Nichole Richie on Extra

Posted on February 08, 2013

How does someone leave the house – for a TV interview, mind you – looking like this?


Nichole Richie makes an appearance on ‘Extra’ in Los Angeles.

She’s a fashionista, you know. E! told us one time, so it must be true.

Good lord, this is ridic. In a perfect world, we’d spend all our time making jokes about how her pants were made out of curtains or something, but instead, we are forced – FORCED – to stare at her uniboob and accompanying headlights. Worse, it’s a saggy uniboob, made all the more awkward with the addition of shoulder pads, which throw off her natural proportions even more. Basically, the girl has shoulders up to her ears, boobs down to her waist, and crotch down to her knees. She’s a walking Picasso.


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    • amf0001

      all I can think of is that she looks like she’s 50.  The hair,  even the nails,  and the weird pants and top… they all shout middle aged woman trying to be trendy to me (and she really needs to do something with that hair,  it’s sadly fried)

      • Jen R

        Her hands even look old – the knuckles are really large in comparison to the skinny fingers. Hell, she has more wrinkles than me and I’m at least 10-15 years older than her. She honestly doesn’t look well.

        • Jecca2244

           a youth of hard living is catching up to her!

        • littlemac8

          I truly think that besides the unhealthy looking hair the addition of the ghastly chalky nude like color makes her look ill.  I have no words for that ensemble!

    • Briarnoir

      Million dollar idea: Replace all celebrity mirrors with fun house mirrors > convince celebrities that this is what Richie looks into > Profit? Laugh, at least.

    • joancarol

      I didn’t get past the crispy hair.

      • Jessie Melcher Brown

        I could hear my Mom’s voice – “don’t you own a comb?”

      • foodycatAlicia

         My hair looks a bit like this at the moment and I am very upset about it.

        • StellaZafella

           That’s the difference Alicia, she’s in the lime lite and clearly not the least concerned that she looks like a frazzled harem attendant.

          I never got her…this is some of why.

          • foodycatAlicia

             There have been a couple of her 1930s evening gown looks where I have thought she was stunning, but mostly I don’t get the point of her. I don’t get the point of a lot of people who are in the limelight without seemingly having to work to get there.

            • lovelyivy

               So you and I are together in being 100% mystified by anything do with Richie, the Hiltons, Kardashians, or anyone featured on TLC (they should not be allowed to call themselves the learning channel any more).

              Nice to know that I’m not alone in completely not getting it about these folks.

      • NYCGlamourpuss

        A little deep conditioner would do her wonders.

    • Aniela Marie Perry

      All of those things are bad but nothing is as bad as the condition her hair is in.

    • Scott Cooper

      I can’t get past the hair or make up.  Best not to pass by an open flame.

    • twocee

      It’s Hammer Time!

      • AmeliaEve

         Except that Hammer Time ended about 20 years ago.

        • Vtg Fashion Library

          And they’re not Hammer Pants.  Hammer Pants are parachute pants, with a waistline gathered to the waistband.  These are Thai fisherman’s pants, popular in the 70s.  They’re easy to make and the vintage patterns sell like hotcakes.

          • joancarol

            I actually don’t mind the slouchy outfit–it’s giving me Katherine Hepburn vibes.  
            But the hair, the hair

          • Kristin McNamara

            And yet, I can’t help but think that if Rihanna had worn these pants (not the shirt and bra though–burn the shirt and bra), TLo and all the BKs would have praised them…..

            • teensmom99

              Yeah, I kind of love the pants.

    • MinAgain

      “Nichole Richie on Extra”

      When I read that, my first thought was,”Huh.  Extra must be some new party drug that robs of the ability to dress yourself.”

    • patticake1601

      Wear a damn bra!!!!  You have nice knockers but they need to be in a bra, especially in that top!!

      • RebeccaKW

         I’m wondering if she does have on a bra, just a poorly fitted one with no support.  Like, her boobs seem a bit saggy (not making a statement about her, just the place they seem to hit on her torso in these pics) but her nipples are pointing straight ahead from the center of each boob.  My thinking is, if she was bra-less, based on how low the girls are riding, her nips would point a little to the side and slightly downward, as gravity is everyone’s master.  Of course, if she had implants, they would be straight ahead like this, but then, they also wouldn’t be sitting so low on her chest. 

