Anne Hathaway in NYC

Posted on March 08, 2013

Y’know, if Annie feels she needs a little image rehab after THE ENTIRE WORLD TURNED AGAINST HER, she could do a lot worse than dressing her hubs up all cute and walking down the street with him.


Anne Hathaway (pictured with her husband Adam Schulman) out and about in New York City.

Stella McCartney ‘Falabella’ Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote

Of course, given how ridiculously matchy they both are, we’re inclined to think that’s exactly what’s going on here. They do look cute, we’ll give them that.

When we’re getting dressed to go out, even if it’s casual day wear, one of us will change our outfit if it gives even the whiff of a hint that we coordinated our outfits. Is that a gay thing? Do straight couples care about that? Because we absolutely do not ever want to be known as “That gay couple who dresses alike.”

As for all the “LEAVE ANNIE ALOOOOONNE” opinionating going on in the celebritysphere, we can’t roll our eyes hard enough. The whole thing smacks of damage control from a star who’s being more than a little thin-skinned at the moment. Backlash happens, Annie. Ride it out. Comfort yourself with your Oscar, hot husband, and piles of cash, but don’t expect us to weep for you. You’ll be fine.


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  • Her gloves are adorable. 

  • charlotte

    I need those gloves in my life.

    • kschwarting

      Yes!  Forget the purse, where can I find the gloves?

  • My husband thinks wearing a bathing suit under his jeans because he ran out of underwear is acceptable, so we definitely don’t think matching is an issue. He’s Liz Lemon in giant dude form.

    GREAT coat, Annie.

    • ChiliP

       Haha! My husband routinely sleeps in his bathing suit. Whenever I ask what he’s doing he just says, “All of my boxers and pajamas are dirty” as if that’s the most natural solution to the problem (rather than, you know, doing some laundry). I’m sure he’s worn it under his jeans before…I’ll keep an eye on him next time the hamper is filling up.

      • Roosevelt 85

        Thank you two for these absolutely hilarious snapshot of your really straight husbands. hahaha I literally laughed out loud. Your husbands are alright in my book hahaha

        • understateddiva

           As a straight woman who has worn bathing suit bottoms when the laundry was too daunting, I totally give this my seal of approval. 

          • There’s a reason why I own a solid month’s worth of underwear…

      • merciblahblah

         These are officially the two best things I have read on the interwebs all day. Are you sure we’re not all married to the same person? Not that my husband has slept in his bathing suit YET, but it’s just a matter of time. He DID, however, send our daughter to preschool a few weeks ago in a cute fisherman’s sweater, tights and boots. Just tights and boots. I was all – YOU SENT SCARLETT TO SCHOOL AND THEN TOOK HER TO TARGET IN TIGHTS????!!! and very nonchalantly he said, “I thought they were pants,” so I had to have the “tights aren’t pants” discussion with him. I’m saving up our extra money for Scarlett’s inevitable therapy later in life.

        • ChiliP

          Oh my, I just cackled at my desk. We don’t have kids yet, but that is TOTALLY something my husband would do. Upon meeting a friend’s newborn baby recently, my husband just smiled and said “Oh, what’s its name.” ITS. He didn’t even realize why referring to the baby as “it” was a problem (by the way, he knew the baby was a boy). Our friends just laughed. I think our husbands would get along well.

          • Ha! Mine is the same way, I always joke that when he sees our 18 month old nephew he hands him his business card. “Nice to see you again, baby.”

            I’m seriously tempted to order some boxer briefs online right now.

          • Adriana_Paula

            “Nice to see you again, baby” is the best thing I have ever heard.

          • twocee

             I just want to like this thread in its entirety. 

          •  still shaking head…”clothes….to bed?” (said the single 50 year old male)

          • I routinely refer to babies (and sometimes even children) as “it.”  Needless to say, I am not (and probably should never be) a mother.

          • I do too.  I think ‘it’ is a perfectly acceptable third-person singular article when gender is unknown.  I’ve had people gasp at me before, but I’m still not sure what else we’re supposed to use, to be honest.

          •  esp if said child is wearing gender neutral chothage. (that said I am SO GLAD to see parents NOT do the ‘blue is for boys, pink is for girls’ nonsense… little girls (and boys) can be ANYTHING! drag queens, president, scientist, chefs or even bloggers!

