Project Runway: The Golden Girls

Posted on March 01, 2013

We cringed through this whole episode. Not because we dislike senior ladies, but because “real woman” challenges inevitably (and by design) push the buttons of the viewership and there’s always at least one designer who reaches down, grabs their own foot, and shoves it in their mouth, chomping away on the delicious taste of ass-hattery.


But the designers are either very camera-savvy or they’re much nicer than the designers of past seasons, because except for one or two moments of fit or design issues rearing their heads and causing frustration, no one had a bad thing to say about their client, nor did they wind up complaining about having to design for someone over a size 2.


It helped that the ladies were all very sweet and loads of fun.



So congrats to Stanley! You applied the Number One rule of “Real Woman” challenges: ALWAYS PICK THE CLIENT THAT LOOKS MOST LIKE A MODEL. Very wise choice, Stanley.

But to be fair, we really do think this look was the best or one of the best. The fit on the pants is wonky and the jacket seems a bit restrictive, but this was chic and highly flattering to the client.



Ugh. PLEASE, bitches. We love ourselves some Joan Rivers (and Rachel Roy, for that matter), but that was one hell of a crack-infused judging session. We suspect the results on the runway were collectively so bad that they struggled to find ways to compliment the looks because they didn’t want to make a bunch of old ladies cry.

This is a roundabout way of saying that this hospital gown is HIDEOUS and everyone on that judges’ panel who used the word “chic” to describe it should immediately be drug tested.



Another one that got wildly over-praised. “Welcome back!” said Nina to Daniel. To which we queried, “From where? The land of ill-fitting suits?”



This really was quite cute. One thing that annoyed us about the judging was how issues of practicality never came up. We would have thought that Joan was there to offer the senior woman’s perspective, but let’s face it, she’s not the average senior woman. Our point is, this looks great, but we doubt this lady would be able to get in or out of such a restrictive top easily. And it’s too tight across her midsection.



HORRIFYING. She looks like Robin Hood’s angry mother-in-law.




This poor gal. She looked PISSED and we don’t blame her. When is Princess Water Lily’s big bag of bullshit going to get the old heave-ho from the judges? We think she’s talented; but as an artist, not a fashion designer.



Cute enough. A little sloppy, but the print goes a long way in hiding the mistakes. We just think it’s a skosh too short and we wanted to hear what the client thought of that.



Cute. Maybe a bit too retro. You don’t put retro dresses on the ladies who wore them the last time they were in style. Otherwise, it looks like she hasn’t changed her wardrobe in 50 years. Great print, though.

We argued a bit about Michelle last night. Lorenzo thinks she’s a bitch who badmouths too many people behind their backs. Tom thinks she’s just honest and points out that she seems to get along with just about everybody and tends to take criticism fairly well, even when she disagrees with it.




Credit where it’s due: this is a complete, polished look. You can’t say that about everyone’s efforts. We sided with Joan’s view that a lady with a buzzcut, tattoos, and an ankle bracelet wants to wear a dress like this – and more importantly, should. Having said that, we didn’t think the yellow of the top went well with the print.



Sad and drab. She tried to course-correct by adding some details (like those sleeves) more suited for a younger woman. We kept yelling at our screen last night, as she complained over and over again about how to use this print in a way that defines her client’s waist, “HAVE YOU NEVER HEARD OF A WRAP DRESS, GIRL?”



And it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Benjamin, which shocked the shit out of us because we were sure Amanda had an expiration date flashing on her forehead. We’re of two minds. If you’re looking at the work cumulatively, then Benjamin should stay. But if you’re really auf’ing the person with the worst design, then Benjamin should absolutely go. This was stiff, ill-fitted, and 50 years out of style.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • LearnedFoot

    This challenge really illustrated how having a “model-esque” client can really help out a designer. I’m sure there is some advantage to creating a garment for someone who has more stereotypical model proportions. But the judges are all fashion industry people, and I wonder whether they also have a bias toward the more slender “real women.” I know it’s frustrating for me, a plus-sized viewer, when their comments on the garments made for larger women focus on how flattering or slimming they are, rather than how beautiful or innovative the design is.
    What the hell was going on with Daniel’s jacket? Hot buttered mess, all of it.
    Was Layana’s model like 35 years old?
    I was team Kate all the way. I want that skirt for myself!

    • SugarSnap108

       “I was team Kate all the way. I want that skirt for myself!”

      Yes, and overall I’m liking her more and more.  Her designs have been consistently strong, and despite her age, she has a more mature, relaxed attitude than a lot of the others.

    •  But the thing is, only a truly talented designer can make anyone look good, regardless of the level of model qualities to their figure. It IS possible to make garments that flatter everyone.

    • I think Kate has shown herself to be very mature, despite her age. I really liked her support of Tu on the runway last night. Also, how funny was her model who told Kate to slut it up, and then Kate said in her confessional that she didn’t have the heart to tell her she was engaged to her HS sweetheart.  That made me laugh.

    • As a plus size viewer I cringe every time they do one of the challenges and none of these women were overly plus size. However nothing can top Vin from last season. 

      • Girl_With_a_Pearl

        Not just plus-sized viewers cringe at this challenge.  I haven’t liked the “real women” challenges for years.  I wasn’t watching, but at least I’m glad to hear that no one was made to feel bad about their bodies.  But that’s silly too because most women do not have model proportioned bodies and yet model proportions are the standard for fashion designs.  It’s ridiculous that many designers can’t deal with real women.  

    • annieanne

      Not to mention, on a size 2 a lot of the execution issues go away when you’ve got a pretty good idea of fit before you start sewing.

    •  I SO wish we could have heard the judges comments on Patricia’s co-teammates, the 2 looks (Layana’s was just fun…). Still waiting to hear about ‘Patricia’s accidental fall down an elevator shaft’…

    • Lisa_Cop

      I was sad for Ben. His model was probably 20 years older than Stanley’s (she looked to be in her 80’s) and much shorter. It would be hard to find a design that would really flatter her. And she loved her look. Since Nina and Rachel stated they thought Amanda’s design was the worst, I guess Heidi sided with Joan and Melissa against Ben.

  • I was kinda surprised myself by Benjamin’s Auff. I was banking of saying goodbye to Amanda.  His dress was strange to say the least. What the HELL is up with that weird gather in the center front that makes it look like his client is packing heat under there?

    • Room for a baby bump.  To quote Rose Castorini: “It ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

    • Indigo54

       The back of Amanda’s dress was just horrible.  I can’t figure out what happened.  Why was it so bunched up at the bottom like that?  It almost looked like there was a big hole in the dress and she was trying to cover it up or something.  She totally freaked herself out on this one.  It’s a shame. 

      • All of her problems with this go back to comments made about other garments with complex patterns. When working with small scale prints it is usually wisest to keep the structure and lines simple.  The more details it has, the fussier it gets.  The way the skirt had been tacked back should’ve sent her home.  There was no excuse for it whatever.

        • Indigo54

          I agree, Amanda should have been sent home and I was SHOCKED when she wasn’t.  For me, it’s a toss up between her and Patricia as to which one goes next.

          • Or possibly the sweet little Tu.  He has so far not shown that he has what it takes.  He may have some design ideas worth exploring, but his skill set is woefully short on execution.

          • libraangel

            What always surprises me is that the sketches look so interesting and stunning, and then…….hot messes of dresses!

        • I’m with you. Ben’s dress was at least completely realized, however tight. It was what he envisioned, from start to finish, I’m pretty sure. Then we have Amanda, who didn’t know what to do, didn’t make the right decisions while doing it, and ended up with a woeful, unfinished, tacked-up mess. She even knew it should be her, for chrissake. It’s the silly fact that Benjamin was just too nice and boring that aufed him.

          • Derek_anny

             Yes, he was boring and nice, but he was cute.  The accent didn’t hurt either.  Although, this made me realize that he was one of my favourites because I liked him (he built a loom, for crying out loud), not his designs.

            ps. I’m with Tom about Michele.  She’s another of my favourites, along with Kate.

          • OmegaBlush

            re: Michelle.  What she said in confessionals might have some truth to it, it’s just kind of ballsy to be so critical of others when you’re the only one who has been on the bottom team every single week.  She can blame others all she wants, but as they say, the only thing all your failed relationships have in common……is you.

          • Sally Brownson

            But when your dress is a completely realized terrible design, is that really better than a person who had a creative block when they really didn’t have time to have a creative block? I mean, even if Ben’s had been perfectly fitted and executed, it still would’ve been hideous and SO OUTDATED.

          • Yes, it is better. I’m not sure I would describe designing a dress with only a few slight variations from the dress the model was wearing when she came in for the consultation as a creative block. I’d call it lack of creativity. I thought Ben’s was trying to be retro, and understood his idea. It could have been made better, of course, but I still think that Amanda had no clue what to do, knew it, and failed trying to fix the situation – hence a misplaced auf.

        • libraangel

          I understand what you are saying, but I still don’t get why the back looks stuck together, and more importantly, why she didn’t see this and do anything – anything! – to remedy it.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          That problem with the skirt would get you smacked down in Home Ec 1, for pity’s sake. 

      • I initially thought she’d accidentally left a pin in. 

    • StellaZafella

       1. When are they going to go back to casting Fashion Designers and stop holding this show up to small-town local dress makers/seamstresses as the road to the runway at NYFW? these people are (mostly) sweet, but they’re not designers…and many of them couldn’t build a garment outside of a short, personal skill set if you dared them to…we see it every week.

      2. Perhaps BM and KLUM could do a season featuring only recent graduates of various Fashion Institutes…We’d get more drama and self-centered bullshit than any 20 year old design student has the right to garner…but we might see some design…at least one or two identifiable points of view!?!

      3. The biggest, and happiest thing on screen for me last night was seeing the results of the face and hair makeovers the ladies all got..they all came in real cutey-pies to start with, but they got the full Va-va-voom treatment and it was a precious delight to see the results…regardless of the sorry outfits the had to wear.

      • DinaSews

        I like the idea of design school graduates.  They would all be at the same skill level which would further highlight the design aspects of their garments.

        • l_c_ann

          Remember the season with Koo (Frokieman).  Two other designers were his classmates in Design School.  One was the one who created his own fabric for the finale and who Tim interviewed should have won.  The other (IIRC) was one of the 30somethings who acted considerably older. 

          Very different skill sets from three same years students.

          • funnily enough, I am in design school now (I’m 40) and I am in classes with the kids that can sew because they’ve been doing it all their lives, the crafters with some sewing knowledge and those that are very slow and not very good at sewing. But we all have our strengths, someone may be able to make a pattern, but not sew or drape a dress and not know how to make a pattern. Bottom line, every designer is not built for PR.

      • I agree! Makeovers for elderly ladies – such a good investment. And damn my EYES thank GOD TLo agreed that Richard-smock was hiddy because I seriously thought I was having a stroke wondering why I didn’t see how chic it was. Boots and leggings, my ass, Heidi.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I could not understand the praise for Richard’s design. TLo nailed it correctly as a hospital gown. 

          • Yeah, I know the judging gets unreasonable on a regular basis, but this one was just hella confusing to me. And the way the workroom footage was edited, both of them seemed to think they had strong looks before they even got to the runway, so I was all “you just WAIT, Richard.” Then they went to all sorts of lengths to explain how wonderful it was, and I know I had a bottle of chapmagne, but shit, I was confused. It was just a bad, unflattering beach cover-up to me.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Beach cover-up, hospital smock, either and/or both describe that design much better than all of the praise heaped on it by the judges-how much crack was made available to them for this episode?

          • Ha, plenty, it would seem.

      • Maddie Madison

        I agree that they were a charming and fun group of women, but don’t infantilize them just because they’re older. They’re adult women, not cutesy-wootsy kittens or precious little girls. Your whole 3rd point comes off seriously condescending (even though I know you meant well).

        • StellaZafella

          Ya know Maddie, I wanted to respond with a mea culpa but I just can’t.
          You will note that I said ‘ladies’ not ‘girls’ in deference of respect, but as a 60+ (mumble mumble) gay man and  life-long Drag Queen, when I go out dressed up, (boy or gurl), and somebody calls me sweetie pie or the like…I CHOOSE to take it in the spirit of a compliment… and let me tell you, I’m tickled pink!

        • libraangel

          Actually, wasn’t one of the criticisms of Ben’s dress that it was childish?

        • leilah

          I absolutely agree that older women should never be infantilized nor ever treated with condescension–and “cutey-pie” and “precious” are terms which generally belittle or devalue their life experience.  THAT SAID, style, fashion, glamour and sexiness are areas in which “older” women–hell, women over 45–are almost never valued or considered … and “makeovers” are rarely experienced by retired women.  And let’s be real:  these women were chosen because they exuded a certain “something”.  So, in this case, I think that “real cutey-pies” is descriptive of the evident excitement and joie de vivre of the women–normally-unattractive graying, deep wrinkles and sagging skin be-damned.  And while “precious” has often been used for “sweet”, but condescendingly or dismissively so, it also means most-valuable, treasured and/or cherishable–as I recently used to describe a photo of my 9-mo-old granddaughter … or as could be used to describe how some of these women reacted to their makeover … or the delight StellaZafella felt in seeing their reactions …. 

      • libraangel

        I think Layana is a graduate of FIT

        • StellaZafella

          I’m sorry…I wish it showed, somehow. FIT and Parsons are great schools and no easy pass.

          Maybe the team thing is killing personal expression? I understand that teamwork is part of the real life experience…but real teams have leaders and I haven’t seen that happening here…it’s more people being grouped together for an average scoring of everybody’s work…the good one’s get pulled down by the bad ones…or have to lose time bringing them up to snuff…when in the real world, – they’d just be fired.

      • Re: #2: Watching an entire season of Serena ChaChas tear each other apart would probably be train-wrecky enough to lure me back to this show.

      • tignor

         I know someone at FIT right now that wouldn’t dare go on PR, and says none of her friends want it either. Apparently it can ruin your career.

        • StellaZafella

          Sad to know, if that’s true…and I don’t doubt it for a minute.
          Seems like the BRAVO days were the last time PR had the integrity to draw people like Siriano out of an internship with McQueen and established alternative or independent designers like Seth Aaron and Laura Bennett or even zany Chris March…not to mention really dramatic, innovative thinkers like Jay and Austin who clung to their personal aesthetics like life breath.
          Now it’s all about “Build a passable dress in 6 hours and get Nina and Heidi to say “Fashion Forward!” or “I’d wear that!”. If Zac or the Duchess don’t crap all over it, it goes to Fashion Week and you win…sad, sad…sad.

    • A.

      I personally was ready to see him go, but I would say that he was not necessarily the worst of them all (agree with you on the Amanda pick). But what he did to that poor old woman’s arms in that dress should be criminal. I’m certain her right arm lost all blood circulation half way down that runway :-). Kudos to the client.

    • OmegaBlush

      We have to remember Amanda was thrown under the bus by her teammates, so the producers know there is still some “drama” to be sucked from that corpse.  Seeing the highlights from next week, she and Portland are thought of as bitches, etc.  You can’t do that with a mild mannered British guy.  

  • BookishBren

    Patricia needs to GO! I think she has been carried by teammates this far. I can’t really disagree with anything Michelle said about her.
    Tu should be incredibly grateful to Kate. 
    Amanda should be ashamed of herself for throwing Benjamin under the “he didn’t help me enough” bus. Ugh.

