RuPaul’s Drag Race: Dance Fever

Posted on February 19, 2013

We feel a little bad starting off this recap with what sounds like a complaint, but the challenges this episode were just okay. At least, that’s what we thought at first.


The theme was dance, and for the most part, it was basically a way of just stepping back and letting the queens be queens. And with this crowd…


That’s not usually a bad thing.

Seriously, we think this is a pretty good cast this year. We can’t say any of them stun us with their originality or even with their professional polish, but there are some genuinely funny, entertaining, shade-throwing queens in this bunch and so far, we don’t find too many of them to be objectionable or hard to take. At least not since Serena was sent packing.


Our first thought regarding the whole idea of a RuPaul biographical ballet was that it was a slightly funny take on the kind of self-absorption she tends to parody and she tends to value in her girls.


But it turned out to be oddly touching and the girls really seemed to give it their all because they’re so eager to impress Ru. A drag ballet challenge seemed both too obvious and too obvious not to do, but it was far more entertaining than we expected it to be.


Plus: ADORABLE choreographers.


It was all so heavily edited that we couldn’t possibly rate the performances except to say that Alaska did far better than we (or she) thought…


Ivy made a shockingly good Lady Bunny…


And Honey made a shockingly bad Diana Ross. So bad, that she did worse than the queen who claimed to not know who she is.


Also: Vivienne Pinay is just about the blandest drag queen to ever be called a drag queen.


But the obvious winner was Crazy-Face Alyssa, who brought some dance training with her, and a role for which her innate crazy-face talent was perfectly suited. She deserved this one. Even Coco agreed.






They really rushed through the runway portion. Obviously, the ballet was of much more importance this week.



Just okay. It’s basic Beverly Hills Bitch and it’s been done. A lot.


Jade Jolie:

We continue to be impressed by how much mileage she gets out of her fishiness, but she always seems to be involved in some sort of passive-agressive drama, doesn’t she?






We don’t get it. No, really. Is this some sort of futuristic, cubist, S&M take on a Playboy Bunny?


Ivy Winters:

Gotta give it up: that is some PRIMO Victor/Victoria realness being served up. We think we get why Ivy’s still in the game: she’s not the most riveting performer, but she’s got some of the most polished looks in the group. Plus, she’s a cute boy.



Like most of her runway looks, it’s a bit much, but there was no denying she was top queen this week.



Coco, on the other hand, seems to be fading. This is an okay look, but it’s not her best. Granted, she did a fairly good job in the ballet, keeping up with Alyssa. We’d like to salute her for being a good sport and picking Alyssa for her team, but her reasons we mercenary and, let’s face it, secured her more camera time. This feud is too calculated to take seriously.



Love the face and hair; hate the dress.



This queen’s getting a little full of herself and we were happy to see the judges point out the sameness of her schtick, week in and week out. Her makeup is too similar from look to look and you can’t have your ass hanging out of every dress before Michelle Visage gets tired of seeing it.



We just about died when the judges all ripped into her for her caftans. What on earth is she thinking, going out wrapped in a bedsheet every week?


But we HOWLED with laughter when this silly bitch walked out. All that talk about “I’m going to step it up” and “I just have to show them who I really am” and what does she do? She puts a red wig on and calls it a day. THAT’S her big come-to-Jesus moment. Girl, you are TIRED. And all you did was bitch and moan all episode like it was everyone else’s fault you have no personality. “I have a lot of loud people on my team.” IT’S RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE, YOU SOUR THING. DID YOU THINK YOU WERE ON MASTERPIECE THEATER?


So we were not at all surprised that both of these queens wound up in the bottom. What had our jaws dropping was the actual lip synch, which was easily the worst one we’ve ever seen on the show. Two listless, bland queens wandering around a stage barely managing to move their lips. It was shocking in its awfulness. “Ru should send both of them home,” we said in that creepy, “Come play with us, Danny” unison that only long-time couples can manage.

And then? To shock us even more?

That’s exactly what she did. Good for her. The judging on this show is always dicey, since it’s more of a variety show than an actual reality competition, but we thought Ru showed some real integrity with this one. They were both so awful that neither of them really deserved to stay.

And besides:


Their reactions were priceless. Vivienne is serving up January Jones bitchface without even knowing it.



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  • hughman

    I have quickly tired of Roxxxy and her Lainie Kazan realness. Her body ain’t all that, especially for this show. 

    • sojourneryouth

       ITA.  While I think the first dress with the cutouts was sexy and flattering, all I see is boy chest with this one.  His midsection is really thick in a very manly way.  It’s bad enough from the front, but when he turns sideways, Hello Uncle!


    Revelation courtesy of her mermaid dress and beauty pageant hair.

    •  Heck, she looks like the current Miss USA, at least from the runway photo above.

      • cooperalden

        She reminded me of the WERQ: Beyonce in  Elie Saab Couture the other day…And I did not like that either.

    • e jerry powell

       You mean Sofia Vergara isn’t a drag queen?  THE DEVIL YOU SAY!

      • On the topic of Sofia and drag queens, why the hell hasn’t one of the PR queens done her for Snatch Game? She has such an over the top personality and using her accent would be a handy way of dealing with the language barrier.

        • Because the Latin Queens seem to really hate doing Latin Celebs.

    • I can see her going next unless she pulls a killer impersonation out of her ass. Puerto Rican queens never seem to well in the Snatch Game. 

      • We’ve seen two Puerto Rican queens do well at the Snatch Game (Jessica Wild and Alexis) and two do badly (Yara and Kenya). They didn’t do the Snatch Game in season 1, and Madame LaQueer didn’t stick around long enough to participate last season.

        • Perhaps the bad ones are just more memorable to me than the good ones. And I think Alexis’s was just passing (in my opinion, not the judges) and not particularly good. 

        • Didn’t Jessica Wild do that awful impression of RuPaul?

    • Nelliebelle1197

       BUT she is such a beautiful boy.

  • The hubs and I said the exact same thing about the lip synch and were beyond thrilled when Ru sent both queens packing. Well played, Ru. Well played.

    • Same! I actually cheered when she sent them both home. It’s such a shame too because I liked Honey.

      • The boyfriend screamed the same thing: Send the both home! And Ru listened. 

