PR: All Y’all Need to Shut the F Up

Posted on March 22, 2013

Well, we knew it was going to happen eventually. Not the perennial “retail” challenge (although we did know that was going to happen eventually too); it’s the team format. We knew it was eventually going to yield fucked up results like last night.


We admit, the team concept worked quite a bit better than we ever expected it to. That may have been due to the relatively low key personalities in this group, the early reliance on somewhat large teams, the way the show mixed the teams up regularly so nobody got complacent, or maybe a combination of all that and other factors. For whatever reasons, we didn’t mind it in the first half of the competition.


But two somewhat unpleasant things unfolded that were directly a result of the team concept. One, everyone finally snapped under the pressure of constantly having to work with new people, and two, the judging produced a completely fucked up result because the worst dress and the best dress were from the same team.



Congrats to Michelle! The window version looked like crap last night, but the above L&T shot makes it seems like they did very little to change the basic design. This was head and shoulders above anything else on that runway. A beautiful shape, unexpected color, and lots of different textures and details to keep it all interesting.




Daniel, on the other hand, produced something for the sassy choir director in 1987. Hideous, style-less and badly made. He also finally proved our early suspicions of him correct. Not just a drama queen and a bit of a phony, but something of an emotional mess. Honestly, him weeping over that shitty Joan Collins jacket may just be one of the most ridiculous moments in the history of the show. When you’ve outdone Andrae on the weepy histrionics front, you’ve really made your mark. Between the awful dress and the even more awful behavior, he absolutely should have gone home. The irony of it all is, his ass was saved by the very person he flipped out on.


We’re queens enough to admit that Patricia still manages to surprise, in a good way. That top is lovely, although probably too complicated for manufacturing at that price point. We can’t really get behind the pants at all, either in shape or color.

BUT. She still bugs the shit out of us. Enough with the fucking crazy eyes and the passive-aggression. It’s like she refuses to react or relate to absolutely anything around her. Stanley got really pissy and domineering over her, but he had something of a good reason, since he knew her instincts were going to get her auf’d in a challenge like this. He got way too mansplain-y with her and he really should have backed down, but he was right in the end. But all she needed to do was whirl around once and say “WOULD YOU BACK OFF?” Instead she made crazy eyes and nodded her head while she told the camera in a monotone how annoyed she was. Ugh.


We don’t know what happened to Stanley this week. Both his personality and his design instincts were off. We can look at this dress and see the technical details; the lovely shape and seaming. It really is a very nicely made dress. But he was delusional if he thought this was going to wow the judges in a design competition. We realize Lord & Taylor’s clothes are pretty much the definition of “department store clothes” but a lot of the designers really dulled down their work this week.


Layana didn’t, and it’s to her credit. We didn’t love this, however. The waistband is heavy and awkward. We like the leather around the neckline, though. And it’s a pretty enough shape. We agreed with the judges that the print was fairly hideous. It seems everyone translated “be inspired by the L&T rose” into “pink,” which is pretty disappointing. We don’t think it’s a coincidence that the only garment without any pink in it was the one that won.




Richard is nuts. There. We said it. Every designer has had to answer the judges’ question of who on their team should go home. Get the fuck over yourself that somebody mentioned you, you ridiculous drama queen. We don’t like Layana much either, but JESUS. The middle-school silent treatment was EMBARRASSING.

And stop saying “It’s everything!” You sound like a 16-year-old in 1995.

Also: your dress looks like a bathing suit.


And so it’s Auf Wiedersehen to Samantha, because the worst dress was on the winning team and someone on your team needed to go, hon. Since you were quiet and professional and tried to smooth things over, you get to go home so the two annoying children can stay and hiss at each other.

Granted, this dress is not that great. Overdesigned and too youthful. We realize L&T wants a younger client, but we’re pretty sure most 9-year-olds don’t have $250 for a dress.

Loved Rachel Roy for sticking up for more brown girls in fashion, though. You could tell she was getting heated.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nikte for Lifetime, – Stills:]

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  • I can’t really argue with Samantha’s going home. It was a tragically overworked look. Also, it was completely impossible to construct and sell at the pricepoint they wanted. Way to many textiles, too many details, seams and finishes required. Daniel’s dress, was an appalling mess. And if he trumpets that strong 80s shoulder line One More Time, i swear I will reach into the screen and throttle him personally.

    • DinaSews

      I agree with you about the price point. If they can’t stay within the parameters, they need to go. (I know it doesn’t work that way, but it should)

      • I wish someone had mentioned that every additional seam adds at minimum a dollar to the production cost. And pleating takes things over the moon.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      In my house, we described the aufed dress Heart Shaped Back and that pink monstrosity as Barbie OD-ed on Pepto and vomited on Linda Evans. And Patricia’s as a babydoll nightie.

      • Spot On!

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          And now a nursery rhyme (to the rhythm of Little Boy Blue) for Daniel

          Otto von Bismarck
          Come burn your dress
          The color’s horrific
          The skirt is a mess

          • Hee hee hee hee hee!

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            And doesn’t the winning look as a whole scream Barbra Streisand going to a wrap party for I Can Get it For You Wholesale?

          • libraangel


    • Sarah

      I will help you throttle him. He is a tiresome person, and for my money, just as insane as Richard.

      • but he does have a mustache that grows out of his nose, and appears to be curling around and starting to grow back in. he could join a sideshow in the circus with that thing. aha! a new career path.

        • Sarah

          It does seem to both originate and propagate in a strange manner. I just gave him the “You, sir, are a cartoon” assessment on the first episode, and stopped paying attention to his looks, but since he got a whole lot of kooky screentime last night, I was scrutinizing it a fair amount. It is both contrived and sloppy, if that’s possible. Crooked, curly, and cray!

          • libraangel

            UM, sorry and all that, I am not Mother Theresa, but I hate criticizing the designers’ looks. Clothes – yes, cool, great, but most of the designers in past seasons looked cray also. UM – people should dress the way they want to, and – none of us are perfect? Sermon over

          • mike__tv

            His moustache is a part f his dastardly look though, which I wouldn’t hate another person.

          • Sarah

            Point taken. I was replying to Sleah, but next time I feel like making a joke, I’ll try to remember not to offend your sensibilities.

          • I *think* that was sarcasm, and if so, well done, but you really don’t have to worry about causing offense. The day we can’t make fun of the attention whores on Project Runway is the day T & Lo have officially lost the plot.

          • Sarah

            ‘Twas. Thanks. I wasn’t worried, but it is nice to know your uncles are not disappointed with you.

          • Lottie Gwynn

            “Crooked, Curly, and cray!” is the best description of him ever.

          • Sarah

            But we must remember, Daniel is a REAL PERSON, and however amusing his moustache, we must take his personal feelings into account when making jokes on a blog. Otherwise, we are lesser persons and creating an unkind environment for commentary. Because he didn’t act like a ridiculous child on the episode at all! The crying was genuine! His Trembling Moustaches of Despair were Truthy! No One Understands his love for Joan Collins!

          • libraangel

            You didn’t offend me, but if I offended YOU, I am sorry. Just my opinion, wasn’t meant to be a condemnation or criticism.

          • Let people have their fun. This site got its start by making fun of the Project Runway designers, including how they dress and style themselves.

          • libraangel

            Wow – a post from you guys! I respond with an apology, but it was just an opinion, not a condemnation of everyone who posts on this site, so forgive me.

          • libraangel

            Why were my comments deleted???!!!!

          • libraangel

            My comment got deleted AGAIN?! WHY, T&L? Maybe you are taking your title literally:”Shut the fuck up”. I am sad, and what about freedom of speech? There, I will repeat it again so you can delete it again.

      • clearly a serious phoney baloney character. He’s all, “I’m the jolly, always sunny guy who’s full of bonhomie for all my fellow folks.” Then we see the gloves come off under pressure.

        • Sarah

          Was a bit odd how he made a point of saying he was a “happy person” and his goal was to be upbeat, and then picked an arbitrary point of conversation to niggle Michelle about with a fair amount of venom.

          • Because she hit a little too close to home.

          • Sarah

            True that. Not so arbitrary, when you put it that way.

    • Something about this dress screamed “Waitress at a theme restaurant”…..all the model needed to say was “Hi, my name is Wendy, would you like to hear about todays super yummy specials?!”

    • I’d pay money to see that.

      • Trust me, I WILL be selling tickets for this.

    • MilaXX

      Yes he talks about that shoulder line that he just invented a new textile or something. I wanted to smack him so hard last night.

      • Really. He acts like its the cure for cancers of all kinds. Thierry Mugler did it much better, and 25 years ago.

        • MilaXX

          exactly and his raggedy version ain’t coming back no time soon

    • formerlyAnon

      I have to point out that when you perfect the ability to reach into the screen and throttle, you will be able to contract out to perform a couple of chokings a month at a sufficiently high pricepoint to retire in splendor. Or at least to work only part time and only at things you actually want to do.

      I find this fantasy almost as compelling as the “what I’d do if I won the lottery” fantasy. (Life is so entertaining for those of us who are easily amused.)

      • tessasouthworth

        In situations like this, I am reminded of one of my favorite Carlinisms: “Wouldnโ€™t it be
        great if you could make a guyโ€™s head explode just by looking at him?”

        • We could always count on Carlin to say just the right thing in just the right way.

      • Oh, now you have just started me down a very dark and delicious path.
        (Rubbing hands together in evil glee)

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          why does this leave me aroused?

    • well, you know, daniel did invent the strong shoulder. it’s his thing.

      • ThatPeterG

        he talks like he invented the actual, human shoulder.

        • Anytime a designer talks that way a bout a particular look or technique, it means in translation, “I’m stuck”.

          • And any time one flips out over someone else telling him to look younger, it means he realizes he can’t.

      • So, I have to wonder, which one of the prior times the strong shoulder has been a “thing” was his first iteration of the idea? 1980s? 1940s? 1890s? 1830s? 1720’s? 1650s? 1550’s? Or do we need to scroll back further?

    • Then don’t look at his Fashion Week offerings…..

  • Introspective

    Samantha was clearly aufed for being too professional and mature. Hate that the instinct of keeping someone with more ideas that used to rule the day on PR: the Bravo years no longer happens in the PR: the Real World era.

    Had the dress Michelle made not looked so wonky in the window I might have considered buying it. But the pic above makes me almost reconsider. What I really want is the dress she ACTUALLY made cause that was a fierce look indeed.

    Daniel is batshit and permanently lodged in his aesthetic somewhere between Dynasty and Knots Landing. And I cant.

    Richard is batshit. And should have gone home.

    • MilaXX

      Dan & Richard are stuck in the 80’s. Dan is Dynasty, Richard is Studio 54

    • libraangel

      Why did they change the dress in the L&T window? – Money?

      • I’m sure it came down to that, yeah. Michelle had used, if I am right, 3 different textiles, and the detailing, even though it was simple straight line stuff, required more seams, and more time. All of that adds to the production cost. In real world terms, its the labor, not the materials, that is the bulk of the price, so any way to shave a dollar here or there is deemed a good thing, typically, till you get to the Pret a Porter level.

    • NoGovernmentName

      No, she was clearly aufed for having the worst, most hideous thing on the runway last night. It was really, really bad.

  • DinaSews

    Did I miss the announcement that Patricia never wears shoes? Because it looked like she walked into L&T barefoot. Maybe I was seeing things.

    • Susan Collier

      Maybe she’s from the shrinking population of people who don’t mention everything about themselves to a camera. At least I hope so.

    • I thought she was wearing very thin sandals. It looks like this was filmed in the summer, and those thin-soled/illusion sandals were big this summer.

      • DinaSews

        Thanks. I don’t know why it bothered me so much since I never go anywhere without shoes, but I just thought ‘gross’.

  • Susan Collier

    Ugh. I should just watch the rest of the season on mute. Now that Samantha’s gone, aside from Stanley, the only two remaining designers I’m remotely interested in seeing designs from (Michelle and Layanna) open their opinion holes way too often. Shaddup people and make me some interesting clothes! Less talk, more frock!

    • Targettaste

      “Less talk, more frock” Perfect! If only it would happen.

    • libraangel

      But how they gonna fill that big old half-hour?

    • jetpackdino

      “Less talk, more frock!” I agree wholeheartedly!

  • AwesomeMargie

    Is that Lisa (maybe the name is wrong) from ANTM?

    • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

      Janet, from Antm, Ive been asking myself since the show started but I couldn’t be sure.

      • AwesomeMargie

        There you go! Thank you! Lisa is the other girl who was drunk and was talking to the tall plants.

