RPDR S5E2: Loose Lip Synch Ships!

Posted on February 05, 2013

This was a fun and funny cha– Jesus Christ, is that thing on the right real?


Only Ru. Where else can you find quality television like this? We were talking about it this morning (as we are wont to do) and it’s interesting to us that, as gay people become more and more assimilated, both socially and legally, “gay culture” is diminishing in … we don’t want to say “importance” so much as “potency.” This is why this show is so important to us. It’s a double espresso shot of classic gay male sass, lingo, and humor; completely tasteless and utterly hilarious.






Kind of an interesting take on the guest judge gig. Girl was HARSH, but she really looked at things from a performer’s perspective. It’s as close as the show’s ever gotten to having a real, honest-to-god artist’s crit.

Plus it was HILAR that she and Michelle Visage hated each other.


Have loved her forever.


So congrats to Lineysha Sparks! One might leap to the conclusion that the prettiest of the girls is being fast-tracked to the finals, but we have to say, this win was well-earned.

Because her performance in the lip synch as Tyra was freaking hilarious. If she’s got comedy chops to go with her looks, she’s definitely the one to beat.

The lip synch turned out to be funnier than the long setup would’ve had us believe. The rehearsals were painful to watch – and to be fair, so were some of the performances – but a few of them really nailed their characters.


We just … don’t get it. How does this cute, skinny brown boy manage to turn himself into a tacky, middle-aged white woman? Ru and crew seem to like her, but she’s just not setting us on fire with her style.


Props for the stilt-walk and sense of showmanship, but she’s resting on pretty too much. There’s no “Ivy Winters” character, so far as we can see. And this is a season bursting at the seams with characters.


Bland. Another one resting on pretty.


Her face-giving is AWFUL. Still, she definitely knows how to make an impression and keep all eyes on her.

And speaking of making an impression…


Her Shangela was downright eerie. Looked and acted exactly like her.


We’re with Kristen. What the FUCK is that sad little cocktail flag? The outfit’s just a sad take on a Miss Universe costume.

But the real story here is that Serena’s one mouthy, full-of-herself bitch. The shade-throwing sometimes gets a little tiresome on Untucked, but that scene of all the queens pretty much descending on her en masse and shutting her up was a thing of beauty.


She’s way more versatile in her looks than we originally thought she’d be. She’s a troublemaker, though.


Is this the only thing she does? This Lainie Kazan drag? Because we’re at week two and it’s already gotten old.


We love Jinkx, but her face and hair look truly frightening here. We can’t quite tell if it’s deliberate or not. Either way, this look felt half-assed.


Of course, the big moment of the night was Monica’s. We have to admit, cynical bitches that we are, our first impulse was to treat it like the soap opera storyline it was. Her fear seemed more than a little over the top, considering her mother apparently knows and accepts that she’s transgender and that she’s … y’know, in a drag queen competition; probably one of the safest places for a transgender person to come out. Unless she feared that her admission would get her released from the competition and we’re kind of wondering where the rules fall on that ourselves. After all, if a contestant is taking hormones and may have had surgery, doesn’t that kind of give them an advantage in a competition centered on men looking like women?

Anyway, the look is just okay. With this apparent weight off her shoulders, she needs to start kicking it up a notch.


Her turn as Phi Phi was pretty good – and obviously a bit of payback on behalf of her husband – but aside from that, we’re less than impressed with Alaska. She’s a lot of (admittedly funny) sarcasm with not a lot of impact in her looks or performances.


Coco, on the other hand, continues to impress. She’s the full package of looks, performing, and attitude. If they do Snatch Game this season, we hope she decides to be Janet Jackson. She’s got the face for it.


We like Detox a lot, both the attitude and the level of polish and skill. But she’s another one who needs to step up her look a little bit. This is good, but just good.


Anyway, the LSFYL came down to Snotty Babybitch vs. Soulful Confession and let’s face it, everyone there knew how it was going to shake out before the first note even sounded.


Well, everyone except one, that is. She went out the door as delusional as when she walked in, bless her.



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  • How adorable is Ivy out of drag, though? He’s the sort I would have had a very, very misguided crush on in middle school.

    •  I have the biggest crush on boy Ivy. It’s not right how cute he is.

      • Pinup Ghoul

        Ditto. Also on Detox.

        • Really? I love Detox IN drag. Out? No so much. To each his or her own though. 🙂

      • VivianAdvanced

        Ivy is cute in his boy persona, isn’t he? I was studying him in drag and got to thinking that with the right clothes and makeup, he could be fixed up to look like Lady Mary of “Downton Abbey”. Am I crazy?

        • Soren Lundi

          I would watch the hell out of Dragton Abbey.

          • VivianAdvanced

            That would be great, wouldn’t it? Drag kings for the men’s parts? I wish it would come to pass.

          • Q_B

             I don’t even watch Downton Abbey, but holy shit would I watch Dragton Abbey. You made me laugh so hard at that. Love. It.

    • Jessi03

      Me, too!

    • Sam

      I was thrilled seeing him out of drag. I’ve realized I’m always rooting for the girl who looks best out of drag, so I’m glad that he looks so good.
      There’s a lot of fishy queens this season who look better in drag than out of it.

    •  totally crushing on this dreamy ginger nerd!

    • That whole “11th Doctor in lipstick” thing did more for me than I’d like to admit.

