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Posted on March 08, 2013


It wasn’t a bad idea for a challenge at all. We’ve been thinking for some time now that the show really needs to break out of its challenge rut. Every season it’s:

  • Unconventional materials
  • Real women
  • Make a dress for Heidi
  • Make a dress for an ad campaign/Marie Claire shoot
  • Make a dress for a singer/performer
  • Make a dress inspired by NYC

Every single one of those challenges needs to be permanently retired because new designers come into the competition already knowing what’s coming. We wouldn’t call this a huge surprise or major twist, but making prom dresses out of Duck tape felt at least a little new. Put it this way: we were genuinely curious to see how the designers were going to handle this. We very rarely feel that way anymore.


A sea of bright, young, upturned faces. A collective thought balloon that reads “Who’s the old guy? I don’t know, but he got me out of first-period Chem.”


Also: whenever the public votes on the designs, we NEVER trust that we’re hearing the truth about the scoring. EVER. Nothing is quantified. We’re just told who got the highest score. Just once, we’d like to see Nina or someone say “THAT’S the high -score garment? NO WAY!”

Then again, the judges panel was unusually crack-smokey and a little bitchy last night. It seems no one on that panel agreed on what a prom dress looks like or should look like, with way too much weight being given to the two non-Americans who’d never been to a prom before. It was a little self-serving of him to do so (since he spits out dozens of gowns each season), but we enjoyed seeing Zac get a little annoyed with Nina and Heidi. We realize the judging panel would be useless if half of them decided to defer to the other half, but we really wish Nina and Heidi could’ve admitted that they didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.

Then again, it’s an interesting question and one we’ve noted several times before when featuring prom-wear on the site: No one can agree on what the latest prom trends are because they vary from region to region. Short, long, tight or swingy is all on the menu, every season.


Amanda and Michelle

So congrats to Michelle and Amanda! You’re both going to be insufferable now, aren’t you?

We both considered this the clear winner and head and shoulders above the rest. It didn’t strike us as particularly prom-y, but we’ve established that it’s hard to nail down what constitutes current prom style. We think it was smart of them both to start with an image of the girl who wants to wear a dress like this. That’s always better for the design process.

Our only quibble is with the right boob. That pointy thing should have been pinned down. You saw them considering the idea, but they never went through with it.


Patricia and Samantha

It is INSANE that this dress scored high and that the judges found it difficult to decide whether this dress or the winning dress was on the top. Yes, that skirt technique certainly is interesting, but she looks like some sort of alien flower or cyborg insect. Supposedly this was the dress with the highest teen scores, but we’re accepting that info with a ginormous grain of salt.


Layana and Stanley

Another one that got wildly over-praised. It’s too busy, borderline tacky, and very ’80s-dated. We’re not surprised Stanley, Daniel and Richard all defaulted to the styles of their prom days, but we’re really surprised Layana went along with this. Then again, she’s another one who likely did not go to prom, since she’s Brazilian.


Daniel and Richard

Disgraceful. Both Richard and Daniel are getting increasingly delusional as the competition goes on. There’s no question in our minds that this was the worst design and that these two should’ve gone home for it.


Kate and Tu

But no, the team who made the gown that looked most like a prom gown – and the only team with someone who’d actually been to a prom in the last 5 years – was sent home for being boring. We agree that this dress is boring and we understand that Project Runway often sends boring home over bad, but this was ridiculous to us. Kate’s problem was in thinking that the judging panel was looking for, well… a prom gown. They weren’t. They’re not interested in what kids actually wear to prom. They were more interested in their version of prom; fashion editor prom. In other words, the judges wanted something innovative and exciting, but Kate knew that most girls don’t want that in their prom dress. Most girls tend toward movie-star elegance, which bores people like Nina and Heidi because they live in that world and don’t understand how magical it is to the average teenage girl.

We’re not arguing that this should have won or that every gal wants a prom dress like this, but the judges were way off the mark with this one and it’s entirely due to the fact that the more influential half of the panel had no idea what they were talking about.

Ah, well. Auf Wiedersehen, Kate. You did get a little full of yourself toward the end there. Auf Wiedersehen, Tu. You probably shouldn’t have been so agreeably monk-like.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • Wow, a double Auff.  Well, I really can’t fault them for it.  Both Tu and Kate deserved to be auffed for the exact reasons stated.  Lousy design, and not giving your own design voice room.  I loved Amanda and Michelle’s piece, though to tell from the kids reaction it was NOT a prom dress.  It was interesting, well executed and used the materials expertly, really.

    • JosephLamour

       Two things: A: Kate was being so obnoxiously mean girl about everyone else that I’m happy someone slapped the prom queen crown clear off her head, and B: When the high schooler fellow was all “You think this pointy thing looks good? Well congratulations on your success! :)” 16 y/o catty is the best kind of catty.

      Actually, bonus C: Every male high schooler in that auditorium was a gay high schooler, yes? This must have been something they had to sign up for. Love it.

      • alannaofdoom

        I do not remember disliking Kate so strongly in previous episodes, but MY GOD did she get the insufferably full-of-herself edit this week. Every time they cut to a talking-head with her I hit mute. 

      • And didn’t you love the girl in the sequined dress? Think she hoped to get on camera much? It sure worked.

        • spititout

          Often, in high school clothing construction classes, watching PR episodes is either an assignment or an in-class activity.  My guess is the student voters came from sewing, design and fiber arts type classes.  It looked like there may have been a student fashion show event before the PR duct tape segment.

          • What magical high schools are these? Wherein funding for clothing construction classes and design and fiber arts are available? When there’s a time machine, I would like to go back and re-do HS at those.

          •  Schools here have them.  Of course, schools here benefit from tax payments of 30K a year on moderate houses, so there’s that….

          • Where is “here”?

          • My District (in Southern NJ) lost both cooking at sewing to budget cuts about a year ago, but does have fashion design and interior design classes. I first learned basic and advanced clothing construction in High School (in the late 70’s). Still skills I use today. I am sure there are schools that have sewing. The High School girls I know love to take stuff apart and recreate new pieces.

          • I went to secondary school in the UK and had “textiles” classes, which involved making clothes from existing patterns and designing our own garments or accessories to fit a brief we provided (eg I made a bag for formal occasions because I was in the “short course”, full course students normally made entire dresses and the like because they had twice the time available). We also learnt to knit, dye stuff, and make different kinds of embellishments (quilting, beading, pin-tucking, patchwork, etc). This was eight years ago.

          • Lucky you. I went to a highly funded, very affluent high school in the late eighties/early 90’s, and there was one home-ec class, which was impossible to get into unless you were a senior and I believe which focused on cooking. The things you describe doing in high school are things which I paid over a thousand dollars a credit for while pursuing a BFA in Crafts & Material Studies with a concentration in Fiber Arts in COLLEGE.

          • Kimbolina

            I know in my high school, for my advanced clothing class we all bought our own supplies (fabric, patterns, thread, notions, etc.) since everyone picked their own projects.  If I recall correctly, cooking and a lot of the more advanced art classes like photography, jewelry making, and pottery had a small fee enrolled students paid at the beginning of the semester (usually like $5 or $10 or something) to help cover the cost of materials.

          • That’s a good way to do it. I didn’t have to contribute to the funding of anything in my high school, which, as I said, was very affluent. The situation that I was bemoaning was more the fact that their funding was placed on things deemed “more important” than anything like textile or fiber arts. You had art class, and that was it.

          • roadtrip1000

            Maybe it was filmed in a high school but I have my doubts. The setting looked exactly like the basketball court at the NYC Recreation Center on East 54th St. Among other details it has a very distinctive banked running track on the mezzanine that was visible in the opening shot. So who knows where the kids came from or how they were selected. The more I watch this show the more I realize how much of it isn’t reality-based.

          • When they were walking in, I thought I saw a sign saying it was a YMCA, but I could be mistaken.

          • I think it was the West Side YMCA on 63rd between b’way and cpw.  I wen to school there when it was McBurney School.

          • roadtrip1000

            Could be. I expect they film wherever it’s easiest to get permission, privacy, etc. While I know we’re not watching a Kens Burn documentary it just bugs me how they most likely weren’t filming in a school (or else they would mentioned the school’s name), plus they didn’t give the kids’ opinions any weight. It would have made the episode so much better if they had actually done what they said they were going to do.

          • libraangel

            Maybe – probably – some of the kids should have been runway judges

          • Judy Goldman

             Awesome idea!! One of the teens should have been the guest judge. THAT would have made sense!

          • Lisa_Cop

            The building sign said The Y and cross-street sign said Central Park West, so I guess this was filmed at the McBurney Y at 64th St. And CPW. Who knows whether the students were from 1 high school or just any student who had an interest in fashion.

          • Buffy

            I kept wondering why Tim wasn’t saying “thank you “X” High School” or some other name dropping, because what high school administrator or school superintendent doesn’t want GOOD publicity for their school and their students?

    • StellaZafella

       My “mean girl” side had a hard time with it …but I grudgingly accepted that Michellanda’s dress was the best of the bunch for imagination, execution and a clear point of view. It’s a GREAT party dress…but too go-go for a young woman’s dream for “The Prom”…even a punker chick might have gone more goth glam.
      (Alas, I thought of wearing a long dress to my senior prom…but reconsidered that it might be pushing it in the 60’s…for a guy, even an openly gay guy. BUT MY TUX WAS BLUE VELVET…like the song!)

      And TLo, I fear you are correct: Michellanda is going to be positively insufferable now.

      • Nelliebelle1197

         That is magnificent. Please share a photo of the blueeeee vellll-vet!

      • “He wore bluuuuue velllll-vet”…..

        Ack! Now I’ll have that song stuck in my for days.

        • Rrroza

          and now *I’m* thinking about David Lynch movies.  brrrrrr.

      • TheDivineMissAnn

        Your mention of the blue velvet tux made me laugh.  When my husband was in the school band, way back in the ancient 1970’s, they wore baby blue tuxes with dark blue velvet lapels.  And his hair was down to his waist, of course.

        • Rebecca Damsen

          My prom date in 1980 wore a powder blue tux, which I later found out was from his glee club. . . 

      • Anathema_Device

         Michellanda is already insufferable, in my opinion.

        Blue velvet tux! Yes!

    • EveEve

      Ben (last week’s previously auff’d contestant) tweeted last night that he and other auff’d contestant did  a decoy dress for this contest. I guess so the students wouldn’t give away who had been auff’d already. And he bragged that his dress won the high schooler’s real vote. I thought it was interesting, given that the producers certainly cut out any indication of the decoys being there, and also interesting that the auff’d contestants obviously had to stick around after they were auff’d. I wonder how many of the aff’ds also made decoys and what they looked like!

  • DinaSews

    I don’t know what goes on in NYC, but at our high school, almost all the dresses are long.  

    • the one thing Kate said that was spot on is that most of the girls want a long dress, cause its their only chance to wear one. (unless they either become fabulously wealthy and famous, or get married.)

      • DinaSews

        I also think the reason they picked Patricia’s & Samantha’s is because the girls are really into the high/lo dresses this year.  The prom dresses that fly off the shelves here are ‘strippertastic’.  Long, but noticeably skimpy above the waist and high slits.

        • Since I just went prom dress shopping with my daughter last weekend, I can confidently say that in Massachusetts, at least, long prom dresses are the thing. The more sparkles, the better. Some are skimpy, tight, stripperrific, some are full of tulle and organza and fluff and pretty pretty princess, but they’re pretty much all floor length. I saw a few mullet dresses, but very, very few short dresses. 

          Heidi and Nina don’t know jack about prom.

          • Nice_Shirt

            ::Nodding head in agreement to all of the above::  

            Here in NC, long dresses are for Prom.  The short cocktail dresses are for Homecoming.  I found this out because my 10th grader is invited as the date to a friend’s prom at another school.  Since it isn’t her own prom, and she isn’t going with a special love-interest, I don’t want to spend a fortune outfitting her. I suggested she re-wear her short homecoming dance dress.  Ye Gods, you’d think I told her to show up in pasties and a g-string.  The horrors!  “Mom, a short dress at prom is Just. Not. Done.”  With lots of sighing and eyerolls.   

            Last week I lucked upon a long, Grecian-goddess style red silk chiffon dress at Goodwill.  Brand new, tags still attached, and in my girl’s size, for $5. I rock.

          • 3boysful

             Knuckles  at you from another NC mom!

          • DinaSews

            You do rock!!  I made my daughter’s dress 2 years ago and the fabric and rhinestones cost me over $200.  I thought it would be cheaper for my son to attend these events but the boy pays for the tickets, dinner, matching tie (ugh, these girls). $5?  I thought I was a good shopper but obviously I need a shopping lesson!

          • Nice_Shirt

            I have great luck at the thrift stores in my area.  There are 2 in particular where the staff doesn’t know lesser designer/brand names, so they’re priced no differently than the no-name stuff.  Last summer I picked up a brand new Donald J. Pliner nubuck leather handbag for $4.50 – same bag selling at Nordstrom for $369. It’s a combination of patience, persistence, and just plain luck. 

          • Sally Brownson

            Where do you live where the boy still pays for the tickets and dinner? That would be very weird, where I live, because that’s SO expensive…

          • Kristin McNamara

            Oh wow… as far as I know, boy still pays here in VT. Personally, my prom was in 2005, and my date paid, but I now work in a high school, and am pretty sure that’s still how it works!

          • DinaSews

            I’m from an eastern suburb of Cleveland. I should add that the corsage also costs 3 times as much as the boutonniere.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            You do indeed rock.  Two years ago one of my nieces wore accessories from Claires along with her pricier prom dress. My SIL was not about to drop any more bucks on accessories that would be quickly forgotten.

          • Same in Ohio, at least in the high schools I teach private music lessons. I’m not American so I never go to a prom. But every year all the pictures my students show me or post on Facebook show everyone wears long dress to prom and short dress to homecoming. EVERY YEAR.I am fully aware that Ohio is not fashion capital,but occasions such as prom and wedding are not all about “what’s in trend now”. It’s more about fulfilling a girl’s dream, IMO. Most girls dream to wear a formal floor length dress, and prom is the first chance for them to wear one. 

          • annamow

            Exactly! Sure, I went to prom ten years ago… but a short dress, like your daughter said, is Just. Not. Done! Prom is when you get to be a princess – be it a Disney princess or a slutty princess, but damn it, no short party dresses!

          • Kristin McNamara

            This is all so hilarious to me, reading these posts about how short prom dresses are “just. not. done.” because where I live in VT, LONG dresses at prom are “just. not. done.” Maybe it’s just my town and its surrounding areas or something, but I can tell you without exaggerating that about 95% of the prom dresses I see nowadays (my own prom was only 2005 and I now work at a high school and chaperoned prom last year) are short. Short short short short short. Like, HEIDI-short.

          • libraangel

            Yeah, but beautiful VT is filled with beautiful, fairly liberal people.

          • Kristin McNamara

            Well there is that. And in the part of VT I live in (which is hands-down the most “urban” and populous county in the state), that “fairly” part is more like “raging” 🙂 It’s awesomely hippietastic up here!

          • Here in Southern NJ too. Long dresses are it. Short dresses are for Homecoming. Girls like traditional prom stuff (my daughter wants strapless and mermaid). Nina is wrong. Glad Zac told her.

          • adnama79

            You do rock.

          • Indigo54

             Same here in Georgia – long dresses are the thing. AND, they still wear corsages – corny as it sounds.  I loved it but I can’t even begin to imagine anybody wearing Amanda and Michelle’s dress to prom.  The colors alone wouldn’t work for the average prom goer around here. 

          • JLH

            My last prom, my senior one, was 5 years ago (still young but as that was typed out I had to exclaim JESUS CHRIST) but here in Virginia, it was long dresses and corsages. Not that some didn’t have shorter dresses, but it’s just what everyone else stated. You want long because you get to feel elegant, dreamy, like a princess, etc. Then the carriage turns back into a pumpkin and you’re slogging down the hall in a hoodie and jeans the following Monday. Okay that might just be me on the last part, I didn’t dress that well in high school.

          • JasmineAM

            I can only imagine some girls wearing Amanda and Michelle’s dress, here in Alabama, if they are super southern belles and love houndstooth and the Crimson Tide. Other than that, no one would really wear it. My senior prom was almost 3 years ago, and every girl wore long dresses.

          • TheDivineMissAnn

             My son was taking an acquaintance to her prom and when I asked him about ordering the corsage, he complained about having to buy her a flower too!

          • H2olovngrl

            So, did he buy it anyway? Good manners and all that?

          • TheDivineMissAnn

             You bet he did!  I made sure of it. 🙂

          • Nelliebelle1197

             Not around Atlanta- at least intown. Girls wear short and hip.

          • mhleta

            I’m in MA too. At my daughter’s school in Braintree last year’s prom dresses ranged from beauty-pageant-sparkly-over-the-top to elegant cocktail style dresses with a few ‘Strippertastic” thrown in but not many. The kids who went to DEB ended up with the ‘strippertastic” dresses. The one’s who opted for Nordstrom’s fared a bit more toward the elegant. Most went for the long, but there were a few exceptions, my daughter being one of them.

          •  Indeed, although out here in the hinterlands of Western MA, we didn’t get near as much as you did.

          • libraangel

            I’m in MA and still digging out. It is warmer out though – so melt, dammit, melt

          • turtleemily

            Quincy, here!

            Although I grew up in NH, and we had short dresses at prom. That was 10 years ago. I know my dress was backless and $70 because the cities around us had prom weeks before my town, so everything was on sale.

          • BeeZeejus

            In Cambridge… my daughter is like “prom?  who goes to prom?”

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            One of our nieces went to her senior prom two years ago, which gave me a small window into prom-world. The magazines my niece showed me were all over the place-long, short, sparkly, almost anything you could imagine.

            TLo are spot on, for me, in seeing the decision as coming from two judges who are unfamiliar with actual teenagers and their desires, and who want to see cutting edge trends rather than what teen age girls actually want to wear to their prom.

          • BrightsideSusan

            I last went Prom shopping 3 years ago and I wondered if things had so suddenly changed from long to short.  While I thought the color was all wrong on Kate’s gown – the concept was what girls want.

          • H2olovngrl

            My husband works at two different high schools, and we know lots of high schoolers, and the same qualities you stated are also in style for SoCal high schools. Long, body conscious, sequined, colorful or princess dresses. Now for other dances, sometimes short and cute, but seldom for prom.

        • LP

          My first thought was that the high schoolers liked it because it had a really low neckline. You’d get kicked out of my prom (I’m in my late 20s, so not THAT long ago) for wearing anything showing too much boob or leg. I wore t-length dresses to both of my proms, but I like vintage and I’m short, so long is hard to do.

      • RebeccaKW

         I think a lot of girls (at least in the South) want the sexy princess look.  Long skirt, probably with a bit of a slit, and then the top is sexy-strapless, or low back, etc.  And of course, a tiara.  It’s been a long time since my prom, but I see kids out, going to dinner or dresses for sale in the windows.  Of course, there’s always the short dress in the mix, but I agree.  Long dresses feel more glamorous. 