        • Fisher&SonsFuneralHome

          You’re welcome! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • LearnedFoot

          No, this model is Lisa Jackson from cycle 9. Lisa D’Amato (different cycle) was the one who drank a lot and peed in a diaper. Janet was also in cycle 9.

    • Her name is Lisa Jackson. She’s the one who was an exotic dancer, on Cycle 9.

      • AwesomeMargie

        I remember the dancer part but her name kept going from Lisa to Janet. I remember the fight she had with Brianna. I miss old ANTM.

  • ccinnc

    Sorry I missed this episode. Loved the winner, liked Patricia’s top, covet Stanley’s dress, and don’t even mind the bathing suit dress if it had been done in more interesting colors.

    • I really wanted to like Samantha’s dress. I give her credit for taking a chance. But, yikes, that is one ugly garment. And I’m not sure “awful” is a strong enough word for the heart cutout. Also, the make-up on her model is terrible. She looks like a 40 year old who’s trying to pass for 16.

    • Patricia’s top was the only thing that reminded me of a rose in any way. Everyone else was so focused on spring only. I thought the Lord and Taylor rose was supposed to be the focus.

      • It was, and it was utterly forgotten by the judges.

        • Maybe the producers should have gotten a florist as a sponsor and put roses all over the workroom to remind the designers of the focus, and to mention how much they all love the roses from X Florist every few minutes.

  • Jangle57

    Daniel’s hissing match with Michelle bordered on the absurd on his part (Michelle looked understandably shocked that she was even having this ‘conversation’ with him) and his dress looked shoddily made. Michelle was the clear winner. I felt bad that they sent Samantha home; while her dress didn’t come out quite right, it at least showed some originality, something Richard’s was clearly lacking.

    • libraangel

      I actually was shocked when they said her name, not Richard’s

  • In_Stitches

    The L&T lady was spot on about Richard-where the hell do you wear that dress? My first impression was-okay, great maxi dress, but it’s too formal for regular day wear, much less beach wear and it’s too casual to be appropriate for evening.

    • DinaSews

      I think that my 20 year old daughter would love that dress for college. I think that’s a problem when ‘middle aged’ women are trying to decide what a younger generation would want. Granted, she wouldn’t pay $250 for it, but I imagine there are families that could afford it.

      • ccinnc

        So would my 24-year-old. Hell, so would I if it looked good on me. My daughter and I went to Charleston SC last April for a mini-vacay, and that kind of dress was what nearly all the young women were wearing. Effortless, casual, stylish. In the heat of the South, it makes perfect sense.

        • libraangel

          Wouldn’t you want something shorter in the heat?

          • C. C. Winslow

            I have a few knit maxi skirts that I wore last summer with t-shirts or blouses. The heat never bothered me. I’m middle aged and wouldn’t show my ugly bare legs anyway, so it felt freeing and comfy not to wear pants or pantyhose.

      • deathandthestrawberry

        But it also looks like the type of cotton jersey maxi dress that Gap or Old Navy sells for $29 during the summer. Maybe not in hot pink, but the cut and style is pretty close.

      • Fortunately, I suppose, Richard’s look could be recreated at nearly any price point level, without problems. So there is hope for your daughter yet! That is of course if you don’t want to make one for her. (grin)

    • Janet B

      I guess she hasn’t been out in suburbia recently. I regularly see women from late teens to early 30’s wear long casual dresses in the spring and summer. I don’t think Richard’s dress looks too formal for everyday wear.

      • Amelia

        Do these women live in areas without any wind? I love the way long maxi dresses look, but I feel like flowy skirts always get blown up in between the legs in a really unfortunate manner.

      • VictoriaDiNardo

        Add a fedora and this kind of dress is practically a uniform in Miami – I’d give it an age range of 15 – 45 – but not at $250.

    • libraangel

      Actually, I didn’t like what the L&T lady wore. Don’t like animal prints!

  • Ven Budhu! That was the name I couldn’t remember last night. He could have made a rose dress! And he would have thought it was just perfect.

    I always find a dress to wear at Lord and Taylor’s. Maybe ’cause they sell a lot of Ralph Lauren and I like his dresses for my shape. I’d buy Michelle’s if it were longer (I can’t wear that length) and if it were in a color that I could wear. Which actually translates to, I really like that dress. But a cardigan over that, and I’d be ready for the next library conference.

    • MoHub

      I’ve been trying to forget Ven, but as soon as I learned the challenge involved incorporating the rose inspiration, I got an immediately mental image of the man.

    • Maybe Ven should have been a guest judge for this challenge. He could asses the looks based on how rose-y they were. He is the rose expert.

    • OrigamiRose

      His rose, his rose, his kingdom for a rose.

      Is it wrong I mock my Disqus namesake? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Laylalola

    The original teams worked — and might have kept working to a point — in part because everyone was allowed to get used to working with each other, as though they were a design team that worked together every day. Start switching it up every single challenge and that’s not really a team anymore, that’s just throwing all the players into a freakish new mix each week to fight it out alone, really.

    • Violina23

      I think the problem is that, in this challenge in particular, there was really no connection between the teammates. So it was more like “Work by yourself, but make sure your partner doesn’t fail miserably because you’re responsible for them too”. I don’t mind them working on their own garments, but there has to be something to connect them as a team, or else what’s the point?

      • libraangel

        You are right. What happened to that word”cohesion” the judges like to use?

        • Some of the challenges have emphasized collections and cohesion, and others emphasize exactly what @Violina23:disqus is mentioning; you’re making individual looks but need to make sure your teammate doesn’t fail so miserably that you are in the bottom team. That’s actually a good feature of the team format, in my opinion.

  • fringebenefit

    Sorry, much as I loved Samantha, her dress was atrocious, there was no way she could stay. Agree about Daniel’s and Daniel, but this clusterfuck of Samantha’s was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on the show.

    • Samantha’s dress kind of reminds me of Santino’s disastrous lingerie. It doesn’t actually look like lingerie, but it looks like it could be part of a Santino “Delusional” collection.

      I hate to bust on Samantha. I think she has some talent that would have come through if they’d had more time to work. I also like that she kept her head down and tried to stay out of the bullshit. This, however, was a huge misstep, which is always a possibility when you take a chance.

      • fringebenefit

        Yes. If she’d only left the heart out of it…it might have been enough to save her. Not that the rest of the dress was worthy–it was such a trash look–but the heart really made it unforgivable.

        • Exactly – it was so juvenile, and so poorly executed. The shape was barely that of a heart!

        • mike__tv

          When Tim ok’ed the heart I was pretty appalled someone could have easily told her early on that her dress was for a 10 year old, because not even a 12 year old would be seen in that.

    • CarolinLA

      Seeing the dress in the light of day, yeah, it’s bad. That horrible flesh color really sunk it.

    • libraangel

      I hated that Samantha was aufed because she clearly has talent. It just was horribly misplaced this time. I guess they really do just judge on that episodes’s challenge, not the weeks before.

      • mike__tv

        Maybe Zac would have kept her based on previous challenges, I miss Zac.

    • I kind of liked Samantha’s. It was a bit cute and I liked the colors.

  • funniest moment of the night…Richard walks into Lord & Taylor in animal print jeans, a tank top and the most hideous trucker cap ever and proceeds to tell us how his sophisticated style is perfect for the challenge. OMG no!

    • merciblahblah

      I thought the EXACT same thing.

    • I was afraid that hat was going to put someone’s eye out.

      • Diana Martinez

        That’s what I kept thinking! I thought someone was going to lean towards him and get speared by that darn hat!

    • really. he looked like a crazy person who wandered in with the group.

      • mike__tv

        Richard is unstable and should have gone home years ago.

    • mars tokyo

      I agree. That was so ludicrous. Richard, right at home in Lord and Taylor. Right!

    • libraangel

      I think he even said that he “belonged” in a sophisticated store like L&T. – Yeh, maybe to clean the stalls

    • When I saw it last week, I thought he was wearing a trucker cap pin cushion.

  • SRQkitten

    I thought Daniels dress looked like something I’ve seen a zillion times when Lord & Taylor was in my area. Not a winner in a design competition unless the theme is “done to death.” Michelle’s dress, which I have a hard time liking because of the designer (and will own that) is almost a study in “how to win the dress to be manufactured” challenge. It’s simple without a lot of complications that add cost in the manufacturing process. Sorry to see Samantha go but her dress was fugly.


  • Frank_821

    Yes Michelle was the clear winner. She has projected a lot of negative energy in the confessionals and she can be a bitch but she does have talent

    When watching Daniel’s meltdown last night I felt both perplexed and embarrassed for him. It said something that even after Michelle suggested they go off and talk in private, he kept petulently hammering away. After thinking about it more, it became obvious the real issue is the stress of the competition brought a lot of insecurity and anxiety to the surface that he was trying to keep buried with a happy upbeat exterior. It seemed like he put so much effort in being positive that he finally snapped with Michelle’s comment. He started out strong and has lost favor with the judges. If he had just allowed himself to say to Michelle what he said in the confessional, they could have resolved the matter that much quicker.

    As negative as Michelle can come across-as whiny/bitchy as some contestants can be during the confessional-in the long run it probably helps them to stay sane with all the stress. Someone who keeps it all bottled and maintain an upbeat exterior is more likely to lose it as we saw in the cases of Daniel and even Patricia

    • SRQkitten

      It also probably helps keep them in the competition as lifetime adores drama (my dh’s complaint of this version of PR) and vocal energy to other contestants seems to be something that allows some otherwise less strong contestants remain for a few extra weeks beyond their pull date.


    • Susan Collier

      Well, I never understand when someone makes comments about fabrics that have already been purchased. Yes, it was an ugly pink and Michelle doesn’t like any pink, but the fabric’s there and purchased and there’s nothing to be accomplished by discussing it. It was a stupid conversation that became increasingly insane.

      • Well Daniel kept bringing it back to, “Well SHE doesn’t like my fabric!” to which Michelle would invariably respond, “It’s REALLY pink. Pink isn’t my thing, and that’s REALLY pink.” She made it very clear that it was her own opinion on the color, but he was fishing for her to tell him that she OMG-super-loved-it and was Oh-so-wrong-about-the-pink. That wasn’t going to happen and he should have dropped it and grown a confidence.

        • NoGovernmentName

          Tim didn’t like the fabric either, but the time to have that conversation was BEFORE Mood. I mean, is it so hard for them to discuss at least the color palette beforehand? Since they apparently didn’t, then when he asked for some positivity from her, she could have found a way to spin it, or work around it. She did give him some good advice, but I think a better job could have been done by both of them to collaborate and make it work. They are lucky that there was so much ass on the runway that day besides Daniel’s.

        • Lingus

          The thing is, she hadn’t been upfront about it. She kept saying to him, “Pink *really* isn’t my thing…but there’s something about your pink that is lovely.” Her face clearly said otherwise, as did her confessionals. I think he knew she wasn’t being completely honest and it must’ve drove him crazy. He was definitely being way too defensive about it though.

      • Frank_821

        Oh I agree the whole thing was stupid and got crazier by the second. But once he got dinged by Tim about how dated his coat look and when you used the word “youthful”. The emotional damn broke

      • formerlyAnon

        I feel like the setting in which and the moment at which someone can reach the realization “there’s nothing to be accomplished by discussing it” would be invaluable to setting up functional teams (in any setting), if we could only quantify and identify it.

        Some people are raised in families in which endless pointless discussion is normal – is, indeed, somehow obligatory and necessary. Others in families in which almost nothing is discussed. Ever. Or it varies within a family dependent on subject matter. And then we all hit the big wide world and have to work constructively with others.

        • libraangel

          They were in a team, and I would have thought that they ( and the others) would consult about color, etc. before they even got to ‘Mood’ or am I being totally unrealistic?

        • annyb

          Tim has written (in Gunn’s Golden Rules I think) that he tries not to criticize aspects of projects that the designers can’t do anything about. Once the fabric is bought, there’s nothing to be done about it.

          I’m printing out “What can be accomplished by discussing it” and sticking it on my monitor at work.

      • I don’t recall hearing it but did he ask her opinion? I mean, I personally wouldn’t have offered an opinion if I didn’t like it. She might have seen it and said, “Wow! That’s a lot of pink,” and that may have led to him asking her opinion in some fashion. If that’s the case then when she said she wasn’t a pink person, he should have dropped it and just owned it. The problem was that he knew it was a risk and had it confirmed when Tim came in for the critique. At that point he was probably starting to second-guess himself and so he got his back up when Tim questioned the design AND the color and then went on to tell him to use Michelle for inspiration. So of course he got angry at Michelle when he was really angry at himself. I think she was genuinely bewildered by his freaking out on her, since it’s not something we’ve seen from him before.

