IN or OUT: Saoirse Ronan in Lanvin

Posted on March 20, 2013

Darlings, what do we all think of this look?

Saoirse Ronan attends the premiere of ‘The Host’ in Hollywood, California in head-to-toe Lanvin.

Lanvin Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Marte Mei van Haaster (IMG)

Lanvin Spring 2013 Collection Pump

We’ll tell you what we think and then you can tell us why we’re wrong. But you won’t, because we’re always right, aren’t we, kittens?

We think this is chic as hell and just about the perfect look for a teen star right on this side of adulthood. It’s still young and fresh, but it has a grownup chicness that we really respond to. Probably because it’s so stripped down and free of the kind of sexing up and princess fantasies normally foisted on young starlets.

On the other hand, this might be a bit too pared down and chic for someone so young. There’s no doubt this dress would look fabulous on the two-decades-older Cate Blanchett, but that’s not necessarily a mark against it. Then there’s the fact that it’s a bit too shapeless from certain angles. Our only other quibbles are minor and we’re pointing them out simply to give a full assessment: The shoes look a little goofy and heavy from certain angles (and gorgeous from others, oddly enough) and her hair’s perhaps a bit too tousled for such a sleek look.

But it’s definitely an IN for us – and probably one of our very favorite teen star looks in quite some time.

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IN! Chic and sleek!


OUT! Shapeless sack!


Eva Mendes’ “I’M SIX YEARS OLD TODAY!!!!!” dress was solidly voted OUT by the Minions with Opinions.


[Photo Credit: Tina Gill/PR Photos,]

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  • Jessica Rowe

    IN. I love this look and I love her.

  • IN. I love it. Chic, fresh, effortless.

  • Out. Shapeless it is, at least it is on her, which is sad. Also, her hair looks seriously fried. And she needs one Important Accessory to lift it all.

    • MilaXX

      One ring to rule them all?

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        and on the carpet bind them

        (or blind them… with FASHUN.)

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      Let’s ‘ku, darling. Let her get her out in style.

      Cream rinse calling loud
      Side panel bow things do weird
      Hot oil one louder

      • Trendy ombre hair
        Kate Blanchett’s dress wants off you
        Statement bracelet, please?

        • Vlasta Bubinka

          I’m not convinced Cate! or The Swinton can make those strange side things work. (everything else, yes)

          Breck girl weeps anon
          My shoes bring all boys to yard
          They’re better than yours

    • I agree. Out. Especially since I had her in her mid twenties just by guessing because I don’t know who she is.

    • Cathy S

      I agree. My first thought was that the shape was awful. Out.

  • I really like this on her, so it’s an IN. But she nearly gets an out for poor posing. She needed to spend a little more time in front of the mirror to figure out how the properly stand for photos in that dress.

  • She’s too young to do the chic and comfortable look. I’m gonna ignore her need for a hot oil treatment.

  • Sobaika

    That hair it in desperate need of saving. But as a whole look, IN!

    • aeb1986

      I feel like if she did a sleek ponytail it would be been great! IN regardless

  • Hetha Innis

    It’s so sophisticated that she doesn’t even look like a teen anymore! I love it.

  • Squarah

    What are those weird black flaps at the hips? Am I missing something?

  • Reneesance

    Giving her an IN, simple, stylish, and a fabulous color

  • Indigo54

    Finally I get to say IN. Again, IN. She looks fabulous!

  • wiggligirl

    In. She’s the baby Cate Blanchett, so it’s perfect for her.

  • Missy Covington

    Out because: hair. You can’t do something that clean and sleek and then screw it up by having messy hair. It fights too much for an in.

  • SugarSnap108

    Out. It looks like my smock from kindergarten art class, though I never paired that with ankle-strap heels. And her hair is atrocious. (I do feel bad saying that about a teenager, but …)

  • Out. pool hair.

  • rococodada

    I love her name! Sounds like it should be a historical monument- like the Hagia Sophia or something.

  • at first glance, i thought it was fabulous, especially with those shoes. but then again, the more that i look at it and think about it, i think someone who’s THIS beautiful, THIS statuesque and THIS young could be dressed in something… more. y’know? like, she has so much room to experiment and she went the potato-sack route. it’s not exactly a waste. i mean, it’s a fabulous potato sack. but still. there’s so many other more striking options out there.