        I think it’s the same look a lot of (southern) brides want, too. 

        • Call_me_Annie

          Not just in the south, but here in the great white north known as Michigan.  There are several teen aged girls on my street so I get to see all the picture taking going on, and all of them were in long dresses this year.  I did see short dresses for homecoming, but definitely the long princessy thing for prom.

        • Sally Brownson

          Wow… the south is very much not like Northern California. I don’t think any girl would wear a tiara to prom without becoming the laughingstock of her grade. On top of that, we have a wide variety of lengths and styles here.

        • libraangel

          A tiara? WOW I don’t know what to say!

      • peacockprincess

        Spot on–My daughter is a high school senior and I have chaperoned three proms.  The vast majority of girls want long dresses.  My daughter is an exception because she is too short to wear a long dress.  She hated Amanda and Michelle’s dress and couldn’t imagine anyone wearing it to a prom.  Girls really do like those mullet hems which may explain why Patricia and Samantha’s dress was the most popular.  The gold one was doing well–right up until they put all the goofy fringe on!

    • All of our dresses were huge princess gowns with miles of tulle.

    • I chaperoned prom last year, and it was about half and half.  I live in Ohio.  Short is still in!

    • Sara__B

       In my area, far from anywhere remotely urban, short dresses are as popular as long gowns.

    • I took pictures of my niece arriving at prom last year in Boca Raton (South Florida) and I would say it was about evenly split between the short and long.  My niece had a mullet dress so she was right on point.  Seven years ago my daughter wore a cocktail length dress (she bought at Goodwill) and there were many others the same length at her prom.

    • sockandaphone

      my prom was in 2009 and about 99% of girls wore long dresses. it was actually considered weird or not formal enough for girls to wear short dresses (and short dresses were usually saved off for homecoming).

    • Alanna Wisteria

      In two weeks, I’m chaperoning my high school’s prom (I’m a teacher).  I vow to hunt down the latest trends and compare those to the PR duck tape. I am now on A Mission!  EXCELSIOR!

      • BeccaGo

        EXCELSIOR! Love it. 😀

  • Kaonashi

    I have to admit that Amanda and Michelle’s dress is very nice.

    •  I agree, can’t stand either of them, but I really liked the dress they made.

    •  I like the dress a LOT, but it’s still not a prom dress to me.

    • turtleemily

      Bright houndstooth will forever make me think of Mondo, now.

  • BookishBren

    I thought the Patricia and Samantha dress was pretty horrible and I cannot BELIEVE it got the most votes. 

    Kate and Tu should have definitely been somewhere in the middle. I don’t understand this one at all. I really did dislike Patricia and Samantha’s the most, but understand why Daniel and Richards should have been the “auf”. 

    I also enjoyed seeing Zac stand up to Nina and Heidi (and actually show some personality).

    I sponsored prom a few years ago where I was teaching and we saw dresses of everything length, tight and full, frilly and sleek….you name it, we saw it. Nina really doesn’t know what she is talking about here.

    • ER

       seriously some weird bubble mullet ish going on with Patricia+Sam’s.

      • 3boysful

         Hahaha–the Bubble-Mullet!

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          Love that! All I had was a a collectible bell in tribute to the Comstock Lode.

      • And it looks like it’s make of aluminum foil. I wasn’t sure how I felt about it while I was watching, but these photos helped me make up my mind. It’s pretty awful.

        • Pam Winters

          I loved Patricia’s fabric concept. I liked the insectlike shape of the skirt. I hated the fit of the top, the gyno-height of the front…this is the problem with Patricia in a nutshell: she can do fun stuff with textiles, but that leaves no time for thoughtful design or for reasonable collaboration.

          •  Yeah, I did love the fabric treatment. It’s interesting and pretty darn cool. But the resulting dress kind of makes my eyes hurt when I look at it.

    • VanessaDK

      I’m going to buck the trend and say that I just don’t get the Patricia hate.  She may very well be more of a “fabric artist” than a fashion designer, but when she finds her stride, she really does something interesting.  Her work with fabrics and textures and patterns is unique and unusual.  When I saw that dress come out I gasped at the way they had taken the tape and turned it into what looked like an ultralight fabric–almost like Mylar.

      •  I don’t necessarily hate on Patricia, but within the directives of the challenges – as broad as they are – she’s not really designed anything noteworthy. I agree that she can make some really interesting textiles, and perhaps that’s the direction she should go in career-wise, but as a fashion designer, I find her to be seriously lacking.

        • CPK1

           Everything Patricia has made has looked super craft-y to me. The impact of the fabric she made escaped me. It just looked like extra tortured and wrinkled duct tape

      • Scoobydrew

        totally agree … I find her the most interesting designer. She always does something different, and while she is more artist than designer- you know something different is going down the runway … also she doesn’t seem to be a B or anything, so she gets point for heart.  I don’t think she will be one of the final 3, but she is easily my favorite. 

      • spititout

        I do believe Patricia and Samantha’s design got the most student votes. If you scan the high school students, many if not most of the girls were wearing dresses.  I thought the school might have been holding their own clothing construction class fashion show first, because most dresses or skirts they wore were simple designs. Students who sew would value a duct tape style that is not trying to look closely like a “real” prom dress, to help others to get the joke. High school duct tape prom dress competitions have been going on for about ten years now, in 4-H and FFA sewing and fiber arts programs. The pat/sam design looked new and light, but the houndstooth and zebra designs looked like the same old heavy geometric layered duct tape designs from past student duct tape contests.

      • alula_auburn

        Yeah, honestly, I find her stuff at least more interesting to look at, even when it suffers by the constraints of the show, than someone like Anya or Anthony Ryan turning out the same damn thing every week.  I’m always at least intrigued by her initial concepts.  I do think she’s a textile artist maybe before a designer, and thus PR–especially in the teams format–isn’t really her milieu, but at this point, I’m happy to see someone doing almost anything interesting on this show at all.   

        I wanted to give Samantha props for clealry having some anxiety about working with Patricia, but acting with maturity and class about it. 

      •  I liked Patricia’s too. It had an ice-princess quality, shimmery and ethereal. I don’t know about a prom dress. It would make an amazing ice skating outfit, shortened.

        • libraangel

          EECCKKK! _ “An ice-skating outfit” ?! Sorry, I think this is an insult to Patricia!

    • I actually yelled “bullsh!t” at the TV when they said that Samantha and Patricia’s won the most student votes. 

  • BayTampaBay

    Guys I must agree with you.  The only dress on the runway that I would have worn to my prom was the one that got the boot.

    I grew up in the South and prom gowns  were one notch way from Oscar gowns only because we could not afford Oscar gowns. This was way before the internet.  Guys wore the most formal tuxes they could find and afford.  The guys with money wore White Tie.  If a girl found a really great but expensive dress she could not afford she would go looking for someone her size from another high school to go in on the dress “50-50” with her.  They would each wear the same dress to different proms.

    • StelledelMare

       My prom (5-6 years ago) was also in the south (Charleston, SC to be exact) and I’d have to agree on the style. Almost every girl except a handful wore long, red carpet-esque dresses (myself included) but I still wouldn’t have worn Kate’s and Tu’s because of 1. The color. I know it’s supposed to be denim but that sort of makes it worse. and 2. The stiffness. I love a flowy dress or really just anything that looks like it has some movement (and also something with straps) so their dress would’ve been immediately overlooked for me. It certainly wasn’t the worst dress up there but it was definitely the most boring.

    •  but the COLOR was so godawful…what about that in yellow? zebra print? ANYTHING ‘different’ or eye cantching…the color was a brown/grey/navy that just said ‘add 30 years’ to it to me…

      I am torn- there is the ‘long classic dress-up gown’ factor…and you do NOT want a dress that says ‘lets go pick up sailors at a dance club (i.e. short and tight) but this dress said ‘grand mothers idea of lady dress’- this dress needed a ‘twist’ to it…some modern touch (s?).  (like a color change). even the black and white ‘western’ look would have made it…interesting..

      • I think the tape was supposed to look like denim.  Another color would have made it much more interesting and probably saved them.

      • libraangel

        Well, the high school girls definitely want something different than their grandmother’s taste – and even their mother’s i.e. they want short and sexy!

  • ER

    That houndstooth dress is one of my favorite PR pieces maybe..ever.
    So, so smart. I really appreciate the “math” –as they said– it took, but how it still looked fun.

  • 3boysful

     “Every single one of those challenges needs to be permanently retired
    because new designers come into the competition already knowing what’s

    Ahhh, but they never seem to learn, do they?

    These challenges should be retired because we’re tired of them.

    • SRQkitten

      Yes, it’s like the “real women” challenges that designers always fuss about. How can you go on PR not prepared for at least one “real woman” challenge? However, I’m not expecting these challenges to be retired because the lifetime version of PR is not about innovation or creativity in any way. Sadly.


      •  AND, at every “real woman” challenge, there’s still at least one designer who complains about not knowing how to dress a “normal” person. I’d think, you get picked for Project Runway, you’d better take a crash course in designing for “normal people.”

        • SRQkitten

          Exactly! Like “you’re special, so you’ll make it through the ENTIRE season only having to dress stick-thin models.” Yeah, right. Welcome to reality-show reality.


        • libraangel

          to all the sewers/tailors out there: those model-forms that the designers pin their fabrics-designs onto in the workroom : do the forms come in different sizes?

  • Violina23

    The gold dress is pretty much a spitting image of what my 13-year-old 2nd cousin wore to her bat mitzvah in Ohio 2 years ago. Except for it was a bright pink/melon color.  I didn’t think it was THAT bad, but I had given up a LONG time ago on trying to understand what [high school] kids want.  When I went to the prom in 1999, it was all about long poofy princess gowns. 

    I kinda adored Zac Posen challenging Nina and the looks of DEATH she was giving him back. And then Heidi trying to diffuse the situation by basically asking Zac to take her to the prom. I usually space out during the judges conversing with each other, but that was comedy GOLD.

    • EditKitten

      Funny, it’s also crazy-similar to a bat mitzvah I went to last fall … where the girl of honor made TWO costume changes (that’s three very expensive dresses for people who have a LOT of money), and the “main” dress was VERY similar to Daniel/Richard’s. Girls like it short, tight and shiny in lots of places, even moneyed New Jersey/New York.

      • Violina23

        I am middle (maybe SLIGHTLY upper-middle) class in a pretty wealthy part of NJ, so I was waiting to buy dance recital tickets for my 3YO and I was hearing the mothers talk about the Bat Mitzvah plans for their older kids and I almost died. One of them talked about renting out an ice rink and putting a dance floor in the middle. Not to mention multiple designer dresses… it’s crazy! My daughter is getting 1 dress, and a simple party. And she’ll like it. Actually, more likely she’ll be yelling at me that I ruined her life and be slamming doors, but she’ll survive, damnit 😉

        • When I worked for a high-end wedding photographer, we also did bar and bat mitzvahs; exactly the same packages as weddings, and the same venues, caterers, etc. They usually got the coolest DJs, too.

          They were usually awesome customers, but I was a little bewildered by the whole thing.

      • MoHub

         Especially New Jersey/New York.

    • SugarSnap108

       The Nina Eye Daggers of Death were pretty awesome.  I did enjoy seeing her (somewhat) put in her place re: prom expertise.

      • “I sell prom dresses all the time.” Oh SNAP!

      • VanessaDK

         So interesting that they are leaving Zac’s criticisms in the final edits.  I have no doubt that the judges are critical of each other in discussion and disagree, but we have rarely been privy to it on screen.  They kept Zac’s comment about Heidi’s age the other week, and last night his disagreement with Nina.  Of course, maybe Zac is just a troublemaker….

      • libraangel

        Nina’s  double chins showed and they were quivering with rage

    • Zac taking on Nina was the best part of the episode. I thought Nina was going to burst a blood vessel. There’s been more than one disagreement during judging this season, but none at this level. I am loving it.

      I just can’t with that gold dress. I’m not crazy about the style anyway, although I can see how it would appeal to a teenaged girl. But that color is horrendous. I can’t even look at it. I love Richard and Daniel, but they should have been booted for that thing.

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        As she got upset, she was looking like she really constipated and working to get it out. All I could think was that was how Catherine the Great went out! Careful!

        The gold dress was terrible– a cliche of a cocktail dress with 2 scoops of tacky. Otto von Bismarck and Mr. Clean need to go.

        • Indigo54

           Otto von Bismarck and Mr. Clean – LOL!  Was that a smoking jacket Otto was wearing during the testimonials?   Mr. Clean was all like, poo poo on you Stanley, I design prom dresses all the time!  Really?

          • libraangel

            I think Otto had a cape on during the runway?!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        After 5 minutes I decided that whatever they designed, Richard and Daniel were getting set up for a big fall last night.  All of their cooing about how well they got along, worked together and then hoarding all of the metallic gold Duck tape read “Bottom” to me, and the guys didn’t disappoint.  That metallic gold tape looked so tacky and cheap. I almost wished that they’d gone completely insane and made one row of those ruffles in the leopard tape.

        • Violina23

          Whenever someone says they are “REALLY confident” you know it’s not going to go well. Plus, they made a big point of showing Kate’s relief of not getting paired with Patricia, and her joy of being able to boss Tu around for another week 😛

        • Oh, man. A row of leopard print duct tape ruffles would have been beyond fantastic. And by “fantastic”, I mean bat-shit crazy.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            That’s what I was hoping for: that completely batshit-cray-cray that would have sent Nina and Heidi into a complete mean girls frenzy.

      • AthenaJ

        Ironically, Zac and Nina got high-school level bitchy during the prom dress episode. I was howling with laughter during that entire exchange.

      • libraangel

        Richard and Daniel, however, were pretty full of themselves and overconfident that they would win (Was this Tim’s doing, you think, or just them?)

        • I think they were overconfident to begin with, because that’s just how they are. The fact that Tim encouraged them just sent them over the top.

          I have to admit, before they put the ruffles on I didn’t hate it. I seem to have a recessive, non-ironic tacky gene that surfaces occasionally.

    •  Hey, a fear of ducks is totally rational — those things are the devil incarnate.

      • Geese are the devil incarnate.  Ducks are nice.   But there are a lot of Geese that look like ducks.  I should know because that’s what attacked me at the Franklin Park Zoo when I was 3!

        •  No, while I agree that geese are evil, ducks are equally evil. 

          • MoHub

             I have been bitten by a duck, and it’s painful and unpleasant.

          • 3boysful

             I was bitten by a swan when I was five; it hurt, too!

          • I have literally dealt with hundreds of ducks without problems.  Maybe its you?

    • Indigo54

       Yeah, poor Tu.  I wanted to hug him too.  I’ve been chased by a Canadian goose before and in my own yard too.  Who do they think they are?!

  • I don’t understand the hate for Richard & Daniel’s dress. But then I’m a child of the 80s, so maybe I’m just being nostalgic.

    While the judges were gushing over Princess Water Lily’s latest atrocity, I kept squinting to see if I could spot the guns at their backs. (Or perhaps the sacks with large dollar signs on them positioned out of camera range.)

    Great analysis of Kate’s Fatal Misunderstanding. But I’ll shed no tears for her or her teammate. I was glad to see two batches of dead wood carried out at once.

    • 3boysful

       Re the gold dress, I agree and am also a (late 70s-) 80s child.  I see it’s dated, but nonetheless, I bet a lot of those girls would have chosen it had they had to wear one of these (ok after the Jiffy Pop Bubble-Mullet–wth?).  But think, had Richard and Snidely made the skirt’s flounces into large, architectural circles attached at angles from the knees down, they’d have fared much better.

      • LadyGewgaw

         “Jiffy Pop Bubble-Mullet.”  I am gasping for breath here, in between howls of laughter.

    • JLH

      The only dress that was giving me heart palpitations was Samantha’s and Patricia’s. I’ve been decidedly anti-Patricia after the (in my opinion) horrendous “innovative” press dress for Heidi and she has yet to win me back. That being said, I actually enjoyed Richard/Daniel’s as I’ve definitely seen that style on some people recently, but the issue is, 4/5 of these are Homecoming dresses. 

      • BeccaGo

        This is so weird. I wore pants (fabulous velvet harem ones, but pants nonetheless) to Homecoming and a short dress to the prom. I know what is typically meant by “prom dress,” but I never knew there was a distinct category for “Homecoming dress.” I’m pretty sure some people at my school showed up straight from the game. Then again, our football team was abysmal; that may have something to do wih it…

        • Yeah, in my HS in Central VA, 20 years ago (Jesus), the Homecoming dance was right after the game, so you just showed up in whatever you wore to the game.  Getting dressed up for Homecoming does not compute for me.

          • -deleted out as this is JLH who accidentally commented under her boyfriends twitter name. I cannot use Disqus very well sometimes.-

    • random_poster

      Another child of the 80s, here.  The long-skirt version of the gold dress was my 2nd choice after the prom dress that I did end up wearing.  Still, this gold dress is very poorly executed.

    • libraangel

      but the high school kids chose the Samantha/Patricia dress.

  • Fashion Prom is exactly right.   Usually Nina is right on the mark, but she just has no clue what girls who don’t live in the Tri-State area wear.   I understand it’s not exactly her job to know that, but comon’!  

    And Patricia’s eyes are starting to give me nightmare’s too.   That Pandora dress that she made was awful, and I thought it was worse than that Baked potato monstrosity that the boys made.

    • Every time they cut to Patricia’s crazy-eyes, my wife makes the “Cora Crawley hit by Joker Venom” face.

    • 3boysful

       Which is why someone’s suggestion in the Lounge that we have a Seventeen editor as guest judge was right on the mark!  But that doesn’t take rocket science to come up with–probably Heidi/BM  didn’t want really want to know what teens actually wear.  I’d bet a version of the losing dress is the prom issue of every teen magazine.  The typical prom girl doesn’t want to be fashion-forward so much as she wants to look like Sexy Grown-up Princess.

      • libraangel

        ‘Seventeen’ Editor – perfect judge!

    • BeccaGo

      The show itself isn’t really geared towards places outside the Tri-state area, tho. Unless those places are a Hollywood red carpet or a Paris runway. There’s a reason they film in New York.

      Totaly agree on Patricia’s eyes. When Tim said she looked scared to death I said out loud, “No, that’s just how she normally looks.”

      • Oh I completely disagree.  It may be a New York sensibility but you can be damned sure they want people all over the US to watch.  And if the people watching from other parts of the country think they’re too off-base, the show will suffer.

        • BeccaGo

          Very true, but like someone said in another thread about Anthony Ryan’s All-Star collection, I don’t necessarily want to see the kind of clothes that I actually buy and wear, I want to see innovative design. Then again, I wore a short dress to my prom and a short dress to my brother’s wedding and I was very much the “punk rock girl” in high school, if by “punk rock” you mean “New Wave/Depeche Mode/B-52s mash-up.” 😀

    •  Patricia’s crazy-eyes freak me out too.

