Project Runway: Petals and Grommets

Posted on February 15, 2013

We have a feeling this is going to be an unpopular opinion, but the team conceit is actually pumping a little bit of life into a tired old format.

It’s not just the shuffling around of contestants from team to team; we all pretty much figured that was coming.


No, it was more than that. Look at this challenge. We’ve seen plenty of unconventional materials challenges over the years, including flower shop and hardware store challenges. Combining the two into one didn’t yield anything interesting in the storytelling, but having these challenges approached from a team perspective was an interesting twist. We don’t think we’ve ever seen an unconventional materials challenge where the designers had to come up with their concepts and designs before they even set foot in the materials store.

And having them pitch their ideas to the team for consideration and then watch them attempt to make a series of looks into a cohesive collection is interesting. The creative process is taking center stage this season and we can’t complain about that.


We feared this season would be nothing but a string of arguments and ego clashes, but it’s to the credit of these designers that they’re all acting fairly maturely, supporting each other, and critiquing the work in a grown-up way. We’re not ready to declare this season a success, but this episode was one of the best in a while. More, please.

Of course, it always helps when they’re given time and money to complete their designs. It’s not a coincidence that the runway show was great this week and the judges had a hard time picking both the winner and the loser. That’s the way it should be.




So congrats to Samantha! We wouldn’t have picked this for the win, but it’s definitely a contender. That skirt won it for her and we can see why. The technique of putting the leaves under the screen made for an interesting effect. We just think the whole thing’s a bit overdone, with the contact paper bodice, the twine, and the peplum. We would have liked this a lot more with one or two elements subtracted.



Layana’s getting a little full of herself, but we have to admit, this should’ve been the winner this week. It’s stunning. And we love the way she played around with the string in the bodice.


This was another very good contender for the win. The flowers are arranged so well in the skirt that it really does look like fabric. And the bodice is gorgeous, topped off by that amazing necklace. It’s always nice to have a designer outside the European/American aesthetic that dominates fashion. He brings in a non-western point of view and, in this case at least, made something beautiful and interesting.

Michelle and Richard

This was just okay, as far as we’re concerned. They used the blinds creatively, but the shape is awkward and the flowers look like clippings thrown in a trash can.




Pun intended, this really grew on us. It’s just unusual enough that we keep coming back to look at it. Our only real issue is with the shape, which is thick and kind of unflattering.


All that ridiculously time-consuming (and attention-seeking) effort, and the result is a basic pretty dress. Yes, it’s impressive that he weaved the fabric out of string, but to our eyes, it doesn’t look like it was worth the time he spent on it. Pretty, but not exactly amazing.


We thought this was kind of hideous, to be honest. The first real clunker coming out of Daniel’s corner. Everything looks overdone and awkward.


“Pow-wow chic,” our perky gay asses. This was an utter mess.


It’s very pretty, but annoyingly simple. You have to do more than make a dress and glue flowers on it to get the judges excited. Still, kudos to him for coming in and whipping the team into shape. We were confused as to why they all picked him over Daniel, who’s a judge favorite at this point, but they must have seen something in him that we’re not seeing at home, because it paid off.


We’d never praise this for being innovative, but we don’t understand why so many people rolled their eyes at this design. It’s pretty and exuberant. Yes, it’s just flowers glued to a dress, but it’s not the disaster some of her teammates feared it would be.


This wasn’t a top-tier effort, but she problem-solved when she ran into trouble and she managed something that looks pretty good, if a little rough. We thought the way her teammates all singled her out on the runway was a bit bullshitty. “Amanda struggled, so she should go home.” Benjamin struggled through the challenge too; as did Michelle and Richard. Don’t get us wrong; she’s clearly in the bottom and an argument could be made for sending her home, but the reasons her teammates gave were arbitrary and a bit unfair.

But in a way, they also saved her, because she clearly was saved by the promise of potential drama. Now she has to work with an entire team that somewhat dishonestly threw her under the bus. There’s no way the producers were sending her home when there’s so much arguing to be done.


Joseph Aaron

Which left poor Joe as the sacrificial lamb. Speaking of arbitrary, the judges’ complaints about this look seemed to be totally made up in order to justify the auf. We honestly thought this was gorgeous. Not every garment needs to be form-fitted and body-conscious as every one of those judges well knew, so the complaint about the shape rang false to us. Not as false as the complaints about the flower placement, though. They sounded NUTS when they criticized that. His use of flowers here was absolutely beautiful. We knew the guy was cannon fodder, because the weird, experimental types always are on Project Runway, but it’s a shame they sent him home for making a beautiful garment that’s really only slightly off the beaten path.




[Photo Credit: Barbara Nitke for Lifetime]

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  • Violina23

    I was literally saying the SAME exact thing to some friends about the team format today. I’m kinda enjoying it, for the exact same reason — it’s bringing the focus back to creativity, and away from personal drama.  Being a person who doesn’t know much about the world of high fashion, the creative is what drew me to this show. 

    I don’t have anything really against Patricia as a person (I find her “aesthetic” to be overly crafty, and I can see that getting old FAST), but her CRAZY eyes are just freaking me out. I actually yelled “Oh god STOP IT!” at the screen more than once. 

    • kirkyo

       Patricia’s crazy eye looks have drinking game written all over them. Actually, it would be really fun if the producers added “dun-dun-dun” music every time she does it.

      • LOL!!!

      • Does she have a thyroid problem? Barbara Bush (the lady with the pearls, not the younger one) had big eyes when her husband was the President.

      • Kristin McNamara

        YES. Perhaps a zoom in, plus music, a la “Dramatic Chipmunk”? ( Please make it so, Lifetime!

      • libraangel

        Sorry, but I think that your remark is nasty. Maybe Patricia doesn’t know she has a wide-eyed look, or maybe they edited to show her this way, or maybe she has an overactive thyroid and can’t help it. We are not all perfect, are we, and I’m sure all of us have mannerisms that annoy some people.

    • alinana

      I really am liking the team thing. There isn’t any “I’ll just do this to get by” crap going on. The designers are actually having to be creative because if they aren’t the rest of the team pushes them.

      •  I agree, was nice to see them NOT rush and buy every single wierd thing for a change (and no umbrella lining dress this time) but WOW what a huge budget….but considering the cost of flowers…. (I always wonder how much a spot on PR helps the shop?) I know if I ever go to NYC I have to pet Swatch 🙂

        • One of the big complaints about the previous flower challenge was that they used a lot of greens and leaves. But didn’t they have a budget of 50 bucks for that one in season 2?

          • libraangel

            Nick Verreos said on his blog that it was $100

    • SugarSnap108

       I’m so glad I’m not the only one freaked out by Patricia’s cray-cray eyes.

    • LearnedFoot

      I agree completely. I was absolutely dreading the team aspect of the competition, but it’s turned out really well. It helps that most or all of the designers are (I think) working in good faith with one another. The team critique session could be an opportunity for sabotage, but the designers really do seem to be using it to improve one another’s work. I’m interested to see how some will fare once the competition transitions to a solo copmetition. That’s going to happen, right? Some of them definitely benefit from others’ editing suggestions, and we could be in for some fug once they don’t get that guidance anymore.

      I’m also loving that the designers this season seem to be a lot more creative and innovative than in seasons past. We’ve had several (Patricia, Samantha, Benjamin, I may be forgetting others) create their own textiles. We’re seeing more of a focus on actual craftsmanship (not to be confused with execution of the final design), and I dig it.

      • 3boysful

        I think a lot of it is that rather than screw up and figure there’s at least one or two worse than you, you’re now really only competing against roughly half of the contestants.  So there’s more potential for going home if your team doesn’t win.

    • Kathleen Tripodi

      I agree with liking the team concept so far.  It’s interesting to see the designers have to collaborate about budget and the group critiques.  

      I think however that it’s leveled out the competition in that the designs are more subdued and there are fewer extremes.  

      There aren’t quite the same lows because most really bad ideas get talked out of existence and the teams are helping designers with poor time management to complete outfits (which has saved Ben multiple times).  

      Unfortunately that also means designers who want to take a risk and could potentially make something amazing are also talked out of it because if it doesn’t work, it hurts the team.

      • Lisa_Cop

        I also think Zac Posen’s thoughtful critiquing (as opposed to the Duchess’ one-liners) has helped the designers.

        • libraangel

          I agree. Some of you miss Kors’ humor, but sometimes it was just cruel and nasty, and not positive and helpful at all. ( and I hated when Kors, Nina, and Heidi in past seasons actually made fun of and laughed at certain outfits)

      • libraangel

        I don’t think the designs were exactly “subdued”!

    • PhillipWilde

       Patricia’s look was absolutely cuckoo-nuts.  It made absolutely no sense and looked like a girl got tangled in the wreckage of a runaway parade float.  She definitely should have gone home this week.

      And if I didn’t have to work on Friday mornings, I would absolutely take a shot every time she showed her crazy-eyes.

      • libraangel

        I really don’t like criticism of peoples’ expressions, appearances. Maybe Patricia doesn’t know her eyes are so widened. We ALL have something people don’t like – laugh? talking too fast? – and while you don’t have to love everyone in the world, you can tolerate them – or ignore them! Besides, we really don’t know these people, plus the editing could focus on certain things, omit others

  • kirkyo

    I haven’t like a contestant like Joe in a long time, maybe ever, and kind of fell in love with him this week. So, I’m pretty devastated by this result. I think Amanda, personality-wise, is also appealing so man that was a rough bottom two.

    • MissAmynae

      I’d buy one of Joe’s kitty sweaters in a heartbeat. Loved his sweaterdress, it was just so damn pretty, and different!! 

      Amanda came off like a late 90’s Mean Girl. I’ve liked her in previous episodes, though. She’s lucky Joe saved her butt, he’s the one who suggested cutting off the skirt and putting it on the front!!

      • libraangel

        I don’t know Amanda, so I can’t comment on her personality, but I would feel mean too if all of my team ganged up on me! (Nothing said about Patricia!)

  • MoHub

    When I saw Daniel’s, all I could think was “hip tumors.” I can’t believe Kors wouldn’t have had something to say about that.

    • My husband shouted “hip boobs!” when he saw it turn the corner.

      • Carrieanno

        Leave it to a man. . .

      • MilaXX

         That’s what I thought too. It looks like a really old lady with very droopy boobs.

        • rumrum

          boobs stay the same in old age… boobs never droop in old age …kinda like a man with small balls….

    • Pam Winters

      It appeared to be exquisitely made. The leaves/petals on the skirt…amazing. Which somehow made the massive hip tumors (I said the same thing) even worse. I wish it had come up for discussion either way.

      • Tracy_Flick

         I was totally shocked that no one mentioned those monstrosities.

      • Carrieanno

        I got the impression that the judges were all mesmerized by Daniel’s use of the lamb’s ear petals on the skirt.

      • That was the first dress out and it absolutely appalled me!  Those look like panniers (containers put on each side of a donkey or other beast of burden to carry stuff).  It wasn’t quite so hideous when he put them on the black suit he won the first challenge with, but they seem to have become Daniel’s signature feature.  Awful!  I called them bulbous growths.  The lamb’s ears on the skirt were very pretty though.

      • MissAmynae

        Agreed. I love my sweet Daniel, but those things should be left to Marie Antoinette.  

    • annieanne

      This episode really made it obvious he’s this season’s Gwetchen/Anthony Ryan. Those tumors should have put him in the bottom, but they’re not going to let that happen to him.

      • libraangel

        He is definitely nicer than Gretchen, and more talented than AR. His tailoring is much better than AR’s (remember when he put pins on the back of his dress?!)

    • EveEve

      Turn the dress around.  The hip tumors would have looked a lot better as tushy tumors.

