Vanessa Hudgens in Julien MacDonald

Posted on February 22, 2013

Vanessa Hudgens attends the ‘Spring Breakers’ premiere in Madrid, Spain in a Julien MacDonald gown.

Julien MacDonald Fall 2012 Collection



[Photo Credit: Max Powell/,]

    • karenbttc

      Honey… you are not a super hero …or a grand dame… Stop.

      • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

        …or a duck.

        • SewingSiren


          • Qitkat

            HA. I had to think about it ūüėČ

            BTW, I miss your comments on what you would have designed for the challenges. Or are you still doing it via your avatar, and I just haven’t noticed. Too bad it’s too small to get the ideas.

            • Kathy_Marlow

               She tried to pull an Angelina (with the leg pop) but failed miserably.

            • Qitkat

              True, but SS was referencing the duck face.

            • 3boysful

              Do these poor women not realize the world makes fun of them for striking this pose?

    • SewingSiren

      Las Vegas convention hooker.

    • YAELS

      Oy. Put that leg away and that dress is too big on you.  It is cool, but not your dress.

      • zbird17

        Maybe she just has a wide stance?  

    • Jessica TallGirl Freeman

      I can appreciate that she is feeling herself even if she looks a bit silly. No, she looks like a mirror shattered on her really pretty red dress. Hire a real stylist, or a gay hunny, you have no damn clue what you are doing. 

      • Introspective

        I think she feels herself in ANYTHING. She generally puts on absolute dreckitude most chances she gets. But she is always so happy and self-confident. 

        That’s not enough to change how badly suited and/or ill-fitting her garments are, but I give her credit for the attitude and the attempts to own her choices.

        • Rhonda Shore

          I LOVE dreckitude as a word!!!

          • Introspective

            I must thank our fashion fairy godfather Andre Leon Talley for that gem. He used to say it on his ANTM judging days… Luv him.

        • Kayceed

          In her heart, she’s a six-foot drag queen.

          • barbarienne

            Alas for this dress, in her reality she’s an adorable little pixy.

          • Vlasta Bubinka

            would that she were…

    • l_c_ann

      And she’s spreading her legs to get whose attention?¬† Because the headlights aren’t enough.

      • marlie

        ¬†My mom would say that a “lady” would never pose with her legs open like that.

      • Vlasta Bubinka

        “you could drive a boat show in there”- Drop Dead Gorgeous

    • MilaXX

      That dress is too big. When you pop that Jolie we see the 4 inch rolled hem & the dress is *still* too long for you. The duck lips take this look the rest of the way to hot mess territory.
      Honey, you have got to find a designer who will fit a dress to you.

      • marlie

         The also tried to bring it up (unsuccessfully) with the halter/neckline, plus they opened the slit a little to supposedly hit her at the right spot.

        If a dress needs THAT much alteration to (sort of) fit her, it’s NOT her dress.

      • NMMagpie

        ¬†“pop a Jolie” HILARIOUS!!

    • anne.landre

      Taste.  Acquire some.

      • libraangel

        Either ya got it or ya ain’t, and Vanessa doesn’t seem to have, judging on her past few month’s looks

    • Sobaika

      She’s got great legs?

    • mjude

      remind me who this girl is again. 

      • DinaSews

        One of the tweenyboppers that came out of ‘High School Musical’.¬† Some of these Disney Stars just don’t transition well.

    • Qitkat

      Oh, my. I want to like it, but it’s half a dress away from a new female superhero.

    • kirkyo

      It’s too long and did she raise the even slit higher? Also, to be honest it doesn’t appear to photograph well and the photographs are low quality so this *may* have looked better in person.

    • marlie

      I just can’t. I’m so done with this chick.¬†

      Also, I hate this dress. It looks cheap and tacky on her.

    • Patricia Gillett

      Missing a sash, tiara,¬† and “world peace” speech.¬†

      • DinaSews

        LOL. Thanks, I needed that.

    • Nyltiak

      If it had a miniskirt on it instead of the long skirt, I’d like it a lot more. In the last pic (thighs up), she looks pretty cute, aside from the ducklips. I do really want to tuck that one strand of hair back into her hairdo, though.¬†

    • muelonil

      Pageant dress.

    • Io Vee

      Not enough woman for this kind of dress.

    • Hetha Innis

      Is it really that hard to find beautiful dresses that fit when you’re rich and short?

    • dickylarue

      Who the fuck dresses this girl? Oksana Baiul? 

    • Fifi LaRoux

      I wouldn’t mind it if it was fit better in the waist. And she didn’t have those claws.