        • Jellybish

          Yeah, my 4-year-old and I had to school my husband on the differences between tights, leggings, and pants. You wouldn’t think this would be hard, but apparently it is.

          • sweetlilvoice

            Hell, from some of the people I’ve seen walking around my town, this lesson needs to be taught again! I can see your undies people (or lack their of)! Best one was when a girl in front of me at Target was wearing see through leggings, no panties and buying a whole new bedding set. I wondered if it was one of those I just had a one night stand, have no clean clothes, and a need new bedspread now moments!

          • amaranth16

            “one of those I just had a one night stand, have no clean clothes, and a need new bedspread now moments” – Is that, like, a thing? 🙂

        • Carrieanno

          The day will come when your daughter will try to leave the house for school in outfits that will make you wonder where it all went so wrong.  And these are the things that will make the light bulb go on and you’ll know to never sweat the small stuff.

          • merciblahblah

            Oh, I have no doubt. I went through it with my own mom. Let’s just hope that day involves actual, you know, PANTS.

      • AthenaJ

        My fiancée actually has a bit of fashion know-how, but still lacks the ‘laundry’ gene. Before a shower he’ll throw the clothes he had been wearing on the bathroom floor right underneath the towel rack… this will go on for days until the door won’t even open all the way due to the massive accumulation. When I’ve finally have enough I’ll ask him WHY are his clothes once again in a huge pile in the bathroom. The answer? A comically serious ‘Well where else am I going to put them?’ **facepalm**

      • kimmeister

        In my teens, I went for a monthlong trip with my mom to Europe, and I clapped with glee at the thought that my brother would have to do his own laundry for once, since I always did it for the whole family, since there’s no way he had enough underwear to last a month.  When I came back, a HUGE MOUNTAIN of laundry was awaiting me, because he simply went out and bought more underwear.  :

        • ChiliP

           Oh my god. This is about the dozenth time I’ve openly cackled at my desk.

          I want to thank everyone for this thread. I have been obsessively coming back to it throughout the day, and it has definitely brightened my day. Who knew that an Anne Hathaway post could produce such hilarity?

    • dsco3031

      My husband recently repaired his broken belt with a zip tie. Naturally, I thought it was a temporary solution since it happened in the middle of the work day, but that belt is good as new according to him.

      • H2olovngrl

        Forget duct tape! My husband thinks zip ties are the be all end all! Zip ties fix everything around here.

    • nan13

      My husband tried to wear his bathing suit on a flight home from the Virgin Islands claiming they looked like bermuda shorts. It was the same trip I had to drag him on, we were very young with little money, and then he had the best time and didn’t want to come home!

  • it’s not just gay couples who avoid being matchy-matchy. 

    • histrogeek

       My wife and I are always annoyed when we inadvertently end up with similar outfits. It’s always a coincidence since our morning routine means one person is getting dressed, while the other is in the shower, and once person 2 gets out, person 1 is downstairs kid-wrangling.
      Mind you we are usually too lazy to do anything about it.

    • ankali

      Huh. I was going to guess that it is a gay thing. I couldn’t care less whether or not my husband coordinate.

    • Abigail Speltz

      My husband and I were meeting in the city for dinner and a concert, so we were stuck in our oddly matching outfits — plaid shirts and jeans. Our solution… we introduced ourselves as “The Plaidingtons” all night. I don’t think Manhattan has been the same since.

    •  We occasionally look at each other and say “scary Japanese couple” and someone will go change. Not that it is only Japanese couples who do it or that they all do but it is something that we used to see Japanese tourists in Sydney do a lot.

      • angryparsnip

         Somewhat Japanese but very Korean. After a dates you will go on a big date with the  buying of matched shirts. Especially on your honeymoon matched tees or sweaters.

        cheers, parsnip

        •  Wow. That’s commitment! I also saw a Japanese family in Switzerland in all matching outfits with different coloured trim. I think it was 3 generations!

    • holdstillnow

       My wife and I call it “we-fuck-wear.”  I don’t avoid it as strenuously as she does; I think it can be kinda cute sometimes, although more often than not it comes off as twee and obnoxious.
      -a homo

      (As a side note, does anyone else have a really hard time logging into DISQUS on an iPad?)