  • After the so-so All Stars season I wasn’t expecting much – but this season is GREAT!

    • RedAgain

      I do hope they do that All Stars trick with the pranks on the street.  GOLD!

      • Oh yes – THAT was one of the better competitions

  • Cory Stottlemyer

    I think Coco’s full-time job is as a Janet impersonator, so you best believe they’re keeping her around until Snatch Game. The looks are good, the shade is heavy and her lip syncing is on point, so I think she’s in it for the long run. I expect an Alyssa/Coco lip sync 4 yo life to decide which one makes it to the finale. My money is on Coco.

  • RussellH88

    Alyssa is Kenneth Ellen Parcell in drag.

    •  I think she looks like a waxed, over-tanned Hugo Weaving sucking on a lemon. Such a mug, I love it.

      • AnotherG

        I think you’re both wonderfully right.

      • SteelTown83

         How about the Madhatter from Batman the Animated Series?

      • Q_B

         Oh ew, that’ so true.

  • Michael Evans

    Juliette Lewis in that red wig is the closest we’re gonna get to a B-52 on that panel, isn’t it?  Oh well, she was fantastic, and her Jiggly impression was my biggest laugh.

    • hac51

       “Oh, can I say ‘whip’?”

    • StellaZafella

       “I don’t come to RPDR to see BOOBS!”
      I’m finally laughing at -and with- this show again!
      My favorite giggles of the night are all chronicled in these posts but:
      “I tried to tease it… but I just pissed it off” (You’d think they’d never heard that before)
      “Is that your best drag” …”No, it’s HER best drag”

      But my favorite roll-off-the-couch moment was when Ru intervened the cat fight with La Visage and delivered the entire line “Bring back my girls” in and exasperated mumble…self aware, and priceless comedy timing.

      •  I was surprised TLo didn’t mention that.  I have laughed a LOT at and with this show, but Ru’s version of “Bring back my girls” had me crying I was laughing so hard.

  • I really thought they’d keep Serena around for the drama factor. That scene when they descended on her was GLORIOUS. 

    • MK03

      I literally cheered when she got the boot. I was sure they’d keep her around for a while, for the sheer drama factor. I am so very thrilled to be proven wrong.

      • SteelTown83

         Even their villains have more skill than Serena. I think Alyssa is going to be the longterm dramaqueen.

        • Pinup Ghoul

          Serena isn’t even a villain, she’s just some dumb, annoying kid. Drag Race isn’t a babysitting service!

        • VivianAdvanced

          Alyssa reminds me of Don Knotts in drag.

          • Don Knotts and Howdy Doody had a baby and put it in drag. 

          • VivianAdvanced

            Alyssa’s serving up some Don Knotts Incredible Mr. Limpet realness. I’d forgotten that Don Knotts was in that movie where he turns into a FISH.

    • Q_B

       I have shit to do this morning and it’s because of TLo’s review that I realized I hadn’t seen Untucked and I HAVE to watch it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW because of this bit. I need to see it.

  • Frank_821

    I am glad you committed Monica’s big “Shocking” reveal. I don’t want to sound heartless. Transitioning is tough emotionally. But it did seem rather over the top. Her meltdown that is. But then on the show people express themselves in an over the top manner. But you said it perfectly. This would be the one venue where she should get the most compassion and understanding

    I loved our guest judges. Juliet Lewis was a riot. she threw herself into it. And I loved that Kristen Johnston was taking the judging seriously and at times being the dissenting voice

    and Yes that Shangella lipsync was eerie and kind of frightening

    • LJCdoc

      I wonder if she had/chose to stop the hormone treatments for the competition, and if that’s why she was over the top emotional?

      • MilaXX

         I read that trans contestants are allowed, but can’t take hormones during the competition so you may be right.

    • Monica’s reveal reminded me of when Mondo revealed his positive status. “I HAVE A SECRET,” they say to the cameras unironically. 

    • Ru: “what secret?”
      me: BWAHAHAHAHAHA as if this wasnt planned

      i dont know what was up with monica, but i take her brand of emo drama over the coco-alyssa “feud” anytime.
      i kind of loved it when she said “this isnt just TV… this is real for me.” not only did i buy it from her, but i also like it when they aknowledge the reality-tv-ness of it all. more of that realness, please.
      anyway, i like monica, but the corners of her mouth are perpetually turned downwards. she needs to lighten the fuck up.

    • RedAgain

      I don’t see the big deal about the “competition.”  You could be a biological woman, even a damn good looking one, and have no chance in this competition.  The reveal might have saved her for a week or two, but she’s not long for this fabulous show.

    • I remember being so confused that being transgender was a problem for her. I literally said “Is that bad?” Out loud to myself. As in, i though it was against the rules somehow. Then I realized, No dummy, she’s COMING OUT. And then it made sense. I wonder where the rules fall on that? Most of the girls who’ve transitioned did it after the show ended.

  • I’m still waiting for someone to burn up the runway like Raja. The contestants seem so homogenous this season. Even so, I cannot take my eyes off Coco and Jade. Plus I get a feeling of joy from Roxxxy.

    I hope Alyssa is the next out. That runway walk just made me feel gross, even worse in some ways than seeing Serena’s panties, which was tasteless in a bad way.