    • Patricia hopefully got the wake up call she so desperately needs, when it was made clear that not only did she keep her team mates from winning, but her only salvation was that their work was so good in comparison.  That Shipping Blanket she threw around her client made her look terrible.

      • MilaXX

        But the other side to that was her teammates seemed more interested in playing mean girls than actually trying to work as a team. Where was the group critiques and mentoring from Tim we saw when the groups were larger? I also call BS on Patricia being what made them just safe. Neither Layana or Michelle has that awesome of a design. I think Heidi was just shit stirring.

        • Absolutely true.  This whole epp just stank of manipulation. On every level.

          • deltabronze

            On every level — likely including Heidi drawing Patricia’s name from the button bag, after we’ve heard Michelle say she hoped not to be stuck with her. Gee, what a coincidence!

          • Just like the week when they had to shuffle the big teams, and Michelle said she hoped her team didn’t get Patricia.  And they didn’t.  But then the other team got Michelle.  TOTAL COINCIDENCE, you guys.

          • Beverly Kozma

            I’m pretty sure every button in that bag had Patricia on it.  Those walls have eyes and ears!

          • Totally agree, that’s exactly what I thought! Heidi was shit stirring by saying that they would have won otherwise. Heidi pulling the name was no fucking coincidence, AND this article made me remember something I immediately copped in the episode. When they said they had been ‘randomly’ assigned their models, I was like fuck yeah, so they have set someone up for a disaster or a success. And as T&L said, the winning look was the most modelesque women.. They clearly wanted Stanley to win this week. He did deserve it, everything T&L said is exactly what I thought. But yeah, so much fuckery in this episode!

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Heidi seems to take some pleasure in stirring the shit-to me it’s an unattractive aspect of her….

        • MoHub

          Exactly. If Patricia’s design kept Layana and Michelle out of the top, then by the same logic, Richard’s should have kept Stanley out of the top as well.. The Mean Girls’ designs simply weren’t all that.

          • VivianAdvanced

            Layana irritates me as well. I’m not crazy about Patricia as a designer myself, but Layana and Michelle are so snooty about her and she’s said so many positive things about lop-headed Michelle, that I’m beginning to feel sorry for her. I was surprised when Heidi said she gave the two Mean Girls the highest scores because I thought their work was pedestrian at best. Michelle’s dress looked like a Christmas tree skirt with a top sewn on it, and Layana’s (I keep wanting to call her Lanai-a) had some strange stuff going on with that piping around the woman’s abdomen.

            I wish the PR producers would realize that those obvious button-choosing setups stink to high heaven.

        • mom2ab

          I disagree-  Layana and Michelle offered commentary before and after Tim’s critique and Patricia waved them all off in a cloud of sage infused delusion. 

          • MilaXX

            Perhaps it’s the editing but the only critique I got from them was not to make the sheer poncho thingy. Nonetheless, Layanna & Michelle’s dress were never more than safe at best. IMO the thing that kept them out of the bottom was that there were far worse looks from other designers.

        • AthenaJ

          totally agree. I do think Michelle’s was one of the stronger entries, but the fabric colors made me think of Christmas, and the bejewelled belt didn’t help that. However, Layana’s dress was one of the ugliest things on that runway, hands down. It looked like something I would have done in 6th grade Home Ec. class. Definite manipulation on the part of the producers and Heidi to say that thing was one of the best. Puh-lease. And do we really think she just ‘happened’ to pick Patricia’s name for Michelle to be paired with? HAH!! 

          • I liked Michelle’s quite a bit. I see your point about the print, but I thought it was fun.
            And her model was a hoot on the runway. She really sold the dress.

          • AthenaJ

            I loved Michelle’s model up there strutting her stuff!

          • libraangel

            Michelle’s model working it is what got Michelle in the safe category. SHE made it look stylish and flowing. It really was just a simple-shaped dress.

          • That jeweled belt totally clashed with the dress. I hated it in the workroom, and was hoping that it would not make it onto the runway. Ugh

          • libraangel

            Actually, in Nick Verreos” blog on the PR site, he thinks the ‘button bag’ is rigged.

          • A couple weeks ago, Josh swore that it’s real. I’m assuming that sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.

        • Susan Collier

          Exactly. The Tu-Kate team got dragged down to the bottom by Tu’s design. And the Samantha-Daniel team got pulled up to the top by Daniel’s suit? By those mathematics, the “two best scores” of Layanna and Michelle should have pulled the team up to average out Patricia’s score. Man, I’d hate to be on a team with those two.

          Also? Michelle’s dress was quite standard. Michelle has already forgotten that her outfit was in the bottom on her own merit last week. Honestly, she didn’t bug me until she opened that mouth.

        • annieanne

          Maybe neither Layana nor Michelle would have won, but they likely would have been the other top team if it had just been the two of them. Patricia did keep them out of the top.
          Then again, maybe it was the editing, but it sure did seem like Layana/Michelle had plenty of time to badmouth her but not enough to actually give her any help.

          • I don’t recall Patricia asking for any either. 

          • Sing4yursupper

            I don’t play Patricia for a fool who can’t tell when someone doesn’t like her. Why should she trust MEchelle’s and Layana’s input after all that sniping and eyeball rolling? MEchelle has made it clear for weeks that she doesn’t like Patricia. 

            That being said, any team of three is bound to have some difficulty because one person is always going to be on the outs and the other two aligned. This whole scene was producer manipulation. Frankly, it’s a minor miracle that any of these contestants can execute a design knowing it’s all supposed to be “good TV.”

        • ixoki

          I agree. Michelle and Layana did not do that well and didn’t deserve to have top scores. They were so much more concerned about themselves and wouldn’t stop whining about Patricia. They should learn from Kate, who, despite her youth, acted much more mature. She didn’t complain about Tu possibly dragging her to the bottom. She just knew she had to do well enough to keep both of them afloat. And she did. Poor Patricia. I have no idea what she has done to be a recipient of so much dislike.

        • OmegaBlush

          Completely agree.  How can the top two scores be brought down so low by a bad score while the judges were so split on one of the top 2 teams- especially when none of them seemed too crazy about either.  And Michelle’s “This happens to me every week!”  Or, you know, maybe you’re not good enough or helpful enough to lift your team to the top.    

      • Indigo54

         Shipping Blanket – LOL.  I called it a double prayer shawl – and Patricia needs prayer big time.  She’s gotta really bring it next week.  I don’t think she can. 

        • Its been clear from episode 1 that Patricia is there as the “quirky, arty” contestant.  She is ultimately cannon fodder. She won’t last much longer.

          • MoHub

            There really is one every season, isn’t there? And one—Gretchen—even won.

          • Jay McCarrol was another who did very well.

          • MoHub

             Jay’s work was often conceptual, but i never saw it as artsy-fartsy in the same way as Elisa’s, Ari’s, Ping’s, or Frokemon’s. My season 1 wacko was Robert Plotkin.

          • Indovina

            Now, this is a really interesting discussion to me!

            I do have to say, while Robert was a bit of a wacko, he always struck me as more plain bullshit artist than quirky and arty or artsy-fartsy (which actually seem a little different to me). I can see it, though – particularly with his envy outfit and his 2055 outfit, he had pretentious explanations, but he always seemed to me as lacking the pretense of sophistication that artsy-fartsy implies and lacking the full commitment that the arty, quirky ones have (I’m positive that Elisa, Ari, Ping, and Kooan meant every word and equally positive that Robert meant none of them).

            I guess I don’t see Gretchen that way, quite, either – though she definitely had more than a whiff of it (Angela, too, though she was more artsy-craftsy than artsy-fartsy).

            But, I agree that Jay, in spite of his conceptuality and quirkiness, never struck me that way either.

          • l_c_ann

            I love the split between artsy-craftsy and artsy-fartsy.  I have lead a sheltered life and have never had enough exposure to either to make the differentiation.

          • Indovina

            I either make or make up lots of distinctions like that – I’m never quite sure which.

          •  I am still in awe of how great Robert Plotkin was at BS. That’s his art.

          • Indovina

            I know! He had a gift.

        • betorah

          It’s actually based on a Native American blanket wrap that some women wear at ceremonial dances. Patricia wore a longer one in a previous challenge. Not a flattering look.

      • EveEve

        We know that Patricia lasted long enough to make to be at least a decoy in the runway show at NYFW, so if my calculation is right, she won’t be eliminated next week at least.

        • blondie65

          And based on the consensus when those decoys were shown, collection #6 was Amanda’s, so it appears she is in for at least 2 more episodes along with Patricia.  Assuming we have correctly id’d the decoys, my guess is Tu probably is one of the next 2 to go.

        • Indigo54


  • There also seemed to be something weird about Benjamin’s fabric? It was spotting every time someone touched it, and the final pictures make it seem like some of those spots never went away. 

    • Yes, it was doing that. It looks just like all those bad mother-of-the-bride dresses they sell in the stores in stiff material. I liked the color on her, and that’s it.

    • Sweetbetty

       I noticed those spots too.  I looked closer at them today at the Lifetime website just to make sure they weren’t an intentional part of the pattern/texture of the fabric and I can’t imagine that’s the case.  I first noticed them just below the front neckline, like the model drooled on the dress or something.  Then there are a few near her underboob, like it could be sweat.  There are still more near the hemline of the skirt (and what was with that hemline?  Did Ben make the skirt too short so stitched on a band of fabric to lengthen it?) front and back, where it didn’t even touch the body so it wouldn’t have been sweat.  I just can’t figure them out.

  • Love that leopard print skirt. Gorgeous! Shame about the top, if it matched it would have been a perfect outfit..

    If a designer does not know the wrap dress is the best way to show off a waist, can they truly call themselves a designer?

    •  It’s not necessarily the best way — especially in a design competition because it’s hardly innovative — but if you have a non-model body and are stymied for ideas, you might as well fall back on it.  It will at least make your client look good, and you’ll be safe because so many of your fellow designers are going to flounder.

      • Doing a more tailored update on the wrap idea could have worked very well in this case.

        • annieanne

          I think that was the idea Tu was going for, too bad his design skills nor his sewing skills were up to the task.

          • Call me Bee

            And he chose a fabric that did not lend itself to a wrap dress in any way.  It looked like a wool flannel almost–or at least a thicker knit–and cried out for a structured garment to be made from it.  It was the perfect color for the client’s red hair. 

          •  Tu and Amanda should have switched fabrics at the beginning, and stuck with their own designs.

        • Lisa_Cop

          Mood confirmed in a tweet last night that Amanda had a Carolina Herrera fabric. Ms. Herrera designs for a more mature client. It’s clear Amanda has neither the creativity or execution skills to “make it work”.

  • Richard’s looked comfy.  Like a really good option to wear instead of a hospital gown.  Which puts it on the same level as my one giant t-shirt with the holes in it that I wear when I’m sick.

    Daniel’s jacket is weird and rumpled and those pants are an awkward length.

    Patricia’s thought process confuses me here.  “Hmm… this woman isn’t built like a model, what shall I do…?  I know!  I’ll split her into horrifyingly unflattering horizontal bands that make her look shorter and wider, and in colors that don’t even suit her that well!  Perfect!”  It’s like some weird sort of performance art to see how long she can keep the judges from slamming even terrible work by implying everything she makes has a deep meaning for Native Americans…

    Layana needs to learn to find her client’s waist, because the waist on that is in the wrong spot.

    Michelle’s dress I think works — it’s not quite so literal that it reads too retro to me.  And I’m on Tom’s side.

    Amanda should go with Layana to learn about waists.  Maybe they can get a group rate.


    • The biggest thing that bugged me about Richard’s dress, was the strange elastic panel sewn into the center front that was so glaringly obvious. There are subtler ways to establish shape in something like that, or to make it invisible to the eye

      •  Maternity dress?  I’ve had some of those…  That’s the only explanation I can come up, though it does suggest very troubling things about his knowledge of biology…

      • Pam Winters

        I liked the contrast stripe idea. Everything else was wrong. Was that sweatshirt fabric? What WAS the deal with the elastic Teletubby panel? Why was it so drapey? It irritated me because he took a promising idea and then crashed it into the ground.

        • It looks like a poly cotton jersey knit.  If he had chosen to actually define the waist with a sash or belt it would have elevated the look considerably.  The entire judging team was on crack over their approval of this.

          • Deb Oswald

            I was yelling- that needs a BELT!!!  oy, what a show that was

          • CozyCat

            Could have been worse.  He could have informed his nice lady that they didn’t have any belts big enough so they had to go get her a special one.

          • Ha! I was thinking about that guy (Ven?) throughout this episode, and I’m wondering if the designers are now being told to stop insulting/complaining about their Everyday Woman clients when the cameras are on. Or maybe this bunch has some actual social skills, and at least a vague understanding of human interaction.

        • ratgirlagogo

          The fabric looked like polyester acetate, actually. It probably wasn’t, but in that color especially, and with that horrible elastic waist panel, it looked like a schmatte from the 99 cent store. Or a housedress from the Lillian Vernon catalog.  Awful.
          On the other hand, Benjamin’s dress was right out of Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?  Way to make that feisty old broad look like a crazy old lady in a horror movie, Ben.

      • mom2ab

        I heard of this thing called a BELT.

      • AthenaJ

        Ugh I HATED that elastic panel. It looked like something from cheap kid’s clothing from the 80’s. Bad bad bad!!  

        •  I have an irrational hatred of all things elastic.  But in this case, it seems fairly rational.

          • LJCdoc

            That’s not irrational.

      • janierainie

        I know! I couldn’t believe the praise that Richard’s dress got. I kept wondering when is somebody going to say something about that weird pulled shape across the waist! Heidi would wear it? Oh. come. ON! 

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Heidi might deign to wear that if it were made of better quality fabric, if it didn’t have the weird elastic thingy, if she paired it with leggings and boots…IF, IF, IF….

      • annieanne

        Totally agree. That elastic was fugly and weirdly placed.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        That elastic panel was so weird, and not at all flattering. It looked as if he added it as an afterthought once he realized that he’d made a shapeless schmatta.

    • Carrieanno

      Ditto about Michelle.  

    • SugarSnap108

       Yes!  Richard’s design is for the fashion-conscious ICU patient.

      •  If only it had the little pocket for the portable heart monitor, it’d be perfect!

      • decormaven

        Spot on. Another thought: perfect outfit for day at the spa where one has to go from massage to facial to mani/pedi.

      • OmegaBlush

        ICU have a garish elastic bundle on you belly.  Amirite?

    • Lisa_Cop

      I’m with Uncle Lorenzo about Michelle. I think she’s a b****h who bad mouths everyone behind their backs and doesn’t take responsibility for her own failings. But clearly the producers love her bitchiness so she’s not going anywhere soon.

      • OmegaBlush

        Even if what she said may have been true (not saying it was), you really should keep your mouth shut when you’re in the bottom every week.  But she probably knows that spouting off keeps you on this show longer than actually making nice garments.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Michelle appears to be taking the “the best defense is a good offense” line in regard to defending her designs when she’s on the runway, and also the “telling it like it is” -or bitch card, if you will.

