Cathy Cambridge Coat Porn Double Shot

Posted on March 20, 2013

And now, darlings, the introduction of a brand new subset of internet commentary, and something that’s bound to get us a ton of google hits from people we probably don’t want to know… Royal Coat Porn.

Ladies? Take a gander at a couple of Miss Cathy’s coats, since it’s all we get to see her in 90% of the time:

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge makes an official visit to Baker Street Underground Station, to mark 150th anniversary of the London Underground.


Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the offices of Child Bereavement UK in Saunderton, Buckinghamshire.

Because this is the internet and we have something of a responsibility not to, we don’t do or allow body-snarking around here, but it’s AMAZING how strong the impulse is to simply skip the coat conversation and talk about how she’s doing on the prego front; how she looks physically, and how she compares to other pregnant women. It’s an impulse we have no problem denying, but we thought it was interesting to note our reactions to her as a pregnant woman and recall countless times we’ve heard pregnant women physically assessed to their faces and compared to other pregnant women. Man, that must be a huge pain in the ass at times. We’re going to have to be more aware of that in the real world.

Anyway, pick a coat. We’re loath to admit that we like the white one more, because she’s so likely to avoid color. The blue looks great on her, but the white one is slightly more chic. Then again, we think the hat is kind of dowdy and it doesn’t help the look. One thing’s for sure: Miss Duchess loves to show off the gams.

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Am I the only skeeved a bit by sending a prego to a Child Bereavement office?????

    Oh, and the blue coat. That color is awesome.

    • I thought about that too – and all the hormonal stories I’ve heard from pregnant ladies about howling with tears at things much less traumatic! Mind you, going to Baker St station is enough to send me howling most days so she’s obviously a tough bird. And both coats are gorgeous.

    • filmcricket

      I had that exact same thought.

      Love both coats. Despite agreeing that the white one is a bit more chic, j’adore the blue colour so much that it’s my favourite.

    • The Child Bereavement office is also for children who have lost a parent or both parents. Obviously that cause is near & dear to William’s heart…

  • 90% of the time, anytime I see a picture of her, I couldn’t tell you what year it was taken. She has mastered the classic, timeless yet slightly retro thing. She seems very oatmeal, but I think that’s part of the job requirements.

    • Timeless yes!

    • Golfkat

      The Danish Crown Princess Mary manages to look chic and classic without the ‘oatmeal’. Google her. It’s definitely possible to go that route (the non-‘oatmeal’ one) while being a royal. Kate just isn’t a risk taker in her personal style. I do love the first coat though. She does have an enviable coat closet.

      • Julaine

        Crown Princess Mary also managed to wear that same Marlene Bierger coat in 2006 when she was pregnant with her first child. Either Catherine has had that teal coat for a very long time or she is shopping in some awesome secondhand shops.

        • JohannaEG

          Or maybe Mary sent it special delivery from Copenhagen.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      After the trials of Fergie and her late, great mother-in-law, Kate has wisely chosen to be oatmeal. She gets a lot less flack for it.

      • Bless her, I know she willingly signed up for it all, but I could not imagine living my life under such scrutiny.

  • gabbilevy

    I love the white coat, but I don’t love it paired with that particular dress/skirt. It’s giving Kate a little girl/dolly kind of shape, and the peter pan collar isn’t helping.

    The only thing I’ll say about the pregnancy is that it’s awfully convenient that her favorite hands-clasped-in-front pose perfectly frames her growing bump. “Since that’s all you care about guys, here it is.”

  • Rand Ortega

    Love them both. I’m not a royalist in the slightest, but Kate is such a breath of fresh air. Love her style.

  • She always looks lovely, I just wish she’d ease off on the eye makeup for once. Makes her look tired.

  • I don’t have kids, but I have girlfriends who were asked incredulously if they were having twins, told “that’s a big baby, you’re going to tear,” and one who carried insanely small and had someone at the grocery store tell her she should eat more for her baby, she’s a mother now and her body isn’t important. My sister wasn’t hounded, which is good because I may have gone on a crotch-punching spree.

