RuPaul’s Drag Race: Snatch a Fish

Posted on February 26, 2013


Frankly, we don’t even know why they bother with a mini-challenge during the Snatch Game episode. Everyone just wants to get to the main event.




We don’t know if it was because we were exhausted from roughly 18 hours of Oscar coverage in a 24-hour period (very likely) or what, but it took us a second to figure out what they were being asked to do. A cute idea, but it felt like the show rushed right past it to get to Snatch Game.


Another fun idea. They never once looked at each other, did they? We sense tension.

We got a chance to do a phone interview with non-Downtown Julie a while back and she was one of the friendliest people we ever interviewed. You would have thought she was on the phone with a long-time friend, the way she spoke to us. An utter doll.


It’s a shame LOGO ran screaming away from its gay programming, because a half-hour Snatch Game show with RPDR alums seems like a total no-brainer to us.

Of course, as with every Snatch Game, there are a handful of top performers – and then there’s everyone who embarrassed themselves.


GENIUS. Every single one of those queens who sneered at her should be embarrassed of themselves. Just because you never heard of someone doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot, Coco.


She wasn’t bad – and she’s sure as hell suited for it – but she never seemed to take it anywhere.


We thought she was making a terrible mistake playing one of Ru’s best friends, but she was genuinely funny in a Lady Bunny kind of way, even if the voice was kind of odd. She’s a better performer than we originally thought.


HUGE disappointment. Detox is, unfortunately, not the performer we thought she was. We’re still fans and still think she’s a frontrunner, but this disappointing non-performance had us considering everything else she’s done so far and we can’t really point a moment where we thought “Wow!” She’s got looks, smarts, and attitude, but she hasn’t yet nailed anything down in this competition.


Another HUGE disappointment. She was certainly serving up Janet realness but she didn’t say or do one funny thing the entire time. Have these queens never seen the show? It’s not about looking like the person so much as it’s about making Ru laugh.


Awful An embarrassment.

But we have to admit, we didn’t like the way Jade and Coco went after her in the I.I. Lounge. Yes, Alyssa went after Coco in a “joking” manner that clearly wasn’t, and no, we’re not taking sides in this silly little staged feud, but that scene rubbed us the wrong way.


Resting on pretty. Frankly, she should’ve been in the bottom this week, but Ru always has a hard time being hard on the pretty girls.



Who are these queens who show up thinking they don’t need a routine?


We’ll give her credit for actually performing, but we had to laugh at her for rolling her eyes at Jinkx’s choice of Little Edie. Tamar Braxton may be more current, but you’d be lucky to find ten random people out of a hundred who knows who she is.




We didn’t like this look.



Yawn. Like we said, resting on pretty. We were kind of outraged she wasn’t forced to lip synch for her life.


We were split on this look. Lorenzo loved it but Tom hated it. We didn’t think she should’ve been in the bottom, though. Ru likes to send a girl to the Lip Synch just to shake her out of her complacency, though. We’re going with that interpretation. Ru sees something in Detox but she can tell she’s not bringing it like she should, so she put a little of the fear of God into her. We’ll see if it works.


It’s good, but not all that interesting. Again: her greatest talent – aside from fishiness and stirring up shit – is her ability to change up her look.


We kinda loved this look. Yes, it’s another “look at my ass” look, but at least she doesn’t look like Lainie Kazan this week.


Awesome look. But we’re getting tired of her schtick of going after Alyssa with claws unsheathed and then rolling her eyes and acting like she finds the whole thing so tiresome.  Just own that you live for the drama, bitch.


We finally figured out who she looks like: Sue Ellen Ewing. She really should’ve skipped the Katy Perry drag and done Linda Gray drag.

Another “Real Housewives” look. Yawn.


MAJOR yawn. She’s pretty, but that’s all she’s got. At least Ivy has a little style to her.



To be honest, we think Alaska needs to be getting the “you’re not glamorous enough” critique as much as Jinkx does.


But frankly, we think it’s a bullshit critique no matter who it’s leveled against, especially since, as in the cases of Jinkx and Alaska, they have a persona and some actual talent to back it up. “Glamour” just isn’t the be-all and end-all of drag, even if RPDR says so.

Having said that, this really is an unfortunate look for her. But her Little Edie more than made up for and she got a well-deserved win and the right to tell her competitors to eat her shit, please.


So it was down to Detox and Lynesha for the lip synch. Everyone watching knew how this was going to go …

… and when we all realized it was a Cher song, we flipped off our TVs, knowing Detox had it in the bag. Seriously, Ru basically just handed that to her and said “Do right, and remember what I said.”





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  • “The only thing funny about Alyssa is her overbite.” Seriously, she’s like a Matt Groening character come to life.

    • MK03

      And now I can’t unsee it.

    • StellaZafella

       Like Sam the bartender on Halloween…”It’s not personal, it’s DRAG!”

    •  It’s amazing how many people/things/animals Alyssa manages to look like all at once.

    • RocknLox

      Alyssa Edwards is what would happen if we microwaved Will Arnett. 

  • LearnedFoot

    I hope Ru was mortified after watching this episode and seeing that some of her favorite girls don’t know, or care to learn about, a cult figure like Little Edie.
    Perhaps someone who knows more about drag than I do can explain the focus on Jinkx’s perceived lack of glamour? I feel like she’s shown a pretty decent variety in her looks and characters, and in my book, Marie Antoinette sure is glamorous! Do drag queens, even those whose act is more character- and comedy-based, really need to also pull off high-fashion and glamour? I know that I’d much rather pay to see Jinkx or Pandora perform than someone who is gorgeous but dull. Speaking of which: my God, how beautiful are Lynesha and Ivy? It’s too bad that they are such weak performers. I actually would’ve sent Ivy home – she had Marilyn’s voice totally wrong, and she couldn’t even come up with a good comeback about being “into politics”? (“No, but politicians sure are into me!” isn’t great, but would’ve been better than just smiling and futzing with her hair.)
    And are the contestants this season… meaner than usual? I prefer shade that comes across as playful, and while there’s been plenty of that, there has also been an element of cruelty to some of it that just seems more pronounced this time ‘round. Maybe I’m biased because I just love Jinkx, and teared up right along with her last night. Insults don’t seem as funny to me when they are aimed at an underdog; it violates the “kiss down, kick up” rule of comedy.

    • MK03

      UGH YES. There’s a lot of nastiness this season. I really wish they’d bring Chad and Latrice in to read these bitches the riot act. They could use a healthy dose of the 5Gs.

      • thundersnow528

        THANK YOU – I’ve been saying this season’s cast has been overly cruel from day one – and it’s been difficult liking any of them.  This episode  with an increase in Jinkx-time, I think I’ve finally warmed to one of them.  I like quirky and off the beaten path, and I like she thinks about things.  That makes an interesting drag queen, not just the ability to glitter down the runway.  Good for her last night and I hope this puts a fire in some of the others to step up the C.U.N.T. skills, and turn down the unwarranted bitchiness.

        And Coco and Alyssa – total examples of lots of talking going on, nobody saying anything.  And it’s not the editing – they really sound illogical and delusional.   

    • I’m guessing Alaska must know how Little Edie is, since Sharon dressed up as her last season. Also I saw a comment by Detox on the Logo site that seemed to indicate she also knows.

      Isn’t Little Edie considered glamorous, just not in a J-Lo diva way? Take away the props Jinkx used for oddness, and she looked it to me.

      • Yeah, she was talking to Alaska about the crap she gets from queens who don’t “get” her style of drag, and I’m sure that Alaska can totally relate. She, Jinkx, and even Sharon are in the same ballpark of character-driven, “quirky” drag that’s more about performance than looking fishy.

        • Yeah, Alaska has been consistently impressive but Jinkx is a serious contender and watching people underestimate them is depressing to me. It’s like… it’s like Coco and Alyssa don’t realize that RuPaul wants to see COMEDY in this episode and Ru was just clearly impressed by Jinkx’s Edie, and I was just… dying with laughter. The fact that she brought discreet props that made her the funniest thing to see on stage even when she wasn’t saying anything was genius. And Alaska’s affectionate Lady Bunny parody was also just utterly adorable. 

          You could see Alaska’s eyes go wide when RuPaul asked her to be funnier than Lady Bunny, and then Alaska brought it to the table. The voice wasn’t perfect, but the look was dead on.

          • She got the look and humor right, so the voice wasn’t that big of a deal. Ivy looked well enough as Marilyn and I bet if she had had the humor and personality right, like Sharon did, I doubt they would have cared all that much about the voice with her too.

      • Where was the clip of detox mentioning she knew Little Edie? i’ve been looking out for it but can’t seem to find it online or on the show! I have heard several people reference this. 

    • Frank_821

      I am wondering if they mean she hasn’t done anything straight on glamorous like on the level RuPaul herself does? She’s created a bevy of fun characters but the goal has been more for comedy. I think Santino pegged her. She’s this season’s Pandora Box.

      I always take those critics as a wish for the contestants to push and expand themselves

    • NChD

      I agree 100% on pretty much every point you made. I prefer drag queens with personality over glamour. If I want to see pretty girls I’ll watch a beauty pageant. In my opinion, the fun of drag is not just being fishy but having the wit and personality. Michelle Visage’s obsession with glamour is getting on my nerves. From TLo’s general commentary on the show from season-to-season, I get the impression that it’s Ru and the judges that emphasize glamour over talent and not the drag community in general (although there are clearly different types of drag, one of which being the pageant queen).

      I also agree that more of the queens seem more mean-spirited this season than previous seasons (PhiPhi O’hara seeming to start the trend, although she wasn’t really surrounded by other queens like that in her season).

      • gsk241

         I absolutely agree with this.  RPDR seems to favor the pageant queens over entertainers.  At least it seems that way by how the challenges and contestants are presented.  Either that, or they just pick vapid idiots who don’t know anything about pop culture like Tyra Banks who was stunningly beautiful, but less interesting than linoleum.

        Honestly, I think Michelle just picks a queen at random and a critique at random and matches them up.  Case in point, her constant harping on Chad last season for being too polished.  I could never make much sense out of that except that Michelle didn’t like Chad and wasn’t able to articulate why.

    • VioletFem

      This seems to happen every season. RPDR always has at least one kooky campy, funny, and witty queen who maybe isn’t that into the super high fashion glamour (see Pandora). Even though she is super talented, they still critique her over her “lack” of glamour. Even, Sharon Needles got that same critique, so she finally put on one straight high fashion look to satisfy that critique from Michelle. Jinkx might have to do that just to stay in the game, because I’d to see her go home early over a fairly minor critique.

      • Imasewsure

        Agreed but Pandora also had some pretty awful outfits and little variation in her style and that was what did her in as well. Sharon Needles had an amazing wardrobe and a lot of variety even within her gothy wheelhouse. Jinkx looks pretty solid as well. She’s one of my favs for sure although I am forever true to Ms. Nina Flowers!!

    • Celandine1

      Two more things to love about Jinkx, she saved the Snatch Game from one of many uncomfortable silences by picking up the JFK ball that Ivy dropped AND Santino compared her to Pandora Boxx. Of course the Pandora comparison probably means she won’t win, but Jinkx hopefully will be a fan favorite and get a well deserved career boost.

      • Sweetpea176

        I did a little “atta girl” for Jinxx at that moment — she picked up the line, did a genuinely funny bit with it, and gave Ivy a little read all at the same time.  “It was in all the magazines at the time.  Quite a scandal, really.”  I love her for it.  And I wondered a little if Ru didn’t set Ivy up and Jinxx up a little bit, knowing that Ivy would probably fumble, and Jinxx would probably score.  If so, I love her for it, too.

    • She said on Twitter that she got over her outrage about babyqueens not knowing their herstory ages ago and is here to school them. So there’s that 🙂 

  • MK03

    How the royal fuck do a bunch of drag queens not know who Little Edie is?? SHAMEFUL. Especially you, Coco. You’re in your 40s. Ain’t no excuse for that.

    • pawtley

      I can’t recall the season, but I remember there was also a lack of awareness of Paris Is Burning, and at least one queen got read for not knowing ‘herstory.’ 

