Alison Brie at PaleyFest

Posted on March 06, 2013

We love Alison Brie. We always feel we have to say that whenever we feature her because we always wind up ripping her to shreds for her clothing choices.

But today, we promise: no ripping. We have but one question.


Alison Brie attends PaleyFest 2013 Honoring “Community” in Beverly Hills, California.

And it is this:

How on earth does someone wind up thinking that a purple, pleated, satin jumpsuit is somehow an acceptable thing to wear when one leaves the house? How did you live your life and not learn to avoid such things?

Let’s hear that again: PURPLE, PLEATED, SATIN JUMPSUIT.

Honestly, we think sometimes the very best thing the terminally style-deficient could do for themselves is to say their outfit out loud before putting it on. We suspect it would help avoid a disaster or two.


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • hmariec19

    But… is it really purple? Looks more blue to me (although it could just be the lighting).

    Let’s try it that way: Blue, Pleated, Satin Jumpsuit.

    Nope. I don’t think that helps.

    • twocee

      I think all you really need to say is “Satin. Jumpsuit.”  And….no.

      • zenobar

         I think all you really need to say is “Pleat”.

      • Alanna Wisteria

        I just read “purple, pleated satin jumpsuit” in my best “orange mocha frappuccino!” voice. 

  • It’s reading more royal blue on my monitor. But it sounds much better to spit out “purple, pleated, satin jumpsuit” with such disdain. I do like the colour but everything else is just awful!

    • kschwarting

      The color IS beautiful on her.  I feel like we’ll been seeing it a lot more lately, and it’s been flattering on almost everyone.

  • Sobaika

    That is not a good look. This is coming from someone who is pretty open to jumpsuits.

    But I too love Alison Brie. I never understood the manic pixie geek love over say, Zooey Deschanel, but Alison Brie I get. I wonder why she doesn’t get more buzz. She can do comedy and drama with equal aplomb.

    • charlotte

       I’m still convinced that she will rise to big time stardom eventually. She just has to.

  • BP180

    Well shit, I guess I’d better go home and change.

    • Adriana_Paula

      Can you drop me off at my house on the way?

  • Aly

    I don’t know, TLo, I’m diggin’ it. The hair needs to be changed. But this is cute and unique, the color is gorgeous, and it shows off her tiny waist. I’m in. 

    • elizonthelam

      Aly, i’m with you. On paper it sounds ridiculous, but i think it looks cute. The hair and shoes are imperfect, but still she looks fun overall.

    • I’m with you. It shouldn’t work, based on the name, but it’s working so much better than many things that *aren’t* blue pleated satin jumpsuits would. 

    • Tatiana Luján

      I’m digging it too. And I hate satin and jumpsuits, but I think she looks great. I think she would look even better with a ponytail.

    • lizajane1776

       The only thing that is bugging me is the pegged pants legs.
      Otherwise this is really flattering, both to her coloring and to her waist.

      • Aly

        But what other pants would work? A fuller leg would look really dated. I think these work with the fullness of the top while the “pegged” leg makes it evident that she’s slim. Pleats work with a cuffed skimmer pant because the narrowness at the ankles contrasts the fullness of the pleats, keeping your bottom half looking fit.

    • MoreShoes

       Yep. I wouldn’t wear it, but I like it on her. It looks fun.

      • 3boysful

         It would look a lot more fun, even with the pegged legs, if she’d gone for a fun shoe.  The steel-toed pumps meant for a suit are giving me seizures here.

    • barbarienne

       Me too. I could ask for it to be tailored a bit more, and to get rid of the flaps on the top (I hate those in all incarnations). But otherwise, it’s pretty good.

    • I think it’s super chique and interesting. 

    • Indovina

      I too have a certain strange fondness for it.

      But then, I have an soft spot in my heart for satin that doesn’t look like a cheap prom dress and a weird perennial tendency to be tricked by jumpsuits. (“Oh, a jumpsuit – how interesting. It has both the merits of pants and the merits of being one-piece.” *shortly thereafter* “Damn you jumpsuit, you have neither!”)

  • urbanamish

    you make me laugh.


    And then there’s the shoes……. Oy!  At least consider a sassy pair of sexy shoes.  And some great jewelry.  Oh, forget it, beyond saving…..

