Christina Hendricks in Theodora & Callum

Posted on March 18, 2013

Judging by her body language, Christina doesn’t much like this outfit.


Christina Hendricks attends the Theodora and Callum and Coach Cocktail Party in Beverly Hills, California.

Theodora & Callum Citron Multi Yucatan Tie All Scarf

Ooooh. Crossed arms AND crossed feet. Nothing says “Stop looking” like that. Except actually saying “Stop looking,” that is.

We really tried to come up with compliments for this one, but we can’t. We like the idea of her in floral or print pants of some sort, but this heavy-looking, focus-pulling pair is not the answer. Slap on a scarf that absolutely does not go with the rest of the outfit in any way and she looks like an eccentric old lady.

Keep the scarf, the shoes (finally a decent pair) and the bag, and ditch everything else, hon. Which is hilarious because, given the party she’s attending, those are all items that were either lent or gifted to her. Oh, Christina. You are the last person on the planet who should have any trouble getting dressed for a cocktail party. This is tragic.

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