Posted on March 15, 2013

Okay. Well.

We’re supposed to be angry and we’re supposed to say “THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FASHION/IS A TRAVESTY/CHEAPENS THE PROJECT RUNWAY NAME!!!!!” But that ship sailed years ago. PR has always had some form of stagewear challenge and while it isn’t really fashion, it is somewhat fashion-adjacent and involves the making of garments.

And we say this every season, with each one of these challenges: once they did lady wrestlers and drag queens, all bets were off.

Also this:

Because Stanley looks like he’s going to die on the spot.

And this:

Just because.

If we’re going to get mad about anything it’s the idea that a group of womenswear designers were given one day to make menswear for men whose bodies are so outside the norm that they likely have to have a great deal of their clothing made to order or altered drastically for them.

Here’s the thing about the short turnaround times on Project Runway: we were never as upset by them as our readers and other PR fans tend to be. The show’s not entertaining if it’s not hard for the people involved and it’s been proven over and over again in its 11-season history that really talented designers can sometimes whip out astonishingly beautiful garments in extremely short periods of time. But if you’re going to impose an incredibly short turnaround time on these designers, you’re going to have to limit the other roadblocks you put in front of them. It was too much to ask of them once you added menswear for superheroes on top of everything else.

And hey, it actually made for a somewhat hilariously entertaining runway show. You have to admit, that really is a Project Runway first; a runway show so bad that all the designers AND all the judges are laughing uproariously at how bad it all is.

But here’s where we get annoyed. “You really disappointed us tonight.” NO. That’s when all the judges look like total assholes. Just acknowledge that you imposed an impossible task on these people, have a good laugh at the results, and try to find something constructive to say about them. We wanted to punch Zac when he sniffed “First day of design school, we had to make a shirt.” Oh really? DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE THREE OF THEM? FOR GORILLAS? WITH A CAMERA CREW ON YOUR ASS?

It’s not a problem to us that they impose nearly impossible challenges on the designers. It annoys the shit out of us when they pretend like they didn’t.

The judges didn’t declare a winner – the one thing we heartily endorsed about last night’s show – so we’re not going to pretend like these outfits are worth breaking down to any extent. Let’s talk about the designers.


Daniel and Patricia

Pervert priest. Strangely orange pervert priest.

Patricia really gets on our nerves. EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE she realizes that she managed her time poorly and screwed over her team mate(s). EVERY SINGLE CHALLENGE she does it AGAIN – AND pretends like it’s a total surprise to her how she wound up here again. We’re siding with Michelle on this one. We wouldn’t want her on our team either.

Daniel goes whichever way the wind blows and acts surprised when he sees where it lands him. We won’t say he’s a player, but we will say we don’t buy his wide-eyed sweetness. He’s extremely camera-savvy.


Amanda, Layana, and Richard

Richard is a pissy bitch and Layana is a whiner who never comes out and says what she means. Then she whines to the judges because someone failed to read her mind. Amanda, bless her heart, just isn’t cut out for reality competitions and she’s struggled with every challenge but one.



Michelle clearly smokes crack.


Richard and Samantha

Samantha made the best garment (the pants) and we have nothing else to say about her because she seems nice enough.



Stanley reminds us SO MUCH of our good friend Emmett McCarthy, who spent time wallowing in the workroom in season 2 but refused to be anything but an adult in front of the cameras (which wasn’t easy when dealing with such supreme camera-suckers as Santino) and got auf’d for being professional and boring to the producers.  It’s to Stanley’s credit that he’s still here, because he steadfastly refuses to play a character for the producers. He is a good designer, though. Probably one of the best from a technical standpoint. If anyone deserved a win last night, it was him.


Amanda and Richard

It’s like menswear designed by Salvador Dalí.

So Auf Wiedersehen, Amanda. You probably shouldn’t have picked that moment to have a short bitchfest on the runway with Richard, but it’s to your credit that you were more concerned about apologizing for your own bad behavior and making up for it than you were about staying in the game. That’s admirable. Now pack up your things.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • miagain

    I’m no longer watching this dumb show, but the last one looks like backwards day…

    • Targettaste

      I work at a grammar school and we have backward day: that is exactly what this looks like!

  • MilaXX

    Best part of last night was watching Nina lose her cool in a giggle fit.

    • I Know! It was so utterly delightful to watch her laughing. She became another person entirely, and one I would love to hang with.

      • was one of those moments I TRULY missed Michael Korrs for his reaction shot alone (and where was Tim? I wonder if he is a giggler or a guffawer?

        • I bet it depends on how much drinking has gone on. Guffawing happens AFTER lots of cocktails.

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            All I could think of last night:
            I come from a land down under
            Women glow
            Men plunder
            Can’t you hear can’t hear the thunder
            (breakaway pants!)
            It’s fun to stay at the YMCA!

        • Kenisha Hill Phillips

          Based on his reaction to the drag queen challenge, they were outtake that you have to go to the website to see) he is definitely a guffawer.

      • geeeque

        really? i wanted to punch her.

        • Why? It’s a TV show. It’s supposed to be entertaining.

          • geeeque

            yes it is. that’s why this show sucks. i don’t find nina’s hysterics entertaining i found them cunty. i know i’m in the minority but it amuses me that people here call the female contestants on this show “mean girls” and then are delighted by the antics of the ultimate mean girl on this show: nina garcia. a clueless reality show judge/employee of a generic american fashion magazine. now THAT is funny!

          • Calling her a cunt and expressing a desire to punch her tells us you’ve lost perspective on this one. It’s a TV show. Something funny happened. She laughed. In fact, EVERYONE laughed, which makes your singling out of NIna for punishment highly suspect.

          • geeeque

            oh boy! sorry about the language. yes boys and this is the internet! i don’t really want to punch her. i don’t really care. wow. take it easy.

          • We love how you called someone cunty and said you wanted to punch her, and then tell us to “take it easy” when we point out you called her cunty and said you wanted to punch her.

      • libraangel

        I would NEVER want to hang out with Nina!

    • That was my favourite part, too. It made her much more human. I mean, it really was hilarious.

      I would have LOVED to have seen Michael Kors’ reaction to this challenge. It would have been priceless.

  • gabbilevy

    Oh god, these are hilariously horrible. Like.. let’s take giant humans who already look like cartoon characters and give them cartoonishly tiny clothes. THAT will work.

  • alannaofdoom

    The multiple failures of the garments to actually tear away was my favorite part. Those poor guys in the midst of an existential crisis. “My purpose is to take off my clothes BUT THEY WON’T COME OFF.” Didn’t Kafka write a story about this?

    • Indigo54

      OMG, that was priceless!!! My favorite part!

      • Sarah

        Yeah and that one guy with the shirt that WOULD NOT DO IT – he just kept trying! Poor fella. He was still messing with the placket when they went around the corner. Har!

        • That killed me! And he walked off the runway with his shoulders all sloped and his head hung, like a sad puppy who didn’t understand it wasn’t his fault. Guffaws of laughter!

          • How could those muscles not even tear the clothing off of themselves? My toddler can tear off fabric better than they could.

        • This just in: though this episode filmed months ago, that guy is STILL desperately trying to get that damn shirt off! 🙂

          • Sarah

            Hahaha probably – it was that poorly made

    • l_c_ann

      I really expected a reveal past the loose Australian flags. (From my sordid past in Houston, the local ‘club’ would have gone two reveals past the PR stage.)

    • kikisayshi

      I was surprised the judges didn’t mention that. Ironically the team with the shittier clothes had no problem with the tear-away.

      • BrooklynBomber

        They probably did mention it, but it was edited out for the show. That’s my guess, anyway.

  • I am laughing my ass off this morning too! I didn’t watch the show, but I love your recaps. I have never seen such hilariously stitched together pieces of fabric. You say Salvador Dali, I say Helen Keller. The beefcake was a lovely treat for the eyes and I adore seeing Tim positively fuchsia he’s blushing so hard.

    • it might be worth watching the last 10 minutes for the non-tear away…. (how much work did it take to get those clothes BACK together for the discussion?)

