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Posted on March 29, 2013

We’ll put this challenge on the pile with the rest of them under a sign that says “vaguely explained.” After all, “wearable art” can mean just about anything to anybody, and it’s not like the judges on this show are known for their consistent application of agreed-upon judging criteria.


But we didn’t mind so much. Pretty much every team defaulted to considering this the “avant garde” challenge, although it also had elements of unconventional materials challenges and of course, a ready-to-wear component. Essentially, it was about 3 challenges rolled into one, hence the vagueness.

It was made a little more interesting by having the designers match up in new combinations. Stanley and Michelle were a dream team from the start.


But these two teams were utter disasters. Layana’s a whiner who has been taught the lesson that the world somehow gives a shit when she whines. Richard is just plain nuts, we don’t care if that’s harsh. He’s had some form of drama queen issue with the last 4 people he’s been teamed with. To be honest, we didn’t quite get what was going on with him last night. We thought he might be burnt out, but he didn’t act like he was burnt out. He just didn’t feel like cooperating. When Tim called him out on his strategizing, it all fell into place. And big ups to Tim for doing the calling out. “None of that silly bullshit here, young man. Get to work.”




So congrats to Stanley, even if you did get all kinds of pissy with us on twitter last night. The dream team was clearly going to win this one, so it pretty much came down to a coin toss at the end. We love this dress, the shape of it, the way it takes a dark print and turns it whimsical, the perfect execution and the extreme simplicity of it, which serves as a call to Michelle’s more elaborate and out-there design:



We liked this a lot, especially the painted train on the coat. The bubble wrap was a bit too crafty for our tastes, although we admit it looks better than we expected. Probably our biggest issue with this look is that head piece, which takes it from “art” straight to “student work.”




Whiny, passive-aggressive and willing to turn the tears on the second she doesn’t get her way. Done with her.

This was, as the judges rightly pointed out, a twisted take on a period costume, but there’s nothing “modern art” about it, even if Helena Bonham Carter would kill to wear it. The print’s nice, we’ll give her that.



We think this was more than a little overpraised by the judges, but it’s probably the most modern-looking thing he’s sent down that runway, so we guess we don’t blame them. The jacket is beautiful. If only last week’s tear-inducing jacket had been half this good, we might have understood his meltdown.

Speaking of meltdowns, we do think it was a little ungenerous of him to claim he deserved the win, but it certainly wasn’t the horrible betrayal Layana made it out to be. “I FEEL SO BETRAYED!!!!!” Oh, shut the fuck up. You threw Richard under the bus just a couple of days ago, girl. We don’t know who told you you were a special little princess but guess what, honey: the world doesn’t think so. Sack up.



We actually felt a little bad for Patricia this week. She gets on our nerves, but no one deserved to be paired with that nutjob Richard. If the print was slightly less in-your-face, and if she hadn’t tried to make a second print by hand-painting, and if she didn’t put that thing on her head, we would have called this a winner. In other words, we really like the shape and the concept behind this piece, but she took it too far. As always, editing is her big weakness.



Auf Wiedersehen you pissy bitch. At least we won’t have to hear “It’s EVERYTHING!” every ten minutes each episode. To be honest, we thought the skirt was better than it had a right to be. He actually did do something interesting there. But the basic shape was unflattering and it looked so poorly executed that nothing good could be said about it. We thought his top wasn’t as egregious as the judges said. Not great or anything – and we’re thrilled he was sent home for this mess – but not quite as horrible as they said.

Some will say Layana should have gone home and we don’t argue that point except to say she’s impressed the judges more over this competition than Richard has. Her cumulative score, if there is such a thing, is certainly the higher one.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime – Stills:]

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  • Well this was a challenge with ,”we know who is going to do well” written all over it. I was delighted with the Stanley/Michelle pairing, and they clearly were both on game, and fully willing to collaborate. My heart went out to Patricia. But her personal failures were two. One, not insisting on more input and work from Richard, and she simply doesn’t have the skill set to finish her work properly. So the final piece, looked sloppy and ill conceived, when it was really jsut a matter of clean finishing that would have elevated it.

    Richard is gone? Am I sad?

    • alyce1213

      Very much agree. I will not miss awful Richard either. Boy, did he turn into a loathsome toad. I hope I’m not being too unkind to say nor I will miss his extremely sour-faced, sad model.

    • VictoriaDiNardo

      Totally agree with this. I liked so much about what Patricia did and when my eye landed on that machine stitched hem it was like a record scratch moment. If time is an issue, just fold it over and fuse – it would have looked more artful and softer.

      • The he was clearly too long, as well, which made the boning she had inserted into it behave awkwardly.

        • VictoriaDiNardo

          Ah, I thought she might have wired it, there-in needing to stitch it into the hem. I don’t think that was helpful. I did like the textures and how they gradated ( ? ) down.

    • rab01

      I have to say I was immensely gratified to see Patricia forced to deal with the consequences of her lack of communication and terrible time management, rather than seeing just her partners deal with it.

      I agree with your criticisms of her but instead of insisting on work from Richard, I think of it more as saying to him a couple hours after they came back from Mood: “THIS is the direction in which I’m planning to go. You need to sketch something NOW and then we can talk in 45 minutes about OUR two designs. If you can’t do that, our looks won’t be cohesive anyway so just make yours awesome.”

  • Frank_821


    Let’s get to the bad behavior part first. Someone once labeled Layanna as Anya-lite. After last night I think that title is kind of cruel to Anya. I think the worst thing you could say about Anya’s character is she could be obtuse. Last night we saw full blown narcissism ramped up by immaturity. More embarrassing meltdowns. First Daniel and now her

    Now to the clothes.

    Usually I dread the avant garde challenges. This is not just because nothing has ever been in the same league as what Christian/Chris and Victorya/Jillian created. This episode fully encapsulated why. As the judges noted, being avante garde is not simply piling on a bunch of crap or exaggerating the volume. You have to have a real concept going into it. This is the first time since the avante garde challenge was introduced that you had entries with real concepts being

    Stanley/Michelle, the clear winning team, conceived a theme and idea from the start. That concept fed into the fabric
    design. Of course those 2 benefitted the same way the season 4 match-ups did. They worked together in synergy from the get-go. As Michelle noted everything just fell into place and the 2 fed off each other. The fact Michelle had time to
    make a hat and do all that hand painting says a lot about their team dynamic. While I was unsure of Stanley’s ready to wear look, there was something powerful and visceral about the art piece. Their ideas came loudly through. And I appreciate those 2 admitting they knew people would either love it or hate it. That’s the risk of doing something avante-garde

    It was also clear Patricia had went to town on her design. While not perfect in execution, I have to admit I was utterly enthralled by what she made. Like the winning entry it was polarizing.Ultimately the downside is I wonder if part of Richard’s failure to create a decent accompanying piece is owing to Patricia not being able to articulate well enough her vision and concept to someone like him who is not at all conceptual. What she created was very abstract and hard to explain in simple, linear terms.

    I have to add the judges this season have been excellent. Overall the best season in years in terms of the judges. Major kudos to Rachel Roy

    • Its been pretty clear all along, that Patricia’s way of working does not allow much advance explanation, since she seems to create organically as she goes. But she really did need to give Richard SOMETHING to work with. He on the other hand frittered away an entire day making an effing bracelet. It was up to Patricia to say, but the bracelet down and do some real work, dude.

      • DinaSews

        Why is the model not wearing the bracelet?

        • Patricia made a remark that the model would NOT be wearing that bracelet. I guess she did actually put her foot down about something.

      • BuffaloBarbara

        I think there was enough in the sketch she did that he could have at least gotten a concept out of his mouth. In the museum, it seemed like she was asking what he wanted to do for RTW to help with her idea, too. What a very weird communication those two had.

        • Horrible passive aggressive behavior on both sides.

          • SugarSnap108

            You’re right. My sympathies went automatically to Patricia. But based on what we saw, she seemed to give Richard little idea of where she was going. They seemed to just answer each others’ questions with more questions (“Well, what are *you* doing?”) or blank stares. It was all very odd.

          • Which exactly why I accuse them both of being passive aggressive.

      • she also has major time issues (not a complaint, just that is the way she seems to work on every single project)

        • Considering the artfulness of the work she does, both here, and in her own life work, it seems she has never needed to develop those skills. She’s always had the leisure to work at her own pace, and allow her design to develop slowly.

      • drdarke

        Uh, am I looking at a different outfit than everybody else? Patricia’s outfit looks like Korean Bondage Funeral crossed with A Night At The Carnival of Crime! Of course, Richard couldn’t even make a decent pleated skirt, so – I’m not sure which of those two sucked harder….

    • Anya was very political about her manipulation, probably due to experience on the pageant circuit. But it is certainly no comparison between her and Layana. Anya was extremely mature. Layana has no maturity about her at all. Layana makes Anya look like an angel.

      • Frank_821

        You got that right. Whatever manipulations she pulled, she never acted entitled or like she was better than everyone else.

