PRS11 Finale Show – Collection No. 4, 5 and 6

Posted on February 08, 2013

Eight collections were shown today during New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The designer of each collection wasn’t identified.


Collection Number 4 (Richard)


Collection Number 5 (Michelle)


Collection Number 6 (Amanda)




[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • everest19

    #5 is all over the place. I like some individual pieces but it doesn’t look like a cohesive collection.

    • SugarSnap108

      It is definitely all over the place.  But I like several of the looks, including the coat.  There’s at least some attempt at design in those pieces.  But I do not get the hair and makeup choices at all. 

      • I didn’t even notice the hair/make up at first, which isn’t a bad thing. I hate it when the designers choose wacky styling and i’m looking at the styling instead of the clothes. I think the intention behind the disheveled hair is to serve as a contrast to the stiff clothing. 

        • SugarSnap108

          See, my eye did immediately go to the hair (and eyebrows, for some reason), which is why I don’t like it.  Totally agree with you on hate of wack hair and styling.  The hair grabbed my attention because it’s messy in a just-rolled-out-of-bed way.  Meh.  Anyway, I still like this collection best out of what I’ve seen.

          • barbarienne

             Your eyes went straight to the eyebrows because they are styled crazy. Little points all along them? WTF?

    • e m

      I thought is was still cohesive enough. But maybe I just think that, because it was still the best collection out of all! I hope this wins it. Interesting, beautiful….with actual DESIGN in it. Bravo!

      • EditKitten

        I thought it was quite beautiful, actually (of course, in relative PR terms).

        •  Agreeing.  There’s a LOT going on.  Too much, probably, but I really liked it.  It had that too-many-buckles-and-goo-gaws thing I liked about the 80s.  With the Blade Runner hair from #2, this collection could have looked like a Duran Duran video…

          • SnackBandit

             I agree.  Someone needed to be over that designer’s shoulder editing them…if there were, this collection would have been unstoppable.

      • swanpride

        I agree, though. Cohesive doesn’t mean that you have to use the same shapes and colours through the whole collection. This one has a military meets punk vibe from start to finish. My guess is that it’s Michelle’s…none of the other designers would put a literally bleeding heart on a sweater (which should look awful, but I kind of dig it). Well, no matter who did this one, it’s my favourite by far.

    • Randy Masco

      It was most definitely Joe’s; the second I saw that heart sweater I was like HELLO. I think it’s quite innovative though, it’s very artsy and almost avant garde. 

      • I kinda want that sweater for myself. It’s something I can see some young, edgy star wearing, though I would kill to see one of the Fanning sisters rocking it, just because it would be so unexpected.

    •  i dont love #5, but at least it seems to be mostly well made, and there is some stuff going on.

      • Lisa_Co

        It needs some serious editing.

    • kikisayshi

       At least it has some interest to it. #4 was BO-RING and I’m not even sure what the hell was going on with #6.

      • Lizbits

         I thought all the skirts in #5 looked like they wanted to be peplums.  Because peplums are in, you know!

  • Citric

    #6 is Patricia. Native American references plus lots of fabric manipulation? It’s what she do.

    • Nope. If you look at Amanda’s portfolio on the lifetime website she’s got nearly identical pieces in her pre-Runway work. It’s definitely Amanda.

    • Nope, Patricia has an even-Patricia-er collection coming up. The pics are on BPR!

      • aahlife

        What is BPR?  I wish to see!

      • olsonam

         They are up on this blog…

    • MoHub

       That’s what I thought until I saw the last piece, and then I changed my mind.

  • SoAustentatious

    Collection 5 has to be Patricia’s since Lisa is modeling. That looks like Leslie from ANTM also modeling for Patricia.  
    I’m drawing a blank on the others designers.

  • Pretty sure 4 is Richard and positive that 6 is Amanda. 5 is my favorite so far but I can’t place the designer. Tu perhaps?

    • olsonam

       I really thought 5 seemed more like Patricia’s aesthetic but I looked at Amanda’s portfolio on that one site and yes, I would agree with you.

  • I’d wager that #5 is Michelle’s collection.

    • barbiefish

      Agree — my guess also.  She seems to love the buckle and stud embellishments.

    • DeGuz

      #5 is definitely Michelle. Some of her hallmarks seem to be those hems and the cross-body straps in some of the pieces

  • unbornfawn

    Thanks for posting all this. Get some sleep. It is going to be a long week.

