Dianna Agron in Oday Shakar

Posted on March 14, 2013

She’s as matchy as a commemorative edition Barbie, but we’re willing to ignore that just this once and give her an “Attagirl.”

Dianna Agron attends the 2nd Annual 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon hosted by The Hollywood Reporter and Jimmy Choo in New York City in an Oday Shakar dress paired with Jimmy Choo shoes and clutch and Neil Lane jewelry.

Oday Shakar Spring 2013 Collection

Jimmy Choo ‘Jasmine’ Clutch

Jimmy Choo ‘Greta Sue’ Sandal


Okay, we lied. We can accept the bag but the shoes are a bridge too far. But we’ll shut up about that.

Miss Dianna only gets it right about 25% of the time, as far as we’re concerned. But this is super-springtime cute and it suits her to a T. In fact, this is one of those “Girl, that is ONLY your dress” moments. She likes to do the demure, ladylike thing and this works without making her look frumpy or Church Lady.

We do think there might be a little too much going on up top, with the floaty cap sleeves, Peter Pan collar AND keyhole, though.



[Photo Credit: Wireimage, odayshakar.com, farfetch.com, jimmychoo.com]

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  • Sobaika

    Very pretty. Perfectly suited to her, although her eye makeup is atrocious.

    • hyperionic

      What’s wrong with her eye makeup? I don’t see it. 

      • Sobaika

        She has pales shades for her blush and lips, and yet her eyeshadow is red, lid to near brow. It’s the kind of look you’d do to make someone look tired. It’s been all over the starlets lately so it must be trendy.

        • Anathema_Device

           Good call on the eye makeup.

    • I think they tried to edge up and modernize the look but its doesnt work my issue is the jewelry. too matchy. cant you see a pretty silver set of bangles with this?

    • SassieCassy

      i think the hair is worse

    • MilaXX

      Combined with the colors in the dress, it borders on looking like she had pink eye. A neutral eye with that lip color would have been fine.

  • ChiliP

    This dress is perfect for her. I’m not a huge fan of Peter Pan collars, but I love the colors and print of the dress. She strikes me as the kind of girl who shops at Anthropologie.

    • MoHub

       My reaction exactly. I generally like this but could do without the Peter Pan collar and would prefer a smooth round neck. Love the little keyhole, though.

    • Kristin McNamara

      Are we supposed to be able to see the cups of her bra through the fabric, or is that part of the dress? I’m confused. (And surprised nobody’s mentioned it yet.. I just scrolled through and checked them all!)

      • ChiliP

         I’m pretty sure that’s part of the bodice, not her bra. If you look closely, you can see that the entire bodice is structured, and the fabric is a sheer overlay.

  • lovelyivy

    She should stick with this designer, awful shoes notwithstanding- this is the best version of her that I’ve ever seen.

    •  Don’t you think the shoes on the model would have been better? Those sandals look, I don’t know, old ladyish.

      • lovelyivy

         Completely agree, but then again that falls right in line with Dianna’s style- a risk taker she ain’t.

    • Nicholas

      The Erdem Resort 2013 collection is basically The Dianna Agron Collection: http://www.tomandlorenzo.com/2012/05/erdem-resort-2013-collection.html.

      She should just wear that whenever she can.

  • Angela_the_Librarian

    It’s been so dreary the past few weeks, so it’s refreshing to see a pop of spring time color. I actually like the whole thing head to toe (maybe I haven’t had enough caffeine this morning)

  • aeb1986

    This outfit really bugs me for some reason. Maybe if she paired the dress with a belt or unbuttoned the collar or something. I also think the shoes are too matchy and her hair should have been down. 

    I feel like shes one of those women that dresses so much better in the “on the street” posts that at more formal events.

  • Introspective

    agree about having one less detail up top (my vote’s the sleeves).

    but this just feels pretty. and sometimes that’s all a well dressed woman really needs.

  • Annabelle Archer

    So pretty.  I have a raging case of Spring Fever right now, so this look is refreshing, fun and super appealing.  I wish she’d kept it at knee length, but at least she resisted the urge to Mormon out the look entirely.  

  • Beautiful colors on her, and the fit is perfect.  I would lose the cap sleeves, were I asked.
    Oh, you asked?
    Lose the cap sleeves.

    • dont you think they add to how floaty she looks? i would close the peep hole.

      •  Its a tough call, really.  It needs to lose one element for sure.

