Project Runway: Tears For Fears

Posted on February 08, 2013


Maybe it’s because we had a full day of fashionatin’ at New York Fashion Week and we were tired and cranky; maybe it’s because we’re currently carb-deficient, or maybe it’s because some jackass named a blizzard after a fish and we keep looking fearfully out our hotel room windows for flakes, wondering if perhaps we should stock up on … well… what, really? How do you prepare for a storm in a hotel?


Anyway, our point is, we were bored to tears last night. Which, we suppose is fitting, since half the designers wound up spurting tears themselves. And we had to laugh, because the process has become so short-handed that people no longer need a story to explain why they’re crying. No dying or dead parents, no spouse or partner unseen for months; no explanation more involved than “I’m upset,” and the camera pulls in close to get the tear tracks, glistening in the spotlight.

This is as good a place as any to admit that we’re completely burnt out on Project Runway at the moment. In the last 18 months, FIVE seasons of Project Runway have aired; Season 9 started in July ’11, followed by PR All-Stars, PR Season 10, PR All-Stars 2: Electric Bugaloo, and now, PR S11. The previous five seasons of Project Runway took four years to unfold. We can all argue and expound on the various ways in which the show has declined, but to our way of thinking, it’s the flooding of content to the audience that’s ruined the show the most. If you have a new season every ten minutes, people stop caring and the show dries up, creatively. This is a big reason as to why our PR coverage is now limited to one post when it used to be spread out over 4 or 5. It’s because we can’t work up the energy and because there really isn’t much of an audience to read this stuff anymore.

Ah, well. Onward. Because we must.


Layana Aguilar and Katelyn Pankoke

Congrats to Layana and Kate! This was so obviously a Heidi dress from the moment it walked out on the runway. Her eyes lit up at the sight of it. Layana got a little obnoxious halfway through the process because she couldn’t understand why anyone would like pink fabric, but they seemed to have ironed their differences out fairly easily and the result is pretty damn good.


Daniel Esquivel

Congrats also to Daniel! We can’t really get behind this one. It’s very basic as a design. The only interesting aspect is the leather detailing. And it strikes us as odd that she would choose an evening gown for a press tour. Also: terrible color.


Patricia Micheals

We thought it was HILARIOUS how the judges all praised this look for being fashion-forward and interesting; claiming that Heidi would TOTALLY wear something like this because it would be so pleasantly unexpected – and then they pick two basic evening gowns that she’s worn a hundred times before. We thought this was interesting, but Patrica’s techniques are more artisanal than fashion. We can see her having a very successful boutique with hand-made items, but we can’t ever see her producing a fashion line.


Amanda Valentino and Joseph Aaron Segal

Credit to the two of them for finding a way to combine their un-combinable aesthetics. Even so, it’s only an okay dress.


Michelle Franklin

Interesting design, but it’s criminal what it’s doing to her shape.


Samantha Black

Good idea, badly executed.


Tu Nackchat

TERRIBLY executed, but we were intrigued by the shape and the combination of elements. It’s totally not Heidi, but it could’ve been an interesting dress.


Stanley Hudson

TACKY HO. It we were Heidi, we would have gotten out of our chair, calmly walked over to Stanley on the runway, asked him to bend over, and then slapped him viciously for the insult.


Richard Hallmarq

Ass tumor. It’s a shame, because if you take that one element away, it’s really a kickass dress. We have no idea how he got so hung up on the work that he couldn’t see the one, glaring, massive mistake in his design.



Mat Arthur

Another dress that should’ve inspired a slap. All she needs is bunny ears.


Benjamin Mach

Ben doesn’t seem like a bad guy, but Jesus Christ, who are these people coming into the show in its eleventh season, thinking they can waste all kinds of time on flights of fancy? Simmer down and make a goddamn dress, you whiny thing. Save the artistry for another time.

We suppose we should address whether we think Ben should’ve gone home. Here’s the thing: this is an utter mess of a dress. The one thing it has going for it is the concept, which, if it had been properly executed, would’ve yielded an interesting, sexy dress that fit with the theme of the events and the product she’s hawking. It’s also a pure Heidi dress.

This, on the other hand…


Cindy Marlatt

Is just a cheap dress shop dress, rendered poorly in the wrong fabric. In other words, Ben was designing something and got tripped up by his ambitions. Cindy was merely making something and couldn’t even be trusted to choose the right fabric to do it. She seems like a sweet lady and we wish her well, but she was out of her depth with this crowd.


[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime]

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  • Who is Patricia’s model and why does she look so familiar?
    Yep, outta the whole episode, that’s my take away lol. Don’t know how they managed to make a “dress Heidi” challenge so boring but they did.

    • alyce1213

      I don’t know who she is, but she’s the best model this season, IMO.

      • Hard to tell who’s a good model when this week, especially, half of them are styled like they just got out of the gym. Benjamin, Tu, and Amanda and Joseph’s models, particularly, are looking like they just chilled in sauna for a while.  

    • bluefish

      Patricia’s model does indeed look very familiar.  She also looks like my favorite super-model — the exquisite Christy Turlington.  One improvement this cycle is that the vast majority of these models are actually attractive.

      • It’s Lisa from American’s Next Top Model 9

        • lilazander

           she truly does.

    • She looks a little (just a little) like Olivia Munn.  Lighter hair here, but that’s the vibe I get.  

      • gabbilevy

        I also got shades of Alicia Keys.

    • Emily Myers

      I’m pretty sure that’s Lisa from America’s Next Top Model season 9.

      • EditKitten

        THANK YOU — I kept trying to place her!

      • Deb Oswald

        THAT’S IT!!

      • geeeque

        that’s what i thought. i’m embarrassed i know that. i’m embarrassed i watch this show.

      • Call me Bee

        Yeah I looked her up.  Lisa Jackson.  I was thinking you meant Lisa that won the latest All-Stars.  But you are correct.  Turns out she also walked in once of the finale runways for PR season 6, as well. 

    • Annabelle Archer


    • Meg0GayGuys6

      I thought she looked a lot like Olivia Munn

    • She looks like a toned down Ginger Spice to me.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Patricia’s model is Lisa from ANTM – not Lisa who peed in a diaper, but the other Lisa – the one from Cycle 9, the one who constantly clashed with Bianca.

    • Katherine Partyka

       She was a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, cycle 9.  Her name is Lisa Jackson.

    • geeeque

      It’s boring because they’ve done it 9,000 times before. Seriously, when was the last time they had a “special (non-judge) guest” who wasn’t directly related to the show?

    • She’s Lisa Jackson, she was on ANTM season 9.  I was the same, like I know her…. she looks great!

    • Nkere Richards

      She was on America’s Next Top Model ;))

    • katchwa

       Lisa Jackson, ANTM 9.

      Not sure how I feel about knowing that.

  • notdorothygale

    I can just imagine your little faces pressed against the hotel windows, watching for flakes. See any yet? There are unfortunately a few flakes in this season…I mean months…of Project Runway. My greatest annoyance last night, though, was Little Lord Faulteroy Posen. When the judges dress like cartoons it’s hard to believe they have any credibility…or taste. Second greatest source of expletive release in the Gale home was the premise of the “challenge”. Clearly I am a PR addict or I would have shut this travesty down much  earlier. The only upside is your blog. Take care, guys.

    • Stubenville

      At 8:00 AM, the CBS morning news showed (presumably current) shots of snow starting to fall in Central Park.

      • YoungSally

        It’s sleet now….just went outside and if TLo is on the upper westside…that’s what they have as of 11:30 AM.

    • For little Lord Fauntleroy he needs the page-boy hair, though. I thought he was trying to channel Oscar Wilde, particularly with the floppy bow-tie.

  • Violina23

    I kept my eyes open until the critiques, and half listened to the rest. I have to say, I’ve been enjoying the team aspect so far because it’s been forcing the show to focus on the creative aspect (which has been lacking from the editing from the past few seasons in favor of drama).

    I think Ben’s dress was worse, but Cindy was rightfully auf’d for cumulative failures.

    • You are absolutely right that Ben’s dress was the worst of a bad bunch.  And then he had the Colossal Nerve to bald faced lie to the judges when they asked him if the bodice had boning.  He had said on screen, before the  runway that it had no understructure.  And anyone who has spent as much time looking at clothes as these judges have would see instantly that it had none.

      • l_c_ann

        They allowed the lie.  Does that tell us more about Ben or about them?

        • It is revelatory of the characters of all involved.

      • WhiteOprah

        I know!  I was waiting for Nina to call him on that BS and she didn’t.  

      • Zac said he was not fooled during the discussion after the designers left the runway. He had the attitude that he was unhappy with the lie. Good for him.

        • formerlyAnon

           I can’t believe they didn’t challenge him with it (and show it on air) though. I thought they lived for dramah on this show.

          •  It was on air with Nina and Heidi and whoever the guest judge was, just not in front of the designers.

      • Violina23

        I think this what I get for closing my eyes — I think I missed that whole thing with Ben lying! 😛

  • mhleta

    “the various ways in which the show has declined, but to our way of thinking, it’s the flooding of content to the audience that’s ruined the show the most.” Couldn’t agree more. This show used to feel like Christmas to me. I couldn’t wait for it. But I don’t want Christmas every day because it’s exhausting and my face hurts from a day of smiling tenderly at my family and if I had to make Christmas happen every day, I assure you, the presentation of all aspects would suffer. Same thing with this show. Give us a break from it, stoke your creativity, find a REALLY good cast and we’re on board. But as it is now you’re just throwing lots of random shit at us and calling it Christmas.  

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      Hmmm….For me, it’s the giving the win to people who don’t deserve it over contestants that do.  And that everyone can predict who the winner is going to be several weeks from the end.  I’ve given the show up, but keeping up with TLO and the BKs and I feel fine.

      • ampg

        I agree with both of you – I loved this show, but it’s a time-suck, and with no break you can’t help but notice how quickly the challenges get repetitive.  Add to that the ridiculous producer-engineered wins, so there’s no sense rooting for your favorite designer, because their performance won’t necessarily be rewarded.  I finally gave up this season.  I’ll admit, though, that the decline in TLo postings contributed to that; I feel less like I need to watch when there’s only one recap post instead of a week’s worth.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        For me it’s too many seasons rushed onto the screen, contestants who are there strictly because they meet B/M’s drama and demographic requirements, and the not so sneaking suspicion that the fix is in regarding the winner for whatever season we’re in.  Watching the show is habit that I’m trying to break, and just follow through TLo’s blog.

    • laquevuela

       i couldn’t agree more. as i often say to Beyonce (her amazing superbowl performance aside), take some time away and LET ME MISS YOU.

    • Funkykatt

      Wow Mhleta, you nailed it. Exact.  Perfect, thank you!

    • MattCooper27

      True. It’s the old showbiz saying, “Always leave ’em wanting more”.

  • alyce1213

    You’re in the best place you can be during a blizzard — NY hotels have everything you need, so enjoy.    
    The two top dresses were well done, especially the black number. I’m impressed with Daniel’s detailing skills, elevating what really would have a too-simple, meh dress.  The fabric and color were unfortunate choices.
    I can’t agree with you on Samantha’s.  The swirly thing gave me a bad Stella McCartney vibe.
    Benjamin’s model looks as if she’s about to weep. I’d like to see if he can successfully realize a concept.  It just might be good.

    • SugarSnap108

       His model does look on the verge of tears.  Guess she’s jumped on the cry wagon with everyone else.

      • Lilithcat

        She was probably terrified that the dress was going to fall off on the runway.

        • SugarSnap108

           I think I’d be relieved if that dress fell off of me.

        • l_c_ann

          It may have slipped, but we’ll never know because of the editing.

      • BuffaloBarbara

         Either that, or she was suffering from severe boob-ache.

      • rab01

        I think she was in actual pain.  How tight did those straps have to be to make a mode look like she had a muffin top? (or several?)

    • MissAmynae

      Samantha’s dress is nearly an exact 2nd version of a McCartney dress for a recent collection. I’d like to see some calling out from the judges- you know they recognize it.  Doesn’t have to be name-calling, just a “hey, you’re losing your voice, and this is very referential.” *wink wink, don’t do it again*

  • I feel like my decision not to watch this season has been vindicated.

    • Jessi03

      I haven’t watched since Anya won.  In the All-Stars season, I won a betting pool on who would win, the order they’d go home, and which two would cry the most, but I never even watched the show.

    • YoungSally

      Mine as well….

      Maybe we can play guess the challenge based on Tlo’s recap.  In this case, it is obvious that it is a dress for Heidi….there is mention of a tour….and a look board from the wrapping department at Lord and Taylor (no offense please L&T…I got my first charge card from you)….

      Heidi wants her line to be the German Hermes….so make a Teutonic christmas gift that is a dress….preferably with hammered metal.