    • exactly! there is nobody with the style of raja or sharon, or the personality of juju or latrice this season.
      in a way, it makes the competition more interesting, though… i couldnt predict the top 3 at all at this point.

  • I’m kind of digging Coco and Detox so far, and I like Roxxxy ok, but wtf is with the shading on her nose? It looks awful, like Michael Jackson’s looked when it was about to fall off. Her whole makeup job last night was a wtf for me, I can’t believe the judges didn’t say anything about it.

    •  Yeah- on this show you generally don’t see a white boy do a racial switch unless he’s doing a celebrity imitation

      • pdquick

         Roxy is white? I think mixed, maybe.

        •  Perhaps, but next to the black and latina girls he skews to the white side of the scale. Anyhow, that fake nude bodysuit made him look like a 40 year old showgirl in a middle class casino.

          • RocknLox

            Egh… I don’t know, Raven did something similar. I think white boys who have or can get really tanned skin sometimes will drag brown. I don’t know if it’s racial for them, but Raven has done so while wearing an afro wig and everyone seemed cool with it. I’ve wondered about it myself and chucked it up to versatility. 

          • J. Preposterice

            Well, he is Latino.  He’s not super-dark-skinned, but…not all Latin@ people are. 

          • I did not know he was. On this show it seems that most of the Latino queens announce it with a billboard. 

  • Ivyyyyyy Winteeerrrrsss is gorgeous in and out of drag…she looks like Matt Smith (Eleventh Doctor) out of drag. 

  • Jessi03

    Lived for this episode.  Have to say, I saw Monica Beverly Hillz last night and she looks incredible.  Not sure if it’s hormones or better makeup or both, but she took my breath away.  Gorgeous.

  • MilaXX

    Coco  and the queens dragged Serena  all over the illusions lounge, and I loved every minute of it. It was well deserved, but sadly I doubt she left thinking anything but how jealous they were of her.

    Didn’t like Roxxy or Honey’s runway and Ivy & Viviene are just boring. After last night’s performance I completely believe that Alyssa is Shangela’s drag mother.

    I’m liking Coco more and more. I hope after next week the so called feud between her and Alyssa is done cause it’s boring. I an see why Alaska never made the show. She’s just a’ight. Nothing really stand out about her at all.

    • “I’M 21 AND I CAN’T HELP THAT I DON’T KNOW SHIT AND THAT EVERYONE IS JEALOUS OF ME.” Haaah. How very Gretchen Wieners of her. 

    • Pinup Ghoul

      Her “I read books and I’m so sweet and innocent and polite, and you’re all uneducated slobs” really pinged my ‘privilege’ meter. Girl may be an adult, but she has a LOT of growing up to do. She’s still a dumb kid, in my eyes.

  • StillGary

    I really expected some jokes about Kristen Johnston being a drag queen — Love her, love Julian Moore — great judging!

    • Melizmatic

      That was Juliette Lewis, hon.

      ‘Julianne Moore’ is the redheaded actress who played Sarah Palin recently.

      • StillGary

        D-oh! Thanks!

    • my favorite part was when the two guest judges double-teamed michelle, with juliette’s face in michelle’s cleavage, exclaiming “i don’t expect to see boobs on RPDR”…

  • MissMariRose

    I loved Kristen Johnston’s critiques. I hope they bring her back again and again. I laughed my ass off when she said something like “Oh thank God.” after Ru said she’d made her decision.

    As for Alyssa’s Shangela impression, I think I read somewhere that she was Shangela’s drag mother. Is that right?

    • hellkell

       Me too! I’d love to see them shitcan Santino and bring her on.

    • Alyssa said something like that in the episode, iirc – that she put Shangela in drag for the first time.
      So I guess Shangela can blame Alyssa for her initially busted makeup? 😉

      • MK03

        She can blame Alyssa for her busted EVERYTHING.

        • Melizmatic



          Not quite ‘everything’; what Shangela had over both Phi Phi and Tati is that she can actually be funny.

          • MK03

            Yeah, she can bring the funny when she wants to. Trouble is, most of the time she preferred to be a loudmouth shit-stirrer.

          • Melizmatic

             I can’t argue with you there; unfortunately, ‘reality’ shows often tend to bring out the worst in people during the course of filming, because everyone’s vying for screen time.

            I’ve seen ‘Shangy’ look very beautiful and polished since S3; I cant help but think that had she invested more time and energy into her presentation than into stirring the pot, she might have gone farther both in the competition and in her career overall.

    • SpillinTea

      Alyssa is Shangela’s drag mama. Shangela has said it in many interviews that she started as a dancer for Alyssa before Alyssa made her a queen. That impression was SCARY good.

    • hoez

      Yes, that is correct. It explains why she always looks EXACTLY like Shangela… though it’s more the other way around, lol.

    • SheridanBucket

      3rd Rock brought it.   Kristen was serving Judge Judy realness and is clearly a fan.   I want her back Tootsie Lou. 

  • wayout46

    LOVED the friction between Kristen Johnson and Michelle Visage (or at least the way it was edited).
    It was about time someone stood up to La Visage’s sometimes amateurish biases. Kristen Johnson is the real actor here – with emmys to back it up – and spot-on on her candid evaluations of the queens, especially when defending the narcoleptic one, who happens to be a great comedian.
    Michelle, on the other hand, has already decided she doesn’t like the narco and loves Detox, and is letting that color all her commentary. It’s been the same in previous seasons (her leanings for Raja and against Alexis come to mind).
    Also — VERY happy Lynesha won. She was flawless and had the Tyra Sanchez nuances down, as much as they edited her otherwise during the rehearsals.