    • Jill

      What in the happy hello is she doing with her lips?

    • Annabelle Archer


    • YoungSally

      Kinda looks like she was in a car wreck on the way to the red carpet and just wore the remains of the car.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      OH HONEY NO.

    • mhleta

      This is just stupid. Make her stop. 

    • susan6

      That dress is wearing her instead of the other way around.

      And spare us the duckface, girl.

    • m0r0

      She looks silly.

    • Jellybish

      Robot tits.

    • conniemd

      The slit likes fun with the movement of the model on the runway, makes the dress seem gliding and the skirt not so skimpy. Her leg pose is just embarrassing as she reveals how little material there is in the dress. And who stands with their thighs that far apart. She looks like a defensive back posed to move once the ball is snapped and a receiver comes in his direction.

    • Cameron Turner

      No…… just no… make it stop…. please ask Selina for some help as she obviously knows more about RC than you do……

    • BrooklynBomber


    • Slowlysarcastic

      Dear God stop with the leg jutting out and duck face, people!

    • MissMariRose


    • Patricia McMahon

      The poor child has obviously just realized that she only has until the Oscars to make a play for a top seed in this year’s Fug Madness over at gofugyourself and she has been dressing the part with the last several red carpet stops for this movie.¬†

    • Judy_S

      Needs Romulan hair.

    • NC_Meg

      This looks so cheap and tacky yet she looks so pleased with herself.

      And on a second look, it is unflattering as hell.

    • ankali


    • jennyv

      Christ, Jolie-leg AND duck face? Girl, take it down a couple of notches!

    • Stubenville

      Just the teeniest bit busy.


    • schadenfreudelicious

      way too tiny a girl for that much dress….

    • mightbewrong

      Jolie leg! Pursed lips! Armored chestplate! Please stop.

    • afabulous50

      Those before me have said it all…

    • Carla_Charlton

      This dress fits her poorly, the pose isn’t doing her any favors, but, really, I almost never thinks she looks as good as she could.

    • Louise Bryan

      Maybe sad to say, but this is the best I’ve seen her look in a long time (minus the duck face; you’re a very pretty girl, Vanessa, no need to make a moue at the camera).

    • jmorino08

      Very Cher by Bob Mackie, no? Or maybe more like Barbie by Bob Mackie. Either way, doesn’t work.

    • Mexxoo

      Nice idea, but that dress needs to go on a taller woman.  Sorry, hun.

    • Judy_J

      Just no.¬† Dress doesn’t fit, and makes her look old beyond her years.

      • unbornfawn

        It certainly needs someone beyond her years to wear it.

    • missnutkin

      Julien Macdonald makes an ‘Designers @’ range for a British department store that I shop at quite regularly (and have done for the last 4 years or so). Other ranges include Ben de lissi, jasper Conran, henry holland and john rocha – (so British people probably know where I am talking about) and everything I have ever seen of his is just so tacky and cheap looking, I never go near it.
      On top of that he was the ‘duchess’ designer on the god-awful and ill-fated British version of ‘catwalk’ runway a few years ago – and he was SUCH the worlds’ most obnoxious person, that I promised myself at the time that i would never even think to covert one item of clothing that the vile little man ever produced. Little thinking that that, a couple of years later¬†– having watched his so-called ‘critiques’ of project runway style design/construction attempts,¬†I would end up walking past his clothing line, once every other Saturday or so,¬†turning my nose up at the sheer tacky cheapness of what he produces – or allows to be sold in his name.
      Please god by the way – if you haven’t been exposed to it before now; NEVER, EVER go in search of the British version of Project Runway.

    • Jessi03

      She looks like the machine that Tina Turner as the Acid Queen puts Roger Daltrey/Tommy inside!  

    • KayEmWhy

      The Jolie leg trend, make it stop!

    • a_liking

      wow I LOVE that dress. it might be too much for Vanessa but it is seriously fantastic.

    • lrober03

      Close your legs honey.

      • The Hilariest

        And knock off the pout while you’re at it.

    • Dagney


    • nannypoo

      For a person with a tiny resume she certainly gets invited to a lot of parties. Here she demonstrates the Jolie and the duckface, all in one appearance. She is truly a remarkable talent.

    • Trisha26

      Desperate. Too adult. She’s making that dress look cheap.

    • Caroline Harper

      how 1990’s pageant gown.

    • MzzPants

      If you squint just right, you can see the Millenium Falcon.

      • kimmeister

        Hmm, I squinted but got “robot bug face” out of it.

    • Pamela

      Warrior princess breastplate.
      Millenium Falcon-LOL!

