RuPaul’s Drag Race: Drag The World

Posted on March 05, 2013

We’re running late, so let’s get to it, bitches.


We think all reality competitions could be improved by the occasional use of night vision goggles.


We also think it’s so brilliant to make the queens put on their makeup in the dark that we’re a bit surprised it took the show this long to come up with the idea.


Also: this.


Surprisingly, Detox won the mini-challenge. We say “surprisingly” because we never considered her among the top makeup artists in this year’s crop.


Alaska went for the funny and we kind of loved her for it, along with the “I’m showing off this bone right here” part of her runway act. We’ll get to the criticisms she received later, but we’ll say this for now: She’s genuinely funny and the constant comparisons to Sharon by the judges are getting incredibly old and borderline nasty. They’re just doing it to get her to cry on camera.


Cute. Doing a drag version of a “We Are the World”-style song is another in a long line of brilliant ideas this season.


Painful. It’s time to say it: Coco needs to be sent home. We still maintain that 90% of the drama we’re seeing from these two is completely fabricated and done in order to keep them both in the game, but even so; we’re tired of her. We’re glad that everyone else is picking up on what we mentioned last week: that she’s addicted to the drama, but back-pedals furiously when she gets called on it. She outright lied to Detox when she said she wasn’t talking about her.

Then again, Detox outright lied when she tried to act all innocent about pairing the two of them together, so there’s that. Lying drag queens, darlings. What are you gonna do?


And the girls everyone discounted get their moment in the sun. Ivy and Jinkx KICKED ASS.

Jade was an embarrassment, proving once again that the bitchiest queens almost always have the worst sorts of self esteem issues. Suddenly, loud-mouthed, opinionated, shit-stirring Jade couldn’t look up from the floor or raise her voice above a whisper. We suppose we should’ve felt bad for her, but we couldn’t stop smirking.


RoLaskaTox is beyond obnoxious (although relatively harmless when compared with The Heathers) and we clapped with glee to see the cracks forming. Alaska finally figured out that she’s a third wheel and the judges finally called Detox and Roxxxy out for having their tongues up each other’s ass, to the detriment of their performances.






Fun and really into it.


In orbit around Saturn.


Enh. We suppose she gets some credit for interpreting the challenge in an original way, but her makeup is downright terrifying.


She tends to only have one face to wear, which is not a mark in her favor, but this is definitely one of her better looks.

Again: We know a lot of it’s for show, but we don’t like how hard the other queens are coming down on her in the Interior Illusions Lounge; especially when their so-called shade consists of nothing more than “HAHA! You’re FAT!” Roxxxy joining in on the laughter only pointed out how incredibly delusional she is. Honey, you may love your body, but you’re still the biggest girl in the room, so maybe you should shut the fuck up with the fat jokes.

We can’t believe we’re defending Alyssa.


Absolutely the worst thing she’s ever worn. We have no idea what the hell she was going for here.


We think it’s ludicrous to harp on her so much for her looks when she just gave back-to-back killer performances. We love Michelle, but she’s coming off like a total bitch here.

Having said that, this really is a terrible look. The contouring is off the charts and the wig is ratty. Still, she’s so far ahead of so much of the pack that it’s kind of delicious watching the rest of them try to process that fact.


Everything she did this week was way the fuck over-praised, including this. We’re over her.

Oh, and that thing about sequins? Our jaws dropped. Come on. We don’t expect neurosurgeons in this crowd but a drag queen who doesn’t know how to use the word “sequin” correctly is a pretty dim bulb.


And everything she did this week was way the fuck over-criticized. There is nothing so bullshitty as telling a drag queen “We need to see your vulnerability.” Please. The whole point to drag is that it’s both a form of expression and a form of armor.

Having said THAT, there is a critique to be made here. It’s true that she’s resting on quirky too much and that her looks on the runway are too similar and not outrageous enough. It’s fucking ridiculous to compare her to Sharon, who had a similar sense of humor but a different style.


This was easily the best she’s ever looked on the show. If she hadn’t spend the whole recording session KaiKai-ing with Roxxxy, she might have won it this week.


But it was Ivy’s challenge to win this week. She opened her mouth and immediately all the complaints that she was resting on pretty evaporated into thin air. She just needed Ru to hand her a challenge suited her to abilities and, bless Ru, she did.

It helped that this was a really cute, witty outfit.


So Jade and Coco are thrown into the lip synch and we found ourselves briefly disappointed that Ru already did a double elimination this season. Then a funny thing happened: these bitches turned it OUT, which left us wondering if Ru was going to keep them both in.


But Ru saw something lacking in Jade’s lip synch (like a perfectly packaged fake feud with another contestant, sure to involve a lot of drama and tears) and sent her packing. We can’t say we’re all that upset. She’s fishy, but she’s also a real shit-stirrer with little to back it up.



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  • I’m so glad to hear you say you’re over Roxxxy. I thought maybe I was missing something. But as far as I’m concerned, she has Nerve but neither C, U, or T. I’m afraid of how much the judges like her.

    I wonder if Jinkx might end up being like Alexis or Chad – making it to the end but dogged by Michelle’s inexplicable hatred. I hope she takes the advice about contouring though. I screamed when I saw her applying her runway makeup.

    And Jade leaves exactly on schedule. I’m amused by how I’m able to predict the sashays not only during the episode, but during the week prior to the episode. I feel like Emperor Palpatine – “everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen.” I guess that means the judging is remarkably non-cractacular, at least when it comes to the queens in the bottom.

    • Yeah, it’s been the same for me with predictions. Last week I predicted Jade and Ivy in the bottom unless Ivy turned out to have a killer singing voice, and bam, I was right. Now, however, I think we’ve gotten to the point where there are no clear bottom boys (heh). Now it’s down to who fucks up in each challenge. 

    • I think a downside of the season has been how predictable it’s been.

      There was no question that Jade was the most expendable of the final nine, and there was no question that Lineysha was going to struggle with the Snatch Game, and with 11 contestants the week before the Snatch Game, it was clear that Ru was going to get rid of two of them at once.

      • AnotherG

        Agreed, but I don’t think the predictability has extended beyond the obvious loser.  Like you, I feel that the ones being sent home have been telegraphed pretty strongly as being the losers we can expect to sashay.  But the ones who LSFYL and stay have been less predictable. 

        And I think this is actually working to the show’s benefit; it makes it, as someone else observed, feel more competitive.

  • LearnedFoot

    But Coco, you ARE an asshole!
    I’m not ashamed to say that I cried big, ugly tears for Alyssa and her dad. I hope that they have been able to reconnect now that the show is done taping. But Coco sucks for pressuring Alyssa to forgive her father. She should only forgive her father for turning his back on her if and when she is ready. Forgiveness can be a very meaningful part of a person’s journey, but it doesn’t have to be, and forgiveness that is given under duress won’t help Alyssa; it will only allow her dad to feel better about himself.
    Roxxxy is such a one-way monkey with the big hair and the body-con outfits and the seriously odd eye makeup. For the life of me, I can’t understand what the judges see in her. She also comes across as really, really dumb.

    • MK03

      “Sequence dress.” I’m sorry, I just can’t with stupidity like that. That’s a first-grade mistake.

    • Omg, PERFECT time to dig up that ‘one way monkey’ quote! haha.

    • Linderella

      I gotta say, Coco urging Alyssa to forgive her dad was the one true moment of compassion I’ve seen from her this entire season.  Because she’d obviously lost her father, I thought Coco was honestly trying to spare Alyssa some pain.  Then:  back to Drama Bitch.

      • That’s how I saw it, and it also pointed to the feud being staged. Coco was really nice for a minute there, and seemed like a real friend, and then remembered “Oh right, we’re fighting.”

      • I think Coco loves Alyssa, I truly do. Maybe that’s why she can’t get over something that happened years ago. But good lord, she needs to chill out.

        • There’s definitely some love-hate going on, but for the most part Coco was playing to the camera. “See, I can lay it aside and be compassionate”

        • e jerry powell

           Not that many years ago, but yeah, she really needs to get over it.  Both of them have their jobs (in different states) and really aren’t in each other’s lives that much anymore, so it’s past time for movin’ on.

      • Honestly, I saw that as, “There’s some drama going on, and it doesn’t include me, so I’d better figure out a way to insert myself into it.”

    • BriaPhD

      Thank you so much for saying this! I literally wanted to throw things at Coco when she started going on about this. I’m not gay, so I don’t want to pretend like I have the same experiences as Alyssa, but I did have to go through something like this with my parents, who are very strict, fundamentalist Pakistani Muslims. Growing up in the US completely sheltered and gender segregated and subject to all kinds of religious indoctrination didn’t manage to stop me from picking up feminism and it definitely didn’t stop me from being an American. I left home at 18 and was completely disowned for my atheist, non-virgin, tattoo-having, alcohol-drinking, fancy college book-learning and many members of my family still refuse to acknowledge me. My parents figured it out when they ended up with a drug addict son that maybe an American daughter who is now a college professor is not such a bad deal, and tried to make nice. It was NOT okay how everyone just expected me to be like “Oh, you are sorry you treated me like crap for over a decade? I guess that’s cool because you are SORRY.” The stuff my parents did and said and put me through was downright bad, and just because they happen to be the origin of my genetic material doesn’t mean they were entitled to immediate forgiveness upon the realization that they might have behaved badly. And, yes, we dealt with it (with lots of therapy for me) and I forgave them eventually, but I certainly didn’t appreciate everyone and their motherfuckin’ mom up in my face about it. And my friends still give me shit when I don’t prioritize my family over all else in my life. People criticized me for not naming them my next of kin or as the beneficiaries to my life insurance. It is crazy how people just expect you to forgive parents for doing horrible unbelievable things just because they are parents.

      Like you said, forgiveness is a part of the journey for SOME PEOPLE. And if Alyssa doesn’t feel like forgiving her dad right now because he was a sack of shit to her, that’s fine. She might get there at some point but she doesn’t need some self-righteous ho up in her face telling her when and where to do it. It took her a long time to get where she is without the help of her father, so I think she is allowed to manage her emotional life without Coco or anyone else judging her. The end.

      Soapbox rage moment brought to you by anger — sometimes, its justified! 

      • LearnedFoot

        I’m so sorry that happened to you. Congratulations on living well and putting all that ish behind you! I’m glad that you were able to work things out with your parents *on your terms*.

      • andcoh

        I like you.

      • lemniscus4

        like times a million!

      • I agree with you. I think though, we can (if we want – but do not have to) forgive our parents in the end because they were children once who did not have the opportunity nor the resources like we did to see the way out, and the journey for them can be just as painful as it was for us. If everyone were capable of accepting their children’s religious and sexual choices, the world would be unrecognizable to the one we inhabit now.

