Kaley Cuoco in Monique Lhuillier

Posted on March 14, 2013

Kaley Cuoco attends the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences’ 22nd Annual Hall of Fame Induction Gala in Beverly Hills, California in a Monique Lhuillier gown paired with Brian Atwood shoes and a Kotur clutch.

Monique Lhuillier Fall 2012 Collection



[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com]

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  • Her hair really should be back, preferably up, with this dress. Otherwise, no real complaints. Not amazing, just okay.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Agreed. Her hair is totally wrong for this look. It’s a lovely little dress and she looks good in it, but it isn’t ‘her’ dress, IMO.

    • I agree, but she’s usually such a mess that I’m willing to let the hair slide. 

      • Sobaika

        Seriously! This is the best I can remember seeing her look.

    • LocMama

      Agreed. Although I’m pretending that stupid cutout doesn’t exist. Her choices usually confuse me so this is a lot better.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      ‘Salright. Ku!
      Fish eye abdomen
      So proud of my leather belt!
      See the sparkle rump!

  • She looks great. Shame about the hair.

    • My thoughts exactly! 

    • 1) Aggregating all of her recent red carpet/event hair dos into a standard bell curve, this one has got to be at least a B+
      2) I like it; she looks healthy-sexy-relaxed-happy

    • jjfg

      Agreed. She totally pulls off the dress, but the hair and make up need help.

  • Pretty fabric, but she’s a little broad-shouldered for that cut.

    Would I be wrong in thinking she’s wearing something that pads the rear a bit? I don’t remember it being quite that noticeable in BBT. Also, she’s so much cuter without the Bumpit thing under her hair…

    • 3boysful

       Agree about it not being her cut, shoulder-wise.  Also am not a big fan of the cut-out–it looks like her stomach is trying to speak to us.  But it’s a nice enough dress, and i like the ring.

    • eight_of_nine

      I never understood the “broad-shouldered” complaint.  Maybe it’s because broad shoulders make women look stronger/more muscular, and I like that. 

      • There’s nothing wrong with it at all, but it should be taken into account when styling.

        • eight_of_nine

          I get that, but what I mean is that when someone says, “Her shoulders are too broad for that cut,” I’m usually thinking, “Damn, sister looks slammin’!”  😛  

  • ChaCha_70

    Her hairstyle is ruining it for me. Me thinks she’s suffering from Jennifer Aniston-itis.

    • That’s exactly who came to my mind.

    • MilaXX

       Jennifer wishes that fried mess on her head looked this good.

  • NO. ENOUGH. No one is interested in the portion of skin that covers your entrails. STOP IT, STYLISTS.

    • charlotte

      It looks like it is covered with fabric on the model. Or maybe it is just the lighting?
      Anyway, bare midriffs are tacky.

    • Also designers. Sexy does not have to equate with skin baring, or skin tight.

  • jeneria

    I really don’t find her attractive (she’s pretty scrunchy faced when she’s not trying to be Jennifer Aniston) and I don’t think she’s quite able to pull off these styles she’s trying.   I like this dress, just not on her.  Something’s off.

  • MilaXX

    This is pretty good for her. I could live without the cutout, but she kept the hair and makeup clean and simple & I like the bag paired with this.

  • teensmom99

    I haven’t seen her look this good since she was the “pretty dumb” daughter on 8 simple rules.  Wouldn’t be so fantastic for some of our faves but great to see her not trying to look like an overgrown ballerina which seems to be her RC default.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      I agree .. this is her best RC look in quite a while.  I like the dress quite a bit … she needs about a foot cut off her hair to give it a little lift, but then I think that about so many actresses.

  • Wish her hair was in a pony, or maybe parted on the side and given some bounce. Love the ring.

  • kimmeister

    So . . . she was actually inducted into the Hall of Fame?  Hunh.

    The dress is 500% better than the last 20 things she has worn.  Shame her hair is so lackluster.

  • Kate Lorenz

    Killing it.  I think she looks amazing.  Except for the hair; that’s every-girl-in-California-in-2002 hair and I am super over it. That hair looks like it needs a truck that says, ‘Silly boys, trucks are for girls’ painted pink with cheerleading emblems on it.  Ugh.  High School. *shudder*

  • l_c_ann

    Her pained smiles need ballon captions said in a southern voice, ” Isn’t that nice?” “Lovely to see you again, how was rehab?” and “Really?”

