RuPaul’s Drag Race: And I Am Telling You

Posted on February 14, 2013

It took us a while to get to it, what with Fashion Week and all, but we can see why so many of you were screaming at us to get to this recap. This episode was hilarious.


We don’t know how the hell this show manages to come up with fun, original challenges every week.


“You’re not my real daddy and you never will be!”


This was also an episode that forced us to reconsider some of our earlier judgments. Alaska is funnier and a better performer than we gave her credit for. Lynesha is not the comedy queen we’d hoped she’d be after her hilarious Tyra impersonation last week.


Alyssa may actually not be the one in the wrong when it comes to the whole feud with Coco, who keeps picking at it like a scab and then back-pedaling away every time Alyssa calls her on it.


As for the performances, Roxxxy turned out to be funnier than we thought (although we thought the judges overpraised her Tasha Salad, which stopped being funny after about 6 seconds). Vivienne is almost totally without personality and it’s getting kind of annoying that she’s still here. Detox was fun, but again, we think a bit overpraised. Monica’s head just isn’t in the game anymore. It was Alaska who really shone here. Why he chose to do this performance out of drag eludes us, because had he turned in the exact same performance in a dress, he would have easily won this challenge.


Except for Jinkx, this was a group of total losers. Coco’s “I’m used to being the star” excuse was awful, and we’re a bit surprised Ru or Michelle didn’t rake her over the coals for her attitude. Lynesha was painful to watch.






So congrats to Detox! We loved this look and we liked her chicken performance, but we would not have given her the win. To our way of thinking, it was a tossup between Jinkx and Alaska, with the former edging out the latter simply because of the curious decision to not do drag in a drag competition.

Having said that, she’s our favorite of the queens this season. We don’t know yet if she should be the winner, but one thing we like about her – and this is an odd thing to say about a drag queen – she strikes us as the most intelligent of the girls. That helps her persona and performances a lot, as far as we’re concerned.


This is the first time we’ve seen her on the catwalk and didn’t think she was doing Sharon-lite. Oh sure, this is in the same sphere as Sharon’s kind of drag, but it felt more purely a creation of Alaska’s. There’s more to her than we thought.


Not a bad look, but the judges were right to point out that her insecurities and shyness are canceling out whatever fierceness she’s serving up.


It’s not our favorite kind of drag, but she does it well and she’s extremely polished. We just wish she’d switch up the face a little more. She always sports the same look with her makeup.

As for the feud, we still don’t believe that it’s a hundred percent genuine. Coco and Alyssa were friends and it would be a relatively easy thing for two friends to do to stage a feud that ensures they’re both in the game for as long as possible. Having said that, if we’re taking sides, we’re seriously leaning toward Alyssa at this point. Still, we want to throw things at the screen when the two of them offer up the vaguest responses as to what exactly went down. It’s like watching an episode of Lost, where everyone withholds important information from each other for no good reason.


Pretty, but a total yawn.


Glamorous. And we’re happy to see she’s not flaunting her ass all over that catwalk once again. We’re not the biggest fans of her makeup style, though. She’s another one who needs to switch up the face a little more.


Turns out, she’s just another Latina glamour queen, without much else to offer. Disappointed.


Clear winner of this week and clear frontrunner, as far as we’re concerned. She’s an original, she’s entertaining, and she’s got a performing polish that’s head and shoulders above most of the rest of the queens. Plus she’s kind of a sweetheart. That story about her grandmother buying her wig was endearing. So much so, that we wonder if it’s really true.




Blander. But we fell off the couch when Ru intoned “Bed, Bath and Beyonce.”


She’s good, and she does a decent job of switching up her look, but she really needs to step up her game. Fishy ain’t gonna win you the whole thing.


We thought she was top of the heap last week, but we quickly got over her this week. Like we said, her performance as the puppet was horrid (“Coco, think more Pinocchio, and less the puppet from Saw.”) and we thought this was a really odd look for her. It’s one thing to do a cutesy-girl drag, but this was borderline creepy, what with the teddy bear and all. And it doesn’t even strike us as her kind of look anyway.

But as we’ll see, Coco’s smart and has great instincts as a performer, even when she’s having an off week.

Because she knew she’d be in the bottom and she knew they’d be lip-synching a Pussycat Dolls song, which made her little-girl drag suddenly perfectly appropriate for the moment. And when she stripped off her party dress to reveal a second costume, we knew she had it in the bag. Not to imply that she won it for costuming reasons. Her performance in the lip synch was kick-ass and poor Monica never stood a chance. Coco knew she fucked up and she simply was not going to allow herself to be sent home for it. It was one of the best lip synchs the show’s ever had.





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  • ChiliP

    ” We don’t know yet if she should be the winner, but one thing we like
    about her – and this is an odd thing to say about a drag queen – she
    strikes us as the most intelligent of the girls”

    But TLo, didn’t you know- Serena is the most intelligent of the girls, even in her departure. She READS BOOKS and went to art school, after all.

    • myristica_fragrans
    • Donald Hite

      I saw some red carpet interview with her online where she was blabbing on about how she’s inspired by surrealism and all this crap… GIVE ME A BREAK.  When she walks the runway wearing a bunch of melting clocks, we’ll talk.  Until then, the only thing surreal about her is her opinion of herself

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Those of us in Seattle who know Miss Monsoon thought it amusing to see Jinkx quietly and prudently keep her mouth shut about Serena and her constant braying about “art school” since Jinkx went to a very prestigious arts school (Cornish)…

  • Paigealicious

    I really like Detox and could see her winning, but I’m really enjoying Jinkx.  Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction in the challenge, and Glenn Close from Dangerous Liaisons on the runway…

    • myristica_fragrans

      she had the best runway look and didn’t get nearly enough praise for it.

    • MK03

      Her runway was sick. I’m a total sucker for well-deployed Marie Antoinette drag.

      • Paigealicious

         Yep. Loved Raja’s Marie Antoinette look and even when Manila did that sort of Marie Antoinette/80s look…

  • Lil’ Pound Cake and Rachel Zoe’s ‘daughter’ need their own reality show pronto quick…

    • MK03

      I’d give it to Li’l Poundcake, just so we can hear “straight-up motherfuckin’ dick pig” more often.

      • hellkell

         I’ve been trying to work “straight-up motherfuckin’ dick pig” into conversation all week.

    • And you know Alaska came up with that whole thing. Laneysha is beautiful (in and out of drag: what a banjee boy!), but he doesn’t to have the skills. I don’t get it. Don’t Puerto Rican drag queens follow the example of Pantojas or the sublime Nina Flowers? 