        • Honey seemed very nice, but she just wasn’t bringing it.

  • hyperionic

    I assume Jynkx is in costume as Lady Gaga. 

    • MilaXX

       Except she didn’t say that. It would have been a nice recovery when Michelle asked her what that was on her head.

    •  both jynkx and jade were doing gaga circa poker face.

  • Watching that lipsync was painful. So glad Ru sent both their asses packing.

    • Stubenville

      It was utterly flat and lifeless. 

  • Christine Beswick

    Thank GAWD, Ru made a brilliant decision in the double auf’ing.   I must agree that this episode lacked a bit of spunk after last week’s riot-fest, but the presence of Travis Wall made me squee with delight!    Squeeee!

    • MilaXX

       but next week is Snatch Game and it looks likes it’s going to be good.

      • Stubenville

        From the tiny clip it looks like Jynkx may be Joan Crawford… or Edie Beale.

        • e jerry powell

           Go with Beale.

        • LearnedFoot

          I think her placard read “Little Edie.” Which… yes, please.

        • MilaXX

           yup, Little Edie
          I also saw Janet Jackson – Coco
          Katy Perry – can’t tell who
          Kesha – can’t tell, Jinx maybe?
          Taylor Swift – Jade
          I’d have to watch again to catch the rest.

          • Ke$ha appears to be Alaska and I think Detox is Katy Perry.

          • MilaXX

             Roxxy is loud mouth Tamar Braxton

          • andcoh

            Detox is Ke$ha, Alyssa is Katy Perry, and Alaska is… Lady Bunny?

          • Oh my.

          • MrsMaxPower

            Really?!?! What an odd choice. I went to school with TB and I think going as her BEFORE all her “changes” would be more interesting. She wasn’t as loud and DEF looks insanely updated.

          • MilaXX

            However the loud mouth younger sister is what put her on the map. I have to admit though, her single is pretty good. Gal can definitely sang!

          • wayout46

            Why all the pop acts? They don’t seem to be good choices of people to impersonate. I mean, Kesha, bland Katy Perry, Janet Jackson? There’s a difference between a look and an impersonation, girls! Cher & Britney were the exception, not the rule.

            Better to go with actresses, comediennes and politicians, who are people we see talking more than singers, whom we see mostly, weel, singing – and Snatch Game is not a singing competition.

            So it looks to me like this episode will be a bore.

          • MilaXX

             Little Edie is not an actress and Janet Jackson has been acting longer than she has been singing. I think the people pic have enough personality  to make decent jokes with. I also think this group of queens has the talent to make this year’s Snatch Game pretty funny.

      • Introspective

        I am so HERE for the snatch game. Cannot wait till next week!! there are some funny queens here and I feel like this will be one of the more memorable ones so far!!

        And Im so NOT here for the horrible lsfyl this week. Those two girls ruined their chances when they had a no brainer song/persona to work with like Brit Brit. Sooooooo unimpressed and glad Ru kept it 100% and sent both those tired ass broads packing!!

  • DonnaL

    I thought it was a great episode.  But my favorite moment was probably in Untucked, after everyone was giving Honey a hard time for her caftans and mumus, when she tried to defend herself by saying that “in San Francisco, the look isn’t that important!”  Followed by the most wonderful shots of the faces and comments the others were making at that.  Especially Alyssa. 

    • StellaZafella

       I haven’t been in my beloved SF in a few years, but from MY recollection SF (as with any other place where drag exists) is that IT IS ALWAYS ABOUT THE LOOK!
      Besides, “Honey Mahogany”, without the look…you, in particular, gots nothin’!

      I’m actually starting to like Allysa…almost enough to forgive her for unleashing Shangela on the world…almost.

      • MiamiBeachNative

        I lived in San Francisco from 2004 to 2007, and I have to agree with Honey’s statement about the look not being so important there. While there is a probably an older scene around the Imperial Court system and there are drag clubs in the Tenderloin where the predominantly Asian queens do give you fishy realness, the majority of the performing drag scene there is the South-of-Market Trannyshack scene which is all about breaking down the boundaries of traditional drag. It is more about a creative performance than about creating the illusion of feminine realness. Tucking & shaving are of zero importance (my friend visiting from NY said “I’ve never seen so many balls & hair in a drag show before). They are all about the “genderfuck” thing & it is very common for SF drag queens to lip synch to songs by male performers. The often-bearded Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence play a big part in organizing many of the outdoor gay events there & “Faux queens” (real women dressing up in female “drag”) are a big part of the scene. Anybody who has seen the 2002 documentary ‘THE COCKETTES’ about the psychedelic drag queen troupe founded by bearded hippie drag queen Hibiscus in the late 1960s shouldn’t be too surprised that a traditional feminine drag look is not very important in San Francisco.

        • StellaZafella

          I respect your point of view, Miami. However you describe AN aspect of the drag scene (not new, it started in the 60’s and saw it’s renaissance in 80’s Melbourne and Sydney, Australia). Honey tried to use a blanket statement about ‘the’ attitude of drag in ALL of San Francisco to excuse the fact that she showed no fashion sense and a rather bland presences in her performances…
          I’m a San Francisco native myself, born and raised and I was there for the Cockettes, the Angels of Light at the Pogoda in Washington Square, Haight Ashbury to North Beach, the Cycle Sluts and the inception of the Sisters OPI…yes and the (apparently) dreaded Imperial Court and Pageant systems.
          The very act of choosing to defy older conventions is, in fact, really about the social implications of gender fuck, Kabuki Drag, Mister/Sister, Gender Bent and any other from of drag and – in the end – it’s always “drag” and it ALWAYS starts and ends with the message in “the look”.
          Honey is undoubtedly very talented or she wouldn’t have been invited to compete here. But, in the end she brought nothing but a face and then tried to pin her short comings on a cop out statement: “Where I come from, it’s not about the look.”

          Sorry honey, I’m pulling a Willam and and calling “BULLSHIT!” through my sneeze.

          • AnotherG

            MiamiBeachNative (Hiii! I was born and raised in Miami! And I live in SF now, since 1998) and StellaZafella, I’m going to play Maya Angelou for a moment and say, “You’re both right.” Well, Maya would say something more like, “The angelic dawn suckles on the teats of righteousness,” but I’m a terrible poet.

