Kristen Stewart in Osman

Posted on March 25, 2013

Attagirl, Miss Kristen. Attagirl.

Kristen Stewart attends the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards in an Osman checkered top and shorts paired with Christian Louboutin pumps.

It’s kind of odd how she’ll often show up at events arguably more important to her career looking like she hates being there and acting out by wearing something cracktastic or ugly. But here? Why, she’s the picture of feminine chic. Sure, the outfit’s not exactly tough to wear, but let’s face it; 99% of ladies wouldn’t be able to pull this look off without looking silly. It helps that the color’s great on her and that her hair and makeup actually look better to us than they have in a very long time. In fact, that may be the prettiest Kristen face we’ve ever seen.

Second pair of black, patent-leather pointy-toed pumps we’ve seen this morning. Red carpet micro-trend? Or did the ladies just default to the Louboutins because they were easy and available?


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos]

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  • MilaXX

    This one surprised me. I thought for sure she’d show up in skinny jeans and chucks, but here she is looking like she both bathed and washed her hair giving Selena Gomez a run for the money in the cute department.

  • She looks really sweet, which I wouldn’t have expected. Good for her. And the hair is perfectly romantic. Nice.

  • T.

    The ladies used the same stylist. Katy used Kristen’s long time stylist for the first time at this event

    • MilaXX

      she should keep her.

  • halleygee

    I watched the KCA with my kids and nephew – that was painful – and have been wondering what you would say about K-Stew… I agree she looked really great, but I cringed when she got green slime on her clothes!

    • Angela_the_Librarian

      You should always expect to get slimed at the Nickelodeon awards! I think it’s mostly pudding and food dye, so it’ll wash out

  • Lolo Andre

    More interesting shoes and she would get a WERQ from me

  • I love how her face takes makeup. She is one my favorites to see all made up and dramatic. And when her hair is clean, it is enviable.

    • Maria D.

      Katniss Everdeen hair except dirty.

  • Alyssa

    Her makeup is beautiful here. That eyeshadow plays up the color of her eyes amazingly.

  • H2olovngrl

    She looks adorable, healthy and happy. I love it.

  • Carrieanno

    I’d love to be able to call wearing a pair of Loubies a “default.” Not to mention “available.”

  • lol her team obviously trying so hard to get her some good publicity after that trainwreck of an appearance at the Oscars.

  • As much as it pains me to admit, she looks really cute here. On anyone else, those shoulders would look ridiculous, but she is making it work.

  • flamingoNW

    LOVE her hair for a change.

  • Mismarker

    Kristen, when you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.

  • Totallly ruined with slime

  • I give the outfit a Meh since she wore the similar LV checkerboard. I give a bravo to a decent intentionally messy hair and good make up. I think the pumps work here.

  • She does look cute. Maybe having her man (fake or not) back in town but the smile on her face. That or the blunt she just smoked in the car. LOL.

  • Her hair…looks…great? Are we looking at the same photos?

    • Yes?

      • It looks like a greasy, stringy rats nest to me, but I will give you everything else looks fantastic.

    • capybara_cafe

      I think they mean that filthy and braided is a huge improvement over filthy and just hanging there 😉

      • Seannie5

        Her braid was amazing and has been universally praised on fashion blogs. Unless you were in Kristen’s bathroom and know first hand that she hasn’t used her shampoo recently then stop with the hygiene shaming. It’s so immature

        • I don’t think hygiene shaming is a thing.

          • formerlyAnon

            I bet we can make it one. This blog has powers.

        • LOL @ “hygiene shaming.”


          • Seannie5

            i feel it’s appropriate. You don’t feel ‘filthy’ is very harsh?

          • I feel like you’re having an absurd over-reaction to someone saying something snarky on the internet about a celebrity. I also feel that your confrontational tone with the other commenters isn’t welcome and that you need to tone it down considerably if you want to comment here.

          • Seannie5

            So just because it’s the internet I can’t have an opinion on immature comments? There was no name calling, swear words .. just an opinion that she was also free to react to. I have no interest in commenting on a site where the Mod feels they can threaten you just because you dare to have an opposing opinion. But FYI, i travel a lot and use work computers so if i ever do deign to comment again i can! HAHAHAHA! Go wash your hair, you look filthy, dirty and greasy! What’s wrong? That’s fair comment 😉

          • Exactly the response we expected.

          • Seannie5

            especially seeing as the ‘hygiene shaming’ is based on no personal knowledge of hygiene habits. It could be extra product in her hair or whatever. More often than not it’s based on their personal dislike of a celebrity.

  • Janet B

    Black Louboutins are a much better default than putty anything.
    Kristen looks happy to be there, which is nice. Her hair and makeup are beautiful, and the outfit is cute.