  • Vivienne Pinay should’ve gone home. SNOOZEVILLE.

    Every time she’s onscreen I want Jujubee back, because her look reminds me of Juju’s, but unlike Jujubee, every time Vivienne opens her mouth I fall asleep.

    • gsk241

       Vivienne is such a non-entity compared to the other girls.  I think she’s slipping by because the judges haven’t noticed her yet. 

      And I agree, she does look like a low-rent Jujubee!

    • Introspective

      shes so jujubee light its annoying. pretty girl but I dont know who you are and we’re several episodes in. which means Im bored. boo bitch bye.

    •  Vivienne needs to go home. She whined an bitched about Serena only to find out she is a complete bore. Am not a fan of Vivienne’s style or how she does her makeup either. 

    • SpillinTea

       Even more annoying since Vivienne is Ongina’s drag sister or something. Did she take NONE of Ongina’s personality?!

      • sweetlilvoice

         Wow, no idea. Ongina is amazing! Love her.

  • StellaZafella

    I kept saying to the screen (yes, I talk to my TV during Drag race) Alaska! If only you’d worn tits and lashes…the idea of a man, dressed as a dyke, doing Howdy Doody would have put it in the bag for you.

    • MK03

      I was kind of hoping she’d go straight Buffalo Bill with it. Because how fucking awesome would it be to see Alaska do that??

      • StellaZafella

         Buffalo Bill   –   Straight?
        On this show?

      • Jessi03

        “Would you f**k me?  I’d f**k me.”  Or were you talking about the cowboy and not Silence of the Lambs?

        • Melizmatic


        • MK03

          I would pay damn good money to see Alaska recreate that scene. 

        •  He actually said those lines in her audition tape for season three. That’s when I thought “I would like to take a walk in this queen’s brain.”

  • StellaZafella

    Now now ChiliP, don’t be catty.
    To paraphrase Betty Davis: “We should always speak good of the departed…she’s departed – good!”

    • Melizmatic

      Spoken about Joan Crawford, that is one of my very fav Betty Davis quotes.


    • MichaelStrangeways

      Kids…it’s BETTE Davis!!!!!!!!

      • StellaZafella

        You’re right, mea culpa.
        I’m punching my gay card right now….

  • myristica_fragrans

    i hate the way roxxxy shades her nose. mathu needs to show up and tell her to cut that shit out.

    • Pinup Ghoul

      For real. She looks like a stuffed animal, and it drives me nuts. She’s WAAAY prettier than her painting skills show her to be.

  • Frank_821

    Actually I took Alaska’s as choosing to do something more queer. Yes the judges commented that it came off more like Pee Wee more that’s a pretty queer character. I felt it was a choice that worked and it contrasted nicely with the other characters

    The Alyssa/Coco thing is so contrived I just rolled my eyes and begged it to be over. I certainly wasn’t goign to bother with Untucked since it would be more of the fake drama. I just wanted to curse out a big pullleaze when Ru was pretending like she didn’t know there was a conflict going on. Coco acting like some over the top martyr was annoying as hell

    • This! I thought raking Alaska over the coals was uncalled for — she (well, he, I guess, in this case) was damn funny.

    • Introspective

      totally felt like alyssa-coco-gate was being stretched the fuck out to oblivion. so tired of the theatrics and the still unclear reason for their “blowup” after 1 1/2 hrs of tv time. & im figuring that if miss gay america was the be all and end all, neither of them would be here hustling to get the drag race crown.

      so how bout we stop bringing up the past competition between you two that nobody else cares about, and get cracking on this one girls.

    • MilaXX

       I still wish she had just done a Pipi Longstocking drag. She was funny and her look likely cost her the win.

    • smitnkitn

      I thought Alaska was sort of like a boy doing a girl doing a boy.  Maybe that’s not “drag”, but I was getting “girl dressed up like a boy” from her look.

  • FINALLY! Been waiting all week TLo

  • Lil’ Poundcake for president! 

  • MK03

    Coco’s babydoll getup really skeeved me out. Did anyone else get an “adult baby fetish” vibe from that thing? There’s just something about grown-ass adults dressed as young children…urgh.

    • Yeah, but it really was brilliant for the lip sync. Good survival skills with that one.

    • StellaZafella

       I got a black Baby Jane Hudson reaction…and when she blamed her bad performance on “her sister” Allysa…it REALLY hit the Betti Davis/Joan Crawford level of bullshitiness.

    • It’s creepy, considering that she’s one of the oldest.  But sort of fitting, because she was a complete baby about her part in the skit – ‘In *my* show at home *I’m* the STAR!  WAHHH!’

    • Until Coco ripped off the dress, all I saw was dude. There was just something not very feminine about the look, like it was so ultra-feminine it looped back around or something. Kind of reminded me of Wesley Snipes, who (oddly) made a rather lovely woman.

    • VivianAdvanced

      It was creepy as hell (as was Coco’s unfunny dummy)! However, Ru’s comment, “Shirley Temple Black,” when Coco was on the runway, cracked me up, as did “Bed, Bath & Beyonce” for Honey.

  • Why is intelligence an odd thing to praise in a drag queen?? Not cool, T Lo. 

    • Because it’s not particularly something for which they’re being judged in this competition. This doesn’t mean drag queens aren’t or can’t be intelligent, but it’s akin to praising a surgeon for his singing ability.

      • i dont know. eg jujubee, sharon, raja, and chad all made it far partly because theyre smart – and not in that strategic, playing-the-game way, but genuinely intelligent.

        but then again, juju lost to tyra, so you may have a point…

        • Tyra was crafty. Making that whole muppet dress as a decoy when she had a gown in reserve, I still hate her but that was CLASSIC. 

    • StellaZafella

       I think Detox made her own point about intellect well enough last week to Little Miss Art School.

      Detox, Alaska, Jinx and even Roxxxy are displaying quite a level of personal awareness this season and it’s refreshing…the only ones who come to mind – for me – from previous seasons that showed their shade and sense of humor came from such a place are Raven and Jujubee.
      I could be wrong, but, drag humor was never thought of as being particularly intellectual…not , at least, in the clubs I worked.

      • OmegaBlush

        Your honour, I’d like to enter Exhibit Q “Willam Belli” into evidence.

