PRS11 Finale Show – Collection No. 7 and 8

Posted on February 08, 2013

Eight collections were shown today during New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The designer of each collection wasn’t identified.


Collection Number 7 (Stanley)


Collection Number 8 (Patricia)


[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • SatelliteAlice

    I find number 8 to be just…. tragic.  So very very tragic.

    • GorgeousThings

      I’m willing to wager that’s Patricia’s collection. The 4th from the last dress is the one that keyed me off.

      • mrspeel2

         I thought # 6 was Patricia’s, because it has a lot of Native American motifs.

    • afabulous50

      I agree – WTF was that??

    •  And also hiLARious.  The lampshade of hair is going to be the next big thing.  I’m sure of it.

      Okay, so only collection 5 looked like a real, honest-to-pete collection.   oy.

      • kikisayshi

         Seriously, I think you can only get away with that wackadoodle stuff if you’ve already made a name for yourself. Keep that crap off the PR runway, please!

    • 8 is totally wack, and you know what? I want it to win for that very reason. Because this show has just become totally wack. 

  • #7 is pretty, cohesive, and well done, but SOOOO boring.
    #8 looks well done and interesting, but all over the place and a little cray.

    Why did so many of these collections have clothes that look like they came straight from a Renaissance Festival circa 2000? 

    • barbarienne

       Pop culture feeds on itself. With the success of the LOTR movies and Game of Thrones, I’m frankly surprised we haven’t seen more elf-wear. Big Epic Fantasy has gone mainstream; it’s not just for geeks anymore.

  • sleepycat

    clearly #7 knows how to make a cohesive collection, 8 is just fugly. Hopefully #7 will win the show because it is the only decent collection out of all the 8

    • Agreed: 7 might not have many surprises, but it is the most well-executed, aesthetically pleasing collection in the bunch. 

      • It’s the only one that actually looks like a collection.

    • Lizbits

       Number 7 seems to me to have a real 60s vibe.  From the ladylike dresses and jackets of Jackie to the (somewhat) mod looks. 

  • carolie_king

    Wow, you guys are up late.
    I’m thinking that last dress in #8 has to be Patricia, no?  Interesting (cough, cough) styling on that collection.

    Agreeing that 7 is basic, but some pretty pieces.

  • olsonam

    #7 has a Marchesa “inspired” dress, there was a link on TLo’s Twitter.  They didn’t point it out but that where I got the link –

  • MilaXX

    Really spitballing with these two. I wanna say #7 is Ben?(or maybe Stan) It feels like a wannabe Carolina Hererra.
    # 8 is Dan or long shot Stan. I’d like it a lot better without the weird hair some of the models are wearing, but it’s very all over the place.

    • StellaZafella

      If that’s Human Hair Fringe…I hope Nina and Heidi remember the shreik fest they staged over Chris March’s use of human hair fringe in his collection…as if to say: “You can wear it all over your head but lower than the neck and it’s just gross!” what a joke.
      Looking at all 8 of these ‘collections’ all I can feel is: It’s like strumming through the sale racks trying to see if there’s anything I could wear…let alone want to be seen in.  This just all seems forced and overwrought or like a great big “F___ You” to the show.

    • CozyCat

      The fact that there is so much debate about which collection is who’s re inforces TLo’s observation the other day that they’re rushing the seasons too much.  To squeeze in AllStars 2.0 they had to start this season so late that we have had very little chance to see most of the designers’ styles before the fashion week collections are up.  

      Moreover, they’ve cut the time for producing the collections so much that nobody can do the kind of elaborate clothing that Seth Aaron and Christian (to name just two) produced.  So the smart designers–decoy or not–churn out realatively simple pretty dreses that they can do well and do quickly.  (ala #7)

  • Seven looks like Benjamin to me and unfortunately I think 8 is Patricia which is very disappointing (same fabric treatment in one of those looks that she used in the first challenge). Five is the best of them by far and the one I’m having the most trouble placing. My initial impression was perhaps Tu, but looking at Michelle’s first runway look this season makes me rethink that and say it’s hers. Have we seen anything from Joseph yet that says he’s capable or even interested in that kind of construction?

    • MilaXX

       5 is cat sweater guy. Joel or Joseph.  Collections 5 & 7 are the only ones I like. I hope they are true finalist.

      • I would be shocked if it ended up being Josephs. Talk about under the radar. There’s just nothing from his portfolio or casting video that suggests he’d be capable of, or interested in making that kind of collection. The inclusion of the hipster sweaters is throwing people off the scent a bit I think. His sweaters are much more kitschy than the ones in collection 5. I’m sticking with Michelle. She had quilting details on her garments in the casting video and her first challenge dress was very much like the dresses in that collection. 

        • MilaXX

          I wouldn’t rule  it out. Most of us have lathed onto it being his because he likes to work with sweaters. It’s  early in the season and we have yet  to see any challenges that might impact on their collection.  At this point last season I would have never imagined Elena using neon colors. The only certain ones are Amanda and Patricia’s.

      • tired_mommy

        I think 5 might be Tu–the fabrics look like ones he’d choose based on his portfolio–regardless of whose it is #5 is my favorite for the win

      • RobertBestBarbie

         Those are the only two collections I like, too.