        The best part was on the runway when she said that she knew he had all this creativity inside him and he just needed to unleash it – I know it was edited but it was classier than I expected and showed that she actually could act like an adult.

        • Frank_821

          Apparently that part of the conversation was recounted in the past tense. It was not included in the final edit. Plus we don’t know when she actually saw the fabric when she made the statement about it being a lot of pink. She did make it clear even before Tim checked in on them she was not a pink sort of girl and she did at least say in the confessional that Daniel may be able to make that pink work.

          I hope at least at some point Daniel did sit down with her and told her where all that unexpected rage was coming from. even if it was after the runway or judging. It would have helped to truly settle things

        • libraangel

          Guess some people can’t handle criticism either

  • kimmeister

    Richard’s model looks like the adult daughter of Peter and Olivia on Fringe!

    • mike__tv


  • Erica_Vuitton

    I’ve been “watching” this season through the recaps only so I don’t know anything about the contestants or the challenge rules, but I LOOOOOOOVE that black and pink dress maxi dress. I would literally wear it everywhere in the summer with black flat leather sandals.

    The last dress is fine from the front until you get to the hips and then she just made a mess of it. The heart shaped opening in the back is ridiculously bad taste. If the poorly made hot pink Judy Jetson dress wasn’t eligible to be Aufed then I agree that was the second worst dress. The skirt from the back ugh… so ugly.

  • kirkyo

    I think I was more bummed out than Layana that Richard wasn’t sent home this week.

  • VicksieDo

    “Overdesigned and too youthful. We realize L&T wants a younger client, but weโ€™re pretty sure most 9-year-olds donโ€™t have $250 for a dress.” LOL! This was the first episode I’ve watched this season, and I would get the one where Daniel WHINES THE WHOLE HOUR and a half, AND thinks his ugly dress has a shot of being produced. He’ll be ashamed when he watches this episode. I thought the winning dress was perfect in just about every way, and Michelle seemed ok to me. The Layana/Richard crap is ridiculous, grow the hell UP.

  • Joy Johson

    I was mostly horrified with Nina last night. Why didn’t she read Daniel for that poor excuse for a dress? I don’t know what has happened, but I don’t like castrated Nina. In the past there have been (many) times I was embarrassed for designers by the way she harshly read them. This time I was embarrassed for Nina by the way she didn’t read anyone.

    • SugarSnap108

      Yes! I was stunned when Nina said she like the shoulders on Daniel dress.

      • RroseSelavy

        Couldn’t you just feel her pain at issuing a compliment to that dated dustrag?

    • Oh my god yes. When she was giving her critique it was like someone *cough the producers cough* had a gun to the back of her head and she was giving her best fake smile while struggling to come up with back-handed compliments.

      • lessax3

        They all were. They all had these weird smiles and strained voices like when a small child is holding out something hideous for you to see, and you are desperately trying to come up with something nice to say because they are so proud of themselves and you don’t want to crush their spirit.

    • Therese Bohn

      I agree completely — How could Nina NOT point out the mess of a hem on Daniel’s dress? Not ONE of the judges mentioned how lumpy and awful it was, the way the little slit had an awful pouch above it, and the how the Barbie color was too much. I almost would have rather seen the blazer and shorts. Almost.
      The other problem with this whole season is only giving the designers only one day for every challenge! That doesn’t help the designer or the client. And did anyone else think that the pairing of teams last night was totally rigged so contestants who hate each other would be forced to work together? Just too contrived. It’s becoming more of a whine-fest every week.

      • libraangel

        I agree: broken record, but listen producers – ONE day?

    • ThatPeterG

      because Lord & Taylor lady wanted Michelle’s dress, so they had to be circumspect with Daniel; otherwise that “team” never would’ve been the winning “team.” I just wish they’d drop this team gimmick already and let them sink or swim on their own.

      • mike__tv

        I really thought by this point everyone would be allowed to stand on their own.

      • I totally agree with you. I’m not convinced that this was really the winning team on points because Daniel’s was so bad. Perhaps the Patricia/Stanley’s team might have averaged a wee bit better. But the “powers” would not have allowed that to happen.

  • nannypoo

    Samantha’s model looks like a carhop. Even though I like her and I can’t stand Richard, it would really be a stretch to find his dress worse than hers. If his dress looks like a beach coverup, at least that tells us where someone could wear it. There is no place on the planet where Samantha’s dress could be worn.

    Layana is nasty. She doesn’t demonstrate the full-on cray of the more spectacular contestants, but she is smug and mean. I hated her dress, but I dislike her so much that I can’t decide if it was the dress or her that I found so unappealing.

    • SugarSnap108

      Despite her relative sanity compared with some other designers, Layana is the one who actually makes *me* most cray-cray. Just hearing her little-girl whine makes my eyes bug Patricia-style.

      • patricia’s eyes ARE buggy. does she have a thyroid problem?

        • libraangel

          I know: maybe we really shouldn’t make fun of Patricia’s eyes: maybe there really is a health problem there

    • patticake1601

      Have you noticed how she ends her bitchy comments towards the others with a smirk?

    • Well, Layana is pretty awful (and to think that, right here on this very site, I said she’s adorable. That was several weeks ago. Things have changed since then). She said something nasty to Richard last night and then got this awful sneer on her face, like she was trying to fake a smile but couldn’t hide her contempt. I won’t deny that Richard was throwing a tantrum-while-being-silent, but I kind of can’t blame him for not speaking to her. It’s not like she as going to offer him constructive criticism, and there wasn’t really any other reason for them to talk.

      I remember Kate saying that Michelle, Amanda, and Layana are mean girls. I’m not convinced that Michelle and Amanda are, but Layana sure fits the mold.

      As for Layana’s and Richard’s dresses, I liked them both. Richard’s isn’t exactly revolutionary, and you could find one like it pretty much anywhere for a lot less money, but it still works as a piece of ready-to-wear. And I’m not embarrassed to admit that I love the print Layana used. My personal style is mostly about simple, classic lines in solid colors, but I am a sucker for a floral print.

      • libraangel

        Well, yeah, but Michelle still comes off hypocritical a bit. She still is huggy towards her nemesis Patricia, and slammed Daniel in the apartment

    • And Layana whines and cries too much, especially when she is not getting her way. Cannot stand it at all! I hope she does not win, just because of her hideous attitude.

      • i bet her parents spoiled her rotten. she has that look.

        • mike__tv


    • NoGovernmentName

      I agree with you 100% about Samantha’s dress. Personalities aside, that monstrosity was clearly the worst thing on the runway. There were some pretty mediocre, half assed efforts on display, but Samantha’s was laugh out loud terrible. Richard’s dress was not offensive to me. Boring, yes, done to death, yes, but it was not ridicule-worthy. I agree with the auf this time.

    • metalmuffins

      Layana’s attitude is as unappealing as the print she chose for her garment.

    • annyb

      Well … I thought she would be the perfect cocktail waitress for the “Thunder from Down Under” show.

  • leftcoastpickle

    Samantha’s drum majorette outfit. I could think of it no other way. Just needs the hat and drum. Maybe some short white boots, you know the ones. So ugly. And Daniel’s fancy scrub dress! There was something in the way that was made, very surgical scrub chic. Also so ugly. And I have behaved exactly like Daniel with Michelle, I am embarrassed to admit, thankfully no cameras present for me, but it brought me back and made me shiver with horror. More ugliness! What a hideous episode! I loved Michelle’s, liked Stanley’s, that’s about it.

    • DinaSews

      ‘Samantha’s drum majorette outfit’. Accurate description!

  • Each time I see Daniel’s dress, the more hideous it becomes. The color, the shape, the shoulders, the fit, the slit, the hem. Oy. I really wished the team portion was over already because this deserved the AUF. Samantha’s was way too junior and complicated but it at least showed a fresh direction and some design chops. Sigh. I’ll miss her and eagerly await the AUFing of Daniel and Richard.

    • Tracy_Flick

      And he didn’t even PRESS it! Good lord. It was so, so bad. Special Edition Nancy Reagan Barbie.

      • libraangel

        I noticed that the sleeves were crookedly sewed. I could blame the lack of time, but…

  • Introspective

    had to post again as I just saw the comment of TLo’s about Rachel Roy and sticking up for Samantha (and for brown girls in fashion in general). I knew when I saw her defending Samantha’s point of view thats EXACTLY what she was doing. and Im not mad at it.

    I am annoyed that I think she went home too soon but now that I think about the fact that the world of fashion generally lacks people of color both as designers and as models, Im doubly annoyed as I feel like Samantha could have made a real mark on the fashion scene with more buzz, and some finances. maybe she will get to still, but as 7th place on PR you are often not as memorable as say top 3 or a winner…

    • pippitypup

      Please tell me you aren’t suggesting anyone be given a pass because of their skin color instead of the quality of their work.

      • More that since she and Daniel were both equally awful, and fashion needs more women of color, she should have gotten the pass. If she’d been THE worst, it would be different, but Daniel was.

        • JLH

          I would agree with you if the (inconsistent) format of the show allowed for that distinction to be made, but it didn’t come down to her and Daniel so that’s not really an injustice to be called out. If it were designer to designer instead of the wonky team formats then 100% yes, she should have been able to move on.

          In response to Grant, I actually love Samantha’s regular style and think she always looks so funky and beautiful but I personally don’t think we got to see much of that in her designs this season. That being said, I do hope to see more from her in the future.

      • Grant Feldman

        I don’t read Introspective’s comments that way. The point is that it would be great to have more diverse points of view influencing fashion. No I didn’t love Samantha’s dress last night, but I think she herself always dresses adorably and I’d be happy to see her bring that style to the fashion world. And credit her for trying to bring something new and young to L&T.

        • Samantha has great personal style. Besides her being a walking inspiration, I love that she actually takes the time to look good. So many of the designers (from every seasons) show up looking like they didn’t change out of their pajamas. I don’t expect them to look like fashion plates, but a bit of effort isn’t a bad thing.

          And I was totally coveting the red and white striped dress she had on last night. /sigh Oh to be able to dress like that again.

    • Introspective

      Shannon and Grant-thanks for clarifying my intent with the comments you made. Appreciate that you saw where I (and TLo if Im not mistaken, since they brought it up first) were going with that point…

    • libraangel

      You are correct about designers, but Naomi, Iman, and -oops, forgot her name -she is a runway model with like a buzz cut -, are very beautiful black models

      • CarolinLA

        Grace Jones? That’s merely three out of millions of models. Look at fashion magazine covers. Rarely is a black woman featured unless they are very light-skinned like Halle Berry (who is mixed-race). And Oprah doesn’t count when she’s on the cover of O.

      • BeccaGo

        Alek Wek. The fact that you couldn’t remember her name kind of sabotages your point.

        • libraangel

          Nope, doesn’t sabotage my point. Just had an old-age brain freeze, thank you very much.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Yup, that was a pretty heinous result up there.

    I’m glad Tim talked Michelle out of the ridiculous “rain vest,” which would have wrecked a very cute dress. And the “21-year-old” fight has to be one of the dumbest in history. I’m not fond of the persona she’s giving off here, but I felt bad that she got sidetracked into that.

    I guess I wouldn’t define Patricia’s behavior as “passive-aggressive.” P-A would be, to me, trying to get Stanley to change his behavior via nasty little emotional manipulations. She just seemed to be trying not to get into a fight by refusing to acknowledge the behavior problem. Which isn’t always smart, since eventually, you’re going to get so sick of it that you crack, but is often the way I’ll handle disagreements with someone I don’t have time to get into a fight with at the moment — smile and nod a lot, then do what I plan to do anyway. That said, what she was planning to do with crazy fabric creation in a manufacturing challenge did need to be questioned. A simple, “I don’t think that’s going to work with the price point” would have done.

    Okay, clothes:
    Michelle: Like you said, clear winner. I utterly hate that shade of green in all cases, including this one, but the design itself was so very, very cute. Good job listening to Tim.

    Patricia: Clear second place, and deserved to get some kudos on stage, but the team challenge left her “safe.”

    Daniel: I actually did like that pink, but not in an unbroken sheath of weirdly tortured fabric that made his model end up looking like a Pepto-Bismol commercial. A color like that needs… design… to make it work.