      • Sarah

        I was wondering that too! They left them on the ground, so dismissively, and I wondered if they were even going to try to wriggle back into them for the panel. It was just insane.

        • And then they popped open anyway during the critique. I think even the clothing was embarrassed.

  • It was precisely as I expected. a total, hilarious train wreck from start to finish. The only sweet thing, was how genuinely nice all the guys seemed to be. Clearly, they knew going it, that it was all a lark, and not to get too wound up about it.

    As for Amanda leaving, it was time.

    • SugarSnap108

      That *was* the only sweet thing — They were all so good natured about the disaster. I have to say, though, I didn’t find the train wreck hilarious. I was bored and annoyed. But hey, hot, sweet Aussies.

    • StellaZafella

      In the day…when I was working in drag (for giggles) behind the bar in an otherwise “neighborhood” place. Aussies would walk in the door and (straight or gay) I knew it was going to be a fun night at work.
      Great people, Aussies!

    • I loved it when the dancers (Thunderers?) even said that they thought the designers needed more time! Spot on!!!

    • I was giggling with glee from when they started to dress their models until the Auf. Obviously, there was no way this could have worked (although why choose outfits that require three pieces with multiple sleeves), but I am not at all invested in this show, so I just found it completely delightful. I mean, look at that last shirt collar! And Layana – all, I’ve never done a tie, but it’s just a piece of fabric – and her tie looks like a piece of tissue paper glued onto that shirt with paste! Every piece has something to laugh at and treasure!

      Also, Emmy Rossum was a total sport, and even tried to make helpful critiques. Nina’s fit of laughter was a delight.

      • Gotta say that, business attire as a concept to give the designers was hilariously wrong headed in and of itself. Apart from how complex the construction of full suits is, there is the issue of the severely limited acceptable color palette. Grey, navy and black, with occasional lapses into beige. Yawn worthy. And an obvious set up to create failure.

        • Carrieanno

          While I agree with your point about the concept, I have to say a man in a dark business suit can be downright awe-inspiring. Oh yeah. Shades of Grey team didn’t choose that moniker for no reason.

          • par3182

            While I agree with your point about the concept, I have to say a man in a dark business suit can be downright awe-inspiring

            Two words: Mad Men.

          • Two more: Oswald Boateng.

        • Which is what makes me feel like the designers dug this hole for themselves. They knew that none of them but Stanley could do menswear and yet they didn’t steer the clients in another direction. I’m not sure if it’s a desire to really give the clients what they want or if it’s arrogance on the part of the designers (“Sure. I can do that, although I’ve got no clue how. How hard can it be?”). However, I still don’t get how someone gets through design school and doesn’t know some of this stuff. That and I don’t understand how someone can draft a pants pattern and then screw it up twice (Amanda) when another team member uses it and makes a fairly decent pair of pants (Samantha).

          • Call me Bee

            Which begs the question: have these designers never seen PR before? If you were going to be a contestant, wouldn’t you want to brush up on all aspects of clothing design and construction, i.e. costumes, menswear, athletic clothes, etc.??

            This boggles my mind that the designers are so clueless about these aspects of garment construction.

      • libraangel

        I saw Nina’s laugh as a mocking one

  • I missed this episode and have decided not to bother catching up.

    I actually just realized that I can’t remember who half these people are, let alone their points of view. Amanda was, um, that one nondescript girl. But who’s Richard again?

    • Joe J

      Bald white guy who got pissy with Amanda for “throwing him under the
      bus” or “stabbing him in the back” or whatever trite reality-show metaphor they trotted out, which was laughable because not one minute earlier he had been doing the same thing to her.

  • Nice_Shirt

    Oompah Loompahs on ‘roids.

  • DinaSews

    After thinking about your comments, I think that ALL of our complaints regarding this show involve the judges. If they would have auf’d Anya for her miserable garments, there would have been little to complain about.

  • CarolinLA

    The only thing that could’ve saved last night’s runway would’ve been for the models to actually jump a shark. Or at least in true Aussie fashion, wrestle one.

    • The thought of that is endlessly hilarious. It would have been “chaos and bedlam”.

      • Scoobydrew

        Chaos and Bedlam would have been a better name for a team than the ones we got

        • Ha! Or one team could have chosen “Chaos” and the other “Bedlam”. Tim even said it out loud to them. What more do they want? For real, though, the team names this season have been positively embarrassing.

  • Frank_821

    Yes the challenge was ridiculously constrained. However I really felt the designers made it much worse for themselves. They made poor choices and didn’t seem to strategize what would make things easiest for them in terms of time

    Even if they had the 2nd day to do this challenge, most of the designs were inheritly boring. Black and white. How about some color? Most of them played it too safe. I’m looking at you Stanley

    hey team Hip and Slick. None of you have done menswear. How about you talk to your clients and tell them you can’t make a decent suit in the allotted time and convince to amend their constraints. They seemed receptive to Michelle’s ideas to dirty things up a bit for entertainment sake

    Why on earth do you have Patricia make a dress shirt that will be covered by a trench coat?!! it should have been a sexy vest. then you get the surprise.

    or instead of a traditional western suit, how about something more asian influenced. you then can get something elegant but flexible and not requiring as much tailoring

    as much of a trainwreck this challenge was, I was perversely entertained at the same time. Like Layanna said, at that point all you can do is laugh

    • MilaXX

      Hip and slick sounds like a new brand of lube. I have no idea why they would choose that as a team name.

      • StellaZafella

        That’s the one thing they got from Richard…I think he was referring to how he feels about his head.

      • Call me Bee

        Um….ew. 🙂

    • SewingSiren

      I was wondering why they all chose do do tailored mens clothing when none of them had a clue as to how involved the construction and pattern making is.
      Why not make tear away sports clothing? Like football player, baseball player, tennis ect.. It would have been so much easier working with cut and sew knits.

      • StellaZafella

        Tim and the lead dancer both referenced “Business Suits” in their statements to the designers…
        but the time constraint alone (aside from the fact that none but Stanley has experience with menswear) should have prompted them to think outside the box of what “business” attire could be…Michelle tried with the bike messenger arc but got shot down…these people were fools going into it so they earned their own lumps for screwing up so badly. Menswear takes finesse…you can’t fake even a passable lapel…dressing Titans in a day…they should have opted for anything that didn’t require tailoring…like Surf jams.

        • But I agree with TLo the producers should also take the blame for designing such a whack challenge. Too many obstacles is as frustrating as too few.

      • UsedtobeEP

        They could have done anything—ANYTHING that was easier than a suit. Sports unis, construction clothing, cop uniforms (I know, how cliché), but anything would have been easier and less disastrous. Hey, how about Aussie-style Outback wear? Geez, lighten up, guys, they are STRIPPING!


  • There’s a whole lotta WTF there, isn’t there?

  • Okay….I went to culinary school- they taught us how to boil water and make pasta…..At design school they don’t teach you how to make a MANS SHIRT? that seems like such a basic thing to learn…right? a haute couture gown for a dwarf with big arms might be a push (or duck confit)… but a basic shirt??? sigh

    and I think the ‘tear away that wasn’t’ should be put to music on youtube..

    • And really the only difference between a man’s tailored shirt and a woman’s is the side the buttons and placket go on. Otherwise? pretty much the same thing.

      • Sarah

        Easier, because as Zac pointed out, there’s no “bosom” to account for. Although in this case, pecs might count as bosoms…

        • Okay, so ladies shirts sometimes have darts. But all that is easy, sewing 101 stuff. these folks are supposed to know their shit.

          • Sarah

            Yes. Reedonkulous. It was just shameful. And in addition to the poor design and tailoring, did it not look like each man was being strangled just a tiny bit? I agreed with Heidi for once – it was better when they ripped that crap off. (Or tried to…hahaha!)

      • l_c_ann

        I started out with good patterns (when I was copying more expensive women’t blouses for myself, and they when I make shirts for my husband, they are the same as you say.