      • Daenyx

        My girlfriend and I coordinate t shirts (referencing the same video game or other pop culture concept) sometimes on purpose, but it’d honestly be hard to avoid if we tried, and we both like black leather far too much to have any hope of dressing particularly differently.  It tends to amuse us (and our friends) more than not.  

        Totally stealing the ‘we-fuck-wear’ phrase, haha.  

    • MaryAtRealityTea

      My husband and I coincidentally both pretty much live in black shirts of some variation and jeans. We met like this and have continued doing it pretty much accidentally. He out of laziness and I well because I really like black. We alternate with grey and navy. I generally wear much fancier versions of black n jean then he does, but still we always end up in pretty much the exact same color combo in our day-to-day lives. Most shamefully we almost always dress our son in black or grey shirts with jeans. 

      Everyone jokes about it so now when we go to formal affairs we intentionally dress in the same color combo. If I wear a blue dress, he’ll wear a blue tie, and if our son is present we’ll put him in a blue variation. Typing this out made me feel pretty pathetic. haha

      • Wendi126

        I could have written your first paragraph. Two people can’t be pathetic

  • ChiliP

    She looks really cute, and I actually like the way her gloves and his scarf match.  Plus I just really want those gloves.

    Is this another one of those shots where her publicist allerts the paparazzi about their “candid” stroll through NYC? Every time I see a picture of a celeb now, I always wonder if it’s staged.

  • My boyfriend jokingly freaks out if we are “twinning” and definitely changes up his outfit. I, on the other hand, love it so much when we are slightly match-y; it’s too cute for me not to enjoy! (Edit to explain: when it happens, it’s ALWAYS accidental which is probably why I think it’s extra cute)

    • TerryMH

      I think its funny too when my husband and I get ready to go out and end up accidentally coordinated in similar outfits.  It makes me feel like I’m making an ironic statement on traditional marriage.  But in truth, we are just a couple of suburbanites whose wardrobes are confined by the offerings of our local mall. 

  • lucyloo222

    Believe me, there is no danger of anyone, EVER, accusing my husband and me of dressing alike.  (Thank God)  As cute as the clothes are, I do think uber-matchy is just a tad nauseating.  Stop trying so hard!  You just won a freakin’ Oscar!

  • VeryClaire

    It’s only gloves, I’d give it a pass. 

    • AthenaJ

      Agreed, at least they’re not in matching Canadian tuxedos (and yes I have seen this)


    I’m not sure two outfits mostly in neutrals can be considered “matchy”.  My ex and I both tended to have entire wardrobes and closets full of neutrals so really, any random outfits would be fairly neutral.  I consider “matchy” to be more color coordinated or “themed”, like nautical or something.  And that is definitely a NO!

    • girliecue

      Ohgoodlord, nautical-themed matchiness! I suddenly feel seasick…

  • marigi

    What’s really shocking is that she’s wearing a ripoff of a Stella McCarthy bags. Is she trying to gain points by snubbing the most hated designer on T&Lo???

    • MilaXX

      The ‘Falabella’ Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote is by Stella McCartney. Click the link

      • lobsterlen

        I understand Stella McCartney’s no animal will be harmed ethic but $1000 for a polyester bag? 

        • filmcricket

          That’s my thing, too (aside from the general ugliness of her ‘designs’). I was a vegetarian who avoided wherever possible wearing leather for 20 years, and I actually respect her commitment to not using animal products in her clothes. But the prices for faux leather should reflect that it’s faux, you know?

      • DTLAFamilies

        No wonder I don’t like it.

      • marigi

        Whoops! Shame on me, when I read “deer” I thought it was leather so I gave for granted it wasn’t a Stella bag.

        • MilaXX

          No worries. I saw it somewhere else yesterday so I knew who it was. I just clicked the link to make sure.

  • jkatkins

    It’s not a gay thing.  My husband will change if he thinks we’re too matchy.  And yes, suck it up, Anne; you brought it on yourself.

  • savicevic

    There were as many “Leave Anne Alone” articles as there were “Why We Hate Anne” and “Why So-and-So Starlet Is Better/More Likable Than Anne” articles out there. Ideally I would’ve liked not to hear from either camps, but better a more-or-less even number of unwanted opinions than a lopsided war field.

