RPDR: Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Drag Queens

Posted on March 12, 2013

Mamas! Mascara tracks! This one had it all, darlings. Granted, we almost never believe the queens on this show when they put on a teary scene, but we suppose we’ll have to let our hearts soften a little and pretend to take the tears at face value.

And a Happy St. Patricks Day to you too, Ru! Erin go stuff-her-bra!

Another fabulous idea for a challenge. We were pleasantly surprised once the library was open because these queens may just be the best collection of readers the show’s ever had at one time. Usually, during the read sessions, at least half the queens wind up embarrasing themselves because good shade-throwing requires wit and intelligence and bless these girls, that’s not always in surplus with this crowd. But except for one or two clunkers, everybody did really well. We looked forward to the roast, expecting some major reading for filth, but it was a little disappointing in the end.

Adorably befuddled.


So congrats to Miss Coco for your highly scripted win! Aw, we’re being mean. It’s just that there’s a fairly easy to spot cycle of tearing a queen down so that she can declare she’s going to pull out all the stops and then declaring her the winner in a triumphant moment. Having said that, she deserved the win. She was truly funny and fully committed to the character she was playing.

Still, we can’t tell you how much we’re over her. It’s a shame because she’s a fast-talking queen with a lot of look to her, which means we should love her to death, but her constant moping and seeking out drama while pretending like she’s above all the drama has gotten BEYOND annoying. Her claim in the Lounge that Alyssa read her while she remained an absolute lady was totally laughable. How can you be a drag queen and be so defensive all the time?

We have to admit Alyssa has definitely come out of this feud looking like the better queen.


She was funny too, but we’re a bit surprised the judges didn’t bitch about this look. It’s a standard Alaska look, except with a blonde wig.


Also hilarious, but that’s no surprise. What was a surprise was the glamour she brought. She finally shut Michelle the hell up. She looks fabulous and we’re kind of in awe at the contouring on her nose. It looked drastically smaller from every angle and every lighting situation. That’s some pretty world-class makeup-ery. We don’t know what took her so long.


HUGE disappointment. First, we weren’t crazy about the look. We spent too much time trying to figure out what she was going for. It’s some sort of odd cross between Michelle Visage and Elvira.

But it was her performance that really had us down. She’s so naturally droll and funny when she’s not trying. The problem here was, she was trying – and it was obvious and uncomfortable to watch. Granted, she got some really good lines in, but her delivery was way off, she was noticeably nervous, she looked at her cards way too much and she fell back on saying “Fuck” to fill in the dead space. Not the worst by a long shot, but probably the most disappointing.


Roughly about as disappointing as we expected. She also wasn’t close to being the worst, but the girl has no comedy chops at all. And we’re annoyed that they judges never call her out for relying on pretty much the exact same look every time, with just the wigs switched out.



Okay, we’re mean. And we’re not laughing at her sob story (which, admittedly, we had a hard time accepting as a true emotional response and not a frantic ploy to remain in the game), but at her HORRIBLE BOMB of a performance. She’s been so outrageously full of herself in this competition and frankly, she’s delusional. She can put a look together (albeit a succession of very similar ones) and she’s got some sass and style to her, but there are too many queens ahead of her in the line. We think she’s beginning to realize this and, instead of sacking up and re-committing herself to the competition (like Coco did when she had the same realization), she turned to making excuses, attacking the queens with more going on (like Jinkx) and having a big weepy meltdown at just the right moment.


Another totally delusional queen. She really seemed to think that her succession of barbs was going to be met with raucous laughter, even though every time she showed what she was working on, everyone told her it wasn’t funny. Plus, she crossed over from throwing shade to just throwing insults.


So it was down to the two queens who bombed the loudest and truth be told, they really did both kick ass in the lip synch. This is why the lip synch works so well as a gladiator arena; because people like Roxxxy can’t rely on excuses and bullshit and people like Alyssa have to suck it up and deliver instead of focusing on feuds and back-biting.


We knew before Roxxxy even pulled her little stunt that Ru was going to keep them both in the game. Let’s face it; we knew that back when she did the double elimination a couple weeks back.


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  • Joseph Morris

    To quote Margo Channing from All About My Mother, “I detest cheap sentiment.”

    • You have all our love today. We have no more left to give.

    • Melizmatic

      I LIVED for  Bette Davis in that role; kudos for the most apt comment of the week.


    • StellaZafella

      ¬†This post can’t be LIKED enough!

    • MattCooper27

      Perfect! And to further your thought, think of Bertie Coonan’s (Thelma Ritter as Margo’s worldly wise companion) response to Eve’s tragic account of her past: “What a story. Everything but the bloodhounds snapping at her rear end.”

  • LearnedFoot

    Call me cynical, but I just rolled my eyes when Roxxxy started to cry on the runway. I was sure that she’d lost the LSFYL and was going for Ru’s sympathy vote.  After watching what happened in the lounge, her sob story made more sense in the context of the conversation with Jinkx, and I’m very sorry that she and her sister had to go through that. But my cold-hearted, dark-souled self still thinks that she played it up big time on the runway. She needed to after that terrible LSFYL: the very first thing she did was remove a piece of clothing, and she relied way too much on the literal hair flipping.
    Oh lord, I LOLd at Jinkx and Alaska at the roast. ‚ÄúMichelle Visage is so full of semen‚Ķ Period.‚ÄĚ I was really surprised that the judges (especially Absolut guy) weren‚Äôt more enthusiastic. I actually thought that Alaska was smart to go first. She knew that none of the other queens would be able to use the same jokes before she did.

    And I’ll be damned if Alyssa isn’t growing on me.

    • CristinaSalazar

      I said it on Reddit: In the comedy central Roasts, they used to put Greg Giraldo as the first roaster to set a standard, and most celebrities were terrified of going after him (Sarah Silverman mentioned it in Greg Giraldo’s homage). I really think Alaska knew she could deliver and that being the first was a ballsy move.¬†

      • Geoff Dankert

        I’m with you two intelligent and insightful unborn fawns. (And gorgeous, did I mention?) Alaska knew she could deliver, she knew some of the others couldn’t, and she wanted her performance to set the benchmark. Brava.¬†

      • I think creating that doubt toward Alaska was terrible producer/editor/Michelle manipulation…. If no one wants to go first AND you know that as the first roaster, ALL topics are available to you, why wouldn’t you want to go first as a power move? If I was at all concerned about my joke-writing ability (and frankly, every one of them should be so concerned), I would be afraid to be LAST because what if your joke topics had all been done 6 times before your turn? I think Alaska did a smart thing. It’s not like sporting competitions, where judges hold back a little on scoring in case a later competitor does better. No one laughs less at first just in case someone later is funnier!!

        • ¬†I wouldn’t want to go last because if you bomb, everyone remembers it more vividly.¬† We used to rock paper scissors for our orders in speech competitions because no one wanted to go first (since you couldn’t know where everyone else was going) or last.

        • wayout46

          Bottom line – audiences are more receptive and less tired at the beginning. Back in my acting/singing/dancing auditioning days, i always thought it was best to be one of the first to audition in the cattle call (enthusiastic casting people) and one of the last during callbacks (fresh enthusiasm from a brand new day that remains long enough to cover all finalists, yet you get a better shot at a lasting impression towards the end). Methinks Alaska was well aware of that.

      • Katrina Mayr

        I agree with this. I also think she didn’t want to lose the audience from the get-go, and wanted to start the roast on a good foot, so she only had herself to trust. Alaska & Jinkx are my FAVES! (see gif: http://bit.ly/WCrdIf)

    • MK03

      I haven’t seen Untucked yet, so excuse me if I’m off base. But I felt like Roxxxy’s little meltdown on the runway was one platter of bullshit after another. It sounded like a fucking Lifetime movie, for God’s sake.

      • Platter. Splatter. Hand the ho the Charmin. I completely agree with you. All you missed on Untucked was Jinkx sharing her traumatic childhood and Boxxy Mandrews trying to one UP her yet again… ¬†Insecure much, hunty?

    • I leapt right past eye-rolling right to shouting “WHAT IS THIS BULLSHIT?” Yes, “Untucked” explained where that came from, but out of context it just reeked of melodrama. And even with context, I’m not sure it doesn’t. It was like Roxxxy thought she and Jinkx were in a different competition — the Life Sucks Olympics — rather than taking the opportunity for sharing, empathizing and bonding over their difficult experiences. The way she’s whining and projecting canniness onto Jinkx further makes it hard to believe Roxxxy is sincere about anything.

      • StellaZafella

        ¬†“It’s not the RuPaul ‘Life’s a Drag’ race”
        Untucked started sounding like the contender on Queen for a Day…

      • Jacqueline Wessel

        Agreed about Roxxxy…although I am prejudiced because out of drag he looks like an old college boyfriend. Anyway, he needs to “man up”.

    • UGH THE HAIR FLIPPING. I GET IT, THE SONG IS ABOUT WHIPPING YOUR HAIR. Change up the movement and the direction of it – she was just facing forward, flipping her hairnado into the same silhouette, on different parts of the stage. I kept wanting them to cut back to Alyssa because she can dance and was doing different things, unlike Roxxxy just standing there headbanging.

      • Esaaaaaaackly! Show more of the dancer, less of the literal drama vortex (whirl whirl whirl).

    • ChiliP

      Bless Alyssa- her performance was such a deliciously awkward train wreck. The way she was laughing at her own (terrible) jokes while everyone else gave her a suspicious side-eye made me kind of love her.  She needs to go to the Kelly Kapoor school of smack vs trash:

      “I don’t talk trash; I talk smack. They’re totally different. Trash talk is all hypothetical, like, ‘Your mama’s so fat, she could eat the Internet.’ But smack talk is happening, like, right now. Like, ‘You’re ugly and I know it for a fact ’cause I got the evidence right there *throws hands towards imaginary face*.'”

