Ke$ha in Las Vegas

Posted on March 13, 2013

Our problem with Ke-dollar sign-ha is this:


Ke$ha hosts Pure Nightclub Anniversary Party at Caesars Palace Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

She has no grace.

No, really. We’re being serious here. We love the patented “Crazy Rock Chick” persona, from Janis to Cher to Cyndi, all the way up to today’s Nickis, Gagas, and Katys. Every generation needs at least one female singer to tear into societal norms and make a laughingstock of them. They’re singing ladyclowns and we love them for it.

But from a style perspective, Ke$ha always comes across like an amateur compared to those other ladies. There’s a certain finesse required to dress like a crazy person in public and have people applaud you for it. Let’s take a look here and break it down.

That jacket is absolutely the best piece she’s wearing and we could spin a couple dozen outfits out of it. Good choice. The bustier is a cliche, but relatively inoffensive a choice. But those panties look silly and the centerpiece on her head just makes her look stupid. The shoes are boring. We suppose we should allow for the gold tights, given who she is, but we don’t think they really go with anything else she’s wearing. Yes, we typed that last bit with a straight face.

There’s just no wit to it, we guess is what we’re trying to say. Katy, Nicki and Gaga can be counted on to make us laugh and clap, but Ke$ha always comes across to us like the dumb girl who’s trying to be part of the cool crowd and failing.


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  • Susan Collier

    I applaud your assessment. I felt the same but everything about her makes me not want to put any effort into quantifying that she’s no great fashionista or musical talent. Can’t be bothered.

  • eowyn_of_rohan

    If you’re gonna go Goldfinger, go all the way instead of restricting it to the legs.

    • Sobaika

      Did you see Shirley Bassey at the Oscars? “GOLDFINGUH!!”

      • eowyn_of_rohan

        Ke$ha wishes she was cool enough to be mentioned in the same sentence as Dame Shirley!

      • Best moment of the show!

    • kimmeister

      Except don’t create a new urban legend of death-by-gold in the process.

  • charlotte

    She looks like she smells. That is usually a Lindsay Lohan comment and therefore not a good sign.

    • schadenfreudelicious

      smells and needs a dose of antibiotics….

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

       She looks like she’s been partying for three days and nights and her handlers sort of poured her into that outfit.

  • theblondette

    This whole outfit makes me sad, honestly. It’s trying SO hard and it falls SO far short of the mark. Honey, you can’t buy quirky off the rack. There are two ways to do it: 1. you are that very rare, effortlessly stylishly out-there kind of gal who really can pass like a whirlwind through a closet and come out of it in an outfit that confuses but delights, or, more common in Hollywood, 2: you are deliberately, thoughtfully, aided-by-a-stylist quirky, with the kind of look that appears artless but took hours of decision-making and $$$ of accessories.

    Ke$ha, bless her, looks like she figured rummaging in her underwear drawer and procuring a hot glue gun and some crafting supplies would buy her cool. But no. PS: if you do go out like this, you gotta give it 100% face, to convince your audience you mean it. I am not convinced.

    Wow, long comment.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    She looks like Gaga and Courtney Love had a baby…

    • Imasewsure

       Yes but even Courtney Love was a better version of a hot mess than this! Keisha is just a pop princess so no street cred either

  • Deb_Lynn

    For all that I agree with your assessment, I still think this is the most put-together of all her ‘looks’

    • Sobaika

      Not saying a whole lot.

      For what it’s worth, I ‘got’ what she was doing when she first came out: ratty club kid doused in glitter. But the further she deviates from that the stupider she looks, and it’s painfully obvious that she’s dressing cray just for the sake of it.

      • Deb_Lynn

        It really doesn’t say much, does it. She doesn’t really have a ‘style’ or a ‘theme’ so much, just tasteless crap thrown on haphazardly. This one, for what it’s worth, fits her, mostly has a color theme, and everything is done up, for the most part. Sure not saying I like it! But it is the least offensive…. 

        •  “tasteless crap thrown on haphazardly”  Exactly. Sort of a “throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks” approach.

      • MilaXX

         but even her club kid the morning after look had a whiff of try hard

    • RebeccaKW

       For Ke$ha, I think I could get behind this if she had on fishnets or plain black hose instead of these gold shiny things.  Not saying it would be a great look, or that I would encourage anyone else to do this, just that it might have worked a little better as a Ke$ha look.  These tights don’t ‘match.’

  • gabbilevy

    It’s the ‘dirty’ look I find so offensive, more than the sad attempts at crazygirl fashion.

