Girl, That’s Not Your Look: Emmy Rossum

Posted on March 21, 2013

Addendum: Girl, This is PAINFULLY Not Your Look:


Emmy Rossum attends the 21st Annual “A Night At Sardi’s” Gala Benefiting The Alzheimer’s Association in a Tory Burch dress paired with Jimmy Choo sandals.

Tory Burch Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Kati Nescher

Jimmy Choo Diffuse Metallic Leather Lace-Up Sandal

The dress is fine; the shoes are fine. We don’t love either of them (and like them even less paired together), but they’re not the issue here.

It’s that head.

She looks like a drag queen doing a production of The Diary of Anne Frank.  That is some deeply unflattering makeup, especially the consumptive eyes paired with the Barbie lips. It alters the whole shape of her face. She’s all brown and gold tones around the eyes and then the whole lower half of her face is awash in lavender-pinks. There’s a possibility it’s a look that doesn’t photograph well, but we really can’t see how those colors blend well on a pale white face.

Are we nuts here? We fully admit we’re not makeup queens, but it just looks so strange to us.

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  • BaddestMotherEver

    I think “consumptive” sums it up! Maybe she’s auditioning for Camille.

    • tonibaloney

      I immediately thought “consumptive” as well. Nothing like sickly orange around the eyes to really bring out the pallor!

      Maybe she’s born with it, maybe she has TB!

      • BaddestMotherEver

        hahahahahaha…I can’t quit saying this now!

  • TSkot

    A little make-up heavy maybe, but overall she looks great.

  • This is so terrible, but could have looked much better with a hair and make up change…. fire the stylist….

  • charlotte

    Looks strange to me, too.
    I am now tired of her.

    • TDSE

      It’s impossible to be tired of Emmy Rossum. Fact.

      Really though, I just love her and Shameless to death. And since it only airs during this time of the year, I love seeing her featured so much.

      • charlotte

        I know she’s talented and amazing on Shameless, I just don’t like the way she comes across in talk shows and such.

        • TDSE

          See, I think she is a fantastic actress and love her interviews/public appearances. Obviously, too each their own. Or this the part where we get into an internet shouting match using caps lock over people we don’t know and will probably never meet?

          • charlotte

            YOU F…. No, just kidding.

          • TDSE

            This is why I love Bitter Kittens. Truly.

          • Indigo54

            Go for it!

      • lexilexi

        TDSE – I LOVE Shameless… she is wonderful in it … and I don’t think she looks horrific here… just a little needy.

      • Qitkat

        Shameless makes me squirmy, and I guess it’s supposed to, but props to all the actors in it: amazing.

        • julnyes

          I watch a number of scenes while peeking anxiously through my fingers. I love it!

  • The makeup is ATROCIOUS! And the colors don’t even go together. Applied like THAT, it wouldn’t blend well on anyone’s complexion. It’s that bad. Wow.

  • Girl! What the fuck?!?!

  • zenobar

    Makeup queen here. And that is a terrible, terrible clash of warm and cool tones. Plus her polish makes it look like she’s in danger of losing the tips of her fingers and toes to frostbite.

    • aykhan

      Not a makeup expert, but I remember that Lisa Eldridge did a video on how to wear bright lipstick like this – she suggested wearing as little makeup as possible.

      • dragonbait

        Wannabe makeup queen here, and Lisa Eldridge is totally on the money (as usual). With a lip like this you want everything else to be pretty minimal, but you do want a defined eye, to balance out the top and bottom parts of the face. That lipstick should’ve been paired with a black tightlined eye and some subtle highlighting.

    • sojourneryouth

      Honestly, it looks to me like she did it herself. I’m sure it was done by a professional, but it really, really, REALLY looks like what happens when I try a new, strong lip color and try to balance it out with a paler eye. It’s all Cosmo’s fault.

  • Bia

    I agree. I am no makeup queen either but that lip with those lashes? It seems like a bad parody of Betty Boop.

  • This is especially sad if compared with the “WERQ” you gave her for the Critic’s Choice Awards. That hair……it’s like a bad imitation of Wallis Simpson. How sad.

    • I totally get that her hair and make up people were going for a thirties look. The hair is too relaxed for that, and that lip color is way off base. Also, her eyes ended up looking tired and watery, like she’s been crying a blue streak.