  • Elisabeth Zhang

    Quilted fabrics and knits, #5 could probably be Joseph’s I’m thinking…

  • annieanne

    Number 5 FTW!!
    That might be, with some fairly minor editing, one of the best collections I’ve ever seen on this show. Get rid of all that extraneous strappy stuff hanging off every where and that first dress as well as the black coat are gorgeous. And that final red gown is stunning.

    • DeborahJozayt

      I think #5 is kitty cat sweater/blue glasses guy. Just a hunch, but the cat sweater looks very similar to his kitty sweater.

      • What’s the cat sweater? Do you mean the yellow sweater with the bleeding heart image? 

        •  I love the bleeding heart sweater.

          • e m

            YES! So gorgeous. Maybe one of the most memorable looks of the last seasons (without being a dramatic gown, look at that!). And I love, how the shades of red in the look are not all the same red. It looks young and fresh. Love it!

          •  It’s a clever take on the current intarsia trend. I’d rather wear this than an owl or a fox!

        • DeborahJozayt

          Nono. On the show, the blue glasses guy was talking about he bought crazy sweaters from boutiques/garage sales, silkscreened a pile of kitty cats on the front, and re-sold them for $78 a piece. The barb-wired sweater in collection #5 looks very similar, at least to me. I love the bleeding heart image, though! I would so buy that sweater!

          • Oh okay. To be honest I stopped watching after Mondo’s season. I just check out the pics these days :).

    • GorgeousThings

      I was going to say that 5 is the first one that looks like it is a contender in the real final three.

      • MilaXX

        I would too except I also thought Elena’s looked like contention for the win and was a decoy.

    • VicksieDo

      That’s the best one here for sure, except for the bloody heart sweater. That’s a no.

      • Lingus

        Hah! That is my favorite piece of all the collections! Oh, how I would wear the shit out of that. Granted, I’m studying veterinary pathology…

    • ER

      Agreed. Also suspecting this collections is Michelle’s. remember the gown she did with the strap around purse, early in the season? At this point, would love it if Michelle or Stanley won..

      • TropiCarla

        After seeing the breastplate last night, I am also thinking that this (#5) is Michelle’s.
        #4 is looking like Richard’s – the man loves him some jersey.

  • annieanne

    That was my opinion as well. Has a very Northwest vibe to it.

  • sleepycat

    the first one of #5 looks half way decent. Again this seems to be 3 collections hiding as one. While maybe not quite as ugly as the first three, but there are just major issues with everyone.

    • MK03

      The first look in #5 made me go “oooohhhh.” Then I saw the second look and said “oh, I guess that’s the only trick they have.”

      • sleepycat

        is it just me or do the other looks look sloppy, like they were just rushed out with out any care in the world?

        • MK03

          Yeah, but in fairness, that’s how pretty much all the PR collections look these days.

          • sleepycat

            true and that is really sad 

  • olsonam

    I’d say that #5 needs to work on developing their point of view since we all have such different ideas so far about who the collection belongs to.

  • MintaHallWriter

    You know I’m guessing that #5, in spite of the lack of cohesion, is not a decoy. I’m not crazy about it, honestly, but it’s a cut above some of the other collections in terms of fit and finish.

    And I’d bet that #6 is by our Native American Patricia.  All that fabric manipulation…who else could it be?  What surprises me about #6 is that there are some interesting looks there. Not a winner, I think, and even possibly a late-series decoy. But it’s interesting. Her clothes are really artisianal.  I don’t think she’s going to ever be mass market. But for the right buyer who wants something no one else has, her clothes are very interesting.

  • MilaXX

    #4 just guessing I’d say Micheal, #5 Sweater guy(Joel/Joseph?) I actually like this except for the leather chaps or whatever they are. #6 Clearly Patricia’s and I hope it’s a decoy because it’s a mess.

    ETA: It’s hard to tell when we’re still learning names. I can’t even remember what Amanda looks like.

  • pahtyplatta

    #5 definitely.  Never considered it an option before, but now I want all my coats to have little ring-y doodads to hook my bag to.

  • I get a Kara Janx/Jay McCarroll vibe of quirky, original fashion from #5. I love it. I’m guessing it’s Mr. Cutie-Nerd Cat Sweater.

  • #5 – Game of Thrones
    #6 – Star Trek TOS

  • choco

    #5 HANDS DOWN. #4 looks like it was inspired by dementors 

  • Out of everything I saw, Collection 5 is the only one worth showing. Everything else is tremendously embarrassing. 