            But no self-respecting drag queen, anywhere, anytime, would wear a kaftan for 3 runways in a row.  That’s just bad judgement.

    • SpillinTea

      I like that post-show, Honey has started to become a body-queen. I guess she went the polar opposite route.

    • Raja and Delta would have ripped her a new one if she’d had the guts to say that in front of them.

    • i saw this on another tv site (tvgasm), and it seemed to get a bit of support in the comments-just a bit of a rebuttal:

      You know, as weird as it sounds, I honestly think that Honey is telling the truth about the look not being so important, because I have heard the same thing about San Francisco drag from several other queens in the scene. You would think for being such a gay mecca that it would be cutting-edge and top-of-the-game when it comes to drag, but from what I understand, drag as a performance is not the driving force in the Bay Area, most of the queens up there are involved in the Imperial Court System, which is focused more on fundraising and community involvement than doing shows and entertaining (and believe me when I say, many times the look really ISN’T important… at least, not to the queen who put it together).

    • Airkisses

      Where are you watching Untucked?

      • VioletFem

        You can watch Untuck and RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logotv . com 

      • VioletFem

        You can watch Untuck and RuPaul’s Drag Race on

  • MrsMaxPower

    Does Alyssa “Furley” Edwards ever not have her chin tucked into her chest during her confessional segments? It seems she’s always angled so her eyes are looking up to camera.

    And I wonder if the double elimination was planned, even though that lip synch was terrible?

    Also, I want Detox to narrate my life. The comments that she drops give me so much joy.

    • I’m sure it was planned. There was an extra contestant this season, even though there aren’t any extra episodes. And the Snatch Game has always been done with nine contestants. In order to have nine for the Snatch Game next week, Ru would have to send two of them home this week.

      •  I’m sure that there was room for Ru to have a double elimination, IF SHE NEEDED IT. I don’t think they went into this episode saying “let’s eliminate 2 queens”.  I think the producers and Ru cast an extra queen, that way she could eliminate 2 if she felt the need (let’s face it, this way the time!), or worst case, they’d have a double elimination when they got down to 7 or 8, if queens kept turning it out in the LSFYL.  There is no reason they wouldn’t have been able to have 10 contestants in Snatch Game…easy to stick another panel stall up there.  It just worked out that Ru said “you know what?  this is the perfect time to clear out some cannon fodder.”  🙂  My 2 cents.

      • DinahR

        Well, what they might do is run the Snatch Game ep once the group is down to nine queens, whenever that might be.   What I mean is, they might have switched up the show challenge schedule and moved Snatch Game up one week and moved whatever they had originally scheduled for next week until later in the competition.

        This way they give Ru the opportunity to send two queens home on whatever week she wants to do so.    

  • cooperalden

    Detox looks like he is wearing Christian Siriano Fall 2013.

    • Stubenville

      Or a bedspread.

      • e jerry powell

        Why can’t it be both?

        • Stubenville


  • MilaXX

    I loved Ru so much for sending home those  bland girls that I stayed up and watched the West coast feed. As far as I’m concerned Jade & Lynesha an go as well. Jade is just there and Lynesha is resting on pretty. I’m glad Coco put her money where her mouth is and after reading Serena for filth, chose a winner in Alyssa. I really enjoyed the Ru ballet.

    I completely agree with the judges that Roxxy didn’t look curvy in that dress at all. I love that Roxxy is a bit thicker than the other queens, but that’s a look for someone like Carmen. Lastly, I adored Ru doing Don Cornelius, but out of the queens, only Detox & Alyssa(? Whoever it was in the purple look) reminded me of the type of dancing you saw on the Soul Train. The pit crew guys were also pretty good.

    • Stubenville

      Word – I’m really disliking Jade; her attitude bugs me. I loved when Alyssa said she deserved to get eliminated when Jade wasn’t even up for consideration.

      • StillGary

        Right, but I was hoping she would just say, “Coco” — even if Coco wasn’t up there at the time.

        • Alyssa may be having a feud with Coco, but there is still a core of professional respect.

          • And besides, which is a better victory? Beating someone who sucks or beating someone who’s also quite good? One’s competition is a reflection on oneself, after all.

  • allaboutthewalterbenjamins

    Thank you for the January Jones bitchface remark. How dare they made the runway section extra short!

  • Alyssa’s mouth is the runaway star of this season.

    • It certainly has a mind of its own. Even when Alyssa is not saying anything, it’s moving, moving, moving.

    • Introspective

      Pitch perfect. This comment ftw.

      Alyssa has trouty mouth on uppers. The results are sometimes good, sometimes bad, but always hilar.

      • Sweetpea176

         The Incredible Mr. Limpit.

        • Oh YES!  …. I was wondering who he reminded me of out of drag, and it is DON KNOTTS!

    • bobman59

      She’s got Linda Grey’s mouth.   

  • Jynkx – I thought it was a Gaga outfit. Then again, it’s easy to pass a lot of things as Gaga. Vivienne’s runway outfit is basically how I dress for fun with a cup of sequins mixed in as FLAVOR CRYSTALS. (Seriously – I didn’t do lace tights, but I did patterned leggings with a fabulous ladies blazer and a long slim t-shirt just last week.)
    I will, however, take Vivienne’s wig to wear to karaoke this Friday. 
    I loved the ballet, but this episode was kind of boring, otherwise, hate to say. Kept spacing out and not caring enough to rewind to see what drama was going down.

  • Stubenville

    Yea, loved the double elimination. I wish they did it on Project Ennui to speed up weeding out the pretenders.

  • Two brilliant choices from RuPaul this week: 1) Her outfit. 2) Sending both of those snoozefests home. Brava, Ru!

  • MzzPants

    Good for Ru, but, could this be a set-up for bringing someone back?

    • bobman59

      Old Pen might be back. Ms. Tration was a fan Facebook fav. My guess anyway.

      • No way in hell is Ru going to bring back someone who was a) boring and b) didn’t even know the words to the lip sync.

    • Stubenville


    • Sally Brownson

      I’m more inclined to think that she doesn’t have to send anyone home if the lipsynch is too close to call. 

