weekly.

    Roxxxy has worn me out. I saw her as having something special, but its all gone down hill since the snatch game. last week’s too well timed outburst was the nadir. Im over the hump from liking her to being done with her.

    Alyssa’s my vote for going home next week unless there is somehow another dance based challenge…

    • I didn’t see your response as I was typing the same thing re: Aubrey. She gave several slams/critiques in a row where I actually yelled at the tv “Buy a mirror, Aubrey; buy a mirror!”. For her to be looking like an AVN starlet while criticizing the gals for being tacky or pornish was very odd.

  • I have a huge problem with the general message that going through some sort of hardship justifies a person being an insufferable asshole (Coco this week, Roxxxxxxxxxxy last week, etc.). And, yes, Coco is the worst of the worst, with her constant attacks on others, and her inability to accept personal responsibility. Even her eventual “apology” to Jinx was a non-apology (“I’m sorry YOU were offended”). Yuck.

    • Caaro3

      . . . And her horrible, horrible make up.

      • Coco looks BUSTED every week. Her outfits are tacky and poorly accessorized (including her hair pieces), and yes, her makeup is SOBAD. Probably bottom five in the history of RPDR.

        • PeaceBang

          I think “busted” means “good” in drag queen lingo.

          • XPT

            Busted means ugly

  • VicD

    Roxxy looked like a big pink pig on the runway. Sick of her – she acted like a spoiled pig too. Beyond sick of Coco’s attitude. However, I have a soft spot for Alyssa. She has gotten picked on mercilessly by the other girls – at least, from what we have seen. I agree that she won’t be in the final three, but I’d love to see her outlast Roxxy and Coco for all the shade they’ve thrown her. Roxxy carried on about how she beat Alyssa last week, and it simply wasn’t true. Let Ru be the judge … and Alyssa is still there. And she absolutely killed in the lip synch last night. If for no other reason, gotta love the girl who says, “It’s not personal – it’s drag.”

    • MK03

      Something about Alyssa has become very endearing. She’s kind of a doofus, but she’s a well-intentioned doofus. And as a doofus myself, I’m always happy to have a new sister in arms.

      • Ever since I saw it, I can’t unsee it- she’s a young Don Knotts in drag and I’ve found that to be surprising endearing. It’s like a weird alternate universe where Barney Fife gets up to hikinks and doofusery in drag, rather than in Mayberry.

        • Melizmatic


        • Iroqhard

          I would watch the shit out of that show.

      • I agree. She’s entertaining.

      • LANDRU3000

        I like her too! She’s a kind of has the “hooker with a heart of gold” thing going on.

    • Donald Hite

      Or the girl who says “I don’t get cute. I get drop dead gorgeous”. lol

  • Ahem…raises hand….I have a question for those who know about Drag and how it should be properly executed.

    First, 90% of the time, I adore the eye makeup. I’m from the South, pile on the Great Lash and tease the hair to Jesus, not my thing, but I like it. I also, usually, love the lip work, it can be quite opulent. What I do not get is the weird contouring and aggressive shading in the nose area, sometimes even on the tip of the nose. I don’t understand they reasoning behind it. Would any of you care to explain?

    • Zaftiguana

      The contouring is to soften their features to appear to be more feminine. It looks weird on this show sometimes because a lot of these girls are used to doing it for club performances where the light and distance are very different, as opposed to TV.

      • StellaZafella

        Well said…and I would add that Jinx is the only one to take any of the input about her over-contouring to heart and look at the stunning results. You’d think that Roxxxy would, at least, take another look at her own face compared to Jinx’s changes and wonder if she might do something different…oh but then, of course, Roxxxy’s perfect.

        • I feel a little weird about Jinkx’s makeup turnaround. If you look at the first few episodes, her makeup was fine. She was adorable as Princess Pink Lips. So why did she suddenly start contouring like a crazy person? If I were a suspicious person, I’d wonder if it was staged to create a situation where she wins the judges over by taking their advice and coming up from an underdog position. But I love love love her, so I’m not going down that road without some evidence. But I still wonder.

          • ZnSD

            It’s funny, I thought she was just contouring as harshly as the other girls because she WATCHES everyone; she saw the praise for Roxxy (“you’re so beautiful Roxxxy”) and so she got her harsh contour on just like some of those other queens. It didn’t work for her, and they let her know.

      • Thank you. I had assumed it was for roughly that reason, yet couldn’t figure why it was so exaggerated.

      • And if you want to change your features, they are the best guides you’ll ever find! I use a lot of drag contouring theories (though WAY toned down) when I’m going OTT the with my face for a night out.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          I read an interview with Jinkx, and she pointed out that when regular women wear makeup, it’s to enhance their existing features. But that when a drag queen puts on makeup, it’s to essentially change the face of a man into the face of a woman, so it’s much more involved with the contouring and such.

  • Frank_821

    surprised how much I responded to the judging.

    But I am finding myself not invested in most of these gays.

    the mini-challenge = brillant

  • Aubrey O’Day was the oddest judge yet, IMO. She seemed to think that she was judging a serious pageant for real girls, and just did not seem to “get” anything about drag humor or looks. Plus, she was exposing under-boob while blasting the girls for being tacky or pornish. Um, NO.

    • StellaZafella

      As I recall, Aubrey didn’t get much about her own stint on reality TV…a classic clueless bimbo. I wondered if Ru had her on as a sparring partner for Michelle but even Michelle didn’t bother with her.

      • GTFOBigGovt

        Michelle called her rude and nasty today on the lunch time chat. But of course in a nice way even though she used those exact words LOL

        • sweetlilvoice

          It’s pretty bad when Michelle is the classy one at the panel. Aubrey was just a wreck. That necklace alone! And she was so critical during the commercials. They all turned out better than I thought.

    • VivianAdvanced

      Who the HELL is Aubrey O’Day anyway? Her criticisms had no basis in reality and she was railing the girls for things she, herself, was guilty of. She was as annoying as Coco last night and I hope that’s the last I’ll ever see of her.

      • I only know her from Celebrity Apprentice (where she was just as awful, but lasted pretty much the whole damn season), but I think she was in some girl group. Other than being pretty (except for the mega-crazy eyes) with big boobs, I have no idea what the appeal is. Worst guest judge possibly ever.