        • Jen R

          They would be sitting that low if she had a bad implant job. All you have to do is look at Victoria Beckham to know that there are celebs whose ability to choose a good plastic surgeon leaves a lot to be desired.

          • RebeccaKW

             Well, that’s true.  Maybe she didn’t get a good lift.

          • NC_Meg

             She is so tiny and used to be so flat chested, even after she had her kids. I think she had to have had implants or is wearing one hell of a push up bra (that she should probably burn.)

        • demidaemon

          If she is wearing a bra, why can we see her nipples?

          • RebeccaKW

            There are lots of bras that allow nipples to show through.  Lace bras, very thin fabric cups with no lining.  

        • MK03

          It kind of looks like she’s wearing those fake nips that they make for unfathomable reasons.

        • Elizabeth Dunbar

          a stretchy (nonunderwire) sports bra will give you this look – spoken from personal experience

        • debohinoh

          a) I don’t know if it’s my monitor or my eyesight, but I can’t make out any nipples. In which shot(s) do they show to most of you?

          b) True that gravity is everyone’s master, but either a twisted master or much depends on the amount of and nature of the contents. For example, without a bra, my skimpy contents drop down but the nipples then point *up* to rest on top when flaccid. I have no implants and I’m skinny such that my ribs show, if that makes a difference. 

      • Renee Rohrer Bomar

        I think she is wearing a strapless bra.  Maybe she had a last minute crisis of clothing confidence and changed her outfit but not her bra?  Though I’m puzzled as to what the other choice was if she decided it was worse than this one…

        Plus, an abrupt clothing change might explain the dressing room hair?

    • Rand Ortega

      Yikes. These celeb types should really consider adding real people w/ even the smallest teaspoon of taste to their entourages to alert them when they look this stupid. It would stop a great amount of heartache on large scale & save $ in the long haul.

      In other news, the faux fur gilet on the handler/publicist/assistant behind her is fabu (Pic #1). Any ideas where to find it, PUF’s & BK’s?

    • Pants_are_a_must

      I can’t look away from her fried hair. It’s almost as horrifying as what she’s wearing.

    • Annabelle Archer

      One simply puts on her sports bra, reaches for the most ridiculous fashion trend of the moment, sticks her finger in a light socket and out the door she goes.  Duh.

    • Rand Ortega

      Maybe she’s dancing backup for MC Hammer after the interview?

    • OrigamiRose

      Speaking of E!, apparently they license a line of heels under the name “E! Live from the Red Carpet.”  When did this happen?  Or more importantly, why?

      As for Nicole, she has such pretty features, it’s a shame she walked out looking like such a wreck.

      • onefifteen

        They also have hair extensions, E! that is.

        • OrigamiRose


    • E. D.

      Like the shoes but the rest is a train wreck.  Actually that’s an insult to train wrecks.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      The dirty, disheveled hair is all I could focus on. Uck!

    • viridian61

      The hair! The non-celebrity ladies in the background look a lot better than Nicole.

    • MilaXX

      The pants are hiddy, no lie, but I would give the outfit an”it’s fashion” pass if she had enough sense to realize that no matter how skinny you are, after 2 kids you NEED A BRA!

      PS. Fire your team for not telling you this.

    • elirt

      Wow! All kinds of awful going on here. The hair, the oddly sharp and bright nails, the (lack of) make up, and then of course, the terrible outfit. Yeesh!

    • tereliz

      I could get behind this look with minimal changes if the hair didn’t look like dried chow mein noodles…

    • rloliveira

      You didn’t even mention the bad hair.

    • Laura

      …and the necklace and the hair and the shoes and the jewelry and the make-up. All around FAIL

    • ccinnc

      So talons are in? I can’t.

      • mjude

        what is up with that?  it looks so bad

    • AuntieAnonny

      I kind of, maybe, possibly don’t hate those pants.