  • olsonam

    Oops, I posted a comment with a link and I think it got marked as spam.  I was posting that #7’s red dress looks a lot like a Marchesa dress.

    • MilaXX

      links have to be approved by the mods. It will show up eventually

    • Airkisses

      Some Collection #7 pieces looked extremely referential to me. That red dress looks like Halle Berry´s 2002 Ellie Saab Oscar dress (the one with the see-through top with appliqués). Also, doesn´t that yellow belted coat-dress kind of want to be Dior?

      • smellyelly

        I think the collar on the yellow coat is straight-up Carolina Herrera.

  • Deja vu for all of these black and gold collections

    Collection 8 is one of the worst we’ve ever seen. The two hairstyles are completely opposite! And how did the models with the synthetic hair face bedcurtains even see?

    • Carrieanno

      They surreptitiously blew apart the hair curtains every few seconds.

  • MK03

    Didn’t Halle Berry wear the last dress in #7 to the Oscars, like, ten years ago?

    • MilaXX

       Similar color Halle’s top was shear with strategically placed applique’s. IIRC  it was Elle Saab and actually quite pretty.

  • MK03

    #8 is straight-up Patricia bullshit.

  • Okay, we’ve looked at all 8. My guesses, complete with descriptions, since most people haven’t learned the names.

    1st – Layana (Brazilian bombshell who made the skort.)
    2nd – Daniel (Fabulous Stache.)
    3rd – Tu? Samantha? (Asian dude or black girl.)
    4th – Richard (Inflated ego, bald, beard.)
    5th – Joe (Cutie nerd cat-sweater.)
    6th – Amanda (Indie Barbie, looks like a bitch.)
    7th – Kate? Stanley? (Egotistical redhead or black costume designer from WeHo.)
    8th – Patricia (Princess Water Lily.)

    I would also like to take this time to nickname Kate Pankoke, “The Bitchernational House of Pankokes”, or B-HOP for short.

    • I agree with most of this. I’m still not sure about the fifth collection though. It looks like a team effort – Michelle & Joseph.

    • olsonam

      1. Kate? Layana? There’s shears, lace cutouts, velvet, and one very ruffly dress.  Richard does have a lot of ruffles in his portfolio.
      2. Agree, Daniel.  There’s a dress where there’s too much cloth gathered over the breasts that’s similar to a dress in his portfolio
      3. I can’t find any leather in any of the portfolios and there’s a lot of leather in this collection.  It kind of shows that they haven’t worked with it much.  There’s also fringe, grommets, cut outs.  It might be Tu in the sense that his portfolio also shows a need to edit, as does Samantha’s.
      4. Very simple or streamlined.  Lots of black. Stanley?
      5. Joe or Michelle.  It’s the only one with hipster sweaters which makes me think of Joe but Michelle also does hipster and I can’t remember why but the quilting seems more expected from her.
      6. Agreed, Amanda, based portfolio
      7. Stanley? Samantha? Richard?  This collection is basically all evening wear with sparkles.  Those are the designers who have sparkles and they also have a certain glam factor.  Samantha’s work shows a need to edit which might exclude her.  This collection is starting to grow on me.
      8. Agreed, Patricia

    • Tamra G

      OMG, thank you so much for the descriptions. The only one whose name I can remember by this point is Patricia.

    • MilaXX

      My choices are watching the casting special. (It’s still On Demand)
      1st – Layana
      2nd – Tu but that black, puffy flower dress is awful. 2nd choice Stan who I think would make that puffy flower dress.
      3rd –  Dan – kinda whimsical, likes hats
      4th – Richard (Inflated ego, bald, beard.) 2md choice  Sammy B
      5th – Joe (Cutie nerd cat-sweater.)
      6th – Amanda
      7th – Ben – He also had a lot of gold in the casting video
      8th – Patricia (Princess Water Lily.)

      Amanda & Patricia were the easiest to spot because they had pieces from the casting video in them. This also makes me think they are decoys. For me #5 is the best. Hopefully it’s not a decoy

      • olsonam

        Good to know about Ben’s casting video.  I had him down as an option for #7 but then ruled him out based on what his portfolio had.  He’s kind of been falling apart but I think he’s realizing that and maybe he’ll start to improve.

        Another thing, I just re-read TLo’s tweets (why do I care so much???) and they said that #2 didn’t fit well, and that doesn’t sound like Daniel so I might have to revise my choices.

      • pdquick

         Could you stop with the racist “Princess Water Lily,” already?

        • Laurel Lyon

          Didn’t she say it’s her native American name?

          • NYCGlamourpuss

            Yes, that is her actual Native American name, I remember that from either the casting special or episode one.

          • MilaXX

             I thought so as well, but since I just cut and pasted from victor liu‘s post, it’s not a big deal to me to edit.

          • Water Lily is her Native American name.

          • save_the_hobbit

             This whole conversation brightened up my day. Thank you, overly sensitive commenter.

        • Jena Marie DiPinto

          You’re taking far too much offense. The woman makes a point of emphasizing at least twice per episode that she is Native American and styles it thus. Everyone on this blog ends up with generalized nicknames and I think it’s far less offensive to use a generically “Native American sounding” nickname than, say, Bitchkitten. (Not that Patricia is a bitchkitten.)
          NOTE: I say this as someone who has plenty of attributes that can cause stereotyping, race being just one, and I’ve learned to not be offended unless it’s something truly harsh.