  • berkeleygirl

    It was cruel of the producers to put Cindy on the show in the first place.  What purpose did it serve?  It was only a short matter of time until she was gone.

    The funniest moment was Lataya complaining that Patricia won’t shut up.  From what I saw last night, that was the pot calling the kettle black.  This girl needs to be taken down a few notches.

    •  It was obvious to me from the get, that Cindy was there for two reasons only: because they One: require an “older person” to be part of the casting, and Two: they needed to fill another cannon fodder slot. She seems like such a truly lovely person, I can only wish her the best.  This was clearly not the environment for her to shine in.

      • SugarSnap108

        It was painfully obvious from beginning.  I imagine they also thought the funeral-director-cum-fashion-designer seemed cute.  I’m soooo weary of them using “older” women, in particular, in this role.

        •  I find it particularly galling that the older contestants, usually female, are so clearly not to be taken seriously in any real way.  As if their experience, and POV are worth nothing in real world terms. Grrrrrrrr

          • Girl_With_a_Pearl

            It is also ironic considering on which network this show airs.

          • Thank you!   The tacit meaning delivered to the masses is, “Fashion is for the young only”
            Bullshit of the highest order.

          • NDC_IPCentral

            It’s  “Olds” like me who have the scratch to purchase fashion with a more daunting price tag.  Then again, this Old also casts a gimlet eye at most of what’s being passed off and… gives it a pass.  But I do reject the tilt of the Lifetime channel wholeheartedly – a pretty simplistic and sexist view of the majority gender.

          •  I also find it intriguing that though the demographic of the nation is skewing older every year, the fashion industry keeps pushing the paradigm towards a more fetal state.  lol  Of course part of that is because we have become so culturally obsessed with staying young at any cost.

          • Nelliebelle1197

             Do you think they are doing the same thing with Daniel? He looks like an older Hispanic version of an ex plus he is adorable and talented.

          • He will surely last longer, because his skills are so good. But I doubt he will hit the final 3.

          • rab01

            Looking back through the seasons, people that win the first challenge are favorites to make the finals (though it’s definitely not a lock).  I couldn’t find any prior contestants who won 2 of the first 3 challenges before (and really all three since he appeared to be carrying his partner in episode 2).

            His aesthetic must really mesh with that of the judges (or the producers) so I’d be surprised if he doesn’t make it (assuming this is still a game show rather than the “Kardashians Take Mood”).

          • alyce1213

            Every time I hear the buzzwords “young” and “fresh” — which is way too frequently — I throw something at the TV.

          • formerlyAnon

             I hope your viewing area is liberally supplied with soft goods.

          •  A lot of it is the ones they cast.  Peach, for instance, was a lovely woman who was far too limited as a designer to do particularly well on PR. 

            I wonder how many good older, female designers apply though — most of the women I know over 40 would never find that prize money worth being stuck with the twits who make up most of the cast. 

          • MoHub

             An acquaintance who is a professional commercial patternmaker—and also an amazing actress and singer—applied and was turned down. She would have rocked the competition.

          •  My daughter’s sister-in-law is an amazing designer (she used to design for Barbie and some of her B-clothes are iconic) and she’s been approached several times. She finally decided against it because (at 40) she would hate being cooped up with the young ditzy ones. Too bad, because she’s gorgeous and extremely talented.

          • DeTrop

            Am I to understand that you actually liked her designs and fabric choices?  There is the possibility that her audition clothes, sans the deadlines and stress, were competition worthy.  The other possibility is the rest of the competition was bad and she actually shone.
            Again, you liked her work?

          • Oh not at all. I was only referencing the age issue. As a designer I thought her work was both ill conceived, and badly executed.

          • Winter_White

            And then there was the strange phenomenon of Gordana.  What was going on there?  Heidi in particular seemed to have a personal dislike for this woman — and it was painful to watch.  They didn’t even have her do a decoy collection to show at Fashion Week, even though she was the last one eliminated to determine the Final 3.  (Imagine how she feels these days, watching the designers in 10th place getting that opportunity!)  And Gordana was talented…I especially loved her Monet dress.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I never understood why Heidi seemed to take such a dislike to Gordana. I wonder if it’s occurred to Heidi that one day she too will be an older woman, and that the way you treat others might just come back around one day…

          • It’s been said before, but karma is a real bitch.

          • l_c_ann

            Heidi is German, Gordana is Hungarian.  Two nations separated by the same language that magnifies how much they hate each other.

          • Hungarians don’t speak German, they speak Hungarian, which is related to Finnish.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            Grrrrrrr, indeed, and as an older female, I heartily second your commment.

        • pepper76

          I agree that she was used. It made me sad that in her exit interview, she was so grateful for the opportunity. 

      • Violina23

        I felt like Cindy plain didn’t know what show she was on. I’ll bet the producers thought Bert would fit the same mold, but then he wound up having some design skill and talent 😉

        •  If I ever had wanted to be on PR myself, part of my prep would be to watch and critically assess as much of the show, its structure, how judging plays out, and so forth beforehand.

          •  Me too — which is why they would probably never cast either of us, Kiltd.  I think preparing means you aren’t “dramatic” enough…

          • StellaZafella

             Oh, if only, Kiltd…maybe back in the BRAVO days when they cast for some real design talent and savvy, not just drama. You’d have had Tim Gunn in a kilt and beard before the end of the season…and we’d all be getting the inside scoop from the REAL behind the scenes stuff!

          • Snailstsichr

             I’d totally watch that! There is even a Gunn tartan pattern.

          • meowing

            An acquaintance was in the early screenings for a new TV cooking show contest, and she said it was clear the producers were looking for “Types”–sexy, brash, innocent, bitchy.  I guess Cindy fit the Innocent Type for this go-round of PR.  Sad, cause I’d love to see a Bert/Cindy age person of true talent, not Type, get further than the cannon fodder stage.

          • mightbewrong

            How I would love a Bitter Kitten to infiltrate project runway. Can you imagine?

          • Kristin McNamara

            YOU SHOULD DO IT.

          • I think I would prefer to have my liver repeatedly torn out, like Prometheus.

            Oh wait, being on PR would be very much like that. Lol

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            So well said. In fact, Prometheus might have had an easier time of it….

        • MilaXX

           I don’t see Bert and Cindy as being in the same basket. Sure Bert was old, but he knew enough of the industry to at least understand how it works. I don’t get that same vibe from Cindy.

          • Violina23

            Exactly, that’s my point! I’ll bet they THOUGHT Bert was going to be the clueless “older guy”, but he clearly wasn’t. 🙂

          • MilaXX

            sorry, I misunderstood.

        • alyce1213

          Bert had a career in fashion, worked with Halston, produced sophisticated, classic designs in luxe fabrics. There is just no comparison to Cindy, a courageous and lovely person who could sew, came later in life to fashion design, and has kind of provincial taste. Bert was not cannon fodder, he was a contender.

          • formerlyAnon

             Though I always suspected that the producers thought he’d come dramatically unglued at some point and THAT was the main reason he was cast. I don’t think they counted on him being as tolerant as he was of the under-prepared drama queens around him, to the point of helping and advising them sometimes.

          • Violina23

            I agree,  but I wouldn’t put it past the producers to THINK he was going to be cannon fodder. (which I don’t think is coming accross from my original comment!) 😛

      • MilaXX

         Agreed she was in over her head. She had neither the design skill, nor the “personality” to make it far.

      • ixoki

        I think it’s so sad that they made use of Cindy this way. She is someone who deserves a lot of respect and admiration. How many people would dare to go back to school in their 50s and fulfil their dream? She is a courageous, lovely woman and deserved better treatment. She’s not right for the show and they totally exploited that fact. I hope she continues pursuing her passion fearlessly.

  • SRQkitten

    Hmmm…hadn’t thought about it in the sense of overkill but perhaps you’re right. Mad Men and Downton Abbey have these long breaks between seasons to make one appreciate them all the more. PR? It’s just aobut nonstop and not in a good way as the switch to lifetime has demonstrated.

    At least I didn’t fall asleep during last nights show which I did the week before. Miz Charlotte had a bit more to say than anticipated as a judge. Thought Richards – minus the tail fuzz – was totally Heidi. Was rooting for Ben to get the boot just to end our suffering having to listen to his whiningl

    And as for being stuck in a hotel with a blizzard (refuse to go with the stupid weather channel names), some good wine cheese & crackers and extra blankets maybe. Some water too perhaps (hurricane prep response kicking in). Sounds like it could be an adventure to share with the bitter kittens later. Stay warm & safe boys!


    • I want to “Like” your comment 100 times because, holy cats, I was getting increasingly irritated by all the whining going on. It wasn’t just Ben. Matthew complained about the challenge because he’s “not a dress maker*.” Layana whined about the colors Kate wanted to use. Kate whined about… something. So many people were whining about stuff that I couldn’t even keep track. It was a friggin’ whine-fest up in that bitch.

      I like most of these people. Layana’s adorable. Patricia and Amanda are both really cool. Joe is ironic without being annoying. I’m totally in love with Daniel. And I imagine the one-day challenges put everyone on edge. But, man, at this point anyone who applies for PR should have at least an inkling of what they’re in for.

      *It wasn’t the first time Mat complained about a challenge. It seems like that’s all he does. Also, he’s not a dress maker? He’s a fashion designer and doesn’t know how to make a dress? He acts like he’s above it all, and it makes me want to give him a good smack on the back of his head.

      • Carrieanno

        Remember sweet innocent Oliver from a few seasons back – he didn’t know what an actual bust measurement was because he didn’t deign to design for real women, only runway model types.  I was reminded of him when Mat said he wasn’t a dressmaker.  Diva is indeed a four letter word.   

        • l_c_ann

          Or should we call those guys “Divos” 

        • Oh yeah, Oliver. (Olivier?) He was so clueless. I want to say “bless his heart”, but he was such an ass about it. He didn’t win any fans from that episode, that’s for sure.

    • FWIW, the National Weather Service has told their meteorologists NOT to use the stupid Weather Channel names for winter storms.  Jim Cantore had told my daughter’s meteorology class that he thought naming winter storms was dumb.  I think she also told me that he only knew of this winter storm naming right before he had to go on air and announce it.

      About five years ago, my daughter’s college got 3 feet of snow on Valentine’s Day.  The storm became known as the Valentine’s Day Storm.  That’s how it naturally is with winter storms: the locals give them own names that fit.  Hurricanes were the same way in the old days.  The big difference is that there are fewer tropical systems and they affect mostly coastal areas unlike winter storms that can start pretty much anywhere in the country except for Florida, southernmost parts of the states along the Mexican border and Hawaii.

      • SRQkitten


        That’s really interesting background on TWC stupidity of naming winter storms! Thanks for sharing. I remember the real winter storm naming from my time in the northlands and yeah, it made more sense cause folks knew when you said “Valentine Day storm” what you were talking about. Or snowmagedeon more recently in Chicago.


        • libraangel

          I am in New England and here it is the BIG storm of 2013 which keeps getting compared to the VERY BIG storm of 1978

      • Carrieanno

        I thought of a few choice names when I was clearing the snow from my driveway this morning.

      • Lilithcat

        That’s how it naturally is with winter storms: the locals give them own names that fit.

        Yep.  Our nasty storm here in Chicago a couple of years ago was the Groundhog Day Blizzard, because, obviously, it happened on Groundhog Day.

  • SassyKansas

    I understand why TLo is cranky–but I really enjoyed this episode and thought many of the designs were far better than what they’ve come up with in recent seasons. I am liking the team critiques; to me, it seems to produce better dresses, so far, or at least on the team that has won all three times.

    My biggest reaction last night was to Heidi and the sheer size of her ego. Very interesting how comfortable she appears, not only being hostess of the show, but having so many challenges ABOUT her and FOR her and HER projects! Wow, she doesn’t mind a little attention! I guess that is what being a celebrity means.

    Is it too late to live the Heidi lifestyle? I think I will come out with my own perfume, too, called, “Hey, Why Not? Heidi Has One” or maybe, “Cathy’s Cat Food for Cats”. I will need a commercial dress, and a press conference dress. Something adorned with tuna can lids, I think….

    • l_c_ann

      For the record, this is Heidi’s Fourth Perfume.  Google her and you’ll find the first at Walgreen’s.

      • Stubenville

        Someone called it “candy-scented skank juice” last night.

      • MilaXX

         Celebrity endorsed stink oil is big business. That’s why so many of them do it. It’s almost a guaranteed money maker.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        And when I’m looking for my signature personal scent, I always look to Walgreen’s!

        • libraangel

          Of course – and not only do I go to Walgreens, I want to smell exactly like Heidi!

