Chado Ralph Rucci Fall 2013 Collection

Posted on February 20, 2013


A Chado Ralph Rucci show starts with a hush, and ends with a standing ovation. He doesn’t care for trends, red carpets or magazine covers, but he has a rabidly supportive fan and customer base, eager to wear his gorgeous, impeccably crafted pieces – and having seen these garments walk by at close range, we don’t blame them a bit. The lines were clean, the colors were saturated, and as always with Chado Ralph Rucci, the craftsmanship and tailoring is off the charts. A gorgeous and elegant collection of looks.




[Photo Credit: Getty]

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  • Rand Ortega

    The color palette is so tasty. That lime coat is to die!

    •  And paired with that insanely beautiful purple. (fanning self)

      • Rand Ortega

         Chills! I got chills!

        •  Have you ever seen his “suspensions” dresses and suits?  Sheer tour de force skill at work.

          • Rand Ortega

             Just looked it up, Couture Sensei. Absolutely incredible. The Ivory Suit & the Orange wool twill dress are just stunning. & the “Pauline” Tunic defies description. Thank you for broadening my horizons yet again.

          •  Too bad we can’t just hang out this afternoon geeking out over his genius.  lol

          • Rand Ortega

             That would be epic! : )

          • And am I right in remembering that you are on the other coast from me? I forget.

          • Rand Ortega

             No. I’m in LA.

          • Yeah, I am. Love it here. I do get to LA every now and again, though.

    •  All those luscious violets! Spectacular.

  • nancymae

    Simply divine!

  • This man is one of my personal gods.  That cream coat with the bell sleeves?  (bowing low) And for once, a sheer long skirt doesn’t offend me. That combination of citron green moire’ and the black silk chiffon is amazing. (abasing self)

    • poggi

       There is a lot of sheer in this collection and I really like it.  Maybe because it is so expertly fitted and tailored it stands out as a design element rather that a peep-show window for one’s favorite body part. 

      •  Throughout his career he has never been one to pander, or grandstand. His clothes are invariably lovely, perfectly handled in every detail, and in flawless taste.

        • poggi

          Thanks for the perspective on his career. You have convinced me that this really is the difference. In a way, it is kind of revelation–sheer panels or sheer skirts or any obnoxious design trend is not inherently horrible but rather just often executed poorly or done in poor taste.

          • Wow!  You got so much from my comment, I’m very flattered.  And you’re so right, really.  Its not that an idea, however outre’ it may seem is essentially awful, but the more out there something gets, the greater the care that must be given to every aspect of its execution.  Every single thing, pattern drafting, fabric selection, embellishment, fit, sewing and finishing must all be perfectly in accord, or the result is jarring.

    • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

      I can see why. I’d not heard of him, which speaks to his exclusivity. But you can tell how well all the clothes are made. Hell, the models look comfortable and happy in these clothes, which says volumes in and of itself.

      •  He is the only designer in the US accorded the stamp of couturier.

      • formerlyAnon

        And the models look feminine in the clothes – they don’t have that “walking hanger” look – the clothes are beautifully shaped and fitted and therefore hang in flattering ways. Almost too perfectly, I think. When I look at this collection all at once I start seeing it as a beautiful Barbie doll wardrobe. Like fashion sketches come to life.

    • d4divine

      I could not agree more!

    • ankali

       I think placing the sheer long skirt *under* the shorter piece rather than *over* does wonders. It’s a more organic look, somehow, like the dress is blooming, rather than that shower-curtain-over-a-minidress effect we’ve been seeing so much of lately..

      • Plus the volume and length of the tunic/dress over it keeps it from looking questionable, taste-wise.

        • ankali

           Absolutely. The more I look at it, the more I appreciate the sophistication and tastefulness of the look.

  • LOVE the colors! A really beautiful, fun collection. 

    • Alyssa

      I totally agree! The colors are amazing!

  • Monday1900

    I’m sure I’m not in the majority but I think the colors bring this collection down for me–I don’t think anyone would look good in that acid yellow/green for instance. 

    • charlotte

       Except for Fan Bingbing.

    •  Oh I know a number of ladies of color who would look slammin’ in the green.

      •  Especially when paired with the contrasting colors of violet/purple or black.

      • Aurumgirl

        Any woman with red hair or very dark hair would look spectacular in that green.  I’d look spectacular in that green!  

  • Ninth row, middle picture. THAT JACKET.

    • MRC210

       Yes, that is lovely.