          • Jena Marie DiPinto

            And now I realize that it’s apropos because IT’S HER NAME. (Thanks to the other, earlier, commenters whose posts I didn’t see until now because of the 40-comment page limit.)

      • SugarSnap108

        Your guesses look pretty good to me.  And I agree on #5 being the best of the lot.  But I have some doubts on whether it’s Joe’s.  He’s the one who likes to play with funky patterns, yes?  He also said he likes to drape.  Number 5 seems a bit too structured and lacking in whimsical patterns to be him.  (Of course, I could be thinking of the wrong guy entirely.)

        • BrooklynBomber

          I agree (just posted above I think it’s maybe Michelle).

      • BrooklynBomber

        I completely agree 5 is the winner. Some great looks there. But where’s Michelle in this line up? I’m thinking 5 could be hers because of the layering, the felt, the quilting, the leather. Joe’s cute, and I like his personality, but I don’t see anything in his portfolio that reminds me of this.

        • MilaXX

          It could be Michelle or Joe. It very much reminds me of a Joe/Michelle collaboration.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Team final collection? 😉

          • MilaXX

            nothing surprises me from PR anymore

          • formerlyAnon

            That’s what I was suspecting. The finalists, and the rest of the collections are teams of two. How else did they get it down to 8 collections?

          • pearpenguin

            It is a Joe/Michelle collaboration. You are one smart cookie.

          • MilaXX

            I knew those sweaters were Joe’s

        • I see a heavy graphic sense in Number 5 that reminds me of Joe–color blocks used for drama and an underlying boldness.  That and willingness to try new combinations of ideas together.  Also, the bleeding heart graphic on the top,in combination with the color blocking on the sleeve, is pure Joe.  

        • MilaXX

          Another thing I noticed was the yellow peplum top & the rust gown. In the casting special Michelle says she doesn’t make plunging tits out clothes because she wants her clothes to be sexy in a less in your face kind of way.

          Is that another point in Joe’s favor or Team final collection favor?

          • BrooklynBomber

            Funny you mention it because i wondered about that plunging neckline, even though I didn’t hear her say that; it just didn’t seem her, at least based on 3 episodes. Although, look at what she’s wearing in the group picture on the runway over at the Blogging PR blog. (That picture also confirms Leylana’s and Samantha’s collections — unless they’re wearing someone else’s clothes, which seems very unlikely.) Hmmmm…the mystery deepens. I’d be surprised if Michelle didn’t show, though.  

          • MilaXX

             I  saw that. Surprised they let them wear that considering the collections are supposed to be anon.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Yeah, but here we are talking about it, one might even say obsessing about it. That’s what matters, right?

          • MilaXX

             I have to admit, it’s been fun sleuthing.

        • swanpride

          I’m ready to bet that it is Michelle’s…I can’t see any of the other designers putting a bleeding heart on their clothes, plus the punky style is her thing. Considering how unpopular Michelle currently is it would be very funny if it were her collection. Shows that it is a good thing to look at the work without having the designer in mind.

    • Sara LaBatt

      Haha, B-HOP!  Good stuff.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    Eight’s crazy styling.  Seriously crazy, which distracts from some fairly cute clothes.  And lots of homemade chopped up textiles.  Hmm.

    Seven?  Eh, feel like I’ve seen it.

  • HAS to be Patricia Michaels’ collection!

  • NDC_IPCentral

    #7 to me says: Neiman-Marcus.

    #8 for the win.  There are a couple of inconsistent pieces, but this is the most high-end and interestingly designed without looking full of grunt-grunt-ooph effort.  This is the collection that Nina would like.  Or so I think!

    • CozyCat

      To me, that says that Designer #7 is smart.  Given the completely random judging, a good strategy for the show is to last long enough to at least do a decoy collection and then do something intended to attract investors and/or orders. 

      As to #8:  some of the designs are good, and some not so much.  But it at least stands out from the others.  An early poster thought the first three collections are all one.  And with reason:  they look so much alike?

  • I’m leaning towards #8 just because COLOR.

    •  #8 is far from perfect, but at least has some energy.

      • Carrps

        Dang, yes! #7 is booooooooooring. I think my head hit the keyboard more than once scrolling through #7.

        I had a positive reaction to #8 (when I ignored the styling).

  • Imasewsure

    IWeird season I’m sure because all of these collections are either boring or unnecessarily odd. Wish we could just throw all the looks in to a pile and create one good collection. Barring that, I’ll go with #8 since there were more pieces there that I didn’t hate compared with all of the others…

  • l_c_ann

    We need to factor in pictures of what Heidi was wearing.  From the front the look is sort of conventional.  From the back there is a huge hole in her jacket; it mirrors the huge hole in the ?pantsuit, so there’s several square feet of Heidi’s back exposed. 

    (Photos on London Daily Mail.)

    • Qitkat

      I don’t see how what Heidi wore would explain anything about these collections. If indeed they are collections from one designer each, and not some producer manipulated mashup as someone else suggested.

  • #7 has the strangest looking bunch of models.  Their faces/heads don’t go with their necks/bodies.