  • Judy_S

    As a senior woman with a figure that recently edged down out into the misses’ size range, most of these look either like something I have seen in the dressing-room (and hastily removed) or decided not to bother with in a catalogue.  (Exception: Patricia’s.) Tu’s looks like something I would have run up on the sewing machine in the 80s. Richard’s ditto but as a swimsuit coverup. What’s the point?

  • EveEve

    It was so obvious to me that the judges were working so hard to make Richard’s ….thing…sound like it was great when it clearly wasn’t – so that the team would be on top and Stan could win.  Star Trek beach coverup, or whatever Richard’s schmatta was supposed to be, it was NOT chic.

    • 3boysful

       HA–Star Trek beach cover!  You nailed it.  If anyone hadn’t seen it, they would have a clear idea of what it was from that description.

      • All aboard the Holodeck!

        I think Richard had a good idea, and I like the strip of black down the side. How he screwed up so badly is a mystery to me. I don’t sew, so someone correct me if I’m wrong, but it seems he could have given that dress a real, live, actual waist in the amount of time it took him to create that weird panel.

        •  to me it just looked like one of those ‘who cares if you spill bleach or die or blood’ on it smocks that the ladies toss over/change into in a salon before they wash their hair/have their hair appointment (I grew up in a salon). They try to ‘make them nice’ instead of the plastic sheet they are… the dress was ‘cute’ but…. a high school home econ class could have made it (with a better waist)

          • Yeah, I used to work in salons, doing nails. This would be the result of trying to “make them nice”. But I still think Richard could have made something more flattering and stylish with his idea.

          • libraangel

            And I think a home ec class could have sewn Michelle’s dress

        • AthenaJ

          As questionable as some of their outfits were, I think even Troi and Crusher wouldn’t go near that dress.

          • fashionzombie

            All Star Fleet women seem to prefer a more form-fitting look. Maybe Kai Winn would wear this around the house, but I doubt it.

    • Call me Bee

      And I (being a pudgy middle-aged lady) would wer tht as a beach/pool coverup in a second.  But never, EVER anywhere else.  Ever! 

      • libraangel

        But supposedly Heidi would! HA

  • MoHub

    The worst part of Benjamin’s symphony of bad ideas was that stupid pleat on the center front of the skirt, giving the skirt its own lady bits.

    • homespunner

      Exactly what I was trying to express while watching with my daughters and husband but I couldn’t come up with the right words. You did! Lady bits. Old bits. Saggy old lady bits.

      • libraangel

        Please don’t say “saggy old lady bits” – It’s not nice. These ladies deserve respect and gumption for being on the show. And besides – we will all be old one day.

  • Apocalipstick Now Redux

    It’s a little surprising to me how much Amanda’s and Benjamin’s designs look like what their ladies were wearing when they met them.  

    If Samantha had made the top in black, dropped the bow part but kept the belt, I think she had a sure winner, even with those ugly sleeves.

    • fashionzombie

      Yes! The bow was the deal breaker for me. And even though I liked the yellow fabric and understood what she was trying to do, the judges were never going to respond to that color.

  • Diane_G

    I like Michelle, Kate, and Stanley’s. I also kinda like Samantha’s, but wish that there wasn’t a bow and the belt went all the way around. They all see great for doing this in just a day.
    I like Michelle and agree 100% with her opinions, but I always giggle at the fact that she’s from Portland and would fit right in with Portlandia.

    • AthenaJ

      Now I can’t stop imagining her in one of their skits. I totally think Michelle would have joined in the Sarah McLachlan pinata hitting.

    • geeeque

      I think Daniel’s would make a better citizen of Portlandia.

  • MilaXX

    I think Michelle is being played by production. Sure she needs to edit herself, and I am tired of her THs. A good 99% of what we saw last night was just horrible. I think part of what I liked about Samantha’s look was the kinds clashy, loudness of the top. More importantly it fit her model. Still don’t get the praise for a black suit with one lapel.

  • Benjamin’s model is the cutest damn thing I have ever seen.  It’s a shame it didn’t go better for them.  As for Amanda, I think she was too much in it to be able to step back and think creatively.  In real-world circumstances, without the time crunch and restrictions, she probably could have come up with something fantastic.  
    As for Michelle, I like her.  Everything she said was spot-on.  She’s also very talented.  I think she’ll start gaining momentum as more people get eliminated.

  • Ben’s victim looks like a really sweet lady too. Shame he couldn’t make her something remotely flattering.

    • I loved how she was defending Ben, as if he was her own grandson who could do no wrong. She was way too cute!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Ben’s client came across as a genuinely lovely person.  As much as she liked, or claimed to like the dress, I wish that Ben had created one that actually flattered her.

  • Frank_821

    I too think Daniel’s was overpraised but that was owing to the fabric choice

    the ladies were majorly cool and good on the designers for embracing them

  • DinaSews

    The one thing that struck me with these pictures, is what really horrible seamstresses some of these designers are.  There are so many puckered seams on these garments that it’s shocking no one is getting called out for it.

    • even after all these seasons, it makes me cringe when it see it happen.

    • 3boysful

       You’re right.  Even though it’s not “Project Seamstress,” a designer should have some basic construction skills in order to know how to execute the idea in his head.

      • Indigo54

         I hadn’t realized how poor Tu’s sewing skills were until last night.  He clearly had no idea what he was doing.  I was also surprised the judges didn’t call Samantha out on the execution of that top.  Just goes to who how bad some of the others were.  

      • libraangel

        Don’t you think part of this is the short time they have to make patterns, sew, fittings – all in One day?!

  • SugarSnap108

    I was surprised that Amanda didn’t go, but am A-OK with Benjamin leaving.  Even based on overall work, I don’t think he was clearly better.  Amanda’s design last week was really right for the challenge, but Ben’s was just OK.  And Amanda is at least aware of when her design sucks … Benjamin seems to be a tad delusional. 

    Completely agree with Stanley’s win, though the fit on the pants dismays me — Her pelvis looks 4 feet long.  Could NOT understand the praise for Richard’s sack.  Why was Nina the lone voice of criticism?  And it was half-hearted criticism at that.  She just seems jaded at this point.

    I argued with myself over Michelle.  On one hand, the things she said about Patricia are true, IMO.  But when she blamed everyone else for her past failures?  Oh gurl, no!

    And once again, Patricia’s was hideous.  Full stop.

    • libraangel

      Maybe they should have eliminated both Ben and Amanda? What do you guys think?

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I would have been OK with a double elimination. Aside from the Miranda Lambert challenge I haven’t been really impressed by Amanda. 

  • I almost chocked when Heidi said she’d wear Richard’s dress!!!  NO SHE WOULD NOT!  It’s a gunny sack and doesn’t show any boob or ass crack for Heidi. Terrible dress and it was NOT flattering for any age or body type. 

    We didn’t even see Patricia’s dress because it was covered with the cheapest, ugly cover up I’ve ever seen!  It should have been a double or even triple elimination. 

    • Heidi saying she’d “wear something” took on a new meaning after her red carpet Oscars dress…

      • DinaSews

        It’s obvious when Heidi says she will ‘wear something’, she means she will take your design and hatchet it up to meet her personal style goals.

        • AthenaJ

          heh heh ‘personal style goals’ = T&A hanging out

    • Indigo54

       You’re right, there’s no way in hell Heidi would be caught dead in Richard’s modified snuggie.  Especially considering what she was wearing last night – tight, short and shiny – AGAIN!

    • janierainie

      Throughout the conversation about Richard’s dress Nina looked like she was stupified. Like she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It was like they were all looking at a different dress. Crack will do that I guess. 

    • Targettaste

       Of course Heidi would wear Richard’s dress.  They’ll just have to cut off the sleeves, make the neckline a DEEP V, take in all seams at least 5 inches, and shorten it by 10 inches.  Now, how to make it shiny?

      • fashionzombie

        Spray glitter.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Just before the show I showed my husband Heidi’s Julien McDonald Oscar party dress. He was pretty appalled. So during during the show he spontaneously said “that German chick should shut up”. 🙂

  • BuffaloBarbara

    The bitch factor last night from Michelle and Layana turned me off, though they were nicer to the clients than usual and didn’t complain about the usual things.  (Though “cute” and “sassy” were getting on my nerves.)

    Stanley: A deserved win, though it looked better in motion than in the stills.

    Richard: I absolutely could not figure out the praise on this.  It’s a none-too-flattering swimsuit cover up.

    Daniel: Ill-fitting, but not a bad idea.

    Kate: Super-cute skirt and nice top, but I’m kind of with Tim, in that I think they don’t go with each other.  Is it some kind of homage to the month of March, coming in like winter and going out like spring?

    Tu: Bad.  I love the color, but bad.

    Patricia: Good for you, deliberately keeping your bitchy teammates out of the top?  That’s what you doing, right?  That was horrifying.  Like I said in the lounge, Wilma Flintstone’s winter wrap.

    Layana: It’s pretty good, but its proportions on this model look a little off, like it’s a skosh too short for her body.

    Michelle: I think Lo’s right about her personally, but I really liked this little dress a lot, and I can tell the model did, too.

    Samantha: I totally agreed with Joan that this woman can and should rock whatever kind of wild dress she likes.  However, I have to agree that the top doesn’t work quite right with the bottom.  Is that a thing now?

    Amanda: I kind of like the cute, kicky aspect, but why in the hell did she do whatever she did to the back?

    Benjamin: Bad.  Just… bad.  The color is great, but the construction did not take this woman’s body into consideration at all.  It looks like a Barbie dress put on Stephanie Sunshine.  It just doesn’t fit.

  • MissMariRose

    I’m with Lo. Michelle’s bitching about people behind their backs is really annoying, and, for the most part, she hasn’t shown she has the chops to make all that gum flapping worth it. Yes, Patricia is terrible, but Michelle (and Layana) left her to her own devices instead of being teammates and helping her out. So when they were bitching at Patricia backstage that she kept them from winning, I think they completely missed Heidi’s point and failed to see that some of the blame for the team loss fell on them.

    • janierainie

      Absolutely agree. They should have gone into that room and talked about what they could have done differently instead of just saying “that’s okay” when Patricia apologized. I don’t get what Michelle is bitching about anyway. To me it’s not that Patricia is a bad designer, she just doesn’t approach fashion the same way most of the others do. Don’t get me wrong, she definitely missed on this challenge. She made that poor woman look like a giant blue fortune cookie.

    • On the other hand, as I replied on another post, not once did Patricia ask for help, nor did she seem to want any. She seemed perfectly happy and content to go about doing her own thing. It wasn’t like she was crying in a corner begging for help. If there had been drama about that, they would have shown it for sure. 

      Also, never forget how engineered these shows are for maximum drama. It’s not like  Michelle stops sewing, says to herself: you know, I only have 1 hour to get this done, but I want to go bitch about Patricia! To the Confessional! No. They most likely do all the confessional stuff waaaay later in the day, probably at night, or when they are waiting around during judging time… most likely after that. There is a video screen in the room where they watch earlier footage of the day so they comment on it, with reminders to sound AS IF they are talking at the same time period. That is a taaaaaad different than talking behind someone’s back. They are contractually obligated to comment on the others. Do they have to bitch… no. Of course not. Just don’t forget you’re being lied to all the time on this show. 

      • Buffy

        True, there is producer manipulation and all kinds of leading questions in the confessionals, but they don’t have to fall for it all the time.  Seth Aaron never said a bad word about anybody in the confessionals.  Michelle seems like she can’t wait to start badmouthing any and everybody.

      • Lisa_Cop

        Contractually obligated?? I agree 100% this stuff is fake but have not heard before that the confessionals have a pre-ordained script that requires talking about other contestants.

      • Designers get called from the workroom throughout the day to do their confessionals.

        •  Thank you for the info, TLo.  I always wondered.  But I still wonder; do some of those confessionals then happen AFTER the garments are finished/Runway has occurred?  And, am I correct in assuming that their time in confessional is like a ‘timeout’ and not subtracted from their total time to finish the garment?

          • No, it’s not considered a timeout. With each challenge, they have to factor in the time that’s going to take them away from the workroom in order to shoot confessionals.

            When you hear a designer speak during the runway show about how they felt watching their garment walk down the runway or what they thought of the judges criticism or what they’re worried about going into the judging – that’s all shot afterwards.

            When you do confessionals on reality TV, you’re directed to always speak in the present tense so they can be dropped almost anywhere in a show. Notice how many times you’ll hear something like, “So, I’m sitting in the workroom, when Tim comes in…” rather than “Tim came in when I was sitting in the workroom…” or “So I’m watching my garment come down the runway and I think …” not “I watched my garment come down the runway and thought…”

            Bear in mind this is all info told to us by designers from earlier seasons. It’s possible things are done differently now, but we doubt it.

        • I did not understand that. Thank you for clarifying. I always assumed since their clothes were different a lot of the times and sometimes facial hair on the guys was could be different that they were doing it on different days. I still believe that most people are saying a lot more about others and that they pick and choose who they feature so they can maximize drama. Though the basic core of a person’s personality is most likely spot on. I like Michelle mostly because she’s from around my hood and has never been shown to be not getting along with anyone main floor.

  • I’m so glad the only Project Runway I get these days is reading T.Lo’s recaps. From looking at this it looks like they all think “over 40” equals “department store basics.” Queen Helen of Fuckinfantastica would have SCHOOLED this crop of designers.

  • Pam Winters

    My big realization during this episode: holy crap, it’s annoying when people treat older people, en masse, as “cute little things.” Now I’m dreading when it will happen to me. I get patronizing “sweeties” enough as it is.

    • conniemd

       Argh, and I thought people were calling me sweetie because of my pleasant and cheery personality, and here it’s because I quit coloring my hair and let it grow out to its natural salt and pepper colors of the 50ish woman. Damn.

    • janierainie

      Your right. So dimissive.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Having hit 60 a couple of years ago I’m surprised that I don’t get patted on the head because I’m still able to walk and talk at such an advanced age.Sigh.and, Damn!

  • Targettaste

    Finally, designers who didn’t whine about working with real people.  The clients were a great group of fun ladies.  They really worked that runway!  Props to Heidi who seemed to especially enjoy the ladies and treated them with respect.  I think all the judges were a little hampered in their critiques by not wanting to make the models feel bad.

    • I think it helped that these were all older ladies.  It’s hard to be nasty to/about someone you can imagine as your grandma.  Also, though, I don’t think there are as many of those personalities in the designers this season as in previous seasons.

      • libraangel

        But I am not sure WHY they had to have the ladies out there when the judges made comments to the designers?

      • Lisa_Cop

        This group of designers is older than in most others seasons (the over 30 group greatly outweighs the 20 somethings). I think the maturity really helps reduce smarminess and drama.

      • betorah

        I do remember the infamous incident when Jeffrey Swbelia, winner of Season 3, made Angela’s mother cry and she was no spring chicken.

        •  I’ve never forgiven Jeffrey for that.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Jeffrey’s behavior to Angela’s mother was uncalled for;despite what I’ve read about Angela egging her mom on, Jeffrey had the chance to show more maturity and class than he did in that instance.