  • crash1212

    It reads deep blue on my screen….would that make it a better choice?

  • ChaCha_70

    She’s giving Princess Kate a run for her money with her good hair.

    • kimmeister

      At first glance, I actually thought it was Kate in the thumbnail!

  • Well, at least the color is great on her.  And at least it isn’t a Horribly Wrinkled Purple Pleated Satin Jumpsuit.
    And the length is making my eyes wiggle uncomfortably. And the cuffs? I Can Not Even.

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      It must be said: STOP! Hammer Time!

    • I just noticed the cuffs! Oh, the humanity!

    • kimmeister

      At first I thought she had rolled them up, which was going to make my eyes roll, then I realized they were made that way.  Ai-yai-yai!

  • captrenault

    I am blind to any faults of Alison Brie, and I deny that such faults exist.

  • christinewithanx

    Maybe she is sending subliminal messages to be in the new I Dream of Jeannie movie?

    • gsk241

       My first thought, too.  I Dream of Jeannie.

    • charlotte

       I Dream of Trudy!

  • claudemtl777

    I’m also seeing royal blue…I’ve always questioned the practicality of jumpsuits

  • bertkeeter

    Like the color!

  • tallgirl1204

    Dissenting here:  I think she looks fun and totally rocking that early 80s fabulous. 

  • Lilithcat

    It looks blue to me.  Not that that helps any.

    Nor do the shoes and hairdo.

  • And who thinks it’s okay to wear pockets that make your boobs look wonky? 

    • zenobar

       The buttons are making her boobs look walleyed.

    • kimmeister

      Breast pockets on women’s clothes are never a good idea, but then to add flaps AND buttons?  Good grief.

  • MilaXX

    Reading royal blue on my monitor as well. I actually don’t mind the outfit, but it feels kinda 80’s to me.

    • judybrowni

      Oh, honey, the ’80s are back with a vengeance.

      We’re reliving everything I hated then and I fear the big, fluffy poofy muttonleg sleeve invasion next.

  • Jessi03

    Is she going for a Charlie’s Angels thing?

  • Alyssa

    Wow, that is bad. It reads very old lady to me. And it does NOTHING for her shape.

  • VioletFem

    Purple, pleated, satin jumpsuit, with cuffs! No, still not better. 
    On a side note, maybe it is the lighting in the picture but that jump suit looks much more royal blue than purple.

  • Indigo54

    It’s not so bad.  At least it fits and it’s not all wrinkled – yet.  Looks more like periwinkle blue on my monitor.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Haha. Sadly, I’m seeing jumpsuits all over the place.

  • Laura M Evans

    Fuck it. I love it. She looks totally comfortable and it’s sassy and it looks like it fits her pretty well. If one is going to wear a purple satin jumpsuit, this is the way to do it.

  • SneakyKitty

    I, too, am seeing it as blue, but I knew as soon as I saw her last night that y’all were  gonna hate it.  Haha.  It’s cute, but it looks like pajamas.

    Did anyone actually watch the panel?  What on earth was going on with her?  I didn’t get the cigarette lady bit that she kept bringing up over and over.  I kept hoping Yvette Nicole Brown would elbow her into submission.

  • Janet B

    Lovely color, plus it’s not wrinkled.

  • Nicolette Allen

    I am not the biggest fan, but want to know one place where jumpsuits actually work?  Events where you are sitting down on a stage in front of a bunch of people.

    you have appropriate coverage on lady parts and shirts dont do weird bunching up things.  So while this outfit doesnt look great on the step and repeat, I imagine it looks pretty dencent when she is sitting down

  • Who is the offending designer that created this monstrosity?
    (I confess. I don’t really think it’s that monstrous. She still looks cute and that fabric is luscious…it looks like sandwashed silk to me, and the color is one of my very favorites.)

  • Nicolette Allen

    she should have done a better job on picking shoes though, and i think a big pony tail would have been much cuter

  • teensmom99

    I think she looks great and confident. Maybe the problem is that  I am comparing this to how she looks in one of Trudy’s housecoats.

  • The color is very pretty on her. I’ll leave it at that.

  • I don’t care how often they push that middle-part hairstyle, I refuse to accept it.  I’ve already been there in the 70s and I refuse to do it again.  I know how it’s going to look.  Just stop.