        • StellaZafella

          You are utterly correct, OB…
          In my defense, I probably didn’t think of Willam because I don’t see him as a “Drag Queen” as much as an actor who plays women.The difference is minimal, I admit…it’s just that I see Willam in a class by himself, at least in terms of talent and rapier wit. Not better…just different.
          The Drag Queens mentioned above engage people like great stand up comics…smart and self-aware.
          Willam comments on things like a Transvestite Mark Twain: “Your tone seems rather pointed right now.”


      • hellkell

         I love your name!

  • I like Alaska. She’s not as intense as Sharon and her drag is her own, not Sharon’s, though they do both operate in the “alternative” drag sphere. I suspected that she was funny and witty and this episode confirmed that belief. 

    As for who I see eventually in the top, my picks are Detox, Jinkx (who I LOVE), Alaska, Roxxxy, and perhaps Coco and Ivy. I really like Ivy- we haven’t seen a ton of her personality yet, but I love her look. She made her Snuffalufigus look that she wore during the main challenge from cassette tape film- brilliant! She’s clearly the best of the girls when it comes to costume construction.

    • OmegaBlush

      I agree on your top 4, and I also agree about Ivy.  There’s something there, but I’m not quite convinced that it’s fully developed yet.  Maybe it’s because I’d totally hang out with boy Ivy.  And maybe that’s it, boy Ivy has been more interesting than Ivy Winters.  But any bitch who can strut that catwalk on stilts will have a place in my heart forever.

  • Le_Sigh

    Ooh!  Ru is serving some Jem and the Holograms REALNESS!  L-U-V it!

  • Krafty_L

    I love Paulina P as a judge, especially the side-eye and shade she was throwing at that blow-up doll, Coco.

    • Jessi03

      I adore Paulina.  I miss her on ANTM.

  • olsonam

    Only in a drag competition could someone (Ivy) wear a crazy feather headdress and be called bland, haha.

  • e jerry powell

    I’ll tell you this:  Coco is making way too much of a big deal about what happened at MGA.  Was Alyssa unprofessional in what she did there (and at All-American Goddess)?  Yes, she was.  Was Coco Montrese’s claim of great emotional trauma about it blown out of proportion?  YES, IT WAS.  Coco is too old for that particular drama and she needs to get over it.

    As far as Alyssa’s pageant history goes, yeah, she needs to stop competing for crowns if she’s going to treat having them like a hobby, because the people who run the pageants treat them like a business. If Alyssa’s own business keeps her too busy to fulfill the duties of having a crown (and there are quite a few duties to having even a drag crown, contrary to popular misconception), then she needs to stop competing and devote all her focus to running her business.  At least All-American Goddess decided to cut their losses and simply declare the title vacant rather than trying to crown Alyssa’s runner-up.

    •  What exactly did Alyssa do? I think that’s the only thing I haven’t figured out yet. Just not fulfill her duties? Everything I’ve read doesn’t really say.

      • e jerry powell

        There are conflicting reports as to what she did in each case. If my muddled brain is anywhere near correct, in the case of one pageant it was failing to show for contracted appearances, and in the other it was a contract violation associated with making an unauthorized appearance for another pageant system during her reign. So for both not doing things she was supposed to do and for doing things she wasn’t.

        Maybe (but I’m not holding my breath) at some point Alyssa will give her side of the story outright, because we probably won’t be hearing any official details from the other side.

        •  Thanks for the details. I waited tables at a drag bar and was marginally involved in more local (midwest) competitions. I don’t know much about the rules really. I know our bar hosted the prelims for Miss USofA at Large in like 2000 or 2001. You haven’t lived until you’ve had dozens of large drag queens yelling drink orders at you.

          • e jerry powell

            I was never even a bartender (I was the door bitch at the front register, the one who had the bouncers on call) and I still know how that goes. Were you around Dena Cass and her girls in Iowa?

          • I was in Indiana. Dena performed at our bar a few times while I was there.

          • e jerry powell

            Ah, cool, though I have to admit that most of the midwestern girls I know of are from Illinois, Iowa and Minnesota (of all places).   🙂

          • I’m sure I’ve seen a lot of them since they often guested at our bar. It’s been a few years though, so I don’t remember them all.

          •  Hey, don’t knock Minnesota. It gave us Chi Chi LaRue.

          • e jerry powell

            Not knocking Minnesota, Roxy Marquis is in Minneapolis.  She’s the only girl I know in Minneapolis, but she’s pretty freaking amazing.

          • Mary Kate Erickson

            Also, Manila Luzon is from MN. 🙂

        • Sally Brownson

          That makes a lot of sense, actually, given what Alyssa and Coco said in the episode- especially Alyssa’s accusation that Coco said she shouldn’t have won in the first place. Because if Alyssa wasn’t going to hold up her end of the contract, she probably shouldn’t have been doing the pageant in the first place, and Coco might’ve been her friend, but she doesn’t seem like the type to keep her mouth shut in a case like that.

          • e jerry powell

            Actually, there were a couple of things going on with what Coco said. What hurt Coco lots was the fact that when she was crowning the next winner, there were people in the audience who were saying that Coco had the crown but hadn’t won the title. I can see how that would hurt someone’s feelings; however, I don’t think it’s fair to say that Alyssa put Coco in that position. The pageant owners were the ones who made that decision; when All-American Goddess parted ways with Alyssa, the pageant owner simply vacated the title for that year, so no one had to deal with that kind of thing.

            No doubt other stuff was said between Alyssa and Coco that didn’t make it to air. I get the feeling that Alyssa’s attitude might not be as completely bitchy; more that of “that was two years ago, why aren’t you over it yet?” But the pettiness in the workroom was a little tiresome, and I blame them both for that.

      • MilaXX

         From what I read Alyssa had other projects in the works that would have conflicted with her being able to fulfill her pagentry duties. Basically, like e jerry said, she needs to stop competing if her business keeps her too busy to fulfill the obligations of any crown wins.

  • thisisareallybadidea

    Ivy Winters is super cute as a boy. Like, for realz. 

  • RocknLox

    Ro-laska-tox lmao! I love all three but I really want Detox to win. I love her face, she’s witty and original. Detox sending these queens to rehab. 

    • OmegaBlush

      I also love Detox.  Her face out of drag is kind of scary in a plastic way (and I’m aware of her accident, I don’t mean to be offensive) but the way she looks in half-drag, while getting ready, gives me serious Ziggy Stardust shivers.  If this whole drag queen thing doesn’t work for her, she should consider becoming a glam rock star.

  • Melizmatic


    I didn’t bitch and moan about the delay because I know its Fashion Week, but damn; waiting to talk about this week’s show was almost torture!