  • Just wait for the inevitable development of four or five queens all weeping simultaneously when they end up in the bottom. ¬†Oh the dramazzzzzzz!

    • StellaZafella

       A) None of these queens would admit to being bottoms.

      B) What you say, if it happened, would never show up at the same moment …they’d edit such valuable footage over 3 or 4 shows.

  • CristinaSalazar

    Alyssa has grown on me, mostly because I have realized that she is one of those people with terrible social skills. Like, she honestly doesn’t know when she is being mean. She is the unintentionally funny queen.¬†
    Roxxxy called Jinkx a queen with “gimmicks” and honestly, thinking that comedic talent is a gimmick pissed me off enough for a lifetime.¬†
    Coco needs some sort of therapy. 
    I applauded Alaska for separating herself from the clique.
    Ivy’s wig had something off.¬†
    I honestly expect Absolut is giving Ru a lot of money because having Jeffrey as a judge in a comedy challenge was a travesty. I needed Bruce or Deven there. 

    • ¬†Explain to me how terrible social skills — specifically, not knowing when one is being mean — are endearing?

      • CristinaSalazar

        Well, you know, if she was a bully, or truly evil, I don’t think I could find sympathy for her. But the editing has made her appear as someone who honestly doesn’t know to filter (And after the dad’s skype call on untucked, I sort of see why). Unlike people like Coco, who knows exactly what she is doing every time she starts trouble.¬†
        I guess it’s all ¬†matter of what she does. She says some ridiculous stuff and the other girls roll their eyes. But she tries her best in the challenges and even puts up with terrible roles (The cross-dresser uncle) or uncooperative partners (Coco in the video challenge).
        And finally, I do find that people with terrible social skills can be endearing, as long as they don’t manifest sociopathic tendencies. My cousin (homeschooled poor thing) was like that and he has had to learn as an adult to play along with the other kids.¬†

        • ¬†Ok, I can see what you mean if you’re saying that she’s endearing because her faux pas are not motivated by scheming, manipulation and shit-talking (as others have done). You are right that she has repeatedly tried to make lemonade.

      • ¬†No, I get that — when someone is geniunely clueless, you just want to take them in and protect them and teach them.¬†

  • Frank_821

    Yes sadly when it comes to this show, I really roll my eyes into an epileptic seizure every time a sob story convienently comes out. I am not saying Roxxy is lying or exaggerating the pain she endured, but the timing of her confessional-even in the Untucked segment-seemed bit calculated

    • ¬†I think (know) that every queen has a legit sob story in them someplace, but on this show they get deployed at just the right calculated time – about as subtle as a pregnancy announcement after a lover’s quarrel.

      • StellaZafella

        I have a confession to make, Eric:
        Since I go into it assuming that EVERYTHING on this show is a calculated edit aimed at satirizing the drama of all reality shows (including itself), I tend to get the giggles when things like runway meltdowns happen so conveniently.
        I didn’t even chuckle last night, but, for some reason I’m more apt to blame an editing misstep than Roxxxie’s timing.

        Granted, Roxxie’s back story is horrendous…but I wonder how on earth there was any way for it to have looked less contrived without first seeing the origins of it in Untucked.

    • Alberto Galarce

      ¬†Michelle Visage didn’t buy it. She was rolling her eyes…

      • kaydenpat

         I thought I saw her wipe away tears. 

  • Do queens like Roxxy put on the kind of mascara that runs, just for an opportunity like this?

    • MK03


    • Zaftiguana


    • kathryn_dc

      ¬†I feel like the crustiest hard-hearted biddy saying this but I was not buying the sobbing meltdown at all. All of that and it results in …ONE… tear tracking down Roxxxy’s face? I’m sure she carries that hurt of abandonment with her, but it seemed more like a well-timed ploy to avoid elimination.

      • MK03

        Mayhaps there was a bottle of Clear Eyes hidden up her sleeve?

        • ¬†The old theatrical technique was a dropper bottle of glycerin.

          • StellaZafella

            ¬†…Or hiding a slice of onion in her kerchief.

      • shanteUstay

        ¬†No I’m with you!
        Even after I watched the untucked, I still don’t see how that provoked her on stage >_>

      • PeaceBang

        I noticed that she did a lot of fake heaving and sobbing into her hands. Oldest trick in the book. Then her face was completely dry when she took away her hands. 

        • kathryn_dc

          ¬†Yes! I’m like, where’s the red and running nose and all the tears. Fake.

        • MK03

          Exactly. Remember Manila’s tears after facing off against Delta? That was genuine. Compare that to Roxxxy’s meticulously staged “meltdown.” Night and day, kids.

    • I was impressed with how clean those tear streaks were. When I’m crying with non-waterproof mascara, it smudges and streaks and smears down my cheeks. Roxxxy cried enough to run but was careful not to smudge an inch. I can’t decide if it was prescient restraint or just sheer opportunism.

      • RebeccaKW

        ¬†I’ve never had mascara streaks.¬† I have mascara smears over my whole face.¬† Even if I don’t touch my eyes, I wind up with raccoon eyes.¬† And, snot bubbles.¬† And a red face.¬† I am impressed by the single track.

        • LANDRU3000

          When Joan Crawford was filming a movie and the director would ask her for a tear, she would reply “From which eye?”¬† And then do it.

          • RebeccaKW

            Yea, I am amazed at people like that.¬† I could never be an actress who cries.¬† I’d get fired.¬† In addition to my ugly crying, no matter how short the crying spell, my voice sounds like I have a mouth of cotton. ¬†

          • par3182

            Margaret O’Brien: “Do you want the tear to run all the way down my cheek or stop halfway?”

        • Celandine1

          On the plus side of being a fellow “ugly crier” I find a good crying jag does wonders to clear my stuffed up sinuses for a while.

          • ¬†Really?¬† It just makes mine worse — and people are always trying to lean me, like onto a shoulder or something, while I’m crying and they can’t understand what I’m saying when I tell them to knock it off.¬† If I don’t stay straight upright, one side will stay clogged for hours.

    • Melizmatic


      So much THIS!

  • I am so over Roxxxy and Coco. I am hoping they are they next two sent home, but I am nervous that Roxxxy will make it to the final three since the judges seem to really like her (aside from this week’s performances) and they may be looking to push a “big girl” through to the finale.
    Jinkx remains my favorite, followed by Alaska who keeps growing on me. Detox is falling fast, I’m sad to say. I had so much hope for her from the beginning but it is getting harder to keep rallying behind her.
    And Alyssa is just too endearing! Yes she bombed hard, but her enthusiasm for the challenge, her delusional laughter, and her facial expression make me keep rooting for her to stay.

    • Linderella

      Yes, to every word you wrote, Adriana.¬† My esteem for Detox (who was my favorite from the second she showed up) is plummeting, and she’s just at about the halfway mark to meet Alyssa, who is rising in esteem as she¬†keeps charming me more and more (though a lot of that is her complete cluelessness).

      • I identify a bit with Alyssa – I see a lot of Awkward High School Nerd in her. ¬†Someone with good qualities, but even her friends roll their eyes at some of the stuff coming out of her mouth.

  • Roxxxy knew she was going to be in the bottom, hence the pre-planned costume changes. I skipped the after-show, so I’m not sure of the full story, but once she said “bus-stop” I rolled my eyes so hard. I’m so over the big reveals and tears and last ditch effort drama.¬†

    • What happened in Untucked was they showed baby photos of the contestants, which led Jinkx to tell her story of having an alcoholic mother. She left home as soon as she could to get away from her mother, but was unable to bring her baby brother with her, and feels selfish and guilty for leaving him behind with their mother. This led Roxxxy to talk about her mother leaving her and her sister behind at a bus stop, so they were put in an orphanage until their grandmother adopted them.

  • starcaatcher

    Am I the only one who was reminded way too much of Shangela’s Season 3 stand up routine with Coco? I was half expecting to hear “And I said WHAT” come out of Coco’s mouth. Not to say that she was unfunny or anything, it just seemed kind of…typical, I guess. I dunno. I guess I was just really hoping that Alaska or Jinkx would take this one. But I am biased and I am more than willing to admit that!

    I was very happy that Michelle was finally happy with Jinkx’s runway. Not only did she look great, but it also showed that she can take the constructive criticism and the notes she was given and improve herself. It also pleased me to see that the other queens are finally realizing that Jinkx is a threat to them. On a slightly related note, I just saw Jinkx perform live on Friday and the bitch TURNED IT. And she is one of the sweetest of the Drag Race queens that I have ever met. She just joined the ranks of Sharon Needles, Alexis Mateo, and Nina Flowers on my “You’re So Nice I Can’t Even Handle It I Just Have To Go Cry About You Now” list. And now I’m even more jealous of the people who live in Seattle who get to see Jinkx on a regular basis. Why do I have to live 3,000 miles away?! Anyways, I digress….

    When it came down to the lip sync, I knew that Roxxxy wouldn’t go (based
    only on the fact that she’s been shown in more outfits on the Untucked
    trailer) and I DID NOT WANT to see Alyssa go home because I adore her,
    so I was SO UPSET because I thought it would be Alyssa, but after that
    cryfest and the dramatic music started playing, I was like YES, THEY’RE

    And even though Alyssa was SO BAD during the challenge, I was laughing so hard just because I think that she is a really funny person, whether it’s intentional or not. There was a time when I wasn’t sure if I liked Alyssa or not, and one day, something suddenly clicked in my brain and I realized that I LOVE HER. I’m so glad she gets to stick around a little longer. And gosh, I hope the drama with Coco can really be done now.