    Stanley: Boring. Should have listened to Tim.

    Layana: I hate the maxi dress shape. There, I said it. I just detest it and have yet to see one of the hundreds that have walked that runway that makes me think differently (though some are less hideous than others). And “it’s the contrast between hard and soft” needs to die as a description.

    Richard: Bathing suit! Yes, that’s exactly what I was thinking, though I couldn’t put my finger on it. And the model was just about tripping over the hem. Also right: crazy. Jeez, calm down, man.

    Samantha: Bad mis-step. Though a nine-year-old might be more likely to have parents who will buy her a $250 dress than a twenty-something is to be able to afford one on her own, parents who would spend that aren’t going to go for a multi-colored mini-dress with a big heart cut-out. Bad answer to the challenge.

    • It didn’t help Richard’s case that he styled his model to look like she’d just gotten out of the pool and pulled her hair back. The moment I saw her, all I could think was “beach cover up.”

    • Terrie_S

      I suspect there’s some cultural factors in Patricia’s behavior.

  • DinaSews

    In other news, my Disqus upgraded last week and I am having a horrible time trying to follow conversations like I used to. Anyone else having troubles? Or have any pointers for me?

    • Call me Bee

      Yes–many troubles and no–no pointers. It just sucks (to use the modern vernacular…)

    • mjude

      i finally got mine to work but i still dont care for the results. hang in there

    • Tamara Hogan

      Paying it forward, because a lovely TLo reader answered the exact same question for me last week – if you go to the Discussions link just below the Comment box, you should see some additional Sort options, including seeing Newest or Oldest comments first.

      • DinaSews

        I found that and hit ‘oldest’ (because I like things in order!) but it still posts all new comments at the top of the thread. Grrr. Like traffic pattern changes, you wonder if the people making the changes are actually people who use it!

    • Yes, I have been having that problem too. I noticed today though that if I set it to have the Oldest messages first and read through them all, I can scroll back through and on the right side of the messages a little yellow dot with Show 1 new reply will appear when there are new messages. I click on that and the new message appears below the message it is replying to. It is kind of a pain the have to scroll through the messages looking for new ones, but at least this way I can follow the threads.

      • I did just notice that it still does not get me the new messages, it just gets me the reply messages….oh well so much for that idea…LOL

  • SugarSnap108

    In defense of sassy choir directors, I do not think they’d wear Daniel’s dress, even back in ’87. That thing is embarrassing. I hate the dress Samantha made, but I can at least see a designer with a direction and skill (however misguided in this case). So yeah, Daniel survived because the judges wanted Michelle (rightfully) to win. Watching them struggle to say something positive about Daniel’s dress was amusing, though — You like the shoulders, Nina? Really?

    I’m now torn over whether Daniel is a bit mentally unstable (the facial hair suggests ‘Yes’), or very calculating — As in, “I’ll act like Happy Guy most of the time, but I better show that I can also cry and pick stupid fights.” Versatility in personality, if not designs.

    • Oh my god, so much crying! I kind of wish everyone would get together and have a group weeping session to get it out of their systems.

      What the hell was with the shoulders on Daniel’s dress? Is the 80s revival still in full swing? Because those shoulders cannot go away fast enough.

      • libraangel

        Maybe Tim should organize a “Kumbaya” moment again!

        • Something needs to happen – a group hug, a house meeting using a “talking” stick, electroshock. Tim’s hugs seem to have magical properties, so I could see that working. On the other hand, maybe Tim needs to call a Come to Jesus meeting. He gets pissed off so seldom that when he does, it actually means something.

  • lobsterlen

    Anyone else thought that the Richard’s dress reminded them of Stella McCartney?

  • mjude

    loved michelle’s. why would you want leather around your neck in the summer, do not care for layana. like samatha but that outfit was so ugly to me.

    • libraangel

      Actually in, Michelle’s defense ( and it takes a LOT for me to defend her!), the Spring Fashion Week (as goofy as it sounds) showed a lot of leather

  • conniemd

    I was surprised Samantha got the Auf instead of Richard. Usually a creative idea that fails wins over boring, which they consider the worst sin. Richard’s was boring and unoriginal and already done by him.

    • UsedtobeEP

      Ah, you forget this is LIfetime. Boring (meaning, talented rather than melodramatic) contestant loses out to drama queen every time.

  • Bwin51

    Loved the winner’s dress especially the color scheme. It made me realize how colors which are low contrast and not ordinarily paired can be very elegant looking.

  • I’d like to thank you both for confirming everything I was thinking re: Richard and Daniel. I thought maybe I was the crazy one, but I feel reassured now.

  • In Colombia until this afternoon, so I didn’t watch and I don’t know if I’m gonna (though Daniel’s meltdown sounds delicious – why was he crying over a Joan Collins jacket?) – I just don’t care enough about these people or the show.
    There’s just no time for them to be imaginative anymore. They used to have enough time to maybe scrap their first idea if it wasn’t working out; now that’s just instant fug. Breathing time, in a show about creativity, is necessary. But whatever, burn ’em out. Squeeze ’em dry. The worst part is no one gets sent home for boring clothes anymore – they get sent home for “boring” (i.e. low-key, professional) personality.
    I miss comparing really overdesigned ridiculousness to blandness, not slightly overdesigned blandness to blander blandness.

    Pardon the, at this point, cliche rant. Anyway.

    I love you fellas for using “mansplaining.” LOVE, do you hear?

    Stanley should have made the top of his dress a somewhat different color from the bottom to make those interesting geometric seams pop.

    Are most of the dresses that pink? Maybe it’s just in comparison to Daniel’s eye-searing dress and Richard’s hot pink, but I’m seeing a lot of orange and coral. But the color story among the dresses is pretty similar, yeah.

    Richard’s dress reminds me of someone’s “inspiration dress” from a past season – Kara Janx? It was a dark grey or black dress with a dashed yellow line around it. That dress was boring and done then, and it was still leagues more interesting than this pink melting pageant sash of a dress. She looks like she’s wearing gym wear in dress form.

    I kind of like Samantha’s, though, more’s the pity. It’s not exactly my style, but it reminds me of something you might see on Modcloth, so if she’d been able to skew it towards the twee early 20s party girl, she might have had something. She’d probably have had to style it differently – I bet if she added some nerd glasses, navy tights, and knee-high boots, she’d basically have a Modcloth styled look.

    • MoHub

      Kara Janx’s Inspiration dress was a plain black sheath with yellow “caution tape” wrapped around it. the dress was terrible, but she had a pretty good story to go with it.

    • OrigamiRose

      Daniel was sobbing because he had to cut up and reappropriate the Joan Collins jacket into a new garment.

      And it wasn’t just a few tears. The man was having a full-on meltdown talking about it. After the fact.

    • libraangel

      They were supposed to base their design on the L&T rose and I guess some of them thought that meant pink?

  • Sarah

    SHENANIGANS . And here’s why. I don’t like Samantha’s dress, but I felt that it was an obvious ploy to keep drama in the show when they decided to keep Richard in, and if it was between the two, I think that Samantha could have contributed better looks and fine commentary to the program going forward and it wouldn’t have been worse for the wear, so there was no need to keep in Mr. I’m Living For My Beach Cover-Up. Especially when you still have plenty of, er, odd types on the cast, if you want drama, just ask Daniel, he’s happy to CRY ABOUT A HIDDY GARMENT anytime.

    • MoHub

      And at least Samantha recognized the problems in her dress, whereas Richard couldn’t see anything wrong with his even if you shoved it down his throat.

      And I loved the comment that it was too casual for a dressy garment and too dressy for a casual one.

      • Sarah

        I loved how he was all “what, no WAY” when Tim suggested that it might look like many other items he’s sent down the runway before. He just honestly seems to find his design choices above reproach. Totally on another planet. Has to be, to not see how terrible he makes himself look when acting like a middle-schooler toward Layana (who I dislike also, but really.)

  • Wow, Layana’s dress was worse on second viewing- that fabric was just…..non-spring. and all the dark leather….whew.

  • Call me Bee

    Grrrrr. I wrote an extremely insightful and eloquent post that was lost when I had to sign in. Anyhoo…..

    I’m sorry I missed the TLounge last nigh but I’ll be back next week. I didn’t see the episode until the judging, so I guess I missed some hissy fits and in-fighting. Good.

    Michele’s look deserved the win–fresh and modern. I would never wear it, as a L&T customer, however, as I need structure in my clothes. So I would wear Layana’s with a few tweaks: different print fabric (her print is God-awful!) and a waistband made from the same fabric, as opposed to (p)leather. Other than that–for a pudgy middle-aged lady in fly-over country–the shape was very flattering and the maxi-length was fun and summery.
    Daniel’s dress was plaln ol’ ugly. I knew a few choir directors in 1987–none fo them would caught dead in that dowdy thing.
    Stanley is becoming a true seamstress: boring designs impeccably sewn.
    Richard is just nuts. Boring beach coverup.
    Patirica is nuts, too, although I like the cute top. I’m sure there are many Chico’s-wearing gals out there who’d love orange silk ankle pants,
    I’m sad to see Samantha go, as she seems sweet and well-adjusted. However, that dress was hideous and deserved the auf. I cannot imagine a designer with any sense of style at all, would seriously consider doing a heart-shaped cut-out in the back of any dress. Even for a junior’s department. That, along with the tiers of ruffles, was just a mess. Did someone (i.e. producer) talk her into that? It was so odd. But, I wish her well.

    • Indigo54

      Aren’t you surprised Tim didn’t say anything? I was surprised too that he advised Samantha to add that tacky heart in the back. He insisted that Michelle kill the rain vest, just sayin’. I Loooooove Tim but…. I smell a mouse.

      • mike__tv

        Thank you. Tim critiqued everyone else well but allowed Sam to go on with a trainwreck she could have saved. Pourquoi Tim? HE can’t have thought for a moment that the heart on the back would be a good idea.

  • I really like Patricia’s top from the front but the back was all kinds of awkward.

    I think the team thing worked with more designers because there was enough cannon fodder that either team was going to produce at least one person who needed to go. Though I think Samantha and Daniel were a toss-up in the “who should go” race this week, so I don’t mind.

  • Wow, that is the closest translation of a retail look yet. I’m impressed!

    • It’s one of the first that was really produced in a way that didn’t require changes. It’s not an expensive dress to make so the profit margin stays intact. (The lone exception to that is Bert’s dress for whomever was sponsoring that year, because that dress shouldn’t have cost that much to make and they still changed it for no good reason…)

  • BookishBren

    I have a big problem with the judges picking the teams. It reeks of producer manipulation to create more drama (okay, it IS producer manipulation).

    I would love to own Michelle’s dress. I think it is fabulous and fits so many body types.

    • OrigamiRose

      I don’t know. It beats the button bag, which we know is manipulated to have only one name on all the buttons ๐Ÿ™‚

      • MilaXX

        Yup, if you gonna manipulate, just do it and stop pretending it’s random.

    • CarolinLA

      However, putting Stanley and Patricia together was a good idea. They are polar opposites in their design approaches and what happened? Patricia REALLY benefited from Stanley’s uptightness. However, and this is what happens in team situations, Stanley was so invested in reeling in Patricia that he reeled himself in to a nearly designless garment.

  • SewingSiren

    I more or less agree with the outcome of this episode.
    Michelle’s was nice. Funny that they didn’t make her thank her team mate and Tim for getting rid of the awful rain vest. Who wears a vest to keep rain off? And generally rainwear is sold in a different department than better sportswear.
    Daniel’s was bad. I actually liked the color. He should have stuck with shorts though. Who thinks a knee length short sleeve dress is “younger” than shorts? Not me.
    As a team I thought Stanley and Patricia were the strongest. I could see both outfits hanging in Lord and Taylor’s and the same customer buy both outfits too.Design wise Stanley’s was very subtle . But it did look extremely refined. So did Patricia’s for that matter.
    Unfortunately for Samantha her dress was the worst looking and the least likely to be sold in Lord and Taylor. I didn’t think Richard’s was all that bad. And I didn’t think the young one’s (name?) was all that good or young. In fact the two that weren’t Samantha’s looked like the same customer would buy for a patio party or something.

    • MilaXX

      It wasn’t Dan’s shorts that were the problem, although it remains to be seen what he would have done with the final design, it was the Joan Collins jacket that he was making to go with it that was bad.

  • Loved the winning dress – but what the hell happened to the version L&T did? Lordy.

    The losing dress – oof, that was fugly. But then so was the pink thing. And the frowsy bondage thing.