    • sablehunter

      I don’t mind the pants on someone as tiny as her, but the boob/hair situation is inexcusable.  And the nails are stupid.

    • Ginny Ellsworth

      Maybe she used concealer on her lips by mistake. Two small kids, no sleep. It could happen.

      But my 85 year old mother would beat me with a stick if I left the house with hair like that. You think she did that to herself on purpose?  I don’t think you can come back from squirrel bitten hair.

      As for the pants, I bet she has Cheerios, a sippy cup, two crayons and a baby doll in that kangaroo pocket. I would.

    • Jill

      Yikes, this is like a ‘skort’ but with pants. 

    • Kathy_Marlow

      Didn’t we see those pants on PR: All Stars??

      • kimmeister

        I was thinking it was on the previous regular season of PR, possibly by the quiet black guy who left halfway through?

    • Cold Fire



      • demidaemon

        This outfit really got you riled up, I guess?

        • Cold Fire

          YES BABY! 

    • jw_ny

      I like the pants…the uni-boob with the headlights on, otoh, is tragic!  Her hair is also tragic. 

      the Picasso comment…literally lol’d!

    • YourBaloneyDontGotNoSecondName

      those pants are colostomy-chic.

    • Lori Wade Miller

      Cute shoes.  That is all.

    • BrooklynBomber

      The part I don’t get is how you pair summery sarong pants (sarong pants? I didn’t know there was such a thing) with a wintry knit top. This whole outfit screams of “I was running late and just had to throw on some clothes and make up and get myself out the door.” 

      • formerlyAnon

        Really, her whole look, hair to makeup to toe, screams that something went truly dreadfully awry in the getting ready process. Like, the building caught on fire while she was in the hair/makeup chair and she had to flee straight to the event with just the clothes she could grab. And the hair/make up personnel were struck by falling debris, or had strokes and couldn’t scoop up even a few of their supplies to work on her in the car.

        • BrooklynBomber

          Haha. At least some cute shoes survived the apocalypse.

    • Susi R

      I still don’t understand the whole uni-boob thing, especially if one is wearing a turtle neck or something similar and has modest sized boobs. How do you avoid it? Pls someone explain this to me…

      The pants remind me of tapeworms.

      • sekushinonyanko

         If you have a large or largish chest, then turtle necks or crew necks should be avoided. You want v necks to break up that area, but ones that don’t go too low or are worn with a camisole underneath to avoid cleavage insanity when it’s not appropriate. See Joan’s necklines on mad men.

    • l_c_ann

      She’s ready to fight with all the other soccer moms who are up at 5am for the opening of the doors at Toy r Us for what ever the latest must have toy is. 

    • ashtangajunkie

      Nothing she’s wearing offends me as much as her hair and makeup do. Holy hell.

    • crash1212

      I like the pants – I think they’re interesting and I love fabric. She chose the shoes wisely as they are fierce. As for the uni-boob – – no excuse for that. Also, girls if you’re gonna let your nipples out to air (and I don’t care if you do) please make sure they’re pointing in the same direction. It’s not that hard to do.

    • alyce1213

      I like her shoes a lot.

    • Fatima Siddique

      Walking Picasso! LMAO. I need an excuse to use that in everyday conversation.

    • sleah_in_norcal

      i actually like the pants- snakes in my lap!  both she and fergies (previous post)  ended up with unintentional ruching above their boobs.  what’s up with that?  love the shoes, glad i don’t have to wear them.

    • EolieV

      Huh! Strange that she would come out looking that way. I don’t really pay attention to her -she does not interest me- but isn’t she usually well-groomed on her outings? Could it be some sort of a fashion statement? Or is it a botched hair style? But the main question I have is this: how can fake boobs be saggy? Can fake boobs be too heavy on one’s slim frame and sag? Nails are also horrendous: witches’s claws. It just was not her day.

    • Marilu Bree

      Hee, tapeworm pants.

      my hair is a lot like this. 
      wait, let me explain.

      Thin fine hair, with a naturally frizzy texture needs heat styling everyday to look nice. 
      Which makes the frizz worse.