  • crash1212

    IN. Totally in. Love the color.

  • DinaSews

    IN. I love the simplicity of it.

  • IN. This young woman has a very unique look and I think this outfit plays to her strengths. It’s unique but not too far out for a YA book adaptation movie. I think she looks great.

  • MilaXX

    IN, but give that gal some conditioner for that poor fried hair.

  • Airkisses

    She needed to do something with the hair and the shoes are just ok, but the dress is FAB. IN.

  • VicksieDo

    IN. Love the chicness without the sexiness. She’s not a silly person, and neither is this outfit 😉

  • schadenfreudelicious

    potato sack polterwang…OUT

  • I like it. IN.

  • lesmaha

    I hate when we disagree–but I must say, OUT. The hair looks terrible; and it’s just too plain for me.

  • Julie Fountain

    In, barely. That hair is bad, bad. I like the shoes. The dress is a little Star-Trek-y but it works and is appropriate for this venue.

  • IN for me as well, even though I’m not crazy about the hair.
    By the way: Dakota, this is how you do clean face without looking shiny.

  • In. I love this. Her hair could use some work, but that’s my only critique.

  • of course IN

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    Serving up Waffle House After Homecoming realness.


  • Anniebet

    Big fat IN. Even the hombre hair, which could be styled better. Dress color and shape to die for. Love, love the shoes. Did I mention I love the shoes?

  • anotherkate

    IN! She looks sleek and beautiful, but still young. (The messier hair is actually helping to keep the look “teen” in my opinion). And wow, has she ever grown up, and into a beautiful young lady at that! I remember thinking she was striking-looking as a kiddo, but she has really grown into her face.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    In, She’s just the kind of girl to pull that dress off. But her hair is ruining the look. Bangles and a sleek , nape of the neck pony tail would have made this a ‘WERQ’.

  • IN. Don’t love the shoes but the dress is totally fitting for both her and the movie.

  • charlotte

    IN. The dress looks like a PR project, but one of the better ones. Her hair though….

  • Jennifer L.

    In! Burgundy column of sleekness!
    (but wow does she need some hair oil)

  • IN. Wish the hair was healthier-looking though.

  • BaddestMotherEver

    IN IN IN! Gorgeous color on her. I did find myself trying to remember how old she is, but she’s not tarted up. She’s like Shipka’s big sister.

  • Lizzyisi

    IN! Before reading your commentary, I thought “perfect look for a teen star who is almost adult. Chic, without the over-sexed desperately not a kid anymore look, but fun and bold enough not to be prematurely middle-aged.” “Mildly shapeless” is not really a problem on someone so young because it helps avoid the desperate “LOOK! I am a *WOMAN* now” effect.

  • gabbilevy

    In. She’s skinny-minny enough to pull off that shapeless shift look and make it look chic. The shoes suck from straight-on, but I love them from the side, so they’re a wash. And speaking of wash… her hair, yikes. And a deep condition.

  • MzzPants

    Something about the Lanvin pieces with the ratty hair gives off a futuristic feel that I love. IN.

    • ampg

      So true, which makes it a perfect fit for the movie (assuming I’ve absorbed the marketing properly). I say IN as well.

  • OUT, because, you said it, the hair is too “tousled for such a sleek look”. However, I might replace “tousled” with “totally fried looking”. I love the dress but that hair (and makeup, too) really ruins the look.

  • Little_Olive

    I desperately want to know what the black thing appearing on her right side is and then tuck it in.

    No to the shoes.

    Otherwise, chic, yes.

  • EAV

    The dress is boring and her hair looks filthy.

  • jilly_d

    Totally agree about the shoe/angle thing, and I would have preferred a top knot or something sleeker with the hair, but she still looks cool. IN.

  • Jangle57

    Dress is shapeless, hair looks a mess and shoes are pretty ugly. The whole effort is uninspiring. OUT

  • Alexina04

    IN. That color looks great on her.

  • filmcricket

    Out. I love the colours of the dress, but it’s a shapeless sack, that black flappy thing at her hip looks like a pocket turned inside out, and her hair is atrocious.

  • KSuKim

    High ponytail would have helped, but there’s something funky about the shoulders.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Out. Shapeless for most of its length, then weirdly shaped for the rest. Great color, though.