  • StellaZafella


    So Coco is a self-absorbed ‘idjit’ with a possible
    persecution complex. The other end of Detox’s name is: ICunt…of COURSE she’s a
    bitch. You could have risen above it by just singing the shit out of your part
    in the song…but you didn’t…so I wonder if you can. And making Alyssa’s call
    from her dad about YOUR pain is just the end of it for me…go gurl, just go. Get
    some therapy instead of more Botox but just be gone.

    Alyssa, I now see where your shade tactics come from…your
    dad hit you below the belt and passed it off as trying to toughen you up so you
    learned this shit from him…that’s the reason you do it…but it’s not an excuse.

    Jinx, you are an actor, you need characters to play: You
    need to be truly over-the-top, drop-dead glamorous just once…NOT FOR MICHELLE,
    FUCK MICHELLE (she’d like it ‘cause you’re a gay man)…you need to show Ru you
    can be really down with the “Eleganza”, no holds barred: Try this: Become
    Elaine Paige in Sunset Boulevard and don’t try for one… single… laugh…that’ll
    show ‘em what elegance and glamour is.

    Alaska, sweetie, you’re married to the 2nd or 3rd
    most famous drag queen in the US right now….OWN IT! You are a talented
    fucker…Ru is only telling you to get out of your own way!

    OK, Now I want “boy” Ivy to sing to me during sex…so sue me.

    Dammit…Roxxxy could just win this thing. I’m not sure how I
    feel about this 70’s big-hair throw-back going the distance… but these other
    gurls keep shooting themselves in the foot.

    •  The way Coco carried on about her assignment was ridiculous.  I could see being annoyed about being paired with Alyssa who she doesn’t like and who can’t sing.  But the whole “I have to go first” whine was so freaking annoying!  Because yes, someone has to go first and what makes your happy ass so special that it shouldn’t be you?

    • I dunno- I don’t think Coco was making Alyssa’s moment about her. I thought it kind of was a glimmer of hope that those two could be friends again, actually. Coco’s dad died before they could reconcile and to me, it seemed like she was genuinely trying to give Alyssa some good advice. 

      • StellaZafella

         Mary, you have a kind heart and you could be right about Coco’s intent…but the action itself was the same self-serving bullshit that she’s been doing all along. This is a personality type: “Whatever it is-I will MAKE it about me.” I’ve seen it before…frequently with Drag Queens and show people in general it gets glossed over and called “Making Good Press”…I’m just tired of it as Coco’s only, apparent, forte. If Ru has to tell her to buck up and get back in the game one more time…it will have been 2 times too many.

        Look again at how cold and calculating her responses become when Detox and Jinkx are alone with her…that’s the real bitch showing through and she thinks those two are too ‘little’ to be calling her on her game…
        Camera’s still on darlin’, but your gig is up!

        • Sweetpea176

          Coco couldn’t even muster up descent crocodile tears and had to turn away and shake her shoulders.  Ugh.  So. Done. With. Her. 

          P.S.  Coco, of course Detox was trying to mess with you.  It’s a competition that she’s trying to win.  That means that everyone else has to lose.  Not personal, just a fact.  Get it?

          • lemniscus4

            totally. so it’s OK for Coco to pick Alyssa for her team on the dance challenge but not OK for a competitor to stick Coco with Alyssa for a singing challlenge. WAH!

      •  I could see either, honestly.  My brother and father really did not get along, and they did make peace before our dad got sick.  But my brother still lives with the fact that he never really knew who my father was beyond his alcoholism and he never will.  So I could understand Coco’s position.

        On the other hand, every emotion she’s shown thus far has been calculating, like when she’s SO UPSET AND HURT that Detox put her with Alyssa and made her go first, for no reason.

        • AnotherG

          There was a surprising lack of “I/Me/Mine” words used by Coco, which people who like to bring the focus back to themselves use.  At least, that was how it was edited.  “When MY father died…When I was going through this…”  Coco didn’t do that.  Her first words were directed to Alyssa without inserting herself.  It rang true for me, and seemed of a different stripe from the other calculation you pointed out, which she is absolutely guilty of.  But, hey I’ve been suckered before, and no doubt will be again. 

    • CristinaSalazar

      Standing ovation. I agree completely. I specially hated how Coco tried to “steal” the spotlight from Alyssa after the call. Ugh. The worst. And I loved that Jinkx called her unprofessional. 

    • Nelliebelle1197

       Things I said to my DVR just now:
      Love you Jinxx! Love your Buffalo plaid and Boy George realness and your adorable boy face! BE MY FFRRRRRIEND! 🙂

      I just started loving Jinxx. In a year of somewhat interchangeable characters, Jinxx is my very favorite!

      • Airkisses

         LOVE his style! Isn’t he from Seattle? I’ve never been to Seattle but for some reason it reads very Seattle to me!

        • boweryboy

          Yes, she’s from Seattle.  She just hosted a sold-out show for a local genderfuck drag queen’s movie at the dinner-and-a-movie theater down the street from where I live.

    • Sweetpea176

      If Roxxxy wins, it’ll be because she’s the Wendy Pepper of RPDR.  Meaning that if she goes the distance it’ll be because she was mediocre enough to not get sashayed away.  I agree w/TLo that she’s way overpraised — I thought she was a complete and utter mess this week.

      • If she wins, it will be because she was handpicked before the season even began – probably for the sake of being the first ever plus-size winner.

        • Sweetpea176

          You may have a point there, but Team Latrice will be out with pitchforks!

        •  If she’s giving points for being a “plus-size” queen, I will be livid.  Because while I understand the idea of expanding the definition of beauty to include more body types, it seems like a cop-out in this case.  Here we have a “plus-size” body that is still in fantastic shape, and still pretty close in proportion and tone to the traditional definition! 

          • When they chose her for the show (and possibly to be the winner), I think she was a lot heavier.

            It will still be a cop-out, though!

          • She’s not plus sized, she’s just big.

          •  I just figured out who she reminds me of, body-wise!  Gabby Reese!  Not as toned and muscled as she was, but even when Reese was modeling she was still like a size 12 or 14 because she was a tall athletic woman.

  • Joseph Morris

    Coco needs to go for real. Once again instead of taking lemons and making lemonade she goes on with her stank attitude and blames everyone else for her short comings. Also, I thought she was a Las Vegas performer. Shouldn’t she be able to take any situation and turn it out regardless of the circumstances? Remember in episode 3 when one of the judges told her she should no how to steal the spotlight? Yeah, I’m over her.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Coco takes lemons, then cuts them in half and squeezes the juice into the eyes of everyone around her.

      • HA, yes she does! And I’m sorry, but Michelle is reading Jinkx for her fashion & contouring while Coco shows up with orange highlight, multi color eyeliner, and WEIRD (in unattractive ways) outfits every damn week? Her commitment to drama is the only “skill” she has over these other girls, and it’s one I’ve seen PLENTY of at this point.

      • bobman59

        So hil-lair. I’m totally stealing this.

  • Joan Roseman

    Can I just say I never thought Alyssa could make me cry but boy did I ever after that message from her Rupentant dad.  I’ve seen a bunch of these messages from estranged family members before but this one fair ripped my heart out.  Ru just may be eligible for a humanitarian of some kind (if she stops throwing Sharon Needles in Alaska’s face, that is.  Unnecessary roughness, that.)

    •  I was okay until Alyssa’s dad’s voice started cracking and breaking and choking up and then I *lost it*.

      • Airkisses

        What got me was seeing so many of the other queens relate, clearly with their own estrangement/rejection issues. We’ve seen this in other seasons, too.

        It was so interesting for me to see Jynkx and Alyssa mentioning religion. I identify as Christian. I’d love my Christian friends to see this clip — not b/c they’re homophobic, mind you, but because I think it would do us all well to remember how real the emotions and the effects of broken relationships are, how we’re all people at the end of the day, and that it’s not up to any of us to judge or condemn but to love and support. I hope that all people (I’m not just talking sexuality here, add in any potential type of rejection) find the love and validation that they want and deserve.

    • I swear, Untucked is the closest thing we have to a drag soap opera. Each week, I’m either riveted by the drama or crying my eyes out.

    • I grew up very near Mesquite, Texas, where Alyssa is from, and I was just devastated by that message from her dad. I knew so many men like that, and whatever he has done in the past, he deserves real credit for reaching out in such a sincere and public way. 

      • Iroqhard

        Oh I just bawled at that message. It was such a sincere apology- Allysa’s dad sounded like he really did some soul searching and really put himself in his son’s place and realized how horrible he had treated him. Oh, nothing to see here. My eyes are just leaking.

    • babylonsista

      “Rupentant?” I see you, girl.

      Nearly all of my gay friends have supportive and loving families. I can’t imagine having to experience an apology after years of silence. Kind of amazing, but certainly a bit painful, I’m sure.

    • Airkisses

       RUPENTANT! Brilliant!

  • dya2637

    Alyssa and Roxxy are in that category of the “lights are on but no ones home” queens. The same things as with Phi Phi and Tyra Sanchez. They make up pretty but they do nothing, its all about the pretty clothes and the “sequenced” with them and then when it comes to actually performing there is no ability. Once again Michelle visage just has the knives out for the most skilled queen in the competition. I also totally agree Coco needs to go she is awful.

  • LittleKarnak


     “We can’t believe we’re defending Alyssa.” She is kinda growing on me just a little bit.
    Am I the only who wants to see a Golden Girls vs Designing Women challenge when they are down to the last 8????

    • LearnedFoot

      That. Would be. AMAZING.

      • Detox as Dorothy and Jinkx is the new Sophia. I can see it. Now I am going to go pray to our drag queen mother who is in heaven.

        • StellaZafella

          Okay, I’ll play: on the Designing Women team: from this season, and since detox ia already taken, I’d make Alaska and Roxxxy play Julia and Susanne Sugarbaker, respectively.

          I’d live to see Jinx do Rose Nyland!

          • Jinkx as Bernice could be epic. And I would love to see Alaska go: AND THAT… WAS THE NIGHT. THE LIGHTS. WENT OUT. IN GEORGIA!!!

    • RebeccaKW

       Holy cow.  That challenge.  It must be so.

      • LittleKarnak

        Maybe I should drop a line to Logo and/or World of Wonder…..

  • starcaatcher

    It’s weird because I was kind of over Jade and thought she was annoying until like, an hour ago when I suddenly realized that she’s kind of adorable and I think I’m going to miss her? Or maybe I just dislike Coco that much and I just want her to GOGO. I always try my hardest to never really judge a queen based on what I see on the show because of editing + their environment etc. etc. and I respect all of them no matter what, but even off the show on social networking websites, some things that Coco says really rub me the wrong way. I dunno. I’m just ready for her to go, but I don’t think it’ll be super soon.

    Ivy and Jinkx are both so adorable and I kind of wish that they had featured Jinkx singing a bit more just because I LOVE her voice and I could listen to her singing all day long.