    So, in summation…her white coat is very pretty. And the color of the blue coat is lovely, but I’m not thrilled with the detailing.

  • Other than looking a bit tired around the eyes, which is totally understandable, given the problems she had earlier on, she looks great. I prefer the blue coat, just because it is so classic.

    But if she’s carrying a Cadbury Milk bar in the white coat, well, that’s just too cute for words.

    • MK03

      I just noticed that the bouquet matches the Dairy Milk wrapper.

  • werq it, Cathy. Love her and LOVE the white coat.

  • Sobaika

    The white coat is gorgeous.

    It’s too bad she was ill, she could have hid the pregnancy from the press for ages. Being pregnant will also do incredibly things to her already incredible hair.

    • barbarienne

      I dunno, I’ve had friends lose a lot of hair while pregnant. Everyone’s body is different.

  • LJCdoc

    Can I get the white coat in the blue color? Then I’d be so happy.

    The interesting thing I’ve always found (as someone who’s been pregnant) is that no two pregnant people look the same at the same phase of pregnancy (in fact, even in the same person, the same phase of pregnancy looks different each time). So there’s really no point in assessing, in my mind.

    • Violina23

      So true. They have all the recommendations on how much weight to gain,etc — but I’ve found that a pregnant lady’s body is going to do what it’s going to do. You can (and should) be as active and healthy as you can, but if your body wants to put on 50 pounds, it’s going to do it whether you eat nothing but veggies & lean protein, or if you eat nothing but cheeseburgers and fries. I’m pregnant with my 2nd, and I’m just hoping to get through the next few months relatively unscathed… then I’ll worry about getting back into shape…

  • mary McCall

    Showing off the still shapely gams is a traditional pregnancy approach to fashion. Got to say- she’s slammin’ it. She looks fabulous!

  • JLH

    She was responsible for one of my bouts of hour-long Wikipedia clickthroughs where I started with her and kept clicking and clicking. I love the white coat more if only because I love the way it looks on top of what appears to be an all black ensemble underneath. I feel like I never come away from looking at her pictures with a reaction different from a wistful sigh; she is still so beautiful and chic to me in any state of being.

  • Missy Covington

    I like the shape of the blue one better. I WANT it Cathy. When you have worn it a handful of times and are *so* over it, please send it to America for me. I promise to take up tea-drinking and spelling things with an “ou” (as in colour and neighbour).

  • I want that blue coat. WANT.

  • Love the white one. If I had gams like that, you’d never get me out of hotpants and miniskirts.

  • Janet B

    Both coats are lovely, but I too like the white one better.

    I had one very tiring pregnancy and some people just couldn’t wait to tell me how I looked every time they saw me.

  • I love British coat porn and hair porn 🙂

  • The white one is too “little girl” but then so is the blue.

  • Jecca2244

    I was saying the other day she must be excited that a large part of her pregnancy will be covered in a coat. it must be a bit of a relief. Also interesting that she showed off the bump that once in the wrap dress then hasn’t taken off her coat since. She looks lovely and radiant.

    • The fuggirls have a shot of her without the white coat – very cute little black frock.

      • Lizzyisi

        And it looks from their shots like the collar is on the dress, not the coat, which I think is a relief because I prefer that white coat without the little collar.

    • To be fair, it’s freezing here in Britain at the moment. I don’t blame her for staying wrapped up.

  • I LOVE that blue coat. I really liked it, until I saw the pleat in the back, and for some reason that pushed me into crazy coat lust.

    • mariavii

      I had the same exact series of thoughts.

    • Alyssa

      Me too!!!

    • barbarienne

      Yes! That pleat makes it. The white is chic, but the blue is more dramatic, which to me is more fun.

    • ampg


  • I like both – the white is hipper, but i also like the Cossack vibe of the trim on the blue coat. Her legs are amazing and the shorter coats just suit her.

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      You are so right! The “Cossack Vibe” is wonderful and that blue is beautiful.

  • The blue coat for sure! She does look delightful in both, though.

