Julianne Hough in Georges Hobeika Couture

Posted on February 12, 2013

We can’t with this one anymore. We just don’t get it. You’d think, with the kind of resources that come with being Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend (not to mention genetics that render her conventionally pretty), this chick would never leave the house looking anything but fantastic, but here she is, once again; awkwardly dressed, with harsh makeup and Carol Brady hair:


Julianne Hough attends ‘Safe Haven’ New York Screening in a Georges Hobeika Couture. Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti. Jewelry by Norman Silverman.

Georges Hobeika Spring 2013 Couture Collection

Blame for the dress (over PANTS. Someone fan us.) should go to the designer, of course, but she and her stylist picked it, so we’re going to yell at them. It’s drab, it doesn’t fit well in the bodice, the skirt looks limp, and we’re tsking over the fact that she couldn’t even pick an interesting pair of shoes to try and finish it off. And we’ll never, ever get behind a conventional dress over pants, no matter how trendy it becomes.

But the real story (and it’s a tragedy) is what’s happening north of her neck. We seriously don’t get why she looks so harsh all the time. You’re a young, thin, pretty, blue-eyed blonde! What exactly is the difficulty here?


[Photo Credit: Getty, fashionising.com]

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  • Sobaika

    Holy crap, this is terrible.

    • Kristin McNamara

      I don’t understand how there’s never been a picture of her where she doesn’t look over 40. THE WOMAN HAS BEEN ALIVE FOR THREE PRESIDENTS, for crying out loud. What the hell is wrong with her team that they can’t make her look like she’s even in the same DECADE as her true age (24)?! I don’t get it.

      • Beardslee

         She’s 24?????  This look is worse than I thought.

      • oohsparkley!

        I’ve started thinking it’s her dark eyebrows that make her look overly made up. She should maybe bleach or lighten her brows a little.  I think it’s striking but looks a bit Joan Crawford.

      • ClioMusing

        For some women, and Ms. Hough seems to be one of them as am I, heavy or dramatic makeup is deeply unflattering. If she were to wear lighter, more subtle makeup, Hough would look infinitely better, but she would be criticized for not wearing enough lipstick or mascara or whatever, because many Americans treat makeup like a necessary accessory that is supposed to be highly visible. Women are criticized if don’t wear “enough”, e.g. yesterday’s criticism of Solange Knowles who, although she looked absolutely gorgeous, needed more “dramatic” makeup. So, Hough can’t really win, can she, unless of course she adopts the French (makeup is for ugly people) approach to her face.

        • Candigirl1968

          I don’t think that’s the issue for her.  She’s a dancer, and I think the problem is that she is used to seeing herself in stage makeup and thus feels like she’s got a naked face when she has a normal amount of subtle makeup on. 

  • Stubenville

    From the front it looks like she’s wearing an apron.

    •  Maybe that’s why she has Carol Brady hair.

      • GorgeousThings

        No no no – in that case she would have Alice hair.

  • I saw this on another site and thought the exact same thing “I can’t even with her anymore, as she is eternally clueless”…

  • Still can’t believe that hiddy dress over pants combo is couture.

    • I thought we had buried that god-awful trend ten years ago… I guess we should have staked its hart and burned it just to be sure.

      • bitchybitchybitchy

        It should have been consigned to the fashion hall of shame.  Now let all of the BK’s gather their virtual stakes to stamp this out once and for all.

      •  Deep breaths sweetie, but I think we are in for a resurgence of it this year.

  • schadenfreudelicious

    the outfit is just plain silly, the makeup ages her by 10 years and i have seen better dye jobs on middle school girls that did it over their lunch hour…

  • MilaXX

    Maybe this is the face she feels is best for red carpets after all her years of ballroom dancing? Most ballroom dancers I’ve see look pretty drag queen like. Either way the makeup is bad. The brows are too heavy for the hair color. If the dress fit and she left off the pants, this could have been cute.

    • Sobaika

      It’s true, stage makeup is very different. But she/her people should know better by now.

      • RebeccaKW

         I had the same thought.  Maybe she’s just used to stage makeup.  But jeez, someone should have told her (or her makeup artist) by now that the red carpet is not a dance floor.  She should be working the fresh-faced, girl-next-door look.