  • bobman59

    I found cra cra Alyssa’s Black Swan number oddly moving. I’ve got to lay off the dairy.

    • AnotherG

      No, no.  It was objectively good.  Have some ice cream.

  • MK03

    Never have I been so glad to see two queens go at once. A dirty mop is a more engaging performer than either of them.

  • Paigealicious

    Apparently Jinkx’s Marie Antoinette look from last week doesn’t count as “glamour” to Michelle Visage?

    • e jerry powell

       Miss Visage is not renowned for her taste level.

      • Melizmatic


      • Paigealicious

         Well, true. But come on.  A well-done “different” look is so much more interesting than the “glamour” that Lineysha provides on the runway…

      • Actually, these queens should be glad that they don’t fit Michelle’s definition of “glamour”.

        • e jerry powell

          Troo dat.

    • putonabus

      God, I know, right? Michellebot received input COMEDY QUEEN LIKES TO CREATE CHARACTERS and spat out output BUT CAN SHE DO GLAMOUR regardless of what the eyes or memory might say.

      It’s just sad and frustrating to see how dull the judging on this show it is, how it always grinds at queens the fans love — I realize Michelle is mostly here to be a contrarian voice to Ru (certainly her dislike of Chad didn’t hurt Chad), but Kristen Johnston played that role in a way that was funny and insightful. Michelle is never either.

      It’s really particularly perplexing with regard to Jinkx, who is really a very beautiful queen. I mean, with due respect to the contestant I think should win, though I know she will not — she’s not THAT much of a risk-taker with her characters. Pretty much all of them are some version of “glamour,” and this week she was doing a literal (and rather generic) Gaga look — whether Michelle likes it or not, that kind of thing is the current definition of glamour.

      Sooner or later, best friends or no, Ru should realize that Michelle is actively making the show worse every single week.

      • StellaZafella

         We’d probably have Lady Bunny now instead of Michelle or Santino…but Ru WILL NOT have any one on the panel doing drag but herself…and Bunny doesn’t do boy in public, period (as far as I know).

        • putonabus

           Damn, that makes sense. Of course Ru wouldn’t, even though Bunny is a totally different kind of queen…!

        • I’m still holding out hope that next season either Michelle or Santino will be replaced with Kristen Johnson.  I know it won’t happen, but I can dream, right?

      • Ru wants people who make her seem even more hilarious and charming in comparison. Why else would Santino be there?

    • When I heard that old complaint again, I groaned. Every season she does this. Harps on a queen for not bringing the glamor whether they have or not. I think she sometimes forgets this show isn’t actually Project Runway.

      • Sally Brownson

        Ha, as if Santino is any better…

    • Sally Brownson

      While I really liked that look, I’d kind of like to see Jinkx do a prettier face, because she really hasn’t done one yet.

  • Melizmatic

     Kudos to whomever it was on these boards that predicted a double-elimination last week.

    I wasn’t sorry to see either queen go; both were as bland as Wonder-bread, IMO.

    • StellaZafella

       Expect that Wonder Bread, at least, makes a good sandwich.

      • Melizmatic


        That’s debatable; I prefer whole grain wheat, personally.

  • It’s funny, my friend and I were, before this episode even aired, trying to decide who would be the next to go, and we couldn’t make up our minds about which queen we’d rather see go first: Vivienne or Honey.  So glad that Ru made this call; it reminds me of last season, when we were all waiting for half the cannon fodder to be blasted to kingdom come.  Good to know there won’t be any Phi Phi’s hanging around till the end this time.

    • I’m surprised that I don’t know who should go home next. I certainly have my favorites that I don’t want going home, but there’s no one left now who I’m like EW EW YOU SUCK GO HOME NOW like in past seasons at this point. I’m hoping for a good Snatch Game since a lot of these queens seem to be pretty funny or at least funny enough.

      • VioletFem

        Lynesha has been skating by, but now that the two absolutely most boring queens have been kicked off I doubt that she will last much longer on this show. I’m starting to think that her funny and dead-on Tyra impersonation was a bit of a fluke.

      • Yes! And it actually seems like a competition, with no definitive favorite!

  • MK03

    Vivienne’s (completely unearned) snottiness was really the rancid icing atop her stale little cake, wasn’t it?  “Well, I’m the fishiest of them all, so whatever.” BITCH PLEASE. Fish alone does not win this. Do you even know who won the last two seasons??

    • MilaXX

       And she’s not even close to being half as fishy as Carmen, Willam, or even Tatiana for that matter.

      • She’ barely a Rebecca Glasscock 1.5: she’s way more polished (although that wasn’t so difficult), but she’s so nothing when it comes of character.

      • Sally Brownson

        Or well, Jade Jolie. Say what you will about whether she deserves to win, if the only criteria was being the fishiest, she’d win, hands down.

  • I knew they were the next two to go. Get rid of them and move on!

  • Kudos to the editing team; by halfway through the episode I was yelling at the screen every time Vivienne or Honey opened their mouths, so good job prepping us to want to see them gone. (I was also yelling at the screen “send them both home!” during the lip synch, and then I did a little happy dance when Ru actually did it.)

    Did anyone else fall out laughing at Alaska’s reaction to Chaz Bono? “I live for Chaz Bono! Chaz Bono came out of CHER’S VAGINA.”

    I really don’t want Jynkx to turn into another Pandora, consistently doing well in the challenges but never actually winning. Her runway presentation is miles ahead of Pandora’s, so I have some hope, but she also doesn’t seem to lean toward conventional glamor, so I also have some worry.

    • She just needs to pull a Sharon Needles and give them glamour for at least one runway so they’ll shut up.

    • smitnkitn

      CHER’S VAGIIIIIIIIIINAHHH! Love me some Alaska.

  • Jessi03

    Thank goodness for Ru sending both those boring queens home.  Thank goodness for YOU for giving me that wonderful picture of Alyssa.  She’s growing on me, and I love her faces!

  • I am just so proud of myself that I guessed the two winners of the dance-off.

    Vivienne was ridiculous saying Roxxxy is so loud and looking for so much attention. Isn’t that what a drag queen is supposed to do? Draw people’s attention and entertain? What?