    The jumpsuit isn’t my favorite either.

  • I think I kind of like this, actually. (((hits post and runs away))) 

  • Missy Covington

    I could accept it without the tapered/cuffed hem. It would look WAY better in a wider leg. Still not a great idea conceptually, but maybe better in the execution.

  • Indigo54

    Some baked brie with fruit sure would be good right now.

  • That looks more like a royal blue to me, but okay. I think she looks darling, so I guess I’ll go sit in the style-shame corner now.

  • Well, the color is pretty, at least. 

  • I’m sorry, I’m just hypnotized by how it somehow isn’t suffering from sitting wrinkles to me. Either she was herded in on the TLo dress cart, or that thing is 100% polyester.

  • RocknLox

    I don’t like the pockets, but I do like the suit. Watch Community, you guys. 

  • Apocalipstick Now Redux

    This is Tilda Swinton’s jumpsuit.  

  • Like Christina Hendricks, Alison should bribe the Mad Men costume designer to dress her all the time.  The poor dears are so pitiful when left to their own devices.

  • Roz

    Would love to see Trudy slinking around Casa Campbell in this get up!

  • ojosazules

    The hair makes it unforgivable. And those cuffs.

  • Jecca2244

    i’m sorry, but i think she looks great. it is nice that it isn’t a dress.

  • mhleta

    This is reading cobalt to me. And I think she looks pretty good, actually. I hate the shoes and she desperately needs some jewelry, but this has a cute 70s vibe that I have no problem getting behind. 

  • Judy_J

    Maybe I’m crazy, but I think she looks cute and appropriate for the event.

  • decormaven

    A vintage look that didn’t need to resurface. Hon, just place it carefully on top of the water and let it sink deep, deep down to the depths from whence it came. And stiletto-toe pumps? Those must be for street warfare. They sure aren’t for fashion.

  • kimmeister

    I actually considered buying a printed blue satin jumpsuit a few weeks ago (NOT pleated).  The only thing that dissuaded me was the fact that it was going to need major hemming.  I guess I should’ve said it out loud too!

  • wispymiss

    But she looks good!  

  • deathandthestrawberry

    I hate the hair. Wow, does she have a lot of product on it. But the outfit? I kinda like it. The big pockets and the shoes are the only misses for me.

  • Ok, I’m sorry and I know I am going to get lambasted but I like it. She looks cute and chic.It’s a tad aging, but I love the color and the fit is terrific. I even like the shoes with it which keep the look simple. I know, it’s a purple, satin jumpsuit but it’s so fun!

  • prettybigkitty

    I don’t hate it.  On paper a pleated, satin jumpsuit should not work one bit.  But she’s working it.  It fits and is not wrinkled.   

  • Anna_Cecilia

    I don’t hate it either. As someone who is known for getting her Blanche Devereaux on from time to time, I can’t judge her too harshly. Love the colour on her and the shoes.

  • All I could think while I was reading this was “It was a one-eyed, one-horned, PURPLE, PLEATED SATIN JUMPSUIT!”

  • marilyn

    I am not so offended by this.  I agree:  It looks royal blue.  If we accept that it could work, the next thing to figure out is how to change it so people aren’t gnashing their teeth when they see it.  It is kind of a retro look, (like the original Charlie’s Angels).  She was smart to not go overboard with makeup and hair.  But, perhaps some interesting, uncluttered jewelry and a bold purse would have made it look less like a picture from a 1970’s clothing catalogue.  This was not offensive, just outdated.  

  • PeggyOC

    I do want to know what she’s doing with her hair.  So shiny and smooth. I covet.

  • Imasewsure

    Voluminous… just to add to the “nos” in this look… and still she looks beautiful in spite of her fine self

  • Adriana_Paula

    I’m glad her shoes fit.

  • TaurusKW

    Aside from how droopy the top is, I actually really like this look.

  • Well, I like the jumpsuit (and the shoes).  The color is beautiful on her, and she just looks so pleased to be wearing it.

  • This reminds me of my favorite interactions on one of my favorite ever shows, Spaced:
    Daisy Steiner: How are you feeling this morning? 