    I  found the criticism towards Alaska kind of odd… the whole thing about her not showing heart or whatever? Like, I met Alaska once. We had a five-and-a-half-second-long conversation (it was a little longer than that but I’m exaggerating to make a point) and right off the bat, it’s obvious that she has so much heart and it just seems weird that the judges haven’t picked up on that. She’s so sweet and humble and lovely so like, I dunno.

    I don’t really understand why Roxxxy isn’t being read on every runway for delivering a whole bunch of really similar but nothing really spectacular outfits. I’m BORED with her and her personality on the show doesn’t really shine that bright for me either. But I still see her making it probably to the top 3 for reasons I’m not even sure.

    I see Alyssa going next. Which is sad because I kind of love her. But it’s a comedy challenge and…well…….

    But I’m hoping Alaska does well next week. She’s hilarious. And if she’s really set on breaking free from Rolaskatox, GOOD.

    Oh my god, I typed way more than I meant to, I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS.

    •  I’m kinda going to miss Jade too. I always liked her in a weird way. She was an adorable little drag pixie. I think it was the right time for her to go (or maybe after Coco/Alyssa), but I don’t have the hate-on for her that a lot of others have.

    • I really hope Alaska wins next week. She’s hilarious without being mean (she and Jinkx are easily the nicest two queens on the show this season), which I suspect is what it’s going to take to win in a RuPaul Roast challenge. Being funny, without pissing Ru off. She and Jinkx had better be in the top 2 next week. 

      • Airkisses

        You know, I feel like every once in a while the judges make personal judgements rather than constructive criticism.
        When Santino told Pandora that he didn’t like her style, she was right to say, “Where do you go from there?” It’s too much of a blanket statement. Concrete criticism, in contrast, is like when they told Jynkx to lay off on the contouring. OF COURSE Alaska is confused as to what is expected of her. What, exactly, does being more “vulnerable” entail, especially if one is already being earnest in the competition?

        I THINK Michelle might have meant that Alaska can play a lot of different, quirky characters, and she wants to see who the “real” Alaska is underneath that. Maybe the “real” Alaska is that quirky person you’re already seeing, ever thought of that?

        She does need to switch up her style more, though. Almost always same hair. Almost always same silhouette.

        • Alaska could be that quirky person, but she’s not a quirky CHARACTER — I think (if Michelle is making a valid criticism at all, which I could argue either side of) what they are looking for is who she is when not playing a character, when not being “on”.  And I definitely think the quirkiness remains, but I think what they’re having a hard time with is who she’s going to be during press interviews, for instance, or who’s she going to be when meeting fans.  What’s that going to look like? 

          And I can see why they would ask that question — I think it’s much easier to know how some of the others are going to be in those situations than with Alaska (honestly, she seems a bit timid to me, which is kind of funny when thinking of a drag queen).  If I throw a casual party and someone brings Alaska, I could see her hanging back a bit, taking awhile to warm up to the room — responsive to overtures, but not the one making the move to engage with people on her own right away.  I could, of course, be completely off-base (I often am), but I could understand the concern.

          What I CAN’T justify is the comparisons to Sharon.  That’s absolutely not acceptable for any reason.  For one, they share a home, not a brain!  It’s just crap!  (Now, I may be overly sensitive to that kind of thing being the youngest of 4 in a very small town, where I was CONSTANTLY compared to my brother.) 

    • Airkisses

      Yeah, seeing Vulnerable!Jade made me feel bad about hating her so much. To be precise, it was the cattiness that I hated. My heart really goes out to her (and all people suffering rejection based on their sexuality). It’s a hard thing, no doubt, and I really hope her confidence and self-love continues to increase.

      But guuuuuurl, if you went through some stuff, that doesn’t mean you need to turn around and be nasty and passive-agressive and stirring shit up. Low self-esteem isn’t a reason to be a bitch, honey.

      • I think Jade could use a few years experience, taking the time to improve her act. She’s got the look down ok, but needs more confidence – and a little more personality.

    • Roxy’s face never ever seems to move on the runway – it’s as if she got a silicone mask from “facesforqueens dot com”

      • Melizmatic

         *dead at “facesforqueens dot com”

  • MK03

    Roxxxy is officially on my last nerve. Between her posturing, her over-reliance on the body (which, honey, ain’t all that) and her rather stunning idiocy displayed with the “sequence dress” comments, I will not be sad when her ass gets sent home.

    • zenobar

       Honestly, the more I watch her in action, the more Roxxxy reads “mean, dumb
      jock” to me.  You can almost picture her giving someone a swirly in the
      locker room, guffawing loudly the entire time.

      • StellaZafella

         Oh. My. Gawd. zenobar, you’ve put a visual in my head of Roxxxie as a linebacker…in FULL RUNWAY with boobs, 30 pounds of wigs and all…Can’t.    Unsee.    It.     BWAHAAAAAhahahahaha!

      • Melizmatic


        Damn, I just almost choked on my latte.

    • Airkisses

      I like Roxxxy. I like her confidence on the runway, how she owns that body. I think it’s inspirational for loving and WERQing whatever it is you’ve got. But the “gimmicks” comment did annoy me. It’s not gimmicks, it’s talent, and beauty isn’t the *only* thing that counts.

  • This is kinda random:

    Over: Coco, Alyssa
    Indifferent to: Detox, Roxxxy, Ivy
    Didn’t love initially, but have warmed up to and now really-really like: Alaska, Jinkx.

    What can I say, I’m a sucker for the girls with personality. I don’t even care if they’re not the most polished.

    I tweeted that Michelle Visage’s attitude toward Jinkx was starting to grate and…she responded to my tweet. I die.

    Jinkx does remind me of that awkward-yet-super-talented theater kid, though. She reminds me of Molly Ringwald in [insert awkward 80s teen comedy here].

    Anyone else notice that in the super-emotional Untucked moments (like Alyssa’s dad…and yes, I cried) that various other queens always take it and make it about them?

    Also: Ru’s night-vision bulge-looting was *hilarious*.

    Oh, and as much as I’m over Alyssa, I wonder about getting the sympathy/softening edit and if it portends that she’s going to go farther than I would have anticipated. Also: Crest of Hyrule shirt in the workroom, girl. Geek Drag FTW.

    • Ooh, ooh, ooh, what did Ms Visage say? I think we should all Tweet her so she gets the message….

      • Missy Covington

         She…agreed with me? Maybe? I I tweeted: Okay, @MichelleVisage ‘s attitude toward @JinkxMonsoon is beginning to grate. Fabulous isn’t only glamour hunty. #CanIGetAnAmen #DragRace

        And she responded:

        @missycovington @jinkxmonsoon mmmhmmmm

      • starcaatcher

          Believe me, Michelle gets enough Tweets about that! And as much as I
        ADORE Jinkx (she’s been my favourite since before the season started and
        I will STICK WITH HER until the end) I do have to defend Michelle a
        little bit because I adore her as well and I see where she’s coming
        from. She just wants to push queens out of their comfort zones. Even
        just a little bit! Because she wants to help them grow. I think that all
        of her intentions are good. I don’t enjoy hearing her come after my
        precious little angel baby week after week, but at the same time, I
        understand. She always seems to be harsh on the ones she sees the most
        potential in.

        • Missy Covington

           I would agree with this–and overall I love Ms. Visage–but it does seem arbitrary a LOT of the time. For instance, when she picked on a queen (I can’t remember who at the time) for wearing green. Not because it was a bad outfit/performance, but because she didn’t like green.

          I’m also willing to give a lot to editing as well. Maybe there’s more substance behind some of the critiques and they just edit them down to the short, weird bites…but still.

    • Krafty_L

       What did Visage tweet back to you? Tell, tell!

      • Missy Covington

         It was just kind of ambiguous assent: “Mmmhmmmm”

        I think she’s used to hearing that particular critique. I was just amazed that she read my tweet!

        • andcoh

          That or Jinkx is going to take those critiques and starting running with them and Michelle knows it.

        • Melizmatic

          Im guessing that her response (or lack thereof) was probably because she doesn’t have any actual defense for that particular criticism;

          Michelle always chooses one queen to pick on each season, and her critiques are always the same; either the queen ‘isnt glam enough’ or she’s ‘too perfect.’


          Rarely does MV have anything actually useful to say (although telling Jinkx about the contouring counts as one of those rare moments) because let’s face it:

           She and Santino are there to be Ru’s ‘bookends’; to make her look better and to fake some ‘witty’ banter.

    • MilaXX

      Is it wrong that I was unmoved by Alyssa’s call from her dad? It felt too forced for me. I’m sure there is a lot of work behinds the scenes to make these calls happen, and I don’t doubt that for a lot of family members, saying these things on national tv is a big step, but they’ve become predictable.

      • Missy Covington

         I was sorta eye-rolly about it too until the last line when Dad’s voice started to crack and break. Big dude almost crying but trying not to? That pushed my tear-buttons.

        • MilaXX

           I wasn’t eye rolly, just unmoved for some reason.

      • I grew up gay in Texas, and Alyssa’s dad reminded me a LOT of my own, with whom I just had a very difficult Christmas. Gurl, I BALLED. It may be contrived and getting cliched on the show’s account, but I fully believed Alyssa’s emotion there.

      • Melizmatic

         Call me “heartless”, but it didn’t really ‘stir me’ either.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        All the show’s heartwarming reunions seem a tad enforced and trying too hard to jerk tears. Yes, they are moving, but they also scream of the contrived. They also reinforce the negative in gay/straight family relations…yes, it’s important to send the “it gets better” message to people who had a nightmare time as gay/questioning youth, but not everyone has that experience…and, happily, the coming out process IS getting better for many kids. And, let’s be realistic…the producers are also doing it because “it makes good tv”.  I’m not saying they shouldn’t do it, but they’ve started trotting it out a bit too often.

        And, I’m waiting for the one where they try to reunite someone, and the queen rejects it…some people have VERY good reasons from distancing themselves from family members.

        • MilaXX

           If Ru wants to have a Very Special Untucked, she should try and keep it to once a season. Having something touching every week dilutes the impact. I’m not saying Alyssa’s situation or her reaction to it was fake, just that Ru has gone to that well too often.

          • AnotherG

            I don’t entirely agree that these personal messages should be that limited.  While there may be a diminishing returns on emotional impact (which, I should add, is a point I have not reached personally with them), I think despite the repetitive narratives and framing, these videos from partners, siblings, and spouses help remind us that these girls really are their own people, and not spokesqueens for LGBT issues.  With only a very few exceptions do I think the girls’ reactions are manufactured.

            (Shorter version: I don’t think these are entirely for us, if you get my drift)

          • MilaXX

             Just to be clear, I don’t think that reactions are manufactured. I was speaking purely to my saturation limit. Too many shows use the touching call back home & I am rarely moved by it anymore regardless of the intent.