  • The team concept clearly doesn’t work because Patricia is still here after last night’s catastrophy.  I too didn’t get the praise over Daniel’s suit, the jacket looked way too tight…and i laughed at your Tweet about Richard’s dress looking like it belonged on Star Trek…LOVED the textile used for Kate’s skirt …Amantha’s would have been aces with a BLACK shirt…Kind of agree with Lorenzo.  Even if she’s being “honest”, Michelle still needs to edit what’s coming out of her mouth.  

    • AthenaJ

      Agreed, even if Michell is being edited, she’s still giving the producers A LOT of material to work with.

  • dya2637

    Good lord these clothes are awful. If my mother ever walked out of the house looking like any of these women do I would tell her she had to go change and then i would go smack down the saleslady at Talbots for selling her such horrible clothes. Why are two of the ladies wearing kaftans from the Honey Mahogany collection at Neimans? What sort of idiot thinks that putting a gigantic chevron under a women’s breast is a good idea?  Did these buffoons go to design or is Lifetime just hiring actors to play designers? 

  • Indigo54

    Gosh!  I’ve been wanting Benjamin to get the axe and when he did, I felt bad for him.  I don’t think his was the worst but it was certainly terrible.  His client was so sweet.  Reminds me of my Nana.  I could do no wrong with her.

    I was surprised at Nina and Heidi’s reaction to Samatha’s design.  I liked the idea of it – even tho she tortured the top.  It would have been criminal to design something frumpy for a snazzy lady like that.

    Patricia!  OMG!  TLo is right, this woman is not a fashion designer.  There’s no redeeming that hot mess she threw together! 

    Good Job, Stanley!  Wish the pants had been a little longer and the jacket a little looser but, all in all, I thought it worked. 

    Everything else was pretty much forgettable. 

    • libraangel

      Actually, I just thought of something I was going to write about in my post and you reminded me. The new trend for this Spring is ‘cropped’ pants – not capris, but a little shorter than usual. As a matter of fact, I just bought myself a pair. So Stanley’s look is very much now and on trend. I’m talking to you, Ms. Heidi, who still wears disco gowns.

  • RescueMe23

    OMG – all but the first look are horrifying.  If someone dressed my mother like that there’d be hell to pay!

  • kirkyo

    I was surprised by the auf since Benjamin was reality show gold. Actually, I was secretly hoping that they would auf both to bring back Joe.

    • I don’t understand why you think he’s “reality show gold.” He’s so boring.  I mean, I like him fine, but he’s a little precious for me.

    • fashionzombie

      I couldn’t stand Benjamin — I was willing to like him during Ep 1, but after that, his personality got on my nerves. He’s a classic example of someone who cannot deliver the goods that back up the smack talk and/or self inflation. 

  • CassandraMortmain

    As soon as I saw his sketches I had Stanley pegged for the winner.  And of course having a tall, slim and gorgeous woman as his client sure didn’t hurt.  I loved the look but he did produce an insane crotch.  It looks better in the stills than it did on the runway because it looked pretty bad when she moved.  But a good choice for the win.

    Amanda’s fabric would have been awesome as a wrap dress.  That would have been a perfect solution for that interesting print.  I’m getting a little tired of her constantly making bad choices and then spending the rest of the episode freaking out and trying to dig herself out of her self-imposed hole.

    Daniel’s look was a little too boring and looks sloppy in the stills but his model looked pretty slammin’ on the runway.  I think most women of a certain age would be thrilled to look like that, even if they do look like a first wife.

    Layana’s model had the most gorgeous hair and the dress was cute but it was way too short.

    Tu’s look was a disgrace.  And his model clearly was unhappy.  He should have gotten the auf.  But I can’t complain too much.  Benjamin definitely was past his sell-by date. 

    I feel a little uncomfortable saying this but some of those ladies made me cringe.  Goosing the guys, doing crazy runway dances and just generally acting like Amish teens during rumspringa.  Not that they have to act staid and dour but their little antics encouraged a “oh, look at the cute old things behaving silly” attitude that was patronizing and uncomfortable.  Except that the asked for it.

    • I am with you. Tu’s getup was the worst and he should have been auf’d.  Besides being a bad design with attrocious fit, his sewing skills were non-existant.

    • libraangel

      There is not always anything wrong with acting silly – at any age.

  • Ugh thank God I stopped watching. All of this is so embarrassing 

  • Carrieanno

    I always thought I’d be a faithful PR viewer until it breathes its last.  Now, not so sure.  The conspiracy theorist in me is certain every button in the bag had Patricia’s name on it.  If Tu is admittedly an abysmal seamstress (seamster?), what’s he doing there?  (Okay, I already know the answer to that one.)  Their models were “randomly selected?”  Hmmmm. . .  and why is that done now?   Why was Heidi especially short, tight and shiny-wearing last night?   If the duck tape challenge is a one day-er, PR producers will officially have become downright evil in my book.  My one uplifting thought from the start was how they all checked their egos at the door when they saw their models.  

    • In the online sewing community, “sewist” has become the general gender-neutral version of seamstress.

      • unbornfawn

        We’ve used “stitcher” for years in the theater.

    • guest2visits

      You’ve got to be right about that button-bag; it was outrageous that Michelle is paired with the one person she has been
      interviewed talking about not wanting to be paired with. And if I recall; Heidi didn’t say Layanna and Patricia, which was
      more accurate; she made it just ‘Patricia’ –  like the 2 of them were going to be tied together at the ankle.
      Oh shameless PR producers.  I want to see the names on these chips… everytime.

      • CozyCat

        On the other hand, we are seeing an edited version of many hours of Michelle’s remarks.  While it’s true that “they can’t show anything you didn’t give them,”  It’s also true that they can leave out a lot.  It could be that we are seeing EVERY remark Michelle has ever made about Patricia, but not seeing all the many, many things she said about other topics.

        • guest2visits

          Yes – anything’s possible in editing this show; they can probably make her recite the Gettysburg Address,
          without a hitch; if it means something for the story they’ve cooked up. Maybe that’s why I don’t care much
          about what the designers say or the ‘interpersonal workroom relationship’ that’s exploited in every episode.
          That may very well be entertaining or annoying background; but what I’m most interested in is the stuff that

          ends up getting made and put on the RW. That’s what I feel is the ‘real’ reason most people are interested
          in watching; and that is why it burns when the show f*ks it up with the time schedule, or the lame tasks,
          or extra-people-drama (teams).  They can talk about/or to each other all they want – the impediment to
          producing good work isn’t all the chatter (although there has been ALOT of chatter this season); it’s the
          parameters of the show that are getting in the way of decent results.
          And you know, (now that I’m on a ramble); I see that the designers are the narrators for their own show;
          Tim isn’t doing it, Heidi isn’t doing it, it’s got to be filled with someones’s narrative – so whether the
          designers voice something about themsevles or not; the producers will make it up, so it seems.

    • libraangel

      I like Tu, and I think he can sew because of the nice (but not suitable) dress he made for Miranda L. last week. However, he is hit or miss, but he also seems to be clueless sometimes, and I wonder if he really understands what is being said (English)?

    • Sally Brownson

      Honestly, I think randomly assigning models might be a response to what happened every time the designers picked them out: they’d pick the most modelesque one first and the biggest one last. I think a better solution would’ve been for the models to pick the designers, but that’s just me.

  • DeTrop

    ‘Robin Hoods angry mother-in-law’.  Hilarious, as was last night’s episode.  These ladies were full of exuberance and they made you love them.  What they got in return was, for the most part, sad.  

    The fuss over Richard’s schmatta had me laughing because it was the only way Stanley could be in the top and get the deserved win.  Who, in their right mind, would wear that in public?  It didn’t fit her properly as it was too oversized. Ben’s dress was too undersized. Hello!  She looked like a stuffed- doll. The sweet dear.  Amanda, Amanda why?  You interviewed Rosalie who was wearing a red print dress, so you go and pick out a red print fabric. How creative;  how courageous, how stupid! You better get a grip girl. Your exit pass is being sent to the printer. Tu, that was so bad, I’m still laughing.  I only wish your client had removed the belt and hit you with it.  Your smile and pleasantness is not going to carry you to finals. You need skills young man.  

    I thought the fabric choices were questionable.  MEchelle’s looks like a holiday cloth; Layana’s too bland for her client’s skin tone; Amanda – holy cow; Ben’s bright and shiny; Tu’s drab, made drabber by the unfinished garment.

    Upon closer inspection, Daniel’s suit looks ill-fitting (and he had a small client) but overall it’s nice.  Damning word – nice. Kate’s outfit is stellar.  She fitted it so that it was slimming and her choices were great, despite Tim’s critique.  Is he losing his edge?  Samantha’s was well executed but I didn’t like that chartreuse blouse.  The sleeves Louise!  Stanley was the best choice. His outfit was elegant as was his client.  Had he more time, he would have fixed the crotch and length. 

    Thank you to whoever started MEchelle.  She is very sure of herself and very outspoken.  They’ll keep her until Amanda, Tu, Patricia and Samantha get auf’d.  Her dislike of Patricia borders on the irrational.  Wonder what’s going on behind the scenes.  They surely put the muzzle on Water Lilly so she’s using her eyes to get her thoughts across.  Too funny.

    • AthenaJ

      I love everything you just said.

  • mjude

    why does benjamins fabric look stained?

  • nannypoo

    Lots of dreck on the runway last night. I liked Samantha’s best, even the color of the top, although I did not like the sleeves. It was interesting and right for her client. Kate’s was also pretty, but I agree that the top would be hard to get into without help. Stanley’s was elegant and his client looked beautiful. She would have looked better if the crotch had fit, but that’s what you get when you give a designer about half the time he needs to make an outfit. Everything else we have either seen before a million times (Michelle) or it’s so bad that I don’t know where to begin.

    Every season I fail to understand why PR designers feel that older or heavier women cannot be dressed attractively. I see them everywhere. It can’t be that hard.

    • libraangel

      “Everything else we have seen before: – this sums up the runway in a nutshell! (yes, especially Michelle)

  • Indigo54

    Richard put a new twist on THE SNUGGIE!  Wish I’d thought of that.  Where’d I put that thing anyway?  It’s cold in here.  

  • mom2ab

    1) did you notice Amanda and Benjamin’s models were wearing essentially the same fabric in the before and after?  And Amanda made almost the same dress only crappy and 2)every single dress had a wonky hem and hiked up in the back- isn’t there at least one class in design school where they have to make a garment that fits a 3 dimensional body?

    • Sweetbetty

       I noticed all the wonky hems too and wondered if they were a choice, i.e. handkerchief hem, mullet dress, or an inability to make a hem that is parallel with the floor.

    • libraangel

      Yes. If you look on the PR blog (Mila’s) Ben’s and Amanda’s clients have the same print (Amanda) and color (Ben)

  • Funkykatt

    I refuse to put on any weight when I get older because for if any chance I show up on this show, I don’t want anyone putting me in a potato sack. 

    •  I wouldn’t agree to walk the runway in a potato sack regardless of size.  If a designer decided they were too important to design for me, I’d ask why they had to go on a reality contest to begin with if they were that damn good and let B/M sue me for breach if they’d like.

    • CozyCat

      They’ve done a potato sack challenge (It was either Ping’s or Elise’s season).  Most of the final products were better than what we saw last night.

  • 3boysful

    I’m always moaning about the poor fabric choices, but again, we had some here.  I recently heard of a book about how most people nowadays, esp, of  course, the young, have no idea what nice clothes are.  We have become a society of “give me lots and make it cheap,” such that we’d rather have 2 shirts for $20 than one nice $50 shirt.   I think when you watch these mostly youngish designers select fabric, you see that don’t know good stuff theory in action.  Of course, they have budget limits, and they sometimes do spend on expensive fabric, but they don’t really know that the fabric who’s color or print they love is completely inappropriate for what they intend.  See, e.g.,  Amanda.

    • libraangel

      You also have to have taste both in fabric choices and styles. I have met women who wore cheaper, but still beautiful clothes. I have seen designer (Marc Jacobs, Pucci.e.g.) clothes that are hideous.

  • BrooklynBomber

    You’re both right about Michelle. She’s had too high an opinion of her own work but she’s also starting to face facts that she has not done well.  And this dress — cute print, but too retro — is a perfect example of her problem: she’s too influenced by Portland’s ironic, kitschy retro love, and doesn’t realize that this look isn’t going to fly outside her geographic bubble. She has the potential – she just needs to get out of Portland. (Sorry Portland people: I love you dearly, but you have your own style there and it’s very localized.)

    • Leah Polhemus

      Have you noticed, though, that designers from Portland tend to win their seasons?  Seth Aaron, Leanne, Gretchen…

      • Susan Collier

         I thought Gretchen was from Colorado.

        • Targettaste

           She’s from Portland, but they don’t want to claim her!

      • BrooklynBomber

        Oh, that’s a really good point. BUT I have to say that Leanne didn’t have that style. Seth was back and forth but his good stuff was so good that it outweighed the Portland flareups.  As for Gretchen, well, what can I say?

      • editrixie

        Seth Aaron was actually from Vancouver, Wash. — right across the Willamette River, but it’s still a different city and state. He might be in Portlandia now, but at the time I remember the Vancouver because I live in Washington.

        • Leah Polhemus

          Vancouver, WA is just across the Columbia River, not the Willamette, and is considered a suburb of Portland, whether or not it is technically in WA doesn’t matter.  

          • editrixie

            You’re right, and I don’t know what brain fart made me say Willamette rather than Columbia when I know better. But geez, why ya gotta be such a dick?

    • Sing4yursupper

      I thought her dress looked like cheap polyester.

      • DeTrop

        Thank you.

  • BrooklynBomber

    We sided with Joan’s view that a lady with a buzzcut, tattoos, and an ankle bracelet wants to wear a dress like this – and more importantly, should. 

    Wait, she said a lady with a buzzcut, tattoos, and an ankle bracelet wants to wear puffy sleeves and big old bow? I’d think she’s look better in Stanley’s outfit, or Patricia’s top over slim pants. 

    • libraangel

      Didn’t think about it, but you are right: I can visualize the lady in Stanley’s or Patricia’s (but I still liked Samantha’s, sorry)

  • tessasouthworth

    Although she’s not my favorite designer guest judge (just off the top of my head, that dubious honor would have to go to DVF or maybe Elie Tahari), it’s a pity that Rachel Roy can’t be a permanent replacement for Zac Poser.

    • libraangel

      Sorry – I don’t agree with you about DVF because I have very bad memories of the episode where she praised Laura Kathleen’s hideous jumpsuit: ” I was in Italy on a beach wearing a jumpsuit with such interesting people and I met my very handsome Prince there” blah, blah, blah ad nauseum

    • fashionzombie

      I LOVE Rachel Roy as a PR judge. I’d take her as a permanent replacement for any judge, actually. This ep, though, they weren’t showing a lot of her commentary. 