    Tim: Very rough, actually. I swear to God I will never drink again…until lunchtime. 
    Daisy Steiner: Very wise. 
    Tim: Mmm. So how does it feel to be twenty-six? 
    Daisy Steiner: Uh…a bit gas-y. 
    Tim: Oh, well, you’re getting old. You’d be dead in four years. If this was “Logan’s Run.” 
    Daisy Steiner: Ah, that would be terrible. 
    Tim: I know. I look like a twat in a jumpsuit. 
    Daisy Steiner: Don’t say that, Tim. That’s a word that hates women. 
    Tim: What? “Twat”? 
    Daisy Steiner: No, “jumpsuit.” 
    Tim: Oh.

  • JLH

    I think she looks amazing.

  • MaryanneGirl


  • snarkykitten

    She looked really good when she was on the Daily Show!

  • Her shoes are hiddy as well. But she’s just so cute. Trudy!!

  • missnutkin

    As ever it’s about the accessories. While there are a lot of things wrong with this (what is reading to me as blue) jumpsuit, I can’t help thinking it could have been somewhat remedied with a better belt and shoes and possibly a little jewelry too.

  • Dagney

    It’s a Home-Ec project from 1976.  

  • TSkot

    Adjust your monitor, guys.  That’s blue blue blue.

  • THIS NEEDS TO BE AN IN vs OUT POST bc this is IN!!!!
    i don’t know who thought of it and i don’t know how she’s making it work
    but it’s happening
    mama is taking this to the bank to deposit a BIG ass check tonight

  • If this was a dress?


    But…girl. NO.

  • Oh my gosh!!! “Say your outfit out loud before putting it on.” I have often found myself wondering what golden rule of fashion can I teach my young one when she comes of age and I have found it! Thanks, T Lo. 

  • The real question on my mind (because Alison Brie, god bless her, is hopeless) is why Yvette Nicole Brown looked so pissed off for most of the panel.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Oh, the PAIN…

  • Trisha26

    You left out boob pockets, turned-up or otherwise wonky pant-legs, and steel-toed pumps. 

  • formerlyAnon

    It is a concept best avoided. But I have to admit that she’s looking about as good as anyone could, in a [royal blue on my monitor] pleated satin jumpsuit.

    • Anniebet

      Thanks for your royal blue… I was about to adjust my color settings.

  • capybara_cafe

    Oh honey, no.

  • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

    satin is satan misspelled.

  • LondonMarriott

    I… own this.  Well, mine has a cowl neck with spaghetti straps and I bought it off eBay for a disco party, but I own it!

  • Anniebet

    Somehow Seventies hotel employee pops into my head. Dunno why.

  • Is it really purple? My monitor must be waaaay off — on my puter it’s royal blue. She’s such a cutie, but I dislike almost all jumpsuits, including this one.

  • subwaycars

    I kinda like it tbh. oop.

  • conniemd

    I actually like the jump suit and I hate jumpsuits because no sane woman wants to wear an outfit she has to take totally off to go to the ladies’ room. Too much trouble. But it looks like a nice lady pants suit and would be cool if it were two pieces.

    Hate the shoes, but amazingly, they actually fit her with out the spaces between the toes hanging out.

  • guest2visits

    Agree. And somehow a dated look, though I have never seen a purple-pleated-satin-jumpsuit befrore.

  • Poor thing is simply just better suited to 60’s-style clothing.  Honey..let Janie Brant pick your outfits from now on.

  • kathrineb

    The colour is nice. I never understood the whole jumpsuit thing. There is nothing more impractical than getting undressed every time you need to go to the toilet!

  • Zubair Ghumro

    That is a lovely color on her but how could you wear that thing and think you look beautiful? Is there anyone in her vicinity who truly loves her or has an ounce of style quotient? 

  • ChaquitaPhilly

    Of course, the REAL question is why would anyone CREATE a Purple (or Blue) Pleated, Satin Jumpsuit?

  • Lilak

    Hey, Stella McCartney would think it’s perfectly acceptable to leave the house in this!  We’ve seen SM herself wear even worse in public. Worse still, she insists on putting this ‘aesthetic’ on runways year after year.   

  • libraangel

    I cannot possibly comment on this as there are not enough synonyms in the English language for ‘bad’

  • sweetlilvoice

    I just adore her though and it’s nice to actually see her as a happy character in Community as opposed to Pete’s sad wife in MM. But the outfit….you said it all!