Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough at the “Safe Haven” German Premiere

Posted on February 26, 2013

Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough attend the premiere of ‘Safe Haven in Germany. Josh Duhamel wears a Hugo Boss suit and Julianne Hough wears a Zuhair Murad embroidered dress paired with Brian Atwood pumps and Le Vian and Arunashi rings.

Zuhair Murad Fall 2013 Collection



[Photo Credit: Getty,]

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  • aeb1986

    why can’t she ever get her hair right?? the dress is cute, the bold lip is distracting though

  • Oh, girl… that’s all I have. 

  • Sara__B

    Love the dress. The hair and the makeup, not so much.

    • 3boysful

       She seems to be trying to duplicate the runway look.  If she’s going to do that, I’d have preferred the model’s shoes to the pumps Julianne’s sporting. And oy, the hair . . . .

      • roadtrip1000

        Oy, indeed. She would have been better off completely replicating the model’s look. The model’s shoes give the dress a ballerina vibe which I like. Whereupon Julianne’s shoes bring the dress into the realm of a mundane 1950’s cocktail party. Meanwhile her eyebrows and lips are fighting with each other for attention. And there are no words for that hair.

  • nannypoo

    She looks awful. I hate the dress and her hair is a disaster. And her lipstick is completely wrong for her coloring. He appears to be stoned.

  • lrober03

    The lipstick is entirely the wrong color, especially for the vibe of the dress

  • Io Vee

    The lip color is weird, but I actually think the dress is cute.

  • Lori

    Duhamel looks good. As usual, I can’t even with Julianne. She’s a pretty girl with a great body. It simply can’t be as difficult to make her look good as she appears to find it.

  • appliquer

    Please get a new makeup artist!

    • 3boysful

       And a hairdresser!

      • Alyssa

        And a stylist!

  • jilly_d

    JEEZUS CHRIST! That is god-awful. I hope this goes on the end-of-year disaster countdown.

  • Dear God, no. Just no. I might have excused the dress despite the wash-out effect if not for that horrific hair and makeup. Julianne, if you have no stylish, HIRE ONE. If you do, throw that bitch off the nearest cliff.

  • Also, that last picture makes me CRINGE.

  • SatelliteAlice

    The dress is cute but the everything else fails.  She needed more delicate shoes, different/better hair and a more balanced makeup look. Also, her foundation is either the wrong color or has too high a sunblock in it. She has serious ghost face and it is stressing me out.

    • Yeah, that’s what’s up. The face…so, uh, deceased-looking.

  • NC_Meg

    That dress is all wrong for her. And who did that to her face? I hope she fired them (although at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if she doesn’t have a stylist or hair/makeup people.)

  • charlotte

    I just hope nobody mispronounces his name “Josh du Hammel” because that means “Josh you mutton/wether” in German.
    And her makeup went out of fashion in 1999.

  • ellabob

    no talent – no fashion sense

    • I  have no clue why Hollywood thinks it’s ok to  give perfectly good acting gigs to people who out of left field want to become actors. Few people are multi talented an actually do well from one art form to the next  she is not one of them.

    • Addictedtowhitewater

       She is a very talented dancer. It’s sad that she looked MUCH better back when she was on Dancing With the Stars, even with the spray tanning and war paint.

  • marilyn

    Her lipstick is way too dark.  It’s all you can look at.  

  • Introspective

    When your lipstick fights against the rest of your outfit to be the first thing seen its time to stop dating a gay and hire one for your team instead.

  • MilaXX

    I like the dress for a change, but the makeup is too heavy.

  • jmorino08

    It looks like the same person that did Fan Bing Bing’s make up for the Vanity Fair party got a hold of Julianne here. How do you mess THAT FACE up?

    • Vlasta Bubinka

      You mess that face up by using Homer Simpson’s make up gun set to ATROCIOUS. Haiku!
      Orange glow hair bad shoes
      Make up gun blast at fugly
      limp skirt cries in shame.

  • warnerave

    oh are a pretty giorl, but why can’t you look pretty and put together?
    i say get a new stylist… ryan can afford that, you should have included that in your

  • teensmom99

    Best dress I have ever seen her wear.

  • Martha Deutsch

    He looks pretty great. She looks … not as great. 

  • TAGinMO

    I straight-up LOVE his suit. The shoes are tragic, though.

    She looks good, too. Interesting dress, and the black gives an edge to the twee.

  • What happened to her face?! There was a time when she actually look pretty in the face. Not feeling this look , it looks dowdy an it seems like she is trying to find her personal style. Not really a fan of  people from other professions taking jobs away from real actors .

  • crash1212

    Gads. Between the BROWS and the LIPS, her face is just overpowering – not in a good way. I never understand how she gets it so wrong most of the time. She’s young, she’s fit…what the hell? I like that dress, but not on her. The hem hits in a really unflattering spot which – maybe – could’ve been mitigated by a killer pair of shoes instead of those godawful clod hoppers she chose. GAH! Now, I’m very crabby. Julianne Hough getting it wrong most of the time has made me crabby. We won’t even discuss her hair.