        • No, she did the pageant approved faux shock and humble…

      • Yep, I completely agree. I like to make fun of Anya (and her winning was unforgivable), but she was no tantrum throwing, petulant little princess. She never smirked or sneered, and she was more than willing to admit to her primary weakness, AKA, her almost total lack of sewing skills. In fact, she somehow managed to make it look like a good thing. 🙂 I can imagine hanging out with Anya and having fun. Five minutes with Layana would make me want to shoot myself.

        • BuffaloBarbara

          That’s exactly how I feel. As a designer, I didn’t like Anya much at all. As a personality on the show, she actually seemed pretty cool, which was undoubtedly a calculated stance, but I was kind of okay with it. Layana is just driving me buggy.

        • momjamin

          IIRC, it seemed like the other designers really liked Anya, no? Can’t say that for Layana.

      • Sarah

        Now, Layana and Laura Kathleen, they might have something in common. Believing you are the “cat’s meow” ala Heidi, or more colloquially, that yer shit don’t stink.

  • lilibetp

    I’d love to see Helena Bonham Carter in Layana’s outfit.

  • BookishBren

    Yes, Stanley and Michelle were the clear winners. I LOVE Tim for calling Richard out (do we think he actually had a plan in place, as Tim alleged, or is he just batshiteffingcrazy?

    Layana is just ridiculous. She was heavy handed with Daniel at the museum, insisting she get the avante garde/art piece but she wanted credit for all of it at the end. I did agree with him when he called her on that. I am not a huge Daniel fan, but Layana is such a stereotypical “pwitty pwitty pwincess.” Enough with her.

    Stanley going after TLo on twitter last night was hilarious. Not sure why he got his undies in such a wad, but you both handled him well. lol

    • Violina23

      I didn’t mind Layana that much (yes, whiny, but I could mostly let it go), but last night was just TOO much. When she started whining about betrayal… please! It would almost be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

  • I thought it was hilarious when Nina said Patricia’s print looked like a circus tent. Stanley’s dress really was lovely. They got it right two weeks in a row!!!

    • I really, really love Stanley’s dress. I can imagine something like it showing up at Fashion Week. It probably has and I just don’t know it.

  • DinaSews

    Did anyone else think Michelle was a little put out by the Stanley win? She had a look on her face that I read as ‘I did most of the work!’.

    • I didn’t get that feeling. And now that she’s won a couple of challenges, it seems like she’s stopped all the sniping at the others.

      • Finally. I’m willing to like her again. Can you believe that at the beginning of this season, I thought it was a low-key group? And then the complaining, blaming, whining, and bizarre drama starts up and I clearly had no idea what I was talking about.

        • To be fair, by this point, they’re running under little sleep and a lot of pressure.

      • ok..i’m a stuck record: when did michelle ever snipe at anybody except in the CONFESSIONAL where they are supposed to say how they really feel about things? good god. michelle has never been mean or nasty or whiny to anyone in person. ever. she was right about asking about patricia and how much time she was working on her shirt and the whole pink thing… well we saw that. i give up. i’ve been her fan from day one and she’s only ever complained about what we’ve all complained about: patricia (a bit much, i’ll hand everyone that) and richard in the … again… the confessional and some at the apartments. i’m sorry, but in a tense, cramped, competition like this one where it’s done in such a short period, people may feel free to be nice to my face and bitch away about me in the confessional. seems ideal to me. I’ll do the same. and i don’t give a RAT’s ASS if Stanley or Emmet or Seth Aaron “never complained about anyone” and “were always professional”. SO WHAT! THey were the only three! Everyone else did, to a larger or lesser degree. Ok. Sorry Rhonda. That was not all at you. I just don’t get the Michelle hate at all. 🙂

        • And to be fair, she didn’t want to work with Patricia, but she also readily mentions what a great textile artist she is. I think that it’s never been about Patricia’s talent and it was more about knowing that their personalities/work styles would not go well together.

        • Targettaste

          I am SOOO with you on this. I’ve always enjoyed Michelle’s work and personality. Her negative comments were made in the confessional (where they are prompted) and she was usually correct in her criticisms. She’s not perfect, but she is less confrontational or whiny than many of the others.

        • I don’t get it either. I think Michelle’s awesome. And I agree that she’s never been mean to anyone. I think she can be easily irritated, but, man, so can I. I can’t criticize her for that.

        • Scoobydrew

          She and Layana totally mean girled Patricia when they were working together — when they were on the couch they tag teamed her about how they’d be in the top if not for her … it was obvious that Patricia felt bad enough about it, why rub it in? Kicking someone while they are down? Not cool …

        • guest2visits

          I hate her tattoos and her haircut. But she’s always been an adult on the show. She has funny and
          accurate observations and she’s not mean, conceited or trying to start silly dramas. I may not be on
          board with all her designs, but she’s been one of the more enjoyable people to listen to this or any
          season. I liked Amanda, Kate and even quiet Samantha. Amanda and Kate both had some realistic
          observations and comments. I don’t fault any of these women for showing drive or a competitve spirit.
          It’s supposed to be contest! As though being eager to take on the challenges or win is an unseemly trait.

        • I really appreciate your comments here. Your synthesis of Michelle’s actual comments (sometimes frustrated, sometimes anxious, always honest and perceptive) and your observation of her actual behaviors (cool-headed, funny, professional and compassionate) shows a higher level of perception and critical thinking than the knee-jerk entries I’ve seen that make no distinction between legitimate criticism and trash-talking bitch-fests. Note to all (but particularly women): There is nothing wrong with thinking you are right, standing up for yourself and believing in your vision. I have never known a successful artist who waffled in that regard, but I certainly have known people without a stitch of the creative in them, feel a need to pound that vision out of artists. Beware, all, of the fallibility of perceptions of character that are based on highly edited reality shows…you really do not “know” these people.

        • rab01

          Even in the confessionals, Michelle’s comments are about the work and her teammates’ work process. That’s totally open season; it’s not the same as trashing someone’s personality or general creativity.

    • She was trying Really Hard to put a good face on it. But, yeah, you could see her disappointment clearly. She was a class act about it.

      • DinaSews

        She was a class act! I think it would be just as hard to be the winner too, in a team challenge. Especially when they seemed to work so cohesively.

        • annaplurabelle

          It really bothers me when they reward seamless teamwork by giving the prize to only one team member. If you want good teamwork then you should reward the team, not divide them at the end. They both deserved the prize, not the “which one of you should win?” bullshit. Hate that!

      • And I don’t see that as a strike against her — everyone likes to win.

    • again Cudo’s to T’lo for saying what I was thinking- that walked out and I yelled HBC! at the screen- all it needs is her red lips purse/clutch!

    • Indigo54

      I also thought Michelle was very disappointed. I can see why she felt she deserved the win. She did a fantastic job.

    • Aon9235

      I was kind of hoping that they would give them both the wins. HP can afford it and it would have been a wonderful way to award a true collaborative effort.

    • CarolinLA

      It may have been more of “I really could’ve used that ten grand”.

  • samlouvert

    Maybe I’m bias, but Stanley’s dress is one I’ve seen made for Blythe dolls alllllllll the time. It’s so simple that a beginner could make it, and I’ve seen it in plenty of whimsical prints. I was not impressed with it.

    • BookishBren

      Agreed. I thought his was clean and well done, but it wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before, which is a criteria the judges usually pull out of their Comment Hat. I actually thought Michelle should get the win for her team.

    • Jangle57

      While I personally would have preferred to see Michelle get the win, I think part of the reason they gave it to Stanley is that besides the ready to wear,,he was also responsible for the bubble wrap portion of Michelle’s outfit

  • Jada

    Whatever happened to Richard’s stellar bracelet??

    • maybe he needed ANOTHER 24 hours to get it ready? since it seems that all he did the first day?

  • baxterbaby

    I have an irrational love for Stanley’s dress, even though I rationally know that no one but a tall beanpole could ever wear it successfully. But if I saw that girl in that dress on the streets of NYC I would be in awe.

    • lastminutelucy

      Agree! I would have loved this as maternity wear instead of the happy-hippy clothing that was my last resort.

  • I FEEL SO BETRADED!!!!!!!!!

    • Indigo54

      HAR! I’ve been trying to figure out how to spell Layana’s BETRADED. Thanks for helping me out.

    • ah!ah! As she said it, I mentally spelled it “Betrated”…

    • A new word to go along with SEQUINSED!

    • Thank you. I thought I had imagined that.

  • Yes. Yes. YES.

    I actually liked Patricia’s print and the oversize-ness brought it into big canvas realm. Heidi called it “circus tent” (shaddup, Heidi), but I thought the different scale bumped up Patricia’s dress a lot. I do think the bigger scale lent itself to a RTW dress instead of skirt-shirt combo, but I was happy to see Richard aufed. How annoying.

    I thought the weakest part of Michelle-Stanley’s outfits is the print, which was just a head sketch rotated around. I love how the judges tried to attach meaning to it (“It’s like a crazy head descending into madness”; shaddup, Heidi). It’s a true testament to Stanley’s prowess that his dress was awesome despite the skirt fabric (and that the “art” dress only used it on the sleeves). The “art” dress train print was much more interesting IMO.