  • out: bedazzled potato sack

    • Thank you! I was thinking where have I seen that shape before? Oh yes, in a trendy food market where everything looks more fancy than it is. Gaudy potato sack.

  • In, but her hair looks terribly dry. As does mine, but I don’t have a bevy of stylists at my disposal.

    She’s growing up so gorgeous. Those eyes!

  • IN – Even though her hair looks so frizzy and tortured.

  • In. She looks chic.

  • Lola67

    In. Had me at the first photo.

  • OUT. All I could think was “Shapeless sack”, although the color is nice.

  • In. Mostly because it’s nice to see a pale blond blue eyed teen starlet in a jewel tone. Fanning sisters take note. Also, does anyone have any idea how to pronounce her name?

    • There’s an adorable quote from her on her Wikipedia page:

      “‘Seer-sha’ is how Irish people pronounce my first name, but I would pronounce it ‘Sir-sha,’ like ‘inertia’. It’s Irish
      for ‘freedom.’ I recently found out that my middle name, Una, means
      ‘unity’ in Ireland. And I think my last name means ‘seal.’ So I’m a
      free, unified seal.”

    • Cosmotrash

      Saoirse as in inertia. There’s a lovely moment on The Graham Norton show here where she explains:

    • It’s Seer-sha. Gaelic for Liberty.

    • Kristin McNamara

      Fanning sisters, sure. And also- Jennifer Aniston, who this young lady is looking CREEPILY like in these photos. In fact, from the thumbnails, I thought, “Holy hell Janiston got another facelift AND went blonde!”

  • random_poster

    OUT x 2. Shapeless sack, indeed! (My 12-yo looked over my shoulder while I was scrolling down and said “It looks like a sack.”)

  • IN. She looks chic!

  • BrooklynBomber

    It’s an IN with qualifications. I don’t like the slit; it makes the dress hang funny and makes the proportions look slightly off. I think with no slit and one inch more length it would hang better. But in general, I like it.

  • EEKstl

    IN for sure! I was on the fence about the shoes until I realized you were right – they look great from some angles, oddly clunky from others. But LOVE the dress, no quibbles from me.

  • Tatiana Luján

    I love this outfit, even from it’s most shapeless angles.

  • l_c_ann


    I would like to see more of the side stuff, ’cause it looks interesting.

  • lizajane1776

    IN! She is carrying it off, despite it being a shapeless sack. It looks like satin and there isn’t a crease anywhere.

  • RebeccaKW

    She is adorable. She looks great here. I think the hair and makeup keep it young. In. I’m not sold on the shoe. I agree, from certain angles (like the side view) they are pretty great. From the front, they are a horror.

  • IN but it would look SO much better if her hair was slicked back in a cute ponytail (age appropriate) and she had a necklace to break up the front a bit.

  • Nancy Dunn

    I don’t know – the dress is meh. And she needs some make up on here eyes, they look small and tired. But I am assuming she is over 15; if she isn’t, the no make up look is fine.

  • Her hair looks like it has been tormented. I don’t mind the dress though. She does need some accessorizing. Uhhhh, I’m going to say out. Sorry, you’re still cute though, girl!

  • Janet B

    Neck down: fabulous!

  • The color is to die for, and the shape just needs to die.

  • IN. Strikes me as fine and solid – but not esp. risky. I kind of like the boxy, straight-up-and-down quality of it. And I really like the fact that these shoes are black. I am so bored of nude shoes on every woman in existence.

  • ringthing

    God, I’m so tired of crispy fried ombre hair. Can’t get past it. OUT.

  • Jashley Fryer

    Looks like someone raided Julianne Moore’s closet…

  • j_anson

    IN. It’s fantastic. The color is amazing and she’s got the figure to work a shapeless dress, no doubt. Also, I have no idea how she kept it from wrinkling at the hips.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    She is a fashionista fetus. Not loving the hair, and she could work the look a lot more, but this is IN for me.

  • I don’t like the shoes and I suspect I wouldn’t like the dress on anyone else, but she looks gorgeous.

  • GorgeousThings

    OUT. It looks as though the dress caught in her undies on the right hip.

  • cmb123

    out…the shoes are too heavy and the hair is dreadful. Love the dress, but the rest is a mess.