    I couldn’t agree more about Vivian and Ivy; they are beyond BORING.

    While I like Detox a lot, I think she’s often over-praised as well.

    The Alyssa/Coco conflict is starting to wear thin as a ploy for screen time; screw taking sides or if the whole thing is manufactured drama. 

    The bottom line, as I understand it, seems to be that they both signed legal contracts for the other competition; and even though Alyssa won, she defaulted on her contractual obligations so she was dethroned. Coco was the runner up, so she took her spot.

    To quote Chad Micheals, “That’s life, bitch.”

    They both need to suck it up and move on already, sheesh.

    Lastly, I have to admit that Jinkx is my secret favorite thus far.

    ‘Secret’ because, with the notable exception of Sharon, this show has a really bad habit of overlooking the funny, entertaining queens for the ones who are pretty and polished but whose personalities are utterly flat… and I don’t want to ‘jinx’ her chances by fan-girling too hard.


  • If I hear the phrasing, “EYE-VEE WINTERRRRRZ!” or “HAEEE!!!” as a greeting ONE MORE TIME, I swear I will start a Murder Club. Bitches for the love of God stop this. 

    • SpillinTea

       Add Jade’s laugh to the list too, please. Ugh.

      • Stubenville

        I’m hoping Jade sashays away fairly quickly because she seems like a little backstabber. Cannot stand her.

    • shanteUstay

      Omg riiiiight! I don’t even get the joke/reference that goes with phrase….. I just get Minnesota accent

    • jack mackenna

      I actually cannot read “Ivy Winters” anymore without hearing it in that voice

    • MrsMaxPower

      Agreed! I do not know where that came from, but it needs to stop.

      And out of drag I get total George Michael ‘Faith’ vibes.

  • MK03

    Is it me, or is Jade’s runway this week frighteningly reminiscent of Daisy from Rock of Love?

    • Melizmatic




      I am ashamed to admit that I
      even know who you mean, but yes; she was totally channeling the ‘living
      version of Janice, from the Muppet Show’s band; Electric Mayhem’ known
      as Daisy de la Hoya.


    • !!!!!!

      YOU NAILED IT!! She looked kinda familiar to me (yeah, I watched Rock of Love… and I enjoyed it for being so white-trash), though I couldn’t figure out why. And Daisy herself had a lot of work done on her face and body, maybe both brought the same picture to their surgeon, LOL.

  • I suspect the reason they aren’t spelling out exactly what went down between Coco and Alyssa with the Gay Miss America title is because it’s too boring.  Coco alluded to Alyssa failing to fulfill her “administrative duties” as the title holder, which makes it sound like Miss Gay America is supposed do filing and collate papers or some shit like that, but probably means she missed some public appearances…ESCANDALO!  Well, not really, more like YAWN!

    I also loved Alaska this week (Down With Communism…I died!) I thought it took guts to play the role as an androgynous boy and couldn’t believe they would put her near the bottom for a performance that was among the best.  Now I’m going to have to find ways to use “straight-up motherfucking dick-pig” in everyday conversation.  Like instead of “Monday’s are a bitch!” how about “Monday’s are a straight-up motherfucking dick-pig!”

    • From what I’ve heard on tumblr, the pageant winner isn’t allowed to hold another job or whatever because of all the obligations they have as the winner. Alyssa wouldn’t quit her job, therefore breaking her contract, and the title went to Coco who got harassed a bit for it by Alyssa’s fans, like she was supposed to turn the crown down or whatever. 

      • Alyssa and Coco have been sending each other affectionate tweets this week.  Either that means they’ve moved on and they’re friends again or this whole “feud” was an act to get them more screen time.  But I do agree that Coco was first runner-up and needed to take the crown when they stripped Alyssa of the title.  All’s fair in love and war and beauty pageants.

  • StellaZafella

    Ivy does give very cute boy. Her costuming skills are killah I have a soft spot for her quasi-retro face in drag (last week I kept seeing Eve Arden on stilts) – But she needs to step up the personality quotient…forgetting peoples’ names (even to throw shade) only seems clever once…after that I really begin to think she really might be that vacant.

  • thundersnow528

    I didn’t think she was top three material – but I’ll miss Monica – she had a Billie Piper thing going on with her face that made me like to watch her.  Pretty, but just a teeny tiny little bit trashy at the same time.  

    I have to admit though, while this season is pretty funny, I’m having the hardest time actually liking any of these drag queens as people.  They all seem so ugly inside – kinda shrill and mean personalities boiled down into chalk and scratched across a chalk board.  I feel like I need to cover my ears with baby bunnies to take away the raw pain my eardrums are feeling… especially after the Untucked episodes….

    • DonnaL

       How does Jinkx seem so ugly inside to you?  She seems really sweet to me.   (I like her the best so far, and not just because she’s Jewish!)

      • OmegaBlush

        I agree, hating Jinkx is like hating a puppy.  Roxxy and Detox also seem pretty sincere.  Actually, I find this season more calm than S2-4, the only real shade thrower still there is Jade and she’s keeping it on the downlow for now.  Coco and Alyssa’s thing is too boring to be annoying.  

        • thundersnow528

          Jinxx is certainly one of the better ones there, I agree – less obnoxious and has some skills, but she isn’t that memorable to me.  I see her and go ‘oh – yeah – her – she’s okay, good wig’  but the moment she is off the screen I forget about her – I had to look her up to see who you were talking about.  maybe because the others are so annoying they overshadow her.  I originally liked Detox the most, but I think the Untucked episode where they ripped into the sadly un-self-aware Serena just turned me off to all of them.  Serena was horrible of course, but that whole scene was just too cruel.  I like my Drag Queens classy first.

          • MichaelStrangeways

            I think Jinkx is laying low for the beginning, partly due to strategy and partly due to natural shyness…as the riff raff crowd thins out, you’re going to start seeing her bloom. Snatch Game will probably be the episode where she breaks out. And, she’s been been overshadowed by the BORING Alyssa/Coco fake feud storyline which desperately needs to end because it’s making the show almost unwatchable.

          • demidaemon

            I didn’t find it overly cruel. Serena set herself up for it, quite frankly, and she wasn’t throwing shade–she was just plain insulting the rest of the competitors. And for someone who calls herself a drag scholar, she is misguided about how drag queens interact wiuth each other. She was–quite fairly–getting a first-hand education on drag culture.

          • thundersnow528

            I guess we’ll just disagree on this – I found it unusually cruel and tacky.  