    Oy, Layanna. That drama on the couch was too much. “How can you have a different opinion of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?” Mute button time! Two delusional queens. I hope they’re paired together for life. As for their output, meh-to-middling. Layanna, feel free to take 75% credit for that rating.

    • OrigamiRose

      I agree, I thought Patricia really utilized her strong points *and* challenged herself to come out of her box, and succeeded on both.

      • Stubenville

        I think she had the best fabric pattern by far, but I find the dress disappointingly shapeless, like a western child’s attempt at making a sari..

        • Call me Bee

          And see? i didn’t think Patricia’s print was very good at all. The colors were modern (even though her inspiration was not the fabulous art in the fabulous Guggenheim, but eagle feathers…) but the scale of it was unwieldy. Any design with any kind of seaming would have cut the print and its impact would be lost.

    • NINA called it a tent. Heidi loved Patricia’s look.

    • I agree about Michelle’s print. I don’t see anything great about it, much like’s April’s in her season that was overpraised. The color and size of that print was perfect, but the head was silly. If it had been a more generic or abstract design, it would make the ready to wear look more palatable to he general public.

      • Munchkn

        Someone locally had stenciled Worf’s head several times on some switch boxes at a traffic light. It’s pretty cool actually, but that’s what Michelle’s print reminds me of.

      • carrps

        I thought it looked cartoony and not angsty (as Michelle described it) at all. I could easily see it (in a smaller sized print) on Osh Kosh B’gosh toddler overalls.

    • Heidi praised Patricia’s dress. You mean Nina.

  • nannypoo

    While Stanley’s dress was interesting and apparently well-made, I can’t imagine any adult who would wear that shape. He and Michelle clearly deserved to win, and either of them could have been the winner.

    I remember an early episode when Daniel and Layana were teamed and he showed her how to make shorts. On the runway, when asked who should win, he graciously said that because he had won the previous week he would like her to win. So she did. Now she thinks she deserves all the credit for her look, which is shitty beyond belief, as well as Daniel’s attractive and well-made pieces, which she had nothing to do with and in fact gave him barely enough fabric to make. And she feels betrayed because, after the judges praised his work and criticized hers, he said he thought he should win. I hope when she reviewed this episode she was able to see what a preening, greedy, narcissistic, whiny, self-promoting snot she is and maybe do something about it. She’ll have a happier life if she does.

    • She also did not acknowledge Daniel’s help for her win on the SPiN challenge at all. Daniel had to toot his own horn there. She said in her confessional that she deserved that win. Gross. She’s been slimy to me since the beginning.

    • dorothea_brooke

      One who is 7 months pregnant? It would actually make a kick ass maternity dress. But other than that, straight up clothes for people who are 7 feet tall and 100 lbs. But still, very striking.

      People who look like Layana have happy lives no matter what. Until they don’t look like that any more. Then the rest of us laugh and laugh.

      • ohbear1957

        That made me laugh right now. Sharon Needles is one of the few adults who could pull off Stanley’s dress.

      • Layanna’s pregnant… maybe she could wear it. And what was the concept again.. An insane woman spinning out of control? Perfect!

        • Lisa_Co

          Where did you find out Layana’s pregnant? Doesn’t excuse her behavior but explains it a bit.

    • Guest

      The stinginess with the fabric was so obnoxious. “Here’s a strip.”

  • Demeter

    I really hated Michelle’s fabric design. It was repulsive.

    • Yeah. A sketch of a head rotated around. As someone who went to school for print design, I wish it was as easy as that HP ad-in-an-episode made it seem.

    • l_c_ann

      I saw it as a sort of homage to “The Scream”

      • DeTrop

        Exactly! She didn’t fool us for a minute. Fredric Munsch must be screaming–plagiarist.

  • I finally saw the HANDS on Patricia’s dress, thank you T’lo for the pics! Last night I kept wondering what she had done with the arms…were they wrapped up in that?
    and can we Please give Richard’s model some type of award? her FACIAL expression is perfection, that I can remember seeing on PR. Some looks can sell a dress, her expression truly conveys what she is wearing, a _mess_. Did he maybe sew in something uncomfortable and unseen just for the model? She looks it (oh how I wish I had some pithy T’lo’ism to insert here!)

    • editrixie

      Is it a straightjacket? That’s what it looks like to me, but I don’t watch the show anymore. A straightjacket. Whut.

  • halo323

    Haven’t we all met a million Layanas in our lives? She’s the spoiled pretty girl in her 20s who wheedles things out of men and women alike (but mostly men) by playing the sweet little girl in distress, and then viciously lashes out when she doesn’t get her way. She’s a master manipulator who cries foul when her ploys fail (literally, in this case), and accepts zero responsibility for her failures, blaming the people who didn’t come to her rescue.

    Layana’s pattern of manipulation and self-pity was obvious from the beginning, and it only becomes more clear with each episode.

    Let’s revisit her when she’s 40 and see how it’s working out for her.

  • I’ve always felt Layana’s taste levels were highly questionable. The very first challenge was the NYC inspiration challenge and she did this little nothing hoochie dress. Then there was the prom dress she made before the prom dress challenge. Then there was the black and zebra? print prom dress. Then there was that hiddy floral print with the gigantic leather waistband. And finally this 1940s Hollywood version of a wild west saloon girl for the modern challenge. This is the downside of team challenges. No one has to stand on their own in the harsh light of day. So instead because of the team dynamic we end up praising her for being young and fresh even though her designs are anything but. And some of her teammates even viewed her as a good luck charm mistakenly thinking that she’s good because she’s been on winning teams when in reality she’s just been on winning teams. Period. And that’s why she crumbled under the pressure last night. Because so far she’s had good luck with who she’s been paired with…being finally forced to be the leader…being solely responsible for the direction the team chose…ha!

    • H3ff

      EXACTLY. And her repeated appearance on winning teams have made her INSUFFERABLY DELUSIONAL. Her dress for the Lord and Taylor challenge was FUGLY, but for some reason it was wildly praised.

  • carolie_king

    But ALL girls are princesses! Didn’t your father ever tell you that? DIDN’T HE??!!!! Oh, sorry… channeling kid movies again. Layana’s whiny voice and self-love has annoyed me from day one. I didn’t think she’d get the auf, but I was still hoping.

  • DinaSews

    I was also thrilled that Heidi and Nina could see through Layana. We always wonder if the judges see what we see.

    • SugarSnap108

      Yes! That was the one Layana-related moment of the episode I could stomach.

    • When you’re from a foreign country it can be hard to pronounce English words.

  • Oh, I’m so sad about Stanley’s pissy little tweets. I liked him so much, and overlooked his haughty attitude with Patricia last week because…she’s full of the cray, mostly, but he just seems like he feels superior to everyone. And you don’t get to take the high ground when you’re in a Twitter war…

    • Stubenville

      And think about it; if he had won the season, he would likely be forbidden to say ANYTHING on social media before the finale.

      • OrigamiRose

        Yeah, that was the only good part of Ven’s meltdown on Twitter over his real woman challenge comments – it made it very obvious he didn’t make it much further.

  • Richard’s skirt looked like those little cups you pump ketchup into at Wendy’s.

    • Indigo54

      HAR! You’re right, that’s exactly what it looked like. LOL

    • YoungSally

      Here I was thinking if Leanne made adult diapers

    • nosniveling

      or those things that used to go on the ends of the bones of roast beef 🙂

      • VivianAdvanced

        Me too! Exactly! Giant paper crowns for a rack of dinosaur. It looked like a tennis dress gone wrong.

    • That’s hilarious.

    • DebbieLovesShoes

      I agree. I started laughing when I read this… I kept thinking “WHAT does that look like — so familiar”

  • BobStPaul

    I would have been happy if either Stanley or Michelle had won as their look was so far above the rest and they worked so collaboratively. I’m certainly not unhappy to see Richard leave because his look was the worst on the runway last night (by a mere smidgen over Layana’s). However, I felt very sorry for him being paired with Patricia. I was bemused by her insistence that he describe his design when he didn’t have the vaguest clue what she was doing and his look was supposed to be based on hers. She either doesn’t have the skill to describe her own vision or she designs so organically she can’t begin to know what the final product will be until it’s done. Or in this case, over-done. Had she been paired again with Stanley I’ll wager the final look would have been greatly improved. And Layana? Cringeworthy – both in terms of her look and her behavior.

    • I think in Patricia’s head, every new teammate is a new enemy. She’s treated all of teammates like dirt. I’m sick of her complaining that ‘no one’ can understand her work until it’s finished. Maybe defensive vagueness isn’t the best expository method.

      • guest2visits

        So glad someone else saw that too. She is as manipulative in her own way as Layana in hers.

      • elikit

        But I think she was just saying that because other designers have said that to her, so I don’t think it was a horn-tooting “I’m so obscure!” Moment. I think she genuinely tried to explain to Richard and he either just wasn’t getting it, or just didn’t want to get it. I think he had zero ideas and just wanted to do a watered down version of whatever she did for his RTW.