    • I like Michelle, but I’m already worried we’re going to lose our comedy queen (and I find her waaaay funnier than Pandora) too soon thanks to her.

      • AnotherG

        If you mean Jinx, I think she makes it to the Snatch Game at least.  She’s in the teasers as Little Edie from Grey Gardens.  (Credit to the person who realized it was Jinx.  I knew the character, but I didn’t place the queen, so well spotted, commenter-I-can’t-recall!)

        • MichaelStrangeways

          Jinkx isn’t going anywhere for awhile…she’s playing it under the radar while all the riff raff get the axe. 

          • ZnSD

             God I hope so! We need a funny queen to take a crown. Maybe Pandora can come back for another season of all-stars.

          • wayout46

            You don’t think S4 winner Sharon Needles was funny? I thought she was hysterical and amazingly creative. Yes she was ghoulish, sick, and creepy as well, but all performed with magnificent comedic timing. For one thing, she wasn’t resting on pretty.

          • ZnSD

             I do think she was funny; however I don’t automatically think of Sharon Needles when I think of “comedian” queen. I think of someone like Pandora or Jinx. That’s all I mean. I love Sharon. I consider many of the queens to be funny. I think Jujubee’s hilarious. Coco is very funny too, but I wouldn’t necessarily consider her to be a comedian. Cheers!

  • SublimatedRage

    Jinkx’s look was half-assed this week, but she redeemed herself with the one line about her hair — “I tried to tease it, but only pissed it off!”  That made the judges howl and showed her wit and acting chops.  Kristen seemed impressed by that….

    •  She’s this season’s Pandora Boxx

      • MichaelStrangeways

        No…she’s this year’s Jinkx. She’s FAAAAAAAAR funnier and more talented than Miss Boxx.

        • SteelTown83

          She is this season’s Pandora in the sense that she seems destined for 4th or 5th (plus a Miss Congeniality to soften the blow).

        • ZnSD

           ah you must know more about Jinx than I do, but I have to say she is my secret favorite as from her resume she appears to be the most talented, although Detox has a lot of cred. Can’t wait for Little Edie. Dying!

  • This season is giving me LIFE! Now the two weakess players are out, I have no idea who’s going next. 

    • SteelTown83

       Feel like it’s gotta be one of the blander queens. Honey? Vivienne? Despite all her talents, Ivy?

      • wayout46

        I agree. They can’t eliminate all the shit stirrers at once. It’s time for a bland queen who looks pretty but can’t design, sew, or walk, to go: Ho-hum Vivienne or Klutzy Alaska (at least Honey can strut).

  • wayout46

    Coco’s  read of Serena’s capataining skills will go down as one of the best in RPDR history, and one of the best on TV, up there with Julia Sugarbaker’s  Miss Georgia World/Marjorie monologue.

    Miss Montrese’s “confessional” reaction to Serena’s ghetto comment threw more shade than a fat tree on a hot summer day.
    Before this episode, I thought she was trying too hard (the whole Alyssa/Coco rivalry seems almost staged and contrived), but it really does all come very naturally to her.

    • SpillinTea

      Coco is a damn pro at the shade. Her “She needs to Cha Cha home. OLE!” had me on the floor laughing.

      • MK03

        That instantly made me a fan.

    • Untucked put Coco up there as my favorite of this season. I had been very ambivalent about who I was rooting for, but after this week’s episode and Untucked, I definitely have a better idea of who I like among the queens.

  • Also, Lineysha is slaying for two weeks in a row! I figured he would be one of those PR queens but this bitch is turning OUT! I hope she makes it to the final. Her Tyra was so damn hilarious!!

  • jw_ny

    I haven’t watched the episode yet, but that 2nd pic posted above with the guys kneeling in front of those “holes”…omg!  Talk about tasteless gay humor.  Oh Ru really had a warped sense of humor when she devised that “glory”ious task & shot!  I’m still laughing! 

  • Kristen is the best judge this series has ever had. Telling Santino to shut up (halleloo!) and stating Michelle was playing favorites? Rupaul should offer her permenant spot. 

    • Melizmatic


      I was LIVING for Kristen last night… that is how judging should be done.

      I’d love for Ru to offer her a permanent spot, but it wont happen; Michelle V would be too threatened…

      • Introspective

         totally agree that the friction between MV and Kristen would be enough to make Ru decide against it. I also think that unlike the others, Ru would also find a real challenge to her own thinking in Kristen. so Im seeing it as a pipe dream.

        but damn if I didnt agree with everything she said…

        • Melizmatic

           I tend to agree; it’s just ‘too much like right’ to have a judge who actually assesses the queens on their charisma, uniqueness, nerve AND talents on this show.

          Plus Ru seems to need a ‘fly’ who automatically makes her look better by default.

          Oh well…

    • Jessi03

      I would love it if Ru replaced Santino with Kristen.  LOVE it.

    • Sam

       I love Kristen and wish she’d be in more things, I would love having her on this show some more!