        • claudemtl777

          She was in Danity Kane and a top 3 on Celebrity Apprentice, along with Arsenio Hall and Clay Aiken. She was despicable on that show also…

          • rococodada

            WTF is a Danity Kane?

          • claudemtl777

            Danity Kane is a sluttier, cheaper version of the Pussycat Dolls. Nothing pretty to look at…

          • rococodada

            I had to stop myself from googling Danity Kane because I can’t imagine anything skankier than the Pussycat Dolls- and I want to keep it that way! I’m sure I’d put them in my “Things You Can’t Unsee” mental category.

          • mskgb

            Who needs Google? A Bitter Kitten comment thread reveals everything one need know about Ms. O’Day.

          • Iroqhard

            OH this is the PERFECT description of Danity Kane. Ugh.

          • MilaXX

            Puffy Daddy had a reality show called Making of the Band. Danity Kane was the resulting group

          • Melizmatic

            Is that where those ‘No Hit Wonders’ came from?

            That explains so much…

          • I just googled “Aubrey O’Day Before and After” to remind myself what she looked like before all the surgery. She was such a pretty girl, but now….well…..she looks very different. Her look went from Dannity Kane to “Ridin’ His Cane, Part 8”. Sad.

    • MK03

      She didn’t seem to realize that this was a drag competition. And who the hell is she? My only frame of reference for her is the occasional appearance on Go Fug Yourself.

    • Melizmatic

      I was SO hoping that the kittens would read that nobody; she was trying way too hard as a judge.

      And those crazy, vacant eyes…

      • I loved it when the girls all did their impressions of those eyes on Untucked.

        • Melizmatic

          That was utterly hilarious;I loved it.

          Usually the queens act in awe of the judges, because they usually are so iconic or fabulous… but that chick?

          She’s a pop culture ‘footnote’, nothing more.

          Gurl, bye!

        • That was one of the few things that Coco’s done that I enjoyed.

    • GTrain

      Whether front, side, or under, Aubrey O’Day works very hard to get the most out of that boob job as humanly possible.

    • She was absolutely the worst judge this show has ever had. Maybe she struck a personal nerve with me because she came off as the kind of bland mean girl type in school who thinks being an asshole automatically equals being witty/clever. She wouldn’t have beaten any of the queens she was sneering and rolling her eyes at last night in this competition and if she is qualified to judge anything it would maybe be “most unintentionally hilariously bad style”.

    • Kate Lorenz

      I so agree. The judges’ role is to give constructive criticism in an entertaining, witty way. She had no humor, was cruel, and didn’t seem to understand drag culture at all. She seemed like a Mean Girl who would mock drag if she were with other people. You can actually see Ru’s eyes flaring like ‘omgshutupwhydidIcastyou’ right after Audrey’s comments about Roxxxy at panel.

  • starcaatcher

    Ivy had become one of my favourites, but I can definitely say that if I wasn’t such a weirdo creep who watches videos and reads every Tweet and blog and interview from the girls I like, I probably wouldn’t feel much about Ivy other than her cuteness. I didn’t want to see Ivy and Alyssa going up against each other because I love both of them, but my poor little Jivy-shipping heart did not want to see Ivy gone because…I mean… Jinkx and Ivy. Jinkx and Ivy. JINKX AND IVY. I mean, there were actual screams emitted during last night episode (I’m a weirdo creep. I’ll admit it again.) But…oh well. I knew she wouldn’t last much longer. Actually, I predicted a couple weeks ago that Ivy would be sent home on this episode, I just didn’t realize that it would hurt so much!

    Still tired of Roxxxy. Still tired of Coco… can we please just have the inevitable Coco/Alyssa LSFYL already and get it over with and send Coco home? Pleeeeeaaaase?

    • M312

      Ha, as a fellow weirdo creep about this show, I understand. I so want action figures, I could cry.

      • starcaatcher

        Actions figures…. Something that I didn’t even know I wanted until right this moment.

        • StellaZafella

          I want a an Alaska Thunderfuck doll with her accessory item “Li’l Poundcake” to go with the Sharon Needles doll I ordered last year with HER accessory: The Scare Bear!
          Somebody’s GOT to make this happen.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            I want these action figures. I NEED these action figures!

          • StellaZafella

            S’mbody tell Ru she’s missing an opportunity to make money: The entire Drag Race “Werk Bitches” collection complete with runway and drag workroom and accessories. “Available only on Glamazon-dot-com!” (twinkle wink, flash on teeth).

      • There IS a really pale Ru doll already; it’s called “Barbie”! πŸ™‚

    • MK03

      I KNOW!! I literally squealed at the idea of them being a couple. SQUEALED.

    • My shipper heart was all over the floor last night too. *creys*
      And hey, Coco and Alyssa are the two girls left who have proven that they suck at acting (the other range from good to competent), so next week may finally make those two LSFYL!

      • Didn’t Ru say that they had two queens hook up from this season?

        • Yeah, but i was thinking it was Roxxxy and Detox. Hmm.

          • StellaZafella

            DUN-dun-dun…that’s called a “Gotcha”
            We were ALL allowed to believe the DeRoxx angle and didn’t see true love blossoming right under our powder puffs.

          • AnotherG

            I did! I did! I wanted them to spend more time on play dates! You could totally tell they had yummy energy between them. (Although, I’m not sure Ivy is as into it, but I can see a great friendship between two artistic., talented queens).

        • starcaatcher

          Indeed. Which is why I’m not sure if it was Jinkx and Ivy that Ru was talking about because they showed that Jinkx had a crush, yeah, but nothing resulted from that. Ivy said she had no idea about Jinkx’s crush until she saw the episode, and since the show, she’s started dating somebody (who isn’t Jinkx). But Ru TOTALLY SAID something along the lines of “Two of the queens fall in love” and maybe she was just exaggerating and this was what she was referring to OR THERE’S STILL MORE KAI KAI TO BE SEEN. (I over-analyze these things like crazy haha oops.)

  • starcaatcher

    Also, I didn’t have many doubts that Jinkx would do well in this challenge. Anyone seen “Jinkx It!”? But the editing had me guessing a little bit. They tricked me!

