PRS11 Finale Show – Collection No. 1, 2 and 3

Posted on February 08, 2013

Eight collections were shown today during New York Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. The designer of each collection wasn’t identified.


Collection Number 1 (Layana)



Collection Number 2 (Daniel)


Collection Number 3 (Samantha)




[Photo Credit: Getty]

    • SuzanneCitere


    • Kim Baker Vidas Davey-Irvin

      wow.  i kinda love some of these. the red crochet dress, the white kneelength, the black jacket with the brown leather embellishment, and … well, that’s it, i guess. still. even some of the looks i don’t really care for are at least interesting.

      • kikisayshi

         I liked it too, for the most part. It looks like it could be Patricia’s collection with all of the leather cutouts. I hate the red splotchy fabric – the long dress makes the model look like she’s a Barbie doll with her head turned to her backside. Other than that, it may not be a winning collection but it was nice to look at.

        • snarkykitten

           yikes, you’re totally right about that dress

      • tallgirl1204

        I like two of those too– the white knee length dress in the third collection and the brown and black jacket in the first one. I don’t pick any of these three collections for the finale, thought.

    • hughman

      Junior Class Show at Community College Fashion School. 

      • Kim Baker Vidas Davey-Irvin

        really?  i think that applies in general to the second collection, but there are pieces in the first and third that are really … intriguing, and well put together.  i’ve already posted about the first collection, but i LOVE the fourth look in the third collection, and that yellow coat, although i think it’s not quite tailored properly. i like the skirt with it, too.

    • EveEve

      This was a lot of looks for one contestant. Clearly this person can design and sew, though there certainly are some taste issues.

      • Lillian Hull

         It’s three different collections, so three different designers.

        • EveEve

          When it was first posted, only the first collection of twelve looks was up, which is what I was commenting on. :)

        • CozyCat

          But they all look like they could be not only from the same designer but the same collection!  The first two even use the same color story:  black and dark blood red.  And all three are basically structured black with some sheer and a color thrown in.

    • Pupioso

      That’s not a finalist. Gotta be a decoy.

    • E. Sevilla

      i hope this is a decoy collection…

    • Laurie S. Neilsen

      These pieces are showing a heck of a lot more visual interest than some of the stuff I’ve seen people crank out from this show in the last few seasons. I can’t even watch the show anymore. It’s just become so much about the personal drama and not enough about the design and creativity. However, these pieces don’t completely suck. I mean, some of them kind of do, but not all of them. Maybe there’s hope for Project Runway yet.

      • EditKitten

        It would be so, so much better (again) if they gave them actual time to DO anything. As it is, the challenges are given no time for real thought, and the collections — they need more time. Enough of this crank-out-14-seasons-in-six-months crap.

        • Laurie S. Neilsen

          I agree completely. Didn’t they used to have like five months to design a final collection? That’s when they came out with the beautiful clothing. Now that I’ve come back to look again, I see they have added two more collections here. Collection 1 was the one I was talking about in my comment above. Collections 2 and 3 look like crap. The clothes don’t look like they are designed for humans, and certainly not for the humans who are wearing them. The fit is atrocious. The design is laughable. They are some of the ugliest clothes I have ever seen thrown together. They had better be decoys, because if that’s what the finalists are putting together, this show is officially dead.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      What is with the flamenco dress? Was the finale challenge “make a dress that looks like it walked in from a completely different collection”?

    • Wendy Kaufman

      Wow….I am really unimpressed. Better be a decoy.

    • GorgeousThings

      That’s whats his face who shoulda had the bunny ears.

    • MintaHallWriter

      Betcha this was one of the two girls who did the winning look this week. That first look is a Heidi-clone of the dress that won.  It’s not too sucky a collection. I’m guessing (hoping) it’s a decoy collection, though.  Looks like there are some serious fit issues in several of these looks. I kinda like those brown leather (pleather?) shorts, though.

      So if they aren’t identifying the designers, why not only show the 3 (or 4) finalists?  Why include 8 collections??

    • Figgy

      Oh, great. We’ll get collection after collection of boring dresses with something ‘different’ stuck on top. It’s not design–it’s crafting. 

    • newtonGOTbeaned

      This collection is a fuck-ton better than most of the crap from recent seasons’ final collections.