    So much crazy, all crammed together in a room with scissors and other sharp objects. I wonder if they have men in white coats standing by with syringes, just off camera.

    So Michelle is going to win, right? Who else could they pick?

    • Indigo54

      Darn! I thought I was the first to declare Michelle the winner. It’s a no-brainer at this point, right?

    • libraangel

      I would have been upset if I were Michelle looking at the L&T version of my dress

  • Richard totally should have gone home last night. Though I think Daniel’s dress was a DISASTER. Patricia’s was interesting, as was Layana’s, and Stanley’s was boring, but well-made. Michelle absolutely deserved the win.

  • mrspeel2

    Wow, Michelle’s dress has already sold out, in all sizes!

    • Indigo54

      I’m not surprised. I’m determined to do a knock-off on it myself. For personal use only, mind you.

      • alyce1213

        Can you run one up for me, please — about size 10?

        • Indigo54

          I wish I could Cinnabon, but for the sake of our friendship, I must decline. I hope you understand.

          • alyce1213

            Of course, no hard feelings.

          • mike__tv

            LOL you two.

  • I do not respond to the team format. If each designer is responsible for his/her garment, and if the garments do not need to be cohesive (and thus no need to coordinate fabrics and establish a through-line), then what is the point of working in teams (other than to generate drama)? Even the larger teams scenario was problematic in that the second highest scoring design may be (and often was) in the losing team (and, by corollary, one of the lowest scoring designs may be–and was– in the winning team). Had this been a no-teams challenge, I would have demarcated top and bottom as follows:

    Top: Michelle, Patricia, Layana

    Middle: Richard

    Bottom: Stanley, Samantha, Daniel

    Michelle’s was the clear winner. She achieved plenty of tonal and graphic impact with her design elements. She did not take a literal-minded approach, and she appropriated Tim’s critique by ditching the vest (which would have smothered the lightness of the dress and increased the manufacturing cost).

    Patricia’s was beautiful. I love how she configured that top. It does get slightly sloppy/frilly in the back, tho. Still, she took a more interpretative approach: how to emulate the petaled anatomy of the rose without doing Ven-like pleating. It draws inspiration from a rose (the tone-on-tone, the volume, the petal-like cuts, etc…) but it is not inextricable from that inspiration. The pants are, of course, Stanley pants. From the length, to the awful crotch, to the piping.

    Stanley’s belonged in the bottom because it contains no design interest at all. Oh sure, it’s well cut and it’s got some seaming that contours the silhouette, but so should every garment. Is it worse than Daniel’s mess? No. Richard is a complete diva, but he’s not untalented (his collection was a great intermingling of retail & editorial). Samantha’s suffered from poor execution and no editing. I liked the heart cutout, but I hated the multiplicity of hems, the sloppily rendered pleats, the heaviness of the skirt portion, and the blue side-blocks. Too much.

    • MilaXX

      But had they not been in teams, Patricia would have craft shopped her way to the bottom. Stanley may have been rude, but he knew Patricia had to be reigned in.

      • Indigo54

        Amen! Stanley did what he had to do. There’s no telling what Patricia would have come up with had she been left on her own. Besides, it was refreshing to see Patricia simply design a garment, without all the do-dah’s, if you get my drift.

      • SugarSnap108

        Very true. And in this kind of situation, I think I’d actually prefer someone who’s no-nonsense and straightforward with his opinion like Stanley — versus what Patricia herself admitted to: passive-aggressive nodding and pretending to listen and agree while holding her actual opinion for camera time.

      • CarolinLA

        HOWEVER, as I pointed out in another reply, Stanley spent so much time reigning her in that he produced nothing but dull. At least Patricia is willing to shift her thinking to get back on track which she did after Tim’s visit.

        • MilaXX

          Stanley did indeed turn in dull, but I think he would have even if he wasn’t wrangling Patricia. Patricia on the other hand has even after Tim’s visit made one craft project after another. Remember that blue poncho/tent dress thing for the senior challenge?

    • libraangel

      Actually, i didn’t see the rose inspiration in most of them

  • siriuslover

    OK, so I finally watched my first episode of this season last week, and I am surprised that Samantha went home when Patricia is still there. And those two whiny man-babies–Richard and Daniel.

  • LC3203

    I’ll be honest and say this is the first time they’ve actually kept to the “one day you’re in and the next you’re out” credo. Samatha’s dress was ugly AND badly made. At least Richard’s was well made. And Daniel simply went from Joan Collins to Linda Evans. He’ll go next week for sure.

  • Indigo54

    You heard it here folks! MICHELLE IS GOING TO WIN PR THIS SEASON! (did I say that?)

    Ok, think about it. Who has the most imagination (remember her inspiration for last nites design)? Who has the best technical skills (remember how she calculated the placement of the print on the duck tape)? Who has the most solid ideas behind everything she designs – even the ugly stuff? Who can stand up to the judges and not let them kill her spirit? Michelle, that’s who! Yeah, she’s a pain in the rear and I personally don’t like her but, among this bunch, she’s definitely got the goods! I realize that ain’t sayin’ much but we gotta find something to justify watching this train wreck of a season.

    • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

      Huh. You know, I’m not particularly fond of her, but you’re probably right. Stanley also has the skills, but isn’t quite the kind of designer that PR usually rewards. My favorite was Samantha, but that ship has clearly sailed.

      Of course, the judges might just reward Daniel because they’re fond of him.

      • Indigo54

        I’m wearing all black today in mourning for the loss of my Samantha. (sniff, sniff, sob)

        Daniel? If Daniel wins I don’t know what I’ll do. I won’t have anything to wear in protest since I got rid of all my 80’s stuff years ago.

        • FemaleOnTheInterwebs

          Got any small pillows? Unused pin cushions? Just shove them into your jacket at the shoulder! It’s perfect!

          • Indigo54

            LOL. Problem solved. Thanks. Let’s pray it doesn’t come to that.

    • MilaXX

      I think so too. However if she delivers a collection that shows creativity closer to her duct tape dress and the L & T dress, I won’t mind. So far I see Stanley & Michelle final 2.

      • BeccaGo

        If you look back at the Fashion Week posts, I’m pretty sure she’s collection #5, and if so, she blows everyone else out of the water.

        • MilaXX

          I didn’t mention the Fashion Week collections for those who skip those posts.

          • BeccaGo

            Sorry. I couldn’t resist. *sheepish*

    • OrigamiRose

      That would make, what, three Portland-area designers out of ten to win it all (excluding All-Stars)?

      • Indigo54

        You’re right, I hadn’t thought about that. I’ve always wanted to go to Portland but I somehow always end up in Vegas instead.

        • OrigamiRose

          What’s interesting is I find the fashion there entirely uninspiring. When I lived there, I found myself constantly asked why I was always dressed up (in dresses and heels). Was I going someplace special? Had I just come from a party? You see a lot of black nylons – year round, on professional women over thirty. Don’t get me started on the prevalence of those things that stretch an opening in your ear lobe to the size of a quarter.

          It’s a good city, don’t get me wrong. But it’s the last place I think of as fashion-forward.

          • Indigo54

            Interesting. Sounds like Seattle. My niece lives there and says the same thing. Quarter-sized earlobes??? OUCH!

          • OrigamiRose

            Where I worked, we had to have a dress code that explicitly articulated that you could not wear contact lenses that made your eyes look googly. (Spiral-y, hypnotist, “you are getting sleeeeepy” effect.) Apparently, this is a thing, and people need to be told it’s not work appropriate? Never heard of it until I got there!

          • I’ve lived in Portland for almost twenty years, and while I’d agree (and often lament) that the overwhelmingly dominant fashion for both* sexes and all occasions is jeans and a pilling lichen-colored hoodie, those who DO dress up here tend to go all-out, even costumey, in their pursuit of a specific look. I know guys who regularly wear spats, for example, and women who always appear in impeccable full ’50s vintage, so I knew exactly where Michelle was going when she wanted to put the steampunk buttons on the man’s vest. Michelle actually reminds me of a lot of people I know here in Portland, and I find her more snarky than bitchy. She’s one of us bitter kittens at heart, I think.

            *ETA My goodness, what a Portlandia fail. I mean all genders and gender expressions, of course.

          • OrigamiRose

            Yes, I totally agree with your much-better thought out take. When I was there, I was definitely in the camp of Grace Kelly circa 1950s, although I like to think I didn’t err on the side of costume-y. I knew it stood out enough that at least once a week, I’d get someone yelling, “You look great!” or “Your dress is beautiful!” as they drove by me standing on the sidewalk on West Burnside. That just doesn’t happen in the cities I’ve lived on the East Coast. But at the same time, I also felt kind of marginalized by the majority “weird” factor that looked down on dressing up. Which is kind of why I left, I got tired of hearing I was the “wrong” kind of different.

            Anyways, I hope I didn’t sound snotty about Portland, I didn’t mean to. I loved it there. And oddly enough, the weird factor that permeates the culture there is what gave me the courage to embrace the love I had for the fashion that best suited and expressed me. It just also eventually made me feel like I’d never quite fit in. ๐Ÿ™

            I’ll see your Portlandia and raise you a bird on it! ๐Ÿ™‚

          • I agree re: Michelle. I’m just not seeing the bitchiness. I’d say that many, if not most, things are fodder for her ironic viewpoint. She’s prone to eye-rolling, too, (if not literally then figuratively), and I can just hear her saying “oh please”. Those are all things I can get behind. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Tracy_Flick

        I was thinking of the Portland connection. I like Michelle OK, but I see her as reaching for Seth Aaron and not quite making it.

        • OrigamiRose

          Seth Aaron was rather cool, though Leanne – who really only just lived in Portland, right? She was a transplant – was my favorite. Her finale collection is dear to my heart.

      • BeccaGo

        Style-wise, Michelle has always struck me as a female version of Seth Aaron. Personality-wise, she’s this season’s Elena, in that the entire Internet hates her, but her finale collection (if I’m predicting right) is spectacular. And also in that I liked both of them best from the beginning, haters be damned! Tough chicks FTW! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I’ve said here before, but I’ll say it again: I like her. Still do. I think there is this thing called a bitch vacuum. For some reason, the bitch vacuum must be filled. Even though Michelle in no way comes even remotely close to the way some creatures on this show in the past have acted (i.e. Kenley, Elena, Ivy, even our dear Santino), but because Michelle is the only one really saying anything about anybody in the confessionals (Patricia for the most part) and has been honest and straightforward when the need has called for it, into the bitch vacuum she goes and everyone in internet blogdom reacts as she is just a bad person to really truly personally dislike. Like you would dislike Elana. Even though she stood up for Matt and has been pretty professional and nice to everyone (I’d talk beind Patricia’s back to and so would everyone here, I don’t care what anyone claims otherwise – she’d be driving y’all nuts) she is a truly hateful, unkind person, who is a passive aggressive bitch to boot and we must scorn her very soul! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok. That last part was for fun. I admit she says more than Samantha or some of the others, but in the end, she is so sooooo mild in comparison and I truly believe that she’s just honest. Too bad she isn’t funnier about her confessionals because when it’s done in a funny way most people accept “backstabbing”.

      • Indigo54

        Ok, thanks.

      • You know, this has been mystifying me ever since the show started…I just don’t see why people think Michelle doesn’t have a right to express honest opinions, which is all I’ve really seen. How can they believe a show SO edited for dramatic tension reveals anything close to an authentic portrayal of a person? I would even argue that her criticisms have not been all that personal. She has even marveled at Patricia’s ability to pull something out in the end, but with the prospect of working with Patricia, I think she could see an end to the initial infatuation the judges had with her fabric manipulations. What she does recognize with a healthy amount of skepticism is Patricia’s heavy dependence on craft and fabric manipulation over construction and styling of the garment itself. Even Patricia admits her “thing” has gotten her into trouble with time management. That get-up for the older generation episode was pretty hideous, and she graciously owned it–nevertheless, it was her garment that prevented her team from winning (and, again, Michelle’s dress in that competition was, I think, the best).

        I’m convinced Michelle will win the season–clearly, her collection for Fashion Week was #5–her trademark skirt shapes, drape and craft, epaulet details, dropped hems, attention to tailoring, as well as her color palette are obvious in that collection. Furthermore, she is the ONLY one this season who has consistently sent out polished, cohesive garments that reveal a confident, unique vision. I really admire her strength of character in standing up for her own garments in the face of some high-powered criticism…as well, she has shown great compassion for other contestants who have struggled.