        • MilaXX

           my vote is for the sleeves since it would still have that lady like thing with the collar & peep hole.

    • Anathema_Device

       I voted for the collar. I like the petal-ness of the sleeve design. Plus, I don’t really care for Peter Pan collars on the whole. They up the juvenile factor by 10 on most outfits.

      •  Normally I dislike Peter Pan collars, in this case I’m not bothered by it.
        Losing the keyhole takes it to Matronlandia.
        Losing the collar just blands it out, style wise.
        Losing the sleeves, it stays current and youthfully springy.

        At least, that’s what I see.

  • Janet B

    I’m glad she didn’t go for the Barbie shoes the model is wearing. Maybe Jimmy Choo doesn’t make any shoes quite that pink.

    The dress is Dianna’s, I’d say the model is a taller edition of her.

  • Tamara Hogan

    Love this – but I tend to appreciate shoe and bag choices  others might call matchy-matchy. I much prefer Diana’s shoe choice to the model’s, which, to me, screams “crack whore.”

    •  I agree – because the shoes and bag don’t match each other I think they get away with matching the dress.

  • filmcricket

    LOVE the colours, don’t mind the matchiness, agree that there’s too much going on in the top half of that dress. I don’t like Peter Pan collars much anyway, but the collar/keyhole combo is atrocious. 

    Her face, though. Man she’s pretty. She and KStew share very little in common, but both of them have faces that are just perfect palettes for make-up. 

    • MilaXX

       “Most Powerful Stylist Luncheon” sounds like a SCTV skit hosted by Guy Caballero & Joey Falana.

      • Anathema_Device

         “I want to have ALL. YOUR. CHILDREN! Haaaaaahaaaa….”

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    The long lost Ingalls sister.

  • teensmom99

    My teen is going to search every last rack at Forever 21 looking for the rip-off of this dress.  I’d like to see Diana in the dress that RuthEllen/Chloe wore the other day.

  • MilaXX

    Cute, but I wish she was carrying the bag you showed us instead of that suede version. I don’t hate the shoe as much.

  • love the colors on that dress.  if it didn’t have the keyhole and peter pan collar but a different neckline i would so covet it for myself.

  • l_c_ann

    I love the dress print and how the keyhole was made.  If there were no keyhole, the flat big surface of the print below the collar would be boring.
    Now about that title of a luncheon.  Wouldn’t you just die if you were omitted because you were the 26th most powerful stylist?  Sounds like the makings of a murder mystery.

  • SewingSiren

    It’s really the perfect dress for a late winter (when everybody really thinks it’s spring) lunch party in a treehouse.

  • Anathema_Device

    I’d dump the Peter Pan collar if I had to eliminate one of the “bridge too far” elements you mention. Otherwise, this is  pretty look. I don’t even mind the shoes, although I’d probably have gone with a metallic or olive green shoe.

  • jw_ny

    I rather like the entire look as is…top, shoes, clutch, etc., well…her hair looks kinda dirty and maybe the shoes should be a darker shade.  It seems perfect for an outdoor springtime (close enough) luncheon.  

    I wonder if her stylist was one of the 25?  Do the stylists bring their clients to these events to show them off?  I imagine a lot of sneers, under breath petty comments, and fake lauding at what the others donned their celebs in for the day. 

  • Super_Red

    absolutely love her style. If I had money/was a celebrity, I would wear pretty much every single thing that she does. That said- yeah, one too many elements. I could do without the keyhole, but that’s mostly because I’m mentally dressing me and I don’t look so hot with a keyhole. I’m curious though- what shoes should she have worn? That’s not really a dress that you want to do a contrasting color since there’s so much going on, right? Or… ? I really suck at accessorizing, and have picked up most of what I know from this site, but I’m still confused on the matchy shoe. I get it when it’s a purple dress and purple shoes, but since there are so many colors in the dress, what is a better shoe?

  • libraangel

    Sometimes matchy ain’t a bad thing, and she looks fab. Anyway, like her shoes better than the runway’s

  • lrober03

    Pretty dress, but the shoes are definitely too matchy.  

  • RuthGo

    I think with a dress that has that kind of a print, the shoes HAVE to match otherwise there really is too much going on. I think she looks kind of perfect. 

  • Adorable dress. For me what takes it too far is the earrings, which also match, but it’s a cute look overall. She’s trying.

  • zenobar

    I’m sorry but… “25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon”?

