Lena Dunham in Thakoon

Posted on February 04, 2013

Hunh. Well.

Remember our theory that when Lena puts a little effort in on the red carpet style front, we should supply her with positive reinforcement, in order to spur on further effort and thus, hopefully, ensure that she learns the value of good style for public appearances?


Lena Dunham attends the 2013 Directors Guild of America Awards in a custom Thakoon dress, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Martin Katz jewelry.

Thakoon Fall 2012 Collection

It’s not working out as we’d hoped.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, vogue.com]

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  • jilly_d

    I don’t consider this “effort”.  I know a small-town seamstress who fits my dresses better than this for $40.

    edited to add: Also, silly putty stilettos reek of “meh, whatever.” No thought went into this, whatsoever.

    • This look has “2011’s fashion clichés” written all over.

    • MzzPants

       Hey!  I resemble that remark!  (small town seamstress)  And I can fit like a mo-fo.

  • What’s up with her and back bows?  Is she trying to be ironic?

    • VeryClaire

      We can only hope

    • the japanese tie their back-bows a little like this, so i guess thats what shes going for here… it may even be part of the design.

      edit: i misread the op; i thought it was a comment on this particular bow.

  • Can’t she at least wear clothes that fit properly?  

    • kimmeister

      I’d hate to see how non-custom clothes fit her . . .

  • Good heavens, that is a very unflattering dress. 

    • ChiliP

      Amen. When a dress makes a teeny-tiny model look comically larger than she actually is, it’s time to back away. Quickly. Plus, she looks like a melting box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

      •  Yes – although I prefer the colour of the runway version I can’t imagine anyone looking at it and saying “THAT’S the dress I want!”.

        • H2olovngrl

          I kinda think this dress is ugly in either incarnation.

      • Tom Shea

         How exactly does a box melt? Paper can’t melt. Chocolate can melt, though. Is that what you meant? A box of melting chocolates? Either way, no, she doesn’t. That’s just silly.

        • ChiliP

          Of course it’s silly- this is red carpet commentary, not a term paper. My thought process was that the wrinkly fabric and droopy bow reminded me of wrapped paper that had been sitting out for too long, and the poor fit reminded me of a melting coated candy. Therefore, I combined the two ideas into one thought- a wrapped box of chocolates (obviously I picked Valentine’s Day for the color scheme) that had spent too much time in the sun, hence “melting.” My comments were meant to be playful rather than literal.

          • Tom Shea

             I bet Lena Dunham would love to play in your comments. Boxes still don’t melt.

          • ChiliP

            I bet Lena Dunham could give to shits what I think of her dress. Playful still means playful, not literal.

  • julnyes

    Well… erm… I guess …her make-up is slightly more visible than usual?

    • MilaXX

       but still not good.

      • julnyes

        I was originally about to type “better than usual”, but then I realized the more accurate statement is just “visible” and still bad.

    •  i think her eye make-up is actually the worst thing about the entire look. and that really means something.

  • I think it is largely her posture.  It makes everything she puts on look like an old sack.

    • Fordzo

      Good posture is my hill to die on.  There are so many women I’d like to hiss, “Stand up STRAIGHT!” to.  

      *Shelly O, I’m looking at you.*

      • YES! Every time I see her, I think how much better she’d look if she’d just stand up straight!

    • Mb

      Her posture is atrocious. 

      •  My mother would be poking her in the back and saying stand up straight!

        • laura512

           Mine too!  My husband complimented my “regal” walk last night.  (Not really that regal, trust me.) I had to tell him it’s the product of YEARS of hearing “stand up straight! suck in your gut!” from my mother.

    • Introspective

      AGREE! better posture makes you own the garment as opposed to looking like you are shrinking from the sartorial mistake you KNOW youve made…

      not sure if posture can save this dress, but lena needs to see blanchett, cate in the style encyclopedia for how to carry any garment, dreck or not, with grace & confidence.

    • embers618

      I totally agree, but part of me worries that if she actually stood up straight in a dress this poorly fitted in the bust it would be much worse than just sad sack.

      • Le_Sigh

        yes – i was thinking if she actually stood up properly the whole damn thing would fall down.

    • Exactly!

    • Delaney Davis

       Yes! I caught myself frowning and thinking, “Shoulders BACK!”

  • She constantly looks like she got dressed in a dark closet by a blind clown.  She needs a mirror and a real friend.  Right. NOW.

  • Miss_Led

    The material is so heavy and the workmanship is poor, from every angle, that is a “Does Not WERQ.”

  • VeryClaire

    This dress makes me sad. This is not how someone who is comfortable with their body dresses. There’s no reason for her to look so awful, she doesn’t have a bad body.

    • But it could be how someone who is ironically comfortable with their body would dress. Those faces she is making give it away.

      And if that’s the case, ugh – stop it. Your psyche will thank you.

      • Le_Sigh

        i think “ironically comfortable with their body” is one of the best physical descriptors for why people can’t stand hipsters.

        seconding your “ugh.”  

  • adoreadora

    I don’t understand her facial expressions….sultry? come-hither? bug in her eye?

    • kimmeister

      I was thinking, “just went to the dentist and her jaw is still numb.”

  • i don’t need her to be a fashion icon. Give us the option to say it looks like crap but at least it was tailored

    • Dot

      I think calling this dress “tailored” is an insult to tailors everywhere!

  • hughman

    If this is indeed a “custom” Thakoon dress, I place a lot of the blame on the dress makers as well. The “fit” would be seriously scoffed at by both Nina and McKors on PR. 

    • WhiteOprah

      Seriously.  I looked at it and thought “That is custom?  God help us all that buy off the rack.”