      • Lisa_Cop

        These are 3 different collections, presumably from 3 different designers (no teams in the finale, right?).

    • StelledelMare

      The only things I like are the black w/brown leather detailed jacket and the long sleeved white dress. Everything else, while sort of interesting, is suffering from taste issues or just plain ugly. Definitely has to be a decoy.

    • MarTeaNi

      I like certain bits of the first collection, but it all looks very derivative.  Collection 2 looks incredibly poorly fitted.  What is that sad goth shag carpet dress? 

      • Josette Arvizu

         I noticed the fit problems too.  Jacket proportions/fit are off kilter, clothes are hanging pretty schlumpily.

    • d4divine

      I am going to be blunt. That shit is terrible.

    • kikisayshi

      #2 – beyond boring. I do like the white jacket but that’s about it.

    • valerie saenz

      Collection #1 looks haphazard and random.
      Collection #2 looks  unhappy and joyless.

    • butter nut

      gotta be team collections.  

      • Lisa_Cop

        Maybe. Collection #3 is pretty awful except for the white print dress. But how do you get from look 2 in collection #3 (black leather sad bust with ultra sheer bottom over granny panties) to the white dress or the bright yellow jacket? Maybe different designers. But how? 13 contestants, 8 collections….

    • snarkykitten

      That red crushed velvet is hideous. As cigarette pants, it looks even worse. Good lord. I threw up on a couch like that when I was little.

    • Funkykatt

      Oh dear, it is even worth it to watch this season? I think they’re exhausted all the up and comers for the next few years. This is supposed to be for fashion week, it has to be embrrassing for PR to show this stuff. There will never be another Laura or Christian.

    • Janet B

      A couple of interesting looks. I can see why the audience was quiet.

    • Zippypie

      Now I know what “useful” occupation Isobel put the reformed prostitutes from Downton Abbey up to – making collections for PR.

      There are a couple of nice pieces but nothing mind-blowing or innovative.  The last gown in collection 3, the coat in collection 2. But seriously? WHO are these collections for?  What type of woman would wear some of this dreck?  As collections, they fail miserably.

    • StelledelMare

      So is pleather/leather the new butt zipper?

      • Lisa_Cop

        It’s all over the place now. Designers are getting too cheap to pay for real leather.

      • foodycatAlicia

         Yup – pleather and underboob.

    • decapod73

      I like #1! Collection #2 is meh and collection #3 has major taste issues – obvious decoy there.

      • Alyssa

        I had the same thoughts as you…

    • john v

      collection 3 looks like Michelle’s. And i think its butt ugly

      • swanpride

        I would be really surprised if it’s Michelle’s. Her construction skills are better than that.

    • leave_Blake_alone

      OH MY GOD THESE ARE TERRIBLE these aren’t the top 3 are they? I’m really not sure if I find a single thing in this post aesthetically pleasing.

      • viridian61

        Bam! Just what I was thinking as I scrolled down.

    • sleepycat

      honestly if you look at all three together, they seem to make a single, tragic collection. There is a spark of an idea there, just the execution in style and taste is horrible.

      • Gabriella M

        Yeah, did they only get like, 2-3 weeks to make the whole collections?

      • MilaXX

         perhaps the influence of working as teams all season?

        • sleepycat

          I almost want to say that BM thought it might be a good way to still have teams but show individual collections because 1, 2, 3, 4 have a dark leathery idea and 5 and 6 are more colorful or at least show a different starting off point. 

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Oh, I love collection #1 – I’m betting that’s Daniel’s.  I hope so anyway.

      I really like the other two collections well too.  But I don’t know the individual designer styles well enough yet to figure out who’s they might be.

    • Heron

      The first collection seems SUPER derivative of the challenge this week! I see the windowpane cutouts from Amanda and Joseph Aaron’s dress, the odd side cutouts from Tu’s dress, and a collar from Mat’s.  

      What’s up with that? 

    • Gabriella M

      #1 has interesting moments, though I hate that red velvet couch fabric with a passion. I like its Spanish flavor. 
      Everything in #2 looks askew. 
      #3 has interesting moments and moments of pure wackadoo.