    • alyce1213

      She had a couple of missteps early in the season, but I think you’re right. She’s shown herself to be imaginative and skilled. I’m interested to see what she can do with more time.

      My best bet is that the final three will be Michelle, Stanley and Layana (the judges love her).

  • Isabel

    What is the JS Collection? They don’t even mention Michelle’s name on the website! HOWEVER, the dress sold out?

    • BeccaGo

      I was wondering that, too. I’m gonna walk by Lord & Taylor tomorrow to see what they have up in the window.

  • Isabel

    Patricia’s eyes – she could have a thyroid problem. Barbara Bush had buggy eyes when she was First Lady.

    • OrigamiRose

      True. That’s why I feel bad for the way they edit her, with the zoom in on them to maximize the cray cray visual feeling, when it’s probably not anything she can control.

    • SugarSnap108

      Hmm, that’s possible … But it seems like she does it purposely, in reaction to things that astound her.

    • She could also just have REALLY large eyes. I frequently look buggy when a camera is on me if I have my contacts in, especially for shots after the first because the light irritates. My eyes are huge (think Amanda Seyfried size) and lovely in person, but I don’t wear my contacts often so I’m not used to them making my eyes go more crazy/buggy and things like lights for filming would seriously bug.


    I know you’ve probably all seen this a thousand times, but just in case you need a laugh and nice reminder of what it was like when a 1-day challenge was a one off thing and we were like “ONE DAY?? OUCH! Good thing they don’t have to do those too often!” Oh, the irony. Notice how they actually have the dress forms in the sewing rooms with them while singing. They had time for that kind of stuff. I want to go back in time. TLo must have a Wayback Machine, right?

  • MilaXX

    Lifetime doesn’t even attempt subtlety. The handwriting was on the wall the minute she was assigned team pissing contest. Dan’s dress looks even worse in the light of day and it’s clear he only received any praise at all to justify giving Michelle the win. Michelle isn’t my favorite person, but she was clearly the winner last night. Ironically out of all the dresses Stanley’s is the one I would buy. Then again I am closer to the demographic L & T is trying to get away from than the 20 something they are now seeking.
    I also noticed that part of Dan’s mustache includes over grown nose hair and now I am both grossed out and unable to not see it. After his weeping overly that fugly jacket I want him to go home even before Patricia & Richard.

  • marilyn

    Samantha needed to go. No one over the age of 8 could wear this without being embarrassed by the heart on the back. Really. Is this going to be part of a Hello Kitty line? The colors were bad, the design was a retro costume of some kind, and I can’t imagine the L&T clientele wearing this. This is too childish for Justice 21. She was sent home because this was totally unsuitable for the challenge, and showed extremely poor taste. It does not matter that it looked well made. It had too many mistakes in it. What was she thinking??

    I actually liked Layanna’s dress, and the print did not offend me. It would have been nice if she had won. I think Michelle’s dress was okay, but did not really wow me. It was a little too understated for the challenge. That green and the grayish color are very difficult to wear. Even the model’s skin looked rather grayish next to the fabrics. The color was spring-like, but hard to wear.

    • libraangel

      Layana’ print: too Carmen Miranda for Spring!

  • Is it just me or did anyone else see in Michelle’s dress a reference to Mondo’s dress from PR All Stars business challenge? It was the one for Nanette Lapore where Mondo used the different fabric remnants and made a really cute shift dress.

    I thought it was a smart design then and think so now. I really thought the proportions, colors and textures were beautifully handled. I know Michelle loved her rain vest but thank blessed Saint Anne, Tim dragged her into reality and made her work on the dress.

  • patticake1601

    Next season I want the judges to sit closer to the runway. They aren’t sitting close enough to see the terrible sewing and construction. Seriously, they sit too far and all too often they have trouble seeing the garments because they use the cards as visors, they are obviously having problems seeing the outfits.

    Samantha’s dress was hideous and so poorly made!! It was a mess. Why didn’t anyone mention Daniel’s obvious mistake in putting that dress together? The outside fabric was either cut larger then the inside or the fabric stretched so much that it sagged. It was terrible. It just looked like a flaccid mess. Cry over that!

    Also can we stop with the old contestants choosing the new contestants? Or is it the producers influencing them on their choices? Either way the last two seasons we’ve seen designers that are so out of their league on this show. More runway and less project…pleeeese!

    • Qitkat

      More good ideas for improving this show. Instead we get ideas that generate more drama, aka the producers’ path(ology).

    • Lisa_Cop

      I think they use the cards to partially block out the glare from the very bright camera lighting that you need for filming.

    • libraangel

      What I want to see less of – no delete entirely – is Ms. Heidi’s “Who do you think should be eliminated?” Yeah, cool, girl, cool: what a good way to whip up animosity!

      • patticake1601

        yes!! She has done this every season. It’s such a passive aggressive way to screw with their heads and just score points for ratings.

      • I hate that. I really friggin’ hate it. The team idea is supposed to be about learning to work with other people, i.e., it gives designers some real world experience*. (As far as I know, it was Tim’s idea, and I imagine that was his goal) I’ve worked on teams, and I can’t remember anyone ever asking the team members “OK, who screwed up?” during a post-project meeting. You’d have to be a sociopath/worst boss in the world to do that.

        *Of course, we all know the producers thought it was a great idea because it could create maximum drama.

  • Frank_821

    Thinking about it, Daniel should have stuck to the original concept and focused on making the jacket more current/youthful.. Pairing with shorts was still great but the jacket by itself was boring-regardless of how well it was constructed. If he had made the sleeves short with a white trim/lapel or maybe ditch the sleeves all together, it would have shift the target age by 15 years

    • JLH

      This. I tried to articulate it in TLounge last night but I was fresh off of a late-night DVR viewing and still perplexed by his meltdown. I love blazers (although I don’t look good in them) and think if he had made some tweaks he would have been on to something. I’m all for a strong punch of color and I think it could have worked.

      • libraangel

        Yes, might have worked with shorts

    • NoGovernmentName

      Yes! How did anyone think that boring dress shape would work? A hip jacket with bubble gum pink shorts might have been made to work. What he did make only highlighted the awfulness of that color. I don’t actually think Michelle’s advice saved much of anything.

  • carrps

    Michelle’s was the obvious winner, but I would never wear it. The color? Hiddy. And as someone with a bosom and a booty, I would pull the lines of that dress all out of shape. It’s made for a flat-chested girl with no butt.

    What was up with the shower scrubbie Michelle was wearing in her hair? She may think she’s rock ‘n’ roll, but she dresses like a deranged homeless person.

  • carrps

    Forgot to mention: hated Layana’s. Well, the shape was o.k., but it’s been done. Forever. Why wasn’t that mentioned? And the ugly pleather trim looked like one of those back support vests the guys on loading docks wear. The print? Not even a myopic granny would pick that print.

  • Kate4queen

    I think Stanley was so busy dealing with Patricia that he didn’t have any creative energy left for his own garment.
    I know Daniel is a pain, but Michelle’s passive aggressive negativity must have been really wearing to work with all day. I did think her dress was the best, however, I still don’t like her.
    Samantha’s was just badly executed all round. It looked terrible, but I’ll miss her commonsense and humor.Patricia’s was lovely but only because Stanley watched her all the fricking time!

  • Imasewsure

    “When youโ€™ve outdone Andrae on the weepy histrionics front, youโ€™ve really made your mark.” I saw two minutes of this season and those were the two minutes. Guy needs to get out a bit… guy also needs some talent (maybe past results were better?).

    • libraangel

      Again, on Mila Hermanski’s blog, she says that the designers do not get to go out nor see their families, so maybe (?) this explains some of the emotional fatigue

  • A rose challenge??? Where was Ven?!

  • I made my first dress when I was 13 in a Singer sewing class that had set in sleeves and a zipper with a fitted bodice, and it was much much nicer than Daniel’s dress. The judges goofed because at first Daniel thought both team members would be in L&T. He said he could picture his dress in their window. I was so embarrassed for him. That dress was HIDEOUS due to the construction. Stanley’s offering was too plain, but the fit and construction were beautiful. Samantha’s dress was beautiful from the waist up–front view. I like much of Layana’s work.

  • VivianAdvanced

    I think this is the first PR where I really haven’t liked ANY of the contestants. There were a couple of benign ones that I didn’t have anything against, but there hasn’t been anyone to root for this season. I can’t stand Daniel and his post-menopausal tears. He should have gone many weeks ago, but was spared for one reason or another. The team concept was completely stupid this week. The team members weren’t even supposed to make cohesive looks, just do something inspired by the L&T symbol, so what was the point? Daniel coasted along like a remora attached to a shark. His dress looked like something Barbie would wear in old age.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I think the biggest difference between the Lifetime and Bravo years is the professionalism of the contestants. Just finished watching season 1 again. Most challenges were 1 day and (the page 6 bathing suit episode) was 5 hours. But from Kara Saun to Austin Scarlett, most of the designers at least had some schooling. Gen Art ( a kind of incubator for designer talent post school) helped with casting. Now except for maybe 3 designers per season, most are self-taught, have never worked in fashion and never will. They are chosen for personality and drama. Some probably have only a basic idea of how to thread and run a sewing machine. Stanley and Ben were the only 2 this season with professional experience. Samantha, I believe, went to school for design. I think that is quite sad but so are the garments being churned out.

      • libraangel

        Supposedly Layana went to FIT

        • Lisa_Cop

          In the interview with her on the Lifetime website she says she went to Katherine Gibbs for 2 years then transferred to FIT. The only jobs I think she said she had, though, were at Costco.

          • libraangel

            – Costco??!!!

  • BobStPaul

    While not defending Daniel’s garment, I have to give him props for pulling it together in what appeared to be a very short time and for re-using fabric that was originally cut for a jacket. I am liking Michelle’s work more and more and I’m not put off by her personality as much as others. I found Stanley to be pretty overbearing in terms of his dealings with Patricia but I believe this was one of the few challenges in which she didn’t have time management challenges – which I attribute to his being on her case constantly. Plus this was her best look since the very first challenge. Based on her overall work and her personality, it would have been nice to see Samantha stay but this really was the worst outfit on the runway. It’s too bad because when it was simply laying on the table during Tim’s critique it appeared as though it would be a really cute design (minus the heart cutout). If she had stuck to color blocking without all the layers I think it would have been much more successful. I really disliked much of this episode because there was really no rationale for the continuation of the team concept aside from maximizing the drama.

  • MintaHallWriter

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I loved Patricia’s look last night. It’s probably the first thing she’s sent down the runway that I flat-out loved. Gorgeous color, flattering top that’ll make a lot of women and a lot of shapes look good. I suspect TLo is right in saying it’d be hard to manufacture for $250, though.

    I still hate Michelle. She’s obnoxious. I like her dress, but that color will be HORRIFIC. It’s very hard to wear that poisonous green/yellow color and not look jaundiced, unless you’re a woman of color. In which case even there you have to be careful about it. And while I didn’t notice it much last night, there was an odd bulge in the center back seam down by the hem.

    Daniel seems to be on happy drugs. Michelle is rude and obnoxious. Layana is just a miserable human being, rude and self-righteous. Richard is…strange. He reminds me of Don Rickles. And I don’t like Don Rickles. Stanley doesn’t really work well with others–with anyone but Patricia he just hunkers in a corner and does his thing; with Patricia he’s overbearing and micromanaging.

    At this point, I think it’ll be Michelle, Stanley and maybe, I don’t know, Layana in the finals? And I don’t think I like any of them.

    • CarolinLA

      Loved Patricia’s.

      • libraangel

        me too

    • Scoobydrew

      you are not alone … I loved patricia’s look … but I always think she does something interesting.

  • Stubenville

    Snidley’s dress = hairdressers’ smock with shoulder pads. In retina searing pink. I’m shocked that Nina didn’t tackle him and kill him with her bare hands.

    • OrigamiRose

      We missed you last night in the Lounge! (Although given Disqus, we may not have seen you…)

      • Stubenville

        Aren’t you nice! I was driving home from a client site when the show aired. I got to see the runway and but didn’t visit the lounge. Unfortunately, it sounds like most of the show was bickering anyway.

        • OrigamiRose

          Project Bicker. Now that would be a more honest title at this point ๐Ÿ™‚

    • libraangel

      Quite the opposite. Wasn’t it Nina who said she liked the shoulders?

  • formerlyAnon

    My predictions were all wrong, couldn’t have been wronger.

    I agree that Samantha’s dress showed more skill and ability than Daniel’s, but in a retail situation, with a gun to my head, I’d buy Daniel’s. And I suspect I’m closer to L&T’s demographic than the woman who’d choose Samantha’s. So I’m not outraged.