    • My only thought as I read “custom” in the caption: “I do not think it means what you think it means” 😀

  • Janet B

    Why does she go strapless?

    •  I think the right strapless dress would be fine – but this one looks like she is holding it up with her armpits.

    • Mb

      Strapless dresses are not her friend.

    •  I’ve been wondering that. I suspect that she really likes showing off the back tattoo/her back…but she could get that effect with getting dresses to be altered to halter tops. Halters are not great for the neck if you’re packing goodly breasts, but with a halter you could perhaps talk her into some better posture without her fearing good posture will pull her breasts  out of her top.

      Why is she posed like a freaked out chipmunk in the back shot?

  • ohayayay

    Love her total “not giving a shit/this is ridiculous” vibe. Can’t help it.

    • shnaggi

      Hate her total “not giving….blah blah blah” Stay home or put in the effort ….

  • lehen

    no, but that last pic of her is pretty cute

  • No doubt she has a figure that is difficult to dress, but Lawdy Lawdy…I have never seen her wear anything even remotely attractive or suitable to her personality and body. Time for a TLo intervention STAT!

    • Imasewsure

      I don’t really think her figure is all that difficult to dress… it’s just impossible for HER to dress…. dunno why

    • I’m pretty sure she *only* dresses to suit her personality.


    Well, I think her hair looks nice!

  • Sobaika

    I am not quite sure what’s happening here. What’s with the open mouth facial expressions?

    •  I. Can. Not. Stand. Her. I want to smack those expressions off her face.

      • H2olovngrl

        I am fighting hard against finding her irrationally annoying. I think I am losing.

    • therealkuri

      I think she’s talking to people.

      • Sobaika

        Really? Because it looks like she’s trying to channel an I’m So Fashion Face in the vein of Jennifer Lopez, and she is failing miserably.

  • geans

    What’s her deal? Is she so hellbent on being “above” looking nice? Not making dumb-ass faces? Wearing a decent bra? Also, those shoes. I thought she couldn’t handle heels. UGH she annoys me. 

    • Took the words right out of my mouth.

    • LLuL

       No kidding. Can’t get on board with deliberately dumpy.

  • AlexisPayne

    It’s literally and silk sack. 

  • XPT

    She still looks better than the model. That aprony thing on the runway pic is moronic.

  • That barely resembles the dress on the runway. The edits take away whatever personality it had.

  • MilaXX

    Dang that is a whole lot of ugly. Whoever put  her in that dress deserves a major beat down.

  • Dot

    Expensive bath towel is the only thing I think of when I see her in this.

  • unpious

    Color: gorgeous.
    Shoes: hideous.
    Back bow: ridiculous.
    Posture: depressing.

    But seriously honey. Find the person who told you that your nipples should look like they are holding court with your belly button. Find that person, and fire them. Out of a cannon. Into the sun.

    • I love Leela!

      • unpious

        Ha, I didn’t even realize I was making a Futurama reference until you pointed it out. Clearly I love Leela too, on a deep subconscious level. 😛

  • l_c_ann

    She may be working on a new book about how to wear dreck and see if anybody notices.

  • nerdykitten

    She just… annoys me so

  • gdougs

    Oh, honey… 

    It can only go up from here, right?

  • aahlife

    On a positive note, her hair and make up are pretty.

  • Even on the model this dress is terribly unflattering – I don’t know why/how did Lena think this would work on her?! The shoes should be burned, of course.

  • Pennymac

    Bless her heart….

  • lexilexi

    That open-mouthed JLo look is just hysterical.

  • Rand Ortega

    Disclaimer: I deeply dislike this person & everything she represents.
    That said, the dress, the make up, etc. doesn’t upset or reveal the real Lena Dunham to me as much as her incredibly sad & telling posture. That slouch says I’m not the only person who holds this young woman in such low regard. Which is a shame because she seems to be a role model to many of today’s young women.  & it would only take a little tweaking/effort to give the look the lift it needs.

    • therealkuri

      So, what all does she represent? 

      I’m not a fan of this dress and “Girls” hasn’t enthralled me the way I thought it should have, but that’s a lot of *strong emotion* to have a random celebrity.

      • Sobaika

        She represents all that is evil in the world. Obviously.

        JK. Dunham and her show have become synonymous with every negative trait attributed to my generation: unmotivated, unsure of itself, reliance on helicopter parents, hipster racism, no interest in hard work, and a grave misuse of the word ‘ironic’

      • Rand Ortega

         She represents white, privileged mediocrity in a media culture that would rather glorify the vacuous, slovenly physical, intellectual & emotionally stunted underachievement of a racially homogenous few than portray the real depth of the American female landscape, which is much more diverse (not to mention funnier & more entertaining) in its embodiment.

        Judd Apatow (& she herself) called her “The voice of her generation”. Glamour magazine named her 2012 Woman Of The Year. I would hardly consider her “a random celebrity”.

        • Lisa_Cop

          White, privileged mediocrity indeed!

      • decormaven

        Her appearances on the red carpet of late have me confused. She’s wearing designer clothes, but they’re not chosen or fitted with an eye for her body type/style, and she’s almost too casual about it, as if she just doesn’t care. To me, fashion is a commitment. If not committed, then don’t bother with it, and don’t waste designers’ time in wearing their looks. Get something off the rack like the rest of us plebians.

  • WhiteOprah

    Sad,  satin,  shapeless sack.  

  • Boricua in Texas

    Hair and make up are not atrocious, but the fit on that dress is absolutely insane.

  • Hmmm. Let’s see…Well, she has blush on. I’m such a half glass full kind of girl.

