Sally Field in Alberta Ferretti

Posted on February 05, 2013

Sally Field attends the 85th Academy Awards Nominations Luncheon in Beverly Hills, California in Alberta Ferretti.

Alberta Ferretti Spring 2013 Collection/Model: Marte Mei van Haaster



[Photo Credit: Getty,]

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  • Judy_J

    Looks like a sad mother of the groom dress. And those shoes are awful.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Hee! I instantly thought ‘mother of the groom’, too! I do think it’s pretty, but very bland. I never noticed the shoes because I’m so envious of her 66 year old figure!

  • Sobaika

    Pretty. I don’t like how pronounced the slip (bra? whatever) is but she looks pretty and relaxed.

  • Occasion appropriate, and I hate the shoes too!

  • The other woman in the first photo looks like she’s hiding behind the plant because she’s embarrassed that she forgot to call Sally & make sure they didn’t wear the same color to the luncheon. 

    • CurbGirl

       I thought that the attendees were lined up in color groups and was wondering just who had that kind of clout!

  • Frumpy is as Frumpy does!

  • You know, I like it. I’m not crazy about the shoes/accessories but the dress is flattering as hell.

    • margaret meyers

      The dress is a flattering shape and fit (she’s got an enviable figure), but color is her best friend, not this wan shade of “old lingerie.”  I wish she had hired some gays a couple of months ago… just for the duration.

  • Alexandra Simons

    I don’t love the dress (a bit M-O-B) and the shoes are awful, but I like the fact that Sally Field looks like a real person (though the hair color could be a less harsh). For those of us who are older, it’s nice to have role models like Sally and Helen Mirren who really know how to look age-appropriate and fabulous.

    • I had the exact same thought.  She has not become a distorted version of her younger self.

      • Mary229

        Exactly my thoughts as well.   She has aged with grace.  And yes…you said it.  She still LOOKS like herself.  When you look at her face you still see the same woman that was in all those great movies in her 30’s, 40’s, 50’s etc.  That is so rare these days.

  • E. D.

    Much better than that purple thing, but the shoes could be better.

  • MilaXX

    I bet this is pretty in person. Unfortunately in pictures the color washes her out.

  • VanessaDK

    She would look amazing with snow white hair- that dark shade is doing her no favors.

    • Mary229

      Hmm…not sure I agree with that.  She’s always had that dark hair and fairer complexion and I think it suits her well.  I feel like she’s a bit youthful looking to have snow white hair.

  • alyce1213

    Is everyone wearing white all the time now?  (Even the woman behind her.)
    This is a misstep. The (lack of) color is washing her out and the way the — I don’t know what to call it — patchwork (?) is lighter at the waist thickens her.  
    Bad dress and worse accessorizing.  

  • It looks like a muslin pattern being marked up to become a dress. But it isn’t yet a dress.

    • HomeOfficeGirl

      Thank you – I was scrolling through all the positives about the dress thinking… “it looks like marker outline”.  I really don’t like it.


    That is so unflattering on her.  Could be just the flash and the angle but it is doing her no favors at all.  Color, fit, shape, SHOES!  All not good, poor dear.

  • random_poster

    Thank you, Sally Field, for not botoxing the life out of your face. 

  • anne.landre

    She’s beautiful, but some color would be welcome. Has white and off-white become the new black? Make it stop.

  • filmcricket

    Not a shade that white people can wear, for the most part. Viola Davis or Freida Pinto could make this shade sing. I do quite like the dress, though, it’s pretty and simple.

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Washes her out completely.

  • greyhoundgirl

    Dear Sally Field:  Thank you so much for your beautiful, natural skin, with all of its lines that attest to your longevity.

  • Zippypie

    Not her color.  She looks so wonderful in jewel tones.  I can see her even rocking a true white.  But off-white/beige?  Nah.  Too pasty and it reflects up to her face, making her skin tone look pasty and she is really lovely.  Yay for her not going the Botox/deer in headlights route.

    • kschwarting

      Exactly.  I don’t mind the design of the dress, but Sally looks so washed out here.

  • decormaven

    Too sheer, and the shade is unflattering. Someone send her over some helpful gays to make a better choice for the Academy Awards. She’s a wonderful woman, and her clothing needs to reflect that fact. Not this wrinkly dress and too-safe accessory choices.

  • DTLAFamilies

    I’m an outlier because I think she looks great! I should have such a fantastic figure and I’m 20 years younger than her. And her face is wonderful. Starlets, please just let yourself age. Sally +1000 >>>>>> Nicole Kidman.

  • ballerinawithagun

    In a color this would have been fabulous. In this lack of color, the applique (I love applique!) just looks like a mistake. Whoops, I had to put some patches on here! I like the shoes, just not with this dress.

  • GorgeousThings

    The under-dress is too tight. I loves me some Sally Field, but this isn’t one of her better looks.

  • AceOn6

    The lining pulling totally destroys the look. I don’t see it as MOB, more ladies who lunch, and this is a luncheon after all.

  • jw_ny

    the dress look like she found it at the bottom of a trunk in her attic…old and discolored.  I agree with some of the others that in a color, this would have looked much better.  It’s an interesting pattern.