      • wayout46

        I thought that too! A lower back bow – albeit on steroids – would’ve probably looked better.

      • libraangel

        I agree: why didn’t Daniel just put that bow/bustle thing on the back?! Maybe still ugly, but…Maybe Daniel thought he was being so avant-garde.

    • Deb Oswald

      I said goiters!!

      • MoHub

         I thought “goiters” but my OCD told me that was imprecise, as goiters are on the neck, and I don’t want to perpetuate any of Kors’ misspeaking. Therefore, my switch to “tumors.”

        • Deb Oswald

          I just thought of the Seinfeld episode with Elaine’s reaction to the old lady that she was “helping” who had a goiter……  I didn’t think about the anatomical correctness of the reaction!  🙂

    •  I called ’em oozing hip boils myself.

    • alyce1213

      Pollen pods.

      • MoHub

        Maybe aliens will pop out.

    • lintvedta

      Michael Kors would for sure have (erroneously) called ’em “goiters”. He did it before–with Peach’s dress, I think.

      • MoHub

         The first time was actually referring to Terri’s New York-inspired dress in season 5.

        • lintvedta

          Maybe they’ll have Michael guest judge once in a while. I miss him.

          • MoHub

             Kors was the “guest judge” for the finale. I suspect he’ll be back for season 12—if there is one. Zac Posen was intended as a temporary substitute because Kors had other commitments. Perhaps if Lifetime didn’t schedule PR seasons one right after another, Kors would be more available.

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Giving your model hip goiters is not a good thing.

    • Elizabeth San

       I actually thought they looked more like testicles the first time I saw that dress.

      • Laura Hubbard

        Big, diseased testicles.

  • Dear Joseph, Being truly creative and experimental is a curse on PR! One needs to only slightly be creative…..I feel if he had explained his look with more focus and direction, he would have stayed! He should have stayed!

    • Melvis Velour

      He was destined to be early cannon fodder and I think he knew it

    • 3boysful

       Especially since he came up with the solution for the moss mess.

      • Exactly! After Heidi said Joe was out, Amanda should have admitted that Joe’s idea saved her dress. I cannot believe she said nothing about it at all. Does she have no shame?

        •  It *might* have been said & edited out. You can never trust these shows to give us the full story *too* much.

          •  Amanda did not act guilty at all. No remorse. Even if such a thing was edited out, her face should have shown a clue. I hope she goes home sometime soon.

            I wonder what that unfinished business Tim mentioned could be. Joseph is being returned?

        • I was surprised that Benjamin didn’t give Stanley credit for the color palette and the Dior influence that gave their team the win for being cohesive.  Benjamin described it as if it were his idea.

          • No one else on that team seems willing to speak up at the beginning. Or maybe they all think Ben is a better explainer. Stanley should really have stepped up about the team idea, or about how he whipped the team into shape.

          • bitchybitchybitchy

            I suspect that Ben jumps in and begins talking before anyone else on the team can get a word in. If that is the case, the other designers on the team need to speak up and not be steamrollered by him.

          • Lisa_Cop

            Ben is this season’s jerk.

        • libraangel

          A previous blogger – don’t know the name- on page one – said the judges knew Joe helped Amanda. I don’t know?

    • Yeah, I don’t know why he threw the word “coat” in. I mean, I think he meant it was to be coat-LIKE, or shaped as a coat would be, but immediately the judges tried to pretend they didn’t see how it was a coat, and he just confused them, which they used to berate him with. He also said sweater, which was much closer to the point, but they didn’t seem to care.  

      • libraangel

        On a previous blog one poster was offensive to Joe for being the ‘cat sweater’ designer and a hipster.. I thought this was unfair then and I still do. He is a creative (maybe sometimes eccentric, but so what?!), imaginative designer who thinks about his ideas before he executes them. Bravo, Joe; you will be missed!

    • He made the fatal mistake of telling Heidi that not all dresses need to be slimming and pretty.

      • Sweetpea176

        Judging by what she wore on the finale runway, she took the advice to heart!

    • Sara__B

       Joe’s creative thinking was a pleasure to watch and try to understand. I would have liked him to stay longer.

  • CPK1

    Yes!!!!! Everything you just said, TLo. I loved Joseph’s dress, what the hell were the judges on about?  

  • I might have to catch the rerun of this episode.

  • YoungSally

    I might now be regretting my decision to not watch PR anymore….this looked like an interesting challenge.  But must not succumb to the voices in my head…….

    Do agree with TLo that the last dress is really interesting….and with all that screening….no chance of having pesky flies under your dress.

  • ChiliP

    Why wasn’t Patricia in the bottom two? That….thing…is a mess!!

    • random_poster

      And that mess deserved the Auf.

      • ChiliP

         And how. Oftentimes on this show I find myself disappointed with or not sold on a design, but I at least understand what the designer was trying to achieve. I can’t for the life of my figure out Patricia’s “design” here. It looks like homecoming mum mated with a Christmas wreath, and was birthed by an ostrich.

        • libraangel

          Patricia said something about the earth and nature, but the judges’ “Pow Wow chic” was both stupid and offensive!

          • Elaine Lang

             Yes!    I CHOKED at “Pow Wow Chic.”   How outrageously offensive!

    • EveEve

      I have a strong suspicion she has been annointed as a “chosen one” by the producers, similar to Anya …no auf’ing for this gal, regardless of how hiddy her work is. I would not be surprised to see her in the finals.

    • Wellworn

      When I saw Patricia’s dress, I thought Hanging Gardens of Babylon.  Her’s was easily the worst to walk last night, and I say that even though I really like her and have liked everything else she has done.  Sad about Joseph leaving, when his dress was actually very interesting and he was the one who saved Amanda with his idea.  He was too nice to last on that show, I guess.

    • TropiCarla

      Her model is amazing. She’s lucky because that thing was more than a little awful.

      • 2ndhandchic

         Her model looks really familiar. Maybe she was also on America’s Next Top Model?

        • TropiCarla

          Yup. A couple weeks back one of the other BK’s pointed out that she is Lisa from ANTM season 9. She is looking fantastic.

  • NDC_IPCentral

    As always, your recap and analysis are thoughtful and insightful.  This really was one of the best episodes Project Runway has churned out in several seasons – a felicitous combination of pretty good designers that aren’t OTT drama queens and enough time and money to create worthy garments.  I watched it twice (an instant rerun for a change!), and enjoyed it both times, again, the first in a long time that prompted that reaction.

    I think that Patricia, while full of herself, has a point of view that is different and arresting, so I do not agree with the severity of your assessment of last night’s effort.  I do quite agree with your critique of Joe, and I wish, somehow, he could have been spared since I really like his point of view – it’s not conventional, but he’s thought about it and he’s sincere, and it actually speaks to a wider audience than stick-thin fashionistas.

    The team concept is working well – we see negotiation, discussion, PROCESS.  I like it!

    • annieanne

      Patricia’s dress really does look pretty bad in still pictures. Even in the workroom I thought it was a mess. But it moved pretty beautifully on the runway.

      • 3boysful

         It was, however, more of a flower arrangement than a garment.  Just a bunch of dripping flowers.  So of course they’ll move.  They keep her because she has turned out some great stuff, and for the drama potential.

    • “This really was one of the best episodes Project Runway has churned out in several seasons – a felicitous combination of pretty good designers that aren’t OTT drama queens and enough time and money to create worthy garments. ”

      Is it simply because they’re good or also because they’re mostly older and have learned how to work with others without their egos getting in the way? I hate to say it but the drama queens of the past couple of seasons were more often the young ones (Josh, Christopher – aka Costello Lite). I hate to paint with a broad brush but, really, I think it DOES make a difference, particularly since many people this season have worked in situations where they get critiqued (Benjamin, Stanley), so they know how to get their  criticisms across without creating drama in the first place.

      • libraangel

        I don’t know if Ben likes criticism: he cried a lot!

    •  I feel like the Teams season is actually causing less drama, rather than more — you have to work with these people every day and your chances really depend on them, so you have to get along and help each other. 

  • I would like to know what producer slipped them the “dresses through the decades” idea.

  • THIS!  This is what we all loved PR for.  Real creativity, creatively expressed.  I am so relieved.  They just need to keep this up!

    • Jilli_Beans

      Amen to that.

    • Call me Bee

      Hey Kiltd! Missed you in the TLounge last night!

      • Hey there, Bee!
        I’ve been off work this week, and dealing with painting my living room, so I’ve gotten caught up in household projects.  But i could have kicked myself for missing TLounge last night; and the company of all my Bitter Friends.

        Loved this epi, though.  We need way more of this.

    • Susan Crawford

      You are SO right, my dear! Amazing what a little extra time (and money for materials) can do for creativity. Even the “fails” were kind of intriguing. There was some actual DESIGN going on.

  • Slade Thunderdragon

    Joe was my favorite, and his design was head over heels better than Amanda’s. Not to mention he primarily was the one who saved Amanda’s design.  Patricia or Daniel should have been sent home though, but they’re obviously producer favorites. 😛 I was just hoping Joe would be the hipster underdog and win it.

    •  Agreed. Plus, by focusing on Amanda’s “problems” the judges sent the message that the excellent teamwork that resulted from them (including Joe’s amazing save) will ultimately get the struggler into trouble. I liked Joe’s point of view and I am sorry to see him go.

      • libraangel

        I agree: why didn’t the judges appreciate and respect the teamwork and help?

  • Two things:
    1. They wasted Bette Midler as a judge. She’s amazing and they should have let her talk more. And why was the other guest judge even there?
    2. Did no one else see the incredibly phallic placement of those white flowers on Daniel’s dress? It was all I could see from the second she turned the corner.

    • Pam Winters

      I wish Bette Midler could be a regular judge on this show. She’s insightful and entertaining.

      • DinaSews

        I agree.  She needs to be a regular.  Best guest judge ever.

    •  Considering how little they edit/let some judges talk- she did very well (great critiques) and LOVE how we knew her in the sillouet (sp)! wow.

      the OTHER guest judge looked liked they grabbed a random housewife out of the supermarket line… and if T’lo give her ‘look’ over a 2….)

      • 3boysful

         The “35” on blogger judge’s top was bugging me–is that her age?  IQ?  Boyfriend’s jersey number?  Random number?

        • zelavie

          Number of blog readers?

          • lacy Betters

             I’m assuming you’re referring to the “Man Repeller” blog. And if so, very funny.

          • 3boysful


        • libraangel

          Maybe that ‘s the number of men she repelled looking the way she does.

      • MoHub


    • alyce1213

      When you have Bette Midler as a judge, you don’t need help. It was an insult to her.

    • wayout46

      Just took a second look to notice. Quite a small dick for such huge balls, though.

  • I adore that dress by Kate. Stunning!

    • Sweetpea176

      I love it almost because it’s so ridiculous!  Or as Tim might say, “exuberant”!

      • libraangel

        Kate’s dress reminds me of a 1950’s prom dress.

  • Jasmaree

    Patricia was the clear loser on that runway in my eyes.

  • AuntieAnonny

    I haven’t been watching, I’m too bitter to invest in the show after the last few seasons, but I do check in on the Lounge and read these posts and while it seems like the majority of people are pleased with this season, I certainly do see a lot of “It’s ____, but ____” and attempts at defending/justifying opinions. It kind of seems like people know it’s not good anymore, but they don’t want it to go away. I understand why, but at some point you just need to shoot the horse and move on.

    • Sally Brownson

      Dude, I love this season so far. No buts. The teams thing has brought it back to life, surprisingly enough.

  •  Probably the same one who told Keepin’ it Real to pick Michelle. I laughed at how transparent that was when they didn’t even pretend to discuss it.