    Not only was Honey’s caftan not good, but the way she does her eyes is not flattering. They always seem to be stuck in a look of astonishment. That was okay for the kiddie show, but not for anything else.

    I was a little surprised Roxxxy was in the bottom three, but I may not have been judging the whole challenge. After Honey and Vivienne, I was struck by Detox’s lackluster performance during the ballet. That dress may not have been appropriate for that particular dance move (whatever it was called, going sideways with Honey with hands joined), but his feet barely left the ground most of the time. Plus his makeup looked too harsh.

    I did not understand where all this Jade hate is coming from, the way the others were talking. Is the footage of this not being shown on TV?

    Ohhhhh, but Coco’s team’s psyche-out dance practice when Jinkx’s team walked in the room… Wonderful!! Loved it!!!

    • Someone complaining about a drag queen being a loud attention whore is like complaining that a ballerina dances too much. 

    • Vivienne’s complaint seemed to be along the lines of “If Roxxxy had given a bland, humorless performance too, I wouldn’t have looked so bad in comparison!”  That’s not a read, and it’s not even shade, it’s just pathetic.

      Unlike Vivienne, Honey seemed like a nice enough person, but she had no personality and that Mrs. Roper goes to Studio 54 caftan was so hideous it made my eyes hurt just looking at it!  I was so happy Ru sent them both packing, now the real competition can begin.

      •  I did feel a bit for Vivienne – Roxxy was being pretty mean in the workroom, and something of a bully.

        • demidaemon

          A little, yes, but her attitude wrecked any sort of sympathy I could have had for her.

    • AnotherG

      I agree that Jade has some chops.  But, oh, girl, if she’s doing Taylor Swift in Snatch Game . . . I’ve been saying all along she needs to be doing Annie Lennox.  At least she’d get most of the way there in looks.  But . . . what does Taylor Swift’s personality consist of? Like, how will I know it’s Taylor Swift? Will she just be quoting lines?

      Contrast Willam’s choice of Jessica Simpson.  I have no idea what Jessica Simpson’s personality is, but not only did Willam deliver it, she created it almost whole cloth. 

      If Jade can pull that off . . .

  • StellaZafella

    Between Alaska and Allysa, I enjoyed being reminded of the all-drag NY dance troupe: Ballet Trocadero de Montecarlo. I loved their “Pas Des Quas”and the Giselle they did where -after an exquisite performance – everyone on stage falls down dead at the end.
    I’m surprised Ru never mentioned it with all her love of gay and drag “herstory”.

    Glad of the double elimination…maybe we’ll get someone back who we really want to see more from…maybe Penny.

    • I’m surprised she didn’t mention the passing of Sahara Davenport. Michelle was wrong- a queen had grand jetéd across the runway before and that queen was Sahara, a passionate ballerina. I was hoping this episode would be dedicated to her or something, if only in a little note in the credits of something. 

      • cpjones79

         She probably didn’t know because she wasn’t a judge during Sahara’s season.  Michelle joined in Season 3.

        • Ah, of course. I totally forgot about that. 

      • StellaZafella

         The season opener for the last All Stars carried a dedication to Sahara. Ru probably felt it best to move on.

        • Did it? I must have totally missed that. 

    • Stubenville

      Be careful – it could be Shangela!

      • StellaZafella

        Oh. No. You. Didn’t! 😉

    • MK03

      Are they still performing? I want to see them live SO BAD. 

      • StellaZafella

        I Googled: Les Ballet Trockadero de Monte Carlos and the second entry was for the curretn performance schedule…it still takes you to their site.

        They’re still perfoming all over the world…tutus, toe shoes hairy chests and all!

        • MK03

          Awwww, they’re not coming to my neck of the woods. 🙁 I would cut a bitch to see The Dying Swan in person.

        • RedAgain

          THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  I got my ticket guy on this, and I’m actually pretty excited about this!

    • Pinup Ghoul

      J’adoooore Ballet Trockadero! They make my LIFE, darling. They’re some of the finest dancers and artists in the artform, I’m convinced.

    • CristinaSalazar

      Can I just say that I love T&L recaps but that I also LIVE for your comments! You have me browsing around a million comments to read them! Anyway, just thought you should know. 

  • Siege

    I didn’t like Alyssa at first this season, but she is totally growing on me, and her reaction shots are just priceless. Also, the more I see, the more I think that Coco is the creator of the drama in that relationship.

    Does anyone else think Coco seems like a seventy-year-old woman who should be wearing a church hat?

    Jinkx and Alaska are my current favorites because I always prefer the funny queens. I liked Honey on a personal level, but she really didn’t “bring it” as much as I would have liked. I wondered if perhaps her issue was a lack of frocks, but instead of saying “Sorry, I can’t afford custom glam yet!” she said what she did about the look not being important. I got where she was going with this week’s look — going from Diana Ross to 70s disco diva was a logical step — but the execution could have been a lot better.

    Jasmine I won’t miss at all. I imagine I might be bitter too if I were a less attractive version of Jujubee with all the personality of a wigstand.

    • OmegaBlush

      Do you mean Vivienne (in place of Jasmine)?  Because that proves the point precisely.  My nickname for her is “Who?”

    • LittleKarnak

      “Does anyone else think Coco seems like a seventy-year-old woman who should be wearing a church hat?”  Yes to this 100 times!!!! Miss Jane Pittman realness for sure….

  • Alyssa

    I don’t watch this show, but I love Travis Wall (& I can’t remember the other choreographer’s name…I think he was on SYTYCD as well). I think I may have to watch this episode just to see those two choreograph the queens!

    • To quote one of the queens, they were all “cats in heat” around those two. 

    • Call_me_Annie

      Nick Lazzarini – first season winner on SYTYCD.  He and Travis Wall and several others formed a dance troup called Shaping Sound.

      • Alyssa

        Thanks! The first season is the only one I missed!

      • andcoh

        That was Nick?  Holy cow!  That’s the only season of the show I watched.  

    • OmegaBlush

      I had never heard of Travis Wall before and I’m not usually into boys like that, but I think I would like to pick him up and put him my pocket.  Oddly, my favourite shots of him were semi-profile during judging.  Really pronounced his jawline.  Appreciate the tattoos.  Yes.