      More hair with a wavy texture would be easier.
      Or the same amount of hair naturally straight.

      NR and I have the worst of all possible hair worlds. And we have to work twice as hard to get our hair to look half as good as yours.

      See also: Nicole Kidman, Christina Hendricks. 

      (Fine thin wavy hair is winning the genetic negative lottery.)

      • formerlyAnon

        Yup. I’ve been really impressed how much better her hair’s looked the last few years than it used to. I give her credit for having figured out how to treat it, or who to hire.  I really think this set of photos came on a day when something unexpected and unavoidable threw a monkey wrench into the proceedings.

    • nannypoo

      Her hair and manicure are the worst parts of this disturbing vision.

    • ChiKat67

      She’s also either not sporting any bra or a tube top bra (in either case, WHY??!!)  

    • Helen

      ‘She’s a walking Picasso’…..that line will be in your ‘Top 20 T&L moments’…….!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • snarkykitten

         I think TLO’s next book should be a coffee table book of their best one liners

        it would be like 200 pages.

    • kimmeister

      The necklace is pretty.

    • BayTampaBay

      I love the shoes, I like the pants but the top but the top needs to be sleeveless as the pants look like resort wear.

      The necklace is hideous.  The nail polish is street walker taxi.  Her hair looks like she spent the day at a tacky third-rate tiki-hut bar on the beach.

    • Ass Kicking Adviser

      Evidence of an alternative reality existing in the greater-LA area. 

    • Erica

      You know, when I drop off my two-year-old at school with her hair looking a bit like this, I at least am a bit embarrassed by it. Also, the powers that be need to stop trying to make the pleated, skinny pants a thing. I’m not falling for it, powers that be!

    • NYCGlamourpuss

      Hey, hey hey, Picasso is one of my favorite artists, so let’s not drag him into this!

      Those pants… those pants look like those horrible “pouch front” pants that Althea made on the last season of PR AS2.  I mean, yeah, everything else is a train wreck, but that crotch… damn, baby.

      • snarkykitten

         you could hide a baby in that crotch

        • NYCGlamourpuss

          You could hide all seven Von Trapp children in that crotch!

    • Elizabeth Dunbar

      didn’t even notice the torso until your commentary.
      couldn’t get past the hair – oh my.

    • Thomas Rosenberger

      You guys really are a couple of cunts.

    •!/Space_Kitty Space Kitty

      She looks like laundry day during a hurricane.  Honey, no.

    • Blythe Irish

      that girl in the teal shirt on that last shot looks exactly how I feel

    • Zippypie

      And not to mention the severely fried and dried string mop hair.  Those pants – holy merde.

    • Big Bear

      I like to imagine the bemused girl in teal at the back is judging her harshly.

      • snarkykitten

         all the ladies there seem to be silently judging her.

    • snarkykitten

       money can’t buy you taste! … but she should at least be able to afford a decent stylist.

    • Katrin

      I feel confused. Those pants are awful, but yet they’re the least offensive thing about the whole outfit. I guess I can excuse crazy pants in the name of fashion, but getting a simple black top wrong is just too much.

      Fellow BKs, help! Is there are way to track replies to my comments on this holy blog? I know about the little square right above the comment box, but those notifications don’t ever lead me to the exact exchange and seem to show up rather randomly. It would be much more fun to engage in loving bitchery with my fellow PUFs if I knew where said bitchery was going on without having to scroll around like a stalker. Anything?

      • MilaXX

        click the disqus link next to your notifications and then dashboard on the pull down menu

    • Sashima

      They’re not pants….it’s a full-length SKORT!!!

    • unbornfawn

      AND you didn’t even get to how terrible her hair and makeup are.

    • Depot'er

      stared for 20 minutes trying to find -1- item I could say something nice about (that wasn’t in the back ground….nice um..sidewalk..)

    • julesj

      I didn’t know she had boobs till this picture.

    • shnaggi

      You should have left your hat on…and the glasses.

    • Karen Dickerson

      The last two sentences are everything. ROFL.