    I think the right dress won for the target demographic as they articulated it. I’m older than that, and Stanley’s would be kinder to my body shape, so it would be *my* favorite.

    I was surprised Patricia did relatively well. Daniel is either way overtired, a huge mess, or playing up for the cameras. Choose as many as you think apply. Richard’s would sell to a wide age range in my warm climate (in a good quality fabric) at a higher price than one *can get* similar dresses cheaply (well under $50.00), but I can’t see it going for much over $150.00. I was surprised at how much I liked Layana’s which may speak to how unimpressive the field was.

    I can’t say much more than that they are all getting irritating to me, and I haven’t watched every episode.

    • I actually think overtired, I was watching it thinking “oh hun” got to bed, for about a week. I am not a pink person, I am very not a suit in pink person, I hated the jacket.

      • libraangel

        On the Project Runway blog, Mila Hermanski mentioned awhile ago the they are overtired, due to the fact that one challenge is almost directly after the previous one. They also have blogs by Nick Verreos, and Bert Keefer and it is interesting to hear what really happens on PR sometimes.

  • The more I look at Daniel’s, the more it looks like “Head Hospital Nurse (c. 1985) Barbie.” I didn’t get all the hate in the workroom for the color, though, and I did appreciate that some of the judges liked the color. It was just the shape and cut that was so off…

    • Terrie_S

      Yes! When watching the episode, I kept thinking “Nurse.”

    • Sarah

      Yeah, the hate for the color was sort of weird. Isn’t that the same color, virtually, that Richard used, and no one seemed to care? I think the problem was that that pink acted as a “highlighter” for the terrible designs Daniel produced. And yes to Hospital Nurse Barbie! Haha!

  • Richard is typical delusional, superficial, tacky LA trash. One of millions of reasons I took a trip there, spent a few days, said “not for me” and moved to Colorado. And he makes ugly dresses.

    • carrps

      Sacamento is not L.A.

  • CarolinLA

    Here’s another failure of the team concept at this point: no one is really interested in saving their teammates, or any other contestant. They’re only out for themselves and let the chips fall where they may. And frankly who can blame them? Layana is so self-centered and she’s never really shown any team spirit and she was never going to step in and slap Samantha out of that hideous design.

  • rumcg66

    I can accept that Daniel had to stay because Michelle had to get the win. What I CAN’T accept is the judges talking about his dress as if it was even a little bit acceptable. I think that moment may have finally put me off this show for good.

    • alyce1213

      Yeah, that was so wrong. Heidi did, however, stress at the end that he was saved only by the strength of Michelle’s look.

  • Lilithcat

    Daniel’s dress wasn’t just boring. The construction was among the worst I’ve ever seen on this show (aside from certain unfinished menswear garments). It’s pulling and twisting and wrinkling everywhere.

    That said, Samantha’s was the second ugliest.

  • Jeffy

    Clearly, due to the emotional volatility of Daniel – not to mention his wild hair – in the confessionals excerpted last night, he will eventually be cut. The producers have to figure out a better way to have the designers that are booted pull it together to discuss previous episodes on their way out.

    • OrigamiRose

      Yes, those talking heads totally had the “auf” aura around them. I mean, he got that emotional about the memory of cutting up that jacket how many days after the fact? Oy.

  • lacy Betters

    “Hello Swatch.” -Tim Gunn

    Favorite moment.

  • mskgb

    Dear Daniel,

    This is what a pink shorts outfit looks like:

  • mars tokyo

    Richard’s styling was the worst. The pulled back hair– right out of the pool. That big patent leather bag? it cemented it as a “beach look”– should have coupled it with flip-flops.

    • libraangel

      But what about Daniels’ 1960’s flip-out hair?!

  • will someone please tell layana and richard that this is not the high school cafeteria? thank you.

  • CarolinLA

    I wish TLo would do a poll on the new Disqus format. I vote OUT.

    • libraangel

      me too

      • Lisa_Cop

        Me three but I think it’s a Disqus thing not something TLo can do anything about.

        • CarolinLA

          Of course not. I just want to know how many people think it’s an improvement.

  • I couldn’t watch most of the first hour, the drama queens are getting on my nerves.

  • Indigo54

    How did Michelle end up with Patricia’s model?

    • OrigamiRose

      The models have been all messed up this season. There’s no rhyme or reason to it anymore.

  • kindwordsonly

    I think you are cruel to Daniel. I don’t see him as a fake as you do.

  • flamingoNW

    I agree re: team challenges to this point. I’ve been surprised how much I’ve liked it.

  • Scoobydrew

    While I am no fan of Michelle, she really deserved the win this week – for the best design and for putting up with Daniel.

    A wise woman once told me that when someone starts a sentence “you made me feel ….” you should disregard it, no one has the power to make someone else feel anything. Ultimately it is about themselves and their own issues.

  • flamingoNW

    Anybody else think that Richard’s dress look like she’s got pink panties down at her ankles?….

    • libraangel

      or a wedgie

  • queenceleste

    Not only was Daniel’s dress simply hiddy, but the styling!! That hair came straight out of Texas–in fact i could just see some queen bee bitch running a toddler’s beauty pageant wearing the whole outfit.

  • queenceleste

    I don’t get the michelle hate. I’ve always kind of liked her.

    • BeccaGo

      THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one. Solidarity, sister! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • We don’t get it either. But every season, someone gets singled out by the audience for “trash talking” or “talking behind someone’s back” and once that’s collectively decided up, everyone ignores the fact that they ALL trash talk each other behind their backs. Every single one of them.

    • Me either. She’s my pick to win.

  • Seeing as how the judges have changed their logic/criteria as they see fit, there was no reason why they couldn’t have auf’d Daniel for that mess of a dress. After all, they a few challenges ago sent two people out when they promised one and declared no one the winner in the previous challenge. It’s neither here nor there with this group to me, but I digress…

    Michelle’s was the best up there and really made her competition look weak in comparison. Samantha’s was pure ice skater and Richard’s was a good if “done before” dress…between the two of them, I agreed that Sam’s was the out (though truth be told, that was an out for Daniel if there ever was one). At any rate, the remaining designers seem proficient yet boring the hell out of me…it doesn’t really matter who they cut at this point (though Layana being the next to go would be fantastic).

    • libraangel

      Guilty admission: I sometimes watch ‘Fashion Star’ ( I know, I know!), but believe it or not, some of the designs are less boring than Stanley’s and Daniel’s.

  • libraangel

    I feel like Swatch on this episode. Just wanna lie totally down with my legs behind me. I’m getting tired of the drama fights. (And sorry, T&L, my loves, I disagree about Stanley. He WAS controlling of Patricia, I think she kept her mouth shut and just nodded so she wouldn’t start an argument, instead just for both of them to get on with their work)
    And actually I liked Patricia’s best this week. Maybe a little Carneval cruisey but loved the top and the capris looked chic and different. Poor Samantha! Should not have been aufed, even though her dress was stupid, she is talented! I hated everything else, especially Layana’s print and black leather combo (EECK Why not beige leather and a light spring floral?!) And yes, o.k. I’ll say it, even though I am in the minority (or maybe the only one!), but I hated Michelle’s dress. O.K. I get what they said about the styling, but the colors turn me so off, and even the panels, and shiny ribbon YUCK

    • Sing4yursupper

      Spot on, libraangel. I didn’t like Michelle’s dress. The color was okay, but few have the coloring to carry it off. It was much too short. Not my favorite at all.

      Daniel’s dress was the worst. Annoying color, poorly executed and the worst of the bunch. Sassy 80’s choir director indeed.

  • EverybodysStarling

    It was like Daniel’s confessionals were getting crazier every minute. At the end he looked like that famous Einstein picture – only thing missing was his tongue sticking out.

  • MissAmynae

    *Samantha made a figure skater’s dress. I just can’t stand that hemline. I’m okay with her going home.
    *Layana is a Mean Girl Bitch. Full stop, flat out, bee-yotch. We’ve seen that EXACT dress shape pretty much every season on PR.
    *I saw Richard’s dress at Target. And bought it for $35. (god love him)
    *Daniel cracked. Yes, I will defend him because he is a friend. That episode had nothing to do with Michelle, and a ton to do with the pressures and frustrations of being a positive-minded person surrounded by extreme stress and a boatload of negativity. That being said, I won’t defend that dress. Wish he would have done the jacket and shorts.

    *Michelle reminds me of Jeffrey Sebelia. Bitchy, but still kinda cool.
    *WTF Stanley? borrrrriiinnnggggg. but well made.
    *My mother would wear Patricia’s outfit in a second. Its interesting that she’s lasted this long. I enjoy seeing an artisan on the show, and can’t wait to see what she does next week with the print design challenge.

    • Frank_821

      Oh I agree Daniel cracked and it became apparent his tirade had nothing to do with Michelle. I couldn’t help but wince seeing his meltdown. It’s clear the main criticism that the judges have lobbed at him is if can show a distinctive enough point of view that is both current and forward thinking.

      I think Rachel Roy gave him some very good advice and what Michelle said regarding his creativity during the judging was spot on. The man is talented. He needs to get it properly developed.

      That being said, I hope I can splurge on a ticket for his runway show during Austin Fashion week.

  • Anne Silberman

    Patricia attended a Taos screening of PR last night and gave insider info during the commercial breaks. She didn’t say it, but by the look in her eyes I could tell that she gets sent home next week. By the way, she was charming and lovely and gracious and I kinda fell a little in love with her!

    • hmm, let me guess… they are going to build it up as “her challenge.” one of the designers will give a blurb about how patricia is their biggest competition for this challenge. she will break under the pressure and they will send her home even though you expected her to so well. SO SURPRISING!

    • OrigamiRose

      I think Patricia would be a great asset to a designer. I don’t think she’s strong enough to be on her own, but she absolutely offers a unique perspective and has a great eye for detail and textiles. This challenge showed how much she benefits from a strong manager, and I do hope she finds a great place in the design world as a result of PR.

  • Slade Thunderdragon

    Michelle’s outfit was clearly the best. It was fresh and fun. Since Samantha’s gone, I’m forced to root for her now.

    Daniel’s model looked like an overworked and underpaid office secretary from 1980-something. The downside to this team dynamic.

    Patricia’s pants were stupidiculous, but that top was interesting. I liked the different shades of orange layered over each other.

    Stanley’s was well-made but more boring than his personality.

    Layana’s print that she used looked like goat-cheese pizza, and she should have gone home for it. I’m over her aesthetic, her attitude, and her voice.

    Richard’s may have been safe and whatever, but at least it was constructed well. I think he deserved to make it through, even though his hypersensitive, middle-school personality gets on my last nerve.

    Samantha’s was ugly as crap, but she should have been in over both Layana and Richard.

    I’m gradually running out of people to root for. I was rooting for Joseph, then he got out. I was then rooting for Tu and Kate, and they got out. I was then forced to root for Samantha, now she’s out. Now I’m going for Michelle. If she gets out, I may be forced to root for Patricia. I know that Stanley is better than her, but he’s way too boring for me to root for him.

    • BeccaGo

      “Stupidiculous” is my new favorite description of anything.

  • guest2visits

    The more I view Patricia’s, the more her top and bottom clash. The slick materials of both top and bottom were also not the not the best to pair together. And viewing it on Lifetime with the zoom shows alot of the panels if not all were unfinished and fraying. And I’m sure THAT was not a technique, that was just slap-dash construction. The simple tied-off portion in the back wasn’t a great fit either; lucky it was just a very primitive string-tie closure. And she chose her own fabrics.
    Which just makes me all the more irritated about her turning Stanley’s observations and helpful directions into some kind of harassment. Anybody telling Patricia her fabrications need to take a back seat to crafting a salable garment is an evil person with bad intentions – not someone who wants her to do well, obviously, since they’re tied to each other in a team-score.
    I don’t think it’s in Stanley’s nature to waste time on something that doesn’t need fixing, nor does he appear to be someone who just picks arbitrary fights. But of course no one gets between Patricia and her box of crayons. She strikes me as one who’s been indulged quite a bit. And she has yet to work with ANY team members she’s been paired with in a collaborative
    way; she doesn’t really consider anyone else unless there’s been some arm-twisting first. Without Tim coming by their table;
    she had already told the camera she had blown off Stanley’s advice. After Tim let her know she was off track; new story.
    I’m not for the team competitions myself; but everyone else was expected to ‘make it work’.
    I wanted to say on Daniel’s behalf; I thought his hissy fit with Michelle was highly ridiculous; and therefore very
    entertaining…. but I also understand how exhausted and fried he must have been feeling to have been so easily upset.
    He comes across as very earnest and a willing trooper; God knows I would never have consented to participate in a team
    competition myself, and he did it with gusto. Still; it’s an indication to me how dysfunctional the whole team concept is;
    when they get to the end it becomes more obvious they are trying to win the prize for themselves and the team members
    are just in the way of that goal. It’s got to be one more thing on their frenzied plate to juggle.