  • mjude

    i actually enjoyed last nights show.  so far i dont mind the teams. some of the creations were really pretty, which felt like the good old days.

    • MilaXX

       I have to admit, the team concept  doesn’t suck, but I think it’s because it’s the whole season. In the past the team challenges sucked because people were thrust together for one particular challenge and often spent half the time chafing at having to work together. Since it’s the whole season, people are, to quote Tim, making it work.

      •  And there was the sense in prior team challenges that everyone just tried to get through it — the next day they’d be free of the person they were working with, no matter how ugly the relationship got.  Now they’re stuck together for good, so they can’t burn those bridges.

  • PaulaBerman

    The praise of Patricia always seems contrived to me. I haven’t liked a single thing she’s made. I think they are keeping her because she generates some drama with her irritating personality and weird designs. She should have been auf. I agree that Joseph’s was not as bad as all that. It was more like they didn’t like what he said about the future of fashion, as if it offended them. Now, I think he is wrong about the future of fashion: as Tim Gunn says, fashion is about being a little bit uncomfortable for the sake of looking good, and it always will be. Joseph’s vision is more of a utopian fantasy about a future where people care more about being happy than they do about appearances, and I can get behind that– but that’s not a vision that the fashion industry will ever embrace.

    •  Joseph’s vision would lead to the end of expensive fashion design.  We would just be happy to throw on pillowcases and maybe do our OWN flower shop embellishments.

      • PaulaBerman

        I don’t think that’s true. Fashion is still fashion and couture would still be expensive even if it was not form-fitting or constrictive. That said, most people with good figures want to show them off, not hide them, so his vision is just not realistic.

  • I didn’t particularly care for JA’s effort, but I’d have sent Patricia home. Mostly because that dress was disgraceful, but partly because he was the cutest guy this season. Ben isn’t much of a runner-up.

    Excellent runway overall though. I’m surprised to be enjoying this season.

  • Annabelle Archer

    It’s funny, I don’t watch anymore, only read the recaps here.  Since all I have is the dresses to “judge” and none of the producer driven drama, it is clear to see that the actual finished product is not the deciding factor in who stays and who goes.  Not that that is new and shocking information, but when the story is told in scroll down form, I was shocked when the last look was the loser.  There were at least two – if not three – that should have had been cut instead of Joseph’s.

  • TLo, your assessment is spot-on about why they’d keep Amanda in, and I really should know better by now, but I was going to get on here and rant extensively about the injustice of WTF they auf’d Joseph Aaron for when his outfit was just fine, and it is just not worth the virtual breath and angry keystrokes. Poor fella. All I can say is I would SO rather see what he had to offer going forward than Amanda, and I while I agree that her teammates did her dirty, I was pretty turned off at the beginning when she said “flowers are my worst nightmare.” ?!!? That’s obnoxious. She didn’t have to use ANY florist items, if I read the challenge right, and especially since they came up with that sad decades theme.

    • PaulaBerman

      I have to defend Amanda on this one. I have an aversion to cut flowers too. I love them when they’re alive, but dead they just creep me out. I tried not to have flowers at my wedding, but someone decided that they would buy them for me as their gift. You may deem that obnoxious, but I totally get where she was coming from with that. My husband loves it, because he is freed from the expectation to send me flowers. Yuck. Also, I gave Amanda kudos for trying to go a different way with the florist materials. The problem with it was that it further contributed to the lack of cohesion, but that was by no means Amanda’s fault alone. They simply did not communicate with each other. Amanda’s wasn’t even in the bottom 3 IMO. I hated Patricia’s and Daniel’s far more, even though I love Daniel and I think it was just a misstep for him. 

      • I should clarify. It’s not obnoxious to dislike cut flowers. It’s obnoxious to complain about how much you hate them, and then force use of moss, which had nothing to do with her idea of a sleek sixties hardware dress. She didn’t have to use it at all, was my point. I am not impressed by her designs, though. I didn’t like Patricia’s or Daniels (yikes!) either, but Daniel is a favorite, and Patricia is too deliciously eccentric so far to go. And they have the courage of their convictions. Amanda was wishy-washy and specifically stated that she was going to have to “hold her team up” since they lost some members. Joseph Aaron at least knew who he was and where he means to go, design wise, and I felt none of that from Amanda, especially since she needed someone else to help her make her dress presentable.

        • PaulaBerman

          I am not a huge fan of Amanda’s stuff either, but in this case, she was singled out unfairly by the team. They collectively threw her under the bus rather than dare to say that two judge’s favorites, Daniel and Patricia, made some truly hideous looks. Probably because, as you said, overall D & P have gotten a lot of praise, whereas Amanda has not distinguished herself in any way. I didn’t mind the moss. It could have been cool, but it’s crumbly and doesn’t hold up very well as a material. She figured it out. Yes, she needed a lot of help, but that’s what a team is for, right? Daniel’s ovarian tumor dress was disturbing, and Patricia’s was a laughable mess. So I felt bad for Amanda, and Joe, neither of whom deserved to be auf this time IMO.

          • libraangel

            I felt bad for Amanda because they asked the KIR team that unfair question of who was the weakest and they all ganged up on her. Heidi should not have asked this.

      •  Or if you just have allergies — my mother would have been unable to work in that room with all the pollen from the flowers.

  • I feel like Kate’s dress suffers from similarity to Kenley’s wedding dress, which, while a decent dress, suffered for being too similar to McQueen. But I actually liked Kate’s, since it’s been enough time and the colors are different enough to not suffer as much from the comparison. 
    I still can’t believe neither Daniel nor Patricia were in the bottom. I was a little offended on Frida Kahlo’s behalf when Patricia said it looked like her – Kate’s is more similar to Frida’s style than that stringy mess of a “dress.” Roses do not Frida Kahlo make. 
    I LOVED Joe’s! Didn’t get any of the judge’s comments. The colors and silhouette reminded me vaguely of a McQueen dress- google McQueen Savage Beauty Straitjacket – and the form fitting insistence was bullshit. They got stuck on him saying “coat” when what he meant was a sweater dress (which he also said, but was ignored), which is a fine, fashion conscious silhouette (and still on trend). And I love the flowers dripping down the dress – like wisteria trees.
    Sigh. I see we’re getting to the arbitrary, poorly producer manipulated portion of the season. I wanted to see more of Joe. 

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Having not watched the show and just going by the photos, I say the worst ones are:  Daniel, Patricia then Joe.  What are those tumors on Daniel’s dress?  

  • deltabronze

    Possible ongoing comment for Patricia’s designs: Of course.

    • Indigo54

       My possible ongoing comment for Patricia’s designs:  WTF?

  • Not one word about the Divine Miss M?  

  • Joe committed the one sin not allowed on Project Runway: Do not ever add one thing that makes a model look in any way other than anorexic-thin. Clothes need to be fitted exactly to every curve, and if you add something big (like LeeAnne’s hips in the car challenge, which Daniel seemed to be trying for), it should be very obvious that this isn’t related to bodyfat in any way, shape or form. Women need to be under 25 and skinny! Always! Always!

    The next rule is that if you’re from another cultural background, the judges will harp on that and find it in any design you do. Patricia is the Native American Designer, so everything is all dreamcatchers and powwow couture (Zac, that’s so offensive it’s scary), but she gets to stay.

    Third, never design clothes that women want to wear, unless it’s Heidi or a guest judge, because this show isn’t for women who buy clothes. That was Amanda’s problem. It also ruined Andrae in the exact same challenge. “This just looks like a dress!” is Nina’s way of saying that she’s bored.

    • libraangel

      Yes, I agree: design for tacky, too tight/short/sexy-dressed Heidi, and be “politically correct” and you have got it made!

  • GorgeousThings

    Kate’s dress was Kenley v.2. I liked the top of Matthew’s dress, but the bottom was awful. If design only was the judging criteria, I think I would have sent Patricia home. Her model looked like a parade float at King Kahmehameha Day.

  • Girl_With_a_Pearl

    Oh, and the boys must be very tired indeed since they didn’t mention the fabulous Miss Bette.  How was she?  She’s the only reason why I’m thinking of catching the rerun.  Love her.

    • She was good! She said nice, considerate things. Including to the auf’ee.

      • Lisa_Cop

        She looked completely fab!

    • nannypoo

       Be sure to watch her facial expressions as the models come down the runway.

      • Yeah, with the first two (Daniel and someone else), she looked a bit horrified.  She kind of squinched up her eyes as if she couldn’t believe them.

    •  She’s Bette Midler, that’s how she was!  She is my favorite female celebrity ever, I’m beyond excited by her presence on the show!

    • libraangel

      I love the Divine Ms. M. but I still wonder why they choose celebrities to judge fashion. And I still think they should ask T&L to be judges.

  • Also, what was that ManRepeller chick wearing to be a guest judge? Did they just wake her up, with that sad, “morning after” bun and the faded football jersey? She looked like she was two hours out of rehab.

    • DeborahJozayt

      Why didn’t she ask for free borrowed clothes as part of the deal? I had no desire to look at her blog after seeing how she dressed. I know it’s prejudiced, but if she doesn’t seem to care, I won’t, either.

      • Lingus

         She’s actually a really great writer with really interesting taste, which made her outfit all the more confusing and disappointing…

      • Lisa_Cop

        Last week Kristin Davis wore a Zac Posen pink dress. Maybe he didn’t make that offer to Man Repeller (jeez, what a name).

        • libraangel

          But how could Zac – and Nina!- stand to sit next to her?! Why didn’t they say something to the producers?!

  • SugarSnap108

    I agree that this was the best runway display in some time.  But I don’t see why the judges thought it was such a close call between the teams.  I thought the Dream Team won it by a mile.  I really like Samantha’s, but for me both Layana’s and Tu’s beat it.  (Layana still bugs the hell out of me, but until now, I was questioning her skills.)

    Patricia’s is laughable.  Her model looks like an exploding pinata — every gal’s dream.  I can’t believe they praised that, then found bullshit excuses to auf Joe — it’s too big and “Michelin Man-y,” yet not big enough?  Maybe he sealed his fate by daring to envision a future where all body sizes are honored, and clothes do not have to be body-hugging (or choking, in some cases) to be considered fashion. Oh well, Joe — You seem like a sweet guy.

    • minnye

      I loved Joseph’s “I envision a future…” explanation. Obviously he came up with it on the spot. I liked his his unassuming personality & offbeat design sensibility. Totally agree re. Patricia’s, it was terrible!

    • I agree.  I couldn’t understand all the praise heaped on both teams.  Keeping it Real had a high percentage of losers, with Daniel’s and Patricia’s being the worst.

  • Jangle57

    I didn’t much like Joseph’s dress/coat so was ok with him getting the auf but am wondering who everyone thinks should have gone instead since so many think his effort wasn’t worthy of getting eliminated?  Patricia?  Daniel?  I thought their efforts were uglier than Joe’s  (Daniel’s had me ROFL) but they had the advanatge of having proven themsevles more so in previous episodes than Joe.

    • If I just think about the worst look on this episode; Daniel.
      If I think through the whole 4 episodes ; Amanda.

    • Sally Brownson

      I thought Patricia or Amanda. Patricia’s was just ugly, but the other team members were right about singling Amanda out as the weakest. The fact is, getting the highest scores and helping team members are the things that each person needs to be able to do in this format, and Amanda is not bringing it on that front. She’s never been in the top and she doesn’t really help anyone else.

  • MilaXX

    I was worried that when I saw the pictures this morning I’d see something that would help me understand by they  kept Amanda over Joe.  I don’t. I thought Joe’s look was pretty last night, and I like it even more today.  In fact, I think Amanda’s dress looks even worse in the light of day.