        • I don’t know that there is that problem — because then you have stories like Jinkx (I think) saying how her grandmother bought her wigs when she was young.  And I think for a lot of parents, it’s often harder to accept a drag queen child than a gay child.  In many cases, “what will the neighbors think?” is a big part of the problem, and it’s much harder to hide drag than sexual orientation.

          • DonnaL

             And harder for them to accept a trans child than anything else.  I know at least one trans woman who was accepted by her mother as a gay man, but once she transitioned, her mother refused to see or be seen with her again for years.

          • Jinkx has said that her mother was always fine with her being gay, but was totally against him doing drag, because it was “pushing it.”

            I wonder if she still feels that way.

    • Airkisses

       Ooooh, what did she say? (Michelle Visage’s tweeply)

    • Airkisses

       LOVED when she said “Balls against the walls, LITERALLY.” I was imagining all the queens lined up with their crotches to the wall. One of the most hillarious misuses of the word literally that I’ve heard in a while.

  • hughman

    I really wanted Detox to just say the truth about picking Coco instead of stepping around it. 

    “I picked you two to go together because you’re like oil and water and this is a competition and I want to win so I didn’t make it easy for you, I made it better for me.”

    No shame in that and BOOM, done deal. 

    • my thoughts exactly.
      “coco dear, youre addicted to drama, so i thought, since this is a competition, id use that to my advantage.”

    • VioletFem

      And it was an inspired decision on the part of Detox. Coco has no one to blame but herself for sabotaging that challenge.  Besides, I didn’t get why she was so offended that Detox paired her and Alyssa together, when Coco herself picked Alyssa to be on her team during the dance challenge because she recognized Alyssa’s talent and was willing then to put aside her beef with Alyssa to win the challenge. But all of a sudden, for the song challenge her and Alyssa just have too much “drama” to possibly work together. 

    • Melizmatic

       >>>”I really wanted Detox to just say the truth about picking Coco instead of stepping around it. “<<<

      Agreed; Detox's full stage name is Detox Icunt, so she needs to just own being cut-throat and playing the game to win.

      That being said, Coco has to be the least professional-acting 'professional'  that I have ever seen.

      Seriously girl; tighten up, or go home.

    • Stubenville

      I wish Detox had said “The more you two are forced to talk to each other, the better the situation will be for all of us. So get over your pettiness and get to work. Or go home.”

  • Stubenville

    I disliked Jade so I wasn’t sorry to see her little passive-aggressive self go, but Coco was on fire in the lipsynch. It’s going to take a lot to get Coco to lose a lipsynch.

    I still can’t guess who the finalists will be. Detox certainly, if she doesn’t make any big mistakes, but pretty much any of the rest could qualify (well, maybe not Roxxy.) 

    • Caaro3

      Coco, bless her nasty soul, looked insane, AHS:Asylum nuts, during that lip synch. As another UF brilliantly stated, “CoCo, GoGo.

  • 1. WTF is up with the contouring on Roxxy’s nose every week and why don’t the judges say anything?
    2. Coco is so passive aggressive and delusional about it.
    3. Love Jinx.
    4. I’m with TLo on not understanding the over criticism of Alaska.

    • msamanda84

      I want them to say something about Roxy’s nose too…it really bothers me, and it’s not like she doesn’t have a good nose on its own. It’s just so odd and arbitrary. Maybe doing it once, for effect, but all the time? I just don’t get it.

  • im in two (or twenty) minds about detox. there are many things that i like and dislike about her. but one thing is out of the question: she looked DYNAMITE tonight on the runway.

    • Airkisses

      I keep changing my mind about her, too. She’s a tough one to nail down. I get the feeling she might be a bit of a control freak, definitely a Type A personality. Likes things her way, likes to get what she wants, will do what’s necessary to get it. I hated her arrogance in the beginning, but I’m softening up thinking that ambition is just in her nature.

      I will say this: I got the impression she came into the competition feeling like a big fish (ha! pun not intended!) in a small pond, like she could just do her familiar little song and dance and they’d fawn all over her. I like that the judges are pushing her to challenge herself, and get out of her comfort zone. She’s gotten two warnings already!

  • spooki C

    Jade needs to invest is some quality wigs because those plastic party wigs are killing me, I nearly flatlined seeing her covered in dollar store barbie hair in this episode. Can’t say I’ll miss her but I wish Coco was sent away instead. She is getting stale pretty quickly and this “feud” is lame.  All this “feud” comes down to is Coco having a fit for no reason other than Alyssa is near her. Get over it girl! Coco is so self absorbed and watching her ask Alyssa for forgiveness in Untucked was uncomfortable. It felt really fake and like a poorly veiled attempt to switch the attention to herself.

    Also, everyone applied their makeup in the dark way better than I was expecting.

    •  I really wondered how many of the queens have eye sight problems when they were doing it — ’cause I can’t see my face a lot of times when I’m doing my make-up because I can’t wear my glasses while doing it, and I think that would be a big advantage. 

    • Unless I’m remembering this wrong, Coco wasn’t asking Alyssa for forgiveness. She was asking Alyssa to forgive Papa Edwards after Alyssa got that video message, because Coco was unable to forgive her own father because he died before she got the chance to and she knew how painful it would be if Alyssa never forgave her father. It was actually a pretty sweet and selfless moment imo.

  • MilaXX

    So done with the Coco/Alyssa mess. I thought Coco was going home until it was Jade against her in the LSFYL.
    I don’t find Detox pretty in or out of drag and hearing about all her plastic surgery didn’t help her case any. She looks like one of those living dolls. Anyway I’m over her and her ‘tude as well. In fact you can add Roxxy to the over them group as well. I hate the way she paints her face and breast plates are never amazing in my book. Her look had less impact because she’s been giving us body all season.
    I like Alaska and I think it’s unfair to constantly compare her to Sharon when their styles really are different. Kooky is not the same as spooky, no matter how much the judges want to make it seem so.
    The surprise for me is I actually like Jinx and Ivy more and more. If the top 3 were Jinx, Ivy & Alaska, I’d be a happy camper. Sadly I think Ru likes Roxxy, so one of my 3 choices may not make top 3 if she’s there.

    • starcaatcher

       Jinkx, Ivy, and Alaska are my Dream Top 3…. But I have a feeling that
      the top 3 will proooooobably be Roxxxy, Jinkx, and Alaska. At least,
      that’s my guess. I would prefer it if Roxxxy wasn’t there because I
      don’t love her, but pretty much every season has had someone that I
      didn’t love in the top 3 (except for season 3 because that season is
      flawless imo) so I’m almost expecting it at this point.

    • andcoh

      I’m liking Ivy, but ya know, she does great on any challenge where she doesn’t have to be creative (as in making up her own material).  Give her an ounce of direction and she rocks.  And next week is comedy, so yeah, I think she’s gonna be packing her bags.

      • VioletFem

        In 2 weeks most likely. She’s got a immunity for now.

        • andcoh

          Does she?  Ru didn’t say so and immunity goes away around the Snatch Game.

          • VioletFem

            Ooh, I missed that. I think I just assumed. 

          • Melizmatic

             Ru didnt say anything to Jinkx about immunity last week either, so I think you’re right.

      • AudreysMom

         I know this isn’t Project Runway, but somehow each season the girl with the most fashion sense and ability to sew becomes a favorite (Raven, Raja.. now Ivy). At the All Stars I feared for Raven, but she really pulled it out and (maybe it was the editing) but she was really funny. I think there’s more to Ivy and hope she goes far – at least to the top 4 or 5. I don’t think she’ll win, but I’m glad she won this week and will stay on for a while.

        • Airkisses

          I think she’s been a dark horse so far. Play the safe middle and then turn it out when all the flotsam is gone, maybe? Girl has some hidden talents! She makes all her own costumes and that VOICE. And isn’t she also a sweetheart? Jury is still out on acting and comedy skills…

        • AnotherG

          I’ve liked Ivy since the beginning, but I’ve never seen her as top 3.  I’ve agreed w/ our hosts that she is a polished, talented costume-designer queen, and this week we got to see more from her, and she delivered.  And there may be more challenges that will play to the strengths of those queens who don’t get the most face time and suck the air out of the room. 

          But as others pointed out a la Vivian Pinay, sucking the air out of the room is part of what a drag queen has to do.  Ideally, in gasps, not gags. So I do fear for her and Jinkx on that score. 

          In a way, this really is an interesting season of talent AND personality AND glamour, where, I feel, all three have more of an equal shot than I can recall since season one.

  • Melizmatic

    So glad Jade is gone, Coco and Alyssa can sashay right behind her, anytime now.

    I have to admit Ivy surprised the hell out of me this week; she really did pull it together, so ‘Werk, gurl!’

    *lmfao at “the judges finally called Detox and Roxxxy out for having their tongues up each other’s ass.”

    So much word.

    The obvious girl-crush thing is getting old and tedious, although you guys are right; RoLaskaTox is nowhere near as annoying and petty as the stupid Heathers;

    I still want to shake Raja, Carmen and Manila (sorry Delta, you’re a ‘Martha Dumptruck’ ) and scream at them; Did you ever even WATCH that movie???

    It was all about Veronica.

    Anyhoo, moving on…

    I love Alaska, and I do hate how the judges keep harping on her relationship with Sharon, but I desperately want to see more variety from her; she really is turning out a similar look every single week.

    I’d have been more impressed with Detox’s look this week if I hadn’t already seen it on Youtube 2 months ago; Sorry girl.

    And speaking of her look; a big fat EWWWWW to Santino’s response to her “peek-a-boo back” dress.

    He’s so damn creepy and lecherous; Why must he critique every queen like he’s trying to hook up?


    Lastly, the ‘sequinced’ thing with Roxxxy; I almost fell off my couch laughing, that was so moronic.

    Really, girl?

    • AnotherG

      And you know who got that? Raven
      . . . in one of the Drag U episodes, throwing it back at Manila.  Whom I adore, but . . . Raven.  I think I’ve grown to love that bitch even more.

      • Melizmatic


        As I stated earlier, that was what ‘tipped the scale’ for me, regarding Raven.

        I think Manila is a fabulous queen as well; but IMO, she let herself get caught up in that petty, manufactured high-school drama instead of keeping her focus on her goal; getting that crown.

        • andcoh

          I always thought the initial joke of the Heathers was the idea they everyone’s going to “die” in the end.  I’m probably giving them way too much credit.

          • Melizmatic

            >>>”I’m probably giving them way too much credit.”<<<

            That's most likely, sad to say.

            I think they just liked the idea of a clique where the members all had the same name; I dont think the actual relevance of the movie's message even dawned on them.