      Also, these anonymous 5 decoys annoy me because TLo can’t judge all the finale collections until after the finale, which makes it likely that they probably won’t (because what a pain in butt for overall, a whole lot of mediocre collections – better to stagger the posts). 

    • SRQkitten

      So what’s the attraction of getting to the final three when everyone is going to show at fashion week and the shows are anonymous? YAWN.


    • Ramon

      the four sternum flashing dresses in the first collection are awful. Laura Bennett did that stuff a lot, but it never was tacky like these. And that flamenco dress at the end: Even Sarita Montiel would have burned it.

    • Gara St. James

      They don’t look like actual collections, just jumbled clothes thrown together. The second one seems the most cohesive, but none of these are winners.

    • NDC_IPCentral

      Disqus didn’t want to work; lots of traffic on the site, I expect.  Well, my brief assessment of these three collections is “Lack of cohesion,” which failure separates the “designers” from the wannabes.

      Brother, Our Boys had to work hard today with 8 PRS11 nameless collections to endure view, and then all the snow to ankle through.

    • victor liu

      My guesses:

      1st – Layana. Upscale NYC meets Brazilian flair, fits her porfolio.
      2nd – Daniel. Stuff resembles what he’s made on the show. (I LOVE that one coat….)
      3rd – Tu. Graphic futurism with poor fitting. Yech.

    • Stella Zawistowski

      Did somebody really make LEATHER OVERALLS?

      • sixgables

         Those overalls WISH they were leather.  And attractive.

    • Brian

      Collection number 2 has the best Blade Runner hair.

      • sixgables

         I thought Gerald Scarfe’s drawings of Mother in The Wall…

    • heartbot

      The last red dress with black lace sleeves from Collection 1…everything about it looks like a goth teenager in the late 90s/early 00s. All the look is missing is about a pound of eyeliner.

    • heartbot

      Collection 1 and 2 are mostly somewhere between bad and boring with maybe 1 or 2 interesting outfits here and there. Collection 3 has a handful of very nice, well-made pieces, and then a whole bunch of poorly constructed, ugly crap. The yellow jacket over the yellow skirt looks incredible, and I like the very last gown as well. If only the entire collection lived up to those 2 items.

    • victor liu

      Everyone’s going “meh” or “ugh”, but I’ll be honest. While the 3rd is a train wreck, there are moments in the first two that I really enjoy. 

      ESPECIALLY the chic jackets, long belted coat, and final red dress of the 2nd. (The knitwear’s a mess, though.)

      • j_anson

        Yeah, that red dress is one of the few bright spots. Literally, heh. These people are really into black.

    • MilaXX

      mmmm, I need to look at the Lifetime bios again, but guessing from what we’ve seen so far I’d say #1 is Layana, maybe Tu, but I don’t see Tu lasting that long. #2 – no clue. # I think is Michelle.

      Not that impressed with any of them and HATE THE brown leather overalls.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I think #2 might be Joe. He is into “texture” and is always showing things he’s done with knits.

    • MintaHallWriter

      I’m hoping all three of these are decoys. #3 in particular has some serious taste issues, not to mention some very strange-fitting bodices.

    • jocelyn arias

      that is some bladerunner realness there. 

    • betorah

      Oy! The designer of the leather (pleather?) overalls should be forced to wear them on an August day in the Mississippi delta to pick cotton.

    • geeeque

      All 3 are nightmares. The third collection gets points for being a unique nightmare.

    • j_anson

      Collection 1: Oh god no.
      Collection 2: Oh god no. Although there are a couple of nice femme fatale pieces.
      Collection 3: Oh GOD NO.

    • A. Lure

      Will get to commenting later, but I think collection # 3 belongs to Michelle. 

      • DeTrop

        I agree.  It’s early days but all that illusion makes me think Michelle.  I do not like this collection.

    • Vienna

      ok #1 is Layana and she was wearing a smiliar hat to the ones in the collection
      #2 Very Daniel, the first look is basically his NYC challenge pantsuit
      #3 Samantha. The rope boob squiggle ugly top thing is a thing she’s done in past collections. Also the black and white print in that collection was on the dress Samantha was wearing herself. Although there were some WTF moments (squiggle boobs, ill fitting bodice, overalls) the majority of the garments were very interesting and beautiful (yellow coat, last dress, leather dresses).