  • # 7- I’m almost certain it’s Stanley’s. He likes glitter, and he likes this molded, architectural sensibility.
    #8- Patricia’s, of course.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Ahhhh, STANLEY!  Yup, that’s gotta be it!

  • #7 is trying to out-Laura Laura. Not working.
    #8 is just HIDDY

    • Yep. I also got a Laura Bennett vibe from #7.

      Meanwhile, I would just like to use this opportunity to state that obvious: Collection #5 FTW!!!

  • formerlyAnon

    #7 – clothes you could sell in a department store. By and large they look well made. 

    #8 is variable, but I like a lot of the pieces. I think they’re more interesting without being unwearable than most of the collections. Except for the first (pink dress) and third looks, each ensemble has at least one piece that someone I know would like and wear. I could gather two or three women who’d have a fist fight over the floaty burnt orange dress decorated with clusters of paillettes (?).    

    (Man, I hate that first pink dress. I think it’s the almost-not-there bust.)

  • j_anson

    THese look like they could actually be final collections to me.

  • DesertDweller79

    #7 is someone who yearns to be Carolina Herrera.

    #8 looks like Patricia’s work.  And it is crazy.

  • DeTrop

    Of these two, it’s #8 for me.  Don’t like the fabrics in #7. Too shiny.  

  • Airkisses

    I am almost OFFENDED by the grey dress on that first african american model. HOW does that POSSIBLY qualify as design? It looks all the designer did was take a bolt of fabric, wrap it around the model, and sew the edges together to form a tube. Horrifying.

    • sleepycat

      well Anya won the show by doing just that!

  • Airkisses

    #8 is insane, but it’s kind of the most fun of all the collections. I kinda dig the piano dress.

    • Yes, the piano dress is my favorite too. Definitely Patricia’s collection.

    • MissMariRose

       If by piano dress, you mean the 8th one that’s a soft blue and black, those black keys are supposed to represent feathers. Google “San Ildefonso pottery” and you’ll see the pattern that influenced that dress.

      • olsonam

        I love learning stuff like this!

  • MintaHallWriter

    Number 8 is kind of batshit crazy styling, but, if you take away the weird headpieces…the clothes are kind of interesting. A few big misses, but many of them are pretty interesting–at least they express a definite point of view.

    Number 7, OTOH, is a set of well constructed dresses, but the collection is mostly a yawn…except for that final red gown–gorgeous.

    I think both these are in the final 3 (or at least final 4).  But 8 won’t win. The styling will get in the way, not to mention the couple or four looks that are just off-the-wall nutsy. 

    #7 MIGHT win, but it’s incredibly B-O-R-I-N-G.  It’s a lot like Anthony Ryan’s clothes in the “All Stars” (aka “let’s give the win to the most inoffensive designer who Isaac Mizrahi has the hots for”).

    • formerlyAnon

      Even if a finalist, 8 won’t win because they are so dependent on the fabrics, by and large, many of which look custom made. That’s not the kind of collection that wins PR. I am also sure it’s Patricia’s collection, and as TLo has said about her work, it’s better suited to a boutique than mass production & consumption. She’d be wildly successful among young boho women with money and their moms & grandmas of an artistic bent in my part of the world.

      • CozyCat

        I can think of worse things than making a comfortable living doing something you love.  So let’s hope that you are right about Patricia (she seem like a nice, talented lady with a good sense of priorities)

  • demidaemon

    Don’t forget we (I say, with a laugh) still have to eliminate 5 more designers, so we probably won’t be able to make a definite identification until the end of March (I think?). Except for number 8, which could only have come from the mind of one designer: Patricia.

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      See, I think #6 in the other grouping was Patricia, LOL!

  • Inspector_Gidget

    How lame for the eventual winner. They never get their moment on the runway.  It will be pretty damned hilarious if they edit it together to make it look like they did introduce their collections.

    • demidaemon

      Oh, you know they will!

    • olsonam

       They did that for season 6.

  • Gee it’s so hard to tell who did collection #8  – not.  I’m glad that person made it to Fashion Week though, I’ve been rooting for them

    • Melvis Velour

      I wonder if the models had to ululate as they did the collection walk about…

  • Melvis Velour

    I’m guessing #7 is the Queen of the LCRA (Austinites will get that one)

  • I like 7s fabrics but it just looks like high-end department store stuff.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Could #8 be Michelle’s?

    • BrooklynBomber

      No. If you go to mylifetime . com and look at the Before Runway portfolios you’ll know whose it is.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        (*Runs off to go see…*)

      • PaulaBerman

        Thanks. Looking at those really does clarify whose is whose.

    • MilaXX

       The piano dress was in Patricia’s portfolio

  • SugarSnap108

    #7 is well put together, but it’s completely department store to me.  Also reads “mature,” which is the death knell on this show.
    #8 …. There might be some interesting stuff under the layers of hiddy “styling.”

    • MilaXX

       Besides the fact that  it looks like 2 separate collections, if you cover the heads, the clothes aren’t bad.

  • StelledelMare

    Yep, I agree with everyone else that number 7 while nice is pure department store. 8 is just all kinds of crazy

  • #8 is clearly Patricia’s. It has moments of brilliance, but the horse (?) hair reminds me of  Chris March’s human hair garment. Yeah, #7 is boring as hell, probably Benjamin’s.