  • Is this the geekiest collection of queens ever this season? Last week Jade had an Adventure Time hat. This week Alyssa has a Legend of Zelda shirt. 
    Both Alyssa and Alaska are boring on the runway. Too many similar looks for both, but they both act well enough in the challenges. On the other hand, Coco has a lot of variety on the runway and a killer lip synch, but is awful at any kind of acting challenge. I’m pretty sure the all-around award goes to Jinkx. 

    Roxxxy with that weird shading on her nose makes me think of a panda or other bear. There, I said it. I am also saying: Shut up, Michelle!

  • i adore jinkx, and shes my favourite. but the thing with her is that… she cant bring the kind of glamour that has always been highly valued on this show. im not saying thats a good thing, and i dont think she should be pushed to be anything but herself… but lets face it, unlike sharon, jinkx cant bring the glamour, even if she tries. the runway looks tonight and last week were her attempts at glam, and they were not very good.

    apropos of nothing, alyssa was wearing a triforce t-shirt!

    • starcaatcher

       Jinkx CAN bring glamour, though.
      Whether she will bring it on the show or not…remains to be seen. But she CAN do it.

      • oh.  i stand corrected.

      • msamanda84

        she looks ah-mah-zing there…why not bring that? Perhaps she’s saving it, she obviously knew she would be safe this week. I’d love for her to just say, “Oh, yes, this? I just wanted to do something…different.”

      • zenobar

        “Good heavens, Miss Jinkx…you’re beautiful!”

      • Mefein
      • MichaelStrangeways

        It should be noted that this photo was taken recently, long after filming ended. Seattle folks who know JInkx have all noted a HUGE improvement in her hair/make-up/costumes since she returned from filming last year…Drag Race is an intense 4 week boot camp for all the contestants, especially the younger ones.

      • DonnaL

         But doesn’t she have an assistant who helps her with clothing and makeup, etc. outside the show?  Can she make herself look like that by herself?  I hope so, but I wonder, given how overdone her makeup was on the runway last night.  I still love her, though!

      •  that’s a wow! thanks for sharing

  • Siege

    I am really starting to like Alyssa. Yes, she sometimes stirs some drama, and she can get a bit overly “Who? Me? Say nasty things? Never!” but on the whole she seems nice enough (unless there is something we aren’t seeing.) This week, she seemed perfectly willing to put their differences aside and work with Coco, even though she knew that the challenge wasn’t going to favor her. I think Coco was less pissed about their “feud” and more that she got stuck with the tone-deaf partner, and I thought her remarks on the runway were fairly tactful.

    Jinkx is still my favorite, though. I want her and Alaska to form a “Queens I Like” coalition and become besties.

    I thought maybe Jade’s outfit was an homage to the “Wig in a Box” number from “Hedwig & the Angry Inch”? She did look lovely in the blue hair, though the rest of the outfit left me cold. 

    • Airkisses

       They ARE besties! I read an interview where Jinkx says they get along and hang out a whole bunch 🙂

  • Jessi03

    As usual, I have a lot of thoughts and feelings after an episode of RPDR.  It doesn’t help that I sobbed like a baby during Untucked, b/c Alyssa and her dad, and then later Jinkx made me cry.

    I don’t get what they see in Roxxy, and I’m glad that I’m not alone in that.  The judges, Michelle especially, can’t get enough of her!  She’s kind of glamorous and kind of funny, so maybe they think she’s the total package?  Really, she just reads as mediocre to me, and I’m over her shtick. Eta: speaking of queens I thought were mediocre, Ivvy shocked the hell out of me. Way to go, chica.

    Coco is mean and those girls are being too harsh on Alyssa.  I worry, however, that Coco will never go home, b/c she can lip synch for the gods.  She’ll have to fall asleep on stage and totally give up to lose.  :/

    My dream team final 3 that won’t happen b/c the judges don’t like me enough is Jinkx, Alaska, and Alyssa.  I was all set to hate Alyssa, and she just snuck up on me, and now I adore her!  Thank you for falling out the bullshit of the Alaska-Sharon comparisons.  Her style of drag is very different.  She could stand to get called out on a lack of diversity on the runway, but Sharon?  Don’t see it, except for that I want to be friends with both of them.

    Unrelated, but I met Yara Sofia out of drag last night at a RPDR viewing party, and he was the sweetest celebrity I’ve ever met.  For a teeny thing, he gives absolutely amazing hugs.

    • I think if Coco is in the bottom again and her opponent really turns it out, Coco will go home. Three strikes you’re out, and what not. If two good queens are in the bottom and it’s the third time for one and the first time for the other, the queen with more time in the bottom usually sashays.

      • Airkisses

         Jujubee from Season 2 did three LSFYLs and stayed.

        • Coco ain’t no Jujubee.

          I’m hoping that Coco’s next lip sync is something slow. Or country. She’ll be screwed then.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Every city in America has a Roxxxy…bitchy, fishy drag but without anything original or interesting to back it up. And, her sneering at “queens with gimmicks” forever damns her in my eyes…I’m assuming by “gimmicks” she means actual talent?

      Did anyone notice that during the teary eyed “let’s all have an emotional moment” during Untucked, she just sat there awkwardly patting Alyssa’s leg? She either has problems expressing emotion, or she’s a cold hearted she cow.

      •  I was Team Roxxxy until this week.  She started to lose me when she started bragging about her perfomance in Snatch Game.  Hunty, you weren’t all that. 

        And as it’s been said (and sung) before, You Gotta Get a Gimmick.  You gotta have something to keep people’s attention once it’s on you. 

    • AnotherG

      Wow, I must be shorter than I thought:  I saw Yara once in person, and she seemed even taller than on TV (and it wasn’t the shoes — I looked!).  But you get no argument from me whatsoever that she’s really warm and charming in person.  What a sweetie.

      • Jessi03

        Don’t let it bug you.  I’m a giant.  Also, I meant tiny as in very thin, which is definitely true.  Doesn’t he have the best skin ever?  He wasn’t even wearing makeup and he was GORGEOUS.

        • AnotherG

          OMG yes, that radiant honey skin! I think he’s one of the better looking out-of-drag boys, too. 

          Oh dear, I seem to have Yara-crushed all over your comment.  Apologies! 🙂

          • Jessi03

            I Yara-crushed all over Yara herself, so no apologies necessary!

  • I honestly though Ru might keep both of them, considering she used a double-elimination earlier this season. I am not really a Jade fan (I thought I would be in the beginning but then she never really showed much promise) but I am really starting to hate Coco. She dishes it but she canNOT take it at all. Totally Team Alyssa.
    Also, Roxxxy is so full of herself it is unbelievable. Are the judges blind to her flaws or do they really just want to put a “big girl” through to the final three? That breastplate…ugh.
    Alaska is really starting to grow on me. She is one of the smarter queens. Still gotta say Jinkx is my favorite.

  • rococodada

    Considering Jade’s past, I’ve gotta commend her for getting this far (on the show and in life). So congrats to her, regardless of her shady ways. At least she seems to have a little more substance than Oxxx.
    And not only M. Visage, but ALL THE JUDGES seemed especially cranky. 

  • MissMariRose

    I’m not sad that Jade was sashay’d, but I sooo wish it had been Coco this time. I am absolutely done with her constant self-victimization, pouting, and need for attention.

    Even when Alyssa was showing genuine emotion about her father’s message, Coco had to turn on the (obviously fake) waterworks and try to make it about herself. This ain’t the Oppression Olympics, girl. Get over yourself.

    • Jessi03

      This is also not RuPaul’s School for Girls, apparently.

  • MilaXX

    Forgot to mention that Ivy’s dress totally reminded me of Leslie Knope’s wedding dress on Parks & Recreation

    • starcaatcher


    •  or cyndi lauper, true colors.

  • My mind boggled at all of the plastic surgery that Detox was admitting to last night. How the heck can she afford that much surgery and also, why would you want to? Shoulders, pecs, biceps? Fake abs? Come on.

    • MK03

      “Why would you want to?” 

      Body dysmorphia, perhaps? More than a few plastic surgery addicts suffer from it.

      •  Some queens buy shoes, some buy surgery.

  • Caaro3

    Top 3: jinxx, I-Vy Win-Ters!, and Detox. Wild card: Alaska. My crystal ball better be working.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I’m in your neighborhood, reasonably close:  Top 3 for me would be 1. Jinkx, 2. Ivy 3. Alaska.  Wild card: Detox.

  • The two were really good in that lipsync and I could see keeping them both BUT Jade has shown an inability to stand out so I could see her being the out one.  That said, seeing as how Coco is a professional and a bit older, she really out to know how to “play the game” better than she is: she seems very easy to get to and a bit passive-aggressive.  I want to like her but she’s playing the violin a bit too much at this point.

    Can’t say I disagree with the critique of Alaska though: she is a bit boring, predictable, and easily getting upstaged in this lineup.  It’s unfair to compare her to Sharon (who was one of the best queens this show has ever had) but a bit inevitable…surely she knew they’d do that if she came on, especially after Sharon won?  All the criticism Michelle is giving to Detox reminds me of her irrational hatred of Alexis Mateo a couple seasons back…can we please bring back the other female judge next time.

    • AnotherG

      I’ve wondered a few times why Alaska would go on to RPDR the season after Sharon won.  When you’ve been trying to get on since the show started.  But hadn’t. I mean, there’s the obvious fact that it’s a good career move, the visibility is great, and a bunch of other reasons.  But from the standpoint of your own ego . . . well, that’s a hell of a thing to throw yourself in.

      On the other hand . . . that’s a hell of a thing for you to throw yourself in, and survive.

  • RocknLox

    Jade, Coco, Alyssa – Return to your homes. That is all. 

  • Zaftiguana

    It’s weird, this isn’t my favorite batch of queens (though I love Jinkx and Alaska, and Ivy’s growing on me, tee hee), but it may be the best season. They are on it with these challenges, the pit crew have never been hotter, and the guest judges have been fabulous. THE POINTER SISTERS?!? SHUT. UP.

    They need to let the Coco and Alyssa plot go by the wayside, though, I don’t think it’s as captivating as the producers seem to think. And is it me, or is Santino becoming increasingly irrelevant?

    • hellkell

       Was Santino EVER relevant?

      • Melizmatic

        >>>” Was Santino EVER relevant?”<<<

        Never, not even on his own reality show flop.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          And he dragged my poor Austin down with him on that piece of crap!

          • Melizmatic

             Santino is just such a waste of space and good good oxygen.

          • Airkisses

            Today he defended talent, though! I was surprised. I thought he only saw the look.

      • Zaftiguana

        Lol, fair enough. But they used to at least give him some screen time. Now you never even hear his comments, probably because the producers didn’t know what to do with him saying the same boring, self-aggrandizing nonsense over and over, and…not being very famous anymore. With the increasingly awesome guest judges (did I mention POINTER. SISTERS?), who needs ‘im?

