Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior Campaign

Posted on February 22, 2013

If the world had come to us first – as the world should, on so many matters – and asked us, “T Lo, what do you think about the idea of shooting Jennifer Lawrence for a Dior campaign?” We would have smiled indulgently and said in a very condescending voice, “No, dear. That’s not a good idea at all. She’s all-American and corn-fed, and she’s never really demonstrated the ability to wear something like Dior. Best to look elsewhere and send her off to Ralph Lauren to be photographed.”

This is why the world didn’t come to us on this matter:


Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior handbags Spring 2013 ad campaign photographed by Willy Vanderperre and styled by Olivier Rizzo.

Shut our fat, gay mouths, she looks AMAZING.


[Photo Credit: Willy Vanderperre]

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  • werika

    The pics look good but that’s not JLaw. That is the baguette-fed twin you get when you photoshop JLaw to high heaven.

    • lexilexi

       You are so right!  Goodbye corn-fed, hello carrot stick.  And her head doesn’t seem to fit right on her neck.

      • cooperalden

        And corn fed is great..but it has nothing to do with Dior.  A spokesperson should embody the brand.  These are just nice pictures.

        • n a

          i wish the spokesperson would embody the brand- but that is so seldom the case. i’m not sure Mila really did either (given the preference for sweatpants, for example) I think a lot of celebrities seem a whole lot ‘classier’ than they really are. 

          • adnama79

            Wouldn’t someone who embodies Dior be an aging millionaire or an aging millionaire’s trophy?  I’d rather look at JLaw.

          • n a

            hahaha- good point!  But, I get more frustrated seeing ads for more ‘regular’ brands– say for shampoo.  Do we REALLY believe that Eva Longoria washes her hair with Pantene? Do we REALLY believe that Kate Hudson wears Almay eye make up?  Sure, pull my other leg and it will play you a tune!  All brands are ‘aspriational’ I guess…it would be nice if they could be just a bit more believable.

          •  I thought the Jennifer Aniston commercial during last night’s Oscars was cute; she turned down pitches for various lotions/cosmetics, but accepted the proposal for the lotion that she was already using.  Yeah, it was a bit hokey, but I bought into it.  🙂

      • Jessica Rowe

        I agree. It’s too much photoshop for me.  And I normally never think that.

      • CT14

        That’s because they stretched and lengthened her neck bizarrely.

        Fashion photoshoppers have no education in anatomy.

        •  Now all I can think is “Girl, that’s not your neck!”

    • RMJ

      I have no quarrel with Photoshop when it’s well done, myself – as long as there are no waists that look close to collapse, superfluous limbs, pasted-on heads, or other misuses of the blend tool. She looks like herself to me, just a little sleeker.

      • (I’m posting with my wife’s ID here) Speaking as a professional photographer, I don’t see that any absurd photoshopping has been done to these images, either. The makeup, posing and lighting have a lot to do with the elegance of these shots. I would not be surprised if they smoothed out her skin, but “airbrushing” has been a standard practice in fashion photography for over half a century. I pulled up some red carpet shots of her and did some quick measurements for her head and neck proportions and they seen to match – again posing accentuates her attributes. All that said, I don’t think it looks much like Jennifer Lawrence anymore, or at least the Jennifer Lawrence I am used to. If I were her, I would be pretty pleased with the results. They are reminiscent of Avedon, and who would be upset about that?

        • RMJ

          Good to hear from a pro – I agree that it is a departure from her usual look, but I think that’s hair/styling more than anything. Usually she has bigger hair. She really doesn’t look unrealistically skinny to me either. I tend to be pretty sensitive to that kind of thing and I’m just not seeing it here. She’s a curvy but also very slim woman, and that’s what I’m seeing here, emphasized by the arm placement and three quarters turn.

          • muzan-e

            Yup. That three-quarter turn with the subtle lean-back from the hips is magical. I’m a very comfortable 8, but if I pose roughly at that angle I am suddenly a teenager again.  *g* Particularly in a well-structured suit.  I don’t doubt that they’ve slimmed her upper arms a little in the last photo, but honestly, so much of this looks to me like sculpting cosmetics, particular angles and lighting, and a girl who knows precisely what she’s doing with her face. 