    •  Nah, maybe Kate’s. She comes from bridal background and these are all stiff materials, conservative, wedding attire. She should have sent them down the runway with fascinators.

      • MilaXX

         Piano dress is from Patricia’s portfolio.

  • I’m fairly sure that #7 is already available in every single department store throughout the world. Solid design but doesn’t justify NYFW catwalk space . #5 would be my win. Could tolerate #4. Everything else just makes me so angry that anyone would waste such a huge opportunity by putting so much rubbish out there when they’re getting the sort of media attention most designers would kill for.

  • zelavie

    #8 is hideous.  #7 is pretty standard fare, but I do like the drop waist gown and the print on the fifth look.

  • Wow, collection no.8 is a big “WTF” while no.7 has some nice piece if nothing new or innovative.  The coat over the satin(?) dress in the first one though (pic 10) is stunning.

  • butter nut

    holy shit fuckers.  that last one was a doozy.

  • I personally like collection #7 and see pieces I would wear if I lost *cough cough* lbs but I am old (meaning over the age of 30) and there is little in the collection that is new or different than what I can buy at Neiman Marcus today.

    Collection #8 isn’t really my taste and the styling is wack-o but I see actual design elements in the pieces and in some strange way I think this may be one of my faves of the 8.

  • Jesus! #7 looks like cheap fabrics trying to look expensive, or expensive fabrics very poorly used by someone inept. The only thing that interests me is the grayish dress with the oval things all over it, just because it makes me think that giant beetles are crawling on it. I find that cool in a creepy way.

    #8 has to be Patricia. She had that arrow pattern on some fabric in one of those home videos. That red shirt in the second look is very daring! You can see the back in the third picture. Wow!

  • save_the_hobbit

    Patricia, wtf…just wtf.

  • Carrieanno

    Number 8 is reading more Resort than Fall/Winter to me.

  • Since quite of few of the BKs are mentioning how hodge podge the collections are, I wonder if the designers did not introduce the collections because all 16 made looks, and then the producers mashed the looks together for decoy collections. There has to be a reason, a TWIST, to the finale, and that’s why the designers did not do introductions. It’s PR Teams. Has it actually been said that there will be one winner, and not a team of two? I’m just guessing.

    • save_the_hobbit

       They don’t usually do introductions, do they? Since they don’t want it known who makes it to the finals.

      • bringbackbeatles

        Other than season 6, due to the timing and delay from the legal issues, they have always done introductions to all the collections until now. They can introduce them because all the designers on the show at that point make collections no matter what. So, you don’t know who made it to the finals or who is a decoy. It wouldn’t give anything certain away to associate a designer with their collection.

    • formerlyAnon

      I was guessing that the finalists did their own collections, and the rest of the lot divided into teams of two. But your idea that the finalists might be showing in teams is even more evil.

    • demidaemon

      Yes, they have said that only one will win.

  • #7 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    #8, ow, my eyes.

  • alyce1213

    #7 is a collection alright — a collection of mostly heavy, dreary, boring old lady dresses.

    #8 has really interesting, fun elements.

    I like #5.

    • OrigamiRose

      I agree with you on  #8.  Definitely wish there was some editing but overall, it’s one of my favorites and at least presents a strong, individual (because it’s so Patricia) point of view.  

  • tired_mommy

    Weird thought–you don’t think they have to make final collections in teams do you? A few of these seem clearly based on one designers asthetic (4, 6 and 8 Richard, Amanda and Patricia), but many seem like a merger of two designers.

    • MilaXX

       Maybe the merged collections are the real ones and the individual looks are the decoys.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        Ooooh… that really would be a twist!  

      • formerlyAnon

        I was thinking of it the other way around – the decoys showed in teams, maybe even had to design in teams. But your way is even more evil.

      • tired_mommy

        That would be possible since some of the collections that appear more merged are stronger. With maybe the exception of Richard’s which seems individual–I liked that after just seeing one dress from him in episode 1, he has a strong enough POV at fashion week for me to easily guess which collection belongs to him (#4). Not saying it looks like a winner, but think it’s better than many.

  • #7 is the only one that seems cohesive and the strange mixes I see in the other collections gives me an idea.  What if even these runway shows are team collections?  16 designers (all present on the runway, according to TLo) and 8 ‘collections.’ Would BM be this crazy?  They could be.  (How could they ever award just one designer?)

    • bringbackbeatles

      That is a really good point. I was thinking that a lot of these collections do seem like strange mixes. I was seeing a collection certain it was one designer at one point then a few outfits later I would be thinking that this looks like someone different. It never occurred to me that there may have been teams here. I think that could be a possibility. I don’t like that idea since the purpose of showing the collections is to launch a particular designers career, so the collection should be showing their view point only.

      It never crossed my mind, but it’s a really interesting possibility to consider.

    • MilaXX

       I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s this years twist. My question is, how do they choose the finale teams? They’re still sending folks home one at a time. Do they get down to 4 people and pair them off? Down to 2 and bring back auf’d designers and let the winners pick? Do they share the prize?

    • BrooklynBomber

      MilaXX & I were just talking about that re collection 5, but maybe you’re on to something. It certainly could explain a few things. I wonder if they got down to 8 designers and then brought back the auf’ed 8 and got out the button bag.