    • RandiLu

      All I could think about during Coco’s performance was Shangela. Coco even had a “Halleloo” bracelet on in the work room!

    • MissMariRose

      I also immediately thought of Shangela’s comedy routine when Coco said she was going to play Ru’s cousin from the hood.

    • abrial_alshar

      I got Shangela vibes from Coco as well. Probably didn’t hurt that I had just rewatched that episode, but still. Yes, it was a safe way to go, but she was also pretty funny. I’m just so bored with her drama though. Can she go home next week?

      I was SO proud of Jynkx! I love love LOVE her, but her last outfit was such a mess that I was truly worried. But she proved once again that she is the best Queen in town this season. She looked fantastic! And you’re right, she is amazing live! I live across the pond from Seattle and I always time my trips over there so that I can catch one of her shows (it still breaks my heart that I missed her in Hedwig). She is the so genuine (shut up Roxxxy and Coco, you don’t know what you’re talking about), and so talented!

      I love Alyssa. I didn’t at first, but she has grown on me so much! She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and okay, she’s funnier when she’s not trying to be, but she had the best attitude about this challenge!¬†She¬†was laughing right along with everyone else about her mic getting turned off, and I respect that. She is an awkward turtle, and I think she’s fabulous.¬†

    • MilaXX

      To be honest neither Shangela or Coco have cornered the market on the homegirl from the hood/projects character. In fact Kim Wayan’s did¬† a similar character on In Living Color.¬† Coco as annoying as she is, took the character and fully committed to it. She was funny and earned her win.

      • Every Black comic has a ghetto character in reserve somewhere, just like every every southern comic has a preacher character.

        • MilaXX


  • Zaftiguana

    I’m sorry…I laughed. I’m sure it’s a true story and that it’s all very difficult for her, blah blah blah, but come on. “Oh, I did a shitty job on this challenge and odds are even I’m about to get sent home? MY MOM LEFT ME AT A BUS STOP!!!” I genuinely burst out laughing. I won’t say it was the funniest moment of the episode because some of this comedy queens brought it, but it was right up there.

    • Introspective

      thank you!!! I was feeling like a heartless witch for laughing so hard at that well timed outburst, and as was mentioned above, the perfect mascara filled unsmudged tear rolling down roxxxy’s cheek… but damn if i wasnt cackling at the top of my lungs when the bus stop story got trotted out. CACKLING. (and the wine did not help)

      so much about this show is predictable. but damn if rupaul has not put together the best hour and a half of tv ive ever watched. ever.

    • ¬†I have to say, I’d save my damn sob story for that moment too!¬† That’s manipulative as hell, but not doing so is just plain stupid.

  • Joe J

    I don’t know which performance was worse, Roxxxy’s or Phi Phi O’Hara’s in those Absolut commercials.¬† Good lord, those were terrible this season.

    • Siege

      ¬†Not only was Phi Phi’s performance terrible, but whomever is styling those commercials clearly HATES her. She looked atrocious.

      • MK03

        You reap what you sow…

    • ¬†Yeah, it looks like PhiPhi’s chickens are coming home to roost a little. Post-DragRace hasn’t seemed to be very kind.

    • Melizmatic

       Terrible AND predictable.

    • AnotherG

      Oh, heavens.¬† I found the comercials tolerably amusing until the wrap-up, which was so poorly written as to cause me to feel embarrassment on Sharon and Michelle’s behalf.¬† And agree with Siege above:¬† as much as I dislike Phi Phi, she’d been made to look like one of those squashed fairies from the Pressed Fairy Book parody.¬† Like someone took a lawnmower to a marigold patch.

    • PeaceBang

      Okay, since you’ve opened the subject, may I say that I am sick unto the death of fast forwarding through those terrible Absolut ads and Logo promos? Thank you.¬†

  • HA! I wasn’t even thinking St Pat’s day with Ru’s gown, but yes, it was timely! Could that have been planned to coincide with the air schedule?

    Roxxxy just disgusted me this episode. Coming up with all those excuses for sucking, but then completely dismissing anyone else’s sad stories. What. Ever. With the double standard. Ugh. And then she whipped her hair way too much in the lip synch, being too repetitive. I was so hoping she’d shantay. I do agree with her about not buying the reconciliation between Alyssa and Coco. That was way too sudden.

    I give Alyssa some credit for laughing off her bad roast performance back in the lounge. At least she did not mope and make excuses.

    And I did not get all the arguing about shade versus jokes in the lounge. It’s a roast. Why are they all being so technical about it??

    Alaska’s look was the same ol’ same ol’, but I thought her roast was great. Her character seemed to fit being the first person in the line-up, the host. She was totally cute.

    • RussellH88

      I thought Ru’s outfit was almost a dead ringer for Sharon’s Pride Parade look.

      • AnotherG

        I thought that about Ivy’s too.¬† She just needed the snake and some green makeup.¬† She even had the red wig!

        • Jessi03

          I thought Ivy was going for Poison Ivy, to be clever. ¬†Not sure she’s that bright, though.

          • AnotherG

            Oo, let’s pretend ūüôā

  • Kimmu

    I decided Ru was serving some enchanting Amora realness just because that is what statuesque big haired blonde in green will always mean to me.

    I am so glad Alyssa was kept around for another week. I, for some reason, have come to adore her. She’s like….so not funny she’s come back around to being absolutely hysterical, and she really does seem like a good sport

    • PeaceBang

      I feel the same way about Alyssa. She’s agonizingly unfunny and clueless and it just makes me love her for it.¬†

  • I don’t know if I’m more annoyed by Boy Coco or Girl Coco; but all the head rolling and eye rolling give me some serious sea sickness.¬† And Roxxxy is just way to much of a Mean Girl, forming cliques and bashing those that don’t belong to her group.¬† I wouldn’t be surprised if she turns on Alaska now for splitting up Rolaskatox.
    Meanwhile, I loved seeing Alaska and Jinkx do so well; I’m finding both of them quite endearing.¬† And, sorry Michele, but I did think that it was pretty brilliant for Alaska to start the show; she knew that she would kill it, and that some of the later queens probably had to leave out some jokes that were too similar to earlier ones.
    BTW:¬† I can’t NOT see the Joker when Detox is out of drag.¬† This boy needs some body-image acceptance therapy before he gets pumped with more plastic.

  • Michael Evans

    It may have been editing (it’s ALWAYS editing in some way), but it even seemed as if Roxxxy was even trying to one up Jinkx’s sense of abandonment in the Untucked episode. I’m not saying that it didn’t end up in a place that was sincere, but the way it came about seemed like a grab for attention from the other queens.¬† And then when Coco was mimicking Jinkx in the lounge (which was kind of funny and accurate), Roxxxy was¬† pointing at and addressing Coco as if it was actually Jinkx!¬† The naked insecurity is fascinating.

    • MK03

      Yeah, it did feel like “oh, yeah? Your mom’s an alcoholic? Dig THIS shit.”¬†

  • am i the only one who looks at alyssa and just sees ugly? ¬†i just don’t find anything attractive or engaging about her persona/look.

    • MilaXX

       As a boy Alyssa is rather odd looking, but she makes her looks work in drag.

    • ¬†I give her points for taking her awkward looks and making something striking out of them on the runway. She’s not pretty, but striking might be the word.

    • Sally Brownson

      I think she’d be pretty in drag if she’d close her damn mouth. The blow-up doll look is not her face.

      • With that overbite keeping her lips closed might be tricky.

        • Her overbite is a jaw malformation, not just a simple dental overbite, and yes, it is very difficult to keep your mouth closed constantly — your face naturally falls toward mouth open unless you’re deliberately correcting it.

  • MilaXX

    I wasn’t surprised at Ru keeping both of them. The minute those crocodile tears came¬† out I knew she was safe. Still I thought Alyssa won that lip synch. Roxxy took too long stripping out of her skirt and top wig in the most unsexy way possible and then did little more than “whip her hair”. I was barely moved last week with Alyssa’s phone call from her dad last week which at least felt genuine, so Roxxy’s moment on the runway got nothing more than a “chile please” from me. Yet I have had a feeling for some time that Ru likes Roxxy. As for the roast, I like Alaska & Coco with a minor nod to Jinx.

    • I can understand trying to be careful removing the first wig so that the one underneath does not get jarred, but yes about the skirt. Roxxxy looked too much like a man removing it. No finesse.

      • If you’re going to do a change on the runway then fix that skirt so you can whip it off like lightning. ¬†Tyra knew how to do it, I’ll give her that.

  • I started liking Roxxxy, but she is so full of herself that she almost ruins the show for me, especially because you know Ru loves her. I wouldn’t be surprised if she takes it all. It will be like that time Tyra choose a plus size model as ANTM. She was just a normal sized girl. I also hate how Detox and Roxxy are turning on Jynx saying that he pretends to be insecure. Those two obviously are not truly creative people. So many really gifted people are full of doubt and self criticism. Not every artistic personality has a monstrous ego like Picasso.