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        Would that she were Chloe Sevigny and we could give her an alter. This one would be Twyla, who is obsessed with the 1920s and all things Clara Bow or Louise Brooks. She is particularly enchanted by the stories of overworked typewriter girls and thrills to the palor of the overworked office girl. She loves wearing nightgowns as day wear, and has made it a mission to keep the bobby pin industry afloat.

        • (Snorting with glee)

        • MoHub

          Neither Clara Bow nor Louise Brooks ever looked that washed out.

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            yeah, and they wouldn’t wear Ma Ingalls’ sequined nightgown either. Or that kiwi melon lipstick.

        • lamamu

          Someone really should tell her that The Great Gatsby wrapped last year.

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            Shhhh! I hid the memo.

  • Pishypie

    Consumptive lips indeed! It looks as if her makeup artist gave her the “hangover chic” look.

  • KateShouldBeWorking

    Hopefully she’s been drugged. Can I say “hopefully” here?

  • Rebecca Bledsoe

    I liked the dress until the close up revealed that the overlay seems to be made from the same fabric that’s used to wrap pears in the produce section in my supermarket. I like the jewelry. The makeup and hair, just no.

    • zenobar

      It is! It’s made out of Asian pear sleeves!

  • Erica_Vuitton

    For me this was a potential WERK, RUINED by clown makeup and Easter egg nails. LOVE the hair, earrings, dress and shoes but seriously girl that make-up. Did you lose a bet?

  • Aside from the case of the two make-up artists, I CANNOT get on board with hair v. dress going on over here.

    Pick an era – 20s or 70s? Cause the dress ain’t both and the hair is only one.

  • PastryGoddess

    Her gays were obviously smoking crack when they did her makeup. There is no way anyone in their right mind would let her walk out of the house like that

    • oldbobbydraper

      i suspect that she does her own makeup. WHO else would insist on matching your exact eyeshadow color to your outfit color???!

  • MK03

    Not a makeup queen, but a makeup connoisseur. And yes, it’s dreadful. Like, really dreadful.

  • SewingSiren

    I rather like this one. She has kind of a goth/romantic/ethereal look about her that I find charming.

  • random_poster

    You guys are right. That make up is awful.

  • The lipstick made me shudder.

    • rajf

      I purchased that lipstick in 1985 or so, it was Dior. I was under the influence of lunch-hour desperation for a quick uplift, and once purchased, I never wore it…with good reason.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Old Makeup Queen here. Terrible, terrible makeup and whoever chose the lipstick shade was on bad drugs. The hair I could live with if the makeup had been softer. I also think the lighting must suck because they were going for neutral in the makeup. I

  • Mrs

    I agree. The colors on her face seem to be fighting each other. She’s so pretty, this is a shame. Me myself, I adore the dress & wish that the weather here in San Francisco would ever allow me to wear it!

  • Diego!

    She looks like a drag queen wannabe dealing with bankrupcy. This is disgusting altogether. Girl, fire your people ASAP!

  • This is really bad look for Emmy. Dress is fine, but makeup job horrible, especially eyes, agree with you guys.

  • Mismarker

    How fitting this is an Alzheimer’s Association event. I’d like to forget I ever saw this.

  • warnerave

    it isn’t that awful…she could have ditched the pink lipstick..still love love shameless!

  • Le_Sigh

    Nope. Not cray at all. Her face is clashing with itself. And that pink lip doesn’t even go with the dress. I can kind of see where they were trying to go – a sort of Southern Belle in the 1920s summer beach home vibe, but that pink lip just kills it hard.

  • MilaXX

    Yeah that is a bad face. I don’t like any of the colors together. Hate the eyes and I might like the lips paired with another look. Really hate the hair. Looking at the model made me wonder, do lady celebs ever wear flats, not kitten heels, but flats on the RC? I mean in an instance where it wasn’t because they had an injury, but because that the look they were going for. I think this dress could look cute with better makeup, a loose pony and flats like the model.

  • mellorcr

    My first thought was how dreadful the lavender lips looked on her, and then I scrolled down to the zombie-colored fingernails…

  • mjude

    lipstick & shoes are a complete no for me.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    MY EYES MY EYES!!! That makeup is horrific, just horrific.

  • ralish

    I actually love the dress and earrings. Makeup and nail color? Disastrous. Ugh, I have shivers it’s so bad.

  • MoHub

    I’m thinking the hair might work if she went for a total late ’20s/early ’30s look. Red Cupid-bow lips, red nails, and a dropped waist on the dress, and she might have pulled it off.