  • SewingSiren

    I am not a fan of the real woman challenges either. Especially when they use the client as the model and then give the critique with the client standing there in the dress. It always comes off as the client’s body being criticized. Always. And sometimes I venture to say it IS the client’s body being criticized.
    I bet a bag full of Monopoly money that Stanley’s client has modeled professionally at some point in her life. She looked great. Deserved win.
    I liked Richard’s too , for different reasons. I dis like the elastic cinch at the center front but I love the black back and the stripe.
    Daniel’s was pretty good too. Although I think a half collar is going to look like a mistake on most people, including his client.
    I loved Samantha’s and thought the critique was off base. The client loved it, and it was in the style of the designer. This is the way I’m going to dress when I get old. 
    Michelle and Layana’s weren’t nearly as good as they were led to believe. First of all if the judges REALLY liked them , they could have hauled them up to first place regardless of Patricia’s score. The were just praised in order to create drama. Michelle had an excellent client , whom I image has been involved in the dance profession. Very poised. 
    Patricia- I don’t think it’s that bad. The skirt should be less flowy and more fitted.
    I thought Kate’s was super cute for her client.
    Tu’s is a mess, but he was on the right track.
    Amanda’s is a mess and she was on the wrong track.
    Benjamin wasn’t even on the track. Although his client was very sweet. And the critique was harsh to do in front of her. I came of as cruel IMO.

    • meowing

      About your 1st paragraph:  I’ve wondered why they couldn’t round up real women of approximately the same size, whether size 8 or size 18.  Would make it more fair, I believe.

      • SewingSiren

        Of course they could. And there is a reason that they don’t. 

  • I side with Lo in re to Michelle. She seems to be an insufferable, back-stabbing biatch!

    • Sing4yursupper

      MEchelle is an odious creature. She doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut. I’ve not been impressed with her designs.

  • RedRaven617

    Layana’s dress may have been too short, but her model had Tina Turner legs! She wore it well. 

  • “Otherwise, it looks like she hasn’t changed her wardrobe in 50 years.”

    I disagree. If the dress is great, why fix what ain’t broke? 

    • Because people who wear the same outfit for 50 years are generally considered style-deficient and stuck in the past.

      • I feel like that only applies if the outfit itself is awful. Given that a lot of fashions from fifty years ago are considered classic today, I don’t see a problem with older people dressing in older, classic styles. It beats trying to look young with “modern” clothes that don’t suit them at all, or wearing awful, styleless clothes from Christopher & Banks or some other store that seems to cater to “mature” women.

        • We disagree pretty strongly. No one has the body at 70 that they had at 20; let alone the face. Regardless of how classic the styles of one’s youth become, it’s almost never a good idea to wear the exact same styles for decades at a time.

          • Sweetbetty

             But what if you’ve had clothes packed away for decades and haven’t been wearing them and then brought them out decades later when the style became popular again?  This is assuming, of course, that they still fit you and aren’t outrageously “too young”.  I deal in vintage clothing and there is a market of all ages for well-made, fashionable clothing from nearly all decades of the 20th century.

          • CozyCat

            The rule I have always heard is that if you wore it when it was first popular, then you can’t pull it off as retro when it’s revived without it aging you.  But if you weren’t around or were too young at the time, go for it. 

          •  I think you can still do something with a bit of a retro flair or style, as long as it’s not too literal — like you probably can’t do vintage. 

            (Which worked out really well for me recently when my mother realized the 70s were back and gave me a fantastic dress that had been sitting in her closet forever)

          • libraangel

            When I was a child, there was a lady on our street who still sported a 1920’s flapper bob. While she was a pretty lady, this aged her, rather than make her more youthful. ( And same with me – I’m 63 now – should I dress in my “hippie” style?

    • CozyCat

      There are probably a few outfits you could have worn for the last 50 years that wouldn’t have looked ridiculous at some point (the classic chanel suit?)  But it would have looked dated for much of that time.

      Then again, you would have missed the worst of the 80s and 90s, so maybe that’s not such a bad thing….

  • Sally3000

    I have to disagree that Benjamin’s cumulative body of work was superior to Amanda’s. In fact, I think it was the other way around, though neither was particularly impressive. He certainly was superior in terms of self promotion.

    • fashionzombie

      Yes — I went back and looked through all the posts, and Benjamin and Amanda seemed to have an equal amount of faint successes, nondescript middle-of-the-roaders, and terrible messes. However, Benjamin is very much a self-promoter, and Amanda is a little too honestly self-aware in front of reality-show cameras.

  • Vera L-

    I kept waiting for Michelle to screech “We forgot Kevin!” she’s like a young Catherine O’Hara hipster. 

    Amanda should have been sent home, wtf was with that dress? OMFG. 

  • Joan Rivers didn’t annoy me as much as I thought she would. They probably edited her comments enough to make her seem an almost decent human being. Also, I couldn’t be happier with Benjamin getting booted off. He was constantly concerning himself with what he saw as flaws in others, and never applying that concern to himself. 

    • Targettaste

       For me, a show where Joan Rivers “doesn’t annoy me as much as I thought she would, ” and is “an almost decent human being” is a major success.

  • notterriblybitter

    I would like to go out for a liquid lunch with these ladies and hear all the dirt that didn’t make it into the show. 

  • Why did none of the judges point out that . . . thing . . . in the middle of Richard’s dress?  I guess it was, like, a loop for a belt (drawstring might be a better word – I think there was a tie on her right side)? Maybe? But it stuck out like a sore thumb, and Heidi just kept saying she’d totally wear that dress with leggings and boots.  I was so confused, I was yelling at the TV.  Not my finest moment.

    • CarolinLA

      Right!!!!  What the fuck was that???

    • DeTrop

      Richard had to get props or else Stanley would have been in the bottom.  Manipulation.  Just like the button bag filled with only Patricia’s name.  My mamma didn’t raise no dope.

  • And here comes another one-day challenge.  Benjamin knew he had fit issues but no time to fix them.  Other people wanting to do this or that but no time.  What is the point of all this rushing again?  This is boring.  Reminds me of a show my mom used to watch: Supermarket Sweep.  Oh, Bravo, I miss you!

    • Yeah, I just don’t understand why we can’t have more 2-day challenges.  If they insist on 1-dayers, then the judges need to scale back their expectations.  It’s not fair to expect perfection AND innovation in such a short time.

    • YoungSally

      Supermarket Sweep— Best game show/product endorsement commercial EVEH

      • MissAmynae

        Lotsa turkeys on that show, as well. 

        • YoungSally

          Agreed — frozen, butterball and just plain old jive.  No organic, free-range in those days.

          • MissAmynae

            ha! perfect!

          • Oh my god, I almost spit out my Coke over the jive turkey reference. I haven’t heard it in years.  I’m actually a little bummed out that we don’t use it anymore. It might be the funniest insult ever.

        •  And I never understood that — turkeys are cheap!  Go for seafood, man!

      •  I remember that show!  I loved that show — it was so insane…

    • libraangel

      I agree completely!!! Imagine what outfits we would see if they had more time! (And I base this on final collections )

    • Sally Brownson

      While I don’t mind 1-day challenges in general, I definitely agree that this particular challenge should’ve been a 2-day challenge with the fitting on the second day. It’s really not fair to the ladies to make them wear such badly-fitted garments.

  • I thought most of it was Funky – and not in a good 70s kind of way.
    Ben’s model was so adorable, I thought for sure that alone would save him.
    I’m surprised Patricia didn’t get strangled by the other two when they went back to the waiting room. 
    Heidi looked like a sparkly cave woman in that last dress.
    Why was Melissa there? 
    What is the point of this show again? 

    • Sweetbetty

       The only point of Melissa Rivers being there, or having any career in show business at all, is her mother’s connections.

  • Indovina

    I, too, hate the “Real Women” challenges for much the same reasons. The judging is always cruel to the clients (“Do you like the dress?” “Oh, yes, I love it.” “Well you shouldn’t. You look fat and terrible.”), but at least the designers weren’t, for once.

    And it’s always just so awkward to watch the clients walk the runway. If you didn’t realize that there’s an actual skill-set involved in modeling, these episodes should teach you something.

    Stanley won, both by virtue of having the most model-esque client (what else is new?) and by virtue of actually having one of the best looks of the challenge. There are fit issues galore in the pants, but granting a bit of leeway, this is a great look.

    Richard’s – I stick by my original assessment from last night: Science Officer hair cutting smock. The judges are either crazy (I note this isn’t the first time that Richard has produced some hideous, baggy, misshapen thing they’ve loved) or they were trying to justify Stanley’s team being in the top.

    Daniel – Welcome back… to the uglier, less interesting version of what you made for the first challenge.

    Kate – There’s something interestingly ageless about this look. It’s not perfectly fitted or practical, but it is a cute look. And I liked Kate’s response to the judges attempt to get her to sell out her teammate. “How did you work as a team?” really means “Tell us that you are responsible for anything good and your teammate was deadweight.”

    Tu’s look makes me feel sad. I am glad that he is still around, because I think he has some interesting ideas, but this concerns me. I don’t know that he will be able to execute those ideas. Unfortunately.

    Patricia had some really great looks at the beginning of the season and, suffice it to say, not so much since. This is hideous. While I suspect this look would actually drag the team’s cumulative score down (if the judges genuinely cared about that, which they don’t), I think Heidi was just being manipulative and starting trouble when she told the team that the other looks would have been in the top.

    Layana’s is a bit sloppy looking, but not a bad dress altogether.

    I’m with both Tom and Lorenzo in turns on Michelle. She doesn’t particularly annoy me – not because I think she’s half as great as she thinks she is – but I’m actually kind of amused by her self-absorption and cockiness. She’s too ridiculous on that front – and not wrong  enough in her assessment of others – to be bothersome so far. Although the fact that she hates Patricia and Patricia actually seems fond of her is awkward. I also agree about her dress.

    Amanda. Oh, Amanda. And she was doing so well, for once, last challenge.

    I was actually starting to like Ben. Oh well. It was either now or a couple of episodes from now.

    • Now that Kate’s getting some screen time and I actually know who she is, I’ve come to really like her. She has an innate grace about her, and she earned a lot of points for deflected that stupid question and standing by Tu. I liked the dress she made last week (red in two different fabrics), and I think the one she made this week was pretty great. Layana, who maybe isn’t quite as adorable as I thought she was a few weeks ago, said Kate makes dowdy, old fashioned clothes. I’d say Layana is full of crap.

      I’m starting to understand why everyone has wanted to work with Stanley. He never loses his cool, he seems to be confident without being cocky, and he has some real skills. He made a terrific suit for his model; while he was lucky to get the most model-like woman of the group, a less-skilled designer could have still screwed it up.

      •  I liked her before I knew anything about her ’cause I like her hair color and my only girl’s name is Kate:D  Seemed as good of a reason as any to like a current PR designer…

        • Indovina

          I support you in that decision.

          Sadly, I don’t even have my usual arbitrary reasons for liking a PR designer.

      • libraangel

        Kate’s was beautiful – but did look like something I wore in the 1980’s 

      • Indovina

        I agree, on both counts.
        And you’re absolutely right, in less-skilled hands, things could have wound up terrible even with the most model-like client – after all, designers on the show screw up designing for actual models every week.

      • blondie65

        I also really liked how Kate responded to her client when she got a little confused during the Q&A on the runway….it was very quick scene, but Kate was gentle and patient with her.  That coupled with I’ve liked what she’s done the last 2 weeks, and add in her standing up for Tu…she has risen to the top of my list for the season.  I’d really love this to end up with Kate & Stanley as part of the final 3.

  • Deb Oswald

    Amanda- she should be OUT!!  

    Samantha- the sleeves destroyed that dress.  Loved that client!

    PATRICIA!!!!!!  WTF???  They should have instantly altered the rules and aufed her.  INSTANTLY.

    Richard- oy that dress- belt???  YES on a wrap dress, please.

    I sort of liked the pant suits and that printed skirt!

    Duct tape next week I see!  Talk about a potential for disaster. LOL

  • I am impressed by all the colors this week. Hooray! And Stanley’s client is gorgeous! I wish I could look that good as a senior citizen.

    Michelle is still annoying. She is not all that. However I am just as tired of Amanda and her whining too. They can both go away ASAP.

  • I agree with everything but Patricia. She’s really so much better than the 2 she was paired with. I’m glad Benjamin went, his body of work was ok but seriously this was something one would wear to wedding of the girl who married your best friend’s HS boyfriend. Bleach. and don’t they know how to steam? Richard’s look was a frigging baggie .. and even leggings couldn’t help it. Despite Heidi’s loving words – we would NEVER see her in anything even close to that. I go back to my original assessment of this season, without Kors its a snoozefest. 

  • I really thought Samantha’s dress suited her client.  She reminded me of the Advanced Style ladies. I kept thinking Richard’s dress must look totally different in person that the judges think it’s so great, cuz it looks like the dress you make out of sheets when you weigh 600 lbs and can’t get out of your house without removing a wall. Layana’s dress was okay, but I didn’t think it suited her model. The length and sheerness of it said, “please think I’m 20 years younger than I actually am.” Michelle’s dress was nothing special. I wore one almost exactly the same about 5 years ago for Easter.  I’m not really sold on her design skills and her constant whinging gets on my nerves. The fact that I had to go back to see what she’d done so far tells me she’s not destined for fashion greatness.  I have no memory for her work.  

  • GorgeousThings

    Is that show still on?

  • decormaven

    Patricia’s outfit is an homage to Tent City. I would have staged a sitdown if I had to wear that schmatta.

    • DeTrop

      Likewise Tu and Richard. Come on!  In what universe would any self-respecting woman walk out in public in those rags?  I’ve said it before, the only reason Richard was in the top was because he was paired with Stanley.  Stanley who deserved the win over every other person.  

      I’d like to say again that MEchelle should shut her mouth about Patricia.  Once or twice is enough.  She isn’t good enough to rag on anybody.  That dress last night was a decent style in a hideous print replete with crystals.  The lack of respect some of the designers showed for these seniors is heartbreaking.  Just because someone is of ‘a certain age’ doesn’t mean they’re ready for the dustbin, which is where Tu’s Amanda’s Richard’s, Patricia’s and Benjamin’s belong.  Infuriatingly insulting.  These women carried themselves with grace and/or enthusiasm. They deserved better – much better.

  • MommyMitzi

    1. I bet you $100 that every token in Heidi’s bag had Patricia’s name on it
    2. Did Heidi purposely wear that disco cave woman dress to show off her body compared to the older ladies?
    3. I wish they would have let Michelle’s model/dress be in the top 3 so they could have talked with the client. She was a hoot and the interaction between her, the judges and Michelle would have have been probably the most entertaining part of the show! If you’re doing to manipulate things, at least do it well.
    3. Richard’s dress was beyond hideous and entirely unflattering. Why manipulate the show and have the judges pretend to like it when real life is almost always better than scripted? Ridiculous. 
    4. In fact, Heidi and Producers: stop scripting and manipulating altogether. You insult your audience, your judges and your designers. And you all look like fools.

  • Imasewsure

    I didn’t watch the show but how fricking cute is Benjamin’s lady… those glasses, that smile.. grandmadorable!! And this is an awesome sentence: “there’s always at least one designer who reaches down, grabs their own foot, and shoves it in their mouth, chomping away on the delicious taste of ass-hattery.” Perfect and accurate!!

  • thelovelydove

    I love this challenge! Fashion is for everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, or income bracket. 

    Unfortunately, I didn’t care for most of the looks on that runway. :/

    I’m shocked that Benjamin went home, actually. The construction wasn’t good, but his client was happy and it certainly wasn’t the worst thing on that runway. 
    I’m waiting for the judges to notice the expiration date on Patricia’s head.