    • formerlyAnon

       Ahh, but (since I imagine these products mostly don’t actually lose money or she’d quit making them) YOU don’t have a platoon of people on staff or consulting who also make money from the sales. I really suspect a lot of celebs who continually pump out product that sells but never seems to really establish a big market are prodded to do so by the financing, marketing, etc. folks who make a living managing and facilitating the products.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    This happens every morning after another episode; I read Tom and Lorenzo’s assessment, and the words pop into my head, “What you said.”

    I applaud your declaration of overload, and I agree that too much of a mediocre thing breeds yet more mediocrity.  Given that the show has become so slap-dash in conducting each challenge – one day only (few interesting twists, too, come to think of it) – it’s really impossible for the contestants to crank out a garment with any complexity and eye-popping innovation (y’all can summon up your favorite images from seasons long ago).  I have found the Team concept to be more interesting than I’d expected, and I do believe it’s a good insight into how one has to function in the real world, and fashion most always is not a solitary endeavor.

    As to the weather, it’s sugaring lightly up here 10 miles north of where you are, boys.  So glad I provisioned the other night.  I’m in for a day of baking and 2012 tax prep (Virtuous Am I) and watching The Weather Channel.  Wear your galoshes – ruined footwear from slush and salt would be a shame, and having warm tootsies will help you endure your protean schedule of clothes!clothes!clothes!

    • formerlyAnon

      You are Virtuous. That “V” is spelled out in those little stick-on gold foil stars, by the way. With the scent of ginger cookies and yeast permeating the air, you may find neighbors on your doorstep pretending to be stranded travelers.

      • NDC_IPCentral

        Well, outside of having breakfast and speaking to a friend who’s life is terribly beleaguered right now, all I’ve done in the baking sphere is get the egg and butter out of the fridge to soften.  I have a feeling I’ll leave the yeast coffee cake to tomorrow.  The ginger cookies, though, will be this afternoon’s accomplishment.  And if the neighbs drop by, all the better!

        • MilaXX

           wish I lived nearby, ginger cookies are my fav.

          • NDC_IPCentral

            Oh, we could have a blizzard party – cookies and milk (or with something in the milk…. hmmmm, I have a pretty nifty ginger liqueur in the liquor cabinet that I’ve never opened….) and dish like the dickens.  Well, I’ll devour one (when they finally get baked) in your honor, Mila.

          • Kristin McNamara

            Can I come?! I’m in blizzard territory right now too. We can’t be too far from each other! 😛

        •  Any chance you’d post the Ginger Cookie recipe her?  Now that you have us ALL drooling?

          • NDC_IPCentral

             I’m going to post it as a Reply to my original post.  Let’s see whether my copy and paste from my sister’s message to me works.

    •  I think they need to move to another channel, and go through another legal battle while doing so… a)they’d get a new production company, and b) they’d have to stay off the air for awhile!

    • NDC_IPCentral

       German Ginger Cookie

      1/3 cup Butter

      1 cup Brown Sugar

      1/3 cup Molasses

      1 Egg (large)

      2 1/4 cup All Purpose Flour

      1 tsp. Baking Soda

      2 tsp. Cinnamon (ground)

      1 tsp. Cloves (ground)

      1/2 tsp. Ginger (ground

      1/4 tsp. Salt

      1 cup Crystallized Ginger (chopped)

      1/2 cup Turbinado Sugar
      oven to 350 degrees.

      a mixing bowl, beat together the butter, brown sugar and molasses until well
      blended. Add the egg and beat together until the mixture becomes light and

      a separate container, combine the flour, baking soda, cinnamon, cloves, ginger
      and salt. Stir with a fork until combined. Add all of the dry ingredients and
      crystallized ginger to the creamed mixture and stir until completely
      incorporated. (Go easy on the stirring to avoid a tough cookie.)

      the dough out using a small scoop or round into 1-inch balls. Place onto a
      parchment-lined sheet tray. With the palm of your hand, press each cookie down.
      Sprinkle with some turbinado sugar.

      the cookies at 350 degrees for 10 minutes. Over-baking will make the cookies
      crisper. Remove from the oven and cool to room temperature.

      cookies in an airtight container.

      • formerlyAnon

         Thank-you for sharing!

        • NDC_IPCentral

          Happy to do so.  Don’t stint on the chopped crystallized ginger, either – that ‘s what makes this cookie so special – a great dollop of ginger flavor and a lot of chewy-ness.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            That recipe sounds absolutely scrumptious!

  • Frank_821

    YOu are so right about overload. There really was no reason to do another all-stars in light of season 11. It appears season 11 was done close to when season 10 was filmed. I know they casted at the same time. They shouldn’t have bothered with All-stars and had season start just after Thanksgiving. Then surprise! you get maybe 6 designers at most on this runway during Fashion week.

    Lifetime has really hit a new low. I blame this one totally on them. having 13 runways isn’t just an insult to the actual finalists, it’s an insult to all the finalists from the first 6 seasons. 

    and the really kicker is these people probably had more than 5 weeks to make clothes. dumbass people should have just aired targeted season 10 for Feb fashion week to start with

    Anyway adieu Cindy. you had a short half-life. I know there are BKs crying ageism-especially on heidi’s part. But I don’t agree. She didn’t do anything on the show that showed off what she was capable of as a designer. Her dress would have been so much better in a metallic high end knit. 

    She clearly was cast for novelty purposes-a widow mortician in her 50s who went back to school to be a designer. It sounds great for reality tv but let us be reminded she’s really at the same stage of development as Layanna. she’s green. And sadly while CIndy is nice she’s no Peach Carr.

    AS far as Layanna. she was being a nervous nelly, but I agree that dress I think would have looked better in gold underlay and would have been more Heidi

    I liked Patricia’s outfit but it did look unfinished. This challenge really should have been a 2 day one to really give them some polish. after all most of these dresses are suppose to be for a commercial and/or ad

    • MilaXX

      I think I read that season 10 & All Stars 2 were taping simultaneously and 11 immediately following, which is why no Kors this season. He needed to tend to his day job.

  • I haven’t watched in two seasons. I can’t bring myself to watch it. I can’t fully abandon it, though, so I keep up with it by reading TLo’s Friday recaps. 

  • Annabelle Archer

    Bless your hearts.  I feel for you two.  This show has turned into the vehicle for your fabulous jobs, fame and a litter of Bitter Kitten followers and yet I bet you’ve been ready to drop the actual coverage of it years ago. Is it kind of like be the caregiver to a sick relative at this point?  Exhausting and feeling like a passing over is really just best for everyone?  Maybe it’s time to hire an intern??? 

    Stay safe and warm fellas, we love y’all. 

  • Frank_821

    btw I forgot to mention I loved Nina’s comment when they got to giving Matt the once over. “How hard is it to dress Heidi?!!!”

    • Stubenville

      With the read-between-the-lines being “Just make her a tight, shiny, short dress. Have you NEVER watched this show?”

      • Ha! I know, right? Don’t forget, though, that Mat’s not a dress maker. He’s better than that. (Pardon me while I roll my eyes in his general direction)

  • God I love a red-head.

  • MoHub

    I’m now firmly on Team Princess Summerfallwinterspring. And she was totally robbed of the win. I could see easily Heidi in Patricia’s dress doing the chat-show circuit—especially once Patricia had the chance to clean it up and finish it perfectly.

    Daniel’s was nice but boring, and if he hadn’t been able to use Patricia’s leftover leather, he’d have had nothing but a washed-out nightie.

    And I’m getting a really ugly vibe from Kate. It was painful to watch Layana trying to claim her part in the joint effort while Kate kept singing “I, Me. Mine.”

  • I gave up watching at least 4 seasons ago but have come here faithfully to read your critiques.  One a week is absolutely enough at this point-the show is over.  The good thing I got from all this is your blog which is great with or without Project Runway.  Just bring back Musical Mondays  now and then.  The PR we loved is gone.

    • thecommentatorator

      Musical Mondays!  Please!!!

  • I was bored too; I can’t imagine how boring the PR runway show will be if you have to sit through 13 collections, of which 90% are probably going to be mediocre at best because I’ve yet to see anything from this group that is really stunning. Maybe they’ll surprise us, but I doubt it.

    I didn’t mind Cindy’s outster at all for the reasons you said – his was an awful mess (and I do think his time is running short if it he doesn’t get his act together) but clearly he has at least has some creativity to his name. Cindy has no sense of style and, IMHO, no sense of taste either. I’m sure she’s a nice gal, but she belongs at the hobby lobby making clothing for the town’s rotary club members, not on Project Runway.

    • MilaXX

       I’m interested to see a Patricia runway show. Is it beautiful or does she get too caught up in all her little tricks & techniques? My guess is if it looks like too many gimmicks she’s not a finalist because she didn’t have Tim come by and tell her to edit.

      •  I’ve been quite impressed with her so far — she has enough ideas to be interesting but not so many as to be crazy.

        • I’ve also liked what Patricia’s done so far. She’s made some really cool stuff; in the words of so many PR judges, “I’d wear that”, whatever “that” might happen to be.

  • SewingSiren

    I agreed with the win. It matches the perfume bottle. I guess that’s a good design, at least to Heidi and Co.
    I would have given 2nd place to Patricia , even though it looks unfinished.

    It’ funny that Michelle thinks that being on the losing team has kept her out of the top spot.
    I thought both boy dresses were worse than Cindy’s (short tight shiny ) which was more or less perfect for Heidi.
    Ben should stay away from “artistic” flights of fancy, but it seems like Patricia has the ability to pull flights of fancy off. Maybe Ben just doesn’t have it in him. At any rate his dress was a mess.

  • minnye

    When I read online that a foot of snow is expected in NYC, my first thought was “wow, that’s really gonna muck up Fashion Week.”
    All those spendy shoes ruined… bummer.

    Richard’s the one to watch for me.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      The storm’s going to mess up The Westminster Kennel Club (dog show) as well.  To quote David Letterman, between the dog show and Fashion Week, there’s going to be bitches coming and going.

  • mjude

    i get your frustration boys, but gosh i cant imagine watching this show without your posts.  sentimental i suppose, its because of PR that i found you. 

    • MilaXX

       yep, the Tlounge and TLo’s recaps are what make the show worth watching these days.

    • formerlyAnon

       My watching is now spotty. I probably wouldn’t even remember it was on without TLo.

      •  I “watch” without ever really looking at the screen — I barely even glance up during the runway portions…

  • Susan Collier

    Wow, seeing these pictures now makes me realize how much of the episode I slept through.
    And, YES, on the Project Runway oversaturation. I’m exhausted.

    • MilaXX

       I’ll confess, I turn at 10 to watch Scandal, tape the last half hour and then watch after Scandal. There’s nothing happening on PR worth the extra 30mins.

      • dress_up_doll

        I know, right? I actually turned on a repeat episode of Girls at 10:00pm, even though I had already seen it like, three times already.

  • SugarSnap108

    You hit the nail on the head with the overkill factor.  Oh, and their penchant for casting the requisite characters (sweet old lady, ingenue, etc), instead of talented designers.

    I do, though, agree with the wins.  Both dresses were pretty well done and scream “Heidi.”  But what is up with the hair and makeup on Layana and Katelyn’s model.  She looks like a man in a wig.

    Layana bugs the hell out of me.

    Poor Cindy.  I get that she has limited talent (WHY was she cast, then?).  But I think several dresses up there were worse than hers.  And I wanted to slap Heidi when she very snidely informed Cindy that simply putting a slit in the dress doesn’t make it sexy.  Since when is that part of Heidi’s belief system?

  • This season is just flat out embarrassing. After being a devoted fan for years, I had to stop watching. Totally agree about the point that they’ve been airing way too many seasons in 18 months. Heidi needs to stop saying “We’re back!” in the promos – they’ve never left!

  • I’m bored with Daniel’s constant crying.  Jeez, seriously?  

    • Melvis Velour

      Speaking as a gay man – don’t let the photo fool you – I can relate to what Daniel went through but channel your inner Scarlett O’Hara and move the @#$% on queen!

    • MoHub

       I also no longer need to hear how Daniel wasn’t formally trained. Every season of PR has had at least one self-taught designer, and he or she was either strong enough to run with the herd or not. Besides, learning by doing is a legitimate way to train.

  • nannypoo

    The TLO rationale for sending Cindy home instead of Benjamin makes perfect sense but I’m pretty sure the judges had nothing like this at all in mind. He’s a whiner with a big ego, full of dramatic potential. He could have sent his model out naked and they would have sent someone else home. He is the stuff of which Project Runway is made, and that’s one of the many reasons we’re all sick of it.

    Daniel and the winning women clearly understood what Heidi would wear and deserved to win. Richard’s dress was beautiful except for the butt plume. I didn’t think Stanley’s dress was so bad when you consider it was for Heidi, and Amanda and Joseph made a pretty dress. Everything else was either dreadful or completely off the mark or both. Worst season ever.