        • tereliz

          I do a lot of retouching as part of the duties of my day-job, and I totally back your comments. There’s always going to be some airbrushing and contouring, but the angles and the lighting are what’s making the magic happen. Smoke and mirrors, people. Smoke and mirrors. 

      • Laylalola

        They’ve de-boobed her. It’s … radical and horrifying, actually. 

    • ccm800

      Disagree. This one goes to makeup and lighting and youth.

  • Ugh That beauty shot with the netting and satin bow is EVERYTHINGGGGGGGG! Love

    • gabbilevy

       Easily the best of the bunch.

  • A. Valera

    This is the most high fashion model-y she’s ever looked.  Light years away from that crazy bird editorial in W.  She’s so, so, so terrific!  Yay!

  • She has never looked better — keep her away from the fake tans and blond hair, girl looks great pale and raven haired.

    • gabbilevy

      *LOVE* how pale she is. Gives us sun-hating girls some hope 🙂

    •  I like her best with her natural coloring – the sandy hair and without the pallor the dark hair is giving her here. She doesn’t have to go beachy blonde, but she looks too dark and sallow here.

  • Well damn, never knew she had this in her.

  • Mary Saucier

    The pictures on this post are not showing up for me 🙁 All other posts are fine but, alas, not Jennifer…

    • Same here!  I wanna see too. . .

    • BrooklynBomber

      Someone else said turn off ad block — that fixed it for me.

    • Me too.  

  • Kayceed

    Who knew she had wan Parisienne in her?

    • Sobaika

      She doesn’t (we’ve all seen her on the red carpet) but someone with a computer went and made her into one.

      You could get away with this level of airbrush magic only in a time when we weren’t inundated with HD images of stars looking positively human.

  • Roosevelt 85

    Sorry but this isn’t her. Actually, TLo, this is what On-The-Verge-of-an-Oscar look you guys coined in the same vein of Kate Windslet. They sandblast all the uniqueness from her and she’s someone entirely different. Guess we should be happy that this is just for an ad and not the red carpet girl we see.

    • Jecca2244

      Dior did this to Mila Kunis, too. Totally different person.

  • Joyce VG

    Wow. Stunning. 

  • hmariec19

    Attagirl! I am so pleased.  I love her.

  • Jackie4g

    Please don’t take it to heart, TLO. Most of the time, you DO know everyhting.

  • EEKstl

    She looks beautiful, but not like Jennifer Lawrence.  More like her anorexic French sister.

  • Sobaika

    They PHOTCHOPPED her!!!!

  • mellorcr

    I measured this and compared it to red carpet photos of her.  They have TRIPLED the length of her neck in these shots.  If I were uncharitable the logical conclusion to draw from this is that Dior does not believe beautiful actresses are capable of looking good in Dior clothing, and let us not even speak of ordinary mortal women….  Just sayin’!

    • Natalie Bryan

       Or they are attempting to target giraffes as an untapped clientele?!

  • The first and last shot look like Ms. Lawrence’s head on someone else’s body to me. Which is really a letdown because she’s giving tremendous face here and it would have been an opportunity for Dior to show a different side of sexiness. Instead they’ve made her body unrecognizable. A damn shame.

  • bxbourgie

    The photos are STUNNING, but I swear I wish these magazines wouldn’t photoshop these women to within an inch of their lives.  EVERYBODY knows that Jennifer is not even CLOSE to a size 0, but these pics make her look like she hasn’t eaten in weeks.  I’m not saying photoshop isn’t necessary, but not like this.  Jesus take the wheel.

    The spread is still fabulous though.  The two beauty shots especially.  

    • DTLAFamilies

      Especially because JLaw has a body most women would kill for, so why not play it up instead of literally erasing her curves? And this ridiculousness plays out on the red carpet where her stylists stuff her into dresses that only flatter stick thin models instead of showing off what God gave her. 

      • Meg0GayGuys6

        Yea, I would much prefer to have her real body than the twig figure in these shots.  