      •  That was Jiggly Caliente! 😀

        • pawtley

          Good catch!

      • I think it was Jiggly Caliente on season 4 who was read for it, but it also could have been Tatianna from season 2, who didn’t even know who Oscar Wilde was.

        • pawtley

          All just trying to rest on pretty, I guess (which is not part of the Charisma-Uniqueness-Nerve-Talent, but then again, neither is pop culture appreciation, sadly).

    • Mefein

       And there was that moment that Coco said, “What’s a Little Edie? She don’t look little to me!” and gave that self-satisfied, AH, SNAP! look, and I could just imagine that all across America thousands of people were rolling their eyes and uttering the same word at the exact same time: “Dumbass!”  How often does that happen?

      • AnotherG

        Bingo.  I hate to quote Serena Cha Cha, but “Read a book!”

      • DinahR

        I know!  Coco, that was satisfyingly hilarious in ways you totally didn’t intend.  Thanks!   

        Another backfire was that her snide comment would never be said by Janet Jackson in that way.  Way to sabotage your own character there.  

    • I don’t think it’s right to say that. If someone was black would you expect them to know all the influenncial black people that have ever existed? No, so it’s not fair to assume that just because she is a icon that these people would know her. Take me for example. I’m gay, but I know nothing about Cher or Madonna except for the fact that they don’t have last names.

      •  It’s absolutely fair — these are people who make a living on pop culture and cult icon references.  You can be a woman and have no knowledge of the women’s liberation movement, but you can’t be a Women’s Studies professor! 

        • You’re right! Every drag queen is exactly the same and all use the same celebrities for their material and look up to the same people and wear the same clothes, etc! 😀

      • What pissed me off is the fact that some queens kinda made fun of Jinkx’s choice. It’s okay if you don’t know the reference, but the fact that you’re ignorant of certain aspects of pop culture doesn’t mean everybody is. It may sound harsh, but there’s nothing to be proud of in not knowing, so if you don’t get the reference, go and learn (either ask somebody or do some research).

        • I’m not trying to justify their taunting of Jinkx because she has been my favorite since the very beginning. I’m just saying that people are getting so riled up over the fact that they don’t know her for no reason. Just because I am an artist does not mean that I am going to know every famous artist that ever existed that doesn’t make any sense to me.

          • Still, they’re supposed to be the best of the best, which means they should know their history. Granted, there have been other queens in RPDR who didn’t show an impressive knowledge of drag culture, but that shouldn’t make it okay (besides, any of them made it to the end, so it should be telling something), and the same goes to the busted queens who don’t think that the looks matters: it may not be the most important aspect, but it’s the first thing you should get. If you want to be part of history, you have to know who came before you.

            Besides, come on, little Edie is not that obscure a reference as some people here are trying to make it, especially for drag queens.

          • MichaelStrangeways

            What was shocking was that SO MANY of them were clueless…judging by the editing and just knowledge about the contestants, it looked like only Alaska and Detox had a clue.

          • Given that Sharon gave a Grey Gardens nod last Season (with her magazine cover), my daughter and I were expecting that Alaska better know Little Edie.

          • StellaZafella

             I laughed hardest, when it was all said and done, to hear Roxxxy defend her Tamar Braxton by saying “If you don’t know who she is now…you will when I’m through!” and yet Jinx quietly went about her business and, in the end, they ALL knew who Jinx’s Little Edie was: The WINNER!

            Snaps up! Eat THAT bitches!

          • zenobar


          • LittleKarnak

            Do you feel the same way about the queen who apparently didn’t know who Diana Ross is?

          • Celandine1

            The look on Ru’s face when Lineysha admitted that was pretty much, “Bitch start packing, you are gonna sashay away next episode.”

          • Of course I do, and I felt the same way about Kenya Michales from season 4 (who could barely have enough references of Beyonce to put together a look and failed to do anything interesting), about Tyra Sanchez and Tatianna from season 2 (the former for only knowing Beyonce and never heard of Tina Turner, and the latter for not knowing anything beside Britney) and about those in season 1 who didn’t know who Oprah is (I think they were Nina and Jade). These are performers, they’re requested to have at least the very little knowledge of the popular culture and have at least one character in their repertoire to perform

      • CarlyHo

        What makes them not knowing inexcusable is that Grey Gardens was mentioned by the judges in Season 4 when Sharon dressed up as Little Edie for the magazine challenge. So they should have had at least a vague idea who Little Edie is just from watching last season!

        • Again another assumption. How do you know that these queens watched that episode let alone that season?

          • SteelTown83

            I think the assumption is that they *ought* to at least have seen that season/episode. Which is a fair assumption, given their desire to be on the show.

          • M312

            Sorry, there are rules to Drag and know thy history is one of them. And if they didn’t watch the show, they don’t deserve to be on it. 

          • StellaZafella

             I get your original point, Zach: No, it SHOUDN’T matter that not all the queens knew a certain dated pop reference.

            What mattered to me was that they also weren’t interested to learn…and made it an issue to say so, snidely.

          • JANE LANE

             Why would you not study for a test where an A means you get a hundred grand? It’s like queens showing up and not being prepared for the Snatch Game, you know it’s coming, so why wouldn’t you work on it?

          • “how do you know that these queens watched that episode let alone that season?” . . . REALLY?

          • Really what? I don’t understand your question.

          • readdiefreddie

            I think it’s a fair assumption that every queen who has been on RPDR has watched every episode of every season preceding theirs. Alaska mentioned watching Sharon during her season, which implies that there was enough lag time between S4 airing and S5 filming.

            And really, if you’re auditioning for a reality TV show competition, you should watch every bit of the show that has been aired. First, why would you audition to be on a show you don’t even watch? It’s kind of a huge strike against you from a casting perspective. Second, it helps you figure out what you’re going to have to deal with, and especially once a show’s settled in you can identify some challenges that are always going to pop up (in the case of RPDR: Snatch Game, makeover challenge, and a live singing challenge have always appeared since at least S2).

            And then for a show like RPDR, it’s important to know the history of the show and those who came before you. The second episode of this season had the queens lip-synching to past clips of Untucked. That’s a clear indication that these queens are fully expected to have watched not only the main show, but everything affiliated with it.

            Which is why Darren responded to “how do you know that these queens watched that episode let alone that season?” with “REALLY?” Because these queens absolutely should have watched that episode along with the rest of that season, as well as all of the other seasons and all of Untucked.

      • JANE LANE

        Yeah, but you know who they are. And you know, they don’t have have to know, but pretending like she’s got some kind of upper hand for not knowing, I think, is the thing that gets to people. Especially when Ru knew. 

      • It’s not about knowing every single person who’s ever existed, but Little Edie is an important figure in GAY CULTURE. Being ignorant of her and reveling in that ignorance is just not a good look.

    • rkdgal

       Gay cards REVOKED!!  I was gobsmacked at that.  Know your gay icons, bitches!!

      • SpillinTea

        No T no Shade, but someone isn’t dumb for not knowing Little Edie. Lyneesha not knowing Diana Ross? Absolutely. But Little Edie? Chile pleez.

        • SteelTown83

          A *drag queen* is dumb for not knowing Little Edie. Or “dumb” probably isn’t the right word, especially since such knowledge of American aristocracy (Camelot and its affiliates) or Broadway or HBO is not just a little bit racialized. 

          But drag functions in large part to engage the culture, or mirror it, or turn it upside down, or twist into something monstrous or tragic or beautiful or all of it. That starts with knowing it, book learnin’ or no. Knowing that women on TV between All My Children and Jeopardy! always have evening bags is a kind of knowledge, and drag reminds us that it’s a significant kind. Coco’s Vegas arrogance would be interesting if it were the least bit self-aware.

          • M312

            Indeed. Well said and as another mentioned, it’s fine to not know who someone is, but don’t mock someone for actually having knowledge you don’t possess. Be grateful you’re learning something new. 

          • StellaZafella

             And pearls, SteelTown. Evening bags and pearls.

            …and they ALWAYS ran the vacuum wearing high heels.

      • M312


    • I only know who Little Edie is because of “The New Normal”.

  • Coco can go home. She’s an asshole.

    • Jessi03

      I don’t like her much either, but it isn’t RuPaul’s Best Friend Race.  She does have talent, even though her personality makes me want to claw my own face off.

      • VioletFem

        Coco seems a little over confident at times. She has talent but she is not THE most talented queen this season. Plus, she often lets her drama with Alyssa (aka the shit she stirs up every freaking time they are in the same room) get in the way of her performance. 

        • MichaelStrangeways

          What talent? She’s good at throwing shade but that seems to be the extent of her repertoire…

          • VioletFem

            Lipsync-ing, I think? That might be it. Which come to think of it, isn’t very much.

          • Celandine1

            What bugs the hell out of me about Coco is that she throws a lot of shade, but then pouts, cries and plays the victim when it comes her way.

          • MichaelStrangeways

            That seems to be the M.O. for both her and Alyssa…throw shade then cry/whine when it’s thrown back.

            They are a lot alike…

        • zenobar

           I thought exactly the same thing about Coco’s schtick – basically announcing that she was about to metamorphose completely lacked the hilarious shock value of Chad’s stealthy transformation(s).  And because she didn’t have the comedic chops to back it up, it just came off as a cheap, desperate trick.

          • StellaZafella

             Chad as Cher quote: “Yeah, WIGS! I love ’em, bitch! I can’t go 5 minutes without changing my hair!”

            That’s how you get a laugh – from your audience AND the person you’re sending up…apparently Cher told Chad that she loved his stuff on her because it was all true, and stuff she really might say. Which is key to the humor in your chosen celebrity: Pick someone who’s at least nominally self aware of their own little absurdities.

  • Alyssa is like Howdy Doody and Don Knotts had a baby and put it into drag. I am OVER her almost as much as I’m over Coco and Jade. Send the three of them home next week and let the rest of them fight it out. I LOVE YOU JINXX.

  • i hope you really didn’t turn off the tv, because Detox during that lip sync was HILARIOUS.  i knew she had it in the bag, but i was busting up laughing at her mouth antics.  so so good.  Jinx’s Little Edie was GENIUS.

  • dya2637

    First of all lets get this out of the way, Alyssa may look like Sue Ellen but I doubt she knows who she is. Also both she and Coco are just sour bitter mean-spirited people.  How do these girls not know who Little Edie was? OK maybe you missed the documentary, maybe you missed the musical, but did you buffoons also miss the hugely successful movie starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore? 

    • rococodada

      Or Tina Fey impersonating Drew’s impersonation of her on 30 Rock? One of my favorite T. Fey moments.

  • It took me a while, but over the last few episodes I’m now firmly in the Jinkx Monsoon fan camp.

    I’m over both Coco and Alyssa. Drama is only interesting when the people behind it have the talent to back up their smack-talk, and frankly I’m just not seeing anything really impressive coming out of either of those two yet. (Maaaaybe Alyssa’s dance last week, but she’s a dancer. It’s like having a pro-singer on the show and having her winning a singing bit. Meh.)

  • starcaatcher

    I knew Jinkx was going to win this one. She’s a pretty accomplished actor who is a master at staying in character,and I’d seen videos of her Little Edie and I knew that she was taking that win. So deserved. I ADORE Ivy, but I was shocked that she was not lip-syncing for her life. Nothing was right about that Marilyn. Tired of Coco (especially after she came after precious Jinkxy. No, girl. Don’t even try it.) Bored with Jade. Still not sure how I feel about Roxxxy. I have mostly positive feelings for everyone else though! Beyond tired of the Coco and Alyssa drama and GOD, IF I HEAR “ROLASKATOX” ONE MORE TIME…. Next week is a singing challenge though, and Jinkx has pipes… two wins in a row for this perfect little angel? I have my fingers crossed!

    (Can you tell who my favourite is?)

    • MilaXX

       Calling it now, either Jinx or if Ru wants a plus queen, Roxxy FTW. Right now I’m leaning heavily towards a Jinx won.