    As for the win, I’m okay with Samantha wining, but I wouldn’t have had a fit if Layana had won.

    • 3boysful

       As our dear uncles rightly noted, Samantha’s had TOO much going on.  Thank God they were inspired by Dior; Coco would have ripped off some elements.

    • Lisa_Cop

      I loved Layana’s but I thought the green stem peeking out behind wire mesh was a terrific idea from Samantha (though TLo is right in that there were too many ideas).

  • Janet B

    Patricia’s looks ridiculous and I would have sent her home.
    I like Joe’s dress, sorry to see he’s out.I would have picked Layana for the win.

    I want to watch this episode.

  • LeSourire

    It can’t be just me who gets distracted by Patricia’s model looking like she could be Olivia Munn’s sister, right?

    And I thoroughly enjoyed this episode and most of the garments, which is the first time I’ve been able to say that about PR in a long time.

    • MilaXX

       She actually reminds me of chef Celina Tio. Google a picture of her.

  • TSkot

    One of the best episodes in years.  Ridiculous when they force the designers to complete a project in a single day.
    I thought Joe was a clear contender for the win; loved it.

  • MilaXX

    FYI – Heidi was on Kelly & Micheal this morning wearing one of Dmitry’s dresses from his finale collection. 

    • Really? Which one? It has to be better than some of the stuff she has been wearing recently.

      • MilaXX

         Not one of my favs.The black/white zig zag pattern with the sheer black middle and fringe on the bottom. I’ll try and find the link.

      • Lisa_Cop

        It’s the one I call his ballroom dancing dress. Has cut outs, leather trim on the bottom,fairly short – just tasteless enough for Heidi.

    • l_c_ann

      Isn’t she supposed to be wearing Daniel’s thing to push for her 4th perfume?  Or was this a double push and thus Dimitry?

      • MilaXX

         This was to push the show. Apparently one the upcoming challenges is to design for the Chippendale like group called Sons of Thunder or something.*insert eyeroll here*

        I think this challenge may be as dumb as the all time dumbness challenge, the stilt walker challenge.

        Her perfume is supposed to debut today, so I’ll wander over to her website and check it out.

        • turtleemily

           Thunder from Down Under? If so, I might actually watch that one…

  • alula_auburn

    Looking at the photos I like Joe’s even more, and it doesn’t seem nearly as “unflattering” as they claimed.  And the idea that it needed to be more overdramatically “big” was almost as dumb as the rest of the critiques.  

    • Sally Brownson

      Yeah, really. My question for them was, if it was done bigger, how would she be able to walk without crushing the flowers? In fabric, you can do a really huge design. In metal mesh and flowers, not so much. 

  • WhiteOprah

    While I agree with the sentiment that the challenge should be more than sew a muslin dress and glue petals to it, Chloe Dao did just that in the second season and won.  I would argue that Stanley’s dress is more artfully done with the mesh hem showing and the placement and design of the flowers.  

    I was glad that they gave them more money, though.  I remember in Season 2 all of the judges complaining about the lack of flowers but the designers couldn’t afford them given their limited budget.  

    • MoHub

       I always though Chloe’s flower-shop dress was overpraised, but she didn’t win that challenge; Daniel Vosovic did. For a look that was also overpraised. Kara Janx had the best look in that challenge, but there was no way the judges would give her the win.

      And as much as I love Uncle Nick, his banana leaf disaster was more auf-worthy than Andrae’s moss-covered salute to Audrey Hepburn.

      • WhiteOprah

        Ah yes- Daniel did win.  Thanks for the clarification.  

        And I totally agree with Uncle Nick needing to go rather than Andrae.  I even thought Santino should have been praised more than Chloe- at least he built a structure out of flower shop materials.  

        • l_c_ann

          As I remember it, Daniel won for COLOR and not much of it. 

          Did they just put a lot of bunches of flowers in a large space last night and let them buy at will?  All those canna lilies must have been at give away prices and no $10 per stem of hydrangeas.  Oh, well, at least we got to see flowers rather than foliage.

          • BrooklynBomber

            Yes, I think you’re right: there weren’t a lot of flowers, but Daniel used flowers. Plus they all had hard ons for him, in general. 

      • BrooklynBomber

        Yes! Kara’s for the win. Although I loved Chloe’s because it looked like printed fabric. Stanley’s is beautiful and instantly reminded me of Chloe’s, but the proportions are a bit off and it doesn’t look like a print. Not that it has to look like a print, but I think Chloe’s was more successful because it looked like a real dress, it was light, it had movement, it looked like a real garden party dress. Stanley’s is great, but compared to Chloe’s it look heavy and stiff and pulls downward.

      • BrooklynBomber

        I wonder if those images are archived here. I’ve been poking around using the search button but can’t find them.

    • MilaXX

       By season 11, what may have impressed the judges in the early seasons is not that big a deal. Now it’s like, “yeah we’ve seen that before.” Stanley’s dress deserved nothing more than safe.

      • libraangel

        I don’t know: maybe Stanley’s was safe, but it was beautiful, based on Dior, and wonderfully executed.

        • MilaXX

           I agree it was pretty, but in a challenge where they are looking for innovation  and risk taking, a pretty dress,  even a well made one will always be safe, meaning it’s not bad enough for the bottom, but not good enough for the top.

    • libraangel

      I think in Nick Verreos’s blog he mentioned that they only had $100 for their flowers.

  • MintaHallWriter

    I too am digging the team thing–mostly because the designers (a) have a little bit of extra time, money, and help to complete their designs, and (b) the designers are not turning this into Real Housewives bashing. I was really impressed with both teams in this challenge. 

    In terms of the winner, yes, I agree.Layana was the clear winner for me, with Tu second.  But all the dresses on that team had enough good points that choosing the best was difficult.

    I actually disliked Amanda’s dress more than I disliked Joe’s. I think the thing with Joe’s that was the big negative was that it looked like it swelled out at the waist, almost like maternity wear. It didn’t just disguise the body, it made the body look odd. I did sort of like his use of color and flowers but the proportions of the flower elements seemed just off. Add to that was his complete lack of being able to articulate what it was he was trying to make (is it a coat? a sweater? a dress? who knows?)

    I was pretty sure Joe would go, but I’m going to miss him. His aesthetic is odd and offbeat, but interesting. Not sure who would actually wear his stuff, though. The other thing is that I think Amanda has shown more promise than Joe. A good reason to keep her over him, I guess.

    I liked Daniel’s–but not that weird peplum thing. If he’d left that off it would have been much much better, if a little plain. But his use of materials was masterful.

    Patricia’s…hmmm…I first thought it was a hot mess, but the more i looked at it the more I liked it. I kind of got the vibe she was trying for there.  

    I do agree that the team challenges as they’re doing them this season are a big improvement.

  • Indigo54

    I liked Ben’s dress but, OMG he gets on my last nerve.  Did you guys see him talking to the judges?   He spoke as if he was the one who led the team and developed the concept for the collection??   Poor Stanley couldn’t get a word in edgewise.  I’m so ready for him to go!  

    • DinaSews

      I’m with you there. Stanley put that team together and Ben appeared to take all the credit. He really needed to shut his mouth.

      • 3boysful

         There’s a tendency in the US for us to fall for people with British (Irish/Scot/Aussie) accents, but Ben’s can’t carry him past his personality so far as I’m concerned.  Step back, Ben or be gone!

        • alyce1213

          Yes, it is an extraordinary phenomenon that Americans perceive people with a British accent as being more intelligent, accomplished, articulate.  It took getting to know several Brits and Aussies for me to shake that illusion; they can be just as dopey as anyone, anywhere.  

    • MilaXX

       I’m beginning to reverse my opinion on Stan. Initially he bugged, but now I starting to like him.

    • Sally Brownson

      And just like TLo said, he might’ve woven that fabric, but the result wasn’t any better than if he HADN’T constructed a damn loom. They need to lose next time so that he gets cut loose, because he’s not nearly good enough to be in with the rest of this group.

  • Winter_White

    “The creative process is taking center stage this season…”  “…they’re all acting fairly maturely, supporting each other, and critiquing the work in a grown-up way.”
    Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.

    Skipped the All Stars; had avoided this season so far.  But now TLo has made me curious!  If our DVR caught this episode, I will watch it…thanks, TLo.  (Haven’t decided yet if that thanks is sincere or sarcastic.)

    • minnye

      This was a fun episode! But then I love flowers & hardware & unconventional challenges…

    • Lisa_Cop

      Also if you have this channel, reruns are on Entertainment On Demand.

      • Winter_White

        Thanks, Lisa Cop.  Yesterday I found out that my husband has been saving all of the recorded PRs — he didn’t believe that I could actually give up on the show forever!  After 22 years together, he knows me all too well. 😉

  • nannypoo

    I’m glad to have a chance to look at Joe’s design again here. It really is interesting and beautiful. I think he said it’s a coat, which I don’t understand, but he certainly should not have been sent home.

  • DinaSews

    I find the pink lipstick on some of the models really ugly. It reminds me of the ugly colors we wore in the 80’s.

    • Susan Crawford

      I agree 100%, DinaSews. There’s a neon, uber-frosted effect to the color that is absolutely hideous. On the other hand, if you’re going to a black-light disco party this is definitely the color to wear.

  • What??? NO mention of Ms Midler???

  • Patricia’s looks like she rolled in a grave at a funeral.

    Zac criticized Joe for not going even BIGGER with the sweater/coat/dress, because then it really would have made a statement. Well he WANTED to, at the beginning of the design process, but his team talked him out of it – right? That’s how I remember it, anyway. Too bad, because I liked him and his creation too. Wish the grey had been a different color maybe but that’s a minor quibble.

    “flower goiters”. what the what were those?

    I thought Tim looked really cute last night. Loved all his outfits.

    • PaulaBerman

      A fellow Paula! There aren’t too many of us. Anyway, I think the issue with Joe’s look was that it was puffy in all the wrong places, such as the waist. It gave her a misshapen look. If the silhouette had been either more exaggerated or more fitted, it would have looked deliberate. As it was, it just made her look like she had a spare tire. However, there were worse looks on the runway IMO.

      • Carrps

        I’m a Paula, too! I like that it’s not a common name, but not weird either.

        As for PR, I agree with the Ben comments above. If you’re going to waste a lot of time constructing a loom, make the fabric you weave fabulous. His wasn’t. Also, his hogging the limelight on the runway is seriously obnoxious.

    • minnye

       They made me think of oversized ovaries, but yeah… what the what?!

  • BrooklynBomber

    The more focus on creativity, the better.  The team challenge seems to be cutting down on the pumped up drama that’s been dominating. They really can’t take that “I’m not here to  make friends” attitude, because they do have to make friends with their team mates.

    I think Joe’s would have been prettier w/o the red flowers, but I like the idea and I like that he’s so different. I’m sorry to see him go. There were several worse looks: Michelle & Richard’s (but they were on the winning team, right?), Daniel’s, Amanda’s.  I can’t remember what else Amanda has done but I’m not sure she’s done anything memorable.
    I only saw part of the show: did they have two days for this challenge?

    • Kathleen Tripodi

      Yes, they had 2 days and $2400/team.

      • BrooklynBomber


    • Lisa_Cop

      Michelle and Richard were on the losing team.

  • MrsMaxPower

    Grommets makes me miss Stella

    • MoHub

      A lot of stuff makes me miss Stella. But I bet Lifetime would never have cast her.

  • Personally, I’m finding this the most boring season ever, and the non-stop team challenges that have everyone (edited?) to seem to be playing nice puts me to sleep. At least the runway was better last night, but that had more to do with the extra time than anything else. 