      • libraangel

        To be fair, Maybe Patricia’s eyes are due to a medical condition like hyperthyroidism

    • kat89

      I live in the tri-state area, right outside NYC and all of the girls wear gowns to senior prom. Sometimes girls wear shorter party dresses to the junior prom, but none of them look like the winning dress. That was NOT a prom dress

    • Down with Nina! In with Chris Benz! He was good judge!

  • Meghan Bourn

    The vast majority of girls at my prom wore long, slinky dresses.   They didn’t want to look “fun and flirty” they wanted to look adult and sexy.  Red carpet looks not photo op. 

    • MoHub

       Precisely. Prom was about showing you were (almost) grown up and were ready to leave childhood behind. Fun was for kids; sophistication was for budding adults.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        I was such a geek/bookworm in high school that I was actually set up by a friend with a date for my senior prom. I still remember the dress I wore-long, empire waist, aqua chiffon, and damn it, yes, I wore a tiara. For once in my high school life I felt glamorous, and rather adult!

        • I didn’t even go to the prom, and, despite what Annie Potts tells Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, I don’t feel like there’s something missing from my life.

          Every woman should wear a tiara at least once in her life.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            The kicker for me was that my date didn’t dance-it went against his religion. I kid you not. Some of my guy friends did get me out on the dance floor, though.

  • They chose the right winner for a change.  Patricia and Samantha’s was really too short in the front.

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    It was a very entertaining show. I loved the Duck tape challenge and the double auff was great (and sad).
    The gold dress was really terrible (& Auffable for sure).
    The winner wasn’t my idea of a prom dress, but it WAS a pretty nifty Duck Tape dress.

  • The losing dress looks like the one I wore to my prom.  Except it’s more tasteful.  (3 words: teal ruched mermaid)

    • Pam Winters

      How can someone dance in that dress?

    • BeccaGo

      Holy crap, did you graduate in 1992 on Long Island, too?? 😀

  • alice20c

    “Fashion Editor Prom” Hee! They would be better being more specific or dropping it entirely. In my part of the south, prom was considered a formal. The level of formalness was seen as a indicator of economic class, so it was more attempted-debutante than movie star. It’s such a minefield of teen emotions and cultural baggage that unless they’re willing to invest in the experience, they should avoid it. Swap it out with something else.

    • BeccaGo

      OMG, they should totally have a debutante challenge!

      • alice20c

        It would. I’d love it if they combined a fantasy element, like “Debutantes of the Near-Future Post-Apocolypse”. Then they could march them off to a garbage dump to make 17c revival gowns from fast food wrappers and used theater carpeting.

        Edit: Hey, maybe Syfy should start a costume competition to go with Face Off and Hot Set.

        • Speaking of Face Off, I wish the PR judges would get an up-close look at the garments, which is what the Face Off judges do. Get up there and inspect those things to within an inch of their lives. The other thing I like about Face Off is there’s no BS drama. We barely see the contestants outside the work rooms. Other reality shows would do well to copy that show.

          • alice20c

            I agree completely. Face Off is still interested in the creative process and design decisions, and people seem to be there and stay there based on merit. They also don’t do the whole “the winner will be sliced bread of [field]” hyperbole.

          • Face Off should have parallel challenges where they have costume designers making the outfits for the creations that the make-up artists create.   Too often the look is ruined when they try to do a whole body look in the three day time span, and the model ends up wearing something completely in appropriate.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        That has real train wreck possibilities. Heidi would start whinging about never being a deb, Nina would question why they had to wear white, and the designers would burst into tears if they were denied using black-love it!

        • BeccaGo

          Exactly! 😀

  • My now 18 year old cousin wore a dress just like Kate and Tu’s to her prom last year — except it had more flounces. Long styles were in at her school. And it does vary from area to area. I thought Patricia and Samantha’s was the worst, and as one of the judges said, the high part of the high skirt was a little inappropriate. Yes, they wear tight dresses and sometimes short dresses but they don’t wear dresses that expose your crotch like that. Unfortunately, I was looking through a Deliah (sp?) catalog yesterday and “hi-low” hems seem very much in. Back in my prom days, the 80s, long styles were in. Six years later, when my brother went to his prom, it was all short and tight. And this is just on Long Island. Other parts of the country dress very differently. And I’m rambling now.

  • fringebenefit

    This whole episode was a disgrace. Zac Posen is rising to the top for me as the only judge with integrity and anything approaching a clue. Nina’s nastiness was both out of line and off base. Agree with TLo on everything except with the winning dress–that Star Trek appendage shooting off the boob was ridiculously tacky. Layana and Stanley’s was head and shoulders above the rest, and Kate and Tu’s, while not a stand-out, was in no way the atrocity they made it out to be. Tu really never had the right stuff, but I was sad to see Kate go before her time. 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I’m with you as to Layana’s and Stanley’s design. It had a fun, flirty feeling, and moved well, especially considering the material.  Might be more junior than senior prom, given the length.  I can understand why Michelle and Amanda’s dress won, but the bodice needed, as I think one of the judges said, boning, and the boob thing was just stupid.  I was sorry to see Kate go, but she was the driving force behind the design, and paid for it.

  • MilaXX

    Honestly looking at these dresses in the light of day, the only one I dislike is Richard & Dan’s.  I hate the hair bow & pointy thing  on Michelle & Amanda. Stanley & Layana’s was too twee with that pink bow. I still kinda like Patricia & Samantha’s dress, and I know a few teen who would wear it but probably would wear a black miniskirt with it. Kate & Tu’s read a little pageant gown to me. The gals I know want to be able to dance and sit. My cousins kids are prom age. It’s my family’s custom that the prom is a family/social event. We gather at the house while she is getting dressed, there’s a cake & food. Probably about 30 mins before it’s time to leave she comes down, takes pictures getting the corsage, with family, getting into the limo. Anyway the last 2 years one wore tea length, the other was straighter but with a slit from the knee down. I think an argument could be made for all of those dresses. I am however, sick and tired of Richard and Dan getting so caught up in their own genius that neither can see the forest for the trees. If ever a dress called for editing, this was it.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    I can buy that the kids picked Patricia and Samantha’s — lots of leg, kind of funky.  They also seemed to have a lot of kids around them at the event.  I’d have liked to see the actual scores, though.

    [small voice]I liked the blue dress.[/small voice]

    Michelle and Amanda definitely made an interesting dress, and in terms of design, used the materials best in creating that pattern.  I guess I agree with the win on that, but yes, they’re going to be insufferable.

    Stanley and Layana: I think they meant it to be an ironic mishmash, so I don’t have a problem with the mix of styles and craziness.  It’s a dress for the “I’m too much of a hipster for the prom, but I’m going anyway” girl.

    Daniel and Richard: The girls I went to school with would have been all over this.  Did I mention I graduated in 1988?  (Actually, no, looking at my yearbook, they were all about poofy layered long dresses.  My bad.  This looks more like senior ball at college in ’92.  I think I wore it in black, actually.)

    Less than a day?  No wonder they didn’t make duct tape dresses properly.  You don’t tape up muslin.  You make sheets by sticking the tape to itself in a double layer.  (Duct tape crafts are very big in library craft programs.)

    •  Can you imagine how out of control a prom would get with Heidi chaperoning in her Oscars party dress?!

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        OMG-can’t you just imagine the guys staring all night?

    • Scoobydrew

      I too can buy that Patricia and Samantha’s was the top vote getter. It’s got a slap of tradition, and something fun and new – Yes, it’s a mullet dress, but I think that in this case the long in the back short in the front works.  Of course, I’m from the south, and no one appareciates a mullet like we do. 

      • spititout

        Unfortunately, in recent past years I have had to chaperone some high school formal dances. I am not in favor of “grinding” as a dance style for minors, but some high schools allow it, or look the other way.  If a girl wants to dance while wearing a thick duct tape dress, the mullet style is the only practical one for grinding purposes… just saying. 

        • Scoobydrew

          Kids these days!  I am not so  cynical to think that is why they liked the dress, because it was perfect for grinding – to me it was cute and fun. While I don’t endorse “grinding” for minors, I do remember being a teenager and thinking Dirty Dancing was a pretty fantastic move – still do in fact.  If schools allow it “grinding” – or look the other way, doesn’t that indicate a bigger problem with parents, chaperones or they officials at that school … it sure is a lot to put on a fun little duct tape dress.  Just saying. 

          • Kristin McNamara

            Speaking as a teacher and sometimes-chaperone of proms, there is not really much to BE done when 700 kids are sweating and grinding in a big pit we can’t even get into…….. I said it earlier with a comment about dress lengths, but I’ll say it again here: reading all these comments has been particularly hilarious for me, as apparently the norms in my head for the word “prom” are extremely different from the rest of the country’s. Hmmm… I wonder what that says about my town/region…..

          • H2olovngrl

            One of our local high schools hires professional security guards, AND they have chaperones yet the kids still do unspeakable things in the middle of the dance floor. And when I say unspeakable, I mean some of the kids told me there are kids out there having out and out sex. I mean honestly, what the hell are they paying security for if they can’t wade into the middle of the dance floor to break THAT up? The teens I talked to said that most of the “good” kids know to stay away from the middle of the dance floor. Seriously, does that make your skin crawl and make you want to lock up your children, or what?

        • Scoobydrew

          also why is it unfortunate that you have had to chaperone?  I think , especially if you have kids that could be nothing but a GOOD thing.

    • I loved the blue dress. My husband said it looked more like a dress for the Oscars than a prom dress, but based on what others have said, that’s what girls want for the prom.

      I agree with you re: Stanley and Layana’s dress. I thought it was really cool, and I can totally see a hipster girl wearing it. The pink bow was a great addition. That thing is hilarious.

      Stanley won so many points for not letting Layana whine her way through the challenge. I don’t think she’s used to men saying no to her. But Stanley – he is immune to her wiles.

      • BeccaGo

        I swear Stanley is a cyborg. He’s awesome, but he frightens me.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’m rather liking Stanley. He’s doing that no-drama personality.

          • BeccaGo

            Oh, I love him. He’s just so much the polar opposite of the usual shrieking drama queens it’s scary. 🙂

        • Ha! His expression never changes. When that old lady goosed him last week, you could tell he was scandalized, but he looked the same as he always looks.

          I love that guy.

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I am thrilled Kate is gone. Not because her dress was bad (I actually liked it), but her snotty passive aggressive confessionals were the worst. If I had to hear “At my own prom…” one more time I think I was going to throw something at the tv. Now I really know how Dorothy feels about Rose’s St. Olaf stories.


    • BeccaGo

      Right on!

    • Indigo54

       LOL.  Katie got on my nerves too.  What I hated most was how she feigned adoration for Tu when what she really wanted was someone she could boss around. 

      • I don’t really think that’s true.  I think the two of them had genuine affection for each other.

        • Indigo54

           Really?  What was that, “There can only be one cook in the kitchen and that’s me!” comment about?  Guess I took it literally.  Besides, Tu loves everybody – except ducks. 

          • l_c_ann

            Heavens help the young man if he ever meets a goose having a hissssing fit. 

          • Well, I’ll give you that comment, but even so, I don’t think she picked him just so she could boss him around. I really got the impression she really felt comfortable with him, and listened to, which she didn’t think she would get working with the others (and she’s probably right).

      • “I wanted to work with Tu again because he’s easily manipulable.” 

  • batshitmomma

    Thank you Uncles TLo! I thought I had one too many meds with the judging last night and had lost all grasp of reality. I turned to my husband last night and said “THAT was the students’ pick? Didn’t I see some of them laugh when it came out?” I firmly believe they voted for it to f*&k with the show. 
    I, too, LOVED the death stare from Nina when Zac dared to disagree. Fabulous (and so were her shoes BTW)!

    • ccinnc

      I was suspicious when the camera didn’t show the students’ reactions in the same shot as the dress … like in the promo for the following week’s show, the judges’ criticism doesn’t necessarily (ever?) go with the designer’s face shown. I think there’s some viewer manipulation going on there. 

  • Janet B

    Only the last dress pass for a prom dress at our local high school, but it’s not very pretty. 
    I can see the appeal of the mullet dress,since it’s so dang short in the front.
    The winning dress is laughable, it wouldn’t be worn to any school dance, except maybe some sort of theme dance.

  • LearnedFoot

    Agh, so frustrating! I totally agree that Nina was way off-base. Kate and Thu’s was the only dress that anyone would’ve worn at my own prom. But unlike Nina, I can agree that prom styles vary tremendously. So maybe don’t judge a dress on what is too “old-fashioned” for a prom, and just look at the design of the garment itself?

    And again, Tim’s advice conflicted with the judging. He criticized Kate and Thu for making their duct tape gown look TOO MUCH like fabric. Yet another team (was it Stanley and Layana?) was praised for how fabric-like their material was. Is Tim just not fully briefed on the details of the challenge? If not, how is he supposed to mentor them effectively?

    • I may be wrong, but I think Tim was talking about the construction of their dresses. I assume Tu and Kate took the duct tape and covered the muslin with it, then sewed it, turning an unconventional challenge into another “buy something with fabric to use” failure. 

      • MilaXX

         I thought several of the designers did that. That’s why they could add zippers. I thought Kate & Tu got dinged because the duct tape they choose was denim and Kate said they choose that because it was the most fabric like.

    • About six months ago Nina tweeted about this must have bag for everyone, and made it sound like it was sometthing you should just pick up the next time you went out for eggs and some milk.  The bag cost 30 grand.  I lost a lot of respect for her that day.   She’s too disconnected from reality.

      •  I remember that, “You might have to scrimp for a few weeks to afford it, but it’s worth it”. Oh, the disconnect from that woman.

        • I just took the funds out of my diamond budget for the month.  Easy Peasey

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Sounds as if Nina’s book might be good for a laugh.

        • libraangel

          But on this episode, I thought Ms. Nina looked very plain, except for her crazy sky- high heels. As a matter of fact, her printed T-shirt, from a distance, looked like a Walmart special

      • l_c_ann

        Did you see her “Fashion Book” in which she wrote, “She who dies with the most stilettos wins”? 
        From that I get that she expects us all to die when our high heels drop below five inchers.

      • does anyone know what nina was whining about during the closing credits?  she seemed upset about something, but it was a quick flash.  i think motherhood is getting to her.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          Motherhood couldn’t possibly be getting to Nina-she has nannies to deal with that.

    • Indigo54

       Tim seemed to like Richard and Daniels dress. He then went from there to evaluate Kate and Tu’s dress and hated it.  Maybe the shiny gold blinded him a bit.

  • aahlife

    This may be inappropriate, but I must make a comment about the models here. They are not. They are average to pretty young women who do not know what to do with their faces. Along with so many aspects of the show through the years, the professionialism of real working models have been downgraded. I had heard that they are paid little to no fees, which would help explain why this is happening. Also, their role had been reduced to no more than clothes hangers, we never even know their names.

    • LearnedFoot

      I miss knowing more about the models, too! I know I’m in the (extreme) minority, but I actually enjoyed Models of the Runway.

      I can’t speak for most of the models, but I recognize one of them as Lisa from America’s Next Top Model. She didn’t win but has been one of their most successful alumna. She gets lots of legit work with designers like Betsy Johnson and Carmen Marc Valvo. So at least one actually does know what she’s doing.

      • aahlife

        I no longer watch ATM, but the only model that looks professional is Samantha’s and Patricia, is that Lisa?

        • LearnedFoot

          That’s the one!

      • BuffaloBarbara

        I liked the idea of MotR, but I wish they’d given challenges, etc, rather than just a straight-up reality show about them.

      • I also think that it’s (BEYOND) tragic that Michelle styles her model as herself every single week.  One Michelle is more than enough, and it’s not a good look for Michelle either. 

    • Runway models pretty much are walking clothes hangers and unless they’re a rare superstar, no one knows their names either. We’re actually glad the show doesn’t focus on them.

      • aahlife

        I agree TLO, but the quality of the models do help the clothes look their best. I believe that possibly a factor in S & P’s dreadful prom offering was that they had a better clothes hanger.

      • MoHub

         Except that during season 2, I was supporting Chloe mostly because I was blown away by her model, Grace. And in the Bravo years, even without Models of the Runway, I knew all the models’ names, their walks, and something of their characters. Just one word: Morganza.

    • 3boysful

       I did notice that Heidi seemed to dismiss one last night by name, so I was at least glad that she knows who they are.

    • i too miss the storyline of the designer/model collaboration.  maybe because as an artist i’ve worked with a lot of models, and in that case it’s truly a partnership.  also, i used to be an artists’ model when i first got out of college, so i’m interested in the model’s point of view.

    • But shouldn’t they at least be trying to win that $25,000 by being as fierce as possible? That’s a huge prize for just walking around, no design or construction involved. Are they really earning it? 

    • Lisa_Cop

      I though Patricia/Samantha’s model looked a little like a young Tyra. She was so tall, she towered over Patricia.

  • Alyssa

    As usual, TLo nailed what the judges wanted. Prom was always the chance to wear a cheaper version of a red carpet gown where I’m from. There were no short dresses that I can remember. The girls who wanted sexier dresses did so with high slits & low cut backs.

  • SugarSnap108

    Yep, Michelle and Amanda’s was the winner by a mile.  The praise over P&M’s dress was ridiculous — I HATE me a mullet hemline, and the front on this one is almost obscenely short.  How’s a girl gonna dance in this one, Nina?

    Richard & Daniel’s was by far the worst, for me.  Kate’s was boring, but it’s well execute, for Duck Tape — and, yes Nina, some girls would absolutely wear that to the prom.  I actually liked Zac in this episode, for at least getting a little sassy.

    It’s a shame Tu let himself get steamrolled, but he’s a class act.  Kate was quite bitchy in her interviews — Are those done *after* the challenge is over?  She seemed so bitter in this episode ….

    •  Girls do not “dance” at Nina Garcia’s prom! She stands around gazing off wistfully as if looking for a photographer in the distance, or perhaps dreaming of the expensive meal she will soon sit down in front of but not touch for fear of gaining an ounce of body fat!

      • SugarSnap108

         See, I imagine this is how Nina’s “Night of Ennui”-themed prom would go … which is why I didn’t understand her disdain for K&T’s long (gasp!) dress.  It’s perfect for standing and staring into the distance.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          I’m just loving the idea of Nina’s “Night of Ennui” themed prom. 

      • libraangel

        Exactly, I don’t think Heidi or Nina know what actually goes on at a prom anyway,

  • I loathed Patricia & Samantha’s dress. Jiffy Pop indeed. It was hideous. I’m going to show these to my 18 year-old when she gets home, to see which one she thinks is most prom-ish. I can almost guarantee which one she’ll pick.

    I did love Amanda & Michelle’s dress, but it’s not a prom dress. It’s a very cool dress, but prom? No. Maybe the semi-formal. 

  • That was bullshit. I agreed with Michelle and Amanda winning but the double auf should have been last week and Amanda should have already been long gone. Kate and Tu had the clear 3rd place finisher and Richard and Daniel were the clear losers. My choice would have been to send Daniel home. He’s got definite taste issues. 