    • ChiliP

      That’s exactly how I felt about the Kristen Stewart scandal last year. At first I felt kind of bad for her, but there were just as many people screaming “What a ho!” as there were saying “She’s a victim!” (or, surprisingly, “Good for her, this makes me like her more!”) that by the end, I wanted both sides to just shut up about it. And it birthed the nauseating term “trampire,” which makes me want to stab myself in the eyeballs.

  • Christina Morgan

    Well, TLO, writing as a longtime reader of your site who has been slightly annoyed by Hathaway, but can’t muster up hatred for someone I don’t know, I’ll share this anecdote: Friend of mine was Anne Hathaway’s body double on Rachel Getting Married. (to me she was better in that than Les Mis, but whatevs, to get an Oscar these days you have to drastically alter your appearance) She invited her to speak at a screenwriting course at a writing program for underprivileged girls in NYC . Anne herself came and talked to those kids. Doubt a lot of stars would.

    • Nicely said Christina, especially the part about not being able to muster up hatred.  Too often we (the disdainful public) get caught up in celebrity bashing.  Perhaps we fail to remember that despite all their (probably hard earned) fame and riches and their yes-i-signed-up-for-this lives, they are people too, with actual feelings and hearts and souls.

    • ChiliP

      Thank you for sharing that story, Christina. Anne strikes me as a self-aware woman, and I’m routinely impressed when I hear about her charitable affiliations. I know she donated proceeds from her wedding pictures to gay marriage advocacy groups, and she spent Valentine’s Day promoting One Billion Rising. At the end of the day, reading stories like that helps me get over my occasional annoyance at her theater kid behavior.

    • suzq

      I loves me some Anne.  It’s Stella McCartney I hate even though I don’t know.  Actually, I might like her too, if I met her, but her designs make my teeth hurt.

      Anne, on the other hand, is very talented.

      • RebeccaKW

         Kathy Griffin had a story in an act a while back, about when she was doing the red carpet, for E! I think.  She interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney, who had come together.  She said initially she didn’t like SM and her clothing designs, but that b/c SM got her jokes and joked back with her, she changed her mind.

  • MilaXX

    Quite the opposite, many of the straight couples I know actually coordinate their outfits. Not all the time, but for dressy occasions or events where photos will be taken, yes they coordinate. To be honest it’s usually nothing more choosing  the tie/pocket square that matches her dress.

    Annie and her hubby look fine, even a bit normal. She does need to chill for a bit so I can like her again. Funny thing; every time I see that bag I read falafeal.

  • Hubby and I generally don’t notice we match until after we leave the house.  Then we both go OH FUCK and try extra hard to keep from speaking in unison (which, whoa, happens WAY too much–I don’t even wanna know about twenty years from now).

    • kat89

      I’ve been married for over 30 years and my husband and I have done this several times, which we usually don’t notice until someone points it out. Then we just laugh and say that great minds think alike, and we move on.

    •  We don’t speak in unison but I am often the only person who can translate for him. My husband has an unusual relationship to English. He thinks he can use random words and make them mean what he wants them to.


    It’s also kind of hilarious that the random guy behind them also looks kind of matched to them. FREAKY!

  • carolie_king

    1. It’s not possible for my husband and I to match, unless you count jeans or if we both wore garbage bags to work.
    2. My husband would have no idea if we were looking matchy.  If I pointed it out, he’d say, “We don’t match. I’m bigger than you.”

  • 3boysful

    What’s with wearing the knit cap uncuffed?  Anne looks like she’s trying to conceal that she’s really a Conehead from 1970s SNL.

    • rajf

       I thought it looked stuffed with dreds.

  • lobsterlen

    No I get nervous when I match anyone I am going out with husband, son, girlfriends. However I spent years in Catholic school and still wake up having uniform nightmares. The dream is a version of  being naked in public but at 49 I am still  dreaming I show up at social event or meeting in my high school uniform.

  • Despise couples who dress alike.  Love her gloves.

  • He is nearly eye-scorching in his cuteness. Damn her.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      He is adorable-such perfect arm candy. She has him AND an Oscar!

    • Nancy Dunn

      I don’t see it – he looks a little like an elf to me. Not attractive at all.

  • anotherkate

    Love her gloves. He’s dressed well but otherwise does nothing for me. I also want her scarf.