  • shanteUstay

    If for no other reason. I’m happy Ivy went home so there is no more damn “IVY WEEEEENNNNTTTTUUURRZ”

  • Accidental or not, challenge-wise it is a tie between all of the remaining girls, each one has won one challenge now. Still no obvious favourite of Rupaul or the other judges. JInxx is talented but too editorial for this competition, and Alaska is funny but not pretty, the same goes for Detox. Sharon Needles could be pretty when she wanted to, Alaska and Detox could not even if they wanted to. Alyssa, Coco and Roxxxy each have huge flaws. I would not write Alyssa off because she can be pretty and is a great dancer. So maybe Jinxx stands a chance just because of the fact that she is the most flawless of them all? But I don’t see it. Bebe, Tyra, Raja, Sharon, Chad… and Jinxx????

    • shanteUstay

      It is ashamed that alaska hasnt had a “wow” moment on the runway. Because her face is prettier than sharon’s

      • I did not mean that Jinxx does not deserve the win. I think that compared to the other winners she is very different, and in the end Rupaul decides who wins. For me Jinxx and Alaska are the top, but somehow I feel that Rupaul would not crown these two. I hope I am wrong.

      • I actually think Alaska’s really hot — both in and out of drag, actually. Partially because I find her hilarious (while Jinxx is funny while she’s “on”, Alaska’s just funny in general) Her look just isn’t quite polished enough.

      • SteelTown83

        LIES! The saran wrap and the pink splatter were both all-time great looks.

    • DonnaL

      I strongly disagree that Jinkx would be out of place in the list of winners. I think she’s clearly at least as talented as any of them, and at her best, she’s just as pretty. Open your eyes!

      • MichaelStrangeways

        Jinkx is more talented than all the previous winners put together…

    • GTFOBigGovt

      It’s not a tie. Jinkx has set a record for 6 consecutive HIGH scores and the first queen to make Episode 9 without ever being in the bottom half. Yes Jinkx. She has professional real life cred: singing, dancing, acting, stand up, improve – more skills than RuPaul herself. And her message of being kind but fearless when being the most bullied person on the series in 5 seasons with an entire room of queens rooting for her failure is resonating.

    • Melizmatic

      Tyra was hardly “flawless”.

  • Zaftiguana

    Jinkx is one of my favorites, but I agree. The “water off a duck’s back” thing felt stagey at this point. Still love her, but she needs to stop acting like a wounded kitten. I’m getting my hopes up now that this may be the first season where the top three are really the top three (Alaska, Jinkx, Detox), but we’re getting into the episodes where one of the front-runners usually fucks up (Ongina, Yara, Latrice) or is the victim of judge cracksmoking (Pandora), so who knows.

    Aubrey O’Day may be my least favorite judge ever on the show. I usually appreciate the judges who bring some candor, but she just seemed…bitter. And mean. Some of these girls would have bombed this challenge anyway, but I can’t imagine any of them were on top of their game with Miss Heather G-List Sourpuss sitting there.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Aubrey O’Day was awful. Girl rode in on an awfully high horse for not having that much talent or success herself.

      • kentiesgirl

        OMGee, right?!? I was soooo over her within about 30 secs of screen time.

      • Agreed. She was pointing out all these negatives, but her idea of what was negative are actually huge positives in a drag queen (her feedback to Jinkx comes to mind).

  • CristinaSalazar

    I can’t believe you didn’t criticize Roxxxy’s outfit more. It makes her back look huge!

    I honestly don’t understand how Coco, Roxxxy or Alyssa feel that they can come after Jinkx as if their looks were truly “glamour”. I mean they try, but after seeing Chad Michaels, it feels kinda ridiculous to see girls with orange foundation and dresses with horrible shapes try to come after a comedy girl.

    So yes, Over Coco, love Alaska, sad to see Ivy go.

    • After seeing Chad Michaels, it’s ridiculous this season to see the older girls acting so petty, childish and UNprofessional.

      • CristinaSalazar

        Right! Remember when Latrice told them to behave like a family? Sigh. I REALLY miss Latriiiice and Mother Dust. They are pros.

        • GTFOBigGovt

          Exactly, there is zero leadership on this season (other than Jinkx) and the “*choke*seasoned professionals*choke” are letting the one they call “weak” stand alone. But of course they all know she can work circles around ALL of them in real life. And funny you mention Chad, he and Adam have been continually supportive of Jinx and not happy with the fugery.

    • StellaZafella

      For us, glamour is in the illusion and the attitude…
      for other’s, it’s in wearing so many pairs of lashes that you can’t keep your eyes open.

      • CristinaSalazar

        I wish I could vote up a comment more than once. Preach.

      • I have similar shade to throw at people in the competitive ballroom community. *blargh*

    • my Mom used to have an expression: ‘2 lbs of salami in a 1 lb bag” when someone was wearing a too tight, unflattering outfit. Last night I thought of that w/Roxxxy’s Runway. Except I thought “2lbs of bologna…” due to her being full of bologna & also due to the outfit color.

      • StellaZafella

        I saw uncooked sausages.

        • zenobar

          I was thinking more of an olive loaf.

          • Melizmatic


            Oh, damn, that’s cold.

            Even ‘bologna’ is halfway edible; olive loaf is an abomination…

      • bobman59

        I don’t know why, but Roxxxy reads as Chummy Brown without the Miranda Hart comic genius. IMHO.

  • OhSayNow

    Holy Hell, every week I feel like I can’t possibly dislike Coco more, and every week she manages to make me hate her more. I really felt for Jinkx during their altercation, Coco seemed unwilling or unable to listen or comprehend anything any of the other queens were saying. I am beyond ready for Coco to go home.

  • Coco looks like Tyra Sanchez in that freeze frame of her commercial.

    That is not a compliment.

  • RocknLox

    I’m sorry, Ivy who?

    • e jerry powell

      You know you have a crush on her.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I was going to make a similar rant about Coco. She’s absolutely insufferable. Her makeup is hideous and frightening, her runway looks are garish, and she’s zero fun, which to me, is what drag is all about. She seems like the type of person who’s going to have issues and feuds with people no matter what. She needs therapy, not the Drag Race crown. Go, go, Coco! I feel for her husband. He probably has to tip-toe on eggs all the time.

    • PeaceBang

      Exactly. Coco is unattractive, tacky, mean and no fun. I can’t believe she isn’t getting read upside down and sideways for her hideous paint. I can only see her as a ten-minute Vegas filler where you go, “Oh, some totally uncharismatic, technically proficient queen is doing Janet Jackson, let’s catch up on our e-mails.”