  • siriuslover

    I love both coats! I wish I could wear a coat like she does. And speaking of pregnant comments. Shortly after I gave birth to my son (15 years ago) a “friend” was talking about someone else’s pregnant wife and said “I’ve never seen such a beautiful, glowing, happy pregnant woman.” I was like, WTF, am I chopped liver? Was I miserable during my pregnancy (granted, my dad died a month before my son was born, but there were 8 other months where I had shiny, healthy hair!).

  • MilaXX

    I like the blue coat from the front, but don’t like the back. That pleat?vent? whatever ruins it for me. Love the grey/white coat. It would be perfect for this time of year.

    • mjude

      i have an obsession with coats. i get what you mean about the blue one. but i love the white coat, i would need it in black thank you.

  • surfergirl70

    Love the coats, but I’m weary of the opaque hose with those black pumps. I feel like black booties would look so much better with the hose. But it’s a minor quibble. Overall, she looks fab.

  • Wendi126

    Like the white coat better. I’ll compare her to myself when I was pregnant both times- SHE WINS.

  • GorgeousThings

    She looks fabulous. End of conversation.

    Having been through 2 pregnancies, I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I wanted to wring the necks of people who would go on about how I looked compared to pre- and post- pregnancy. It had nothing to do with hormones, and everything to do with the ignorance of people, including many who knew better.

    Oh, and I DID actually slap someone who walked up to me and without permission, put her hands on my burgeoning belly and started talking to my baby. She was shocked and about to be insulted until I told her that I would call the cops if she ever tried that again.


    • MilaXX

      *That* has always amazed me. Why would anyone ever think it is okay to touch another person without permission, especially if you do not know that person.

      • Melizmatic

        Far too many people do, unfortunately.

      • barbarienne

        It’s very common. People feel this strange need to touch unusual-but-not-icky things. (And children, who have not yet learned to fear icky, will touch even icky things.)

        I think for most people it’s just a momentary lapse of good sense, perhaps caused by the startlement of seeing something unusual. Bear in mind that we are the only species that runs toward fires.

        • Like me and my obsession with petting every dog.

    • I had the same thing happen to me in the grocery store when I was about 8.9 months pregnant. I just looked at the lady and said, “I’m not pregnant.” Was it horrible of me? Yes. Justified? Oh, hell yes.

      • Ha!

      • That is AWESOME. And I LOATHE being touched by strangers, pregnant or not. It’s called boundaries, people!

      • Tapetum

        It happened to me a lot too. By the end of the pregnancy (I was two weeks late), my greatest joy in life was in telling people who would ask my due date “Last Saturday” and watching them turn white and start looking for surreptitious ways to escape – as if they thought I was going to drop to the floor and give birth in front of them.

        • shopgirl716

          I was 10 days over due, big as a house and did NOT want to hear about it. Did I mention I was also really bitchy? I was completely unable to muster a polite response to anyone who decided to comment about my appearance. Pretty sure I made a few enemies and I could have cared less. I try not to think about it because I just get mad all over again.

        • mom2ajs5

          Me too!! I loved that. My daughter was also 2 weeks late and I was enormous.

          • Julaine

            I, on the other hand am almost 5’10″” and was six weeks early delivering both of my children. I had a hard time convincing the L&D nurses that I was even pregnant the first time, let alone in active labor. My OB almost lost his mind when he got to the hospital and saw me sitting in the waiting room calming reading a book. By that time I was crowning, fastest delivery ever. Oh, well; I saved a fortune on not needing a new maternity wardrobe and I expect the Duchess well carry much the same as I did.

    • Yeah, and the place on the belly they want to touch is far too close to my groin for strangers to be touching.

    • Meredith_P

      OMG, were you even acquainted with this bizarre person? Hope you never saw her again!

    • My beloved husband was going to make me a t-shirt that read “I”m ______ months pregnant, and not a jury in the the world will convict me.” He knows me so well.

  • LaSylphide

    Nice to know the Royals have to ride the subway, just like the rest of us (snark). Don’t really love either coat, but the blue color is flattering.

  • msdamselfly

    Ugh! the gloves!

  • Saxe- Coburg-Gotha the Royal family is pure evil , just a nightmare for humanity.