    • libraangel

      Daniel started out strong though. His first pantsuit was pretty fab.

  • Deac82

    I think that nothing is tackier than Pink with Zebra Print…its pure southern redneck. Stanley and Layana should have been sent home for that monstrosity.  Also, the silhouette combined with that neckline is far too Deb Ball/Derby Party.  Nothing about it reads prom to me.  If they were going to go retro with it, they should have gone in a direction with a bit more of a rockabilly sensibility to it.

    • Carrps

      Oh. yeah. I was saying that zebra and pink combo is totally Toddlers & Tiaras! Even the design of that dress was very juvenile. No girl wants to look like she’s dressed for her kindergarten graduation at prom. And the little pleated ruffle semi-petticoat they made should have been in pink. The grey was so drab; it looked liked dirty linen. But then Layana (whine) HATES pink.

      • Targettaste

         Yes!  Toddlers and Tiaras is exactly what that made me think of.

    • Stanley had immunity but I would have been perfectly happy if crybaby whiner Layana was sent home at least for their awful dress.

  • AnaRoW

    I’m not sure what this year’s trend is but truthfully any of these would have worked for a prom. I’ve seen dresses like all of these worn in the past.  I’d have been most likely to wear the auf’d one when I was in high school (and actually wore something very similar) but nothing here is very wrong.  Some are very ugly though.  The gold one sort of looks like something Romy or Michelle would wear.

  • Indigo54

    I’m gonna miss Tu.  Not for his designs but cuz he’s just so loveable.  Gosh, I thought Samatha and Patricia’s dress was so ugly.  What was that anyway an hommage to aluminum foil, shiny tin?  What? 

    • l_c_ann

      To me, Tu remains a blank canvas.  He was just there.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Tu appears to have been selected as cannon fodder-sweet, funny, but without a strong aesthetic or enough confidence to defend his work.

        • MoHub

           Also to be the resident Crazy Asian, but he turned out not to be crazy. I think production was looking for another Ping or Frokemon and miscalculated.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I didn’t see much, if any crazy in Tu.  Bringing the cray-cray, bitchiness or dramas does tend to keep designers in the game longer.

          • I still want to know who it is on the PR staff that hates Asians.  Because they have had some of the most annoying, bitchiest, most ridiculous Asian cast members and very very few sane and cool ones.

        • libraangel

          Tu didn’t seem to have a clue most of the time. I wonder how much English he could actually understand. But I disagree about his aesthetic. For the Miranda Lambert challenge, the dress was not suitable for her, but it still was a lovely dress.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I would have to go back and look at all of Tu’s designs. I confess that I’m often not watching this season with rapt attention, and I could have missed something in Tu.

    • Avatar Jiffy Pop reallness!

  • Damn.  I must have fallen asleep before the second Auff.  I wasn’t surprised that Tu went home, but I was surprised that Kate was getting the loser edit.  Makes sense now.

  • mjude

    i was suprised at the double auff, i thought their dress was “prom like”.  i wonder how bad daniel & richard’s dress would have been without the ruffle.  i am a punk girl at heart so i was happy with the win but agree about the pointy thing on the top of the dress.

    • i still maintain that pr is just trying to keep up with ru paul’s drag race, since they just had a surprise double elimination.

      • demidaemon

        That doesn’t really make sense, since these are all taped months in advance (and on opposite sides of the country, no less.)

  • flamingjune

    You guys, Heidi is very “plugged in” and she knows what all the kids who are “plugged in” are captivated by.  If you were as “plugged in” as Heidi, you would understand the judges a little better.  😉

    • BeccaGo

      LOL! Patricia and Samantha’s dress looks like it really could be “plugged in” and lit up like something from Tron.

    • I noticed that, too, though it was Nina who said it first.  Once she did, Heidi picked it up and ran with it!

    • that explains why she sometimes looks like she stuck her finger in an electrical outlet.

    • lobsterlen

       Heidi would have loved a dress with nothing but a single piece 3″ W by 12″ L of gold duc tape covering the titen.

  • Funkykatt

    They sure were right about design changing over the years. My dress was a blue Gunne Sax (five other girls wore the same dress as I at the St. Francis Hotel in San Fran and I wanted a group pic but no one else would agree). At the time, I thought it was movie star gorgeous but now….yikes. 

    • My junior prom dress was an off-white Gunne Sax. Very Little House On The Prairie. I loved it then, but looking at the photo now makes me cringe. (My senior prom dress was very Gone With The Wind, complete with hoop skirt. Ooof.)

      • Carrieanno

        Thinking about my prom dress now, I want to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head.  

        • Funkykatt

          Yes, Little House on the Prairie.  All that lace and the length. I got mine at Macy’s for $60.00.  My kids made me put my head under the covers too with their cruel yet funny remarks. 

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            And in 30 years your kids’ kids will be making the same remarks about their parents’ photos…it happens to us all!

          •  I didn’t go to prom, so I have no prom dresses to look back on, but I had homecoming dresses, and I still like them all, 12 years or more later.  Is that weird?

      • lobsterlen

         Anyone else from the era of Gunne Sax prom gowns had Stairway to Heaven as their prom song? Just curious. It sounds like all across the country we all wore basically the same gown.

        •  We had Journey – Open Arms.

          • blondie65

            Time, Alan Parsons Project…

      • yes, gunne sax and the similar jessica mc clintock were very popular in the sf bay area in the eighties.  i was maid of honor at my friend’s second wedding and we both bought our dresses at the jessica mc outlet.  she ended up getting preggers when she and her fiance went on a little pre-nup honeymoon to celebrate their engagement, so she had to have hers let out.  all was well and she looked gorgeous.  ah, memories.

        • Targettaste

           Gunne Sax and Jessica McClintock were popular in my daughter’s era (I’m old) and though they look dated now, it was nice that the in fashion was age appropriate and not about short/tight/shiny.  Can’t wait to see what Heidi’s daughters wear as teenagers.

          • i think her older daughter, whom she had before her marriage to seal, is a teenager already.  it’s surprising she’s been able to keep her out of the spotlight.  i think her name is leni?  something like that.

          • Targettaste

             You beat me to the Google.  Leni is 8 and Lou is 3.  They are both adorable.  Here is a pic of them:
      I think Heidi looks so much younger when she dresses “down.”

          • oops, just googled her and found out she’s only 8!  beautiful child, though.  heidi really does have a gaggle of kids, no?

          • H2olovngrl

            My wedding dress was Jessica McClintock. I loved it. My first prom dress was strapless with a handkerchief hem, my second was just like the gold one, only in red. And I wore long black opera length gloves. Oh geez. Anyone else do the looooong gloves?

    • lobsterlen

       Late 70s prom goer here. Yes Gunne Sax for me too. My date bought me a giant basket of flowers that resembled a table center piece more than a bouquet. He was young and probably thought size matters. He just didn’t realize bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to flowers they need to be carried about all night. I look back at those pictures now and I realize I look more like Mother Nature from the Chiffon margarine ad than a glamorous movie star but at the time I thought I was soooo hot.

      • 3boysful

         Well, it what you thought at the time that counts, lobsterlen!

      • Funkykatt

        Oh yes, Mother Nature. She was angry. Thanks for the memory!

    •  Did you get yours at the Gunne Sax outlet? Fellow Bay Area girl here, and it was where I bought every “nice dress” I had as a child. IIRC, you get get wedding dresses for under $100, too. I still have mine and wore it to a friend’s prom themed birthday party a couple years ago (c/o 91). Because I was from Berkeley, our prom was a lot less formal than everyone else’s on earth apparently. Amanda and Michelle’s would have fit right in. Everyone wanted to look hip and sexy (which was defined as cheap versions of Heidi dresses) or ironic (vintage gowns, off-color tuxes for the guys that were deliberately tacky)  Barely anyone wore a long gown. None of us budding militant feminists would have been caught dead admitting to wanting to feel like a princess. My dress was cocktail length, a sort of deep non-neon fuschia lace over a lining of the same color (eek) with a high neck. The sex appeal came from the back, which was two thick criss cross straps. It was a good look for a short girl with no boobs. At least I knew what flattered my figure. I bought it without parental input. My mom was pleasantly surprised that I picked out something I would be able to wear again. (She was right. I wore it to multiple formal events in college. Well worth the $50 I paid for it.) I was so clueless about what to wear to my first fancy event that I didn’t have an evening bag or shoes. So I was stuck with my only heels (dowdy black low heeled pumps that looked very ‘I’m a paralegal at the office”) and a regular purse that was not remotely dressy. No wonder I had to go stag with girlfriends. (My Mom never went to her prom or any other truly formal event so she was no help.) But not even us clueless Bay Area girls would have worn gold lame , Richard and Daniel.

  • THANK YOU! I agree with everything you guys said this week. I was so annoyed with Nina that I actually yelled at the TV. I’m glad Zac tried to put her in her place. I have to admit, Amanda’s and Michelle’s dress was the coolest one of the bunch, but it wasn’t prom-y in the least. And they’re annoying, but pretty much all the designers are in some way this season except Stanley.

  • BeccaGo

    A prom dress is any dress you wear to prom.

    • alyce1213

      This.  And the kids in this episode were in NY.  In my experience, they’re more “up” for the bizarre and unusual.

    • paginatrix

       Go, BeccaGo!

    • libraangel

      Nuff said

  • bluefish

    Can we go back to fabric now?  Don’t care for any of these really, including the winner.   She looks like a mascot for a drag-racing convention.  No way black and red houndstooth is prom wear.  Where is Molly Ringwald for the judging when you need her?  Patricia and Samantha definitely benefitted from the fact that their model is the fiercest of the ladies on the catwalk and was able to put that dreadful dress over. A pair of sensational legs always helps!

    • Ooooh, Molly Ringwald would have been a great guest judge for this one!  I did like Chris Benz, though; he was very thoughtful.  I appreciate that in a guest judge, because lord knows the three little pigs can’t be bothered.

    • libraangel

      LOL – drag racing competition! Even Daytona 500!

  • drbjudgingyou

    I actually wasn’t too surprised at the way this turned out.  Back in Season 4, Nina’s favorite prom dress was the bejeweled short dress with a bubble hem that VictorYA made.  If I’m not mistaken, her exact reasoning for disliking Sweet P’s (the judges decided only 2 dresses were in the top despite a pretty gorgeous effort by Chris March) was that it was too mature and too formal.  Nina’s approach is from a mother and fashion editor, so she’s looking for “striking” and “young” from an adult’s perspective which is exactly what Michelle & Amanda’s dress is.  Kate and Tu’s dress is “formal, mature, and old-fashioned” despite it’s appropriateness for the venue. 

    Personally, I like how eye-catching M&A’s and S&L’s dresses were.  In the light of day, I actually appreciate Patricia’s and Samantha’s efforts much more and think Patricia totally deserved the props she got for the skirt.  If I were on the show, I think this would actually be the best challenge to have her as a partner as she is a textile artist and this challenge required that capability. 

    I’m of two minds with the elimination. I would have rather seen Tu & Richard stay, I’m not particularly interested in Kate’s aesthetic and it seems to be girly with a little edge which isn’t interesting in the long run (I’m thinking Daniel V.).  Daniel’s a nice tailor, but all of his design choices that are being rewarded seem to be the most obvious changes which is not exciting.  Richard & Tu have created pieces throughout the competition that feel more current or fresh.

    • LearnedFoot

      I was thinking about that Season 4 challenge, too! I thought Nina was nuts, and thought that Chris’s was a clear winner. You’re absolutely right about what she’s looking for in a prom dress, vs what a teenage girl would be looking for. This would’ve been a good time for her to defer to Zac.

    • libraangel

      I think why Kate was aufed was that the judges somehow noticed her innate bossiness towards Tu

  • GorgeousThings

    Didn’t see it, and didn’t miss anything. Thanks for the recap guys, you saved me an hour and 20 minutes of my life that I would otherwise never get back.

  • Ogden1990

    The fit on Patricia and Samantha’s dress was off, particularly around the bodice–too roomy. The model had to keep her hands on her waist to keep it from sliding around.
    Prom dresses: Junior prom – short, Senior prom – long. That’s how it plays out in the suburbs outside of Boston. I assume they were looking for Senior prom dresses, so long made sense. Message to Nina – YOU’VE gone from hero to zero over the course of several seasons.

    • Carrieanno

      Agree on Nina, and Zac went from zero to hero for me in the space of ten seconds last night.

  • Pam Winters

    This episode nailed a major problem of this show for me (and maybe for the contestants: questions of producer interference aside, I knew that the judging would depend on whether the unusual designs were considered “innovative” or “off the mark.” I see this too much on PR (and to a lesser extent on Top Chef: “It’s unusual and beautiful but it doesn’t match the criteria for X.” “X” is way too much of a variable on this show.

  • Carrieanno

    Way to go, Zac!
    For all her yammering about wanting to go to a prom, really, would Heidi get the concept even if she did?
    Although it’s been several years since I went prom dress shopping with my daughter, I don’t see dramatic changes in prom dress styles – at least not from the looks of the Jessica McClintock mall windows and the Macy’s racks. I’ve even seen a few of the exact same dresses that were around when she and her friends were that age.  I can, however, picture one or two of her friends going all in for Michelle/Amanda’s dress (and I loved it too).  Same for Stanley/Layana’s, although more for a homecoming look.
    And on a related topic (and pet peeve), are an inordinate number of girls these days being raised in barns?  What’s with trying on a dozen dresses and leaving them smashed all over the dressing room floors?   Thank you for kindly allowing me to vent.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I always feel bad that the people who send you into dressing rooms have to say, “please replace the garments on their hangers.”  It shouldn’t need to be said, but that’s the world we live in. 

  • I don’t think for one hot second that the kids chose Patricia’s gown. That was keeping in the crazy, as usual. Typical Bunim/Murray. 

  • Richard and Daniel’s gold dress is interesting in one very unique way: Tim thought it was a winner. He gave them such a boost in his  critique that they were sure they would be on top. Their design was universally hated by the judges and I don’t remember a time when Tim’s assessment was so off.

    •  I don’t think Tim saw the final dress, though, with all the ruffles. He just saw the bodice and skirt, which was slightly better-looking. Very slightly.

    • crash1212

       Keep in mind that Tim praised it before they put all the nonsense on the bottom. I actually semi-liked the unadorned concept because that lattice work was quite nice.

  • nosniveling

    great to see Zac grow a pair!
    agree with the win, but it is hard to picture a teen in it.

    • Carrps

      Yeah, M&A’s dress wasn’t anything I’d picture a prom-going teen to pick. The girl who’d pick that dress wouldn’t go to prom. She’d think we was too cool for that.

      And how would a girl dance in that? The bodice was already collapsing just walking around. One fast dance and we’d have a wardrobe malfunction…or the girl would put her date’s eye out with that pointy thing on the right breast!

  • OrigamiRose

    Oh thank god you guys agree with me (well, for the most part, ha ha, at least when it comes to the auf).  I watched the one a.m. replay for a better look at the designs, and was absolutely enraged that one of the dynamic duo didn’t say ta-ta for the Sammy Jo Carrington special.

    • Carrieanno

      I mentally auf’ed Richard for acting like a spoiled brat.  Yup, nobody is there to make friends, but not being picked first is a lousy reason to hog all the toys and not play nice.

      • OrigamiRose

        Totally agree  It didn’t strike me on the first viewing but when I watched the replay, I was appalled at what a passive aggressive little twit he was being.

        • MoHub

           At least John Tesar is pretty obvious about what a prick he is. Hallmark Card is pretending to be nice and then unsheathing the claws.

          • OrigamiRose

            In the spirit of the Hallmarq Card, may I just say, “Touché”? 🙂

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        Richard was a twit last night-getting so huffy because Stanley chose to work with Layana, and then hoarding all of the gold duck tape-and we all know what a great decision that was…

  • Susan Collier

    How I wished that Michelle, Layana, and Daniel had put some duck tape over their mouths as well as their prom dresses. Yes, we all realize that you’re not here to make friends, but to make passable garments and bitchy/delusional confessionals.

    Didn’t get the love for any garments except Michelle and Amanda’s (agreed with the pointy boob action and the weird side cutouts).
    Layana and Stanley’s was bizarre and garish.
    And, while not a good outcome, this would be the challenge to do some tape manipulation (a la Patricia). Sure, the skirt was pretty bizarre, but I really hated that weird top of Samantha’s.
    Daniel and Richard really captured some Jessica McClintock prom dress realness there.Sorry to see Kate and Tu go. I’ve often longed for a double elimination, but didn’t think their mess deserved such harsh treatment. Picking the monotone subtleties didn’t work for duck tape prom dresses. Both teams should have punched up their designs with contrasting colors or patterns and they might have been saved.

  • I was also shocked that Patricia and Samantha’s dress scored as high as it did.  Maybe it looked better in person, but from my chair that skirt looked like a partially inflated pan of Jiffy Pop.  I was surprised that no one on the panel remarked that Kate’s dress, although long and therefore “prom-y” was barely functional.  The model could hardly walk in it, much less dance.

  • David Mooney

    The judges might have felt differently about the losing dress had the designers not overdone the “texture” between the highschool gym and the runway. expected and simple got to be long and busy. texture isn’t always about three-dimensional interest–it can come as much from color play as from an EXacto knife.

  • Did no one look at Layana & Stanley’s and think Leighton Meester/Blair Waldorf?! That clinched it for them for me.

  • voter1

    The only thing missing from Richard and Daniel’s dress was the  some big 80’s Jersey hair. Didn’t the Real Housewives of NJ wear that style to their prom?   That style was hideous then and is still hideous.  

    • Susan Collier

       “$6000 for a dress? It’s not even leathuh!”

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Those gals are still wearing that style…to their children’s bar mitzhvahs or first comunions, baptisms, weddings, etc.

  • minnye

    I checked a few TLounge comments before going to bed last night and was surprised to see so many negative reactions to this episode. I thought it was a lot of fun. I loved the winning dress. I was that kind of alterna-chick who would’ve worn it to my HS prom. Zac Posen’s thoughtful, analytical critiques are a breath of fresh air compared to Kors’ snarky one-liners.

    Stanley & Layana’s crinoline was a really cute detail, and I loved the swingy skirt, but I did not care for the front of the bodice, with those inverted U’s over the bust plastered in the shape of a sweetheart neckline on a tank top. I hated the bow but I get that it added drama and spectacle for the runway.

    Samantha & Patricia’s collaboration was interesting. Despite their clash of styles they managed to stay civil (according to the edit) and pull out a garment that had its problems but wasn’t the hot mess that Samantha feared. Patricia’s tone gradation was a really cool effect, although it gave the unfortunate impression that the model had to put out a fire that somehow erupted under her skirt. The dress would have been smashing for a teenager with bubble skirt, all one length above the knee. Samantha’s bodice was perfect.