  • i tought this was another great episode, beyond the meat-packin’. detox, jinkx, and alaska actually made me laugh at the telly with their commercials, and i dont do that very often.

    • StellaZafella

      Funny, maybe, but for me these 3 are the only ones this season who, sink or swim, seem to be having FUN in their challenges…the rest smack of career-end desperation. Detox may seem over it sometimes (she’s naturally got that “fuck you” attitude like a neo-Eve Arden), and Alaska may be toiling under the specter of Sharon but they both seem to recognize that they’ve got jobs to go back to and they commit to their challenges like pros. Jinx, for all her insecurities is utterly into the tasks at hand.

      More and more I would love to see them in a show together… what a crew of comedy, parody, satire and face!

  • I’m just tired of the endless story that Roxxxy is “juicy” and “curvy.” All the curves are from padding, and what’s underneath is just a plain ol’ regular-sized dude. He lost a lot of weight, which is fantastic, and everyone should love and own their look at whatever size, but could we stop banging the “juicy” drum?

    • I am a girl that would be considered “juicy” by Roxxxy’s definition and I just want her to staaaahhhhhpppppppp. I am normal sized. The average dress size in this country is a 12, after all. Just STAHP. “Juicy” is not going to happen and does not need to.

      • I don’t think it matters if you’re average or not — she’s annoying regardless. I’ve been a 12, which is average, I’ve been an 8, and I’ve been an 18. And she would have annoyed me at any and all of those sizes.

    • Does Roxxxy wear padding, aside from the fake boobs?

      I’ve been assuming all along that she’s been relying on her own curves, and that’s why (as Jade said) those shoulders don’t match them hips.

      Either way, I agree that she’s not the plus-size diva she makes herself out to be, and that her shtick is annoying.

  • Kimmu

    There actually is pancake scented perfume and I own it and it is amazing when worn. BPAL’S MVJBA Pancake Breakfast.

    Beyond that, I feel like Jinkx’s was the only one that actually reminded me of a perfume commercial, what with the threesome and voice over. They’re all softcore porn with hipster covers of Depeche Mode songs anymore.

  • I am completely unfamiliar of the drag pageant scene — can someone tell me what the criteria are? Like Miss America has a talent portion and you have to be able to demonstrate some suitably feminine talent or skill. (Crap, but still) ‘Cause Roxxxy referred to herself as a pageant queen like Alyssa and Coco.

    • GTFOBigGovt

      The “talent” can be lip sync. That’s what the delusional Roxxxy did to win her year’s pageant. The bar is quite low LOL. Meanwhile, Jinkx Monsoon is a professional quadruple threat: acting, singing, dancing, stand up and improv. Actually more skills than RuPaul herself enjoys.

      • Seriously? ‘Cause I can totally lip sync… I wonder if I could successful impersonate a man who is a drag queen. I mean, if men can become drag queens because they are women trapped in a man’s body, then I should be allowed because I’m a drag queen trapped in a woman’s body.

        • CarlyHo

          A biological woman who is a drag queen is called a “faux queen.”


        • StellaZafella

          I get your intent Shannon, but drag queens don’t usually see ourselves as women trapped in men’s bodies…we are simply perfectly happy gay men with too much fashion sense for one gender (to paraphrase “To Wong Foo…”).

          But send us pictures of you in drag…EVERYONE should have the chance to become a drag queen!

      • That’s five talents on the “quadruple threat”.

  • PeggyOC

    Is it me or is the font for Jinxx’s perfume a subtle reference to “Delusion” of Gaimen’s Endless? Either Jinxx is a fan, or the show’s graphics person is.

    • zenobar

      *gasp* I think you’re on to something! And Jinkx could so pull off a red-haired Delirium look.

  • Melizmatic

    Needless to say, BeBe did it WAY better.

  • GTFOBigGovt

    It’s pretty funny you’re ready to shove bamboo under your fingernails just WATCHING Coco for an hour, and you call Jinkx calculated for reacting to LIVING WITH HER (and the others) for a month and being attacked for nothing?

    What’s faux about that? [quote Raja] Jinkx has no reason to fake the underdog shtick when the others constantly aggressively attack her FOR NO REASON. Are you saying that isn’t a problem for a person? ANYBODY ELSE experience that this season or ANY other season, for that matter? We’ve seen random acts of buffoonery but nothing at this level unless you consider Raven with Tati, but Tati did her share, too, and never tried to be sincere like Jinkx has.

    Starting with them mocking and cursing her simply for her choice of Snatch Game (Roxxy and Lyneshia) and telling her to shut up, THEN AGAIN when she made the comment about everyone should know that Snatch Game is coming. THAT was the beginning of her on screen candor. If the rest of them didn’t attack her, she wouldn’t be put in the defensive position. She is not a fighter by nature in real life and even said “I’m not going for a long ass fight …ever.”

    We know from Season 3 queens that the producers FORCE YOU to discuss certain topics when they tell you to and the LAST PLACE I’d want to be as Jinkx is locked up in that lounge with that rat Coco, Roxxxmouth, and ignorant narcissistic Alyssa just waiting to be dog piled with very little support from the others.

    We also know Jerick, while doing drag since age 15 was also a good 8 – 14 years younger than these bitter older one note MEN (yes men) and just graduated college the year before filming (magna cum laude while working full time). . Everything he said was valid and let’s not take his kindness for weakness. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy putting up with that crap AND the show’s fugery. I won’t thrown down the narcolepsy card too hard but there’s THAT, too.

    Lastly, just like with Phi2., the crap continues in real life, while Jinkx is tweeting her fans to be nice to the hateful competitors, THEY are being just as obnoxious as they were on the show. Coco especially. At least Roxxxy apologized in public after being forced to by the twitterverse.

    Even Visage just called Coco jealous and mean on the lunchtime chat. Meanwhile, Jinkx may not make it past the fashion challenges but she set 2 RPDR records that you didn’t mention. First queen to have 6 consecutive high scores and first one to reach Episode 9 without being in the bottom half. There’s something to be said for being gentle and pacifistic without having the internet call you calculated. So yeah, shame on you. But you already expected backlash. πŸ™‚

    • RussellH88

      It’s kind of odd to be saying how accomplished Jinkx is and how well she’s doing while simultaneously saying that she’s also the underdog. The queens can be as catty as they want, but like you said, the judges obviously love her.