  • Indigo54

    I know I’m being mean but I hope Ben goes next.  Gets on my nerves with all that crying.  It’s like BUCK UP DUDE!  You made the show so give us your best shot!  To hell with your EX, he didn’t deserve you anyway!  I guess he can’t hear me. 

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Agree about the overload.  When there wasn’t even a week’s break between “seasons,” I just couldn’t work up the slightest bit of enthusiasm or interest, even with a quasi-local girl as a contestant (Patricia).   It used to be that, even when we knew the seasons would be bad, there was that intriguing time of anticipation where the thought was, “Maybe this time….”

    I still enjoy the ritual of opening up the TLounge and hanging out with the other kittens, and will whip up responses to the dresses, but I’m as likely as not to have a book open during most of the actual show, which doesn’t seem fair to the designers, but jeez.  And this year, we’re having significantly less Tim in the critiques, which takes away one of my main enjoyments.

    On to the dresses:

    Kate and Layana: Perky goth.  I like it.  It will work prettily in the ad campaign.

    Daniel: Why did he use  Uli’s leftover lining for the main dress?  And he’s lucky that Patricia is one of the friendly ones.

    Patricia: Nice work on the creating the textile, but, hometown girl or not, I’m going to start judging based on how the garment would look if she hadn’t created the fabric but found it in an aisle at Mood.  (“Wow, look at this cool leather checkerboard!”)  Is the dress cute in and of itself?  Maybe… but for a kid of about thirteen going to a school dance.  It would be awesome for that.  It’s not right for Heidi.  Really amazing work, though, and obviously her fellow contestants are impressed with her skills.  Also… really  nice.  Agree that her particular view would be very difficult to replicate in a mass-produced line.

    Amanda and Joseph: I thought it was pretty cute, actually.  Basic shape, but the detailing was nice, and would have been good for the presser.

    Michelle: I’m  glad she’s confident in herself, but I have yet to be impressed.  This is a sack with a yoke.

    Samantha: I think that I’d have liked a color of fabric better than the attempted sheers.  Illusion netting never looks good up close.  Gold would have been nice.

    Tu: Hope he gets critiqued at some point, because I’d like to have a closer look.

    Stanley: I’m not as against this one as you guys, but what was he thinking on top?

    Richard: Isn’t this the same fabric that one of the All Stars used — not as well — and talked about how expensive it was?  Minus the ruffle, this is cute.

    Mat: Why on Earth would he follow advice to make a dominatrix outfit for a Heidi Klum perfume ad?  Yes, she’s a sexy lady and likes to show it, but this is way out of her wheelhouse.  (And people need to stop giving crap about how easy it is to dress her because she’s a model.  She’s long ago left the “Will wear anything for food” stage of her career.)

    Benjamin: In the lounge, the Little Mermaid’s sail dress was brought up.  My brain is still there.  But yes, at least it was an idea.  An idea that almost wasn’t executed at all.

    Cindy: What the heck was she thinking with the fabric?

  • Indigo54

    Michelle made a maternity dress.  Why?  I can’t imagine what she was trying to do with that design.  Heidi wouldn’t be caught dead in that thing. 

    Talk about extremes!  Mat made a dominatrix dress – for Heidi no less.   Well, at least he KNEW he blew it but he still deserved a kick in the pants.  Wait, maybe that’s what he wanted….

    • libraangel

      Again – if Mat doesn’t care, knows his design is crap, why is he (still) on PR?

  • 4JJ

    “Simmer down and make a goddamn dress, you whiny thing.”

    Great line!!

  • DinaSews

    Here’s my take from this episode – Heidi looks so young here with her hair soft and her make-up light.  How does she get dressed up in those body baring gowns, with her hair straightened and greasy and her overkill aging make-up and not see the difference between the 2?

  • deathandthestrawberry

    I agree about the overkill factor, but I’ve been enjoying this season more than I expected to. I like the team aspect of the competition, and I thought it was a horrible idea when I first heard it. It makes the show much more about the design process rather than the personalities of the individual designers, which I appreciate. And even though this was just another design a pretty dress episode, I liked how the challenge was presented. With the story boards and packaging concepts, it seemed more “real world” than many of the challenges in the recent past. One thing, though, I’d like to them to mix up the teams more. If previews are to be trusted, it looks like the same teams next week, and I’m starting feel sorry for some of the Dream team members. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    When I saw Richard Hallmarq’s entry I had a sad that Michael Kors wasn’t there to make a DISCO comment.

  • I wonder if they’ll just stick with the same teams and do 5 vs 8 next week. FAIR. 

    • Stubenville

      Time for a mix-up.

    • Actually, if they don’t have to produce the same number of looks, it’s indeed fair–Dream Team has now knocked out its three weakest performers and should be able to collaborate more efficiently. If scores are averaged, Keeping it Real will have a lot more mediocre designs to pull it down…unless they really do have a great group dynamic, in which case they deserve to keep going.

      • Lilithcat

        Dream Team has now knocked out its three weakest performers and should be able to collaborate more efficiently.

        I wouldn’t be so sure about that.  I don’t believe that their inability to collaborate has much to do with the design chops (or lack thereof) of the members.  It’s personality.  Ben will find someone else to micromanage, now that Cindy’s gone, and he’ll run into the same time management issues.  They’ll all still be “loners”, wanting to privilege their own interests over that of the team.  If they can’t form a cohesive group in three challenges, it’ll be tough to do so now.

  • Stubenville

    I feel sorry for Funeral Lady, because she was the token oldster thrown is to appease the Lifetime demographic (although i think they insulted their older viewers instead.) And it was an interesting insight to Max Headroom, who despite previous boasting, is not all that and a bag of chips. He just tied the bodice in the back? WTF?

    Snidley is emerging as the front runner and Hallmark card could be a contender if he just curbed his Jerrell style over-embellishment urges. Matthew (who I think looks cute) has one foot out the door. Come on, has Matthew NEVER seen the show before? Everyone knows Heidi likes shiny, tight gyno-dresses. Knock one out and take a nap. 

    • Indigo54

       ROFLMBO!  OMG, get me off the floor!  Snidley , Hall Mark card – LOL.  Please stop, I’m making a fool of myself.  What shall we call Stanley?

      • l_c_ann

        Stanley Steamer keeps homes cleaner (he already has a catchy jingle).

        • Since Tu was briefly a Buddhist monk, I call him Ajahn Tu.

          Isn’t he Thai?  Lots of Thai men and boys are monks for a short period.  King Mongkut of The King and I fame was a monk for 27 years before he ascended the throne.

    • libraangel

      Why did Mat say he wasn’t a “dressmaker”?! Why is he on PR then?

  • BrooklynBomber

    Total “season” overload. For some reason I was thinking of Sonjia last night and I couldn’t remember who else was in her season, or who won. I still can’t. And wasn’t that just several months ago?

    • l_c_ann

      Or are you thinking of a Sonja from Survivor?

      • BrooklynBomber

        Haha. No, believe it or not, I’ve never watched survivor! Put “Sonjia” in the search box up top and you’ll see her.  In fact, I just looked at the Season 10 “meet the designers” post, and I still can’t remember who won!

  • I have to disagree with you…Cindy was mostly let go for being an old lady. Ben is cute and gay and has a tragic, abusive relationship! His dress wasn’t even completed…the belts held bits and pieces of fabric up.

    I mean, it’s an idea for a dress, but it’s totally Project Runway Season One Cannon Fodder Idea, really. And it wasn’t sewn together.

    • Indigo54

       I agree.  I think poor Cindy was cannon fodder from the beginning but that’s no excuse to eliminate her over Ben or even Mat.  Considering all the experience Ben’s supposed to have, there’s no excuse for his last 2 entries.  At least Cindy’s outfits were constructed well.  My heart just broke for her.  It’s not like I expected her to make it to the finals but the judges should at least be fair. 

      • Carrieanno

        Conspiracy theory here.  I was certain before last night’s episode that even if Cindy had made something bordering on couture genius she would have been eliminated because of the timing.  Since the producers all know the timing in which the episodes are to be aired, they could foresee that last night’s aufee would be one of the few not to show a collection this week.  I see them not wanting Cindy to be part of the designer representation of PR, appearance or imagewise.

        • Indigo54

          even if Cindy had made something bordering on couture genius she would have been eliminated because of the timing.

          Yep, no doubt about that.  Bless her heart.  Well, at least she didn’t run off in the middle of the night like last season’s senior designer did.  Cindy had spunk and spoke up when she needed to.  I really wish her well.

          • aahlife

            Last week we all predicted Cindy was going this week.  Heidi has a history of hostility or at the very least, indifference to all the older designers in past seasons.  The psychological aspect of it may lie in her own fear of aging in a youth obsessed industry.

            There were several poorly executed dresses that had bigger problems that Cindy’s.

          • MoHub

             Maybe we need Iman instead. She’s older than Heidi but seems comfortable with her age.

    • Lilithcat

       Ben is cute and gay and has a tragic, abusive relationship! 

      I am sick to death of the victim mentality of contestants on this show.  “I had an abusive relationship.”  “But I had cancer!”  “Well, my mother/father/sister/dog died.”  They need to shut up and sew.

  • Layana needs to chill the hell out, freaking out at the critique like that. Is she doing it just for the camera time, considering how quickly she seemed to turn back to positive?

    • AthenaJ

      I know, she was having a mental breakdown over PINK! A shade that pretty much matched the damn boxes that Heidi gave them! Part of me wondered if Heidi was going to go after her for critizing a shade that Heidi herself probably picked out.

      • libraangel

        I just scrolled up to look at the designs again, and I was amazed that EVERY one used black as the predominant color!( except Cindy of course) Why?

  • The producers have also gone right back to the “make a pretty dress” challenges. The twist: make TWO pretty dresses, for two different poorly-defined occasions! Except we’re going to choose the two prettiest regardless of which occasion they were made for, so never mind.

    I didn’t care for the wins yet again (and am kind of confused about how they decide to give the win to one designer when the work was equally divided–did it come down to the pink panels?) The auf was dead obvious but appropriate; you only get two consecutive bottom twos before it stops mattering that your look wasn’t the very worst on the runway. And I’m sick of all this sobbing by people who can’t get it together to clear a very, very low bar at the BEGINNING of the season. I am feeling a little sorry for Michelle, though, since she seems to be a strong designer who isn’t getting the judges’ attention because she’s stuck on Team Shit.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I wonder if all these one-day challenges are adding to Early Weeping Syndrome, though. I mean, I think it used to be that people started breaking down as the season went on and things got more competitive. Now they’re stressed out from day one. 

    • libraangel

      They gave the win to Katelyn because Layana had immunity anyway.

  • Kimbolina

    Everything looks so “fashion school homework assignment”, you know?  A lot of it has to do with the fabric.  I’m sure with the budgets they get for the challenges, they can’t afford to splurge on better material, but seriously.  Even the winning dress, that tulle or whatever just looks cheap.

    • libraangel

      Dumb question, but – did they get $1000 for the whole team or individually?

      • Kimbolina

         No idea.  I haven’t bothered watching this season….

      • Sara LaBatt

        $1200 for each team.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Since they always remake an outfit where the prize is going to be worn, I’d have given Daniel the win and remade the gown in pale pink, and given Patricia the other win, and finished the “tiling” all the way down, and given the dress more shape. It’s not that I thought Daniel’s was that good, but I thought Layana and Katelyn’s was a mess, and that the judges fell for the “charm” of the pretty girls as besties, hugging each other and crying. Honestly. I’ll be interested to see how that dress gets remade.

    I agree with Ben staying: there’s a design concept in that mess. Poor Cindy was brought in as a PR archetype: she was there to play the Peach role, but she’s been in the bottom 3 every time. The dress is okay, but very department store.

    I’m not a fan of Portland style, but I thought Michelle’s dress was a winner, and the shape would have been fine on Heidi, though it’s not her usual thing. In fact, scrolling through, the only two dresses that catch my eye are Michelle’s and Patricia’s.

    The team concept is adding an interesting twist, but the major flaw–as has been mentioned already–is that the winning and losing looks might be on the same team. In this case, I thought the two best looks were on different teams. The producers need to find a work-around.

    • libraangel

      Just a question: will the winning looks really be remade?

      • JLH

        Almost certainly. Every winning look I’ve ever seen off the show has had some alteration done to it, whether it’s something like color, proportion or, in some cases, complete redesign (I’m thinking specifically of Ven’s winning Emmy dress for Kenley). 

        • BrooklynBomber

          Oh, yes, good example. I just linke above to the first design-for-a-celebrity challenge, when Wendy Pepper’s design for Nancy O’Dell won. What Nancy O wore was pretty different than what Wendy designed.