  • Cute, but the fit on all three items looks terribly uncomfortable to me. I’m twitching and adjusting seams as I type.

  • nannypoo

    I’m not sure why people are commenting on her clean hair since it looks as filthy as usual to me. But the outfit! The makeup! An actual smile for a change! Beautiful.

    • Maybe all the other elements are making it harder to notice that the hair looks slightly unclean.

      I honestly can’t with this girl anymore. Look. This is life. The rest of us have to get up, shower, etc, every single day. Don’t like the work that goes into having long hair? Chop it off. Don’t like being an actress? Quit. Don’t like showing up at red carpets? STAY HOME.

      And that does not even get into relationships she may or may not be in. Pick a man. Pick a woman. Pick a goldfish or a turtle. I don’t care and I suspect I am not the only one.

      I’m having trouble with the life is so tough for her attitude. Life is tough for virtually everyone. Pls to grow up.

      Ouch, looks like this hit my grumpy bone, sorry y’all 🙂

      • Bexxx

        You’re right- a young woman should always smile and be polite, keep her hair perfectly kempt, and remain with one sexual partner at a time, lest she appear unladylike!

        • capybara_cafe

          Sorry, but there’s nothing wrong with expecting her to smile and WASH HER GODDAMN HAIR when she attends an event for a film franchise that has made her famous. There’s no excuse for acting like showing up for the people who have paid good money to attend your movies is some how physically killing you. She seems to have trouble remembering that without her fans and the press, she wouldn’t BE famous.
          There’s also nothing wrong with the original poster’s opinion that people should be in one sexual relationship at a time.

          • Seannie5

            WTH>? She looked great and looked like she was having a great time last night, she even hugged a slimed Sandra Bullock which showed she is a great sport. What is your problem? If you don’t like her why do you watch her with such scrutiny?

          • formerlyAnon

            I would bet my annual income (paltry though it be) that her hair’s look comes from high dollar hair product applied to squeaky clean hair. I’ve read she routinely uses the same hair stylist, so she’s not doing her own hair for public appearances.

          • Lisa_Cop

            I think so too. Silicone based products and Shu Uemura ones can leave your hair looking really greasy even if you just washed it.

          • Sally Brownson

            Maybe it turns out that being rich, famous, and hated by a significant portion of the population is not all it’s cracked up to be. More to the point, I can imagine being scrutinized by the press (and fashion bloggers as well) might suck a lot of the fun out of being a celebrity.

            On top of all that, it occurs to me that maybe she doesn’t usually smile because her teeth aren’t exactly straight and she’s insecure about the way they look.

          • Bexxx

            Actually, there’s plenty wrong with policing someone’s private sexual behavior. It is a symptom of oppression.

          • Bexxx

            (Psst, TLo- sorry for being confrontative in your comments section. I know it’s not the place…I just think that shaming a woman for her personal sexual choices on a fashion blog is, to use technical terms, hella gross.)

          • Actually, that is not what I was saying. In fact very little of your original comment related to anything I was saying, at all. If you read it, you’ll note I said I don’t care. That is her private stuff.

            What annoys me is the long time pretence of nothing is happening which almost seemed like giving the paps an open invitation to try and get a photo of something is happening. It is almost like a challenge to them, like a red rag to a bull, and they *all* knew that any shots taken where something was happening would be worth an absolute fortune.

            Does that not seem completely idiotic to you? I understand wanting to keep your private life private. I get that, I do. When you know for a fact that every pap in town is looking to get a shot of your private life the smart move is to come out publicly, say yes, we are a couple, have that shot be taken say on the red carpet where everyone and his dog can take the photo (being worth hella less in that situation) and then you get on with living your life.

            I just don’t understand how someone can be so uber aware and careful not to have people get shots with one person only to be so utterly incautious and out there in a public place with a different person. I still think there is more to that than we know.

            But truly as I stated in my original post, I don’t care what she does in her private life. I think maybe she is young and needs some time to find herself (hence pick a goldfish or a turtle, maybe she needs some time for herself without a significant other) but I firmly suspect she won’t find herself on the red carpet.

            I am sorry that my post could be read in a way that anyone would think I care about policing her private sexual behaviour. I don’t.

          • You seem very invested in her personal life and how she handles it. It’s one thing to admit to irrationally hating a celeb — we all have our SJPs or KStews or GaGas. But your preoccupation as shown here is dipping into the creepy end of the pool.

      • capybara_cafe

        Agreed. If being famous is such a burden, then go get a job at McD’s instead.