  • gsk241

    I think the white coat is more chic, but she looks better in the blue one.

    And I’ll say this much about the Other Issue – pregnancy becomes her.

  • I think she looks gorgeous, period. And I can’t decide which coat I like the most, so I’ll have to just say “both.”

  • libraangel

    I cannot – I will not – ever say a word against Ms Kate. Always chic and appropriate

  • Snailstsichr

    I love the hat! That jaunty little feather (?) is fun.
    In the next to last picture, she is looking a bit like Sally Field to me, especially around the eyes. Hope no one gives her a Gidget hat!

    • m c

      Better a Gidget hat than the one from the “Flying Nun.” (A show which my 16 yr old firmly refuses to believe ever existed.)

  • I know I will have attained the level of chic I desire when I can make a coat look like an outfit.

    (And honestly, it amazes me that pregnant woman aren’t going OFF on the regular what with all the personal intrusions. Mama bear hormones are real and powerful. Hell, my daughter is nearly 30 and that sort of thing STILL angers me no end.)

  • The blue one is gorgeous, but that blue is a color she goes to all too often. I’d love for her to welcome Spring with a crazy floral print.

  • Cz

    I never thought it possible and yet… I am missing coat-wearing weather. Because I want to look fabulous in a coat, just like Cathy.

    I am going to find old miserable pictures of me wearing a full-length down-puffy jacket during Snowmageddon to cure me from this. In a moment. Right now, I’m just going to stare at that white coat and will it to be mine.

    Also: how she keeps her hair gorgeous in sucky damp London weather is ah-mazing.

  • Gentlemen, since you will never be pregnant, I will share with you the appropriate thing to say: “You look wonderful, I can’t believe you’re pregnant.” until she hits 7/8 months, then it becomes “You look wonderful, I’d only guess 4/5 months along”. We all know you’re lying and we don’t care.

    Exception: If she asks about if she’s showing — that means she wants to show it off, in which case assure her that you can totally see it.

    • Excellent advice. “You look wonderful” is the appropriate thing to say in almost every circumstance! No further elaboration necessary.

    • lessax3

      Oh goodness yes, much better then all the people who tried to cheer me up by telling me that from the looks of my belly it’d be any day when I was only 20wks along, or my husband during my third pregnancy who looked at me one night weeks before the baby arrived and said, ‘Damn, you’re huge, I mean you’ve always carried large but Wow.’

      Its a testament to my love or desire to not be a single Mom that he survived that comment.

    • selianth

      But please. ONLY IF YOU KNOW FOR SURE that she is pregnant. For someone you don’t know well, this is only if she just told you a moment ago in the conversation.

      • dragonbait

        This reminds me of two of my favorite Miss Manners quotes:

        “DEAR MISS MANNERS — What is the correct way to ask a woman if she is pregnant without offending her if she is not?

        GENTLE READER — ‘Darling, is it possible that you are about to make me a proud father?’ Miss Manners warns you that if you are not in a position to put it that way, you must not ask.”


        “It is exceedingly rude for anyone to guess from a lady’s size that she is pregnant. Should your wife go into labor in front of Miss Manners, she would merely say, ‘My dear, whatever is the matter? Can I help you?’ (Eventually, of course, she would have to say, ‘Oh, look who’s here.’)”

    • ampg

      I don’t know about that – whenever someone told me, “You barely look pregnant!” when my belly was out past my boobs, all I could think of was how fat I must have looked before. Just stop after “You look wonderful” and nobody gets hurt.

      • Well it could be worse – when I was pregnant with my first, I didn’t stick out far – instead I grew wider. I was teaching high school and was the yearbook adviser. Towards the end of the year a student came to me with an application to be on the yearbook staff for the next year and I told her she needed to take it to a different teacher, as I wouldn’t be there in the fall. She asked why and I said, “Because I’m pregnant.” “Oh,” she said, “I thought you were just getting fat.”

  • I find her choices of clothing very interesting — someone here doesn’t want to look pregnant. She wants to be pregnant, but she’d rather it not be visible… I know, I pulled all those same tricks while pregnant myself.