      • BrooklynBomber

        Well, look, I don’t know, but if you look back at the “history of Project Runway,” you can they’re almost always modified when they’re going to be worn by a celebrity or sold somewhere. And somehow I doubt the celebrities are going to wear the outfits that are sized for the models, and often not very well-made (because they have so little time).

  • MilaXX

    Agree wholeheartedly. The clear winner to me was the Kate/Layana dress. Dan’s dress was a snooze. I liked Patricia’s dress, but not for Heidi. Give it to a 20 something starlet.

    I also agree with the auf and didn’t see it as ageist at all. At least not by Heidi. I knew Cindy was a goner the minute she picked up that fabric and said she thought it was classy. I can’t think  of a single RC dress that was made from shantung ever. If there are any fingers to point it would be her team mates who already knew she has no taste in fabric. Then again, if you can’t be trusted to choose fabric, then why are you here? Combined that with her designs also being old & dated, and all that’s left is a good sewer. Ben had a good idea that he executed poorly. If it had been done well, I would have preferred that get the second win over Dan’s dress.

    As for the show, I really wish they would slow down. If we had had back to back seasons after the Gretchen or Anya win,I may have checked out on PR. The viewers need some time to miss PR.

    • l_c_ann

      If you can’t be trusted to choose fabric…..

      How does this fit the PR Allstars 2 winner who is so colorblind that he defaults to blue, all the time?

      • MilaXX

        It may have been a repetitive color, but it was the correct fabric.

      • snailagain

        Anthony Ryan did use other colors – lots of them – and although I agree he tended to incorporate blue into a lot of his stuff, his fabric choices varied and his dresses were well-conceived and well-executed.  And then of course Uli defaulted to white – out of which she also made lovely stuff.  Cindy was a nice lady who was totally out of her depth!

  • formerlyAnon

    “Simmer down and make a goddamn dress, you whiny thing.”

    When y’all get cranky like this I think “pish! who needs Nina caps?”

    Stay warm!

  • Carrieanno

    In watching the past few cycles, I keep wondering how often some of the the runners-up from the early seasons see these messes and think “if I’d only waited, I could have won it all.”

    • MoHub

       Especially those from the Bravo years.

  • Jenna621

    I’m sure the flood of seasons has a lot to do with making back the astronomical amount of money Lifetime paid to get the rights to this show.  It really is too bad; occasionally Bravo will air old seasons and I will drop everything (if I can) to watch them.

    • formerlyAnon

       This is one show that I’d LOVE to see their books (well, with an industry insider who understands t.v. reality show budgets to explain them to me!). With the aggressive, continuous product placement and the way they keep the rights to whatever they can make from the designers’ work while on the show (worth more some seasons than others, admittedly) and the way some things they do are soo cheaply and shoddily done, it seems as if their advertising sales must be almost pure profit. I mean, if other shows manage to make a profit on advertising alone . . .

    • also, the Style network has been airing old seasons, most recently the one with chris march (my honey bear) and christian siriano.  i could watch that season over and over.  wish we had some more entertaining characters in recent seasons.  i yearn for santino’s tim gunn impersonation.  lately it seems like everyone is taking themselves and the competition way too seriously

  • To prepare for a blizzard in a hotel, you figure out what you need and try to stay as far away from the desk as possible, because they will end up with a bunch of crazy people panicking about it. 


    • DeTrop

      Excellent advice.  May I add, keep the bar well stocked.

    • formerlyAnon

       Speaks the voice of experience?

      •  Oh, I worked at a hotel in college.  We had something of an advantage over NYC hotels, though, because we didn’t get a lot of tourists from warm climates who have no idea what to do in a blizzard.  (Though we did have one very memorable woman who was visiting her husband’s family in the dead of a Northern Illinois winter and hadn’t brought any pants, as well as a VP for a Fortune 500 company who had to have a car pick him up any time it snowed…:)  I got paid to tolerate these people and I could barely resist the urge to slap them at times…

        On a side note, if you want to learn a lot, work at a small hotel — you get the most interesting perspectives.  We had engineers from an energy plant, we had top union negotiators from the AFL-CIO, we had internet start-up heads, international VPs… it was fantastic and amazing.  I learned more from guests than I did in any of my business classes.

    • also, cruise the bellhops and room service workers to find your favorite cuties and give them a big tip.  their personal devotion will be essential during any crisis.

  • DinahR

    There is clearly some messed up dynamics on Dream Team.  This week was pretty much ‘every man for themselves’.  They didn’t seem interested in helpful critique of each other at all anymore.   I swear I saw a snippet of someone encouraging Cindy to use the shangtung and she did have other fabrics. Maybe they were just as problematic, who knows.  Instead of helping each other I think they resigned to the idea someone from their team is going home, and so… best let someone else’s dress be worse than their own.  If they keep this up all those designers are ducks in a pond.  I think Ben has the new expiry date on the show.   

    Cindy’s farewell with Tim was sweet. Wishing her all the best.  

    • i noticed, also, that tim spoke to the designers individually rather than calling the team together for a group critique. this also undermined the team feeling.

      • libraangel

        Does anyone else think the solution to the ‘Dream-Team-mess’ would be for them to democratically vote a leader?

    • Ben was the one who told Cindy to use the shantung.

  • OrigamiRose

    Well I was pissed last night, and I still am, a tad, because of Heidi’s utter hypocrisy (lecturing Cindy that a front slit does not equal sexy when Heidi’s definition of sexy doesn’t fall very far out of that wheelhouse, as seen time and time again on the RC and the show) in particular and the attitude towards Cindy, clearly based on her age, in general.

    But… maybe thinking of the recent Top Chef debacle, where the judges inexplicably kept ritual bottom-dweller Josie and sent off Kristen, quite possibly the most talented individual to darken the Judges Table doorstep – Cindy’s was probably the correct auf to make.  Granted, Ben is clearly *not* Kristen, but the lesson of TC was that a perpetual cellar-dweller shouldn’t keep skating through because even though they sucked, someone else down there with them that week was slightly worse for once.  

    However, if the judges on Project Runway think the “Dream Team” is going to improve now that the oldster has been shown the door, they should think again.  Cindy was a symptom, but in no way was the disease plaguing that mess of a team.  *That* is the fault of too many seasons, casting too many underqualifieds/head cases/etc., and basically spreading the designer pool too thin with this perpetual airing of new shows.

    I dunno, just my thought.  Someone in the TLo post had some wonderful words of encouragement for Cindy in terms of not letting age diminish her dreams and I think they are worth remembering.  I mean sometimes, having Heidi Klum think you’re dowdy might actually be a good thing.  The auf may set Miss Cindy free 🙂

    • ChiliP

      Agree with your thoughts, except for one (about to get off topic here)-

      “Kristen, quite possibly the most talented individual to darken the Judges Table doorstep”

      If we are talking this season, I agree. If we are talking in the history of Top Chef…I don’t know about that. Between Paul Qui, the Voltaggios, Richard Blais, Stephanie Izard, Kevin Gillespie and others, TC has featured some amazing talent. No doubt Kristen has the goods, and I was devastated to see her go (although I think she’ll come back via LCK), but there are some serious contenders for the title of “best all-time Top Chef contestant.” She’s still very young though- she has a heck of a career ahead of her.

      However, complete agreement about Josie. I literally screamed at my TV after restaurant wars. Ugh.

      • OrigamiRose

        Ugh, Josie was dreck.  At least Cindy didn’t walk around the workroom wearing “FASHION DESIGNER CINDY” headbands.

        Good point about the other chefs, I’m playing catch-up on some of the past seasons (last one I saw fully, before this current one, was the Voltaggio brothers year).  I’ve heard nothing but great things about Paul and I did catch the finale of that season.  The woman in the finale with him, whoa – did not seem to be anywhere near his league whatsoever (but of course, thought she was heads and tails above him).

        • ChiliP

           Omg, the “CHEF JOSIE” headbands.  Why was she even invited back on the show in the first place? I guess every season needs a villain.

          The Voltaggio season was absolutely stacked with talent- I have a feeling a lot of the middle pack from that season would be contenders in other seasons. If you’re referring to Sarah, yeah, she was a handful. I think she showed talent, but she wasn’t even in the same category as Paul in terms of creativity, range and execution.  And she always made condescending comments about Asian food…because Asia is such a small and  homogenized place, ya know? That would be like saying “Ugh, so-and-so just makes the same thing all the time- they only cook North American food.”

          • OrigamiRose

            It gets better – on her Twitter page, the wallpaper screamed, “DON’T UNDERESTIMATE CHEF JOSIE!”

            The delusion was strong with that one.  That’s the only reason I think they brought her back, and given the parade of nutcases on her original season, her own brand of crazy probably seemed normal in comparison.  Who knew she actually fit right in with Elia, Ilan, Betty, etc.?

          • MoHub

            Josie also went down in a double elimination in season 2 that wouldn’t have been a double except that no one was sent home in the previous (Camp Glucose) episode—a challenge in which there were so many shenanigans, it wasn’t possible to find an appropriate eliminee. I figured the producers were trying to give Josie a makeup for going down with Marisa in the Social challenge.

          • OrigamiRose

            Oh lord I forgot about the nightmare of Camp Glucose.  And Marisa.  *shudder*

          • MoHub

            Actually, Marisa has since proved herself purely as a pastry chef in a few Food Network Challenge competitions: “rice cereal treats” cityscape, ice cream, and cookies. She did particularly well in the ice cream and cookie challenges.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            The second season of “Top Chef’ certainly had its share of dysfunctional personalities.  I’ve done my best to erase the memories of that season-so much nastiness, and the bullying of Marcel, as douchy as he could be, was bad.

      • I think Kristen was eliminated just so she can win through LCK and legitimize the “second chance” concept. 

        • OrigamiRose

          I still can’t figure out the timing of LCK or how it works in conjunction with the finale (which surely could not be filmed yet, right?).

          I did enjoy Colicchio’s foaming at the mouth during Josie’s last JT.  When he’s got someone in his sights, he is so very good.

          • ChiliP

             My understanding is that the voting for “save a chef” ended yesterday morning, so a LCK finale was filmed yesterday between that person (probably CJ) and the final LCK contestant (Kristen). The winner of that round will then be incorporated into the show’s finale, which will probably be shot in two parts. They are probably shooting the finale right now…I think it’s taking place in LA. That’s a lot of filming and editing to do in time for next week’s show.

          • I love it when Tom gets pissed off. When he finally laid into Josie about her horrible time management skills, I knew she was out the door. Well, I was as sure as I could be. I also “knew” there was no way Kristen would get the boot and Josie would stick around for another week. 😉

            The worst thing about Josie was her refusal to take responsibility for her screw-ups. Judges Table after Judges Table, she passed the blame on to anyone and anything she could conjure up in her head. Ugh! She’s the worst.

        • ChiliP

          I agree. Which, when you think about it, kind of takes away from the format of the show because it gives the judges leeway to make questionable elimination decisions.  I mean, even if you ascribe responsibility to Kristen for Josie’s bouillabaisse, Kristen at least had two other dishes to her name during RW, whereas Josie contributed nothing else. There is just not justifiable decision for sending Kristen home other than to create suspense (and viewership) in LCK.

          That being said, Kristen is my pick to win the whole thing, followed by Brooke. I love Sheldon, but he seems to over think the challenges sometimes.

      • Carrieanno

        Since we’ve detoured onto Top Chef, how about Stefan this time around?  I thought he was the ultimate example of image redemption of a reality show contestant.  

        • ChiliP

          Stefan was defintely more likeable this time around….although truth be told, I kind of loved him during his season. What’s interesting is that performance-wise, he didn’t do nearly as well as he did in his season (I thought he was the front-runner his season), but he did more for his “brand” this season. Richard Blais wrote a great blog a few season ago in which he came up with a chicken and egg metaphor for Top Chef.  He essentially said money you win on TC is the “golden egg”, but the exposure is the chicken, which will utimately produce eggs. Frankly, that’s a metaphor you can use for pretty much any reality show, and I’m surprised more people haven’t realized that by now.

  • Anz

    “I admit I had time management problems.”
    “Don’t make excuses about minutia!”

    This show has gone fully absurd.

    • libraangel

      Yes, but if you were sewing a garment in one (!) day, suddenly realized you only had one hour left, wouldn’t you get nervous? And some people, like Ben – and me! – only become more anxious – and therefore complete less.

  • voter1

    Should they rename the show Project Fugly?  How in the world did the “designers” come up with such awful looks when it was for Heidi?  Methinks that we a Project Sabbatical for a season.  And the show needs to go back to Bravo who seemed to hold it to a higher standard.

    • l_c_ann

      Fugly happened more easily when they were constrained to use pink, gold and black.

