Christa B. Allen in Georges Chakra Couture

Posted on March 05, 2013

Christa B. Allen attends Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ An Evening with “Revenge” in North Hollywood, California in a Georges Chakra couture dress.

Georges Chakra Spring 2012 Couture Collection



[Photo Credit: Getty,]

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    • kimmeister

      Uh . . . the dress gets points for being interesting.  I think those Aren’t Her Sleeves – they are giving her super broad shoulders.

    • Sara Leigh Merrey

      No. Is that flesh-tone fabric or sheer illusion in the bodice? Either way, it looks plain stupid. I’m not liking these little-girl full-skirted shirtwaist dresses. No.

      • Tatiana Luján

        I’m not against the full skirt, but the sheer illusion or flesh tone fabric is a tired resource and I don’t want to see it deployed in clothes anymore. Did designers forget how to make clothes without cutouts?

        • Lori

          Hear, hear. I would have been fine with this if it weren’t for the illusion net. I really don’t understand why designer’s think that stuff is a good idea.

    • crash1212

      I really like this. Something fresh. I think she needed a stronger lip and some earrings…but I’m not mad at her for not doing either.

    • teensmom99

      In today’s edition of “skating with the stars” . . .

    • Trisha26

      Ice skating outfit 1950s. And those pointy-toed metallic pumps – fie!

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        Skating costume from a precision team doing a salute to carhops
        Haiku her:
        Car hop at sock hop
        Flesh tone bits foreskin return
        Wonky button line.

    • Sobaika

      That’s not the dress for you, hun.

    • charlotte

      Um…at least she’s not wearing a bow made of toilet paper? Trying to stay positive here…

    • aeb1986

      why cant she get it right????

      • Introspective

        Seriously. Someone is desperately trying to make this girl happen. And its *not* working.

        I dont know her for her work but Ive begun to recognize her as the forgettable starlet who always gets roasted on TLo for her crappy RC clothes…

    • Imasewsure

      If I didn’t see the runway picture, I would have sworn her mom made this dress. Only for edgy girls and only with the more voluminous skirt!!

    • Dorothy

      This reminds me of an SNL skit from 3/2. They make fun of Shark Tank and a guy proposes the opposite of a vest—he wears a shirt with the vest part cut out. This is not a favorable comparison.

      • kimmeister

        I hope no designers saw that episode and got any ideas . . .

    • kschwarting

      Well, that’s just unfortunate.  It’s not just way too much dress for her–with the wonky collar, illusion netting and funky front fastening, it’s not anyone’s dress.

    • ballerinawithagun

      Couture??? Even on the model, not.

    • Sara__B

      If the skirt had been freshly steamed and fluffed, if there were no flesh-toned fabric, if the shoes were more fun, if there were a belt, if her hair were different. That’s too many ifs for one red carpet outfit — this dress would work much better as a costume on stage.

      • MilaXX

         I think it just works better glammed up with a crinoline, and better hair. All that glitter doesn’t work dressed down.

      • Darva Sutra

        Yes, it did need the crinoline; also the collar needed to be starched a la runway look.  Other than that I love this look.  Fresh and fun.  Also love the shoes!! Am COVETING some pointy metallic pumps this season  – except I believe these may be the real-deal Loubs, whereas mine would be 1/4 price (if that) Jcrews of slightly lower height.

    • Catherine Montalbo

      Looks a little “home sewn.”

    • formerlyAnon

      I like it. It’s a young person’s dress, fun rather than Serious, but she’s a young person.

      I like the shape of this enough that I will not quibble about the illusion(?) panels. And I think the evening wear-feeling sparklies with the day wear-feeling skirt are pretty genius for a non-gala red carpet look. Like the ponytail here, not in love with the shoes.

      • NurseEllen

         I agree.  Not understanding the hate for this.  It looks like the placket in the front is hiding the closure for the dress, which to me is a pretty cool effect.  The shoes don’t work but I don’t know what would be better.  Certainly not black, or nude….maybe a pale or iridescent pastel?  I think she looks cute!

    • SewingSiren


    • Ka Barr

      Secretary by day, ballerina by night, and she has to make one outfit work for both.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Don’t let Heidi or Tim hear you say that – it’ll be this week’s challenge!

    • altalinda

      Horrid shoes.

      • margaret meyers

        And we’re seeing this shiny leather pointy toed look over and over again.

    • amanda lynn

      i’m responding really well to that dress.  i like it!!

    • j_anson

      Don’t like it in the first picture, but it grew on me.

    • libraangel

      I HATE THIS SO MUCH and for the first time, it looks even worse on the runway

    • MilaXX

      I dunno, if she not wearing a crinoline it feels like it needs a skinny belt. Not loving the hair.

      • formerlyAnon

         I agree a crinoline would be an improvement.

    • PeaceBang

      This looks like an Etsy creations she wore because a well-meaning designer-aspirant friend made it for her. The top has potential if you get rid of the netting panels. The skirt is just a mess. But the runway version made me avert my eyes in terror. 

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Jeeeezus… twee much?  Someone needs to break the news to her that Michelle Williams is already playing the part of Glinda.

    • Gabriella M

      Ugh terrible. Like someone decided to make an Ice Skating show about Princess Grace.

    • traceyishere

      If the collar framed her better like the model then this might have been chic.

    • decormaven

      Girl, you need a fashion intervention. Someone is dressing you completely against the grain. It’s not working, not even a little bit. You look like a nice person and this advice is offered in the kindest of intentions. Please take it. 

    • H2olovngrl

      Way prettier on the runway

    • Elena

      Weird, weird dress. Kind of a frankendress, no?

      • zenobar

         It’s like a bowling shirt had sex with a skating costume.

    • fursa_saida

      I think I could love this if her collar weren’t falling down. It’s making me crazy that I can’t reach through the screen and fix it.

    • kittenwithaquip


    • Beverly Kozma

      Who is this (totally cute) person in this hideous dress, and with a ponytail, no less?  

    • Kate4queen

      That’s couture? Are you sure?

    • marlie

      I think there’s one element too many in the dress, but it’s pretty and interesting. The shoes were a good choice, but it would have been nice if she’d had her hair and makeup done.

    • Jeremiah Capacillo

      Christa darling. This is obviously Kiernan Shipka’s dress.

    • belfebe

      Those shoes need to be burned.

    • belfebe

      Rephrase.  The problem is that she’s not wearing the crinolines, so the skirt looks floppy.  Also, those shoes need to be burned.

    • SugarSnap108

      I can’t take it anymore – What is with all the sheer paneling/Band-Aid-colored strips we’re seeing everywhere?  Who started this?

    • Carina

      HAHA!! The look on the model’s face! Love it.

    • VicksieDo

      The skirt looked much better made on the model version.  This looks Project Runway, made in a day.  It should be poofier.

    • foodycatAlicia

      I feel like we’re seeing her get her twee on quite a bit at the moment and it doesn’t suit her.

    • iheartbuffy

      whoever made those shoes should rot in hell

    • Alyssa

      Uh, no.

    • Nim Tith

      I will never, not if even if I live to be 1000, understand flesh tone *anything.* WHY???

    • marilyn

      That looks like a subdued country western stage costume.  In bad colors.

    • MinAgain

      Girl, those aren’t your shoes.

    • Zippypie

      Honey, NO.

    • Pterodactyl111

      I need gold shoes.

    • kathrineb

      I like the last picture. I like the look but something is off. I really dislike the shoes.

    • shanteUstay

      Its kind of bizarre but I like the fullness of the skirt, like a little cupcake, but it feels like a stage costume to me :(