      • Alyssa

        He is an amazing dancer & choreographer…one of my favorite SYTYCD contestants ever, and I’ve loved almost every piece he’s choreographed for the show! And he’s not too bad to look at, which is a complete bonus! 🙂

  • Actually, if you look at the bonus clips, it seems the show didn’t edit the dances hardly at all. I was impressed. Ballet isn’t easy, even at a beginner’s level, and these are heavily made-up dudes in elaborate outfits.

    But good lord, Vivienne… I couldn’t agree more!!! I couldn’t get over her saying the people around her were too loud and attention-whoring. Honey, this is a DRAG REALITY SHOW. What the hell were you expecting? Ms. Priss Finishing school? “Hey guys, wanna go to a bar and watch a drag queen who looks like a mildly attractive woman be boring on stage?” ‘Female impersonation’ taken to its lowest common denominator, christ almighty. Who gives a shit if you’re pretty if you can’t perform?

    Ivy was probably my favorite after Alyssa (who grows on me more and more every time—she might be my favorite). I actually like Roxxy so I’m glad she got her ego checked this time around. Might make her a better performer down the road.

    • OmegaBlush

      Re Vivienne: Bitch!  This is not RuPaul’s Best Fish Race!

  • Vivienne was delusional imho: Tatiana is the “fishiest” girl in this competition thus far and she was more than just a pose and look sort like V.  There’s obviously an intelligence and presence there with Honey but damn if that bitch isn’t anonymous.  Kudos for sending them both packing for messing up a quite easy (performance wise) song.  

    Alyssa was serving some Black Swan craziness in her dance and deserved the win, though I would’ve been fine with Alaska who actually had the harder part.  Also, WTF with a queen not knowing who Diana Ross is?  Seriously?!  Isn’t that in the Drag 101 Handbook?  It’s so pathetic when a young(er) person doesn’t know any history beyond yesterday.

    • Sally Brownson

      I think perhaps Ms. Ross isn’t the icon in Puerto Rico that she is here. 

    • OmegaBlush

      Alyssa gave a performance, she had me at that look up as evil RuPaul (didn’t realize there was any other kind, learn something new everyday I guess).  Alaska (and others) did great, too, but with Alyssa and even Coco, I actually believed I was watching ballet, not just some drag queens dancing around.  

  • SpillinTea

    Every time I start getting tired of Coco, she says something in Untucked that makes me love her again. She’s definitely a pro-shade thrower and competitive as hell. 
    Lyneisha needs to go. Boring as all hell, although gorgeous.
    Jade isn’t even as fishy as she thinks she is.I think Roxxxy is just so happy she lost weight she can’t help but show it off, even though its not “right and tight” yet.

  • Kristy Evans

    Y’all I just about DIED when I saw that Travis Wall was the choreographer. ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ slash ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ crossover? I was in heaven. I also was very pleased with the double elimination. I hate Jade, but at least she has some personality. Vivienne is like a walking anesthetic.

    • StellaZafella

       The pictures don’t do justice. In the 70’s-80’s in San Francisco and Atlanta, Ru used to run a (pretend) feud with Sylvester…the West Coast Gender-bending Disco Queen of SF.
      Picture these 2 tall, thin, amahzingly hot performers flanking Grace Jones at the I-Beam in the Haight at 1AM doing a triple lipsync/dance routine that felt like a visual drug rush…oh, for the days – and nights!

      • RebeccaKW

        Wow.  That sounds amazing.

        IMO, Ru is hot now and was then, boy or girl or gender-fuck.  Hot.

      • Amazingly hot? 

        I’m sorry, you must be confused – Honey very clearly explained that in San Francisco, the look isn’t important.

        • StellaZafella

           I’d rather be confused than conflicted…;)

      • Melizmatic

         Damn, now I’m jealous.


        That sounds awesome.

      • OmegaBlush

        The AVClub recently had a headline, “Like two majestic male giraffes, David Bowie and Morissey are fighting now”.  I think this title would also be apt for the situation you describe.

  • I find myself looking forward to the freshness of this every week…did they get new writers? The challenges have been reborn….the ballet at first sounded stupid…but lo and behold it was charming! and fun!

    Project Runway on the other hand…I find myself looking forward to T’lo’s version…

    3 months ago I would have said the opposite, I debated taking Ru off the DVD player…

    • I think it’s because with All Stars they only had a small number of episodes green lighted and they wanted to pack in as many queens as possible, hence the teams and the annoying team challenges. 

      • e jerry powell

        No think, that was the actual reason.

  • elemspbee

    omg, vivienne pinazzzzzz. how desperate was she blaming Roxxxxy, and calling a bunch of drag queens loud mouths? oh dear. what a waste o’space.

    • e jerry powell

      I can only think of one pro drag queen out there that I would never call a loudmouth, and she has a reputation for being one of the classiest ladyboys out there.  And she serves some sickening realness, too.

      Outside of that, drag queens are pretty much expected to be loudmouths.  It’s almost like a job requirement.

  • MK03

    Alaska and Sharon are SO FREAKIN’ CUTE. They are my OTP.

    • I’m still waiting to see if Detox and Roxxxy are going to hit it off for real – until then I’m sailing the Shalaska ship

  • i have a huge crush on ivy as a boy. thats all.

  • Only in the world of drag are Mozart and Beethoven and Wagner ballet music.

    •  One of George Balanchine’s masterpieces Is Mozarteana, set to music by you know how. A lot of classical music is eminently danceable, even if it didn’t start that way.

    • Huh? Classical composers were often commissioned to write music for ballets. Beethoven wrote at least two (The Ritterballett and The Creatures of Prometheus) and Mozart wrote hundreds of different pieces of dance music, including a ballet at the end of Idomeneo. Even classical compositions that weren’t originally written to accompany dance have been used in ballet routines.

      • Yes, but they were playing Beethoven’s 5th symphony and Mozart’s Eine kleine Nachtmusik, which is certainly danceable, but not technically ballet. And then Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries. My point being that it’s as if “classical” is synonymous with ballet music, which it’s not.

        • DonnaL

           What we saw the contestants doing last night wasn’t “technically ballet” either, I think.  Who cares?