    • formerlyAnon

      I was sure there were teams involved, but was thinking the finalists would be exempt. But maybe not.

  • Collection 8 is my favorite–love that blue.  Collection 7 seems very well done, but the designs are a little pedestrian.

  • jmorino08

    Jesus, #8 is like Chico’s mated with a dog groomer! 

  • TBone on BPR says that collections #5 and #7 got some very positive response from the audience.

  • OrigamiRose

    Number 7 seems like Daniel, based on the little we’ve seen so far.  I kind of like it.

  • I haven’t legitimately been impressed with any finale collection from Project Runway since season seven, but I…am just so confused by this year’s offerings–is it me, or could most of these collections just be melded into one huge, kinda tacky super collection? I just don’t see any individualism, any real creativity.

    And then, of course, they aren’t allowed to introduce their collections! That’s the whole POINT of the show, to get your name out there on the two largest stages possible: television and Lincoln Center. I really think Bunim Murray should lose their PR contract for that one–it was one thing when there was a huge legal battle happening in season six, but this is just offensive–it completely removes any possible benefit the show had left to give to an emerging fashion designer; who would want to be on it now?

  • I’ve had a really fun morning trying to guess which collection was whose, and wondering how much collaboration was involved.  
    This early in the game, it’s hard to tell what the designers are capable of.  Some of them have light portfolios of past work, notably Richard (!) and Layana.  And teams confuse our knowledge of a designers strengths and weaknesses.  

    1. Layana  No point of view, seemed to design for every department of Macy’s Rio, but collection seemed very Latin-American and recalled this week’s winner
    2. Tu?  Tu does great square shoulders.  He does nicely made spiffy jackets, often has a sleek aesthetic, and incorporates knits.
    3.  Matthew  Quirky and not afraid to elicit some huh?s.  The longer I looked, more and more outfits began to look Mardi Gras, or southern rural plus Mardi Gras–and he’s from New Orleans
    4.  Richard  Mr. Assymetrical and well-tailored sharp, works dramatically in black and light, very nice collection, a contender
    5.  Joe  Bold graphics and unusual shapes. The portfolio shows he can both silkscreen kittens on sweaters and construct a traditional fine floral blouse.  His aesthetic goes with Collection 5, and he has the ability to come up with good design surprises.
    6.  Amanda  Most agree on this, good match with her portfolio–pleasant collection for a Santa Fe boutique for upper middle-class ladies.
    7.  Daniel  Well made, not fashion forward. Seems Danielish.  His portfolio showed simplish crazy badly-made garments, and precious few of them for a 48 year-old.  But he’s a good reality show personality.  Unless he has secrets/demons that cause a sudden demise, he should last long enough to be in the final 8.  So I looked for a collection that might be his. If this is his, he’s come a long way from the portfolio, and congrats to him.
    8.  Patricia  Everyone agrees on whose this is  The last 5 were striking or wonderfully airy, the first 7 looked like Indian (east and american combined) clothes for people who want to replace the muumuu with a new standard for overweight fashion.

    • duneboi

      @ crazy-screen-code-name: That was a really good analysis!

  • I don’t watch the show anymore, so I’m not really up on the contestants. I must say that there’s a lot of utterly pedestrian stuff going down the runway overall. Most of this stuff is readily available RTW already. Why is it considered worthy of NYFW? My criteria for this show was set in the earlier, Bravo-era, Siriano/March/Bennett era, though, so maybe my standards are too high.

    Given my standards, the one that catches my eye is #8, followed by #5. Those two have something fairly fresh and striking to offer, IMO. Not that I’d wear any of it, but whether I’d wear it isn’t what I go by.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    That was pretty trippy, seeing the finalist and decoy collections this early on.  I’m not used to it!

  • guest2visits

    Most of #7 is very pretty with the exception of the last with the long red skirt, only because of the way it is attached to the top;
    I can’t tell if it’s weird because of the bad joining of two fabrics or it’s just meant to be that way.
    The first seven of #8 are not so good. Or the one with the plaid.  But I like the last blue dress (minus the hair),
    and the dress with the leather yoke and mock feathers on the skirt (the ascot must go though).
    It seems like #7, #5 and possibly #6 for final three.

  • Stubenville

    I have to wonder if Heidi, the Weinsteins and B/M are trying to wreck this show. Seriously. I’ve always considered the most important prize to be the exposure to backers, buyers and potential employers at fashion week. It costs upwards of $50,000 to stage a small show during fashion week, if you can even manage to get a spot on the program. So I was dismayed in past seasons when they kept allowing more and more PR contestants to appear at fashion week, because apparently the idiots producing this show can’t read a calendar.  Now they’ve completely ruined that prize by showing the collections anonymously. What a bunch of know-nothings.

    • meowing

      I’ve wondered how they get a whole tent-full of people to attend, given the 99 decoy collections.  I know a bunch of seats are for PR alums, but seriously, why would hard core fashion folks attend?

  • mom2ab

    I like these 2 the best- even with the “If I Ran the Circus” styling- they are at least cohesive and interesting.

  • # 7- That’s Stan’s. There’s some nicely configured jackets/coats/outwear (i.e. the trench dress [look #6] or the coat in look # 10 rendered in grays and plum shades with the ombre effect). Other than that, I don’t respond to shiny and glittery.