      • Ali Goria

        The review accused her of playing up “underdog shtick” by some fake type of hurt feelings or something – calculated. This comment says her feelings are JUSTIFIED. and doesn’t need to fake being an underdog to JUSTIFY her feelings of being targeted over and over.

        Yes the judges sometimes love her – she’s never bombed, and so do the guest judges. “Master Commedianne”, “Meryl Streep of Drag”. “Best Concept”. to name a few visiting professionals’ observations.

        Why is Coco whining about comedy when she won the comedy challenge? She must be wearing “Delusion” made by Jinkx Monsoon LOL.

        • Please don’t use sockpuppets in our comments section. If you have something to say, say it under one name. Don’t use other names to back up your original comment.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        A person can be accomplished and be an underdog at the same time. Jinkx is accomplished and is a front runner, yes, but she’s a total underdog within the group of competitors.

    • kentiesgirl

      Nina made to the final two without being in the bottom. Also, by season 3, *everyone* is/was playing a role, some more than others. T&Lo are right. It doesn’t make any of the competitors bad people. It’s a ‘reality’ show. It’s meant to entertain. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, saying that Jinkx is playing the game isn’t exactly the horrible assessment some of her fans are making it out to be.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Gotta agree with this post. Jinkx has been targeted and targeted by these queens since it became clear she was a frontrunner. That’s enough to rattle anyone. Plus, let’s throw a new wrinkle into the mix – we find out last night that she has a crush on her best friend there, and that it’s clear Ivy’s going to have to LSFYL. Top it off, she’s stuck in close proximity with fucking Coco, acting like crazy person. With all that going on, who can blame Jinkx for being close to tears? And that was just one evening out of this entire competition.

      • zenobar

        Couldn’t agree with you more – only, I would have to say that having Alaska as an ally would be So. Fucking. AWESOME.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          Oh, yeah, sorry – I phrased that badly. I don’t mean it would suck to have Alaska as an ally. Quite the opposite – I think it would be fabulous! But what I meant was that with Ivy gone and the other queens gunning for her, it seems Alaska is Jinkx’s only real friend left now. Meaning – y’know, this is Jinkx, she deserves gobs and gobs of friends, not just one. Like, the fucking WORLD should love her – someone like Jinkx shouldn’t have only one person to really be able to have a heart to heart conversation with.

    • I’m happy to be seeing at least a couple of naysayers in the comments *-*. Why does the conclusion *every* time someone is being vulnerable have to be that you suspect they’re faking it, or it’s calculated? Real people sometimes act in contradicting ways, they’re not completely logical like fictional characters often are – it doesn’t mean their emotions are automatically an act.

      • “Why does the conclusion *every* time someone is being vulnerable have to be that you suspect they’re faking it, or it’s calculated?”

        Really? We do this EVERY time we encounter a vulnerable person? You know us that well?

      • Melizmatic

        Probably because it’s “reality” tv; 9 times out of 10 when someone is being ’emotional’ in one of these competitions, they’re just faking it or embellishing it for more screen time.

        I just don’t get that vibe from Jinkx; manipulative editing, or not.

  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, either own being a bitch or shut the hell up (Coco). She’s so infuriatingly passive-aggressive that I want one of the other girls to read her for it. She had a point that they’re not being judged equally but bitch this is season five: Channel, Pandora, Yara, or Latrice can tell you that’s the name of the game. At this point, these chicks are hating on Jinx because she has that “It” factor that the majority, no matter how well painted, lack. Whether she wins it all is questionable but she’s far and away proved to be one of the best contestants on this season…I only hope the girl gets a thicker skin. I have to disagree about Alyssa: she’s a good performer, is polished, and is quite (unintentionally) funny. Get her a straight man to play against her cluelessness and you have real comedy there. Ivy should’ve been gone some challenges ago and on any other season would’ve been one of the first ones cut: she’s cute but completely forgettable.

  • PeaceBang

    It’s so weird that I most look forward to seeing Alyssa every week. I like Alaska and think she’s very funny, but limited. Detoxx is meh; I can barely remember her shtick from week to week. I like Jinx the best for the win, she’s adorable and talented. Cannot abide another minute of the Nasty Coco or the aggressively mediocre Roxxxxxy (how is still there?). I just love Alyssa. I love her sincerity, her hard work, and her understanding of who she is and what she can and can’t do. I wouldn’t pay $5 to see Coco or Roxxxy or Detox. I’d pay a good bit for a three-header with Jinxx, Alyssa and Alaska. They’re the perfect triumvirate of glam, camp and charisma.

  • RMB

    I was surprised to recently “discover” Jinkx online and find out how incredibly talented she is. I think we have a winner in Jinkx but if not, she has a hearty career already in progress.

  • Melizmatic

    Glad to see Alaska finally win a challenge, but it was far from a surprise; it’s clear now that this whole season has been rather predictable.

    I wasn’t at surprised by the bottom two or that Ivy was the one who sashayed.

    (I would have loved to see Jinkx’s confession about crushing on her, though; that’s one thing that was unexpected. I thought the ‘during competition romance’ was between RoxxToxx.)

    Like almost everyone else, I’m beyond over CoCo and her manufactured persecution complex… and I’m also over queens who are only sitting on ‘pretty’ or ‘body.’

    Detox’s runway look was freakin’ hideous, and so was Roxxxy’s; considering how much hype I heard about these two before seeing them, all I can say is that I’m so underwhelmed.

    Oh well, at least Detox is funny and gives good shade. Roxxxy doesn’t even have that going for her.

    Alyssa is just annoying IMO, and hopelessly delusional; in fact that would have been a far more fitting name for her fragrance.

    Speaking of, Jinkx, maybe I’m just naive, but I kinda believe her insecurities aren’t a ploy.

    Some people really do doubt themselves no matter how well they do, or how good they look.

    I can remember an overweight friend of mine who lost a ton of weight and looked just awesome, but it took her forever to realize that she didn’t need to have ‘big girl’ issues anymore.

    Anyhoo, so glad I’m not the only one who was yelling at screen last night;

    “Bitch, who are YOU to judge?” whenever that Aubrey O’Dont Care person would open her mouth

    No seriously; who the hell was that, ‘Blow-Up Doll Barbie?’