      • VioletFem

        Interesting choice, right now I’m pulling for Jinks. However, Detox is still a serious contender, despite making the bottom 2 this week.

    • I like Coco, but I am so sick of her drama with Alyssa. I can see why she and Shangela got along, because Alyssa is basically Shangela if Shangela was all about the look instead of talent (how ironic that that’s reversed with those two), and she is becoming Shangela-level annoying to me. I just hope in a challenge in the near future, the fight lands those two both in the bottom and they lip sync it out, one goes home, and then we’re done with their brand of drama. 

      •  That would be so delicious. I think Alyssa would go home because her face is too cray cray while Coco is more fierce.

    • SteelTown83

      I would predict a Jinkx win if the show didn’t seem super-duper committed to maintaining a frontrunner-less season. One win per queen so far, and I see that trend continuing. Since it’s a singing challenge, look for either Jade or Alaska to get their first victory.

      • MichaelStrangeways

        JInkx would really have to drop the ball (or someone else is a brilliant singer). In the last year she (or rather Jerick Hoffer) has starred in “Rent” as Angel and “Hedwig & the Angry Inch” here in Seattle.

        • SteelTown83

          Oh yeah, I’m aware of her credits. And I’m sure she’s got the best pipes. But let’s be honest: the last two weeks of Drag Race, with queens winning challenges *because* they are clearly the most skilled (Alyssa with dance, Jinkx with improv) is the exception on this show, not the rule.

          • SteelTown83

            TinTim made this point really well in the last recap.

        • out for a walk

          I didn’t see Rent, but the Hedwig production was AMAZING!

  • Joseph Morris

    First and foremost, I agree 100% Jinkx’s Little Edie was HILARIOUS and spot on. Second I would like to take to task all these queens for not knowing about Grey Gardens but I don’t have the strength right now. But I do have enough strength to say I’m over Coco and her lack of humor. In the work room she makes fun of Jinkx for “having nothing but comedy” which is about the only time Coco has made me laugh. Then she’s totally clueless on Match Game and when Jinkx makes a joke about not knowing who all these other people are (obviously a joke) Coco tries to come at her by pointing out how she doesn’t know who Edie is. No duh dummy, that’s the joke. GTFO Coco, I’m done with her.

    • Yeah, they should know about Grey Gardens, but on the other hand I’m 56, I DO know who Little Edie is and I don’t know anything about most of the pop divas they talk about anyway. 

      • I’m still not sure how I know as much Ke$ha and Katy Perry as I do. I blame osmosis. But Grey Gardens tends to pop up everywhere. I’ve not seen the original documentary, or the HBO Special, or the Broadway play but Grey Gardens is a part of pop culture. Hell, they did an episode of One Life to Live a couple of years ago where they totally spoofed Grey Gardens. It’s just one of those things that is part of the lexicon.

        I really don’t know enough about KeSha to know what would make her funny. Katy Perry with her bubblegum pop princess style and her Russell Brand short lived marriage I could see being able to do more with. But still, Ru lobbed softballs at Alyssa and Ivy and they had nothing. It wasn’t even coming up short… it was coming up with NOTHING and that was just beyond sad.

  • Do these queens not watch the previous seasons of the show they’re on?  Sharon Needles dressed as Little Edie just last season.

    And then there’s Rufus Wainwright in 2001, the HBO movie in 2009, and Bebe Wood spent an entire episode doing a (fabulous) impersonation of Little Edie on The New Normal late last year.  The original documentary may be old, but there are plenty of modern references to it.

    • Frank_821

      actually she was dress as Michelle Visage

      • Joe J

         Yes, but she was dressed as Little Edie for her “Kitty Cat” magazine cover challenge.

      • I was referring to the Dragazines episode, not Snatch game. 🙂

    • MilaXX

       that kid on The New Normal is the best thing about the show.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      Thank you…AND, the Tony winning musical from a few years back.

  • 107thStreet

    When will you be judges on this show?

    • Melizmatic

       That would be awesome.

    • SabrinaBanoJamil

      Do you think Ru would respond to a TLo fan petition? We could start a twitter thing or a Facebook thing or something. I’M JUST SAYING ITS TIME FOR TLO TO BE ON MY TIVO.

  • HeyMrPhipps

    Team Jinkx, FTW! Seriously, how could any drag queen worth her foundation not know who Little Edie is? Have none of these girls had drag mothers or ever caught a Grey Gardens reference from older queens they’ve worked with? I’m reminded of the crotchety and disgusted old queen who schooled Tatiana when she claimed to not know who Oscar Wilde was in Season 2: “There is a pantheon one should learn …”

    I’m not sorry to see Lineysha go. And the Language Barrier card has to stop being played right now. This show has been field tested for four seasons now. Borrow someone’s Rosetta Stone, hunty. Failing that, she could have just Charo-ed her way through Celia Cruz and she may have been at least safe. All she had do is say, “My English ees not so good”, rattle something off in Spanish, then shout “¡Azúcar!” I’m a white boy; how is it that I can remember the Queen of Salsa’s most renown catch phrase and a Puerto Rican queen couldn’t?

    Again, “There is a pantheon one should learn …”

    • I agree- do any of these queens watch the previous seasons? They have to know that if you can’t easily comprehend spoken english, let alone speak it fluently, you are going to have problems. 

    • Melizmatic

       *lmao @ “Borrow someone’s Rosetta Stone, hunty!”

      All of this.

    • MilaXX

       THIS. It’s nice that Ru reaches out to the PR queens, but the “PR queen with the language barrier” thing has played out and is starting to get a little insulting. I want a PR queen that’s the whole package and we really haven’t had one since Nina Flowers.

      • sweetlilvoice

        Amen! Long live La Loca!

    • Seriously, the language barrier is just an excuse. Yara Sofia proved multiple times that the language issues could be used to her advantage and she used the barrier to be funny. The exercise challenge and when she was Charro in All Stars are great examples, and even during her season’s Snatch Game, while she did a horrible impersonation, at least it was FUNNY. This is an English language show, if a queen is that concerned about a language barrier, then she should brush up before filming. When I went to France I brushed up on my French because I knew that I would be expected to speak it and understand it. 

      • xay

        Exactly. Kenya didn’t lose on Snatch Game because of the language barrier. She lost because her Beyonce was awful.

        Lineysha did not come prepared for Snatch Game at all. That’s why she ended up going home.

      • Airkisses

         It would have been HILARIOUS if she had answered everything in incomprehensible Spanish and/or sung it. She could probably do a better spanish-language impersonation of Celia than English. She could have turned it in her favor.

        My english is not very good looking IS an actual Celia Cruz quote btw 🙂

    •  I was thinking she could have done Shakira and just answered “These hips don’t lie” to everything.  She’d have been fine.

  • Of all the queens that have ever been on RPDR, Detox is the only one that, to me, could make a funny Lady Gaga impresionation. I was deeply dissapointed when she chose Ke$ha, and even more when I realized that she wasn’t wowing anyone.

    •  That peeing thing was AWFUL.

      • zenobar

         I literally did the hissing-intake-of-breath-through-clenched-teeth grimace when she did that.  And Ru’s look of disgust didn’t seem entirely put-on, did it?

  • MaryanneGirl

    Okay, I totally get that Detox was going to stay, but I have to say I laughed OUT loud at her gospel jaw. 

    (Oh, and yes, I was shocked that they didn’t know who Little Edie was. Jinkx freaking brought the laughs in the Snatch Game!)

    • bobman59

      I’m thinking that not only did she have some acute gospel jaw,  but she moved around like a puppet jellyfish ala Madam and Waylon.   Don’t get me wrong though.   I love me some Detox in her Chick Fil A send up with Willam.   

  • THANK YOU!!!  I’ve spent weeks trying to figure out who Alyssa reminds me of, and it’s completely Linda Gray!

    • michelelala

      I always thought she looks like Carol Bayer Sager in drag.  And Barney Fife out of it

  • e jerry powell

    I’m just over this bunch.

  • Alyssa is just as shady and as much to blame as Coco in the pot-stirring. I am getting tired of Alyssa shirking any blame for the drama. Add Jade to the mix and the lounge was OUCH!

    I liked Ru’s tassle dress! And Ivy’s goldfish dress. And Detox’s jellyfish dress, especially during the twirl in the lip synch, woo! But Alaska needs to step away from the tight dresses when they make it hard to strut down the runway. She’s looking like she has a hard time walking rather than looking elegant or demure.

    So Roxxxy was herself in the Snatch Game?  😛

    A singing challenge next week? Could it be another win for Jinkx?

    • AnotherG

      I normally like Untucked, but WAY WAY WAY too much was spent in that Ménage a Bitch between Alyssa, Coco, and Jade.  They all three need to be slapped down. 

    • Celandine1

      I turned off Untucked because the whole thing was just BORING. It almost … almost … made me miss Phi Phi O’Hara’s incomprehensible rants against Sharon Needles last season.

  • Melizmatic

    So, okay;

    It appears that T~Lo’s ‘Bitter Kittens’ have nailed it two weeks in a row with the predictions; first, someone totally called it on the double elimination, then last week someone foresaw Lineysha sashaying away because of the language barrier/ lack of funny in the snatch game.


    Either you queens are pre-cognizant, or this show is just getting too damn predictable.


    Either way, I’m totally loving it that in the end, Jinkx killed it in the Snatch Game and made all those shade throwing queens EAT IT.

    That being said, I also heard her ‘death knell’ when the judges compared her to Pandora Boxx.


    The funny, quirky queens never seem to even make it to the top 4, let alone win; the one exception I can think of is JuJu Bee, who made top 3 in her season, then choked inexplicably.

    Anyhoo, the rest of the critique is spot on as usual; I agree that Ru wanted to shake Detox up, because lets be honest, she just  hasn’t bringing it like all the hype led us to believe she would.

    And before I even heard what song it was, I knew Lineysha was toast;
    She’s been relying on her look to carry her this whole time, and frankly, that’s just not enough.

    This is RPDR, not America’s Next Top Model.

    Speaking of being on the wrong show:

    I-VEEEEEE Win-TUUUUUURS. (Gawd, how I hate how they say her name.) Bitch can design/make a dress like nobody’s business, but dammmmn, she’s both bland AND dumb.

    At first I thought it was all just an act, but the way she phoned it in as Marilyn was painful to watch (although it did give ‘Little Edie’ even more opportunity to shine. “He’s related to me, distantly; You haven’t heard of him?”)

    If she isn’t the next one to get culled, I’ll be shocked.

    • I love that I was totally right about Lineysha, though I wouldn’t have hated being wrong. For my next prediction, Jade and Ivy in the bottom two next week, unless they can actually sing. If they can, then the bottom two the week after. 

      And btw, I think it’s safe to say that Sharon and Raja are “funny and quirky”, or in the least they’re definitely quirky. Pandora didn’t win Snatch Game in her season, but Jinkx did, so I’m hoping that change is in the air and that this season, like the two before it, results in an interesting queen getting the win instead of just a pretty queen. 

      • Melizmatic

         That was you?

        Good call, girl.

        Yes, Sharon is arguably quite funny; but as I pointed out up-thread, she’s also more than capable of serving up the glamor, as well being humorous and having good instincts; like when she channeled an Olsen twin for that ‘3 separate runway looks’ challenge. Or when she made both her wig and her outfit match her poodle when they had to work with dogs.

        Although feirce to be damned, I never really found Raja to be funny; except when she was throwing shade in the work room or during the confessionals… and that was honestly more ‘mean girl bitchiness’ than any actual comedic talent.

        As for winning Snatch Game; thus far its been Tatiana, Stacey Lane Matthews and Chad Micheals, so I dont know what to think, but I hope you’re right that the tide is slowly changing.

        • AnotherG

          Hey! I did too! 🙂  But more to the point, I’d forgotten Tatiana won for Britany Spears (I think).  I have to go back and see what the rest of the field was, because I don’t remember her being *that* good.  On a par w/ Alexis Mateo’s Alicia Keys.  Good, but not memorable.  And Raja’s Tyra was actually pretty funny, even if she relied a little too much on the “smizing” thing.