  • Indigo54

    I loved Daniel’s outfit – especially that jacket – but OMG I find myself yelling STFU at him when he’s in front of the judges. He reminds me of a little boy who has to pee real bad, just squirming around and talking convulsively. He needs to be on meds.

    Layana really plucked my nerves. I wondered, is she really upset at Daniel or were her feelings hurt because the judges trashed that Gone With the Wind get-up she designed and was so proud of? Maybe it was a little of both.

    Poor Patricia. I felt so sorry for her last nite. Richard doesn’t seem to understand anything beyond cotton jersey. He had no desire to think outside the box. Let’s face it, when you’re working with Patricia, especially on a textile design challenge, you’re gonna hafta get out of your comfort zone. He just refused to do it. Never gave himself a chance.

  • I liked Richard’s top when it was skirtless, but the white thread top-stitching kills it. I don’t know if I can take Layana one more episode. She definitely thinks her sh^% don’t stink.

    • elikit

      Totes – Richard needed to do a lining or a facing or something because that white top-stitching was How Not to Fashion 101.

  • Jessi03

    I don’t know if anyone has said it yet, but I have to put it out there b/c it was my first thought and I can’t unsee it.

    Stanley’s dress makes his model look like a Dalek.
    There, I said it.

    • TropiCarla


    • gsk241

      When I saw it, I screamed “EXTERMINATE!” out loud. Luckily I’m working from home today.

  • SugarSnap108

    I felt for Patricia in this one, but I just don’t see what many others are seeing in her work. To me, most of her pieces are shapeless pile-ons of fabric. I just don’t see the design. Still, she managed to not kill Richard, so girl has some skills.

    A bit surprised they gave the win to Stanley instead of Michelle, since she seemed to do more of the work and have a bigger hand in the creative concept. Wonder if it was just because she won last week?

    Layana is the perfect embodiment of an entitled spoiled child — that’s the most positive thing I can say about her.

  • mjude

    i was happy for the stanley/michelle win they clearly deserved it. as for whinny girl, she really needs to get over herself.

  • I really liked the cut of Stanley’s dress but… am I the only one that saw that print from a distant and, with the high waist immediately thought DALEK?

    • Stubenville

      Yup. A bunch of us in the lounge last night thought that.

      • Zorkness

        I guess Daniel is Dr. Who

  • I enjoyed Layana’s dress — much as I hate to say it because I can’t stand her — precisely because she really did have an Eliza Doolittle feel. But I can see how it didn’t meet the challenge. I would have loved to see her go home, but Richard’s was the worst by so much that I guess it was only fair…

    • formerlyAnon

      Yes. I know many people who’d LOVE that dress to wear to a costume or near-costume event. Some of them might add to it, even, to customize it as a costume.

  • NoGovernmentName

    Why is it ungenerous of Daniel to say that he deserved the win, between him and Layana? Layana was a hot mess this entire challenge, who expected Daniel to use none of the printed fabric AND comfort her and enable her to do her job. He made a very good look, she made a pile of crap. Clearly of the two he did deserve the win. To paraphrase Shakespeare, is Project Runway a world to hide virtues in? No, I think it was completely justified. It’s hardly a betrayal, especially considering how Layana treated Richard. LAYANA MUST GO!

    • samlouvert

      I respected Daniel for admitting he should get the win. I’m tired of phony contestants trying to pretend they’re humble up on stage and say their teammate should have wom, when if given a chance they would have bludgeoned them to death in the work room just to have one less person to compete against.

      • NoGovernmentName

        And he would have been lying if he said that Layana deserved the win when her dress was so egregiously hideous. The accusations about him have been that he is fake-nice. I don’t think so. I think he is actually nice, but not so nicey nice that he doesn’t want to win. He wasn’t mean, he didn’t dump out all her BS behavior on the runway like he could have, but he deserved the win over her if their team was the top, so he said that. Too bad for Layana if she can dish it out but can’t take it.

        • JLH

          Agreed, and I will say that there is a difference between being fake nice and putting on a good face and I think Daniel walks the line just into the latter. I’ve never been good at hiding my emotions and therefore am almost creeped out when someone seems to be so positive all the time, but I think that he genuinely seemed to have wanted to go in and try his best to remain positive, but as the weeks wore on it got harder for him to keep that up and thus we are treated to meltdowns a la The Pink Jacket Debacle. People say, “Well he clearly has some bitch in him”, well guess what, we all have a little bitch in us just dying to claw someone’s eyes out. Some of us are just better at hiding it (and again, I’m usually not, but it’s my face that betrays me, not my tone or words.)

          All that being said, I’m hoping for a Michelle, Stanley, Daniel F3 and the other two can have it out for the possible fourth spot.

          • reganmeister


          • MissAmynae

            Well said, and accurate.

          • Beverly Kozma

            And with $10K on the line, did she really think he should hand it to her?

        • I don’t know what she expected him to say — “Well, even though you all hated her look and loved mine, and even though I made an impeccable jacket in a day, Layana really deserves the win, because… um… she was clearly responsible for the work I did because she told me to design something for her?”

        • MissAmynae

          “I think he is actually nice, but not so nicey nice that he doesn’t want to win.”

          We go pretty far back, and that’s an excellent way to describe him.

          • NoGovernmentName

            Awesome! Give him my regards. I have liked him from the beginning and am rooting for him. He seems like a genuinely decent person.

          • MissAmynae

            Will do so with pleasure, and a hug! 🙂 🙂

          • NoGovernmentName

            YAY! My name is Paula, so you can tell him hugs from Paula in NY.

          • MissAmynae

            Will do, Paula in NY!

      • momjamin

        I think Daniel’s other option, after the judges dissed Layana’s and liked his, was to say, “Actually, neither of us. I think Michele or Stanley ought to win.”

    • That was very selfish of her to not want to share the fabric. I could not wrap my head around her “reasoning.” The judges said both looks had to use the designed fabric. She did not remember that??

      • NoGovernmentName

        Oh, she remembered. She didn’t care. I think she was trying to set up Daniel for the fall if they were the losers.

      • marshmallowjane

        I couldn’t believe she was taking everything and leaving Daniel with a small piece. Was he supposed to have his own design on his own fabric, or were they supposed to work from one design? I think the instructions were vague. It’s funny how things change. Last week I wanted Daniel to go home. This week I am proud of him for tooting his own horn. He made a nice jacket.

    • ixoki

      Yeah. Daniel knew he had the better look and that was backed up by the judges. He was just being honest. He had already given Layana an undeserved win. he shouldn’t be doing that again. If Richard had gone home instead of Samantha last week, Layana would have been out this week!!! Urrrggh

    • elikit

      Agreed – maybe she inspired him to go sexy, but anyone looking at that jacket would say “that is Daniel.” Had his look utterly failed, she wouldn’t have wanted to take any of the responsibility. And she tried to screw him over by giving him what looked like a 20cm wide piece fabric 1 metre long.

      She needs to go home and whinge to someone who gives a crap.

  • Indigo54

    I thought it was hilarious when Rachel said Barbie wouldn’t even wear Layana’s dress. Can you see Robert Tonner dressing one of his dolls in that dress? Can you see Layana wearing that dress? NOBODY WOULD WEAR THAT DRESS.

    • formerlyAnon

      I know plenty of people who’d wear that dress – albeit as a take-off of My Fair Lady’s Ascot scene at a costume or near-costume event.

      • I kinda loved it. Even not as a costume but rather just as a take on Eliza.

    • Stubenville

      One of the lesser talent queens on RuPaul Drag Race might be bribed into wearing it…

  • formerlyAnon

    I didn’t hate anything produced this week. Even Richard’s, though I thought his was by far, far, far the weakest of the bunch. Yes, even Patricia’s – she’s got some real ability because by rights, that should have had all the impact of several baskets of laundry up ended into a vertical stack, and it acheived waaay more than that. It was too much. But it was too much that drew my eye and made a positive impact.

    On the other hand, I couldn’t watch all the way through, not even in the background as I worked. I don’t hate them all, but the ones that irritate are SO irritating that my hate runneth over.

  • I was so very glad Stanley and Michelle were the winning team, and glad that Richard is finally gone. I hope Patricia is next, but I wouldn’t mind if Layana bit the dust next.

  • dickylarue

    Some seasons I get the feeling that Heidi loves when she has a “pretty girl” designer up there with model looks. That’s why I was thrilled to see her get catty about Layana with the other judges. I thought for sure Layana was another Heidi secret crush, but I’m getting the feeling that they’re setting her up to squash her and her ridiculous ego/personality. She’s an attractive woman and that baby talk/princess thing will sadly get her far in life with moronic men with low self esteem. That being said, the microscope that’s been placed on her personality and her opinion of herself & how others are always to blame has made her look almost as foolish as Richard in his nail/spike baseball cap in Lord & Taylor. Almost.

    As for the dresses, I actually thought Patricia sent down a winner. I thought Michelle/Stanley was very Adams Family. Michelle is so totally channeling Catherine O’Hara in Beetlejuice at this point. She just needs a fabulously gay Otho following her around.