  • “a frantic ploy to remain in the game” That’s what I thought it was. The story was really tragic and I felt for her, but pulling it out at that moment did not make her look good. Though I suppose the UnTucked session pulled it out, or at least that’s the plotline we’re getting. And didn’t Roxxxy wear this catsuit before (without a belt)? Or is it just the deja vu with all her looks? I thought it was funny, though, that she got critiqued for having not big enough hair and yet there was a second wig under that wig.¬†
    TEAM JINKX! I really don’t get why the other queens fell on Jinkx for admitting she had nerves (though I suppose that was mostly Roxxxy projecting). Being nervous doesn’t negate being a strong contender, and she was getting strong criticism along with her strong praise. But I’m glad she brought the glamour. Hope she wins it for all the comedy queens this season (with Alaska as first runner-up).¬†

    Also, Alyssa’s makeup was busted this week.¬†

  • Kelsey Kiefer

    My thoughts throughout this episode sounded a bit like this:

    1. Goddamn this girls can read. And nice ending there, Alaska. Well deserved win.
    2. Even though ever season of RPDR has catfights and drama, this season has an edge of cruelty to it, no? Do not like.
    3. Why was Alyssa leaning over the podium like she couldn’t stand up anymore? No, really, why?
    4. I agree that Coco actually did a good job, but Michelle Visage, you are a damn hypocrite. (“Jynkx, don’t use characters.” “No characters, Jynkx”. “Goddamnit Jynkx, I hate characters.” “COCO! Your character was AMAZING!”). Not that I’m suprised.
    5. Roxxxy taking off her wig to reveal another one, for THAT song? Inspired. Fucking hilarious.
    6. Convenient timing for a sob-story, no? GTFO Roxxxy.

    Thoughts during Untucked:
    1. Coco: “I am the kindest, sweetest person you’ll ever meet.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg what?

    • ¬†Also when Michelle specifically told Ivy she loved the green I stood up like WHAT?!?

      And I imagine Chad Michaels did the same.

      • AnotherG

        And Madame LaQueer.¬† Visage used the word “fungus” that time.¬† “That’s just rrrrrude.”

      • Melizmatic

         THANK YOU!!!

        I literally almost gagged when she said that, after harping about how much she hates green on two separate seasons.

        I know this is a drag competition, and all; but when the “fakest” woman present is the actual biological one, it really makes me scratch my head in befuddlement.

    • I think part of why I love Alaska and Jinkx is because they come across as genuinely nice and kind. Refreshing among this season’s sour queens.¬†

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I don’t watch this show, don’t get the channel, so I’m enlightened (and entertained) only by your posts.

    “Erin go stuff-her-bra!” made me snort.¬† Thank you very, very much, T Lo!

    • You can watch it online on the Logo website. I don’t get the channel either.

  • Missy Covington

    Anyone else catch the cut to Michelle Visage doing the teensiest of eyerolls after Ru declared both girls safe post LSFYL and Roxxxy-breakdown?

    I love her a little for that. 

    • LJCdoc

      Yes, and I floved it! ¬†I got the feeling it was directly related to Roxxy’s crap. ¬†I have to love her a little for it too, despite being really annoyed with her this season.

    • par3182

      Take back your love; she said on Twitter it wasn’t an eye roll,¬†her mascara was sticky from crying.

      • She’s probably just sticky – ask Alaska and Jinxx

      • Missy Covington

        Pshaw.  Love retracted.

  • Qdahling

    All in all a great episode! I was gagging from all the shade being thrown!

    I agree with the review, overall there is a lot of funny queens in this bunch.¬† I feel like the queens were judged based on what they were expecting from them vs. what they got. Case in point: Coco. She was funny and it was clever of her to approach it that way, but it was better because her past performance have been such bombs. Ivy wasn’t great, but she was better than they were expecting. They were expecting Alaska, Detox and Jinkx to do well, so they were harder on them. Granted, Detox should have done better than she did, but how funny her jokes were when she made them made up for her awkwardness.

    I agree with Roxxxy and Alyssa in the bottom. I gasped when Roxxxy took off her first wig to reveal the second. Clever clever girl knowing she would be in the bottom and waiting to turn it out. I will admit I thought Alyssa was better overall in the lipsynch. I didn’t like Roxxxy’s well-timed confession and just feel she was saving that one up for this moment. I’m pretty over her and her being so mean.

    I still have Untucked to watch, can’t wait.¬†

  • StellaZafella

     She learned that move from watching Lynesha.

  • Coco was funny and all, but I feel like it was predictable. I have a soft spot for Alaska. LOVE HER. Can she please win a challenge already? PUH-lease?

  • jw_ny

    I’m not surprised Ru kept them both in the game either, but both Roxxy and Alyssa could have gotten the boot and I wouldn’t have minded.¬† I think Alyssa is one of the stronger queens tho, and will likely make it to/near the end…I just don’t like her. ¬†

    Jinkx looks gorgeous!¬† She can go back to her quirky and fun style…now that she’s shut Michelle up.¬† My fav!

    I think Alaska is trying so hard to distance herself from Sharon’s style, that she’s floundering.¬† She just looks incomplete and amateurish.¬† I like him, but his drag looks really need to be stepped up if he is gonna prove himself and be looked at for him/herself rather than as Sharon’s bf.¬†

  • leave_Blake_alone

    If anything, I almost think keeping them both was a punishment to Roxxxy for the cheap crying move. Alyssa was great in the lip synch, but I thought Roxxy was clearly better, enough so that the crying fit at the end was totally unnecessary. Even though I thought she did better I would have been mad if she stayed, because I would have felt like the crying/drama just got it for her. So keeping them both in this time made sense.

  • Linderella

    Though Coco really was good, for me Jinkx had the win, just for the superb, perfectly-timed way she said, “Period.”¬† That was so brilliantly minimalist.¬† No other joke of the night could touch it.

  • DinahR

    I adore Jinx and I always think she looks great. ¬†I’m soooo happy Michelle was pleased this week, so she can now shut up about whatever this ‘glamour’ concern of her’s is with Jinx. ¬†That being said… I honestly don’t see a huge difference between Jinx this week and Jinx any other week. ¬†

    • Melizmatic

       Her contouring was very toned down as compared to previous weeks; as much as I dislike MV, that was one criticism that was actually on point. Jinkx took the advice and showed major improvement.

    • Sally Brownson

      Before, she kept contouring her nose so it would look gigantic and scary. She finally stopped doing that and contoured her nose so it would actually look smaller.

      I’m pretty sure she toned down the rest of her contour as well, but that was giving her serious witch-nose so that’s what I noticed.

  • Melizmatic

    Okay thank you TLO for making me feel like a bit less of a heartless bitch, because I was completely unmoved by Roxxxy’s strategic ‘Crocodile Jock’ tears last night.

    (Sorry, whoever previously said that Roxxxy must’ve been a ‘mean jock’ in high school has that image stuck in my head now.)

    It just seemed way too convenient to me; I couldn’t quit rolling my eyes the entire time, and I totally saw the double Shantay coming.


    Yay for Alaska finally standing on her own, and LMAO @ the looks on RoxxToxx’s faces when she quit the clique.

    Also kudos to her for going first, screw what MV said (as usual); that was a ballsy move and while she didn’t win the challenge, it still paid off.

    Now if only she’d do a different look!

    Next; yay to Jinkx for finally pulling off a glam look to shut up Michelle up; (Seriously girl, stick a peen in your inconsistent pie hole, already. “You look great in green, Ivy!”)


    Still totally over both Alyssa and Coco, although it will be mildly entertaining to see who goes back on her word first.

    Because those two drama queens really just cant seem to help it.

    Lastly am I the only person who was reminded of Sharon Needles’ “snake dress” when Ru came out?

    • Missy Covington

      ¬†Lastly am I the only person who was reminded of Sharon Needles’ “snake dress” when Ru came out?

      That was totally my first thought too. Unfair to Ru or unfair to Sharon? Who knows!

      • Melizmatic

         Well Sharon wore it first, but Ru wore it better.


    • zenobar

      ¬†The mean jock swirly comment?¬† That was me.¬† And I felt bad for her last night and kind of understood, a little bit, what’s been making Roxxxy tick – but that doesn’t excuse anyone’s shitty behavior.¬† Her attack on Jinkx last night would have been pure bully nasty, if it hadn’t reeked so thoroughly of insecurity and desperation.

      • Melizmatic

        ¬†Maybe I am just heartless, then; because I didn’t feel one iota of sympathy for her, even if the whole ‘my mommy abandoned me at a bus stop’ story is true.

        Like someone else down-thread stated, everyone (not just queens!) has a “sob story” at some point; everyone has been abused in some way, shape or fashion.

        As you already said, that still doesn’t give anyone an excuse to be an insufferable asshole to everyone that we encounter thereafter.

        ‘Bitter bitch syndrome’ is a highly unappealing personality flaw…

    • zenobar

      ¬†“Jockodile tears” – heh

      • Melizmatic

        ¬†I need to go listen to Elton John now…

  • Both queens did really well in the lipsync with that song which made Roxxxy’s “breakdown” (cough cough) seems all the more desperate. ¬†Through that whole speech I was thinking, “That’s really sad but what the hell does it have to do with drag or this challenge?” ¬†For me the winner was Jinx, though Coco did a good job giving Shangela 2.0 in this challenge. ¬†

    Now, when are they going to call out Ivy Winters who is boring the hell out of me. ¬†Sure she’s polished but the praise stops there for me: she’s clearly being outshined by all the remaining queens at this point. ¬†Same for Alaska, who has grown on me but who’s also looking quite amateurish compared to the other girls. ¬†She’s not awful by any stretch but really not bringing it enough at this point imho.

    • ¬†Ivy is a very cute boy, but she’s got a very small bag of tricks & I think she’s used them all up.

  • AnotherG

    I can’t tell if the outcomes were just that loudly telegraphed or I’ve just fine-tuned my pick-ups to see them coming now.¬† I knew by the effusive praise and reactions (and, I’ll swear, some “sweetening” of the laugh track) that they were going to give this one to Coco.¬† Who was, don’t get me wrong, funny.¬† But she wasn’t as funny as that edit was trying to make her seem.¬† She was rewarded more for her attitude adjustment than her performance — which, again, was good and she committed to it.¬† But Jinkx was funnier, and Leslie Jordan agreed.