  • her hair is “a bit too tousled”? her hair is fuuuuuuucked.
    i dont love this look. whats up with that thing on her right hip? is she wearing the pocket inside out?
    i do love her as an actress… but this is an OUT for me.

  • No, just no.

  • OUT. It looks like she pulled a satin pillowcase over her head. Her hair is in DESPERATE need of some TLC. But I love her shoes.

  • Upscale hospital smock. Out.

  • OUT. ITs definitely and ugly sack. Also, a conditioning treatment for your hair, dear. Its fried beyond recognition.

  • marilyn

    Out. Boring.

  • Carol

    She’s wearing a shapeless, shiny sack and her hair is stringy and fried. OUT.

  • VanessaDK

    Love it! Sleek and simple. Looks classic yet in an unusual color, and the side panels add a subtle peek a boo interest.

  • spooki C

    That is not a dress, it’s a sack. Such an unfortunate looking garment is always OUT.

  • Imasewsure

    IN I love this!

  • gsk241

    I like it and think she looks cute in it. True, it is a bit spare for her, and the fit isn’t quite right somehow, but still an IN!

  • rissa42210

    Out!!!! OUTTTT!!! The dress is a shapeless sack, designed to hold rich people’s potatoes. The shoes are a near-hit, but end up being clunky and somewhat over-sexed. The hair is a travesty – looks like a six year old who’s mother finally caught up to her with the brush. She should have just left it tangled. Her makeup is the definition of teenage trip to the mall. I hate it.

  • clubgoingseel

    IN. think she looks super chic and kinda fab. it’s nice to see a starlet have some ease in their style

  • In, quite quirky and interesting for me!

  • MK03

    IN. The hair needs some major help, but that dress is killer on her.

  • Chantelle James

    I don’t like the black hip bow things but I do like this dress on her. It is a bit shapeless but fitting through the shoulder and hips which is enough for me.


  • Dress and shoes, in. Hair/makeup/lack of accessories are a quibble, though. A sleeker hairstyle (less walk of shamey), some pink gloss and a cool chunky bracelet would have elevated this. But in.

  • Michael_Jones

    Well, of course you boys are always right. IN.

  • Sara__B

    Overall, OUT. (The dress is IN, but the styling is OUT, especially that hair!)

  • melanie0866

    IN. Yes, it’s a bit shapeless, but it’s interesting and cool.

  • Melanie

    I just do not get Lanvin. At all.

  • chitowndg

    Out because of the shoes. In for the dress, but out overall.

  • Alyssa

    In. Besides the hair, I like this look. It is shapeless, but in a chic way.

  • Aurumgirl

    Love the colours, but the dress really is a pillow case with inserts. If I were her age and had her looks, I’d 1)fix that hair oh my god; and 2) wear something that looks a heck of a lot better on me than this. I don’t think it would look good on Cate Blanchet either (and usually, I think what Cate wears wouldn’t look good at all on Tilda, they’re just way too different from each other to be able to share clothes).

  • You are correct, a chic and flattering IN!

  • IN. IN. IN.

    Loves it.

  • PeggyOC

    Out. The dress is horrible, and while her face is nice and I would cut a bitch for those shoes, the hair is terrible, and the way it’s shade shifts down into the dress is dreadful. I was going to blame it all on the dress, but that is not the hair for that dress, so she carries some of the blame.

  • lrober03

    IN. Mostly like the dress, wish her hair was one color.

  • Allyson Wells

    IN for the outfit alone, but her hair looks awful…. like, really bad.

  • IN, even though I have an uncontrollable urge to take a comb out of my purse and attack her head.

  • ThaliaMenninger

    She looks great and the bag, er, dress looks way better on her than on the runway. IN.

  • Carly Warnock

    In. I like the colours. Cut is meh but it works.

  • HeatherMcIlrath

    tentative IN for me! it’s the hair that is making me question everything, but that is a great dress in a really stunning color and I don’t want to fault her for that

  • IN! I love this look!

  • ConnieBV

    I love her in this. IN.

  • I happen to love sack dresses, so it’s a ol’ big IN from me, in spite of her hair which needs a little something more.