    • 3boysful

       “Our problem with Ke-dollar sign-ha is this:”

      Dirty, AND how about the fact she appears to be either stoned or drunk, or some combo thereof?

  • SewingSiren

    I’m ready for my Silkwood shower now.

  • DeborahJozayt

    Monster High school outfit.

    • mellbell

      Yes! I recently went to a MHS-themed birthday party (seemed completely age-inappropriate for a five-year-old), otherwise I would not get the reference.

      • demidaemon

        My sister in law loves that stuff. She is in the 25+ range, though.

  • n a

    is passe to use the term ‘hot mess’? cuz she defines a hot mess.

    • zenobar

       “Hot mess” is perfectly acceptable, although we also would have accepted “hodgepodge” or “higgledy-piggledy.”

  • MelVT

    I can never remember what she looks like from one time to the next.  Her face just has no character or foundation.  I can never even remember that she’s a blond.  She’s trying so hard to imitate other people that there’s just nothing there.

  • mary McCall

    I like the jacket and the shoes. That’s all.
    ( Is her eye makeup so heavy that she is unable to open her eyes fully? )

    • MacFrannie

      I thought she looked like she had maybe downed a half bottle of vodka on the way to the show or something.  She doesn’t look all “there” to me. 

  • There’s no… thought… put into this outfit. It’s just “let’s put a whole lot of crazy $h!t on her.” You can’t deny that every last detail of one of Gaga’s crazy getups is well thought out and planned. 

    • Sobaika

      ^ Yup. I feel this way about Nicki Minaj, to a certain extent.

    • eowyn_of_rohan

      Right?  There’s absurdity and then there’s intelligent absurdity.  This is the former.

  • trisker

    Panties!  give me a break!

  • Lilithcat

    She should also stand up straight.

  • I forgot to add that there’s also absolutely nothing even remotely original about this. However one feels about Cher, Madonna, and Lady Gaga, you can’t deny that they created their own new trends, and brought something to the world of “fashion” that hadn’t been seen before. This doesn’t even strike me as referential to other styles.

  • OK, considering I’m a godless heathen, the first thing that sprang to mind was that she looks like a whacked-out version of St. Lucia, sans candles in the wreath. And then, for some reason, I got the Christmas carol “Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella” stuck in my head. I may need some coffee. 

  • MacFrannie

    I was just looking at the AMA post from Nov 2012 and she is wearing those same shoes there as well. 

    She does look like she is trying too hard to out Gaga, Gaga and I don’t know if that’s possible.  If she really wants to be a costume queen pop-star she needs to find her niche and not be seen as copying those who have come before.  As T-Lo so aptly point out, she should reference them and their style, not out right copy.  That just reads as desperate and insincere, at least to me.    

  • aeb1986

    shes tacky. shes trying so hard but then gives us the “i dont give a f*ck” expression. please. you are working your ass off to look that awful. also- maybe a little less weed before your next red carpet appearance

  • I always get the “trying too hard” vibe from her. Hint: if you working that hard to make yourself look cool, that makes you uncool by default. 

    • BrooklynBomber

      Though one wonders if this is an example of trying too hard. . . or not trying hard enough.

  • StellaZafella

    This is what the walk of shame looks like after everybody else has left the Halloween Party.

    This is also why even Detox’s best effort couldn’t make her a funny character in drag…it’s not funny…just kinda sad.

  • IAmJ

    I’m getting a rash just looking at these photos.

  • Truest words ever spoken: but Ke$ha always comes across to us like the dumb girl who’s trying to be part of the cool crowd and failing.

  • Indigo54

    ROFLMFAO!  Very original.  Looks nothing like GAGA! 


    I could get on board with this outfit if the cuff things didn’t amtch the head piece thing.  One or the other, not both.  That takes it into costume land.  And a boot would have been a much better footwear choice.  In a color.  I don’t find her as offensive as a lot of people do, she does some clever songs that are very playable and dancable and that is what she is aiming for.

    • TRSTL

      I’m just throwing this out there for feedback and opinion because it is a question in my mind that I am unsure of.  Is calling someone “dumb” or saying they look “dumb”, “stupid”, whatever any worse or better than the bodysnarking we try to avoid?  I truly am just curious about this.

  • Heehee! We always call her “K-money-Ha” in my house (when she VERY RARELY comes up) Yay for the TLo version! And yeah – NO THANK YOU, miss thing. Keep yer gold tights and your Massive Lack of Self Respect out of my eyes.

    • kimmeister

      K-money-ha, I love it!

