Oscars 2013: Chris Pine in Ermenegildo Zegna

Posted on February 25, 2013

Chris Pine attends the 2013 Academy Awards in an Ermenegildo Zegna double breasted tuxedo.

Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2012 Collection



[Photo Credit: Getty, style.com]

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  • thesixthbeatle

    I dont like how shiny it is. He looks handsome though.

  • Kathy_Marlow

    Shave. Your. Damn. FACE. It’s the OSCARS

    • Kathy_Marlow

       and hem your pants!

    • MoHub

       Either wear a beard or don’t. Stubble is not attractive.

      • Sobaika

        I, um, really like stubble. He looks unkempt though, he should have shaved his neck.

        • BeeBeauNYC

           Agreed. A beard is fine for the Oscars as long as it’s trimmed and the neck is shaven. He’s a supah-sexy guy although I don’t know that a double-breasted tux is in his wheel-house.

          • Terrie_S

             Doesn’t help that it looks like that top button is too tight and pulling to the side in some of the pictures.

          • Yes! Why do the young male stars insist on the jacket being just slightly on the tight-fitting side? Don’t they know it gives a straight-jacket look? Even JGL, who is adorable and looks good in the slim-fitting cuts, sometimes verges on the too tight.

        •  Agreed 100%.  Stubble? Yes.  Neckbeard? No.

        • Stubble, yes.  Neck beard, no.

        • barbarienne

           I’m with you on the stubble love, but this is two or three days too long. He looks like he’s been camping for a week and a half.

        • oldbobbydraper

           agreed. i happen to love growth on him.

          so there.

    • Alyssa

      That was my first thought as well….how much better this look had been if he was clean shaven!!!

    • Funkykatt

      I am with you on this one. I don’t care for the Fred Flintstone thing going on now. It looks lazy to me. 

  • Dot


  • Roz

    His eyes are saying, “This one’s for you, T-Lo!”

    •  Hell – if he’s sending T-Lo a message, it’s “Spank me, I’m a BAD boy who needs his DAMN NECK SHAVED!”

  • DaringMiss

    From the New York Judge:

    9.5 for the tailoring (points off for the inexplicable inch of cuff on the right side)
    6.5 for personal grooming — the eyebrows are out of control and the neck beard is revolting

    • rhl25

      I’m with you on the neck beard being a bit much, but I like his eyebrows. Muy macho. It weirds me out to see guys with perfectly groomed, pointy eyebrows – read, Joey Lawrence. 
      But he is Chris Pine- and therefore I forgive him his neckbeard. 

    •  In my book he loses more than .5 for the inch of cuff on the right side. It’s the Oscars not (fill in any suitable less formal event) for crying out loud.

      And the neck beard is DISGUSTING.

    • 9.5 out of what? To me, this doesn’t look like it fits at all. Is it just me?

    • kmk05

       To be fair, these are his actual eyebrows.I don’t honestly know what is the best way to do stubble: it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, but there must be a way for it not to look like men don’t give a shit. I think he did okay here with visibly grooming his hair to contrast with the stubble.

  • I really like this silhouette on him. It’s a tough one to pull off, but it looks great on him. Wish he had shaved.

  • FrayedMachine

    Is he going grey in his beard?! I feel weirdly attracted but also slightly put off by how not maintained that stubble is. Otherwise the suit looks pretty great. 

  • savicevic

    I don’t think double breasted works for him. Also, he should’ve shaved.

    • Introspective

      really agree. i was getting all sorts of prince wills in his style rut days before cathy whipped him into shape from this one. and then the dirty face effect to boot?


  • ChaquitaPhilly

    He looks so pretty in his lovely tux, but that whiskery neck ruins the effect. What a shame!

  • Now, granted I’m a guy who loves face fur; but this is a formal event and the least you can do is give it a trim out so it looks neat.

    • MaryanneGirl

      I agree. Sexy stubble is one thing. Neck beard hot mess is hobo chic. 

    • StellaZafella

       If y’all don’t want him…I’ll take him. Just the way he is. Them’s a bad ass tux and bedroom eyes.

      Get me some crackers for him to eat.

      • Never sed nuthin’ ’bout not wantin’ him, darlin’.  I would have happily scooped him off that red carpet and out of the way of papparazzi in a hot nanosecond.

    • ZnSD

       I don’t know, I thought it looked trimmed, it’s just that full beard (including neck) has become fashionable, so there’s that.

  • lobsterlen

    He looks very nice but the FACE!!! Shave. I suppose at this point the bristle face fad will never disappear. Curse you Don Johnson.

  • Marise Phillips

    Neck beard is a no.

  • Say no to neckbeards. 