    Collection 6 is an odd combination of Gretchen/Anthony Ryan aesthetic with some Anya prints.

    • e m

      How can you think the sweater would be better without the heart? I find it hauntingly beautiful. Though it would probably be better if it was smaller (in the actual size of a human heart)

      • I don’t see where it fits in with the rest of the collection

        • e m

          Absolutely true. But for me still a memorable and gorgeous look 🙂

  • The first dress in collection 5 is stunning and genuinely surprised me. But WHY is that hideous crotch-flap there??

  • I’m revising my opinion of Collection Five and saying it’s Michelle, not Tu. Tu loves his exposed darts and there is nary a one in this collection. Looking at the first look that Michelle sent down the runway this season and it’s more obvious that this is her collection. It looks like she hired Joseph to knit a couple of sweaters for her.

  • j_anson

    Collection 4: …I think I am too scarred by the previous three to judge this objectively.
    Collection 5: Not always pretty but at least interesting.
    Collection 6: Meh.

  • I quite like collection #4! Plenty of things I’d love to wear in that.

  • #4- Richard’s, no doubt. It’s asymmetry-abundant.
    #5- Tu’s. He likes structure/architecture as the pieces in his portfolio evince.
    #6: Amanda’s. I’ve seen this shredding in her portfolio.

  • dschubba

    If you could over-accessorize tap water, you’d wind up with #4. This designer really didn’t bring much of anything to the table.

  • pookiesmom

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE #5. LOVE. Yes, there’s a lot there, but I would cut a bitch for many of those pieces. One of the better PR finale collections I’ve seen, actually.

  • formerlyAnon

    #4 is very fashion student-y, #5 has the highest proportion of nicely made pieces so far, a few that I like, a few I could understand why others would like, #6 has the most pieces I like the look of – the pieces with patterned fabric and/or several fabrics, I like the way they’re combined and the color choices. (#s 2,3,4,7 in particular). On the other hand 6 has some real clunkers. That ill-fitting fuzzy blue shirt over the patchwork pants – not a lucky day shopping at Goodwill.

  • DesertDweller79

    Collection #5 is definitely the most interesting one of the first 6 I’ve seen.  It looks a bit more finished than the rest of the collections.  #4 I don’t like at all.  #6 doesn’t do anything for me, either.

  • Airkisses

    #5 is definitely a cut above the rest. Strong point of view and cohesive collection. Everything else is a big ol pile of nothing, design-wise.

  • olsonam

    I’ve been looking at #4 a little closer.  The clothes seem rather simple in the sense that the designer used an editing eye.  That rules out a bunch of people.  The accessorizing adds a bit of an edge.  Looking through the portfolios I can’t find any designer that can edit and has an edge.  I don’t think it’s Richard – not his kind of ruffle and no sequins.

  • JMansm

    I love number 5 I think it’s my early favourite 

  • ZnSD

    well 6 is obviously Patricia. 

  • 5 for the win!

    • Melvis Velour

      And again, if the wind blows the right way – especially this weekend in NYC – for some of the frocks in this collection the world would still be your gynecologist (thank you Patsy Stone and Grandmama)

  • Can we all agree that even though PR is kinds meh, these collections are some of the most interesting finale collections in recent memory?

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      I agree – given what we saw yesterday and now this bunch, they all are really good so far.

    • GorgeousThings

      These three? Yeah, I can agree that they are more interesting. Collections 1-3, though, are sheer drek. Literally in some cases.

  • Well that was a bit schizophrenic wasn’t it?

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Hmmm… I wonder if the one with the pumping bloody heart sweater is Joe The Crazy Cat Lady, and if the last collection is Patricia?

    Also, I have to admit, this is kind of fun! I like that we’re seeing the finalist collections “blind” as it were, and that we have to try and guess.

  • StelledelMare

    These are much better than the first 3 collections. Number 5 imo is the best out of this batch. Number 4 is too simple. While the print is interesting, all of the designs are reminding me of department store clothes.

  • Judging from their own before the show portfolios on Lifetime website:
    Collection #5 is Richard’s (quilting)
    Collection #6 is Amanda’s (shredding) 

    I can’t suss out #4 though.

    • Carrieanno

      From a first run-through perspective at least, better left unsussed.

  • Eclectic Mayhem

    I just read Tlo’s posts on PR nowadays so I wouldn’t recognise a season “whatever’ designer if they ran up and bit me but – if Collection 5 isn’t in the final I’ll eat my hat.

