Emmy Rossum in Andrew Gn

Posted on February 08, 2013

This dress is absolutely gorgeous and looks stunning on her:

Emmy Rossum attends the premiere of ‘Beautiful Creatures’ in Los Angeles in an Andrew Gn gown paired with Harry Winston jewelry.

Andrew Gn Pre-Fall 2012 Collection

But MAN, that is some seriously unflattering makeup, no? That’s “evil stepsister” makeup; very harsh-making under the glare of the cameras. She’s much prettier than that. A shame, really. That dress is a show-stopper.


[Photo Credit: Andrew Evans/PR Photos, style.com]

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  • Yes, very unflattering makeup! Great dress though.

  • Sobaika

    I love it! Not my favorite makeup but she is pulling it off. She is WERQing as far as I’m concerned.

  • IAmJ

    Yikes, super muddy makeup. Not loving the hair either, but the dress looks great.

  • SKS

    It’s funny, because her character in the movie is like “evil cousin”…..

  • ChaCha_70

    Such a shame! That dress fits her perfectly and she looks amazing…but that makeup is hiddy. WHY???? She’s so pretty but that makeup makes her look so dour. Sad, very sad.

  • 4JJ

    Elle est si belle, si chic! I’m even forgiving the makeup, though I agree it’s the low point of an otherwise fabulous look.

  • MilaXX

    Love this look in both colors and I think the dark lip works here.

    •  It’s the muddy cheeks and eyes I have more of a problem with than the lip.

      • MilaXX

         I see that, but I think the darker tones fit with the movie.

        • Mary229

          That was my thought.  I think she was almost in costume here.   If her character from the film was going to walk the red carpet…this is probably what she would wear and the make-up has that darker tone/witch look to it.   Obviously, she’s prettier than this make-up choice but I think I get why she did it.

  • Victoria Sharoyan

    I love that gown, even though it reads very ’90s “modern” to me. Like something fabulous Goldie Hawn would wear in the First Wive’s Club. 

  • Oh god, what is that makeup?

    I kind of wish she’d worn the pink/black version of the dress, but the white/black is still pretty great.

    • ballerinawithagun

      I love the fuchsia and black also, would have really brought some color to her face.

  • charlotte


  • alyce1213

    The dress is very gorgeous, evoking 1930s glamour, a very strong look.  
    Her makeup and hair have been quite off lately.  I don’t get why — they used to be impeccable.

    • denas silberstein

      yes, she was on jimmy fallon the other night and her makeup was distractingly bad!  she’s beautiful and charming and needs intervention.

  • Anathema_Device

    Yeah, I think the plum tones in her lipstick and blush are a little brown for her. Makes her look sallow.

    Dress is killa, and I like the earrings & bracelet. A modern classic.

    • kschwarting

      You nailed it re:  the makeup.  Both it and the hair are aging her.

  • altermyego

    She looks ready for tea at Downton Abbey which can be taken as good news/bad news. Still gorgeous.

  • GorgeousThings

    That’s Rooney-Mara-Girl-With-the-Dragon-Tattoo makeup.

  • It looks like she had a slumber party with Paz de la Huerta and she got an unfortunate makeover. 

  • hmatz

    She’s so beautiful, it’s such a shame that her make up is so awful. It makes her face look both old and like a porcelain baby doll, which is definitely disconcerting. Everything from the neck down is gorgeous; I wish her makeup had been softer.

  • StellaZafella

    Dress is gorgeous. The makeup might be less muddy with a dramatic lip (say Ruby or a true Turkish Red)…the black/white combo of the dress would be punched up, as well.

  • majorbedhead

    Great dress. Great hair. Not so great makeup. 

  • Loving the dress, but that lipstick makes her look like she’s been in a cold pool for too long.

  • Totally agree.  Its what I was thinking when you were lauding the dress; which is totally beautiful – the pink version is cool and funky, too.