      • StellaZafella

        It should be obvious, don’t you think, that if you’re sewing a shirt, jacket, etc for a man with a 64″ chest and it looks “fine” on the normal sized male mannequin…something’s is already terribly wrong?

        PS: Richard is an embarrassment to gay men for wanting to put rhinestones on these stone foxes …and he wasn’t being funny. Alas: Not all gay men have a clue.

        • Sadly, not all our Gay Brethren are blessed with the taste or class genes.

          • Hence the taste-level problem whenever he and Daniel combine forces, and the reason Stanley is keeping his distance.

        • Sarah

          I wondered about that, too. Those mannequins were not at all similar to the men, and while you did hear them talk about adding seam allowances and extra inches to pieces, they clearly underestimated to a huge degree. (Amanda and her “man bump” comment included – that little lump on the mannequin was nothing in comparison to the, uh, actual lumps…) It’s like they had no concept of the truth, and if they took measurements of these men, why did they not trust them?!

        • MilaXX

          I actually don’t think that was a bad idea. This was after all, stage wear.

        • Carrieanno

          The rhinestone/embellishment disagreement was what really irritated me about Richard last night. His all girl teammates were speaking from the perspective of what the ladies want to see when the boys take the stage – and sparkly foofoo is not it.

          • StellaZafella

            I, of all people, have no problem with men in sparkly things…preferably sparkly skimpy things that come off easily….(I digress) …but, even in Vegas…I think the last man to wear rhinestones on his suit to impress the ladies was Liberace…or maybe I’m just dating myself.

      • SewingSiren

        There are really a lot more differences than that. You can make a woman’s tailored blouse with a collar stand, collar, front placket , cuff and sleeve placket, but you don’t have too to make it look “right” . It is perfectly acceptable for a woman’s blouse to have no sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves with out cuffs, sleeves with elastic at the cuff, no collar, a peter pan collar, a bend back front placket, or a key hole opening at front or back
        (no placket). The difference is that if you take any of these short cuts of deliberate design options on a man’s shirt it looks stupid.

        • All quite true. I had been thinking. In particular about menswear styled women’s blouses. And now, from your post I have this image in my head of those big slabs of man flesh in shirts with Peter Pan collars. I’m giggling inside.

          • SewingSiren

            The shirts that were pattern made by Richard do have a weird combination of a notch collar and Peter Pan collar (+ maybe one more thing that’s name I don’t know).

          • It looks like not only was no collar stand employed, but no interfacing either.

  • That. Was. Awesome. I didn’t even care about how bad the clothing was because there were scantily clad muscle men. At least last night, that was totally ok with me.

  • SugarSnap108

    This challenge just made me angry. It was blatantly engineered for disaster and worse, it was a waste of time that left me bored. The hot Aussie torso was not enough to salvage it, Lifetime. I have no problem with Amanda going home, but it also bugs me that anyone would be auf’d for failing this ridiculous challenge.

    In other news, I find Layana insufferable. Even worse than Michelle for me.

    • 3boysful

      I’m with you on Layana.

    • MissMariRose

      I can’t recall who said it, but I agree with the one girl who called out Michelle, Amanda and Layana as being mean girls. She was spot on. One down, two to go.

      • SugarSnap108

        It was Kate (the one who was dropped last week. At least I think her name is Kate – that’s how memorable these designers are to me.) And yes, she was right.

        • Hey T’lo! Has the show gotten so bad that we no longer get your AWESOME nicknames??? I still remember “Princess Puffisleeves” (and Chris March was…….(something…Queenie?) Bear?

          • Louise Bryan

            Sissy Bear

    • Carol Melichar

      I agree—once they said there were no winners and the the team that “won” was only slightly better, I think no one should have been sent home.

  • 3boysful

    I guess it’s because they have only a half-hour before trotting off to Mood, but even if these ideas had been decently constructed, they weren’t really stagewear. It’s so interesting how whenever they get a costume-y challenge, the designers choose to make regular clothes. In black. With details invisible from more than 3 feet away. I realize these guys in particular need to look like manly men, so minimal bling, no feathers, etc., but c’mon, people! How about–shock–deep blue? Or a masculine plaid theme?

    And just in general, I hope the next challenge involves electroshock for anyone who uses any black at all.

    • l_c_ann

      ITA about the black. And the electroshock.

    • Derek_anny

      Another constant failing when you get a costume challenge: They never bring in the costume designer. You know, the one whose job you’re trying to do? Instead they bring in the actor to talk about how the character acts, and either the producer or director because business.
      Can you imagine a Mad Men challenge and NOT talking to Janie Bryant?

      • 3boysful

        Excellent point.

    • If they do another themed season, next one should be “No Black Fabric Edition.”

    • libraangel

      I agree with the overuse of black ( plaids, tweeds would be nice), but I believe (?) they said in the beginning of the challenge that it would be about making suits.

  • Targettaste

    It’s nice that Layana designed a woman’s jacket to go with Richard’s woman’s blouse.

  • Indigo54

    Shoot, I had a good time watching that train wreck last night. Heck, I’m still laughing. I wish they’d do another one day menswear challenge but this time for short, fat guys with bald heads.

  • Sarah

    FINE WITH ME. I don’t think for one second that Amanda really felt that bad about her behavior – she thought she was staying and wanted to make nice. And I never liked her stuff. And GOOD LORD Patricia! That shirt! WTF. You can’t be serious! I have to say, I agree with the ridiculousness of making them do this, but I am sort of aghast that they claim to be designers and none of them could conceive of any kind of menswear that was even normal-looking. They really should have had a better idea of how to construct than that. But Nina cracking up – that was priceless, and I’m glad I saw it!

  • Laylalola

    I found it really hard to see Amanda’s work itself after she started her pattern of shamelessly throwing every last person under the bus in an overt, grotesque way whenever she was on the hot seat (and until last night it was always a designer who had generously just saved her ass in the workroom). (And I found it extremely manipulative and insincere on her part to apologize — teary-eyed, no less! — last night only when she finally was called out for it.) I found almost everything about last night’s episode extremely unpleasant.

    • MilaXX

      I think whiny Layana was far worse than Amanda at bus throwing. I also knew if it came down to Layana vs Amanda that Amanda would get the auf.

  • MilaXX

    I said last night that Michelle’s vest was hiddy. I still think that but I give her credit cause it was the only one that showed a bit of theater or whimsy. Also Patricia really did bug last night spending all her time trying to make a craft that she thought would dazzle the judges that didn’t even show! It would have been better to come up with an unusual way for the shirt to tear away.

    • 3boysful

      I agree. After she came up with the little hanky “strap” (?), it occurred to me that no one thought of any more inventive ways–an unwrapping, say–for the clothes to come off. Again, a time function.

  • Zac was sitting there in that mimosa colored suit, and I thought “why didn’t anyone make a suit in a COLOR?”

    Loved Heidi’s “I have a potholder at home …” comment about Patricia’s shirt.

    Layana should have gone home for that jacket.

    And the team thing isn’t working, is it? I mean – look at all the people who are still there who under the old system would have been long gone.

    • Indigo54

      Right, Layana’s jacket was downright hilarious. There she was whining that Richard gave her the wrong information on the one hand while accusing him of makes excuses for his mistakes on the other. Then when she got the right info from Stanley she still screwed it up. Pretty dress she was wearing tho. I’m dying to see Patricia do something that doesn’t involve basket weaving and bullet holder making. When is she gonna just design a garment!

      You’re right, the team thing just isn’t working. They should just give it up

      • Even if Layana has never designed a men’s jacket before, surely she’s *seen* men’s jackets. How could she have made a jacket with a freaking peplum? her jacket reminded me of the episode of The Office when Michael buys a women’s pantsuit by mistake….

        • Indigo54

          HAR! I remember that episode. That was freakin’ hilarious!!!

    • Lingus

      I don’t mind the team thing because everyone who got auf’d seriously needed to go anyway. (Except maybe Tu, and only because he makes me laugh.) I think the bigger issue is that this just isn’t a very talented group this year…Heidi should keep Samantha and Stanley, and auf the rest.