  • hughman

    She looks disconcertingly like Brittany Murphy. Yikes.

  • “Drag Queen Anne Frank”? God damn you, that’s terrible & hilarious imagery. That’s terlarious. Thank you for fixing my day!

    • Kristin McNamara

      I must read this site too much….. The FIRST thing I said to myself when I saw Picture #1 was, “Jesus, she looks like Anne Frank or something.” Of course, then I instantly felt shameful… but then I kept scrolling, read TLo’s identical assessment, and felt of kindred spirit with them 🙂 hahaha

    • makeityourself

      Telarious. Exactly. I’m ashamed that I laughed so hard.

  • Nancy Dunn

    Oh, my God, I can’t stop laughing. Drag queen doing Anne Frank! You just slay me!! I can’t even see the dress, I have tears in my eyes!

  • formerlyAnon

    My reaction is that I really like her hair (mostly on the wavy side of her head) but the makeup is wrong. I am not sure whether the eyebrows or the lips leap off her face more aggressively, but it was only after being hit in they eye with them that I noticed the off color combination.

  • Indigo54

    You guys may be nuts but not for dissin’ girlfriend’s make-up. Looks exhausted. She really does look like Anne Frank. I really like the dress tho.

  • rkdgal

    I’ve made this comment before, but I’ll harken back to my Mom’s old Color Me Beautiful book! Emmy is a Winter, which means that gold/warm tones are NOT going to look good with her skin tone. The dress is not a good color for her, nor is her eye makeup. The lipstick might work, but not alongside all those other warm tones. (Didn’t anyone else’s mom have that book and the accompanying fabric swatch booklet you could use to make sure you had the “right” colors?)

    • urbanamish

      my mom made me get my colors done, and i do believe that lipstick is spring.

  • Ooh, the lilac nails are NOT helping either!!

  • There is not a flash, camera angle or harsh lighting you can blame for how bad her make up is. I do love the dress and shoes, damn shame from the neck up is not working at all.

  • I love that dress, and I love it on her. HATE the shoes with it, and the hair pushes this over the line into “costume.” And the makeup… WTF is up with that lipstick color?

  • anotherkate

    That lip is horrific. As is her mani-pedi. Gold is warm, lavender is cool, and NE’ER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET.

  • Anathema_Device

    You guys so nailed it with the drag Anne Frank description. Absolutely awful hair & makeup. And I think the shoes are terrible with the dress. It takes a light look and weighs it down.

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      Yes. this. That lip color is risky even with the perfect outfit/makeup and skin tone to go with it. You’d have to be a cornflower blonde and wearing something really really flattering to risk it I think…

  • mightbewrong

    That is….an odd array of makeup choices.

    The dress too–I feel like she’s really suited to rich colors, I don’t know why she goes straight for pale and pastel lately.

  • flamingoNW

    The hair is a disaster too, and the nails. I like the dress, not so much the shoes

  • You are not nuts, the makeup is terrible!!!

  • Jessi03

    It makes me sad.

  • marji80

    This is a dress to dress down, as in the model shot, not up.

  • marji80

    This dress should be dressed down, as in the model shot, not up. Dressing it up via the “done” hair and the shoes makes it look like a sad saggy unsuccessful party dress.

  • Going to de-lurk for a moment and just add am I the only one who thinks the model looks like a grown-up Hailee Steinfeld? Yes? No? ‘Kay, bye. *re-lurks*

  • BuffaloBarbara

    She looks like a drag queen doing a production of The Diary of Anne Frank.
    I laughed so loud I scared my cat. 😀

    The make-up is definitely off, and the 40s hair is not helpful. There were many neat things in that fashion era, but the hair was just flatly weird.

  • I like it. It reminds me of actual colors worn in the thirties.

  • MoHub

    Please, when are actresses going to learn that a below-the-knee dress on a 6-foot model still leaves a nice length of lower leg visible, but it leaves you with little stumps if you’re under 5’9″?

  • She looks like a drag queen doing a production of The Diary of Anne Frank.

    Um, yes. That is EXACTLY what this looks like.

  • “Check your lipstick before you come and talk to me.”

  • Mazenderan

    Have they unleashed Maggie Gyllenhall’s makeup artist on her – who always manages to make her complexion look dreadful at any event? The eyeshadow makes her look like she’s missing sleep, and the lipstick is a terrible, deadening Barbie pink.

  • I love the hair! Really a lot! The makeup, not so much.