  • christinewithanx

     This is what I look like in a towel. Someone needs to help her, seriously.

    • Rand Ortega

       Bet you look better.

  • She dresses aggressively ugly. Also, on the show, the tailor her clothes to make her look bigger than she is. I think she can represent a new demographic of women without dressing so badly on purpose.

  • Meghan Bourn

    I know a couple of women who look like this in every item of clothing, including jeans and t-shirts.  I just can’t put my finger on why that is.  Is it the posture, the lack of confidence or just simply terrible clothing choices?  I could find something at the mall that would look better on her than this.  

  • random_poster

    Hair and make up look great, but is that really a custom dress?  Did they make it for someone else, and send her the wrong one?

  • I think that if she’d worn the dress as it was on the model (with the sort of weird two-dresses-in-one look) it might have actually fit in better with her person style ~whimsy.

    Presuming she actually got it fitted correctly, though.

  • If anything, she’s getting worse….

  • editrixie

    Holy shitballs. I hate her at the best of times, but this is some seriously annoying fug. For fuck’s sake, stand up straight. You’ve got a dress worth thousands of dollars on you, and you’re schlumping around like you just got out of the shower.

    • Rand Ortega


  • Pants_are_a_must

    Wrapped towel. She is sadmaking.

  • So funny, yesterday I was watching season one with my ex and he said to me, “she is a horrible dresser.”  I told him real life was not much better.  Awful dress but would have at least been made a little better if she had kept the straps and the color on the model, and ditched the huge bow. 

  • I’m not totally aware of who she is because I don’t get hbo and she doesn’t look interesting enough for me to get into through…. OTHER means. But she looks really dumpy and I am sure she can afford to look better.

  • the_valkyrie

    Doesn’t Cara Delevingne have fabulous eyebrows??

  • Allison Woods

    I know she’s hella talented, but she really needs some gays for styling.

    We do NOT want to see your tatoos. We also don’t want to see your fleshy upper arms.  Focus on your better parts, like the gorge face and the creamy skin/decolletage.

    That is all.

    • julnyes

      She can show her upper arms and tattoos all the time for all I care – I just want her to stand up straight and wear clothes that properly fit her and the appropriate undergarments to match.

    • Speak for yourself and stop body shaming her.  She can show off her arms and back all she wants.  If you don’t like it, don’t look.

  • Imasewsure

    I think this is actually worse than her pantless effort last year (winner of the Worst of the Worst for 2012 I believe). Still doesn’t rival some of the other things we have seen sor far for 2013 but this is truly awful

  • Jecca2244

    I wonder if fashion people get excited when she’s wear their dresses or kind of cringe. she just doesn’t look comfortable. 

  • 2ndhandchic

    For as little effort as she seemed to put into the dress/hair/makeup, I’m impressed she can stand in those shoes. 

  • Snailstsichr


  • kayleymaybe

    Looks pretty from the neck-up.  Her stated desire to get the media to accept more “normal” body types like hers takes a major hit when she goes out wearing clothes that make her look sloppy and bigger than she actually is.

    • Sara LaBatt

      THIS.  She’s making a bad name for us “normal” shaped girls the way she wears things.  Lena if you don’t want them, I’ll take them!


  • BrooklynBomber

    It’s not working out as we’d hoped.

    Ha! Thank you. I needed a laugh.

  • belfebe

    She needs to get some gays.  Pronto.

  • OrigamiRose

    I screamed, “STAND UP STRAIGHT!” as I scrolled down. 

    Good lord, the hair and makeup are fairly nice and completely undone by that sad, unforgivable slouching.  What is wrong with her, is that slumped frame some sort of ‘thing’ I just don’t get?  And I’m not even one who really dislikes her but I loathe her looking like she couldn’t give a tar that she’s in a very expensive dress on a red carpet and not trying on rental shoes at the local bowling alley.

  • That’s a whole lot of”NO” right there. 

  • BrooklynBomber

    I don’t have HBO, so I’ve never seen the show. Is she dressed better on it than she is in the pictures I see here on TLo International?

    • hyperionic

      No, she dresses like a thrift store hipster in dresses and rompers with horrid patterns. 

    • H2olovngrl

      Whoops! I should have scrolled down. I asked the same thing. Does she look hipster cute in her rompers and such or does she always look like ass?

      • Lisa_Cop

        Only watched “Girls” twice but she always looks terrible IMO. I suppose she think she’s brave because she’s frequently naked in the show.

        • H2olovngrl

          Having seen her in the buff, does she look difficult to fit?

          • Lisa_Cop

            No, not so difficult as these outfits would make it seem.

  • And I really want to smack the duck-lips/open-mouth expressions off her face. 

  • anyone else think she is just taking the piss? out of the whole celebrity/hot woman machine? i mean, how could she not be, right? 

    i think it’s kind of awesome.

    • filmcricket

      She could very well be, it’s true. 

      Either way, guaranteed that if she ever gets it together on the RC, there will be people who complain that she’s “sold out” as loudly as those who complain about her look now. Not saying there’ll be overlap between those two groups, but you can bet it’ll happen.

    • H2olovngrl

      If that is true, why go for such an expensive dress?

      • that’s part of the joke! she’s pretending to try while simultaneously sending up the total ridiculousness of our culture’s obsession with the way women look. i think her red carpet appearances all add up to one crazy brilliant performance piece.

        i mean, look, even the sophisticated audience of TLo can’t see that she is playing by a completely different set of rules — this community is insisting on judging her by criteria that she clearly is sending up. no one even seems to get it. which makes it even funnier.

        • H2olovngrl

          You can’t be serious with this…are you having fun at my expense?