          • Melizmatic

            You’re correct; she did win, and many fans felt that Pandora got shafted because her Carol Channing was so spot on.

            However IIRC, Tati was also surprisingly good; she nailed airhead pre-meltdown Brittney, even in a borrowed wig.

            Raja wasnt the weakest link of that particular Snatch Game, but she wasn’t particularly funny either, IMO.

        • the Olsen twin impersonation: have you ever seen Very Mary Kate? Jinkx definitely was doing a Very Mary
          Kate version of the Olsens which I LOVE!

    • Jessi03

      Well a lot of people put Sharon as a quirky funny queen, which is why it was so shocking that Ru let her win.  America was with Sharon, but Ru and Absolut didn’t think she was glamorous and “family friendly” enough.  B/c you need to be family friendly to sell vodka.

      • Melizmatic

         And drag queen culture is just all around good ‘family entertainment’ for everyone; totally G-rated.



        •  You mean it’s not?  My kids watch it… (In fact, the baby LOVES it — he watches it on DVR every afternoon after his nap, ’cause it’s his favorite!)

          • Melizmatic

             *lolz @ ‘FanBaby’; luv it.

    • CrashSUCKS

       Uh, Sharon was a funny, quirky, shock queen and she won.

      • Melizmatic

        Uh, Sharon also does glam, to death. (Pun intended.)

        Despite that both Santino & Michelle conveniently forgot that fact time and time again, (because “You’re not glam enough” is always their ‘fallback criticism’ ) I haven’t.

        In fact unlike some other winners, *cough* Tyra *cough*, Sharon totally stepped up her ‘glam’ after obtaining the crown.

        The cover she did a few months ago for OUT 100 left me breathless.

        • PeaceBang

          So true. Sharon was always incredibly polished and did goth glam. Non-traditional, but bitch could paint and get her wig did like no one’s business.

  • Joe J

    I was riveted by the Celia Cruz impersonation, not because it was good, but because I could not believe how BAD, how WRETCHEDLY unfunny she was.  Worst Snatch Game showing ever.  I went from “say something funny, damn it”, to “say something remotely interesting, damn it” to “uh, someone hold a mirror under her nose and see if she’s alive”.  Even Phi Phi’s Lady Gaga from last season was better than this.

    • Joseph Morris

      How about how she made a joke about “flipping her hair back and forth” just like in the lip sync episode where they did dialogue from past seasons. Remember how she did that stupid whipping her hair back and forth schtick then too? She has no clue what funny is.

      • AnotherG

        Honestly, that’s the second time we saw Lineysha rocking back and forth weirdly.  The first was when she did it as Tyra, and was thankfully told by other queens, “Uh, no.”  I’m beginning to think that’s her version of “going fetal” when under stress.

  • kathryn_dc

    “Every single one of those queens who sneered at her should be
    embarrassed of themselves. Just because you never heard of someone
    doesn’t mean a whole hell of a lot, Coco.”
    Amen, Amen, Amen.

    Ivy’s poor performance as Marilyn had me practicing a Ms. Monroe voice. I’d never tried to do it before but even mine was better than Ivy’s!

    I love Jinkx but I worry that in full makeup she looks like she’s wearing a prosthetic nose! Surely that is just unfortunate shading, and something she can improve!

    • MilaXX

       even if she didn’t get the voice down if she had the right jokes and responses it would have worked.

      • I’m no Marilyn expert, so I have no idea what jokes to make, but clearly Ivy wasn’t either – how did she miss that softball question about “politics”??

  • Alaska and Jinx have amazing potential, but somehow they let themselves be outshined by the louder queens (Detox, Roxxy, Alyssa). So thank God at least Jinx stepped it up a bit, but she tumbled. That mantra she has with the duck’s back was sweet but seemed to show how fragile she is. She has the C.U.T. but not the N. 

    • Jessi03

      I worry for our little duck.  I so badly want her to go far.  She’s getting a lot of the same critiques they threw at Pandora and Sharon, and I worry she’s not as strong as Ms. Needles.  Eta: Emotionally as strong, not in terms of potential. Obviously she’s fiercely talented.

    • AnotherG

      I don’t know:  “Nerve” doesn’t mean you’re not nervous.  It means you stand your ground despite your nerves.  She stood right up to Ms. V and called her on her “different aesthetic.”  You could hear Santino’s guffaw at that.  And it wasn’t at Jinx.

      • xay

        Agreed. And we know that Ru loves queens who can throw back to the judges. As much crap as Jinkx put up with this week, she seems aware of her own fragility and has her own way of dealing with it. She is full of Nerve and good for her.

        • kathryn_dc

          I was surprised and touched that she was repeating “Water off a duck’s back” to steel herself for the critique. Aw!

    • MichaelStrangeways

      I disagree…they are wisely laying low, while all the talentless loudmouths blather on…then, voice their very funny opinions in the confessional.

      And, if you’ve noticed, the loudmouths have finally started to notice Jinkx and go after her. They have finally realized that the “quirky weirdo” is a threat who can act, sing, dance and do comedy.

      Since the next two challenges are singing and a live audience comedy roast of RuPaul, both things Ms Monsoon should excel in, it will be interesting to see how the other dumb cows react…

      • Joseph Morris

        Yep, they are noticing as I’m sure many viewers are too. Remember the 3rd episode during the kid’s show skit, she was the only funny queen on her team. Michelle even called her the “north star” of her team considering they’d be lost without her. Here we are yet again where virtually all the queens were lost and she was practically the only one able to navigate that challenge well.

  • Imasewsure

    Kinda loved that Roxxxy chose someone who was just “B” enough to really be on a game show like Match Game… Jinkx was great, and funny… hope she steps up her runway looks too because she’s becoming one of my favorites!! Coco out next please!!

    • Melizmatic


      ‘Bangy?’ (Or ‘Banji’, I dont know how its spelled.)

      • Imasewsure

        That’s even better than what I was going for… I really meant B as in the “B List.”  Game shows would never score an actual star but a Braxton sister, yes… thought it was kind of inspired since she clearly could have gone for Toni or switched to Mariah or JLo with that get up…

        • “B list” is *extremely* generous for a Braxton sister, but I get your point.

        • Melizmatic

           Gotcha; thanks for elaborating.

    • Celandine1

      How funny would it be for a queen to do an actual Match Game guest from the 70’s. I would love to see someone pull Brett Somer’s out their bag of tricks or an iconic 70’s sitcom star like Betty White.

  • shanteUstay

    Im 23, I’m not sure if that’s young/old enough for me to squeeze by not knowing little Edie but, when I saw the previews I felt like jinx was going to turn it out 🙂

  • Le_Sigh

    I want Roxxxy’s wig!

    • StellaZafella

       This week Roxxxy was giving us…Mariah redux. Not a bad thing, talk about glamorous fish!

  • xay

    The first rule of Snatch Game is be funny. Why is that so hard?

    • MilaXX

        and shame on Alyssa and Ivy(?) for missing jokes even when Ru all but spoon fed them.

      •  seriously! inexcusable. and I’ve never heard Ru give so much warning that FUNNY is a very high priority in this one.

        • AnotherG

          Not just telling them, but trying harder than we’ve ever seen to elicit the funny from them.  I don’t know if it’s because they were cautious after last year’s debacle with all of the queens fighting like cats on meth for the spotlight, or that this is just a byproduct of many “fishy” queens who rely on looks more than chops.

  • I hate the arbitrary bullshit “I need to see GLAMOUR from you!” when you never see it coming back the other way. If Michelle or Santino ever asked a glamour queen to mix it up with camp or a real character maybe it wouldn’t annoy me so much. But you never see that. The closest they came was Michelle ragging on Chad for being ‘too perfect’ and how she wanted Chad to get dirty.

    I thought Jinkx’ runway was adorable. Her persona is a MILF and she had that boho MILF vibe down, in my opinion. Plus, Ru made the point that detailing can be taught. Ru wasn’t always a plantinum blonde beauty queen herself. And even with Sharon, they would forget when she glammed it up. Sharon had a slew of character looks that were really interesting to look at. Jinkx’ wig collection may not be the most amazing out there but she seems to have a character that is Jinkx Monsoon and she works the hell out of that.

    Ding the glamour queens for JUST being glamour or stop riffing on the character queens for not being full stop glamour. I resent them trying to have it both ways, especially since I’d rather see a performer with a less than perfect look than a vision that can’t manage to show some damn wit.

    • Anyone can be taught a decent look — yes, being top talent when it comes to putting together a look takes a certain innate skill, but virtually anyone can be taught enough skill.  Being funny, on the other hand, can’t be.  If it could we’d all be Tina Fey.

      • Celandine1

        Also, if we were Tina Fey, then we could afford to hire a fantastic stylist.

    • lemniscus4

      excellent points! However, just to play devil’s advocate, we do hear the judges say, “she’s resting on pretty”…..

  • MK03

    Anyone else want to go all Mary Poppins on Alyssa and her trademark slack-jawed gaping? “Close your mouth, please, Alyssa, we are not a codfish.”

    • Melizmatic


    • MilaXX

       She’s Don Knots circa The Incredible Mr. Limpet.

    • That is going to be in my head whenever I see Alyssa from this moment on.

  • MilaXX

    Lynesha hit her expiration date and unless she blew everyone out of the water she was going home no matter what. That said, I ain’t feeling Detoxx. I hate her lips both in and out of drag, I hate the way she pads and I was truly grossed out at her quivering lips during the lip synch.
    Totally agree about the hypocrisy of the judges always asking the camp queens to give them glamour, because even when the glamour queens flop at Snatch Game they are read at judging about being more campy, and the resting on pretty queens are almost always allowed to skate along far longer than the campy gals.
    Also completely sick and tired of Alyssa, Coco, their dysfunctional relationship  (I swear they get off on this as much as the friendship they claimed they once had), and the so called feud.

    • Coco and Alyssa probably blow each other when they think no one is looking.

      • StellaZafella

         Eeeeeewwwwww!!! ERIC!

        …now I have to go take a bath!

      • MissMariRose

         Their constant carping suggest otherwise. Frustration, thy names are Alyssa and Coco.

        • They’re doing each other because no one else would touch them.

          I’d say their whole feud is a devious plan by both of them to grab attention….but I can’t see either of them having the imagination to pull it off.

    • I like Detox’s lipsync style, but I can see why someone wouldn’t. I feel like it’s one of those you either love it or hate it things. 

    • Airkisses

       Preach it! When the pretty queens fail at talent-based contests, it’s not held against them as much. Double standard, much?

      I’m glad someone else finds Detox annoying as well. She gives off this vibe like she’s too good for it all.

  • StellaZafella

    “Glamour” is overrated. It’s a part of any drag repertoire…but it’s also subjective and NOT A GAUGE OF TALENT.

    Otherwise the big acronym for this show would be G.U.N.T. and that’s just not funny.

    Talent and a sense of your ‘character’ is paramount. The great Charles Pierce was pretty enough in drag (his alter ego was Celene Kendall)…But the moment he became Bette, or Tallulah, Mae or Kate…it was genius. I was so glad to hear Julie Brown term Jinx as the Meryl Streep of Drag Race…she deserved it.

    I just wish there were more really iconic pop personalities for the queens to pick from without having to look at the obituaries.

    Note to Jinxx: You can always use one of Tallulah’s old lines, “If you want to see “Glamour”, darling, look in the mirror and imagine the opposite.”

    • Jessi03

      Nobody ever does Liza… Maybe next year someone will do Anne Hathaway.  Where are the Judys?  The Lucys?  Are they too passee?  

      • I don’t think Anne Hathaway would be funny enough. Jennifer Lawrence, however, would be a perfect persona for Snatch Game! That girl is hilarious (partly because she’s a gorgeous woman who seems to have the personality of a particularly funny 13 year old boy) and she makes the best faces. If I was a drag queen on the show, I would totally be her. I would make wacky faces while the other queens are talking, get super excited to meet the other “celebrities” and fangirl over them (have you seen the video on when she met Jack Nicholson? HILARIOUS), talk about how I hate wearing pants (and at some point show that I’m not wearing pants behind the podium), and eat the entire time (“Why are you eating Jennifer?” “Because I’m HUNGRY. Do you know how fucking small those designer dresses are? I just had to wear a shit ton of them for awards season and I am so damn glad that it’s OVER.”). I would probably even bring a toy bow with suction cup arrows to shoot at people a la Katniss (and like she did at one of the red carpets). 