  • I’m not usually a fan of baring the belly, but I like how it looks here. 

    I’m wondering if she went with shorter nails or a different shape if it would make her hands look more delicate. The pointy nails seem to emphasize how big her hands are.

  • She doesn’t really do sleek, but you can tell she was trying.

  • Imasewsure

    There’s nothing wrong with it, but there’s something I don’t like about it on her either… might just be the hair or leftover hatred of her previous outfits…. it’s a cute dress but eh meh

  • Trisha26

    The first photo looks like another of those “backward” situations – it must be the angle but she looks turned around – and like a linebacker! Runway look isn’t much better – unflattering bodice. Kaley’s hair is terribly unfortunate, hate the bare midriff, and hate the pointy nails

  • nannypoo

    I don’t expect much from her, but she looks pretty.

  • marilyn

    She looks great!  The attitude of the dress is what she needs.  She is sleek and modern.  Thank God she gave up the Dolly Parton hairdo, and the 1980’s lace prom dress look.  She looks fantastic!  Now she just needs to keep it up.

  • Orange Girl

    Is she already messing with her face? Stop!

  • Nariya

    I think it looks kinda really great.  Except, as many people have noted, for the hair.  She’s workin the rest of it with the right attitutde.

  • Her head looks way underdone. Also, someone please get this girl to a good eyebrow groomer. Jesus.

  • EverybodysStarling

    I love her, but that duckface has to stop. 

  • Sara__B

    Her hair is wrong, and I will never be a fan of formal belly skin.

  • capybara_cafe

    What’s with her expressions? She looks like she’s in pain in all of these shots.

  • Joyce VG

    Gorgeous except for the hair.

  • Another lovely dress, ruined by a random cutout.

  • filmcricket

    One of the worst examples of the head not matching the dress. Gown looks great, head looks unfinished. Blot, put on some lipstick, and put your hair up, dammit.

  • Bland and generic.

  • It looks like it fits her well but it still looks odd. Hair has to change. 

  • guest2visits

    Why do I hate this so much…it’s a nice, dark, dramatic look on the model.  But  here it looks like cheap prom.

  • bd73

    pretty dress. but it highlights her broad shoulders and long torso. it looks better on the model because she’s tall and her torso is not long.

  • The dress fits her beautifully, but her hair & makeup need some work. She’s trying to combine California beach-babe with New York high society and it’s just not working. 

  • barbarienne

    There are some minor flaws here (the cutout, maybe her hair, though I’m generally fine with it), but at least she’s DRESSED LIKE A GODDAMN GROWNUP. If we were grading on a curve, I’d have to give her an A, because usually she’s dressed completely wrong.

    • Little_Olive

      Yes! Next lesson, POSING, for gawd’s sake.

  • quiltrx

    This is a really terrific dress, almost ruined by that stupid mouth-shaped bit of flesh-showing.  Can this trend go away now?

    In an ep I’ve seen sometime this week, she had this sort of curly ponytail that was fancier than a regular pony but not completely an up-do.  That would have looked way better  than this Aniston-ish mess.

    Love that ring, btw.

  • crash1212

    Great dress. She looks fab….from the neck down. WTF hair? WTF make-up? Jesus….invest in a mirror.

  • Great dress though I don’t care for the belly smile.  Yeah, I agree the cut-out obsession can go away.  She still looks good b/c she’s working it.

  • Sophie

    NO more cutouts.

  • H2olovngrl

    Personal best, as I see it.

  • I don’t love the peekaboo patch on the front, but it works on her. Also think there’s something off about the color of the eye makeup. It’s making her eyes look a bit odd.

  • AceOn6

    Am I the only one who wishes the dress had been hemmed a bit? The fabric seems to lie better on the model’s version which is not quite floor length.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    The good: dress, earrings, ring
    The bad: clutch (is that a red carpet reflection? or is the clutch really red in parts?)

    The ugly: make up – Girl you’re lookin a little wonky in the eye area. And would some lip color kill you?

  • The dress looks beautiful on her, and the accessories are great, but did she forget to do her hair?

  • Have things shifted…facially lately?

  • I hate the trendy new nail shapes.

  • peachy

    for her… it’s a huuuge step up. go kaley! (but don’t stop here, honey)