  • tonibaloney

    I wants the bloody heart sweater. It is the precious. 

    • Tamara Hogan

       Me too! COVET.

  • butter nut

    #4 is very 90s, but not in a great way.  #5 shows promise, but has fit issues.  #6, im guessing that’s princess waterlily.  

  • Unkempt

    This stuff was recycled from the sale rack at a downscale H&M, right?  I’m going to forgive the bad fit on everything, since I’m sure the decoy pieces never saw a human body till backstage, but whew, I need a lie-down.  

  • Collection 4 is soooooo boring. Treat me like Nina: don’t bore me! Like collection 5 (Joseph?)! That collection is not boring. Not making much sense, but not boring. Why does the long textured black coat have two purses, one on the side and one on the back? Nevertheless, I still want it. And the mustard shirt dress. And the brown gradient sweater with the black circles. And, hell, the first look when I feel like cosplaying as a generic Firefly character.

    I like collection 6. I hope it’s top three so I can watch some of those pieces move.

  • tired_mommy

    My guesses:
    #4 Richard
    #5 Tu (winner in my mind–probably not the judges)
    #6 Amanda (check out her website–this is a match based on her prior year collections)

  • alyce1213

    I love #5.  My favorite so far.

  • H2olovngrl

    Collection 6 is awful, awful, awful. Hard to put the blame on the designers when they are given so little time, but I sure miss the days of jackets, coats, scarves, hats, detailing and full well thought out ensembles.

  • I don’t like the designs in Collection 4 and 5 all that much, but they both get major props for sending some color down the runway.

  • jmorino08

    #4 put me to sleep (a hooded dress with a built in trucker cap?!?!)
    #5 scares me
    #6 makes me weep for those models of color and their awful make up jobs!

  • tired_mommy

    #5 FTW

  • BPlease

    #5 has to be that ‘strong personality’ treasure from Portland.  Ill-done center pleats on the skirts, belt diagonally across the torso of the coat. 

    #6 I’m guessing is Southwestern Patricia. 

    At least these 3, as distinct from 1-3, don’t have eye-searingly terrible hair and makeup.  1-3 relied on that terrible Blade Runner hair to distract.  

  • Jasmaree

    After seeing all the collections, I think I’m rooting for a number 5 win (but I would be happy with a number 7 too).

  • i LOVE the sweater from #5!

  • guest2visits

    I like this group; the first, #4 are simple and sleek for the most part. The second  #5 are the most interesting so far.
    I even like some of the last #6.

  • afabulous50

    OK this is the BEST they could produce?  #4 looks like a funeral procession.

  • mom2ab

    On the plus side they all seem able to sew- on the negative- well look at the pictures.  5 seems interesting but what is with the designer’s fascination with adding a little something to the front of a woman’s anatomy?  Seriously I don’t know woman who wants a coat with a frontal funnel (my apologies to Dr. Freud).

  • #5- That’s Tu’s, I think. It coincides with the looks in his portfolio (which, to me, was the most interesting and the most complete). While some of the looks are clearly overwrought, there is some beautiful craftsmanship on display– as evinced by the high-collared, quilted coat with the black leather inserts. There are many interesting silhouettes. To me, this was the most “fashion” of the collections (not perfect by ANY means, but the most inventive).

    #4- That’s Rich’s, of course. Hm. A lot of these looks are quite simple and unadorned. I kind of like the understated nature of them.  Some of the looks work precisely because they are devoid of embellishments. There’s some interesting work with drapery and asymmetry in some of the pieces.

    #6- That’s Amanda’s. LOVE the artfully color-blocked tunic (look #5) and the chic, simple, black-sleeved tunic/dress with the black tights (look #9). The rest? Meh. The shredded pieces are intended as more experimental, but they don’t look particularly appealing to me.

  • Sorry if repeat; haven’t read all your posts yet.
    I found collection #5 to be SO interesting – and, just like with the top designers in the “real” world, it has pieces I love as well as some I don’t like in it, but they all show something new and unique. 5  Does not look like RTW rehash that we can already find in any good mall.
      Thank you SO much Tlo for posting these! it will make me wanna watch the season just to figure out who # 5 is and also hoping Tu gets into the final 3, cuz he seems cool.

  • carpediva

    Hideous. Every single one. So… yay for consistency? 🙂

  • PaulaBerman

    My call on these: #4 is Richard (Frankendress man), #5 is Joseph (knitwear man), and #6 is Patricia (Native American influence, lots of self-made textures). I don’t like any of them… but the sweater with the knitted heart is pretty cool.