        • Celandine1

          I seriously peed my pants laughing watching that interview where Jack Nicholson interrupted Jennifer Lawrence to congratulate her. I loved how naturally funny she was and just rolled with it. Also, her call out to I think it was Jennifer Garner at the end and her funny joke about how this was her life now.

      • PeaceBang

        I thought Ivy Winters could have done a Lucy like no one’s business. She looks a lot like her and has the same batty humor.

    •  Glamour is a talent — it’s not a question of bones as much as it is the artistry of applying the paint and styling the wig and choosing a cohesive look that says something. 


      Some of the glamour queens don’t do shit quite right and it makes me batty!  Like I generally love how Alyssa does her face (though she really does have only one look), but the hot pink blush in the hollow of the cheek is simply wrong.

      • StellaZafella

         I agree, Shannon, crafting a truly glamorous look is A talent…

        However, if it were all that this show was based on I wouldn’t have lasted past the first season. Ru keeps trying to get the pretty queens to show her more…and Michele and Santino keep screaming for face and body face and body face and body.

        As with any woman, so it is with drag queens: A pretty face with little else behind it gets boring really fast. But I’ve seen oddly featured, reasonably talented women BECOME the most gorgeous one in the room…it’s in the attitude, and that’s a whole other set of skills.

        •  Absolutely — I don’t think glamour should be the only thing considered or looked for.  I can understand them critiquing certain queens for not pulling out all the stops on their looks, though.  If you pay to see a Pandora Boxx show, for instance, aren’t you going to be a bit disappointed if she performs out of drag?  She’s still the same funny person, but it’s part of the package you expect with a drag star. 

          Now, I also have no intention of paying to watch a queen be pretty all show — that’s not interesting either.  But that doesn’t need defending, because everyone approves of the points the funny or interesting queens get for personality.

  • MilaXX

    reposting where this belongs.

  • Harry Mikula


  • Prudentia

    Michelle Visage has obviously never spent time in the Pacific Northwest. That WAS big hair for Seattle on Jinkx. Just, you know, with the drizzle and all…it goes flat. We learn to lower our expectations up here.

    •  Oh, I don’t know about that — you put me in drizzle and you’ll get lots of big hair, ’cause it frizzes really impressively!

  • MilaXX

    darnit disqus!

  • Harry Mikula


  • “It’s a shame LOGO ran screaming away from its gay programming, because a half-hour Snatch Game show with RPDR alums seems like a total no-brainer to us.”

    Why can’t LOGO just turn into the RuPaul network? Snatch game, a variety show, a drag version of “The View” — I would watch all of it.

    • MilaXX

       Drag Race is the only reason to watch LOGO. I wish they would figure that out and build from it.

  • J. Preposterice

    I knew from the promo last week that someone was doing Little Edie and was SO excited to see it.  Brilliantly done.  I was disappointed in all the queens who didn’t know who she was!

  • Kitten Rescue

    OH GOOD FUCKING LORD I AM READING THESE BITCHES TO FILTH!!!! I AM A 20 YEAR OLD CLOSETED GAY GOING TO SCHOOL FOR A BIBLE DEGREE AND I KNOW AND AM LIVING FOR LITTLE EDIE! My mother grew my little gay ass up knowing who Little Edie is and letting me borrow her gold pins to wear a scarf around my head to elementary school, damn. Ru should be embarrassed for letting some of these queens into her competition. Jinkx was my favorite the moment she walked in with the floral robe and pearl choker and she SLAYED snatch game. Alaska is my pick for runner up, I kind of hate that she hasn’t won a challenge yet, but I believe she’ll get there, just don’t get discouraged queens, there are some hungry attention whores. Tore my heart apart when those hounds went after Jinkx. I hope when they can bring a queen back from the past they bring back Willam.

    •  You are awesome.

    • PeaceBang

      Well, God bless you, honey!! 

  • StellaZafella

     I’ve learned a trick, MilaXX…it seems to work, at least. If you log out and hit reply it will work right, if I try to reply multiple times while logged in it’s hit or miss, but as annoying as it is, the log out trick seems to do it for me.

  • This episode made me so proud that, at 23, I knew right away who Little Edie was (and Jinx definitely nailed the role!). Hooray for having a musical theatre major as your best friend 🙂

    • DonnaL

       My son is 22, and he certainly knows who Little Edie was.  We watched “Grey Gardens” together when he was 14 or 15.

    • StellaZafella

      I think Jinx proved an important point here, too: These rude queens made a big deal about Edie Beale being too obscure – and they got schooled. I bet they’ll know who Little Edie is NOW, bitches!
      But the more important question for ALL of these queens relying simply on looking like the person they’re doing is “How is she FUNNY???”
      Ru asked that repeatedly…the only one who gave him an answer was Jinx – and she did it with her performance.

    • PeaceBang

      It makes me so happy that your generation is not failing to grasp the amazingness that is Little Edie.

  • I think it’s kind of hilarious how Shangela harped on all through her season about how talent should be more important than “the look”, and then Alyssa, essentially her dragmother, is nothing BUT the look. Wow.

    Also, I feel like Detox is Chad Michael’s evil twin and that makes me really happy for some reason.  

    • StellaZafella

      I was thinking Alyssa is nothing but the mouth…”the look” on her comes out of a tube of badly placed blush.

      Detox = Chad Michaels’s evil twin = BRILLIANT…now I wanna see that show!

      • I really want to see those two perform a Cher review together. That would be ten kinds of amazeballs. 

  • YoungSally

    I thought Tamar Braxton was Miss Mariah

  • RedAgain

    I can’t believe no one did a Kardashian.  So, so obvious, they’re all in more drag than drag queens full-time anyway.

  • CrashSUCKS

     Actually, I think Alyssa has more talent than Coco. That’s been shown. Coco cannot improv, act, or be funny.

  • CGW199

    What an episode! Poor Jinkx is like the Rhodes Scholar who somehow winds up in detention with all the mean VocTech beauty school girls…but what a way to shame them…She was brilliant:) I think she is awesome and I love her Brat Pack/Breakfast Club vibe in the confessionals. 
    Shame on Roxxxy and the other gals for an incredible lack of  gay culture/history. I’m tired of watching Roxxxy tear up the runway with her hamhock thighs and Burt Lahr/Cowardly Lion contouring.

  • I’m going to join in the chorus of incredulity that so many queens had never heard of Little Edie.  What really bothers me isn’t the ignorance so much as the attitude that if you don’t know something or someone you’re somehow hipper than the person who does know their history.  It’s not a badge of honor to know who Ke-DollarSign-ha is but know nothing about a true icon like Little Edie and it’s not acceptable to act as though it is.  So glad Jinkx won the challenge and got the last laugh!

    • As Kathy Griffin said: “They are aggressively proud of their own ignorance.”

    • Melizmatic

      >>>”It’s not a badge of honor to know who Ke-DollarSign-ha is …”<<<

      Okay, let me just say that I fluv you for the 'Glee'-of-yore reference (back when it was still a funny and interesting show.)


      • And I fluv you back for getting the reference!  I was hoping when people read it they’d hear it in Principal Figgins voice 🙂

        P.S.  I do still watch Glee, but it’s for the same reason I still watch PR and still smoke cigarettes.  There are some things that are hard to give up no matter how bad they are!

        • Melizmatic

          I totally heard it in Figgins’ accent in my head!


          Good on ya.

          I hear you on bad habits, but if a show goes too far into ‘shark infested waters’ (jumping the shark) then it becomes dead to me.

          “Dead to me!” *in Willam’s voice*

          I quit watching Glee around the time that they had  Ricki Martin guest starring; and it dawned on me (for the first time derp!)  that McKinley’s only Spanish teacher doesn’t actually speak any Spanish, and I was done. 

          Too much failure to suspend my disbelief, on top of everything else they’d done wrong.


          And once T~Lo quit recapping it, it was a complete wrap.

          • Once I kick the smoking habit I believe I’ll have the strength to give up bad television LOL!  Wish me luck!

          • Melizmatic

             That’s not an easy one; best of luck!

  • Scott Isaacs

    I was completely gobsmacked at the cultural references our queens totally missed.
    1. Little Edie? No one knew who she was? Jinkx should be commended for her choice and for absolutely nailing it. Not quite Carol Channing, but really, not far off…and a fully deserved win. And though I don’t think the other girls should be smacked down, at the very least, they should be required to enjoy an afternoon with Absolut cocktails watching “Grey Gardens.”
    2. Ivy seriously had no idea about Ms. Monroe’s dalliances with JFK? She should be forced to sit down to see Norma Jean’s birthday tribute. Then Wayne’s World to see how at least one celebrity parodied it skillfully. (Hats off to Mike Myers.)
    3. The most egregious of all: Alyssa really, truly had no idea that Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it? UGH. Ru did the exact right thing by forcing her to Rupaulogize to Katy. A simple blue wig does not a character make. And for the other references, at least queens can beg forgiveness for not knowing a cultural reference that, in most cases, predates their birth. The Katy Perry thing is just…no.

    Um…and reality check. Probably should not be building up so much frustration over this. Oh well. Onward.

    •  There could have been a great joke in the “Kissed a Girl” thing referencing Katy Perry’s origins as a Christian singer… That’s where I thought she was going at first.

    •  Has the apology tweet actually happened? Does anyone know?

      • xay

        It happened last night during the show.

      • CarlyHo

    • MichaelStrangeways

      1) Pandora WAS great at Carol Channing, but she just basically looked like her and repeated Carol Channing catchphrases. Jinkx was ACTING, in character, and responding to the other characters and Ru. Her comment on Marilyn Monroe and her cousin in law was brilliant and only matched by “Ketchup?”
      2) Youth is not an excuse for ignorance. If you don’t know much of anything prior to your creation, you are an imbecile and a drain on society. Also, “Grey Gardens” is NOT a historical reference considering that in the last ten years it has been both a Tony winning musical AND an Emmy winning miniseries starring Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore. Being dumb about a pop icon from 40 years ago is one thing, but when that pop icon has been in the news relatively recently….no. Especially if you’re a performer.

      • Scott Isaacs

        RE: Grey Gardens being not a historical reference: Duly noted, and very true. Not sure why I blanked on that; I think I was even thinking of Drew Barrymore as Little Edie as I was typing that response up. Silly me. But as for Pandy…hmm…I see where you’re coming from, but she was during the first (and best) Snatch Game, where perhaps some leeway could have been given. Maybe. And I could see that being the reason why Tatiana, uh, snatched the win from Pandora with her frighteningly dead-on Britney.

        • I dunno, I think last year’s was the best. Sharon, Willam, and Chad were all hilarious, and even some of the ones that weren’t a riot were entertaining and had some good quips- DiDa as Omarosa and Latrice as Aretha come to mind. Even the people who were terrible were at least interesting, which I definitely prefer over outright boring. 

          • Dida was Wendy Williams. FAAAAAAAAAR from Omarosa.

          • Ah! That was it! It was her comment ABOUT Omarosa that had me giggling during that episode, which I guess is why I confused who she actually was. Bahahaha. 

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Amen!  It reminds me of American Idol when these kids use the excuse “But I wasn’t born yet when The Beatles were around”.  It’s no excuse – if you want to be a musician, you’d better fucking know who The Beatles are!  Same deal here – it’s easy enough if you just pay attention to pop culture.

        • Celandine1

          Reminds me of multiple Project Runway contestants who can’t be bothered to research fashion and have no effing clue that their looks were derivative of, referential of, or just plain pilfered from McQueen.

    • “The most egregious of all: Alyssa really, truly had no idea that Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it? UGH.”