    The blue gown was definitely a prom-y type of gown, as well as the tacky gold monstrosity. But evidently the designers did not hear Heidi (or was it Tim?) emphasize “fashion forward.” Both dresses were boring and I didn’t care which got the auf.

    • BeccaGo

      Thank you on the “fashion forward” part. Sure, that blue gown is what everyone would have worn to prom, but who wants to look like everyone else? I liked Michelle’s comment “you don’t want Becky to be wearing the same gown.” My name is Becky. And my dress was spectacular. 😉

  • golden_valley

    I too laughed at Heidi and Nina.  They had no clue what is worn to proms.  They’re thinking cocktail party. You might find an adventurous girl who would wear the winning gown, but most will go for the long dress.  That’s what prom is.  My 16 year old just went to his prom.  His date and all the other 9 girls in their group worn long gowns that looked little different from what I wore in 1978…a full length halter dress.

  • pookiesmom

    I’m 27 and that last dress is the only one I would’ve considered wearing to my prom. Patricia & Samantha’s or that gold atrocity should’ve gone home for sure.

  • mhleta

    God, I’m glad I didn’t watch. You’ve just saved me from going full bore screeching howler monkey. Daniel and Richard’s dress is tacky even by 1980s disco bar mitzvah standards, but I honestly think Patricia and Samantha’s outfit is the worst and most likely to end up in the dollar bin. It looks like it was fashioned by blind, thumbless orphans from a space blanket. Awful.

  • janierainie

    Amanda and Michelle’s piece was a cool dress, but not a prom dress. Short dresses for homecoming, long dresses for prom. I’m in the Southwest. The judges did not judge on prom-iness. Kate and Tu’s was the most prom, but they made a boring dress. Don’t get the love for Patricia’s and Samantha’s monstrosity, but I sorta wanted it to win just to see Michelle’s head explode. 

  • hmatz

    You’re right to say that prom style is extremely dependent on region. I went to prom in the not-so-distant past, and at my high school, long dresses were a rarity. There were, of course, some movie star dresses, but even then, the long, Hollywood glamor style gowns felt dated. Most girls at my prom went for kicky, cute, cocktail length dresses. That being said, I do know that long dresses are considered the norm. I don’t think it’s the length that killed Kate and Tu, but the duct tape that they chose. That denim printed tape does NOT work. The dress could be classically prom-style beautiful, but instead, it’s super boring and aging, largely due to that dulled down denim blue. 

    Also, The houndstooth dress is fantastic. I love it, though I do wish they’d left out the boob wing and the side cut-outs. And I can’t believe Patricia and Samantha got the most votes, that dress is insane.

    • Melvis Velour

      You’re right about styles being region specific.  Went prom gown shopping with my niece in the Chicago burbs and they were long and quite sophisticated looking.  My god, what happened, she actually looks like a woman now!

      As for Texas – HIGHLY micro-region specific with mostly very short (flashing the good china if they were any shorter), sparkly dresses and cowboy boots being the look in this 4 sq mile area

  • SewingSiren

    1. Amanda and Michelle. I thought this one would have been cutting edge two years ago. Giant houndstooth is old hat now. Unless you’re going to a 80’s themed prom, I don’t think any kids would wear this. And I don’t think it got a single kid vote either.
    2. Patricia and Samantha-The high low hem is what put this in the top.  I don’t hate it as much as most. And I don’t think Patricia would be difficult to work with. I believe this gown was in the top because it received the most kid votes.
    3. Layana and Stanley- Fair to middling.
    4. Daniel and Richard- I think they would have won the challenge if they hadn’t added that ruffle. I still think it got a fairly high vote by the teens.
    5, Tu and Kate. This one or the gold would probably be the most likely to be picked up by a buyer for a mid range department store. I also think more teens voted for it than the winner. Tu  was cute , but not good TV.

    • libraangel

      Yes, unfortunately the designers’ personalities I am sure figure in as to who will be eliminated or not i.e. provide drama/entertainment or not.

  • I was surprised at this Auf-ing. I thought Kate and Tu’s dress would have been in the top because it was SO OBVIOUSLY a prom dress. I agree that it shouldn’t have won, but it most certainly didn’t warrant sending either of them home. The judges (except for Zac, it seems) were smoking some serious crack last night.

  • HeatherBryan

    Patricia and Samantha’s girl looks encased in tinfoil; rather a human Hot Pocket.

    I teach HS and the only dress any of my girls would have worn was Kate’s.  Heidi and Nina, while I adore them, had no business rendering an opinion as they know nothing of prom.  Sigh.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Agree, agree, agree. I’m not around teenagers that much, yet even I know some teens will always think body-hugging = sexy and sophisticated, and many would like Kate & Tu’s and, yes, even Daniel & Richard’s. That said, the gold dress should’ve been the losing dress.

    I really wish they had told us the student ranking of the dresses, not just the winner.

    Also: THOSE WERE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS???  I missed the part where they introduced the students. Did they say what school it was? Because it looked like a bunch of 20 year olds to me.

    • SewingSiren

      I thought most of the students looked very conservatively dressed (fashion wise) for a NYC high school. So if the designers had presented something edgy  they would be screwed.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Though supposedly the mullet hem was the winner. They really didn’t look or sound like teens.

        • SewingSiren

          I actually believe that dress was the winner. Not because of the fabrication, but because of the silhouette. The high low hem is a big trend with “Prom” for this year (and probably last year too).  I bet many of the girls polled are planning to wear that silhouette and that’s why they voted for it.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Oh, I believe it. I mean, as far as I’m concerned, it could have been any one of them. I’m curious about the rest of the ranking, though, and I agree w/ TLo that a lot of it is regional.

    • Stubenville

      No intro of the school and I couldn’t catch a sign as they showed the contestants walking in.

  • annrr

    I live in Milwaukee and my niece and teenage babysitters all wear short for Homecoming and long for Prom.

  • margaret meyers

    I believe the HS kids voted for P &S’s dress:  it’s very body-conscious and it has a mullet skirt.  They love those things! 

    I think the stiffness and the volume actually make this mullet skirt work — it’s got a showgirl/Ziegfeld Follies/Erte vibe.

  • alyce1213

    I loved the winning dress; it’s tremendous fun — it’s now one of my all-time favorite PR designs.  I really thought Patricia & Samantha were on the bottom.  How that cheap-looking superhero costume received such praise is a mystery.  
    Richard & Daniel’s was also auf-worthy.  I can’t understand how Tim liked it — additional ruffles or not.  He really misled them.
    I would not have sent Tu & Kate home for this dress, which was expected but not awful.

  • kat89

    My daughter went to her senior prom last spring and virtually every girl wore a gown. It was aggravating that Nina – who is supposed to be a highly regarded fashion editor – has no idea what a prom dress looks like, and I was happy that Zac Posen stood his ground with her. Yes, the dress was boring, but it had the elements of what girls are looking for in a prom dress. Wasn’t the challenge to make a PROM dress, and not just a pretty dress? You would think that Nina (especially) and Heidi would have done a little research to find out what a prom dress is before they judged the challenge because clearly they were clueless with this one. Amanda & Michelle’s winning dress was a really cute party dress, but not a prom dress. Patricia & Samantha’s praying mantis dress was too crotchtastic for a high school girl, although it was an interesting dress. Stanley & Layana’s dress looked like a Barbie doll dress and Richard & Daniel’s was a 1980s disco dress. All that was missing was the big mall hair that girls wore back then. Their dress was actually the worst, but the way that Kate was smack-talking through the entire episode was a clear indicator that she was going home.
    By the way, how many prom date proposals do you think Heidi is going to get on You Tube after this episode, since she was clearly pandering for one?

    • l_c_ann

      I’d like to see what happens if Heidi accepted a date from a really handsome young man and then found out he was 4’8″ tall and into close dancing. 

    • libraangel

      I am CERTAINLY not defending Nina (!), but I think she also meant that while Kate’s and Richard/Daniel’s WERE prom dresses, they were old-fashioned and boring

    • LadyGewgaw

       You know, that may be the next evolutionary step in the show. We’ve had contestant fights and drama, and now we can move to judge fights and drama.

      Actually, a panel of judges arguing over clothing is a show I would watch, if some of the judges were editors, some were buyers, some were designers, and some were actual consumers of that type of garment.

  • If you look at the actual Duck Tape contest, most of the dresses DO NOT look like typical prom dresses. They are usually outlandish, garish, fun, and definitely NOT typical. So, were they looking for a typical prom dress, or a typical DUCK TAPE prom dress? They’re not the same thing.

    • paginatrix

      YES. Plus, the designers were told to make something “fashion forward,” then 20% of the score was what some teenagers voted for. Like if they were told to make a “fashion forward” wedding dress, then judged by David’s Bridal customers. How can you win?

      • libraangel

        Exactly, I thought it was a confusing challenge and judging

  • marilyn

    I did not like the winner.  I thought that dress looked like a theatrical costume, not a prom dress.  The only way a teenage girl would wear this if she was playing Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors.  Did you notice that no one was hanging around this dress at the high school?  I think Kate and Tu should have won because they chose a style that girls going to prom would have preferred.  The dress to lose should have been Stanley and Layanna’s, because it was also a costume (another costume for LSOH), that no teenage girl would wear to prom or anywhere else.   If you let the waist out, it would have been a Minnie Mouse costume. 

    I think Tu was eliminated because he appeared to be emotionally overwhelmed.  They tend to get rid of people like that.  You are spot on about saying that most of the judges had no idea of what girls wear to proms.

    • BeccaGo

      What’s wrong with that? Little Shop of Horrors is a great show. 😛

  • I would LOVE to know the actual voting percentages from the students, even if it turned out to match the judges’ comments better than I suspect it would.

    I liked Layana and Stanley’s dress the best, as it struck me as having a futuristic-Goth-lolita flavor to it; I also liked the way it moved. (I’m not crazy about bows or hot pink, but I thought it did add to the look.) As for Kate and Tu’s gown, I thought the silhouette was fine, and the tiny details were OK, but the overall impression of the color/texture was that they’d wrapped the poor girl in a tarp. [A well-tailored tarp, but still…]  I did find it odd that Nina was so violent about how outdated “long” was, though. GoryDetails (who had no interest in going to prom and so probably shouldn’t be commenting on prom dresses {wry grin})

    • A tarp!  That’s what I’ve been trying to think of.   It *did* look like that.  Good call.

    • libraangel

      Gee whiz! to use an “old fashioned” expression. I saw the Layana/Stanley dress not as futuristic, but going back to the 50’s: I can visualize the girl, after the prom, having a soda at the malt shop. Back to the Future?!

  • I was waiting for the Colorado ballon boy to pop out of Patricia and Samantha’s. 

    • Indigo54

       He was sewn in and couldn’t get out. 

  • I’m a high school teacher in Ohio, and while I’m sure that fashion varies by region, I can tell you that I can see LOTS of girls choosing the gold dress for prom.  It DOES look like an 80s prom dress, which is EXACTLY what the girls would like about it.  

    The denim dress WAS the most prom, but the denim tape was heinous, and even in Ohio, we don’t wear denim to prom.

    I agree with the winner.  While it didn’t look like traditional prom, it was punk-rock prom.  I know I would have been willing to wear it to my prom!

  • Also, looking forward to next weeks challenge.  Beef beef beef.  Lots of screen caps please!!

    • LadyGewgaw

       For a minute there, I thought they were going to be making meat dresses next week.

  • So agreed!  Kate’s was the only one that would have been seen at my prom 12 years ago, and I’m pretty sure the only one that would have been seen even now at my high school.  The winning dress would have been considered a homecoming dress.  (Same was true with the S4 prom challenge)

    • libraangel

      What you are saying is what the judges said last night, but meant in a different way. The judges said the Kate/Tu dress and the Richard/Daniel dress were “old-fashioned” i.e. your dress 12 years ago.

  • guest2visits

    Wow – just saw why Samantha & Patricia’s may have gotten some extra votes. The model.  No wonder the kids were flocking around
    that design. While giving the designs another look I noticed what great legs (loved the shoes too) the model has – in fact she is one
    hot-model!  She was a magnet!  How many votes were cast by the guys who noticed. I should have known!  I wonder if her leggyness
    was what captured the judges admiration, too.  There is no other explaination for the love of that saggy balloon.

    I so agree; TLo has explained the ”the most-special-dress-ever’ requirements that the student population is looking for. There is
    definitely a range of looks that are acceptable for prom night – but long and almost bridal is the most desired.
    I thought M&A’s was the win, (I guess the boys weren’t thinking about math or tessellation) it was cool and I would have liked to see
    both sides have the ‘boob-wings’ – it was a neat feature, imo.  The only that really bothered me from the beginning on S&L’s design
    was the simple sweetheart-outline for the top; I don’t know why. The shape of the top was fine, otherwise. Busy design; but not bad.
    I would have kept Kate; who I think had the skills and ideas to land in the final 3; and auf’t Patricia.

    • meowing

      Sam and Patricia’s model’s “leggyness” raised my old-lady mom ire:  “No way you’re leaving this house, young lady, with all that good china showing!”

  • What struck me most about the episode was not all the back and forth on what a prom dress is (that really differs region to region) but instead what a annoying bunch of whiners are in that workroom. If Layana opens her mouth about hating pink one more time, I vote to put her in the corner.

    I loved this challenge and my short-prom-and homecoming-dressed daughter has been saying for years they should do it. I also loved Stanley’s shut-up-and-just-deal-with-it mindset.

    The real heroes here were the producers and editors keeping in so much of Zac Posen standing his ground against Nina. I would like to see more of that.

    And T-Lo, Mr. Gunn was here in my hometown not long ago and I have to say, among those younger than me in the crowd (hard not to be), the man is a rock star. They loved him.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      I vote for putting Layana in a special room that has been decorated in every possible shade of pink.  Dear Jesus, yes, these folks are champion whiners.

      Enjoyed Zac Posen’s comments, and aslso the guest judge. He was thoughtful and constructive in his criticism.

  • Qitkat

    It’s interesting that both the bottom looks were also the only ones that are solid colors. Which tells me that these 4 designers could not think beyond creating a fabric/make a pretty dress, and did not really embrace the concept of the duct tape challenge, although I liked Kate’s creation of lace. The gown was too boring though, and needed an extra pop of color. D/R just created something for the drive through wedding chapel in Las Vegas.

    Someone in the TLounge linked to the duct tape website that shows the winning outfits from 2012; the results were creative and stunning, and most certainly planned and executed over several days. For a truncated one-day challenge the 3 PR top/safe teams approached this with more inspiration and humor than the 2 bottom teams.

    Last evening I strongly disliked the mullet dress, most especially because of the tinfoil aspect of the inside back, and I don’t like mullet dresses in general anyway. Or Patricia, but that’s another topic. If P had made the front longer, YIKES! that is short, and lined the interior with blue/black, it might not have been as horrendous. Sign me up for another who doesn’t believe the teen voting either.

    The winning dress was really cute and clever, and moved the best on the runway. It was awesome of A/M to create the tesselations (that word!), but the hair bow was icky.

    L/S effort looks better to me in the stills than last evening; but it seems very overworked and over thought, however the workmanship is quite remarkable. I loved the petticoat the best, and would like to have seen that concept in the dress.

    Zac turned out to be the only truly credible judge last evening, although pink haired guy (I have no idea who he is) was acceptable. Nina and Heidi did not know what they were talking about, and like many others here I have become increasingly disenchanted with Nina’s viewpoints over the years. I guess she could be classified as a Bitter Kitten though: opinionated even when she has no idea what she’s talking about!

    As far as what constituted appropriate prom wear, I bow to the younger commenters; my high school days were when dragons still roamed the earth.

    • Hee. My high school days are also long behind me. I always say Wilma Flintstone was our prom queen.

      Am I wrong in thinking the last PR designer who used a hair bow was eliminated? This one wasn’t quite as bad, if only because it wasn’t as enormous as the last one we saw, but it did the look no favors.

      • jo

        My first thought when they mentioned the hair bow was “Nooooooooooo! Don’t you remember Alison!”  Thankfully, while I still detest the hair bow as a concept, this one didn’t turn the model into Daisy Duck…

        • Yes! It was Allison. I couldn’t remember her name. That thing was a monstrosity.

  • wawawah

    The loosing team was aufed for ONE reason only. Think about it…the Gold dress… has the two colorful queens on it where the Denim Dress had only a talented duo without all the attitude and visual drama the Gold brings to the show! Not fair but that’s why!

    • EverybodysStarling

      Actually, I though Kate showed quite some attitude on this episode and was wondering, if she was beeing developed as some kind of undercover villain. 

      • libraangel

        She seemed very bossy indeed – or it was edited that way!

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Yup, I think you’re right.

  • I thought that “oh by the way, you’re out too” thing was (deliciously) cruel.

    And I didn’t really care for any of the dresses? 

    But this is coming from me (nerd), who wore something sort of GunneSax-ish to Junior Prom, and something WHITE and long and pretty un-sexy to Senior Ball (and double dated with a couple who wore their formal Madrigal (choir) outfits, as did my (gay) date – forest green tuxes with velvet lapels and green ruffled shirts. People at the restaurant thought we were a wedding party.) So I am in no place to judge. 

    But hey, at least I went to the ball! neener neener Nina and Heidi.

    • meowing

      While not a nerd at the time, I was fashion-naive for my wedding and wore a Gunne Sax dress (I’m ancient).  Not a molecule of irony in my choice–truly thought it was lovely. 

      • Carrieanno

        But there was no need for irony in your decision.  And no doubt it was lovely.  We look at our younger selves’ clothing choices through today’s lens and compare them to today’s choices.  If we rewound the clock to be our younger selves again, we’d most likely still think we’d made the perfect choices.  Our children will be the same way someday, as will their children. 

        • libraangel

          Thank you for justifying my brown chiffon trapeze mini-dress! (shudder)

  • I was so shocked that Kate and Tu both got booted for their dress. 

    • libraangel

      Kate got eliminated because she said the idea for the dress was hers, so I guess (?) the judges thought she also shared most of the blame for being at the bottom.

  • Bwin51

    I actually liked Patricia and Samantha’s dress with the exception of the silver part of the bodice which would have been better using a darker color. It’s amazing and somewhat refreshing what young people like to wear these days. I think those who criticize are out of touch, read too old.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    BUTT UGLY.  That dress with the pink bow looks a time warp. They’re stopping for a malted on the way to the prom in her date’s T-Bird. And Daniel/Richard’s looks like undergarments for a Wild West hooker with a heart of gold. Ew.

  • MarTeaNi

    Every year there is an 80s prom in one of the local venues.  And every year for $4 a bunch of people go to the giant underground thriftmart and pick up that golden cupcake hooker dress.  Sometimes it’s got big puffy lace mutton sleeves, sometimes it’s pink, but there’s always 15 people wearing that damn dress.

  • I don’t know, guys. I think Samantha’s and Patricia’s would have been the most popular in my area. However, considering all the rules that are being made about what dresses can be worn at prom now, it would have been banned with the high front hem. After this dress Kate and Tu’s would be a hit.