    • Cz

      Isn’t that a royal thing? Princess Diana did it, too. They try to conceal their delicate condition even if everyone knows about it. It’s not proper to flaunt it or something like that?

      • I remember Princess Diana looking HUGE while pregnant — she wore a lot of tents, though my memory could be flawed.

        It may be a royal thing, but it could just be that looking like a whale sucks.

        • MsALVA

          It was also the early 80’s and maternity fashion had not evolved much past the mumu with pilgrim collar and bow stage. It’s only been in the last couple decades that it’s become fashionable for pregnant women to wear body-concious or clingy fashions.

    • Fordzo

      If the whole world were staring at my belly, I’d be like “f#$k you” and put on a concealing coat, too.

  • Kate4queen

    I just love the fact that she looks so happy. 🙂 And I’d take the white coat. 🙂 please!

  • Susan Collier

    Love both coats!

  • Oh, the lustrous hair. I’d call it pregnancy hair (a la Claire Danes’ gorgeous prego mane) but it was already so, so beautiful.

    • jenuwefa

      Clearly pregnant – she’s got roots 🙂 But she does have amazing hair. Pregnancy hormones turned my chestnut brown hair into a very dark brown…

  • ankali

    Both coats look immaculate, but they’re so prim. I get that as a royal she has certain style parameters she can’t really exceed, but it sure seemed like Diana managed to look more interesting while still being a proper princess.

    Ugh, comparing her to Diana is almost as loathsome as being obsessed with her pregnant-look. Monarchy brings out the worst in me!

    • Adriana_Paula

      Well, the eighties/early nineties were not a prim time fashion-wise, to say the least…

      • ankali

        That’s the era that’s currently being recycled! I mean, I know we’ve got the Mad Men retro-stuff going on too, but Marion Cotillard dresses almost exclusively in Dior, the epitome of that type of glamor, and she never looks boring.

  • Winter_White

    “Because this is the internet and we have something of a responsibility not to, we don’t do or allow body-snarking around here…”
    Tom and Lorenzo, LOVE you for this.

    Maybe I should just buy myself a white coat already…I seem to have drooled over every single white coat ever posted on this site. Including Cathy’s.

  • I love the blue coat. : )

  • Isabel

    Go the the Daily Mail site and see the “BABY ON BOARD” pin that she got at the subway. Regular pregnant women wear them; it signals to everyone to give up a seat and not to jossle the lady around.

    • handknit

      I love those; I don’t mind giving up my seat and it is so much easier than guessing who is/is not pregnant.

  • Veronica1022

    I would happily trade whichever of my children was more annoying that day for the blue coat! Hell I would even trade the less annoying child, because I’m sure its the only way I could afford that coat.

  • I have nothing to say about her physical appearance except that I’m slightly obsessed with her bump and hate that she’s with child in the winter. She’s just now started to do the ‘mommy hands’ around her belly. ( i am that person that is happy for them like I know them.) I chose the kicky blue coat. I’m too pale for the white.

  • MK03

    I will share with you a story my mom told me about when I was a baby. First, some context: We lived in NYC and took the bus and subway a lot. My mom often dressed me in pink or very girly clothes. Now, one day, my mom and I were taking the bus, li’l baby me dressed head-to-toe in pink. Another passenger saw me and said “oh, what a cute baby! Boy or girl?” My mom stared at her, looked at me in all my pink finery, looked back at the other woman and deadpanned, “it’s a boy.” The woman said “well, why is he dressed all in pink?” My mom stage-whispered to her, “we think he’s gay.”

    • lovelyivy

      Your Mom is hilarious! She won the conversation.

      • MK03

        For sure. She does not suffer fools.

    • angryparsnip

      Your Mom is fabulous !

      I heard this story from family, one day my Mum was in a rush and happened to dress me all in blue. The lady at the doctors office asked what my name was and when she said a girls name, the lady said “awwww I guess you wanted a boy because she is dressed in blue” Mum answered with a calm voice and very straight face, “well I guess i wanted an alien yesterday as she was dressed in green” This was 66 years ago.