    • LeeFrew527

      I love those shoes, though.

    • formerlyAnon

      NOTHING about her ensemble is as bad as the hair. Did her hairdresser go into cardiac arrest at the last minute? She’s always had, um, difficult hair but the last few years she’s always had it looking good in public (at least when I’ve seen it).

      Hhmm – maybe she really IS using that supermarket brand shampoo she was claiming to use in the ads when she was on (I thing it was called) The Fashion Show?  – wait – I googled and it was Suave Keratin.

      I never believed for a second she let a Suave product touch her hair, but maybe so . . . ?

    • A Shiny O’Connor

      Nobody wants to see the ‘two become one’ boob, honey. Not to mention Dürer’s diaper pants.

    • Phyllis Craine

      She needs to borrow my conditioner

    • Pennymac

      She rolled out of bed, came for the interview in her pajama pants and braless sleep shirt from the night before? The hair and makeup make this option a distinct possibility.

    • MannahattaMamma

      wait. you left out the orange skin, red fingernails, and oscar the grouch’s hair

    • JaCory Deon

      I’ll be in the minority here and say I like the pants but they need a brighter top to set them off.  As tiny as she is, she can’t pull off this look (not tall enough my dear), or rather, not enough neck for it.  I get what she’s going for with the hair (rocker chic) but it’s wrong with this outfit and that makeup, actually.  She’s looking quite haggard as of late…who is painting her these days, Jeremy Renner?

    • 4JJ

      The ensemble is so bad you didn’t even mention her shredded hair and the I’ve-been-desanguinated lip colour/noncolour.

      Nice smile, though.

    • KittieLynnNYC

      Obviously regular folks aren’t the only ones who could use a bra fitting. And MC Hammer called; he wants to Nicole is trying to ape his pants style using his grandma’s drapes. Also not feeling the chewed up looking hair or the corpse-like makeup either.

    • guest2visits

      Frauwzy chic.  Nicole is so innately chic I guess whatever she throws on becomes instantaneously special too.  Or not.
      Fried hair, ridiculous pants and tmi-top.  Pretty necklace, pretty shoes.  Who is the rockstar in the 1st pic showing her how it’s done?

    • trisker

      Ratty hair, Lee Press-On Nails.  Clearly isn’t reading her (probably free) subscriptions to Vogue, Bazaar, W and Elle or she wouldn’t be wearing any of this, except maybe the shoes.  And OBVIOUSLY isn’t reading TLo!


      I’m a self-proclaimed slob, and even I don’t go out looking like that.  I at least comb my hair.  :eyeroll:

    • barbarienne

      I can’t get past the hair. Has she ever had non-crunchy-fried hair?

    • leilah

      Oh, mesdames et messieurs, it’s so much worse that anyone’s imagined:  that verkakte outfit was INTENTIONAL … actually part of a marketing strategy!!  The “Pandora” silk “trousers” (HAHAHAHA) are part of her Winter Kate Spring 2013 collection–I swear!–as adoringly blogspotted on   What’s MOST stunning to me–and there was a lot of competition here–is that while obviously using her appearance to promote her clothing line, she chooses to pair her … trousers (eye-rolling) … with another designer’s top (the back is fantastic!), when she has her own.  True, none of her blouses from that collection would work with those pants, but … um … isn’t that part of … hell, whatever.  Nicole, her career, her collection, her new tatas (rewind to 2008, post-baby:  “I really don’t like my new boobs … it’s not who I am …), her life–just a cavalcade of incongruities.

    • LambeeBaby

      She thought it was Hammer Time!!!

    • ccm800

      The hair is the only true crime I see. Everything els eis ok 

    • butterflysunita

      Walking Picasso!  Love.  Think you were so horrified by her outfit that you didn’t even get to the fried hair and sad eye makeup.  

    • Crystal

      Why are pants like this a thing again? 

    • kathrineb

      I hate the nails the most. 

    • akprincess72

      Well, I like the shoes…

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      I’m just going to go with my first thought — she had a horrible case of the flu, but she had to go out anyway.

    • Linda Dodson

      hot shoes though.