  • DeTrop

    I haven’t read any of the comments – yet.  I’m going on my own opinion and that is Ben deserved to STAY.  His sketch was fabulous he just didn’t get the job done.  He has more creativity in his little finger than many of these other designers, i.e. Cindy, Matthew.  I thought his design in episode one was edgy and fashion forward.  I still have high hopes for him.  The winning designs were predictable.  They’ll be tweaked for Heidi to wear and she’ll look her usual sexy fabulous self.

    The competition was woeful.  With the exception of Michelle’s black dress on the Dream Team, the designs were either poorly executed or downright ho-hum.  Matthew is so lucky Cindy picked that atrocious shantung or he’d be gone.  How insulting was it for Heidi to have him come up with a Dominitrix (sp?) outfit?  Seriously!  Then he declares himself 
    ‘not a dressmaker’.  What does he want to do on PR – cook?  Well maybe next week he’ll shine.  They’re doing vegetation.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Ben can do all of the fabulous sketches that he wants, but sketching a dress that he cannot successfully execute in the time frame he has indicates that he’s overly ambitious and/or has time management problems.

      • libraangel

        To be fair, I can’t remember a PR that only had ONE day to complete the look. In this respect, I think Ben’s SKETCH was overly-ambitious, he couldn’t complete the look in such a short time, and he had a meltdown.

        • bitchybitchybitchy

          To be fair to Ben, it must be tough for the designers when they realize that they really don’t have enough time to  complete their design. 

  • NDC_IPCentral

    I just skimmed through Tom and Lorenzo’s tweets about the PR Runway show at FW – boy, sounds like a lot of dreck tromped up and down, to thunderous silence.  I wonder whether that reception penetrates Frau No-Longer-Seal Klum’s producer’s sensibilities, or those of the rest of those who put the program together — clunk, clunk, clunk.

    Time to refresh and reboot what has become tired and tattered.

    • formerlyAnon

       By this time I assume anyone who goes to the PR runway show should know they aren’t going to see, by and large, even good journeyman work. I wonder if people in the industry who know how hard it is (even with funding) to get space and time to show “in the tents” have come to resent the  PR presence as good public relations but otherwise intolerable.

  • This show has been so watered down from what it used to be. So you need more of it (or so they think) to feel satisfied. 
    (How long before its a “PR 24/7, a challenge a day, every day” kind of thing, so you can tune in anytime you want and see someone crying, or running through Mood, or saying something bitchy, or presenting an ill-conceived and under baked outfit?) 

    They don’t give the designers half a chance to make anything decent anymore, no time at all, its just maddening. 

    I was marveling at the, let’s just say “really healthy”, ego it takes to be so into yourself that you have a book full of pictures of yourself (as well as everything else in that package), and build a life around having people, basically, just look at you all the time. 

    Hope you guys packed your Snuggies! At least you have room service to get you through.

  • StellaZafella

     There are whole companies operating who’s sole purpose is the manufacture and sales of short term products using celebrity names and faces…it started with Bobble Head dolls and now runs the gamut from perfume to entire fashion lines. It’s true that some celebs do seriously get into fashion and other products they make…but you can usually tell the difference by how and where these things are promoed.

  • kirkyo

    Maybe it’s because I had so low expectations, but I am enjoying this season A LOT. No one’s really annoying me and the editing (I guess) appears to be highlighting some complexity of character instead of putting everyone into little boxes. Maybe there *is* something to the team concept. The contestants seem to be more complimentary of each other and more willing to learn from others than in recent memory, if not ever. I loved the way Joe and Amanda talked their way through their differences and were able to collaborate on an idea with minimal drama.

  • I agree with you on being burnt out on the show. I used to eagerly wait for Thursday nights. Now, I don’t even watch anymore, I just read your posts about it. Now the husband makes me watch “King of the Nerds”…atleast I can rip the fashion on that show too!

  • It’s criminal that there have been so many seasons of Project Runway in only 18 months. Part of the reason I no longer watch, totally burnt out.

  • jw_ny

    I take it Michelle was designing for when Heidi pops out another kid…with her new beau.  😉

    Stanley should rip off that shoulder ribbon and all those chains, and send his dress/sparkly towel off to Jennifer Aniston.

    If it weren’t for that “ass tumor”, Richard’s would have been my fav.

  • Bjorn Gudmundsson

    Mat Arthur’s dress is almost identical to the strapless black dress Heidi is wearing on This Month’s Cover of Marie Claire, except instead of the Chippendale’s collar she chose to grease the pole in more of a Demi Moore in “Striptease” fedora. 
    Heidi would have worn any of these dresses, because she has no fashion sense and because she dresses way too young and way too cheap for her age and for who she is. Her “style” is short, tight, waist-high slit and bad undergarments with little or no support. 

    • Vera L-

      how many times did you say to yourself “short, tight and shiny”? I was saying it a lot. 

    • libraangel

      This is why it was so funny to hear Heidi say she did not want a slutty design!

  • Not a bad challenge. Sure, these Heidi challenges neither generate the most excitement nor contain the most problem-solving, but designing for an ad campaign and for a press event entails publicity for an aspiring / unestablished designer (as well as some consideration of not only the client but also the particular event/medium).

    Kate/Layana: I found this to be beautifully executed, lush, and detailed. I respond to both the corset striations in the front and to the lacing up at the back. I like that the black understates the pink. Pink works best in matte/pastel surfaces, IMO.

    Daniel: Not bad at all. The gown undulates as the model walks the runway. He contoured the black leather quite well. In spite of these strengths, this is not a win-worthy look. There are issues with color selection (this shade of gold is too subdued), design (there isn’t much of it save for the leather detail and for some small pleats), and construction (there’s quite a bit of side cleavage).

    Patricia: I appreciate her creating a textile from hand-cut fragments. We don’t customarily encounter this type of craftsmanship in PR. These are good reasons for placing her in the top; however, her garment is simply not a finished look. That’s not due to her lack of skill. This is due to time- and fabric limitations. Those leather pieces needed to proliferate through most the foundation because that foundation looks (no, IS) a mere slip. The fit of it could have benefited from more attention, too.

    Amanda/Joe: When I saw this on TV, I kind of felt it belonged in the top in place of Daniel’s. I liked Joe’s lattice-work. I still like it, but, looking at the garment more carefully, I can see why they didn’t choose this. Daniel’s had plenty of impact and fluidity; this has only its artfully linked striations going for it because the negative space (the attenuated gold) is quite dreary/dusty-looking and the silhouette is boring.

    There’s not much to write of the rest of them– Stan’s contains no design whatsoever. Tacking ribbons on the model’s shoulder and slapping 50 necklaces on her neck does not count as design. I don’t know what to say about Rich’s ass cheek explosion. Tu’s and Samantha’s have potential with some reconfiguring. Michelle’s isn’t terrible. I actually like the treated leather- and hardware neckline panel back- contouring, but the rest of the dress is kind of wonky. Matt, Cindy, and Ben– their garments are unworthy of discussion, IMO, but when it comes to “who should have been out”, I’d say it absolutely should have been Ben. It’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that his construction is deplorable and he’s got plenty of excuses ready (last time it was due to his fulfilling his natural role as a leader and now it’s due to time management / retrospection). Come on. He’s ill-prepared. Period.

  • GorgeousThings

    I thought it was really interesting that at the same time as this putrid waste of an hour and a half episode was airing, TVLand was showing the “Jump the Shark” episode from Happy Days.

    • Ummm…. I think that the Happy Days episode was on the Hallmark Channel.  On my cable, the stations are right next to each other.  TVLand shows repeats of Everybody Loves Raymond, IIRC.

      Great point, though.

      • GorgeousThings

        Ah, you’re probably right, Carol. I didn’t watch the Happy Days episode. I just noted that it was on and I undoubtedly misread which channel. Either way, right? 🙂

  • marilyn

    I agree.  Too much PR.  PR burnout.

    A few comments:  Patricia’s dress may have a lot of work in it, but the shape is very unimaginative, and the tiny matte pink diamonds on the top don’t go with the big shiny gold diamonds on the bottom.  Maybe this is all she has-manufacturing unique fabrics.  But can she design CLOTHES?  That is the question.

    I like Benjamin’s dress, the mess that it is.  The idea was great.  He is not as good at anguish and tears as Josh was in the last PR.   He needs to get all UK on us, suck it up and carry on.  This is not attractive. 

  • Targettaste

    Kors needs to let Zac know that you never reference Heidi’s age (I hope he’s recovered from her glare).  Instead, you blame the garment, and call it “too junior.”

    • Carrieanno

      After that death glare from Heidi last night, let’s hope Zac never decides to quit his day job.

  • dress_up_doll

    Layana get’s on my last nerve! I don’t even know what the hell she’s blabbering about half the time. She’s a pretty girl and definitely has the talent, but god those annoying, overwrought diatribes of hers have got to go.

  • greyhoundgirl

    I am tired of PR sacrificing middle-aged women.  I am fairly certain that there are plenty of 50+ year olds designing fresh and interesting clothes–but they must have their matron who mothers the rest of the “kids” while it’s clear from the start that she can’t design for anyone but herself.  Over it, already.

    • Bjorn Gudmundsson

      I agree. it’s especially surprising that on the Lifetime network they would consistently choose older Midwestern women who only shop at Chico’s, knowing full well that they will be ridiculed and looked down upon by the rest of the provincial fashion youngsters. 

      • l_c_ann

        Remember when they brought in a city woman “of an age” and she walked out of the apartment building in the middle of the night?  At least by bringing ‘furriners’ in, they can’t retreat to their apartments several blocks away when they feel that they are being played.

        • libraangel

          Yes, I remember the “city woman”, but not her name, who, with the eccentric Japanese guy (can’t remember his name either!)left the competition just a while ago. BUT the difference is that this lady – Cindy’s age or maybe even older – COULD design fashion forward clothes!

  • MintaHallWriter

    TLo, stay safe this weekend.  We need you.

  • Srw27

    4 words: Pink. Silk. Shantung. Dress. = 1 word: FUG

  • leftcoastpickle

    I think this team season is the final insult to this show. Everything has to come down to the lowest common denominator, and everything ends up looking like it came off the rack at Sears. It’s like design school shit. My heart is broken. What can take the place of Project Runway?

    • StellaZafella

      Try this season of RuPaul’s Drag Race (if you don’t watch it already)…sometimes the queens have to make their own outfits in a day, too.
      It’s not nearly a design show but the results AND the roads to them are hysterical!
      Plus, drag queens can go from full melt down to full Bitch-Slap funny in the drop of an eyelash.

      • leftcoastpickle

        thanks Stella, I think it is, indeed, time to check out the Drag Race. 

    • pattycap11

      Bravo could maybe try to pick up the pieces and do something with this concept again.  People would flee Lifetime for a good product.  It’s too bad how Lifetime ruined this show.

      • MoHub

        Unfortunately, Bravo has had multiple failed attempts at resurrecting the PR concept: The Fashion Show, seasons 1 and 2 and Launch My Line for starters. In fact, season 2 of The Fashion Show was the direct ancestor of the team concept in the current PR.

    •  Nah, it’s not nearly ambitious enough for design school…

  • traceyishere

    Shantung. The word alone should have been warning enough.

  • mrspeel2

    “This is as good a place as any to admit that we’re completely burnt out on Project Runway at the moment.” I agree and I thank you boys for your recaps. I’ve mostly given up watching this go-round for the same reasons you’ve put forth so eloquently, but I will ALWAYS be interested to hear what you have to say about each and every episode!

    Stay safe boys!   

  • JLH

    I’m still utterly baffled that I’m seeing Patricia’s dress get any sort of praise past “Kudos for attempting to make your own textile.” I know that’s essentially what T&L said, but here and other places I keep hearing, “Patricia should have gotten the second win!” Seriously? I’m not a fashion expert, but I usually feel like I’m in the same frame of mind as people here and I’m just at a loss. It’s essentially shapeless, loose checkerboard textile over illusion netting. I never say this, but it legitimately looks like I could have made it and I can’t sew. Honestly, when she was working with the pink over the muslin, I thought it was going to be totally cute but instead we have an unfinished, hideous (and not in a so hideous it’s FASHION way) half dress. I can’t even see in my head what it would look like if it were “finished”. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this confused over a dress.

    •  This. PR is supposed to be about design, not about making fabric — oh, wait, maybe that could be a whole separate show?
        The Only thing that made me like Patricia’s dress slightly more was the lovely plunging neckline in the back, which made it move nicely.  Oh, and her model is Probably the reason she got to top 3.  That model worked her dress way more than most of the other models, who were busy trying to breathe and keep the dress up at the same time.

    • I was thinking maybe the judges loved the idea of the dress more than that half finished dress that actually showed up. If she’d had time to make an entire dress of those tiny pink leather squares it would have been a really fantastic little dress that totally fulfilled the brief of being sexy but not slutty and marrying hard and soft. However, what she actually had time to complete was not any of those things. I give her one more tunic before the judges tell her they need to see more from her. I’m excited to see what she can pull off with unconventional materials next week. She may win that one.