            I do totally agree that Serena is not very good – and deluded – and needed to get off the show.  But I still really feel this round of queens, regardless of talent level, is made up of not very nice people, who seem in some ways equally entitled and delusional about their level of talent and style and place in the drag scene.  

            I would ask one thing – if you were to replay that scene again with Serena, only replace all rest of the players with queens like Latrice, Pandora, Chad Michals, Nina Flowers, Ongina, Bebe, Alexis, Yara, Manila, Jujubee, Jessica Wilds, Sahara, and even Sharon Needles (not to mention the ones that didn’t last long like Victoria Parker), you would probably find that that laugh-fest at Serena would never have happened….  The strongest drag queens so far in all the competitions, the ones with real charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, are not the ones who would be so mean-girl cruel and condescending like that.  They all had queens in their seasons who were Serena-level clueless, and with the exception of a few drama-fueled mini-fights, I can’t not recall any mob attacks on a single queen like that with that level of intentionally cruel vitriol.  And there were times when the exact opposite happened – Jiggily was Serena-level clueless and rude, yet she was embraced and schooled in a mature and respectful way in the end.  I just don’t see any of this season’s girls stepping up to the plate for good behavior and sisterly support.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m enjoying the show – the challenges and campiness are a blast, but I am not enjoying the actual personalities…. I hope some of them get better.

          • I agree that it LOOKED cruel….however, her sly remarks in and out of the workroom that were unprovoked were as well. Keep in mind you don’t get filled in with all of the shenanigans and fuckery we went through. 

          • thundersnow528

            Now how am I supposed to argue with someone that was actually there?  🙂    

            You are totally right – I only saw the edited version LOGO wanted me to see, and have no idea what built up to that – so my opinion is only partially informed.  

            But I have to say the scene still happened, no matter what shenanigans led up to it – and what happened personally felt really cruel to me.  I hadn’t seen anything like it from any other season or any other group of drag queens.  It is only a personal opinion, but I still have trouble getting to like the personalities of those involved in that take down.

            Drag Race is still one of my favorite things on TV – and I am sincerely in awe of everyone on the show just for doing what they are doing.  I hope my opinion is not being taken only as bile-filled disrespectful bastard-ness – it is just one of the things I’m having trouble with this season.  Maybe as the season goes on, I’ll see a different side of people than what I’ve seen so far.  I just don’t see the love or sisterly support right now.

  • MilaXX

    I don’t like Detox’s boob plate. I forget who Viviene is every week. I like Roxxy, but the way she contours her face is making her nose look like a tribute to Micheal Jackson. I go back and forth on who I believe is at fault in the Coco/Alyssa feud, but I’m certain I am tired of it.

    • OmegaBlush

      Do what I do whenever that ridiculous Alyssa/Coco thing pops up, picture Nina Flowers performing White Zombie’s More Human Than Human.  It also works for work meetings, the dentist and dinner at your parent’s house.

      • What, huh, what???  Did Nina really perform More Human than Human?  If so, where can I find this???  MUST.  SEE.  VIDEO. 

        • OmegaBlush

          No, Ms. Flowers hasn’t actually performed this song…yet…but I do like to imagine her doing it.  Somehow it just makes sense to me.  

  • starcaatcher

    I am so in love with Jinkx. If she doesn’t make it to the top, Miss Congeniality for sure.
    Also, in the little documentary-type video, Drag Becomes Him on Youtube, Jinkx talks a lot about her grandma, so I’m pretty sure the wig story is totally true. 

  • I thought in Untucked that Alyssa admitted to not doing the work involved for winning the pageant. It seemed to make sense to me why the title would then be taken away and given to Coco.

    Honey’s runway was so awful! How was that even an outfit? How was that walk fierce in any way?? It was more like a pouting tween, playing dress-up poorly, and angry at mom stomp stomp stomp!

    • shanteUstay

      Omg! Yes! When she first came tantrum stomping on the runway, I thought that her puk satin bed sheet was going to have a reveal……I was wrong, and it looked a mess

    • OmegaBlush

      Am I imagining things, or didn’t Honey where that same bedspread on last week’s runway?  

      • You’re close. Last week she did something similar, wearing a giant pink sheet, but that one could be seen though. I do’t understand why Santino at least did not complain to Honey about it this week. Isn’t he supposed to be the fashion guy? Bleah!

        • demidaemon

          She didn’t get critiqued, so Santino would not have said anything.

  • rolacus2

    I don’t think Alaska should have been docked for her male drag. afterall, detox was a rooster.

    • StellaZafella

       And Meeeshelll Visssaggge coming with “I paid my $5, I want to see Alaska!”

      I screamed “Shut the fuck up, bitch! Y’all didn’t pay shit for this…I don’t wanna see BOOBS when I come to Drag Race!”

      Y’all wanna see ALASKA, take a cruise!”

      • SpillinTea

         You betta READ!!!! La Biblioteca is closed! 😀

  • I loved how when Coco pulled Alyssa aside to talk to her she immediately started throwing a pity party about how it’s affected her, then when Alyssa didn’t care about that, she starting crying and ended the conversation because it wasn’t going how she wanted it.

    • MarTeaNi

      This is why I don’t like Coco.  I can’t stand people who resort to crocodile tears as a last ditch “LET ME WIN!” maneuver.  It’s the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum.  Next thing Coco will do is fall to the floor, limbs flailing, crying, “feel sorry for me, ME ME ME MEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

      • How do you feel about Roxxxy’s lip sync then?

        • MarTeaNi

          I rolled my eyes pretty hard. I’m already disinclined to like Roxxxy because she is constantly sniping at Jinkx and doing mean girl negging. It makes for admittedly good tv drama, but it also means I can’t muster up a lot of sympathy.

          • Yeah me too. I’m also over her look, in fact her make-up is beginning to piss me off!

  • Why do bar clowns have such attitude?

  • Stubenville

    It was a really fun episode and Coco was on fire in the lipsynch. 

  • SteelTown83

    You guys are right: Alaska *clearly* would have won if she had pigtails and rocked a tomboy look. I strongly disagree that this is a question for Alaska, however: the show has something to answer for.

    In its casting and showcasing of Monica, the show seemed to want to settle the matter of its policy on trans contestants. And yet, as soon as Monica had served that purpose, she was gone, and in the very same episode, Alaska gets read for “boy drag.” If Alaska is “out of drag” for performing as a Saturday morning cartoon boy, is Monica “out of drag” for being a woman in female drag? The show would clearly rather edit such conundrums away. (Alaska surely had more to say than “I am in drag, Ru!” Which, by the way, was adorable.)