      Really, that was something else!  I mean Ru just handed her a straight line and it flew right past her!  I don’t even like Katy Perry (or most pop music that was made past 1996 – ’cause I’m old!) but even I got that one.  Of course, it did lead to one of the best lines of the night when a stunned Ru came back with “Well, did you ever fuck a black guy?”

  • lemniscus4

    Personally, i don’t mind seeing Roxxxy’s attributes. I think that’s her style: showing some juicy booty. I mean she does have 3 xs in her name after all.

    • Airkisses

       I love her attitude. She’s not the thinnest or the fishiest queen but she knows what she’s got and she works it like it owes her money!

  • Alyssa Edwards looks like Joan Collins! With an overbite.

  • AnotherG

    How??? How are these queens not getting what the Snatch Game is about, when it’s being screamed at them by everyone from Jinx, to Michelle V, to Ru himself in the workroom? Have they not seen that image-based pop-stars tend to doom the queens who try to mimic them? How have they not noticed that funny/interesting celebrities tend to be funny/interesting inversely proportional with how long they’ve been a celebrity? Or directly proportional to how distinctive a character they are?

    And even then, if you’re doing to do a huge personality like, oh, Marilyn Monroe, you probably should know a few things about her, such as:  she was a talented comedic actress and channeled that comedy through her smart-dumb-blonde persona that Ru had to remind you about, and that she had an affair with JFK.  That Lady Bunny is crass-funny (which Alaska got), but Ke$ha is just crass (which Detox did not).  That butter in one’s panties does not provide a logical reason to pull a Transformers into another Janet Jackson look.  (Chad changed Cher costumes 2 times and didn’t feel the need to bring attention to it…because it wasn’t necessary, because he’s a good performer.)

    Credit where it’s due:  if they wanted to portray dull, brain-dead, bland pop singers, Alyssa and Jade succeeded beyond all expectations (I think Jade isn’t getting nearly enough criticism for that snoozefest of a performance).  And Roxxy was funny only because although she could have been any generic “sassy” girl, she brought some energy and commitment to it and played to her strengths. 

    And did anyone else want Lineysha to sashay right then and there when she told Ru that the First Lady of Healthy Diets and Fitness would give Barak Obama french fries to eat?  Let alone her lights-out reaction to being asked about the Obama children, which I can only assume was the result of an unfortunately-timed stroke.

    So from Jinx’s brilliant rendition of the Very Mary Kate web series parodies, to her Little Edie, she was terrific.  I hope those other queens realized they were at school.

    P.S. I would encourage more play dates between Ivy and Jinx.  They both seem like sweeties, and Ivy really does do looks well, Marilyn notwithstanding.  I think they’d be a terrific influence on each other.

    •  Oh, I’m sure Obama’s allowed to eat fries occasionally.  However, how was that supposed to be funny?  You could have some real fun with Michelle Obama.

      • AnotherG

        Exactly! It could have been funny, if she’d have run with the irony of it.  But . . . she didn’t.

    • VioletFem

      Well put. Jinks was by far the best in fully embodying her character, Alaska was very funny as Ladybunny as well. Plus, I was pleasantly surprised that Roxxy’s character was actually kind of funny. I have never seen or heard of Tamar Braxton, but I pretty much read her performance as loud and sassy reality show star with no discernible talent (which once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all). I don’t have to necessarily recognize the character you are playing (though it helps a lot) what is most important is to make it funny. Unfortunately, this concept seemed to be completely lost on most of the panel. 

      • AnotherG

        Yes! This is what I said about Willam’s version of Jessica Simpson.  I have no idea what she’s really like, but it didn’t matter because Willam created *a* character from practically from the ground up, starting from an exaggerated stereotype.  Roxxxy took a similar approach and got results.

    • “How??? How are these queens not getting what the Snatch Game is about, when it’s being screamed at them by everyone from Jinx, to Michelle V, to Ru himself in the workroom? Have they not seen that image-based pop-stars tend to doom the queens who try to mimic them? How have they not noticed that funny/interesting celebrities tend to be funny/interesting inversely proportional with how long they’ve been a celebrity? Or directly proportional to how distinctive a character they are?”

      That is my main question! They all know that Snatch Game is a mainstay of every season, and there have been so many impressions that have crashed and burned because there was either a lack of comprehension about the singer’s persona (Beyonce, Lady Gaga) or the chosen character doesn’t have personality traits that are easy to parody (too many to name). I love me some Michelle Obama, but I can’t think of a way to make her funny in sound byte form. Same with Janet Jackson. Play on her whispery speaking voice? The rumors that she got her ribs altered? Her cray-cray family? That’s all I can think of, but that’s better than we saw. Coco’s Janet reminded me of Tyra’s Beyonce in S2, where she refused to make Beyonce the butt of a joke because she admired her so much. 

      And the queens that picked characters that they didn’t have even the slightest handle on, like Marilyn Monroe and Katy Perry? Shame. I Kissed a Girl is one of KP’s biggest hits. I can understand not being in tune with pop music, but if that’s the case, don’t choose to impersonate a pop musician. 

      • PeaceBang

        I could just hear the sad trombone when Ru asked Alyssa, “Have you kissed a girl” and Alyssa said, “Never!” Total. Fail. 

  • Am I the only one who thinks Alyssa looks like Sela Ward? Maybe that wouldn’t be a good idea for the Snatch Game though. 

  • VioletFem

    Jinks has really grown on me and I hope she wins this season. She is talented and beautiful. Frankly, I don’t care that she isn’t the straight up high fashion glamour that Michelle Visage is constantly critiquing her own. I’m not too find of Michelle’s rather narrow definition of drag. Jinks is a beautiful drag queen who is funny, witty, and very talented. I’d rather pay to see her than some high fashion glamour queen with only have her talents. The Snatch Game was totally in her balbark and she nailed that Little Edie impersonation. It’s too bad there was only 2 other queens on this panel that were even remotely funny (Alaska and Roxxy). I think that I may have posted earlier that I was starting to like Coco, but that is over now. Her and Alyssa have been pretty insufferable in the last couple episodes. She clearly tried to pull a Chad-move when she changed outfits halfway through the Snatch Game, except she forgot to actually be FUNNY!

    • “Pulling a Chad” is clearly the way to make Lady Gaga funny (at least imo). I wish a queen would do that eventually, cycling through all of Gaga’s eras quietly off screen so that every time she reappeared on camera she’d be in a different look. The presto-chango trick is only funny when the audience doesn’t see the change, something that clearly did not register with Coco. 

    • DonnaL

       I agree that Jinkx is not only very talented but very pretty; I know people who call her “busted,” and have no idea what they’re talking about.  I know lots of women with noses like hers (including me), and I see nothing wrong with hers!

      If she were transgender — and I’ve met lots of trans women — I think she’d have a comparatively easy time being perceived as a woman.  As much so as anybody else there, including Jade (partly because I have a feeling that Jade is taller, which can make it harder to blend in).    Plus, she has a very feminine voice. 

      • PeaceBang

        I thought she was stunning and glamorous in her Marie Antoinette runway appearance — which the judges totally did not fully appreciate.

  • leave_Blake_alone

    You should NOT have switched off your TVs for the lip synch (although maybe you were just kidding). It was incredible. Yes, Detox killed, and that awesome mouth move she did clearly won it for her, but I thought Lynesha was surprisingly good. Easily my second favorite performance of the season so far, after Detox.

  • I can’t believe none of them knew who Little Edie was.  I recognized what Jinkx was doing when she was getting ready – and she had it nailed.  You know, Jinkx is really growing on me.  I get her alternative style.  ‘Quirky’ and ‘different’ don’t mean bad.  Look at Sharon Needles, or Pandora Boxx who Jinkx was compared to.  Both were interesting as all hell.  I find Jinkx talented, cool, and most especially, nice.  There’s a lot to be said for nice.  Sharon was nice.  Bitchy doesn’t necessarily equal interesting (Coco honey, are you listening?).  Surprisingly, I find Alaska nice as well, despite a truly horrendous beginning.  Over time she’s settled down, revealing a funny, versatile, self-deprecating, wacky character that’s fun to watch.  Right now she and Jinkx are my top favorites for the win.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Your whole post is just spot on for me.  If I could “like” a post about 100 times, I would!

      •  Thank you.  I do love this show.  😉

  • DinahR

    I am fully on team Jinx!   I also like Ivy… but I agree her performances are pretty weak so far.  I hope she can really bring it to something next week or I fear for her longevity.   I’m warming up to Alaska too.  She’s starting to make a presence for herself.  I find her witty and endearing. I want to see more of her.  

    Ermmm, not so much liking Detox’s lip synch and hated her Ke$ha.  I didn’t want Lynesha to stay because I think that she would be over her head from here on out in the competition, but Lynesha’s lip sync was better IMO.

    • VioletFem

      Oh I liked Detox’s lipsync, it was silly and funny and she was clearly parodying Cher’s mouth. She is a glamour queen who clearly doesn’t might making herself looks silly for laughs. 

      • I like Detox, but surgery has made her look a bit creepy out of makeup

        • StellaZafella

           I’m under the impression that a lot of Detox’s facial work is related to reconstructive surgery. I’m not sure where I read that, but if that’s true, in the end, I think I admire her for continuing in a profession that’s so exposed (and exposing) and made lemonade from lemons…she really is fearless.

      • DinahR

        I definitely got the Cher-ody of it.  Looking at it in the way you mentioned — making fun of herself — does give me a better perspective and Detox’ had more personality to it for sure.  Guess I have to confess to getting caught up in the pretty of Lynesha, despite knowing better!   I was always relieved Detox chante’d though because I enjoy her a lot on the show.    

        • AnotherG

          “Cher-ody” immediately gets a “Like” from me.  Hee hee!

      • Except that she does that mouth-thing in all her videos with Willam, too – when Cher is not referenced at all. Maybe she’s always referencing Cher? I dunno, but Detox doesn’t do it for me, and I kind of hate that lip synch style.

  • Stubenville

    TLo, you missed the best part; the caricature Detox did of Cher’s mouth as she lipsynched the song. It was rolling on the floor funny, and cracked up the judges.

    • AnotherG

      For a treat, check out Detox’s lipsynch version of the dubious song from 80s movie Mannequin “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now.”  Then, for an added bonus, check out Raven doing Detox doing that song at Showgirls in WEHO.  Both on YouTube.  (And, sorry Detox, but Raven does you doing that song better than you did doing that song.  Although Detox did Raven doing “Megacolon,” also at Showgirls, and it was a scream.)

      • That’s sounds like my kind of kai kai.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Aww, yeah, TLo – you have to try to catch the repeat or something.  Detox’s Cher was fantastic and hilarious!

  • Those other queens don’t know the meaning of the word STAUNCH!

    • MichaelStrangeways

      S-T-A-U-N-C-H…they’ll arrest you in this town for wearing Red on a Thursday…all a bunch of nasty Republicans…

  • I am officially Team Jinkx (I was for a while, but I’m making it official now). I had no idea who Tamara Braxton was (though I at least know who Toni is and it wasn’t a hard jump from there), but I do know who Little Edie is. Also, I just realized Jinkx is my age and I wish we were besties. <3

  • michelle, dear, you are in no position to judge people as long as youre wearing THAT CARDIGAN. seriously, it looked like it originally was 5 sizes too large, but shrunk the last time she did laundry.

    also, hated cocos runway look. the jewlery was all wrong for that look.

    • PeaceBang

      Coco’s paint looks like a scary drag clown. She’s all business, no charisma, and seems like a miserable person.

  • I am over Jade Jolie. She seems like cannon-fodder to me. She ain’t even that fishy. 

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Mmm hmmm, that’s for damn sure.

    • PeaceBang

      How does Jade keep going on about how fishy she is with Miss Ivy Winters in the room? Honey, please! She is one nasty little one-note queen. All she knows how to do is give gummy smile and dish dirt.

      • I just cannot get over the fact that she used blush to contour for her Swift look (does Taylor secretly suffer from Rosacea?) – Dita Ritz springs to mind… And besides, she’s not even nearly good enough at throwing shades for me to be interested in her. 