          • nope, i’m just kind shocked at how what is clearly a joke is just sailing over everyone’s heads. it’s like, the only thing we are capable of doing when we look at a woman on a red carpet in a dress is judge whether we think she looks good or bad. 

            i think dunham is trying to get us to have a different kind of response. i could be wrong, but the lady is self aware AS HELL. there is no way she doesn’t know she looks terrible in this super expensive gown. i mean, she is making JLO faces and doing the classic stupid red carpet moves. how could anyone think she is taking it seriously and trying to look “good” according to standard ladystar criteria?

            maybe i just have a twisted sense of humor, but i don’t see any other way to read it. i think it’s brave and hilarious and it makes me want to give her a massive hi-five.

          • H2olovngrl

            Hmm, maybe I am getting to old to appreciate her brand of irony , then. Thanks for giving me a different point of view on which to reflect.

          • Sara LaBatt

            I sort of wonder if she is afraid to really try because she’s a perfectionist who is afraid she can’t look “perfect?”  She’d rather look like she’s in on the joke than look like she put forth real effort because she doesn’t wait to “fail?”  Maybe I’m too analyzey here…

          • i dunno, judging from how completely mundane getting naked seems to be to her (on “girls”), i don’t think she’s all that interested in looking perfect. 

            all speculation, of course, as i don’t know her. but yeah, i’m sure she knows that she could look like a cute bookish starlet type if she wanted to, but wants to do something different. 

  • nannypoo

    Maybe she really is just a frump.

  • StellaZafella

    Got it from a garage sale listed in the back of The Seattle Weekly or The Stranger…
    This is what happens when a gum-soled grunge rocker chick decides ‘satin’ means dressed up.

    But, seriously, she looks to be really proud of herself, so why should I spoil her party, after all, the outfit costs more than I make in a month…and it’s custom?

  • tereliz

    Well, the color is good, I guess… 

    If you can’t say something nice, just trail off after a backhanded compliment and hope no one hears you. 

  • jeeplibby02

    This is why women shouldn’t get tattoos in places that are visible when they are clothed.

    Hell, this is why women shouldn’t get tattoos, period.

    • Imasewsure

      I don’t really like tattoos on men or women but I really don’t like hers… not because they are visible or big or unfeminine in some way but because they aren’t really that interesting, pretty or cool (to me)… obviously they have personal meaning to her… but tattoos are the least of her fashion problems!! TLo intervention continues…..  

  • Imasewsure

    Bloomingdales should adopt her. Anyone (even the security guards) could find clothes in 5 minutes that would look great on her. I guess she’s big for tiny Hollywood standards (?) but she’s probably a size 10 or 12 at the most? Awesome, funky, pretty clothes exist even for “gigantors” like that… so weird

  • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

    Can someone hold my hair while I vomit, please?

  • Lena honey, since you have a very similar shape to me – broadish shoulders, biggish boobs, no waist and slim hips – , this is what you should have done. It’s taken me a long time to work this out, but I’m giving you this for free. First of all nice thick straps like the model has are your friend. The allow you to wear a bra and break up the big expanse of shoulder/chest. 
    Secondly, you must never ever again wear an A-line skirt.  If you have a thick waist it makes you look like you’re wearing a circus tent.  All skirts from now on should be tight and straight. The model’s dress with a tighter skirt portion at the bottom would have been great on you. That little peplum thingy she’s got would have given you the illusion of a curve between waist and hips.

    Thirdly flat and shiny doesn’t work for some reason.  You need texture and drape. And wide calves (which I also have) look even wider in very high heels.  Kitten heels are surprisingly flattering, as are boots. But I empathise so much.  No designer EVER has our body shape in mind.  

  • rumcg66

    She makes me channel my mother: “for heaven’s sake, stand up straight!”

  • Barbara Woodruff

    Can someone nominate her for “What Not to Wear?” Stacey and Clinton would shape her right up, show her how to dress for her body, fix her hair and make-up etc. And she has the crappy attitude about fashion that many of their make-overees do. Stacy and Clinton always disabuse them of that. They have done celebrities before. I would love to see this happen.

  • another_laura

    BWAH!  Thanks, T Lo, your closing line is superb.

  • afabulous50

    She needs to go away.  I don’t care how funny people think she is.  She is climbing to the top spot on my irrational hate list.

  • Rebecca Berger

    Call me crazy, but I think she actually looks pretty good!  For her. 🙂  At the very least, I think this is an improvement from most of her appearances.  Her makeup has presence, and though the fit could be improved through the skirt, I actually like the way the dress works with her smaller bust and curvier hips.

  • queeniethebold

    i cannot stand her. And she’s not doing anything to change my opinion of her, with the complete heinousness of her posture. i just want to shake her and yell “Stand! Up! Straight!” Awful. And that’s a “custom” dress?! Wow, really? Awful.

    Does she do this to herself, do you suppose, or is someone advising her to dress this way? If the latter, that person really hates her.

  • In_Stitches

     I honestly think we should just slap a stretch bandage dress on her and call it a day.  It would probably open her eyes a bit. 

    • Lisa_Cop

      A bandage dress?? God no, those are for thin, fit bodies.

  • MintaHallWriter

    What is WITH her and the strapless look? Her boobs need way more support than she’s giving them. AND she needs to practice her posture. Slouchy shoulders and droopy boobs are not a good look. For anyone.

    • IMNAngryLiberal

      Yes on the posture, for sure.  When I saw these pictures, I could feel my mother thwacking me between the shoulder blades and telling me to STAND UP STRAIGHT!!  Mom, Lena needs you.