  • I loved that not only did Roxxy not know the singular and plural of “sequin” but when corrected asked “Is it wrong English?”  OMG!  What is wrong with you?!? And how did no one correct her during the writing time?!?

  • spititout

    Her giggle and mugging was hard to take, but Jade has a very pretty soft face and moves gracefully.  The harsh, scary contouring critique should have gone to Coco.  She is really creeping me out.

  • NilBlur

    OK, maybe this has been covered before.  If so, forgive me, but what does “fishy” mean in the context of this show?  Positive?  Negative?  Both?  Sign me, Curious and Confused.

    • andcoh

      Fishy means looking like a biological woman.  Some care about it, some don’t.  Not really positive or negative, just a style of drag.

      • NilBlur

        Thanks, Andcoh!!

        • andcoh

          Absolutely!  Five seasons later, I have a pretty nice drag vocabulary!

      • Melizmatic

        Its ironic;  because around my way, ‘fish’ used to be a dis against biological women from certain gay men… as in “Her twat smells like fish.”

        Funny how things change!


        • NYCGlamourpuss

          That’s actually what I thought it meant before I heard the other explanation about looking more like a real woman.

          • pdquick

             The uses aren’t mutually exclusive. It derives from the habit of gay men of a certain era to refer to women as “fish.” It means “She looks like a real fish,” i.e., a real woman.

        • That’s where the term comes from.

          It’s not meant as an insult anymore, but its origin is certainly very insulting.

          • Melizmatic


             Oh, I’m hip; having been on receiving end of said insult when I was a teenager, from a twink in high school who wasn’t yet secure in his sexuality (and therefore felt ‘threatened’ by most straight biological women.)

            Later in life, he went full drag and we became friends.


          • LadyGewgaw

             Twenty-some years ago, my wicked ex-girlfriend (that’s a term of affection!) went to the local gay and lesbian film festival with a takeout box from the restaurant where she had stopped for dinner, because she was running late. The feature that night was gay (male) porn, and the entire rest of the audience was men. As she settled into her seat and flipped open the takeout box, the two men sitting behind her peered over her shoulder and said in incredulous tones, “Sushi??”

            She answered, “I didn’t want to be the only fish in the theater.”

            Everybody roared.

          • Melizmatic


            She sounds like a gal after my own heart…

    • StellaZafella

       Nice definition andcoh.

      I would add as to the intent behind the moniker: “Fish” or “Bitch” – the word itself is (mostly) innocuous in a context like this, it’s the tone with which it’s uttered that makes it a compliment or Royal Read.

      •  There’s an old joke: a gay man says “I adore Seafood but I can’t stand Fish”. It meant that he didn’t like women but he was attracted to sailors.

        • StellaZafella

           Sweet! Eric…I’m old enough to feel like I uttered that line first, (heh, heh).

          Since you’ve gone there and we’re late in the thread, I’ll diverge further to say that in my younger days in San Francisco (when fleet week meant a literal SEA of navy men in summer whites along Market Street) I used to wear a hand lettered tee-shirt, bold as brass, that said “You can take me to the wharf, sailor, just don’t give me crabs!”

  • Mefein

    After the psychedelia she was wearing in the video and the workroom, it was disappointing to see Alaska come out in another solid-color, crippling sheath dress, and I do hope she loses that brunette wig. I’d love to see her in one (or several, I guess) of her ginormous, hair-with-its-own-zip-code wigs that she’s known for.  And no, it has nothing to do with “vulnerability”!  And those glasses were perfect for her look in the video, shut up.  But next week’s comedy routine is a built-for-her challenge so I’m betting we’ll get a strong comeback.  Putting that kind of fear in her just in time for a challenge she can excel at might turn out just what was called for.  Even that little clip looked very promising.  She looked great!

    • MK03

      I am so sick of the “vulnerability” bullshit. What the fuck does that have to do with drag? 

      • Mefein

         Other than as it might have something to do with tucking…I haven’t a clue!  As Alaska might say, it’s just so rrruuuude.

        • Melizmatic

           >>>”Other than as it might have something to do with tucking…”<<<

          *dies laughing

  • Completely random thought, but RuPaul really needs to organize a “Showgirls” themed challenge where the queens reenact legendary scenes and bring Las Vegas glam to the runway. Maybe they could act out a casting couch segment with RuPaul as the director (or Crystal). Elizabeth Berkley would guest judge, naturally. 

    • MK03


    • YES!  They should reenact the scene where Crystal and Nomi bond over their love of Doggie Chow…that’s like the greatest scene evah!!!

    • StellaZafella

       Detox and Willam do a live musical they wrote based on the whole cult themes of Showgirls.

      • AnotherG

        I want to go there.

    • bobman59

      I think they should bring in some professional make up peeps (like PR’s L’Oreal or my local Walgreen’s Revlon counter chica) and do a make over on the contestants for the Runway challenge.   It would be interesting to see how flexible they are when they get out of their usual Kabuki masks.   Just thinking outside of the Botox…

  • VioletFem

    Jinkx: love her! She is an all around talented queen. The Michelle Visage critiques really irked me at first, but after seeing her runway look this week I see where she is coming from. Jinkx just needs to give one really standout glamorous look (like Sharon did last season). I really thinks she can do it, she just hasn’t quite figured it out yet. I’m thinking something retro, 50’s inspired especially, would really work in her favor. Still glam or not she is still the best queen this season and I really hope she makes it to the top 3

    Detox: Love her too and her performances (save for the Snatch game) and I think that she is most likely going to be in the top 3.

    Ivy: Finally wowed me! We knew she could do glam, but who new she had that voice? I’m glad to see that she has some substance in addition to her style, there have been too many fishy queens this season with little else to back up their looks.

    Roxxy: SEQUENCE dress! Had me cracking up! But seriously, I’m so over her runway looks. Enough with the cutouts “look at my body” is not a particularly inventive or interesting form of drag in my opinion. Also, how come she has gotten called out for her insane make up? Not quite sure why the judges are so over the moon for her, based on their responses week after week she might make the top 3.

    Alaska: Her criticism this week made not one lick of sense to me. She’s clearly a very warm and bubbly person that always comes out in her performances. Still, she hasn’t really wowed me yet. Especially with her awfully repetitive runway looks. Still, she is very funny and usually gives decent performances. Maybe pulling away from RoLaskaTox will her help her stand out more and hopefully make it to the top 3.

    Jade: It was the right time for her to go. She’s been skating by on pretty for too long. I was also over her weird passive-aggressive BS with Alyssa. Ru asked Alyssa a direct question, who do you think should go? And Alyssa, gave her honest opinion. Don’t take it personally and start fat-shaming her in response. Prove her wrong by actually giving a stand-out performance. 

    Alyssa: singing is clearly not her skill, but unlike her frenemy coco, she at least made an effort for the challenge.

    Coco: OVER HER ! Aside from lipsynching really well, what has Coco done to stick around for this long? The only challenges she’s been praised for was the first challenge (lipsynching) and the dance challenge (for which Alyssa was declared the winner) but since then all she has done is throw shade and whine when things don’t go her way to the detriment of her performances. She just needs to go already, all this manufactured drama and victimization complex is so old now it stinks

    • pdquick

       To be fair, she wasn’t saying “sequence,” she was saying “sequins.” She made an elaborate and irrelevant point about *sequins* being the plural of *sequin*. She missed the point that *sequin* is being used as a adverb in the phrase *sequin dress*.

      • Sally Brownson

        To be fair, it’s being used as an adjective, and it’s really “sequined dress.” Adjectives modify nouns (dress), adverbs modify the other parts of speech. 

        • pdquick

           You’re right about adjective versus adverb. I’m dopeslapping myself for that. You’re also right about “sequined dress.”

      •  No, she said “sequence”.  Her things was that a single item was “a sequins” and more than one “sequence”. 

        •  I think she is one of those people who doesn’t read a lot and she’s probably never seen the word “sequined” in print – or paid much attention. I’ll be catty and say that Roxxy probably doesn’t read anything but celebrity magazines- if you mention an author she’ll say “Is he Gay?”

  • sweetlilvoice

    I know I’m on my favorite blog (and the best one around!) when I’ve liked the first several comments. Thank you for your great recap. I love Jinkx but I’m skeptical if they are going to let her win. She needs to put out some killer glam looks to shut Michelle up. Is anyone able to explain why Ru pronounces Ivy Winters the way she does? I’m just reminded of Kermit the Frog. 

    • hac51

      I’ve heard that’s how Ru’s mama would have said it.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      I heard that’s how LaToya pronounced Ivy’s name…Ivy was in some Vegas show with LaToya and that’s how she was introduced.

      • sweetlilvoice

        So, we can blame it all on LaToya…bless her heart. 

        • pdquick

           As a GRITS (Gay Raised In The South), I see what you did there.

  • RussellH88

    I think the premier of the next season should use Grey Gardens as a basis for its unconventional materials challenge. Send the queens into a big mansion filled with crap and tell them to serve up some Red Carpet Recluse Realness.

  • I pretty much agree with everything in this recap.  Some random thoughts:

    Comparing Alaska to Sharon is just mean.  I’m also sick of the “You need to show your vulnerability!” complaint.  But if you’re going to make it, then just apply it to Alaska.  Saying that Sharon had more heart than Alaska was a sneaky way of hitting her at her most vulnerable spot (which is that she’ll never be the star that Sharon is) and I thought it was beyond the pale, even by obnoxious reality television standards.

    Coco has got to go!  This is the second time she’s thrown a challenge because she was pissed off.  She’s a whiny little brat and she’s in her 40s, so there’s no excuse.  Coco is a professional Vegas performer, so it’s no surprise she can kill the LSFYL, but at some point they just need to send her ass home no matter how well she performs in the lip-synch.

    Alyssa is starting to grow on me.  Also, she’s not fat.  At all.

    Roxxxy, Lynesha had an excuse since English is her second language.  What’s yours?

    I loved Jinkx’s vintage old-time Hollywood look.  But I agree the contouring was too, too much.  Still, she’s by far the most talented of the bunch.  I get where Michelle is coming from but I wish she’d be less of a bitch about it.

    Oh, and I want every judging session to end with them breaking into song!  Can I get an AMEN up in here?

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Everything you just said – Yes!

  • shanteUstay

    Detox…dat ass! baby! I was BLOWN AWAY 😀

    Alyssa did nothing but stick it out, have fun singing and actually try to be caring for her partner….Miss Coco, needs to hush, or have the wuss slapped out of her!

    •  And just like Detox with enough silicone your ass could look just like that.

      •  I was seriously tempted for a few minutes there — I have NO ass, and that’d be pretty awesome!  (Unfortunately, I have wide hips, so it’s not small either.)

    •  Unlike Roxxy, Detox knows when to show her ass, and when NOT.

  • e jerry powell

    Well, at least Jade can return to her fallback career.  Twink bareback porn is making assloads (pun semi-intended) of money these days.