    Layana and Stanley’s was so old fashioned. No one would wear that. Daniel and Richard’s was so hooch-mama that no parent would want to see that. Amanda and Michelle’s is pure cosplay. No teen would wear that except for nerds and geeks.

    I am so tired of Amanda’s dramatics. It seems so fake, especially that thing about high school anxieties coming back. Please.

    I am also upset at Nina’s behavior. Zack is a fashion designer. He should know what prom is about. Does she not like his designs?

    AND I am sick of Layana’s whining. She’s like a little child throwing tantrums until she gets her way. Ugh.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I, too, wonder if she dislikes his designs. Every week it seems she either rolls her eyes at him or ignores him to face Heidi.

  • Nerds and Geeks need prom gowns too!

    •  Oh yes, but the praise for the red and black dress was as if all teens would want it. Only a very small minority would. I am pretty sure nerds and geeks don’t look to Marie Claire magazine for prom dress ideas.

  • BobStPaul

    Amen to everything you said.

  • “but making prom dresses out of Duck tape felt at least a little new”
    I laughed out loud at that. If anything, I’ve always considered the “makes a dress out of duct tape” thing to be soooooo done because Duck Tape has had a duct tape prom dress scholarship for years. I got all of that out of my system ages ago. I suppose it is new for Project Runway, but in the world at large, it’s borderline cliché for anyone who wants a “quirky” prom dress.

    • Since this is a recap of Project Runway and not a recap of the world at large, we thought it was obvious what we meant.

      • Yes, and I suppose it says something about Project Runway that it took them this long to do this sort of challenge, way after the fad’s heyday. If they had done this back during the Bravo years, it would have been timely, but now I’m just like, “Duct tape? Really?”

        • OrigamiRose

          It’s hard for me to call this challenge a fad in its heyday when it is relatively new to a large group of people (who were not, as you made a point of mentioning about yourself with such subtlety, high school sophomores in 2005).

        • Once you’ve lived a bit longer 7 years won’t seem so ancient and outdated. Some of my newest clothes were purchased in 2005.

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Thank you, Michelle! I was gonna say, it’s not like seven years back was an eternity.  At the risk of sounding dismissive, Mary, one day when you’re our age, you’ll understand.

          • LadyGewgaw

             2005 was seven years ago? Feels more like seven minutes ago, some days.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        I know what it meant for me – “I’m 49.  I have never in my life heard of a duct tape prom dress!”  😉

    • OrigamiRose

      Well, for what it is worth, I had not heard of the “duck tape prom dress” scholarship.  It was in the TLounge that I learned about its (recent) history.  The challenge was both new to me overall, and new to me for Project Runway.

      • It’s been around since I was a sophomore in highschool, which was 2005. 

        • OrigamiRose

          Well don’t mean to rain on your humblebrag but I thankfully have a good decade+ out of the high school scene, and I don’t seek the company of that age-group for socializing. 

          So what is your point, that PR should stay current with the happening trends in high school-level challenges as soon as they happen?  Or was just to mention that you’re young? Or both?

        • donegal_ribbon

           Maybe it’s not new for you barely out of high school, but I guarantee the world at large that was in high school in the 90s and earlier only recently (like last night recently) learned about this cliché. Kudos for getting it out of your system by the time us old people caught on.

    • BeccaGo

      I know, right? And silk! And lace! That shit has been around for CENTURIES! I am sooooooo over it…

      • Sorry- I know I’m relatively young (though I felt old the other day when I had to drop something off at an elementary school and a kid asked another if I was his mom coming to pick him up), but to me, it’s like if they introduced slap bracelets (a huge fad back when I was like 10) as a must have accessory and called them “new!” and “exciting!”. If I ever made the show, I’m sure that I would have made a duct tape dress for a grocery store or hardware store unconventional materials challenge, though I would have been paranoid the entire time about it being too cliché because of my awareness of duct tape dresses for almost half my life. Because of that, it just surprised me that they would make a whole challenge based on something that hadn’t been “cool” since I was 16. 

        • BeccaGo


          My 20-year high school reunion was last summer. When *I* was 10, jams were cool. Remember jams? No? That wasn’t your generation? Then they’re new to you. Has Project Runway ever done a jams challenge? No? Then they’re new to the show.

          In fact, have they ever done a slap bracelet challenge? No? Then that’s also new to the show. Is the entire viewing audience, composed of a large chunk of middle-aged women (Lifetime’s demographic), up on the passing fads of the younger generations? No? Then it’s new to them, too.

          You know how those same middle-aged women lived through the ’70s? How they’ve been aware of wrap dresses and platform heels for half their lives? How those were “new!” and “exciting!” when they came into fashion, and how they’re cliché by now but continuously being reinvented? You know, like in that ’70s challenge a few seasons ago?

          Everyone’s seen those sexy nurse Halloween costumes, right? They’ve been done to death. Has Project Runway done a sexy nurse Halloween costume challenge yet? No? Then that’s something new and might be interesting to watch.

          This thread is the equivalent of an “I knew about that band WAY before they were popular” put-down. Good for you. Get over yourself.

  • VivianAdvanced

    Ugh, I have to grudgingly say that I liked Lopsided Michelle’s and Chinless Amanda’s dress the best and I can’t stand either one of those chicks. That lopsided head is going to swell even more. Prom dresses are usually hideous to begin with, so it’s hard to tell what constitutes a good one. While I didn’t care for Kate’s and Tu’s dress, it wasn’t deserving of Nina’s blast (man, she looked mean while she was critiquing it!). She didn’t understand that proms are like the Oscars to teens, and what do all the ladies wear on the red carpet? Long gowns! Hallmarq Cards’ and Daniel’s was atrocious and made the model look like a giant candy bar in gold wrappers. Poor Tu had some innovative design ideas in past challenges, but he was screwed over by this and the old lady challenge, which were strictly out of his frame of reference. It’s not fair, really.

  • megohd

    HATED the gold dress. I too went to the prom 20 years ago and one of my friends wore this EXACT dress in green. Truly, it was the same exact design. (BTW, it was much prettier in green!) Retro is one thing. Recycling design from the early 90s is another. Not cool! Those two clowns should have gone home. Gold was an ugly choice and to not break it up with another color was a sin. 

    I loved the winning look and the two also-rans, though I didn’t like the upper half of the blue gown as much. 

    Definitely enjoyed seeing the judges disagree with feeling—that’s reality and makes you feel like the show isn’t simply recycled from season to season or completely producer-driven.

  • Richard is insufferable.  One of the reasons I would never move to LA.  A million Richards.

    • Kate4queen

      He’s actually based in Sacramento-the seat of government where he must stand out A Lot. 🙂

  • Having gotten just as intoxicated as the judges clearly were on last night’s episode, I am late to the conversation, but I am putting in my two cents: WTF. I have not read the 232 comments before me, and I apologize for what I’m sure is reduncancy, but that Patricia monstrosity was execrably hideous and I have never before felt the desire to reach into the screen to slap Nina, but when she was gushing about the closure in the back my respect for her judgement went down more than a few pegs.

  • So sad about kate’s off. She was my favorite.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      She was one of my favorites, so I’m sad too.  They auf’d my favorite, Ben, last week, and I’ve gradually come to loathe my other original favorite, Daniel.  I’m almost afraid to throw my support to Samantha – I’m like the Season 11 jinx!

  • I agree with the winning look because they didn’t simply tape a dress; they tessellated it. Good word, by the way, and used very accurately. He knows his stuff, that Zac, and I liked watching him sour Nina’s dumb face. I don’t care if she didn’t attend prom. She should know that while not every teenage will select long– I didn’t when I was that age because, being 5’3” and small-boned, I knew long wouldn’t do me any favors– but plenty do, particularly the ones who are on the taller end. It should be noted that quite a few teen girls want to look “grown up” and thus opt for dresses that are long and feminine and fitted. So, the tessellations. They’re remarkably well engineered given the very finite amount of time. Executing them entails constructing a pattern motif. It requires precise measurements. You’ll have to consider how to best appropriate that motif. You’ll have to consider the negative space. And they did. And the result is quite good. Liked the trim. Liked the configuration of the skirt. I didn’t even mind using the motif as cutouts–it’s all part of the tessellations. I didn’t like much of anything else. Patricia- and Samantha’s– sure the gradation was interesting as were the textural elements, but “interesting” is not synonymous with “flattering”. Interesting from a fabrication perspective but unflattering otherwise. The skirt portion looks very deflated from the front. I found Layana- and Stanley’s to be well made. They used the zebra accents uniformly. I may have liked this design much better had it not been for that glaring bow. I don’t feel like writing about the other two.

    • donegal_ribbon

      I just want to snuggle your comment. It’s always a bummer when people have decided to loathe a designer so much they can’t see the beauty in their work. That wasn’t every girl’s prom dress, but it was rock n’ roll and lots of girl’s want that. 

  • tripletmom96

    while i agree that kate & tu’s dress was the most traditionally promlike, it looks nothing like the dresses i see the girls wearing these days.  EVERYTHING is short.  i think it was nina who commented that the model could barely move in it, and although i agree with you that for the most part heidi & nina were both completely unqualified to judge these dresses as far as them being prom dresses, nina has a point.  another issue is that must be kept in mind is that these dresses are being worn by 14-18 year-olds – not the 20-30-somethings one normally is catering to in high fashion.   one of the reasons the girls like them short is because they are much easier to dance in.  i am in southern california (not quite manhattan, but not exactly podunk either), i have a 17-year old daughter and live a block away from a gorgeous fountain where the kids from 3 of the high schools around here line up to have their pictures taken for the formal dances so i feel pretty qualified to comment on what the girls are really wearing.  i think the reason that patricia & samantha’s dress was so highly praised by the students is because that “short in the front, long in the back” hemline is very popular.  i thought the dress was waaay too short in the front and didn’t really like it, but i understand the high-schoolers voting for it.  i agree with t-lo that it was wildly overpraised by the judges.  as for the winning dress — i thought it was really cute, but didn’t look a thing like a prom dress.  i’ve actually seen alot of dresses that remind me of the one daniel & richard produced, although the gold was really gaudy.  i thought they ruined it when they put all of the flounces on it, so i can’t disagree with it being in the bottom.  it also wasn’t terribly original — windsor fahions and david’s bridal are full of dresses that look just like it (although in more appropriate colors). 

    • judybrowni

      Yup, you’r right about the short skirts for prom.

      Note the 2012 winners of the Duck Tape Prom dress scholarship fund contest:

      Although I gasped in horror at the mullet dress that shows off the good china, I’ve seen waaaaaaaaay too many mullet dresses on the street on young girls.

    • As TLo said, it varies region to region. Girls here are still wearing long dresses to prom. Some wear short dresses as well, but it’s still 75% long pagenty/bridesmadey looking dresses. I was really put off by Nina’s insistance otherwise and her snotty attitude about long dresses. As Kate pointed out, most girls may only ever have two opportunities to dress that formally and wear what they want – prom and their wedding. The judging last night was just dumb. 

  • dickylarue

    If you’re really an Amanda/Michelle hater, then you’ll probably be happy next week since it appears the theme this season is to set them up and then knock them down. That happened to Ben and now Kate. I think Tu got lumped in because no one had any idea of what his clothes looked like other than cut outs & odd darts at the hip on everything he touched. 

    I did enjoy the Dauphin serving the Editrix some reality. Short slutty dresses are for homecoming and gowns are prom. Kate was actually right in that regard, but the color choice and the mermaid dress that you couldn’t really dance in was her undoing as well as Tu being her chipper sweatshop helper elf with no opinion.

    Richard and Daniel made a wonderful dress for a Quinceanera. 

    And I don’t doubt for a second that Samantha/Patricia got the most votes. It was a NYC high school and when you look at all the designers I could totally see the students flocking to Samantha because of her personal edge and style. That’s the problem with voting like that. They shouldn’t meet the designers til after the voting otherwise they could be casting votes over which designer looks the coolest/funkiest instead of which dress they love.

    I totally believe those high school students wouldn’t have voted Michelle/Amanda because a)it wasn’t a prom dress & b)Michelle looks like a Catherine O’Hara-esque Mom going through a mid-life crisis and Amanda is so cloying your instinct is to run the other way before she latches onto you permanently while making obvious deep voiced observations about everything around her.

    • SewingSiren

      Michelle= Catherine O’Hara as the Mom in Beetlejuice. That’s about perfect.

      •  Yes! The only reason I never put that together myself is that I LIKE Catherine O’Hara!

        But Michelle could easily deliver any of her Beetlejuice lines “If you don’t let me EXPRESS MYSELF, I will GO INSANE and I will TAKE YOU WITH ME!”

    • Indigo54

       I could totally see the students flocking to Samantha because of her personal edge and style.

      hmmm…hadn’t thought of that.  Samantha must have really looked cool.  Patricia was standing right next to her and, I’m sorry, but her outfit was just awful. Yet the teens still flocked to their design.  She looked even worse at the runway show.  Who are we kiddin’, Samantha designed that dress.  Patricia only did her usual artsy-dartsy doodles with the tape. 

    • Super_Red

      I laughed out loud at “chipper sweatshop helper elf.” well done, good sir, well done. 

  • I thought all the dresses were at least OK.  That was a real feat, considering the time constraints and the unusual materials.  All had some merit, either because they would have been popular at some time in the fairly recent past (relative term, I’m 62 so my recent past goes back to some people’s dark ages) or because they were interestingly designed.  Most challenges there are a couple of true incompetent monstrosities, which was not the case here.  Then the producers decided on a DOUBLE ELIMINATION!!!  What’s this?  Well, I think I know.  The losing pair were designated cannon fodder and this was a convenient time to get rid of them both.  And just before the 8-person runway show exhibit, as someone else pointed out.

    • libraangel

      I do agree that – once again!- the time given to finish AND meet the HS kids – all on the same day – was ridiculous. So, despite one’s preference, I do applaud all of the designers for coming up with and executing such fabulous dresses

  • LiterateWonderful

    I read Nina’s books and I thought she went to high school in the US.  That said, it is hard for me to imagine that if she did go to prom, she would have been anything less than impeccably turned out in haute couture, being bored by the mere movie star gowns the other girls were wearing.

    • libraangel

      Maybe no one asked Nina to go to the prom!

      • LadyGewgaw

         No one was editorial enough to ask Nina to the prom, alas.

        • libraangel

          Touche! Good one, LadyGewgaw!

  • Kristi Mitchell

    Having two significantly younger sisters, and having hosted several female exchange students within the past 7 or 8 years, I have shopped for more prom/home coming/you-name-it-type formal dresses for high school girls than I can count.  And I can tell you – the winning look is so NOT a “prom” type dress.  Honestly – while it has been ridiculed, I think the short gold dress comes closest to what you actually see on prom sites and what a “normal” high school girl would actually wear to prom.  Same with the blue dress that was the losing look of the night.  The others, no way.  They are interesting and creative – but not a prom dress.

  • EverybodysStarling

    Oh, that was just the perfect little story-arch, wasn’t it, Michelle? I never in a million would have thought that you, paired with the always-on-bottom designer, would end up winning. Ah, just kidding.  But that dress was freaking cute.

  • As much as Kate drives me crazy (for me, she’s been like the girl next door I want to smack and tell to shut up – I actually prefer Michelle) – I thought it was bat-shit insane to send her and Tu home for this dress. Boring, yeah, but Dick & Dan’s almost made me vomit. I mean, what saved that dress? That it was sparklier and gold and looked like a big piece of bling that fell out of a gangsta’s mouth? Does Nina owe some Columbian drug lord money? Kate & Tu’s dress was a prom dress at the end of the day, something the judges who live in an alternate reality (no, they really do) didn’t get and her’s should have been safe. Not in the top, but bottom? No. Oh, and I’m with you guys. I want to see those voting boxes!!!!!!! Lies! All Lies!!! 

  • Beverly Kozma

    As long as they don’t bring out the Glade candles again, I think I can handle it.  To me, that was the lowest point the show has ever reached.

    I do wish some of the designers had used more variety of the tape, though.  

    • Yeah, there were a lot of tapes shown that were so cool-looking! That may have been in the judges’ minds – how could Kate and Tu use the denim and SO MUCH of it when there were about seventy other more interesting kinds? And the Glade candles were definitely a low point, I agree.

  • librarygrrl64

    “We agree that this dress is boring and we understand that Project Runway often sends boring home over bad, but this was ridiculous to us. Kate’s problem was in thinking that the judging panel was looking for, well… a prom gown. They weren’t. They’re not interested in what kids actually wear to prom. They were more interested in their version of prom; fashion editor prom. In other words, the judges wanted something innovative and exciting, but Kate knew that most girls don’t want that in their prom dress. Most girls tend toward movie-star elegance, which bores people like Nina and Heidi because they live in that world and don’t understand how magical it is to the average teenage girl.”

    Nailed it. Most teenage girls want to look beautiful and glamorous at the prom, not edgy.

    • Beverly Kozma

      Or skanky.  I think a lot of them go for that look.  They’re too young to know how bad they look.

  • Kate4queen

    I have 3 sons in their teens and early twenties so I’ve seen quite a few young ladies posing for pictures with my lovely brood in my front hall. Here in Nor Cal most of the dresses were short (very short) and sparkly, strapless being very popular too.
    I thought Kate and Tu’s looked really heavy to wear and walk in,
    Amanda and Michelle’s was too out there for prom although I liked it for itself.
    My 11 yrs old dd and I loved Stanley’s because it was like a walking Hello Kitty cutout.
    Richard and Stanley shouldn’t have added those ruffles…nuff said. but maybe Tim let them down by telling them their work was great so they got all complacent over it.
    The texture and light in Patricia’s skirt made me want to reach out and touch it but I thought the top bit let it down.

    • libraangel

      And the Kate/Tu dress would be impossible for someone to shake their booty

  • “Most girls tend toward movie-star elegance, which bores people like Nina and Heidi because they live in that world and don’t understand how magical it is to the average teenage girl.”

    So true

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Very true, I agree completely.

  • marilyn

    Since 2 were sent home this week, it either means one will be brought back, or no one will be sent home in some future episode.

    • Laylalola

      Maybe they don’t want to mess around with an odd number again this close to getting to the final four, five.

  • Heidi has gotten on my last good nerve for the last 5 or so years and Nina is right behind her.

  • FlowerofScotland

    We had prom in Scotland, at the very end of High school but how it compares to American ones I don’t know….

    I liked Tu 🙁

  • Amanda and Michelle: I liked theirs, but I thought it was funny when Zac praised their pattern matching. What pattern matching? Patricia and Samantha: Raindrops are falling off my dress…
    Layana and Stanley: Just looks like teenage girl giftwrap to me. Or like she should be a mannequin at a Claires in a mall somewhere. 
    Daniel and Richard: Hah she looks like she should be using her her dress to cook a turkey or a ham. 
    Kate and Tu: actually looked sort of like my prom dress (in silhouette – the color was ugly – my prom dress was a jewel toned damask). 