  • Anz

    As annoying as I find Patricia, I thought Michelle had a bad attitude with her in person. Why is it that people on TV don’t know how to be cordial? No one’s asking you to make out with her– if she says hello, you don’t have to make the poo-poo face.

    • Indigo54

        I agree.  Michelle was constantly whining about being on a loser team.  Then when she got the chance to join the winning team she whines about Patricia. Childish.  

      •  Considering that the show is edited for ‘drama’ I suspect there will be a turnaround in Michelle’s nasty attitude toward Patricia when or if Patricia comes to the rescue for her.  And speaking of editing, I hate the EVERY TIME they have a reaction from Patricia, her eyebrows a climbing ever northward and her eyes are about to pop out of her head. like they intentionally try to make her look goofy.

    • lacy Betters

      I agree. Patricia probably is condescending and seems to have an ego, (i.e. the way she talks incessantly about her designs when asked-but then again, that could just be editing). Either way, I do think Michelle had a bad attitude about working with her from the get-go. And there was a moment when they were at the hardware store and Patricia went in to give Michelle a hug, then switching to Michelle being interviewed saying, “BACK UP!”  She was trying to be nice to her since she’s her new teammate and she couldn’t be cordial about it.

      • Sally Brownson

        Okay, I’m with Michelle on that one. I am really not into hugging people who aren’t my family or best friends. I can’t stand it when people think that one should use hugging as a sign of “friendliness.” If you’re actually friends, hugging is fine, but otherwise it’s just too goddamn close contact.

        • Lisa_Cop

          You should never go to Europe. Double cheek kissing and hugging is common among those barely more than acquaintances.

  • Susan Crawford

    At first, I was rolling my eyes at the combination of two past unconventional materials challenges – for the first time EVAH on Project Runway! – but actually it worked out beautifully. Now, may I see a show of hands: how many PUFs think that giving the teams a workable time frame of two days made for the best runway show in a lo-o-o-ong time? What a concept! And having enough money to purchase the materials was also a HUGE help. (Thanks to our friends at Glade, amiright?) (Can you imagine what the workroom smelled like? No air conditioning plus a bajillion Glade candles? Pass the nasal spray from our friends at Afrin, Tim.)

    I was thrilled that Samantha won. I loved the fantasy and coolness of her design, and the “trapped leaves” was genius. Kudos, Samantha, and keep up the great work! I also loved Tu’s design, and was really a bit disappointed that he didn’t get as much from the judges as he deserved. I adored that he made a necklace, and his proportions were terrific.

    I also loved Joe’s “auf” look, and I am confused that the judges didn’t see his whimsy and playfulness. Yes, the design wasn’t body-conscious, but why SHOULD we only think of fashion in terms of form-fitted clothing? Why NOT use volume? Maybe it isn’t for everybody (or every body), but it is avant garde and challenging. I will miss Joe, but I have a feeling he is going to go places, and create some fascinating pieces. I’ll be on the lookout for him, that’s for sure. Amanda’s anti-floralism did her in, as far as I was concerned. If she truly HATES flowers, why didn’t she opt for an entirely hardware-store design? I believe they were given that option. Oh, well. Live and learn, and stay the hell away from the damned moss. She definitely was kicked to the curb, though, by her team. Something of a pile-on happened, and Bette was right in citing contagion as the reason. Bette is ALWAYS right, though, isn’t she? (Pause as I do some bowing to Her Divinity.)

    So what is the mystery to come as we head back to the runway after the runway? Why is St. Tim of Gunn looking all serious-like? Stay tuned, Bitter Kittens.

  • save_the_hobbit

    Joe was my favorite…he seems like such a sweet, low-key guy, plus I really likes his kind of wacky aesthetic.  Not gonna lie, I would wear every one of his hipster cat sweaters. But I really liked this design…the placement of the flowers was very reminiscent of a print, and I love how he tried to emphasize that oversized can be sexy too.

    Bullshit auf’ing…but when isn’t it? Can we for once have a show actually based on talent and not potential drama fodder? I know that’s apparently a lot to ask for in a reality show.

  • jjfg

    Haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments – but am I the only one who just saw past contestant’s entries in some of these looks?  Stanley  = Chloe; Amanda = Kayne, was it? or Laura? I can see the dress, can’t put a name to it; Kate = Kenley?  For some reason this really struck me this week.

    As for Ben – liked him at first, now he’s getting way too high maintenance, with little to show for it.  Didn’t initially see him as cannon fodder, as you so well put it, but maybe so. 

  • OrigamiRose

    This is sort of a dumb question but are the models bouncing between teams this season?  I would swear that Samantha’s winning model was also last week’s winning model for Kate and Layana.  If she moved with Layana to the other team, wouldn’t she have modeled for Layana?  

    This season is such a vast improvement over past ones and yes, I can’t believe it either but the team concept is absolutely the reason.   They just need to dispense with the silly “Who do you think should be thrown under the bus go home?” business

    Also, I did not understand Bette’s eye-rolling to Kate’s response about the inspiration for the cupcake dress coming from 1950s Hitchcock.  The first thing I thought when I saw it on the runway was Edith Head/Rear Window (it was the skirt, I love love love that skirt).

    Still have no idea who that other judge was; she seemed to be some girl they found outside a frat house after a party, wearing only a football jersey and needing a place to go.  I don’t recall a single thing she said.  Why was she there?

    • LCTerrill

      That’s the Man Repeller, Leandra Medine. One of the most powerful fashion bloggers out there…

      I was frankly surprised and disappointed they didn’t give her more screentime. She’s witty, insightful, and all about flipping convention on its head.

      • OrigamiRose

        Wow.  She did herself a terrible disservice, showing up dressed like that to give a fashion critique.  On sight alone, I would not take her seriously (and did not), nor would I look further into her work as a result of this one exposure.  That’s an outfit for a Sunday afternoon in November in front of the television.  

        • libraangel

          I agree with you exactly. Because of her football jersey, I will not be checking her blog – ever!

    •  In an all team season, I can absolutely understand the “who should go home?” thing better.  Because if you’re working in teams, and there’s one person who is not clicking with the team or is working against team cohesion, that person has a higher percentage of blame for losses.  The only way for the judges to know that kind of thing is to ask the question.

      Normally, it really doesn’t matter that much, because the rest of the competition that person’s ability to work in a group isn’t going to prove a detriment, but when it’s all teams, they are never going to be the best they can be and they are going to keep you from seeing others at their best.

  • Tu’s was the clear winner. WHY didn’t they give it to him? And why did he receive so little acknowledgement for something that’s impeccably crafted and resembles an actual garment? He didn’t simply slap flowers onto an infrastructure. He furled the yellow petals so as to mold (they’re neat and conform to the skirt) and lineate (there’s three distinct panels) them. The bodice consists of linear (as befits the sash) and curvilinear (as befits the back) arrangements. I love that the fibers incrementally decrease in length and increase in curvature as they proliferate throughout the back. The necklace is covetable. It was a good idea to utilize the hardware component to make closures for the necklace.

    Stanley: I love that he generated such movement.

    Layana: I love how she interspersed the string-structure with flowers/petals. It’s very artisan.

    Samantha: Props for encasing the leaves in the net/screen and for using both floral and hardware elements. Other than that, it’s nowhere near as intricate as the garments I mentioned above (but it is edgier).
    Kate: A bit too saccharine for my taste, but it’s a presentable entry.

    Ben’s was… done. It’s his first completed garment. Props for weaving the infrastructure; however, most of the hand-work is obscured by the not-so-inventively applied petals.

    Matt: Cute in a quirky way. He achieved some graphic impact by using black- and white mop strings. There’s an attempt at counterpoint: fitted bodice vs. full skirt.

    Michelle / Richard: Props for constructing the topography of a dress through the latticework of blinds, but the floral portion is not working for me: the flowers looked shoved and tortured.

    Daniel’s (tumors) and Patricia’s (someone vomited flowers) were losing entries.

    Amanda’s belonged in the bottom, but it wasn’t as badly conceived as Daniel’s and Patricia’s. She did attempt to intermingle hardware and flowers by creating some panels. Sure, she needed help in reconfiguring the garment, but in the end it wasn’t an utter, overworked mess.

    Joe: Sorry to see him go due to this entry. I like how he constructed the bandage-like foundation and how he arranged the flowers in a cascading way.

    • pylgrym

       I think Tu’s model is hurting his designs. As mentioned in other entries, she is very mannish. Putting that lovely dress on a linebacker was a crime. Why do the designers no longer have model choices?

  • Am I the only one who saw Daniel’s dress as having oozing boils on the hips?

  • The_English_Teacher

    Patricia’s slapdash creation was the clear loser, yet the judges acted as if it were just peachy. What is the explanation for this group dishonesty? Is it the desire to keep the contestant pool ethnically diverse? Sorry for being politically incorrect, but I can’t think of any other reason for the judges to give Patricia’s abomination a pass.

    • libraangel

      Maybe because her previous designs were good and showed promise? I don’t know

  • I thought they picked the right person for the win. I love the way she made the skirt appear to be a print peeking through a sheer. Very timely given that sheers are in right now.

  • leftcoastpickle

    Booo! I loved Joe, I loved his sweater dress, I guess he’s just too interesting for the producers. I was surprised they were all able to pull out such not sucking designs this week. I’m not enjoying it being so long. I was ready to start fast forwarding through the whole Amanda’s failing dress coverage. A lot more Heidi involved in the process, eh? In the workroom and on the runway. 


    The reason that the Team Concept worked in this episode is that they were supposed to present cohesive collections, which up until this outing they were not.  It also helped that they adjusted the teams, giving Stanley a chance to shine (though not individually) in this revamped group.

    Among the various ironies in Joe’s elimination the major one (outside of his making one of the best garments in his group) was his being the one whose suggestion saved Amanda’s dress.   As much as I appreciated his being unfazed at being given the boot, I would have liked someone to have come to his defense when the judges were ripping appart his lovely dress while Patricia’s and Daniel’s models stood there in the crazy ragged messes they made.

  • Vodeeodoe

    Seriously – I could not believe that Patricia stayed and Joe left. Patricia’s outfit looked like a garbage truck exploded. I call bull. They want to keep her on for some reason.

  • I mentioned this last week, and possibly the week before. I find Michelle (as.she is portrayed on screen) positively odious. First,. I hated her 80s hair and personal style…..I get a sense that she thinks she’s being “ironic” (or some such nonsense), but it’s just hideous. OK, fine, then she bashes almost every other designer when she has constructed *nothing* to back up her ego & attitude. I was dumbfounded that “dream team” wanted her almost unanimously. I realize that much of my”hate” is irrational, but I TRULY don’t want her to be a narrator or commentator this season. If they insist on having someone narrate, it should be someone interesting, talented, or pleasant, preferably all 3. (Daniel & Stanley come to my mind, but YMMV). I was so hoping that she would get eliminated last night, but I knew that she would most likely would be saved by being part of a collaboration. One of these past weeks, I mentioned that I find her to be more unlikable than Gretchen. If she is going to continue to act “too cool for school”, I’m going to go mad. (Or at least watch the show on DVR so I can fast forward through everything she says). Oh, also her irrational hatred of Patricia ( who I can take or leave, especially after last night’s monstrosity)? Not Cute.

    • PaulaBerman

      I concur: Michelle is insufferable. I think they are going to keep her because she is bitchy. She hasn’t impressed me at all with her designs, though she likes to talk a lot of smack.

    • minnye

       Yes, she is getting way too much camera time.