  • I died when Jinkx quoted “Death Becomes Her” when he was wearing the black hat/veil for the mini-challange.

    • StellaZafella

       YES! YES! YES!

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        “Do you remember where we parked the car?”  SO freaking adorable!  I just love Jinkx to bits!

        • Melizmatic

           I FLUV that movie.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Me too!  “Flacid!   FLAAAAAACIIIID!!!!”

          • Melizmatic


             “Wrinkled, wrinkled little star… hope they never see the scars…”I so need to go watch it again now.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      It’s Jinkx’s favorite movie…mentions it in her “Drag Becomes Him” video available on YouTube (and, shot by the awesome Alex Berry)

      • bobman59

        Thanks for cluing me in.   I made my husband watch it and we loved it. 

    • Joseph Morris

      Interesting how Jinkx was compared to Meryl Streep in an earlier episode…hmmm

  • Agree completely with everything you’ve said! Although, I do think you were a little harsh on Jade. I’m sure she’s not as much of a bitch as the producers wanted the audience to believe…

    •  I wonder if they’ve all agreed not to mention that Jade has done twink porn films. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’d think it might come up.

  • I’m willing to bet money that Jade is the one brought back this season.  The only way I can see it NOT being her is if Ivy somehow gets eliminated before then, and I doubt that will happen (I see the next 3 going home being Coco, Alyssa, and Roxxxy).  Michelle loves her fishy queens, and you don’t get much fishier than Jade.

    •  Wouldn’t it be hysterical though if they bring back Serena? It might throw the queens into a tailspin, and show the ones that can really roll with the punches. But she left too early to be called back.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I would laugh so hard!

    • Airkisses

       Is someone being brought back this season? What am I missing?

      • MichaelStrangeways

        They always do…plus, to make their full episode order, they’ll have to.

        • putonabus

           My money’s on Lineysha to be brought back, though I agree it could also be Jade. It’s always the one Santino and Michelle think is prettiest.

          • Yep. They’ll bring back Lineysha, because she was also fishy, and she was the most glamorous.

          • AnotherG

            That’s my guess as well.  A distant second might be Penny Tration, only because of the fan favorite thing.

            I did say “distant” right?

          • bobman59

            My money is also on Penny being brought back.  Either for her big ass fan base or her big ass lopsided fanny.  

  • Melizmatic


  • Airkisses

    I’m so glad she’s gone. Does anybody remember in the beginning of the season when she was all “I’m all rainbows and joy!” Rainbows you are not, girlfriend.

    • AnotherG

      Heh.  Yes.  I think Jade has potential, and wish her well.  But I do remember, “Jade likes to smile and laugh a lot.”

      Girl, so do the heavily medicated.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Count me in as one of the ones who tweeted to Michelle Visage that I’m completely over the way she goes after Jinkx on the runway.  I mean, really, how do you go after Jinkx?   It’s like kicking a puppy!

    That being said, I do agree with her for the talking-to that she gave Alaska.  It was harsh, and I felt terrible to see her cry, but Alaska needs to wiggled herself away from this whole Rolaskatox clique.  On the other hand, the comparisons to Sharon are really unfair.

    Untucked?  I was bawling… until Coco opened her big mouth and made Alyssa’s moment with her dad all about her.

  • Linderella

    After weeks of getting the bitch edit (or, probably closer to fact, being a bitch), the minute Jade expressed vulnerability about her past, I knew she was outta there.  It’s like Ru wanted us to see something good in her before she went away.

    • Linderella

      And P.S., I’m really starting to like Alyssa.  Or maybe I just like the underdog that all the other bitches are sniping at.

      •  It’s sort of liking by contrast. I want her to do well, but not to win.

        • Linderella

          Absolutely–“starting to like” pales next to my love for Jinkx and Detox, so I definitely don’t want her to win, but I’m warming to her for sure.

          • I want her to stay long enough to see Cocopuff leave

    • Yeah – that was the classic Loser Edit – making you feel sorry for someone when they go.

  • Markatha

    Thanks guys for another fun recap. I’m in complete agreement (I’m so easy).

    It was another fun episode.
    I’m such a stalker-fan of the show that I’m game for anything they want to throw at me.
    The challenges this season have been fun.
    They could throw a little more pit crew my way however.
    Seems like they’re not featured as much this season as usual.
    I did love the little sneaky peak in the dark, naturally.

    Sequence? Really?
    I thought she was a dummy for not knowing little Edie but come on a drag queen that doesn’t know sequins?
    Is that even possible?

    Ever since you guys compared Roxxxy to Lanie Kazan, that’s all I can ever see.

    Side note: Once upon a time Lanie Kazan did a cabaret act for Playboy in the “Lanie Kazan” room in a club in West Hollywood. My brother ran the lights for the shows so I met her a couple of times. She was very sweet and gracious and had a great voice. For the record Roxxxy is a bitter bad impersonation. Still I’m scared now at the weekly resemblance.

    Seems like Alaska, Jinkx and hopefully Detox (she disappointed me in the main challenge this week but her runway was killer) should do well with the Ru Roast next week. They are my faves along with Ivy.

    As much as Coco is way beyond getting on my last gay nerve, the bitch can do a mean lip-synch!
    That was a hell of a lot of “I’m So Excited” energy.
    I thought Jade did a good lip-synch too.
    I’m ready for Coco to sashay away.

    Also the Judging part of the show is a lot of fun each week always seems like they are having a blast.
    Can’t wait till next week!

    • StellaZafella

      Here’s a thought:

      Maybe we could all do Lanie Kazan a favor and think of Roxxxy as being an impersonation of her evil, gay twin brother…y’know…Lonnie Kazan, the drag linebacker from FU!

      • zenobar


  • Just want to begin this with three words:

    Michelle. Shut. UP.

    Have the producers asked you to be this awful? Stoppit!

    Jade was a bit of a Princess, but I genuinely liked her ballet performance and preferred her lipsync to Coco’s. Her youtube videos show a decent performer. But yeah, she was lackluster this time around and that hairy boob? WHAT?

    I cannot handle how annoying Coco’s become. I personally think she’s a little in love with Alyssa and that’s why she can’t get over their tiff. Anybody else getting that vibe? I went all piranha on a girl I loved in high school when she dared to not be equally in love with me. Move on, Coco! You’re talented, just shut up once in a while! And Roxxy needs to check her ego. It’s odd to me that talented queens feel the need to force it by being overbearing with the drama/shade/bullshit. Polite queens like Jinkx and Ivy are gonna sneak up on em like sharks in the water.

    I laughed so hard at ‘this bone.’ Poor Alaska having to be reminded of Sharon all the time. And poor Alyssa who’s really not fat but even if she were, doesn’t need to get shit for it. Alyssa remains a favorite, I still think she’ll outlast most of the ones cackling at her.

    • I hadn’t considered the possibility that Coco has feelings for Alyssa, but I could easily see that.

      And I certainly have no trouble believing that Coco is acting like a high-school student!

      •  “hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”

  • Nothing at all. But it has a lot to do with exploitative television. Willam has spoken about how much the show tries to manipulate the queens into emotional responses.

  • DonnaL

    I was already completely annoyed with Michelle, but her accusing Jinkx today on twitter of lying, because she said once she was Jewish and said last night that she was raised in a Catholic household, was just too much.  As if it’s impossible for both of those to be true!  Jinkx then explained that they are: she was born Jewish, and raised Catholic.

  • I dunno, I didn’t see it that way. Maybe it’s because I’ve lost my dad, but I felt true earnest desire for Alyssa to have a connection with her dad in Coco’s response. She’s low, but I don’t know if she’s low enough to bring up her father’s death to get attention.

    • It doesn’t have to be 100% of one or 100% of the other.

      I’m sure Coco does have regrets regarding her father, and she probably does think it would be best for Alyssa to forgive her father while he’s still alive.

      But at the same time, I absolutely think she instinctively did everything she could to make herself part of the drama. That’s just who she is, and what she does. Like that parable about the scorpion who stings the frog because it’s in his nature.

  • pdquick

    There is nothing so bullshitty as telling a drag queen ‘We need to see
    your vulnerability.’ Please. The whole point to drag is that it’s both a
    form of expression and a form of armor.”

    Thank you for this. Also, thank you for “In orbit around Saturn.”

    The Pointer Sisters and LaToya Jackson as judges is pure camp gold.

  • It’s my hope that Roxxxy is playing up the dumb side for shtick – I swear she was saying “sequenced.” But I still can’t stand her, such a narcissist (Phi Phi all over again). Plus she can’t beat Sharon Needles introducing herself as “beautiful, spooky, and STUPID.” NOPE. 

    Alaska looks just like a girl I know on the Anime Convention circuit, which endears Alaska to me. I feel like Alaska should be playing up nerd-chic – I feel like she could do it SO WELL. Plus I feel like she could do it in bubblegum colors to further distinguish herself from the earthier (in a grave way – get it?) Sharon. 

    Team Jinkx! I also love how out of drag he looks a bit like a toned down Boy George.

    • Airkisses

       I really want Alaska to do rich yacht owner 🙂 I think it’d be FABULOUS, DAHLING!

  • Airkisses

    This is seriously the most invested I’ve been in a show in a loooooong time!

  • Sally Brownson

    I think it says a lot about how much a lip sync and good shade can impress me that Coco hasn’t really bothered me until this episode. But gurl, you can only pull off that “I’m genuine all the time” stuff if you are Latrice Royale. If you keep telling people that you’re not talking about them when you are, that’s just not workable. 

    Alyssa bores me, but the others should stop ragging on her weight, because it’s mean and it’s a lot of size-ist bullshit anyway, especially because she’s not even big. 

    Jade was pretty, but that’s all she was so I think she’s leaving right on time.

    Jinkx is talented, but her makeup always looks super-scary to me. Maybe it’s just the way she contours her nose, I don’t know, but with her, the look is awkward.

    Roxxxy: boring and dumb.

    I think Alaska might be over-thinking her runway. The only two looks of hers I’ve liked were her saran-wrap dress and the pink blood-spatter one, because the rest have been too lacking in personality, but I think she’s doing those looks so that the judges will see her doing “glamour.” The way they criticized her was crazy, but I can see it if the critique is that her heart doesn’t seem to be in these generically pretty looks that aren’t all that pretty. 
    I like Detox but girl didn’t bring it this week. She needs to turn it out.

    Ivy is obviously talented and always very pretty, but she’s kind of low-key. I’m not sure she’ll make it to the top.

  • Ru was very harsh to Alaska. The whole vulnerability thing is ridiculous, especially when you have an S&M wannabe Goth Dominatrix and a frustratedly constantly barking wannabe fashion designer sitting beside you. But the main challenge was awesome. I loved the part when Rupaul was holding hands with Coco and Jade. I think they should have also added the Pit Crew, holding hands with Alaska and Alyssa, lol.  