    But I actually agree with the judges – Daniel’s piece was hot & Layanna trying to take credit for the jacket Daniel’s been dying to show all season was just horrendous. I honestly thought she was trying to set him up to go home by not giving him enough fabric for the skirt.

    • guest2visits

      Agree the M&S (or S&M, if you prefer) combo produced a an Adams Family flavored look; but at least it looked
      deliberately stated and constructed. Where as for me; P&L’s avant garde designs had the effort put into them yet
      looked ready to come apart in pieces on the RW, and never completely delivered a message.
      I also didn’t expect any of these teams to create ‘cohesive’ looks – and they didn’t, but M&S came closest.

      • dickylarue

        Agreed. I can’t argue with S&M winning the challenge and in all honesty felt bad for Michelle who I do think put the most creative spark into their collection. But I really did think Patricia’s was just Spaceballs enough to truly approach wearable art. It almost made Michelle & Stanley’s appear a bit costumey in comparison. That said, there was no cohesion with Richard’s look and Richard put the worst outfit down the runway by far. I really think Richard was checked out. I don’t think he was trying to set up Patricia. I think he knew when he got called out sending the same color blocked jersey dress down the runway that he was cooked creatively. There was nothing left in that bag of tricks except some nails, screws and bolts.

        • guest2visits

          I know what you’re saying about the comparison of a more abstract creation (Patricia’s) next to the
          cut and buttoned design of M&S. From my angle; I saw Patricia trying to emulate an expression of
          avant garde as she observed it in the gallery. As soon as I saw it; I said she took a painting off the wall
          and hung it like a sign over the model’s neck, – and it was still a large rectangle! All it was missing was
          the frame. The rest of the dress looked like celebration-bunting for a parade. And the stifling headcover
          was so somber and joyless – it didn’t make sense with the buoyant, lively print of the rest. Anyway;
          we are just going to disagree, and that’s fine. I didn’t want you to think my dislike was arbitrary.
          Yeah Richard’s a strange one. I thought contraband but that’s probably not likely. He would have
          stitched himself to something. However he did spend an inordinate amount of time with that bracelet…
          Every time he said ‘everything’ it was absolutely chilling. I don’t think he was trying to out play Patricia
          he’s just played out. Like you said; done.

  • I would not have minded if Layana AND Richard were eliminated, and Heidi announced that the remaining four are the finalists right then and there, no more episodes for challenges. They’ve all worked very hard, and mostly consistently (I’m looking at you, Daniel), the whole season. I’d accept them as top four.

    Can we keep Rachel Roy as a permanent judge? I loved her so much this episode, especially how she went off on that one dress for a rather extended, though low key, tirade.

    • H3ff

      I could listen to Rachel Roy talking all day long. She also gives such incisive, thorough, yet constructive critiques. Can we swap Miss Soundbyte out for her?

  • It seems like the person who actually deserved to go home based on this week’s work actually DID get sent home. And I’m relieved to be done with Richard’s bitchiness, as well.


    Richard ..such a tired ,so passe queen,,,,,,,,,and his clothes yuck yuck…….what the f..was he wearing last night………

    • Stubenville

      At least he skipped the poke-your-eye-out studded baseball cap last night…

      • OrigamiRose

        Maybe it was on loan to Justin Bieber.

    • samlouvert

      Liza’s cast offs

    • Indigo54

      Did you notice Richard during the testimonials? Didn’t it look like he had no arms? I swear it did, creeped me out. Maybe it was the camera angle.

      • Targettaste

        I noticed too and kinda freaked out. I kept looking at him after that. i think he just has narrow shoulders and a large head so the proportions are off.

  • Stubenville

    The winning dress looks like a bad maternity dress made of a goth shower curtain.

    Who is she? Where is she going? I think she’s a shoplifter heading to WalMart to snatch a new TV set.

    • gsk241

      Or doing couture Dalek cosplay.

  • janierainie

    I wouldn’t want to be Layana’s partner. I wish Daniel had asked her what she wanted him to do. Maybe if she heard herself say she was responsible for everything, then she’d realize how ridiculous she was being. Oh, who am I kidding, people like her never look at themselves honestly!! She nearly torpedoed the the whole challenge with her depressive episode, and forced him to give her the avante garde piece. She wanted it both ways. Spoiled brat! I don’t feel like there was anything wrong with Daniel saying he deserved to win. It was obvious he deserved it more than she. He gave her the win when they were paired before. Does she not realise this is a competition and Daniel wants to win too?
    I really felt bad for Patricia, but I think she did what she had to do. Richard is just weird, and I thought Tim putting the bug in Patricia’s ear was a good thing. I’m not sure if he (Tim) was right, but Patricia needed a heads up to not be so naive about Richard (or anyone else for that matter) I thought it was funny the judges made that remark about Patricia wanting to torpedo Richard. I don’t think that’s her way. (maybe I’m naive!)

  • It’s really quite astounding how much less talented and likable this entire crop of designers is than in any previous season. Dregs, the lot of them.

  • flamingoNW

    Well this wasn’t officially the avant garde challenge but I feel like Patricia was more avant garde than so many of these challenges in the past, although the overall impression was that it wasn’t quite there….. Layana’s was crack-tastic, and Daniel’s jacket was amazing. Relieved that Richard is done, although I think that Layana’s was the worst of the night.

  • flamingoNW

    By the way, Rachel Roy’s outfit – WTF with that heavy turtleneck and jumper?…. Not impressed…

    • Stubenville


      • flamingoNW


  • Isn’t it funny that at the beginning of the last two episodes, Layanna comes in, declares that whomever is her teammate is his turn to go home, so she has to carry the whole team’s work load? Then she spends all episode manipulating her way in and making an enemy of whomever is working with her…

    As much as Richard deserved to go, I sooooo wanted Layanna to go…. I cannnot stand her at all. Patricia too. Hope those two are the next ones and the finale includes Stanley, Daniel and Michelle.

  • Kwei-lin Lum

    I enjoyed this episode. I mostly liked the outfits and found the pairs dynamics quite fascinating. The team set up to win, Michelle and Stanley, got on a great mutual wavelength and made “cool” nicely-crafted outfits. I especially liked Stanley’s voluminous dress because the proportions were so perfect. I also greatly admired Michelle’s hand painting on her coat.

    The team set up to lose, Patricia and Richard, were totally undermined by Richard’s shocking inaction and design cluelessness. Is he really ony 39? He looks 47. I loved her fabrics, though, and she got her chance to show them off.

    I’m also sorry that there’s so much focus on Layana’s immature behavior. I think we get the point, now can we please get a better view of what she came up with? Well, it might have been a confusing jumble of parts, but she does have a good eye for shapes and made something of a princess dress for herself.

  • Imasewsure

    Hate to pull a Heidi but I would totally wear Stanley’s dress…

  • kaeun

    Stanley was hilarious on twitter, like fashion is only for designers? Keep in mind that your selling to ordinary people and being judged by everyone.
    The obvious team won and they sent the right person home this time.

  • It’s more like five challenges packed into one: unconventional, art/artwork/wearable art, ready-to-wear, avant-garde, and prints/textiles. It’s a very convoluted brief; however, I won’t attribute its poor delineation to Project Runway’s diminishing in quality. Season 4– PR was in its much better days– contained a very similar challenge: design an avant-garde look and a ready-to-wear companion inspired by the model’s hair style. I–and I suspect many others– find paintings and sculptures far more inspiring than hair, no matter how artfully styled the hair may be; therefore, if we assign a high value to having a greater number and a greater diversity of sources for inspiration, then this challenge achieves and demands more than its S4 counterpart. I still feel there’s too many elements to syncretize, though. Dispense with at least one or two of them.

    Michelle / Stanley: A pretty good attempt. They coincided their aesthetics fairly well: Both Michelle’s over-the-top – and Stanley’s classical proclivities are discernible whilst cohering into a look/an entire presentation. I would have probably given the win to Michelle, (I liked the structuring of the coat. I did not mind the painted train because it befits the “darkly artistic/somewhat mentally deranged” archetype they wanted to convey) but Stanley’s ready-to-wear piece won it for him. It’s stunningly beautiful. It’s deceptively simple. This could have turned out bulky and unattractive had it not been for his deftness in execution and mindfulness in proportion. Good use of the scale, too, as Heidi noted. BUT… this isn’t anything remotely new, mind you. I’ve seen this. Still, it’s a gorgeous piece. And he came up with the tiered and painted bubble wrap idea– the pleating is very much in his wheelhouse– which, though crafty, was well-handled. And he served as an edit-button. This look would have scored lower, I suspect, if Michelle had slapped on that hat.