      I miss my Mum she was so quick with the great reply.

      cheers, parsnip

    • Our eldest son was born 16 weeks early and when he was in the NICU, I used tiny pink bibs to try to keep him clean from all the spills. One nurse took me to task for putting him in pink. The rest of the room got quiet when I pointed out that he had survived a 1 lb. 10 oz. birth, multiple surgeries and the loss of sight in one eye so I was pretty sure he had the balls to deal with a freaking pink bib.

      Since he is still pretty tiny, I make a lot of his clothes. And I dress him in the brightest fabric I can find. Sam makes no excuses to anyone.

      • Traditionally, boys were dressed in pink. My grandfather once told me about how his brother wore a pink smock. Girls were dressed in blue because it was considered a ‘quiet’ color and girls were supposed to disappear into the background.

  • Kara Hallead

    the back of the blue coat is GORG!

  • MsALVA

    I feel like the blue coat is a tad too short. Also, girl, I know it’s cold, but the black tights & black suede pumps need to be changed up a bit.

    Re: pregnancy look. Everyone’s body is so different. Compare her and Kim Kardashian. My good friend had a pregnancy like Kate’s, they both already had lean long torsos and lean limbs, and she barely showed well into her 3rd trimester. Like the baby was standing up inside her instead of curled up. And the baby was a normal healthy weight. She didn’t gain one ounce of fat on her face, legs or anywhere else. They won the genetics pool for sure.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    She’s doing what I did when I was preggers, cover everything I hated and show off everything I liked. I love/covet/need both coats…please and thank you

  • She looks radiant and lovely. I covet both of those coats.

  • MsALVA

    OH, Tom & Lorenzo, speaking of coat porn, you should have also posted the green one she wore on St. Patrick’s day! It was FABULOUS. It was a repeat from last year’s, but altered to fit her fuller figure. Super gorgeous.

    • Meredith_P

      I agree, and there was a puppy 🙂

  • Imasewsure

    Leave that white coat

  • I like the hat, but it would look more youthful paired with something lighter.

  • BrooklynBomber

    The white is fabulous. The blue is just okay.

  • Both looks are perfect but I agree, the cream coat is a bit more chic and I love it with the black gloves.

  • My pregnancies is when my bitch face REALLY came in handy. No one touched me uninvited, and I only remember hearing vaguely nice things like, “oh, you aren’t really big” when I was hilariously hugely pregnant with twins. But I am SO glad that I don’t ever have to be pregnant again. I hope she’s feeling good these days, and I love her white coat.

  • miagain

    “Offices of Child Bereavement UK”….. that makes me sad that there is need for such a thing….
    As for the coats… they are both glorious… don’t want to pick a favorite!

  • carolynmo

    Both coats are beautiful, but I really like the white one. I try to avoid the Seven Deadlies, but I drown in envy when I see her. She’s gorgeous.

  • Louise Bryan

    It’s March, and she’s in Great Britain. Maybe in another month she will shed the coats and let us all appreciate her bumpy bundle of joy.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Blue! Blue! I don’t care about the white one all that much (pretty, but whatevs), but the blue is all things fabulous.

  • crash1212

    Don’t want to pick – I want them both and she looks glorious in both. Love the hat.

  • PrunellaV

    My only issue with either of the looks is the black hat with the teal coat. What is that long pointy thing? It’s so superfluous and looks like it would be hard to keep looking pristine. The point looks like it’s starting to fray. ::overly fixated::

  • I love her. Love love love love. But Cathy, PLEASE. Stop that thing you’re doing with your eyeliner. Stop it. STOP.

    Love the coats, the legs, the heels. The hat? Yeah, no. But whatever. Glad to see her roots need a touch up. Makes her human!

  • I love both coats, and I am eternally jealous of all you people who actually get to wear stylish coats for more than 5 minutes. I live in Florida, it’s hardly ever cold long enough to plan an outfit around a nice coat.

  • gracedarling

    Is that a touch of grey at the roots? Don’t tell me that her amazing hair is… a fraud!

