Abigail Breslin in Alice + Olivia

Posted on March 06, 2013

Abigail Breslin attends the premiere ‘The Call’ in Hollywood, California in Alice + Olivia.



[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • Jessi03


    • Crystal

      Oh honey… no…. I saw the words “Abigail Breslin” and “Alice + Olivia” and though the results were going to be pretty… sigh.

      • crash1212

         I also came to that very conclusion upon reading the pairing – cute dress on a cute teenager – alas…..sigh, indeed.

      • EveEve

        She looks awkward and terribly uncomfortable. As though someone dressed her up, shoveled on some make up, and shoved her out there.

    • j_anson

      What? No. NO.

      • http://twitter.com/herong Heron


    • Aly Light

      Oh my god. Why is in costume as a slightly-desperate 38-year-old? I

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lucía-Gavello/1253586868 Lucía Gavello

        I know, how can a belly baring outfit look so frumpy and aging is beyond me… makeup and hair are NOT helping.

    • oldbobbydraper


    • Pcatt

      She’s 17, for god’s sake.  She looks 30 here.

      • http://twitter.com/PhDKnitter marlie

         I thought she looked older than me, and I’m over 30.

    • MarissaLG

      She is completely unrecognizable. The outfit makes her look about 3 feet tall, and the blonde is not working for me on its own either. Not a fan. 

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Inês-Martins/100000345906318 Inês Martins

        Yeah… I was like, wrong name no? Sure it is her?

    • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

      That idiotic jacket with the huge bow is ridiculously proportioned. The pants make her look like she is slowly sinking into the floor.

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        What the? No, what the?
        Olive Hoover after work
        Cas day pant, change top

        • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

          Little Abigail
          Tinier by the minute
          Eschew black frou frou.

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            Girl too much make up
            And cover that belly now!
            Go get cream rinse NOW

    • http://twitter.com/amndad amanda lynn

      what?  WHY?

      • http://twitter.com/SuzBald Susan Baldwin

        This is better than what I was going to submit, which was:  “what?  NO!” 

    • Paigealicious

      When did she grow up?!  *feels old*

      • MissMariRose

         I know, right?! I want to wrap a towel around her bare midriff, hand her a washcloth and tell her to put on a real shirt and wipe that gunkoffyourfacerightnowmissy!

        Oh gawd, help! I need an exorcism. My inner mother is taking over.

    • editrixie

      I didn’t even recognize her. WHY????

      • Alyssa

        Me neither! I’m still not convinced it’s her…

        • littlemac8

          I only gave in and agreed it was her when I got to the fifth picture and recognized her smile!  Horrible!

    • Indigo54

      This is horrible.  The bow is just obnoxious.  Isn’t black supposed to be slimming?

      • Lori

        Is the giant neck bow ever not obnoxious? Are we really going to do that again?

        • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_JSGAZPEESHQT47ATH55GNOHHBY Erin

           At least when we did it before, we covered our bellies.  80s pussy bow + bare midriff = so many levels of no.

          • Lori

            True. It’s sometimes difficult to defend 80s fashion, but we can at least say we didn’t do pussy bow + bare midriff. Geez Louise, that’s bad.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1396777506 Christin Pardy-Nosenchuk

      where are her feet?!?!?!?!

    • MoHub

      Bare pale belly, pleats, overly long pants: not good. Not good at all.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000393765005 Garcia Loca

      Little Miss Sunshine!!! If only she wore that jacket with a cute little dress in white or optical print.

    • PeaceBang

      The outfit is okay but the old lady straw hair and the troweled on make-up = I has a sad.

      • mhleta

        “troweled on”–Well played.

    • elleg929

      I thought this was Ashlee Simpson.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1208138556 Sara Munoz Munoz

      Oooooh. That’s a “no”.

    • Janet B

      Am I wearing my pants too short?
      When did she age 10+ years?

      • http://joyouslifesf.wordpress.com Kiltdntiltd

        In answer to your questions:
        1. Your hem length is most likely fine.
        2. Somewhere between the bathroom and her closet.

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        Pleated pants= bank teller realness

    • Annabelle Archer

      Pussy bows?  Missing feet?  The hair of a 40 year old?  What the sunshiny fuck is this?

      • mhleta

        I need to “like” this multiple times. 

    • pakapaka

      what the f**k? 35 years young, ladies and gentlemen!

      …oh wait. she’s 16. sixteen! this is sad.

      • http://twitter.com/PhDKnitter marlie

         I take offense to that! I’m 30-something, and I don’t even look that old.

        • pakapaka

          no offense meant! i’m nearly 30 myself, and if she were 35, i’d think she looked good. regardless of one’s actual age, aging oneself 20 years through bad dye job / poor clothing choices / terrible makeup = bad plan.

    • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

      The widow Breslin seems to be holding up well.

      • filmcricket

        I hear her hair has turned quite gold from grief.

        • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

           Very nice Importance reference!

          • filmcricket

            Thank you! Apropos, too, given the dye job poor Abigail has going on up there.

      • Zubair Ghumro

        Your comment takes the cake…great one!

    • CaseyinNY

      That first picture makes her head look 5x too big for her body. Not a good look. 

    • mhleta

      Too busy, which is a weird thing to say about an all black outfit, but there’s way too much going on here.

    • sablehunter

      Pleats need to die in a fire

    • Beardslee

      Generic fake blonde hair is a poor substitute for one’s own personality.  She looked so generic here and she was such an interesting young girl.

    • MoHub

      Cougarwear. Desperate cougarwear.

    • http://www.serpentsdance.etsy.com/ SerpentsDance

      When I saw the giant bow in the thumbnail I knew it would be bad. I did not realize it would be quite THAT bad, though. There is absolutely nothing good about the outfit, her hair, or the makeup. The whole look is just awful and terribly aging.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Julie-Chase/731391326 Julie Chase

      I thought she was Kristen Bell at a weird angle. And uh, magically not pregnant.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=661256074 Mars Tokyo

      Poor thing. That outfit makes her body looked deformed.

    • mjude

      is that the girl from little miss sunshine?

      • http://twitter.com/foodycatAlicia foodycatAlicia

         Yes – sadly.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005071442179 Star Foster

      Damn, she looks looks like a 40-something Real Housewife of Beverly Hills.

    • Kristy Evans

      Holy shit, she does not look anything like herself. I mean, I know she’s grown up and all, but damn. Maybe it’s the hair?? 

    • fungstyle

      Surprised you boys didn’t do a formal post on this one if only to discuss the fact that she looks about 35 here. 

    • http://figgylicious.blogspot.com/ Figgy

      That hair is stupid. 

    • http://twitter.com/kendallbrunson SassyMcFrench

      Looks like the receptionist forgot to wear a shirt under her jacket…again. 

    • http://twitter.com/PhDKnitter marlie

      This look is extraordinarily unflattering to her figure, AND manages to make her look more than twice her age. She’s only 16!!

    • Ruth Preston

      Oh. Honey. Whoever’s working for you, fire them.

      No. Set them ON fire.

    • Deedles


      • http://twitter.com/PhDKnitter marlie

         Yes, I forgot to add that she’s wearing WAAAAAAAY too much makeup. There’s like an inch of foundation there.

    • Trisha26

      Don’t like the bare midriff and for her height (5′) those clown pants and turtle neck/scarf make her look easily a foot shorter.

    • Laylalola

      Wait, that’s the gal from Little Miss Sunshine? Did I fall asleep and wake up 20 years later?

    • zuzu

      Where are your feet, child?

    • PastryGoddess

      I really want to tell her to go wash her face HOWEVER, she is a baby starlet and I should be used to them in drag by now

      Also feet…WTF  Was she attacked? Did they fall off?

    • greymain


    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Who is she again?

    • alyce1213

      Oh gawd.  Abigail is (was) a neighborhood girl, a friend of my friend’s 16-year-old daughter.  I am simply appalled at how she looks.  If I see her mom around I will throw such a dirty look at her.

    • jmorino08


    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=610791985 Aniela Marie Perry

      Wow, I *never* would have figured out who that was by the pictures alone. Crazy.

    • Rand Ortega

      This gives me a sad. Not sure for which reason: Because she looks old & terrible or because she looks old & terrible which makes me really old & feel terrible.
      I’ll take both.

    • IAmJ

      This is beyond terrible.

    • PrunellaV

      Honey, cover up your tummy. And when did she turn 30?

    • anotherkate

      Why are the Fashion Gods deciding to make bare midriffs happen? STOP TRYING TO MAKE BARE MIDRIFFS HAPPEN! (says the girl who hates situps and loves carbs).

    • lobsterlen

      That is a horrible horrible horrible get up. Her and Hale together certainly made a fashion statement.

      Slutty mime clown in mourning?

    • http://phantomminuet.blogspot.com/ MinAgain

      My first impression was that someone close to Abigail had died recently, and then I saw the flash of torso and realized that it must have been one her trashier friends.

    • http://gabyrippling.tumblr.com/ Gabriella M

      NO. WHY?! Let’s sound it out: “belly-baring turtleneck wrap top tied off with a bow.” Terrible. It’s a pity, because I feel like the pieces could work separarely, and I love a good pair of trousers, and even a bare midriff on occasion, but NOT THIS. NONE OF THIS. The hair is mermaid-tastic, with a touch of chlorine damage it seems. Sweetie, go see if you can hit up the Fannings for a dress – I feel like you could work their washed out Virgin Suicides style better than they do. 