      • PaulaBerman

        There’s a designer this season named Samantha?!? I’m watching every week and can’t remember who Samantha is. 

        • Vienna

          I think Samantha and Tu are the only ones who had their intros edited out and have been given the least screening time so far 

    • Jessica | Surely Sonsy

      I really like #1!

      you know, I actually kind of like the fact that it’s SO early in the show that I could barely ID the designers yet… in past year’s you could pretty much figure out what was from who.

    • formerlyAnon

      Man, between the teams crap and the fact it’s so early, I can’t guess whose these are. Like #3 the least. Like the shapes in #2 the most, but many of them went far, far, astray and some of the rest have issues. Issues of quality.  #1 is, well, uneven but the average standard of workmanship seems better.

    • DesertDweller79

      Collection #1 looks passable to me.  It has some pieces of interest.  Collection #2 is very ill-fitted. And it is kind of boring.  Collection #3 is wacky and I don’t like it.

    • Girl_With_a_Pearl

      #2 – Andrew Sisters hair.  Or early Lucille Ball?  

      • betorah

        Betty Grable in her famous pin up photos.

    • Lisa_Cop

      First collection not too bad though I’m not a fan of the orange print velvet fabric. I’m guessing Layana might be the designer because of the flowy black chiffon and the 1 model who looks like her. Second collection made me roll my eyes (and what’s with all those models’ 40’s inspired hairdos). But I let out an audible OMG in horror at the third collection. All over the place, style and color wise, poorly fit and BROWN LEATHER OVERALLS:((( I would guess third collection might be Benjamin except I don’t see him lasting more than 3 more episodes.

    • Laylalola

      Collection #1’s cutouts at the waist on the red (in the thumbnail) looks a lot like Tu’s work from this week. Don’t have a good enough sense to guess on the others here.

    • pdquick

      Collection #2: What Would Lucy Wear?

      • Melvis Velour


    • joy peace

       Collection 1 is clearly the winner.  Wow!

    • korilian

      Two has the most pieces I would wear, but wearability probably isn’t the best indication in a design competition…

    • jack mackenna

      Snake boobs. Interesting. And by interesting I mean _Why_?

      • sixgables

         lol, As I scrolled down I called out “BOOB SNAKES!”  Who wouldn’t want that entrance at a party?

    • hypeman414

      I actually thought that collection number 2 was the best.  It’s executed well and designed well.  number one was obviously by the girl who just won the heidi challenge.  It did not move me.  #3 was too much leather.

    • Stubenville

      The Joan Crawford hair with collection number 2?  Kill it with fire.

    • Robin K. Osterberg

      I think you can tell who the collection is simply by finding the designers regular models… but I don’t really care enough to try… collection 2 has Daniels model in it though…. 

    • GorgeousThings

      There is some seriously heinous stuff going down that runway.

    • chylde

      #1 looks like Layana. There’s something about the skirt in look 1 that is similar to this last challenge, and what she’s wearing on the Lifetime website.
      #2 is Daniel’s (look at the first garment’s shoulders and compare to challenge 1)
      #3 might  be Samantha’s. Her portfolio shows lots of texture and sheer, similar to this collection.

    • MishaFoomin

      Some of this is really vulgar. Whatever happened to being tasteful? 

      The leather in the second collection looks harsh.

      There are some things I like, such as the sleeves with the big grommets(?), the navy pants outfit with the zippers up the sides, and the lace and sheer poncho if it was in a color other than beige.

    • Unkempt

      Like Collection #2 — sort of Halston does Blade Runner, and strangely, I love about three things in #2  (the black and white dress, the grommet jacket and the last gown) and absolutely hate the rest of the collection.

    • JaCory Deon

      Collection No.1: who cares?
      Collection No.2: tasteful, polished, serving Mommie Dearest/Madonna Erotica realness…it’s quite good! (Daniels I think.)
      Collection No.3: there’s some real innovation here (that yellow jacket!) and it’s forward fashion, but not RTW in the least…it’s def interesting!

      If I had to guess, I’d say No.2 is a winning one?

    • Janet Davis

      I’m kinda liking not knowing who the designers are for the collections, it is making me look more closely at the details and I’m not biased toward or away from any of them because of my opinion of the designer.