  • mellorcr

    Sadly, I think this is a case of a girl who doesn’t think she can be pretty so she’s pretending to be ironic and not-caring. 

  • …it looks better than the runway version. Although that doesn’t make it better. Girl, you can “not care” and still not look frumpy. In a strapless dress no less. 

  • I can’t help but think of T-Rex arms when I see that last pic.

  • Fordzo

    Sometimes I feel like she does it on purpose.  Like, she’s trying to prove how very cool she is by being uncool.  KWIM?

  • beebee10

    Ya know, at this point in time, she is not about red carpet. she is not going to try to look like one “should”. Her whole persona is about not looking like we want women to look. I just watched Season 1 and her character says that she decides to care about other things. This understandably upsets bitter kittens everywhere, but there’s something wild about it at the same time. The woman is wildly talented. (her eyes look fabulous tho…..)

    • meowing

      So, fine:  wear overalls with a frilly apron, combat boots and 4″ eyelashes.  At least that would look like an intentional FU, rather than this half-assed playing-along-yet-not concoction.

    • H2olovngrl

      Then why wear a designer dress at all?

      • Exactly. Wearing something plain and non-designer would go against the grain just as much. I hate these silly excuses. People with a lot more talent and experience than her manage to look put together without capitulating to stereotypical ideas about how women dress (like Tilda Swinton for one). If you’re going to take the piss, really go for it (like Chloe Sevigny) or actually take a stand and stay at home. She doesn’t seem cool by saying she’s above fashion, especially since it’s not true. Her clothing is quite clearly a performative aspect of the rebellious hipster persona she’s created. It’s just childish and ridiculous to not make an effort when a designer has given her a free dress to wear. She needs to grow up.

  • Kathleen Gillies

    I thought it was only the costume director on Girls that dressed this young lady with frumpy emphasis.  

  • Why is everything she wears so ill-fitting?

  • filmcricket

    Sigh. Listen, she can dress however she wants. But I do get sad when curvaceous women like her and Christina Hendricks show up looking so bad on the red carpet, because it’s like… “If these women, with all their money and resources, can’t find anything decent, is it any wonder I want to kill myself every time I go to the mall?” 

    I think she’d have looked much cuter in the black and red dress in the background of the runway picture, myself. 

    • H2olovngrl

      I just went back and looked at the picture, and I agree wholeheartedly. She could have worn a much needed bra, some cute boots and it has a little bit of edge to it. Plus that red would have looked dynamite with her coloring and make up. She also would have been able to show off one of her clearly beloved tattoos. Could have been a win.

  • pop_top

    Did anyone fit this????

    • H2olovngrl

      Yes, with safety pins, rubber bands and duct tape.

  • meowing

    Think she intentionally dresses so badly?  While I’m style-challenged, and I’ve been all weights from super-skinny to obese, I had SOME idea of what looked flattering.  With her connections and moola, surely to heavens someone would be willing to give her a How To Dress Yourself tutorial.

  • That dress is awful!  Awful on the model, awful on Lena (who also needed to find a seamstress…), just awful!  You’re well known enough that you can find a stylist that “gets” you.

  • Judy_J

    That dress is so horribly unflattering!  Why in the world would she wear something like that?

    • roadtrip1000

       Just as some people are tone-deaf and can’t hear themselves sing off-key there are others who can’t truly see themselves when they look in the mirror. It’s a safe bet that Lena falls in the latter category.

  • AlinaValero

    how is this “custom” if it was “custom” wouldn’t it FIT?

  • oohsparkley!

    She needs help.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    close your mouth Lena, that face is tiresome enough on JLo…..

  • crash1212

    Wow. Really awful. I am amused at her trout mouth “model” poses though.

  • rtuko

    How does a dress go from looking fabulous on the runway to…something that looks like a TJ Maxx-level knockoff? Is it tailoring? The model?

    Also, someone needs to teach Lena Dunham proper posture…she’s not a bad looking girl but her posture goes a long way towards making her look frumpy and lumpy.

    • H2olovngrl

      I am not sure this dress was so Fab on the runway, either…

  • mjude

    i am sorry but this made me laugh. that is just not right

  • cindy_giang

    After seeing her strike a T-Rex pose, I’m pretty sure she’s trolling us.

  • That chick has no sense of style. Yikes!

  • ashtangajunkie

    She has exceptionally beautiful skin. I refuse to acknowledge whatever that is hanging from her bosom, but her posture is giving me a back ache. Ouch. Still, flawless skin.

  • altalinda

    She seems convinced that bare shoulders are a good look for her.  They’re not.

  • Angel O’Leary

    If she had worn the dress as it was shown on the runway it probably would have looked cute. She seems to have an aversion to straps, which with her body type would really help. She has sort of a short neck and a deep V would elongate it and distract from her bad posture.

  • JESUS. What is wrong with this girl??

    • ojosazules

      What is wrong with Thakoon? It’s a crap dress on the model and her “custom???” version is supercrap. Was it sewn in the dark by a spiteful troll with no thumbs? What the fuck.  

  • H2olovngrl

    Somebody REALLY needs to steer her away from shiny and strapless. Do we think this is a “look at my awesome tats!” thing? How is her style on her show? Does she look better in costume for her character?

    • schadenfreudelicious

      sadly, this would be considered a huge improvement from the way her character dresses…cringe worthy comes to mind…

      • H2olovngrl

        Oh deer.

    • snarkykitten

       her tattoos aren’t even good!

  • Good GOD. Slouchy, saggy, tatted up mess. (slap!) Darling, you are the very definition of déclassé.  Kids today. (sigh)

  • Lilithcat

    Oh, lord.  Was the bride drunk when she picked out that dress for her bridesmaids?