          • J. Preposterice

            It’s like calling Britney Spears hip-hop, that’s why.  It’s ignorant at best. 

          • TheOtherChristina

            Serena ChaCha, is that you?

  • Shawn Morales was absolutely adorbs in that huge afro. I know people live and die for Jason, but there is something to be said for a good looking  (slightly) older man.

  • Is that the adorable Travis Wall who choreographed this episode? I don’t watch this show anymore. But I love me some Travis Wall. He was a dancer on and now choreographs for So You Think You Can Dance and he does some of the best dances of every season!

  • I thought Jinkx was referencing Elle Driver from the Kill Bill movies.

    • Yes, I saw Gaga meets Elle Driver.  I thought it was pretty cool.

  • wayout46

    I was a bit disappointed by the choreography (and hence the choreographers) – so much more they could have done especially with Miss Ross, even with untrained dancers. Also, for someone owning a dance studio, Alyssa lacks a lot of technique.
    I was glad they had to wear ballet slippers. Nothing like a pair of flats to truly catch a glimpse at a queen’s true proportions (Roxxxy!)

    There’s one thing I’m in agreement with Vivienne – I can’t stand Roxxxy’s unjustified sense of entitlement. She reminds me of Olga Guillot on steroids (if you’re not Latin, google her).

    All in all, the weakest episode so far, after a bang-up first three.

  • mskgb

    We also simultaneously wished that Ru would send Vivienne and Honey away forever and ever and ever. Honey, you don’t do Miss Ross like that. Vivienne, I just can’t with you.

    Before reading TLo recaps, I had given this season a pass, but am now catching up via on Xfinity on demand. Whoever concocted the double-decker bus musical number, pagent doll contest, variety show challenge and biographical ballet competitions needs his or her salary doubled. Also, hats off to Alyssa and Coco for transforming the Miss Gay America kerfuffle into Alexis and Krystal in the Carrington fountain.

    And damned if Paulina wasn’t one of the better judges the show has ever had. She can come back every week.

    • Geoff Dankert

      Agreed re: Ms. Ocasek. One of the things that has made this season so enjoyable for me has been the quality of the guest judges, especially Paulina and Kristen Johnson, who could easily replace Visage if someone “Nome Malones” her down a flight of stairs or something. 

  • Sally Brownson

    I think what I love about this season is that the cast is so even. We’re already rid of the queens who obviously stand no chance, and while some of the queens seem like stronger contenders than others, it’s not as if the “weaker” ones have really done anything wrong yet- they could still find a chance to shine. I don’t think you could really say that any of the remaining girls are boring or busted, and  yet none of them are so obviously outstanding that there’s no suspense. With some of these seasons (3 and 4 especially…) the best queens were so much better than the others that it was really obvious who should be in the finale from the beginning. I don’t have that feeling this season. Detox is my fave, but Jinkx, Alyssa, Coco, Alaska, and Roxxxy are all obviously very good. Ivy, Lyneisha, and Jade haven’t demonstrated any great talents yet, but it’s so early that we can’t tell if they’re super talented yet, and they definitely bring it on the runway every week. I think this is a pretty great season so far.

  • Donald Hite

    I was a little sad that Alaska didn’t make it to the top 3. Her lack of dancing didn’t hold her back at all and I think she outperformed every single queen save Alyssa. I didn’t get what they saw in jinkx/ivy. They were better than most (bc most were boring) but Alaska was certainly better in my eyes.

    Alyssa is my life now. I’m officially obsessed 🙂

    • Alaska gives the best face. Hands down.

  • Alyssa is seriously growing on me. She was so fantastic this week. So far I’m seeing her, Coco, Detoxx and maybe Roxxy if she gets it together in the finals.

    That said, I’m SO GLAD Vivienne is finally gone. She kept bitching about Roxxy, but HELLO! This is a drag competition! It is your life’s purpose to pull focus!

  • TaurusKW

    Honestly, my first thought upon seeing Jynkx’s runway look was Elle Driver from Kill Bill.  If she did a glam version of that reference, I tip my hat to her!

  • shanteUstay

    I’m sitting here in the heart of San Francisco, and I was just howling with laughter at Honey’s ABSOLUTELY REDUNKULOUS lie!
    All the queens I’ve been privvy to see perform and meet, have looked positively firece and painted to hell and back! We have pretty queens in the bay!…..unless there’s another San Fran in the world(that exports caftans to stay afloat)

    Jinx<3 she is sooooo cute and so sweet, if nothing else she is a shoe in for miss congeniality but hopefully she'll be top 3!
    and IDC what Miss Visage said, she looked fabulous in her gaga-esque outfit.

    • AnotherG

      Thank you for that. I also live in San Francisco, And this Honey-come-lately drag queen made tactical errors that deserve to get her where she is.

      Also, and granted I’m not exactly going out every night in San Francisco, but I have never heard of this bitch before

  • I love Ru’s reference to The Jerk.

  • TheOtherChristina

    I threw my hands up in the air halfway through the lip sync and shouted, “Ru, send them both home!” So that elimination made me happy. I didn’t even mind Honey, really, but wearing a caftan for the THIRD WEEK IN A ROW is just playing with fire.

    There are several contenders, but I am madly in love with Alaska, which I totally did not expect. I think Ivy, Jade, and Lineysha are the weakest of the remaining group but Ivy brought it this week, so I could see her pulling ahead of those two.

    Alyssa gives the most amazing confessionals. She’s a whack-job, but kind of endearingly so.

    • I think Ivy has just stayed away from the drama, so we haven’t gotten to see as much of her personality as we have with the others. Her construction skills blow everyone else away and she definitely has talent.

      • AnotherG

        I wonder if Ivy is in the wrong competition show.  I know precious little about fashion (and always am happy to learn from our hosts), but she strikes me as a fierce designer.

        • Sadly, I think RPDR has better credibility these days than Project Runway. That show’s winners never seem to go anywhere anymore, while RPDR contestants totally step up in the world of drag. And it seems to me that Ivy is more of a costumer than a designer and has gotten what she wants in that realm. She certainly has some high-end clients for what she does.