  • Years ago, my parents came out of their respective dressing areas and had on the exact same watermelon colored polo.  Dad laughed and said, “Jesus, we look like a bowling team.”  No, it’s not just you guys.  

    • NDC_IPCentral

      I am going to use the “bowling team” observation henceforth for all matchy couples.  Spot on.

  • SewingSiren

    The fraternal twins.

  • My husband and I have very similar styles and will often change if we look too much alike (and, also, occasionally just say “eff it, who cares?” and go out looking coordinated). It’s NEVER intentional.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    The other half and I do our best to not even wear the same colored shirt when we go anywhere.  I’ll change first. I see too many of those senior couples wearing the same shirt to even start that habit. 

  • kat89

    They both look cute here. I do understand the Hathaway hate right now, as she does come off as a bit of a phony, although I think her biggest problem is overexposure at this point. We’re tired of seeing her everywhere, pretending to be humble. I also think Taylor Swift is next on the backlash docket. She has maturity issues to go with her overexposure problem. They both just need to go away for a while. Hathaway needs to learn how to be herself and Swift needs to grow up.

    • filmcricket

      Apparently everyone needs to follow the Adele example and get knocked up as soon as they hit it big. I wonder if everyone would still worship her if she’d done the expected gigantic global tour after winning all the Grammys in the world.

      My biggest problem with Hathaway, really, is that I don’t think she’s as good as everyone says she is. Granted, I haven’t seen a lot of her recent performances, so I’m probably being unfair. But I kind of feel like the accolades are more “Hey she’s not just a Disney princess” than “this performance was intrinsically excellent.”

      • RebeccaKW

         I don’t know about that, re: Adele.  I think a big problem with AH is that she was EVERYWHERE for so long, and her interviews come across as if she takes herself too seriously.  Adele was on I think maybe 2 magazine covers and, being very private, rarely if ever photographed out.  She didn’t attend movie premieres, etc.  Plus, Adele seems…I don’t know what word I want.  Adele is the kind of girl who’s going to drink a whiskey and tell dirty jokes.  You want to hang out with her.  AH seems like the perky girl that annoys the crap out of you with her constant cheerfulness, and who only ever wants to watch art-house movies.  (nothing wrong with them, I’m just saying she doesn’t seem like she’d be much fun)

  • Qitkat

    I would be seriously amused if my husband and I matched, because it’s so unlikely to happen, but now I have a desire to actually try to make it happen, just once. 
    Love her gloves and her scarf. I would look like a dork in a hat like that.

  • Pants_are_a_must

    That hat is full-on smurf. And I’m pretty sure her husband is wearing her scarf, because that’s how you ramp up the nauseatingly adorable.

    I still want her coat, though.

  • She’s wearing how many hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in outerwear & accessories and she picks that hat??!!  

    • jmw1122

      It’s been cold and really windy in the Northeast lately, and she doesn’t have a lot of hair on her head to keep her warm. Personally I think fashion should come second to function in that kind of situation.

  • My husband and my brother in law showed up at my mother in laws house both in grey Carhardt work pants, dark blue flannel shirts, baseball caps and work boots. Then they decided that costco had a great price on dog food and rode down there together with my husband carrying my Tinkerbell checks to pay. Both are bald and built very similarly just to add to the hilarity of it. We all thought it was hysterical but they couldn’t have cared less. There is no chance of my husband and I ever dressing alike. Ever.
    Annie and her hubby look super cute though (to stay on topic).

    • random_poster

      Did you take a picture of that? Priceless!

      •  Ha, I wish I had, but I do think they probably would have put their boots down on standing for a photo op.

  • Sara__B

    No “matching my mate” in my household. (The only time we’ve “matched” was for family pictures, especially when our kids were little, and that was color-coordinating more than matching.)

    Add me to the growing list of bitter kittens who covet Anne’s gloves.

  • The only time I try to coordinate is for a dressy event when pictures are likely to be taken, like a wedding. And by coordinate, I mean simply “if I’m wearing black or grey he doesn’t have a brown-tone suit on”.
    I did, however, see an article recently in Reader’s Digest that had a matchy couple. Her dresses were all hand-made, and he would always get a tie made from the same fabric as her dress. It was adorable without being nauseating.