    • MilaXX

      far too young for so much makeup and fried hair.

    • decormaven

      The collar that ate Abigail Breslin, and spit out some refried blonde cougar.

    • http://profiles.google.com/junkfoodgenius Neva Reese

      She looks like a grown up Honey Boo-Boo…and I don’t know if that’s bad. :(

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/VWVJVYZJCTXSQJA4E5PNEZLJA4 Jessica

      Not liking the monochrome blonde.  She looks standard starlet rather than rocking the cool, quirky interesting factor she has rightly earned.  Don’t let Hollywood erase you, Abigail!

    • MK03

      Fire the crazy person who foisted that outfit and hair color on you.

    • http://twitter.com/MarfMom Maya

      uh, definitely did not recognize her till the 3rd picture

    • schadenfreudelicious

      16 going on 36…..

    • nannypoo

      Way too much makeup, but I think I see a beautiful young girl under there.

    • Louise Bryan

      These are widow’s weeds
      with a peek-a-boo belly.
      What are you thinking?

    • bd73

      too old, but amazing. tres chic.

    • http://www.djplaw.com/ Tadiana

      Her torso looks like a jigsaw puzzle that someone took apart and put back together wrong.

    • marilyn

      Awful outfit.  The cut of the top does nothing for  her.  She loses all shape in it.  Her makeup and hair are done to a ‘t’, but the clothes are bad.

    • http://twitter.com/aidanboleyn Aidan B

      Woah woah woah. That is some heavy makeup for a girl her age. And that bleach job does nothing for her at ALL. And dare I even speak of the outfit? This is just awful.

    • http://profiles.google.com/gillianholroyd gillian holroyd

      Agree with everyone above and also this: those are huge belt loops where is the belt.

      Just kidding, those are the ugliest pants in creation.

    • http://twitter.com/#!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      That right there is a master class in proportion and hair color.  Study well, and do exactly the opposite.

    • http://www.facebook.com/sharon.newland.7 Sharon Newland

      She looks like she has taken lessons from Courtney Stodden on how to look old before your time…

    • FridaStaire

      Poor darling. What happened to her feet?

    • Belle239

      You mean our dear adorable little Olive has grown up? When did that happen?

       I have hope she’ll figure out what looks best on her, in time. 

    • bertkeeter

      Top is making her look like someone stole her shoulders…weird?

    • conniemd

      gads, first Jennifer Morrison, now this girl in pants drag on the floor. Is this new fad? Pants hemmed to touch the floor? Horrible, horrible waist on the pants.

    • buildmeatower

      I got all excited by the thumbnail. Alas, everything below the shoulders did not go the way I expected it to and I am much less excited now. Alas.

    • quiltrx

      Sigh…I adore her and really wanted to like this.  But scroll-down fug, big time.  The blouse/bow thing is okay, if aging…but the bare stomach is WRONG.  And those pants are SO strangely cut–I don’t know who they would ever look good on.

      I hope the hair’s for a role–it’s pretty brassy.  Makeup looks heavy, but maybe at her age it’s due to skin issues.

      I still want to come back to the fact that she’s grown up into a beautiful young lady, and quite an actress!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13805908 Kelly Sowers

      no. just no.

    • sockandaphone

      i am extremely uncomfortable looking at these pictures CHRIST

    • kathrineb

      WOA. That is one hard-to wear-outfit. Actually nobody should wear it…the more I look at it the more I hate it. She looks like a sweet girl though.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503146088 Christopher McCann

      Gurl’s channelling Madeline Ashton

    • Terrible_Person

      I actually really dig the top (bolero?), just not with these trousers. Hair and make-up are obviously terrible.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002396153672 Ann Martina

      I want her to stay the little girl in the tattered princess gown in Signs

    • rkdgal

      That’s a lotta slap for a girl her age. I actually (shockingly) like the blonde, though. Not so much with the midriff, however.

    • EEKstl

      I had to do a double-take.  In that first pic she looks about 40 years old.  Is she even 20 yet?

    • peachy

      well. unlike most, i like it. i like it alot. although it’s a bit shocking seeing the little girl all grown up.

    • libraangel

      Oh dear, here we go again. I scroll down and get disappointed. Shorten and slim those pants, missy!

    • Jessica O’Connell

      Oh, sweetie. Who did this to you? We should have them arrested.

    • Selene1980

      I love it! Guess I’m alone on this one.

    • ccm800

      oh hell no.