  • marilyn

    The first two collections looked like they were done by the same person.  The last collection had a lot of color.  The last dress was interesting because shards of color on the dress morphed into shards of fabric on the skirt, which morphed into lacy leather shoes.  Interesting.

  • TSkot

    #5 is all kinds o’ fabulous

  • I like a lot of Collection #5. Especially the 4th look.

    But a couple of those are making me think of the old SNL commercial parody for Leeevi’s 3-legged jeans…

  • paintedfish

    I like #5 with it’s 80’s vibe.

  • #5 for the win. The odd necklines on a couple annoy me but at least it evokes a reaction, rather than almost every other collection which simply bores. As to who crafted it, I hope it is the one with the egg for a head. He’s the only one who doesn’t annoy me.

  • Louise Bryan

    Ugh, Ugh, and hmmm maybe…

  • tallgirl1204

    Collections 5 and 6 have something going on. The first few looks in collection 5 are especially interesting, both color blocked and feminine, and that coat is lovely.

  • #5 looks like reworked costumes from Game of Thrones! 

  • Kaonashi

    I would wear the hell out of everything in collection 5.

  • barbarienne

    The designer of collection #4 has read Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns too many times. Eyes slideways, spud.

    #5 is not at all to my taste, but I’ll at least credit the designer for doing things I haven’t seen before.

    #6 feels mostly like standard pieces with lots of embellishment, most of it in bad (overlarge) proportions. Get rid of that stuff and it would be less ugly, but it would be boring.

  • I think I’ve identified Patricia’s collection.

  • JLH

    Are we going off of the models as to who we think the collection belongs to? It’s how they’ve always done it after all, but maybe since it’s teams the models went up for grabs? Idk. But if so, #5 is Patricia’s which shocks the hell out of me.

    •  I think #5 is Patricia’s also.  And though there are things I really like…..there are others that just do not look like her.  Honestly, there isn’t much to remark (positively) upon in ANY of the collections.  Oh – there’s the odd wonderful design (several of which appear in #5) – but overall I’d rate these finale collections the weakest across all the seasons.  It’s like they were given 2-3 days to design and execute every garment.  Color me disappointed.

  • i quite like #4, eventhough its a little studenty.

  • 4 has some sleek, dystopian pieces; 5 = steampunk ren faire, and 6 is angry, with some interesting elements.

  • geeeque

    Number 6 is easily the ugliest collection I’ve ever seen. This person has no business making decisions regarding how people dress. Number 5 is the only PR collection posted that I think is kinda cool. Not fresh and innovative like Fabio’s last year but still fun & funky.

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Collection 4 was boring with the exception of that knee-length animal print dress. That was very nice. Collection five has some great ideas (Lurve the heart sweater to bits!), but there’s no distinctive look to it.

  • SophieCollier

    So far, Collection 5 is the only one I like.  Fun use of leather straps and hardware.  Interesting shapes.  

  • boweryboy

    Collection 4 has great styling.  Unfortunately the clothes are frumpy and can’t compete.

    Collection 5 is full of creativity.  It made me smile, but sadly it lacks focus and an editing eye.  As a result it’s a creatively ugly.  If that was the intention then bravo.

    Collection 6 is an incohesive hot mess.  You can’t just parade a majority of gorgeous black models down a runway as your “styling” and call it a day.

    • Indigo54

       Model 2 in collection 6 agrees with you.  She looks like she wants to cry having to wear that outfit.  It’s ugly, I feel for her.

      • Anniebet

        It looks like they gave her a beard as part of her styling as well.

  • Presumptuous Insect

    Five it is, man.

  • I really like 5 and 6: both are interesting and unusual even if they do have some clunkers. Hate 4- I really do not respond well to padded shoulders for the most part. There are a couple of nice dresses in that one, but they’re the most conventional pieces in the collection.

  • All the collections seem so depressed. I know it’s for FALL, but I didn’t see anything that seemed like it had any joy in it.

  • #4 starts off ok, but then gets rather boring and repetitive rather quickly.

    #5 is my favorite of these three; lots of really interesting, creative pieces (though with a couple of fit errors. I peg this as one of the top 3. 

    #6 doesn’t have anything new – nothing that we haven’t already seen on PR.