      • when you go past analyzing what they wear and go into analyzing their lives and how they are not living up to your expectations, or whatever… you need to go outside or do something completely different than read about celebrities. celebrities do not know that we exist nor do they care about our opinion. they can lead their own lives and spend their money and look good or bad whether you like it or not. since you cannot control this fact and since it truly is none of your business, don’t worry about it. good grief. save yourself some headache. 🙂

  • Jessi03

    Wow, her eyes look gorgeous!

  • jetpackdino

    She’s a cutie! Her skin is luminous. If that close-up hasn’t been re-touched or altered in some way, I am officially in awe.

  • Needs more blush or a steak, something to put some color on her face.

  • barbarienne

    She is resplendent in her jeweled battle shorts!

    Seriously, she looks great. Glad to see she’s capable of looking good.

  • warnerave


  • Frank_821

    Yes she looks good. It makes me think what if Daniel and made this for the L+T challenge. He wouldn’t have been bawling his eyes out. The top even has the shoulders he likes to do

    • If only! But Daniel would have chosen the cheap looking pink fabric leftover from my 8th grade home economics class.

  • I usually can’t stand her and the too-good-for-this-universe air hovering around her. But I’ll be damned if she doesn’t look cute and charming here.

  • Actually I don’t think the hair goes with the outfit, but her face is really pretty. She looks fantastic.

    • l_c_ann

      Or that her hair has been washed this year. Otherwise, she looks pretty, if we overlook what is supposed to be a lady’s crowning glory.

  • ScarlettHarlot

    Brava, lady, brava. I don’t know if others would agree it’s a personal best, but for me, this is the best she has ever looked (personality and appearance).

  • Bexxx

    It’s kind of nice to see a super popular starlet rocking her real teeth instead of scary-straight, blinding white veneers. She just seems so normal to me. I want to smoke a blunt and watch SNL reruns with her.

  • j_anson

    Wow, she’s wearing something that works for her style, yet doesn’t look like a giant incarnated “screw you”, and she looks like she doesn’t hate her (immensely privileged) life. She’s taken the triple crown!

  • poggi

    I think this is a pretty tough outfit wear. This top is boxy and could be very unflattering and the fabric is so stiff, but she looks great. When she looks happy and smiles, she can wear almost anything.

  • marilyn

    I think she should have worn totally crazy shoes. The pumps are to old and conservative for this.

  • hey its kristen, not looking like ass!

    the shoes are just alright, tho.

    (and i dont think this outfit is *that* easy to wear… in fact, it looks borderline silly on her, but shes pulling it off.)

  • formerlyAnon

    Man, what a difference a smile makes!

    I think she’s barely pulling this off – I think it’s inherently awkward looking -it’s not particularly flattering and nothing says “short shorts” so unconvincingly as a thick, shiny-as-cheap-polyester fabric. But she’s young and thin and looks as comfortable as she ever does, so it’s on the right side of the line.

  • Her smile makes the look! Love the color!

  • mellorcr

    I don’t understand why everybody likes this. It’s blocky, clunky and rife with awkward wrinkles in the bust area. The sleeves and fabric both look like they were stolen from a Star Trek, Next Generation episode.

  • Carly Warnock

    In love with this look!! Love it when she smiles too.

  • Stuck_on_Mute

    2nd pic from the bottom – reminds me of Elaine’s ‘friend’ (played by Molly Shannon) who didn’t swing her arms when she walked.

    As for Ms. Stewart, good to see her smile, and this outfit is really quite cute

  • This is adorable! She looks great – better than she’s looked (in a lot of ways) in a while.

  • MK03

    “In fact, that may be the prettiest Kristen face we’ve ever seen.” Know why? ‘Cuz she’s SMILING!!

  • DominoEstella

    she looks pretty when she looks genuinely happy

  • thelovelydove

    I think this is the best she’s ever looked, frankly. That eyeliner looks incredible on her.

  • libraangel

    Finally, Kristen, finally – you got it right

  • Colin

    Easy and available, theyre kind of worn all the time

  • rumcg66

    Really, though? The shorts fit and she’s got great legs, but the top looks like a leftover Romulan costume from Star Trek.

  • Trisha26

    Her hair looks like it hasn’t been washed in a week and the braid was “styled” two days prior.

  • oohsparkley!

    I like it! The fabric is stiff, but looks expensive, a lighter, softer fabric might have looked cheap. I love the color and pattern. Everyone always complains about her dirty, messy hair, but I’m sure it’s been styled that way intentionally. I like this “undone” do she’s got going. Love the smiles.

  • Agreed. Also: FORMAL SHORTS. Sorry, but I cannot sign off on this one.