  • alyce1213

    Yes, everything is just so wrong. That hair . . .

  • You’ve hit the nail on the head. She SHOULD look great. She almost never does. She needs to keep it simple and basic, let what God gave her shine through. 

  • I think she’s worn stage makeup so long (as a professional dancer) that she doesn’t realize it’s not everyday or even red-carpet appropriate.  

  • cleverlady

    This looks like she’s wearing a 1950’s apron (it even has pockets for her hankie) that matches her top, held in place by a plastic hoop. 
    Without the pants,  MUCH better hair and some fun jewelry… I could even get on board with the silver (?) shoes.  
    But this… No. 

  • paginatrix

    It’s the Eyebrows of Doom. 

    • sablehunter

       Raging agreement.  That’s a whole lotta pencil.  Thinning them out and a vegetable dye in a dark blonde would do her wonders.

  • Classic scrolldown fug.

    • kimmeister

      Indeed.  Those pants are a total needle scratch.

      •  And without them, she might even rock a tiny Grace Kelly vibe. With better hair.

  • karenbttc

    She’s beginning to look like Courtney Stodden.

    • kimmeister

      Oh no, that’s the teenager who married the actor several decades older than her, right?  But you’re right . . .

    •  OMG, that’s NEVER a good thing.

  • Janet B

    Under the right circumstances I like a skirt over pants, but Julianne is not the one to pull it off.

  • ballerinawithagun

    And why is there a tube at the waistline, some sort of intravenous Ryan Seacrest drug??? There are some dress (well actually tunic) looks that I like but this is all wrong. She plays teenagers in the movies most of the time but yet her make-up artist makes her look so old. Does she hate looking young and wants to be dark and glamorous? I can understand always wanting to look like someone you are not, I’m blonde, petite and curvy and ever since 4 Weddings and a Funeral, wanted to look like Kristen Scott Thomas. But you have to work with what you have.

  • hmariec19

    I won’t even comment on the outfit, which is a travesty unto the LORD, but seriously, can we stop it with the Nicholas Sparks movies?  Are they ever good?  Ever?

    • demidaemon

      If you like sap-fests, then maybe. Otherwise, NO.

  • TropiCarla

    It boggles my mind that she looked better in every. single. episode. of Dancing With The Stars.

    •  Agree. And wearing tacky dancing costumes and tons of stage makeup.

  • Zippypie

    She looks like she’ll be serving up Alice’s meatloaf at the Brady family table on a Sunday.  Complete with eyebrows drawn on with a magic marker.

    TUNICS over pants, yes, I can get behind them, but this is obviously a dress.  And a drab dishwater dress at that.  Burn it.

  • BrooklynBomber

    I’m scrolling along thinking, what’s wrong with this? It’s a pretty enough dress, even if the fit’s not great. And then I saw THEM. The pants. Good lord. What was the designer thinking? What were this lovely woman and her mirror and her stylist thinking. Oh, wait, that’s it: no one was thinking.

  • The problem is she doesn’t know how to make up her eyes, which are deep set.  She applies color to the lids, but stops at the crease making the fold look heavy.  When you add the wings and lashes to them, it ages her.  She can’t use eyeshadow and might do with some different lashes.  Also the brows are too heavy and the shape is dated.  As for the rest of her face, there is no contouring.  She’s made up for the street and daylight, not for the flattening flash bulb.  It doesn’t help that she also has very little expression.

    • lexilexi

       Wow.  Spoken like a pro.

    • Let’s be honest, she’s not doing any of her own make up. Which is what makes this so tragic. A ‘professional’ did this to her. 

  • Flora O

    “And we’ll never, ever get behind a conventional dress over pants, no matter how trendy it becomes.”


  • Anathema_Device

    She and Ginnifer Goodwin both keep dressing in outfits that don’t suit them at all. I don’t get it. Hough’s hair never looks good.

  • tallgirl1204

    I really want to see her with pink hair, like Queen Helen.  Same color story then, and maybe I would like it better. 

  • Imasewsure

    Thank you… dress over pants… hate it…

  • Imasewsure

    I think when she looks in the mirror, she sees Cate Blanchette –  and we of course, see the fourth Brady sister (or alas, Carol B)….