  • CCAdams

    In, this is a good selection of dress and shoes for her. Her legs and feet still are sleek enough she can pull-off wearing those black pumps without hose. Her makeup flatters her without trying to make her appear more sophisticated. I think it would have been a mistake to combine this outfit with any sort of ponytail

  • maggiemaybe

    IN! She looks très chic.

  • IN! Boy, has she grown up.

  • TSkot

    She looks great: IN

  • IN!!! She looks great! I loved her in that spy movie Hannah!

  • marigi

    In. Very chic without too much exertion of efforts.

  • Erica_Vuitton

    The only thing this look has going for it is the color. This is the Hollywood premiere of the next Twilight/Hunger Games level book to movie series and she’s the female lead. A boring sack dress with frizzy and damaged hair? Really? No I’m sorry this is OUT.

  • IN: the hair needs tweaking but the rest is fab.

  • another_laura

    Definitely IN.

  • snarkykitten

    The dress is fine. The hair and the makeup push this out. Her hair looks like it’s made of straw

  • MissAmynae

    I think most of the ombre look of her hair is from the flash angle and reflection of the dress’ uhmazeballs color. It could be a little less messy, but she’s young enough that I don’t mind it.

    I hate the shoes.

    Overall, though… In. She looks cute, chic and comfortable.

  • LaSylphide

    Not crazy about the shoes, and the hair is a big minus for a sophisticated look like this, and a jeweled cuff might help. But, otherwise a big in; love the color.

  • librarygrrl64

    OUT for the hair alone.

  • Nonmercisansfacon

    IN. I quite like the shoes. But I thought we were finally free of Stephenie Meyer?! Dear Goddess, should we expect more adaptations of her ‘books’ (and I use that term loosely)?

  • libraangel

    This is just strange, but I will give it an IN because I kinda like it. Scuffed shoes? And let’s not get an Inflated ego, T&L: It doesn’t suit you!

  • ankali

    IN despite the hair, which about halfway down crosses the line from “tousled” to “fried.” Otherwise I wouldn’t change a thing, and think this look is extremely well suited to her.

  • If I’d known she was but a child I probably would have approved. As it is, I saw it and thought it belonged on an Olsen twin and it’s now irredeemable.

  • chelwi


  • Cz

    Tangent to this post: That show is awesome.

    And, IN.

  • It looks like a satin pillowcase. A non-dress. And I’m not sure what’s going on in her hip area.
    It is very striking. I love the sparse look, the shoes, the lack of everything. By golly I wish her hair wasn’t scraggly. Un-done is okay, but fried ends, not so hot. But still it got my attention and she looks like a budding fashion icon.

    I’m going with IN.

  • cleep1000

    The hair completely ruins it for me. OUT.

  • fursa_saida

    I LOVE IT. IN. I wish the weird black parts that stick out at the hips were gone, but otherwise I am totally happy with it. I even like the tousled hair–I feel like it adds a little bit of a relaxed, youthful feel. if she’d done a sleek ponytail or something she’d be getting into Blonde Audreybot territory.

    I’m biased, though, because of how much I loved her in Hanna.

  • mhlmh

    I really love it. I don’t know what the stuff on the sides are but it probably helps her (even if for myself personally, I’d prefer it without).

  • elephantasmagoric

    In. Stylish and chic and she looks so at ease in it.

  • lamamu

    IN! I like that she’s a little messy. She’s a teenager! Those too slick teen celebrities make me a little uncomfortable.

  • piecesofconfetti

    IN love it

  • IN. Chic as hell. It’s not shapeless, it just has a non-body hugging shape. It’s fashion; it doesn’t always have to show off every curve. It can simply flatter(and this does) or make a statement or invoke thought or look beautiful. Not trying to be preachy it’s just that I think the shape of this dress is fantastic.

  • I’ll never be on board with those sleeves, but as a whole it’s not bad. In, with a soupcon of out.

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    Gorgeous. IN

  • oohsparkley!

    In. The color is great on her.

  • Louise Bryan

    I’m so torn. My first reaction is that this look is too mature for her. On the other hand, it could be interpreted as edgy. On the other hand, it’s kind of shapeless. And on the fourth hand (no less) I love the color on her, and I think the shoes are cute. In the final summation, it’s IN by a hairsbreadth.

  • it’s cool! ˆ.ˆ IN IN INNER IN

  • nannypoo

    I love everything here except the hair. She’s beautiful.