  • Damien W

    I like the design on the model, but Pine doesn’t have the body to carry off the silhouette. He scrunches it and ends up looking boxy.

    Also, I remain resolutely anti-shiny.  

  • Wish he went the whole-hog with the velvet one. And shave your neck.

  • Looks good from the nose up.

  • Therese Bohn

    Whoa — I didn’t even know he was there last night!  Gorgeous, but really should shave, unless he was growing it for a movie or something. Event the lady in the costume sketch approves!

  • teensmom99

    One of the problems with shiny: jacket and pants look like they don’t match.

  • Luke Pacheco

    I just can’t.  With the neckbeard.  It’s the Oscars. C’mon man.

  • SHAVE!!


    For the life of me, I can’t understand the guy stars not shaving the neck!  I wear a closed trimmed “scruff” beard all the time but learned YEARS ago that shaving the neck just to the jawline really thins the face, neatens things up and gives me a jawline that otherwise is not as strong.  Nice tux though….

  • crash1212

    Neck beard. At the Oscars.

  • Of course the neck beard is hideous. The only thing distracting me from that are the uneven cuffs.

  • belfebe

    He needs to shave his neck, but otherwise he looks yummy.

  • Chickadeep

    Y’know, without the nasty neckbeard and stubble, he looks like a shiny little wedding cake topper!

  • Susan Sontag

    It’s a man in a tux.  Next!

  • No.  Double-breasted ain’t his look, and SHAVE YOUR NECK, man.

  • kmk05

    I may not be a fan of the double- breasted shiny jacket, but I am a fan of your face, Monsieur Pine. The discrepancy between the well-groomed hair and the stubble makes me want to muss him up something fierce.

  • jmorino08

    Neck beard! Ack!

  • MaryanneGirl

    Man, there just aren’t too many people that can pull off double-breasted. This is making him look a big thick to me when he’s actually a hot chiseled piece of manmeat. Also, I’m CHOOSING to believe he has a role that’s requiring him to be sporting a neck beard, otherwise there is NO excuse to be hobo chic at the oscars!

    • nannypoo

       You are admirably open minded and charitable. If for some reason he needs a neck beard for a role he could have shaved this mess and regrown it in a couple of days. He made his handsome self look like a slob.

      • MaryanneGirl

        I was joking. Clearly, I’m aware that that level of stubble would be back in a day or two. 

  • NECK BEARD!! For god’s sake, man. Shave.

    I’m going to get one of those nuclear bomb alert sirens and set it off every time I see someone with a neck beard. Gah! They make me stabby.

    • Dot

       If you want to do the stubbled look..ok, fine. But at least shave your neck!

  • If only he’d shaved his neck.

  • mmc2315

    It’s going to be 300 plus comments of bitter kittens fanning themselves in distress over that neck beard.  

    Thanks a lot, Chris Pine!  :-/

  • KSpence

    Shave your neck.

  • Janet B

    He’s gorgeous and his hair looks very nice.
    Not shaving = yoga hair = inappropriate for the RC.

  • I’m with the other bitter kittens. Oscar night requires a fresh face, dude. Not cool. 

  • Why I get him mixed up with Channing Tatum, I’ll never know.

  • The suit looks like it’s suited for work or the street. And dear god the stubble come on this is the Oscars.

  • For Christ’s sake, SHAVE.

  • formerlyAnon

    Just fine. Wish he’d shaved.

    Channing Tatum just cast all the  younger men and most of the older ones into deep, deep shade.

  • Noshmek

    I think it’s horrible that there is such a shortage of razors in L.A.  I didn’t see a single man on that red carpet last night who has shaved in weeks (other than the elfin douchenozzle, Ryan Seacrest)

  • VicksieDo

    The eyes distracted me, but yeah, SHAVE.

  • decormaven

    Staring deeply into his eyes so I can avoid looking at the scruffy neckbeard, wonky right cuff, and unhemmed pants.  

  • Elsewhere1010

    The jacket seems to be pulling badly on the left side, and wtf is going on with the lower corner of the jacket below the button? It looks like the jacket has been wadded up, sat upon, and only then put on.

    Also, it’s time to be a big boy and learn to tie a bow tie. No more pre-tied bows. Ever. 

  • Such a pretty face, so much neckbeard. 

  • Kristy Evans

    This fits impeccably, however NECK BEARD. Ugh.

  • theeleganthomeoffice

    One tweet I received was “Chris Pine looks so edible!” and I totally agree!  I love the stubble-beard, it’s very hot right now – that whole “scruffy plus clean cut” dichotomy going on!  Very sexy.