    • BrooklynBomber

      I agree it didn’t quite look right, and it definitely would have to be finished. (Believe me, Daniel’s dress is not going to be rendered in that beige polyester, and the black & pink negligee will be modified.) But I still would have chosen it. There wasn’t one single ready-for-showtime look from the winning team. In my opinion, Michelle’s was the only dress that was ready to go w/o modification; it looked polished and sophisticated and was a good realization of the designer’s vision. But there was no other winning dress from that team. So the other team had to win, and there wasn’t one truly winning dress there, either. But among all of the almost-there’s, Patricia’s was the only look–unfinished though it was–that showed a designer with a unique eye. It showed innovation. It was interesting, and had a lot of potential to be something special. If they’d been willing to have her make more of the mesh, and modified the shape a bit, it could have been great.

      • libraangel

        I would have chosen Patricia’s dress because it was imaginatively designed and fell almost into the realm of ‘avant garde’ which I find is not a bad thing. Because of Heidi’s public appearances, I think it would draw people in who would find it interesting.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I’m with you.  Patricia’s dress looked very unfinished and sloppy to me.

  • Inspector_Gidget

    You are spot on about the sheer volume of content just brow-beating everyone into burning out on this show.  I guess this is their only high-profile show and they paid dearly for it, so they’re flogging every dime out of it.  Bravo was obnoxious, but I think I prefer them flooding their channel with endless PR knockoffs to Lifetime just running this one show into the ground.

  • JennyDevon

    I definitely understand the boredom and frustration over the flood of emotions. Suck it up people!!! I found myself wishing for the seasons gone by where the other contestants delighted in the one emotional basket case and tended to make fun of them. Give me Santino in all of his arrogant glory or Christian’s catty comments. If they don’t figure out a way to freshen it up I may be calling it quits…

  • Thank you for watching and posting TLO.  I can’t/won’t/refuse to watch it any more, but I love your posts.  I appreciate your sacrifice and commitment.  Really, I do. 

  • MilaXX

    According to T & Lo all 16 designers showed a collection this morning. So everyone gets a pony?

    • Actually, only 8 designers showed collections, but they weren’t allowed to come out and introduce them, so we have no idea whose collections we saw.

      • Pennymac

        Ooh. I may like this twist.

      • Stubenville

        Well that’s odd; if they were showing them blind, why not just the final three? I hope this doesn’t mean four teams of two in the finale.

        • SuEs123

          When they did that in Season 6 (the weird LA one), it was super, super obvious that Gordana didn’t make the final 3, because the collections looked nothing like her work. 

      • formerlyAnon

         Well, spoilers bedamned, when our hosts post the collections photos I’m dying to see if the contestants managed to make good use of the opportunity.  The one (and only) redeeming feature of this ‘everyone – or maybe almost everyone? gets a pony’ approach is that this cycle, they *should* have had enough time to work that they can show what they’re capable of.

        If there is some dumbassery where they actually *didn’t* get all these months since filming wrapped to work, I’ll relinquish my last tiny thread of belief that good work has any place at all in the show’s priorities (I already know it’s not high up there). God help me if there were, say, three finalists and everyone else was divided into teams – I’ll be livid. At LEAST give these poor folks a chance to distinguish/embarrass themselves individually.

      • MilaXX

         well I guess that’s a little better. Jeez this may be the least amount of decoys in a long time.

      • l_c_ann

        So the faux collections that could be tied to a human being and now going to be just lost in the ether.

        No longer will we hear “I can’t believe I showed at Bryant Park” “Lincoln Center” whereever.  That they went to the effort of making the clothes….it did take weeks of their lives….they get a big nothing for it, not even to be identified with some looks from a runway.
        I fell bad for them.

      • does this mean we don’t get to see them? (sobs quietly)

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Ahhhh!  The sneaky bunnies!


    Messy though it was, I rather liked Benjamin’s dress and it was infinitely preferrable to Richard’s, Stanley’s and Tu’s, as well as Cindy’s and Matt’s.  Once again, the concept of teams on this season skews and screws any real judging of the clothes by the appointed judges.  This arbitrary gimmick is the real mess maker.

  • watchmeboogie

    I’m with you, TLo. As bad as the past few seasons had gotten, I still tuned in perfunctorily, but this season, I haven’t even bothered.

  • *sigh*  I really hoped this season would skip the whole ‘make a pretty dress for Heidi/Nina’ bullshit.  Last weeks episode was SO great in comparison.  Well.  Too many mediocre seasons crammed into too little time makes for *yawn* TV.  I’d have rather watched another (strange) season of PR Accessory than this.  I will say I love Patricia’s interesting contribution to the aesthetic.  And Daniel is a truly decent designer….though I wouldn’t have given him the win.  Patricia’s dress was not only more interesting – it fit the challenge better.  Heidi would have looked great in that design – and it was much more visually interesting.  What a wasted opportunity.  Wonder why Heidi always goes for same old/same old?  Eventually she’s gonna look like every other ageing pretty girl trying to recapture her youth.  Kinda sad, don’t you think?

    • Vera L-

      I’d forgotten about PR-Accessory! Isn’t that where the minaudière came from and the pleasant but misguided designer who was sure that’s what she was making (spoiler: she wasn’t)

  • libraangel

    I  almost didn’t post this time because as you so correctly stated: what a boring show (even boring typing about the mostly lackluster results!) When I heard the were designing a ‘Heidi dress’ I almost turned off the T.V. When I heard she was hawking her perfume, I felt even more sick, but I soldiered on. I think Patricia should have been second place because her dress was so innovative and interesting – and nice – but because it was definitely not a ‘Heidi dress’, it went to Daniel whose dress was o.k. but blah – and he used Patricia’s leather as an afterthought! I agreed with the win which was both pretty and Heidish. I was most surprised by Richard who had previously designed fab clothes, and now this ruffle-poop dress?! I can’t say anything about anybody else’s designs cause they were so blah and forgettable. As for Cindy vs. Ben vs. Mat, well, to be fair to Ben – and everyone else – ONE day to finish???!! Didn’t they have at least have 2 days on previous PRs? I would have freaked too, and Ben had a good idea, but no time to execute it. As for poor Cindy, I think this week she at least tried both personally and for the challenge to be more fashionable. I know her dress was too simple and that the material was probably wrong, but I did see both pink and gold (Heidi’s perfume colors) iridescence which I kinda like. I would aufed Mat for his hooker-who-deals-with-SM “dress” (He also didn’t seem a bit interested – lethargic- this week)

  • PeaceBang

    Oh, so it was an Ugly Shoe Challenge?

  • Miranda Prince

    I think you guys are the only reason I watch “Project Runway” anymore. Well, that and I’ve been sick for the last few weeks and it’s something to watch on the TiVo. My life is awesome.

  • ChristinaRi

    Dear Tom and Lorenzo,

    While you make some good points about there being too much product from PR and not enough down time between “seasons” to build anticipation, I think some of your boredom with PR come from your having moved on to things that are more exciting for you. You’re covering real life fashion shows, building your own business, and, if you will excuse the word, brand.  Now covering Project Runway is just something you have to do because that’s how you started out.   You’d rather be writing about designers lines and celebrities wearing designer clothing.  

    As much as I miss your enthusiasm and your delight in the show, and as much as I wish it could somehow be reignited,  like you and your regret about Project Runway, I have to accept that it will not.   I looked forward to all you humorous remarks and insightful criticism.   I feel badly that you now just go through the motions.  It’s sort of painful reading the columns because you don’t seem to enjoy it at all.

    You don’t even bother with Heidi and Nina anymore.  It makes me sad.   But, I accept that everything changes and in the whole scheme of things it’s a minor change and an unimportant one.   I’ll always have a fond memory of how it used to be at TLo, and wish you the best a your lives continue to evolve.

    Which is just my way of saying that if you want to let Project Runway go, please be at peace with it.

    • i was totally with you until that last sentence.  TLo, please keep blogging PR, if only to pour your sarcasm onto the dresses and contestants.  and the judges!  your gay wit and humor are essential to the total PR experience.  think of it as honoring your roots- the show that spawned project rungay, which then gave birth to TLo, fabulous and opinionated.

  • Patricia’s model was on America’s Next Top Model.  Tyra made her have awful curly hair.

  • majorbedhead

    I haven’t finished reading all the comments yet (6 pages – wow) but I hated Patricia’s dress. I thought it was boxy and unflattering and the skirt portion was ugly. She can manipulate the hell out of fabric, but does that make her a designer or a craftsperson? 

  • Sweetvegan

    “there really isn’t much of an audience to read this stuff anymore.” We are here! We are here! We are here!

  • Yeah this blog used to be hilarious – a few days was worth the wait to read your take on the show- for the speech bubbles and captions and thoughtful analysis- it was very creative and so much fun to read. Now this blog entry about the show is up in a few hours later and is a dull uncreative recap- kind of like the clothes on the show. It’s starts out whining about how the show has gone down hill. I don’t even know why I stop by anymore to read this dull recap- habit I guess. It’s not the fun comedy it used to be that lit up my week- compare this entry to anything from season 3-4-5 if you want to know what I mean. 

  • Guys, I miss the “4 and 5 posts in a week” days.  But that’s not your fault.  You can’t really justify that much examination into the clothes being made, because there’s not a lot of design there. 

  • Diana Torell

    Don’t be tired of it. I’m not. I love you guys and this blog. I agree with most of your whining about the decisions that the producers make, but I’m still excited about getting to see a group of talented people try to rise, or otherwise adjust, to the occasion. We still love Tim. I hate all the crying!!!

  • It really is a bit of a dull season so far but when you go for back-to-back seasons, the magic does wear off.  That said, I do appreciate the fact that they’re focusing more on process and design over interpersonal drama (though there’s still too much of that for my taste).  Also, are they even bothering with designer guest judges or have we decided “I’d wear that” from an actress is enough?  I used to look forward to this show but like a friend that stays too long and eats all your food, I’m a bit done.  Anyway…

    The winning look by the women was well-earned and I can see the artist in Patricia, if not the fashion.  Aside from Daniel, none of them is screaming out one way or the other to me though Benji would do well to keep his quips to a minimum as all that talking isn’t being backed by good design.  Cindy was very much out of her depth here and just a name on a list – they’d do well to cut the fat with more rapidity and double eliminate so we can really see who these people are.  As an aside, did anyone else think Heidi looked pure JC Penny catalog during the judging?  Whoever is styling her this season (and last season) should really be fired.

  • TLo, don’t forget Project Accessory. You suffered through that too, within the time period.

    • MilaXX

       and Models of the Runway. What a joke that was.

      • I thought Models was before this cluster of PR seasons. I think it was during S7 because I remember the Seth Aaron model drama.

        • MilaXX

          It was but it was part of the changes with the move to Lifetime and part of the slippery slope to me. After MoR flopped, they expanded the show to 90mins. Then we had the ridic amount of decoys, the new shows, the spinoffs, the All Stars seasons, etc…..

  • Trisha26

    What bothers me most, although it’s not really a surprise, is that for all the talk and grief about the “teams” and learning to work together “because that’s the way it is in the real world” – no one is working together on these teams. A couple designers have paired up on a garment each week – but if you want your team to win, why aren’t they giving each other feedback and advice – and listening to it? Cindy asked which fabric she should use and everyone on her team picked the iridescent shantung. Why did no one stop Stanley or Richard or Mat from their fashion faux pas? And I disagree – Ben is supposedly current and accomplished and capable – he should be able to turn out a decent design. He crashed and burned. At least Cindy’s dress was wearable. (And if iridescent fabric isn’t photograph-able, why was she allowed to select it in the first place?)

    • guest2visits

      Oh good point.   I think the team-word is being used as a it was always intended; as new window dressing to promote
      the show and add to the drama. Team wisdom is conveniently edited in or out when it serves the ‘story’ of the episode;
      so some designers are getting alot of focus and some are getting zip.

    • Coco Cornejo

      I think Cindy’s team sabotaged her. She was easy pickings.

  • janierainie

    Agree agree agree. They are throwing so much at us so fast that it really has changed the experience of the show. I will say this season’s critiques with Tim are much better than the last couple. If they slowed down and coordinated it with Fashion week so we don’t have to see 200 decoy collections it would be so much better. ie., if they just went back to the way it used to be….

    They have the money machine turned up to high speed though, and these wishes won’t go anywhere. 

  • when i saw the perfume bottle, i thought yay! we’re gonna see some cute pink and black dresses, maybe a little gold trim.  and what do we get ?  blackblackblackbeigeblackblack.  kate had to argue to use that little bit of pink and it had to be draped in black chiffon like it was going to a funeral.  the should fence off an area of mood and put all the black fabric there.