  • gabbilevy

    Wow. I mean, *wow*. Shame about the makeup, but that DRESS!

  • shnaggi

    Color infusion in an IV Stat – Brown tones suck the life out of her….Throwing virtual roses at her feet for the dress.

  • amaranth16

    Agreed that the dress is a masterpiece on her, but I’m dying to know what she would have done with that gorgeous rose on the model.

  • the_valkyrie

    Wow in the 5th picture she looks a lot like Holly Madison

  • therealkuri

    That make-up makes her look incredibly gaunt and malnourished. Gorgeous dress.

  • Annabelle Archer

    It’s so not her pallet that it’s almost transforming her face, she doesn’t *look* like Emmy Rossum here. 

  • nannypoo

    I dislike the makeup and I hate the hair. Beautiful dress.

  • She plays the evil sister in the movie. Maybe that’s why?

  • KSpence

    I can’t seem to get her off of my Irrational Hate List. 

  • stubbornthoughts

    That DRESS. I saw pics of this yesterday and my jaw dropped. Fits her like a glove.

  • luciaphile

    Agree about the makeup. Great dress, hair, and jewelry though. Really like the white top part on her as opposed to the pink in the model image.

    • Lilak

      Yes indeed … the gown’s drama is muffled by the pink top.
      And the makeup: Why turn a game-winning home run into a double by going with brown shadow + bronzer + whatever that half-baked lip shade is?  Wrong palette altogether.

  • SugarSnap108

    Beautiful dress. J’adore.

    The makeup is puzzling…a bit vampire?  I like how her hair looks from the view in the last pic. But all other angles are meh. 

  • snarkykitten

    That makeup makes her look sickly. I guess they were going for vamp [because what else would you do with a black velvet dress] but somehow, those colors wash her out

  • She looks like a Bette Davis nemesis in a ’30’s rom com.

  • PeaceBang

    That is a WERQ!!! Except for the liver-colored lippy. But wow!! 

    • tereliz

      Liver, lol, yes that is the exact shade. SO not working for me with such a stunning dress. 

  • Mary229

    Agree.  The dress is gorgeous.  I love that she is sort of taking on her character from Beautiful Creatures on the red carpet.  Very fun!  Maybe she was going for the witchy idea for her make-up?  Agree she’s a much prettier woman than the make-up here allows.

  • Channeling Carole Lombard, or maybe Moira Shearer……some gorgeous 1930s screen siren.  What a showstopper!  If someone finds the $75 ripoff of that design somewhere on line, please let me know.  Thanks!

  • Pants_are_a_must

    Brunettes do NOT need so many brown tones in their make up, good lord. It also washes her faces out in what is a SERIOUSLY high impact dress. The only reason this is not a WERQ, to be honest.

  • E. D.

    Why am I noticing her nose in these pictures?  Is it the bad makeup?

    Dress and hair look great though.

  • B_C_J

    The makeup is ghoulish. The dress is very nice if a bit predictable. 

  • My thoughts exactly! But, I also wonder if maybe she went for that kind of makeup on purpose, considering she plays a witch in this movie.

  • decormaven

    That’s a stunning outfit! Major jewelry, which is seriously coveted.

  • That is the most gorgeous dress I’ve seen in a long time!

  • littlemac8

    Good God, that’s a beautiful dress and it fits her like a glove!  I know if I were in a room with her I wouldn’t be able to take my eyes off her!

  • formerlyAnon

    I LOVE her hair. This kind of style – soft but sleek – would flatter so many celebrities and would complement many gowns better than the styles they choose. Just think how cocker spaniel hair down her shoulders would have diminished this dress.

    Dress, btw, IS gorgeous. Better makeup and I’d have been clamoring for a WERQ.

  • The make-up makes her look so old – so not at all herself. But yes, wow, the dress is fantastic.