    Also, even before Roxxxy blubbered, I realized that Ru was going to keep both of them.¬† I wondered if that means they’re not going to bring a queen back (sorry, Lineysha!).¬† I think Ru needs to do a double-triple reversal, have Coco and Alyssa both LSFYL, and then send both of them packing.¬† A girl can dream . . .

    What was intersting to me in an armchair-psychologist kind of way was what Alyssa and Roxxxy both had in common:¬† they both have a hard time distinguishing an insult/read from a joke.¬† They got the same notes from the coaches (more Nadia!).¬† We know from Alyssa’s standpoint that her dad was rough on her verbally, and that probably warped her standards of “play.”¬† And then Roxxxy’s abandonment issues¬†manifesting as bluster for herself and tearing down others.¬† For her, drag really does seem like an armor, and she has a hard time accepting that someone like Jinkx can be both confident at her performances and nervous from her runway critiques — which have been pretty brutal.¬†¬†That nervousness is¬†like blood in the water to Roxxxy.

    And was it just me, but when Roxxxy was reading Jinkx in the Library, did anyone get just how cruel she was trying to be when she called her “busted?” Her whole tone and demeanor changed on that one word to pure venom.¬† I have to watch it again, but Miss Roxxxy was striking not merely to wound, but to destroy.

    And this is why I stand by my previous assertion that Jinkx has the Nerve:  she lets herself be vulnerable as a performer, subjects herself to criticisms and misunderstanding and ridicule and hostility, and she keeps going.  She stands up for herself, sorts out the shade from the critiques, and tries to hammer it all into something better.

    • RussellH88

       A queen could still return. The first non elimination episode was in season 3 where Ru saves Yara and Carmen, and then Carmen was brought back later on in the show.

      I kind of wish it would be assumed that it would happen from now on, it would encourage the queens to really try hard to make an impression so that even if they do get eliminated, the judges will find a reason to bring them back.

      • Airkisses

        ¬†I hope they bring Monica back. I think she had potential, her Rihanna Lipsynch was amazing! I’d really like to see her show her stuff now that she doesn’t have that big weight on her shoulders.

    • poklapy

      Yes about Roxxxy! ¬†I mean, I’ve viewed her as needlessly cruel this whole season, but both of her reads they showed were obviously intended to make the other person feel bad. ¬†All of the other queens did reads that might have some basis in truth, but it was more about laughing off your flaws. ¬†Roxxxy just wanted to destroy people. ¬†(I really, really, really hate her. ¬†I know that’s irrational, but she just seems to be completely lacking in any kindness or empathy. ¬†She reminds me of all the bitchy girls I knew in middle school, but Roxxxy is an adult and should be past that by now.) ¬†

  • GTrain

    So. Over. Coco. 
    And my eyes still haven’t rolled back from Roxy’s weepery.

  • RandiLu

    Did anyone else get annoyed with the attacks on Jinkx this week? They seemed to be coming from nowhere. It makes sense that Jinkx was doubting herself – Michelle had been ripping on her looks since the beginning. Plus, Roxxy even said herself that Jinkx wouldn’t be able to win a “Pretty” challenge (although I think her look this week kind of¬†dispelled¬†that myth) which kind of shows Jinkx’s insecurities are justified. Maybe I just love Jinkx so much that I’ll defend her at all costs!

    • if insecure queens like coco and roxxxy badmouth jinkx, it makes me love her even more. but i was surprised that detox, whos judgement i ususally trust, was throwing some negativity her way. it makes me half wonder if there is a dark side to jinkx the audience hasnt seen so far.

      probably not, though. love jinkx <3

      • Missy Covington

        I have a friend who went to see her several times when she would perform at Cornish University (as a student/just starting out). According to her Jinkx is a total sweetheart and is very, very, very talented–more so than you see on the show.

      • starcaatcher

        ¬†I really think that Jinkx is just a genuinely nice person based on everything I’ve seen of her, everything everybody has said about her (whether they’re just a fan or somebody who knows her personally), and having met her myself — even if it was for just a few short moments. I just don’t think that other queens are quite used to that, especially when they’re in a competition like that where most everyone IS playing to come out on top, and if they’ve really started to see her as a threat based on her talent alone, then they’ll probably find ways to make her a threat in other ways, too. If that makes ANY sense at all, hahah.

    • putonabus

      I was writing a comment to this effect before I saw that yours had just come up. I agree, and Jinkx jinx!

    • AnotherG

      The more self-absorbed ones are starting to realize that coasting on looks and sass isn’t cutting it (Roxxxy) or that the manufactured-drama well is running dry (Coco).¬† Jinkx just put in three highly-praised showings in a row, has a victory to her name, and just got the nod for her runway showing.¬† Those two got overconfident and dismissive, and they were eventually bound to notice that persistant gnawing sensations on their posteriors.¬† Once they shut up long enough.

  • am i the only one who was DELIGHTED at roxxxys breakdown? not in a point-and-laugh way, but in a damn-thats-great-tv way.
    yes, shes playing the game, but i also think her pain was very real (and made a lot more sense after watching untucked). and when ru’s voice cracked, i nearly got teary eyed myself. its the combination of reality tv manipulation and realness that makes this show such a delight. everybody here knows how to play the game, both the producers and the contestants, and nobody talks down to the audience. this entire show is like drag – we all know its fake, but in a way, its also real.

    • StellaZafella

      ¬†You are one who “gets” it, as far as I’m concerned.
      None of the actual emotions or stories are faked…that’s all real.
      The trickery is in how it gets edited, which is one part genius and one part blatant manipulation…that’s why I say this whole show is a satire on itself and all reality TV…and that’s really what drag is, at it’s best. It’s also why I love both this show and good drag.

      Drag is not an excuse for bad behavior…that’s one lesson this show preaches.

      My game is to watch the pre-show edits and, knowing they’ve been moved around like a Mr Potato Head for maximum impact, I try to guess who’s going to really be talking to who in the final cut.

      • AnotherG

        “My game is to watch the pre-show edits and, knowing they’ve been moved around like a Mr Potato Head for maximum impact, I try to guess who’s going to really be talking to who (whom?) in the final cut.”

        I have really started to notice that this season.  On the episode where Jinkx tells Michelle they have different standards, in the commercial, they show Michelle gaping her mouth.  That was actually directed at someone else.  The panel reaction after Jinkx says that is laughter, from especially Santino, but you can hear Michelle give it a good laugh too.

      • im particularly impressed by the opening sequence of untucked. now that weve actually seen most of the scenes, its really funny to see them edited like that.

    • amen.

  • putonabus

    The accusations of Jinkx’ insincerity — which seemed to get to just about everyone by the point of Untucked — really made me uncomfortable. I mean they’re doing something very smart and evil, which is to attack someone at their strongest point (in Jinkx’ case, the fact that she’s one of the few queens this season who comes off as a human being with a normal response with criticism) and suggest that everyone who admires it is being had, thereby deflecting criticism from the speaker in a context when everyone in the room is doing the thing Jinkx is accused of, because they are on God damn drag queen reality TV. It’s bullying and it’s gross, and the suggestion that showing some ability to self-critique and not let rest on one’s laurels means that one is secretly playing the most cynical game of all just says everything about why I don’t actually like to watch 90% of the people on this season.

    I don’t doubt that Jinkx knows how to play, just as (say) Chad and Pandora did, but the most successful queens on the show succeed by being exhaggeratedly themselves in a way that makes for good TV, and that’s what Jinkx is doing.

    • I can’t tell if we’re being set up for a shocking reveal about Jinkx or if they’re trying to create an underdog narrative (which is hard to pull off in this case, when she’s been top 3 for 5 out of 7 challenges.)

      And I wanted to slap Roxxxy. Last week she said Jinkx was the weakest one because she’s relying on gimmicks, this week she’s a serious contender who’s faking being insecure.

    • I’m reading this after Jinkx’s pointed, repeated, calm and strong statements to Coco after the perfume challenge. Spoiler alert: Jinkx was perfectly poised and Coco looked like a flaming asshole. Again.

  • Thank you, fine sirs, for call out the “frantic ploy to remain in the game” for what it was. Boxxy is nothing more than a Booger in Heather makeup. ¬†She needed to go. Away. Period. I don’t even LIKE Allysid, but I would have raised my glass and toasted my Tang to see her send that triflin’ mess home. What crunched MY peanut butter though was that they call gasped and wailed in horror for Penny stunting through her lip sync when she didn’t know the words and here all Miz Mandrews DID was stunt. You could never see if her lipses was in syncs because she looked like a dust mop attached to a Lady Bunny vibrator. ¬†Hello, Pot? Kettle calling here… ¬†Shut the hell up. ¬†You’re welcome.

  • Roxxxy is ugly as HELL in that last picture. ¬†Kirstie Alley realness.

    • Melizmatic

       All T, all shade!


    • pdquick

      That’s going to be on the next promo.

  • shanteUstay

    That LSFYL wore me out!

    I’m not gonna touch miss hot mess andrews….I’m leaving that alone this week.

    I want to complain about ALASKA!
    Alaska IMHO is more witty and endearing than the other girls(save for JINKX<3), she has the C-U-N-T but her looks have been……..less that striking, I get a vague vibe from her on the runway, the only striking look has been the plastic wrap dress and pink tommy gun outfit.

    girl you have the talent let's see some STOMPING on that runway

    • StellaZafella

      I get the feeling maybe Sharon already wore all the best of their shared wardrobe last season….maybe?

      Just kidding…$100,000.00 should have bought a LOT of good new drag.

      • Mefein

        There is some funny YouTube footage of Willam performing at Cattivo Bar in Pittsburgh with Sharon and Alaska, and at one point Willam jokes with Alaska about how relieved she is to see Sharon finally wearing a label.¬† And Sharon did indeed look stunning in McQueen.¬† As of the filming of this season, tho, it doesn’t look like she was¬† Sharon Dresses! (On a side note, I can’t imagine the amount of mischief that ensues when THOSE queens get together but I’ll bet they sure have fun. Just watching Sharon and Willam banter onstage is a riot.)