  • TheDivineMissAnn

    “It’s menswear designed by Salvatore Dali”

    You owe me a new keyboard. I had to go change my underwear, I was laughing so hard.

  • Kimmu

    wait I stopped watching PR and NOW they have Australian strippers?

    • editrixie

      Ha ha — I was just thinking that! We were robbed.

    • Carol Melichar

      Maybe the producers are finally having pity on us diehard viewers and gave us a present!

  • Brooke

    Heidi was right when she said they should just wrap the show and send them all home. There’s no clear frontrunner at this point. I don’t feel invested in any of these characters and that is a reality show FAIL.

    • I have zero interest in anything the remaining designers would produce. At the onset, I was seriously interested in Michelle, but she’s underwhelmed me too much.

      • Derek_anny

        She’s my current favourite by default. I actually liked the idea behind that vest, with the epaulet instead of a pocket. Yes, it was gimmicky, but I haven’t seen that gimmick before.

    • Coco Cornejo

      I wished Heidi has said at the point “Here’s another day and $20 for each of you. Fix it!”

      • libraangel

        Amen to that

    • libraangel

      But don’t you remember the flower/hardware challenge when the judges gushed about the designs and said how they would have difficulty choosing a winner with so many beautiful choices?!

  • SewingSiren

    This was a complete waste of time and money. They should never do a men’s episode again for any reason. Mens fashion just requires too much time and specific skill to complete in this kind of competition.
    A BASIC ( with out pocket) mens shirt has minimum 7 pattern pieces (some of which cuff, front body, sleeve , cuff, and sleeve placket have to be cut twice). Very basic (unlined) jacket has 8 pieces (again many must be cut twice). A very basic trouser has 5 pieces ( that is with out back pockets) some cut twice + however many belt loops you have. And a basic vest 4 pieces (some cut twice) . This is just the pattern pieces that have to be developed , then there is the cutting , sewing and fitting. Not to mention the actual designing! Then they have to add the extra element of Tear away. It’s just dumb. They end up with slop.

    • However, half the people on the planet are men, and real designers do often design for men. Also, a fair proportion of women’s clothing is also tailored, with pants, suit jackets, shirts. What they shouldn’t do is make the designers make men’s clothing in a single day. Obviously, that did not work at. all. But you are far more likely to design for men than to make clothes out of things found in a garden shop or a candy store….By now, those who try out for and make it onto the show ought to know that there will be a men’s episode, and prepare for it in some way.

      • SewingSiren

        Nothing on this show has anything what so ever to do with the real life job of designing clothing. It is purely entertainment. The menswear challenges are not entertaining.

  • I was so annoyed with how this episode went. Totally agree that having them create stripper menswear was just too much for them to handle, and it always annoys me when they pretend that they’re so disappointed in the results of these impossible challenges.

  • NOTHING FITS. I want them to take their clothes off, but not in a stripper way, more in a, “OH GOD WHY ARE YOU WEARING THAT!?” way.

  • My male coworker just referred to Michelle’s vested ensemble and said it looked like HeMan found Mr Monopoly’s suit and tried to put it on. BHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • Introspective

      I LOVE this. especially because I LOVED both Monopoly and He-Man as a kid and can SOOOO see this immediately. Im in stitches right now!!!!

      thank your coworker for the best laugh Ive had today.

      in other news this challenge was pure dreckitude and the ep was not worth any of our precious and overly analytical perspectives, but we are BKs so we’ll still offer them up gladly. my $0.02: Layana is annoying. Richard is crazy. Amanda was road kill. Patricia is a craftwork megalomaniac. My vote is for her to go home next.

    • Call me Bee

      Oh man that makes me laugh hard.

    • I’m finally catching up with all this and I’m so glad I did, if just for the hysterical laugher that this elicited from me. I’m crying with laughter, so you know. I sincerely thank your coworker for that. Cheers!

  • Bean Bunny

    Did they HAVE to design suits? I don’t get why every team did office wear. That was the challenge to put them in something nuts. If it had been me, and I only had a day, kilts and tee shirts for every body!

    Even if the vest was ugly, I would have given it to Michelle for actually realizing what a stage costume needs to be.

    • 3boysful

      Kilts would be my preference, too, but they take a ton of fabric, and a lot of work. And I guess as the guys were from Australia, not Scotland . . .

      • Exactly! I would have gotten thrown off for making costumes but my idea was to make three romance novel cover boys using the most popular themes…(don’t ask me how I know). Anyway, I would have made a Scotsman in a kilt, a regency lord in button front pants with boots and a poet shirt, and God knows for the third look. Maybe a pirate, maybe a gladiator, maybe a Viking, etc.

        You would have to get the models to buy into the theme but they acted like really fun guys and can you imagine what they could do with a kilt? Yowza!

        • BuffaloBarbara

          That wouldn’t have fit the challenge, but damn, I’d go to the show!

    • RebeccaKW

      I wondered that, too. I didn’t watch the ep, so I don’t know what the conditions were. But…these are strippers. They don’t need trench coats. Yes, you need to make clothing for them to rip off, but if you only have 1 day, why try to make more than 2 pieces?

    • l_c_ann

      IIRC Tim said one of the costumes had to be a three piece suit with a jacket, pants and a shirt.

      • SugarSnap108

        This is my recollection, too. So they didn’t all have to be suits, correct? They could’ve made the guys come from all worlds of employment, like the Village People. Yes?

        • BuffaloBarbara

          I heard it as “do suits” as well, though I wouldn’t be surprised to rewind and hear that only one of the needed to be a suit.

  • Pamdela

    Maybe someone has already suggested this, but I believe I have the solution for the next menswear challenge (if there is one after that train wreck last night): kilts. Manskirts. Can you imagine those brawny lads in sexy Highlander style? Best part for the designers: they get to make ladywear for men. Best part for the rest of us: manly legs. The tear-off would have been genius.

    • You KNOW I would be down for that!!!!!

      • Derek_anny

        But would giving the general public idea that kilts have 360* of pleats be a detriment? I only know it’s not because I wikipedia’d it last time. And really bad sporran? (did I spell that right? I’m too lazy to google) Must we remind you of the mess of the last kilt?

        • You got sporran right the first time. lol And as for a kilt being not really 360 pleated, it depends on where and when we are talking about. If you wanna get REALLY picky about it, what is typically sold as a “traditional Scots kilt”, is in fact a skirt. The definition at base line is that a kilt is simply a length of cloth pleated and held in place by a belt. Anything with any closure, (which all production kilts have these days) is not a kilt, but a skirt. Of course you will get fierce opposition about this from some. The most likely reason for the front section of a kilt being flat, is that wearing the sporran there, every step taken would disarrange the pleats pretty badly. The flat apron front allows the sporran to hang right, without disturbing the folds.

          (sorry if I got all pedantic on you, really couldn’t help myself)

          As for badly designed kilts, well, over the years we have suffered through plenty of badly designed skirts on PR, why not expand the venue? lol

          • Derek_anny

            If I wasn’t up for pedantry, I wouldn’t have asked you about kilts. All I know of kilts comes from wikipedia. and now you.

    • Ooh – yes please! I’m determined that kilts should be the next clothing trend for men. My son (age 3.5) just got his first kilt and he keeps asking me if he can wear it. I’m going to encourage that, if only to make people look twice.

  • stubbornthoughts

    Are these the kind of “fashion” pieces that purposely look shitty or can none of these designers make a simple button up? (besides Stanley) That last tie looks like it was cut from cardboard and tacked on.

  • I don’t watch the show any more, but this begs the question…why did any of them design outfits that had a top half?

    (I kid — of course I’m sure they were told to — but that would have been a nice easy way to boost ratings!)

  • deltabronze

    Fitting muscle men is as hard as fitting very curvy/busty women. Some people just look better naked.

  • Carrieanno

    The judges did Amanda a huge favor. In my mind, I pictured a couple of the others stepping forward at the end and volunteering to leave because “yeah, I know I signed up to do whatever the show throws at us, but after today – I don’t need this.” Heidi seemed embarrassed. Good.