  • RocknRollmom

    Wow.  Wow again.  That is without a doubt one of the more spectacular gowns I have seen in a while.  Prefer the pink please.  I will be happy to provide shipping address.  Best I have ever seen her look.  I don’t even have a problem with the makeup.  She needs to go this route more.  Her choices often look sappy/infantile to me. 

  • She looks a bit like Jennifer Beals here. But not a “younger Jennifer Beals”. Which is to say, beautiful, but older than she really is.

  • This whole look seems a bit 1998 (dress AND makeup), no?

  • girliecue

    That dress is so stunning that my eye went directly to it instead of Emmy’s beautiful face for once. Good thing too, because her makeup made me so sad I couldm’t even look at these pics anymore. Spectacular dress, get into my fantasy closet NOW!

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    That’s too much shellac for that tiny, pretty face. But the look is stunning; way to find your inner Audrey, Emmy!

  • StelledelMare

    Absolutely gorgeous (as is her new album, btw)

  • glad you called her on that makeup.  the lip color is positively grey.  she looks like her makeup was done at cindy’s mortician emporium (pr reference).  wish she had gone for that cherry pink instead of the white, with correspondingly bright makeup.

  • Zippypie

    The dress is stunning.  Really beautiful.  Why she did that to her face and hair is a serious mystery.

  • mmc2315

    I can’t get over how elegant and gorgeous this relatively simple dress is!  The lines, the proportions, the fabric…it’s all so lovely!

  • margaret meyers

    I think the fault is her’s.  She usually looks tired and muted on the red carpet.  She needs to giver herself a pinch and say “SPARKLE.  NOW” to herself.

  • Anniebet

    Delicious dress, would have been a real winner – but why anyone would purposely add dark under-eye circles with make up is beyond me. Plus what’s with the tab on the back strap? Distracting.

  • Monabel

    The makeup has a chic 60s vibe, a mon avis.

  • I posted earlier and said I thought Miss Emmy looked like an art deco screen siren, but it’s been nagging at my brain all day that I was wrong.  Suddenly, it occurred to me: she looks like Wallis Simpson (later, Duchess of Windsor)!  Prettier, but something about the 3/4 shot combined with that retro hairdo is rather uncanny.  If they ever do a REAL biopic (I don’t count “W.E.”), Miss Emmy should be a shoo-in for the role.

  • SatelliteAlice

    That figgy lip color is just so wrong for her skin tone and I know sepia toned eye makeup is a thing right now but it isn’t for everyone.  I don’t care if it is trendy or not.  Pick a different trend.  Navy is on trend.  A navy liner works with her coloring.  Add that and a less cool toned or just less brown lip and she would have looked stunning.

  • DesertDweller79

    The dress is stunning and evokes some older period of fashion.  Maybe 30s?  I can almost see some old film star wearing it with some white opera gloves.

  • Aurumgirl

    It’s tremendously aging make-up.  She looks like Olivia de Havilland though–it’s just that she could look like a fresh, pretty Olivia de Havilland instead.  The dress is really glamourous and flattering.

  • mmc2315

    I had that blush in the 80s.

  • lrober03

    Great dress front and back, and she KNOWS it

  • barbarienne

    So glad she got the dress in white and black instead of that fuchsia. Much more elegant.

  • quiltrx

    The makeup is sort of like her character in the film, no?

    Anyway, I REALLY love the hot pink/black version of the dress…but the white/black is completely amazing too.

  • Frank Lithium

    Everything is perfect… except for the makeup. Argh!!!!!!!!!

  • Dot

    The makeup has a serious Morticia Addams thing going on — what self-respecting makeup artist would do such a thing to such a pretty young girl? 

  • kathryn_dc

    It kind of looks like 1920s makeup. Do not love.

  • EEKstl

    Cray cray makeup but she is rocking that dress, which is stunning.

  • Alyssa

    Beautiful dress! And I like the makeup, considering her character in this movie is a Dark Caster (aka witch). Is it bad I’m almost 30, still read YA, and am looking forward to this movie?! No wait, don’t answer! 🙂