  • Was there a theme to the runway this week? I thought it was resort at first, but then it just went off the rails. This was a great episode though. When I saw the lip sync impressions, I realized how inspired the challenge was. Really separated wheat from chaff easily. 

    • RussellH88

       I know one of the judges asked Alaska if she thought that was her “best drag”, so I don’t know if it was supposed to be their best outfit, their favorite look, or something similar.

      • I wonder if that wasn’t just a setup to throw shade at Detox, but it’s possible you’re right. 

      • Melizmatic

         I loved Alaska’s reply;

        “No, its Detox’s best drag!”

    • Sally Brownson

      They didn’t say that there was a theme, so I’m assuming there wasn’t really.

  • Just from the pictures… Jade Jolie = Christina Applegate. Anyone?

    • AnotherG

      She’s got Annie Lennox’s eyes and cheekbones.  I can’t stop seeing that when I look at her.

      Sadly, not Annie’s teeth. I can’t stop looking at those either.

      • Linderella

        Both–last week I thought Annie Lennox and this week Christina Applegate!  I’m hoping she’s around to do Lennox for Snatch Game.

    • wayout46

      More like 80’s one-hit wonder Stacy Q

  • Vlasta Bubinka


  • Melizmatic

    This episode was so entertaining, and for once, I totally agree with both the winner and the queen sent home.

    Although I will say that I am very surprised the producers/Ru didnt keep annoying little Serena around for conflict value, ala most formulaic reality tv shows… but I am very glad they didn’t.

    And Kristen Johnson has been a fav of mine ever since 3rd Rock as Sally Solomon, but after giving business to both Santino and Michelle, my fluv for her is now official.

    • J. Preposterice

      Am I the only one who can’t look at Kristen Johnson without thinking of the “chick flick” scene in 3rd Rock?

      “Like Full Metal Jacket!”
      “…or Boys on the Side.”

  • Stubenville

    Well as it was repeated last night, “It’s not RuPaul’s best friend race.”  I haven’t warmed up to Coco, but damn the girl was on fire when she did her challenge scene. She is one to watch. If anything, her taste level might hold her back; her look last week was tacky.

    So how long will Alaska be able to coast on Sharon’s coattails? He seems clearly middle of-the-pack, but I bet he’ll stay around 3/4 of the way through the season out of deference to Sharon.

    • AnotherG

      I think Alaska and Detox are going to be dangerously hilarious to watch together.  That’s about all I can predict at this point!

      • When they had Sharon and Phi Phi make out in their video I cackled and couldn’t stop laughing. BRILLIANT. I thought for sure their team would win for that. 

  • MK03

    Buh-bye, Little Miss Soft Sculpture. You won’t be missed.

  • It truly was the best Untucked /ever/, watching those queens unleash on that snotty little bitch. I was laughing my ass off.

    And I don’t think being trans gives anyone an advantage. At least no more than Detox’s lip-job is one. Since when is drag about being the most ‘believable woman?’ Divine was not a believable woman. Last year’s winner wasn’t really either. Nina Flowers never really went full femme. Drag isn’t about realism, it’s performance, so someone on hormones is just as likely to win or not win as someone off.

    I have to say, this season’s going to be tough for me to watch because I already like a lot of the queens here. Even the ones I dislike are at least entertaining to some degree (except Serena, thank goodness she left). The lipsyncs have paled in comparison to last year’s thus far though. We’ll see if they improve as the dullards go home.

    • Sally Brownson

      The reason why being trans would give someone an advantage is that taking hormones will eventually give you real curves, and while it is about the performance, the queens are still critiqued on how well they mimic a woman’s body. If you don’t have to mimic a woman’s body because you have one (whether you were born with one or you acquired it later), then I think that’s really stretching the definition of “drag queen”. 

      I find fault with your examples, too. Sharon Needles did do a couple “believable woman” looks. But she also never came out with a non-curvy body. Nina Flowers was more on the genderfuck side of things as well, but she definitely still disguised the masculine-ness of her body. I think it could easily be argued that Milan got put in the bottom for her Janel Monae look because it didn’t look femme enough.

      • Well, yeah, they used femininity, but my point is that they still did well despite mostly coming out in looks that weren’t really meant to “trick” people into believing they were biological women. Different queens play the realism vs fantastical performance in different ways. If the competition were about who looks most like a woman, Carmen would have won her season. Raja didn’t have curves. Some biological women don’t either.

        And yeah, Milan got put on the bottom because she literally came out in a suit. That was a choice she made for her clothes, which is hardly as serious or intrinsic as your gender identity. We also don’t know if Monica is taking hormones and it’s my opinion we don’t need to. Rupaul herself says anyone can be a drag queen, and I tend to fall more towards that definition. Certainly with regards to transgender people who are a big part of the community. It’s not like some straight biological woman came into the competition. Some things are more important than the rules to a reality show. Like letting transwomen be included in LGBT traditions and showing public support.

      • snarkykitten

         unless you take female hormones before you hit puberty or very early into puberty, they do little to enhance your curves. Yes you’ll gain “natural” breasts, but they don’t get very large.

        or so my partner’s doctor tells us.

        • DonnaL

           Generally true, but the effects of hormones are very much an individual thing.  I know trans women who began with hormones in their 40’s and are quite happy with the results.  It takes a long time, though; usually several years.

      • xay

        Counterpoint: Raja hardly ever padded and still did a variety of looks.