    I actually like sort of like Michelle. Her comments about Patricia are justified, especially after this episode. And Michelle’s designs don’t always appeal to me, but I absolutely love her dress for this challenge.

    It’s so tough to judge who should actually go home when the designers only have one fucking day to complete the challenges. It’s so difficult to judge a designer’s potential by what he or she can complete in only one day. 

  • KMart sells every one of these dresses. This show is OVER.

    • Sweetbetty

       You’d never find Patricia’s mess at K-Mart.

      • AthenaJ


      • DeTrop

        Even they have standards.

  • editrixie

    So, is the dress underneath Patricia’s horrid moving blanket shawl strapless? I can’t see any straps there, and I just…WHAT. Unless you’re Helen Mirren, strapless is never your friend once you’re over 60. Why would she do that?

    • Sweetbetty

       I was wondering about that too.  A woman of that model’s age with that size girls is not someone who wants to go strapless.  If you look real close at the middle picture at the PR site it looks like there’s one of those clear elastic straps visible; I assume from her bra.  I wonder what Patricia had planned for support when she was making that sheer poncho?

    • libraangel

      I thought it was a skirt?

  • Qitkat

    Amanda, Layana and Michelle went dumpster diving in the bin of scary fabrics that slid off their bolts a couple of decades ago. Michelle’s model was the most fun of all down that runway and saved the team.

    There is no bleepin’ excuse for Patricia. I refuse to even call her an artist. 3 straight weeks of shite. If this keeps up, I will start looking back fondly at Anya. Benjamin was apparently the annointed sacrificial lamb whose expiration date was up, and let’s be honest, his model had a challenging body to fit properly. The only redeeming thing was the flattering color, as the bust, waist, center inverted pleat, and hem were all wrong.Amanda, yikes, she is the token helpless contestant now left standing. She joins Richard (bad!), Tu (so very bad!), and Patricia (cringingly bad!) in serious construction issues, and knowing how to flatter a real woman’s body.Stanley rightly won, and I’m starting to imagine him and Samantha in the finals. I thought I would hate the leopard, but Samantha made a sharp, chic outfit. And Kate’s was quite cute.

    • CozyCat

      What makes me like Amanda is that when she’s off track she really knows it and when she’s got a good design she knows it.  
      I suspect she may be the kind of person who needs to walk away from something before she can change course.  People like that are never going to do well on this show.

    • DeTrop

      “…………I will start looking back fondly at Anya”

      Anya had exemplary taste in prints.  MEchelle – holiday cloth w/bling; Amanda – why not reconstruct your client’s interview dress; Layana – no pop against your client’s skin tone.  These choices are making MOOD look bad.
      Swatch should have gone for their ankles.

  • Stubenville

    So last week Snidley got savaged by the judges over the frayed edge technique on his skirt “It looks cheap. It looks like a napkin!” So what does Princess Water Lilly do this week? Fray every damn edge on the bundle of rags she sent down the runway and apparently she gets a pass. Such is the cracktaskic world of PR Teams.

    • Therese Bohn

       “Snidely” -lol! 

  • Forgot to say before that I thought the one-sided collar was stupid and weird. 

    • AthenaJ

      Yeah, I thought it was kinda cool while watching the show… but seeing it in still pictures, it just looks wonky.

  • annieanne

    this hospital gown is HIDEOUS and everyone on that judges’ panel who used the word “chic” to describe it should immediately be drug tested.

    And Heidi and anyone else who said they’d love to wear it, should be forced to.

    Looking at the picture of Amanda’s client, when they first met, it looks like Amanda just took the dress she was wearing, added a kerchief hem and some fluttery sleeves and called it a day. As bad as Benjamin’s dress was, I think Amanda should have got the auf.

    • AthenaJ

      ‘And Heidi and anyone else who said they’d love to wear it, should be forced to.’


    •  I actally have tears in my eyes from laughing.
      Oh yes: Heidi forced to wear the outfits she “likes”! Another spin-off show.

  • dickylarue

    The minute I saw Stanley’s model before she was assigned to anyone I proclaimed, “whoever gets her wins the challenge”. Gotta love the predictability of this show. 

    If Michelle was creating fashion that was leading the pack, some of the mean girl stuff would be excused. But I’ve seen nothing on the runway that lives up to her opinion of herself. She looks like she’s designing for Pat Benatar video’s from the 80’s. 
    Flares With Her Eyes look, yet again, was horrendous. But Michelle needs to worry about her own looks more than Patricia’s. Is it cliche to say Patricia’s looks are “off the reservation” at this point? Hey, if she can work the native American thing, so can I.  

    I’m glad Ben was auf’d in that I didn’t believe he was a designer. He was more of a DJ than a recording artist if you get my drift. I think Amanda can make better clothes than him although her dress was a dud. 

    I’m definitely warming up to Kate. I disliked her in the beginning, but I think I was lumping her in with that other twenty-something-twit who was auf’d first.  

    And Daniel needs to stop channeling Dustin Hoffman’s voice & personality when dressed in drag as Dorothy Michaels in Tootsie. I’m expecting him at any moment to say “Good Day Dr. Brewster. I said, Good Day!” 

    • libraangel

      Don’t know what you mean with the Daniel/Dustin connection. Daniel is more like Dali from Texas

  • Targettaste

    Before the season started, Tim promised us that the team concept worked really well.  I’m still waiting to see it.  Last night was a perfect example of why it doesn’t work.  They didn’t have to do any work together, and they barely had time to finish their own garments.  When do the judges expect them to help their teammates when they have so little time?  It might be interesting to see some actual teamwork, but give them time for it.

    • Qitkat

      The team concept is a joke. They are told over and over that the looks don’t have to be cohesive, and yet, they get slammed for not helping their teammates. The larger teams actually worked better in the earlier episodes, when they were told to create a *collection* of sorts. More collaborating.

    • OrigamiRose

      And it’s devolved into pairs at this point, no?  (I mean, with one exception last night, that I assume will shift next week with one of the three matched with Amanda.)

      It was promising with two groups. 

  • CurbGirl

    Cute + Sassy = condescending crap. If a male of any age had goosed one of the female designers, would that have been adorable???

    •  Thank you for that. I’m, uh, Medicare age, and anyone who called me cute or sassy or adorable or any of those obnoxious condescending words used to describe women d’une certaine age would get his/her face ripped off. I’d rather be called a fat ugly old bag.

      •  Yeah, and as for fashion — I wear jeans and t-shirts, on rare occasions calling for it, a dvf knock-off. I wouldn’t use any of those fabrics as cleaning rags.

      • CurbGirl

        I suspect that many folks condescend to disguise there own fear of aging and its obvious outcome. That said I have no intention of dressing like ‘baby jane’ to make someone else comfortable! 

        Oh no, I’ve given away my age, again… 

      •  I don’t know… I don’t think it’s always condescending.  I mean, I can think of some people I know who will still best be described as “cute” when they’re 80; they just have those kind of faces.  When the one designer said her model looked cute, I don’t think it was meant to be condescending because she said it the way she would have said it about her 22 year old model too. 

    • Sweetbetty

       I was thinking the same thing about the goosing.  If a man had done it to a woman there would have been a sexual assult lawsuit in the works before the auffed designer was packing up to go.

    • fashionzombie

      It’s the first thing I thought of re: the goose. If it’s inappropriate for an older man to do it, it’s inappropriate for an older woman as well.

  • No, a belt wouldn’t have helped. It would have done what happened to Tu’s – made a whole lot of fabric go all bunchy. It needed about 3/4 of a yard LESS FABRIC, to start, and some actual shape in the pattern. Richard put that elastic to try to compensate for the fact that he had a  bunch of rectangles going on, succeeded only in adding another bigass rectangle to the front.

  • Also, I am certain there was some way for Heidi to ID Patricia’s button in the bag to put Michelle and Patricia on the same team. I don’t buy that it was random. I don’t mind Michelle because she’s been echoing my thought about Patricia all season, and also I don’t pay much attention to the “drama/construction” parts of the episodes anymore because I am so tired of it. 

    I liked Kate’s – my mother and I wear variations on that outfit too – and I have a feeling that there’s a zipper in the back of that top to help get her into it? I don’t remember from the episode, but I can’t see how something so constructed to death in the top wouldn’t have a zipper. But I could be wrong. 

    I liked Samantha’s look too, but that chartreuse satin was terrible – a royal blue or deep purple would have contrasted the orange tones in the skirt better.  Or just black.

    I did not really like any of the “top 3/4” aside from them (I can’t even remember which was which). The suits – well, Stanley’s was ok if you ignored the crotch, but Daniel’s was tragic. 

    One day more! Another day to make a good design. Another day is all we ask, Lifetime. One day might make the difference ‘tween a crapshow and a runway show. One day more!

    • Therese Bohn

       I have no doubt that the Michelle/Patricia button was a complete set up.

    •  Love the “One day more” Les Mis references!

  • guest2visits

    So far; I’m fine with Michelle’s rundown of whats going on in her corner of the workroom. It’s not really like she’s ranting at anyone
    except the camera (and we don’t know how or when it’s being shot and edited in); and it is fairly accurate commentary.. and funny.
    And these are TEAMS, right? So there IS going to be the extra footage of designers talking about each other; it seems to be the sole
    purpose of the format, besides obscuring the murky judges’ rules for eliminations and wins. And as of this point; her monologue
    is slightly more interesting than her designs have been.
    I thought Layana’s was abit scanty, too – but not as bad as others. Smanatha’s was really pretty from the waist down ( I liked the sash)
    but the sleeves were wrong (not many can wear these little bo-peep bubbles, at any age) and both the neckline and back needed to
    be adjusted higher. I never see Joan in this state of reveal, and this would be the kind of look she would slam on tube, not cheer on.
    Daniel’s was also not bad – I didn’t see anything wonderful about the 1 lapel, and the fit was off in a few places.
    Still think that Amanda, Patricia, and Richard were in the bottom, and Stanley for the win, Kate 2nd.  Everyone else squeezed by.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Ugly, frumpy, dowdy, ill-fitting, poorly made.  These could apply to almost any of the designs from that runway.  Take your pick. It’s like Fug Libs.  

    I’d call out Richard and Patricia with the most hideous.  Richard’s is either a men’s XXXXL shirt or a dumpy tracksuit. Praising stuff like this really calls the credentials of these judges into question. Is it just me or did Rachel Roy come off like she was sitting on a throne in judgement of mere peons?  OFF with their heads!

  • All Richard does is make swimsuit coverups, or tee-shirts.  I can’t imagine a woman of 65 wanting to wear that horrible thing with that THICK BAND OF ELASTIC.  Gross.  She looks exactly as TLo said; like she’s at the hospital.  Why didn’t anyone make a sensible garment?  What do our mother’s wear?  Separates.  Simple dresses.  The leopard dress is absurd, but the real travesty is Patricia’s Christmas tree skirt jacket.  LOL

  • Layana’s model is gorgeous (like Queen Latifah in 20 years) and can more than pull off a short skirt.  I actually like her dress the best, except for the print.

  • I am NOT a Michelle fan.  She’s one nasty piece of work.  I’d really like to see her gone – and soon.  As for Patricia….I hated last nights design – but I like her work overall; especially what she showed in the early weeks of the competition.  I do get classifying her an artist as opposed to a designer, however.  She makes one-off, handmade items.  Perhaps they don’t translate well when it comes to mass production….but there’s room for her vision and aesthetic nonetheless.  At least Patricia seldom bores me – which is more than I can say for mouthy Michelle.

  • Janet B

    Last week, after seeing that Benjamin was no longer a weepy mess I said he’d be out soon. Producer manipulation still going strong.

  • Mistie Holler

    Some of these women are seriously good looking. I’ve got to grow me some cheekbones before my face starts sagging!

    • My mother used to say that everything else might go, but good cheekbones and great legs are forever. She had both until the day she died.

      I’ve been trying to imagine her wearing anything we saw last night, and the only thing that passes muster is Daniel’s suit. I could see her in that, with both collars and better tailoring. Maybe she’d wear a decent version of Tu’s dress. She had great taste and a very simple, classic style. Most of what was on that runway would have horrified her.

      • Mistie Holler

        I don’t think Tu’s dress is anywhere near as bad as TLo said it is. Maybe in a less Robin-Hoody shade it’d work better.

        • mhleta

          If Tu’s dress had been executed properly, it would have been a home run. I don’t understand why he was so undone by it. 

          • Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. I’m confused about the timeline, but I think he had way too much fabric and ran out of time to redo the dress. There’s a good, classic dress in there somewhere.

            It seems the models often come in for their fittings late in the day. In theory that makes sense, because it gives the designers the time to have something to put on the models. But with the insanely short amount of time they’re given they don’t have the time to make adjustments, especially if there are serious problems with the garment. I don’t know how anyone on this show manages to turn out something that’s even presentable.

      •  That’s kind of the reverse of my mother’s advice: take care of your neck and hands.  Everything else can be tucked and smoothed, but aging there is forever.

      • AthenaJ

        I’m reminded of a great Absolutely Fabulous quote that I think Eddie said to Saf – something like “Your whole body hangs off my cheekbones”

        • Mistie Holler

          Ha! I thought of it, too, but didn’t quote it because I thought it was too obscure. Should’ve known my audience! It’s when Patsy’s getting a facelift (‘just grab her by the back of the head, shake her up and down a bit and cut off the slack’!) and Edina’s getting something done too.

          • Observing U

            omg I was going crazy to remember this – you are right – it’s when Eddie is under sedation to have an acupuncture needle removed from her toe – she is experiencing a dream sequence and her mother isn’t the white headed mother in the show, but some other woman who Eddie compliments how nice her bone structure is. The “other mother”, while smoking, said “your whole body hangs of my cheekbones”. I haven’t watched that show in years but it was so hilarious the emotions burned many of the episodes into my brain lol.

  • The ladies were vivacious. Most of the garments were badly conceived. Joan was not as brash as I expected. What does she have in common with these women? Not the age, surely. She took a hefty gulp from the fountain of youth. Or slurps of silicone. What she said to Tu was astute, tho.

    So, Stan, congrats. You’re a I-work-and-move-no-facial-muscle guy. More palatable than “ME! I’ve been that leader. I hand-loomed the top, and I… ME! I’m recovering from an abusive relationship and as a person, I… ME! I’m about 7 ft. tall. I’ve got platinum blond hair. ME! There’s all kinds of supporting structures on my bodice, and I…”

    But Stan, that CROTCH!! It looks as if the vay-jay is playing dress-up.

    (Ambitious piece, nonetheless. Intrinsically elegant. Liked the stand-up bolero.)

    Rich: Not a top scorer, by any means, but I didn’t think it was half-bad. It conveys his point-of-view. That’s what he does: sportswear-inspired, asymmetrical, color-blocked pieces. I respond to the black-and-mint green color palette. I would reconfigure that drawstring, tho.

    Daniel: Liked the half-lapel. I dunno if the sky-blue is part of a shirt or an accent. Probably the latter. The suit is poorly fitted. Her belly looks as if it’s going to burst real soon. Daniel, stop with this “crossing over”. Do zippers. Buttons. Closures.