  • It looks like she took a sketch on newsprint from a drawing class and turned it into a dress. 

  • Call me Bee

    This should have been a “Girl that is not your dress!” post, for it is truly not her dress. 

    And for some reason, though I love Sally Field to death, she most often looks like she just got done hustling the kids off to school and slipped into the morning PTA meeting just about 3 minutes late all flushed with her heart still pounding from rushing to get there.   No matter what event or time of day. 

    • DTLAFamilies

      That makes me like her more. She’s been around forever and has nothing to prove at this point, kinda like Meryl Streep.

    • formerlyAnon

       Yes. She often has this faint air of anxiety in photos. Among my demographic, I associate it with people who are just beginning to realize that their hearing is getting iffy and they’re not sure if they caught all of that. (Our days of rushing to the school bus being mostly past.)

      I do wonder if it’s involuntary, just an unfortunate effect of her facial dimensions when photographed.

  • Judy_S

    I think this could have worked but the striped effect is distracting. You want to wear a dress that gets people to look you in the face, not try to figure out your underwear. I think. Maybe it’s just the flash that did that.

  • I don’t mind the dress, but there is a pull in the material across the midsection that contrasts with the fit on the model.  I think the dress is a tad too tight.  

  • marilyn

    A little tight across the front.  The color is a little bland.  Overall, very nice.

  • Jennifer Coleman

    The shoes are indeed bringing the dress down. I would’ve kept the model’s mary janes. And lost the pearls.

  • Trisha26

    Yet another wrinkly lining disaster. The color does nothing for her.

  • Jill Morino

    No!!!! They’ve gotten to Sally Field?!? The Sheer Mafia must be stopped! You cannot do this to an American Legend! I will not stand for it!!!

  • BrooklynBomber


  • stubbornthoughts

    T-shirt dress.

  • ccinnc

    Better than the model.

  • formerlyAnon

    This dress looks limp and frumpy on her – which I put down to the color, mostly. It’s not her, that’s one hell of a figure for a small woman in her mid 60s.

    I wonder what she could do to her hair color so that it wouldn’t look so harsh but would still be in her formerly natural range of browns. I think this dress color worsens the harsh hair color effect, which is usually just-barely-there. (And may not be there at all in person, rather than as captured in photos.)

    I wish more celebs would be willing to do so little to their faces to erase the signs of age. I do reluctantly understand it though. She did a damn good job as Mary Todd Lincoln, but if she couldn’t have convinced those who hired her that she could portray a woman nearly 20 years younger than her own age she would not have gotten the part.

    • 4JJ

      It’s hard to get it right if your natural hair colour is/was a dark, cool brown. I’m mid-50s, covering about 50% gray, and my stylist and I are always tinkering with that very thing. I think you’re right that the dress colour isn’t helping – too little contrast with her skin and no saturation to balance her dark hair and eyes.  I’m picturing a clear, deep green or blue, and I think it would be a problem solved.

      Damn, she looks good, though!

  • M

    She looks absolutely wonderful. It must take such tremendous courage for woman of a certain age to get anywhere near a red carpet, fully aware of the hyper-scrutiny and the endless parade of young, perky, fresh-faced competition.  I congratulate her for not going all botox on us.  I actually really like this dress EXCEPT for the magic marker all over it.  

    • DonnaL

       Maybe not “all” botox, but she almost certainly uses it for her forehead.  Which doesn’t bother me at all, but women her age don’t generally have foreheads that look like that without some assistance.

  • Monabel

    This potentially pretty (washed out) dress just needs color.

  • crash1212

    She has the best hair, great makeup. The dress isn’t very flattering, but I don’t hate it.

  • nannypoo

    I would like to see this dress in blue. Love the pearls.

  • libraangel

    oh Sally, you have to stop your four year old grandchild from drawing on your blah white dress! At least he/she could have colored it in!

  • barbarienne

    I feel like that dress is unfinished, as if they drew the places they were going to put a pattern, but didn’t have time to finish so just left it like that.

  • Frank Lithium


  • Lilak

    She herself looks good … The ensemble, however, looks like a sketch on a damp cocktail napkin.  

  • Tuneful54

    The lace on the sleeves and neckline and the curve of the sleeves on the model’s version look different from SF”s and add interest and line. As a fair, brunette Caucasian woman of a certain age myself, the dress color does us no favors–someone make all these nude and neutral tones go away. You  have to have the coloring for them and accessorize them properly. Also, I think she could lighten and brighten her hair color, and that would be flattering. But, above all, I love the way she looks like herself, comfortable in her skin, with natural radiance. You go, Sally!

  • BrightsideSusan

    So glad they removed the ruffles.  To bad about the color.

  • guest2visits

    Yes and no – I like the idea but it looks too bland and tissue-y; maybe if it were a medium grey with white stitching. Or a light blue;
    something that doesn’t look like it’s about to desolve. Shoes need more personality. Sally looks pretty though.

  • librarygrrl64

    Blah, head to toe. And why did she change the sleeves? They were the most interesting part of the dress.