    • Carrieanno

      What I don’t get is why any of them would send out a collection that says “eh, I’m over it, movin’  on.”  Perhaps I am oversimplifying, but it seems to me that the decoys have been handed a gigantic do-over.  Sure, they’re anonymous at the moment,  but if they send out some impeccable, even slightly innovative, make-the-big-dogs-wish-they’d thought-of-that-pieces wouldn’t that likely open some doors for them?  Or am I just overestimating the talent (and ambition) level?

    • anibundel

      Two is lead off by Daniel’s model.
      Three has Samantha’s model smack in the middle of it.

      • alyce1213

        Bingo.  You cracked the code.  Thanks.

    • Scarlet39

      Even though all of these collections have some real clunkers, I’m more impressed by these eight collections than I was by the majority of the finale collections that were presented in the last few seasons. 

      • OrigamiRose

        I totally agree.  I have some issues but my eyeballs didn’t fall from the sockets in shock at the overall finish or styling as in Season Ten.

    • Colin Murphy

      From best to worst imo: 3, 1, 2
      3 has the most design work put in
      2 uses decent design work to present a particular kind of woman
      1 has major difficulties with silhouettes and doesn’t do much in terms of design

      Say what you will, because all of you tend to just shit talk, but these collections are alot better than last recent seasons (9, 10, & all stars 2)

    • allaboutthewalterbenjamins

      The look of the 4th girl in the second collection says it all.

    • alyce1213

      Are my eyes deceiving me or is that a plus-size model in Collection #2, fifth down? (which I believe is Daniel’s since it looks like his stuff and his model leads it off).  Shock and awe!
      Collection #3 has some serious construction problems. There are a few decent pieces, but no.

    • Adrianna Grężak

      No woman would ever design the first dress in the first collection. The model is werqing it though

    • guest2visits

      I think I am seeing alot of self-indulgent and immature looks.  Someone else called it taste issues. Like the one with the flamenco skirt
      and corset. the black skirt with bra attachment, and so many more. Some are good though, I especially like the last black gown.
      Or the body hugging satin print dress and the black suit beneath it.

    • MinAgain

      I really like the silhouettes in Collection 2, but could the color story be any more boring?   I love, love, love the black and white dress from Collection 3.

    • jmorino08

      Overalls  and head-swallowing sweaters?!?! Lawd, help us!

    • Therese Bohn

      Collection 1 – Gotta be Daniel’s – the classiest of the three. (although I hate the black bra through the sheer blouse)
      Collection 2-  Blade Runner rejects, except for #9 and the last two gowns
      Collection 3- Gotta be Patricia –pretty much hiddy (Boy George pleather overalls?) although the last black gown is passable.

    • amanda lynn

      Mommie Dearest hair in Collection 2.  I love it.

    • Depot'er

      YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ABOUT DAMN TIME OVERALLS MADE A COME BACK!!! now toss in some farm animals, a freak lighting accident and we can FEED those models! (“Dianne Von Furstenburg show host first pig roast and runway- a triumph!” 

      Love the yellow hair- just clone ONE model-saves times and worl.

      • MilaXX

         How about a Farmville themed runway show?

    • afabulous50

      No thank you…

    • A. Lure

      Collection # 2 is most certainly Daniel’s. Right off the bat, I don’t like it. Several of the pieces contain no design interest at all (i.e. look # 11). Others are quite ugly (look # 10: those gigantic boob-pans and that leathery piece at the waist!) Yuck. The only garment to which I respond is the sculptured jacket in look # 3. Not a strong showing by far. Disappointing.

      Collection # 1– I’m still trying to figure out who made it. Layana? Kate? Anyhow, there’s plenty to like. I appreciate the lattice details. The concluding look: although the fit of the boobs is lamentable, the skirt portion attests to some ambitious construction (like the tiers and the trimming).

      Collection # 3– Whose is it??? Samantha’s? Michelle’s? I want to know. That’s the one I like the best. LOVE the red leather dress with the shoulder grommets. I own a similar one (same shade but without all the detailing– mine only has studs adorning the hemline). LOVE the yellow dress with the color-blocks and the perforated panel, though I could do without the fringe. The structured yellow jacket is beautiful– very substantial-looking, though I could do without the protruding panel in the front. See, that’s the problem with this collection: there’s some good design here, but several pieces are overwrought. The collection could benefit from some balance and counterpoint (i.e. the concluding look is the most balanced– there’s harmony to the arrangement of the panels).