    Briefly being in the next gen version of ‘the Spice Girls’ and losing on 2nd rate reality show doesn’t come close to being qualified to judge drag queens, even if her excessive use of make up does rival theirs…

  • It seems like every other queen’s default reaction to having a bad day is to go after Jinkx with claws out, so I’m not bothered by the wounded kitten thing. And maybe now Michelle Visage has praised her twice in a row [!] she’ll stop being as insecure.

  • RussellH88

    It’s kind of pathetic to see Coco and Roxxxy throw their hands up and cry that it’s unfair that there are challenges expecting them to be funny. Alexis Mateo said that she’s a pageant girl and that she didn’t do comedy on Episode 3 of Season 3 and she just went with it and really tried and she made it far. The self-defeating attitude and this weird indignation about it are just annoying and hard to take.

  • Donald Hite

    The funniest thing about this episode was Aubrey O’Day thinking she is in any position to read ANYONE…

    I second the Coco-hate. As you said, she’s SO oblivious to her own shortcomings, yet SO willing to jump onto what she sees as shortcomings in others. I was wishing that Jinkx would just cut the boo-hoo act and let Coco have it during the unTucked. In the end, it’s probably smarter to come out looking like the bigger person, but Coco was just asking for it. Coco would get read if she dressed like Jinkx not because Jinkx’s outfit was bad. Coco just doesn’t have the charm to pull off that kind of look (just like Jinkx doesn’t have the bitch face to pull off Coco’s zebra dress disaster).

    I’m still loving Alyssa. I know she is a bumbling fool and completely out of her league as a performer, but she’s (relatively) good natured, so her bumbling is pretty amusing to me. Where as other low-talent queens (Phi Phi O’Hara, cough cough) were total bitches to everyone, Alyssa has been relatively calm (I’m not counting any of the Coco-Alyssa BS bc I don’t even care). I know she has NO chance, but I find her more amusing as a TV personality than almost anyone else on the show, so I hope it’s a few more episodes before her inevitable demise. Considering that next week is an acting challenge, she’ll surely be in the bottom if not going home.

    I thought Roxxxy did okay. Her commercial was pretty funny, even if the “i love my curves” shtick is getting old quick. I didn’t mind her runway look. I sort of think a plus size girl in a shiny pink body suit with a huge bow on it is SUPPOSED to look ridiculous, so it kinda worked for me.

    I liked the concept behind Detox’s runway look, but she needed a wig. She was serving pinhead realness and not in a good way!

    • StellaZafella

      At least we found out what the Little Rascals’ Alfalfa would look like as a girl.

      • michelelala

        Barney Fife, She bumbles and fumbles,

      • Donald Hite


  • Simulation One

    Coco is the mummy version of Shangela this season. Unprofessional, unpolished, delusional, and worst, annoying as hell. I really expected to see her going home instead Ivy.

    • Melizmatic

      Even Shangy had her funny and endearing moments; Coco is just a toxic spill of delusional negativity…

  • Flame Princess

    After this episode, I’m going to have to say that Coco and Detox had a lot of nerve reading Alaska for ripping off Sharon.

  • VivianAdvanced
  • Alright, so I spent a little time being a nerd an figured a few things out. I went to Wikipedia and made a list of every challenge in every season by type. These range from “make a pretty dress” to “take a photo” to “give an interview” to “Snatch Game.” By and large season 1 isn’t really relevant to the analysis since it was 8 weeks long including the clip show. In season 2 and 3, 1/4 of the challenges were either “make a pretty dress” “make a lot of pretty dresses” or “take a pretty picture” varieties (3 out of 12 and 4 out of 16 episodes, respectively). Season 4, however, only had 3 out of 14 challenges where they were challenged only to create an outfit or take a photo and the only week they had to create MULTIPLE outfits they also had to put on a musical number, which puts it about on par with the previous seasons. This season, however we are currently 9 weeks in and have only had ONE “make a pretty dress” challenge (episode 1, which is traditional across all five seasons). With next week also looking like an acting challenge, and the makeover this non-drag queen into your drag sister/mother/daughter episode still coming, plus the clipshow, finale, and reunion, we simply don’t have time to hit the same 1/4 to 1/3 look focused challenges that they reached in previous seasons. With the increase in ratings this season and popularity of Sharon Needles as a winner compared to previous champions, I think we might be able to extrapolate that Ru and the folks at Absolut have decided to turn this into more of a talent show than a beauty competition. Or at least we can hope. If I’m right, then I would say Jinkx or Alaska are looking like the eventual winners this season.

    By the way if anyone would like to see my spreadsheet I’ll send it to them.

    • Ali Goria

      I think you missed the Bob Mackie episode after the makeover this season – bound to be LOOK maybe? But I think I got close to what you got. Depending on criteria.

      But YES, I do think with Sharon’s enormous crossover success (with music and international gigs etc) there is a slight shift THIS season, but not major because there has always been heavy talent over JUST fashion/look.

      We also have a GREAT group of contestants (on paper) 2 Miss Americas (or whatever), Detox international touring with two viral videos and Willam,, Roxxxy a national title winner 2010, JInkx a professional real actor getting reviews in mainstream news, And Coco working for Frank Marino – big deal Vegas club. Ivy well known designer in the drag world and circus performer FFS hahaha. And you HAVE to assume Alaska has an advantage vis a vis Sharon and her personal experience while it is regional she still WANTED IT and shouldn’t be complaining (not that she is).

      Shouldn’t the show expect SOME talent from two Miss Americas one, who owns a dance studio and is allegedly in the ARTS? ….since the contestants them selves brag so much. (Detox “I can do it all” then couldn’t LOL)

      Maybe I’m missing something but I’m thinking it’s not that different. And Season 1 was heavy on “talent” setting the precedent. Ru always said it’s MOSTLY based on his life activities. Also I”m getting a lower number of challenges than you. did you count the rewinds and finales?

      I’m defining TALENT as sing, dance, act, write, interview, SPEAK, create a product and write the copy and cover etc, I’m not including makeovers. And I do agree they spent alot LONGER on the outfit thing earlier, but really, even now it’s a big deal.

      But EARLIER they sometimes got clothing to shop for off the racks and had to sew. NOW it’s almost like you HAVE to bring a big wardrobe. Like when Season 2 had it’s Drag Ball all the clothing was provided but you had to do an interview.