  • Why is it that all the queens playing the bigger queens represented that through eating? Original, much? 

    • And it’s always fried chicken. Do they keep a vat of fried chicken in the props department on this show?

  • shanteUstay

    I’m sorry, miss chacha’s look was so damn bad last week, bitch should’ve been gone.

    • demidaemon

      True, but that isn’t the determining factor for elimination. It’s only the determining factor for bottom two. It’s the LSFYL that determines elimination, and Serena clearly did better than Penny in that respect.

  • fursa_saida

    Jinkx’s runway look reminds me very, very strongly of David Bowie in drag in his video for Boys Keep Swinging. (Skip to 0:49 to see what I mean, or to 2:25 for a more extended look.) Eerily so.

  • VioletFem

    Kristen Johnson is the best guest judge that RPDR has had so far. She gave some very nuanced critique, even in the face of dissenting with Michelle, who I love but sometimes unfairly favors some queens over more talented ones. I really hope that Ru invites Kristen back. Serena kept talking about how her drag was “artsy” because she went to art school, but her drag was actually really sub-par. From the styling to the character, there was nothing unique or eye-catching about what she did. I’m also glad to see that Ru finally got rid of Serena, the weakest queen in this bunch. Thankfully, most of the queens in this season are really interesting and are very unique characters. I can’t wait to see how this season plays out.

  • I surprised there’s so little love for Jinkx.  Her Mimi Imfurst was perfection! If she works on her runway looks she could be top 3 material.  Even the way harsh Kristen Johnson thought she was the best performer of the group.  And speaking of Ms. Johnston…

    KRISTEN JOHNSON WILL READ A QUEEN TO FILTH!  Luv her!  Can’t they just replace that drip Santino with her?  I want to see her and Michelle cat fight every week!

  • Kristen Johnson was a great guest judge (as was Ms. Lewis who I LOVE) and I love that she was getting lippy with Visage, god knows someone needed to.  It was a good episode but poor Serena was just a name on a list.  I really want to like her but Alaska is just not bringing it this season – perhaps if she DIDN’T have the association with Sharon it wouldn’t seem so obvious, but here she’s clearly out of her league.  Unless something epic goes down, I’m thinking it’s between Coco, Roxy, Detox, and Allysa (or Jade Jolie, should they decide they need one shady bitch to stick around).

  • LOVE, LOVE LOVE this season!  The Queens are fabulous, the challenges fun, and the judging the best since season one.  Let me put a mention in for the fantabulous Absolut commercials starring Michelle Visage (and ladies).  She’s great – not to mention the always interesting Sharon Needles who shows a deft hand with dialogue.  Add in the hilarious Avenue Q safe sex PSA for the hat trick (my husband about fell off the bed over the ‘I like to watch’ line) – and you have the best hour’s entertainment on TV.     

    • Montavilla

      I’m glad you mentioned the Puppet Service Announcement.  I love that commercial!  It’s the only one I don’t mind seeing 27 times as I watch the show online.

    • MK03

      I do enjoy seeing a little Avenue Q during breaks. Though I do wish they could have gotten John Tartaglia and Stephanie D’Abruzzo to reprise their roles. Especially since they got Rick Lyon to voice Rod’s boyfriend.

  • snarkykitten

    Speaking from experience, dressing in drag and going for gender reassignment are two entirely different things. A parent may be able to accept their child likes to dress in drag, but when you’ve raised your little boy and seen him as your son his entire life, it can be difficult to accept your daughter.

    [sorry for the word salad. I’m not good at explaining myself]

  • This episode and its Untucked are FAB. Definitely have a better idea of which queens I want to root for now. 

    Also, is it just me or is Jade Jolie basically a more polished Tatiana? Their voices are eerily similar. 

    • MK03

      I think she’s a lot more likeable that Tatianna. At least, so far. It’s still early in the game, but she seems like a much more genuinely nice person. 

      • I dunno, they’re both “shit-stirrers” (to quote one of the other queens). I think Jade is just easier to tolerate because she knows her stuff better than Tatiana and seems to be less braggy (which seems to have falen to Serena). 

    • spooki C

       I keep waiting for her to say “think you. think you. *vapid smile*”

  • e jerry powell

    Perhaps Monica thought they were running a prelim to Miss Gay America or something?  That’s the only pageant system that comes to mind whose rules ban hormones or silicone below the neck.

  • AnotherG

    Jade’s upper face, cheekbones to hairline, and especially the almond-ish eyes, put me in mind of Annie Lennox.  It’s weird.  I can’t un-see it.

  • jack mackenna

    >>probably one of the safest places for a transgender person to come out.

    Coming out as a trans woman on national tv tho, is not safe. Trans woman PoC make up the vast majority of hate crime victims, after all :/ and I’ve met some viciously transphobic gay men in my life time.

    Thought Kristen Johnston was hilarious, especially when she told Santino to shut up.  More please.

    • It was touching, though, how supportive the other queens were in Untucked. It made me tear up a bit, actually.

      • jack mackenna

        I agree! Like I said- I’ve met a few gay men who could be really awful about it, so for them to unanimously support her made me really happy.

        • Seriously, even the bitchiest queens had her back, when I thought for sure a couple of them might harp about Monica violating the rules or having an unfair advantage or whatever. Their total support certainly elevated the group as a whole in my eyes. 