      • Indigo54

         Seriously?!  The yellow dress?  You like that?   Lemme go back and look again. 

        • Indigo54

          ugh! I just can’t like #3, I really tried.  That yellow dress is a bruised banana with fringe.  Key word OVERWROUGHT! 

    • marilyn

      I can see why you put these together, since they look like they were done by the same person. This was unimaginative enough to be done by Michael Kors

    • Patrick Cleary

      So we’re still doing mostly-black collections? So boring. 

    • Samuel Joesph Donovan

      The 3rd collection has some pretty strong outerwear pieces–I think it’s probably my favorite, oddly enough, since it has some pretty horrifying pieces.

      Collection 1 has some really nice moments–the finale gown, the fluttery beige top, the red knit dress–but that velvet gown and the white dresses really ruin it for me.
      Collection 2 is a travesty.

    • Sara Munoz Munoz

      That first set of girls look like they should be in a Terence Trent D’arby video.

      The second set… I’m thinking Human League.

      But the third collection, that is mostly Madonna. With a guest appearance from Martika (in the overalls).

      I watched too much MTV in the 80’s.

    • Beverly Kozma

      Collection #2:  I just can’t deal with that hair.

      • Indigo54

         Makes me think of Herman Munster – only worse. 

    • Louise Bryan

      I will venture a guess that collection #3 is a decoy.  I think my design and sewing skills (which are virtually nil) are superior to this … stuff walking the runway.

    • Laucie

      Collection 3 seems to have fear and loathing of boobs. In one collection you have snake boobs, mousketeer ears boobs, and ta-da yellow leather penis boob. So horrifying, you can’t unsee them.

    • barbarienne

      Was there a big sale on leather or something? I don’t recall ever seeing this much non-human skin on a PR runway before.

      • Amelia Logan

        maybe it’s pleather?

    • TFLS

       God help us.

    • Miss_Led

      Collection #3 is a poorly designed, poorly-executed mess. What did they get, two days?

      • boweryboy

        My thoughts exactly.

      • Indigo54

         I could just cry looking at #3.  Horrible fit and construction.  The designer’s name should remain anonymous!

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      Oooh, that white dress in collection three is drool worthy.

    • boweryboy

      Collection 1 starts off strong until it reaches the white dresses.  Then it falls apart.

      Collection 2 is a beautifully cohesive collection although design-wise some pieces are basic and boring.

      Collection 3 has some good ideas but it’s a hot mess largely due in part to the poor execution and fit issues.

    • Sally Brownson

      Each of these collections has a few stunners and a lot of terrible, terrible clothing. The second one has the best ratio of good to bad.

    • Clydette Wantland

      I didn’t know Boy George was back (Collection 3)!

    • marlie

      #1 has some interesting pieces, though it doesn’t look like a collection that BELONGS together.

      #2 also has some interesting pieces, interspersed with some horrifyingly unflattering ones. But, I’m wondering if this collection is in the top 3.

      #3 has some really interesting pieces, and some really WTF ones (like the overalls), but there’s definitely some creativity and thinking-outside-the-box going on here. I’m guessing this is in the top 3. 

    • Jill

      Severe fit issues in all of these, I guess their casting people who can’t sew but have ‘personalities’

    • Indigo54

      I have no idea who could have done #1.  The collection started out pretty well but then by piece #4 it went all the way down hill.  Is that a bed jacket with lace over leather skinnies?  AWFUL!  And the poor model has bedhead. Wow.

    • Kasie Hilburn


    • Heather Waddell

      #1 is such a yawn that it’s probably the winning one. #2 is amazing so it belongs to whoever gets voted off this week. And #3 has some great ideas and some horrible construction moments. 

    • Daenyx

      I’ve never seen so much leather that I hated all at once.  

      Number 1 I mostly like, but I’d like it a hell of a lot better if the designer understood what to do with breasts.  Everything with a v-neck makes the model look like her tits are trying to run away from one another.  

    • slubird

      Calling it now; #2 was inspired by Blade Runner.