  • MK03

    What the everloving fuck is going on with the back of the dress?? This is supposed to be a custom dress from a designer??  If I had tried to turn in a school assignment that looked that sloppy and half-assed, I would have received a well-deserved chewing-out. 

  • Honestly, if that was custom made she deserves double her money back.

  • BuffaloBarbara

    It’s falling off!  I want to go in and  hoik it up for her.

    Sweetheart, there is a test that used to be quite popular, and it’s very simple.  It’s called “The pencil test.”  If you can put a pencil under your boobs and it stays there without you holding on to something, you need a bra.  I say this as someone who could probably hold a Trapper Keeper if necessary.  Find those Double Divas ladies.  You will be more comfortable without the girls flopping around and getting half-bruised anyway.

    Whoever put her in this dress hates her.  It looks like someone quickly sized down a too-big prom dress, messed up the waistline, and didn’t look at it before sending it out into the world.

    And I’m not buying the “I choose to care about other things” line.  I call total BS on that.  You’ll get more help for your charity or non-profit or lobbying group or any cause that is more important if you look like you respect the people you’re interacting with enough to make an effort.

  • stubbornthoughts

    I don’t think she’s comfortable with clothes on, period. 

    She has such high potential to rock red carpets, I hope she finds a great stylist that suits her personal flair. But the girl needs straps…she needs straps bad.

  • Vera L-

    It looks like Ke$ha did her make up and the dress is a PR reject. The overall effect makes me sad. 


    Jesus Christ, that is AWFUL!  My sense (and that is all it is) is that she is an extremely bright and talented young woman to whom being a fashion plate isn’t high on the list.  But in her current position of the “IT” girl of the moment, she is being pushed to try something that just isn’t her.  If I were her good gay friend, i would steer her to some great tailored suits that she could “funk” up with colorful accessories and great shoes.  Or really, anything but this…..

  • forward_slash_PRS

    I love you guys! I knew exactly what your punchline was going to be before I even scrolled down . . . 

  • suzq

    You’d think there would be a point of diminishing returns for a designer’s dress to be seen like this.  You’d think that it would be in a top designer’s best interests to have a stylist consult with the client before sending out a bunch of dresses and hoping for the best.  If this was the only Thakoon I ever saw (let’s say I was in a coma and missed all of Michelle Obama’s lovely dresses) I’d think this Thakoon guy is a hack.

  • OrigamiRose

    She’s staking a very early claim for the “Worst Red Carpet of 2013” crown.  It’s going to take some real doozies for anyone to pry that title out of her hands.

  • blumonky

    Oh honey, yikes. It’s like your boobs are in a blindfold. And who can blame them?

  • PastryGoddess

    What did bras ever do to her?

  • Louise Bryan


  • snarkykitten

    that is one fugly bath towel she’s wearing

    but there’s one thing going for her: it looks ugly on the model too

  • lrober03

    It’s a custom dress…so why didn’t they make it so it fit her properly

  • prettybigkitty

    Oh girl, no.  Maybe instead of encouragement, we should offer a full length mirror?

  • PrunellaV

    So dumpy. Although it’s nice she can afford satin bath towels.

  • Maluca

    Good God this is irrevocably awful. 

  • Kate4queen

    Oh my…

  • Veronica1022

    Why can’t she work off her hairdo and embrace some late 60’s-early 70’s LIZA realness.  I’m seeing her in sequined pantsuits.  

  • Zippypie

    Custom?  Custom crap.

  • Laylalola

    Girl just really doesn’t give a shit, does she.

  • I really don’t know why she didn’t leave the part with the straps — it would have given her a much nicer line (well, had it been fitted properly, but the chances were better for that design to have worked for her over this satin burrito).

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    Aside from the color, that is not a successful dress. Strapless is not easy to wear, and then there isn’t much shape to this look.

  • OMG. Her clothes are dreadful. This is dreadful. No words.

  • I don’t care what anyone says: Those tatoos are tacky, tacky, tacky.


  • n/a

    ugh, this is just too sad.  and she needs to learn to stand properly with good posture–she’s always slouchy and it makes her look really dumpy.

  • The way she dresses makes me think that she has a short torso.  She seems to not be able to find anything that works with her body type…I’m sure there are things out there…Plus she needs to quit slouching.  Most especially when someone is trying to fit her dress!!!!  LOL

    • bd73

      exactly. posture matters. why get all dolled up and leave your poise at home? you can be you any other day of the week. i don’t like about this look. why would she even pick a giant bow?  and why is the hem so low. she’s too young for this. it ain’t high tea.

    • As someone else with a short torso, I can assure you there’s plenty out there. Short in the torso? You’ve got room to fake a long leg! This, though, this is a travesty on her. You can’t tell where her torso ends and her legs begin. She could be hiding five months of bump under there and we wouldn’t notice.

  • guest2visits

    Sorry; looks like she just popped out of the bathroom with a towel around her.
    I think the RW version would have worked better for her with a slightly expanded strap design.  Still a strange choice.

  • Vlasta Bubinka

    Pulling in 3 different expressions of appalled– Mon Dieu! Bozhe moye! Oy vey, Got in Himl!

  • elzatelzabelz

    Why is she opposed to hiring a stylist? Does she not have any friends who will give her an honest-Oh, honey, No? I …just…can’t.

  • VicksieDo


  • capybara_cafe

    Girl, close your damn mouth so you don’t look like a slack jawed idiot in every shot! Also, those shoes, what is this I don’t even.

  • Toto Maya

    Holy shit.