  • OrigamiRose

    Horrid episode. Far worse than I gathered it would be from the preview. When the judges can’t contain their laughter at the end result anymore, yeah, time to stick a fork in it and call it done.

  • SignLadyB

    Just a thought as I watched last night–can you imagine Anya or Gretchen on this challenge. Even funnier than it was!

  • janierainie

    My dvr only recorded the last 30 minutes and it was enough for me! I’d like to see Zac make a shirt in one day for these guys! What a little twit!

    That pic of Stanley is priceless. I’m starting to root for him. Everyone else is so… I don’t know.. just not someone I want to root for.

  • I was just angry with Heidi and the producers for putting the dancers, the audience and the designers through so much bullshit. What a waste of an episode. A waste of everyone’s time. I look forward to sitting down and watching Project Runway after a long week and they gave me this bullshit instead. And as you said TLo, the judges refusal to acknowledge that this was THEIR doing just made it even worse. Dancers seemed lovely but I feel robbed.

  • fringebenefit

    I was touched at how the Thunder Thighs stuck up for their designers and wouldn’t complain about their garments.

    • SewingSiren

      They were nice that way weren’t they?

      • Yeah, I felt really bad for them. Then they did not only have to walk the runway, but dance in that mess….ugh

    • It was sweet that none of them acted like they were too good to wear such ratty clothing. It’s a bit unexepected from good-looking guys. The stereotype is that studly jocks would be above having to wear such awful garments, but they were so game. None of them had a sourpuss during their runways.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Australians tend to be very easy going. And, hell, this show gave them exposure they’d never otherwise have.

        • BuffaloBarbara

          I dunno… they seem to get a lot of exposure pretty regularly… ;p

  • Qitkat

    I’d like to compliment the Thunda guys for being such good sports.

    As for Salvador Dali, his dog could have done a better job designing.

  • Wow, I’ve never seen such horrid suits in my life!

  • alyce1213

    This show couldn’t have been funnier if they tried. I just took another look at the crotch of Michelle’s pants and laughed for 5 minutes (I think it’s pleated). You can look at any piece and just howl. I agree that if there were a winner, it should have been Stanley. He made collars that resembled collars, at least.

    • carrps

      It looks like he has a fabric va-jay-jay in the crotchal region.

  • AceOn6

    Bunim-Murray bad, eye candy good.

  • “It’s like menswear designed by Salvador Dalí.” Oh my God, those Aussies were such good sports! Still trying to defend the garments just like the models do when faced with such an onslaught of criticism. Disagree on Stanley’s success, though, because the dancer couldn’t get out of it at all. Disagree on Michelle’s look, too, because while Samantha was the only competent designer, Michelle was the only creative one.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I agree about Michelle, too. I don’t think what she did was at all successful, but at least she tried to do something other than standard pants – shirt – jacket. Even that awful little fake pocket was an attempt to do something different, something showing a point of view.

      • I think she should have gotten credit for it, including the win. If it’s the producers fault that the challenges don’t work, that shouldn’t deprive the contestants of a win. They played fair on their end and did their best, impossible challenge or no.

        • BrooklynBomber

          If she’d won, it’d only be for the least worst. Maybe she’d have been able to make her idea better if she’d had more time, but then everyone would have been able to do better.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    Hey, they KNEW they were going to get a disaster. Remember Sweet Pea’s jacked up collar and Carmen’s “this is what I would have made” shirt (or lack thereof)? Still, I have to say I live for challenges like this. Since we never get amazing clothes any more, a completely ass-bonkers runway show is about the most entertainment we can hope for.

    I am beyond fed up with the short challenges, though. To their credit, even the stripper/models were like, “Hey, they didn’t get enough time to make this shit!” when they were called on the (red) carpet.

  • dickylarue

    After watching last night’s episode I came to one conclusion; Amanda could have a scorching hot career as a Professional Tour Guide. Could you imagine her leading you around a musuem, city or a Ben & Jerry’s factory? She was born for it.

  • Ugh, so glad Amanda is gone. She was 30-something(?) yet had a personality stuck in high-school, as does Michelle and Layana. And by the way, that is exactly the way to describe Layana’s behavior, TLo. Thank you.

    At this point I am rooting for Stanley or Samantha to win because they have the least drama with the most consistently well-made clothing.

    • You’re right, and I don’t understand how women in their late 20s and beyond stay like this. Did they take in too many Disney Princess fumes in early childhood? Almost everyone I knew got sufficiently beaten down by life by age 28 to get an infusion of real awareness. Get into the workforce for a couple of years. . . Then again, I’m 62 and a totally different generation (the 1970’s did wonders to bring the downside of life up close and personal)–the generation that raised these youngish adults. . . hmmm

  • I would like to chime in and say…for the record. Emmett was totally entertaining the ice skating costume.

    To this day, that is the episode that I still die laughing over.

  • LJCdoc

    Theo Huxtable called. He wants his shirts back.

    • EEKstl


  • As usual TLo, it was a great recap. I’ve followed Project Runway closely since the last of season one. There are always lessons to learn, about designing and people (fashion people, show producers, and fans too). This is the first episode which I wish I could take more lightly. After all, the dancers were really good sports, many of the designers felt comfortable enough with each other to laugh. But mostly I was upset that the designers were set up to fail, and then blamed and treated as laughingstock. There were too many shots of Nina laughing, one was funny but many revealed the producers as bullies. These designers have significant skills as shown in the final collections at fashion week and even, as the judges said, in prior episodes. I could get on a high horse and “stand up for the working person,” but in the end most of these designers have inflated egos and volunteered for the reputation-bashing of reality TV. OK, I’m lightening up inside, the fun has been in watching and commenting.

  • marilyn

    What a trainwreck! They have not had a challenge to make menswear for several years. The poor quality of the finishing, independent of whether it is for men or women, really stood out. They should have had the tailoring skills to make pants with legs the same size, to make collars that look normal, and on, and on, and on……. Apparently Samantha’s pants and Stanley’s outfit were the only decent looking products of this exercise. With the thousands of people trying out for this show, you’d think they would find a few who not only are good designers, but who know how to sew. What a mess.

    • “The designers should have had the tailoring skills to make pants with legs the same size, to make collars that look normal, and on, and on, and on.”

      Exactly. I turned to my husband and said, “If I were going to apply to be on this show I’d first be sure you had an entire wardrobe made perfectly by me.” How do they not think “It’s PR. They’re going to throw something at me that isn’t my strength. What do I need to work on?” and then go out and bust their behinds to make sure that they have a working knowledge that would help them through this kind of a challenge? Because it ain’t all pageant dresses.

      • Sweetpea176

        Like going on Survivor not knowing how to build a fire.

        You have me wondering, though, how far in advance of filming are the designers cast?

      • Being able to make menswear is not requirement of the show and is in fact a very difficult subset of tailoring.

  • EEKstl

    “It’s not a problem to us that they impose nearly impossible challenges on the designers. It annoys the shit out of us when they pretend like they didn’t.” Exactly exactly exactly my thoughts. The “tsk tsk” chastisement when they should have expected nothing less is extremely annoying. Hopefully the fact that it was such an epic fail across the board makes the producers realize they actually screwed up. I wish the judges would have acknowledged that (not that they would have).

    • Indigo54

      LOL. I personally wasn’t just laughing at the clothes, I was laughing at the producers for coming up with such a dumb idea. I hope Tim gave them a severe tongue lashing.

  • I had to DVR last night, but I’m not even going to bother watching this. I just stared at the first couple of pictures for a few minutes, that’s plenty.

  • PR: Running With Scissors. A travesty. The worst is that baggy pervert priest suit. He looks like his knees are backwards.