     Listening to Jade and Coco on Untucked rant about how they didn’t want to tell Alyssa about her back fat because they didn’t want to hurt her feelings was so much bullshit. If you’re gonna go after her, go after her and don’t pretend like you were, at any point, trying to spare her feelings. “We wanted to tell you that you were a whale, but we didn’t want to hurt you” cowardly as hell. And I’m so over Jade, she’s pretty and not much more.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Yeah, but Jade and Coco are two of the biggest bitches there, so I wasn’t surprised that they went after Alyssa’s bod. They’re both just cheap and tacky.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I was DYING during Jinkx’s Little Edie!  That was honest to god one of the best things I’ve seen on RPDR.  I loved the part when she’d take the magnifying glass and hold it up to her mouth (what can I say?  I’m a cheap date).  My favorite part was when she was just very calmly and matter-of-factly saying to Ru, “You could have had Leslie Caron here, or Audrey Hepburn…”  I’m not kidding, I was in tears, you guys!  I was so glad she was clearly head and shoulders above everyone who told her that Little Edie was no good because they hadn’t heard of her.  I mean, really – what drag queen hasn’t heard of Little Edie?

    Speaking of “What drag queen…?” How on earth do you fuck up Marilyn?  I love me some Ivy Winters because he is SUCH a fucking cute boy!  But man – I was honestly shocked she didn’t have to lip synch for her life last night.  Marilyn is Drag Queen 101!  Baby better get his shit together next week.  I don’t think that’ll happen, but I can hope.

    I’m liking Alaska more and more every week – I think at this point in the season, I’m firmly Team Alaska and Team Jinkx.

    • MichaelStrangeways

      “Leslie Ca-rooon” makes me laugh every time I hear it, and I’ve watched it about a dozen times now…

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Honey, I was CRYING when she said that!  Just the way she was patiently gesturing with the magnifying glass while she told Ru about the other celebs in that matter of fact way.  I was on the floor!

  • Honestly, it was the least funny Snatch Game ever (thanks ‘Fishiest Season Yet’). Jinx pretty much wrapped it in ribbon and took it home before the gates opened. How do these queens not know Little Edie?

    I was about ready to throw my shoe at the TV screen when Michelle brought out that glamour critique again. DRAG. IT’S ALL ABOUT LOOKING LIKE A MODEL. APPARENTLY. Honestly, I’ve seen my fair share of drag queens and I left none of the best performances thinking, “I enjoyed how pretty that drag queen looked.” Some of the most legendary drag queens looked terrible on purpose for fuck’s sake! *throws my hands up*

    Ivy only ended up in the bottom because Ru knew Lineysha might have wiped the floor with her and she wanted to keep her around. So she let Detox send her packing. The editing on the lipsyncs has been challenging to follow, but I thought they both did decent. One was just more novel and creative than the other. Lineysha had some excellent parting words on Untucked though. “Detox or botox (though it sounded like buttocks which would have been even funnier)? She’s like a piece of silicone with eyes.” Bitch was smarter than she let on. Too bad she didn’t bring that out. “French fries?” Okay.

    I think Coco and Alyssa are both great performers, but I’m ready for at least one of them to get their asses off the show so we can stop hearing their tired bullshit.

  • Jeff Dorion

    I have got to say, every time I see a RPDR glamour/look queen live, they are insanely boring. Just a tired old top 40 lipsynch with their hands out for ones. However, having seen Jinkx at least 20 times here in Seattle, I can say she is the most dynamic, talented, and stylish drag queen this gay has ever laid eyes on.


  • Yessss I love Detox’s youtube videos. She’s hilarious, both on her own and with Vicky Vox and Willam. I also encourage anyone to watch her ‘Faultline Ass’ video which is her, Vicky, and Willam drunkenly ranting about nasty exotic dancers. Cracks my shit up.

  • LittleKarnak

    Why you gotta hate on Sue Ellen Ewing?? LOL  but Alyssa seriously works my nerves!!!

  • Alyssa Edwards looks like Toni Collette.  I took me almost the entire first episode to figure that out. 

  • Linderella

    Coco tired me out by episode 2 with her bitch drama.  I’ve officially jumped off the Jade bandwagon.  Mean, tiresome, self-righteous, and total no-win bitches.

  • poklapy

    I’m disappointed when I compare this season to last season, when we had Latrice, Chad, Sharon, and Willam, who were all fun and funny.  In fact, most (all the other?) seasons, there have been several girls to like, but this year, the only people I like are Jinkx and Alaska.  And the only other ones I don’t actively loathe are Detox and Ivy.  The rest of them seem to have nothing to offer except their looks (actually, I’m not sure that Detox and Ivy have much more to offer other than experience (Detox) and style (Ivy)).  And this year people are so freaking mean.  I appreciate an insult (I’m a complete bitch in real life), but I want it to be witty, clever, and not based on cruelty.  (IMO, the worst person at reading is Roxxxy, who is on my last freaking nerve; none of her comments are funny, she harps on one minor point, and she always seems so pleased with herself, but Alyssa, Coco, and Jade are terrible at reading as well.  I mean, the Alyssa/Coco feud could be amusing; instead, I completely tune out whenever those two appear.)

    • Synnamin

      Preach! Last season was probably the best in terms of pure talent. This year has a lot of lookers, but only Jynkx seems to be on-her-feet as a well-rounded performer. I like Alaska ok, and Detox seems to be a meaner version of Chad, but appears to be an ok performer. I was really on the Jade bandwagon for a while, but she’s just flat. I want to just tape Coco’s mouth shut.

      But you really called it about how sour the queens are this season. Makes me have a sad.

      • Airkisses

        I AM SO SICK OF JADE. Have you noticed how excited she gets whenever anybody around her is starting drama? She loves it. In my perfect world, she would be the next to go home. She’s the meanest one, IMO. I really hope the show doesn’t keep her around as the villainess” because I don’t love to hate her, I just flat out hate her. She annoys.

        Kirsten Johnson was right about Detox. She really IS arrogant and overconfident and kind of feels above it all. Gettin real tired of her shit, as well.

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          YES!  I’ve totally noticed that about Jade!  She has a fucking mean streak – her face lights up like a Christmas tree whenever drama starts!  Ugh, hate that, she’s so tiresome, she needs to go!

  • Markatha

    Even though everyone’s already said it about 200 times, I have to add my voice to the chorus. The fact that the Queens didn’t know Little Edie or anything about the Beales was depressing. Forget being a Drag Queen, it seems just being gay would be enough to know about them!
    The documentary developed quite a cult following in the day as did little Edie and her personal style.
    The Grey Gardens movie with Jessica Lange and Drew Barrymore won Emmys and Golden Globes for both (I think).
    The Broadway musical won a Tony for Christine Ebersol (who was fabulous by the way).
    So I think some of these gay boys may have been living under a rock.

    Jinkx was spot on and very, very funny. She definitely deserved to win. Other than Alaska the rest of the girls were pretty meh.

    For those of you out there who still don’t know who Little Edie (or her mother, Big Edie,) is, give yourself a cinematic treat and watch the original documentary “Grey Gardens”.
    The documentary came out in 1976. I missed it then, but came across it in the late 90s.
    I channel surfed onto it after it had already started and didn’t know what it was I was watching.
    I kept saying what the hell is this, who are these people, is this really real?
    It is sort of like coming upon an accident, hard to look at yet you can’t turn away.
    It’s horrifying, funny, riveting, sad, bizarre, compelling…..
    Some parts are so personal and private it feels like you shouldn’t be looking but you can’t stop.

    Anyway, it’s an “entertaining” evening of TV.
    The makers of the original documentary did a sequel of sorts called the “Beales of Grey Gardens”.
    It’s basically 90 minutes of additional footage not used in the original documentary also a good watch.

    I became obsessed with these ladies after stumbling upon the documentary.
    Apparently so did a lot of other people as the HBO movie and the Broadway play came about soon after.

    Watch it I don’t think you’ll be sorry….

    • Thank you for your recommendation and explanation of what the different titles (movie, documentary, second docu) are exactly! I’m definitely checking out all of it <3

      • Markatha

        you’re welcome

  • When Alyssa put that blonde wig on I thought she could have pulled off a great (post-Mean Girls) Lindsay Lohan.

    • I’m surprised that no one has done Lindsey Lohan yet. The jokes write themselves.

  • Does Jinx Monsoon remind anyone but me and Santino of Pandora Boxx? Because I can’t unsee it. Smart blond hotties.

    • Donald Hite

      I don’t think it’s really a fair comparison.  Jinkx has shown wider variety of looks and more polish already than pandora ever did.  I think calling her Pandora is just Santino’s way of putting Jinkx in a box and minimizing her (oh, she’s just a funny queen with no fashion sense).  I would argue that Jinkx has a relative well defined fashion sense (even if you don’t like it), where Pandora literally had none.

  • ER, Jinkx. I wish her name wasn’t so hard to spell. I liked her runway but I also thought it was like… hungover Seattle barista realness so I knew Santino wouldn’t like it and I knew that after her performance in the Snatch Game Santino wouldn’t even care because… SHE NAILED IT. 

    Also, how adorable is Detox’s cher lip wiggle? It’s adorable. 

  • I like Jinx and thinks she’s one of the few really bringing it all the time (Roxxy is the other) but we’ll see how long they keep her around.  Sadly some of the young (and not so young, looking at you Coco) queens seem proud of being ignorant, which is unfortunate…just because you don’t know what happened yesterday doesn’t invalidate it. Being glamourous is just a part of being a great drag queen and not the main thing if we’re talking performance.  This show has proven though (excepting Sharon Needles) that beauty will beat talent on Ru’s stage, so no surprise they all want to read the funny/quirky ones for that.  What infuriates me about this show (or the judging process) is how it goes on and on about gay/drag history and yet shows such a narrow view of what drag was/is when it comes to evaluating the performers.  

    (As an aside, I find this passive-aggressive thing with Alyssa and Coco tiresome.  Own the bitchiness or shut the hell up already.)

  • Donald Hite

    I’m seriously tired of Michelle… She’s almost become a bully.  She gets fixated on one thing and just harps on it to the exclusion of all else.  She also has become very dismissive with some of the girls.  She did it to Alaska about the boy drag, and she has already “just about given up on Jinkx”.  Maybe it’s editing, but she’s seems to be joyless this season.  Also, I’m getting a little tired of Michelle acting like an authority of glamour.  She’s just about the tackiest human being that ever lived, what does she know?  I’m not saying that Jinkx was all that glamorous this week, but to me glamor is almost more of an attitude than a specific type of look.  I wonder if Michelle would consider Little Edie to be “glamorous”? 
    It’s getting to the point where I don’t even give a **** what Michelle has to say.  I miss the days of Merle Ginsberg, who seemed genuinely enthralled with all things drag and really wanted to help the girls, not just knock them down.  In season 2, Ru told Sonique that she did sassy, but never bitchy.  I think Michelle is in need of that advice.I hope they continue letting the audience have input in the winner.  I usually dislike audience input because it ends up picking the pretty person or the most “popular” one at the expense of talent (american idol, cough, cough)… but I think on this show where one kind of drag is elevated at the cost of all others, it’s a necessary check against generally myopic viewpoint of the judges.

    • Airkisses

       Michelle’s lines feel very “fed.” Like she’s just saying what she’s supposed to say. It doesn’t feel genuine at all.

  • I wanted to smack Alyssa and Coco for being so bitchy about Jinkx’ comedy skills. Maybe they’re bristling because they know she’s got a better chance at winning? One can only hope. I’m solidly in Jinkx’ camp.

  • Rachel Schain

    I haven’t seen any person on here who got Detox’ Ke$ha impression, and that saddens me.  Detox WAS Ke$ha – when Miss Julie Brown said “she just came off as an annoying skank” I literally shouted at the screen “DON’T YOU KNOW WHO KE$HA IS????” That’s what Ke$ha is, to a T.  My husband and I laughed our asses off when she peed.  We have had the unfortunate experience of having seen her in concert.  Trust us.  Detox did not belong in the bottom.  She was Dead. On. 

    I’m over Coco and Alyssa too.  I was Team Coco at first, but now I’m just sick of both of them.