  • #5 for the win

  • Daenyx

    Having seen all of the collections now, number 4 is my favorite.  Not a fan of the styling, but at least the pieces are interesting and lack the awkwardness most of the other collections have.  

  • I had read that the Steampunk look would be a new trend and lo and behold a couple of these looks were steampunkey. 

  • alwaysanswerb

    #5 FTW

  • I have a hope that all three of these are decoys.  There’s nothing I really want from any of them.  Plus, the second one bleeds into the third.  If not for the title that TLo puts in, I would have thought it was one long collection.

  • I am so intrigued by Collection 5! While I don’t love every look there’s some real design going on here and a strong POV.  Interesting shapes and textures and grabbed me from the first look.

  • 4 is Richard – Asymmetrical sleeves+that mixing of fabrics
    5 is Michelle – leather+plunging necklines+ weird gun holster trade mark thing she likes to do
    6 is Amanda -tight leather patch paneled pants + fringe beek a boo textile use

    Collections 5 and 6 clearly had some money behind them so I’m guessing those two are probably final 3 collections.

    • swanpride

      My guess is that 4 is Samantha, because of the Leopard print which she loves…I pegged 3 for Richard, but it might be the other way around…
      I agree, 5 looks like Michelle…which means I’m now routing for her, no matter what happens. That one is by far my favourite collection.
      And yes, 6 looks like Amanda, but I hope it’s not a final collection….

  • BeccaGo

    Re: #5: Michelle is the new Elena. Tough chicks FTW!! *evil grin*

  • BeccaGo

    Re: #5 again: Michelle is also the new Seth Aaron. *LOVE*

    • mhleta

      Yeah, props to the Portland scene for producing these two. I can see them working together successfully.

  • Brittany

    Looking at these again…

    1) Layana for sure. The hats + the mix of ‘hard and soft’ she keeps on talking about are alllll her. Plus ‘her’ model is the first one pictured.

    2) Daniel. His blondie model is in the line-up, and everything is that so-called ‘sophisticated playfulness’ he claims he’s so good at. Plus lots of jackets. A really disappointing collection overall.

    3) Samantha. By process of elimination. I feel like I never really got her style – this collection further proves she might not get it either.

    4) Richard. Jersey knits anyone? Disappointing as well.

    5) Michelle. I feel like she’s been getting a (slightly bitchy, but amusingly candid) winner’s edit this season, and this collection is deserving of the title. It’s reminiscent of Jay’s S1 collection so kudos. I know it’s hers cause of the model (ANTM Lisa woo!) and that one dress with the vesty overlay that’s like her wearable art outfit.

    6) Amanda. I thought it was Samantha’s until the last dress. The fringe cutting cued up the Miranda Lambert challenge.

    7) Stanley. Another person who’s aesthetic has eluded me this season. I’m surprised at this collection. It looks buyable / wearable, sort of like Laura’s (S3? S4?) collection, but not quite as polished or jaw-dropping. His Asian model is in it as well.

    8) Patricia. The only one I could identify from the very very beginning. It’s interesting, I’ll give it that, but is it a ‘collection’? The hair makes me very sad. It’s very 1997 junior high hair.

  • I’m loving Michelle’s alleged collection. Brilliant!

    • Chartreusite

      Definitely. Clear winner to me. It’s definitely gonna be between Stanley and her for the win, and hers is far more interesting, colorful, and cohesive (Stanley’s is only really cohesive in its plainess). J’adore the two sweaters; I really hope she continues to pursue separates like those because those have huge potential to be great sellers.

  • Richard, you do know that all your pieces have already been done, like 15-20 years ago?

  • ZnSD

    lol omg Amanda designed a Star Trek uniform HA!

  • mhleta

    “Michelle’s” collection is clearly very strong, miles ahead of others. I like Amanda’s very much, too, reinforcing my certainty that she should have stayed far longer than Richard or Daniel.

  • No. 4 is ghastly, IMO. I HATE dresses with one sleeve unless there is balance created in some way. Most of these look like the sleeve was lopped off at the last second. No. 5 has some hits and some misses. I love those shaped skirts (on dresses) that Michelle did in her “New York” inspired dress. The ones in this collection are lovely. I’m not too impressed with her other designs. One of them fits terribly. I’m not loving those hats.

    I’m not liking the hair in no. 5.

  • spititout

    Amanda’s collection is really cool and interesting, and love Michelle’s collection!

  • I love the bleeding heart sweater.

  • Eddie Verdonk

    Amanda is a member of the illuminati.

    Her collection proves it.