  • Give them more than a day. S5 designers had two days after all to dress drag queens. This wasn’t a bad challenge because it was not another “make retail clothing” or “make something pretty for Heidi” challenge. These designers think they can make it close to the end by replicating their portfolio “pretty dresses” for every challenge. It shouldn’t work like that. But it is unrealistic to ask them to do menswear, performance-wear, and tear-away in one day for multiple articles of clothing for muscled male strippers (with alopecia chests). Give them two days, and they may not all resort to Velcro. Give them two days, and the collars may not droop. Give them two days, and the pants may fit better. It is noteworthy, however, that even if these contestants were allowed more time, none of them had interesting (or particularly functional) design ideas to execute. Suits? Trench coats? BUSINESS? OFFICE? What the fuck.

    Oh, Stanley. Yep, he’s too damn serious. Thought bubble: “Did that guy just flash his underwear? In this professional design setting? Uh-oh. Hope it’s just my eyes”. Each season has had these move-no-facial-muscle types (both men and women): sci-fiction loving Ben from S7, earnest jar-bottom glasses Nathan from S10. Most of them do not make it all that far. Some do because the producers deem them good-looking enough (i.e. “hope a model gives him a hand-job” Logan or “she may be quiet, but she harbors ancient contraptions: whip, bulwark, strap on” Maya).

    I wouldn’t call Daniel camera-savvy. I wrote about that last episode. To me, he’s a parody of a camera-sucking contestant. Camera savvy, to me, is someone who is cognizant of the producers’ tactics and uses the very medium (camera) the producers provide to ridicule them. Refer to my Anya/suck it like a beauty queen comment.

    • demidaemon

      I believe the velcro was advised for the tear-a-ways. Even if they were going to go traditional with the silhouette, they could have at least spiced it up with color and pattern.

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    This … thing that Michelle made… I have no words for it. Hideous doesn’t begin to cover it.

  • Dhammadina

    When I first saw the Aussie guys last night and got a glimpse of the one with the long hair (the one who ended up in Michelle’s vest) I thought “so that’s what happened to Tim Riggins after prison –that is, Taylor Kitsch after John Carter on Mars!” Not too much of a stretch.Though I still hope Kitsch is making better choices and still has the opportunity to do so.   

  • snarkykitten

    that’s a lot of orange meat.

  • Oh, you two make me happy: “it is somewhat fashion-adjacent and involves the making of garments.” I didn’t notice the dancers’ red eyes on tv–reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Krusty reads a script and says he’ll “need a shoebox of blow to get through this one.”

  • mars tokyo

    Someone should have made a kilt!

  • crash1212

    I can’t totally hate an episode that included Nina totally losing it and laughing to uncontrollably that she had ME laughing uncontrollably. But that was about the only judging incident that I found less than annoying. TLo are correct, as usual, don’t be “disappointed” and total hard asses when you give them impossible tasks.

  • These clothes remind me of the International Male catalog from the late 80s/early 90s. Especially the ones with the funky vests.

    • OrigamiRose

      I was having a “Chess King” response to the vest.

  • Scoobydrew

    I will never understand why PR takes wonderfully nice men like the Sheepdogs and The Thunders and do horrible things to them.

    I will defend Patricia though, she gets flack for not being a team player – but that is all she was this time. Someone suggested the basket weave shirt and she did what they wanted her to do, EVERYONE on this challenge had time issues, not just Patricia.

    And why is Layana even there, has she finished any garment on her own – and then to blame someone else for it? Obviously she’s this seasons winner.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I kind of got the feeling the rest of the team took the attitude: let’s keep Patricia busy doing one of her fabric manipulations; she’ll be out of our hair and we’ll do the “real” work. I could be wrong; it’s just a feeling I got. That said, I’m tired of her whole approach. Her garments in the first two challenges were so great, so full of promise. Now she’s a . . .what was it Dmitry said? One way pony? I wish she had looked at the big picture in this challenge and realized that spending an entire day making one shirt wasn’t going to cut it — especially after last week when Heidi said her team mates had high scores, but her score brought them down and that’s why thinking as a team is essential. She obviously is capable of making a garment. She should have said, no, this isn’t the time for fabric manipulation. And her team should have tried to engage her in doing something that would contribute more to the entire “line.”

      • Scoobydrew

        ….and in the prom challenge she was praised for doing the fabric manipulation. They came in first with the high schoolers and at least she isn’t predictable. I think Patricia, out of all the designers there is the most artistic, bad or good her stuff is at least interesting… as opposed to some of the designers who are just predictable… I would rather see a creative mess from a designer on PR then something I can get at the mall … How is it fair that in one challenge they bag on her for doing it, and being true to her vision — which by the way Michelle says is something she wants to do, and in the next when they ASK her to do it she is supposed to say NO … she is in a no win situation, no matter what she does she will be accused of not being a team player. And frankly Layana and Michelle are just down right mean to her for no reason that we’ve seen. She is just damned no matter what she does … The bottom line to me she seems like she’s a really a nice lady, she is probably more artist than designer and in the way of creativity, she could run circles around most anyone in the room. She may not be the best fit for PR because she is more artist … but to single her out, when EVERYONE’S clothes sucked… well that’s unfair.

        • BrooklynBomber

          I agree she’s nice and she’s got something really interesting and special going on. But most of the time she’s not figuring out how to make it work in this context. She needs to adapt: if it takes all day just to put the textile together, that’s not going to work on a one-day challenge. And they all — Michelle, Layana, Patricia, and most of the rest — really need to figure out how to look out for one another and work as a team. (Although, to be fair, they didn’t even have enough time on this one to do their own garments, much less check on one another.)

          • BuffaloBarbara

            This. I like her fine as a person(ality) and I find her artistry interesting, but she’s been doing this long enough that she ought to have a sense for how long it takes, and do the math. She’s got to find a way to express her funky aesthetic in clothes without actually building the textiles for it.

      • BeccaGo

        ONE-WAY MONKEY!! Sorry, I just love to shout that so much. 😀

        I second the notion that they were just trying to keep Patricia busy. If she hadn’t made the basket-weave so tight and the guy’s (unnaturally bronzed, and waxed) skin had shown through, it might have been more stripper-sexy and less potholder-y. Like Michelle’s vest, still ugly, but more in line with the spirit of the challenge.

        • BrooklynBomber

          Oh, yes, one way monkey–thank you! I knew I didn’t have it quite right. I like your concept for Patricia’s Pot Holder shirt.

          • libraangel

            But I thought Heidi was extremely rude in her ‘potholder’ remark and even worse, her finger-wagging and saying “bad designers”. Coulda slapped her silly

      • Coco Cornejo

        Michelle sent all her team mates on fool’s errands then made something different on her own. Patricia wasn’t the only one being pushed to the side in this challenge.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      Yeah, that’s what I thought about complaining about Patricia spending her time on the shirt. She did EXACTLY what her teammates told her to do. Now, yes, she should have said “That’s really not the best thing to do for this challenge.” But I was quite annoyed with the teammates telling her to do that, and then being annoyed when she did. It seemed weird. Maybe when it became obvious that there were time problems — like, about half an hour into it — they should have met again and said, “Let’s do a different thing, ‘kay?” Then if she’d stuck to the basket-weave against their wishes, I’d buy the anger more.

      And yes, please stop bothering Thundery Sheepdogs. They’re way too nice for this.

      • Scoobydrew

        next team name thundery sheepdogs!

    • l_c_ann

      But there’s an easy and fast way to do a basket weave and it doesn’t involve shredding fabric.
      First you make pleats and sew them down parallel to the warp. Iron them. Then you make pleats on that fabric after you turn the fabric 90 degrees and those parallel the weft. Then you iron them. Then you cut out the parts and get on with your life.