  • capybara_cafe

    The fit on the top is especialy horrible. I think people are so stunned by the fact that she’s smiling and has make up on, that they can’t see the poor fit for the eye liner 😉

  • MG

    She doesn’t always have to smile, but when she does she’s the most gorgeous girl and even when she isn’t I think she looks amazing. I don’t understand why everyone wants her look perfect all the the time, geez you girls are harsh. BTW, she always has nice skin and I like her hair. You guys could try leaving more positive comments (I know it’s your own opinion & you could say whatever you want in them). Girls should stick together and try sounding a little less bitter.

    • RebeccaKW

      Of course, no one has to smile all the time. I think the issue with KS, though, is that she always looks pissed off to be wherever she is. She never looks happy. My personal opinion re: hair on the red carpet, is that I hate when hair is dirty-whether it’s that way b/c it is or b/c you’ve paid someone to make it look that way. Here, I think it works b/c it is actually styled and not just hanging there. And it’s not about looking perfect, IMO. It’s about looking your best. As T-Lo has said (in a nutshell), these are highly-paid people who receive free clothes and jewelry and pay people to pick out what they wear, and do their hair and makeup, at events that are basically a praise-fest of how great they are. It’s not too much to want to see people putting some effort in.

  • conniemd

    Up close her hair in the front does look kinda dirty, now that people mention it. I thought the braid at least made her look more kempt even if it was a couple of days old and coming loose. But much improvement.

  • bd73

    i’m thinking it’s funny that the one rc where she could have appropriately worn sneakers, she shows up in high fashion and heels. her eyes look amazing though. blue liner for-e-veh.

  • She looks like a Romulan go-go dancer.

  • StelledelMare

    My first thought was “Look how happy she is now that Twilight’s over”. No one hates Twilight more than the cast of Twilight. Anyways, she looks pretty good.

    • There might be 1 person who hates Twilight even more than the cast does.

  • This is going to be the first nice thing I ever said about her so here goes: I love this outfit and I am SO appreciative of the fact that she doesn’t spray tan. That’s a lot of pale, leg to show off; might make a lesser person a little nervous.

    • formerlyAnon

      I completely endorse your statement on spray tan.

    • Anniebet

      Amen on the fake tan.

  • I think this is the way you should dress to an event like this. It’s fun but chic – she still looks like an adult

  • Is that a SMILE? Hallelujah!

  • This is the best makeup I have EVER seen her in–she looks fresh, grown-up, and ready to take the world by storm. Love this.

  • superboink

    Re: Louboutins
    I saw what you did there

  • kathrineb

    Hate that top on her. Because she has small boobs the big shoulders make her look super masculine, but then I am biased against big shoulders and sleeves

  • Oh, no, I’m sorry. Ouch. I saw this and thought she looked like an extra from a Star Trek episode with extra fashionable Romulans. That just looks like a football jersey. Yuck.

  • guest2visits

    Pretty. Looks perfect for the occasion.

  • jw_ny

    best her hair and makeup have ever looked!

    the outfit is very cute and is a great color…I only wish she’d worn a funkier shoe than those…

  • Logo Girl

    She actually does look lovely here, but for some reason, it JUST NOW hit me how much she generally looks like Susan Atkins. I am probably #3,910,181 to notice this.

  • Anniebet

    Since I usually find Little Miss Stewart extremely annoying, this look makes me all peeved and pouty since I like it – a lot. Beautiful color, shoulders could be a tad less footbally, hair a bit less messy. She does look sweet and happy, though, and just as cute as pie.

    The only thing that continues to baffle me is how she always highlights those shapeless legs. No muscle tone whatsoever. Sexy legs need some definition?

    • Bexxx

      Maybe that’s just the way her body looks? Or maybe that’s what she thinks looks sexy? What is it about KStew that makes people think it’s okay to judge her body and her choices instead of her clothes….which give us plenty to talk about

  • NoGovernmentName

    I like it but I wish the top was better fitted.

  • elemspbee

    face, hair, shorts outfit–check check check. gorgeous. shoes–too big.

  • I’m shocked! She looks so good! What a great color. She looks so cute! I love her eye makeup. Her eyes look beautiful. Good job!

    Edited to add: I have the same eye color as she does. Now I am wishing I were brave enough to try that eye makeup look.

  • yaby


  • alyce1213

    Again with the shorts. Of course.

  • Girlfriend has got the legs for those shorts and that the torso for that boxy top. Brava, darling. I think that look is harder to pull off than it appears.

  • guess she’s less freaked out by kids than grown-ups. next stop, a charity event for animals. she’ll look relaxed and radiant!

  • pdquick

    A) I’m over hot pants.
    B) I’m over skinny white girls. Eat, already.
    C) The shoes are too big.
    D) The top is too big.
    E) The fabric is too heavy for such a scant outfit.
    F) I’m still over hot pants.