    • WhiteOprah

      Phenomenal!  If I can’t have it myself (And I don’t think I can), I am dying to live vicariously through some star who gets to wear it.  

  • anne.landre

    spectacular palette, clean lines & timeless design – and, his models don’t look like they just lost a bar brawl.  Love!

  • crash1212

    He’s the one. If I’m ever in a situation where I have several (hundred? ) thousand dollars that I don’t know what to do with – I’m totally buying 5th panel down – middle and 6th panel – right. Or all of it. Totally gorgeous.

  • hmariec19

    It is TO DIE. 

    Except for those pink pants.  But everything else can pack itself up and stuff itself into my closet.

  • Indigo54

    I’m not leaving here without that first row center jacket!  That color is perfect!  

  • Lisa M. (ReVoir) Kramp

    All of this is stunning. I would cut a bitch for that leather skirt on the right, second row. Just spectacular.

  • Gorgeous stuff, but I would need some kind of Child Safety Device for those tassel bracelet thingys.

    • YousmelllikeAnnaWintour

      Why do designers attach those silly things?  Really annoying and sometimes spoils a good look.

      • l_c_ann

        Cats all over North America are ordering those tassel things for the people they own even as I type this.

      •  Because that’s the power of Haute Couture. Suddenly I want to go out there and make a total fool out of myself by wearing tassels on my wrists. 

  • Trisha26

    Gorgeous – but the dress over pants thing really has to stop.

  • filmcricket

    What a wonderfully eclectic set of looks. The way they’re grouped you can see the through-line, but there’s a lot of variety here. Lovely.

  • lizajane1776

    These all make me so happy!
    (Except that black dress, second to last row, middle. And the green over black sheer below that, but at least green and black makes me think.)

    • You know Ginifer Goodwin (sp?) is calling up about that black mess right now, don’t you?

  • Love the gold dress where the model has paused.

    • barbarienne

       Do you mean third row from the bottom, on the left?

      It doesn’t really go with the rest of the collection, but it may well be the most beautiful thing on that runway.

      •  That’s the one! I can see several of our usual starlets taking an interest.

  • Zippypie

    Looks impeccably made but rather Park Ave matronly dull in design.

    • Qitkat

      I strongly disagree, but I should be so lucky. Perhaps it is because I am in the *matronly* age range and you are not?

      • meowing

        VBS…in that 40 to death age group, m’self.

        • Qitkat

          Much better than matronly, one of a long list of words I hate…

      • Zippypie

        To me, “matronly” isn’t an age at all, but an attitude.  You could be 70 and not dress “matronly”.  Believe me, I’m not ageist!  I’d have no legs to stand on.

        • Qitkat

          I suppose I agree with you; I’m definitely going to purge the word from my vocabulary. And I did not mean at all to imply you were ageist. And I would hate to think I am “reverse ageist”.

  • Vanja

    The dresses on the left in row 11 and 12 are beautiful and I hope to see them somewhere on the red carpet. The deep purple looks amazing. 

  • alyce1213

    He is just remarkable, incomparable, the best of the best.
    There’s only one I don’t love — next to last row, black, in the middle. The black swirlies on illusion are a little Marchesa-y.  But I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt that it looks much better in person.Now I have to go back and look again a few more times . . .

  • rkdgal

    So I don’t sound like a philistine when I try to name-drop him into casual conversation, how does one pronounce “Chado”?  Hard CH?  short a?  Please advise!

    • meowing

      To be honest, 1st I’d ever heard of him was that Kelly From Hell fashion show stager (don’t recall her name or the name of the show, sorry)–IIRC, she said Chah-doe.

      • Kell on Earth ruined Chado Ralph Rucci for me completely. Can’t separate my appreciation for the clothes from my dislike for the man.

  • DaveUWSNYC

    Not crazy about the Honors Society tassels…

  • BrooklynBomber

    I guess this is going to be the Year of the Tassle.

    Some are nice; some are very strange. Like the one with the sprouted icicles around her middle. The pink pants that look like jammies. Turtle neck sweater w/ satin skirt, ugh! And very last one that’s so same ‘ol-same ‘ol. On the other hand, I think I like the black column directly above that one. I think the fewer the sparkles and the cleaner the lines, the better.

  • Love it all, except the center gown in the second to last row. The proportions seem off there. I wish I could afford all these because I’d wear them to work and have people ask why I am working in such fabulous clothing.