  • neofashionista

    this dress does her NO favors

  • TieDye64

    I’ll call it now…girl is hopeless on the fashion front.

  • Trisha26


  • berkeleygirl

    For starters, she really needs to work on her posture… It would cover a multitude of sins here.

  • Stand up straight. For the love of all that’s shiny, stand up straight! I am so unimpressed with her. There was an article a while back that argued she was making some sort of brilliant feminist statement with all this. Baloney! and I say that as a die-hard feminist myself. My mother was right – if you want people to think you’re a grown up, stand up straight and act like you know what’s going on. 

    • riiiiiight … because the only way to be a feminist is to play along with whatever the status quo demands of you …

  • formerlyAnon

    Um . . . decent hair and makeup? . . . . if she lightened up on the under-eye liner, that is. 

  • Anniebet


  • HeatherBryan

    I realize that she is the poster girl for dumpy, but really?  There is no show she could put on tv that would make up for this.  Just sad.

  • barbarienne

    You know, she doesn’t need to go to Charm School, but could she try even a tiny bit not to look like some awkward teenager who was dragged to this function by her mom? “Honey, you have to go. You need to learn to socialize with other people.”

  • SophieCollier

    Girl has no concept of posing, does she?  She looks like someone’s college roommate who got invited to a fancy shindig and borrowed a dress.  Blah makeup, blah hair, just…   BLAH!

  • Lilak

    OK, Cara Delevingne is a tough act for anyone to follow, but jeez … If ever a dress called for a simple thing like good posture, this is it.

    Oops … I’m supposed to think schlumpy is “honest” or some such, right?

  • ms_kat

    She reminds me of back-in-the-day Kelly Osborne – tacky, with awful posture.  I wonder if she knows how to stand up straight. She needs a good pilates instructor to kick her ass and teach her.

  • boweryboy

    She needs a stylist who knows how to dress her body.  And if you watch Girls you’ve seen her body…because she’s always naked.

  • ccm800


  • MzzPants

     Hey, Lena!  Hear that clicking and ‘tsk-ing’ somewhere off to your left?  That’s a Gay.  Go to that person.  Beg him for help.

  • Airkisses

    Why’s she doing the bunny hop in that last picture?

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    Is she one of those actresses who dresses badly on purpose? I’ve known more than my share of them. Better bad press than no press is their motto.

    • Laylalola

      I more than half believe dressing so over-the-top poorly is a self-defense mechanism for her — a form of insulation, a sort of I CAN’T HEAR YOU reaction to over-the-top comments, whereas what would be really scary for her is if she actually cared.

  • lena, it’s your auntie sleah talking.  i know where you’re coming from. until recently you hadn’t worn a dress for at least a decade, and that’s why you look as comfortable as a farm animal in an evening gown.  here my advice, honey:  
          1.  look into the concept of alterations.  it’s when people with needles and scissors make a dress actually fit your body.  
          2.  log onto TLo and practice posing in front of your mirror for an hour everyday until you hear screams of WERQ from your
                  inner diva.  
          3.  grab a handful of gays (they should be flocking to you like flies to fruit by now), set those pumps on fire (take them off                
                your feet first) and GO SHOE SHOPPING!  
    have fun, kids.  kiss kiss.   

  • amaranth16

    Badly wrapped present. I mean, I’m down with Lena, but is everything she wears meant to be ironic?

  • Oh, honey, short waisted girls do not need things that emphasize that fact. And I speak from experience. She needs clothing that gives her the illusion of length to her short body.

    • What waist? We need to find it before we can judge. O.o

      • Dagney

        lol! saucer of milk please!! but yeah, actually you are right.

  • TSkot

    Not ready for prime time, bless her heart.

  • almondemy

    This is frustrating because I am shaped roughly like her.  I know how to dress my own damned body.  Dear Lena Dunham, a few words of advice: colorblocking is awesome, but there is a more flattering way to do it (i.e. not a dropped waist). Also, bras are awesome.  Why more ladystars do not embrace the exciting possibilities of what bras can offer is beyond me.  It is just so frustrating to see a young, fresh, shapely star look so dowdy all the time.  I support that she doesn’t give a f***, but COME FREAKING ON. 

  • Lisa_Cop

    The runway version of this dress is not so bad but Lena’s version is hideous. Hot pink corset peplum over a navy base was changed into strapless hot pink with an awkwardly sewn swatch of red? And then the horrible fit EVERYWHERE. Plus Lena has terrible posture so it looks like the dress is sliding off of her. WTH!!! Someone needs to tell her these things and she needs to listen.

  • Jon

    Half of the problems with this look could have been avoided by leaving the straps on. A third color makes the other two more deliberate and interesting, and the straps…well, we know what the straps would have done. 

  • This reminds me of something Edie Beale would wear.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Now that’s just being mean to Edie.

  • The endless slouching and the apparent inability to find a properly-fitted garment (support or otherwise) don’t help. From a certain angle, it looks like she’s holding her dress up by clenching her upper arms against her chest. That’s not right. Someone save this poor girl from any more satin travesties. Put her in hipster duds and let her loose.

  • Dagney

    WHAT THE FUCK?!!?  sorry for all the caps, but…..WHAT THE FUCK?  I mean, it’s ugly on the model!  Tilda could maybe, squeak by in this.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Tilda wouldn’t wipe her butt with this.

  • Hey, it’s her signature slack-jawed bunny rabbit looking-over-the-shoulder pose again. This girl is such a hot mess, I kind of love it.

  • demidaemon

    I’m starting to think she picks unflattering dresses just because she does not give a shit. Well, Miss Dunham, you have entered the world where image is eerything*1,000,000. Time to start dressing so at least look like your dress isn’t going to slip off your rack and onto the floor.