    #8- That’s Patricia. Most of it is lush, earthy, and beautifully artisan. Hate the wigs, though.
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    • MilaXX

       I don’t see Stan doing the detail work that short white dress has. The collection reminded me of Carolina Herrera and I recall Ben saying he liked to do his own twist on classic designs.

      • I got the Carolina Herrera feel, too. Stan has a look that is TOTALLY Carolina Herrera in his portfolio: a structured but not severely so jacket rendered in a shiny purple. In his casting, Stan said he’d been working for Bob Mackie, and I can see the Mackie influence in the embellishments of that white dress. I could be wrong, but I honestly can’t see Ben making it past the next challenge. I can’t see Stan as a finalist (or rather, I can’t see this collection as a finale collection), but I can see him make it far enough to be given the chance to present a decoy collection.

        • MilaXX

           ah! you make a good point. Now I’m leaning towards this being Stan & not Ben. I may have to watch the casting video one more time.

  • parfumpoise

    Number 7 is very… well.. referential to say the least of several designers 

  • Ok, Here’s my pics, based on nothing but these shots (I don’t care much about who made them, BTW, so that didn’t enter into it for me). I just picked the ones who seem like they could compete today with real designers and have people actually buy their stuff.

    Winner:  #5
    2nd place: # 8 (definitely an interesting collection w/something for almost everyone)
    3rd place:  not sure, maybe #7 or someone from #s 1-3.

  • carpediva

    I like how 7 starts out, though it fades for me about half-way through.

  • LJCdoc

    I agree with everyone that #7 seems pretty pedestrian/department store. Which, the way this show has been going, means it will likely win. I’m so glad I finally quit this bitch and watch only via TLo now.

  • Okay I thought the collection #3 in a previous post was Patricia’s but I can see that it’s definitely #8 here (her cut and paste crafty fabric is all over these.  I like the 5th burnt orange one best.     I think the #7 collection might be Benjamin’s, most of which are okay, if a little boring. The white satin with the gold embellishments look gorgeous on that model, and I like the last red one.   The gold coat dress is Betty Draper-ish, but too chunky. The beige with the embroidered sleeves and skirt is lovely.

  • marilyn

    At least there is color in this group.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    The mushroom cap hair in collection no.8 is more than a tad odd.  I do like that designer no.8 used more color in his/her collection.
    I”m going to have to look at all of the collections again. 

  • Number 7- very pretty, but already available at Macy’s.

    Number 8- some cute ideas, but ruined by gimmicky styling and really shitty fabric. Amateur hour here.

    • CozyCat

      Your comment about 8 leads me to believe that it is a decoy.  The past few seasons the judges have previewed the final collections and have been very explicit about the changes they wanted on styling (e.g., Mondo and Gretchen).  They would have ripped #8’s styling to shreds, so the fact that it made it to the final runway suggests no “finalist feedback.”

  • tallgirl1204

    Golly, I hate to say it, but I like these both in different ways. So much better than some of the decoy finals in past seasons, and I nigh be picking number 7’for the win… Something about the fabric embellishment is so beautiful to me.

  • Qitkat

    From  freep dot com slash usatoday, by olivia barker, Feb 8, 2013:
    “Project Runway’s team format isn’t only controversial with the fans; apparently, the contestants “didn’t like that very much,” either, confessed host and judge Heidi Klum from the show’s Season 11 finale runway Friday morning.
    Still, after 11 years, Klum, dressed in a backless, printed jumpsuit, was positively sanguine about the scene. “I feel the love from all of you – the support for our show, which started out very small and grew bigger and bigger every year.
    “Something else was different, beside the team system and the addition of new judge Zac Posen. Klum admitted that for the first time ever, she had one designer she was rooting for.
    One aspect that was familiar: The return of Michael Kors, there as a guest judge. “You’re like my brother,” Klum cooed.
    Of course, with only two weeks into the new TV season, the crowd couldn’t meet the finalists. (Lifetime taped a pre-show with the designers, but without the audience, to edit into the final cut of the episode.)   [my bold]
    Instead, a parade of anonymous looks by eight contestants (half the original crew) walked by: Grammy-unfriendly dresses (sheer tops with strategically placed appliques, sheer skirts with visible granny panties, serious side boob and nearly navel-baring cleavage), a bevy of black (patent leather and textured jacquard ), retro rolled-and-pinned hair and cat-lined eyes, Clueless-era thigh-highs and built-in backpacks and coin purses, short sweaters and long gloves.
    Among the more outre accessories: bejeweled brass knuckles (er, four-fingered rings) and 3D-like red visors.
    Tim Gunn called it “a stunning show.” Klum concurred: “That was awesome.”   “

    • Interesting article.  the Bitter Kittens are not alone in their appraisal.

  • barbarienne

    #7: silhouettes we’ve see a thousand times. The designer went for some pretty fabrics and attractive embellishments, but really, nothing new here. The grey dress with the oval things stands out in a good way.

    #8: Very hit or miss. Some very creative pieces, but a several bombs that needed editing. Overall it doesn’t hang together as a collection.

  • yeahhhh its kind of obvious collection 8 belongs to Patricia. Hahahha

  • Generally speaking I actually find this season’s finale collections >>>> than last season’s, n’est pas?