    Layana / Daniel: Rachel Roy said that at first she thought Daniel had designed the conceptual piece, and I couldn’t have agreed more. But, alas, it was Layana. All Layana’s. Balls of whine and strands of snot. I don’t like Daniel much; I can’t stand his intended-as-jolly, jiggly attitude, but he never came across as mean-spirited or particularly entitled. He gave credit to his team-mates where credit was due, and Layana would do well to remember that Daniel delegated the win to her on the Ping-Pong look they designed together EVEN THOUGH HE HELPED HER CONSTRUCT IT. Daniel’s ready-to-wear piece was pretty good. Not award-winning or anything but good. Liked the leather inserts. The design is his. Those articulated shoulders are his. And he designed the print, so Layana, you better stop squirting.

    Patricia / Richard: I really don’t know what to write. I hated the sloppiness of Richard’s pleats. The pleated skirt and the pleated hem are competing against each other. I really, really, don’t get Patricia’s look. I hated that mad-nun-head-pungent-with-blood veil. Yuck. I didn’t care for the print, either. The only element I though had potential was the one she hand-painted.

  • Kwei-lin Lum

    Re: Stanley and Michelle—I remember the first time the original teams were reorganized, and people from opposing teams were picked to join new ones. Stanley and Michelle were both picked enthusiastically, and they were so under the radar to us viewers at the time that we didn’t know why. Now we know why, showing that the designers know things we don’t. I also believe that Layana was picked. So does she make an exceptional first, second and third impression? Or does she get hyper-princessy under serious stress only?

    • NoGovernmentName

      She has been a disdainful, whiny, bossy princess from the first minute. She has skills and talent, but her personality sucks, at least from what we’ve seen of it on the show.

  • ccm800

    Ithink Princess Pain in the Ass has benefited greatly from the help of others.

  • guest2visits

    For me avant garde has always meant wearable art. As soon as Tim said wearable art I thought avant garde.
    Every other explanation for it sounds like the same potato/poe-ta-toe argument. Whether it’s a design that plays with
    the concept of clothing as an eccentric vision of high fashion or exaggerated sculpture for the human form doesn’t matter.
    It’s a dream or concept dependent on whimsy, or art for art’s sake. It doesn’t have to be worn or used for any other
    purpose other than to punctuate an idea. To be successful wearable art it should be able to carry or deliver a ‘true’
    and complete idea, or message.

  • Frank_821

    Oh I forgot to mention. My partner came up with this lovely concept for the challenge. He said if it were him he would be inspired by the architecture of the museum. he’s been there. The swirling walk ramps instantly gave him the idea of tranferring that to a white netted gown

    • mhleta

      I think that’s what Layana’s first concept was. She was attempting to make a spiral but then scrapped it because she thought it too literal.

      • Qitkat

        Too literal would have been a vast improvement over what she did.

  • MilaXX

    Going into this I was hoping either Richard, Patricia or Dan to go. Layana bugs, but she turns out okay to nice work. Michelle’s been on a redemption arc since the duct tape challenge & I have long since pegged Stanley for final two.

    Once the actual challenges got under way, I was hoping Richard for the auf, especially after that bs about the bracelet. I don’t even want to give him credit for the skirt because I recall Leanne’s finale collection where this look was executed much, much better.

    Obviously Michelle & Stanley were top. The lone grownups in the group were paired with people they could respect as designers. Stanley’s dress is the kind of dress I wish I could were. Alas I am 5’3″ and plus sized, so no luck. BTW. I just noticed how gorgeous that model’s hair is. I loved everything about Michelle’s piece except the head gear. I wish she had opted for a high, but not exaggerated collar instead. LOVE the train on the coat.

    Layana’s was a hot mess and OMG her whining hit an all time high. I could care less if Dan unfairly said he though he should win. Honestly between the 2 of them, I kinda agree with him. Layana’s was a mess, his look, while not AMAZING was at least a decent look. Especially since she could barely stand to give him a measly yard of fabric to work with. The jacket was pure him, the skirt was no big deal. Nonetheless SHUT. UP. Layana!

    I kinda liked Patricia’s look for this challenge. I do wish she had left the head wrap off. Richard’s look felt like he didn’t give a damn.

  • I actually thought Patricia’s was beautiful and it was amusing to see her having to be the pushy one and try and get Richard up to speed. He seemed to have given up and resorted to passive/passive.
    I enjoyed the Michelle and Stanley collaboration and I loved Stanley’s dress. It was superbly executed. I’m still not sure about Michelle though, she makes nice jackets and can paint but I don’t think she has such a great skill set as Stanley.
    Layana was just whiney and entitled, her voice started to really grate on me after about 20 minutes. I thought Daniel tried very hard to be supportive of her and patient and she didn’t appreciate any of it. I also think he was right to say he deserved the win and her reaction of owning both pieces was just so babyish.
    Did anyone notice that when Michelle suggested to Stanley that they should both say the other should be the winner on the runway, that he didn’t actually say it and agree with her? LOL

    • mhleta

      You won’t ever again find me bending over to defend Daniel, but Layana wasn’t going to leave him ANY of the fabric! I was glad he insisted she give him something, and good for him for making it into a decent piece.

  • Monica

    Layana’s been a piece of shit (personality wise) since the first episode. I was worried that no one noticed. That said, I’m way pro-Stanley.

    • Monica

      Also, Heidi was spot on. She thinks she’s way better than she actually is… needing constant help…can’t make a damn pair of shorts…girl, bye

    • momjamin

      Stanley had me LOLing with his deadpan thesaurus reading after his win: “I’m so excited. Thrilled. Exhilarated.”

  • Ooh. Judging just by pictures, I’d say they picked the right loser. That is AWFUL.

  • M312

    For little ole me, Patricia’s was the only piece I really liked of the avant garde-ish work. I thought it was ghostly and looked like a painting walking the runway. Daniel’s was cute, I guess but I hated the print and if I were there judging I woud have just put up a finger and gave Layana’s the ole ‘turn around now” and sent it back to the workroom. I loved Stanley’s ready to wear but thought the avant garde look he did with Michelle was just fucking art school project 100%. Fucking hated it. Richard’s was boring as all hell so no issues with his exit.

    And there’s my two cents. Eat it, bitches! 🙂

  • pdquick

    I love Patricia’s work with fabric, but her overall designs have been hit-and-miss. She should have edited out the unpainted bottom of that dress. If she had done that, the veil might not have been too much. The companion piece, if Miss Hallmarq could have been bothered to make it, could have used the unpainted fabric for the entire garment. With some decent fitting and sewing (which is a big IF with Richard), the RTW piece would have made a lot of sense as the simpler commercial garment relative to the hand-painted art look.

  • I have to admit I actually liked Patricia’s piece quite a bit. The colors and shapes and the veil all together brought to mind renaissance paintings of nuns and Spanish ladies in veils. I think she’s the one who really took the “art” piece of the challenge to heart.

  • mhleta

    I agree 100% that Patricia desperately needs editing. She has interesting ideas, but this time I found it an odd choice for someone who comes from a race of people, women in particular, who continually have had their power taken away, to create a garment that removes from its wearer any ability to move her arms. And then to cover the model’s head in a pillow case–I don’t know. It came off like a high fashion burka, and I wouldn’t think that’s a statement Patricia would want to be a part of.

    • Someone wrote in the TV Club review comments that they thought it was Patricia’s comment on the forced marriages of Native Americans – hence the suffocating veil and binded arms. I don’t know if that’s what she intended, but if it was, it definitely makes me respect her vision more and look at the outfit in a new light. Either way though, I still find it just aesthetically not pleasing, as Nina would put it.

  • Mama robin

    Richard’s skirt looks like turkey frills, that poor model is ready for baking!

  • EverybodysStarling

    I’m not known to be an art expert, so I’ll just spit it out: I hated Patricias Beekeeper/straightjacket/turkishcarpet-thingy. If that makes me clueless, so be it 😀

  • Zorkness

    I liked Patricia’s dress alot. It actually reminded me of a mummified women in a kimono. Probably the most avant garde. MIchelle and Stanley’s was good. Richard need to go along time ago. For some reason I don’t hate Layana. She is young and I don’t know how people put up with me when I was her age. She is honest but clearly immature. Is is true that she was pregnant at this time and didn’t know it? If so, would this have caused the large shifts in mood?

    • Agree about Richard & Layana. Don’t know anything about a Layana pregnancy.

      I’m surprised by how much hate there is for her – because she’s a pretty good designer and she is pretty to look at. I mute her sometimes, but hey, I do that with many others, too. I just love to watch her clothes, not just what she makes but what she WEARS each week. I couldn’t stop staring at the red dress a week or 2 ago, and last night’s black with the interesting cutout, especially every time she turned around and it moved beautifully behind her. Just sayin’.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    I was very pleased to see a diverse group of judges.

  • marilyn

    It was a tossup between Layanna and Richard to go home. Since Richard had a meltdown, made no effort to design something (planning on riding on Patricia’s expected success), and threw something horrible together at the last minute, it was probably the right decision. Patricia’s monolith of a dress was pretty ugly. When she designed the print in that bold southweatern red and black, the whole thing was lost. As Heidi said, Patricia covered up the problems with the print, that they saw only because Richard did nothing to cover up the print in his design. Patricia focuses on prints and inventing fabric textures, but I question her taste at times. How good is she at designing the shape of a garment and executing the design? Is she even interested in that?