  • Donald Hite

    I was SHOCKED that the judges didn’t read Roxxxy for her runway look.  The proportions were WAY off… Too much boob and no hips… She looked completely top heavy.  Aside from her look, she just projects that she thinks way more of herself than we do, and it’s unattractive.

    The Alaska critiques of her character/performances in the challenges are stupid. However, I agree with them on her runway looks. The wig and face were harsh this week, the dress was a wrinkled mess AND it was another outfit she couldn’t walk in. I don’t know if the little geisha shuffle is part of her shtick or if her dresses are just too tight. It was cute in the first challenge. This week it was just annoying. I thought the Sharon comparison was a low blow by Ru. Perhaps it was meant to shock her out of her complacency, but it just came off as sort of harsh.

  • Sweetpea176

    More evidence that Roxxxy is delusional:  making that “gimmick” comment, THEN hitting the runway with a silicone breast plate (not the color of her actual skin, by the way) and tacky body outfit without the body to go with it AGAIN.  

    • MichaelStrangeways

      She has one look…Florida tranny hooker and hasn’t been called on it.

      And, when the hell have we ever seen any vulnerability from her?  The judging on here is so inconsistent. They harp on one contestant about a perceived flaw, then ignore similar flaws in other contestants.

      • StellaZafella

         Roxxxy acted like she was almost,thinking about,possibly, maybe, being willing to cry when she won the first challenge…and she was dressed goth with a faux-hawk so she vulnerable AND edgy (this is sarcasm folks) so Santino and Michelle were smitten from day one.

      • DonnaL

         It’s no more acceptable for you to use that word — either in the pejorative way you just used it or otherwise — than it would be for a straight person to use the “f” word, positively or negatively.  If a trans woman wants to reclaim the word and use it for herself, fine.  But no non-trans person has that right — not you, not Christian Siriano, and not Ru Paul.  Nor am I impressed, to answer the inevitable apologism, when people defend themselves by saying  “well, I have trans friends, and they don’t mind that word!”  Not even a trans woman or trans man, regardless of what they call themselves, has a right to give non-trans people blanket authorization or absolution for using that word to refer to other trans people.  So please stop it.  That word gets used way too much in the comments here.  You may have noticed, though, that Tom and Lorenzo don’t use it.   My son, who’s a gay man, doesn’t use it.  Some people have a clue.  

        • MichaelStrangeways

          Drag Queens have used the word “tranny” for decades. Tranny does NOT just stand for transgendered…it’s also a shortening of “transvestite” the word originally used to describe most drag queens. 

          One group cannot dictate the usage of a word they don’t like when that word has multiple meanings. Many lgbt people embrace the word queer and others loathe it. If you don’t like any usage of a word, don’t use that word. I personally don’t use the word “tranny” in regard to actual transgendered people, only in the drag sense of the word, and that’s how most gay people use the word.

          If you want to wage a war about semantics, I’d be far more upset about drag queen’s usage of the word “fish” to indicate looking like a real woman…that’s arguably far more sexist/misogynistic towards a larger sector of the population.

          If you don’t like drag queen terminology, then why the f*ck are you watching a show about drag queens or commenting on a post ABOUT drag queens?

          •  When gay men say something like “Tranny Mess” we mean that someone just looks like a guy in a dress- not good at all. Has nothing at all to do with Transgender.

  • Damien W

    I can’t believe you’re defending Alyssa either. Her problems have nothing to do with drag. She’s a sociopath.

    Also, I’m surprised you had no comment on Detox’s shocking, disturbing laundry list of surgeries. Surely there is a clinical disorder at work there. I’ve never warmed up to queens on the show who have had extensive work done. It took me a long time to warm up to Chad, until she showed that there was talent behind the silicon mask. But Detox needs professional help, period.

    • Alyssa has her issues, to be sure – I hated her reaction to Jinkx after the Snatch Game.

      But a sociopath?

    •  Chad has had quite a bit of surgery, and he’s admitted that it wasn’t the best choice.

  • Kristy Evans

    I have to say, I am warming to Alyssa. The whole time people were throwing shade at her on ‘Untucked,’ she kept her head up and clearly didn’t let it get to her. And then after that tearful video from her dad, I was in her corner. I know she’s not the funniest queen, but she’s talented and polished. And her make-up faces are CLASSIC. I am rooting for Jinxx to win, but I’ll be happy if Alyssa makes it to the top 3.

  • Saying things like, “I’ve given up on Jinkx” don’t come across as Michelle trying to push someone out of her comfort zone.

    • Melizmatic


      I know some people really fluv her but to me, MV often comes across as a ‘Mean Girl’ type of bully… except she was never even half as fabulous as Regina George, even on her best day.

      The constant singling out of one or two contestants each season seems to be more of a reflection of her own insecurity and low self-esteem… and before any MV fans try to ‘read’ me for saying that, please remember that it was Michelle who whipped out her foobs in a desperate plea for attention in season 3….

      • MV will never be in the same stratosphere as Regina George until she complements someone’s skirt and then, during the judges deliberations, turns around and goes, “That is the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen.”

        • Melizmatic


          So true.

          With Regina, you could completely hate her, yet still yearn for her approval; but with MV its just the ‘hate’ part, no one really gives a damn if she doesn’t like them or not.

          • Iroqhard

            This is exactly my problem with Michelle V. Her critiques have no credibility because she just picks the people she hates and then pounds them every judging panel. It doesn’t matter what they do, she never likes it. I live for the times people read her back. 

          • Melizmatic

             Oh, anytime someone reads MV or Santino, I am simply LOVING it; Kristen Johnston made me adore her even more for the shade she threw at Michelle a few eps back…

  • I think that’s what Spooki is referring to – the way Coco inserted herself into the spotlight with a plea for Alyssa to forgive her father.

  • I appreciated the “Heathers” bit in S3 since it seemed a bit ironic due to the fact that the Heathers in the movie were generally awful to each other (and everybody else) and the girls of Drag Race have to off each other in order to advance through the competition.  Maybe that’s reading too much into it, but it felt like a mish-mash of that, a bit of Mean Girls, and a dash of Clueless.  I also liked how in the 2nd season of Drag U Manila said something to Raven this time as Drag Professors like “do you think you’re a Heather?” And Raven pipes up with “I’m not a Heather…I’m a Veronica” bringing the whole thing back to it’s origin.  That’s what I like about the great queens (NOT Coco) they can make a joke, and they can take a joke.  They can BE the joke, and that is…”what? SICKENING!”

    • Melizmatic

      >>>’Raven pipes up with “I’m not a Heather…I’m a Veronica”…'<<<

      That single line was what made me FLUV Raven, for having actually watched the movie and knowing the premise; frankly I don't think any of that clique even knew what it was even about, because they kept quoting 'Mean Girls'… which is a another awesome 'bitch-flick' in itself; but it's a totally separate movie, from a different time period, with a distinctly different point of view.


    • AnotherG

      Yeah, I missed this before commenting and mentioning this moment where Raven throws it back at Manila.  But . . . Raven, people.

    • I think when Raja coined the “Heathers” thing, he meant it in a knowing, fabulous kind of way.

      Unfortunately, the other Heathers (even my beloved Manila) admitted they’d never seen the movie. And Delta just took it to mean “pretty pretty pretty pretty pretty!”

      • Melizmatic

         I never saw it that way; because if that was actually the case, then why not explain it to the other “Heathers”?

        They were such good ‘friends’, right?


    • Melizmatic

       I know, right?

  • AnotherG

    As sick as I am, like everyone else, of the Coco/Alyssa manufactured drama, this is why, despite that fact that I think Coco really is a fierce queen, I’m starting to take sides with Alyssa:  Once again, Coco showed a lack of N.  She let it get everything get the better of her, from her fake drama to the challenge.  Alyssa, who knew she couldn’t sing, committed to it.  That’s N.

    Also, when they came after Alyssa this time in Untucked, I noticed something almost unprecedented in the history of drag queen drama (DQD):  Alyssa held her tongue more often than not.  You could see her restraining herself, refraining from comment.  It was an effort for her, too, you could tell, because it’s not in her nature.  But you could see it dawning on her that there wasn’t much point.

    And that’s because she’s trying to win.  Coco is just trying to be noticed.

  • Donald Hite

    I was thinking about this today.  When Kristen Johnston told Detox she seemed arrogant (to paraphrase), I was like, and???  But the more of Detox I see, the more I sort of get what she meant.  

    Even though she hasn’t done anything specific, there is just a quality about her that is slightly off-putting.  Maybe the perceived arrogance comes from the fact that her look is so severe and fierce, but then her performances are just okay.  I don’t think that she’s overtly arrogant acting, but I think that she’s SO confident in her look that it creates a disconnect with her performances, which may seem like arrogance.  I’m finding myself rooting for her less and less (though I still recognize/appreciate her skills).

    Any thoughts?

    • Sally Brownson

      Yeah, I get the sense that she’s coasting. As if she’s not putting work into her performances because her look is so good.

  • lemniscus4

    Jade won me over by taking ownership of her lame performance during the main challenge. I went from active dislike to respect.

    I agree with your assessment of Roxxxy’s limited mental capacities and her wig was HORRID this episode BUT I’m hoping she turns it around. I guess I’m just a sucker for peanut butter.

  • kathryn_dc

    What’s going to happen when two of the Rolaskatox trio have to go against each other further down the road?

    • Melizmatic

       Delicious (or annoying) meltdowns will ensue.

  • fashionzombie

    LSFYL: Here’s where Jade’s youth and/or lack of cultural references hurt her. Looking at the performance, it was clear which one of them was familiar with the music video for “I’m So Excited.” (Also, Jade’s choice of outfit hurt her, which was mystifying, bc she’s been consistently excellent with her runway looks. Very odd.)

    • I don’t know if familiarity with a music video is necessarily an advantage. Most of the best LSFYL performances have had nothing to do with recreating a video.

      • fashionzombie

        I agree with that, but when the original artist(s) are on the judging panel, I think there must be nothing but benefit for the lip syncher if she shows some awareness of that artist.

  • This season is actually DEPRESSING for me!  Coco is just uncomfortable to watch.  None of the girls are very witty or funny, save for Alaska and Jinx.  Sorry Ru and Queens, I love you to the end but the girls are a little tragic this season.

  • Well F THAT!!!! Coco is tooo creepy!!! At least Jade had a sweetness to her… argh!!!!!!!!

    Oh. and I’m sorry. Ms. Visage has a cucumber up her bum sometimes. She is all about looks.. which I realize that in the DQ world it’s all about looks, but c’mon. She needs to settle down and recognize wit and intelligence over absolute glamour sometimes.

    Next episode starting….

  • e jerry powell

    Going back through…

    How often do you see PKs having fun at a drag show? Ruth has her good wig on, too.