    For a show with so much sincere love for Paris is Burning (including, this week, a touching nod to the Octavia/Paulina scene), they seem to have missed a major opportunity to be all they could be in that regard. They wanted to display the diversity of drag, but instead, this week, they seemed to have become even more rigid in their definition of the artform.

    • StellaZafella

       RuPaul quote (though I first heard it uttered by the great Charles Pierce): “Honey, if you weren’t born in it, it’s DRAG.”

      I think reaming Alaska was just convenient for the angst moment…and to take focus off of Michele wearing leopard and a fedora (shudders).

      • SteelTown83

        Alaska posted this to her facebook wall after the episode, and it had over 1000 likes in a matter of hours. Ru may have underestimated her audience here.

    • SteelTown83

      This said,

      a) Monica did legitimately suck, though I’m worried about her literacy (ugh, it hurts to even mention it), given her ridiculously terrible childhood.

      b) I’m beginning to suspect that the show is giving Alaska an underdog narrative because at least it’s not a Sharon narrative, and they do really like Alaska. It would explain the reading for such a brilliant performance in both the mini and main challenges and NO mention (at least in the edit) of her glorious runway look.

      c) I am so biased and in love with this queen. The risks she’s taking make me proud.

    •  Agreed, agreed, agreed.

  • sigh

    How has no one mentioned the Roxxy/Detox ship sailing???! The first in Drag Race history! Apparently Ru said in an interview that two of the queens were going to fall in love.

    • SteelTown83

      There’s so much to talk about, it’s honestly astonishing that the show is so focused on a pointless feud.

      • sigh

         Thank you! I am beyond over the Coco/Alyssa feud. It’s like the Mimi/Alexis feud drawn out over too many episodes.

  • Is it me (I haven’t watched any episodes yet) or there is A LOT of Botox and plastic surgery amongst these queens? In last seasons, there was one or two under suspicion, but they were minority. Now it looks like at least half of the contestants have had some work done on their faces, at least.

    • SteelTown83

      True–though in Detox’s case, it was reconstructive, and in Coco’s case, one would assume she is just sustaining her livelihood as a Vegas performer.

      • I think both of them look okay(-ish in Coco’s case), but some queens like Alyssa or Jade look a little plastic and it’s bordering on creepy. Nothing against plastic surgery, but it’s kinda sad that even Drag Queens (who are supposed to be uber-confident and all about uniqueness and individuality) feel the pressure of living by certain standards of beauty imposed by the enviroment.

        • demidaemon

          Well, I watch this with my Mom, and she thinks Alyssa looks like Howdy Doody (sp?).

    • PeaceBang

      Yes, I find it weird and distracting. 

  • StellaZafella

    regarding the question of plastic surgery: I think the past season’s face work was just more subtle…not that it wasn’t there. And most queens don’t equate Botox and silicon bumping with “real” surgery. It is more apparent this season, but then, some of these queens have been at it longer and probably consider it part of the job.
    If Detox doesn’t do Angelica Houston for Snatch Game, I think I might be just a tad disappointed.

    • SteelTown83

      I was just saying she needs to be Morticia Addams the other day! Pleeaaaaase, Detox!

      • StellaZafella

         “Oh Gomez, you were an animal…you frightened me!….do it again!”

        • SteelTown83

          Also crossing my fingers for a horse-faced SJP by Alaska.

  • shanteUstay

    Someone, ANYONE!! Hear me out with “boy drag” debacle PLEEEEEAAASSSE!

    The character was called “BUFFALO BILL” no indication of female or dragginess to it. So what exactly was Alaska supposed to do?

    Even Alyssa’s character was specifed as “CROSS DRESSING” Uncle-whatever

    Obviously I’m not a performer drag or otherwise, but as an extremely enthused spectator, I just don’t get how Ru was expecting anything but some kind of male character with that clearly male name-there wasn’t even the slightest bit of wiggle room in there for something funny, unless I’m missing a huge joke here.

    Buffalo Bill is a male name period, and even though He wasn’t in drag Alaska was both funny and adorable in the performance!

    side note~Lineysha looks awful in blonde hair, and honestly shouldn’t have won last week’s challenge, Miss Jinx and Coco killed it last week.
    I really feel it was only a fluke that she lucked out and it was funny.

    • demidaemon

      I think Alaska coud have spelled the name Buffalo Billie (giving it a bit more androgyny), slapped on a wig and some tits, and it wouldn’t have even been a problem.

    • MarTeaNi

      I think making the overalls pink and slapping on some earrings to look a little more like “boy wearing some girly bits” would have made the character work better for me.  I used to have a neighbor who was the spitting image of Buffalo Bill (if Bill had been hit in the face with a shovel) and he would wear pink earrings and carry a pink purse and everything else was redneck bro.  It was…odd.

      But I think the idea of bending gender more, but not doing outright drag, would have worked better.

  • Donald Hite

    1) I liked Jinkx’s runway look, but I thought her face read a little manish (I was getting Prince Poppycock from her, rather than “girl”)

    2) I was SOOO hoping Honey Mahogany would rip off that pink bedspread and have some fierce reveal.  Oh well.  On a positive note, I think her face looked the best it’s looked this week 

    3) I’m LOVING Alyssa for some reason.  On the first episode I was like, who is this overly botoxed monster?!?!?!  Now, I’m finding her endearing (in and out of drag)

    4) While I feel it was valid to question Alaska’s choice to do male drag, I wish they would have also given critique on her performance and not acted like her entire effort was negated by her clothing choice

    5) Can Ivy just leave already?  The whole showgirl shtick is putting beyond boring

    6) TLO, I think your assessment of Lineysha is spot on (with the exception that I didn’t even find her Tyra that funny…)

    7) Lola the Exploda?  I died.  I’m sure they aren’t the first ones to use that name (there has to be a stripper somewhere called this…), but it cracked me up

    • SteelTown83

      Re: Alaska–and not just her performance, the whole damn script that she wrote.

  • Also, where was the Absolut? No mention of it during the description of the prize at the intro, and the queens were not told to enjoy a cocktail in the lounge. The lounge was alcohol free! Did something happen?

  • butter nut

    watch out for coco!  i caught her show in the village a hundred years ago & she knocked everyone out!  she might be a bit much to handle, but coco is for real.  meanwhile, i cannot stop staring at alyssa’s mouth.  jinx is cute as a button – reminds me of a perkier pandora boxx.  but i hope it comes down to alaska v detox in the end, for a freaky queen finale.