  • MichaelStrangeways

    Fun Fact: Jinkx’s dress this week formerly belonged to a (female) burlesque trapeze star…

    • StellaZafella

      ¬†You said “trapeze star” or I would have guessed Waxy Moon…I know…not (female)…but certainly burlesque!

      • Frank_821

        oooh I never thought about there being a Jinkx-Waxy Moon connection. That would be fun. Drag and Boylesque!

        • MichaelStrangeways

          Jinkx/Jerick has two small roles in “Waxie Moon in Fallen Jewel” Waxie’s last movie…as a call girl and as an arty poseur (male).

  • Roxxxy strikes me as an incredibly fake person. Her sob story was about as pre-calculated as her costume change, and the insincerity really grated on me.¬†

  • Damien W

    I have never seen Alyssa come out ‘better’ in any of these conflicts to date — frankly I find her to be despicable from all angles. I think Coco would be a frontrunner in this competition if she weren’t constantly having to wear the albatross known as Alyssa as part of her ensemble. Frankly, their feud is boring as hell. And Coco isn’t a complete PITA when dealing on her own with other queens, whereas Alyssa is a pathological liar and all-around cattle prod 24/7.

    Had Coco been competing without the added layer of constantly having to address Alyssa’s conflicting perceptions of her, I’d bet she’d be a lot more relaxed and a lot less schiczy. Her interviews out of drag are downright hilarious, whereas Alyssa keeps up her delusions with or without her face.

    • Donald Hite

      In what way is Alyssa delusional? ¬†Coco is responsible for Coco’s actions. ¬†Alyssa is by far the bigger person in this.

      • Damien W

        Alyssa has already admitted to being the “not here to make friends, here to win” kind of reality TV character. Delusional may not be the most accurate word, but she is selling a line of bullshit to everyone there, and the “delusional” part comes in when she does the same thing straight into the camera to us in her interviews.

        Her chosen method of debate/arguing by deflection, and not owning up to anything that’s on her, is well-documented on the show. Coco may need to grow up and get over it, but Alyssa isn’t being ‘bigger’ by her behavior, she’s just using Coco’s weakness to keep her emotionally off-balance in the competition. It’s kind of twisted to me.

        Coco’s definitely got her own issues, but it was a mistake to put them together in the same season. The personal conflict is just boring, and preventing both of them from doing as well as they could be doing.

        • I definitely prefer Alyssa.¬† Because Alyssa is pissed — whether she has real cause to be is a matter for debate, since I have no doubt she’d have done the same thing Coco did if the situation had been reversed.¬† Coco, on the other hand, is “hurt”.¬† It’s all “poor me, I get picked on” and “poor me, my accomplishment is tainted”.¬† I don’t have a lot of patience for that.¬† Seriously, girl, you are an African-American drag queen!¬† I am sure you can dig up some better emotional trauma if you must play it that way!¬† (Especially since… YOU DID NOT WIN!¬† I’m sorry, maybe you were always deserving of a win and you were robbed by Alyssa first, but you didn’t and how did you not know that there would always be that shadow over your title?!?)

  • Sally Brownson

    While Alaska’s is a standard Alaska look, I’d argue that everything looks more polished and that she looks a lot better blonde, actually.¬†

  • wayout46

    Devon Green¬†could use a dozen or so of Michelle Visage’s extra pounds. Borderline anorexic (she’s too sharp for it to be heroin).
    Add me to the list of skeptics who rolled their eyes at Roxxy’s all-too-desperate yet convenient waterworks. I only started tearing up during RuPaul’s sisterhood speech, which in my mind had nothing to do with train stations. Roxxxy’s were not tears of childhood regression but¬†tears of fear¬†about what was going on at the moment. Then when asked about the bawling, a light bulb went on in her head and she dug into her bag of childhood sob stories. We can all come up with at least one of those and, properly sold, they can land with an impact. Before you know it – Voila, Shantay You Stay.

    Coco was stellar, but STILL unable to let go of the tired shit stirring devices. I hope she goes next week (or Roxxxy – or Detox).
    Alaska is growing on me – she even looked cuter as a boy this week – and leaving that stupid clique was a good first step to recovery.

    Finally, between the members of that panel of judges, there were over 100 logged-in years of substance abuse… and I loved it! Nothing like a gorgeous Absolut executive to deliver the party favors and bring back only the good memories of them good ol’ pnp days.

    • Melizmatic

      ¬†*lmao @¬† “100 logged-in years of substance abuse…”

      That is quite impressive.

  • Alyssa’s routine was terrible (although you have to appreciate a queen who thinks comedy is verbally abusing people then laughing about it) but damned if I don’t love that goofy-faced bitch. She is my genuine favorite, and I’m hard-pressed to even say why. Quirk and some good performing I suppose.

    Is anyone else having trouble with the editing on the lipsyncs? Because the cutaways feel far too fast for me to be able to tell who’s doing well and who’s not. Also wish they’d pick better music. I could have pulled most of this season’s soundtrack from a tween’s MP3 player.

    Roxxy is so full of shit I can smell it from here, though of course I don’t mean her story, just her shade at Jinkx. And I laughed my ass off when Coco said Alyssa can’t let anything go. I’ve never met someone so blind to their own bullshit in my LIFE.

    • Donald Hite

      Agreed on all counts… Alyssa is giving me life. ¬†The lip synchs are so choppy it’s completely impossible to tell what’s going on. ¬†Roxxxy and Coco are FULL OF IT!

    • hellkell

       The music for the LSFYL this season is pretty sub-par.

      • AnotherG

        I’ve at least recognized the songs, but I agree.¬† Other than Cher and the Pointer Sisters, I . . . can’t remember the others.¬† Pay no attention to the cocktail in my hand when I say that.

        Also, is it me, or is the Pit Crew horribly underutilized this season? Even more than last?

  • wayout46

    My favorite part of Roxxxy’s pre-meditaded costume change was the way she had to roll her tight dress down like she was about to go to the bathroom. Sexy stripping indeed…

  • wayout46

    Also, Alyssa was hilariously self-deprecating during Untucked and knew for sure that she sucked and would have to lipsynch for her life. I wish oversensidivas like Coco could learn a thing or two about not taking themselves so seriously.

  • Thank the Drag Goddesses Jinkx pulled out the glamour this week and (I hope) finally shut Michelle Visage up. I am firmly Team Jinkx; she is one fiercely talented Queen.¬†

    Bonus video: More Jinxk as Little Edie, from a viewing party in Seattle last Monday night. She’s singing “The Revolutionary Costume for Today” from Grey Gardens:The Musical.


  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I love you people. ¬†No, seriously, because until this recap went up and TLo & the BKs chimed in with the various opinion, I WAS ¬†sitting here feeling like a shitty human being for thinking that Roxxxy’s meltdown was calculated and insincere. ¬†Now I know I’m among kindred spirits.

    Here’s the thing for me: I’m sure that Roxxxy’s trauma is real, and is genuine. ¬†But as one of our BKs pointed out elsewhere in these comments, a traumatic childhood event does NOT give you free license to be a fucking asshole to everyone. ¬†It just doesn’t. ¬†I’m sure all of us have had traumatic things happen to an extent – probably not to the extent of being abandoned at a bus stop – but all of us have had SOMETHING happen. ¬†I have, and while I’m not an absolute dollface angel, I don’t go around being completely shitty to people. ¬† Now, this is just me playing armchair psychologist, but I do think that Roxxxy perceives Jinkx as both a threat,which she should, and possibly as a pushover because she’s so sweet, which she shouldn’t. ¬†So when Jinkx does really well on a challenge that Roxxxy does really badly on? ¬†The claws come out, to a terrible degree. Because Roxxxy isn’t just nasty to Jinkx, she’s downright vicious, and I don’t notice any of the other queens incurring her wrath like that. ¬†Just the really sweet one – Roxxxy sees that lovely personality of Jinkx’s as an Achilles Heel, which – you know, sweet has nothing to do with weak, so she’d better look out.

    And yes, I do understand that in Untucked, you get both the background on the runway meltdown, and also what was said that lead up to it. ¬† I agree with other BKs who’ve said that Roxxxy bringing that up was her way of trying to top Jinkx again. ¬†Last week, as soon as Ivy congratulated Jinkx on her Snatch Game win, Roxxxy ¬†had to loudly remind them that she was in the top for Tamar. ¬†Last night, Jinkx had a story to tell about his childhood and one of the traumas he went through, and it was almost as if Roxxxy wanted to say, “Oh yeah? Really? ¬†Alcoholic mother, and guilt issues over your brother? ¬† Here’s one – I was abandoned at a bus stop when I was three – top that!” ¬†

    As for the runway itself, I’m sure what occurred in Untucked may have triggered the meltdown to an extent. ¬†But it just seemed so calculated that it was hard to give Roxxxy the benefit of the doubt. ¬†Because it was instantaneous, you know? ¬†Clearly with the wig and wardrobe change on stage, she knew she was in the bottom, yet there was no meltdown. ¬†She LSFYL as hard as she could – yet there was no meltdown. ¬†But then, when it’s over, as soon as Ru begins addressing them both – wham!!! ¬†“WAAAAHHH!!!! I’M UNWANTED!! ¬†I WAS LEFT AT A BUSTOP BY MY MOTHER!!! ¬†NO ONE LOVES ME, NOT EVEN HERE!” ¬†You get me? ¬†It was instantaneous. ¬†I’m just not getting “genuine” from that.¬†

    • Linderella

      I did get a “genuine” vibe from the tears:¬† Ru’s and Michelle’s.¬† Roxxxy’s tears¬†were as manipulative as her roast routine was funny.