  • barbarienne

    I don’t love everything here, but what I like I like A LOT. Look, innovation! Some unusual silhouettes! Creative color combinations! And plenty of stuff that could be worn by women who aren’t 6 feet tall and model-slender.

    LOVE the silvery-gray outfit in the middle of row 6.

    I wish some of the black outfits were better lit or shown larger. I think there’s some interesting stuff going on there, but the details are hard to make out.

  • d4divine

    The Master…shutting it down as per usual.

  • susan6

    I can’t look at all those wrist tassel bracelet things without imagining some sort of Isadora Duncan-esque disaster happening.  But the clothes are gorgeous.  I’ll take all the purple things. 

  • mjude

    for the 3rd time today… it all

  • I almost never actually consider buying a piece shown at NYFW. I mean, it would just never happen. I am considering buying something from this collection. ~dies~

  • meowing

    Love it all (well, except for the nurse uniform that starts row 5).  There’s much to be said for ignoring trends and outre for the sake of outre.  Sure,someone needs to push boundaries, but I’m glad that someone (this) also makes beautiful, classic lines.  Love.

  • I’m still enjoying the Spring collection!! 🙂

  • StephanieLovesTLo


  • BaddestMotherEver

    Lime and amethyst…gasp!  I looked through this AFTER the Rachel Zoe junior miss catalog.  What a glass of champagne after that Capri Sun!

  • editrixie

    OK. I think I have a new favorite designer. The colors here alone…especially that deep purple with tobacco brown…wow!

  • GorgeousThings

    One of the things I really admire about Ralph Rucci is that he makes clothes that women of means will actually BUY. He doesn’t need to loan them out to Hollywood to sell them.

  • Roosevelt 85

    You know…if we remove “Rucci” from the top part, and replace it with Project Runway, would people be AS forgiving of the unflattering proportions, “off colors” and rather simple/generic design?

    • ballerinawithagun

      You obviously have never seen his clothing in person. Absolutely impeccable. As Kilted pointed out earlier, he is the only American given couture status.

  • MilaXX

    Love every single piece

  • pookiesmom

    SPECTACULAR. Although all those wrist-tassles look like riding crops to me. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, but…

  • Gorgeous, gorgeous, gor…. wtf happened with the middle dress in the second to last row?!

    • Anniebet

      The model’s preggers? Only explanation I can come up with for that particular WTF.

  • libraangel

    Never heard of him, actually, but LOVE all – even the one with feathers around the middle!

  • formerlyAnon

    Damn. Almost every frame screams “I have abilities in my little finger that mortal designers will pine for their whole lives.” The shapes. The construction. The colors. The textures.

    But. As a whole it strikes me as a very extensive Barbie wardrobe, as if an 8 year old with a taste for fashion had just won the lottery. I cannot justify this impression, but it stands.

    • libraangel

      Your first sentence doesn’t seem to go with your second sentence?

      • formerlyAnon

         I know I am not expressing my impressions coherently. But I mean both parts. They look beautifully made and gorgeous and very, very special – but at the same time, as a body, strike me as a fantasy Barbie wardrobe. Obviously not meaning Barbie as cheap or lowest common denominator – but as an idealized feminine fantasy with endless possibilities not limited by practical considerations – other than that the beholder is not too challenged with the unattractive?

        Don’t know if that’s any closer to coherent.

  • Anniebet

    Last row, middle. So sleek. So scrumptious. Actually I love nearly all of these, especially the white jacket, second row left.

    And, it occurs to me, his models don’t all look 16 years old. Yay!

  • Gorgeous. I love a designer who knows how to use color and texture in a way that still looks clean and crisp. 

  • aristida_girl

    sooooo pretty… i love how each look is completely realized and perfectly executed.. I even love the little wrist tassels!

  • Aurumgirl

    I love the colours, and (this isn’t the only collection I’ve seen this in) I love the return of the turtle neck gown.  

  • NYCGlamourpuss

    I love these!  Especially that first number in the thumbnail – so glittery, but so pretty!

  • quiltrx

    Even in tiny pictures, you can tell how impeccably made everything is.  The colors are great!

  • ballerinawithagun

    He is simply the best.

  • kategs

    I so want that pink pant black tunic ensemble for the opera next week!

  • Sweetvegan

    OMG, love the tasseled cord bracelets – if you can call them bracelets! So simple and cheap, but so cool and beautiful. Definitely stealing this idea!

  • These poor women would have shredded legs…as my cats pounced and jumped the little doodads hanging from their wrists.