  • l_c_ann

    There are eight people on the KIR team.  If this is really the “Team Season”, they’ll go on aufing the other team until there are the KIR eight left.

    Could that explain why eight showed at Lincoln Center this morning.  (I really hope I’m totally wrong on this because the unfairness would reak.)

    • Coco Cornejo

      Am thinking that they will need to move people around and re-balance the teams. 

      Regarding the models: 
      Love that Samantha’s model’s hair forms a heart on the top of her head. Can’t imagine Heidi could rock that look. 
      And Stanley’s model totally reminds me of the woman who played Winnie on The Wonder Years.

      Oh gosh, I’m commenting on the models, and not the clothes. An indicator of how bad the fashion has become. 

      BTW, I think Patricia was robbed.  

  • BrightsideSusan

    Aside from the overdone jewelry, I liked Stanley’s dress for Heidi. I wonder iif they will shorten Daniel’s dress for the press tour?

  • Oh god, I feel so guilty for saying that the tall Australian guy was annoying.  He was in an emotionally abusive relationship and obviously has fragile self-worth.  Poor thing.  Makes me sad. 

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I know, he doesn’t bother me that much.  But so far, I think he’s pretty disliked among the fans.  But I feel bad for him.

    • JLH

      I’m feeling an odd sympathy for him even though I find him obnoxious. I said this in another forum, but I think my main issue with him is that he’s still in the camp of telling me how good he is instead of showing me. Other than that I don’t find him too off-putting, and can see that he primarily has good intentions and I find it hard to fault something for that. If he can tone down the ill-placed (for the time being) ego, I think he might not be so bad. That remains to be seen though.

  • Samantha Black’s dress looks like she was still drawing inspiration from the ping pong challenge.  

  • geeeque

    Yawn. I can’t even be mad at this show anymore, I am an enabler for watching something so tedious. I blame cold-ass New York and the fact that I am pregnant that I find myself sitting down every Thursday night at 9 to watch this nonsense. It’s not like I have anything better to do….

    • Carrieanno

      You get a pass on anything you want.  As a friend said when I was expecting my first, “when you’re pregnant, people run to find a chair for you to sit down; after you’ve had the baby, they pull the chair out from under you so they can have it.” 

      • geeeque

        I want better tv! 😉

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I’m glad you mentioned Cindy going home vs. Benjamin going home, TLo.  I agree with you – I see what Benjamin was going for. It could have been a beautiful gown if it had been executed properly.  It was a gorgeous color and fabric – he just screwed it up.  But Cindy’s fabric was tacky, it was a horrible color, and while she seemed like a nice enough lady, she seemed totally out of her element on this show. Three times in the bottom two? It was time to go.

  • libraangel

    LOL about Heidi’s rule that the design should not be slutty, and her comment about that she didn’t like a dress because it made the boobs look saggy. Hello, Ms. Klum: remember the David Letterman show, remember the Golden Globes?!

  • rtuko

    I love looking at the expressions on the faces of the models…… can TELL they’re thinking ‘oh god why am I in this ugly dress, what did I do to you?’

  • MissAmynae

    My dearest Daniel was lucky this week. Don’t do that again, honey, kay?  lesser of two evils won’t win next time.

  • for the tiniest of split seconds I wondered about B/M doing their behind the scenes/talking in the judges ears… but really, Cindy was past expiration date… here is hoping Benjamin is ‘soon’ (and can not WAIT to hear what T’lo name this twit (still think of Cristian as ‘princess puffysleeves’…. 🙂

  • So another episode of Heidi’s Sweatshop!  What’s next?  Dress my kids for school?

  • am I the only one who sees Mat’s dress and is reminded of a Roger Palmer video… in a bad way?

  • John11581

    I’ve really come to loathe each season’s Heidi challenge for the simple reason that Heidi’s taste is so obvious. Regardless of the product de jour she’s attaching her name to each season, the style she favors is always the same, either short and tight or floor length and not quite as tight. Having to watch a new crop of designers, season after season, create looks for someone with such a one note fashion aesthetic has become pretty damn tedious. Kind of ironic that she named her fragrance Surprise, when the outcome of the challenge was anything but.

    I would’ve been fine with either Benjamin or Cindy going home last night but, considering Cindy designed a dress I could totally see Lindsay Lohan wanting to wear for her next red carpet appearance, I’d say the judges made the right choice.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    I am not sure that it is the frequency of Project Runway that is ruining it for me so much.  One of the big things for me is that the designs have become so, I don’t know, generic or something. So damn dull. Nothing is coming down the runway that makes me sit up any more. Lat night, without even thinking about it, I started to channel surf before the winner was announced. That’s how much the show has failed to engage.

  • Carrps

    In the first screen cap, Tim looks like he’s doin’ it Gangnam Style.

  • Call me Bee

    Oooh yeah–we had that same blizzard here in Milwaukee–the Groundhog Day Blizzard.  It was an awesome day. 

  • Call me Bee

    I’m so late in getting here today, but this discussion is interesting.  What we need at PR is an older, talented someone who turns out to be a mean girl!  Cindy (and Peach and even Bert to some extent) seemed to be a bit intimidated by the young people, and aquiesed too often.  Even though she tried to get Ben off her back, she still had this timid demeanor.  So the other designers (and the audience) never took her seriously. 
    We need a tough old broad in there that has mad skills and will just kick ass.  Volunteers? 

    ETA: Again, this reply was to Kiltd and ended up here. Thx again Disqus.

    • thecommentatorator

      TLo, thank you for all your posts (especially PR recaps) over the years… please don’t stop!  While I completely get your frustration, your recaps give life to some of us… or are at least our very best source of procrastination.

      I first found you via NinaCaps (of which I would love to see more) and have since gone back and read every one of your posts.  Please, I know it’s frustrating, but PLEASE don’t give up on PR… at least not yet.  Your loyal BKs need you.

  • Project Doneway. I thought Gretchen and Anya were bad but this lot are a brand new ring of hell.

  • guest2visits

    If TLo decides to drop PR, I will be sad. But I will not think of that today. I will think of that tomorrow.. I still have Tara…
    (the rest of Fabulous and Opinionated).  Seriously; while that might be understandable; it would be a loss.   And even in it’s
    drearyist condition – PR is still the show that inspires a raft of spin-offs and wanna be’s. But it still has the best idea: raw designers
    bring their talents and display their individual styles on the RW, in a competition that may stretch their experience and capabilities.
        Where PR went wrong and what makes it so dry and unrewarding is not the number of seasons, but the way the the show has
    drastically tweeked the format so that designers have zero time to produce something good, or watchable. I mean… that is the
    real meat of the show. They need to stop inhibiting the ability to create interesting things and foster it with the competition, instead.   It’s becoming a mockery of itself – which I thought was the job of 24Hour Catwalk.

    So; I still think Cindy’s was a better look than several of the others. Wrong fabric, and not tight enough for Heidi. Although –
    I think I remember Cindy saying she wanted to put Heidi in something more special and beautiful; obviously she looked at the
    awful bottle and packaging, and the rest of the ‘style’ dreck on the table and was not inspired by it.  HA! Sadly, an indication that
    Cindy has not seen many Heidi fabrics or color schemes.  
    Ben did have a good idea; but either he didn’t know how to execute it, or he just kept changing his mind until it was too late.
    I’m not sure the idea was worth keeping him for the mess that he made. Same for Matthew’s; it was made slightly bettter than Ben’s
    but it was a horrible idea. Without the emu-butt, Richard made a nice dress. Stanley had a good idea that turned out rather cheaply. Even without the chains; something needed to change about all the ribbons (obviously, short and shiny was not the issue).
    I thought Tu’s was harsh and poorly made. But I thought most of the looks were abit hard.
    Samantha’s idea was ok but poorly made also. Michelle’s was interesting and made well; I liked it but was not a Heidi-look.
    Amanda and Joseph’s collaboration was nothing to write home about. I enjoyed Amanda’s running commentary but the result was
    dull and unflattering.  And although Patricia had nice idea that was unique and not dark-themed, it looked very unfinished to me –
    the tissuey under fabric was not appealing.   Daniels and Kate and Layana’s were the obvious choices.

    • LambeeBaby

      I completely agree. I still like the show but the producers have sold out for the equivalent of “fast food” challenges.

  • champagne

    Patricia was robbed.

  • champagne

    Patricia should be given points for her creativity and the with that the ability to produce a lovely dress with in the time frame.  The two winning designs were nothing short of boring.

  • Anathema_Device

    T Lo, you summed up my burnout with this show perfectly. It doesn’t feel special any longer. I was laughing at all the tears, which probably wasn’t the response the producers were hoping to evoke. I’m not hard-hearted, I’m just over the obvious manipulation.

    Another thing I’m over? The product placement. It is out of hand. This week’s Heidi infommercial sponsored by L’Oreal induced much eye rolling.

    The only quibble I have with this week’s results is that I think Patricia’s dress should have been the press-event winner. It was beautiful, fresh, and happy looking. I also think it would look great in press photos. But maybe Heidi decided she wanted the focus on her face & bod, not on the dress?

    • Baerbel schlatter

      I so disagree, it looked like a project from the arts and craft  class. Not chic at all. The back of the dress was better however,

  • VivianAdvanced

    The question that I’ve had on my mind this season has been why were these people picked when there surely must have been more talented designers vying to be on the show? Most of them seem like beginners, not people who have studied their craft. There aren’t really any interesting characters either. Although the Thin White Duke’s dress was horrible and the poor model looked like she’d been held hostage by a maniac for several months, it was a relief to see dearie Cindy go. Why was she even chosen? There are certainly older designers out there who could bring some creative experience to the table. Bert did, even though many of his designs weren’t all that innovative. At 59, Cindy seems more like someone in her seventies. It’s like they went to some senior center and picked her out of a sewing class. Was she chosen because she was such obvious fodder for the younger designers to scorn and ridicule? That’s pretty cruel, if that was the case. You can’t put anything past these manipulative shows anymore.

    • Baerbel schlatter

      I know woman in thei 80th with absolut fantastic taste. Good taste does not fade away with age.

  • ccm800

    Man Cindy must have been at a lot of funerals – She has perfected and frozen the “I’m sorry for your loss, comfort crown” onto her mug. I wished she had stayed long enough to have a side splitting laugh attack.

  • MattCooper27

    While I like Ben as a contestant, his was clearly worse than Patricia’s which actually seemed suitable for Heidi given her preference for dresses which can be worn during open heart surgery.

    I do think Project Trainwreck jumped the shark many times in its history; most notably for me at least, in its stilt walker challenge. Television has always relied heavily on sponsors but this show is well on its way to becoming an hour long informercial for whatever company pits the money on the table. L’Oreal, HP, Garnier, Piperlime, Lord and Taylor… Sponsorship is necessary, but in its extreme the content of the show itself begins to seem secondary.

  • Greg I

    I thought that fabric looked familiar…

    Richard used the same fabric for his dress that Ivy did for the 1920s inspired challenge last all-stars season.

  • Alyssa

    I gave up on watching and now rely on you guys for your recaps, so thanks for sticking it out! I can’t get over how none of the models really look like they went through hair & makeup…

  • kathryn_dc

    I am tardy in watching this episode, but here goes:
    I couldn’t believe the adulation thrown Patricia’s way. Her “leather mesh” was clearly meant to be the top half of the garment; when she ran out of time she sewed it to that flesh tone sheer fabric…I thought it was hideous.

    Am I dreaming? Did Michelle give Patricia a compliment at the end that was totally at odds with trashing her at the beginning of the episode?!

  • lilazander

    Most of the models look like they have pulled them from retirement.

  • Elizabeth San

    Sometime during season 10, when my opinions and the judges opinions began to be drastically different, I actually googled something about the project runway judges being crazy and found your blog. I realized that it wasn’t simply my ignorance of fashion and trends that was causing the difference–my opinions tended to be about the same as yours a lot of the time, even though I didn’t know any of the technical details (I had no idea what a peplum was until I started reading your entries). Since then, I guess I’ve only really looked forward to Project Runway so I could read your hilarious, bitchy commentary. I wonder if I would still be watching Project Runway at all right now, if it weren’t for you guys. I’m not implying that I want you to keep watching and writing, especially if you don’t enjoy it, but it just hit me that you are the reason I still care about this mess of a show, albeit a tiny little bit, and thinking that just made me a little sad.

  • elliott

    I am so glad Lisa, Patricia’s model, went over to Michelle! Michelle’s aesthetic suits Lisa much more than Patricia’s and on top of that, what a lovely way of redemption! Lisa came in 6th on ANTM yet she wins Project Runway as Michelle’s model, and got signed to an agency almost immediately after she was eliminated in cycle 9.