  • In. Except young lady, you need to brush your hair! Harrumph.

  • gracedarling

    In! It has that kind of Shanghai-in-the-thirties, Blade Runner retro-future vibe. And she’s gorgeous, which helps. Obviously the hair is a bit too casual, but as a fellow sufferer of dry, crackly hair, I’m not going to ding her for it.

  • formerlyAnon

    IN. You two are completely right. No reservations about it being “too grown up” but a few reservations about the black frippery at the hip. HOWever, some one young, slim and lovely does not need to be flattered by her dress.

  • NoGovernmentName

    The thing on her right (viewer’s left) near her wrist looks like her pocket is inside out and protruding. That is too distracting for words and ruins the sleekness. OUT.

  • Aly Light

    What look? I see nothing there. Nothing but a total under-made face and a swath of fabric held on with safety pins. OUT.

  • Trisha26


  • tereliz

    IN! I’ll say chic (though maybe not sleek, exactly) and perfect for her new sci-fi movie. The hair doesn’t look that bad to me, keeps it youthful and edgy, if that makes sense.

  • Zippypie

    IN. Great color and it’s sleek and chic, but she badly needs some jewelry – a long necklace or some great earrings and a bigger bracelet. Something. The shoes – I just wish the friggin’ platform hoofers would go away – the heels are chic, the platform clunky. Without the platform, they would have been great.

  • in

  • jw_ny

    IN…from the neck down. her hair is a frizzy disaster!

    At first look it looks like a sack, but it has more to it than that upon further inspection…interesting shoulders, side cut-outs, and, especially, the two bold and rich colors front and back.

  • zelavie

    Out. It’s shapeless, and her hair is an inexcusable mess.

  • phylora


  • conniemd

    In except for the hair.

  • Pterodactyl111

    Out. Way too shapeless. Just a little nip around the waist would have saved it.

  • luluransom

    Hooray, I was hoping you boys would cover this. Big IN from me, I think she looks fantastic and chic.

  • HIDDY! a sparkly tube top covered with two placemats and a black napkin ruffle at the hip. And don’t get me going on that zonked out looking face and hair. I just can’t with her….

  • pop_top

    IN. I think the hair could use more care, but I love the dress on her.

  • Kathleen B

    I think IN as well. Chic and simple.

  • VicD

    In – I say she’s the next generation’s Tilda Swinton.

  • ugh tlo why has thou forsaken me?? beautiful dress, killed by terrible styling. also lets face it… would have looked better on a brunette… but those clunky satin charlotte russe-looking things need to GO. her dirty beach har that blends into the dress, DEFINITELY needs to go, and the borderline jizz-lips are borderline offensive. gf needs to walk o shame herself back to the prom dress scrap room she walked out of.

  • demidaemon

    I just find it all kinds of dull. And I hate the shoes. OUT.

  • prettybigkitty

    IN. Simple and lovely.

  • mila_8

    I want to chase after her with hair product.

  • bd73

    agree with all of tlo’s points. the hair should sleeked or severe’d to match. the shoes are too old. and for some reason i’d like to see mia wasikowska in it. but it is gorgeous for all that.

  • IN!

  • IN, i love her in Hanna, but that’s besides the point. Love the dress, chic, minimalist and her make-up is perfect.

  • kathrineb

    Agreed that the dress is a bit shapeless from certain angles, but its refreshing to see such a clean minimalist look and she pulls it off.

  • naomiow

    it’s my fave color… so IN (plus the sides are cool)

  • ballerinawithagun

    In. Love the square cut armholes and they are low enough that the sequin detail doesn’t look too scratchy.

  • stagmania

    OUT. Shapeless sack. And I don’t like the way it’s weirdly pulling on one side.

  • H2olovngrl

    I love it. Very sleek.

  • lalahartma


  • mmc2315

    TLo wrote: Several kittens displayed the annoying tendency to not agree with T Lo when discussingSaoirse Ronan’s dress, although proper kittens rallied and voted it IN, as God intended.

    Hilarious! I had to check out this dress. Nope. OUT. “Star Trek”

  • amaranth16

    Dress and shoes are sharp as shit. Hair is a HOT MESS.

  • Absolutely IN. (After the voting has closed. I am behind.)