  • PrunellaV

    She looks like some other planet’s best guess at “Hollywood star.”

  • I usually don’t get the big kerfuffle that everyone on here gets into about a pair of what I usually consider pretty, but innocuous shoes – at least most shoes fall into that category: “nice, but whatever”. Those gold things above though are the first pair I’ve seen though that made me want to set fire to something. Is this normal?

  • schadenfreudelicious

    i cannot with that lip color, atleast not with the rest of the makeup, it’s laughably out of place, like a 6 year old picked out the shade…

  • snarkykitten

    She looks like Brittany Murphy.

  • thelovelydove

    The dress is pretty cute, I’d shorten the hem a bit though. But those awful shoes and the terrible hair and makeup are just ruining it…This look shows that a good dress simply isn’t enough to make a good look.

  • m0r0

    Another example of my hatred for make-up ‘trends.’ Girls, stick with what has worked. Nice blush in the cheek and lips and beautiful simple eye make-up that accentuates your natural beauty. This stuff is hideous and makes a beautiful girl…….far less so.

  • Dude, seriously, someone needs to re-take Color Theory 101.

    Fire your makeup artist, punkin.

  • oohsparkley!

    Her head looks like she’s from the Great Depression era, some beaten-down, dust-bowl farm-wife.

  • Alyssa

    You are correct…that makeup is terrible!

  • tereliz

    You are not nuts. Cute dress, tragic head.

    She looks like a character from Xanadu that has time traveled and then been poisoned by bad bathtub gin…

  • You know how I said with the last one about not matching your eyeshadow to your frock? I mean it this time.

  • stubbornthoughts

    That awkward moment when the makeup and hair ruins a beautiful woman’s whole look.

  • conniemd

    she just looks totally washed up and old-fashioned dowdy here.

  • She definitely needed a warmer color on her lips. Her face makes no sense.

  • “Oh, Honey!” as a dear friend of mine would say.

    She is such a beautiful woman. I hope that a stylist thinks so too and helps her out.

  • R.A.

    “…a drag queen doing a production of The Diary of Anne Frank.”: I can’t stop giggling. You two slay me. And that make-up is doing her lovely face no favours.

  • libraangel

    Special event at the Senior Center

  • mila_8

    Can’t put my finger on it, but reminds me of Alanis Morissette during her post-anger Thank You phase…neither wore it well.

  • Lesley

    it’s so sad, she’s such a pretty girl but it’s rare she’s styled well. her makeups always way too over done

  • Trisha26

    I can’t get over that “those lips” match her nail polish – fingers and toes mind you – it’s terrifying. That beaded dress fishnet overlay fabric looks cheap and tacky – like the plastic needlepoint “fabric” my mother (bless her) used to make cat-themed bookmarks.

  • ugh badbadbadbabad

  • She looks terrible. She’s beautiful, so someone actually worked really hard to make her look horrible.

  • lrhoff

    Oh please, she was waaaaay better than the woman you thought was a WERQ. Geez.

  • I guess we’ve all had our Lady Edith days.

  • Alejandra Mielke

    That’s the first thing I thought- Anna Frank!

  • Christiane Truelove

    Hey, here’s an article in which you can see Emily Rossum; and in the video you can see (and hear her) performing. I think the overall look was an attempt to look 1920-ish for the song she was doing:

  • Drag Queens version of Ann Frank– you guys slay me! That was such a perfect description!

  • librarygrrl64

    No, you are absolutely right. It’s scrollup fug.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Is this wrong but even though I am a huge fan of Downton Abbey and even though I ADORE retro hair in general, I HATE HER HAIR I HATE HER HAIR I HATE HER HAIR. I want to call this style “State Institution School Girl.” I recognize this is a terrible thing to say. But I can’t help it. NO BOBBY PIN CLIP IN THE FRONT OF YOUR HEAD. Perhaps also, this is because that creature “Nancy Grace” is wearing this bobby pin clip this way. My husband insists on watching her show at night. He also watches Jersey Shore. I know. I know.

  • mmc2315

    She seems to favor a retro look now and again, but usually, it misses the mark just so. Love the retro hair, and the dress is nice, but the make-up ruins it.

  • bd73

    um… a huge misstep. what’s worse: the eye makeup or the shoes?

  • I’m sorry, but exposed raw edges on “coture” piss me off no end. Lazy, lazy, lazy, lazy, and the garment is guaranteed to have zero longevity, unless you deploy gallons of fray-check.