    • barbarienne

       100% agree. At least several of these collections seem to have some creativity and zest behind them, even if sometimes they trip over the line into weird or tacky. The last few seasons of PR have been dull at Fashion Week, where even the best collections were mostly well-crafted, interesting-but-fairly-conservative parades of ready-to-wear.

      Shocking (and horrifying) to think that the most creative PRFW collections in the past couple of years were Mondo (rightfully lauded) and…Josh. Josh’s stuff was insane, but at least it wasn’t something you can find at any department store.

  • leftcoastpickle

    I can’t believe that one of these awful collections is the winner.

  • Laura Osborne

    #7 was gorgeous and full of pieces I would wear. #8 was a pitiful trainwreck of fugly.

  • 7 is … very … standard.  i like the belted blazer in the first pic, but then i like a lot of things i see on the rack at nordstrom.  nothing new here.  8 is that time i took a hit of acid and found out that it was a four-way tab AFTER i’d swallowed it.  interesting styling, too, although chris march did much of it first.

  • cjarellano

    I’m a little confused. If the designers were not identified, then why did there still have to be so many decoy collections? Shouldn’t it have been like Season 6, where the designers were anonymous so only 3 collections showed? 

  • boweryboy

    Collection 7 is like low rent Oscar de la Renta.  Fabulously feminine. Fabulous ideas.  Fabulous fabrics.  However, poor styling and lackluster exectuion makes everything look cheap instead of luxe.

    Collection 8 – as the Duchess would put it – I don’t know who his/her girl is.  There’s styling up the ying yang but it along with the clothing doesn’t tell a story.  Some interestin prints but that is all.

    Though overall this the most creative crop of designers since PR moved to Lifetime.

  • l_c_ann

    Finally something made sense to me. I read reference to the arrow print fabric.  Even after I had seen this several times….nothing….nada….no lightbulbs -halogen or otherwise- lit above my head.

    I remembered the dress in collection eight as having a piano keyboard as the skirt inspiration…..duh…arrowheads.

  • #7 is cohesive, but a little too conservative- a couple of those pieces are really amazing, but most of it is pretty nice looking stuff that’s very done.

    #8 has a couple fantastic dresses (looks 9 and 10) and a whole lot of hot messes.

  • kikisayshi

    I think #7 is the best of the whole set – although I’ve seen it all before, it’s well made and wearable. Could there be a choice to have no winner? Like, none of you has what it takes to be a top designer, try again next season.

    • kikisayshi

       Ok, I lied. #5 is definitely better than this one.

  • #7 isn’t anything Earth-shattering, but they’re pretty, accessible pieces. 

    #8 goes from bad to worse.

  • #7 is nice, #8 is so confusing

  • Tracy_Flick

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I like #8. There are some horrible mis-steps, but it has some energy and creativity. So many of the others are derivative or department-store. I think I like #2 for the win, it’s more polished. But #8 made me smile. 

  • Kate4queen

    I need to see them moving to decide which one I like the best. 🙂 although I do like #5

  • alwaysanswerb

    Oof. I slept straight through both of these. Still pulling for #5.

  • Collection 8:  Hmm, who would add Chris March human hair and Ulie tops to their collection? Someone with no ideas. 

  • Collection 7 borders on dowdy.  And the fit of many of the looks seems… off.  Or maybe just not flattering.  It’s all very flat to me and vaguely retro.  Collection 8 is kind of a mess overall, but there are a few pieces I really like when I look at them without the weird styling.

  • Collection #5 for the win.

  • Tragic Collection 8 is most definitely Patricia with her OCD need to “make” new textiles. lol woven fringe+3d paper effect+ugly shawl looking top which she relentlessly tries to bring in to style.

    Not quite sure about collection 7. could be either Kate or Layana both have feminine and slightly older aesthetics but its probably Ben who loves these colors and is also a fan of minimalist detailing. Kind of boring though.

  • Correction Number 7 is most definitely Stanley with the awkward length pants, slightly matronly aesthetic, He also likes to work with coarse textured fabric like brocade and tweed.

    • swanpride

      I agree…he also likes to go for elegant.
      That number 8 is Patricia should be obvious. Even the sheer poncho is there.

    • mhleta

      If that’s really Stanley, I’m really disappointed! It’s all been done to death. Wow.

  • swanpride

    Collection 7 relies way too much on the fabric to be good…in fact, considering the fabric used, it should be better. How can do someone to something so boring with those patterns?  It’s a decent final collection, but not a winning collection (I hope)

  • CarolinLA

    Collection 8 is definitely Patricia. The baby doll dress in black and grey is in her portfolio from before the show although in a different color combo.

  • OMG, Patricia’s collection is just a train wreck like what she produced on the show! Embarrassing.

  • mhleta

    Wow, #8 is a mess. Not sure which I want to unsee more, the pants with the gigantic period stains or the pink babydoll, which has nothing to do with anything!

  • I don’t like anything that resembles human hair as a trim. Other than that, I like this last collection. I think collection no. 7 is the worst of all of them. If this is Stanley’s, this is a huge disappointment. I thought he had a good chance of winning. Patricia does wonder things with fabric (no. 8), but some of her designs are quite nice. She comes from a totally different place from the others. I don’t think she can work with fabric without tweaking it in some way.