  • Imasewsure

    I don’t care if they are matchy… I need those gloves and that scarf… (to go with my LV plaid dresses of course)

  • NDC_IPCentral

    As a curmudgeonly single, I think matching outfits for couples, whatever the gender combination, is gag-making.  I remember meeting my boss and his wife at the airport before we flew off to an IP convention over 30 years ago, and they were in coordinated casual wear – team uniform.  I just goggled and probably blurted something out before I could remember I should be diplomatic.

    I don’t get it.  Didn’t then, don’t now.  But then again, I’m a grouch.

  • I would never turn against Annie.  I hated her Oscars dress, and maybe she became a bit much to handle, but this was the realization of a dream she’s probably had since she was 5.  I can understand her wanting it, and being open with it.  I love her acting, her vulnerability and I’ve enjoyed watching her grow.  I also think she’s a wonderful human being.

  • mmc2315

    Love those boots with the jeans (Anne’s).

  • LauraWL

    Do they match bc their jackets are the same colour? I can’t think of anything me and my partner wears that “matches.” Our senses of style are pretty distinctively different though. I do know that we try to match our level of dress. If I wear a dress, he’ll wear a suit jacket, that sort of thing. Also, I deeply deeply covet the outfits on both of them. And if my husband actually would wear a pea coat (and if ever actually got that cold wear we live) I would want to recreate this adorable little duo of outfits. 

  • Cathy S

    Her gloves are great. And they match his scarf. That’s very cool.

  • Granted, they look adorable, but between Anne & Franco, I’m getting too much celebrity awfulness for one day.

  • I hardly think the WHOLE world turned against her.  I still love her.  She looks adorable.

    • glennethph

      But the PR pushback against it seems like it did.  I personally think this is just a fraction of what Gwyneth and Kate got (or get).

  • Jean Dandois

    Straight couples care – either my husband or I will change if we match…I also try not to clash with him too…it’s a delicate balance which was not achieved here.  Anne should keep the gloves and get a different cute scarf for hubby.

  • quitasarah

    My straight and well-groomed husband will change clothes if we’re wearing something similar (or even a similar color). I actually see it as a small victory if we go out in the same color and he doesn’t notice, just because it annoys him if someone thinks we did it on purpose. 🙂

  • bookish

    Oh man. My husband would *never* agree to wear a coat that looked so similar to my own and then be seen standing next to me.

  • PeggyOC

    It’s not just gay couples.  I changed one night because I was wearing pink and my husband was wearing orange.  I said we looked like a Dunkin Donuts and one of us had to change.

  • crash1212

    I think they both look exceedingly cute and weather appropriate. I love those gloves and need them – NOW. I actually have a similar scarf as the one he has one…and quite frankly…I wouldn’t have changed if I saw my husband in that scarf as I was putting on my similar gloves. My thoughts would’ve been – fuck it, I love my gloves and he’s an adult and can dress himself.

  • butterflysunita

    A celeb going out in winter dressed both warmly and cutely!  I love it. 

  • EveEve

    Oh, come on!  Clearly this is a less-than-candid little PR stroll.  Else how would TLo know instantly that the bag was a Falabella Shaggy Deer Foldover Tote?  Do they have a Fashion Shazam™ app?!  (Yes, that would be totally awesome – point your phone camera at an accessory and the app tells you all about it!)

    • MilaXX

       I’ve seen the bag before and I recognized it. I’m sure TLo with their higher level of fashion skills could spot it as well.

  • phylora

    Marge Simpson!

  • libraangel

    OOHH_ super cutesy! Want to throw up. Don’t like tablecloth scarves.

  • I just can’t get behind her shoes.

  • Alyssa

    I like to coordinate with my husband, but not match. I don’t like for his shirt to clash with whatever I’m wearing. He doesn’t approve of anything too matchy though. And I love her gloves!

  • lrhg

    “As for all the “LEAVE ANNIE ALOOOOONNE” opinionating going on in the celebritysphere, we can’t roll our eyes hard enough. The whole thing smacks of damage control from a star who’s being more than a little thin-skinned at the moment. Backlash happens, Annie. Ride it out. Comfort yourself with your Oscar, hot husband, and piles of cash, but don’t expect us to weep for you. You’ll be fine.”