    Kate: One of the most successful entries, IMO. The sweater contains some nice detailing such as the chevrons, the ribbing, and the articulated shoulder treatment. The printed, flowing skirt balances the structured sweater.

    Michelle: I respond to the scale-like print, the crystal cinching, and the kicky silhouette. Good work.

    Sam: Well executed. The top’s too shiny, tho.

    Layana: Barely acceptable. Rendered in an inoffensive print. Awry piping.


    Tu’s bathrobe was the worst, and he should have gone home for it.

    Patricia’s was rough and unfinished, but she made it work in the 11th hour. I kind of like the configuration of that shawl/collar. Well, “like” might be an exaggeration, but it is MILES better than the sack on which she was working. The other two should have helped her as opposed to whispering about her and going to confession.

    Amanda: the entire episode focused on you. You selected that print. You’re stuck with it. Don’t lament what you can’t change. Suck it up and make a goddamn dress.

    And the platinum blond– you know, as ostentatious and self-important as I found him to be and as inconsistent as his body of work has been, this is not a losing entry. Sure, it’s tight and shiny and dated, but it’s nowhere near as poorly executed or poorly fitted or poorly designed as the above-mentioned three.

  • Sweetbetty

     Not being innovative was the bigger problem I saw with Tu’s design.  Even if it had been perfectly executed, it still would have looked like a dress you could have bought off the rack in any mall in the US.

  • Sweetbetty

     It looked to me more like area to accommodate man parts.

  • Sweetbetty

     And I have to disagree.  I’ve never seen Patricia take any advice or suggestions to heart, not from her teammates and not from Tim.  She may nod and seem to accept it, but then we see her telling the camera that she knows what she’s doing and is going to follow her own ways.  I doubt Michelle and Layana could have talked her out of that final design.

    • libraangel

      Patricia’s excuse (to quote her) was it went wrong in the beginning because she was following the client’s wants, not her own

      • Therese Bohn

         But why would Patricia’s client want to look like a multi-blue tortilla?

  • yulaffin

    I thought Daniel’s was the fugliest ( that jacket) until I saw Patricia’s – holy crap!  It looks like she just tore up and then sewed together a few tablecloths.

  • Presumably some of these designers would know, or at least have it in mind, how to create fashion for “women of a certain age” who, lets be real about it, will be the ones with the means to buy their work (or at least commission it).  Do none of them have mothers, or aunts who are stylish?  Ugh.  Anyway…

    Stanley had the best entry, with Kat and Sam being runner’s up for me.  I totally thought what Sam made was appropriate for the client and god knows Heidi has worn worse during this season, so she (Heidi) should shut it up.  Michelle, while talking too much, does have some valid points on Patricia who has made at least three questionable garments thus far (i.e. aufable).  Tu’s was wretched though but overall his work has been stronger than Ben’s and he owned that his work was a mess (over Amanda who made too many excuses for me…girl, you made the damn dress so suck it up and own it if it’s awful).  Ben has been talking too much and all those opinions weren’t showing in his own designs so the decision was the right one for me.

    (While I find this season to be sort of boring, I do like that they’re keeping the “My (insert relative here) died” stories to a minimum and focusing more on process.)

  • Lilithcat

    I got really annoyed when someone (can’t recall who) said that one of the clients looked “cute”.  No, sorry, that is incredibly condescending.  

    I have to say that, much as I generally can’t stand them, Melissa and Joan had two of the best comments of the night.  Joan when she said that a woman with a buzz cut and tattoos could and should rock that look, and Melissa when she pointed out that grandmothers the world over wear Benjamin’s look at weddings.

    This challenge, sadly, resulted in some of the most godawful garments ever. They were all ass, except for Stanley’s, Kate’s and Samantha’s.

    •  Why is it condescending?  I mean, “cute” is very much some people’s look — sort of like bombshell or girl next door.  That’s not likely to change just because you’ve aged.  If it’s your look, then trying to aim for the stately grande dame look is not going to work, no matter how old you are.  I thought the designer who said her model looked cute was fine.  (I also thought when Heidi described the one client as “cute” did come off VERY condescending and smug)

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Two day challenges.  That’s all I’m sayin’.

  • mhleta

    Patricia made her client look like an actual teepee. Richard’s woman looked like a patient at a medical spa. The day Heidi wears that dress with leggings and boots is the day I become pope.

    • libraangel

      Thanks for the LOL! But BTW, did you – and anyone else – see what Patricia had on in those little ‘mini clips/quotes’ throughout the episode? It was like a Navajo blazer or something and a really nice necklace – it looked better and nicer than anything she has designed thus far

    • AthenaJ

      Hey, the job did just become open… I for one wouldn’t mind those swanky apartments and designer clothes that come with the pope gig!

  • MissAmynae

    I miss Laura. 

  • Pennymac

    Sloppy seams, crooked hems, absolutely poor construction. Seeing these stills highlights all of the uglies. Please, please, please PR; give more than one day for a challenge!!!!!

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    joan rivers, and benjamin didn’t cry?  i am disappoint.  i wanted to see joan put howard jones in a fucking psych ward.

    •  Good Lord, Howard Jones! Whom I hated almost as much as Whin-jamin!

  • libraangel

    First of all: again only ONE day? Then Stanley should get first prize not only for a chic pantsuit, but for creating such an elegant piece in one day. (And if he had more time, I think he would have fixed the crotch problem)
    As for the others, I perhaps would have placed Daniel, Samantha, Layana, and Richard in the top. I say perhaps because all of them (except Samantha’s which I thought was fab for her client) had something I didn’t like. Daniel – I know his “look” is ‘one collar’ but if I saw that for the first time, I would wonder where the other side was. Layana – Even with great legs, a little too short. Richard – color! What was that? toothpaste mint?!
    As for the others, everyone loved Kate’s look so much and the print was nice, but I agree with Tim – Winter top, Spring bottom. And the judges’ called Ben on his being too tight – I agree with T&L that Kate’s top was equally tight. Tu’s color was so flattering with her red hair, and I know how everyone is saying how bad it is, but it could have been nice with the right sewing and styling. And God bless Tu’s little heart for realizing his mistakes and being all ashamed and humble: I just want to squeeze the dimples of his cheeks!
    I have to devote an entire paragraph to Michelle, Like Lorenzo, I think she is a fake bitch: “Oh, kiss, kiss, Patricia – I’m on your team – love, love” but really ” I hate you, Patricia”, when Patricia, whether you like her or not, really didn’t do anything as far as I can see to Michelle. As for her dress, WOW- a simple print 1950’s dress ! Big Whoop! She only got praise for that mess of a dress because her wonderful model worked it on the runway.
    At least Patricia works quietly and did see the errors in her original design. No, I didn’t like the final result (mostly because of the raggedy edges), but to whip something out like that in 15 minutes or so requires some skill. Still I am disappointed in Ms. Water Lily, because she started out so well in Episode One.
    As for the bottom two, Ben’s was ‘grandmother at the wedding’ and made poor Holly look a 100 years older. And satin! – I can’ even! But I would have given Amanda the auf: not only did use the same print the client was wearing at the interview (go check it out), the back!!! I NEVER thought I would agree with Heidi (never!), but it did look as if she sat on glue!
    p.s. Why did Heidi talk so much this time?
    p.p.s I like Joan Rivers, but why always Joan AND Melissa? Promo for their new show?
    p.p.p.s I felt like kicking the TV screen when Heidi said “too tight” – for obvious reasons!

    • so on the same page as you.  I posted a comment a few minutes ago that I could have skipped and just clicked “like” on your post 🙂

    • that’s right – drink the kool-aid of the editors at lifetime & bm long & deep. no manipulation is happening at all. there is no possible way that maybe patricia bothers others as well and that they as well have bitched some in the confessional… but it’s more fun to take just one person and make the the villain out of them by only really showcasing their confessionals on the matter. yes. we know all know we get the full truth of everything that happens. never mind that the confessionals are done hours afterwards….

  • EverybodysStarling

    Stanley’s model – I kept thinking, this beautiful lady has to be Halle Berry’s mom. 

  • A.

    Geez Louise….er Patricia! When is she out the door already!?

  • pylgrym

    My hub once said that the first time a style returns, it’s nostalgia. The second time, you’re getting old. I think we just arrived at old.

  • geeeque

    i find it amusing how many commenters here call michelle a bitch for calling out patricia’s design failings then go on to agree with her (lorenzo included). far as i can tell michelle has never insulted patricia personally, she just hates her work. i like michelle and her salty personality. i find her to be the most interesting and relatable designer on this show in many seasons; unlike the usual made-for-reality attention whores. btw i love the idea someone else put forth here about casting all recent design school graduates. central st martens vs. parsons! 

    • AthenaJ

      At the beginning of the season I liked Michelle’s snark, and still find some of her quips amusing… but when all someone has to say is negative, it starts to get old real fast.

  • Why oh why will they not give the designers two days?  Will it cost them that much more money?  

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      This is what I’m saying.

  • CarolinLA

    I call bullshit on Heidi saying that she gave Michelle and Layana her highest scores.  No WAY!!!  It was all to set up the drama.  And until Michelle starts producing something even remotely that looks like fashion and not clothes, shut the fuck up!!!!

    • mskgb

      Absolutely–Tante Heidi stirred the drama potion with that remark. Love when she tried the same technique with Kate only to get calm acceptance and praise for Tu as a respectful partner. “I Could Have Won” Layana and “Others Put Me in the Bottom” Michelle took to provocation like two wasps. Please, those dresses weren’t all that. Layana’s print hid mistakes and Michelle didn’t cut hers in a way that most effectively displayed her garment’s design lines.

  • bobman59

    Samantha’s model = Blanche Deveraux
    Michelle’s model = Rose Nyland
    Stanley’s model = Dorothy Zybornac
    Benjamin’s model = Sophia Patrillo

    All they needed were a few scripts from Marc Cherry and a cheesecake.   My favorite part of the show was how supportive most of the models were of the designers.   Even if they couldn’t breathe,  they didn’t wish to throw them under the bus (for the most part). 

    • Indigo54

      OMG, you’re spot on! Can you imagine the choice words Sophia would have had for Benji’s straight jacket dress?  She would have had him in tears.   

      • bobman59

        Picture it,  NYC 1961 Bellevue Psych Ward…

  • I appreciate T&L’s photos – they let me see detail I couldn’t see on my TV.  

    Stanley – Clearly the win.  Very chic… like his model.  Agree with other posters that having the most elegant model makes a win much more likely.  Still my favorite, despite some fit issues in the crotch (I HATE that they are almost all one day challenges – one day to design/buy fabric/ construct/ fit is just a set up for construction problems in all but the most simple designs.

    Richard – The judging love was embarrassing… as was this… thing.

    Daniel – On TV I thought it was fine, albeit something I could pick up at JC Penney.  The one sided collar seemed contrived. Seeing the photos I’m shocked at how poorly fit the jacket is.

    Kate – very cute and quite flattering.  Using light boning in the upper part of the skirt to keep it flat under the top while allowing fullness below was very smart.  And I’m liking Kate’s personality more and more.

    Tu – Bad.  Really bad.  Worse than I realized watching it on TV.  Clearly his concept was way beyond his sewing ability.  1 day challenges don’t help designers that are not quite as fast or skillful in the actual sewing.  “Robin Hood’s angry mother” bwahahaha!

    Patricia – Okay I am sooo in the minority here.  First – I admire that she saw her initial design sucked, and had the balls to scrap it completely and make something new in about an hour.  No whining, whimpering, wailing – she put her head down and did what she could to “make it work” in almost no time. (Unlike Amanda who whined from the moment she got back to Parson’s)  And I like the concept of this 2nd design.  Had she started with this and had a full day to work on it, it might have been smashing.  The smart use of the brighter aqua tones on top to frame and pull focus to the models lovely face, the darkest fabric on bottom, and the interesting angles across the body were all good ideas.  As I recall, her model was very thick in the middle, and Patricia’s concept moves the eye away from that. Don’t like the frayed edges, but with zero time to work, she had to do something to add some detail.  

    Layana – Her model has amazing legs.  The dress?  Meh.

    MEchelle – Very cute and her model worked it.  Up close I like it even more.  But MEchelle – you kvetch endlessly that you’ve only been in the bottom because of other people’s designs.  Remember last week?  That 80’s Metal thing?  You landed in the bottom all by yourself.  Focus on your designs rather than everyone else’s.  And drop the contempt for Patricia you’ve had since the VERY FIRST DAY- it’s not attractive and it’s pointless.
    Samantha – Just needed some editing. Hate the sleeves – it would be much more chic and streamlined without those monster sized things on her shoulders.  And lose the bow. Otherwise it works wonderfully for her client.  

    Amanda – Sad, sorry mess of a dress.  And please put on your big girl pants and learn to “make it work” (see above Patricia comment)

    Ben – Oh.  My. Seriously?  That is a wreck.  Too tight, poorly constructed.  What is going on with that hem and the big poofy thing it does to the middle of the skirt?  And it all looks wrinkled.  Terrible fabric choice.  I stick by my comment in the lounge that between him and Amanda, Ben deserved the auf because she at least realized she was sending a mess down the runway, while he thought his was fine.  His delusion did not bode well for future designs. But thank you Ben for being so charming with your client.  She loved you!  

    Next week – duct tape?!  I thought we already did the unconventional materials challenge?

  • l_c_ann

    Elsewhere this week Joan Rivers made a comment about Heidi’s Oscar Red Carpet dress that was not at all complementary.  I’m not sure if it was just Joan being Joan or if Joan was trying to stir up interesting in this EP of PR (that probably didn’t work) or if Joan was irritated with the way she and her daughter were editied/treated for this Ep.

    Does anyone have any insights about the behind the scenes this week?

    • geeeque

      It was a nazi-flavored comment about Heidi’s repulsive Oscar dress. Considering the Oscar’s happened last week and PR was shot months ago I think it’s just Joan being Joan. If and when she opens her mouth and something hilariously offensive DOESN’T come out I’ll mourn her passing.

  • Beverly Kozma

    So glad to see Stanley finally get some love … he’s been a favorite of mine all along.

  • Anyone else sick of Michelle being so incredibly down on herself, with all her comments about her bad luck?  I really like her as a personality on the show otherwise, and her designs so far have been interesting… but cmon! 

    • libraangel

      I don’t see it as “being down on herself”: I think she sees herself as superior to everyone else, and so it could “only” be ‘bad luck’ that is keeping her from winning first place. (And I am sick of her attitude)

      • Scarlet39

        I’m sick of her attitude, too.  Nothing she’s done has knocked my socks off, and quite frankly, she thinks she’s a better designer than she is. And we get it already, you don’t like Patricia. You’ve only said it about 33,987 times.

    • I think we have editors to thank for that to some degree. They’ve chosen to focus on her even though she’s neither winner or loser, and use her as narrator. She gets much more screen time than the other designers. Maybe it’s because she’s more honest in her little interviews, but I doubt it. They are building a character arc for her, making a big deal out of her always being on the losing team so that it’s more remarkable when she starts winning. We’ll see her in the final three.

  • jkatkins

    This episode really illustrates the trouble with the team concept.  They really just work as individuals, but if you do something good (I was a big fan of Michelle’s, for instance), you can end up with a low score due to the teammate.  Conversely, the truly bad (like Patricia’s and Richard’s this time) get raised to a higher level than they deserve.  Glad TLo agreed on Richard’s–looked like a swim cover-up to me.