    • Kate4queen

      Agreed. She thinks a lot of herself as a designer and is very quick to be negative about every other person there. She also seems to dislike Patricia to the extent of not being able to smile and say hi to her? Seems rather High school behavior to me. I wish she’d shut up. (and Ben would too)

    • barbiefish

      Yes to Suzanne and those who replied!  Michelle has way too many THs — I guess they need someone to bring the condescending bitch ‘tude — and it’s indeed a mystery why the other team was so eager to get her. With Michelle, she, every week it seems, makes everything about HER — like Dream Team’s other members should stop screwing up so badly as they’re detracting from the shining star that she’s clearly meant to be.  Tu or Samantha would be much better steals design-wise for team Make It Real, plus they both seem likeable and self-effacing.  (I realize those latter qualities aren’t necessarily desired by BM.)

  • Laylalola

    Of course, Joe is the one who came up with the last-minute creative suggestions that saved Amanda after the entire team had run through apparently a litany of options. 

  • alyce1213

    I really liked this episode.  Stanley, the Team Whisperer, seemed to get things sorted out pretty quickly (thanks in large part to editing), and the Dream Team, in a miraculous reversal, came up with a great design story and remarkable pieces.

    The bad:
    Daniel’s dress – the pollen pods were disturbing.  Not auf-worthy, but this was not his best work.  Even without the pods, the dress couldn’t compare with the better ones.
    Amanda’s was Heidi-horrible, bad from concept to execution, but also not the worst of the lot.  She took quite a beating at the hands of her teammates, which was unfair — but then again, we don’t see everything that goes on. 
    For me, the worst was Patricia’s. It looked like the work of blindfolded schoolchildren. I’d hate to auf her because her other work has been somewhat interesting, but this week’s was the worst.

    The good:
    Joe — gorgeous and imaginative. It’s a crime that he was sent home.
    Stanley — yes, I love it. It was perfect for the team’s 50s Dior theme, it’s beautifully done, and really pretty. Nothing wrong with making a pretty dress when it comes out REALLY pretty.
    The rest were all fine.

    I don’t think Michelle should have won, even though I love the mesh over leaves skirt.  It’s the awkward peplum or lack of editing, maybe. Others were more perfect.

    One more crank – Amanda’s model. Will you look at that sour puss?  I feel bad for Amanda.

  • Kenisha Hill Phillips

    I think that unconventional challenge finally sold me on the team format.

    I, too, was confused about the judges’ decision to eliminate Joe. I really liked it. I totally saw myself wearing it with some tights and booties during the fall and winter.

  • I haven’t been watching this season (I just can’t bring myself to do it), but it looks to me that last look would make an amazing coat.

  • altalinda

    THANK YOU.  I was questioning my taste, sanity and years of study at TLo Academy when Joe was sent home for this.

  • I loved Tu’s and Samantha’s skirts. They both had brilliant ideas that created fresh, new looks.

    Patricia should have gone home. Hers was truly awful. I was only impressed with how all those swinging flowers did not disintegrate during the runway walk. I’d like to know how she did that.

    Poor Joseph. I loved his sweater dress. It was the best look on his team. Plus his idea to help Amanda was great. Didn’t he have helpful insights on previous episodes as well? His team should have stuck up for him more.

    Oh, and this was soooo much better than the other flower store challenge. People actually used colors all over the place! Season 2’s flower challenge was so colorless.

  • I think Joe’s could have been much better, had he cut some off the bottom.  That bubble shape is fabulous with exposed legs.  But…  I’m sad to see him go.  Anyone from my hometown with a morbid cat addiction is cool in my book.  

    • I’m sad I’ll never again get to see the montage of his mountain-of-cats sweater. I rewatched that so many times.

    • libraangel

      Yeh Providence!

  • As soon as Nina said Joe’s design went against everything she stood for in fashion I knew he was toast. Why the heck was Patricia not in the bottom two. Also the hipster girl complaining about Patricia seemed a bit much especially when the elves never show Patricia doing that things she is complaining about.

    I think the main reason the challenge was success is they gave them two days, lots of money, access to planning beforehand and a mix of materials including lots of one to create the dress structure with.

    • alyce1213

      I thought that was a devastating, unnecessary thing to say to him.  I  lost some respect for Nina at that moment.  Even if she didn’t like the silhouette, surely SHE should have recognized and acknowledged the considerable work, the artistry, and that it was a concept piece.  Shame on Nina.

  • I haven’t watched yet, due to a fun time at the ER (Potassium is important, eat a banana — trust me on this!), but just seeing the stills, I’m with you on Joe’s — I’m picturing it as a coat with hidden closures and I’d buy that coat in a heartbeat! (Yes, I know that’s not what he made, but what he made is also out of mesh and real flowers, so I feel fine changing it a little in my head, since as a dress I can’t do that shape)

    • Linda Noble

      I almost think he could’ve been saved if he cut it up the front to make a coat, but would they let him show it over a LBD (doubt he’d have time to make one)?

      • Call me Bee

        Yes!  Maybe if he’d have made it a coat he would have been saved.  And would he really need to make something underneath?  I don’t think Korto made a dress under her fabulous seat-belt coat…

  • snich11

    Tu’s model looks like a dude…a big, muscular dude.

    • Indigo54

       OMG, I said the same thing but was too chicken to comment out loud!!!

  • janierainie

    I’m starting to like the team format as well. I agree with you about Joe too. Someone should have spoken up about how he saved Amanda’s ass when he came up with a solution for this mess at the last hour. I really hated to see him go. Especially since he did a better job of standing up for his aesthetic than she did.Saying that, I don’t feel like she deserved all the criticism for her teamates piled on her. They were all just covering their own asses. 
    Does anyone else think the meeting at the end of the episode has something to do with why the judges chose Joe to auf instead of Amanda? Are they going to get lectured in some way about the teamwork concept?
     Daniels dress was horrible. The model looked like she had tumors growing out of her hips. I loved the winning dress. It’s was the best showing of hard/soft , and completely different than anything seen before (at least that I can remember) I give it more points than Layana’s because it was more innovative. I really am starting to not like Ben. He took over the explanation of their concept and didn’t mention Dior. He’s like an upper management type that doesn’t produce. All talk.Yes, what a shocker-the best runway show since forever.I wonder why? Could it be because they had 2 days and more money? What a concept!

    •  “Tumors’ is exactly what I thought when I saw Daniel’s, and her severe Betty Draper/Ladybird Johnson helmet hair didn’t help either.
      Amanda’s dress looked better than most of the dresses on her team, but her aversion to flowers puzzles me.   How can anyone hate all flowers and find them ‘boring’?     And  poor Joe did deserve credit for saving Amanda’s dress, I should hope that someone mentioned that, but it was edited out. 

  • Indigo54

    Patricia has the prettiest model and she turned her into a human trellis.  

  • Call me Bee

    I agree about the team format, gentlemen. It is serving to push all of the designers to be creative and execute their designs as well as they can. I bated the idea, but its working well. Proving, I guess, that we’re pack animals at heart.
    I really did not agree with the auf. Patricia’s look was by far the worst. There seemed to be no effort in it. But true innovation has no place in the PR wheelhouse right now.
    Tu should have won this round. He made those materials look like a chic jacket with a fresh, floppy skirt–and the judges barely mentioned it. I hope he gets more love as the season rolls along.

    I’m looking forward to whatever drama is coming up next week.

  • Scoobydrew

    I knew that Joe was going to get the auf when they started giving him the “I’m an artist and I will not compromise my vision” edit.  I think that Patricia will eventually be auffed for the same reason. I really did think her dress had a Kahlo thing going on – and I liked it, not enough for a win- but enough … 

    I didn’t think I would like the team aspect of this season … but I am really enjoying it! 

  • Deb Oswald

    Is Patricias models from one of the Seasons of ANTM?

    • bluefish

      Yes indeed she is.  Someone was good enough to point out last week that she Lisa from one of the Tyra cycles.   It was driving me crazy not to be able to place her!

    • spooki C

       Yes, Lisa Jackson. Cycle 9 I think. Definitely one of the better models this season.

  • Lisa Hura

    I think that one of the key elements this time around was the budget. I recall that in the first flower shop challenge, the judges kept yelling “Where are the flowers?” when they gave them a budget of $100. This time, they had enough money to buy decent materials.

    I think more people will agree with you about the team concept than you might expect. I was afraid it would be DOOM (see also: RuPaul’s Drag Race teams), but it has really been a great idea. Making them work together, making them sink or swim together has really made a huge improvement. 

  • siriuslover

    I haven’t watched it this season, and I’m beginning to wonder if I should catch the episodes and catch up. Following your posts, it seems that they’re at least trying to improve the quality of the show.

    •  I suggest you at Least watch this challenge.  It was really fun to watch – the whole thing.  I kept thinking, oh, those BKs who only follow through TLo’s blog are really missing out tonight.  And I feel certain dresses look so Great (or weird/lopsided)  on a runway because of the way they move – it would be hard to see that in photos.

  • lacy Betters

    Amanda’s 60’s shift was the only outfit from team “Keeping It Real” that I could ever see myself wearing. Obviously it could have been better executed but her idea was more fresh than Kate’s, (although kudos to her for that cumbersome feat of working with chicken wire) and wearable than Patricia’s mess. I really felt bad for Amanda when they threw her under the bus. It seemed as if one member, whoever was asked first, chose her to go home and they all just went along with it. And to say that because Joseph helped her she should have been the one to go doesn’t really sit well with me because these are TEAM challenges. Isn’t helping other team members a norm when working as a team? Though I won’t say her dress was amazing. But as many of you have said, Joseph was so charming and interesting. So it was sad either way.

  • lacy Betters

  • Joe was never long for this world/show as experimental and avant garde designers are NOT what the judges/producers are looking for, though they will argue the converse as it suits them.  That said, I thought Daniel’s was a tumorous looking mess and Patricia’s looked like the floor dustings from some wild fairy-themed party.  I’m calling bs on them saying Amanda had all these issues…they completely dogged a woman who could take it as she graciously showed…it was a bit uncomfortable to watch.

    I would’ve given Layana the win for that McQueen looking dress which was something amazing imho.  Tu’s was good too and the craftsmanship on that vest was extraordinary.  I like that the show is (for the moment) letting process take focus over drama. Perhaps they’ll realize that if they give them longer than 5-7 hrs for a garment they can get better results though I won’t hold my breath.

    • libraangel

      Not only was the criticism of Amanda difficult to watch, I thought the question of asking them ‘who is the weakest’ was just plain awful. What a terrible thing to ask! I don’t think I would answer.

  • Lattis

    I am going to remember some of these dresses. I’m going to remember them! Hell, it’s been a looooong time on PR that I could say that. So I am (cautiously) falling in love with  PR again.

    • alyce1213

      Yes, for the first time in a very long time the work was remarkable and memorable.  An unexpected treat.

  • Lattis

    Kate’s dress + model with big red hair = Lynne Marie Stewart on Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

    •  Miss Yvonne, the prettiest woman in Puppetland! She was always running around with Cowboy Curtis (Laurence Fishburne) or Captain Carl! (Phil Hartman). Man I use to love some Pee Wee!

  • StillGary

    I wanted to see more of Joe — he was kind of a Ping, Alisa (am I remembering her name right? The fabric blesser?) and Andre — with a clearer vision.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    The team idea isn’t as horrendous as I thought it would be, but on the whole, I’m not seeing any big benefit of it, either.  A few team challenges a season is quite sufficient to see it used well, as it was here.

    Definitely not Patricia’s best effort last night, though I can at least see where the pow-wow chic comment came from.  It looked like a floral version of a dance costume, with flower fringe replacing cloth or leather fringe.

    I really did like Kate’s a lot as an art piece.  At it wasn’t just the flowers glued on a dress part — it was the underneath construction that really did it.