    • re: “you know, sweet has nothing to do with weak”

      I trust you are familiar with the aphorism: “Do not mistake kindness for weakness.”
      There’s a lot of that going on in this show, and especially, but not only, this season.

  • I’m a day behind the other commentators, as I don’t have those fancy channels and must rely upon the kindness of the internet to bring me “RPDR” a day later. ¬†

    Thank you, thank you, for writing those cynical, harsh words about Roxxxy’s meltdown. ¬†As someone who had a very traumatic childhood and is very scarred, it is not like me to have no emotional reaction to another scarred soul’s breakdown… but this one was just too conveniently timed. ¬†My black, bitter, shriveled little heart had nothing to give Roxxxy. ¬†I felt more for Jinkx, who is marginalized by the other queens here and was being attacked rather annoyingly by Roxxxy earlier. ¬†

    • A fellow ‘day-after’ no-cable household here as well. It takes much discipline not to read TLo’s post before watching the show.
      I think Roxxxy’s on-stage meltdown was brought up by her as a desperate ploy to save herself. HOWEVER, I’m wondering how much Ru had to do with that-you know they were asked about their various backstories (including potential sob stories) before the show ever started. And they obviously had to provide the pictures. Methinks that Ru decided to trot out this particular gold bar pink box to take advantage of Roxxxy’s story and hopefully evoke a reaction before she is aufed.

  • pdquick

    I’ll admit it. I was secretly hoping Ru was about to say, “We love you, blah, blah, blah, but sashay away anyway.”

    • Markatha

       Sooo Cold.

    • demidaemon

      I’ll admit I was in the same boat.

    • Donald Hite

      agreed.  Roxxxy should have gone home.  Wig change or not, that was a piss poor lip synch.

    • I’m glad she didn’t.¬† Because Roxxxy may have deserved it, but I wouldn’t have liked seeing Ru pronounce sentence that way.

  • Markatha

    Dang, I got to this post later than I wanted.

    Side note: I unexpectedly had to spend most of the day with a sick Snow Leopard friend of mine (Pao Yu) at the zoo.
    He is so lovable and sweet I can hardly stand it.
    Any cat lovers out there that want to send him some love, prayers and healing energy he’d love it.
    Anyway (sorry for the detour), back to Ru.
    I loved this challenge. I can’t believe they haven’t done a Ru Roast before.
    This would be a good challenge like ‚ÄúSnatch Game‚ÄĚ to repeat.
    I was actually moved by Roxxxy’s story even though the timing of spilling it was definitely suspect and totally shady.
    But come on, the poor kid was abandoned at a bus stop at 3 years old.
    A tad bit before he could even use being gay or a drag Queen as an excuse.
    That’s rough. I choked up (how embarrassing).
    I love Jinkx and Alaska.
    I thought Alaska seemed like the very funny hostess for the evening, which I appreciated.
    I still love Detox.I thought her material was funny and I always like her look, including this week.
    I loved that hair hat she was wearing, but I must admit I was disappointed in the overall performance.
    I also thought Ru, besides being beautiful in that green dress, was a great sport and terrific roastee.
    And so was Michelle.
    Very enjoyable 90 minutes of TV!

    • zenobar

      ¬†I just googled Pao Yu (I’m a PhD-level cat lover).¬† What a beautiful boy!¬† I’m sending all kinds of good thoughts and get-better energy his way.¬† And virtual ruff-skritches.

    • hellkell

       Good vibes to Pao Yu! I am so jealous that you get to pet the big cats!

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Tons of love and healing vibest to Pao Yu! ¬†Hope he’s better soon!

    • wayout46

      I saw¬†Roxxxy’s predicament¬†differently. I saw a drag queen in despair falling apart because she knew she was in trouble, who then took the opportunity that despair brought her (the massive bawling) to turn it into a childhood memory sob psycho-drama. Reverse method acting! With method, you know what you have to deliver and you dig in for an experience that will bring that emotion. Roxxxy delivered raw emotion first and then dug in for the¬†conveniently rewarding¬†dramatic plot.

      What makes me think that? Notice that the first time she was asked “What’s wrong?” by Ru (who knows a ratings opportunity when she sees one), Roxxxy paused, tried to gain her composure and said “nothing, never mind.” That’s because at that moment the only explanation she would have been able to provide would have been “I’m being rejected and throwing a tantrum because of it.”
      It wasn’t until RuPaul insisted, and¬†Miss Andrews¬†knew she had to come up with something, that she had enough time to process, assess, and reach into her bag of tricks¬†to connect her current feelings of rejection with¬†the childhood trauma, which was recent in her mind as she had VERY CALMLY discussed it with her fellow queens minutes before in the Illussions Lounge or whatever it’s called.

      Most of us, especially social minorities, have something we can produce from our childhood that can make people feel sorry for us for at least a brief moment.

      Case in point – like millions of others, I was molested as a 10-year old and, like millions of others, thought it was my doing because I was aroused by my molester. And like many millions, I never protested about it. One day I decided to share my story almost as a joke, and the outpour of sympathy and free passes I got made me realize “gee, if I were a real manipulator, I could use this to my advantage” (I didn’t because, ironically that’s the one thing that I can’t produce tears with – I’ll cry on cue thinking about positive acts of human kindness but the negative stuff leaves me dry).

      Maybe I’m projecting, but there was nothing there to convince me that Roxxxy was anything but a desperate queen on the verge of losing, who fell apart and then came up with a great free pass. What kind of evil cruel human being would eliminate her after that?

      Similar circumstances made Ru wait another week before getting rid of Beverly H. Only if the tears happen mid-performance (as was the case with Yara Sofia on Season 3) is Ru forced to send them home, because in that case the queen is allowing her emotions to interfere with her work and unprofessionalism is not rewarded in ANY branch of life (except maybe shock comedy).

      Manila, Jujubee, and Raven also broke down in tears mid-performance, but as opposed to Yara, they used that emotion to add to their performances, finishing them triumphantly. Yara just melted down and then froze (if that imagery is possible!:)  which reflected on her attitude, composure, and state of just plain giving up.

      Speaking of method techniques, I’m not necessarily a fan of them but, whether she realized it or not, Manila actually employed them during Mac Arthur’s Park, and ended up with what is considered by many one of the top two LSFYL performances ever.

    • Markatha

      Thanks guys for the well wishes for Pao.  It was appreciated. 
      Unfortunately he passed away peacefully in his sleep last night.
      He was such a sweet & loving spirit and lived his life teaching humans to respect & appreciate animals & nature.
      He made the world (and me) a better place!

  • I agree that Ivy is cute but limited… but I would disagree that she has “a very small bag of tricks.” ¬†I think she has a couple of huge, giant, talents (sewing & singing). ¬†I’m not disagreeing about the number of tricks she has; I just want to highlight that where she is gifted, she is immensely gifted. ¬†

    • DinahR

      I keep liking Ivy more and more. ¬†In the beginning I felt she was trying to be catty, emphasis on the trying because it felt forced. ¬†She’s more pleasant now, actually pretty nice, and it feels much more genuine. ¬†I think she’s doing better in the challenges each week as a result of being herself. ¬†She wasn’t that bad at the roast and I think she did better than people expected her to. ¬†She may not win but I hope she gets pretty far because I see improvement in her each week and I’m curious to know if she has other surprise talents. ¬†There are other queens there that are being repetitive and I think have shown us all they have to offer already. ¬†I’m with Jinx, I’m not ready for Ivy to leave.¬†

      • AnotherG

        Agreed with you both.

        Is Ivy America’s Next Drag Superstar? Sigh, no.¬† I don’t think so.¬† Do I love her as much as Latrice or Manila or Raven or Nina or Yara? Yes, easily.¬† In her own way, too.¬† Because (with the exception of the last two weeks of wigs) I am JEALOUS of how talented she is.¬† And I don’t think her niceness is a put-on (no one could be that bad at a Roast otherwise).

  • Donald Hite

    I think the Roxxxy meltdown seemed convenient especially before the untucked.  After untucked it was at least shown that it had come up prior to the lip synch, but still.

    Other thoughts:

    1) Why was Santino such a defensive twat on the few occasions a queen dared to mention him? ¬†Despite Alyssa’s lack of funny, her “Santino, what the hell do you know about winning?” was pretty brilliant. ¬†

    2) My Alyssa love continues. ¬†She’s just so doofy, yet so glamorous in drag. ¬†I find it incredibly endearing. ¬†I usually don’t like queens who’s runway style is their main strength (as opposed to performing well in challenges), but I hope for her it keeps her around as long as possible.

    3) The lip synch was choppily edited, but all I saw from Roxxxy was her swinging her head around, NOT dancing, and NOT actually lip synching.  Still over her.

    4) I know Ivy is a cute guy, but I think she’s pretty consistently unattractive as a queen. ¬†

    5) Detox continues to disappoint.

    6) Alaska needs to switch up her make up look (as do most of the queens)

    7) All the queens bashing Jinkx seems both cruel and very random. ¬†From what we’ve been shown, Jinkx doesn’t seem to have done a single thing to any of them! ¬†Once a queen dishes it, I’m all for serving it back (as with the beautiful destruction of Serena Chacha in episode 2’s unTucked), but Jinkx doesn’t seem to have done anything legitimate inspire that much shade… Jealousy perhaps?

    7) Best read of the Night… Jinkx: Detox, you won the challenge, you can take off the chicken mask already. ¬†I FREAKING DIED.

    • Melizmatic

       Dont even get me started on Santino; his whole vibe was extra pervy and not in an entertaining way;

      “I’m ready to get ribbed for her pleasure”?