    • I think the problem is that Detox wasn’t funny. Was her impersonation accurate? Perhaps. But that wasn’t the point of the challenge. The point of Snatch Game is to be FUNNY. 

    • MichaelStrangeways

      That’s why it bombed. Ke$ha isn’t a funny person. You either need to play a person who IS funny, or, play a non-funny person in a way that is comedic. Ke$ha is only funny in a “ohmigod, what a mess!” sort of way. Detox didn’t bring anything interesting to the impersonation. 

      The point of “Snatch Game” isn’t the “art” of impersonation, it’s RuPaul’s way of finding out if the contestants are smart, funny and rounded entertainers. The moron girls sniffed that Jinkx was making a mistake by playing someone “no body had heard of” but the sole judge of Drag Race is really RuPaul…it doesn’t matter if half the audience doesn’t know the identity of the celebrity being impersonated. The point is that RuPaul does know and if you can make Ru laugh and banter with you, you’ve succeeded in the challenge.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        That’s what I was going to say.  I know Detox was dead on, but it wasn’t funny, because Ke$hsa isn’t a funny person.  You could make a similar argument about Ivy – it wasn’t funny, and Marilyn WAS funny.  Ya gotta bring the funny for Snatch Game.

        • Rachel Schain

          Yeah, I guess that’s where we all disagree.  I think the train wreck that is Ke$ha is what makes her funny.  Getting up to pee on the stage in the middle of the show was hilarious.  

      • Joseph Morris

        I’m so glad you said this. If I were Jinkx and those girls were trying to read me, asking if I think I would be successful since we can assume much of the audience had never heard of Edie, I’d tell them “what matters is if Ru gets it and thinks it’s funny, and y’all bout to get egg on your face.”

    • She may have been dead-on (debatable), but she wasn’t remotely funny.

  • One point to Jade for wearing an Adventure Time hat. I love Adventure Time!

  • Io Vee

    Who’s Little Edie, Roxxxy, Coco, Lynesha? She’s the girl who HANDED YOU YOUR ASSES. And she did it with a smile.

    I am so Team Jinkx it’s not even funny. I wanted to celebratory chest-bump someone when she won. ‘Water off a duck’s back! Water off a duck’s back!” What a sweetheart!

    I am kind of in love with her.

  • Airkisses

    Own your bitchiness, Jade. She’s the meanest, most mean-spirited one there. 

  • MattCooper27

    The Little Edie impersonation was spot on! I’m glad she won. It’s a sad state of affairs when drag queens don’t know iconic celebrities. While Little Edie was mostly known for the Maylses’ documentary, she did have a Broadway musical and a Drew Barrymore movie made about her. What next? Queens who don’t know Judy, Liza, Barbra, or Bette?

    By the way, Alyssa out of makeup reminds me of a cross between Mr. Limpet (post piscine transformation)  and a queeny version of Eddie Redmayne.

    • “What next? Queens who don’t know Judy, Liza, Barbra, or Bette?”

      Don’t even. Don’t you remember the gay oath: “Judy, Liza, Barbra, Bette. These are words I shan’t forget.”

      • Melizmatic

         That begs a good question; how come the show is 5 cycles in, and no one has ever done any of them?

        Meanwhile, Gaga and Beyonce have both been impersonated twice… badly.


  • MattCooper27

    I’m not sure if I missed something, but why does Ru keep introducing Ivy Winters with that weird voice? (Iveeee Winterrrrs)

    • DinahR

      THIS!  I’ve been mystified by the same thing. 

      • Jena Marie DiPinto

         NOBODY KNOWS. It’s mystifying. Think back to “Camerooooon” first season…

        • Well, Bebe was from Cameroon, and I must admit that it is a fun word to say.

    • Markatha

      May I call you Jiggly?

  • Am I the only one who think Alyssa looks exactly like Toni Collette? 

    • Melizmatic

       Only if Toni Collete got a really bad batch of botox.


      Whoever said Alyssa looks like Linda Gray as ‘Sue Ellen Ewing’ (except less posh) nailed it.

  • Excuses/no excuses for the queens not knowing Little Edie-whatevs-Ru knew there would be people watching who didn’t know the character. My daughter had no idea who Little Edie was, but still found Jinkx funny. Jinkx was the best, hands down, because she was an entertaining character, regardless of your prior knowledge of the people. She’s growing on me-loving her more and more each week.

  • I think the best part of this episode was that it really highlighted the different styles of drag. I’d know about camp vs. pageant, but this runway really showed off the difference between the two..and also the glamour girls’ (and judges’!) unwillingness to accept the camp style as its own kind of fully realized drag. Why does Jinx have to show you glamour, even once, if that’s not who she is? 

    I’m so glad Jinx is on the show and doing camp well, with humor AND style. I was actually annoyed at the comparison to Pandora: she had some funny moments, but not consistently, and she didn’t seem to have a solidified style on the runway (partially because she forgot to be funny and tried to stray into pageant land and fell flat). Monsoon 2013!

  • Imasewsure

    Brett Somers… oh my god what a flash back… hilarious!

  • Whoever brought up that bringing on the Puerto Rican queens who have a (not really) rudimentry command of the enlgish language is getting insulting, THANK YOU!!!  I’ve been thinking the same thing for a while now.  It’s uncomfortable to watch, doesn’t let the queens perform to their full potential, and only works in that “foreigners are stupid” kind of “funny.”  The only one who’s been able to rise above it was Yara Sofia, of course, but the rest of them, it really is painful to watch.

    • Meelah

      I get what you’re saying but those PR Queens are fierce.  The only thing holding many of them back is their language issues and misunderstanding of American pop culture.  Maybe if the show is on long some of the current Queens can start working on their English so they can go farther on the show.  Further more Nina Flowers was robbed and if that first season had gone  to the most talented Queen we would have had a PR winner.  

      • Donald Hite

        I think both Nina and Jessica Wild were able to work around their language issues without it being a big deal.  Nina had a few issues (like in the Oprah challenge), but she was able to make it funny and not use it as an excuse.  I don’t recall Jessica Wild ever using it as an excuse.  It was mentioned a few times, but I don’t think she allowed it to limit her.  The main issue isn’t whether they have a language “issue”, it’s whether they let it define them.

        Yara and Alexis let it define them, but I think they made the most of it and played it up rather than using it as an excuse (although frankly Yara’s frenetic “sabado gigante” shtick became grating after awhile).  

        In the end, it’s probably mostly editing just to give them an underdog story.  

  • Dlou 212

    In one season, the queens had a challenge of dressing a “Dragfather”–I think it was Carmen’s older guy who mentioned Oscar Wilde to her and she’d never heard of him.  The older man said, “You need to know this stuff.”  Little Edie isn’t as seminal as OW, but goddammit, C’mon! Not knowing shit doesn’t make you more interesting, Coco!  Far from it.  I’m now over her and that set up, badly-acted drama with Fishstick. Coco has shown at least three times that she uses self pity to try to compensate for her  lack of   of humor and mental quickness. She just defaults to pouting.  Also (whew, I’m getting stuff out here!): I think Roxxy is just too bitchy. I LURVED her “. . .except Serena” comment, but since then it’s just been self-congratulatory shouting.  Bore.  Plus, she looks like a dude.  A frat dude.

    • Melizmatic

       Actually, Drag Race S3 had ‘drag sisters’, or ‘Jocks in Frocks; ‘

      ‘Drag fathers’ was in the 2nd season, and it was Tatiana who didn’t know who Oscar Wilde was.

      But the point is still valid; know your history.

  • AnotherG

    There’s a bonus clip of not-aired Snatch Game stuff on Logo’s website.   I just watched it, and I had to revise my opinion a bit: 
     – Ivy was funnier than her show edit
     – So was Detox
     – Jinkx was still funny, but there was a kind of dud response that was just okay
     – Jade had a funny moment to the “stick of butter on [blank]” question
    Everyone else was about the same:  Coco, Alyssa, and Lineysha were duds.  Roxxxy and Alaska were funny.  I think the right two were still on the bottom, but I’m thinking that the Coco/Alyssa feud is sapping their performance.  Ivy and Jade were collectively funnier than Coco and Alyssa. 

    I’m thinking we’ll be seeing Alyssa or Alaska in the bottom two very soon, the former for a “put up or shut up” moment and the latter for a “put the fear of Ru in you” moment.  Ivy and Jade are cannon fodder at this point, unless they excel at the next challenge (and both could use a major breakthrough at this point), or one of the other girls flubs it, especially Jinkx, to whom I don’t recall Ru giving immunity to this week…

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      But with all due respect, Ivy’s funnier bit wasn’t really being funny – she was just repeating one of Marilyn’s lines from “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes” word for word, and anyone can do that.

      • AnotherG

        Heh, please don’t misunderstand me:  Jinkx was hands-down still the best improviser of the bunch.  I upgraded Ivy in my mind from “dreadful” to “merely bad.”  Her score went from zero to one because she pulled out one Marilyn thing and at least committed to it. 

    • Finally!!! I have been checking the website so many times for a Snatch Game extended version clip!

  • Meelah

    I’m tired of this insistence on Glamour.  Pandora Boxx was robbed because of it.  Anyone can apply paint and get a nice dress but you can’t teach that kind of humor and presence.  Jinx deserved the win.   

    • Donald Hite

      I agree!  I would also add that the problem is an overly narrow idea of what is glamour.  I think by glamour they want a gown, basically a pageant look…  I thought that Jinkx’s lady gaga/elle driver look from the ballet episode was quite glamorous, just not “pageant” glamour.  It’s was more like pop star/ninja assassin glamour (that’s a thing, right?).

      I do think, however, that Pandora’s problem wasn’t a lack of glamour, but just a generally poor look.  I don’t think her looks displayed her humor or camp personality.  Genuinely campy/clever looks (like Mimi’s Virgin Mary or any number of Manila’s looks) have often been praised, although they always come in second to a plain old “fierce” fashion look.  I think Manila is still the reigning QUEEN of mixing glamour and camp.  Pandora mostly just looked half-assed.

  • elirt

    Jinxx Monsoon is GENIUS! I saw her as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch and she was incredible! I wish she should have chosen that character for snatch game, but sadly, I bet that would have gone over everyone’s head as much as Little Edie did! Her portrayal of Little Edie was incredible. Admittedly, I wasn’t sure how she would make it funny since she’s just an odd character, but then that’s exactly what she did – she highlighted Little Edie’s quirks and it was HIGH-larious! When she talked about JFK when “Marilyn” dropped the ball and even mentioning him… that was fan-fucking-tastic. I can’t wait to see more of what she brings!

  • Lineysha was amazing in the lipsync, however. Detox, while not funny, was above and beyond better than Ivy – who should have been in the bottom. Lineysha should have sent Ivy packing. Both are beautiful (as boys and girls) but they haven’t been BRINGING IT. 

  • Donald Hite

    Did anyone else wish that when Coco asked Ru “what’s a little edie?”, that Ru would have read the bitch?  “She’s a cultural icon that any drag queen with 2 eyes and a brain should know about.”  Also, if Coco was going to rely completely on the visual, she could have at least given us a “wardrobe malfunction”, right?

  • Deenie Smitherria

    I happen to like Alyssa.  She’s talented, and can go from ugly (which she’s not) duckling to beautiful swan and yeah she’s bitchy but she’s an entertaining bitchy.    So all you haters “bitch, sit yo ass down and shut the eff up bitch!”  

  • gsk241

     Love it!

  • I love the fact that 1. TLo cover this show (just discovered this) and that 2. you guys actually have a “discussion” about it. The only “discussion” we have about this show is at the bar we go to watch it at where everyone hoots and hollers and yells for more whiskey sours. We just love Ru Paul coming in like Mr. Rogers and morphing into a Tim Gunn like character and then zaPOW she’s RU PAUL! Love. Cheers.

  • If Jade don’t act bitchy and assertive (and mean, which i’m usually against) she’ll get eaten alive. She’s Tatiana all over again – she’s just asking to be ganged up on otherwise. Too pretty and sounds like a girl when not in drag.