      NOT including the video finale episodes;…did you count the rewinds and casting specials? I have fewer episodes than you :

      Here’s what I got and it’s close to yours, my point is there WERE always alot of talent factors, hello BEBE and NINA doing a RAP song? LOL:

      Season 1 8 challenges 3 didn’t involve talent….40%

      Season 2 9 challenges,3 didn’t involve talent …33%

      Season 3 12 challenges 5 didn’t involve talent (Xmas,Cake, Hair, Makeover, Money top 4…42%

      Season 4 11 challenges,5 didn’t involve talent * (but I really believe it’s 3 not 5) ….45% OR 28%

      * if you don’t think making a boat or magazine a talent ( I do think it is – a BOAT is not a dress or hair)
      Not REALLY true because you needed a strong cohesive not ugly theme for 2 of them, Dragazines and Boat and the unexpected queens won each. Willam won a LOOK challenge and Chad lost one LOL.So for ME it was only 3 challenges didn’t involve talent.

      Season 5 11 challenges – 1 so far didn’t involve “talent” (except swimming), Projected total is 3 = 28%

      We have left acting, makeover and something Mackie. So that’s 2 more non talent for a total of 3 just like last season.

      So the range of Not Talent is 28% this year to 30% to 40-ish% over the 5 years.

      Also, Coco won the comedy challenge so she needs to take her seat. Out in the boondocks where I can’t hear her anymore LOL.

      • kentiesgirl

        I just have to <3 you 2 for this knowledge! πŸ˜€

      • I didn’t count the casting specials (since only season 3 had one) but I DID count the reunions just because every season had one so it didn’t do too much damage to the data. I haven’t included future episodes of this season because I can’t be sure what all will be included in, say, the Bob Mackey challenge which could be “make a pretty dress” or it could be “make a pretty dress and then shoot an interview and commercial.” I agree that season 1 was higher on the talent than the subsequent seasons, but since it was SO short and didn’t include staples such as Snatch Game I felt the data set wasn’t as relevant to the analysis. I do find it telling that, statistically, season 2 had the highest amount of modeling challenges and favored Tyra, who ended up being THE most controversial and least popular winner the show has ever had (although I have seen her lipsync acting on YouTube and she’s quite good, this was not showcased on the season).

        And I have a sinking suspicion Coco is going to make it to the final 3 a la Phi Phi O’hara just because she’s good for the drama.

    • I guess I’m more of a nerd than I realized; your offer to share your spreadsheet just sounded like such a turn-on! πŸ™‚

  • So so ready to say goodbye to Coco. Couldn’t believe he didn’t get called out more for calling the perfume ‘RuAnimal’, because not only is it blatant and unnecessary ass-kissing (and I’m glad Michelle Visage mentioned it) but it didn’t make sense for the challenge which I thought was to create a perfume brand which showcased your Drag Persona (Detox’s being edgy; Jinkx and Alaska being campy, Alyssa’s being gawky and confusing), what does RuAnimal have to say about Coco except that she’s a kiss-ass?

    • demidaemon

      Maybe that is her personality?

  • DinahR

    Not Ivy! πŸ™ I’m probably the only one but I really wanted to see more of her and there are still queens there I don’t ever need to see again. I find Ivy charming. She’s genuinely a little awkward in a very sweet way and it totally cute. I find that so unique and refreshing. There is no love for ‘cute’ queens, I guess? Miss her already.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Not just you – Ivy was my third favorite, behind Jinkx and Alaska. I’ll miss her too!

    • Donald Hite

      I wasn’t really impressed by her drag or performances, but she was a genuinely nice person, which is always welcome when the majority of the contests are rancid bitches. I hope she has a great career!

  • spooki C

    Wow, Aubrey was a horrible guest judge. She needs to take her crazy eyed tacky ass self back to wherever the hell it is Z list celebs hang out.

    Coco should’ve been in the bottom, I thought her commercial was a lot worse than Alyssa’s. Her makeup is terrible and her attitude is even worse. She’s a huge bitch and doesn’t have enough C.U.N and T. to back it up. Boring, basic and completely obnoxious.

    Alaska needs to send me some of her perfume. I love dirt and leather scents. Glad she finally won although I would’ve been happy with Jinkx or Detox winning instead. All 3 of them had good commercials but I think Alaska’s face for the “over priced” part stole the show.

  • LittleKarnak

    OMG sooo sick of Coco!!! But I did love Alyssa’s runway look: Suzanne Sugarbaker Realness…..

  • Io Vee

    Call me gullible, but I think Jinkx is completely genuine. I think she mentions the critiques she gets each challenge because she pays attention to them and tries to heed them. She doesn’t brush them off; she listens and takes notes. She’s smart, in other words. But I think there’s another level where she doesn’t want to rub it in the other queen’s faces about how well she’s doing. I mean, let’s face it. While the producers/Ru certainly wanted to give the appearance of their being an even playing field, what with the systematically granting each queen one win, I think it’s clear as an audience member that there’s a definite frontrunner: Jinkx.

    I’m rooting for her, anyway.

  • Io Vee

    Call me gullible, but I think Jinkx is being completely genuine. When she mentions the critiques she gets each challenge, she’s just paying attention to them and trying to heed the advice. She doesn’t try to ignore the criticisms leveled at her by the judges; she listens and takes notes. She’s smart, in other words. But on another level, I think she mentions her critiques because she doesn’t want to rub it in the other girl’s faces, just how well she’s doing. I mean, let’s be honest. The producers/Ru have definitely tried to create the appearance of there being an even playing field, what with the granting of one win to each queen, but to me, at least, the frontrunner is obviously Jinkx.

    That’s who I’m rooting for, anyway.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Count me in – I’m not only rooting for Jinkx to win this whole season, but I do think she’s being genuine. I’ve actually known people like that, who are really, really great at what they do, but they’re still unsure of themselves – it happens; we can’t say for certain what makes one person tick and another person tock. But I don’t think it necessarily makes them disingenuous or calculating. These girls go on the attack when someone else does better than they do – I think in that situation, it’s kind of hard to feel confident when a room full of two or three other seriously jealous queens are either screaming at you or making nasty comments, no matter how good you are.

      • add in the fact that these gals are drinking + exhausted + coco = genuine. πŸ™‚

  • MzzPants

    I’m thinking it’ll come down to Jinxx and Alaska. I suspect Alaska has more up her sleeve than she’s letting on. It’s been more obvious with Jinxx, especially if you check out her website.