  • TLo, are you saying gay culture is getting Homo-genized?  Bwa ha ha I slay me!

    •  That was both shameless and awesome!  Bravo!!!

  • spooki C

    Oh Em Gee Miss ChaCha was so annoying and wtf was her delusional-ass attempt at Raja?! Raja looked elegant, she looked like an old man and acted like a sleepy drunk. She didn’t even try and went full on crazy with out being funny (like Yessica Wild). Worst off, watching Untucked made me dislike her even more, I don’t know why she thinks she’s so amazing because she looks capital B Busted and doesn’t have enough dancing skill or comedic chops to make up for it.

    I didn’t care too much for Alaska’s Phi Phi but that’s probably because Phi Phi’s ranting was too irritating. The way she whines “cruuuiiiiisssse” makes me cringe every time. But really, Alaska looked like she rubbed dirt on her face. Phi Phi is Cheetos orange. You can’t tell me not one person in a room full of queens didn’t have any orange eyeshadow.

    Still don’t have a favorite yet but I’m leaning towards CoCo and Detox. CoCo really shined in this episode.

  • Kirsten W

    Oh Miss Serena, Jinkx Monsoon went to art school too and you don’t see her constantly reminding the competition about it. Because Jinkx actually has something to show for it.

    • Melizmatic



  • Donald Hite

    1) THANK YOU for Serena going home… I figured she’d be around awhile just to be annoying… I agree that the dead weight seems to be leaving quickly, which I am pleased with.

    2) I thought some of Kristen’s judging was a little harsh, but I think the real problem is that we didn’t see enough to really know what she was commenting on.  She basically said Detox was stuck up, although we didn’t see hardly any of her runway “demeanor” upon which to decide if Kristen’s critique was valid.  And even if she did have a certain “air” about her, is that not part of her character (other queens have been praised for staying in character throughout the critiques. ex: Tyra Sanchez in the wedding challenge).  Also, while I didn’t think Alaska’s Phi Phi was objectively so great, I just hate Phi Phi so much that I appreciated it.  I wonder if Kristen was aware of the history there (a context necessary to appreciate the ridiculousness of Alaska’s Phi Phi impression).  

    3) On the first episode I DESPISED Alyssa.  Now I’m kind of liking her.  I like her version of “giving face” (train wreck though it is).  It’s a bit clowny, but that’s half the fun.  Her boy face bothers me much more.

    4) I feel like Alaska is in between a rock and a hard place.  She definitely doesn’t have the spark that made me fall in love with Sharon from the first episode, but maybe that’s only because I’m judging her with Sharon in mind (even if I try to not do that, it’s unavoidable).  I just hope she comes into her own quickly so we can see who she is.  I think where Sharon excelled was that she could create a character out of ANY look, even one not that objectively amazing.  For example, her runway look on the sitcom episode was hilarious and spectacular because it was so witty and referential. Alaska’s look this week was vaguely Amy Winehouse-y, but there was no character to make it shine. Just Alaska dressed kinda like Amy Winehouse (or maybe it was someone else, who knows). DAMN!  There I go comparing her to Sharon again… 

    • SteelTown83

      Have you seen the previews for next week? I have an inkling that the Toddlers & Tiaras-esque mini-challenge and the childrens’ show main challenge could be Alaska’s big coming out party. I pray I’m right because she’s flipping fantastic and needs a win soon.

      • Donald Hite

        I think I missed it.  That sounds amazing though.

  • I don’t think the fact that Monica is transitioning should disqualify her at all. If were gonna have that conversation, then Venus D-Lite should have been DQ-ed for surgery to look more like Madonna, Chad Michaels should have been DQ-ed for surgery to look like Cher. 

  • Donald Hite

    Also, I didn’t think that Lineysha’s performance was that great.  It seemed a little sedated to me.  I know Tyra was never huge in her face or mannerisms (not off the runway, anyway), so maybe that’s what she was going for.  It just seemed like she was looking at the floor the whole time.  I couldn’t tell if she was being intentionally aloof or just aloof.  She also seemed to be staring at the floor most of the time…  I guess I didn’t get it.

    Vivenne is pretty much getting ignored so far (which is okay because she’s pretty ho-hum), but I actually thought her Tatiana was decent.  She had the finger down!

    Also, does anyone know why Ru says “Ivy Winters” the way she does?  Just being silly, or is there a reason?

    • wayout46

      Looking down tacitly was very much a Tyra Sanchez thing when giving shade, and Lineysha exaggerated the style for comedic effect. I think it worked … and so did Ru, I suppose. Plus Ms. Sparx buttoned it with that wonderful “threatening” look in Vivienne/Tatyana’s direction which showed good attitude, choices and comic flair.

    •  We’ve (my daughter and I, b/c I’m a good parent who lets their kid watch RPDR) wondered why Ru says Ivy Winters like that as well.

  • Donald Hite

    I also had a brilliant idea for a challenge (random I know).  They’ve done short interviews before (red carpet, etc), but I think it would be amazing to have the girls sit down for a longer interview.  I know this is a blast from the past, but I think having Martin Short as Jiminy Glick be the interviewer would be priceless.  Any queen that could stand up to that craziness would be amazing!

  • Ivy-as-boy is very taggable.

  • Pinup Ghoul

    I can never even remember that Vivienne is on the show at all. That can’t be good.