      I just cant with that.

      And the under the breath comment he made to Ivy Winters that I dont think anyone else has mentioned yet…?

      Just. Ew.

      IMO, Alyssa’s read of him wasnt really funny so much as it was true; what qualifies him to judge the queens when he didnt even win in his own reality show competition?

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        What comment did he say to Ivy? ¬†I may have missed it. ¬†But yeah, that “ribbed for her pleasure” joke was gross.

        • hellkell

           I forget exactly what he said, but the tone was sleazy as only he can do.

          I gasped when Roxxxy took off her wig–not that again!

          • Donald Hite

            I think because she was revealing another wig, it was actually kinda fierce. Before I saw she had another wig, I was like MILAN 2.0! haha

          • So much for “don’t use gimmicks” as she said to Jinkx

        • After her joke about having sex with him, he said, “You would know.”

          • Melizmatic

             Yes, that.


          • ChiliP

            Interesting, I took his response to mean Ivy “would know” about being awkward since that is the final word she ended on. It was awkward to joke about having sex with Santino if she presumably has not, and her delivery was pretty stiff (enter “that’s what she said” joke here). At least, that’s what I hope he meant.

          • DonnaL

            ¬†I also took it to mean that Ivy would know about being awkward, since that’s what she was being.

          • Melizmatic

            ¬†I didn’t see it that way at all; there was a flagrant (and unprofessional) innuendo there.

          • AnotherG

            Yeah, that was shockingly ick.  Santino needed a slap after that.

          • Donald Hite

            I’m not sure what he meant exactly, but I thought his tone was snide. ¬†The rest of the judges took a much worse beating and did so with a laugh and a smile. ¬†Regardless of what exactly he was referencing, I thought it was obnoxious and unsportsman-like. ¬†Ivy’s joke was 1) pretty generic and 2) not even really funny or mean. He could/should have just chuckled it off.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Oh, that’s right – yeah, he’s kinda gross.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Oh, god, the chicken joke was gold!


    When will her assless chaps come back from the dry cleaners? When will she mix up her admittedly impressively huge wigs for something that will make the judges say “A whole new Alaska!”? You’re killing, me Alaska! KILLING ME!

  • The Roxxy meltdown felt “okay” until the second part of the show and the ‘idea’ of the back story came up (abandoned at the bus stop) then it felt very fake and script-y) Boo Hiss! if had been ‘spontaneous’ fine but not this…. and Jinx really stepped it up this time! Go Jinx-y!

    and what IS that spot on Allyssa’s fore head? an indian look? a mole? mascara blotch? fly caught in the hairspray?

  • Mefein

    I don’t know, I still rather like Coco.¬† I think she reminds me of people I’ve known in life who were difficult, even delusional, but still not write-offable because they had this side that was big-hearted and there like gangbusters when you need them to be, and you just knew somehow there was no bite behind their bark. Or at least that’s how I’m reading her (and I totally felt her reaction last week to Alyssa’s father’s confessional was heartfelt, btw).¬† Unlike the difficult people who you know very well you’d just better steer clear of. Coco reminds me a bit of my very Old World, big personality grandmother, who had a Rumanian/Italian talent for drama and grudges.¬† She got along swimmingly with her children who had learned to stand up to her.¬† It’s like she had to scan to make sure you had a backbone, and if it turned out you did, then she was a pussycat.¬† If not, she was hell on wheels.¬† Like a lot of people, a maddening mix of good and bad.

    And I was very glad to see Jinkx start finding her backbone this episode.¬† That queen is clearly intelligent and adaptable, and she’s figuring it out. She’s got this great wit — and wit is not something to save for the stage.¬† It’s an invaluable real-life skill, especially if you’re going to be thrown into the shark pit with some mean-girl queens.¬† (And it can be of a lot more use than logical explanations, which were only getting her so far.)¬† I have felt from the start that Jinkx is this typically introverted person who finds a way to let this completely different persona out in her performances.¬† And I do feel that some of the criticism from the queens has come from the sense that she IS acting, which can come across as two-faced.¬† I think in terms of reality TV and knowing you have to project this oversize personality to a degree, I think Jinkx has fallen back on her acting skills to make up for her quiet personality to some extent, which maybe can seem forced.¬† But I also think she’s learning very quickly how to embody for real what she has been acting, if that makes any sense.¬† She’s one of those smart ones who you really see evolving over the course of the competition.

    • Yeah, I’m with you on Coco. That doesn’t make her any more bearable to watch or less cruel when she attacks, but I don’t think she’s malicious at heart. My feeling about her and Alyssa is that she cared for Alyssa deeply and was thus very, very wounded by whatever happened between them. But there’s definitely some mama bear in there with the delusion.

  • I totally realized today that Ivy looks like a prettier Matt Smith in boy mode.

  • The funny thing is that at this point of the season there is no clear winner. In the other seasons, by episode 7 one or two queens¬† won 2 or 3 challenges. Now there’s 7 queens left, all of whom have won one challenge except for Alaska bus she was in the top 3 quite frequently. Also the judging does not reveal that one of them is Ru’s favourite, it changes every episode and really seems to be based on their performance in the challenge. At this point, the winner could be any of the 7 queens left except for Ivy because she is really lacklustre.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      I wonder if that is intentional on the part of the producers. Last season had three strong/popular contestants (Latrice, Chad and Sharon), a good villain (Phi Phi) and the wildcard known as Willam…everyone else was driftwood. The problem with this season is that everyone is a bit…meh. Jinkx is by far the most talented, but she’s very nice. Detox and Alaska aren’t as “fierce” as many had hoped they would be. The Alyssa/Coco “feud” is just boring and Roxxxy isn’t nearly as interesting/talented as she thinks she is…(Ivy is just pretty driftwood…this year’s Dida.) There’s not much oomph to this year’s bunch of queens…except for Jinkx’s far superior skills as an all-round performer.

      • ZnSD

        ¬†Yes. Basically, it’s Jinkx’s to lose. Let’s hope she doesn’t.

    • AnotherG

      And you notice that they’ve given very few multiple wins this season.¬† Actually, wait, has there been a multiple win?

      But although the episodes themselves have been telegraphed, I think theyr’e trying to keep the playing field close, both with challenges and eliminations.¬†

      I actually think that I approve of that.

  • I heart roxxxy and i want her to win. ¬†this show needs a funny girl to win.

    • wayout46

      You really think Roxxxy is funny? I mean, she bombed in the roast challenge.

  • I was transfixed, not by Jinx’s nose, but by her boobs. Holy moley do they look fantastic.¬†

    • DonnaL

       The power of duct tape.

      • Jenna Kearns

        Duct Tape, a Victoria’s Secret Bra and some serious make-up to create the illusion of deep cleavage

  • I wish Logo would post the entire roast, because only seeing 30-60 seconds of each routine made it hard to determine how well each person did. No doubt that Alaska and Jinkx did well, but I think if I could see more of Coco’s performance than the highly edited version, I would be more on board with her win. I’m sure there were some gems, but I would have loved to see the full thing next to all of Alaska and Jinkx. I feel like the editing did the whole thing a disservice. I would have rather seen 90 minutes with the full roast than the Untucked bs.

    I also think Alaska did the smart thing by going first; she has emcee written all over her, and I think that is where she felt most comfortable, so good on her.

    • StellaZafella

      ¬†Watch NewNowNext in the next few days…they usually get the bonus cuts out before the LogoTV site does…if there are any, that is.

  • hellkell

    I love the color of Ru’s dress, but that strap is so distracting. It could have looked like Naomi Watts’ Oscar dress, but no.¬†

  • lemniscus4

    I’m amused that Detox and Roxxxy are calling Jinkx “shady” or “devious” or some such. Ya’ll just underestimated her hunties, that’s on you, not her!

    Also, Roxxy’s comment about Jinkx, “not taking the feedback” or whatever really irked me. So Roxxy is all of a sudden the person who determines how one should act or feel? Chil puhleeze. Jinkx handled it well.

    • wayout46

      Roxxxy¬†actually called it “constructive criticism,” which was laughable, as it was bitchy, catty, vicious,¬†bred out of Roxxxy’s own¬†insecurities, anything but constructive.

  • Donald Hite

    Did anyone else think Ru was channeling Sharon Needle’s Drag Float outfit?

    • Melizmatic

       Many of us noticed the similarity.

  • miatamam

    Why does Roxxy do her nose like Feidel in “An American Tale”? ¬†And Alyssa obviously is a lost Judd sister.

  • kaydenpat

    I was tearing up during Roxxxxy’s story. Call me a sucker,¬† but what a sad story!!!¬† Glad both she and Alyssa (who I don’t mind) are staying.

  • Antidolt

    All tru wordz dat T&L – couldn’t agree more ! ūüôā … But seriously, u were in awe of Jinkx’ nose contour – but nary a word on dem perfectly contoured titz !? -> Hell, dey just aboot mezmerd me into a coma. – (& ‘boobz’ aint ever sumtin I’m EVA mesmerised by !) ūüėČ LOL

  • julnyes

    Roxxxy was my favorite at the beginning of this season (I loved her make-up dress) but she has been falling to be replaced by Jinkx as my pick to win (If I picked the winner).

    Having said that – I did have a wonderful moment during the LSFYL when she started to take her wig off and I gasped in horror and she then revealed a second wig – that made me laugh out loud. Her and Alyssa did their jobs with the lip sync and I have no problem with both of them staying.

  • girlsaturday

    Roxxxy completely won me over with the wit and genre-savviness of pulling off her wig to reveal another wig on the LSFYL…and then lost me again with the hysterics. Alyssa had a great performance, Roxxxy made me laugh and the two of them actually got me to sit through an otherwise terrible song.