  • If Alaska had worn pigtails and added some boobs underneath the overalls, she would have been the obvious winner. Her Buffalo Bill was engaging and funny and SO NOT Peewee Herman. I’m liking Alaska more and more.

    And if Jinkx is not at least in the top 3, I will be sorely disappointed.

  • Sweetpea176

    I also cannot stop staring at Alyssa’s mouth.  Not because it’s attractive, but because she looks like The Incredible Mr. Limpit, which is kinda scary.

    I was prepared to hate Jinx after that narcolepsy gag (I’m assuming it was a gag), but I’m loving her and thought she should have been the winner this week.  Honey, you give me Glenn Close in tortured Zac Posen, and we are friends for life!

    I’m about 15 kinds of over Coco.  Smug and sour, those bitchy little one-liners that are actually tired queen catch-phrases rather than actual wit, the phony martyrdom (how, exactly, was she injured by taking a crown that she had been trying to win in the first place?  How is she the victim here?), utterly devoid of charm….  She’s this season’s Delta Werk for me.

    Honey Mahagony’s vacant stare and ridiculous stomp made her look like she was wasted and working to keep herself upright. 

    Not getting the Roxxy love and I’m not understanding her makeup choices at all.

    Alaska!!  I think she’s just gorgeous, but I fell in love with her Meet the Queens clip.  She was the only one of the queens who took the opportunity to give a performance, rather than some awkward dating website video.  Gender-questionable (a la Just Pat) would have been a better way for her to go this week.  I’m wondering if she’s getting the underdog edit to set up a late-season rally to the win?  Anyway, I’m pulling for you, girl!

    Ru looked batshit crazy on the runway.

    I spend way too much time thinking about this show.

    • SteelTown83

      “I’m wondering if she’s getting the underdog edit to set up a late-season rally to the win?”

      Yes, getting the same vibe.

    • starcaatcher

       “I was prepared to hate Jinx after that narcolepsy gag (I’m assuming it was a gag)”

      Coming from a weirdly-obsessed Jinkx fangirl that knows really weird random things, I can tell you that she really is narcoleptic. The whole falling-asleep-mid-sentence bit in the first episode was edited (because she doesn’t fall asleep mid-sentence) but yeah, she does have narcolepsy.

      • Sweetpea176

        Really?  To me, the editing made it seem like a gag, which is unfortunate if it’s true.

        • OmegaBlush

          They could have taken that clip from any of the confessionals over the period of making the show.  Not that I’m an expert, but my mother has narcolepsy and the way Jinkx described it was spot on, so I don’t doubt if she was left in that chair (esp. after a day in the workroom) for a couple of minutes, I could totally see how she would doze off.  Even the way she woke up was reminiscent of my mom; “Wha..yeah, totally.  I’m fine”

    • OmegaBlush

      I said the same thing about Alaska’s video!  She was the only one who used the opportunity.  Last year many of the queens (the good ones) rocked it, so I was scared this year.  Maybe they got different directions.  They all looked so tired and over it.

    • Melizmatic

       Jinkx was very entertaining in her ‘meet the queens’ spotlight as well…

    • PeaceBang

      I’m with you on Coco. She may be a talented performer but she’s immature and dumb. I am really missing the witty shade throwing of S4. If they drag out this uber-dull Alyssa-Coco feud any longer I’m going to avoid “Untucked.” 

  • This is what happens when you give a challenge of wit to ‘the fishiest season yet.’  Fish is pretty but it stinks up a room.

    I feel a bit bad for Alaska. I don’t think it’s fair that she’s always getting the Sharon comparison. Especially since, according to Sharon herself, Alaska helped her build the persona and taught Sharon a lot of what she knows. I see Alaska as more drugged-up trailor park glamour than Sharon’s gothic psuedo-punk. Still, as sympathetic as I am to her, I’m still underwhelmed. It’s ridiculous that Rupaul, who has herself made comments about drag not just being female impersonation, read her so damned hard for being in male drag. If anything, she should have been read more for sounding exactly like PeeWee (though she was certainly adorable in that outfit).

    Coco would be one of my favorites if she’d shut the hell up about shit that happened two years ago and take out those contacts. Alyssa isn’t the villain the previews painted her to be, so far as I can tell.

    Also, I am inappropriately aroused by the idea of Detox and Roxxy. Those two are scrumptious. And yes, I agree that Detox’s maturity and wit put her ahead of the game.

  • Joshua Cory

    I’m pretty sure Jinkx’s grandma really did buy her the wig. Have you seen “Drag Becomes Him”? In it, Jinkx shows how really influential her grandma is in her drag, among a number of really interesting insights on her drag. For me, it’s a toss up right now between her, Alaska, & Detox for the win.Here is a link to “Drag Becomes Him”:

    • DonnaL

       I just watched that, and thought it was great.  Here’s a newer one, made by the same person:

      Her singing voice impresses me.  Too bad that she can’t show it off on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

  • Linderella

    “Fishy ain’t gonna win you the whole thing.”  Tyra Sanchez would beg to differ.
    I like Jade quite a lot, actually, but Detox had me in the palm of her hand from the second I saw her.

    • Donald Hite

      I think the difference is that Tyra’s runway was epic most of the time.  Granted, that’s all she had, but damn she was good!  Queens like Vivienne have no personality AND no runway presence.  Not that I’m defending Tyra’s win (I can retrospectively see why she won, although I personally would have preferred Raven or Juju over her), but I can definitely see why she wasn’t just another boring fishy queen.

    • pdquick

      I’ve been a Detox fan from the moment she muttered “I’m a top” in the “Chow Down (with Chick-Fil-A)” video.

    •  “Tyra Sanchez would beg to differ.”

      Tyra Sanchez and her monotone baritone … fishy? I don’t think so.

      • Her look was fishy, not that voice.  Tyra always made me think of the song Lola by The Kinks: “I’m not dumb but I can’t understand why she walks like a woman and talks like a man.”

        • Linderella

          That was exactly what I meant rose88, the look.  Tyra was nothing BUT look.  It was a fierce look, granted, but with no personality to back it up, it was just fish sticks.

  • As much as I like Detox, I thought her chicken voice and outfit was EXACTLY the Chicken Lady of the comedy show New Kids In The Hall. OK, so Alaska channelled Peewee, but I thought her performance was really professional. It seems to me Ru does not really feel the Alaska love. Maybe she was overruled by the producers in choosing Alaska for this season (to continue the Sharon Needles story arc)?