  • alyce1213

    Even though this is so obviously photoshopped (especially her body), her face is still expressive — vulnerable, sultry — and so gorgeous. She looks like nobody else.
    I heard Clinton Kelly say, “I can look at her face all day.” And today: “I love Jennifer Freaking Lawrence.”
    He’s got it bad, huh. 
    She has enormous appeal and Dior was smart to hire her.

    • girliecue

      Get out of my head, alyce1213! This isn’t the first time you’ve voiced my thoughts, only more succinctly and eloquently. Could we be mental identical twins? My real name starts with “A” too…

      Clinton Kelly is in my top 5 of fashion gays. Lorenzo and Tom, of course and deservedly occupy the top spot. Unless we’re in disagreement about shoes 😉

      • alyce1213

        Clinton is my pretend gay husband – Stacy London be damned! (Although I like her as well, she makes a lot of sense.)
        Great minds think alike.  For fashion, I also like that cutie pie Joe Zee.  My other favorites are not famous, they’re friends.

  • ojosazules


  • Judy_J

    Never mind…..I’ve been reminded again about the horrors of photoshop. Sometimes I wish it had never been invented…..

    • alyce1213

      And I used to complain about airbrushing.

  • Annabelle Archer

    I love her. I love this. Why is this not happening on the red carpet?

    •   Because this isn’t her? It’s a photochop attempt of turning her into Marion Cotillard.

  • I hate this and it looks nothing like her.

  • tereliz

    She’s really come into her own as far as posing and modeling. Still a little soft in the giving face dept., but she’s just so pretty it doesn’t matter. Or maybe it’s that everything is so soft and romantic that the face she’s giving is just a perfect match. I may be in the minority but I think this darker hair color (her Katniss hair) makes her look ohsovery sophisticated. 

    Good job, Jen, Willy, and DIOR!

    • ccinnc

       She still has some baby fat in her face, I think. When she hits 30+, look out.

  • Supposed to be a reply above…nothing to see here.

  • Meg0GayGuys6

    This actually makes me very upset.  Like, I’m having a physical reaction to this.  

    A lot of people (including myself) love her because of her realness.  I know I’m the 25th to say it, but this isn’t her! She is beautiful and radiant as is, this level of photoshopping does not need to happen for people to get behind a brand.  I’m far less likely to buy anything Dior related after seeing this.  I’m sure people would still buy if she still had her length neck/muscular arms/shaped face.  

    …off my soapbox I go…

  • Janet B

    Wow. In reality she’s not that slender, but these photos are gorgeous. She should ditch the blond hair and fake tan and stick with the dark hair and pale (more natural) skin.

  • AuntieAnonny

    The photos weren’t showing up so I had to turn AdBlock off for them to load. Because of this I got to see pretty photos of JLaw, AND one of the ads has a cute guy in his undies. Two birds, one stone!

    • BrooklynBomber

      Thanks – didn’t know why I wasn’t seeing the pix.

      • ccinnc

         I thought it was my computer (didn’t think to turn off AdBlock) – went to Huffington Post to see them.

  • Kirsten Kirsten

    With that much photoshop I’D look amazing in Dior!

  • Sara Brams-Miller

    She looks beautiful.  No denying that.  But holy PHOTOSHOP, BATMAN!  Did they HAVE to make her look like a twig????  I love that Jennifer Lawrence looks nothing but FIT, and they make her look anorexic.  Not pleased with that.  

  • nannypoo

    She looks beautiful, and I’m pretty sure that looking at these pictures makes her laugh her irreverent ass off. Good for her.

  • Imasewsure

    I know everyone is crying photoshop photoshop but this is amazing makeup on her… sometimes it’s so off and this is beautiful especially the two close ups

  • BrooklynBomber

    For some reason I can only see the thumbnail (not the pictures beyond that) but based on that, I’d say fabulous.

  • Artis Diggins

    This girl needs dark hair like always- totally suits her. Love the photos.

  • Natalie Bryan

    No images for me either! *flails*

  • I wish women actually dressed like this.  The world would be much better.

  • girliecue

    Despite use of the Photoshop body vacuum, Jen looks luscious. You can’t take voluptuousness out of a person – it’s more than just a physical trait.

    I am becoming increasingly alarmed that Dior has a master plan, albeit a completely harmless one, to snatch up all the best beauties for its models. A beauty monopoly. I’d sound the alarm to hide all your gorgeous young women, but really, who doesn’t want free Dior?