    Did anyone else think the “red” carpet looked more berry-colored?  What the hell?!  It’s suppose to be RED.  Just found this blog and I’m adding it to my “list” to read daily.  

  • Daktari100

    His neck looks scratchy.  Other than that, he’s still quite easy on the eyes.

  • margaret meyers

    He looks pretty good in that double-breasted tux. 
    What’s the Rule of The Body Type for looking good in double-breasted suits?  It seems that some men (Prince of Wales) wear them happily for years and then all of a sudden they make you look wide. 

  • WHAT is up with that face fungus? It really does look like fungus!! 8-(

  • siriuslover

    I don’t like the neck beard. Oh Chris Pine, I hope it’s for a role. Tux is OK, but a bit shiny.

  • BrooklynBomber


  • Kimberly Southern-Weber


  • barbarienne

    Allright, Pine, I love man-stubble as much as anyone, but that’s a couple of days too long. You look like you were camping and rushed back just in time to shower and dress, but didn’t have time to deal with the face-fur. You are forgiven if you’re growing it for a part.

    Aside from that, YUM. The tailors did a great job fitting this to him.

  • Love the shine on it…just the right amount

  • Rand Ortega

    Hope that rug burn around his neck is for a role.
    But JESUS PALOMINO! That is 1 gorgeous slice of male pulchritude!

  • Zippypie

    The neckbeard better be for a role because otherwise it’s repulsive.  The rest of him, simply delicious.

  • Drew Macaulay

    This isn’t stubble.  This is the awkward phase of growing in what might be a very sexy beard.  But grooming for the Oscars should involve mitigating any physically awkward phases (see Anne Hathaway managing her growing out hair) for best possible presentation, so I can’t get behind the level of facial hair here.  But I am 100% behind everything else. Gorgeous tux, gorgeous man. 

  • maggiemaybe

    EWW. Shave your neck dude!

  • warnerave

    could have been a manwerq for me had he shaved…and if he had been 4 inches taller 🙂

    • savicevic

      I think he’s already like 6’1″… you want taller?!

  • The jacket’s too tight and my God man, shave.

    Has living with a Vulcan taught you nothing about grooming?  Damn.

  • If he’d shaved – or at least cleaned up the neck area – this would have been perfect. I don’t even normally like double-breasted suits, but this looks great on him. 

  • MilaXX

    No bad at all and after watching the show in it’s entirety, I can honestly say I much prefer Captain Kirk 2.0

  • guest2visits

     Ok, this is an incredibly handsome dude.  I don’t know about the suit.

  • Qitkat

    He’s pretty, but a bit too prickly.

  • The jacket might be too tight on him as its drawing attention to his hips which look a bit big.  Other than that, it’s a nice suit.  Now that beard, we all screamed, CLEAN IT UP!  Why bother putting on such a suit if you’re going to do nothing to the face!  And he wasn’t the only offender last night (George Clooney springs to mind) looking like he’s ready for the Folsom Street Fair.

  • JP

    Neck beard — get rid! Stubble would have been passable if not for that. For how to do stubble at the Oscars, see Chris Evans.

    I have to physically cover that face to judge the rest, which actually isn’t bad.

  • Beam me up! He looks hot here.

  • BigWhiteGrannyPanties

    Eeeew. Neck Hair.

  • PrunellaV

    Oh, waiter!

  • JLH

    The neck beard, as has been discussed, is a no go. But damn if I don’t feel like melting whenever I look at Chris Pine. Mercy.

  • ccm800

    Shave your damn face! Its the dressiest night you’ll ever go to! 

  • MissKimP

    American Werewolf in L.A.

  • Melizmatic

    I couldn’t care less that he hasn’t shaved; I still wouldn’t kick him out of bed, he’s utterly gorgeous.

    The tux itself is just okay.

  • e jerry powell

    It looks a bit like he’s wearing a shiny black tube.

  • ZnSD


  • Pterodactyl111

    Does his beard look a little uneven to anyone else? Like it’s thicker on the right side?

  • kim_karomi

    Trousers too long. Makes me sad.

  • appliquer

    Please, guys, shave the neck.

  • Louise Bryan


  • What was with all the guys last night who tried (failed) to pull off unclean/unshaven/homeless? Is there a soap and razor shortage in SoCal?

  • Trisha26

    It doesn’t really fit him, the pants need hemming and NECK BEARD. Ewwwh.

  • He’s SUCH a good-looking man.  Why would he come to the Oscars looking like Grizzly Adams?

  • He would look one hundred percent better if he shaved his neck. Or took off his clothes.

  • quiltrx

    Come back when you’ve shaved your neck and had your pants hemmed, and you’ll get the thumbs up.