    Layanna, on the other hand, was so obsessed with correcting, what was in her opinion, Daniel’s poor taste, that she did a poor job herself. From his perspective, Daniel also was going to ride on her coattails to success, by being on the winning team, and therefore not eligible to be sent home. Surprisingly, his design was much more successful than hers. Layanna learned a little life lesson there. 1. Her designs are not that great. 2. She is not an authority who can give out advice to others, 3. She is not doing brain surgery, so the world is not going to end if she fails, and 4. She is annoying when she is pitching a self-absorbed shrieking fit. Maybe she will be next to leave.

    Michelle and Stanley were the winning team, and everyone knew from the start. Michelle’s dress looked great at a distance, but did not bear close scrutiny. Up close, the dress looked like a bunch of unrealted, although similarly colored, objects thrown together. With the wackadoodle hat thing-y. It was unpleasant to look at from close up. The camo thing going on on the top, the bubble wrap front skirt and the wizardingworld designs painted on the train did not go together. Was this a prom dress for Mad Max? None of it looked good close up. I don’t care what anyone else says, the print she designed was ugly. She should have been taken to task for not using more of it on that junkyard-goth-camo creation of hers. Stanley’s dress was crisp and neat, but too simple really for what was expected. In this challenge, all of the guys let the women take the harder (and riskier) piece and they just sat back doing the easier stuff. Stanley and Daniel got away with it. Richard did not.

  • Call me Bee

    Well I couldn’t think of a more convoluted challenge. I get the “be inspired by the modern art in the Guggenheim”, but then to superimpose the HP “design your own print’ and add “make wearable art vs ready-to-wear” on top of that–what a bunch of hooey.

    I agree with the auffing and with the winner.

    Patricia’s print was awful and looked like it’d be difficult to work with. In order to keep its integrity, there was really nothing else she could do with it but wrap her model up like a burrito. And Richard actually used ti well in the top he made–too bad the skirt was so God-awful.

    I actually liked Daniel and Layanna’s–oh, I ‘m sorry–Layanna’s print that she made all by herself–the best. It actually looked like an actually textile. Too bad she didn’t know what to do with it and used it in a costume for “Life with Father.” Daniel’s outfit was very nice–and totally RTW. Layanna’s behavior was childish to the extreme. I’ll chalk it up to youth, though I suspect it’s more self-absorb-ery than anything else.
    Congrats to Stanley. He really is a cool cucumber, as Excited and Happy Stanley looks just like Upset and Pissed-Off Stanley….Michelle’s print was certainly…unusual, but they both used it wisely.

    BTW–Rachel Roy can stay as long as she likes. She’s wonderful.

  • Lilithcat

    I actually preferred Daniel’s look to Stanley’s, but would be happy to have either in my closet. And both were better than any of the “conceptual” looks.

    it was a little ungenerous of him to claim he deserved the win

    Oh, please. He said he had the stronger look of the two. And he was right.

    My big disappointment was that none of these idiots felt inspired by the building itself. Which is pretty much the best part of the Guggenheim.

    Pretty much every team defaulted to considering this the “avant garde” challenge . . .

    As did the show itself. I just checked, and the caption during the runway show read “avant-garde look”.

    • BuffaloBarbara

      To be fair, Layana was originally inspired by the building and was going to make a skirt that mirrored it, but decided it was too literal and went with… whatever she went with.

  • DeTrop

    I don’t get the win or the winning team. It seems they won by default. What horrific colors MEchelle came up with and, as usual, she got her way. Nobody gets between MEchelle and her ideas. Yikes. I mentioned this before but her look was apocalyptic. Someone else mentioned that Stanley’s dress was similar to one he did early on and I agree. Who would wear it? It looks like a tent. Does wearable art means something artfully creative that can be worn by a person in everyday life or for a special occasion? If so, all these w/a pieces look like costumes to be worn at a masquerade party.

    MEchelle’s is futuristic and bleak; Layana’s is Eliza Doolittle meets Miss Kitty looking for Helena Bonham-Carter; and Patricia’s is an overwrought ceremonial garment. In the words of Charlie Brown ‘ good grief’.

    Daniels’s was the only ensemble that had chicness and wearability. He may have bored some, but it has style. I agree with TLO, Richard’s was not the disaster it was made out to be. Richard is the disaster.

  • kindwordsonly

    The model wearing Richard’s dress has an expression like she’s attending the funeral of an unloved aunt out of duty.

  • Tracy Reese had SUCH great comments.

  • marshmallowjane

    Layana was my favorite for a long time. I thought she was the most consistent. In fact, I think her design from last night was better than the judges gave her credit for. She shouldn’t have told them she was confused. She’s also selfish to think that she gets all credit for hers and 50 percent for Daniel’s. What does he get? If she thinks she did 75 percent of the work then she has a problem. It was Daniel’s turn to have some attention. I love how Stanley and Michele work together. They are both generous in spirit. Richard needed to go a couple weeks ago. Patricia is a textile artist, not fashion designer, IMO.

  • Lord Bergamot

    I thought Layana’s print looked like a Power Point template.

  • Therese Bohn

    Watching this episode suddenly made me realize who Richard reminded me of — In his mannerisms and attitude he’s kind of like Paul Kinsey in seasons 1-3 of Mad Men! Paul came back as a Krishna in Season 5, maybe Richard will find his own heaven now that he’s off. 😉

  • Indovina

    Let’s start with the middle:
    Layana says, “You betrayed me, you’re not good! … Everybody betrayed me. I’m fed up with this world.” No wait. Instead she said she feels so betrayed because Daniel didn’t give her credit for his work. She also thought that Daniel wasn’t being a very good teammate because he didn’t do her work for her, or something. A winning combination. The print is nice.

    Daniel: A nice, well-made, not terribly interesting outfit. It’s safe.

    Stanley: A nice, well-made, slightly less not terribly interesting outfit. It wins.

    Michelle: Student work, but from a talented student. It’s not particularly conceptually interesting (16 year old me would have been all for it), but certainly the most well-executed of the “art” pieces.

    Patricia: It’s in dire need of editing, but actually the most interesting piece conceptually, I think. Unfortunately, it just ended up looking sloppy.

    Richard: Not good. I don’t know exactly what his problem was – maybe Tim was right – but something was amiss with him.

  • Laylalola

    I was surprised no one incorporated the museum’s lovely spirals into the pattern for the fabric. Some team could have done that 2-dimensionally for the ready to wear, and then ditched the fabric and gone full-on architectural for the more conceptual piece.

  • H3ff

    If I was in Daniel’s position and Layana tried to pull that shit with me, I would have been like OH HELL NO, BITCH. I was absolutely disgusted by her weepy breakdown backstage.

    • Am I projecting, or did Michelle totally disengage when she realized what the crying was for?

  • kindwordsonly

    As it stands, the finalists are going to be Stanley, Michelle and Patricia with Stanley for the win. But I must say, none of the three seem to have any of the talent or flair of previous generations of contestants. There’s no Christian or Jeffery Sebalia or Kara Saun amongst them.

    That said, Stanley is the best dressed man who is not a model or an actor, that I have ever seen.

  • Richard’s skirt is a poorly-made Judy Noodles skirt.

    Patricia’s looks like a deflated circus tent.

    So this was also the HP print challenge too?

    There’s an art game – Dear Esther – and the hand-drawn circuitry print on the back of Michelle’s reminds me of some of the graffiti in the game. Hrm.

  • CarolinLA

    The percentage of successful avant garde attempts on this show is so low (all I can remember is Christian/Chris and Judy Noodles being good) that I don’t understand why they do this every season. If it’s going to continue, they should at least do it at the top of the season before everyone’s too tired to think uber-creatively.

    • NoGovernmentName

      Or maybe have them go see a display or slide show of avant garde looks and tell them “this is the kind of thing we want.” Because a weird head or neck piece =/= avant garde. In fact, I wonder how that panel of judges would handle an actual avant garde look. Poorly, probably.

    • MoHub

      Part of the problem is that a challenge will ask for an avant garde or conceptual look, but the judges will then rip it apart by saying it’s not wearable, thus contradicting the whole idea of a conceptual piece. Only Patricia made a truly conceptual/avant garde piece. Even Michelle’s was “wearable” in a costumey, goth-inspired way.

  • Qitkat

    I was underwhelmed with the prints created, particularly P&R’s, although the colors were acceptable. The other two teams were more creative. L&D’s was very modern, but nothing new; and M&S’s was on the creepy side. Stanley’s Dalek dress would only work on a very slender or very pregnant woman (not something that can often be said, lol). Michelle’s train was the best part, and normally I have no use for trains, so I wish that she had used more of that concept, since the drawing was an innovative interpretation of the museum sculpture, but the colors were dreary (she might have picked up some yellow), and I could not believe she used bubble wrap.