  • Squarah

    “Ke$ha always comes across to us like the dumb girl who’s trying to be part of the cool crowd and failing.”

    Hah, this is pretty harsh but SO ACCURATE.

  • warnerave

    Kesha is a songwriter..she isn’t without TALENT..

    • Without talent at dressing, was the point.

  • She always reminds me of the very banal person who yells “Don’t worry about me, I am SO KRAZY” whenever they do something studiedly eccentric. I hate that. I like genuine eccentricity.

  • Monday1900

    Well said TLo!  This outfit might have a chance at working if she wasn’t wearing those tights/stockings…and if she didn’t look like she was going to pass out.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Is it me or does she look incredibly stoned in this picture?

  • however she looks as though she has bathed in the past week, and that’s a major step in the right direction.

    • RebeccaKW

       I was thinking the same thing.  She doesn’t look sticky for once, and the makeup seems to have been applied…in the last couple of days, rather than last Saturday.

  • Natalie Bryan

    Yep, she looks like a poseur. She looks the way I now realize I looked in high school when I thought wearing a studded wristband and heavy eyeliner made me “punk.” I thought I was so cool… 

  • rococodada

    You pinned the tail on the donkey!

  • MilaXX

    I think there are a few other things going on as well. She doesn’t have the greatest figure for one. Nicki, Cyndi, Katy & Gaga  even with their exaggerated dressing have great figures. Kesha has no waist and is smaller on the bottom than the top. Not that she needs a perfect figure, but she doesn’t know how to dress the figure she has. She also doesn’t appear to really have that innate sense of style that the other ladies have that allows her those crazy get ups to looks effortless and in an odd way work.
    This outfit looks like she’s trying to be wacky rather than express the wacky side if her personality. The tights are a case in point as to why Bey wears flesh colored fishnets. You want the control of a tight, but full on hose makes your legs look like Kesha’s. That’s yet another point in her lacking fashion creed. A pro like Bey knows this, Kesha? Not so much.
    On the positive side, bless her for trying. even though it does not look great, her face and hair look a million times better than it used to, and she no longer looks in need of a flea dip & bath.

    • I’m thinking you’re right. I didn’t notice it before because I wrongly assume all celebrity people have the same physical trainer and diet stuff going on, but she’s kind of got a different body shape going on than Nicki, Cyndi (who is that?), Katy and Gaga. That’s great, but fashion-wise she is less like a blank, flat canvas to dress than they are, so it would help if she knew how to dress for her shape and size. 

      • MilaXX

        Cyndi Lauper

        • Lol. Oh. I like Cyndi Lauper and Niki/Gaga/Katy don’t remind me of her at all. But cool. 

          • MilaXX

            Young Cyndi when she first came out had an everything but the kitchen sink way of dressing.

  • You hit the nail on the head, boys. Bravo on the assessment. 

  • Tamara Hogan

    That jacket would be spectacular with a great pair of black ladypants.
    On someone else.  

  • Caaro3

    A trenchant commentary, TLo. Applause.

  • frannyprof

    AMEN! Couldn’t have said it better,  myself. 

  • Julie Fountain

    Seriously. This girl is 26 years old. And she looks like a member of my gramma’s Red Hat Society after a three day bender. 

    • kimmeister

      I can never see purple and red together without thinking of the Red Hat Society!

  • frannyprof

    Even the makeup is half-assed.

  • hellkell

    I got high and I think I might need to go to the free clinic just from looking at her. 

  • She looks like she rolled around in a Michaels. I bet she smells like cheap potpourri too. Or maybe just cheap pot.

  • Allison Harris

    She looks like a Day of the Dead decoration to me, and the gold tights are both hideous and incongruous. 

  • butterflysunita

    This is just sad.  Hosting a party in Las Vegas–this is a chance to have fun and be outrageous.  Instead, she looks pitiful.  

  • stubbornthoughts

    She is sooooo baked.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Look at those eyes – she’s barely awake.

  • She has the dumb girl look on her face, too.

  • Also, has she never heard of lowlights?  She needs a good colorist.

  • Beardslee

    This is exactly the type of getup I would expect from someone who writes her name with a dollar sign.

  • SugarSnap108

    You really didn’t have to provide further explanation after the word “this.”  But I agree with everything you wrote.

  • Well said. This just looks like discount Gaga and nobody wants that.

  • crash1212

    Exactly. Not sure she warrants any further posts…ever.

  • Those don’t look like gold tights to me.  They look like the shiny skin tone tights we had to wear on dance team in the 90s- before matte was introduced to the dance world.  Awful and cheap.