  • NDC_IPCentral

    Waitress.  Cafeteria food slinger.  Especially that collar.

    Look in the mirror before you step outside.  Words to remember and live by.

    • minnye

       Aw. I like the collar & bodice (except it looks like she can’t breathe). The rest of it though… nnnnnoooo.

  • chi7

    This is funny to me, because my daughter has been putting together wildly layered outfits for kindergarten all winter, and a favorite element is pants with some kind of bright floofy skirt.

  • KGW

    I think her hair looks great.  The outfit makes her look older.

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    I don’t think these pieces were ever meant to be worn together off the runway.  (I think it looks pretty hiddy ON the runway as well, but I get that I don’t get runway styling.)

  • It’s to the point when I pause before clicking on any photos of her because I know they’re going to be bad and I’m not sure I want to see it anymore.

  • Rand Ortega

    June Cleaver on crack.
    Christ on a cracker.

  • I actually think the outfit would be cute (*ducks thrown objects*) if the top fit right and she were going to a business meeting.

    • 3boysful

       Or if it were sported by a tall person–Cate Blanchett, for example.

  • The pants made me laugh out loud! All that money and style connections at her fingertips and she puts a dress over pants.

  • Targettaste

    PLEASE, let me be a pretty young blonde with money and connections.  I promise I will look better than this, without much effort.

  • 4JJ

    I thought it was a disaster when I scrolled down from workout hair to weird makeup to bland and ugly gray dress…and then saw PANTS – CROPPED PANTS!!! It’s vile.

  • ashtangajunkie

    What the hell. She is way too pretty to look that terrible.

  • As Nina would say on PR: “I think we have an issue of taste level.” She doesn’t know what looks good, and Ryan probably just keeps saying: boobs!

  • the problem is Seacrest, and on the red carpet all the e! correspondants always tell her how great she looks even she looks like shit… 

    • bitchybitchybitchy

      Ryan Seacrest-Spawn of Satan, or is he Old Scratch himself?

  • Annabelle Archer

    Surely this comes from within on her part.  A deep desire to seem more mature and to be thought of as an Actress.  Maybe it’s a bit of the Dianna Agron thing, fighting against sexy look, but surely there are better ways.  

  • lrhg

    Too many years of ballroom dancing. It’s weird, she had some truly fantastic ballroom costumes (she had some really weird ones too but some were great) but she can’t seem to dress in real life (or as real life as a red carpet’s going to get). 

  • I used the wear a dress over pants…when I was 6…and it was hella cold outside.

  • B_C_J

    Yikes! Ugly hair, ugly makeup especially around the eyes (the eyebrows are sooo dark!) and the pants and dress combo defies explanation. 

  • rkdgal

    I read in a mag interview with her (getting my mani done, so it was probably Lucky, or somesuch fluff) that she dyed her eyebrows darker.  On purpose.  Time to try again, Julianne! 

  • Julaine Morley

    Something about this outfit says “fifties hostess gown,” but the hair is neither here nor there.

  • warnerave

    oh fashion sense – it’s either you’re born with it or you don’t have it..clearly she doesn’t..

  • I’m with you guys on this one. Take away the pants and go up half a size, and this would be a workable look. Though I just don’t get it with her hair, and the makeup is too heavily caked on. 

  • Maybe Seacrest’s people do this intentionally, to make her look closer to HIS age (he’s 38).

  • Judy_J

    Looks like she uses a pallette knife to apply her makeup.  I admit to wearing a dress over pants, but I was in the 4th grade, it was freezing, we weren’t allowed to wear pants to school, but because of the cold we were allowed to wear pants under our dresses.  That is the only excuse accepted.

  • CakesOnAPlane

    All hail Princess Uniboob.

  • newtonGOTbeaned

    If she’s going to wear that much makeup, she should watch RPDR to learn how to blend. She looks like she has a five-o’clock shadow.

  • NoelleMB

    Yikes! When I saw the thumbnail, my first thought was, “wow, Meg Ryan looks great!” Who keeps doing this to her? I think at this point she should just wash all that gunk off her face and go makeup free – at least she might look her age!