    • geeeque

      Besides with 12 hours give or take to concept, shop for, design, construct, fit and finish an “innovative” look who’s going to spend more than 15 minutes trying to talk down a stubborn teammate? The team concept is utter bullshit.

      • Lingus

        I don’t think the team concept is bullshit, as much as the abundance of 1 day challenges are ridiculous enough when you have to worry about yourself. So freaking tired of dresses glued together (which apparently literally happened last night).

  • sunnycalif

    I thought these were some of the WORST looks from PR EVER!

    • It is the 2nd worse IMO.  It isn’t worse than the “Sheep Dogs” challenge. 

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I’m still pissed off.  There were far worse looks up there than Benjamin’s.

  • Amy

    I kept yelling at the screen “what the heck is that going across the waist of Stanley’s model?!” And with the pictures..I still can’t tell. But it sure as heck isn’t chic.

    Patricia’s made me burst out laughing. She just cut a piece of fabric and wrapped it around this poor lady. And how does completely blaming your client make sense in a client challenge?!

    • zelavie

      It’s been done every season!  Remember the epic battle between Christian Siriano and his teenager with that horrible brown prom dress?

    • libraangel

      1) Sorry, but I loved Stanley’s sparkly belt. Do you mean some other designer? 2) I don’t like Patricia’s either (although kinda interesting in a way), but to be fair to her, she literally made this in 15 minutes on runway day as she saw the errors of her first garment. She couldn’t send the poor lady out naked, so… 3) Who blamed their client? I don’t think anyone did, did they? They kept referring to them as ‘sweet old ladies”

      • Amy

         You are so right! I meant Richard’s odd bunching around the waist and NOT Stanley’s belt! As far as I can tell, Stanley is one of my favorites. His outfit was pure style!

        I know time constraints were what did Patricia in but I couldn’t help but notice that she (not the other designers) kept muttering to herself “I wish I hadn’t listened to my client. That’s why I ended up with this (the previous blue potato sack).” I think her second look could have pleased her client but I resent the fact that she thinks her client ever requested any version of that blue mess!

  • Buffy

    Before I even talk about the designs, Joan was a riot even though she’s kind of a caricature of herself now, but dear God in His heaven Melissa do not go to Mommy’s plastic surgeon anymore, even if she pays.  Just step away, I beg you!  I’m glad Stanley won, his garment was easily the best on the runway.  Richard’s was awful, that elastic casing at the waist, yikes!  Daniel’s has a lot of construction issues, not loving it.  Kate’s however I do love.  Robin Hood’s angry MIL, yes that is it exactly.  I do think that Tu is well aware of his weaknesses though and that he and Kate work well together, so fwiw.  Patricia’s time is up.  Layana’s was cute but I think that panel detail was a bit too low and tight, I didn’t mind the short skirt though.  Michelle’s was just ok, nothing special.  I thought the bejeweled belt was too much though.  Her lady clearly had the most fun on the runway though!  I loved Samantha’s and as you say, it was polished and finished.  My 2nd place after Stanley.  And I liked the juxtaposition of the kind of sweet design paired with the leopard and her client’s kickass look/attitude.  Amanda’s was just abysmal.  Ben’s was only marginally better in my eyes because it was finished.  But they both looked way too juvenile.  Holly was great sassing the judges but she can’t have thought she looked good in that.  I would have sent Amanda home though.

  • bertkeeter

    Benjamin…Ruth Gordon called…wants her dress back!  (I know that’s weird…she’s dead)!

  • VivianAdvanced

    Yikes! “Hope I die before I get old,” to quote the Who. Those were some ugly-ass outfits and the poor women all looked terribly uncomfortable. Daniel’s dress had this weird V-shaped pouf in the front, making it look like the lady had been fighting the urge to pee for hours, and Amanda’s dress made her lady look like she’d been to the loo and got the skirt stuck in her derriere. I didn’t think Kate’s lady looked so bad till I saw the details of the top here. Ugh! It looked constricting and so unflattering. I like the skirt with the navy blue, but the top needed to be different. Ugliest of all was Patricia’s. It looked better in its first incarnation. Are clothes like these what awaits me when I become” mature”? Nooooooooooo!!!!!!

    There are few designers this season who are likable, in my opinion. Michelle really bugs me and I wish she’d get over her Patricia obsession. She has a point, but it’s getting stale. I’ve always appreciated edgy hairstyles, but Michelle’s lopsided mess just bothers me like Patricia bothers her. She looks like she had a blind four-year-old take the scissors to it.

    • libraangel

      HA HA “been to the loo and got the skirt stuck in her derriere”! Describes this back of the skirt exactly!
      Oh, and I am glad I am not the only one who thought Kate’s top was too tight.

  • Meredith_P

    I’ve been waiting for Ben’s auf since day one. He’s made one garment (dark blue for Miranda Lambert) that wasn’t completely fug. He was a legend in his own mind, and made excuses for himself every week. Not to mention nominating himself to be in charge of everyone else’s work week after week. Happy about this one, I’m afraid.

  • Good riddance Benjamin. So tired of that guy! Fake as fake can be. Amanda at least seems fun, if not creative enough.

  • mskgb

    RuPaul set the reality-show competition bar last week: when two people can’t show the judges why they should stay, then both should be sent packing. If we apply the RuPaul rule, then both Ben and Amanda should have gone home.

    • libraangel

      I agree

  • PeaceBang

    Oh Lord have mercy, these are almost all hideously ugly and an offense to the women who had to model them. 

  • I was of the mind that both Ben and Amanda should have been sent packing. Ugh.

  • Trisha26

    I’m late, haven’t read the ton of comments (just watched this tonight, Friday) – one designer (Stanley?) did bitch about having to design for someone over a size 2 or 6 or maybe it was a collective “we’ve never had to.” And aside from Joan’s snarky comments (can’t stand her) two of the designers referred to their clients as “old women” or “old ladies.” That they were elderly makes no difference, they are your clients not “old anything.” Stanley deserved the win, and Richard or Tu or Patricia should have gone home. Not that Benjamin’s or Amanda’s were great, but those other three were just horrendous. This is such a dreadful season so far and the group/duo/trio thing is not working. Why both having teams if there’s no cohesion or assistance requirement?

    • libraangel

      I don’t know if I saw everything you saw on this episode, sorry, but I am 63 – and I am old – and soon to be an elderly senior – but I am young at heart

  • Aki

    Is this the first time we’ve had a completely female judging panel?  Because I think they should have that all the time.  Ax Zac and bring Rachel in forever.

  • Meredith_P

    All of Michelle’s stuff is quite standard, or forgettable.  I think it will be interesting to hear what her cast members think of all her bitching and superiority.  I see nothing of note in her designs to qualify her for that superior attitude.  Same thing with Benjamin.  Somewhere (in his own head) he thought he was better than everyone else.  I’m sorry, but 4Hers would know to measure the bicep on an unfamiliar model before completing the sleeve.  God that dress was awful.  Put her in an Aqua jersey dress that didn’t highlight all his construction details and her well-earned body and he could have been on top.

    • Coco Cornejo

      Just finished watching this week’s episode. (Thank you, Tivo.) 

      What is up with all the mean girl crap Michelle is throwing at Patricia? At least Patricia’s work is memorable, if not to everyone’s taste. I am so tired of Michelle blaming her team mates for her own failings. She is simply not all that.
      There was an object lesson in how Heidi dismissed Michelle and her “team” this week. While Layana had a moment of self-reflection in the waiting room, I doubt the lesson stuck. The big lesson of Team Project Runway seems to be that very few of these people actually know how to work as part of a team. 

      They should have added the “oh, and all the looks from your team need to look like they come from the same collection” twist. 

      And I would like them to ban black from the color palate for the rest of the season. Am so tired of safe little black suits. 

      • libraangel

        Unless it was the editing, I don’t know what Patricia even did to MIchelle to deserve the utter dislike. Plus what a fake Michelle is! First it is “I Hate Patricia”. then it’s “HI! oh, I’m part of your team, Patricia!” followed by a Huge fake grin.

        • Would you have preferred she went “Ugh! But I don’t like Patricia!” with a big eye roll to finish it off? Every one of us work with people we don’t like, and we get on with it without making a big deal, and we’re friendly. It’s not fake it’s professionalism. 

          • libraangel

            I’m sorry, but Michelle didn’t have to be THAT friendly. Besides, what did Patricia ever do to her to deserve such hatred?!

          • Coco Cornejo

            I’m afraid I cannot call it “professionalism” when Michelle gossips about Patricia with their other team member or when she seems to confess to disliking Patricia at every opportunity. There’s a word for that, and it is “bullying.” Every time MIchelle tears down Patricia and her work in front of the designers she is undermining Patricia and her standing in the group. 

    • libraangel

      Thank you! I completely agree with you about Michelle and Benjamin. Other bloggers seem to really love their creations – well, Michelle’s anyway – whereas I only see a simple- silhouette dress in a print that only looked o.k. because the beautiful model rocked it on the runway. Both Michelle and Ben are intolerable snobs.

  • Meredith_P

    I think it was just the weave of the horrible prom dress fabric that he chose.  Crisp, unforgiving, and jaquard. 😉

    • libraangel


  • Stanley:   TLo, I love you guys!  “You applied the Number One rule of “Real Woman” challenges:

    Richard: I hated Richard’s dress with everything in me.  And felt SO redeemed that many BKs also disliked it.

    Samantha:  Did anyone notice in the planning stages how nice her dress looked when it just had the top, and a black bottom (no leopard, and no bow belt)?  I thought it FIT like a glove and flattered her client the best of any look.

    Layanna:  Didn’t like it at all.  And I usually like L’s output.

    Mechelle/Patricia/Layanna:  OK. I FINALLY figured out why the judges/Heidi said they scored M and L’s meh dresses near the top:  it was because it was the ONLY WAY to keep Patricia from being in the bottom 3.

    Tu:  I still love you and for some reason believe you have creative, fashion forward ideas inside you. PLEASE start sewing properly next week.

    Amanda should have gone home. Although I like her as a person and mainly for that cute dress she made for Miranda Lambert.

  • thecitysleeps

    Ugh,  the judging is so fucking wacky.  I was OK with the winner because it clearly made the client look fabulous even with the mistakes.

    But I’m super pissed about Benjamin.  I honestly felt that both Ben and Amanda were neck to neck as to worse design but I felt like the client’s opinions should have meant something and Ben’s client clearly was way more into it then Amanda’s.  Also as to track record they should have given him one more chance.  I mean they gave Cindy one.  Plus it’s not like Amanda has been doing amazing.  They’re clearly keeping her for her drama and that sucks.

    I’m glad they kept Tu because I think he has good ideas but the time management is such a huge problem and this was clearly not the challenge for him.

    Shocked I am.  Boo1

    • libraangel

      I agree: the judging should at least have been based 50% on the client’s like or dislike. Wasn’t that part of the challenge? – to use both the designer’s aesthetic and the client’s feedback. Ben’s model was so enthusiastic and happy about her dress. Amanda should have gone home.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    HORRIFYING. She looks like Robin Hood’s angry mother-in-law. OMG-the perfect description of a sad, sad look.

    MR. B3 and I were vegging out after 4 days of visiting our nephew in Savannah, touring and eating ourselves into oblivion and caught the last half hour of this episode on Thursday.  This was one of the designs we had the misfortune to see walk down the runway.

    In looking at the stills, though, I am mystified that Patricia wasn’t in the bottom three for her effort. I was surprised too to see Amanda survive and Benjamin being auf’ed, but aside from the color, which was lovely, his design was auf-worthy, and I say that despite his very sweet client’s liking for the dress. His fabric selection resulted in showing off all of the flaws in his execution of the dress.

  • That dress ain’t Portland.

  • She was a ham. She called Benjamin ‘lover’ and goosed Stanley during a fitting.

  • DeTrop

    Quick question. OK maybe 3.

    1.  Everyone says Stanley chose his client.  I thought Tim gave out the client’s name to each designer.  Yes/No.

    2.  If Patricia was put in the bottom, wouldn’t that have put her whole team in the bottom?  Yes/No.

    3.  With 5 teams – 4 with 2 designers and 1 with 3 designers – Is it possible that they declared one team safe due to time
         constraints and that’s how Patricia and the girls were saved from the bottom? Yes/No.

    I still maintain that Richard was praised only to give Stanley a place on top.  Everyone is ragging about Patricia’s outfit but it’s no worse than the travesty Richard made.  Also, the judges could have put Pat and the girls on bottom and made Kate and Tu safe.  His look was as unflattering as Richards, but Kate’s was lovely.  Amanda and Ben both had dreadful designs so there was no problem putting them in the bottom. There’s no end to the manipulation of the judging.

    • CarolinLA

      No one picked their clients.  Patricia’s bad score averaged with the two good scores put them in the middle/safe territory.  Time constraints had nothing to do with it.  That’s what editing is for.  Stanley’s was slightly better than Samantha’s (I disagree) and Daniel’s and Richard’s were evenly just OK.  That would make their team and Stanley the winner.  Patricia was saved by the fact that she was only one-third of her team’s score.  In Tu’s case, he was 50% which put them in the bottom.

    • Lingus

      Tim gave each team two clients (or three, in the case of Patricia, Layanna, and Michelle), and each team member got to pick which of the clients they designed for.

  • kikisayshi

    Stanley and Samantha did the best for their clients out of the bunch. Amanda just needs to go. We haven’t seen anything good from her.
    Also, I have to agree with Lo about Michelle – she is a Negative Nelly and can’t take credit for her own shortcomings. She’s not an awful designer, but if she was as good as she thinks she is, she wouldn’t have to worry about her teammates making shitty garments. Just look at Stanley and Richard: surely Stanley’s pantsuit put their team on top, and if this were an individual challenge Richard’s fugly flour sack would have been in the bottom with Patricia and Amanda.

  • libraangel

    I just thought of something. The designers on this season – well, some of them – look very fashionable themselves which I think is a plus. Samantha has gorgeous clothes, Kate also, and even Daniel and Ben look good in the above photos. Bravo!

  • ccm800

    “Lorenzo thinks she’s a bitch who badmouths too many people behind their backs.” AGREED! And slightly delusional if she thinks her fate is everyone else’s fault. 

    • Anathema_Device

      I agree with you completely. My husband cannot stand her. She says the same thing every single week: Her teammates are always bringing her down; or she is “stuck” with this or that designer. But when you look at it, her work hasn’t been all that fabulous. She is a hipster mean girl.

  • KittieLynnNYC

    All of the desingers seem well used to fitting garments on size 2 models, so to me, a challenge like this should be a true test of what they’re capable of. The bottom line is that if they want to be successful, they need to be able to offer sizes and designs that work for everyone. That’s what I love about the Michael Kors, Tahari, and Calvin Klein lines particularly (I own items from all 3). They design beautiful clothes for all women, whether you are a size 2 or  size 16+. It would definitely do the designers a world of good to take a close look at these lines in order to have an idea of what it means to be all-inclusive. No one would have to compromise their “design asthetic” in order to accomplish this; great design and great fashion come in every size. It’s true.

  • I forgot this show was still on.