  • ankali

    She’s going to be the sluttiest girl at the Easter egg hunt!

  • Elaine Lang

    He looks pretty good….She accidentally fell into the hair and makeup for a curvy brunette.    Honey.    Not everyone can wear everything well.     There are PLENTY of looks out there for lithe blondes.   Go take one of those and leave this dress and face to Winona Ryder or Kat Dennings.

  • Carly Warnock

    Her makeup of late has been disastrous. She is such a beauty though so hopefully she will get it right sometime…

  • formerlyAnon

    Why is she wearing those shoes? Too heavy for that dress, at least in that color. Might have worked if it’d been a vibrant color.

    I don’t know if she’s a natural blond or not, but here, at least, the blond looks wrong with her skin. Maybe it’s the makeup.

    If he’d shaved he’d have looked more like her lawyer than her date.

  • jw_ny

    She’s such a disaster! 

    She’s in this movie?! looks like a must miss…

  • fringebenefit

    This woman wore the damndest things on Dancing with the Stars–things nobody should ever be caught dead in–and looked exquisite. Yet, try to dress her up in couture, and she’s a disaster. It shouldn’t take a superhuman feat to make this beauty look good, it shouldn’t even take a stylist, but …  

  • SewingSiren

    I think she looks cute. A little nod to the German too.

  • jeeplibby02

    I like it better with the crinolines. Very Betty Draper in her modeling days.

  • BrooklynBomber

    Wow, they used that old style movie star lighting for this. Very unusual in this kind of setting (but sooo flattering!  Wish I could carry that lighting around with me all the time).

  • Since her default style is overly-mature, I think she looks fun and kicky here. Like the hair but she needs to tone down the lip color with those brows. That and a lighter shoe and she’d be golden. Grading on a curve here.

  • 1980s Madonna called. She wants her lipstick back.

  • Imasewsure

    He looks fine but boring… for some reason for this venue and event, I don’t hate her outfit or her makeup (I don’t love her makeup either of course because that lipstick is bizarre). Fun and not totally twee…not her worst look, that’s for sure… 

  • pookiesmom

    Pictures of these two are the best sleeping aid I’ve ever had.

  • quiltrx

    Really cute dress…but the lipstick is giving me hives.  And her hair is just sad.

  • who are these people & why do we care about their ridiculous movie…? would anyone be surprised if this “film” were produced by Seacrest productions?

  • lizajane1776

    Nary a “I gotta pee” pose in sight! Yay!

  • TieDye64

    Why are designers still giving her freebies? She’s pretty, but also pretty hopeless.

  • decormaven

    Holy Hannah! Where do we send the flowers for the funeral, because that is some mortuary makeup. 

  • Cute dress, but she’s a column of the same color… her hair (which looks like errand-running hair), her skin (why is her face 2 shades lighter than the rest of her), and the dress. I like the lipstick, but it’s a tad too dark, given how pale her skin is. I also wish the skirt was as full on her as it was on the model.

    But hey – at least she’s not dressing like she’s a 60-year-old grand dame of Hollywood.

    He looks nice enough, and while I like the suit, it’s a bit too close to “banker” for me.

  • Dot

    Lipstick is seriously wack and so is the hair. I guess she’s trying to grow her hair out and is having to reckon with the dreaded in-between stage. I sympathize. Also, no jewelry at all?

  • IMNAngryLiberal

    The dress is too long on Julianne (although this is still one of her better looks).  Because the model has legs 7′ long, the runway dress is knee length — on Julianne, it does kind of skew June Allyson (not that I didn’t adore June Allyson).

  • belfebe

    Great dress.  Awful hair and makeup.  Sigh.

  • That’s the wrong hemline for her! And the lips make her look ghostly pale (though in some photos, it doesn’t seem too bad).

  • Julianne needs to hire Joe Zee or Brad Goreski, STAT. Joshie looks adorable, awash in the glow of knowing he’s gonna be a daddy. Swooooon.

  • librarygrrl64

    Pretty dress, but her hair and makeup are awful. He looks like my dad, circa 1978. My dad is, and was, a very handsome man, yet this is not a compliment. It looks like cheap denim.

  • guest2visits

    I love the hair, the dress, and even the lip color’s ok (it’s like the model’s) – but I think the shoes are too heavy for the dress.

  • Crystal

    Well. At least she doesn’t look fifty. Like she usually does.

  • libraangel

    I can’t see beyond her red lips!

  • Renaissance_Man_ATL


  • jetpackdino

    She looks like that creepy little girl from Silent Hill.  

  • Frank Lithium

    Yay! She is finally dressing like her age for once, but that makeup and hair? No, I simply cannot.

  • Jessica O’Connell

    I almost feel bad for her, even I can dress myself and do my makeup better than this. But then I remember how much money she makes and how she has access to all that is possible to make her look good and she still manages to fail, so I stop pitying and start blaming. Shame on you. You’re pretty, you have a great body, and you make shit tons of money for acting badly. What the fuck, girl?

  • ccm800

    scarecrow – meet clown. 

  • PhillipWilde

    HE: Yes.  Very yes.
    SHE: Cute dress, awful makeup.