    • Caitlin_G

      Two sizes too big and needs to be hemmed. This girl has major dressing issues

    • kimmeister

      Well at least she toned down the makeup a bit.

    • Alison Sigman

      Talk about too much look! 

    • algaechick

      Apparently, with Ms.Hudgens, we have the options of:
      1. Jolie leg
      2. Duck face
      Those are the only 2 choices.

    • EEKstl

      UGH, just…UGH.

    • Alyssa

      A person should not be able to use your breasts for a mirror…generally speaking. Sweetie, please have someone that knows what they’re doing help you!

    • kmk05

      I don’t mind the leg (I think the photo before last is drop dead gorge because she has kickass attitude), I don’t mind the duckface, and I don’t mind the breastplate.

      What I DO mind is the fact that this dress is supposed to be just above ankle-length, and it is *trailing* on the floor when she wears it. It throws the whole thing out of proportions, because there is too much fabric at her middle/hips: this may be why she’s pulling a Jolie. The dress seems well made and lined, so it has some stiffness, and you can see it in the first photo where the slit gapes around her thighs. She can’t fill the dress!

    • MinAgain

      That is an unattractive dress.

    • Lauren Lynch Fox

      It makes my eyes hurt….

    • erinbinek


    • j_anson

      Mmmm, no.

    • Zippypie

      Good grief! Taste issue abound lately with this chick!

    • oldbobbydraper

      why does she keep making that stupid face?

      • DarkWillow

        No kidding, eh? She looks good when she smiles, but she seems to resort to the weird pursed-lip duck face most of the time.

    • barbarienne

      Ugh, no. This dress wants a tall woman with presence to wear it. (Yes, short women can have presence, too. I’m saying this dress needs both.)

      Even if the dress were properly scaled down for her frame, the hair, the duckface, and the ridiculous pose would destroy the look. This dress started out wrong for her and she made it wronger.

    • libraangel

      No offense, but is Vanessa on some kind of medication that, when she looks in the mirror, she sees beautiful clothes? Because all I see from her all the time lately is ugly, ugly, ugly

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Wowza… Vegas Hooker at a car show!

    • DarkWillow

      1989 beauty pageant contestant. And is it just me, or does it make her tits look higher than they should be? It doesn’t do that to the model. (Also, what is she famous for? I seriously have no idea.)

      • libraangel

        Actress in forthcoming ‘Spring Breakers” (!!! Yeah, you read that right!)

    • quiltrx

      Honey, send that dress to Cher…she’ll know what to do with it.¬†

      You obviously do not.

    • unbornfawn

      Way too much dress for this little girl. Loose the duck face. 

    • kathrineb

      Disgusting OTT blingy beaded travesty of a dress.

    • Terri Smith


    • LesYeuxHiboux

      She has a very cute figure, and this dress is doing nothing for it. No lady needs chrome headlights.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      I just feel bad that there’s clearly no one in her life that will say “HONEY, NO. And stop it.”¬† That’s just embarrassing.

    • MannahattaMamma

      The dress looks like a cheerleader’s outfit on steroids. She looks very happy to be wearing it & so yay team her, but in actual fact? The person below who quacked at her is dead on target: she a duck in spangles & high heels. but still: a duck.¬†

    • alyce1213

      She looks like a Hot Wheels car with duck lips.  No one should ever pose with legs spread like that.
      Inside the dress you can see where they took up about 5-6″ (not enough) and the hem is wet, as is the red carpet she’s standing on. ¬†WTF is going on there? ¬†It’s like, depressing.

      • libraangel

        pee-pee a la Fergie? That’s why her legs are like that? (sorry to be gross, but really)

    • Kyle Crawford

      this scared me.

    • modelobrasil

      I like it better in the model.. The dress hides Vanessa’s wait. it doesn’t look right on her. Also, her hair needs some help.¬†

    • luckymom22

      Please…just smile. ¬†Stop making the face. ¬†How many times do we have to tell you?

    • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

      This dress looks like an ice skater costume but longer. ¬†The bodice with the pseudo evil witch hell ice queen thing going on, and then the ice-y sparkles going down the red skirt… NOT working. ¬†I wonder if the material underneath were a gray/bluish color – what that would have done. ¬†And if it were on a very tall, very blonde, and older more serious woman – what would that have been like? ¬†This poor little girl – she just looks silly. ¬†And, as others have noted, someone needs to tell her how to pose properly.¬†

    • Richi Robilotto

      The bodice is so beautiful and dramatic, but that red kills everything. Maybe a black? Or a scaled down red?

    • librarygrrl64

      Good lord, she’s tacky.