  • Therese Bohn

    I agree with all the above.   I actually like the jacket, but I wish she wore trousers. 

  • joancarol

    Lady Gack Gack

  • snarkykitten

    Someone made this graphic comparing a bunch of lady stars to the Popular Girls from All That (?) and Ke$ha was relegated to the “I like eggs” girl

  • mightbewrong

    My problem is that there’s never any joy to her antics. You can’t wear a getup like that and look so damn serious about it.

  • Oh please, this can’t be your ONLY problem with this person…

  • Qitkat

    If Once Upon a Time had rock chicks.

  • TSkot

    Is she drunk, high, or half asleep?

    • schadenfreudelicious

      all of the above?

      • RocknRollmom

        Eek.  Should have scrolled down.  My apologies!

    • Melizmatic

       She looks like that in pretty much every photo she takes.

    • RocknRollmom

      All of the above.

  • She’s the Blake Lively of singing ladyclowns.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    This look is a fashion trainwreck. She’s trying waaaaay too hard to be outrageous and it’s simply silly.

  • Nariya

    It’s the hat. 🙁

  • I recently read an article about how she talked about gettin wasted and drank her own urine.

    Looks pretty accurate.

  • I guess Suede finally got a fashion job.

  • AnnaleighBelle

    Is it weird that the thing that ruins this look for me is the tights?  Well, that an the drunky eyes.  But other than that, I could live with it.

  • Christina Morrison

    The shoes are the most offensive thing here

  • Trisha26

    Bite your tongue, TLo, for lumping GaGa in with Katy & Nicki. And fie on you for saying Janis, Cher and Cyndi are “crazy rock personas.” Those last three, and GaGa, are extraordinary vocalists and performers! Their wardrobes are simply an extension of themselves. Katy is all schtick, no talent, Nicki is an abomination, and the less said about K-$-HA the better. 

  • conniemd

    I asked my twenty-something daughter, who has a gay husband, etc. who Ke$ha was and her reply was “She’s pretty much known as a hot mess. “She keeps me up with all this modern culture stuff.

  • musicandmochi

    Sorry, but it must be said. Those red petals look like period. SO. GROSS.

  • miagain

    Ke no sale ha

  • libraangel

    Christina Aquilera cray-cray lite

  • Buffy

    I thought the floral headgear was the best part 😀

  • kathrineb

    Yikes! Those tights would even make a malnourished models legs look big.

  • cocohall

    Is she in some wacked out Ice Capades performance of  Verdi’s Four Seasons?  Those gold tights look like they belong on Katarina Witt.  Also, if you are going to dress to amuse/shock, try not to look stoned.  It ruins the whole effect.  You need a bit of wink-wink and a nudge-nudge to let everyone know you are IN on the joke, and NOT the joke.  Miss Ke$sha needs to go the HBC Fashion Camp this summer and learn how it’s done.  Wouldn’t be wonderful if HBC had her own fashion camp?  With guest appearances by Johnny Depp and Helen Mirren?

  • LaSylphide


  • demidaemon

    This is kind of a disappointment, as I have seen better photos of her in more chic looks and she carriies that off better than the crazy shctick. She also looks a hell of a lot better that way as well.

  • LovelyIdio

    Was anyone else thinking menstruation?


    She looks like a classier version of gaga

  • mom2ab

    You forgot to mention that Janis, Cher,Cyndi, Niki, Gaga and Katy all had a modicum of talent and wit and could be counted on to show up and work to entertain an audience- actually do something the public would be willing to pay to see.  This trainwreck has no discernable talent, always looks like she is on day 3 of a bender and dressed in the clothes she found on the floor of her closet.  Can’t go away fast enough.

  • Esz

    She always looks totally wasted in every single pic I’ve seen of her.

  • Agreed. She just doesn’t pull it off at all. LOVE the Glee Principal’s Ke- dollar sign- Ha reference. Tehe

  • mila_8

    And she was doing so well in her lady suits the last few months, what a huge step back.

  • Aren’t her 15 minutes up yet????

  • butter nut

    she always looks like she smells.

  • That wreath on her head makes me think she was trying to be the drunk version of Lana Del Rey.

  • guest2visits

    Half the time I see her she’s telling people how cool she is and mostly how uncool everyone else is.
    I would have more respect if she had worn the bustier and jacket over a pair of shredded jeans and lost the hat and 80s gold leotards.

  • Spot on assessment, but I will give her some points for looking better than usual.

  • And she always looks stoned out of her gourd, too.