    • SteelTown83

      Her primary strategy for screen time seems to be glomming on to the Alyssa/Coco beef. Also can’t be good.

      • wayout46

        Plus there are taste issues in her design selections, and she needs to spruce up her catwalk.

  • istar73

    I am convinced the only reason wicked Miss Ru chose Serena Chacha for this season was to let the other queens slap her around the room like a pinball in a pinball machine, just like it happened in Untucked. There must be thousands of drag queens who applied who are way better than Serena but this one got on Ru’s nerves so much that she decided to let the other queens do her dirty work so as not to risk breaking a plastic nail. One line from Roxxy and everyone howled and jumped in. It was breath-taking to watch.. She really brought it upon herself. Brilliant move Ru!

    • SteelTown83

      She even gave the twitterverse a hashtag with which to continue the beatdown! #NoSheBettaDont!

    • wayout46

      Also, there’s that whole juxtaposition of positive and negative queen solidarities – the former for Monica BH and the latter against Serena, all within the same Untucked episode. The mood rollercoaster was a thing of beauty, so much so, you could have thought it orchestrated. But it kind of flowed organically so I’m inclined to think it was not necessarily contrived .

  • I don’t think hormones should be banned on Drag Race.

    But let’s get real – of course looking feminine and curvy and pretty is going to be an advantage on this show.

    There are a handful of genderfuck queens who have gone far without looking particularly curvy or feminine – but that doesn’t mean it’s not an advantage overall. There are also queens (like Phi Phi and Rebecca Glasscock) who have made it to the finals without having any talent. Does that mean that talent isn’t an advantage?

    Hell, the last two contestants to “return” to the competition – Kenya and Carmen – were brought back solely because of their looks. Is anyone going to argue that the judges didn’t see their prettiness and the femininity of their bodies as being an advantage?

  • Wasn’t a fan of Roxxxy’s runway look this episode, however…I LOVE Shannel, but I think she could pick up some positive tips from Roxxy on how to dress for her (Shannel’s) current body type. I still shudder when I think of Shannel’s lobster outfit on All-Stars.  (Apologies if someone already said this-every single time I go to read the comments here, something happens to interrupt). I’m also having the hardest time keeping the names straight so far with about 5 of the queens this season. In my case, it’s less of thinking that they are all homogeneous/similar but rather that there are entirely too many names with “X”‘s in them. (I’m starting to think that most everyone this season accidentally chose their ‘porno name’ instead of their ‘drag name’ in one of those silly online quizzes)

  • The full lip synch scenes (where they acted out scenes from previous seasons) are up on Logo website. Coco was far more amazing than the short excerpt they had shown on the episode, Ivy (I think it was Ivy) was brilliant as Mimi ImFurst (the way she was moving her mouth and her body language and movements KILLED me), Roxxxy was great as well, even when she was in the background she was still ‘in character’ and had comedically exaggerated mannerisms.  Even the Tyra impression was better than the bit shown in the episode. (Lineynsha really was channeling Tyra’s flat affect). Most everyone did really well, especially after I saw the full clips. It was painful to watch where the person didn’t know hardly any of the dialogue though (there were a few others besides Serena who seemed to be ‘watermeloning’ their way through the scene)

  • HeyMrPhipps

    Coco certainly does have the face for Janet Jackson but barring a boob flash, it would be an uphill battle to make her funny enough for Snatch Game. Grace Jones on the other hand …

    • wayout46

      Or Miss Patti LaBelle or Grand Dame Cicely Tyson (by kicking up the “Grand” part a few notches for effect)

  • It is technically not against the rules to go on as a transwoman, but I knew eventually something like this would happen and I was nervous, speaking as a biological woman. 

    I thought Monica’s lipsync was absolutely STUNNING. I had totally underestimated her and then when she said she had a secret I just KNEW. She is SO stunningly beautiful. 

  • Whereas Serena Chacha looks like a skinny ass cheerleader boi whose sewing kit exploded. If Sharon Needles is from Party City, Serena Chacha is from the fucking 7-11 and someone needs to READ HER ass straight. When Coco and Detox tried to educate her twink ass I was laughing so hard I almost cried.

    I DON’T THINK YOU UNDERSTAND FASHION U GUYZ BUT I HAVE LEGITIMATE REASONS FOR FAILING AT BEING RAJA. I mean oh my god. Of all the people to insult, you chose Miss Sex for Dinner Thunder Breathing Dragon-ette. Oh my gosh. Has she even MET Raja? She knows, right? She knows that Raja is hotter than her in and out of drag? Like, nuclear furnace, hotter? Like… I feel bad having that severe a crush on a gay man, but Raja is so fucking STUNNING it bends my brain. My gaydar just puffs into a ball of smoke. Boom. RAJA GEMINI: POSSIBLY THE HOTTEST MAN EVER

  • J. Preposterice

    I loved that about it — it was like a more scifi version of Bowie’s drag (which, David, work on your tucking, but also “more scifi than Bowie” is kind of awesome). 

  • tommo

    Why should trans disqualify?  How many have had cosmetic surgery?  Not altogether that much different than losing the twig & berries.  Amiright?

  • scott

    Jade Jolie’s Delta Work lipsync was genius. I can only guess this has gone unnoticed due to the enmity focused on Lil Cha Cha.