  • BPlease

    The more ‘leave her alone!’ b.s. I read (hello, The New Yorker.  YES, THE NEW YORKER), I more I know I ain’t never paying for another movie of hers to see her act as Ann(e) Hathaway, not the actual character.

    However….truth: I love both of their outfits!  I’d love to own every single item she’s got on.  

  • teensmom99

    I think normals are allowed to have a little cutesie matchy-matchy dressing for the 1st 6 months of marriage.  Oscar winners who have been doing endless pole dancing may not have that window.  Yup, that’s what the rule book says.  

  • snarkykitten

    my husband wears eye-searing Hawaiian shirts. I can’t even begin to play matchy-matchy with him!

  • Nice that they let her keep her Fantine shoes. 

  • Bill Curtis

    My partner and I work together 4 or 5 days a week.  We always check in the morning. “Oh, you’re wearing (plaid/a sweater/stripes/a white shirt/work boots/etc)? I’ll change.” We avoid the matchy thing like crazy.  He’s gone to the gym in the morning without me getting a look the work clothes he brought to change into.  If our outfits are too close, one of us will go next door to the Gap or Lucky to change their outfit.

  • Nancy Dunn

    Is she going skiing? There is no other excuse for that horrific, dreadfully ugly hat. Even I, a poor waif, own cute, warm hats.

  • GorgeousThings

    I always look fabulous and my husband looks…

    well, he married fabulous so whatever.

    • Bill Curtis

      Atta Girl!

  • Jecca2244

    My fiance and I will accidentally match in color sometimes. But i think that is more to do with enjoying the same colors. 

  • Louise Bryan

    I think the matchiness just happened.  Two good-looking young people, dressing appropriately for the weather conditions in winter have a high chance of matching a little.

  • Indigo54

    No way in hell I’d let my husband wear a jacket like that.  

  • CeeQ

    Yeah I change if it looks like I match the Hubs. that’s just weird otherwise…

  • Matching is never good for any couple. 

  • glennethph

    Please. Gwyneth’s still here, Kate could care less even when England slags her so poor widdle Annie should man up and take it. She got her dream so now she has to live with the peripherals of wanting it so hard.

    p.s. I think it galls her a little bit that her non-celebrity husband has a better Q rating than her.

  • librarygrrl64

    “Is that a gay thing? Do straight couples care about that?”

    This straight does NOT match her outfits to her manpanion’s!!!!! What are we , 6-year-old twins? In a production of The Sound of Music? No, no, no.

  • rumcg66

    It’s not just gay couples; I would absolutely go home and change if I were wearing something matchy with my partner. Uuugh. The matchiness here made me want to hurl.

  • I feel like it depends. My current boyfriend recently realized his wardrobe didn’t fit him as well as he’d like, so he’s been asking my input on things and this is leading to the things he wears skewing toward my preferences. So now he’s accumulating more horizontal stripes and brightly colored shirts and pants, so I feel like we’re similarly ostentatious. But I feel like that’s sort of normal with straight couples?
    I had an ex who was aggressively slovenly, though – he and I were never dressed alike. I did steal his cargo shorts once to play with proportions (he was nearly a foot taller than me) but that was as close as it got. 
    The current boyfriend and I are about the same height, so I steal his shirts sometimes, but nothing as dramatic as the shorts. 
    I get a little offended on Anne’s behalf as a fellow awkward theater kid with a similarly big face, but I can’t make myself care too much. 

    Also, while I think her hat is cute, if it were any floppier it’d be what I call a “foreskin hat.” 

    I want her coat and gloves. 

    • anotherEloise

      Oh, it is definitely a “foreskin hat”!  Good phrase.  The close-fitting version is a condom hat. 

  • My husband or I will change in a hot second if we remotely match.  It might not be necessarily gay, but we also do not want to be known as “that couple” either.

  • kalisa

    Those two have a lot of scarves on. 

  • THE WHOLE WORLD TURNED AGAINST HER.  Yeah, except for all those people who gave her that golden man to take home.  Wah!  I think you’ll live, Anne.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    Definitely not just a gay couple thing! One night my ex and I went to a formal event and ended up both wearing a black/tan/gold combination and we were both horrified but had no time to change when we realized our mistake. I still get chills thinking about it. Ick!

    Still, they look cute so I guess I can get over the sickly sweetness.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    HE looks adorable.  SHE looks like she’s bundled up on her way to a doctor’s appointment because of a miserable cold.