    I burst out laughing when Patricia’s came down the runway. It made me think of a bride in an insane clown review. If Richard had one-eighth of Leanne’s talents, he might have made that skirt work. I was baffled by the costume that Layana created. Neither she nor Patricia understand how to edit themself. Daniel’s was my favorite of the night, I would love to own that jacket, and I thought his use of organza over the skirt print was very effective.

    Four of the designers did try to stretch their creativity (even poor Richard), so there’s that, but IMO, Stanley and Daniel, just did what they do best, defaulting to looks that are in their comfort zone.

  • I’m totally over thinking this, but I find it somewhat interesting that the women all created the “arty” looks, and the men each created the ready-to-wear look. Does that mean anything? Does it say anything about the success of men in ready-to-wear? Yeah, totally over thinking.

    • I hadn’t noticed that. Thanks for putting it out there.

  • bluefish

    Congrats to Stanley for sure! I’ve stopped watching the show finally after all these years but am glad I checked in today. Gorgeous dress and the styling was perfect. Really really beautiful. And such a nice surprise to see something so elegant and original.

  • Layana should have gone, if only because of her little princess hissy fit. I think Richard was just burnt out. And I applaud his graciousness when he left.

  • Ok, must comment on Patricia. She goes to a ‘modern’ art museum–and does a tribal print? I can’t believe she is still on PR with her swatches and painting. She’s a textile artist, not a designer.

  • illuminateme2

    Team Patricia all the way! Had a hard time with the veil at first but the more I look at it, like modern art, the more I can appreciate. Would love love to see a runway show from her, hopefully if she is given time to create , her vision will be realized on the runway.

  • Late to the party but here goes: OHMYGOD just shut Layana up!!! “It’s all on meeeee…” = “IT ALL SHOULD ALWAYS AND FOREVER BE ABOUT MEEEEE…” Man alive. The whining was really getting to me. I am glad Daniel called her out for wanting to take credit for everything that was positive in their designs. The moment she wanted all the fabric for her design (no matter that little note about using in both designs), I was more than done with her. I could go on, but I am sure it’s been said on these boards a few times.

    And KUDOS to the awesome Mr. Gunn for calling Richard out on his strategy to get rid of Patricia (whose dress I really hated) which backfired.

    And best of the night was Stanley and his reaction to winning and trying to keep it cool all the same. Love him!

  • Remember in the first challenge when Daniel & Leyana’s garment won, and he graciously said she could have the win? She thought she deserved all the credit for that one too. It’ll be amusing when she has to do her own thing and direct someone else.

  • Anyone else think that Michelle’s print looked a bit like Anne Hathaway singing “I Dreamed a Dream?”

    • alyce1213

      OMG you’re right.

  • queenceleste

    Couldn’t agree more. Stan and Mich really pulled it off (and were sane!!), but that headpiece was a serious misstep.

  • DesertDweller79

    Really liked Stanley and Michelle’s looks. Thought they were cool.

    I was very intrigued by Patricia’s. It was so interesting. Yeah, she could have edited a bit. But, on this type of challenge I’d rather see someone go too far than not far enough. Really sorry she was stuck with Richard. I absolutely loved when Tim called him out on his strategizing. That was great. Go Tim! Really glad to see Richard go finally. That was crazy how he just sat around on the first day making a bracelet.

    Daniel’s was okay. Certainly better than last week. As for Layana… I kind of wish she had stuck to the original skirt she made. The circular one she compared to a cake. She had some good ideas buried in there along the way. She seems exhausted and unsure of herself. It seemed she was whining in order to get someone to tell her what to do. I’d have loved to have seen her print in a different shape.

    Oh, and I liked all three of the prints this time around. Patricia’s was a bit loud, but I liked the colors and the shapes in it. Loud was probably okay for this type of challenge.

  • DesertDweller79

    Oh, and also…. After seeing this episode I am now extremely disappointed with what all the designers sent down the runway in their finale collections. It certainly seems like Michelle, Patricia, Layana and Stanley could do better work than anything I saw in any of the finale collections. Did they have a week to design their entire finale collection, or what?

  • I can’t watch this so am just following the recaps and dear god, I love Patricia’s gown. The painted shrug, the peplum and the skirt (well, except for the hem which is overkill). Maybe it doesn’t look as good on the show or in motion and yes the face veil is stupid, but in these photos? Wow.

    Conversely, Michelle’s looks bad except for the painted train in the back. A split skirt? The screaming skull fabric that looks like a last minute add-on to fulfill the requirements and which doesn;t coordinate with any of the other fabrics? Ugh.

    Layana’s was just a mess of tulle.

  • “Auf Wiedersehen you pissy bitch.” choked on my soda a little

    Now please, dear god, get rid of Layana

  • Loved Patricia’s design – evocative, mystical, intriguing.

  • slowestloris

    Oof, Layana was being a huge shit stain in this episode! Maybe it was karmic retribution for Daniel’s weird histrionics last episode…

    I am so glad Richard is gone though. When he practically ejaculated over that little bracelet he made… jesus.

    I liked Patricia’s dress, I think even just without the veil it would have been a lot cooler. The painted part looks awesome.

  • DeTrop

    I finally found the decoy collections for this season. I looked them over and I’m still fond of #8. I originally thought this was Patricia’s collection but now I’m inclined towards Michelle. The colors look like her taste and the designs in some of the outfits have that ‘twilight zone’ bent. Having said that, the #9 look (in coll.8) looks very similar to Stanley’s ready-to-wear dress for this challenge. The only difference is the length of the solid top. It’s shorter in the decoy coll.

    Overall these collections are unimpressive. There is a lack of color and they look sad. The styling is another matter. Michelle loves putting things in her hair and #8 has plenty of stuff on the model’s heads. I think she’s going to make it to the finals for sure and Stanley also. Who else? I’m thinking they’ll keep Patricia around because she’s controversial. Either Daniel or Layana are next to go.

  • spooki C

    Layana is such a pathetic little shit, I really have lost all patience and have to push the mute button every time she opens her mouth. I can’t believe how selfish she was this episode. She is so stuck up her own butt and thinks everyone else should exist only to fawn over her and pad her self esteem.

  • librarygrrl64

    Ooooo, that Layana thing is a mess.

  • Trisha26

    Loved Stanley’s dress – I would wear that! Loved Michelle’s piece, but what is it with her and the headgear? Every week she looks edgy and cool as they set off for the Runway show and then adds that weird pot scrubber to her hair. (At least she didn’t put that outre thing with the flying heads on the model this week & wore it herself.)

    Layana – “I’m going to direct everything myself, I’m telling Daniel what to do, I’m going to guide him, blah, blah, blah.” And then it’s “Oh my god I’m so lost I don’t know what to do, Daniel why aren’t you helping me?” Can’t stand her! She needs to either grow up or leave. Now.

    Patricia’s clearly got time management & real-world execution issues, but I actually liked her textile design including the painted version and the head veil. I wish the show would let us see each garment for more than a microsecond, even during the judging portion I never saw that bottom hoop effect on hers until the photo above.

  • i’m going to have to argue that there IS something modern art about layana’s dress; ray caesar and julie heffernan, for instance, are two contemporary artists that take the shapes, the palettes, the lighting, and the subjects of various periods of classical art and “twist” it. in the case of this dress, that print is a twist on the form, so … it falls into that category. love it or hate it, there’s precedent for it.

  • amy

    I just want to go completely off topic and say that I was LOVING Rachel Roy’s hair in this episode! Her outfit too!

    Oh and great dress Stanley.

  • When Layana’s dress walked, I was sure they played the wrong music. Doesn’t it start, “well, Hello! Dolly! It’s so nice to have you back where you belong…”

    Not looking swell.

  • Michelle, “I’ll say you, and you say me!” Stanley: WTF?

  • Daniel: The King of the Black Jacket. Too bad Robert Palmer’s gone, I think he could use some for a remake of Simply Irresistible.

  • finnishmaria

    The thing that bothers me the most about Layana is her voice. She talks incredibly slowly… and something about it just feels…. off. And then I remember that her first language might not be English, and then I feel bad for having that reaction. /Endscene.

  • Ginny Horan

    Richard’s model constantly looks like she is in pain, doesn’t she? “I can’t believe I’m wearing another F&*%$#in disaster on this runway.”

  • Richard should have helped Patricia with her editing issues (you know Stanley would have), but he couldn’t: he literally didn’t understand what she was doing. Or “everything!” about the challenge. The taste level was leagues over his head.

  • Grant Feldman

    I do think Layana stayed in based on her cumulative work. But . . . why then did Samantha get auf’d for one bad dress? So unfair. Another example of where, if you are too nice and drama-free, you are out.

  • Oh! T.Lo – tonight on the BBC was the first episode of the Great British Sewing Bee. Project Runway for seamstresses! I will watch and report back…

  • While I personally kind of think that creativity in Michelle’s piece should have garnered a slight advantage over Stanley’s piece, and thus earned her the win, I am starting to get sick to death of designers on this show not knowing how to do sleeves–that jacket with a kickass sleeve would have been STUNNING. As is, it’s really cool, but it loses it’s affect a little. Michelle should have nixed the headpiece and concentrated on doing a sleeve.