    Anyone else getting a little Hunger Games/Capitol Couture vibe off this?  And not in a good way?

  • the shoes look very bridesmaid-hue.

  • Deedles

    She’d better sleep with one eye open for awhile. Kirsten Dunst and Mia Wasikowska are probably both ticked that she found that dress, first.

  • alyce1213

    ” 2nd Annual 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon”
    I can only imagine . . . 

    She looks great — love the colors for her.

  • ankali

    I feel like I’ve seen her in this exact same outfit a hundred times. I mean, she looks fine (hard not to with those genes), but whatever.

  • Imasewsure

    Dress yes… shoes and bag no… and again, who carries a clutch??? Trend go away

    • libraangel

      I had a clutch for my son’s graduation last year and what a pain! Always in my hand, always holding it!

  • MsBusy

    Mayor of Frumptown.

  • kimmeister

    The dress is adorable, although I am admittedly a sucker for prints that look watercolor-y.  I’m totally on board with her shoe choice, it’s the clutch that I would switch out.

  • JauntyJohn

    She looks the very definition of pretty — and for a change, comfortable, too.  

  • Indigo54

    ugh!  Did they hafta sew those buttons down the front?  And the sleeves, OMG, I just wanna rip them off and sneeze on them.  

    • libraangel

      AARRGGHHH! You’re right! I honestly didn’t see them at first and gave her an A. Make that a B- now

  • I’m glad she didn’t go with the shoes that the model was wearing. They hurt my eyes. It’s a cute look, and she looks nice – and perfect for an event called the “25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon.” Her stylist is either on that list – and stay on it, or wants to be on it.

  • melanie0866

    Perfect for her next appearance on The Lawrence Welk Show.

    • zenobar

       OHHHHHhhhhhhh shnap.

  • Jacqueline Wessel

    This is cute. I would keep the shoes but toss the bag which looks too heavy for the rest of the look. 

  • I think she looks lovely here.  

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    The outfit should work, given her coloring is similar to the model and I like the photo of the model, but it just falls short to me.  The model’s thin, she’s thin and they both have the same coloring.  Maybe the model is much taller and flatter chested?  

    As a side note, I know we’ve seen higher heels on this forum, but the height of that Jimmy Choo makes my toes hurt by just looking at the photo. 

    • oldbobbydraper

       this girl has that effect on a lot of the things she wears. she makes everything look so drab and awful. and she has a pretty face, so i don’t understand why that is.

      • libraangel

        HUH? I see pretty all over

    • the model is much taller and flatter chested.  pretty much a universal truth, no?

  • Wish she had stuck to the barbie pink heels in the model shot.

  • butter nut

    if it didnt have that dopey collar, this would be a lot more chic.  that said, i agree.  this is very good for her.

    • libraangel

      She is young so I think the collar works

  • marilyn

    All of that on top keeps it from being frumpy.  

  • VeryClaire

    “the 2nd Annual 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon”

  • So fucking cute. I love her cutesy retro style — it may not be high fashion but it’s how a lot of my friends dress and it’s just pretty and fun to me. Also, COLOR. YAY COLOR.

  • Not loving the hair. Way too blah.

  • lose the peter pan collar (always).  that print is gorgeous, esp in the folds of the skirt.

    • libraangel

      Supposedly, “peter pans” are ‘in’ this year?

  • MzzPants

    That dress is just screaming to be worn for Easter.  Wish it were mine.

  • oohsparkley!

    She’s so pretty and ladylike.  I think she would have made a great Grace Kelly.

  • MaryAtRealityTea

    I think I would like all of this better with some looser, softer hair. Oh and one less peter pan collar. Speaking of which I saw her once in real life and she really did look like a walking doily. 

  • FridaStaire

    She is just so beautiful. And this does suit her. I like the matchiness and the retro-barbie vibe – gives it a touch of camp.

  • margaret meyers

    She looks so nice here… and you’re giving her a hard time about her shoes?  Her hair could be in ringlets, tucked behind a headband for the complete-lady-look, and instead she did something sleek and simple.

  • so pretty!

  • Pterodactyl111

    I think the keyhole is what saves it from being too frumpy.

  • ballerinawithagun

    With all of the colors in that dress, every color would be matchy-matchy! Too much going on with the style of that dress. That sensational print requires simplicity.

  • librarygrrl64

    The two-tone bag would have looked better.

  • korilian

    Too bad she’s standing in the shade. I suspect that in warm lighting this dress is killer!