    And no, that’s not just a gay thing. One night, my boyfriend-at-the-time showed up at my apartment to pick me up, and we were both wearing jeans and black turtlenecks.  Since we were at MY apartment, one guess which one of us had to change?

  • No, it’s not a gay thing. Many is the time I have made my husband change because our outfits coordinated. 

    And as for the Annie sentiments: WELL SAID! 

    Also, Anne? I love your gloves.

  • There are couples who like to match, but they probably don’t read fashion blogs.

  • mike__tv

    When your face appears to be everywhere you’re likely to get backlash. she does look like she’s in witness protection. If this were a mad-style post the costume design would appear too on the nose

  • To paraphrase the great Joan Holloway: you’ve won an Oscar and you’re ridiculously gorgeous and rich, so you might as well enjoy it.

  • BookishBren

    My partner won’t leave the house if we are both wearing the same color, so I don’t know what kind of crazy, pussy magic the Hathster is working to get her hubby out in a coat that matches hers and a scarf that matches her gloves.

  • Carrieanno

    Are you kidding?  My husband can’t coordinate the pieces of his own outfits.  No chance we’d ever leave the house as a coordinated pair, unless I started dressing in the dark.  By the way, can we put Anne on the shelf for awhile?

  • m0r0

    I know a great many straight couples who begin unwittingly dressing alike. I know I did when I was married. It was not my intention but it was cosy.

  • guest2visits

    I hate it when we both get in the car and I suddenly realize we’re wearing similar shirts or colors. SOMEONE has to go back and change.
    I think they both look very nice but a little matchy, for my taste.

  • Annie has first world problems.  “Poor misunderstood me, my Oscar, my fabulous life and my new husband. Sigh.”

  • ridiculously matchy? what was she thinking? they look stupid.

  • Hat makes her look like a secret Rasta. Either there’s tissue paper or dreads in there.

  • decormaven

    In which way is one to “let Annie alone”? When someone has put him/herself in the public for a good three months straight, with multiple personal appearances, PR opportunities, sound bites, etc., one is led to believe that said person wants to be in the spotlight. Nothing said person has done has led me to believe he/she WANTED to be alone. And here we have a clear case in point. This couple is definitely styled for a photo op.
    If people want to be alone -go somewhere and make it happen. Buddhist retreat, private island, custom Backroads trip. Alone ain’t ever gonna happen in NYC.

  • and hubs has FACIAL HAIR! (thank the gods) I am surprised some (gay) blogger (T’lo would NEVER do it) has not suggested he SHAVE it (cuz thats what ALL the gays do on make over shows do….rip off the beard!).

    Anyhow, hooray for him being allowed some “masculinity” (and they do look cute, but a teeny bit close to the ‘annoying couple who dresses matchy-matchy’ (which is right next to the couple who dresses the dog to match)

  • mom2ab

    Straight couples tend to dress alike because usually the woman dresses them both-either because the man doesn’t have any interest in clothes or adequate taste (in her opinion) to dress himself.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    His coat is three sizes too small and looks silly.  He must have accidentally put on her coat or stole it off some kid coming out of prep school..

  • Ever go to East Asian cities? Littered with couples wearing couple tees, couple clothing, couple EVERYTHING. In Hong Kong there’s a store that sells couple tees, couple cups, couple pillows the list goes on. 

  • Her husband looks as if he does not really want to be seen with her and like he was forced to wear this matchy stuff but he was too much of a wuss to say no. Sorry not sorry.

  • My husband and I accidentally coordinate our outfits all the time.  I’ll grab a top and put it on, head to the bathroom, and my husband will grab a polo in the same color without having seen me. 

  • My in laws match on purpose all the time — she sets out his clothes for him every day.
    So if my husband and I unintentionally come even remotely close to matching, he’ll go change. And we are a straight couple:)
    My mom used to get annoyed that my dad was never dressed as though they were even going to the same function — super casual when she was dressed up and vice versa. One morning before church she said exasperatedly “Why can’t you just dress like me once?!” He went to change…and came down wearing one of her dresses. My brother and I hit the floor laughing.

    • Melvis Velour

      I love your father…totally!

  • My (new!) husband and I often unintentionally coordinate, and I kinda love it. 🙂