  • demidaemon

    Agree 1000%.

  • demidaemon

    Yes, but she is failing miserably at it. Because she looks like crap, which just fuels another kind of annoyance. I mean, if you showed up at your job–which she is basically doing–in a similar outfit–though probably not satin because everyone has to have better taste than her–would you be allowed in? I think not.

  • demidaemon


  • Claudia Fernandes

    hummm…close your mouth? relax your hands? no, it’s really all the outfit…

  • All I could see was an opportunity to audition for DRUNK GIRLS GONE WILD.

  • conniemd

    I’m assuming this makes the 2013 worst looks list. It’s just atrocious and looks kinda like a dress my daughter would have put on her Barbie doll and raved about. Tasteless.

  • She really needs some help.

  • Aurumgirl

    That is just embarrassing.  

  • Jillian Kroos

    While I admire Lena’s refusal to adhere to the ideal of the Women in Hollywood/must be a Size 0 body type, I don’t understand why you would flaunt that by making yourself look like crap in Jimmy Choo’s and a Thakoon dress. Maybe making actually making yourself look fabulous with what god gave you would go a little further in turning conventions around.

    • Dot

      Agreed. Also, she’s not “large,” so I don’t know what the hell excuse she thinks she has here. Millions of average women with similar body types know how to dress themselves much better than this — without the assistance of a stylist OR the budget for couture, I might add.

    • Dagney

      I agree.  If you want to go against convention, wear your own wacky clothes.  Or choose an unknown, up and coming designer, and use your status to call attention to new artists. 

  • schoep

    Strapless does not become her.

  • AthenaJ

    This looks like a bridesmaids dress chosen by a bride who hates her friends.

  • RedRaven617

    Am I the only one who thinks her posture is what makes her look so awful? Third photo down and you can see that her shoulders hunch forward. I wonder if she can pull those shoulders back? I know it could be a physical thing (sclerosis?), but I have never heard that mentioned. I love the way her face looks in the close up.

  • B_C_J

    This dress is a MESS with regard to fit. Then again the runway version is equally ill-fitting. Burn the dress. This woman has the potential to look fabulous but it is clear that she needs a stylist who has her best interests in mind. 

  • laura512

    It would help immensely if she would stand up straight.

  • I can appreciate that she’s not the cookie cutter Hollywood starlet.  And that she may not be comfortable doing the girly gown/ red carpet thing.  But there is no excuse for looking like this.  It’s just half-assed and sad.  She needs to pick a team, and either conform and hire an awesome stylist/team of gays, or pull a Bonham Carter and completely do her own thing.

  • Cheri Lee

    She seems to be trying too hard. I’d like to see her in a Zooey Deschanel type of get up…quirky might work better for her.

  • Susan Collier

    What the hell happened here? Instead of an under-dress they just had someone sew a giant satin hem lengthener to the bottom? It’s so bad it looks like Anya sewed it.

  • mmc2315

    911! Stylist, please!

  •  Its clear that she doesn’t have an eye for what looks flattering, poor girl. All the choices she has made with regard to her look indicate that to be so, down to her haircut and tats. There are great people out there with that handicap, and hers is a severe case, unfortunately. Lesson: winging it without a stylist is regrettable.

  • The only thing I like on her in these photos are her tattoos

  • libraangel

    Custom gown??? Is this girl trying to make herself look bad?! Or is she just giving a big FU (or FO) to all of us?

  • PaulaBerman

    Is being a perpetual fashion disaster part of her persona? Like her character Hannah, she cannot make a good choice because it would ruin her rep. I realize I am making excuses for her and this dress is just inexcusable.

  • kikisayshi

    Bridesmaid. For a really mean bride.


  • Elleachaudaucul

    I have reached the conclusion that she is trying to defy societal conventions of beauty by wearing the most unflattering clothes possible. Seriously.

  • 4JJ

    At least it’s a good colour on her (the upper part of the dress, I mean).

  • Stand up straight, Jesus Christ!

  • shelley514

    Those rounded “rolled” shoulders look some kind of bad.  Strapless dresses are not her friend.  The dress does not fit her well AT ALL in the mid-section.  Did they even have a fitting for her in this dress?  I wouldn’t criticize so harshly, but since she such a critic of everyone else . . .

  • She’s super-hot right now so I think there would have to be some gays who want to save her from herself.

  • sekushinonyanko

     Minority report: I think she looks cute.

  • Share This

    Lena Dunham doesn’t give a shit what you think about how she looks. And that’s why we love her. Because she’s a feminist hero in a time when feminism needs heroes who’s not taking any shit from anyone. I love you guys and your column, but I think you are insightful enough to understand why this is more important than the trivialities of fashion.

  • You folks obviously don’t understand that the whole point of her being
    constantly naked and challenging the oppressive standards surrounding a
    woman’s appearance is far more important than the banal conformism of
    fashion. Writing her off as a hipster is a poor attempt to diminish the
    importance of what she is trying to do, which is a far greater
    contribution to humanity than the fashion world has ever added. I would
    really hope that intellectual gay people can understand why resisting
    the constant criticism women face over our appearances every day is an
    important fight. Or do you just want women to be on your side when gays
    want to get married with no consideration for our own status in society?

    • What a tremendous pile of horseshit. Bringing in gay marriage had the added touch of making it an offensive pile of horseshit.

  • Alyssa

    No, just no. Seriously, she needs some help for her appearances. It’s hard to believe this is a custom dress.

  • She looks like she’s borrowed her older sister’s prom dress, then taken a bunch of drugs.