    • tldr

      • guest2visits

        That happens.

    • libraangel

      Sorry, but I don’t think any of the teams worked collaboratively, so the whole team concept is a farce. Not even the two/three looks were cohesive. I also disagree with you about Patricia. She not only did not bug Stanley about his dress, I think she just didn’t want to get into an argument a la Daniel and Michelle.

      • guest2visits

        Like I said; I think, personally… that the team concept is a dysfunctional one to start with. They aren’t there to
        work together to build one thing; and win it for the team. The prize is not going to be shared among two or
        more people, as far as I know. And they are all making separate items, and struggling to be seen as separate
        designers. It makes me crazy when the judges say they don’t know who someone is as a designer – if they
        really want to know – don’t put them on a team where they are being asked to collaborate or compromise their
        style. Although on some of these challenges; like this last one – they are only sharing the budget and looking
        out for other team mate’s end results, trying to make sure they do well, since they are lumping the designers
        scores together (supposedly). Who knows – I think the team thing is a farce too.
        Patricia didn’t mess with Stanley about anything he was making because she doesn’t care. She doesn’t have
        to worry about Stanley’s ability to make something good. And really; I don’t think she cares who else is on her
        team; she’s not about helping anyone else with their work; she doesn’t do that help thing. She does her own thing. Every-Time. Stanley was looking out for her (and himself) by making sure whatever special process she was about to embark on – it needed to be something she could finish and something that made sense for the L&T challenge. That’s what I got out of his short, but worried advice. It was Tim who she finally listened to, who had to tell her how costly her outfit was going to end up. Everyone else in that workroom who had already been paired with Patricia before; stayed away. Or he could have not said a word – and just let the chips fall. And I can’t recall the exact chat – but the judges paired Stanley with Patricia for some reason.
        I think Patricia’s habit is to start on wonderful ideas that never get finished properly and look like a school
        project – or she picks the wrong fabrics/materials to match with her techniques. I think it’s about taste and her
        ability to make wearable clothes. But that is purely my own point of view. Lots of people like her things.
        Her attitude that her work should never be questioned or changed – makes the team thing difficult too.
        Hey LibraAngel – so sorry for the looong rant. I’ll try and do better next time.

        • libraangel

          Don’t apologize for your “rant” – not a rant, but a way to explain things
          I do see your point of view, but I think Richard needs to change his attitude also, don’t you think? He and Layana were like five -year olds not speaking to each other.

          • guest2visits

            If I were a better writer – they would be shorter; believe it!
            Agree Richard and Layana were pretty silly. Especially Richard; a 5yr old who missed his nap.

        • libraangel

          You don’t have to apologize. Not a rant – instead an opinion – and you are right

  • I was also confused after seeing each design go down the runway. How could the best look and the worst look both be on the same team?! Oh, ok, so they’ll just somehow pretend that moustache guy’s design is not some horribly out-dated tackfest from a bygone era where a woman’s wealth depended on the man she married, and declare him part of the winning team, sure! At least they couldn’t even try to pretend that he was a contender for the winner. Really sucks that this caused Samantha to take the losing place though.. she would have had one of the best collections by far.. ugh!

    • OrigamiRose

      I know – wasn’t it just a couple challenges ago that the Mean Girls were told, “Oh, you had the highest scores, but Patricia’s piece of suckage pulled you down”? Which is fine, but for Christ’s sake, be consistent with that stuff, don’t make excuses for suckage just to give someone a win. Why not just say, “You’re lucky Michelle’s dress was SO good, because yours was a pile of pink, shoulder-pad infested vomit”?

      • libraangel

        I forgot about the Patricia thing, but you are so right: why didn’t Daniel’s “score” pull Michelle down?!

        • OrigamiRose

          It should have. Snidely McWeepy.

  • jetpackdino

    Daniel’s pink dress looked like he was channeling Michelle Pfeiffer from Hairspray.

    Samantha’s dress looked like it was straight from Gymboree. I was sad to see her go, though.

    Stanley & Patricia’s looks moved beautifully on the runway. Stanley’s dress was too simple, but there was something amazing about it too.

  • anneland

    Suzanne Timmons, you work at L&T. You had one shot to be on TV. THAT’S what you chose to wear???!!

    • libraangel

      Liked Suzanne’s clothes as they at least looked trendy and cool. But Bonnie (CEO?!) -an animal print and a pile of black pearls? Yuck! As Nina would say, “a question of taste”!

  • spooki C

    UGH, wtf was wrong with Daniel? That meltdown was cray-cray and that dress is a travesty. I actually do like the color but the shape of that dress is so so so wrong. Make it a pencil skirt, add a peplum to the waist and fix that god damn hem. Sure it wouldn’t be any more original but at least it would have been a “dress we’ve seen a thousand times” from this decade.

    I liked Richard’s dress even if it’s also unoriginal, it just looks like an easy way to look effortless but not boring. He’s getting on my nerves though. Yes, Layana is annoying as fuq but he is just as much a child as she is.

  • slowestloris

    Oh god, Daniel… the first thing I thought when I saw that hideous dress of his on the runway was “clothes that make people happy? I guess so, the person wearing it wouldn’t look out of place dispensing happy pills in some institution”

    God. Awful. Combined with his ridiculous statements and the way he was acting he’s way at the bottom of my list now. Together with Richard and his annoying over the top enthusiasm for his boring ass clothes.

    Poor Samantha. I liked her, and I liked her personal style, but that dress was pretty terrible.

  • DeTrop

    So where’s the serious talent? Now it seems, we’re left with Stanley, Daniel and Richard for the men. Layana, Patricia and Michelle for the women. We all know that Daniel is old-fashioned and Richard is over-the-top so that leaves Stanley. The problem with him is that he doesn’t fit the ‘drama’ role PR craves. He did assert his inner-meanness at Patricia this week but usually he’s very focused and quiet. On the other side we have three women who can fill the ‘drama’ role with Layana criticising everyone, Michelle snapping at Patricia ad nauseum, and Patricia looking like she just saw something or heard something that scared her. Jeez! What a group. Where is the talent? Michelle finally made a lovely dress and Patricia was not that far behind with her ensemble. Layana is very feminine and I’m not sure that can carry her through. Stanley did himself no favor with his dress this week. It was well executed but showed little creativity. This was his week to shine but he came across as competent at best. Daniel and Richard will have to pull a rabbit out of a hat to keep going forward. Daniel has made a few lovely outfits but they are not fashion forward in any way shape or form. Richard’s only hope is that they keep him on for the drama. (I do feel sorry for Richard, however. He has become very defensive owing to the fact that Stanley dumped him and the girls rained on his parade. He comes across as full of himself, but I think he’s a gentle man in over his head. PR has kept him too long and it’s affecting his self-esteem). Sorry for the length.

  • aahlife

    Is the dress for sale? I went to the link and there is nothing there, and I also did a search. Nada. And if so, what is the price?

    • libraangel

      On the PR site, they mention the dress being now being on sale, but I don’t know if they mention the price. Also, they mentioned last week (spoiler!!) that Michelle put in an appearance at L&T

    • BeccaGo

      I had a hard time finding it, too. It’s sold out, per the website. Price is $259.

    • mhleta

      Yes, the link worked for me. $259, but they only have a size 8 left.

  • metalmuffins

    I wanted to like Samantha’s look, but yeah it was pretty bad. It sort of looked like a failed Sailor Moon costume to me. Nonetheless, I was sad to see her go, she was my favorite.

    I was laughing so hard at Daniel’s tearful monologue. I have been waiting for this since the beginning of the show. He has been super nice and sweet the whole show, and I have just been waiting for him to turn up the drama and unleash his inner bitchiness, securing his spot for a least a few more weeks. He is totally an evil genius (you can tell by the mustache).

  • CommentsByKatie

    Samantha was the only one I thought was qualified to win the season. WHo is going to win now? Michelle? Stanley? Ugh.

    I am so disappointed they sent her home. It should have been Richard!! He was in the bottom last week! I can’t come up with an explanation for this auf other than producer manipulation, and that makes me really, really sad.

  • chitowndg

    I would have bought Stanley’s dress had they produced it for the seaming, the color and the length. A great summer dress which is actually pretty hard to find.

  • Nexli B

    Is it just me, or does this feel like the longest season ever?? At the beginning of this episode when Heidi said there were still 7 designers left I was counting to see how many more episodes we’d have to endure. I only keep watching because of TLo

  • bobman59

    While I realize that this show isn’t remotely about fashion, I’m really tired of the drama and the clothes. They don’t give fashtestants enough time to construct anything really interesting. I’ve been fast forwarding to the runway results. Neither the clothes nor the drama feel organic anymore. This is going to be my last season. Klum is being fitted for the Fonzi leather jacket and water skis for me.

    • Right? It’s shocking that out of all the applicants they must get, this group was the best they could find? Maybe some of them are actually really talented, but it’s hard to know. The challenges seem orchestrated to ensure that no one can have the time or headspace to design anything really good.

  • mhleta

    Thank you, TLO for reaffirming my every annoyance with this episode. The fact that Daniel was so very pleased with himself over this disgraceful mess of a dress proves to me that he is unbalanced and delusional. The idea of him running his own design shop and anyone having to work under him makes me break out into a cold sweat. The judges were wayyyy too nice to him.

  • aahlife

    The link now works for me, before I got an incomplete page, no photo and no price. Interesting they do not have a photo that shows the back of the dress. Wondering if they will restock or it is over. I presume the designer does not see a dime, all proceeds split between Project Runway and Lord and Taylor.


  • libraangel

    I just looked at everything again when I scrolled down and my opinion has changed: I now hate everything

  • libraangel

    I just scrolled down and looked at everything again. Now I don’t like anything

  • libraangel

    Just feel sorry for Daniel

  • DeTrop

    I think I’m coming down with amnesia. Did this group do their decoy collections for Fashion Week? If so, where can I find them. Thank you.

  • T Lo, as a (sometime) choir director, I can tell you, none of us would ever wear that pink dress of Daniel’s. Not with those shoulders. You can’t conduct in those shoulders. Also that color would be hugely distracting to singers. Not enough contrast with your skin tone. It would make seeing the conducting gestures very difficult. This is why conductors generally wear black or navy blue.

    And also, Daniel’s dress is hideous.

    Edited because I somehow typed Richard when I meant to say Daniel. I think because Richard made himself such a jerk that I can’t stop thinking about him.

  • ccm800

    he looks like Josh’s father.

  • KateOlive

    Excellent critiques

  • Guest

    Bye bye, Manga French Maid!

  • Daniel: Flight Attendant Barbie. Samantha: Manga French Maid.

  • Daniel and his granny aesthetic is wearing me out and can Richard (this years one way monkey, I mean one trick pony) get the boot already!

  • Late to the party, but wanted to toss in my 2 cents-

    The Bottom: Samantha’s dress was awful – hated pretty much every element of it – from the layers of limp ruffles, to the cut out heart, and then there was the overall ugly colors. It was like a tacky KMart version of an ice skater’s dress. Daniel’s was dowdy, boring, dated and unflattering. How to choose…? Since Samantha’s actually made me cringe I’d have to agree with the auf. Richard’s snore of a dress would also be in the bottom except there was nothing overtly offensive about it unlike the other two.

    The Top: Michelle’s was fantastic – the L&T modifications take it down a notch from great, but it’s still a wonderful dress almost any woman could wear. Very fresh and modern. I also liked Patricia’s pants and top a lot – I’d certainly buy them and probably wear the heck out of them together and with other pieces! The top would be great with jeans, leggings, or a simple skirt; the pants with a spring weight sweater, bold bracelet and flats would be a knock out… so many ways to wear them! Which is why I’d fork out money for hers over Michelle’s, although Michelle had a well deserved win.

    The Middle: Stanley made a lovely basic sheath dress. Which is nice and all, but hardly a wow in a design competition. Can’t stand Layana, but I rather liked the dress. And I’m in the minority in that I didn’t hate the print.