      • Scoobydrew

        well I cant keep on defending patricia … but honestly that doesn’t sound so easy to me. I stand by what I said. Patricia cant win no matter what she does … and if its so easy why didnt anyone tell her how to do it… she was very open to Samantha’s idea last week … maybe just because they wanted her to fail…

        • JLH

          Each designer has their own aesthetic and design process. Some people are better at different things, like how Stanley had drawn and cut all the patterns out in what seemed like a relatively fast time. I watched the episode last night and remember Patricia saying she could have the shirt done in an hour and a half (and I could be wrong, but that’s what I remember). That’s the problem to me. Now, I get that the editing of the show has the ability to sound byte and chop conversations to death, but it didn’t appear to me that she ever convened with the group and said, “Hey, this is actually taking a lot longer than I originally thought, maybe we should go in a different direction?” And maybe the group wouldn’t have supported that, but we didn’t even see it come up as an option. Time after time Patricia talks about how skilled she is at what she does, but time after time we see her continually have to pull things out of her ass in the eleventh hour and I think it’s been pretty shoddy work since the second week although I’ve stated before I feel like I’m one of the only ones that thinks her press event dress was hideous. I originally appreciated her point of view and the unique quality she brings to PR, but she’s not producing and she’s getting overpraised for what I view as craft projects and not actual design. To me, that’s a more pressing issue of contention then whether or not she’s being agreeable.

          • Scoobydrew

            …and again I disagree … I don’t feel she is getting overpraised – and what some people see as crafts I don’t. Perhaps because I am a “crafty” girl and know that there is a little more skill and technique that goes into what people write off as being “crafty”

            To me she has a real artistic streak, and she has preformed. Again she is more artist than designer, but she gets done on time – her work is done well, she’s nice — and I doubt she’d send pants with two different leg lengths down the runway. Her dress for the prom episode, again was the favorite of the high school audience, the target audience and the people that would be going to prom.

            Patricia, I like her. That’s all I can say.

          • JLH

            Oh, I’m not trying to insult the craft world, I just dropped a good fortune at Michael’s and am dreading some of the work I’m going to be doing this week. I get that it takes a lot of skill, time, and technique to do what she does, but I guess the point I’m trying to make is that she mostly ends up settling instead of completing her original intention and that since she is, in fact, on a clothing show and not a crafts show, she needs understand the time constraints and be more forthcoming to help herself and her teammates. Isn’t she the only one left after this elimination that has yet to win a challenge? I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree about her, because to me, her work gets done but rarely ever does it look that great. I loved her first dress and have felt either underwhelmed or disgusted by some of the things she has sent down since. I will concede that she seems to be a nice person and probably has a niche somewhere out there.

    • libraangel

      I’m surprised the judges didn’t call Layana on getting help from Stanley

  • I’m speaking up for Amanda. She is willing to genuinely and respectfully work with people with opposite viewpoints. That’s pretty rare. I’m specifically referring to the episode when she was paired with Joseph Aaron Segal and they had to get together for a dress, and she was kind of “structural” and he was “pop art graphic.” Could have been a disaster, but it wasn’t. She didn’t panic or get judgemental, they worked things out like adults and found common ground. After years of watching congress flail, it was a refreshing sight on my TV. She was also very supportive of her winning partner Michelle last episode; I assume Michelle really carried the challenge, and Amanda was quick to acknowledge.

    • Agreed, I’ve admired her (and Joe too) since that episode. It was exactly “make it work” moment.

    • BrooklynBomber

      Agree. At first she came off as a little snotty, but I don’t think she is. I think the way she talks in the little interviews sometimes seems that way, but as time goes on you realize it isn’t. She was always a good sport when getting racked over the coals or thrown under the bus. And I didn’t think she was so awful to Richard AT ALL. He and Michelle had just said she was the weakest link. What was she supposed to do? Say, they’re right, I should go home? Yet SHE apologized to him! I have no idea who she is as a designer; this was not a good forum for her. But she realized it and did the best she could.

  • I really felt for Amanda, because I told understood her meltdown, both on the runway and backstage — she wanted to be honest and say how she really felt, but she knew she’d bungled it into being mean/insulting and that wasn’t what she wanted.

  • If this was a menswear competition, I would have very little patience with what we saw last night, just has I always do with the real woman challenges — you should be able to scale. But they had to try to scale normal menswear to odd proportions when they didn’t really know menswear to begin with! Even without the tearaway component, that’d still suck.

    • And they were told they had to do a business theme — that makes it even worse, because they didn’t even have the option to make decisions that would cover their weaknesses.

      • BuffaloBarbara

        I think it would have been more interesting if they’d been able to pick a theme, and the winning team would actually get to have designed the opening act.

  • kikisayshi

    I have to say that everyone looked at Richard like he had glittery horns growing from his head anytime he mentioned something non-boring. Maybe they should have listened to him.

  • As soon as I saw the angle the designers were taking I thought “Are they all stupid?” It’s stagewear for a group of strippers called “Thunder from down under” for god’s sake! How do you not get the fantasy element or have none of them ever heard of/seen a real male revue. If anything, they should’ve taken the fantasy element and ran with it…to top it off, none of the garments was in the least bit sexy…this was a truly wretched show! Poor Paticake (Patricia) is a textile maker not a designer…she’s proving this more and more each week. Richard’s was so awful it really was almost art…he’s lucky Amanda’s such a boring personality or he’d be out for sure. And will someone please tell Dali 2.0 to get real and cut the sh*t? Same for Layana: either own being a bitch or shut the hell up. Wretched, wretched, wretched!

    Best line of the night for me: (Heidi) “Why don’t we eliminate all of them and end the show early.” Yes, why indeed.

    • I sorta understand the issues with knowing the market. I’ve never seen male strippers, because I find them ridiculously unsexy. Just like there I get the nerves — I made one pair if men’s pants and the crotch was all kinds of wonky.

  • rainwood1

    I missed the episode, but I didn’t miss it if you know what I mean.

  • Coco Cornejo

    This was the male equivalent of the “real woman” challenge, but that I mean the designers got to gripe about how big the client-models’ bodies were and how much fabric was required. So what?! I’m with Nina on this. Don’t you have a measuring tape? And don’t you know how to do the calculations to estimate how much fabric you’ll need?

  • Coco Cornejo

    Am hating, hating, hating Michelle. She’s turning into quite the scheming designer, isn’t she? Last night she sent each of her teammates on a fools errand and then created her own distinct look. Thank goodness the judges called her on the fact that her outfit didn’t coordinate with the rest of her team’s and didn’t give her the win. Maybe there is some Project Runway justice after all.

  • libraangel

    You took the words right out of my mouth, T&L,…except I am angrier than you. ONE DAY! One f-ing day! And big muscle-men! What did the judges expect? I know most of the clothes were bad, very bad, but give them at least 2 days. Idiot Zac said he completed A shirt at design school – big whoop! – they had to make three! Stupid Heidi says she is disappointed when you know the whole 1-day stripper-challenge was just done for drama. (And I could have slapped her for her “potholder” remark. No matter what you think about Patricia, what a nasty remark!) Stanley should have gotten kudos just for making an entire suit in one day. And then sadistic Heidi asks who they think is the weakest link: not putting them on the spot much, eh, Heidi? I would not answer her I think. However, out of the bunch, I guess Amanda was the most clueless.’Nuff said.
    p.s. Sorry, I don’t like your new ‘Disqus” format

  • Call me Bee

    Oh gentlemen–you’ve out done yourselves with this thoughtful analysis of that trainwreck of an episode last night. What a bunch of hooey.

    While I’d simply die to have a shirt designed by Salvador Dali, to me, this is more Picasso in his cubist period. Everything all out of proportion and wonky!

    I was sad to see Amanda go. It should have been Patricia. Again. She must have cast some kind of Obiwan “these are not the droids you’re looking for…” spell on the judges, i.e. “I am not the designer who should go home….”

    And Michelle’s outfit was crack-tastic, but she was self-aware to know it was awful, unlike some of the others (Layana) who thought they did just fine.

  • LuluinLaLa

    I have to say, I really, REALLY enjoyed this episode. Usually I scroll through my phone and distract myself the whole time; last night I found myself laughing and really having fun with the show. I also have to say, I was dragged to see Thunder from Down Under in Las Vegas for a friend’s bachelorette a couple of years ago, and it was GREAT. These guys were amazing performers, and turned something totally cheesy into a legitimately good time. Their energy was contagious, is my only explanation. Also, they look MUCH more orange here than they did on my TV last night. Or maybe I just wasn’t noticing their complexion.