    • I’m still waiting for Alaska to blow my mind on the runway, but aside from that I’m utterly in love with her too – her sense of humour makes me laugh like Willam made me laugh last season

  • pdquick

    Please Image Google the phrase “San Francisco drag queens,” scroll down, and tell me again about how the look doesn’t matter.

    • pdquick

       We had a little earthquake here when she said that. It was believed to be Doris Fish spinning in her grave.

      • AnotherG

        Oh. Oh, god. This comment made my night. I have to have a glamour pill and lie down.

      • StellaZafella

         Beautiful, pdq! But I really think Doris wouldn’t just spin…she’d “TWIRL”!

        (Thanks for the nod back to my younger days, mwwwwwah!)

  • pdquick

    In San Francisco, if you’re going to be “not about the look,” you better be tucking your dick between your legs, throwing on a pair of red high-heeled strappy lady sandals and a Christmas hat and jumping rope while singing O Come All Ye Faithful, in Latin. And when you’re done, if you feel like it … well, just watch the video:

  • Perfect Liar

    Vivienne is so dead that she couldn’t even manage to get angry at her elimination. She’s in her post-elimination confessional talking about how angry she is but she’s saying it in a mumbling monotone like she’s answering a phone call that woke her up at 5am.

    • StellaZafella


  • MissFern

    I can’t believe they missed up BRITNEY SPEARS LIP SYNCH.  My mom could have rocked that song better than those two sad ladies.

    • So sad that they didn’t learn the song’s dance back when they were gaybies. I certainly did. It’s an old enough song that this would have been a primo time whip out that choreography.

  • Oh my god, thank you for that. That’s one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.

  • Everytime someone says ‘Iveeeee Wiiiiinnntoorrrrrs’ it fills my body with such rage and hatred. I actually quite like the girl (and he’s the cutest boy) but I don’t understand the accent and I’m sure if it was funny to begin with it’s vastly overplayed and old at this point.
    And so bloody annoying.

    • Donald Hite

      Thank you!

  • LinXGUA

    Isn’t Jynkx Lady Gaga?
    I don’t know why but i find it hilarious.

  • LittleKarnak

    ITA with everything you said about Vivienne…so tired of her whining and I could have even tolerated that if she had one iota of talent. Totally shocked at the double elim but so glad it happened…Bravo Ru!!!!

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Ivy is a seriously cute boy AND makes a great Lady Bunny, I agree!  I like her a lot, but I don’t think she has the personality to go far.

    I’m consistently liking Alaska more and more each week.  

    God, Coco needs to drop this stupid silly feud.  At this point, it’s clear she’s the one who keeps picking at it, not Alyssa.

    For a double elimination, the right two sashay’d away.

  • Donald Hite

    Ru and those little opera binoculars crack me up.  RuPaul has more fierceness in her little finger than most of these queens put together. I love it!

    While I can objectively see that Ivy is talented as a designer, her looks do nothing for me.  I think it’s just because she either doesn’t have much personality or it’s just been edited out.  If she was wearing her outfit from this week and doing some bawdy, Liza-esque cabaret act, it would be amazing I’m sure.  Right now she just seems all style and no substance.  Also, I hate the wigs she chooses.

    Roxxxy… I’m glad she got called out on how her body looked in that dress.  I know she recently lost a lot of weight, but THIS was not the way to show off her body.  While I didn’t love her chubacka (sp?) look, it was much more clever in terms of highlighting her physique.

    I’m with everyone else in hoping that the Coco/Alyssa thing just goes away.  I was already bored with it about 5 minutes into the first episode.  Hopefully their teaming up here will be the nail that this coffin so desperately needs!

    I can’t wait for snatch game.  I see from the preview that Jade plays Taylor Swift.  Seems like a disaster waiting to happen (as it usually is when someone does a singer without a strong off stage persona… maybe she’ll have Jason from pit crew interrupt her mid-response and give the answer that Beyonce would have said…).  I hope Jinkx kills it as Little Edie, she’s certainly got the voice down!  In the preview it seems like the other queens are reading her because they don’t know who she is… I’m quite sure Ru will, and that’s all that matters.

  • AnotherG

    Endorse this post 100%, TLo. “Brava!”

    Also, I have a soft spot for the Puerto Ricans, and in my own mind, and seeing the way she moved in other competitions, I gave this challenge Lineysha’s last chance to sparkle.

    She flopped. She’s the next to go.

    Snatch Game is next week. This does not bode well for her.

  • AnotherG

    No, no.  It was objectively good.  Have some ice cream.

    • StellaZafella

      The threat was quite clear in Ru’s warning to the other girls after the elimination: “Mama don’t take no half-steppin’!”
      The look on Roxxxy’s face of abject terror was for all the remaining sistahs… you just know they were all going back to the hotel that night to rethink the rest of their looks…and, perhaps, do a little light praying!

  • I exclaimed, in outrage: “But *I* can lipsynch that song better than that… and I HATE Britney Spears!” Then I was cackling like a ghoul when she sent both of them home. 

    They both looked afraid to sweat their makeup off. I was screaming “Take your jacket off, Vivienne!” the whole lipsync and then when she finally did she looked like she was afraid it would break on the runway. 

    Not fierce. 

  • Absolutely. I believe my very words were “how could Ru pick a worst lipsync when they both sucked so badly? Kill them both.”

  • You know what, you’re right – my expectations for her are too high, she is already amazing. I keep doubting her because the judges never acknowledge her and the other queens rag on her T_T

    Alaska for the win, goddamnit

  • Kathleen R.

    I can’t believe Alyssa’s bad botox hasn’t come up yet!

  • Jade is the new Tatiana … DQ’s don’t like a Queen that comes across as an actual girl when out of drag. Small and actually pretty – they get ganged up on pretty fast. Usually they’ve been doing drag since a VERY young age, so their mannerisms are more feminine (not purposely, just who they are) when out of drag compared to the others who, while effeminate (varying, of course) are actual guys who are doing an act. They don’t want to compete with a “girl”, – I think they feel they are competing with someone with an unfair advantage. I was hoping since Jade would put on a silly laugh and change her voice a bit would help alleviate that, but I don’t know. I’ll catch up on episodes and see. 🙂 Poor Tatiana – nothing about her mannerisms changed in or out of drag. She was doomed to be picked on. I’m rooting for Jade.