    • PaulaBerman

      I know, of course I went and looked as soon I posted that. I can’t get her straight and the two girls… who I gather are Kate and Amanda now, having refreshed my memory. I also have trouble remembering who is Matthew and who is Joseph. I’ll sort it out eventually…

    • Vienna

      What’s with Samantha’s collection having major fit issues? The only one I see is the 6th look with that weird bust leather thing. Leather goes all “puckery” anyway when you move but the shiny/satin? fabric is clearly creased (look 5). Do I have major taste issues because I liked that collection? O-o

    • alwaysanswerb

      Was there a leather mandate or something?

    • LAMusing

      There is always a difference in what I think are wonderful collections and what I would actually wear.  Over the many PR years I’ve seen collections I thought were amazing but just not “my style” and others that I realized were unlikely to be a winning collection, but I’d buy/wear almost everything in it. Haven;t looked at all the collections yet, so until I do I’m going with what I’d buy vs. what should win…
      I’d wear the first 5 looks of Collections 1 – the second half get pretty costumey.  I’d love to wear about half of those from from Collection 2 and I also appreciate the number of pants in the collection.   The looks I like in both collections have clean, flattering silhouettes, and are well fit and classic but with a modern twist. I doubt either collection is the winner as neither is breaking any new ground. 
      With the exception of the white dress, I really dislike Collection 3 with it’s many leather boobies… in fact some of them are kind of creepy/pervy. 

    • kaywyoming


    • kaywyoming

      The first and third collections are more editorial than the second. The first and second collections are more cohesive than the third. I like all of the collections but I’m partial to the second one overall because the designer really thought about all body types and Zac is right about Fashion being a combination of Art and Commerce. I also loved the sharp, clean silhouettes in every piece of that collection. Having said that, the pops of yellow in the third collection made me smile, and I’ll take that pair of overalls right now. So stunning and crazy good. The Spanish theme in the first collection was interesting but nothing really new. I think the winner should be between the second and the third collection. The second, for all the reasons previously stated, and the third because there are a lot of new ideas there even though the collection is less cohesive.

    • Tharika Fuhrerr

      Number 1 if I would have to guess would be Layana. She loves lace always goes for a girly romantic aesthetic and enjoys using sheer layering

      Number 2 is of course Daniel with his sculpted aesthetic. He also has a thing for Alfred Hitchcock type Blondes and guess what color hair all of Number 2’s collection has?

      Number 3 is without a doubt Kate. She loves making poodle skirts and mixing leather into otherwise elegant looking clothes. She has used that shiny dark brown/ red leather in several challenges.

      • swanpride

        Considering that Layana is the one with the South American roots, I agree…that should be her

        And yes, 2 looks like Daniel, the one-sided collar turns up again.

        And since I know that Kate is out allready, my guess for three is Richard

    • kerryev

      How is that knee-length b&w print number from the same collection as the soutache nipple covers?

    • Mars Tokyo

      Daniel’s collection is the WORST by far that’s been shown. Talk about old lady shit. And the styling on it was atrocious. 1940’s hairdos? please.

    • Karen Clark

      Wow, looks like someone should have been in the final 4 who isn’t. And not talking about Berlin Daniel.

    • marshmallowjane

      Why is there so much black in these collections? The judges always say that black doesn’t photograph well. A lack of color is kind of boring. I’m disappointed in collection no. 2, but not surprised. I do not care for Daniel’s shapes. That “goucho” dress in no. 1 could be interesting if the top fit properly. I didn’t realize how identifiable these designers are, especially Samantha. I think she went home too quickly She’s better than Daniel (and Stanley if you look at his last collection).

    • Colin Murphy

      Samantha knocks Layana and Daniel’s collection out of the park

    • Lite Bright

      I love the 1st black dress in Layana’s collection. There are some hits & misses for all collections imo, but overall I really don’t see why everyone thinks these are TERRIBLE clothes.

    • kerryev

      I don’t know if anyone will read this at this point but I have to share: I bid on one of Amanda’s looks and won it, and today instead received Layana’s red crochet dress and black jacket (4th look from the top). It’s so awful! I immediately repacked the dress without looking more at it because the nude mesh lining was icky, but I can report that the jacket is only tacked together in the back in three places, and the ‘lapels’ were glued down. As they say around these parts, girl had not a fuck to give.