    Stanley deserved some kind of special mention for leading the team, and, while Ben’s weaving didn’t amount to much, I give him all the credit in the world for doing it and doing it in the time allotted.

  • thelovelydove

    Layana’s dress was GORGEOUS. Damn.
    It looks like Daniel’s model has a giant floral penis on her chest. I can’t unsee it.

  • Kate Lorenz

    I also agree that is was one of my favorite episodes in many seasons.  I was blown away by most of the Dream Team Dior looks…so pastel, feminine, beautiful, creative…just wow.  I felt that rush of amazement and wonder that I used to feel when I watched a PR runway show.

    I was devastated that they sent Joe home; he was so sweet and I loved his ideas about shape.  Amanda should have gone home.  I also thought Layana or Tu should have won; I would have put Samantha on the bottom of her team.

    I feel like an old friend has returned!!  PR welcome back!!  I will try not to get my hopes up too much for the rest of the season, though.

  • ZnSD

    YES. Thank you for that! He made a gorgeous garment and was sent home after SAVING Amanda’s garment, which was completely overlooked. While I agree that this season is marginally better, it still sucks. Oh, and Posen? It’s funny, I used to think I’d like him because I love his design, but he’s a douchebag.

    • libraangel

      Unfortunately, the judges did not know that Joe saved Amanda’s dress.

      • DeTrop

        It’s always been my impression that the judges know everything.  I base this opinion on some of the questions they ask the designers after the runway show.  I think they’re given info and know just what scabs to pick at. Of course, this is my opinion only.

        • libraangel

          If so, would they fault Joe for saving Amanda’s dress. It is a team concept.

  • Dagney

    hmm….I can honestly say I didn’t hate those, to the point that some of the designs looked like, dare I say, actual designs.

  • I think Patricia, Amanda & Richard/Michelle all turned in looks that were far, far more worthy of being auf’d than Joe did.
    But somethings that Joe vaguely alluded to in his confessionals made it seem to me that he knew the auf was coming *and* that he was resigned to it (something to the effect of how PR not being the right fit for someone with his design sensibility — I can’t remember the exact quote, just the overall impression it made on me at the time).

    • libraangel

      Joe seemed too nice, shy, and humble 

  • Sweetbetty

    I liked Joe’s look too but the thing that bothered me was that he kept referring to it as a sweater or a coat.  It wasn’t knit or crochet so it couldn’t be a sweater and it didn’t have a full front opening so it couldn’t be a coat.  I don’t know if his insistence on those terms had anything to do with his auffing but if I was a judge I’d have pinned him down on that. 

  • Sally Brownson

    I get where the team’s criticism of Amanda is coming from. It’s not just this challenge, it’s the fact that in general, she’s been getting more out of the team format than she’s been putting in. Joe saved her ass this time, her collaboration with Joe in an earlier challenge helped their dress be less boring, her previous effort was boring… basically, the other teammates’ scores are carrying her in most challenges, and she doesn’t help out others enough to want to keep her for that reason. They realize that sooner or later, every team member is going to have be contributing high scores, not just avoiding disaster.

    When you look at the rest of the team, who else were they going to choose? There were 3 designers who’d never been top 3 on their team: Michelle, Joe, and Amanda. They’d just picked up Michelle, so they must’ve thought she had something going for her. With Joe, while he’d never been in the top 3, he’d always been helping out the rest of the team with his ideas. Amanda, on the other hand, doesn’t really help them and doesn’t contribute much either. She is the weakest link on the team.

    • I completely agree with this. We’ve yet to see any contributions from Amanda that show she’s worth the energy drain she’s exacting on her teammates. Only the superbly talented are worth that. Joe has been contributing, perhaps more in the workroom than on the runway, but every successful team needs a Joe. He was relatively low maintenance, personable, and had moments of great clarity.

  • mom2ab

    I am so annoyed with them voting Joe off- yeah yeah he was cannon fodder but this week wasn’t his week to go- I thought his garment was lovely especially the flowers.  I would have picked Patricia’s nightmare for the auf- she is cannon fodder too and this would have been the week to do it.

  • alwaysanswerb

    What I love probably more than all of these dresses combined is the arms on Tu’s model. Her musculature is gorgeous.

  • Tracy_Flick

    Samantha’s: Desperately needed editing
    Layana’s: Amazing, love the bodice
    Tu: I want it. The vest is great.
    Richard and Michelle: I actually really like the way the flowers came out. I like the juxtaposition of exuberance and restraint.
    Matthew: Eh. Muppet+bottle brush. Not bad though.
    Ben: I thought his homemade fabric was cool, and I liked the lines. I think a better color palette might have improved it. The pastels are sort of blah.
    Daniel: That waist treatment looks like an alien pregnancy. Horrible. Like the use of the foliage in the skirt, though.
    Patricia: I don’t mind the hippy-ish top, but the skirt was just a throw away.
    Stanley: The leaf part was sort of lizard-y, which was a neat contrast to the sweet roses. I thought that saved it from being too basic.
    Kate: Very Strawberry Shortcake. A little too Pinterest for my taste.
    Amanda: Not awful, but the proportions are off and I think her flowers are wilting.
    Joe: I can’t believe he went home. I loved this. I would wear it. I want to have him make me one in fabric and buy it.

  • bluefish

    That’s right.  Poor Joe!  He saved Amanda’s tuchus and then, whammo, off. 

  • bluefish

    Stanley’s dress reminded me of Chloe’s beautiful leaf dress from the Second Season.  Also floral challenge.  And made me miss Grace, the model …

  • bluefish

    Daniel’s dress was hideous.  The win should have gone to the cage dress with the pastel flowers.  Beautiful and very chic.

  • notdorothygale

    Actually, I DO agree with you, TLo…begrudgingly. I hated the team approach when it began yet this week’s episode turned a (good) corner for me. Even the clunker garments were interesting. The focus was on creation and cooperation rather than nasty snarky remarks. I liked it and hope I’m not flung into the pit of despair next week.

  • George Mortimer

    Thank you for what you said about Joseph, totally agree! His was by far one of the best of that collection! I completely got what he was going for and he pulled it off really well!

  • chitowndg

    I loved Joe’s – it was my favorite.  I did not get the criticism at all.  I loved the shape and the sleeves were fantastic.  Have we ever seen sleeves in the unconventional materials challenge before?  I don’t remember any.

    My impression was that the team chose Stanley because of his organization skills – something that we did not see in prior episodes, but did in this one.  I thought that Stanley’s look could be his attempt at the “New Look” concept.  And if Daniel had put the “bustle” in the back it could too have been “new look”.  I did not pick up where that team dropped to color.

    I did agree that Samantha’s look was a very creative way to be on trend, and just needed editing.

  • Sweetbetty

     I saw her wearing Daniel’s dress on a commercial for her perfume while I was watching PR Thursday night.  She was dancing around cutting lengths of ribbon and wrapping them around a giant bottle of her perfume.

    • libraangel

      I think you mean Heidi and I think the dress was created by Layana and Kate.

  • butter nut

    i was liking princess waterlily up until this one.  she really should have gone home.  wtf was that shit?  poor joe – he geniunely did not deserve to be sent home.  i liked his dress.

    • Didn’t what’s her face win an entire season on oversized sweaters?

  • Carrieanno

    This is the first time in ages that I actually truly enjoyed an episode.  

  • wawawah

    So you two have “perky GAY asses” huh? I’ll be the judge of that! 

  • Trisha26

    Layana was my winner too, and I liked Joseph’s non-form-fitting look. Patricia should have been auf’d, no question. Hideous garment. Second worst was Daniel – it just looked unpleasant. 

  • Carrieanno

    Is there anyone more divine than the Divine Miss M?

    • libraangel

      But is she qualified to be a judge?

  • i just don’t get what was bette midler doing as a judge in the challenge. PLUS, they didn’t even let Leandra talk! i was so annoyed. 

    Joe’s outfit looks like an outfit for a fashion-forward fashion blogger. the funny thing is, between a fashion editor, a designer, and a blogger, supermodel supertacky Heidi Klum was taking his side. wow #paralleluniverse

    • PinkLemon

      i know, right?? leandra didn’t get one word in! waste!

  • When Tim called the designers and models to the runway, he made some remark as he closed the workroom door. It was something to the effect that he was amazed that they were all finished. That’s what happens when you give the designers two days to complete a look.

    For the first time in PR history, I liked every look on the winning team. That’s what happens when you give the designers two days to complete a look.

    Producers, do you see a theme here?

  • guest2visits

    I thought Patricia’s and Daniels were the worst, messy and bizarre. Joe’s and Amanda’s next – mostly because I didn’t like the style of
    either, or the color scheme. Joe definitely worked better with his flowers than Amanda, but I thought the mesh looked clumsy.
    Layanna’s was innovative and perfectly fit and proportioned, it just looked effortless. I also liked Stanley’s alot; it was very pretty and
    it too was beautifully fit and proportioned.  I also liked the innovation of Samantha’s and Tu’s designs.
    I think in any challenge where they are given time to think about the project before hitting the store can improve the design, along
    with the time to make it and the cash to spend on an idea; whether it’s teams or individuals.
    In teams, however; there are the discussions…whose making which piece and how will it fit with the others, who’s strong,
    who’s slacking, etc.   This was a good unconventional materials challenge – except for Patricia’s, they all had some redeemable element.

  • Polka_Dotty

    I suppose it doesn’t matter, when it comes to judging fashion, but just look how happy Adele looked in her flowered dress! And by Adele, of course I mean Kate’s model. If you look at the stills of the models, I guess they are trying to look serious and fierce, but lordy, how happy is a young woman in a pretty floral dress.

  • Buffy

    I liked having 2 unconventional materials instead of one.  I think this is what the Season 2 judges wanted to see with the floral challenge, so they rightly gave them more money and time.  And I agree that having the designers know ahead of time where they were going allowed them to plan a design and think about what they could use to execute it rather than running around a store in a panic buying all kinds of crap and then trying to figure out what to do with it later.  All of these were lovely and I can see why the judges had a hard time finding an auf.  If I had to pick between Joe & Amanda, I agree with sending Joe home only because he seemed unrealistic to me in what women would want to wear.  Avant garde and conceptual is great and there is a place for that, but it’s not necessarily going to get you a job.  Plus those cat sweaters he’s so fond of are butt ugly.  He did save Amanda’s design though.  When she chose moss I kept saying didn’t you watch Andrae in Season 2?! the moss never works!  Honestly though I would have sent Patricia home.  I don’t really see any design there at all.  She couldn’t make a fabric or cut little pieces and make it into a new whole so she just strung a bunch of crap together.  Daniel’s looked like she had tumors growing out of her hips.  I think Dream Team made a good choice in Stanley, he seems to be without drama (so far) and able to pull everyone together.  Having decided on a cohesive theme right from the start before they even started sketching really went a long way to giving them the win.  I know it’s probably editing, but dang Benjamin, shut up on the runway.  Stanley should have been the one talking since the whole theme was his idea and it wasn’t just color it was the whole Dior thing.  And stop with the crazy time consuming stuff!  I know I’ll make a loom!  Yeesh!  Bette was a great judge and very insightful about the auf with the comment about it being a copycat thing (can’t remember her exact words).

    •  This. I, too, was calling Daniel’s a tumor dress as soon as it walked.  And lets hope they keep cooperating with Stanley as he offers just enough leadership (although it did look like he was giving major evil eye to Ben during the judging when Ben ‘took over’).
        Lastly, to any who didn’t see it yet, watch your DVR to see how Layana’s moved. It was incredible. She irritates us all, but the girl can certainly design.