    • LadyGewgaw

       Pattern matching:  the edging on their dress was made from Duck tape with a small black and white houndstooth pattern. Presumably it was seeing that tape which gave them the idea to make big houndstooth tape-fabric for the dress.

      • Oh, see, I thought they were talking about matching the patterns up at the seams. I think Posen said something about the seams, and I was like, “There was no pattern matching at the seams in that garment.”

  • sockandaphone

    this is the first episode I watched this season and yeah this panel was completely ridiculous. Also these dresses do not photograph well, uh? they all look better on tv. But anyways, kate/tu’s dress being dismissed was ridiculous. Im glad Zac Posen called out bs to nina and heidi because yes, thats what a prom dress looks like and its not dated. In fact, it reminded me of my own prom dress (in 2009 but thats not too far back) so im surprised the judges were so adamantly against. And that gold outdated mess got by? unbelievable. 

  • libraangel

    Um, I think it is really difficult to judge a prom dress and choose between reality and “innovative and fresh” (which I guess the designers were supposed to do in this episode). I live in the Boston area, but there seems to be more traditional taste when it comes to prom dresses a la Kate/Tu (although how you dance in their tight mermaid, I don’t know). I think the NYC kids just picked the Patricia/Samantha dress because it WAS slutty-short in the front.
    While I admire the Michelle/Amanda dress, especially the beautiful pattern and flowy, and just the right length skirt, it’s more like a cool cocktail dress for me rather than for a prom. (And see, I’m not a hater this week – I’m neutral!)
    The Layana/Stanley dress is too cutesy but still tacky, and yeah, most teenage girls want to show their boobies at the prom, so this is an out.
    Don’t know about the Patricia/Samantha dress: weird sci-fi costume yet beautiful in a way (but I liked Samantha’s original bodice better).
    And then we have the Daniel/Richard dress which they seemed to think was the greatest thing in the world since mac and cheese.
    Man, I hate to say this – but I don’t think I am alone in my view- I think some girls might actually choose this dress for their prom. And I hate myself even more for admitting it might make a fab cocktail dress.
    As for the auf, poor Tu should have stayed. Ms. Bossy-Bitch Kate wouldn’t even look at his sketch, then took advantage of his sweet nature to use him as slave labor. He proved himself in the Miranda Lambert challenge: maybe it didn’t suit Miranda, but his dress was still beautiful.

  • HengRu

    The skirt on the second dress screams “Jiffy Pop” to me.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I actually do love this as an Unconventional Challenge – it was finally something different, something fresh.  Because no, Heidi, combining the flower store challenge and the hardware store challenge wasn’t interesting in the least.

    The most hideous dress in the bunch, for me, was Samantha’s and Patricia’s.  I have a theory of why it may have received the most votes from the teens – I think it’s entirely possible that the kids were fucking with them.  If you read fan trends on the internet, you know that they’ll do stuff like this, for example – the worst, most awful singer on American Idol can wind up in the competition for a scarily long time.  Why?  Go read the fan boards – teenagers think it’s hilarious to try and get someone who’s a horrible singer crowned as the winner of American Idol.  And I know it sounds crazy, but I think maybe they were just screwing around here – “Let’s see if we can get the most votes for the ugly dress just to fuck with them!”  Because honey – that was an ugly dress.  That was one of the most hideous things I’ve ever seen on this show.

    Speaking of ugly stuff – oh, Daniel and Richard.  How I truly wish you two had been the double auf, I really do.  I’m so tired of both of you, and I started this season LOVING Daniel, so that gives you some idea of how fast his shelf life expired.  That tacky ruffly gold number?  You hoarded all the gold tape for THAT?  And I have news for you – neither of you have ever seen “Sixteen Candles” or “The Breakfast Club”, because I have news for you – Molly RIngwald never wore anything that looked remotely like that.

    I did like the dress from Stanley and “Tiny Tears”, as well as the dress from Michelle and “Judas”.  Michelle’s lucky they won, or she’d have found a pair of fabric scissors suspiciously sticking out of her back during judging.  

    As for poor Kate and Tu – well, honestly, that was the most prom like gown I saw in that line up, so I’m not sure how it was auf worthy.  I figured the judges would go after Tu, since they’d try to tackle him on “you just followed Kate’s vision, we don’t see you in this dress”, but to auf Kate along with him?  Why?  I think she was one of the better designers in this bunch!  Oh, but the two soundbite happy camera whores who made that tacky gold monstrosity are much “better” television, so they get to stay.

    On the plus side?  Judge fight!!!  Man, I though Nina was going to blow a gasket – I’ve never seen her so angry!  It was totally misguided, mind you, but it was awesome to see her nearly lose control like that.

    • libraangel

      Kate got aufed because she admitted the design was her idea, and Tu did not contribute very much

    • I think something was afoot at the high school, too, but I had thought perhaps they liked it simply because it looked so much like a comic-book insect from outer space. That might be more of a 8 to 10 year old thing. I like your idea – underhanded voting seems more in the high school vein. IT WAS SO UGLY. And Heidi – lord – was all “I don’t usually like the hi-lo hem but it’s working for me here” Bull. Shit. I have, after this episode, decided to put in with Samantha. She offends me least…

    • I laughed out loud at “Tiny Tears”. So many people think Amanda is a drama queen. While I wouldn’t argue against that, Layana is just as bad. Amanda gets all over dramatic when she gets nervous and/or thinks she’s going home. Layana whines and cries when she doesn’t get her way, like a five year old. I’d much rather deal with some dramatics than with temper tantrums.

  • jjfg

     Kate and Tu’s dress is EXACTLY what is in vogue around here for prom, so I was really surprised by the judge’s reactions.  The winning dress, by contrast, would never, ever fly.  (Nor would the Patricia and Samantha’s dress, but that would be more likely than Michele and Amanda’s.)  Which does not reflect my opinion of any of the above, just what I’ve seen in prom dresses recently. 

    Of course, this is Project Runway, not Project Reality…  Richard and Daniel’s contraption should have gotten them the auf, but it’s been obvious Tu’s 15 minutes were up, and Kate sure was set up for a fall.

    • libraangel

      I agree in a way, but it was a confusing episode from the beginning. First Heidi said they wanted an “innovative, fresh” prom dress design, but then they asked high school students their opinion, and I think most of them would actually wear a more traditional, long gown. That was 20% of the vote, but were the runway judges taking this into consideration, or simply looking for the most trendy?

    • Lisa_Cop

      As someone in TLounge said it’s Producer Runway.

  • DeTrop

    There was very little activity around the winners MEchelle and Amanda at the school.  So if 20% of the marks count, we’ve been had.  I think Patricia and Samantha had the most attention, at least from the editing they showed.  I really liked the winning outfit for its originality.  It would take a very confident teenager to wear it to a prom but I’m sure there are a few bright lights who would.  How disappointing were the rest of the dresses?  No contest imho – the right team won.

    • libraangel

      So, did you want the Michelle team or the Patricia team to win?!

      • DeTrop

        As I said – the right team won and that’s Amanda and Michelle.  I loved the style of their dress very much.
        I wanted them to win.

  • So glad you thought what I thought about Patricia and Samantha’s dress!  I thought it was soo incredibly fugly–and I think the HS kids did too.  I think they decided it would be funny as hell to punk PR!

    • libraangel

      I think the teens did actually like the Patricia/Samantha dress because it was so super short in the front and they like slutty, sexy, boobies prom dresses

  • CassandraMortmain

    Just got done watching this train wreck.  Loved the winning look (except for the cut-outs, which were unnecessary, tacky and hard to see).  It’s one of my favorite things produced on the show in recent years.  But there’s not a damn thing about it that reads prom in any way.  The type of girl who would wear this dress would be too cool/too alternative for prom.  But I’d wear it, though my prom days are long past.  P/S’s jiffy pop dress should have gotten the auf.  The mullet skirt is an on-trend look but the rest of it is a hot mess.  D/R’s gold dress, while tacky and dated, would probably find some willing buyers.  And it was relatively well-made, unlike P/S’s insect queen dress.  Stanley & Layana’s dress was cute but not at all prom.  And while they needed the splash of pink, that bow was ridiculous – it looked like something stuck on at the last minute by a Christmas-season temp at Macy’s.  Kate and Tu’s dress was the most prom of all the dresses and it was pretty.  It of course wasn’t innovative or fashion forward but it should have been middle of the road, not aufed.  I’m disappointed because I like Kate’s esthetic.  Her Miranda Lambert dress was one of my favorite things from this season, I loved the dress she did for Heidi and her flower dress was bold and charming.  I also like her look for the senior lady.  There are far worse designers still in play.

    Loved, loved, loved Zac smacking down Nina.  She really deserved it – she’s increasingly out of touch.  And Heidi has long since become a joke. 

    •  This:  “Jiffy Pop dress” should have gotten the auf.

  • CarolinLA

    Richard/Daniel’s look is a great example of the need to pick the right muse:  they picked Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles and that’s how they ended up with this completely dated monstrosity.

    • jayetyler

      And that makes them seem even more delusional. There’s no way in hell that Sam (MR’s character) would have worn that dress (or gold lame for that matter; she was a wallflower). If R/D had said their muse was the snotty rich girl dating Jake (can’t remember her name), then maybe the reference to 16 Candles would have worked.

      • angie h

        Caroline Mulford is the name of the rich girl who was dating Jake (who ends up in the back seat of her car with Farmer Ted in her church’s parking lot).

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        And exactly!  Or, in Pretty In Pink, that gold dress would have been worn by Bennie, the snotty rich girl who was Steph’s girlfriend.

      • Sally Brownson

        More to the point though… you shouldn’t have an 80’s muse for a prom dress challenge. That’s just a terrible idea.

  • CarolinLA

    Why in the world would Tim have given the gold dress a “wow” critique?  

    • LadyGewgaw

       He gave it a “wow” critique before they added the fugly ruffle growths.  One of the other designers commented on it at the time, saying something about how they went on to ruin it.

      A gold body-hugging dress with interesting lattice-work side detailing would be a lot closer to a “wow” dress than the gold ruffled dishmop-on-a-stick thing they ended up with.

      • libraangel

        In the beginning stages. I think the gold dress did have potential. They should have maybe used another color or something. Then they blew it with those ruffles

  • CarolinLA

    I adored Samantha/Stanley’s.  As I said in the Lounge, it reminded me of Santana in Glee.  Yes, the pink bow was too much but the girl who wears that dress is going to have a fun time.  

    • Lisa_Cop

      Minus the bow, the dress and styling gave me a slight Audrey Hepburn vibe.

    • libraangel

      Layana and Stanley. And I think it was more retro – 1950’s

  • CarolinLA

    Tu was screwed every time Kate said that she was the one running the show.  She wanted someone passive and was thrilled with the dynamic no matter how little Tu was helped by it.  

  • myristica_fragrans

    now that michelle’s finally won a challenge, let’s hope that she’ll lose her stank attitude and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and how their very existence is ruining her reality show experience.

  • After watching this, I am even more convinced that increasingly, clothing designers no longer dain to care about what their buying populace actually wants to wear, not to mention what they can afford.

    • Lisa_Cop

      Well I think it’s up to designers to move fashion (and their clients) forward. (Certainly Heidi need someone to do this for her). But people need to be pushed gently not shoved.

  • libraangel

    And I do agree that the model in Kate’s dress couldn’t move very well in it – let alone dance

  • Citric

    High school kids are born trolls, keep that in mind.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      If by that  you mean they fucked with the voting for kicks, then yes, I agree – I posted the same thing somewhere else in here!

  • angie h

    I honestly couldn’t agree with your analysis of the episode more. Kate & Tu (although really it was only Kate’s design/vision) was the only one that looked like a prom dress and it *was* well made considering the material – boring or not, for them to be sent home with Richard & Daniel’s baked potato dress up there really *was* disgraceful.
    I, too, had a hard time believing that Samantha & Patricia’s dress was the most popular with the kids (I would have guessed Kate & Tu’s) but after reading a comment by one of the posters in the lounge last night, I Googled “prom dress” and you will not believe how many Gawd-awful super short in front/long in back dresses pop up — many with ruffles all around like some cheap Flamenco rip-off. I guess that’s the look that is popular in the NYC area this year. I also think the styling/model helped — she does look a lot like Katy Perry with the high ponytail and maybe the kids found *that*appealing.
    Good point about how Nina & Heidi live the “glam” life so they don’t understand that high school girls are looking for movie star/red carpet fantasy for their proms. Nina, obviously, imagines prom from some 1950s movie judging by they way she was talking.
    Michelle & Amanda are going to be even more insufferable, which is a shame because they only won by default — and Kate is right, that dress was more a Red Queen costume than a prom dress. It certainly wasn’t a dress the punk rock girl wears to prom: trust me: I was the punk rock girl in high school (back when punk rock was really punk rock), and we don’t go to prom.

    • NoGovernmentName

      I’m late to this comment section today, but the problem with Kate and Tu’s outfit is that the model could barely walk. How could a teenage girl dance in that thing? It was like a walking coffin. The color was fug. It was too old for a teenager, reading more mature to me. I did not like it. It was no fun at all.

      I think Samantha and Patricia’s was a bit Katniss Everdeen– like a weird, futuristic vibe that kids might find edgy.

      • angie h

         Let me clarify — I’m not saying I particularly liked Kate & Tu’s dress – I’m saying (1) it looked the most like a prom dress — and that was the challenge and (2) therefore even with it’s short comings for them *both* to be aufed over it when that monstrosity that Daniel & Richard created was up there was disgraceful.

        • NoGovernmentName

          Agreed that Richard and Daniel’s was wacktastic BUT! If you search around the web for pictures of prom dresses, there are an awful lot of tacky gold lame dresses. A frightful lot. Most of them are evening length, which is even more horrifying, but none of them are much less ugly than Richard and Daniel’s. However, I am hard put to find a denim-colored prom dress with no slit, that is impossible to walk in or dance in. I am not trying to be an R&D apologist here, but I was at David’s Bridal a few weeks ago (quelle horreur!), and the prom dress offerings were much closer to R&D’s tacky mess than Kate and Tu’s, which looks like something a 40 year old would wear to a fancy dress party.

          • Sally Brownson

            There were definitely dresses like Kate and Tu’s at my prom, which wasn’t so long ago. Also, I don’t get why everyone is ragging on the color, because I LOVE that color. 

          • NoGovernmentName

            Definitely strapless, evening length ones with frou frou, no doubt… But stiff, boxy ones you couldn’t walk or dance in? Must have been a pretty sedate prom. I like the color, but I’m not a teenager, and it’s not a very prom color. At David’s Bridal, I saw lots of electric blue, metallics, red, black and white, but navy? Or denim? That color reads old to me.

  • lippysyd

    I’m a school photographer in Michigan and I photograph around 50 proms a year for the last 14 years and it’s always, always long gowns. Although I have seen my fair share of duct tape dresses ( and a few suits) and unique dresses. But if I never see another camo-print gown it will be too soon. Kate and Tu’s gown was the most ‘prom’, but I think the color is what hurt it the most. I’m betting it got a lot of votes though.

    I would love to see Michelle & Amanda’s dress at a prom.

  • Indovina

    And the audience turns on Kate. Oh, how fickle. She was rather full of herself in this episode, but, basically, I thought she behaved like a) a typical Project Runway contestant and, relatedly, b) a typical person in a creative field, so I wasn’t terribly bothered. Or bothered at all¹. So, a fond farewell to her.

    And a fond farewell to Tu. I wonder a bit if he may not have committed the unfortunate crime of being in a team competition while Asian.

    I think their dress was problematic, particularly by virtue of its stiffness, but I don’t think it was the losing dress, much less the clearly losing dress. It just happened to be made by the wrong contestants.

    The other dresses:
    I don’t think Michelle and Amanda’s was particularly a prom dress, but PR has never cared about the actual stated criteria for a challenge and it would just be weird if they started now. It’s a great dress and, for that reason, it deserved to win.
    Patricia and Samantha’s. The construction of the “textile” on the skirt is really interesting. I don’t really have anything else good to say about it.
    Stanley and Layana’s dress is mostly inoffensive, to me – though I do question the bow. It’s just not terribly interesting. I believe Stanley said that he wanted a 50s sort of look, which he has said before – and on that count I’m not sure about his style or level of innovation.
    Which brings us to Daniel and Richard’s. I agree that it’s the weakest. It’s a dress that we’ve all seen before (though perhaps not rendered in gold duct tape) and didn’t particularly need to see again.

    Oh, and though I mocked them both for it last night, I’m with Zac – sorry, Nina.

    ¹ It should probably be noted that I’m on record saying Kenley doesn’t bother me, so there’s that.

    • I totally agree re: Kate. I give her some leeway for her comments in the episode because she’s still really young. She’s 23. I think most people are still a bit full of themselves at that age. (I know I was)

      Her elimination was ridiculous. Maybe a better word is bizarre. She made what was by most accounts (here) a prom dress. For a Prom Dress Challenge. Yes, it had its problems. It was hard to walk or dance in, and denim isn’t what comes to mind when you think of a prom dress. But this was, IMO, a dress that belonged in the middle, not in the bottom, and definitely  not something for which she should have been eliminated. Nina had her head up her ass. Also, she had no room talking about boring when she was wearing the ugliest, most dowdy top I’ve ever seen her wear. It looked like something a 90 year old woman with no taste would wear.

      Anyway, I’m really disappointed that Kate is gone. I think she had a lot more to show and I was sure she’d be around for a while longer. So a fond farewell to her, indeed.

      /Rant over/

  • Carrieanno

    After watching this episode, particularly the judging, a second time makes me wonder if any of Zac’s designs will ever grace the pages of Marie Claire again.  Or at least as long as Nina is there.

  • Amy

    When they were praising Patricia’s cyborg gown, I wanted to go up to Nina and ask “did you guys switch to a Comic-Con challenge midway and not tell the rest of the designers?”

    And don’t ever say “girls don’t wear long dresses to prom” again Nina. Shame on you. I would’ve expected that comment to come out of short skirt Heidi’s mouth but not yours!

  • Sally Brownson

    Have to say, I went to prom 4 years ago, and none of these would’ve looked out-of-place in terms of the venue. That gold thing, however, is one of the most hideous garments I’ve ever seen. WHY did they think gold duct tape was a good idea for the whole dress? It’s HIDEOUS.

    It’s bullshit that Kate and Tu went home for that dress, because while it’s not “fashion-forward”, it’s a very nicely done prom dress. 

    It drives me nuts when Nina claims to speak for teenage girls, because she’s almost always wrong. A teenage girl doesn’t want to look her mother’s age, but she does want to look older- probably 21-25.

  • NoGovernmentName

    I think Zac Posen was right on: yes, prom dresses are evening length, but Kate and Tu’s was stiff, boxy, and a truly unappealing color. It wasn’t an atrocity, like Richard and Daniel’s, but it was very wah-wah-WAH, if you can imagine that sound effect. It was the color and had the feeling of that cloud over Eeyore’s head, the antithesis of the feeling one wants to have at prom.