  • Rand Ortega

    LURVE! Very Leslie Caron circa “Gigi”. I know it’s Pshopped to hell & back, but she & the swag are GORGE!!!

  • jilly_d

    Her face looks great but I am lol’ing at that neck. Still love ya JLaw. ANd that black suit needs to be in my closet, pronto.

  • That first pic looks like someone literally cut her face out of another picture and pasted it on a mannequin’s body.  The last shot, though, is gorge.

  • kimmeister

    I know it’s a handbag campaign, but they can keep the handbags and instead hand me the two gorgeous blazers!

    That last picture doesn’t look like her at all.

  • prettybigkitty

    Slap me silly and call me Sally!  She looks amazeballs!

  • M

    I’m pretty disappointed that TLo are so laudatory, since I think this is a disturbing and kind of embarrassingly obvious use of Photoshop.  She looks plastic, her body has been completely reshaped  and looks exactly like those molded department store mannequins.  I think the “face” she gives is also generic and cliched.  If there are fashion ethics, I think this violates those ethics.

  • Did you ever have that friend who lost a ton of weight in no time. You see them once and they look normal, the next time you see them their head looks a little to large and bobble like for their body. Not bad, just not quite right.
    That is what happened here.

  • MilaXX

    Girlfriend SHUT IT DOWN! That b/w with the black bow? Nothing short of gorgeous!

  • Alyssa

    Beautiful pictures…very photoshopped though. Good photoshopping, but still…

  • SewingSiren

    IS that Jennifer Lawrence? or just parts of her?

  • She looks fantastic!  LOVE THESE PICTURES!!!  What a lovely girl…

  • maygoon

    Christina Applegate snuck into that last photo.

  • These are beautiful photos, but a: it doesn’t look like JEnnifer Lawrence one bit, and b: this doesn’t say “Dior” to me.

  • decormaven

    What I find disturbing is how the handbags almost seem to hover above the image of her body- almost 3-D. We’ve entered the Purse Dimension!

  • n a

    Being corn-fed and outspoken… and ok, I’ll admit a fan of the Hunger Games books… I like her- and I’ve always thought that she has a great figure- any curves can look heavy if the cut or angles are wrong.  But overall, she has a tiny waist, big boobs and a nice face. and thank goodness she doesn’t look like a gaunt skeleton!

  • IAmJ

    Picture number 3 is plain ridiculous. Laugh out loud bad. And nothing against JLaw – I love her and she’s gorgeous. Just a photoshop job gone horribly wrong.

  • erinbinek

    She looks so much better as a brunette!

  • Lovely!

  • Zippypie

    WOWSA!  That photo with the pink bag is stunning!

  • Anniebet

    It strikes me that this lovely young woman has a face that is somewhat of a blank canvas. Not a lot of planes and angles for makeup artists to play with, thus she usually looks very much the same in her pictures over time. Her hair style often provides  drama and variety, rather than makeup. Here the severity of the hair sets the tone, and it’s tres chic.

    About the photoshop – I very much doubt her neck length has increased by an inch or two lately. I could be wrong….

  • lbl

    I honestly the suit photo was a manip when I first saw it on Tumblr. It looks like they stuck her head on someone else’s body.

  • StillGary

    She’s a tall drink of water, but I can’t recall ever seeing her with a neck as long as Iman’s…

  • ZnSD

    Actually I think these pics are proof that you were right TLO: she belongs in an RL photoshoot where she wouldn’t have 30lbs shaved off in post. I liked these pics at first glance but after thoughtfully looking at them, all I see is society’s continued harangue against women’s bodies. They’re kind of disgusting. 

  • CassandraMortmain

    The pics are gorgeous but in half of them they look nothing like her.  The last one especially looks like a completely different person.

    I think that because she actually has some breasts people think she’s bigger than she really is.  In Silver Linings Playbook she was almost shockingly slim.  Her waist was so small I may have gasped the first time she appeared in her leotard.  They’ve clearly lengthened her neck and done something to her face but I don’t think they’ve made her thinner than she is in real life.