      • libraangel

        Layana doesn’t irritate me. I think she is kinda sweet. Besides, I don’t know her, so I really shouldn’t even write this about her.

  • Lilithcat

    I’d have given the win to Layana.   While I loved what Samantha created with the skirt, I thought that the top looked as though it came from a different garment.  I had the same issue with Tu’s.  Layana’s, however,  was all of a piece.

    That said, I was pleasantly surprised at how good pretty much all the garments were in this challenge.  And it’s been a long time since I could say that.

    You are not, by the way, alone in liking the team concept.  What makes it work, in my view, is the fact that it isn’t a one-off.  The designers know that they will be teamed on all the challenges, so they know that they must work together and help each other, using the stronger members to support the weaker.  They have to learn to moderate their egos while maintaining their own vision, not an easy thing, but a necessary one here and in the real world.  So it’s much more realistic.

  • I didn’t like the lack of hardware, it was all a bit too flowery to me. The pow wow mess should have gotten the auf.

  • Lynn Landry

    Daniel’s dress looked like exploded ovaries.

  • kikisayshi

    I am a fan of Daniel, but the first thing I thought when I saw his dress come out was, “OVARIES!”

  • GretaChristina

    I totally agree. I was prepared to loathe and despise the team setup, but it’s actually working well. I think it’s giving the designers an incentive to help each other out — and a disincentive to indulge in petty backstabbing. The high “helping each other out” to “petty backstabbing” ratio is one of the things I miss most from previous seasons of PR, and I’m glad to see more of it in this season: it does bring the focus back onto creativity and actual design, with less pointless manufactured drama.

    And can I just say: A TWO-DAY CHALLENGE! Yay! Sweet fictional Jesus, does that extra day ever make a difference. More, please!

    As to the actual designs: I’m actually totally fine with Samantha getting the win. I don’t think it was quite as pretty or quite as well executed as some of the other looks on her team… but the “trapped leaves” thing was an idea I had never seen before, and it was a really striking and effective and weirdly beautiful look. Like she was a walking greenhouse or something.

    Not crazy about Daniel’s hip growths — to me, his model looked like she had some sort of weird alien sprouting out of her belly — but my wife is defending them, she says it looked to her like an exaggerated peplum (a la David Byrne’s big suit) and she sees where he was going with it. I just can’t with Joe’s thing: I agree with Zac, if you’re going to go oversized, you really need to go with it, to me it just looked like a shapeless harlequin costume. But it wasn’t the worst thing on the runway. I am entirely baffled as to why Patricia wasn’t on the bottom. That
    thing was a cold mess. It looked like seaweed and kelp draped on a
    burlap sack.

    I will say, though: I agree with the judges about this being the best runway show they’ve had in a while. So GIVE THE DESIGNERS MORE TWO-DAY CHALLENGES ALREADY! Sheesh.

  • aussie_guy

    It seemed to me that the main push for Stanley over Daniel came from Ben. Ben seems to have elected himself as “leader” of the Dream Team, and there’s no way in hell he would have wanted someone who’d bring a leadership challenge with them. 

  • No way Joe should have gone. His dress was the most interesting on his team for Christ’s sake. 

    Need Tu’s pipe necklace so bad.

    Benjamin is totally hamming it up for a career as a professional reality TV person.

  • wayout46

    What’s with Kate”s model’s 1988 Candice Bergen/Murphy Brown hair? (The red version)

    • libraangel

      I think the hair is supposed to be 1950’s to match the dress?

      • wayout46

        1950’s hair was short and set (see Marilyn, Elizabeth, Deborah, etc.). The occasional long do had short bangs and/or was fairly flat on top (Lauren Bacall, Bettie Page). The Murphy Brown cut is a blow-dried cascade on the sides with poofy volume on top. Not very fifties at all.

  • Verascity

    I don’t know, boys. I didn’t see the episode, but based solely on the pictures, the bottom is the one I’d auf too. It’s not just not-body conscious, it’s terribly unflattering, and I don’t get the flower placement at all. It looks like she’s being eaten by a tumor to me.

  • wayout46

    Bottom three should have been Patricia, Daniel, and Amanda – with the latter going home and the first two getting a good scare/lesson on how there are no guarantees.

  • libraangel

    Well – I never thought that I would eat my words, but – I liked this episode! (and I hope this trend of no drama, interesting designs continues). While I loved – LOVED – Layana’s, I do think Samantha deserved the win because of her beautiful construction. I really thought the skirt was a print. And I also never thought I would agree with Nina (shudder!) that Samantha’s mesh looked so light. I think Tu should have gotten a nod also for that beautifully woven bodice. And I loved- LOVED – Stanley”s : wish I could wear it. And while the others were nice, none of them were spectacular. Matt’s was too bottom heavy, and I didn’t like the black and white together. T&L: you are right about Michelle and Richard’s: flowers stuffed in a cage. My rainbow princess disappointed me tremendously, and Daniel, Daniel, Daniel! Why didn’t you put the bow/bustle thing on the back?! Amanda – you should left off those grommets in the middle. And Joe- my poor Joe – got aufed for a beautiful, FUTURISTIC dress that I liked very much. Believe it or not, I thought Benjamin had the weakest dress: it.was. just. flowers.and.weaving.glued. on.a dress!
    p.s. T&L: Who is that fashion blogger; I never heard of her. Why was she a judge when her idea of fashion is a football jersey??!!! You two should be judges: you have more taste and flair than all the judges put together.
    p.p.s. I thought it was absolutely awful that they asked the KIR team who was the weakest/should get aufed. To be made to say negative things about a team-mate? Unfair. I would answer and say no one, everyone tried their best. What a stupid, nasty question from Ms. Heidi!

    • We should petition TLo for a special Judging the Judges whenever there is a fellow blogger on the show. This is the second blogger who has appeared that made me want to rip them out of the screen and scream ‘how can you blog about fashion when you dress so awfully?’

    • PinkLemon

       i’m hoping TLO makes it into the judging at some point and they just haven’t told us….it only makes sense! the blogger was Man Repeller, her whole schtick is ‘clothes that repel men’ etc. so yeah she wasn’t dressed how you’d expect a fashion blogger to dress. MY question is – why didn’t they have clips of her saying anything?!? it was all bette midler. i was really curious as to what Leandra was going to say, too, since she’s so unconventional herself. (i don’t read her blog but i follow her on instagram. i believe she’s pretty huge, i first heard about her years ago)

  • BookishBren

    Patricia should have gotten the auf. Hers was TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. While I also am enjoying the team idea (this is the first regular season I have watched since the farce known as the Anya win), I do wish they would stop keeping the loons for the sake of it.

    I actually think the team owes the win to Stanley. For some reason, he was able to get this group organized so they produced something cohesive for the first time. I am curious if he would have been allowed to assume that leadership role if Michelle had stayed in. The group is actually pretty lucky to have him. I didn’t understand why they asked for him either. He has definitely been under my radar. But I truly credit him with their win because he laid the organizational groundwork that helped them get their sh*t together for the first time. 

    • libraangel

      I always thought they needed a leader!

  • Sweetbetty

     Yes, I did mean Heidi; my posting was in response to someone questioning why the winning dress hadn’t been seen in an ad for her perfume.  Once again, Discus has a mind of it’s own.  And thanks for correcting me on the designers too.

    • Sweetbetty

       And again my reply didn’t show up in the right place; hopefully the person I was responding to figures it out.

  • Scarlet39

    Layana was the winner for me.  I didn’t really like Samantha’s at all.  Yes, she was innovative with how she layered the material over the flowers, but overall, I thought it was kind of ugly.

    One thing that really bugged me was Michelle harping so much on Patricia in her talking heads. Jesus, we get it.  You don’t want to work with her.

  • ccm800

    I; m so happy you guys saw Joe’s piece just as I did!  I loved it thought the crits were absurd. I would tune in just to see what Joe made and I concur COMPLETELY with his statement about fit that has women killing themselves to have slamming bodies surgically or otherwise well into their golden years which is ridiculous, oppressive and a complete double standard.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    I winced at the thought of hardware and flowers at first, but I confess that the results of this challenge were really enjoyable. Hallejulah for a two day challenge!  Dream Team created a more cohesive collection, so I understood their win,yet I also enjoyed the exuberance of some of the designs from Team KIR.  Patricia and Daniel both seemed to be off their game with their designs, and benefited from their previous efforts.  Joe  came across as a sweet, thoughtful guy who probably was cast for the whimsy factor-good luck to him.

  • pdquick

    I love how cynical they’re getting about the product placements. “Your challenge will be inspired by these Glade candles, and we shall never speak of it again.”

  • Cousin_Rose

    Have to thank T&Lo and the BKs for getting me interested in this season. I really wasn’t going to watch but your comments piqued my interest and I was able to binge watch on he Lifetime iPad app. Very nice app, btw. I like the characters this year and am finding their work and personalities far more interesting than the last few seasons. 

  • libraangel

    I understand about the cohesion, but I don’t know if the Dream Team actually was that much more cohesive than the KIR team. Yes, they all had basically the same Dior silhouette (Matt?), but the KIR team had flowers arranged at the top or bottom of each outfit. And I could see the decades idea: 20’s – Amanda’s flapper, 40’s Daniel, 50’s Kate, 60’s Patricia’s hippie. Michelle& Richard’s 80’s Joan Jett , and Stanley futuristic.

  • Amy

    Ya know those weeks when the judges say “everyone was so good that we are not sending anyone home”? It’s always bs and it’s always to save some crappy designer who they want to keep for entertainment value. Well this would have made sense!

    That said, Patricia’s look scared me and I think the mini-blind dress would have been way cooler with something else under it. Oh and Daniel…the judges normally would have called you out on the big hips shape of your garment.

  • Oh, yes, that, too!

  • thecommentatorator

    Dearest TLo,

    I know you no longer are investing extensive energy in this show, but could you possibly include a photo of the back of each look?  Your screencaps are so much better than the photos on the Lifetime site, and reading your recaps I often feel like I’m seeing the dresses for the first time (I miss so many details from the live Black Runway of Doom).  Thank you!

  • libraangel

    A friend of mine said that Kathleen Robertson from the old ‘Beverly Hills 90120 looks like Kate’s model. She does ! -like a twin!

  • PinkLemon

    i agree that the whole ‘team’ thing is actually kind of compelling. and it does what they wanted it to do – create more dramz from the cast. it does add an interesting element to the show – openly critiquing each other. i’m currently writing an essay on audience reception to reality tv game shows…so….this thread is extremely helpful : )

  • libraangel

    Hey Stubenville! Where are you? I miss your cool sarcastic comments!

  • Did anyone else notice:
      1. Princess Patricia’s dress had actual nails sticking up, pointing to the models face, ears, and everywhere else deadly if another person dared to put an arm around her?  Where is The Duchess to make his funny comments, and he should at least twitter in with a comment on Daniel’s tumor dress.
      2. The shoes looked pretty atrocious with 97% of the looks this week — all those T-straps and Kate’s shoes ruined her look, which I kind of liked, except the shininess of the ??leaves around the hem did not read well on camera.
      3.  The ManRepeller blogger truly lived up to her name.  No matter what she writes in the future, I will never be able to respect her after what she wore & her hair/makeup.  Truly unforgivable.

  • Looks like someone dropped a box of Christmas decorations and a big flower heart on Patricia’s dress.  Missed the show, but enjoyed looking at the designs.  Agree with T&L that Layana’s should have won.  It would be stunning any week, not just for the unconventional challenge.

  • thecitysleeps

    I know I’m late but I’m just now catching up on the show, and reading tlo’s recap after each one, and I just have to say Poor Joseph!  He was my favourite, but obviously way too off the beaten track for these folks 🙁 I need Patricia to go.