  • MoHub

    That is too twee even for Taylor Swift.

  • stubbornthoughts

    That was a horrible scroll. Just when I thought it was only the hair and makeup – BAM. Fuck those pants.

  • GorgeousThings

    Okay everyone, repeat after me: “You can take the girl out of the ballroom, but you can’t take the ballroom out of the girl.”

    Give up on her. She’s a lost cause. Just accept that she’s going to dress 20 years older until she is 20 years older, then she’ll dress that age forever.

  • crash1212

    It’s her eyebrows. I mean, the rest of that make-up is pretty blah. Her eyebrows are too dark. There…fixed.

  • Whatever else is going on, her hairdresser should be slapped for those yellow stripes.  Lord.

  • Natalie Bryan

    Me, scrolling down. “What are they talking about? I actually like that dr….ants? Damn.” 🙁

  • How wrong is it that I LIKE the outfit on the model?  

    • MissAmynae

      not very wrong at all–on her its compellingly cute!

  • decormaven

    That makeup is a crime against cosmetics.

  • Esz

    Scroll down fug for sure.
    The bodice of that dress looks kinda interesting….but the rest – sheesh

  • ..and with dancer’s body to boot! WTH

  • Reminds me of junior high school when we wore pants to school under our skirt/dress when it was cold but had to remove the pants at school.  Yep, there was a time when pants were not allowed to be worn by girls at school.

  • S_Quizzle

    It’s true that this dress/pants combo is pretty awful on her but i think that it looks a lot better on the model and that it can work in some instances. The proportion combined with the color looks really drab on her and you’re right, a stronger shoe was needed.  

  • I think that she’s still having trouble shifting from ballroom dance/tv dance show makeup and hair to… well… normal makeup and hair.

  • nannypoo

    Besides being Ryan Seacrest’s girlfriend I don’t actually know who she is. I see pictures of her all the time, and I don’t think she ever dresses well in any of them. He’s actually prettier than she is.

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    Yeah, that is a total hot mess all around – her hair and makeup, as well as the outfit.  You know, she was on Fashion Police last week, and I couldn’t even pay attention to what she was saying, because all I could think of was “Why would a blonde thicken and darken her eyebrows?” It’s such a totally distracting look!

    • demidaemon

      When they were going to talk about her best (or favorite) look on the red carpet, all I could think was, “What the hell is she going to pick? She’s never looked good on the RC!”

  • guest2visits

    I like certain dresses over certain kinds of pants/leggings; but not this.  I loved the BCBGMaxAzria collection that was part of the video
    a few posts ago; it incorporated a romantic eastern european/gypsy with a modernist structure that included a layering of tunics,
    pants, etc.. beautiful.

  • bitchybitchybitchy

    This reminds me of what June Cleaver might have worn if June was trying to be her idea of avant garde. Yes, the dress over pants is a bad idea(bad designer, BAD!) and it should have been consigned to the dustbin, so shame on whoever styles this young woman.
    Given Seacrest’s resources, I suppose this is proof that money can’t buy good taste.

  • AnnPopovic

    Shoot me, but I kinda’ like the shoes. But I’m on the ‘dresses OR pants’ bandwagon.

  • m0r0

    She needs to find a new make-up artist. Someone who works or worked for Taylor Swift and knows what to do with small-ish eyes. But the outfit is an abomination. 

  • You guys don’t like her evil nurse make-up? 

  • I’m just puzzled by exactly why it is that anyone even cares who this woman is? The nonentity dating george clooney is at least…dating george freaking clooney. but ryan seemyteethcrest? she should stop taking up room on the red carpet. 

    •  Well, she sings, dances and acts. No, really. She wasn’t terrible in that movie of the play about the LA rock scene. Overshadowed by Malin Ackerman of all people, but not terrible.

  • I don’t love the pants, but I bet if they were 4″ shorter, the look wouldn’t be such a disaster.

  • Amy

    I’ve never seen such a YOUNG and PRETTY celeb try to look so so bad. It’s worse than going grunge because she goes through hair/makeup/designer clothes and still looks terrible every time 🙁

  • ccm800

    what the natural hell?!?!?!