  • anotherkate

    Is it my browser? The image isn’t loading! (all other posts show up fine, though). Gah, I want to see DiorLaw!

    • Synnamin

       they’re not showing up in mine either. I opened them in IE, though, so maybe Firefox +Adblock isn’t working for this particular set of pics

  • We have a new model in town!

  • libraangel

    Don’t feel bad, T&L, you are almost always on target (and I still think you should judge an episode of PR), but this time, yes indeed, you goofed – she is beautiful and refined and fab

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    WHAT?  WHAAAATT?    When did she get all glamfab???  I love it!  This is just gorgeous, and from our little corn-fed child!

  • The hair with the netting is off, it’s kind of swirled and parted in an odd way- then again I am not sure I can take her hair being so dark, as in I am not sure it compliments her skin tone so well.

    And I agree it’s mostly the lighting and the way they pose her and make up and how they set up the shots, but of course there is some post production that makes her look different- but that’s mostly just the smoothing stuff they usually do.

  • And this is why JLaw is a movie star. 

  • miatamam

    I think the difference is she is in character.  On the red carpet, she’s usually Jennifer Lawrence, the girl.  Here’s she’s clearly got her acting groove on.  (PS loved her in Silver Lining.)

    • ChaquitaPhilly

      You are so right. AND she a good actor!

  • guest2vists

    Yay – I like her make-up best of all… her features are often treated to the same style (especially eyes), time after time.
    This is fresh and yet utterly elegant.   The clothes too. She looks good in classic fashions.

  • quiltrx

    See, you guys find out you’re wrong in such NICE ways.  The ways I find out are usually pretty shitty.

  • i agree she looks gorgeous but a few of these pics just feel too photoshopped…especially the one with the yellow purse. that just doesn’t look like a real person…more like parts of 2 or 3 people spliced together.

    • libraangel

      I don’t think she was photoshopped in any way, because she is young and gorgeous on the red carpet

  • kikisayshi

    Gorgeous. Classic. 

  • kathrineb

    Wow I wish she would go out looking like this for public appearances sans the net on the face.

  • Frank Lithium

    She looks good, not amazing. I feel she needs to have sharper facial features and better face-giving skills to pull a Dior campaign off.

  • HomeOfficeGirl

    Like that reality show that used to be on where they take one person and try to make them look like another celebrity – They “Marion Cotillard-ized” her…

  • rhl25

    Is it weird to think that the third picture looks like a renaissance painting? Her face, anyway. 

  • They kind of turned her into Emily Blunt.

  • She only looks this amazing through the power of photoshop. No one looks this good. Evah.

  • ballerinawithagun

    Curves always look good in the Dior “New Look” styles. Stunning! 

  • lrhg

    She does look good but she doesn’t look like herself at all. I saw the picture with the veil somewhere else and thought it was Emily Blunt. 

  • Love her as a brunette.

  • wow.  she can ACT.

  • DeTrop

    Come on guys, today even Beulah Bondi would look great with all the tricks – lighting, make-up, photoshopping.  Not to take anything away from the lady but how far afield can you go wearing Dior and having tens of people putting you together?  (A very BK am I).

  • Damn, girl. That is some good face!

    …And I need that fascinator.


  • she is very photoshopped

  • ccm800


  • UsedtobeEP

    OMG, she IS corn fed, though. I love Corn Fed. : )

  • RzYoung

    She does look amazing but not much like Jennifer Lawrence, I’d still go to you TLo!

  • I think she looks so much more stunning with darker hair.

    • Yes. The 4th photo down…. amazing.

  • pop_top

    No pics for me on Firefox. :-/

    • Thia Davis

       Same here; had to open IE (ick).

  • The pics look great but that’s not Jennifer Lawrence: even at her slimmest she lacks that long neck and sharp jawline.  I like that she’s so fleshy and hope they don’t talk her into changing that.

  • shelley514

    In that 2nd photo she looks like she’s inviting a vampire to take a bite.

  • librarygrrl64

    She looks so much better with dark hair. So striking.  And she has that Dior “New Look” figure already. Stunning.

  • Nicole

    she looks stunning but just don’t add the photoshop
    Jennifer already looks amazing no need to add shit to that