  • leilah

    Michelle’s garb(age) recalls the Cosby Show episode where Denise made a “designer” shirt for Theo … frightening …

  • OMFG!!!
    I skipped the show last night – it looks as if I’ll have to watch online after all.

  • GTrain

    I didn’t buy Amanda’s “apology” at all because it was all about her looking like a certain type of person, looking nice. She had plenty of bitchy confessionals so don’t start pretending like throwing Richard under the bus on the runway was an anomaly.

    This critique bugged the hell out of me with the laughing. I didn’t find a damn thing funny about making a bunch of craptastic clothes when someone is about to be aufed for it. Just what the hell did Nina find so incredibly amusing? And then — similar to the balls challenge — here we go with the middle school giggling about big muscle men. Emily Rossum demonstrated the most maturity of all of them.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Train wreck clothes, but yes, I was laughing right with Nina when the guy’s pants started separating on the runway when he wasn’t trying to get them off.

    I kind of liked Michelle’s vest. It was interesting, but would have been better if she’d gone all out steampunk. Victorian business suits are still suits! That said, I’m not on her side with the constant bitching.

    I also kind of liked the basket weave effect and it would have been excellent in a shirt design contest for general menswear. As stagewear, you can’t see it.

    Layana, just because Richard wears men’s clothes does NOT mean he’s studied construction of them more carefully than you have. And you both should have gotten at least the basics.

    Patricia: You cannot lean on fabric manipulation. Love ya, nice local girl, but STOP IT.

    Michelle: Just shut up.

    Amanda’s mistake with the pants was totally a construction issue. How could such a thing happen when you’re making novelty versions of unusually sized versions of fashion you probably haven’t studied for years, and you have a day to do it? Good, cheap, or fast — pick two. And if you add “creative” to the mix, you still only get to pick two.

    The mistake in the challenge, other than piling too much on, was constraining the designers too much in the concept.

  • YoungSally

    What’s with the hanging out handkerchief? What if one actually has to blow their nose??

    This is even worse than International Male….it’s more of the “Ah Men” catalog

  • Meh… Trainwreck made for good entertainment. I thought it was funny to see Nina giggle into incoherence.

    With Amanda gone, the only person left I actually like is Samantha. Hopefully she sticks around till the finale.

    Speaking of which, are we going to see a ripping of Amanda’s decoy collection?

    • Melanie

      If I recall, the decoy collections weren’t identified by designer when they showed at Fashion Week. I don’t know if Lifetime/BM have identified Amanda’s since this episode aired or not.

      • l_c_ann

        See my comment to Coco Cornejo above.

  • Dumb episode and I would have smacked Heidi all the way back to an Alpine village.

  • Sweetpea176

    I really enjoyed this episode! I’d much rather have laugh-out-loud results than boring, overpraised, smug results any day. And a mid-season episode of comic relief is like a nice palate cleanser. But I agree that the stern judging was kinda out of place. I mean, the results were clearly the train wreck they intended to be by the producers, and it’s not like the designers were trying to pass their results off as anything but that.

  • Frank_821

    actually something that I thought of. Will you be commenting on Amanda’s decoy collection. Her collection was identifiied on the BPR site when they interviewed her

    Looking at it again you can see it was not a winning collection. However Amanda has nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing ground breaking but since she had months instead of weeks to work on it, it’s better than the majority of decoys from recent seasons

    • Coco Cornejo

      I don’t think they identified the individual collections at this year’s fashion week.

      • l_c_ann

        BPR interviews the ‘newly’ aufed designers. With a BM person listening in. This time, among other things, they asked if she could identify the decoy collection (they gave the number they thought was hers) and the BMer said it was ok. So, they identified it as hers.
        You can go to their site and read the interview without being spoiled. If you open their upper link to the collections, the others are identified by numbers; hers is identified by her name.

  • adnama79

    I wish one of the teams had been like, “Screw it, we can’t make business suits that fast; let’s make superhero suits instead.” Someone called them The Avengers and I was like, “Do it! Do it! … ah damn, we’re going to get wonky collars.”

  • sisterb67

    Judas priest, this was tragically hilarious. Most of these garments look straight out of the Gordon Gartrelle/Ichi Yamarata Cosby Show collections. I don’t think Richard used interfacing on ANY of those collars, and I hope someone burns that jacket Layana made. Honestly, they should have given the title to Stanley by default for making something not totally hideous and sent the rest of them home.

  • Sally Brownson

    Seriously, if there was ever a time for a two-day challenge, this was it. Because yeah, my sister can cut and sew an impeccably tailored men’s suit in a day, but she doesn’t have to design it or make it tear-away, and she’s done HUNDREDS! Asking 4 people to sew three menswear outfits when they’ve never done menswear and are completely unfamiliar with the proportions… it’s just mind-boggling.

  • VivianAdvanced

    These garments were on a par with the ill-fitting disaster Lucy sewed for herself the time Ricky got mad and placed her on strict spending limits. I, too, was highly irked at the judges’ criticism and kept thinking, “Well, what did you expect?” The designers were clearly out of their element and understandably so. At least the beefcake (or should I say kangaroo cake? Sheepcake?) were good sports about wearing the stuff. I don’t understand why they went the boring, office-attire route. I would think this kind of challenge would be perfect for more over-the-top creativity. Was it Amanda that complained that Richard’s ideas were too “Vegas”? Um, isn’t that where Thunda from Down Unda performs? Was it the Thunda boys themselves who wanted this theme? BTW, in the pictures of the one wearing Michelle’s outfit, it looks as though he has smoke (or something – ahem – else) wafting from his crotch. I wish they’d bring back the drag queen challenge.

    • BrooklynBomber

      At least they didn’t have them perm their own hair!

  • You ask me, where the designers fell down on this challenge was doing menswear looks in the first place. Stripper comes out in business suit? YAWN. Michele had the right idea by proposing they do them as bike messengers, etc. It would have been easier, not to mention the strippers said they wanted something different. Of course she got overruled by Stanley “Play It Safe” Hudson.

  • Middleage_Cranky

    Tim gave us a hint of things to come when he mentioned that the last men’s challenge was disastrous….I’m assuming he was referring to the so very sad Kiki Barber challenge?

    • alyce1213

      They’ve all been disasters. Rock bands, athletes . . . no one is safe.

  • Beorn

    Was it just me, or did “Thunda from Down Unda” sound like a eupemism for IBS?

  • Lyn Paton

    I agree COMPLETELY!!! The challenge was impossible…PERIOD!

    I mean, come on…they are working out of Parsons, not HOGWARTS!!! There’s no actual spell or potion that can defend the designers from this dark arts challenge, PR!!! Hell, you aren’t even worthy of the Harry Potter references, for goodness sake!!!

    And they can’t even admit it was “their bad,” not that I would have ever expected such a thing, but they must really think their viewers are pretty ignorant to not know who was really at fault for the awful looks on that runway. Of course, I’m still watching, so they might not be far off the mark on my intelligence, at least:)

    If it wasn’t for the really, REALLY nice eye-candy, I would have declared this the worst challenge in PR history (I still consider the stilts challenge to hold that top spot, though)!

    As always, thank you TLo for helping to keep my sanity after episodes like this:)

  • okay, i haven’t watched the epi yet, so i won’t say much. i missed thursday completely. thought yesterday was thursday and i didn’t watch but thought i’d catch up today. but today’s saturday. anyway, i wanted to say, nevermind, my comments are about the photos on TLounge. boy am i confused. that’s how it is when you make art in the mountains.

  • shanna bowie

    I just loved Emmy Rossum going, “Ok here we go!” when the guys started dancing.

  • lilazander

    “It’s like menswear designed by Salvador Dalí.” DITTO. WTF is it?

  • lrhoff

    It’s all crap.

  • Serenity

    What annoyed me most, is that the judges didn’t seem to realise that they asked for business wear.

  • Two words: Gordon Gartrell.