    I really liked Michelle and Amanda’s. I wish I could have had the nerve to wear that dress to prom, with combat boots.

  • sweet_potato

    I loved this challenge, I thought it was fun.  I started seeing clothes made with duck tape about a decade ago and I was hoping PR would get around to using it sometime.  The double auffing was not at all expected but I don’t mind one bit, I thought that dress was incredibly dull, if not well constructed.  My seventeen year old self would have never wanted to wear that maybe if there were colors.  I knew Richard and Daniel weren’t going anywhere when Zac said he was getting scared for them.  But seriously, the actual duck tape challenge garments are so fun.  Those kids made some really interesting garments and the winning dress was short and super cute.  Love those kids.

  • kerrilbennett

     The last dress is the only one that would work at a prom where I’m from.  I wore a short dress to prom my senior year, but I was not the norm.  Texas takes prom very seriously.  Many of the dress shops ask you for your high school before selling you a dress because they do not want to sell multiple girls from one school the same dress.  I am from a really small rural town and it wasn’t crazy for someone to spend $600-$800 just on the dress.  For that price, you want some grown up, fabulous shit. Not depressed knock off Betsey Johnson.  

  • jillwrites

    I’m sorry, but when I look at Richard and Daniel’s the only thing I can see is a “Slutty Belle” costume for the 22 year-old that still wants to dress up as her favorite Disney Princess.  

    Am I the only one that sees that?  All she needs are the gauntlets.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Nope, you know – I didn’t see it before, but now that you mention it, I sure see it now.

    • meowing

      I saw it as a tacky dress any of the Housewives of Where-ever would wear, minus about 6 inches from the hem.

  • H2olovngrl

    The gold one IS my prom dress, only in red. Circa 1988.

    • LOL — just posted that mine was black and silver.  It wasn’t for prom as I was out of school by then, but I wore it to a few special events.  Eee gad.  The only real difference was mine fit LOL

  • That judging was so off base I can hardly believe it.  First time I actually yelled at the screen “Shut up Nina!”  She is not an editor for Seventeen magazine.  She does not dress teens.  She never went to prom.  So… shut up Nina. 
    Yeah I too had that awful gold dress – in black and silver – in the 80’s.  Wretched.  The long dress by Kate and Tu was beautiful. It was red carpet lovely.  Simple, elegant, with nice details.  Is it right for prom?  Well, no because you couldn’t actually sit in it, but  does the concept work for prom – yes.  And the light played off it nicely.

    So boooooo to Nina especially.  You know the guest judge has very little pull, and Zac is the “new guy” so it was Heidi and Nina (mostly Nina) who made the call.  I suspect they just wanted to keep Richard and Daniel, and didn’t want to keep Tu or Kate. 

  • The other dresses besides the bottom 2:

    MEchelle and Amanda’s – yep – called it for the win.  Nice. It moved.  It was modern.  Now stop whining MEchelle and Amanda.
    I liked what Patricia did with the skirt material, great pattern and it somehow looked light weight.  However what ruined it for me was that tacky slightly saggy looking silver top and skirt lining. Don’t know if that was Samantha or Patricia who chose that.  If the top had been the darkest blue with maybe just a thin edge of silver the dress would have worked MUCH better. Maybe a mid blue for the lining?  It would pop from the black edging without assaulting the eyes like that silver does.  Also the front needed to be a few inches longer.Layana’s and Stanleys was very cute – and the big bow and matching pink shoes were a sassy touch.  My only complaint with it was there was a feeling of wearing Roman armor.  If they cut the breastplate outline that would maybe take care of it.

  • What’s funny is that my husband just caught the episode after I had already watched it. As the high schoolers were looking them over my husband comments: “I think Patricia & Samantha will win with the kids easily.” I was really taken aback because I thought the boxes were rigged for sure and he was like “nah, not at all. Kids will like the open front with the long back, they don’t get that very often. Plus it’s just different enough to make them cool.” Go figure. He calls these things pretty well. I was surprised. Not that he’s some fashion god… just not the first nor the last person I think to say that their dress was all that bad, despite the stomach turning that it caused. 

    • NoGovernmentName

      I agree. I think kids would enjoy the fantasy element of S&P’s dress. It looked very Hunger Games/Katy Perry/Lady Gaga to me.

  • d4divine

    The two worst dresses are the most realistic prom dresses. The winning dresses would be worn in fantasy/Hollywood movie high school.
    The fact that two of the judges barely knew what prom was…I mean…how could the producers follow through with the premise.

  • The more I think of it the more I’m disgusted with La Nina making all the high school girls that are shopping for long prom dresses (since prom is only a few months away) feel horribly unfashionable and worthy of contempt.  Boo.  First time I’ve viewed Nina as an elitist, out of touch snob. 

  • swanpride

    I guess the issue with Kate’s dress was less the length (Nina might have been bothered by it, but she is hardly the only judge on the panel) but that it wasn’t innovative at all. She did next to nothing with the duck tape. The golden dress was awful (looked way better without the ruffles), but at least there was the lattice detail which showed that the designer experimented with the tape. Michelle was not only the winner because she and Amanda managed a decent dress, but because she actually experimented with the duck tape, creating a new pattern. That was very clever.

    But really, when will Patricia get the much deserved slap down? I would hate to work with her…she was basically doing whatever she wanted, leaving it to Samatha to come up with something which would somehow work with the crazy skirt. She might be nice enough out of the workroom, but she isn’t a team player at all…no wonder that the other designer leave her to work on her own whenever possible.

  • Vitantonio D’Ambrosio

    You know what? I find the argument that if you have never been to Prom you have no idea what it is a bit silly. With all the american movies and shows the resto fo the world is “subjected” to, it’s hard NOT to know what it is. Granted, not all adults watch “teenage shows” but, seriously, what’s so “misterious” about Prom?

    • The issue isn’t about simply knowing what a prom is, it’s about being well-versed enough in the world of prom that you can rightly judge or make an entry for a prom dress challenge. Pretty much every non-American on the show, including the judges, admitted they were at a disadvantage because they’d never been to a prom.

      • kindwordsonly

        Isn’t a ‘prom dress’ basically just ‘a young party dress’?

        • Sally Brownson

          No, is the short answer. Some girls wear young party dresses, but a lot of girls wear floor-length dresses. Basically, it’s the most formal that most American women get to be until they start going to weddings. Most girls want to look more old Hollywood glamour than their own age.

          • kindwordsonly

            I’m sorry, I should have been more specific: I meant ‘a young cocktail party dress’. 

        • LadyGewgaw

           Prom is a formal event, not just a party. It’s much more of a rite of passage than a party, in some ways.

          If your area and school culture believes that formal = long dresses, that’s pretty much what will be worn at prom.  If one could get away with a shorter dress at a formal occasion, then that’ll be seen at prom as well.

          There are lots of parties. There was only one prom. Or two, if you have both Junior and Senior proms. Or four if you go to a four-year high school and attend every year’s combined prom. But you get the drift: it’s a helluva bigger deal than a party.

          Homecoming is much closer to a party, or was, back in my stone age school days. Dunno what they’re doing nowadays.

      • NoGovernmentName

        What was especially irritating is how Heidi admitted that she had no idea about prom. OK, well, Frau Executive Producer, maybe you could take a field trip to a store that sells such dresses, or you know, click around on the internet for half an hour and see what the kids are wearing these days? Make a slight effort to acquaint yourself with these American traditions BEFORE you declaim about what is or isn’t prom-wear? This goes double for Nina, who is in fashion and ought to know better. They were simultaneously open about their ignorance AND arguing with people who do know. Totally obnoxious.

        • How long have they lived/worked in the US?  I get that most proms that are portrait in TV shows and movies are probably leaning towards the stereotypical, but I can’t really believe that this was the first time both Heidi and Nina had any contact with the concept of prom. Family members, friends?

      • Vitantonio D’Ambrosio

        I get what you’re saying, but Heidi’s comment that she didn’t know “what prom is about” still sounded silly to me. It’s not like prom is such a unique event that you don’t “understand it” if you’ve never been to one. Even if you’ve never been to one, the judges should be well versed in fashion to know what works and what doesn’t, wouldn’t you say? And I don’t think Nina doesn’t know what young people would want to wear at a somewhat formal event.

        • You’re free to find it silly, but you should read through this comments section. Hundreds of comments from people who’ve bought prom dresses recently stating that Nina was wrong.

  • kindwordsonly

    I thought the double elimination was a little savage. I guess the producers are probably planning to bring someone else back later in the show.

    •  Or they need an even number of Designers to keep the pairing concept for a few more episodes?

  • Trisha26

    Totally agree, TLo, except that I liked Layana and Stanley’s look (not saying it should have won.) The movement, that it was B&W, the petticoat, not crazy about the bow, but I didn’t get “80s,” I got a “50s” poodle-skirt vibe. I thought Daniel and Richard would be going home the instant I saw them hording the gold duct tape – and those ruffles, and the length – UGH! 

  • Maybe Patricia’s and Samantha’s “gown” got most of the teen votes because of the model, who was on ANTM some cycles ago? That would explain it.. otherwise I don’t get it either. 

  • lazyhogg

    I don’t have time to read all the comments, but one though that struck me about the auf’d dress was that this would probably havebeen one of the few I as a mom would have allowed my daughter to buy.  And probably 80% of the prom dresses were long here when my girls were in HS, 8-10 yr ago.

  • kikisayshi

    Aww, I will miss Tu’s comments throughout the shows, “Come on, girrrlll.” Hahahaha

  • patticake1601

    Michelle has been insufferable from the beginning!

  • Sally Brownson

    You know what’s great though? Looking at the 2012 gallery of Duck Tape contestants. My favorites so far are Guo Ming and Tony.

    • sweet_potato

      I love them, they’re so cute! All those kids are pretty freakin’ fabulous.

  • rolacus2

    Patricia and Samantha’s dress may have been fabulously crazy, but I kid you not when I say a lot of the prom dresses at my prom were not too far off from that. 

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Oh – is this show on again?  I didn’t notice.

  • CarolinLA

    I asked my 17-year-old neighbor which one she would’ve chosen and she chose Kate/Tu’s.  Second place was Michelle/Amanda, then Patricia/Sam, then Stanley/Layana, then Richard/Daniel.

  • ccm800

    gold piece of shyte. That is all.

  • dgh

    I’m still waiting for the octuple-auf, when all remaining designers go home, no one wins, and the judges and producers all stand in front of the camera and apologize in unison for boring me.

  • spooki C

    how bad is this show if i couldn’t remember if i had gotten around to watching this episode or not?

  • Yet again, I completely agree with everything you’ve said. NO FUCKING WAY the kids picked Patricia’s cyber-insect dress! And also, it drove me nuts how they called Kate’s “old-fashioned and dated” when Stanley’s/Layanna’s was a complete overload in 80’s tack. Their outfit was horrendous! And yet I already knew the crack-smoking judges would be praising it and hating Kate’s. So clueless, really!

  • jen

    I loved the winning dress and thought its punk vibe best matched the spirit of making a duct tape dress. It doesn’t look “prom”, but that’s exactly the kind of dress a girl would want to wear if she wanted to shake things up and be a rebel (but not so rebellious as to just skip prom.) The girl who would wear that is the girl who would wear Converse high-tops or Doc Martins with a dress. It’s not a new idea – I remember some girls doing the same thing in the 80’s – but it’s one that still manages to feel cool for a certain personality. One of the judges said that Patricia and Samantha’s dress had a Katie Perry vibe, but Michelle and Amanda’s was more Gwen Stefani. (I’d say maybe Pink, too?)  I definitely saw Michelle in the design, too. It was my favorite (minus the cutouts – the dress didn’t need them). I forget what they originally were doing that wasn’t working, but give them credit for their “lightbulb moment.”  (Was it camo? I think they wanted to use a patterned duct tape in a cool way, but thinking camo or animal print could get tacky. Houndstooth was a great solution.)

    Patricia and Samantha: I can’t decide if I like it or not. It’s kinda cool, but needed more time/editing. Samantha did a good job adapting to the idea and matching the blue lines where the bottom meets the top, but something still feels a little unmatched. Or maybe not. I really can’t decide. I agree with Nina that the back of the bodice was really cool – but even there, I don’t know if the black stripes matches the skirt pattern. Also agree that the lining of the skirt shouldn’t have been a solid silver. – it looks unfinished, like the cheap part you’re not supposed to see – but then again it matches the solid silver on the bodice. I am so confused by this dress and keep changing my mind! I thought their collaboration was interesting/tricky , and they somehow made it work. 

    Stanley and Layana: I liked it better on tv than I do in the pictures. Either Zac or they guest judge said they liked the combination of a handful of different influences in the dress…I’m not sure I do. Too much going on. I see something futuristic, 50’s poodle skirts, dominatrix, french maid, Minnie Mouse, etc etc. I don’t like the curved lines over the chest. I wonder what it would have looked like without those and with the patterned duct tape from the skirt panels and the edging used in place of the solid (pleathery) black in the bodice. Layana was right, I think, to not dominate the dress with the pink animal print – it works better as just an accessory.

    Daniel and Richard: yeah, I wore a red dress just like that in the 80’s to one of my proms. (minus the criss-cross side details – which I probably would have loved on my red dress back then).  I think the bust should fit better. It’s sexy-tacky and outdated, though I can see why girls choose this shape – shows off a fit body. I don’t think its far-fetched to say I can see (and have seen) Heidi in something similar.  Gold is always a tricky choice, too. 

    Kate and Tu: I have nothing against long dresses, but I personally hate the long mermaid style. It would have been better as a shorter dress. I wonder what Tu’s design would have looked like? I do like the lace detail at the top. Sad to see the 2 of them go. I did like Kate, and I adore Tu. I loved that we finally got to hear more from him in interviews. 

    p.s. It is bugging me that no matter how many times I try to edit my Yahoo profile, I can’t get rid of my stupid dominatrixy icon…I hardly ever use Yahoo for anything but checking my email account once a month or so…I remember playing around and making that icon years ago, but never meant it to actually be my icon for anything. Why the heck does it keep popping up even after I’ve changed the setting like 5 times the past month after seeing that it shows up when I post here?

  • Nina should have gone home after this episode. Her critiques were so crackesque that I wondered if the real Nina had been replaced by a wooden puppet.

    Also pink hair pixie guy can guest any time. In fact replace Posen with him. His remarks were sensible and useful.

    And TLo I love this recap except for the gold dress hate. It’s nothing exciting but it’s got a 1980s meets modern slut vibe, I thought girls would love it.

  • bobman59

    I see Michelle and Amanda have done something rather jolly with their model’s hair.  

  • Pick any bigger high school in any place across the country, and you will likely see each one of these dresses represented. 

    I laughed when Nina referenced Katy Perry, and Patricia and Samantha pretended that this had been their plan all along.

  • Anathema_Device

    I know we’re 500+ comments into this, but I finally watched the episode and have to say I’m astounded that they chose THIS dress for a double auffing. I mean, really? So much absolute CRAP has walked the runway this season, and they auf both designers for this? Ugh. I didn’t think either Kate or Tu were going to make it to the final 3 or 4 but still. The worst part is that there will probably be an unwarranted no-elimination episode.

  •  Amanda and Michelle’s piece was great and probably one of the best things we’ve seen all season. I think if anyone is going to wear a dress out of duct tape it should be fun like that one! Lol and unlike Tom and Lorenzo I actually quite like the pointy asymmetrical bust.
    Outside of design I’m sick of Richard’s voice and Daniel’s creepy serial killer laugh.

    • libraangel

      None of us are perfect

  • UglyTalents

    I made my own prom dress in 198[redacted], and it looked a bit like Layana and Stanley’s design — same shape, also black with pink details (but when I did it, I was referencing the ’50s). So I thought theirs was pretty cute, but maybe it was just nostalgia. I also didn’t get the hatred over Kate and Tu’s. I live in Brooklyn, and my daughter went to prom just a couple of years ago … and she and all her friends went for sort of standard “glamour” gowns, for the most part. T&L, you are so right, that is what girls want to wear to prom. Nina was being a little obtuse, I thought. Hated Kate’s attitude, though: “Nice-girl b¡tch.” Daniel and Richard should’ve been on the aufing block for that monstrosity! The gold! It was like they were in a weird fever dream….

  • Michelle/Amanda’s dress was one of the best of the season, I’d say second to Layana’s unconventional dress (THAT garment was one of the best of the past few seasons imho).  I was a bit surprised they sent Kate’s dress out simply because it’s boring: for me, it looked the most like a “prom” dress and as designers, they’ve turned out good work on the challenges (excluding the last one, Tu).  It’s funny to hear Senora Garcia talk about women not wanting to wear a floor-length gown/dress when maxi dresses were all the rage just a year or so ago…glad Posen checked her on that one.

    Still, my god, how did that Jiffy Pop dress survive?  That was a golden disaster!  Methinks Heidi’s taste influenced that decision.

  • Judy Brown

    Pat and Sam dress was a jiffy pop prom poof.

  • thecitysleeps

    I’m not sad Kate went home because I thought she was insufferable and bossy.  I think while she had a good idea of what prom is, I think she stuck way too much in her box of what she thinks every other girl wants and that was a disadvantage for her design.  I was sad Tu went home because I think he had an interesting aesthetic that got completely overthrown by Kate’s personality and his probable language barrier.  Some of his more out there aesthetic would have done that idea of a dress well.

  • Laura Mahon

    You’re spot on with your assessment – that tacky gold thing should have lost. The high school kids liked Patricia and Samantha’s because they had the prettiest/hottest model.

  • Margaret Roth

    I liked the gold one. *ducks and hides* 

    But then again, i wear tie dye on a daily basis so…. 

  • Elizabeth San

    So, I actually thought that the Patricia/Samantha nightmare dress was voted to the top as a joke. I mean, when the judges announced that they had won the vote, I burst into laughter and said, “those kids are little bastards!” I did entertain the idea that the judges/producers were just lying, so they could overpraise Patricia, though.

    This was a great episode (or maybe that’s just the overly-large glass of wine I watched this episode with talking…). I thoroughly enjoyed watching Heidi make not-so-subtle judging faces at the worse dresses, and cheered when Zac argued with Nina, because of course she was wrong about the length; granted it’s been 8 years since my prom, but things haven’t changed that much, judging by the selection at the mall right around prom season. All styles and lengths have potential to make an appearance at the prom, but a lot of the dresses are going to be floor-length and either glamorous or princess-y. Teenage girls don’t exactly want to stand out from the crowd too, too much. That comment about how Kate’s dress aged the model was ridiculous, because of course the point of getting dressed up for prom is to look older and sophisticated, not to be ground-breaking and outrageously fun. And every time Nina or Heidi said something like, “now this is a cool girl!” I just wanted to scream at them to stop projecting their desired vision of what it’s like to be a young woman onto the real young women who might be watching…. You’re not 18. Deal with it. Also, that giant pink bow was gross, and I didn’t care for the rest of that dress, either.

    /end tipsy comment (forgive my half-drunken ramblings)