  • Qdahling

    Alyssa. Bless her heart she is not the sharpest crayon in the box. I disliked her at first but now I just feel kind of sorry for her, she seems generally confused about how she comes across. Jinkx is still my fave but I am seeing that she is playing the game, or trying to since it seems the other queens aren’t buying it

  • I hope Coco is not being kept in the competition just to drag out the fight with Alyssa. What you said about Coco is spot on. So utterly sick and tired of her and Roxxxy. Regional, tragic, and not funny. At least Alyssa is entertaining in the workroom.

  • Meelah

    Some of the worst makeup jobs the entire run of Drag Race. Coco using orange base. Roxxxy contouring a nose that is already small.

  • RMB

    I’m not sure what and Aubrey O’day is, but she had a lot to say for someone I had to Google.

  • HAHAHA I love it!!

  • I actually think Alyssia is the campiest queen on the show. Incredibly funny, even if its unintentional. She has a complete character, I mean just imagine someone playing her on The Snatch Game? Hilarious! Endless material.

    I think my lovely drag queen intellectual friend TinTim JY said it best in his YouTube recap (see Is Alyssia Edwards the Campiest Queen on Drag Race). But yes, Audrey was my personal hell as a judge.

    • Donald Hite

      I couldn’t agree more, and I love TinTim’s videos as well. I think the unintentional part is what makes Alyssa so campy and such a delight. I mean, compare her roast to Roxxxy’s. Roxxxy’s was just sad. Alyssa’s, on the other hand, was a masterclass in lacking self-awareness.

      Even her perfume ad was hilarious to me because she seemed very committed to her concept, despite it being trite beyond belief.

      I’m not rooting for her, per se, because I know she’ll never win. However, I think knowing that she has no chance frees me up to appreciate her without the stress of hoping she’ll win. I’m excited to see her telenovela next week (not because I think it will be good, but because I’m quite sure it will be horrible). I’m also hoping next week we get an Alyssa vs Coco lip synch.

      • Yes, you are so right. I feel like you need to view Alyssia in this way to appreciate her and find her entertaining. TLo (along with any haters) just need to rethink their approach! πŸ™‚ There is an amazing character there. I am glad to find another TinTim fan. He is great and I think more queens on the show need to see and share his videos, too. Roxxxy just bores me tremendously.

        • Donald Hite

          I think Roxxxy has done pretty well in the “acting” type challenges. Her Tasha Salad was pretty funny, her Snatch Game was entertaining (although i have no idea if it was accurate), and I thought her perfume ad was pretty good. The only one she really bombed was the Roast. The difference is that while Roxxxy is a decent performer (in the sense that she commits and doesn’t hold back), she’s completely boring as a person.

          Alyssa, on the other hand, is just generally entertaining. I feel like I could watch her go grocery shopping and it would be brilliant. She may suck up the particulars of the challenges, but I still like to watch her because I find HER amusing, regardless of what she’s doing. Maybe I’m obsessed… haha

          She’s kind of like Tammie Brown in a way (although Tammie’s shtick is much more calculated). Tammie’s shorts runs on both Season 1 and All-Stars were pretty much failures in a traditional sense, but I just LOVED watching her anyway. She just has a quality that’s super endearing.

    • andcoh

      I was actually imaging someone playing her on Snatch Game next season. It seems like it would be ridiculously easy and hilarious. Just never stop moving your lips.

      • And pouting, endless pouting. And you are not trying to be fish (oh how I loathe that term as a woman), but you ARE the fish. That is really the only way I can describe her facial expressions. And don’t forget the looking completely affronted, and looking around at no one in particular for some sort of validation. Oh and laughing at your own jokes. Like, too much. It’s so awkward but I have so much fun laughing *at* her I don’t want her to leave just yet.

  • Jinkx is one of my favorites in the show’s history and easily my favorite this season, but I do think she needs to cool it with the self-pity and up the confidence. I honestly don’t think she’s “playing a game,” because when queens have “played games” in the past (Tyra, Shangela, Phi Phi to name a few), the editing and confessionals make it very clear that they’re manipulating people. I’m sure that, by now, in the confessionals the producers would have exposed it if she was playing a game, because it’s more interesting for the viewers when we’re in on the manipulation. I think Jinkx is just genuinely being self-pitying, but it does need to stop. She’s one of the best queens who’s ever been on the show and after all the praise she’s received, she really should know it at this point, bitchy queens be damned.

    Plus, she has everything to gain from switching to confidence. No past drag race winner has been insecure. Honestly, this is why I think Alyssa will make the top three over Alaska. As you said, she is not funny and her persona leaves something to be desired, BUT she lip synchs well and far more importantly, she has that confident diva-bitch thing down. RuPaul LOVES that kind of confidence, and she has that attitude down more than Jinkx or Alaska. Her brand of diva-bitch is also less grating than Coco’s or Roxxxy’s – BOTH OF WHOM CANNOT LEAVE SOON ENOUGH, MY GOD.

    Plus, Alyssa is just entertaining television, albeit unintentionally. Detox is becoming more and more one-note as the competition continues and Coco and Roxxxy just need to get the hell over themselves. Alyssa is at least ridiculous, and at the end of the day, reality TV requires entertaining personalities. It doesn’t matter if they’re self-aware or not. As you’ve often said, T Lo, this show is more of a drag variety hour with a winner arbitrarily crowned, and if it’s more about the journey, then I’d love to keep Alyssa along for the ride.

    EDIT: Also I must admit, Alyssa’s lip synch this week SLAYED ME. Just might be my favorite all season. Alexis Carrington the house DOWN.

  • zenobar

    I prefer just plain “queen” πŸ˜‰ I almost believe the reason I’ve done so well in school this time around (I got my second wind when I turned 40) was because I realized I’d get the Gold Package regalia when I graduate in May. Said my boyfriend (who bought me my honors stole and tassels as a Valentine’s Day gift), “Here you go, baby. I know how much you like to accessorize.”

  • Melizmatic

    Oh, damn it; now I totally want a ‘Sharon Needles’ and a ‘Manila’ doll.


    Maybe someone on Etsy can make me one in the meantime, while Ru secures the trademark for them…

  • What are you queens on about saying Alyssa’s only talent is lip-sycing? Haven’t you seen her dance?