    Seriously though, thank you for resisting the urge to read deep psychological meanings into the way she carries/her hair dye/her heel height/etc. I can’t believe the amount of people who congratulated me for ‘carrying neatly’ or for continuing to dress like a human being during my recent pregnancy. If you do feel compelled to say something, you can always go with the vague (and vaguely British), “She looks blooming!”

    (Because pregnant women are like precious flowers, not tired, hormonal, nauseous incubators in amazing coats and heels.)

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    All pregnant women are beautiful and Kate is no exception. That’s always been my story and I will always abide by it. My three pregnancies were full of being touched, critiqued and compared, not to mentioned teased and laughed at (although that was friendly guff from co-workers). I took most of it with good grace.

  • handknit

    There’s no need to wear a churchy fascinator to visit the tube, but the blue coat is fantabulous.

  • LittleKarnak

    Love them both…..I have long been addicted to Royal Coat Porn….is there a group for that???

  • ThaliaMenninger

    I think those are both good uses of black tights. I WANT THOSE COATS. Gimme gimme.

  • formerlyAnon

    Love. Because I lust after coats & jackets more than any other garment category.

    I would choose the blue for myself, not having the requisite access to lackeys and funds for dry cleaning that a winter white coat actually worn when I actually leave the house requires. The second also is (IMO) a younger look – it’s the collar, mostly – and I’m out of the running there.

    I have to say, these coats are certainly Royal income well-spent. If the fabulously well-to-do and lavishly waited-upon can’t have great clothes, who can?

  • Love both coats. I can also see some massive hair porn.

  • She looks fantastic! I covet that white coat…which I do think is the more chic of the two.

  • understateddiva

    I agree, the winter white one is the best. Any info on designers?

  • if i had gams like those, i’d show them off at any opportunity. and yep, white coat ftw, woot.

  • Is it me or does the hair look a little…uncared for? Does she not have a royal hair washer or something? In some pics it looks oily/dirty and in some desperately dry….and the coats seem a tad short to me. surely she can’t sit in these?

  • I wonder what she is going to wear when the weather gets warmer? I love the cut of the white coat and as has already been said, she has some damn fine legs. I’d pay every cent I have to see her in pregnancy overalls! I have hidden every picture I can find of me in mine.

  • Sweetvegan

    My first thought – she must not have animals! Not a single dog, cat or rabbit hair anywhere on those pristine coats!

  • kathrineb

    She looks pretty and less frail when you can’t see her arms. I don’t mind these looks at all.
    I just wish she would stop using such a heavy liner at the bottom of her eye, it’s so harsh and cheap looking.

  • Fordzo

    Is there a ‘correct’ way to wear coats with dresses? Should the coat hem always match or cover the dress hem? A lot of times I wonder “is there a dress under there? Or is the coat the dress?”. I feel like the white coat and dress are a skosh too short and in some photos it looks like she has pregnancy brain and forgot to wear a dress at all and she went out in tights and a coat.

  • I’m looking forward to her hairstyle choices post-baby. While her hair is lovely, and she may have “staff” that assist her in its styling, I’m sure at some point she’ll go shorter and I hope she goes pixie!

    Having said that, she looks stunning in both coats. The back pleat on the blue coat is gorgeous.

  • jetpackdino

    So pretty. The coats, the girl wearing them… Well done!

    I slightly prefer the white coat, although I do wonder what holding a bouquet of flowers might have done for the blue coat, to sort of break up what’s going on in front visually. I would seriously buy and wear either one.

    Mostly, as a former Newborn Intensive Care Unit nurse, I just find myself thinking about her health and fervently hoping and wishing that all is perfectly well.

  • “Man, that must be a huge pain in the ass at times.” YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

  • n a

    but how, HOW is she 5 MONTHS PREGNANT and THAT slim??? I mean how? I look fatter than this in my winter coat every damn day— and yea, no baby.

  • Cathy S

    The. Blue. Coat. End of story. Love it so much.

  • unbornfawn

    The blue coat.

  • andreawey

    yeah….umm….I live in Maine and I’m getting a litte tired of coats……