    • OmegaBlush

      Nah, I think Ru can pick out a good storyline when she sees it.  I just think she’ll be harder on Alaska than she would have been otherwise.  And there’s no way Alaska is winning.  My guess is she’s gone in 4th, but maybe top 3. I think that’s why they’re going out of their way to highlight her faults now, so it’s more justifiable later.  

  • MrsMaxPower

    My biggest takeaway from this episode is that the faces Alyssa makes are a cross between Mr. Furley & Mr. Roeper. She’s serving Threes Company realness.

    • Melizmatic


  • So, back when the fix was in for Raja, the conversation was all, “Drag isn’t about dressing like a woman or acting feminine.” Why is it OK for Raja but bad for Alaska?

    • Donald Hite

      I agree. We’re kind of getting mixed messages. I can see a difference between Raja’s genderfuck and Alaska dressing straight up like a guy, but in the end isn’t it the performance that counts. Michelle made a big deal about paying her 5 bucks and wanting to see Alaska. Are we only “seeing” Rupaul for the few minutes she’s in drag during the runway. Is she not also giving us Rupaul fierceness as her male persona in the work room? It’s perfectly valid for them to consider how Alaskas choice to do male drag effected the end product, but I don’t think they should have just completely written her off because of it.

    • DinahR

      Alaska wasn’t Alaska though, she was clearly playing Pee Wee Herman.   I think the lack of originality piled on top of not being in drag that causes the raised eyebrows.  

      • SteelTown83

        While I disagree that she was “clearly playing Pee Wee” (and that she wasn’t in drag), I’d actually embrace a Pee-Wee impersonation on the show. He was plenty queer/androgynous.

        Sharon reportedly wanted to be Pee Wee (albeit with boobs) for Snatch Game, but the contract she signed demanded she play a woman for that episode.

    • laquevuela

      I thinkthe difference is that Raja, Nina Flowers, Ongina, Princess, and other queens like them, all had some aspects to their performances that was gender-bending drag. Alaska just came out as “Bill”. There was nothing even quasi-feminine about it.

      •  Well, Alaska is wearing blush and lipstick.

        • Melizmatic

           I concur; Nina is in a class all by herself, and Ongina is sweet and inspiring.

          I’m sure rabid Raja fangirls will hate me for saying this, but other than having a unique fashion sense and an undeniably  fierce walk, I find her personality boring.

          • OmegaBlush


  • sweetlilvoice

    Thank you so much for recapping! This bitter kitten minion is very happy. As always, the assessments are spot on. I’m glad that Monica went home and Coco really brought it. I also thought that Coco (Mrs. T) was a great judge and was really enthusiastic. 

  • SteelTown83

    I assume that this week is going to be a double elimination, since Snatch Game is usually nine queens, we currently have eleven, and Snatch Game is listed is the episode following next week’s Black Swan. (The preview at the end of Pandora’s recap only reinforced this suspicion when it said a “Drag Race first” would happen.)

    Thoughts? Would they have three queens lip synch?

  • jjfg

    Thanks for recapping!  Geez, I post here all the time and have probably never thanked you guys.  This week with this recap a bit later than usual, I realized how much I look forward to this kind of stuff.

    OK, enough stoking the egos.

    I also seem to be reassessing the queens and was really pleasantly surprised by both Jinx and Alaska this week.  Do not know what to make of the whole Alyssa/Coco thing; maybe it’s genuine, maybe not?  But on the whole Coco kinda stole my heart last week reading – oh gosh, I don’t even remember her name.  Something Cha Cha? – so I’m not sure I’m seeing things fairly.

  • Oh my God, I totally forgot about Chicken Lady on Kids in the Hall.  So true!

  • Speaking of Snatch Game- I hope somebody does Madam (of Wayland Flowers And Madam). She needs to be remembered and honored (even if she is a puppet).

  • I’m really warming up to Alaska.  She didn’t impress me initially….but she’s talented, and kinda sweet when not obsessing over Sharon.  Jinx is also tops for me.  As for Coco…girl!  I’m with Alyssa on this – just get a life and get over it already!

  • Jinx, Detox, and Roxxy are the frontrunners at this point for me.  Comedy queens who err on the side of crazy though don’t seem to make the finale so here’s hoping they realize a great queen is more than someone just serving fish.  Jinx’s was all sorts of hysteria and her runway was insane…I loved it!  Coco really did wipe the floor with that lip sync which makes me nervous for anyone of the good queens who have to go against her should that happen again.

    • shanteUstay

      No disrespect to pandora or tammie brown, Jinx has been the first comedy queen to really have a great sense of style and look pretty darn…pretty doing it.

  • sweetlilvoice

    Thank you! I now have someone to root for! The videos are great.

  • Roxxxy’s face makes her look like Wynnona Judd.  Slap a red wig on her & she’s off to the races.

  • Markatha

    Fashions & Runways & Carpets Oh My!  Waiting patiently for this post was HARD!  Just Saying.

    I continue to find my favorite show very entertaining.

    I’m enjoying several of the girls at this point and am not willing to choose a favorite just yet.
    Detox may have an advantage cause I was already loving her from the Music videos she does with Willam & Vicki Vox.
    The trio is very funny and they can sing.  Their new video, a take on A. Keys’ “This Girl is on Fire”,  “This Boy is a Bottom” is great (poor boy, hounded by singing Drag Queens).
    But, I also like Alaska, Jinx, Roxxxy,Ivy, Jade and my initial dislike for Alyssa is wearing off.

    Tons of fun…  “Lil’ Pound Cake”.  What else is there?

  • Alyssa was serving pure Sela Ward. That’s all I could see looking at her. 

  • kathryn_dc

    I haven’t liked Coco since Ep 1, when she would compliment a queen on their pool photo, then lean back and make a face. Subsequent episodes have not improved my opinion of her.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    There will never be anything funnier than Lil’ Pound Cake.  “Straight up motherfuckin’ dick pig” is just the greatest thing ever on this planet.

  • understateddiva

    Just loved Alaska this week. I’m sorry, but genderfuck country Pee-Wee is a hilarious character idea, full-stop. And the whole down-on-the-farm idea was so fun. Her team was hilarious and subversive, the other team seemed uncomfortably vulgar in comparison. Team leadership should count for something (glad it isn’t everything like it is on some shows *cough top chef*) and she really made her team shine.